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The Pretty Poor Omega Wants To Be A Rich Man's Cock Slut

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Enji Todoroki hated coming to this side of the city.

It was run down. Every alleyway had a homeless in it, prostitutes tried to cling onto him once they saw his expensive suit and dress shoes- so well kept they looked not even a day old.

But his son, once again, was being disobedient; coming over to this side of the city just to get wasted at what must be his favorite club since he insisted on making Enji’s life a living hell by coming here frequently.

The boy had once again uploaded pictures of himself on social media shitfaced, grinding up on half naked men (omega and alpha alike, his alpha son seemed to have no problem with giving or receiving) and taking body shots.

If he was anyone BUT Enji’s son it wouldn’t be an issue. Enji honestly didn’t give a single shit what people did for pleasure during their free time (he himself indulged in toying with omega sluts, making them beg and plead for his alpha cock like they’ll die without it, it was honestly pretty sick but he liked the power play.)

But the boy was supposed to be his prodigy, was supposed to take over the multimillion dollar family business.

Yet he constantly misbehaved like he had nothing to lose, as if Enji could keep covering for him until he finally acted his age and got his shit together.

And then his son has the audacity to get upset with Enji when he slapped him around a lil’ every time he did this bullshit.

“Shoto is twenty two, in his final year of college! Does he think if he keeps misbehaving I won’t hand him the business when he graduates? Is that why he insists on being a fucking brat?” Enji whispered to himself tiredly rubbing his temples, “As if I would give it to any of my other children, they’re failures, completely useless to me. He’s the only worthy one whether he likes it or not.”

Enji walked for about ten more minutes and during that time he had shoved two prostitutes off of his pristine, handmade suit that cost more than their lives and told a homeless man who followed him for four blocks to fuck off or he was going to murder him. Enji’s scent must be oozing out dominance more then it normally does because the man froze in absolute terror and then ran off.

He internally berated himself for not making his chauffeur drive him to the club, it always attracted way too much attention- and the wrong kind- when he drove through these parts.

He had wanted to avoid that tonight but it seemed it was his very presence that attracted the very people he wanted to fuck off the most, go figure.

“I should’ve taken another suppressant, no wonder why these women are all over me I reek of pure alpha,” he said slightly annoyed.

In his normal day to day life that wouldn’t be an issue, when you’re a strict CEO of a billion dollar company people just expect there to be a domineering alpha whose scent could make even the strongest alpha bare their neck in obedience to them. And yes he had been told by omega and even alpha kind alike that his scent was absolutely terrifying and deliciously arousing, simultaneously. 

Omegas literally threw themselves at him begging to be fucked like the little whores they were and it brought him the most satisfaction not to fuck them, because where was the fun in that, when he could have them groveling at his feet, fingerfucking themselves in front of him begging for his cock.

He turned the corner, finally three blocks away from the club. When suddenly Enji was hit by the sweetest, most delectable omegan scent he had ever smelled in his life- it was clear as fucking day that this omega was right in the middle of their heat.

As he walked further the smell became thicker, he could taste it on his tongue and oh fuck, it had his cock filling out in his pantsuit, his mouth was watering.

His alpha was screaming fuck, BREED, mark but he pushed it down.

Enji told himself he was going to walk right past and ignore them, honestly what whore of an omega left the house on their heat? It was just common decency not to go walking around like that in this day and age. That shit was only acceptable back when humans were savages.

But when he saw a young boy, no older than his son, sitting at the bus stop bench with the street light washing over him absolutely terrified- slightly shaking and nervously twitching his fingers Enji couldn’t help but stop right in front of him to get a closer look.

That caused the boy’s twitching to increase ten fold, he looked as if he was about to cry. 

The green headed boy wouldn’t even look up from his lap to inquire why Enji was looming over him with his pheromones pumping out pure dominance and arousal.

That made the Alpha smirk, maybe this one really wasn’t a whore because every whore omega Enji knew would’ve jumped his skin right then and there, but there was only one way to find out.

“Why are you outside at two in the morning while in the middle of your heat, Omega?” His voice was stern and left no room for question, despite the fact that he wasn’t entitled to an answer he knew damn well this little frightened Omega would give him one.

The boy started to speak, “I- I wa-“ but Enji cut him off.

Look at me, didn’t your mother teach you any damn manners?” Enji growled.

Enji’s breath was sucked out of his lungs when the boy slowly raised his head to look at him.

The Alpha had never seen such a beautiful creature before. The boy’s large, round eyes were a sea of emerald that glistened in the light with unshed tears. His face was round and jaw line soft, flushed cheeks with a constellation of freckles sprinkled along them. He was biting his bottom lip and when he let go of it to speak it was glistening and slightly puffy from the abuse, Enji wanted to bite it- make it swell and bruise.

“I-I’m s-sorry, Sir. I just g-got off work-k and I’m wa-waiting for the bus to go home,” he said softly while looking into Enji’s eyes as though he recognized the Alpha but wasn’t sure of himself. Enji knew the boy had to know who he was, he’s fucking Todoroki Enji, the Omega was probably doubting that it was truly the person he thought it was. 

“Why didn’t you call off? By law they’re required to give you time off during your heat cycle.” Enji paused, when the boy didn’t answer he began taunting him, “Is it because you were hoping a big, strong alpha would come along, bend you over and fuck your slutty hole senseless? Give your omega exactly what it’s craving, what it needs.”

W-What! No! No!,” The Omega look horrified, “I can’t call off of w-work because I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent or electricity b-bill this month if I took the week off,” The green haired boy said desperately, like he wanted Enji to know that no matter how needy his omega side was he was a far cry from a knotslut whore. The alpha found it humorous that the boy was so blatantly honest as though he was trying to convince an alpha, who he doesn’t even know, that he’s an upstanding person- people definitely abused that part of him Enji concluded.

“I see,” Enji rolled the words over in his mind. Clearly this Omega was a good boy, didn’t seem like he’d ever been given detention a day in his life, didn’t want to burden others with his problems and based off of his timid nature it was obvious he’d never had an alpha court or fuck him before.

A sweet little Omega virgin, huh? Enji liked the sound of that.

Wanted to be the one to show him how good it felt to be a cockslut, show him how sweet life could be if the boy was his cockslut. He’d never have to work a day in his life, Enji would gladly provide him with anything he needed or wanted and much, much more.

But Enji needed to approach this situation like he would a difficult business deal if he wanted the boy to feel safe enough to come home with him. At least stay in the penthouse for the rest of his heat (at bare minimum) if he decided he didn’t want to be Enji’s official Omega. The Alpha really didn’t like the idea of such a perfect, innocent Omega going out during their heat to work.

That’s their week to indulge, the Omega should be at home, rocking his hips violently while he filled his hole to the brim- not taking orders and dealing with shitty, nasty people.

Enji couldn’t imagine having to spend his ruts at work, he’d make everyone’s life a living, breathing hell for a week.

A boy like him probably didn’t care about lavish things or being offered a leisurely life of luxury so using that as a bribe wouldn’t work. He worked hard for the things he had. For goodness sake, look at his current situation, any lowlife alpha could attack him, and on this side of the city if the boy called for help no one would be coming to the rescue. 

And that was just the cold truth. He was literally risking his life and safety just to pay his bills…

Dedicated and truly independent, but fucking stupid in Enji’s opinion.

The Alpha still couldn’t fathom the situation- did the boy have no family or friends? Who allowed this shit? If any one of his workers dared to come to work during their heat saying they had to in order to pay their bills on time he’d give them a handful of cash from his safe and tell them to go the fuck back home… Unless they were a pretty lil’ thing and wanted to fuck him instead- now that was an entirely different situation.

And the boy wasn’t a whore. Obvious by the fact that Enji had been pumping his pheromones into the air for a few minutes now without even trying to reel it in or calm the fuck down and the boy had yet to present himself to the Alpha.

Enji knew pheromones alone couldn’t force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do. They basically acted as an aphrodisiac, a signal to let an omega know he was interested in them. And Enji’s pheromones weren’t no weak, half baked scents, his were all encompassing- like a blanket wrapping around you and it’s warmth seeping into your pores making you want to submit to its comfort.

If you didn’t have a strong sense of will, or even a strong sense of morals you’d easily fall prey to such a strong alpha.

It was biology, an omega wants -no needs- the strongest mate they can find, their omega won’t settle for anything less than the best. So when a man like Enji comes around they can’t help the fact that they’re practically drooling for him.

No other alpha is even close to being on his level.

It was obvious though that the green haired boy was turned on if the way he rubbed his thighs together quietly as he waited for Enji to speak was anything to go by.

So clearly Enji was having an effect on him. The boy’s inner omega was responding to Enji’s alpha. His omega was making his pussy ache and plead for him to accept Enji’s mating call.


The CEO had been brainstorming for a few minutes now and by the time he came too he realized he had been glaring into the boy’s eyes as he dazed out to analyze the situation.

The boy was meek, his hands where placed on top of his obvious (though very small) erection to keep his modesty. When Enji looked down he saw a dark wet patch going all the way down the boy’s inner thighs to his knees.

Fuck, this boy was soaking through his jeans all the way down his legs yet he still hadn’t cracked and listened to his omega instincts?

Enji looked back into his eyes, only seeing lust and embarrassment looking back at him.

“Where’s your alpha? Why did they leave you here alone? What kind of alpha leaves their omega to fend for themselves in the worst part of the fucking city at 2 in the morning?” Enji said with a snarl. His pheromones radiated off him in waves making the Omega squirm and squeeze his thighs tighter.

Even Enji knew he was going overboard but honestly he didn’t care, the boy obviously liked his scent.

“I-I don’t have an alpha!” The boy said quickly but not quietly like all his other statements. His voice had a high pitch to it like he was about to loose control, he balled his hands into fists. Then he added very quietly, “I’ve never had an alpha.”

Clearly his last statement was an invitation; Letting Enji know that he was a good boy, he’d never been fucked, never been taken cared of, his most primal needs never met. 

It was a challenge; What was Enji going to do about his lack of an alpha figure?

Enji knew the easiest way to demonstrate his power, wealth and status. Prove to the boy that he was the best alpha for him, that no one was better than him.

He pulled out his wallet, took out his business card, and handed it to the green haired boy sitting quietly in front of him.

The boy meekly reached out and grabbed it with a soft, “Thank you.” But his face was full of confusion as if he didn’t understand why Enji was randomly giving him his business card.

But then he read the name and his eyes practically fell out of his skull and rolled onto the floor.

He looked up, equal parts frightened and equal parts awe, like this was some fucking dream because it wasn’t possible that this man was giving him the time of day, “M-Mr.Todoroki, I-I am so s-sorry for wasting your time. You probably have somewhere important to be. I p-promise I’m okay with being here alone, the bus should be coming in a f-few minutes anyway so there’s no reason for me to ask you to wait here w-with me.” He bowed his head and handed the card back to Enji.

The Alpha almost scoffed, he couldn’t believe this kid.

This selfless fucking omega thinks he’s wasting Enji’s time.

As if Enji wasn’t the one to invade his personal space and interrogate him, clouding his senses with so many pheromones he was leaking slick through his clothing like a fucking prostitute on the corner.

If anyone should’ve been saying sorry it was Enji, but he doesn’t ever say sorry, and he definitely ain’t saying sorry when he was doing it to get what he wants.

“You never asked me to wait here with you, Omega. I chose to stand here and question you,” his voice was stern but gentle, something he didn’t do, ever, but for this omega he would. 

Enji wanted to coddle him and spoil him until he was a brat.

He normally never felt or act like this, not even with the omega who bred his children.

Enji really wasn’t sure why his Alpha was suddenly going haywire and possessive over the boy. But honestly if anyone deserved to be the one his inner alpha was demanding for it was this boy. Enji hadn’t known him for more then a few minutes but his gut feeling had never lead him astray before and it definitely wouldn’t start now so he’d trust them, “Also why are you handing my business card back to me? It’s for you to keep that’s how business cards work, Omega.”

The green haired boy lifted his head- shock all over his face. He looked as if he wanted to refute the Alpha’s words but then thought better of it and kept quiet. He probably thought it would be disrespectful.


Enji had him right where he wanted him.

He was the type of man who always got what he wanted. End of story.

No exceptions.

And Enji Todoroki wanted this little fucking Omega to come home, be his knotslut and swell up nice and round with his pups.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen. I don’t like the idea of a pretty Omega like you working on your heat and traveling alone late at night. I’m going to call my chauffeur, they’re gonna pick us up and bring us back to my penthouse on the other side of the city,” Enji paused to see if the boy would object but he was just intently listening, albeit a slightly confused look on his face.

“You’ll stay there and make yourself comfortable, the maids come in at 5am. I’ll let them know they are to cater to your every need and make sure you’re eating and hydrated while I’m at work. In the morning, once you’ve finished your breakfast you’re going to call off for the rest of the week so you can enjoy your heat in peace at my place. I’m going to pay your rent and bills for the rest of the year. I’ll buy you anything else you need, all you have to do is ask and it’s yours,” Enji’s face was void of emotion, stern and serious; this was like a business deal; he was telling a potential client the pros of what they would gain when saying yes to his offer.

What was the catch?

He simply wanted the Omega to swoon for him. Wanted the Omega to become obsessed with him, become his knotslut- his permanent Omega.

He didn’t think his ulterior motives were bad per say, simply selfish. What was wrong with being selfish if the other was fine with indulging you?

The boy’s face was flushed a deep pink and his pretty lips were parted open in complete shock, “W-Wh-What?!

“I don’t like repeating myself, Omega. Do you agree to the terms or not?” His voice was authoritative, leaving no room for disputes.

The boy better say yes or no, it was simple as that.

If the Omega truly wasn’t interested in Enji then he’d get the boy’s contact info and court him until he was interested.

He was a stubborn man, he didn’t take no for an answer.

“I-I don’t understand, why would you offer me all of that? I’m a stranger? A- A simple Omega, I have nothing of worth to offer in return,”The boy said with surprise dripping from his words, shock written all over his face. He looked this close to passing out.

Enji held back a laugh, did this boy really think he wanted something “of worth” meaning materialistic objects in return?

He could buy the boy and every relative he knew their own mansion and still have money to spare to buy some more. Why would he want money or things from a broke college kid?

The Omega obviously was not understanding that he was the object of worth in the deal.

But Enji wasn’t going to point that out, then the kid would think he was trying to buy him like he was a cheap object. The boy was smart, he’d let him come to his own conclusion.

Do you accept my offer or not, Omega,” Enji’s tone was final. This would be the last time he asked politely.

The boy looked like he wanted to refuse the offer but relented after a few minutes of complete silence- literally looking like his brain was about to melt and leak out of his ears.

Why was he thinking about this so damn hard?

“Okay, Yes. I accept, S-Sir.”

Normally when he courted/dated someone if they called him sir or added an honorific to his name the Alpha would immediately correct them and say ‘call me Enji’. 

But in this situation, with this young, obedient omega sitting in front of him calling him Sir as if any other term would be unacceptable and rude- it turned him on like nothing else.

Without him realizing, Enji’s pheromones were laced with contentment and arousal, satisfied that the boy agreed to his terms. He hadn’t even realized he let his true emotions slip through his scent until he was assaulted by the boy’s heavy pheromones. They were a mix of pure omega arousal, gratitude and delight.

This whole time he’d been holding his scent back (as much as he could while being in a heat) even though Enji knew he was wet with slick, now the boy was making it openly known that he was.

And that he was happy at the prospect of getting fucked by Enji for the rest of the week.

This was good. Very good.

He wasn’t expecting the boy to make any sort of move on him or make his arousal openly known. Enji assumed it was gonna take some serious flirting and the ‘nice guy act’ to get the timid Omega to openly approach him sexually.

But the boy was doing it all on his own, with no prompting from Enji. He could work with this development. Clearly the Omega was giving him the hint to make a move.

The Alpha took out his cellphone and phoned his chauffeur who picked up on the first ring, “I’m sending you my location, get here asap.” And hung up, opening his messages and sharing his location with the driver with one simple click.

Not even 30 seconds later he got a text: It says estimated arrival time is 15 minutes, I will be there soon, Boss.

With that he slipped the phone into his back pocket, “We have fifteen minutes before they get here.”

“T-Thank you, for everything you’ve offered. It’s very kind of you. I don’t understand why you’re giving me these things but I- I really appreciate it. If there’s ever anything I can do in return please don’t hesitate to tell me,” the boy said softly, completely breathless, then added in what Enji could only deduce as his seductive voice, “I’ll give you anything, do anything you ask of me.”

Enji didn’t say anything in response- had he actually heard the boy say that or was he imagining things? He could see the Omega squirming under his gaze, softly breathing through his parted lips, eyes blown out with lust.

If the Alpha’s cock wasn’t rock hard before, it definitely was now.

He carefully reached out and put his hand into the boy’s curly green hair.

A soft approach to see if the boy was looking for physical attention from the Alpha, if he backed away Enji misread the situation.

The green haired boy immediately nuzzled into it, purring and smiling and Enji couldn’t believe how trusting and fucking beautiful this Omega was.

He wanted to break him, hurt him, wanted to utterly destroy him so his only thoughts ever revolved around Enji and pleasing his cock with that sweet, juicy cunt while his little omega cock bounced around uselessly and untouched.

The Alpha slowly tightened his grip on the boy’s hair until he knew it must’ve been painful and tilted his head back so the Omega was looking up at him. 

The boy looked wrecked and they hadn’t even done anything yet, his mouth was parted open. Enji wanted to shove his dick into it.

His sadistic side was rising, like it tended to do around beautiful omegas. His self control was crumbling by the second- it was all the boy’s fault. Who told him to be this damn perfect?

Before Enji could think better of it his free hand was connecting to the Omega’s face, a loud crack rang through the air.

He expected the timid boy to tear up, shove him away, try to run off, or maybe at the bare minimum look at Enji confused or bewildered as if to ask why was he hit.

Instead the boy looked up at him with pleading eyes, tongue lolling out of his mouth and panting, his thighs viciously rubbing together, “P-Please...” He whispered so softly the older man almost missed it. (And because he was completely shocked by the debauched look on the other’s face- it was hard to pay attention to anything else.)

Enji recovered quickly though, “‘Please’ what you fucking slut, use your words like a big boy,” he took pleasure in the fact that seemed to rile the boy up even more, they definitely shared the same kinks. Perfect. Could this get any better?

“Please Alpha- I need your thick, f-fat cock inside of me- r-right now please.” He looked equally mortified and proud that he managed to say that aloud.

Enji then realized he definitely -absolutely- miscalculated earlier, the boy was a knotwhore, he was just never given the opportunity to act upon it and was probably too timid to go out there and demand for it.

You want my cock right now? You can’t wait for us to get home, or at least into the car? You want me to fuck your sweet cunt senseless on a dirty bus bench, that’s how fucking bad you want it you filthy fuck toy?” The Alpha teased as he ran a thumb over the boy’s jaw line.

The boy jumped up, Enji noted how small he was only coming up to the middle of his chest and grabbed fistfuls of the older man’s expensive, silk button down, “I’ve- I’ve been trying to be good and behave like a decent omega should but I’ve never wanted anyone to f-fuck me more than I want you to fuck me right now, Sir. Your scent has been driving me to insanity since you approached me.”

He paused clearly growing embarrassed but his eyes seemed determined, the business man liked that, liked an omega that spoke their mind, “I- I’m so wet for you, my pants are soaked to my ankles. -You’re so perfect- More intimidating and stronger than the paparazzi photos, those can’t even hold a flame to how handsome and terrifying you are in person,” The Omega’s voice was soft and alluring, he spoke as he ran his hands across the broad expanse of Enji’s muscle packed chest, admiring the way it felt under his small, soft hands.

Enji looked down in awe as the green haired boy was absolutely enthralled with feeling him up, hands delicately trailing down to feel his washboard abs and waist, purring the entire time. When he looked back up at him with those big doe eyes something dark and greedy flared up inside of the older man.

He grabbed the Omega by the waist and lifted him easily- the boy realized he liked that a lot more then he should- the idea of Enji lifting him and fucking into him like a rag doll crossed his mind. He had to stop himself from keening out loud at the thought.

He wrapped his lithe legs around the CEO’s tree trunk body and wrapped his arms around his neck. They both leaned in close, the younger closed his eyes, anticipating a kiss, instead their lips were a hairs breath apart just… lingering there.

It drove the boy up the wall, it felt like he had been waiting to do this for hours now- even though it had only been like fifteen minutes.

In the back of his mind he knew what he was about to say was desperate but he didn’t give a shit.

Pleaseeeee Alpha, please, please, please. I’ll be so good for you, I promise,” he felt those big, warm hands grip his ass cheeks harder.

Growing bolder he licked Enji’s lips, pressing butterfly kisses to them over and over with no reciprocation, the older man wouldn’t give in.

The boy was pouting now, rutting his hips against the other’s body to get some sort of satisfaction out of him but it was hard to do with his only body support and leverage being the man’s large hands cupping his ass.

He wanted to turn the CEO on in some way.

The boy had never done this before he had no idea how to flirt or tempt someone.

He just had his fantasies and he knew how much he liked being denied and humiliated.

Had Enji already figured that out? Was he that obvious?

He blushed a deep crimson at the thought of the Alpha degrading him, making him grovel for it, then forcing him to just take whatever he gave him once he felt like using his cunt.

The Omega got even more excited at the idea of the Alpha using his cunt and not even bothering to finish him off after he came into his filthy hole. Leaving the boy there to finger fuck himself with the cum left behind as his only lube. Telling him that he should be thankful that an Alpha like him would even grace him with the chance to be his cum dump. To be grateful that Enji even wanted to use his cunt to please himself when he could have any omega in the country at his beck and call.

The larger man sat on the bench breaking the boy’s train of thought and the boy used this new development to dry hump Enji’s erection in frustration.

The boy’s erection was trapped between their bodies but it was still not enough stimulation. He could feel his cunt dripping like a faucet when he saw the sadistic fucking smirk on the other’s face from his desperate attempts to get some action.

He knew It was pathetic- how he was rutting his little pussy against Enji’s giant cock with quick downwards grinding, chasing an upcoming orgasm by pitifully dry humping the Alpha while decorating his strong jawline and lips with soft open mouth kisses. Hoping to get some sort of reaction from the strong man, but he was resilient and unforgiving, making the omega feel like a desperate, filthy slut who’s not worth his effort, not worth a single kiss -and fuck- that made his pussy tighten around nothing hopelessly.

He kitten licked Enji’s lips a few times as a pleaded, “P-Please, Sir... -FUCK- ohhh God... nhggggg.” 

He rested his head on Enji’s shoulder and all thoughts of begging die when he shifted his hips- suddenly his clit was scraping deliciously against his alpha’s massive erection and on the seam of his suit pants.

All he could do was chase that amazing satisfaction that rolled through his body with every grind. He tried to ignore the fact that his tiny cock was trapped and aching in his tight jeans because damn his pussy was living right now.

He hadn’t noticed until he felt the man’s chest vibrating with a chuckle that he’d been whining and panting like a dog in heat (which he was), eagerly begging in despair from the lack of attention from their mate.

Despite that he was so acutely aware of the orgasm that was about to burst from him, he could feel his legs trembling with effort as he rolled his hips with even more force, so close, so incredibly close, he was gonna cum any moment now.

“Oh Shittttt... Alpha. I’m gonna cum, can I? Can I please cum?!”

He was absolutely desperate, if Enji said no he didn’t know if he even had the will power to stop.

What would Enji do if he didn’t obey his order?

Would he spank him?…

The Omega really liked the sound of that- could you blame him if he secretly hoped that would happen?

“Look me in the eye when you’re cumming on my cock you fucking whore. Have some respect for your alpha when he’s letting you hump him like a damn pillow,” The man’s voice was extremely stern yet full of affection, this was an order- the Omega could at least figure that out. So the boy picked up his head from Enji’s shoulder and looked him in the eye.

The smug but powerful look he gave the younger man was all it took. He threw his head back in ecstasy, opening his mouth to let out a silent scream. The boy’s whole body shook and the CEO could feel dull nails digging into his skin through his suit jacket.

Enji was still rock hard and throbbing but he felt so satisfied from watching his Omega cum that violently from a little dry humping.

A true virgin and God that made Enji want to tear off his clothing right then and there- show him how fucking good he could orgasm when sitting on an alpha’s knot.

Suddenly Enji felt the cloth around his crotch turn wet and warm.

He looked up to see the absolute mortification on his Omega’s face.

The boy had squirted through his clothing and it was soaking into his expensive handmade suit pants. He stared the younger boy down, expression neutral but unnerving. He wasn’t mad at the Omega, fuck that just showed how needy and selfish he was for the Alpha’s cock but he wanted to know the boy’s gut reaction. Enji didn’t want to sway the boy’s train of thought with his facial expression.

They stayed in eerie silence for what felt like hours until the green haired boy spoke, “Th-Thank you. Thank you for letting me c-cum Mr.Todoroki. I’m so s-sorry about,” he paused- clearly embarrassed and unsure of how to word it, did he even know what squirting was or did he think he pissed himself? The thought almost made Enji roll over laughing but he held himself together, “...wetting you.”

“Enji,” He didn’t even bother replying to the apology because honestly he thought the whole situation was hot.

The boy was so desperate for his cock that he rubbed one out on top of him and made a good fucking show out of it too. (Too bad they didn’t have an audience, Enji would’ve loved to watch some lower alpha pop a boner and get jealous that his omega back home wasn’t as damn needy or perfect as this boy right here.)

No need for the slutty Omega to apologize for that when in the future he’d be doing much worst things- once Enji truly got his hands on him.

“Huh?” The boy looked at him confused.

“I do like it when you call me Sir but not Mr.Todoroki. If you’re gonna call me by anything other than Sir use my given name, Enji. You’re my property now, you might as well get use to saying it,” A sly smirk crossed over his face at the crimson blush flushing on the Omega’s cheeks.

“Property!?” He squeaked in disbelief but not anger. Enji took this as a positive sign that maybe the boy would quickly accept being his personal omega if he just stated it as fact.

“Did I stutter boy? Of course you’re my property, you’re my Omega. I own you and I’ll use you however I please. I always get what I want, that’s just the type of man I am and you will learn to work with that,” He paused to carefully watch the boy’s face for any sign of dissatisfaction or disgust but all he saw was lust, “I can’t wait to show you off at the office. Have you as my cock warmer during meetings, have you choke on my dick while I do paper work. Maybe I’ll invite some of my business partners over for dinner, tie you to a breeding bench and let them take turns using your cunt,” he smirked at the boy on his lap and was delighted to see him open and close his mouth multiple times, trying to find the right words to say.

“Would those things make you happy? Would you keep me as your omega if I did things like that for you?” He said it quietly, unsure, as though he was asking for too much. Being too selfish in hoping he could be by the alpha’s side permanently. As if he wasn’t worthy.

His desire to please made Enji’s cock ache but his self doubt made Enji wanna frown.

Time to let the omega know how wanted he was. His alpha was NOT happy about his omega feeling worthless. Enji didn’t keep anything void of worth around him.

“Do you think I’d ever let you be anyone else’s omega after you were so desperate and needy for my cock you humped me like the world was ending- on the middle of the sidewalk- where anyone could’ve seen?”

He laughed at the embarrassed dread that covered the Omega’s face as he finally remembered where he was. Looking around frantically for any bystanders who might have seen what he just did.

“Your little, slutty cunt is my breeding property, it doesn’t belong to you anymore,” Enji ran his fingers through the Omega’s soft hair and began scratching his scalp gently, “I’m gonna dump my cum into your hole ’til your stomach is distended, make sure I breed you well- get you pregnant with my pups,” his voice was deep and penetrating, it went right to the boy’s cunt making him leak slick again.

The fact that the Alpha could say such filthy things so naturally, even while doing gentle gestures like massaging his head made his pussy clench around nothing desperately. He wanted to be filled so badly it hurt.

The boy was rocking his hips against Enji’s rockhard cock again, “Please Enjiiiiii, breed me! Please breed my sloppy, slutty pussy. I want all your cum. Wanna have your pups!” His eyes shone with lust and hope like nothing would make him happier then being fucked, bred and pregnant.

Enji could feel his self control cracking. It was hard enough not to kiss and touch the boy when he humped him earlier. Now he was demanding to be fucked and bred while rutting against the Alpha’s neglected cock again.

He needed to take control of the situation it felt like the Omega held all of it right now and he didn’t like that one bit. He was the Alpha here.

Yanking the boy by his hair so his neck was arched and face towards the sky Enji leaned close, whispering in his ear, “Shouldn’t you at least tell me your given name if you’re demanding for me to knock your sloppy pussy up? Or are you that much of a whore that me referring you to you as ‘omega’ is good enough?...Never mind, I guess you don’t need a name if you’re just my personal cum dump so I don’t know why I asked.” The large man chuckled darkly.

The hot breath on the boy’s ear and the degrading words made him grind his pussy even harder against the fat cock beneath him. He wanted it so bad he could feel himself drooling.

Enji -fuck- that’s actually really hot. Please Sir, please refer to me as ‘omega’ when you fuck me,” the boy’s eyes were fucking glowing with want but only the sky could see it with his head held back like that, “Using my name when you fuck me humanizes me, I- I don’t want that. I just want to be your filthy, cocksleeve Omega. My only purpose is to serve you, I’m useless without your cock in me,” the boy was panting now, desperate and whining as he tried to reach a second orgasm by rubbing it out on Enji. 

He was praying the Alpha would allow him to do it again since he didn’t seem to mind the first time.

The CEO growled animalisticly those words flaming the fire to his sleazy desires.

He wasn’t really prepared for a boy like him to talk filthy so freely but fuck he really does love an omega who speaks their mind.

“You really are a pathetic, disgusting bitch. Who wants their alpha to only see them as a glory hole, do you have no shame or worth?” Enji sneered but he wasn’t upset at all, in fact he was inexcusably aroused.

The thought that nothing else, even something as important as his own name, didn’t matter, that it was only about pleasing Enji made something possessive and greedy grow inside of the Alpha. This boy was his. And he would kill anyone who got in the way of that, he had the power, wealth and political pull to do so if it ever came to it.

The limo pulled up to the curb behind the boy and Enji was about to tell him to ‘get off and get into the limo, now’.

But then the green haired vixen said, “I don’t need shame or self worth if it means I can’t openly have your cock fucking me all day and night no matter where we are.” He licked his lips before continuing, “I would gladly bend over your conference room table and let you fuck my wet pussy while you and your employees talk statistics and sales goals.”

His voice was breathy and hungry, hungry for Enji.

He wasn’t a mumbling, stuttering boy anymore, not when adrenaline, lust and his overbearing heat were rushing throughout his body. He was a little omega whore who knew what he wanted- that was Enji’s big, fat alpha cock and he wasn’t afraid to make it known.

That was it, his self control snapped for good this time. His Omega can’t make a statement like that and expect Enji to go easy on him.

He stood up letting the boy topple over and fall to the dirty sidewalk. Before he could process he fell Enji grabbed him by the hair and dragged him towards the limo, opening the back door, and throwing the boy inside. He slid in afterwards and shut the door.

“Bring us home, fastest route possible and drop us off at the back entrance,” he yelled to the driver.

“Yes, Boss!” The driver said enthusiastically.

Turning his attention to his omega he manhandled him until he was laying back down on the seats with his bottoms off and legs spread wide open.

He didn’t touch, just took a moment to observe, process and burn this moment into his memory.

His beautiful, sinful, fucking omega with a soaking wet pussy and erect little cock on full display for him for the first time. He was producing so much slick that the seat beneath him already had a wet pool surrounding his ass.

The boy began wiggling, shaking his hips side to side in hopes that Enji would see his impatience, how badly he wanted to be touched. He was whimpering like a dog now and pouting for extra measure, “Pleaseeeeeee Enji! I’ll be a good boy -fuck- please, I want your thick alpha cock so badly! Fuck me raw and split me in half!” His voice was cracking with how high pitched it was going.

Enji put his large, hot hands on his omega’s inner thighs to still him, “Good boy’s stay still and take what they’re given. So you’re gonna lay here and not move a muscle while I eat my meal, okay Omega?”

He looked confused and Enji knew he would be, he didn’t get the joke that eating his pussy out was a meal, he’d learn quick though. And if he did know the joke he probably wasn’t expecting to be eaten out when he just begged for cock, not tongue.

Enji stuck his face in between those two milky thighs, and without hesitation put his lips around his omega’s clit and sucked. 

It was caked in his slick and Enji growled in delight at the sweet taste.

When was the last time he even deemed an omega worthy enough to be eaten out? When was the last time he tasted slick so sweet and delicious?

You would’ve thought the world was ending with the way the boy shrieked, it even scared his driver who stepped on the brake hard causing the whole limo to jerk to a stop. He looked back to see Enji’s face between his guest’s legs at the back of the limo and knew exactly was happening.

His boss often brought a new omega home with him, but none of them had ever been that worked up. Also he’d never seen Enji give oral before, normally the omega in the car was sucking his dick the whole way home.

The driver chuckled as quietly as he could, this Omega must be special to him.

And he was. The boy was practically hyperventilating from the pleasure Enji was giving him.

He was moaning, screaming, breathing deeply and sporadically trying to focus on his breath so he wouldn’t cant his hips up into Enji’s beautiful, hot, fuckable mouth. He was trying to follow orders and be a good fuck toy for his alpha but he’d never done this before and the sensation of his lips and tongue on the boy’s clit had him seeing stars.

Enji swirled his tongue ‘round and ‘round, in upwards flicks and gave occasional open mouth kisses to his clit. He almost felt guilty for ordering the omega to stay still during what Enji guessed was his first time receiving oral.

God knows how greedy and impatient he is, Enji always grabs the bitch by their hair and face fucks them with no mercy the moment their lips wrap around his erection. He could only imagine the boy would soon be undeniably hysterical and begging to rock his hips even a little.

The alpha moved down to his wet folds and used his tongue to separate the inner labias to get to his prize. With a broad, flat tongue stroke he licked over the entire hole and the omega was so far gone he just started sobbing.

He was physically vibrating with how still he was trying to keep himself as Enji laved away at his soaking cunt. Hands balled to fists at his side and eyes squeezed so tight he saw dots behind his lids. He had forgot how to formulate words to beg since the moment Enji’s lips touched his pussy.

Enji stopped working his tongue and looked up at the omega, warm breath ghosting over his pussy as he spoke soothing words, “Shhhh. I know it’s hard to stay still but you’re being such a good slut for me right now. Such a good, good boy. Give me a few more minutes and then you can rub your pussy on my tongue as much as you like until we get to the house.”

Enji wasn’t even sure if the boy had heard him, let alone had the capacity to respond but he gave a breathy, “Yes Sir... t-thank you for eating my sloppy cunt... It- It feels... sooo good.

The manic grin that graced the alpha’s face would’ve been terrifying to anyone else, but to the omega it screamed dominance, control and overbearing desire. He knew he was provoking the alpha, feeding his ego, winding him up but honestly he didn’t care.

He wanted too, wanted to see the CEO lose control, lose any sense of composure so the man could utterly ruin him.

The omega wanted to be put on bed rest, fuck it- hospitalized, at the end of his heat to recover from the brutal fucking he would be receiving all week long. Nothing less would satisfy him, so his Alpha better deliver.

After all, he’s been waiting years for an alpha to come along and claim him so the sex better not disappoint.

Mantras of “Please. Please. Please!!!” “Fuck- ahhh, Enji it feels so so good!” And “Alpha please! I need more! I want your big fat cock!” Were screamed brokenly and bounced around the interior of the limo as Enji worked his tongue all over that sopping wet pussy.

Enji couldn’t even remember the last time he had a partner this needy, this unfiltered, this genuine.

It was thrilling and beautiful, he just wanted to ruin the boy more.

He was shaking like a leaf now but still hadn’t moved like he was told. That made Enji’s heart warm, the boy was trying so hard just for him.

He earned his reward.

“Such a filthy fuck toy, you’re about to cum just from me eating your little pussy for a few minutes?”

Yes! Yes! Alpha I’m so close, I’m- I’m-“

“Shh, it’s okay Omega you’re doing great. Now, I want you to rock your hips against my tongue and make yourself feel nice, okay? Do whatever makes you feel really good so you can cum on your Alpha’s face like good whores do.”

Enji presented his long, thick tongue and the boy gave a gentle test of his hips. Electricity shot down his spine and he keened when Enji’s muscle roughly glided over his hole, folds and clit in one motion.

The boy was immediately addicted and he pressed his cunt down viciously, keeping the motions of his hips short and fast so Enji’s tongue rubbed against only his clit. The boy’s little cock dripping pre cum all over his barely defined abs as it bounced around uselessly. He began sobbing earnestly. Rambling off the deep end- thanking the alpha over and over, telling him how good his sloppy pussy felt, how he was gonna let the Alpha fuck his cunt as much as he wanted, that he just wanted to be the man’s personal cocksleeve and nothing else. 

Enji just stayed there and enjoyed the ride, he didn’t even bother touching his swollen cock stuck in his too-tight-pants because he simply wanted to devote all his attention to the gorgeous omega in front of him. The boy deserved his undivided attention.

The rambled cries and thanks of his omega were definitely affecting his sanity and if his mouth wasn’t preoccupied in pleasing the boy he would tell the Omega that he was such a good boy. That he wasn’t going to stop fucking and knotting his dirty cunt until his balls ran dry.

Both men were so engrossed in each other they didn’t even notice the car was parked and sitting in front of the back entrance to the building.

His chauffeur didn’t dare turn to look back or interrupt them but through the mirror he intently watched as the little omega banged his pussy against his bosses face.

The sight was absolutely sinful and he couldn’t believe such a powerful man who literally had people cowering under his simple gaze would willingly let an omega he’d never seen before use him in such a way. The chauffeur could understand the appeal though, the little green haired beauty had the cutest omegan keens and he smelled heavenly, even from all the way in the front seat his fangs were itching to bite.

“Sir! I’m so fucking close -shit- I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” The boy screamed. 

He instinctively grabbed Enji’s hair and held him still as he bucked his hips up with much more force then before. Grinding his pussy with no mercy- shoving into the alpha’s face so hard you’d think they’d fuse together.

The chauffeur eyes almost fell out of his head, did this Omega have a death wish?! Did he know who’s face he was riding?! How god damn terrifying his boss was?!

The driver almost passed out from shock when he saw that Enji wasn’t ripping the boy’s hands off his head but instead grabbing his hips and pulling them closer if that was even possible.

Ohhhh FUCK- thank you for letting me cum Sir, thank you, thank you, thank yo-“ With a god forsaken scream the boy orgasmed, squirting all over Enji’s mouth, chin and his button down shirt. He rode it out, still grinding hard until every last drop fell from his cunt.

Then his whole body went limp like all the bones in his body disappeared. Enji wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and he looked absolutely manic, the driver immediately looked away from the mirror not wanting to get caught peaking.

Finally Enji looked around and realized they were here, how long had they been parked?

Whatever, it didn’t matter anyway his driver had endured him fucking other omega’s in the back seat for hours before, this was nothing.

Picking up his Omega and his bottoms Enji opened the door, “You have the rest of the night off, Red. I won’t be leaving the house anytime soon.” He walked out and slammed the door shut without waiting for a response.

The chauffeur watched his boss walk towards the building before he adjusted his hard cock in his now too-tight-pants, the thick smell of an omega in heat clouded the limo leaving his knot half inflated. Red whipped out his phone to text his perfect Omega, who most likely had a delicious meal cooked and ready for him by now. God he loved his Mate.

To: my explosive bby

Babe!!!!!! I have the craziest story to tell U about bossman!!! U won’t believe wat happened but anyway im horny ASF so plz have your collar and cuffs ready cuz I gotta use that pretty cunt of urs! My cock is achin I wanna knot U so bad!!!!

Enji threw the Omega over his shoulder and scanned his ID to open the door. He didn’t care that the Omega was bottomless as he walked through the halls and into the elevator.

He knew security was probably enjoying the view, who wouldn’t? His Omega was beautiful and his ass perfect. They should be seething at the fact their omega’s were subpar at best while he had the perfect being in his hold.

He scanned his ID again and pressed the top floor. When they got there the elevator opened into his living room and he kicked off his shoes and placed them on the shoe rack. Then did the same for the boys shoes. He walked down the hall, past the bathroom into his master bed room and threw his Omega onto the king sized bed covered in one hundred percent Egyptian cotton.

The poor boy was in a daze, completely fucked out and Enji hadn’t even fucked him yet. 

The boy’s pussy juices were already soaking the sheets beneath him. His skin was flushed a pretty pink, his hair ruffled and his green eyes watery from crying.

All Enji could think was how absolutely stunning the omega was, how beautiful, how perfect, and all his.

Apparently he was taking to long because the Omega started to whimper in distress, arms open and hands grabby as he waited for the Alpha to enter his personal space.

From habit Enji walked over to the nightstand pulling out a condom and then he realized he wouldn’t need it. He did make a promise to the boy that he’d give him pups and that wouldn’t happen if he was wearing a condom, now would it?

The man stripped off his clothes, not caring that his $15,000 suit was wrinkling on the ground. The fucking pants were soaking with omega slick anyway so he’d just burn it and get a new one made. The smell of that stuff doesn’t come out when it’s potent from heat and if Enji wore that to work he wouldn’t get anything done so they’re useless now.

He got onto the bed and in between the Omega’s thighs, he grabbed them folding him in half so his knees were next to his ears, pussy on display. The boy immediately held his legs in place for the alpha so he could use his hands freely.

He held his thick, juicy cock in his hand and rubbed the head in circles on the Omega’s clit, pulling a lewd moan out of him, “You want my cock, Omega? Tell me how fucking badly you wanna feel me wreck your filthy, undeserving hole and maybe I’ll think of using it.”

Panic flashed over the boy’s face, his omega side frantic at the thought of not getting his Alpha’s knot and cum inside him when he so obviously needed it, “Oh God- please Alpha! Please use my hole, abuse me, do anything you want with my cunt! It’s your property. So please, please Sir, stuff me full! I’ll be such a good boy, I’ll do anything you ask!” 

He was sobbing now, desperate and shaking with need. His omega hindbrain was going haywire at the notion that he really might not get fucked.

Wasting no more time the Alpha lined up his disturbingly large cock and bottomed out in one fluid motion. The boy shrieked and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Enji didn’t bother wasting anytime the moment his cock hit the boy’s cervix he pulled out to the tip and rammed in again. 

He set a brutal pace, his finger tips gripping the Omega’s hips so hard he’ll no doubt have bruises tomorrow.

He keened in delight at finally being filled but there was a hint of shock underneath it, “Ohh- fuck! It’s so big! Your Alpha cock is so big! Mypussyisgonnabreak, you’re gonna split me in half!

“Your slutty hole can take it, Omega,” He slapped the boy hard across the face. Then again and again and again until he lost count. The boy’s cunt clenched around his cock enticingly each time letting his Alpha know how good it made him feel to get tossed around and hit.

Enji loved that. He loved the fact that he could be rough and hit the Omega as hard as he wanted and all the boy would do is beg for more. (What a fucking masochist, damn- Enji hit the jackpot with this slut.)

He wrapped both hands around the boy’s neck and used it to anchor him to the bed as he plowed harder and deeper into his sloppy cunt. The Omega’s hands shot up, gripping his wrists not to push them away from his throat but to keep them there.

Enji squeezed his finger tips harder around the carotid artery, at this point he was probably cutting off all the blood and oxygen supply to the boy’s brain. But the Omega just let out raspy moans and took the beating his pussy was getting like a champ.

It made Enji feel so powerful, so fulfilled to have his Omega just lay there and  take it.

He didn’t slow down or let up at all but the whole time the boy quietly sobbed and begged him for more with the little air he did have.

He begged Enji pitifully, barely able to form the words. And the Alpha was so far gone, so caught up in the moment that every time the omega pleaded for more he snapped his hips even harder (if that was possible).

If it wasn’t for the death grip on the boy’s neck he would’ve went flying back with every thrust. Instead his body jerked back and forth with the motions of the man’s hips. The boy was clawing at his biceps and forearms leaving long, thin, red trails of blood in their wake. It only egged the alpha on further.

“That’s right, Omega,” He said in a deep, fucked out voice, “Fucking lay there and take it... Be a good cum slut for me... be grateful that a simple, lowlife,... whore Omega like you even has the privilege to get a dicking from an Alpha like me...

The boy tried to purr but could barely manage with those huge hands wrapped so tightly around his throat. With a choked, hardly there crack of a voice his Omega replied, “Do your worst Alpha... treat me like the filthy... poor... Omega slut I am... Fucking beat me, I want it...”

Shit. This boy was making Enji feel deranged; for a second there he almost snapped the boy’s delicate neck from the pure, animalistic desire to show him how badly he could -and would- hurt him.

Instead he took one hand off the boy’s neck and began slapping the freckles off his face. Each smack harder then the last and he knew the boy’s head was reeling when they made eye contact but the boy seemed to be looking straight through him. He didn’t even have enough breath to moan or beg, he simply whimpered and cried while clamping down almost painfully on Enji’s cock with every hit.

The Omega was addicted, the hits fueling his never ending libido, his hot pussy had never been wetter then tonight, his cock angry red and swollen. 

If he could he’d let Enji do this forever but he knew eventually the night would end.

Would Enji fuck him this good every single day? Or was this special treatment since he was on heat? He sure hoped the alpha would use his cunt this good every day, he never felt more alive or more content then in this moment.

The Alpha’s cock felt so fucking amazing in the tight death grip of his Omega’s soaking cunt. He felt boarderline psychotic when the omega’s face started to have a purple tinge to it and that just made him wanna squeeze the boy’s neck harder, fuck his disgusting pussy harder

And he did until he saw the boy’s eyes rolling to the back of his head like he was about to pass out, that wouldn’t do.

Enji wanted him to be vividly awake and memorizing every single thrust he was receiving from his gracious Alpha.

He didn’t have to give the Omega the excellent rough fucking he was getting, if the boy was a lower omega he’d make the bitch ride him and do nothing while smoking a cigar.

Omegas could be kissing his feet, begging for his cock. But he never really caved, told them they weren’t worthy and to take what they could get.

He'd only give his dick when he was sure it would be hell for the omega to have it. Last year he made one of his interns sit on his cock to keep it warm for the entire work day. Her pussy was so tight and juicy, she would constantly clench down on his cock to get some sort of satisfaction since she was ordered not to move. He didn’t even bother fucking the poor, horny thing afterwards, just told the omega to take care of herself and went home to fuck both of the maids. And if he kept that routine up for the duration of the omega’s six month internship could you blame him? He loved abusing cute, little omegas more than anything and the bitch got an amazing recommendation letter signed by him and fat paycheck out of it, he knew how to make a business deal worth someone’s time.

So, it was time to change positions. Specifically to one where he couldn’t wrap his gigantic, warms hands around the boy’s dainty throat. He could give the Omega a break since he held out for so long without complaint like a good boy.

Enji moved his hands onto the boy’s waist and the boy gasped like he never breathed air before. Maybe he should’ve let the boy have a few gulps of air at some point but the boy seemed content not to have it so why give him something he didn’t really need?

He was so tiny that Enji’s finger tips touched and he felt a spike of arousal rush through him.

the Alpha stood up- Instinctively the Omega wrapped his legs loosely around Enji and the alpha began manually pumping the boy’s body up and down on his cock.

This new position made Enji’s cock reach even deeper with the aid of gravity and the omega was moaning uncontrollably after getting some air back into his lungs, “Thank you, Sir! Your thick -aahh- Alpha cock... is so so good!... So fucking good! Nghhhhh”

My Omega,” Enji said so possessively he didn’t recognize his own voice, “My Omega, my breeding hole, my cum dump, mine, all mine,” he knew he sounded fucking crazy right now but the Omega’s response was a god damn satisfied purr like that was the best compliment he ever received in his pitiful existence.

YESYESYES” He yelled, “ALLYOURSALPHA,” the boy gasped for air, “My filthy cunt is only for you, Alpha! My perfect, handsome Alpha, I’ll give you anything, just don’t leave me.” His pussy let out another wave of slick around Enji’s thick cock at the confession.

This boy was so deep in his subspace that Enji wasn’t sure how he was gonna bring him back up when this was all over but now was not the time to think about that. This was the time to deliver and give the boy everything he wanted. Everything he deserved, because he was worth his weight in gold for taking this brutal fuck so well.

The boy was nothing more then a rag doll in his grasp at this point, so fucking pliant and willing as Enji slammed him up and down on his massive girth. He just begged for “more” while thanking Enji for using his disgusting hole. He decorated Enji’s solid, beefy chest with soft, needy kisses as another way to show his thanks and admiration while his nails dug into the broad, strong shoulders to keep him steady.

“You’re so fucking needy and demanding, Omega. Such a good fucking slut,” he praised, “Can’t get enough of my cock can you? Even when I’m splitting you in half with it, it’s still not enough?

He opened his mouth to reply but Enji purposely slammed him down harder making his tip bang against the boy’s cervix roughly, “I- Aghhhhhhhhh. Ahh. Nghhh, more! ...More Alpha! I want your knot, now! Pl-ahhh- knot! Alpha knot!”

So that’s why he was acting like such a brat, he wanted his Alpha’s knot or he wouldn’t be sated?

Enji could work with that, but it wasn’t time yet.

He pulled the boy off his leaking shaft and threw him back on the bed, “Present nice and pretty for me or I’ll tie you up to my breeding bench and leave you there while I finish myself off.

The boy quickly scrambled into position near the edge of the bed and started jerking his cocklet roughly while his pussy ached to be filled again. A pitiful whine left his throat, “Pleaseeeee Alpha, I wannacumonyourknot! I just want your knot!”

The sight in front of him was so enticing he could cum from that alone but his omega only deserved the best performance.

The Alpha came up behind him, picking up one leg and slamming his foot onto the boy’s cheek- shoving his face deeper into the mattress- he then lined his massive cock up with the Omega’s filthy, slicked up hole, unceremoniously shoved it in and began a brutal pace once more.

Oh fuck- Alpha- ahhh... so fucking good... I wanna cum! Nghhhhh- P-Please, Sir! I want your knot in my pussy! I’ve been a good cocksleeve for you, haven’t I?!”

He begged and begged, his walls began spasming around Enji’s cock and he knew the boy was going to cum for the third time that night on his cock but unfortunately not on his knot. Call the man selfish but he wanted the boy to squirt sloppily all over his prick and then be forced to endure some rough grinding while having a giant knot clog his filthy hole. He’d be over sensitive but he’d be a good cock slut and take what he’s given.

The Omega knew his place, knew he was only here because he was being given the opportunity to be Enji’s cute, little, personal cock attendant and even if it was too much for his over sensitive pussy- he’d take it.

Enji gave a few deafening slaps to the boy’s ass that made him shriek in pain -or pleasure- Enji wasn’t sure.

A couple extra deep thrusts and the boy was cumming.

Pussy spilling juices all over his Alpha’s cock and thighs, his little cocklet letting out stream after stream of clear seed onto the sheets below him.

Thank you Alpha... thank you for giving me your thick cock... it was so fucking good, Alpha. But please, give me your knot! Please don’t stop until you’ve given me every last drop of your cum! I want it inside me!” 

The boy was out if it, fucking delirious as he just rambled and yelled out whatever came to mind, “Fuck Enji- Ahhh Shit- so good to me. Wrecked me soooo good and you’re not even finished yet... nghhhhhh....  Stuff me full of cum, breed me! Breed me, Alpha it’s all I’m useful for!... Knock me up!

Enji slapped his ass continuously, leaving his cheeks bright red, bruised and puffy with welts as he continued to wreck the poor boy’s over stimulated hole. 

He pressed his foot harder, digging the ball of his foot into the boy’s face. The Alpha was so close, so fucking close to bursting and letting his hot cum fill the omega’s needy womb.

Enji was really going to do this, he was going to knock up his brand new Omega, have this pretty, doe eyed beauty round and fat with his litter.

His inner alpha fucking crooned at the thought and demanded he make it happen, so he caved.

He might not know the Omega well yet but he didn’t doubt that he would be a dedicated and perfect mother.

“I’m gonna fill you to the brim with my cum, Omega... gonna knot and breed you until it takes, until your swollen and pregnant... and then I’ll still fuck you every single day except the day you pop... But that very next day I’ll fuck you raw again and again until you’re carrying another litter,” Enji’s voice was deep and guttural, his alpha taking the forefront as he crooned to his Omega.

The boy was absolutely ecstatic, purring with excitement, “PLEASE! Please Alpha! I want it! I want it!” He was so fucking pleased like a hustler getting free shots all night long.

“I’ll give it to you as long as you promise to remember your place is always beneath me, taking my cock and keeping your womb full of my seed... My cum dump, nothing more, so get use to it,” Enji growled out possessively, snapping his hips against the boy’s plush ass as he slammed his cock into the boy’s swollen abused cunt, trying to reach his fast approaching climax.

I promise! I promise! Please, Sir! I’ll be the best cum dump for you. I’llbesofuckinggoodforyouifyougivethistome!” He was sobbing again letting out loud moans every time Enji’s cock hit his cervix. He bit his own hand so hard it bled.

Grabbing the boy’s hips so tight he yelped the Alpha forced his inflated knot into the omega’s quivering cunt and began harshly grinding, his cock scraping against the Omega’s walls.

Yes! Please, please, please, please, please! Cum! Pump me full of your cum!” The boy screeched like he was deranged, clawing his nails into the sheets around him, throwing his hips back into his Alpha’s thrusts as he sobbed and drooled.

You filthy fucking Omega... So desperate, so fucking nasty... just can’t stop begging even after I fuck you senseless and stuff you with my knot... so damn slutty for me, such a good boy,” He praised his Omega as he felt the last of his dam finally break, it was coming and he knew the boy was gonna be elated.

“Here you go baby, just for you, your cunt better be grateful I’m even filling it up,” The Alpha grunted as his last grind into the boy caused him to fall over the edge.

He was cumming  as hard as he use to when he was the Omega’s age back in college. The orgasm hit him like a freight train and he used his grip on the boy’s hips to ground himself as his vision went dark.

When the Alpha came too the boy was mumbling like a maniac. He was fucking psychotic- Enji was sure of it.

 All the Omega did was chant a million ‘Thank you’s’ and ‘I’ll be so good for you, Sir. The best cocksleeve because you only deserve the best’ and ‘Please breed me again- one time isn’t enough to get knocked up’ over and over like a broken record underneath his breath.

The Alpha was pretty positive he broke the boy.

Enji grabbed the boy’s limp body and rearranged them so they were spooning. Wrapping his big, strong arms around the boy’s waist so they could be comfortable while they wait for the knot to shrink. He rubbed circles mindlessly into boy’s skin on his belly and trilled into his ear, letting his chest rumble against the boy’s back to soothe him and bring him back up from wherever he sank.

When the boy calmed down a little and came back to this plane of existence, responding to Enji’s trill with his own purr instead of spewing his mantra of begging and thank you’s. Enji began whispering sweet nothings to him. A bunch of ‘You were so good for me’ ‘My little Omega’s pussy must be aching after taking such a pounding, what do you want as a reward’ ‘So beautiful, so perfect, every Alpha should envy me for having the best Omega on the planet’ ‘I’m so impressed with you baby, you made me so proud’ ‘I’ll make you so happy, I’ll give you everything you ever wished for and more.’

It was sappy. Too damn sappy for a man like Enji to be speaking so casually. But he let himself have this one, he had to praise his Omega and let them know how damn pleased he was so they wouldn’t go into a drop. He couldn’t let that happen on their first night.

Enji knew it was working too because the he boy basked in the praise, relaxed into the pure smell of his Alpha’s strong pine and firewood scent surrounding him like a blanket. He purred at every statement his Alpha made, every word of praise made his omega side absolutely delighted.

He felt so high up that even dying couldn’t take away his good mood.

The boy couldn’t believe he managed to snag a man as amazing as this. This man was so powerful and wealthy it was a little terrifying, Enji could have anything or anyone on this planet. Yet he seems so content, so pleased to simply have him as his Omega, his Mate.

It was strange having someone around who actually liked and admired him since he was ignored and overlooked in his everyday life.

“Thank you Enji,” The Omega’s voice was soft. The boy was so tired he honestly just wanted to fall asleep in the warmth of the Alpha’s embrace, “For everything. I’m gonna make you so happy. I’m gonna be the best Omega Mate you’ve ever seen. I’m gonna give it my all.”

“Rest now, we’ll have a discussion about everything tomorrow night over dinner. And make sure you put in an anal plug while I’m at work so you’re fully stretched, I expect you to be a good Omega and keep my cock warm while we enjoy dinner and discuss our agreement.”

“Yes, Sir.” The boy said softly, clearly on the edge of falling asleep.

Enji pulled the boy as close as he could so they were completely flushed together and buried his nose into the curly, green hair that caught his eye at that bus stop.

For once something good had come from his ungrateful son’s nightly escapades.