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X Reader - oneshots *REQUESTS OPEN*

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It was always the three of us, and maybe two others. But we three were the main ones. We didn’t always get along all the time, but it was always Kacchan, Deku, and me.

                I didn’t share the same dreams of being a hero like Kacchan and Deku, so when it came time for us to choose a high school to attend, I was one of the only people in our class who didn’t want to attend UA High.

                “Please come with us! You have a powerful quirk, so getting in would be a breeze for you!” Deku begged me.

                “I just…” I tried to explain myself.

                “You tryin’ to leave me all alone?” Kacchan pursed his lips at me.

                “No, Kacchan. We can still be friends, I just don’t want…” I tried again.

                “You what?” He pressed.

                “I don’t want to be a hero!” I sighed, finally getting it out. “I just don’t see myself as a hero, no matter how powerful my quirk is or not. Just because I know how to throw a punch doesn’t mean I want to fight people.”

                “Not even in the name of the greater good?” Deku frowned.

                “What even is the greater good? Specifically? Can you answer that?” I asked, and got nothing in response, so I bid them goodbye and went home to look over my options.

                Their heads were so full with hero shit, they seemed to forget that other jobs existed. When I told them years ago that I wanted to write books, they immediately began telling me that it wasn’t promising and I could be making much more money as a hero. I could be saving people and blah blah blah.

                “Why don’t you want to save people?” Deku asked me once when we were younger.

                “What if someone dies while I’m trying to save them? What would happen then? It’d be my fault, wouldn’t it?” I tried to rationalize.

                “No, it wouldn’t!” He disagreed.

                “Yes, it would. They were in my care. They were my responsibility. If they die, that’s on me, and I’m not ready for any of that.” I shook my head, looking down.

                So, most of my childhood was spent writing fantastic stories about their adventures as heroes, but it just wasn’t good enough for them. They wanted me to share their dream of saving people and being known worldwide. I just couldn’t see myself in that position, no matter how hard I tried to.

                But we stayed in touch despite never physically seeing each other for years and years. Kacchan texted me at least once a week, and Deku nearly every day, even if I didn’t always respond. They both understood that I was busy with school and my writing, and though they grew and up and matured and respected my life choices, I could tell that they both still wanted me to play dress up and superheroes with them like we did when we were kids.

                It took me ages to finally see them in person.

                It was while I was getting back from a book signing at a store for my latest novel, which was spreading like wildfire. I was still waving and blowing kisses to the crowd from the store, all holding copies of my book and yelling for me, and I was apologizing, saying that I had to go, but there would be another signing in a week.

                I turned and almost ran directly into another group, and was immediately going to apologize, then smiled when I recognized the person I nearly ran into.

                “Deku! Hey! Haven’t seen you in ages!” I said and he hugged me tightly.

                “Looks like you’re doing well for yourself, Kocha.” He sounded happy.

                “I kept telling you guys for all those years, but did you listen to me? No!” I grinned and he looked pretty bashful.

                “Yeah, I guess we should’ve had more faith in you. Kacchan, look who it is!” He turned and I smiled widely at the explosive blond boy. Kacchan grumbled and came over to give me a hug.

                “Looks like you’re all famous now like us, Kocha.” He smirked a little at me.

                “Is this yet another childhood friend?” A redhead asked.

                “Mind your own business, dumb hair.” Kacchan snapped, and the redhead just rolled his eyes with a smile.

                “Guys, this is Kocha,” Deku said, and I smiled and nodded at the group.

                “Oh, you’re Kocha! Midoriya talks about you nearly as much as…” A tall guy with glasses started to say, but Deku shut him up with a yell and an embarrassed look on his face.

                “Aw, you talk about me to your friends, Deku? That’s so cute!” I gushed.

                “He hardly shuts up about you. Kocha this and Kocha that…” Kacchan rolled his eyes.

                “Hardly shuts up about Kacchan too…” A girl grumbled softly, but I heard it.

                “Deku’s always been really talkative about stuff he cares about,” I said, which just made him blush wildly and began rambling that it wasn’t true, but was true at the same time, and of course, he cared about me, but not like that. It just made me laugh, as it was so funny to mess with him from time to time.

                I ended up telling them that I had to get home, but I’d be happy to catch up later. So, after I got home and showered, I called up Deku just to talk.

                “Kocha? Hey, what’s up?” He answered.

                “Not much. I was just bored and wanted to talk to you.” I shrugged, though he couldn’t see it.

                “Okay. Talk about what?” He asked and I heard some shuffling.

                “I dunno. Hey, you remember the elementary school we went to?” I asked and he hummed a yes. “Remember that bitch teacher who kept trying to keep us separated?”

                “If I remember correctly, she had every right to. You and Kacchan were brutal.” He sounded amused. “Remember when you made me and Kacchan try on your heels?”

                “Listen, you may have stumbled a bit, but Kacchan looks good in my gold heels. I should’ve taken pictures.” I sighed, making him laugh, and his laugh made me smile. “Man, I miss those old days.”

                “You and me both. Everything was much easier.” He sighed.

                “Yeah, it was.” I nodded, speaking softly. “I miss you guys. You two grew up so much.”

                “Us? Have you seen yourself lately?” He laughed breathlessly. “You grew up! Puberty hit you like a bus, Kocha! I somehow thought you would still look like you did when we were fourteen. You do not look anything like a fourteen-year-old.” He said, then stuttered. “I MEAN not like I was looking or anything!”

                That made me laugh. “You can say it, Deku. I have tits now.” I laughed even harder at his audible panic.

                “Now you’re just being mean, Kocha.” Deku sounded like he was pouting. “You and Kacchan have always been vulgar. You know I can’t say that sort of stuff.”

                “They’re just words, Deku.” I smiled softly.

                “Hey, you remember when we all got our nicknames?” He grew quieter.

                “I think about it sometimes,” I admitted.

                “I think about it every single day,” Deku said and sighed. “Kacchan gave us ours, remember? I called him loud and named him Kacchan, and he called me useless and named me Deku. Then we decided we needed one for you.” He said, and I smiled at the memories.

                “I always wore pink and frills, so you two decided that my nickname had to be related to something cute. So, you called me Kocha. Cute tea.” I rolled my eyes. “Stupid nickname, if you ask me.”

                “I think it suits you,” Deku murmured, and we were quiet for a moment.

                “Hey, Deku?” I asked nearly a minute later.

                “Yeah, Kocha?”

                “You wanna go to a café with me sometime?” I asked with an uncontrollable smile on my lips.

“I’d love to.” He sounded like he was smiling, too.

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It was just a fine spring day when I had to face one of my worst days ever.

                I wasn’t a perfect student, and I knew that. I wasn’t a perfect person, either. I came from a broken family, I smoked cigarettes though I knew it was awful for my health, I didn’t get the best grades, but just good enough to pass. I was a train wreck.

                This particular day started to turn sour when as I was walking into school, a group of giggling girls passed me and knocked my book out of my hands. I sighed and just stared at them laughing at me like what they did was so fucking funny. Honestly, it was so childish. I knelt down to pick it up, but someone had beaten me to it.

                Haruhi Fujioka, one of the boys of the Host Club, was holding my book out to me with a kind smile on his face.

                “Sorry about them. You alright?” He asked, and I was a little surprised at his kindness to a nobody like me.

                “Yeah, other than a little annoyed and confused at how they thought that was in any way funny,” I said, and he chuckled a little and looked over at the girls who didn’t notice a damn thing.

                “Beats me,” He shrugged, gave me a last smile, and walked off.

                The day got worse at lunch, where I ate my lunch outside in a secluded area so I could also have a little smoke break, and the girls from earlier found me and flicked the cigarette from my fingers. Their leader picked it up from the ground, the end still smoking a little, and made a threat to burn me with it.

                “You wouldn’t dare,” I narrowed my eyes at her.

                “You’re right. I wouldn’t.” She said and kicked dirt and grass into my lunch instead, then dropped my cigarette on top of it before walking away, laughing once again.

                So I went for the rest of the afternoon hungry because I didn’t bring any money with me for anything today. I was in a mood for all my afternoon classes since I was hungry, and I was considering leaving and just going home, giving up for today. I kept telling myself to make it through, though. Giving up would mean that they win, and my pride wouldn’t let that happen.

                But it only got worse at the end of the day as I was walking down a hallway, minding my own fucking business, and they came out of literally nowhere. They crowded around me and started calling me nasty names. I tried to ignore them and push past them, but I was visibly tearing up, and they began making fun of me for that.

                I pushed past, shoving one to the side, and ran down the hallway, and made it home, crying into my pillow. Nothing feels better than a good cry to get everything out of your system, in my opinion.

                I was over it all by the next morning, telling myself it was a new day, but I was obviously an idiot to think that.

                “So, hey. Why do you do your makeup so dark? It’s because you’re emo, right? Are you not emo? Well, then, what are you? Are you goth? Scene? Is that what it’s called? Are you scene? Are you like, depressed or something? Is that why you smoke? Those things will kill you, you know.” A girl from yesterday kept pestering me with questions while her friends giggled behind her, throwing me looks every once in a while.

                “Could you shut up and fuck off, please?” I sighed, so tired of this already.

                “Haruhi!” One of them perked up noticeably, and I looked over and saw Haruhi coming over with a smile, his lunch in his hand.

                “Hey, wanna have lunch with me?” He asked, looking only at me.

                “Yeah, sure.” I nodded, grabbed my lunch, and went with him to another table. I was very aware of the looks I was getting. Why would a freak like me be eating lunch with Haruhi Fujioka? Even I didn’t know the answer to that.

                “Why me?” I asked first chance I got.

                “I heard how those girls were talking to you. They’re brutal. I couldn’t just do nothing.” He shrugged and just started eating like it was so casual for him.

                I decided to not pay it any mind and eat, which apparently was a mistake I learned by the end of the day.

                I was in the hallway again when the three girls approached me once more.

                “What’s Haruhi Fujioka want with you?” One asked, and I was just feeling so small.

                “She’s probably whoring herself for him. She needs money for cigarettes, right?” Another laughed.

                “That’s not true!” I exclaimed, only making them laugh.

                “Why are you getting defensive, then?” They laughed in my face.

                I had just about had enough, and Haruhi just had to my knight in shining armor as he came over and told them to leave me alone, all while he had an arm around my shoulders, bringing me to his side. He then brought me into the Host Club’s room, which was empty besides us.

                “Are you okay?” He asked and I just pushed him back.

                “I didn’t need your help!” I shouted, and he looked confused as I wiped my cheeks clean, black streaks on my hands from my mascara. “I had it all under control!”

                “Well, I don’t think you did. Look, I was just trying to help…” He tried to talk to me gently, which didn’t help at all.

                “I don’t need you pitying me!” I snapped. “Poor little freak nobody at Ouran Academy! Everyone pities me, I don’t need your pity, too!” I began to cry against my own will.

                “Hey, listen to me.” Haruhi pulled me into a hug. “I don’t pity you. Really. I don’t. I just saw that you might have needed help, and my mom taught me that we always help people who need it. I believe that you can hold your own, of course, I do. But everyone needs help now and then.”

                I succumbed and let him hold me there, and I let my arms limply loop around his waist as he rubbed my back. We stood there for God knows how long, just hugging and Haruhi whispering into my ear. I was getting calmer and calmer with every minute that passed, and then Haruhi just had to go the extra mile and get a tissue to clean my face free of tears, and I gave him a smile.

                “You’re such a good guy, Haruhi. Any girl would be lucky to have you.” I smiled.

                “Any girl? Really?” He hummed, then surprised me by placing a quick little kiss on my lips, completely shocking me. “Would you consider yourself lucky enough?”

                “You’re not just doing this because you pity me?” I just had to check.

                “No way in hell.” He grinned, so I smiled and gave him another kiss.

                “Also, I guess that I should mention that I have every intention to protect you from those girls. Also, I’m a girl.”

                “Oh, you really don’t have to… what?”

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“Are you sure about this? Like, really sure?”

                Was I? I thought back to past months where we had both been so careful to not pass any boundaries that we had previously set up. Months and months of being careful of what skin we showed around each other, how long we kissed, of where our hands were placed that wouldn’t be too tempting. It’s been hard, and I had just about had enough of it.

                “If you’re not ready, Kiri…” I shook my head.

                “No, babe. I’ve been ready for ages.” He smiled widely, but my brows creased. “What’s wrong?”

                “I shouldn’t have kept you waiting.” I frowned.

                “Baby, stop thinking like that. I’d rather wait until you were completely sure over hurry and do it when you’re not ready.” He took my hands with such a bright, pure smile.

                I took one of my hands back and placed it on his cheek, smiling a little. “Have I told you that you’re the sweetest being to ever exist?”

                “Many times over,” He nodded as he lied me down and crawled over me to make our lips meet. His body was grinding down against mine, and I could just feel him growing harder and harder. And I didn’t mean his quirk. I was still a bit anxious, and it was getting in the way of my own arousal, but Kiri wiped the thought clean from my mind when he ground his hips against mine, hitting all the right spots.

                I let out a breathy moan, and Kirishima groaned from over me. “God, fuck, babe, I love how you moan.”

                I gave a shy little smile as he gave a big smile and a kiss, then began working on our clothes. I sat up and slid my shirt off, nervous for him to see me without clothes for the first time. Once my bra was off, I blushed as he just stared as I slid my jeans down ever so slowly.

                “Would you not stare?” I mumbled.

                “Sorry, baby. You’re just gorgeous. Beautiful.” He breathed, looking awed as he reached over to pull my panties down, just making me blush even more.

                “Shut up,” I said even softer.

                “No way. You’re absolutely stunning.” He said and shed his shirt, still staring at me.

                “Well, you should talk!” I blurted, my eyes glued to his abs and muscles. He raised an eyebrow in question, and I looked away, all too flustered. “You’re too hot.”

                “Am I?” Kiri grinned and knocked me back down, coming back over me. He placed a kiss on my lips before trailing his lips and kisses down my neck and chest, paying attention to both breasts before going even lower. It was driving me absolutely mad, and he soon began nipping at my thighs, making me giggle. Kirishima then laughed a little, looking up at me.


                “It just tickles.” I smiled lovingly down at him. Kiri then seemed to take that as a challenge and he brought my legs over his shoulders and placed a nice bite on my inner thigh. I gasped, feeling something shoot up my spine and throughout my body, but it wasn’t pain. My hips unintentionally rolled and he licked over the new mark before giving me another bite on my other thigh and giving me smaller nips and kisses before moving between my legs, testing my wetness with his finger before tasting me.

                “Oh, my God, Kiri…” I moaned and rolled my hips against his face for more friction.

                “Keep still, baby.”

                “It feels so good, I can’t,” I whined and heard him chuckle and raise his head.

                “Do I need to tie you down?” He gave me a look that made me freeze in place. My heart was racing, and I found that I didn’t mind the idea that much.

                “Maybe later,” I looked away again but saw his grin out of the corner of my eye.

                “I think you’re just about ready.” He sat up and began to stroke himself, which I absolutely loved the sight of. Maybe I’d talk to him about a mutual masturbation thing, just to see him jerk off to me getting off.

                “You’ll tell me if it hurts?” He asked and I nodded as he got positioned and ready to slide into me. I made sure he had enough space between my legs, and I felt his tip brush against me, and I twitched a little.

                “Baby, we don’t have to,” He reminded me.

                “I want to, Kiri, really. I do. I’m just scared that it’ll hurt.” I admitted. He then placed his hand in mine, and I got the message and nodded.

                He then began to push in, and I gasped and squeezed his hand a little, and when he stopped moving, I peeked down and saw he was all the way in me and was stopping to check on me. I then let my grip go on his hand, a smile on my face.

                “That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be,” I admitted with a giggle. Kirishima just smiled and gave me a kiss before kissing my forehead.

                “You’re way too cute, babe.” He said and sighed. “It feels okay?”

                “Yeah, it’s fine.” I nodded, and he nodded in response before he started to pull out, and that’s when I felt it. I gasped, my back arching slightly, and he stopped again.

                “You’re sure it’s okay?”

                “Please keep going.” I gasped, closing my eyes, and he did so, and I unintentionally let out a long moan. He made a sound as he understood, and kept going, slowly at first, then got a good pace that was doing wonders for me.

                Every time I masturbated, I wasn’t too much of a moaner, but that seemed to change slightly. I still wasn’t too loud, but I did moan a bit more than I did when I was alone. I moaned his name a fair bit, though, which he seemed to love.

                I let my own hand come down to my clit, but Kiri swatted it away to replace with his own.  My back arched even further, and Kiri wrapped an arm around me and lifted me for a better angle, and I felt the change and clutched onto him with my eyes squeezed shut.

                “God, fuck…” I breathed and started to distract myself from coming by kissing and biting at his neck and shoulders, which soon had him panting.

                “Oh, that feels so good, baby. Keep it up. You close?” He asked and I nodded, and he just went harder than before. I gave a particularly high gasp and nearly came right there and then. I whined out his name and twitched, feeling something flow through me before I fell into exhaustion.

                Kiri finished with the sexiest groan I’ve ever heard and lied us down together. He sighed with an arm around me as I curled up to his chest, letting my eyes flutter closed, going to sleep with the thought that we can do this again, and soon.

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    62. Yato
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    1. 2 characters, 1 bed
    2. Oblivious characters (pining)
    3. Hanahaki disease
    4. Highschool AU
    5. College AU
    6. Harry Potter AU
    7. Friends to lovers
    8. Enemies to lovers
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    10. Soulmates – tattooed first words
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    54. Ghost (either reader or character)
    55. Popular x Nerd/Loser

Chapter Text

This was becoming maddening for Levi Ackerman. He’d had an annoying as fuck, immature crush on one cadet, who was thankfully not on his team.

                The cadet, in particular, was on Hanji’s squad, as they preferred the science of titans to actually fighting them. That’s not to say that they couldn’t fight and kill a titan, they one hundred percent could. They just preferred to study and take notes and learn. Sort of brains over brawn matter.

                They were on the smaller side, like he was, standing only two inches over Levi. He’d witnessed them getting picked on numerous times, but they seemed to be able to stand up for themselves and hold their own.

                Sometimes, Levi found himself thinking inappropriate thoughts about this certain cadet. And not inappropriate like how he wanted to fuck them (because he did very much), but inappropriate like how he imagined their hand would feel in his, or how their lips would feel under his, or how their hair smelled. No captain should be having thoughts about a cadet like those.

                He came close to kissing them at some points, and he thought about how close he got constantly. It was like never-ending torture for him, having something he wanted desperately so close, only for it to slip away.

                The first time was in training. He’d seen them just around the buildings before in uniform, and he had taken notice, but this was the first time he’d ever seen them in light, little clothing, all sweaty and panting with the labor that they’d been doing. Levi thought many inappropriate thoughts all in the span of five minutes. He then had to regroup himself and tone down his thoughts, fearing that someone somehow would figure out what he was thinking no matter how straight he kept his face.

                Levi watched and had the plan that if anyone were to ask, he was just supervising training. He kept his eyes on the cadet that had infiltrated his mind and heart, but let his eyes flicker to others at times if he thought he was watching them for too long.

                It wasn’t like he was trying to be creepy, and he did get called over and asked what he was doing.

                “I’m watching you brats, aren’t I? Someone has to make sure that you’re doing things properly.” He responded with a cold scoff and a glare to the cadet who asked.

                It was then that the cadet in question laughed, and they were the only one who was laughing. They received some looks, and Levi just stared at them, entranced by the sound of their laugh, and the upturn of their soft-looking lips. He could see, in an alternate universe where he was braver, that he’d take them by the back of their neck and kiss the hell out of them.

                The second time around, Levi was sure he was losing his mind. He’d spent the nights for the past few weeks trying to talk himself out of his feelings, all to no avail and hours lost of sleep. It was easy to say that he was a bit agitated with all of this, and it was all that cadet’s fault, the way he saw it.

                He stomped out of his office to find them and found them dusting in an empty room, just simply humming to themselves. He stood by the doorway, looking at how golden everything looked with the afternoon sun streaming in through the open window.

                The cadet was up on their tiptoes, which Levi found adorable, humming some soft love song he’d heard ages ago. When everything was so pure and perfect like this, how could he be mad at them? Why was he ever mad at them? Once again, Levi imagined himself walking into the room, closing the door behind him for some privacy, and kissing them and making it all romantic and perfect.

                He walked away, knowing he could do no such thing.

                The third time was when they finally, formally, met. Levi came to talk to Hanji and found her and the cadet in her office, going over the results of the latest test. He paused, not wanting to interrupt as they were talking, mainly because he loved the sound of their voice. It was like sunshine and bells all rolled into one, and he just found it so sweet to listen to.

                There he goes with the soft thoughts again. How he sometimes hated those thoughts.

                “Oh, Levi! You should’ve said something. What are you just standing there for?” Hanji invited him in with a big smile.

                “Didn’t want to be rude and interrupt.” He grumbled and leaned against the desk to go over the new mission coming up. The cadet just stood off to the side silently, patiently, waiting their turn. He suddenly felt so bad for not just walking away to come back at a later time.

                When the details were hashed out and done, Levi turned to leave. “Oh, Levi, have you met them?” Hanji smiled and introduced them. “This is Levi. He’s a bit of a hardhead, but he’s lovable.”

                “We’ve met. He’s funny.” They just nodded, giving a small smile to Levi, and all he wanted to do was kiss the apple of their cheek, so round and smooth.

                They think I’m funny, he went to bed thinking about that night.

                The fourth time was just during a normal dinner. Hanji wanted to do some studying and invited them to sit at the table the leaders normally sat at.

                “Are you sure it’s really okay?” They asked in a whisper, getting Levi’s attention as Hanji led them over.

                “If Hanji wants you here, who are we to say no?” He found himself speaking up, wanting them to feel welcome.

                He got a bright smile that nearly sent him into shock in response and they sat down with their tray of food. “Thanks,” they chirped in that stupid cute voice of theirs and proceeded to look over books with Hanji, scribbling down notes when Hanji told them to.

                Levi, Hanji, and the cadet were some of the last left in the dining room when the meal was over and everyone was headed to bed, and Levi imagined himself getting up and walking over, tilting their face up and kissing them then and there. He was finding it really hard not to.

                So, when Hanji got up to get more paper, Levi got up to take care of his dishes, and he paused by their side. This seemed to alarm them, and they looked at Levi, who was just gazing down in curiosity.

                “Something wrong, Captain?” They asked.

                He let himself reach over and gently run his thumb over their cheek, then mumbled about something on their face before he walked away, his face feeling very hot.

                The fifth time was a few hours ago. Everyone was packing and getting ready for a mission, and Levi spotted them out of the corner of his eye.

                “Jean, make sure everyone has what they need.” He ordered before walking over to where they were with Hanji’s squad, who were all walking away one by one, leaving them alone with Levi.

                “Hey, Captain.” They greeted with that same bright, blinding smile.

                “Levi,” He said softly. “You don’t have to call me Captain.”

                “If you say so, Levi.” They still smiled. He wondered for a moment how they could be so happy and upbeat. He then decided that he didn’t know, he was just thankful that there was someone like them around to keep things sunny.

                “Something you need?” They asked, and he shook his head quickly.

                “Stay safe out there, okay?” He said and they just had to look up and into his eyes. Now he was locked onto their eyes, so pretty and deep.

                Levi could feel it this time, the spark, the something there. He had no idea what to call it, but there was something there. He could’ve sworn he saw their eyes flicker towards his lips before leaning in slowly.

                “Captain!” Someone called and the moment was ruined.

                And now, there was this time.

                The mission had turned sour, all the plans had turned sideways and got fucked up. Levi’s only priority right now was survival, but something caught his eye as he was passing by on horseback.

                It was his cadet in the clutches of a titan. His cadet? Yes, that cadet was his and his alone.

                He felt his blood run cold with fear, and he was in action before he realized what he was doing. He had used his 3DMG and got into the air, flying towards them and sliced open the nape of the titan before he could blink, then flew around to catch them as they fell from the titan’s hands.

                He heard their grunt as he caught them safely in his arms, and the world stopped when those pretty eyes, now full of fear, met his own eyes.

                “Oh, thank you!” They cried and hugged him, and now Levi felt his heart stop. He dipped his head and inhaled, smelling their sweet hair, then lifted their face and kissed them full on.

                “Don’t scare me like that again. I told you to stay safe.” He breathed, but they only clutched at his collar for another kiss, which he happily gave them, thoroughly enjoying the press of their soft lips against his.

                It was everything he dreamed of and more, and it was easily worth the wait.

Chapter Text

It was meant to be a routine training session at the USJ. But some stupid villains decided to break into the place, apparently after being inspired by the League of Villains. It was originally no really big concern until I got hit with a giant ass bomb from one of the villains, yellow and chalky, kind of like pollen.

                I heard screams of my name as I choked on the substance, accidentally breathing in because of my surprise, and I heard footsteps. Todoroki was running towards me, his hand over his mouth and nose, and I immediately sensed something wrong. He grabbed my arm, kneeling next to where I sat, and my eyes widened as I stared into space, just now figuring out what was wrong with me.

                “Hey, you okay? What’s up? Talk to me,” He said, and if he didn’t get his hand off of me, I was going to explode.

                “Don’t touch me!” I swatted him away and backed up, and saw the confusion on his face. I immediately regretted it and went over and hugged him, apologizing as I buried my face in his chest, and he just laid a hand on my back.

                “Hey, you! What’s your quirk?” He yelled at the laughing villain who had hit me, now being tied up by Mr. Aizawa.

                “I only use it in dire situations, and she was getting a little too close for comfort… I call it Sex Pollen.” The villain said, and I froze, worried he might say too much.

                “Please don’t say anything else!” I called, my face bright red, and I stepped away from Todoroki only to fidget with my hands, now feeling twitchy and wired. “I’m fine. It’s nothing.” I assured those who were now looking at me.

                “You can’t handle it on your own if that’s what you’re thinking.” He said, and judging by the look on Mr. Aizawa’s face, I think he just understood what was going on. “It’ll kill you if you keep it bottled up. I’d give you about a day to fix it, seeing as you’re so young.”

                “They’re underage!” Mr. Aizawa said and hit him.

                “You think my quirk cares? Quirks don’t have morals.” The villain rolled his eyes. “Since that boy was the first one to touch you, it’s got to be him. No one else.” He hissed directly at me. “If it doesn’t get resolved within… hm, the hour I’d give you, he’ll become the object of your affection. You’ll become obsessed with him. Then, after a day, you’d die.”

                “Stop talking.” Aizawa hit him again. I hid my face in my hands, trying to tune everything out, but the buzz in my ears wouldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried.

                Mr. Aizawa had Recovery Girl check me out once we got back UA, and my thoughts were already being centered around Todoroki, and it was painful… down there. Like, physically painful.

                “Tell me what you’re feeling.” She said, and I made a pained face. “This is a safe room, I promise.”

                “I feel so… horny. I just want to go home and fix this problem, like, right now. But it hurts. It… down there, it feels actually sore. It’s like, throbbing, it’s so sore. And all my thoughts are circling him. Like, who’s with him right now? Is it another girl? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he wants someone else? What if I do actually die because of this?” I rambled, and she shut me up by handing me a condom.

                “All I can say is that you explain the situation to him. I’m sure he’ll understand.”

                “I can’t do that. This isn’t fair to him. He deserves to have a choice.” I began to tear up. “This is all my fault.”

                “Don’t say that.” Mr. Aizawa walked in. “I’ve already explained it to him. This is in no way your fault.”

                “You did what?!” I gasped, in total shock.

                “It’s for the best. Just… do it after school, if you can last that long.” He said and led me back to class after I pocketed the condom. When I walked in, loads of people were asking me if I was okay, none of them were Todoroki, though. Mr. Aizawa had me sit up at his desk to keep an eye on me, and I insisted that I was okay, and kept my legs crossed when I sat.

                I was fucking parched, and I drained the water bottle that I brought every day. I pursed my lips at it and pulled at my collar, clearly uncomfortable. When did my clothes get so fucking itchy? I glanced up to check up on Todoroki and saw Yaoyorozu leaning close to him over her desk. That bitch.

                I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away, glaring until Mr. Aizawa snapped his fingers in front of my face and told me to focus.

                “Can I go to the bathroom?” I asked.

                “No way.” He said, giving me a look.

                “I swear I just have to pee! I wouldn’t do that in school!” I hissed.

                “Fine. But you’re taking someone with you.” He said.

                “Fine. Yaoyorozu.” I named.

                “No, you’ve been glaring daggers at her for the last fifteen minutes. Uraraka, can you go escort her to the bathroom? Report anything weird to me. Anything.” He said and I was already out of the room, not wanting to hear any more.

                I did my business and she waiting as I washed my hands. “So, why do you look so annoyed? Can I ask?”

                “Yaoyorozu is pissing me off,” I answered shortly.

                “What did she do?” She asked.

                “She’s so… pretty.” I huffed, turning around. “She’s like a fucking model. She’s got big tits and everything. Not to mention she’s super smart and has a powerful quirk, too. No wonder why he likes her…” I growled, then shook my head and walked out again, Uraraka behind me.

                “Who? Todoroki?”

                “Shut. Up.” I snapped before we got in the room.

                Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Uraraka talking to Mr. Aizawa in a hushed voice, eyeing me, and I crossed my arms and took out a book to read, but I couldn’t fucking focus on anything.

                Todoroki got up and came over to me sometime later, and leaned over the desk to talk to me quietly. I basically perked up at his attention, and even I was aware of how stupid I must look.

                “Hey, you feeling okay? Don’t lie to me.” He said.

                “About as good as I could feel,” I shrugged. “What’s up?”

                “Don’t worry about Yaoyorozu, okay? I’m going home with you.” He said, and my heart literally soared.

                “Oh,” A smile spread across my face. “Okay. Recovery Girl gave me a condom. Do you want it?” I asked softly.

                “Later,” He nodded and touched my cheek, and it burned even when he turned back and went back to his seat, leaving me smiling like a fucking idiot.

                I win, bitch.

                After school, he walked home with me like promised, and I invited him in, feeling even jumpier and wired. Is this how Kaminari felt? I felt like this is what being Kaminari feels like.

                I was about to offer him a drink, but Todoroki grabbed my cheeks and kissed me deeply, making me freeze, then melt into it, gripping his clothes, just wanting them fucking off of his perfect body.

                “No small talk. We’ve wasted enough time as it is.” He sighed into my mouth and I pulled him towards my room, taking the condom out of my pocket before I forgot it, and hastily started getting rid of my clothes. I practically tore his clothes off of him and threw the condom at him.

                “Um, foreplay?” He asked.

                “Do you want me to suck your dick? Because I certainly will. I’m all ready to go. I’ve been ready for hours.” I practically moaned, then dropped to my knees in front of him and got to work on his pants.

                “No, wait, I didn’t mean… oh…” He got cut off and moaned once I got him out of his pants and boxers and took him into my mouth. At the moment, I didn’t give a single shit about my gag reflex, I needed him hard and needy for me. Shit, this was kind of hot, seeing his eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure. He looked absolutely beautiful.

                “You’re so handsome, Todoroki. You know that?” I smiled up at him, stroking him for a minute.

                “Get up here.” He growled, and I eagerly got on the bed. I watched him kick his pants and boxers all the way off and roll the condom on, and he crawled over me and accepted my heated kisses as he began to slide into me, my legs around his waist, my fingers in his hair.

                I absolutely fell in love with how rough and hard he was going, and I loved how he grunted in my ear every other thrust or so. It was so hot and I couldn’t get enough of it.

                “Oh, Todoroki!” I moaned once I got close, my hand coming down to help me finish, and Todoroki wasn’t far behind me. Once we were both done, he lied beside me, both of us panting.

                “Now how do you feel?” He asked.

                “Better, thanks.” I sighed and rolled onto my side to face him. “I’m sorry that you didn’t really have a choice in this.”

                “Eh, I couldn’t let you just die.” He shrugged. “But I don’t really mind. It’ll be a story we can tell our kids and grandkids.” He said, and I was confused.

                “But… you wore a condom…?” I asked.

                “I’m talking about our future kids when we’re ready,” He smiled at me, and it was so beautiful. “This is my way of asking you out, idiot.”

                “Oh!” I squealed, then blushed. “I… I’d like to tell that story, then.”

Chapter Text

Life hadn’t been easy for little Eren Yeager, which is probably why he is where he is now.

                When he was young, his mother was eaten by a titan and his father had abandoned him. Having nowhere else to go, he was thrown into the Underground, an actual underground city underneath the capital.

                It was there than he met Levi, a friend he made along with a girl named Isabel and a guy named Furlan. It was with them that he learned the cruel ways of the world and how to survive.

                He was so happy when Levi presented him with his first knife when he was fifteen, and even now, at nineteen, he still treasured it with everything in him.

                Eren treasured a lot of things. He treasured memories most of all. Not just of his mom and dad, or even of his adoptive sister, Mikasa. He treasured the memories he had made with the three criminals most of all. When Furlan taught him how to roundhouse kick, or when he was cleaning with Isabel who would just crack jokes the whole time.

                Even today, after the three had left him and he hadn’t seen or heard from them for years, he still treasured those memories, no matter how mad he got.

                Yeah, that’s right. The three went on some mission and left him behind. He heard a rumor that they made it topside, but he refused to believe that they wouldn’t bring him along for the longest time. After a year had passed with no word, he began to believe that they really did abandon him, just like his father before them.

                It took ages to get topside, then there was a painful transformation… a lot has happened is the short of it all. Eren was still learning how to control himself in his titan form, still getting used to the pain and the feelings that came with it. He had a plan to take down Levi, Furlan, and Isabel the second he found them.

                When he got the chance, he found Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie, and teamed up with them so they could feed him information from the inside. Levi was now a Captain, but no one had heard of an Isabel or a Furlan in the Scouts, according to the two boys. No matter thought Eren. He could get them later. For now, his focus was Levi, the one who hurt him the most.

                He waited until they went out onto a mission, and that’s when he turned into a titan and began to stalk Levi, picking off his squad one by one. It didn’t take long for them to figure out that he was intelligent, probably a titan shifter, and Levi just kept aiming for the back of his neck, trying to get to the human inside. Eren had other plans, though.

                Once he had Levi alone, he got himself out of his giant titan body and just took in the look of surprise on Levi’s face when he saw who was inside.

                “Eren…?” Levi breathed.

                “In the flesh,” Eren smiled. Levi couldn’t help himself. After years of sleepless nights wondering if the boy was okay, he ran forward and hugged him, glad to see him alive.

                Then Levi remembered what Eren had just done to his entire squad, and he pulled back to stare at the green-eyed boy.

                “What have you done, Eren?” Levi whispered.

                “You never should’ve left me, Levi. This was all your fault.” Eren just smiled, holding his arms tightly in his grasp, keeping Levi close.

                “My fault? Eren, you have to understand, we didn’t have a choice.” Levi tried to persuade him. “I would’ve brought you with us, you know I would’ve…”

                “But you didn’t!” Eren exclaimed, cutting him off. Levi then got to see the hurt in those golden-green eyes of his. “But you didn’t… all that time we spent together, thrown away. Do you not remember how many nights we stayed up late, dreaming of the surface? Hoping that one day we would finally walk up those stairs for the last time? And that we would do it together? Have you forgotten all of that?”

                Eren stepped forward and shoved him back, which Levi found very childish, but he understood. He may not have had a choice in the matter, but he still abandoned Eren down there, all alone.

                With shaky hands, Eren took out the knife that Levi gave him all those years ago, and Levi stared at it, immediately recognizing it.

                “You’re going to kill me with that?” He wasn’t being judgmental; he was just confirming a fact. “I won’t fight you, Eren. You know this.” Levi said and dropped to his knees in front of him. “If it’ll make up for everything I’ve done, I’m okay with it.”

                “No, Levi! You don’t get to be okay with it!” Eren teared up. “You stand up and you fucking fight me, you coward! You don’t just give in so easily!”

                “Eren, there are things you learn while in the military here. One is that it’s just better to accept your death. They say it hurts less if you do so. Have no fear of what comes next. Don’t be afraid of death, and you’ll probably survive on stupidity.” Levi cracked the smallest smile at the humor of it all.

                Eren was quiet, just watching his former leader kneeling before him, accepting the death that Eren himself would bring.

                “No! No! No! It wasn’t supposed to be like this!” Eren yelled. “You’re supposed to get mad and fight me! You’re supposed to want to live! You’re supposed to come up with some bullshit excuse and feel nothing over leaving me!” He began to feel the tears coming down his cheeks rapidly. “It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Levi…”

                Shocking both himself and Eren, Levi got up and hugged Eren. It was soft, not completely wrapping his arms around the younger male, but it was a hug nonetheless that made Eren freeze in place. At that moment, Eren wanted to raise his hand and sink the blade of the knife into Levi’s heart, right between those two ribs with a slick squelch, but he couldn’t bring himself to.

                He just couldn’t.

Chapter Text

Everyone at her school thought that she was childhood best friends with some of the top two students at UA high’s third-year class. They went to the same elementary and middle school, sure, and they were friends, but now she wasn’t so sure. She hadn’t even seen the two boys in years.

                But she could feel that something big was approaching and fast.

                When her current best friend dragged her to the UA high school’s sports festival under the delusion that she could introduce the almighty Bakugou and the meek but strong Midoriya to said friend, she tried to explain that they haven’t talked since middle, they probably wouldn’t have time for her. It’s been literally three years, who’s to say that they even remembered her?

                But when Midoriya gasped her name and Bakugou whipped all the way around to stare, she smiled widely and wondered why she ever doubted them.

                Truth be told, both boys were absolutely stunned to see her. It’s been years, and she had grown up gorgeous. Midoriya was drawn to how pretty her smile was, how pretty he always thought it was. Bakugou was more drawn to how her thighs looked coming out of her shorts and the gentle dip of her waist, more overall, how soft her skin looked and how warm it would feel against his.

                “Dibs,” They both muttered at the same time and then glared at each other.

                “I see you two still don’t get along,” She giggled when she got closer to them, pulling them each in for a hug. Midoriya may have gotten hugged first, but Bakugou made sure that his hug lasted longer.

                When the sport’s festival was over, they traded numbers again and promised to keep in touch this time around, and she rolled her eyes once she turned around, fully expecting for them to forget about her again. Little did she know that they both were checking out her ass as she walked and the gentle swish of her hair. Little did she know that they had both been harboring crushes on her since at least elementary school.

                When Bakugou heard that Midoriya was going out with her over the weekend following the festival, he nearly killed him right then and there. When he made plans to go out with her during the week after school. Midoriya got pissed to the point where it scared some people.

                Todoroki was the first to catch on that they were competing for this random girl, and soon got the story from Midoriya that they have both known her since they were very little. He admitted to Todoroki that he’s always thought she was the prettiest girl to exist and has always liked her, and he thought Kacchan was just now beginning to like her because she was absolutely beautiful and Midoriya showed interest in her. But when Todoroki asked Bakugou about it, he learned that Bakugou had also liked her since they were little, and he was so certain that he was going to get her.

                But she wasn’t a complete idiot. She knew both boys were pining over her, and she was going to use this to her advantage.

                “We should all do something together!” She exclaimed one day to the two boys.

                “Why would I want to do something with him?” Bakugou scoffed, eyeing Midoriya, who frowned, as he was actually on board with anything she wanted to do.

                “Come on, Bakugou! It’ll be fun!” She exclaimed. “My mom is going out of town for a company thing, you guys can come over for the night! It’ll be so fun! Like those lock-ins we had when we were kids.”

                Bakugou couldn’t deny that he was interested in spending the night. His mind immediately went to thoughts of fucking her hard while Deku just had to sit back and listen in another room. Midoriya was also interested, but his thoughts were more centered around the thought of maybe finally getting to kiss her.

                Her thoughts, however? Completely fucked up. No pun intended.

                So, when the time came, she invited them in and after a dinner of nothing but comfort food and mostly junk food, they were all curled up on her bed watching a series of movies. She was curled more towards Midoriya but had her arm over Bakugou’s, who was around her waist. Thankfully, she had carefully picked out her outfit so she was just wearing shorts that were easy to slip Bakugou’s hand into her shorts.

                Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bakugou eye her, then grinned widely as he began to move his fingers against her panties, soon finding her clit and rubbing it through the thin material. She badly wanted to be kissed, so she turned Midoriya’s face towards hers, ignoring his obvious confusion, and kissed him.

                “You were planning this, princess?” Bakugou laughed and bit her ear.

                “Planning what? Oh…” Midoriya blushed when he realized where Bakugou’s hand had gone.

                “Definitely.” She nodded, then shifted onto her back and started sliding down her shorts, revealing her lacy panties to the two boys. “You two were so focused on which one would get me, you never thought about sharing.”

                “I did not want to think about that,” Bakugou growled, then rolled his eyes. “But if it’s what you want…”

                “I can’t just choose between you two. I can’t. You can’t make me. It’s both or nothing.” She said, which prompted both boys to say both very quickly.

                And so started their night.

Chapter Text

I don’t think my soulmate cared about me.

                I really didn’t. Honestly. We lived in a world where we were blessed enough to have soulmates, and one of the perks that were if you concentrated hard enough, you could hear what your soulmate was hearing at that very moment. I was even lucky enough to go to the same school as my soulmate did!

                I just still wasn’t sure who he was, though. Well, I knew his name. Maybe. It was either Hikaru or Kaoru Hitachiin. I just couldn’t be sure because they were always together, so I couldn’t tell who I was listening with when they were always side by side.

                It was frustrating, but at the same time, I didn’t really mind. It added some excitement to my life, as I turned it into a sort of game to see if I could figure out who I would spend the rest of eternity with.

                I had a sort of test preparation for whenever I got the chance, and that was to have someone whisper in one of their ears and I would focus and see if I could hear what they said or not.

                I was only hesitant to do this because it seemed like both of them were happy not knowing who their soulmates were. From the stories I’d heard and things I’ve heard, I’m sure they’re happiest believing that the other is their soulmate.

                So, not only was I “lucky” to be at the same school as my possible soulmate, I was in the same class as him, too. And neither of them seemed to give a single shit about me.

                It got especially hard with him being in the Host Club, and I would overhear all the girls paying him compliments and flirting with him. I was actually thankful for Haruhi, who wasn’t afraid to put both twins in their places. They both seemed to have massive crushes on her, sure, but she didn’t seem to care about either of them any more than just as a friend.

                (I also only know that Haruhi is secretly a female because I overheard it. I haven’t told anyone. That’s her business.)

                Today we were given the assignment to write about how we really felt about our soulmates, and it just about killed me. We were also being graded on presenting them, and that’s when I died internally as I got up to read mine to the class.

                “It’s called, My Soulmate Cares About Someone Else.” I read in a shaky voice and cleared my throat, hiding my face with the paper. “My soulmate cares about someone else, and it doesn’t bother me as much as it should. It bothers me only a little, and only out of fear that he’ll never care about me the way he cares about that certain someone. Now, he’s not even dating this certain someone. They’re siblings, which I don’t mind at all. I’m close with my sister, but not the same way that he’s close with his brother. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being close to your siblings, but even I have to admit that it stings a bit when he loves his brother more than he’ll ever possibly me. But that just sounds selfish, right? I mean, blood is thicker than water, but I’ve heard that that saying is twisted. It’s really the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb, meaning that bonds made of friendship can be stronger than familial bonds, but we as people like to cherry-pick…”

                I went on for a few minutes before sitting down with a heavy blush and didn’t really listen to anyone else’s. When class was dismissed, a hand grabbed mine, and I turned and saw but one of the ginger twins looking at me with wide eyes.

                “I care about you, trust me.” He said, and my eyes widened.

                “Hikaru?” I asked and he pulled me a little closer.

                “I’m sorry I made you feel all that. I really didn’t mean to. I just thought that you never really cared about me, so I never…” He blushed and looked away.

                “Wait. How long have you known it was me?” I asked, not able to stop myself.

                “Oh, I’ve known your name since we were kids.” He shrugged, then smiled a little. “I used to check in every day. It didn’t take long to learn your name.”

                “You’ve known this whole time?” I sighed, not having it in me to hide a smile. “Through all of what I said, and you knew?”

                “Are you mad?”

                “No, just… surprised that you let me keep talking. Of course, I have absolutely nothing against Kaoru. He’s your brother.” I said and Hikaru just smiled.

                “It’s okay. We both understand.” He chuckled, and I just knew that this was okay and the mere beginning to the rest of our forever.

Chapter Text

Walking home at night was scary, but walking home alone at night was even scarier.

                I had my keys clutched in my hand tightly, my keys poking out between my fingers, ready to swing at anything that startled me in the slightest. It felt like all of my senses were heightened, and I could hear crickets a block away in the dead of the night. You would think a Sunday night in the city would be more alive.

                “What’s a pretty thing like you doing all alone out tonight?” A voice rang out, and I stiffened up. I slowly turned and saw a figure sauntering towards me in the dark. He was tall with messy dark hair, and he seemed to have scars on his face, and he smelled a bit like smoke. I could see a glint or a flash in the dark, maybe a piercing of some kind? It was only when he got closer that he got scarier… and more handsome? I couldn’t wrap my mind around how dangerously attractive this man was.

                “Cat got your tongue?” He smirked, leaning down to be face to face with me. He then noticed my keys in my shaking hands, and he placed a warm hand over them. “Are you scared? Would you like me to walk you home, darling?”

                I couldn’t answer. I was too confused. Was he trying to be nice, or was this a ruse?

                He then pulled out a gun and held it under my chin. “I asked you a question. May I walk you home?”

                Ah, a ruse, then. I was definitely going to die tonight.

                I nodded quickly and he motioned for me to walk, so I turned around, flinching when the hard metal touched the back of my head, and began walking home. It only took a few minutes for him to get bored of walking and pull me into an alley.

                “You take too long. Now, keep quiet, or-“ He was quiet when I swiped my keys at him, and he hissed, slamming against the brick wall, his cheek now having a nice few scratches down his cheekbone.

                “Bitch. And I was going to play nice with you.” He growled and began tearing at my clothes.

                “No! Wait, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please don’t!” I began crying, begging for him to not do whatever he was about to do.

                “Here’s the deal, bitch. I’m nice enough to give you a choice.” He said and I nodded frantically. “Your life, or your pussy.”

                “My wall… what?” I gasped, not sure I heard him right. He… didn’t want my wallet?

                “Your life or your pussy. I won’t repeat myself again.” He said, gripping the front of my jeans.

                “I… the latter,” I answered, blushing.

                “Say it.” He demanded, and I was feeling quite trapped here. Which I guess was the point.

                “My… pussy.” I mumbled, but he seemed to accept it. He pulled my jeans down and made me step out of them, then ripped my top and my bra, latching his mouth onto one of my nipples. I whimpered, trying to stop myself from feeling the pleasure because I know all I would feel is guilt for giving in to this.

                I jumped when his fingers came into contact between my legs and caught his eyes flashing up to mine for some reason. He continued what he was doing, sliding his fingers between my lips before licking them quickly and pushing two into me. He paused for a second before absolutely fucking his fingers into me.

                I made a high gasp and curled forward, but he shoved me back against the wall with his hand over my mouth and nose. I then began to choke on the breath I took, and he loosened his hold.

                “Keep quiet.” He hissed and rammed his fingers even harder, brushing up against the perfect spot in me, and I felt my eyes roll back and moaned softly.

                “Oh, you like this, don’t you? Who knew you could be such a filthy, needy slut?” He grinned and pushed my head back to begin biting at my neck. I whimpered as he pulled his fingers from me, now probably dripping wet from me, and he began to unzip his pants.

                “Come here,” He growled lowly and lifted one of my legs and started to slide into me.

                “Dabi!” I gasped and heard him chuckle.

                “That’s my name. Please wear it out, princess.” He then gave my cheek a surprising kiss before he began hammering his hips into mine. I couldn’t help it as I screamed his name, clutching at his jacket and his hair for some stability. I began to uncontrollably babble and swear as he fucked me, and it might’ve just been the best I’ve ever had.

                His hand came down to rub my clit, and it made my hips buck up into his hand. How desperate could I get? Good question. Apparently, very, because he then made me come numerous times over.

                “Come on, just once more,” He kept encouraging me until I had nothing left to give, and he let me slump against the wall, my legs now weak and feeling limp.

                “How was that, princess?” He asked and I just weakly nodded.

                “You’re an asshole, Dabi. You know that, right?” I asked, smiling a little.

                “What’d I do this time?” He asked as he shrugged off his jacket to give to me.

                “You didn’t have to make it so I couldn’t fucking walk.” I sighed.

                “You didn’t have to scratch me with your fucking keys. Consider it payback.” He said and helped me put the jacket on.

                “Hey, you knew what you were signing up for when you wanted to roleplay a non-con,” I said with a small smirk. “I’m just too good of an actress for you.”

                “Keep talking like that and I’ll just leave you here. I mean it.” He said and lifted me up in his arms to get us back home.

                “Wait, where are my keys?” I looked around.

                “I put them in my pocket after you scratched me. Fuckin’ psycho bitch.”

                “I’ll never fuck you again if you keep calling me a bitch,” I warned him, and he gave me a small smirk, then he rolled his eyes. It was his version of an apology that he was too proud to say out loud. After a while of dating, I got used to all of his little signals to show what he truly meant.

                “Dabi… can you get me a cigarette?” I dragged out his name.

                “Wait till we get home.” He said and I frowned.

                “But I want one now.”

                “Wait till we get home.”

                “I’ll blow you at home if you get me one now,” I said, because a relationship was compromise, right?

                “Ugh, give me a damn second, woman. So fucking needy.” He groaned and set me down, holding me against his side with one arm as he got the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, let me pick one out, then he lit it with his finger before picking me up again.

                “I love you,” I smiled and kissed his cheek before exhaling away from him. I wasn’t that rude.

                “I know you do,”

                “You have to say it back, asshole.”

                “You realize how much of a double standard it is that I can’t call you a bitch, but you can call me an asshole?” He pointed out, and I pouted.

                “You really don’t love me, huh?” I asked softly, and Dabi just sighed.

                “Of course, I love you. Or else I wouldn’t do such stupid shit like this for you, now would I?”

Chapter Text

“Oh-! Oh, fuck, Michael…” I gasped inside the bathroom stall as a new mark was added to my neck.

                “How is it that you can make such dirty words sound so pretty?” Michael looked up at me with his gorgeous eyes in that flat, Sheffield accent of his.

                “How can you make anything sound so hot?” I grinned in response. “Come on, we’ll be in such big trouble if we’re late again.”

                “You think I care if we’re late to fucking Biology? There are more important things to life than a dumb high school class.” He said and sat on the ground with me and passed me a cigarette, lighting mine first.

                “Your cousins told you that?” I smiled after exhaling.

                “What’s it to you?” He asked, looking over at me with that lazy side glance that I so loved.

                “I’m just saying, and no offense to your family because I know you care about them, but they say a lot of things,” I said, looking at the lit end of my cigarette.

                “And they’re right about most things, if not everything.”

                “Most things, Michael.” I pointed out, and he gave me a look.

                “Okay, well, what do you think they’re wrong about?” He asked, his head rolling to the side to look at me.

                “Well, given their business, it seems like their morals are easily flexible. I think they believe all people are inherently bad, which I sort of believe myself. But I try to see the good in people, and I can at least admit that there are people that try to do good and try to do better. But it seems like your family just downright refuses to see the good in people. And I don’t blame them, the world is a cruel place. But I think at least a few of them need to learn that not everyone is out for blood.” I said carefully.

                “But most people that they work with are out for blood. It keeps them sharp, on their toes, my family.” Michael said, and I nodded, able to accept that.

                “Do they think I’m bad?” I asked, and Michael chuckled a little.

                “Tommy doesn’t trust you, that’s for sure. Mum thinks you’re okay. John and Arthur… I think they like you.”

                “Well, as long as Tommy doesn’t like me, it doesn’t matter what the rest of them think about me.” I huffed and continued to smoke.

                “Hey, mum has influence with Tommy. Remember what happened with Ada and Freddie? That only came to pass because she said so, not Tommy. She convinced Tommy to let Freddie stay in the city, she’s why he got to see Karl’s birthday. It’s because of her that I think Tommy wanted to free him.” Michael turned to me fully to say.

                “Tommy could make it so that you’d never see me again,” I mumbled.

                “Are you afraid of him?”

                “I’d be a fucking fool not to be,” I had to laugh at that before stubbing out my cigarette.

                “I’d protect you. You know, my first week here after Tommy found me, he wanted to send me back home, but I stood up to him. He knows that not even he can easily sway me.” Michael said and stood up, brushing his jeans off. “Now, come on. Let’s get out of here.”

                “Where are we going?” I accepted his hand and left the bathroom with him with our bags.

                “Round mine. Tommy would be there about now. I want him to see us together.” He said, holding my hand as we walked out of the school and towards his car. I was used to just walking out of school with Michael. The guards wouldn’t do anything. Who knows what the family would do to them if anyone tried to stop Michael. Michael himself could be scarier than Arthur. No one ever forgets the man he beat the shit out for just insulting his friend, Isaiah, at a pub and calling him a slur.

                I got in his car, throwing my bag in the bag, forgetting about it for now. Michael had his hand on my thigh as he drove with one hand. Everything he did was so lazy and cool and just attractive and appealed to the part of me that loved the bad-boy stereotype. But Michael didn’t fit that stereotype so cleanly. He was neat, clean, and kind of posh in a sense. But he was also not to be messed with, or he will fuck you up singlehandedly. Almost all of the Shelby’s were like that. Attractive and to be feared. It simply wasn’t fair to my poor little heart, how Michael made me feel with those genes of his.

                When we did get around Polly’s house, where Michael was staying, Tommy and Polly were there, and they both stopped us for a word.

                “Why aren’t you in school?” Polly looked at us with that look that honestly scared the shit out of us.

                “I find biology to be a bit pointless if I’ll be dealing with money for a living,” Michael said, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

                “Why isn’t she in school?” Polly then looked at me.

                “I wanted her to come with me,” Michael said, nodding to me. I knew better and just kept my mouth shut until I was spoken to directly.

                “And whose idea was it to skip?” Tommy spoke up.

                “Mine,” Michael said and stared him down, which honestly scared me.

                “Well, come on. Have a cup of tea before you two go off to… do whatever.” Polly said and got up to get two more cups, and Michael gestured for me to sit, so I did and was thankful that he took the seat beside Tommy so I didn’t have to.

                “You don’t talk much, do you?” Polly gave me a smile as she poured the tea, and I just gave a smile in response.

                “It’s actually a bit hard to shut her up sometimes,” Michael said as I started to open my mouth, and I just shut it again and pursed my lips. “She argues with teachers quite a bit, it’s always entertaining hearing her ideas and her points.”

                “Argues with teachers?” Polly looked at me to explain.

                “I don’t believe that there’s just one way to teach anything. I try to bring up other ways to learn things, but they seem to like their way or no way at all.” I explained. “I think that it doesn’t matter how I learn the subject as long as I learn it and get the work done. They don’t like us doing what we want, which I completely disagree with.”

                “A free mind. I like that in girls your age.” Polly nodded approvingly. “Your mother raise you like that?”

                “Yes, ma’am. She taught me lots of valuable lessons.”

                “Oh, like what?” Tommy asked.

                “Like I have a voice, and I should know how to use it. I should never let anyone talk down to me like I’m lesser than them. I can give myself power and only I can take away that power. I should fight for what I believe in. No one should tell me that I’m ever wrong about my beliefs.” I listed, then glanced over at him. “Just to name a few.”

                “She’ll make a wonderful Gray,” Polly then said, and it took everything in me to not choke on my tea.

Chapter Text

Loki had never been fond of you, and that was probably because you were technically a witch, and your power and knowledge rivaled his own, which he did not appreciate at all whatsoever.

                It’s not like you tried to rub it in his face or anything. He just really didn’t like seeing you performing spells or doing tricks to show off or just entertain. Sometimes you just so happened to play a prank on the God of Mischief himself, just for some harmless fun, which he never liked.

                This time, your plan backfired.

                It was a simple enough potion. All it did was reverse the aging process for about twenty-four hours, making people younger again. All you did was slip a little into his drink when he wasn’t looking and retreat away to watch and see what would happen. Never in a million years did you think that the master of sleight of hand would switch your drinks and have you drink the spiked drink instead.

                Loki obviously knew what was going on. He was far too clever to let a simple witch get the best of him. So he looked on with a little smirk as you began to shrink before his very eyes.

                “Loki!” You squealed in anger at being tricked, and he just continued to smirk knowingly.

                “If you ask me, it’s exactly what you deserve for trying to poison me. Besides, the potion wouldn’t work on me anyway. It could age me a thousand years younger, and there wouldn’t be much difference.” He gave a small shrug.

                “Then what was the point of making me drink it if it wouldn’t affect you?!” You screeched in a voice that he found all too cute.

                “What is that squeaky voice I keep hearing?” Tony himself walked into the room and stared down at you. “Loki, who’s the kid? Looks kind of like…”

                “That’s him,” Loki said. “He tried to prank me, and this is what happened.” He said and you just rolled your eyes, looking adorable in their eyes.

                “Alright, well, you’re to look after him since he’s… a kid.” Tony nodded to Loki before walking off, not wanting to be in the middle of all the weird magic anymore.

                “What?!” You whined and frowned heavily. You tried to climb up on a stool in the kitchen, but couldn’t exactly reach. Loki sighed and picked you up, placing you on the stool and snapping his fingers so a stack of pancakes appeared in front of you, complete with berries, butter, and syrup.

                “You’d be a good dad, Loki.” You nodded thoughtfully and dug in, not even thinking about how that might sound to Loki.

                “I most certainly would not,” He shook his head and drank some coffee. Black, just how he liked it.

                “If you can just make delicious breakfasts with a snap of your fingers, you’ll do fine.” You shrugged.

                Loki, of course, knew that you had no idea what his upbringing was like. You had no way of knowing his bad history with fathers, as the first one left him out to die and the second one always treated him as second best. He just knew that since he had no positive examples of being a father, there’s no possible way he himself could ever be a good father. But here you were, oblivious, and giving him hope.

                To follow Tony’s orders, you stuck by Loki for the rest of the day. He was pretty boring according to your child's brain. All he did was read and drink either coffee or wine. You weren’t entirely sure if it was wine, but it was dark-colored and he drank it out of a fancy glass that looked close enough to a wine glass.

                “Loki, I’m bored,” You complained and he just stared straight forward.

                “Practice your magic,” He offered.

                “I don’t want to. I want to go somewhere.”

                “Absolutely not. I’m not being seen in public with a small thing like you.” He shook his head.

                “Why are you so mean to me? What did I ever do to you?” You pouted and that made Loki think.

                Aside from the harmless pranks and tricks here and there, not really anything, actually. He just really didn’t appreciate the feeling you seemed to put in his chest whenever you walked into the room. Loki used to think it was just your energy meeting and mixing with his, the two energies being similar but different at the same time and not liking it, but now he thinks it’s something different.

                Adoration? Want? Love, possibly? Nonsense, forget that shit.

                “Loki?” You asked when he hadn’t answered for a minute.

                “Well, nothing, really,” Loki shrugged. “I suppose it’s just my nature.”

                “Well, your nature is bullshit.” You said.

                “Hey, watch your mouth. I will not have a six-year-old swearing in my presence.” Loki teased.

                “Fuck you!” You exclaimed with a giggle, just to be a little shit.

                It would be telling a lie to say that the rest of the twenty-four hours didn’t go down like the last hour, with teasing and annoying each other to death. The last hour, though, Loki felt himself going crazy, wanting to see the old body of his friend. Friend? More like the subject of his daily thoughts and affections.

                “Can you just turn back already?” He groaned.

                “Why do you want me back to normal so bad?” You asked.

                “Because seeing you as a little boy is old and I hate it,” Loki said, which was only half of the reason. Yes, he was tired of it, but he just really wanted to kiss you, and he couldn’t do that when you were a child.

                “Before this hour is up, I guess I must admit that I have enjoyed this time with you, even if you were an annoying, scrawny, little child.” He said, his hands folding together.

                “Gee, thanks, Loki.” You rolled your eyes and finally felt yourself growing again, and it was all sorts of uncomfortable. “I hear that your brother says the same about you.”

                “Shut up,” He then took you by the jaw and kissed you, his lips moving roughly, feeling feverish under your own. You always expected him to feel cool to the touch, but no. He was burning up.

                Not that you minded. You were finally kissing Loki. The Loki. The one and only God of Mischief and Lies. The asshole who roamed Stark Tower pulling tricks day and night, thinking up schemes of how to take over the world, and as many worlds as he possibly could.

                So, you kissed back. You kissed back just as desperately as he kissed you. You gripped his hair and kept him close, and he soon had you backed up to the wall, his hands gripping your face, moving down to hold your hips and keep you as close as physically possible.

                “How long have you felt this way about me?” You asked in a whisper against his lips.

                “Fucking ages,” Loki groaned before kissing you over and over and over again.

Chapter Text

“Hey, little badger.” A cocky voice rang out, and I rolled my eyes.

                “Bakugou, you snake, if you could not…“

                “Something more important than my lesson?” McGonagall spoke up, glaring at us, and I shook my head and continued to take down notes.

                After class, Bakugou approached me in the hall, and I held up a bag full of chocolate and caramel cookies.

                “If you promise to stop bothering me during class, these could be yours,” I told him with a smile.

                “You make those for me?” He asked and took them from me, biting into one.

                “I know you love chocolate and caramel.” I just gave a little shrug.

                Bakugou looked like he was fighting back a smile as he ate the cookie, then offered me one, so I took it with a smile.

                “You don’t have to say thank you. I know what you mean.” I said before stuffing the cookie in my face.

                “So, um, I was wondering if you wanted any help on Snape’s essay…” Bakugou asked, which I took to mean that he wanted my help on it, he was just too proud to ask, so he compensated by asking if I needed help.

                That always made me smile so widely. “Yeah, sure, I’d love some help. Meet you in the library during the free period?” I asked, and he nodded and walked away, eating another cookie.

                I spent the next class, History of Magic, multitasking between taking notes for this class and writing down an essay plan for Snape’s essay to write next period.

                “You absolute fucking nerd,” Bakugou said as he approached the table I had picked out and already had several books, notebooks, and papers spread across.

                “Bakugou, you know I take my essays very seriously.” I frowned at his judgment. “And it’s Snape’s, so I have to work extra hard to get a good grade in his class.”

                Bakugou pursed his lips a bit, as he knew better than anyone that Snape favored the Slytherin’s over any other House, and did grade based on favoritism. He didn’t think it was fair at all, and no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t talk (yell) at Snape and make him grade his friends fairly no matter what House they were in.

                “Yeah, yeah. Now, come on, show me your notes, you nerd.” He just sat down, setting his bag in a chair and took one of my notebooks to read over. He seemed impressed by my note-taking skills, how I had color-coded certain sections, and all my bullet points and subheadings.

                An hour and a half later when the essay was done, we went to our last class of the day, where I met up with all my other Hufflepuff friends.

                “I don’t even know why you hang out with Bakugou. Doesn’t he threaten to kill you like, every five minutes?” One said, and I just kept quiet.

                “Honestly, it’s like all he knows is how to blow things up with his wand.” Another giggled. They wouldn’t shut up for the rest of the class, and even after that when we were all walking to dinner.

                “He’s a pureblood, isn’t he? Think he’s a supremacist?” One hissed. Ha, as if.

                “He is friends with that Malfoy…” Well, that wasn’t true at all. He hated the little shit, thinking he was better than everyone.

                “How much you wanna bet that he’ll end up as a Death Eater?”

                Okay, that was the last straw.

                “Shut up!” I exclaimed, finally getting their attention. “You know nothing about him, so just shut the fuck up!”

                They fell silent, and so did a good portion of our table to see what was happening.

                “Whoa, hey. We didn’t mean-“

                “But you did.” I cut them off. “You know absolutely nothing about him, and you’re judging him so harshly. So what if he’s a pureblood? He’s friends with me, and I’m a muggle-born. Not once has he ever been mean to me because of that. Never once in his life has he ever called someone a you-know-what. And that’s bullshit about him being a Death Eater. He wants to be an Auror for fuck’s sake! You know nothing, so just keep your mouths shut.”

                I finished my speech, and completely lost my appetite, so I got up and left, just wanting to go to bed now.

                “Hey, you okay?” Bakugou jogged over to catch up to me. “Something happen?”

                “My friends were talking bad about you,” I mumbled, crossing my arms.

                “We heard. Um, thanks.” He rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact with me now.

                “Yeah, anytime.” I just nodded, still mad about it.

                “Hey, come on now. Cheer up. I get talked about all the time.” He held my arm in his warm palm.

                “That’s not fair! You haven’t done anything!” I exclaimed.

                “Does it matter? People will still talk.”

                “Yes, it matters! It matters to me! You’re a good person, Bakugou! I can’t have people thinking you’re bad or something.” I huffed angrily.

                Bakugou shut me up by placing a kiss on my forehead, and I looked up into those warm crimson eyes of his.

                “It’s okay,” He tried to assure me. “I’m just saying that I’m used to it, and there’s really no stopping it. People will always talk shit about whatever they don’t like. I don’t care if no one likes me. I’m glad that you like me enough to defend me.” He then smiled a little.

                “I’m a Hufflepuff. I’m insanely loyal, you should know this by now.” I said and took his hand in mine, wanting to feel the warmth.

                “And I’m a Slytherin. I’ll kill anyone who messes with you.” He promised and started to walk me to my dorm by the kitchens. We walked slowly so it would take longer since he wasn’t allowed inside.

                “But seriously, it was awesome hearing you yell at your friends from across the whole Great Hall. And over me? Fuck.” Bakugou said, and that actually made me smile. Once we reached the portrait of fruit, we paused by the wall so he could lean down and give me a sweet kiss, our little secret from everyone else.

                I gripped onto his cloak, wanting more, but he shook his head, knowing dinner would be ending soon and others would start to show up. Bakugou didn’t really mind people talking about him, but we kept what we had secret because he himself knew he couldn’t handle it if people started talking about me.

                He gave me a long, sweet kiss, and sent me off to bed, dazed from his lips. I honestly didn’t care about anything else in those few moments from walking in, getting ready for bed, and falling asleep. All there was is Bakugou and me in our own little world, together and happy.

Chapter Text

“Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.”

                Those were the words printed on my wrist that have been there since the moment I was born. I knew the verse, and I knew it was from Hamlet. I’ve just never heard someone quote Hamlet before. If people were quoting Shakespeare, it was almost always Romeo and Juliet or “to be or not to be, that is the question.” Never Hamlet.

                I sometimes wished my soulmate’s first words were from Romeo and Juliet. I would like our first words to be something romantic like, "When he shall die Take him and cut him out into stars and he shall make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night And pay no worship to the garish sun."

                That wasn’t to say that our words weren’t romantic. “Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.” Those words were plenty romantic. But who the fuck quoted Hamlet like that?!

                My main problem is that my words were the second half, so I was constantly keeping an ear out for someone to say the first half. I was always scared that I would miss it and ruin my chances.

                I often wondered why those were our words. Most people’s words were random or generic phrases. Shit like, “Can I get a small coffee with cream?” Not fucking Shakespeare quotes. I liked to think that we were special in that sense. Or maybe we were just fucking weird.

                “Hey, I wanna go get a mask for Halloween. Wanna come with me?” My best friend asked me, and I was hesitant to go. “We can get food, too.”

                “Yeah, count me in.” I smiled after she mentioned food. So, we stopped at a restaurant and I got myself some spicy street ramen, one of my favorite foods, and she got a wrap that fell apart as she tried to eat it. She was always a messy eater, and I always found it so funny how many napkins she needed.

                Afterward, she told me she found this mask shop that had a really talented artist who owned it. I walked in with her and looked around at the masks on the walls, and a few called out to me, but I wasn’t feeling strongly about any of them.

                “Ooh, look at that one. That one suits you.” She pointed to a black and white mask with an X over one eye and a heart over the other. It had a clown vibe to it, which she knew was basically my whole aesthetic when it came to costumes. The more like a clown I could look, the better.

                “Yeah, but I was something a bit more colorful. I do like the mismatched eyes, though. Very Harley Quinn.” I nodded slowly. “What are you thinking?”

                “I’m thinking of getting one that just covers the bottom half of my face. I can use makeup for the top half.” She hummed and I nodded.

                “You should get like a plague doctor’s mask.” I nodded and she nodded enthusiastically.

                “Yeah, I was thinking like a creepy pastel bitch!” She smiled, making me giggle a little.

                “You wanna be like the twins from the Shining,” I said and she hummed and nodded.

                “Yes, fucking exactly.” She said and went over to the guy sitting behind a desk with a book in his hand to talk to him as I looked around at some others. “Hey, you about ready?” She turned to ask me and I shook my head, studying one blue and pink mask with ornate flowers by the eyes.

                She talked out her ideas with him as I got a plan in mind. I wanted a full mask probably with two colors. Contrasting colors, clownish colors like purple and green or blue and pink. I wanted asymmetries in the design, like how that one mask had an X over the right eye and a heart over the left eye. I wanted blood or bloody scars on it. Maybe a Glasgow grin? I then began to wonder if I was asking too much.

                “So, what are you reading? While we’re waiting for my friend to make up her fucking mind.” She said and I rolled my eyes and walked over slowly. “Read me a line.”

                “Doubt thou the stars are fire,” The punk guy began to read in a smooth, sweet voice, and I froze in place. My mind began racing. Have I heard him speak before now? Was my best friend fucking with me? She knew the lines just as well as I did. Apparently, she wasn’t, because she turned to stare at me with wide eyes as he spoke the next line.

                “Doubt that the sun doth move…”

                I then spoke up in a shaky voice. “Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.”

                He looked up, completely in shock, and I went over and showed him my wrist, and he rolled his sleeve up, showing more tattoos, and the one on the inside of his wrist with the words I just spoke.

                “Holy shit,” My friend breathed as we stared at each other like we were sizing the other up.

                “Um, what’s your name?” I asked shyly, suddenly becoming self-conscious. Was I pretty enough for him? Did he like me? What if I wasn’t what he was expecting?

                “Uta,” He stuttered softly, and a smile came to my face.

                “Uta, I like it,” I said and told him my name.

                “Beautiful…” He breathed, making me blush. We stood there, and I guess neither of us knew how to proceed from here.

                “Um, I guess I should hear about your mask… so I can make it… and maybe I can deliver it to you? If you want?” He asked, and I smiled a little wider.

                “And we can maybe get a drink?” God, I hope I wasn’t pushing it.

                “How’s coffee sound?” He smiled finally.

                “Perfect.” I beamed, not able to hide it any longer.

Chapter Text

“I can’t just choose between you two. I can’t. You can’t make me. It’s both or nothing.” She said, which prompted both boys to say both very quickly.

                And so started their night.

                Bakugou’s hand was in her shorts as Midoriya was kissing her. Bakugou soon slipped his fingers inside of her panties and began rubbing what wetness he found around her slit before shifting her legs with his other hand to open up for him.

                “Let’s get these shorts off of you, princess.” He growled and softly bit her neck before he began slipping her shorts off with her panties, and he flung them down to the floor. His fingers met her clit, and her hips bucked up into his hand and she moaned into the kiss she shared with Midoriya.

                “Come on, Midoriya. Touch me.” She whined, wanting to feel both sets of hands on her.

                “He’s too much of a pussy,” Bakugou growled.

                “I am not, Kacchan!” Midoriya cried. “I just… don’t know where.”

                “Wherever you want,” She smiled and gave him a soft kiss to spur him on. “Or, if you want, I can touch you?”

                Midoriya just nodded and her hand slid down to the front of his pants and began to palm him and his growing hardness through the fabric. Midoriya gave a soft groan in response and began to roll his hips into her hand. His hand came up and caught her cheek to bring her back into a kiss, and he bravely began trailing his kisses down her neck and to her chest.

                “Get her shirt off,” He mumbled as he sucked on her collarbone.

                “About fucking time,” Bakugou huffed and removed his hand from her for a second to pull her shirt off and let Midoriya deal with her bra as he kissed at her shoulder, trailing his kisses down to her hips and the good spot between her legs.

                “Bakugou…!” She moaned a bit loudly and was going to shut herself up before she remembered that it was just the three of them and she was free to be as loud as she wanted.

                Bakugou began licking lightly at her clit just to drive her a little crazy before he trailed down to her hole and slid his tongue in. He felt and heard her sharp gasp and felt her tense before she relaxed and brought her legs over his shoulders.

                “Good girl,” He mumbled, nearly moaning, and began to devour her core.

                “You being good for Kacchan?” Midoriya asked in a hushed voice between kisses. As his pleasure and arousal increased, he grew braver and braver in ways he never imagined himself acting like. “Shift her down, Kacchan. She’s going to suck me.”

                “She is?” Even Bakugou seemed surprised to hear him talking like that.

                “She’s a good girl, isn’t she?” Midoriya just smiled and pet her hair a bit, and she nodded, loving the praise.

                “Alright, but I get her pussy afterward since I’m doing all the work on it,” Bakugou said.

                “That’s fair, I’ll get her tight ass.” Midoriya smiled and looked back at her. “Is that alright? You did say you wanted us both.”

                “Yes, that’s fine.” She spoke quickly. In all honesty, she’d been dreaming of being taken by both boys at the same time, feeling and hearing their groans in sync as she got pounded into at both holes.

                She shifted down a bit, curled on her side so Bakugou could still eat her out as she lapped at Midoriya’s dick. After a minute or so, she slipped his length in her mouth and began to bob her head at a steady pace, driving him crazy as Bakugou drove her crazy with his skilled tongue and lips on her clit.

                “Fuck, I’m close, Bakugou.” She moaned and shoved Midoriya’s dick back in her mouth to muffle her cries a little.

                “Be a good girl and come for us, okay?” Midoriya pet her hair again. Bakugou gave a rather harsh suck to her clit which made her cry out and writhe, and wetness spread over his tongue and down his chin, which he pulled back only a little to lick up.

                “Oh, she tastes delicious. Everything I dreamed of and more.” Bakugou growled and turned her face towards his to give her a kiss and undress as he did so. Midoriya watched, not minding the sight at all, and he undressed and got behind her, sucking his fingers before he began to circle her asshole, sliding one finger in at a time to loosen her up enough.

                At this point, Bakugou had had enough waiting and was preparing to enter her, finally take her virginity once and for all. Shit, they’d all be losing their virginities tonight, he just now realized. He wondered for a moment if that meant Deku would have some piece of his virginity. No, he ultimately decided. He was losing his virginity to the same girl Deku was, at the same time nonetheless, but Deku had nothing to do with it, really.

                He made sure she was ready before he began to push in, and it was heaven, being surrounded by so much warmth and perfect wetness. He paused for a moment and growled out a swear, closing his eyes and just letting himself memorize the feeling for future masturbation sessions.

                “Fuck, baby, you okay?” He asked and she made a noise, and he had to check her face to see for himself that she wasn’t in pain.

                “Wait for a second, Kacchan. I’m going in.” Midoriya said and began to push himself into her back hole, where he also had to pause once he was fully in. So fucking tight, he thought, then was immediately shocked at himself for thinking such a dirty thought.

                Bakugou was the first move, and it wasn’t so bad, she originally thought. The feeling of being filled and then not repeatedly was quite pleasurable, and the feeling of all those nerve endings at her entrance was being stimulated perfectly, and it was certainly driving her crazy.

                Then Midoriya started to move, and she let out a loud gasp that made both boys stop and ask if she was alright. She then broke off into giggles that just confused them.

                “I’m fine. It just feels really weird. Keep going,” She assured them, and so they kept moving. She was moaning out swears and begging them to not stop, keep going, please go faster, harder. She sounded so desperate and hot; how could they ever refuse her?

                Midoriya was the one to reach around and pinch and rub her clit, making her come at least two more times before the boys filled her two holes right up to the brim and then some, and both took pleasure in the sight of seeing her so worn out and leaking come. Bakugou was the one to get the washcloth and clean her up as Midoriya sat with her and pressed kisses to her head and told her how good she was for them and how much they loved her.

                “Does this mean that we can do this again in the future?” She asked in a tired voice, clutching onto Bakugou once he lied down as well.

                “As many times as you want, princess.” Bakugou smiled proudly.

                “I’m going to wear you two out,” She sighed before falling asleep, making both boys chuckle in amusement before they too went to sleep dreaming of what the future might hold.

Chapter Text

“This is stupid,” Bakugou complained, making everyone roll their eyes once more.

                One of our college courses just gave us a big paper to write, so a good number of us decided to get together and head to the library to get our notes together all at once. It was Iida’s idea, and Uraraka and Midoriya went along with it, and Kaminari practically begged to be a part of it since he desperately needed help, which drew in Mina, Sero, and Kirishima, and eventually, Kirishima convinced Bakugou to come with us.

                Then there was me. The quiet bookworm. Midoriya had invited Todoroki, who in turn invited me. I think he was my only true friend. Sure, everyone was friendly with me, and I was in turn with them, but I don’t know if I would call anyone but Todoroki my friend. I was far too quiet, and I knew it. I just had trouble talking to people sometimes… well, almost all the time. I just could never figure out what to say. It came easy to some people, but I had to think and rethink every single word over in my head.

                So, now Bakugou was complaining about being here over his book, most of us were just trying to get our work done, Kaminari was close to dropping out entirely because he was so done with the work, and I had all my notes in order and was planning on writing the actual paper later. I had just taken a book out of my bag that I had to read and a pen to make little notes in the margins.

                “What are you doing?” Midoriya asked me softly, eyeing my book.

                “Oh, I finished my notes,” I said, then wondered if that sounded stuck up. “I’ll write the paper later today. My hand kind of hurts from taking all those notes and making an essay plan.” I said and weakly held up my right hand.

                “Can I see your notes?!” Mina and Kaminari asked all too fast.

                “Oh, um, sure…” I said and handed my notebook over.

                “Guys, you should really use your own notes and not copy…” Iida scolded them.

                “Who said we were copying? We’re just reading them.” Kaminari said. “Hey, what does this say? Is this an M or an N?” He pointed at a spot and looked at me, and I blushed. Todoroki took my notebook and handed it back to me, and told them to do their own work.

                “Come on. You two got into U.A. You’re more than capable of doing your own work.” Iida encouraged them, only to receive groans in response.

                “You need to stand up for yourself more often,” Todoroki said lowly in my ear, and I just frowned and looked down at my lap.

                I mumbled something about finding a book, and so I got up and walked into an aisle. I heard Kirishima say he was getting another book, and Bakugou followed him because he “didn’t want to be left with a bunch of losers.” That’s our Bakugou.

                I heard a sharp gasp in the next aisle, and I looked up, alarmed, but decided it was none of my business. I picked up a book and began to flip through it, just checking it out because it was by one of my favorite authors.

                “A month ago, I would have walked to the sofa and touched his shoulder. Three months ago, I would have dropped a kiss on his cheek. Last September, when he and Bunce first moved into this flat, I would have had to pull my mouth away from his to ask the question, and he might not have let me finish.”

                “I can still feel his mouth on mine, his arms around me. For the first time in so long. Maybe for the first time ever like that. So heady and carefree.”

                “Baz is the only person I’ve ever wanted. The only person I’ve ever loved, like this. But when I think about him touching me, I want to run. When I think about kissing him- You can’t hide from someone who’s kissing you, even if you close your eyes.”

                I held the book open before me, staring at the pages but not reading anything.

                I’ve wanted to be loved for so long. I want to feel warm and fuzzy inside when I look at someone, but I feel absolutely nothing. I want to look at someone smile and see sunlight. I want to hear someone laugh and immediately hear wedding bells. I want to hold hands with someone, have someone hold me, I want to love someone and be loved in return.

                But most of all, I wanted to be kissed.  I wanted to be kissed by someone who really wants to kiss me. I want them to want to kiss me like I’m the very air they breathe. I want all the passion and love possible to display in a kiss. I don’t care if it’s messy or sloppy or wet, I just want the message to get across.

                I started to walk back towards the table, but stopped one aisle over and saw two figures that looked like they were struggling at first, but upon closer inspection, they were just kissing very passionately. It took me another few seconds to recognize the red spiky hair and the blond hair.

                Since when were Bakugou and Kirishima a thing?

                Bakugou had Kirishima against the shelves, and their eyes were shut tight and it was like their mouths were glued together. I wondered for a second if they were using tongue. I then wondered what it felt like to have someone’s tongue in your mouth. I then realized that I was staring, and I should stop that.

                Bakugou broke away to kiss Kirishima’s neck, and Kirishima’s head rolled over, and our eyes locked. I immediately blushed, and he just gave me a smirk and held a finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. I quickly nodded and walked away, sitting back down at the table next to Todoroki.

                “Found anything interesting?” He asked, which confused me for a second until I realized he was talking about the book in my hands.

                “Oh, yeah. My favorite author just came out with a new book.” I nodded, showing him.

                The two boys came back with an armful of books (where did those come from?) and sat back down again. Kirishima began spreading them out, and I knew Bakugou was staring at me, and I just buried my nose in my book, not saying a damn thing.

Chapter Text

To quote a wildly famous song, it started with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

                It was New Year’s, and as a little prank, when the clock hit zero, I turned and kissed my friend, pro hero Eraserhead. We held no romantic feelings towards each other, and we were close enough that we trusted each other with anything. I was pretty sure a kiss would be okay. I had no idea that he wanted it to escalate.

                So now we were backing into a bedroom, and he tore himself away from my lips to lock the door before attaching them again. Maybe he did hold secret romantic feelings for me?

                “Wait, wait, wait.” I pulled back and he groaned and just stared at me.


                “Are you drunk?” I asked.

                “You’d know if I were drunk.” He said, rolling his eyes slightly.

                “Well, I can’t tell right now. Are you drunk? I don’t want you to hate me if we’re going to do what I think you want to do.” I said sternly.

                “I’m not drunk.” He assured me and pulled me closer by my hips. “Now fucking kiss me.”

                I’d never heard him swear before, but it was kind of hot, so I smiled a little and kissed him, lacing my fingers into his long hair, which was softer than it looked. I was enchanted when I felt his tongue trace my bottom lip, and I swear I nearly fainted right there and then.

                We backed up to the bed, kicking our shoes off, and when my knees hit the bed frame, Aizawa started to slowly undress me. The feeling of his fingertips brushing over my bare skin as he slid the fabric from me was giving me such pleasurable shivers, and he certainly noticed.

                “I haven’t even touched you and you’re already trembling.” He hummed in my ear before biting it softly, and I just had to let out a soft sigh that also could have been a moan. “You must have wanted this for a long time,”

                “You have no idea when the last time I got laid was,” I giggled breathlessly as he pushed me down onto the bed and crawled over me.

                “Well, since we’re so close and you can’t seem to help yourself from sharing personal details of your life, I think it was about a year ago that I last heard of you having sex?” He said.

                “Close. A year and a half.” I smiled and reached up to kiss him again. I kept our mouths practically glued together, and slid my hands under his shirt, parting only to get it and his scarf off of him.

                “Look at you. You’re gorgeous.” Aizawa breathed as he studied my body beneath him, and I was just smirking at his muscles that he kept hidden. I wanted to lick and bite them so badly; it was almost torturous just looking at them.

                “Can I touch you?” I asked and he nodded, looking like he was holding his breath, and I reached out and traced my fingers over a pec and a bicep. I breathed out slowly at the satisfaction of feeling smooth skin over hardened muscles, and a part of me wanted to watch him work out one day. Shirtless. In tight sweatpants or something. With his hair tied up. Fuck, yes…

                I snapped out of my thoughts as I trailed my fingers down his abs to get to the tent forming in his pants. I carefully unzipped his pants, peeking up to see if he was okay with it, and helped him out of his pants and boxers, and gripped his length in my hand, slowly stroking him up and down. I was just so delighted to hear him hiss out between his teeth, and he looked absolutely glorious.

                “Alright, that’s enough. I’ll come if you keep that up.” He said, pushing my hand away not even a minute later, and dropped down to kiss me and put his hand between my legs. I wasn’t sure if he just wanted to rub me or if he was going to finger me, and it seemed that he was going for the latter when I felt a finger at my entrance, and slowly push in.

                He had a hand on my chest as he kissed and fingered me, playing with a nipple, switching nipples every few moments or so. I was shaking and moaning into his mouth, so close to coming since it’s been so long and from how good he made me feel.

                “I need you in me. Like, now.” I pouted and he nodded and positioned himself. I gasped as he pushed in and tried to keep myself relaxed until he bottomed out. Aizawa thankfully paused when he was fully in, and he had the decency to ask me if I was feeling okay.

                “Yeah, yeah.” I nodded with my eyes closed, focusing on the feeling of being so full. “You can move, I’m good.” I kept nodding, not sure what I was even doing at this point.

                He slowly pulled out and began to push back in, and I heard a low groan in his throat as he did so, and it made a shiver race down my spine at hearing it. God, could he get any hotter?

                “Fuck, you’re so tight…” He moaned, and it damn near broke me hearing him talk like that.

                “Oh, my God… keep talking.” I begged, holding onto his arms, feeling the muscles and smooth skin, and he was just so warm.

                “So, you like hearing me talk, huh?” He sounded like he was smirking. “What do you want me to say? Do you want me to talk dirty to you? You’d like to hear that, wouldn’t you? Who knew you were so naughty?” He chuckled, and I just whined.

                “Please!” I begged.

                “You’re so tight, it’s perfect. It’s like you were made just for me. You look so beautiful, too. If I had known how good you look while taking my dick, I would’ve taken you to bed ages ago.” That line had me moaning out a bit louder, and he gripped my hips and lifted them to get a better angle, and I felt the difference.

                “Oh, God! Aizawa!” I moaned, just wanting the pressure building up in me to explode already. “Oh, fuck, I’m close!” I warned him.

                “I see that. Go ahead and come. I’m close, too.” He grunted, thrusting a little harder into me. I reached down to help myself out a little and spazzed as I came, twitching with the aftershocks and the feeling of him coming in me.

                “Fuck…” I breathed after he pulled out and lied beside me, and I turned a little to lie on his chest. “Is this okay?”

                “Yeah,” He nodded once and put an arm around me as I got comfortable. “How do you feel?”

                “I couldn’t be better,” I grinned.

Chapter Text

It was dangerous to have come here, to this bar, I knew that. But I also knew what I was doing.

                What was I doing? Well, to put it simply, I was trying to make friends, gather allies, and do a deal. I stepped into the bar, which looked pretty clean to my surprise, and a few people gave me looks.

                “Who’s that?” A girl with blonde hair asked.

                “Hey, glad you made it.” Dabi approached me then shook my hand.

                “Hey, is there a room where we can talk?” I asked, stuffing my hands in my pockets after politely shaking his hand.

                “Yeah, follow me.” He nodded and lead me up a staircase to some rooms.

                “So, mind explaining how your hierarchy works? Who’s the boss of who.” I asked as I sat down and he sat across from me at a table after pouring us both some whiskey.

                “I’m the boss of all the idiots down there. Shigaraki is my boss, and All for One is his boss. All for One is also the boss of Overhaul, but he’ll never admit it out loud. Who’s your boss?” Dabi asked.

                “I have no boss. I am the boss.” I said with a straight face, and Dabi nodded slowly.

                “Sorry, I thought you would say your older brother. First children are usually the bosses in family businesses like yours.”

                “He used to be boss, but he’s stupid. So, we agreed that I’d be taking charge. If not, we’d probably be broke from all the cocaine he buys.”

                “Likes cocaine, does he?” Dabi smirked.

                “I keep telling him we get free cuts from the dealers, but he doesn’t fucking listen.” I sighed with a small smile out of love for the idiot.

                “So, what’s your goal here, with us?” He asked.

                “I’m looking for people I can trust. I want to expand my business a bit, and I need allies to do so.” I explained, then shifted in my seat. “You’re hardworking, Dabi, what’s Shigaraki paying you these days?”

                “You asking me to leave him and work for you?” His eyebrow rose.

                “No, not at all. I’m just offering you to do some extra work for me once I get things settled with Shigaraki. You’d be my second-in-command for this branch.” I nodded. “Dabi, how long have we known each other?”

                “Quite a while,” He nodded. “But let’s not let personal get mixed in with business.”

                “Personal life gets mixed in with business all the time in our line of work. Personal life is business when the business is a family business.” I said and stood up, walking over and pushing his chair out to seat myself on his lap, straddling him. Dabi’s expression didn’t waver, he just kept watching me with curiosity filled eyes.

                “Think about it, Dabi. My smarts and yours combined. Our strength combined. We’d be invincible. Think it through.” I said softly, and he sighed, placing his hands on my waist.

                “I can’t afford any distractions. This isn’t high school.” He sighed, and I smirked as his lips were nearing my neck.

                “You’re right.” I hummed as he began to kiss my neck. “We’re not teenagers fucking around anymore. We’re adults, we have to be serious.” I let my eyes close at the feeling of his tongue against my skin.


                “So, I seriously want you to work for me so I have an excuse to come and see you whenever I fucking want,” I smirked and felt his grip tighten on me as he bit down on the space between my neck and shoulder.

                “Who said I want you to come to see me?” Dabi murmured against my skin, and I pulled back to stare at him.

                “You don’t want me?” I asked and he let out a sigh and began stroking my sides.

                “I do. But you’re just so accustomed to getting what you want, it’s not like I can refuse you.” Dabi looked sad for a moment.

                I raised my hand and held his jaw, feeling the scarred skin, and raised his face to look at me. “I’m allowing you to tell me if you don’t want me. You’re different to me, Dabi. You’re different to me than everyone else.”

                “How am I different?” He asked.

                “I don’t care about everyone else.” I shook my head as I whispered before kissing him.

                Dabi kissed me back feverishly, clutching onto my clothes and pulling me as close as he possibly could while I let his tongue assault my mouth. I didn’t mind in the slightest, I wanted him just as bad. I missed his body against mine, as much as I hate to admit it. I was a leader; I was supposed to be in control at all times. But the simple truth was that I just couldn’t control myself around Dabi. I didn’t want to control myself around Dabi.

                “More,” He spoke hoarsely and slid his hands under my shirt.

                “I still have to talk to Shigaraki, you know.” I giggled.

                “After, after… and can you please not mention him while we’re doing this? Thanks.” Dabi huffed and tugged my shirt and began kissing down my neck and chest, and I was going to laugh, but it turned into a pleased sigh when his lips wrapped around my nipple and he bit on it lightly.

                “Dabi…” I moaned softly.

                “That’s what I like to hear,” He grinned and tugged me down by my chin to kiss me as he rubbed my thighs, getting closer and closer to where we both wanted him to be.

                Yeah, I could get to Shigaraki later… whenever later would be.

Chapter Text

“Holy shit,”

                “You got that right.”

                Shigaraki and I were shakily laughing as we walked through the motel hallways, headed to our room. We just ran from cops and hid in a bakery kitchen to escape, and now we smelled like fresh bread and were extremely tired.

                “Okay, Mr. Midoriya, which room is it?” I laughed, teasing him about the fake name he used.

                “It was the first name that came to mind!” He snapped at me and pulled out the key.

                “You care way too much about that kid, it’s starting to worry me.” I chuckled. “Ah, let’s pray there’s at least a couch.”

                He opened the room and both of us frowned at the sight of a single bed, no couch or anything in sight.

                “Huh,” Shigaraki just said and stepped in. “Well…”

                “I guess we can share? I mean, if that’s alright with you?” I asked, and he nodded shakily. “Alright. I’m just going to go get cleaned up a bit…” I said and went to the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

                “Weird,” I mumbled to myself and began to strip and cleaned myself with a washcloth. Why did he seem so jittery when I mentioned us sharing a bed? Hasn’t he slept with a girl before, sexually or not? I mean, it wasn’t such a big deal. It’s just sleeping next to another person, be they the opposite gender or not.

                Shit, that’s it. I don’t think he has ever shared a bed with anyone before. Boy or girl. He must be freaked out by the mere thought of being so close to me. I wanted to offer to just sleep on the floor, but I really wanted the bed. I also was too nice to make him sleep on the floor, so the bed was the only option we had.

                Now, why didn’t we just get two rooms? Simple. We’re broke villains and rooms are expensive. No matter how fucking cheap the motel was, two rooms for one night was still well out of what money we had. Hell, we were nearly not able to pay for this one room for the night, that’s how broke we were.

                “You drown in there? I have to piss.” Shigaraki called, and I put my shirt back on and went out after tossing the washcloth aside.

                “All yours,” I said and he just shut the door without saying another word. I shook my head and went to take my jeans off and crawl into bed, hoping he wouldn’t freak out at me not wearing pants. My shirt was long enough to cover my underwear anyway.

                I crawled under the covers and got comfortable on my side, and after a while, I heard him come out of the bathroom. He stopped by the bed to kick his shoes off, and he raised the covers and lied down, then turned the light off, and we both lied in the darkness with bated breaths.

                “Um, night,” I whispered, trying to diffuse the tension.

                “N-night,” Shigaraki cleared his throat, and even after that, I could tell that we were both too scared to even breathe.

                After a few minutes, he turned over onto his side, facing me from what it sounded like, and I jumped a little when something brushed my waist.

                “Sorry… can I…?” He asked and I nodded, humming approval. His arm wound around my waist and pulled me back to his chest, my butt right on his groin.

                “Are you wearing pants?” He asked, and I shook my head.

                “No,” I whispered.

                “Stay still a minute,” He hummed before I felt something rough against my neck, and it took me a minute to realize it was his lips when I felt his tongue trace down my skin.

                “What are you…?” I started to ask, then shut up when I felt him slowly grinding his hips into my ass.

                Did I want this? I wasn’t entirely sure. I didn’t feel uncomfortable with it, just confused as to what brought this on. Is the thought of me not wearing pants really that arousing? Or has he been harboring feelings for me for some time now?

                “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this…” He breathed in that voice of his, and that answered my unasked question. “I thought sharing a bed with you would just about kill me. Then you admit that you aren’t wearing pants… It’s almost like you wanted me to do something dirty to you.”

                He gave a particularly hard thrust with his hips, and I gasped as I felt something stir in me. I began to press my butt back against him and was rewarded with a low groan and his hand sliding under my shirt to play with my chest.

                “How long have you wanted this?” I asked softly.

                “Ugh, about a year now. Quiet.” Shigaraki said, then forcefully turned my face and gave me a rough kiss that knocked the air from my lungs. His lips were so chapped, it felt like they were scraping my own, but I didn’t really mind. I liked being kissed this way, so needy and lustful. It made me feel wanted, and given that he was also dry humping me was just increasing that feeling.

                When we parted and he started biting desperately at my neck, I could tell he was close to finishing. He gave a last few desperate, hard thrusts before he stilled and panted heavily against my neck. I thought I heard him breathe out a few swears before his head met the nape of my neck, and I felt his breath trailing down my back.

                “Thanks. I uh, I needed that.” He said, then cleared his throat, and I was just smiling to myself.

                “No problem. Just… tell me if you ever want to do anything like that again.” I said, and he turned me onto my back, looking down at me.

                “You’re serious? You don’t mind?” He sounded skeptical.

                “I liked it,” I admitted softly, moaning when he leaned and kissed me a bit softer.

                “I liked it, too,” He said, making me smile wider and wider.

Chapter Text

Don't you know I'm no good for you?

I've learned to lose you, can't afford to

Tore my shirt to stop you bleeding

But nothing ever stops you leaving

                It was just supposed to be a party, simple as that. Mina planned it, Kaminari got the booze, Kirishima provided the weed along with Sero, and Jiro was our DJ. It was supposed to be a good time.

                So, why was I crying in the dorm bathrooms all alone?

                I’m pretty sure that no one knows I’m in here by myself. I don’t think anyone even noticed that I was gone. And if anyone did notice, I doubted that they cared.

                Especially him.

Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own

I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

                All I wanted to do was go back to my dorm and just retire for the night to give me the energy to pretend like everything was fine the next morning when we all had class.

                I stood up from the floor and began to clean my face in the mirror, practicing my okay face. I could hold it for about thirty seconds, which was just enough time to make it to the elevator to get to my floor and finally, my dorm room.

                I stepped out of the bathroom and began crossing the common room, and a pair of ruby red eyes flashed over to me that I wish I didn’t catch. He started to come over with a red solo cup in his hand, and I just put my hand up to stop him.

                “Please don’t,” I begged him, and he only smirked that dangerous smirk.

                “Where were you?” He asked.

                “I really don’t have the energy to deal with you right now,” I said, shaking my head as I made my way to the elevator, but he stopped me.

Don't you know too much already?

I'll only hurt you if you let me

Call me friend but keep me closer (Call me back)

And I'll call you when the party's over

                Bakugou ended up following me into the elevator, and once the doors were closed, he pressed me against the wall, and I nearly broke down right there.

                “Stop,” I said weakly, though I loved being this close to him. But it’s why I loved being close that I couldn’t let him get close.

                “Stop what?” He looked confused.

                “Stop playing with me!” I yelled and shoved him back. “Stop acting like you give a fuck about me! Stop pretending like I could ever mean something to you! I know you don’t give a shit about me; you only want a good time and nothing else. You don’t want the commitment, and I do, so we can’t do this or else you’re just leading me on…” I teared up again, against my own will.

Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own

And I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

Yeah, I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

                He was kissing me before I could blink my tears away, and I was giving in before I could register anything that was happening. I had my fingers tangled in his hair, kissing him back all needy, and when the elevator dinged, he pulled me out onto the floor and took me by the hand to my room where I just fell deeper and deeper into the hole he dug specifically for me.

But nothing is better sometimes

Once we've both said our goodbyes

Let's just let it go

Let me let you go

                When all was said and done, Bakugou gave me a last kiss and left me in my bed, naked and satisfied and sad. He joined the party again, and I was once again alone and in tears.

                It was my fault, and I realized that. I simply wasn’t strong enough to say goodbye to him. At least, goodbye for good. I tried in the past, but I always came running back to him at the slightest sign of affection, at him actually opening his heart to me.

                The truth is that his heart would probably never be open to anyone, even me. I loved him so bad, but it was clear he only saw me as a good fuck. I’d never be anything more.

                I tried to tell myself to be thankful for what I have. It could be a lot worse. At least I got to pleasure him, see a side of him that no one else saw.

                But I wanted more than just his body. I wanted his heart. And I couldn’t help it.

                The silence in my room was deafening, and I hated it. I wouldn’t mind if it were filled with yelling and swearing and explosions. At least it wouldn’t be so quiet and lonely.

                At least I wouldn’t be alone.

Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own

I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

Chapter Text

As usual, I had taken extensive notes during Transfiguration, and as usual, Near had taken none. He probably already knew how to do the spell and the next five we would learn in the course. His older brother, L, had probably taught him everything at the same time he learned it.

                I wasn’t jealous. No way. Nuh-uh.

                “I expect you all to have mastered this spell by the next class we have together. Have a good day.” Professor Raine told us before dismissing us to our next class.

                “That was boring,” Near said.

                “To you and only you, Near.” I huffed, shoving my notebook in my bag. “We have History of Magic next. I’m actually really pleased with the essay we were given.” I smiled to myself, just excited for what Professor Riddian would think of it.

                “How much did you write on the witch burnings?” Near asked, twirling his hair around his finger.

                “A couple of pages. Four, I think? I had quite a bit to say on the subject.” I admitted.

                “You do seem to love controversy.” Near nodded and ducked into the classroom with me. “Well, let me read over it before you turn it in.”

                I pulled out my notebook for this class and handed over the four stapled together pages. Near could read pretty fast, so I had no doubt he could read through it and give me feedback before class starts in a few minutes, so I was quiet during that time.

                “It’s good. You brought up some interesting points I haven’t heard before.” He concluded as he handed it back to me.

                “Really?” Well, I wasn’t expecting that.

                “Yeah,” He nodded and pulled his own essay out, thicker than mine. He just had to show off, didn’t he?

                When the class came around to starting, Professor Riddian came around to collect all of our essays, and he gave both Near and I pointed looks at the thickness of ours. He was never pleased with how we always wrote more than necessary, but we’ve never gotten less than a B on an essay either.

                When classes were over, I offered to get some studying done by the lake, and Near agreed since it was nice out. We got our books and notebooks out and took our shoes off, rolling our pants up and dipped our feet in the water as we compared our notes and finding on certain books. It was just a good time to us.

                “So, you know what your brother is up to?” I asked to pass the time.

                “Which brother?”

                “Mello,” I said. He was in our year, but he was a Slytherin, so we didn’t him much except for in class.

                “No, not really. He’s probably planning my demise as we speak.” Near said with a small smile on his face.

                Both L and Near came out as Ravenclaws because of their brains and problem-solving skills. Mello, the other brother, however, came out as a Slytherin. He had brains, that was for sure, but he was also much more ambitious and out to achieve his goals far more than either of the other two brothers. Most people seemed to think of his as cruel in how he was running a little gang within the school, but Near and I refused to believe so. Near, because that was his brother, and I just overall refused to believe that Slytherin equals evil.

                “Fair. Do you know what L is up to, then?” I asked, kicking my feet back and forth in the water of the lake.

                “He’s still solving muggle crimes. Since the war ended all those years ago, people are scared of even trying to be dark wizards. So, crimes are pretty boring in our world. But he says there’s plenty of muggle crimes to be solved.” Near said.

                “What do you want to do when you get out of here?”

                “I think I might just join him. You?” He asked.

                “I’m either going to work in a library or a bookstore. Maybe Flourish and Blotts? Maybe I’ll be a librarian here.” I shrugged; my mind not made up yet.

                “I can see it. You working somewhere quiet and peaceful.” Near nodded. “You’d do great.”

                “What I really want is to write books. I just don’t know what I would write about.” I sighed.

                “Write about me,” Near said.

                “What about you?” I asked,

                “Write about how much you love me.” He smiled and turned my face and gave me a short, sweet kiss.

                Kisses with Near were sparse and rare, so whenever he did want to kiss me, I drank it up. He ate so much candy, so he always tasted sweet, which I liked. On occasion when he was feeling more like a long kiss, I would slip my hand into his hair and play with it, just running my hands through the silky strands, and I understood why he played with his hair so much. It was damn near impossible to not play with it.

                “So, you want me to write a romance?” I asked breathlessly when we parted.

                “Yes. But make it a realistic romance, please. And no weird words for people’s genitals if you write sex.” He said, actually making me laugh.

                “Do you mean realistic as they need to work on their communication and trust? Or do you mean they don’t immediately fall in love at first sight?” I asked, wanting to know.

                “Both. There also better be a period where they just get so fed up with each other and their lack of proper communication that they take a break to work on their mental health.”

                “Oh, so you want a gritty reality.” I nodded in understanding.

                “I’d read romance books if they were more like that, but they’re not.” He sighed.

                “Do you think we’re like that?” I asked softly.

                “No,” Near turned to look at me. “No, we know how to communicate. We both pay attention and make sure that our relationship is healthy. I’d trust you with anything. Even my life, if it came to that.” He said, making me smile.

                “Yeah, you’re right.” I nodded and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

Chapter Text

It was nearly a week later when Uta hand-delivered the mask to me. He wanted to see how it looked on me, and it looked just amazing.

It was white and covered my whole face. There were holes for eyes, but that was about it. There were pink airbrushed hearts by my right eye and deep blue diamond shapes by my left eye. The lips were painted a bright cherry red and smudged to make it look a little crazy. I loved it.

After I put it in a safe place, we went to a cafe for a drink, and I just got some hot tea while Uta drank black coffee.

"So, Hamlet, huh?" He started off with a smirk.

"I always wanted a more romantic play." I smiled. "But I'm happy nonetheless."

"Tell me, do you have certain quotes from Hamlet memorized?" He asked.

"Is it bad if I say yes?" I whispered before I sipped on my tea.

"No, because I do, too." He said and smiled a little. "What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! how infinite in faculties! in form and moving, how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension, how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?" He quoted.

"One may smile, and smile, and be a villain." I quoted, giggling behind my cup. "I can't recite long quotes, I get confused," I admitted.

"That's alright. I can." Uta just shrugged.

"Are you… is it okay, that it's me?" I asked, not being able to hold it in any longer.

Uta stared at me for a moment, and I began to fear the worst.

"At first, I thought fate was playing a cruel joke on me. It isn't your fault, of course. You were just born that way." He said.

"What way?" I asked and he leaned in.

"Human," He hissed, and I saw a flash in those black and red eyes of his.


Oh shit, I'm dead.

"You wouldn't hurt me." I shook my head as I spoke softly.

"I wouldn't?" His brow rose in question.

"No, I'm your soulmate," I said, not sure why I was talking so softly.

"Maybe you were just created to be eaten by me. Then our souls would really be bonded, you could say." Uta said, and I frowned, trying not to cry.

"What's wrong?" He asked, tilting his head.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this!" I said and took a deep breath. "We're supposed to be happy and sit and drink tea and coffee and talk about Hamlet and our favorite literature. We're supposed to want to be with each other. We're not supposed to talk about how much you want to eat me!" My hands began shaking as I gripped the seat.

"I've dreamt of this day since I was a kid. We're supposed to get along and share a kiss that would make me fall in love with you. We're supposed to be happy…" I frowned and hung my head, feeling all my dreams going down the drain.

"Hey," Uta said softly. "Look at me."

I raised my head and looked at him, not happy with his patient face just watching me.

"I'm not going to eat you, I promise. I just… I tend to make inappropriate jokes. I'm sorry." He said, and I slowly nodded.

"Are you really…?" I couldn't make myself finish the sentence.

"I am." Uta nodded, and I nodded slowly, processing it in my head. "Is that a problem?"

"No," I shook my head, staring off into space. "I've just… never met one before. I'd never imagined my soulmate would be one."

"You probably have met a few. We're everywhere, blending into society." He said, and my mind began racing. How many ghouls did I come across in a single day? It could be dozens!

I shook myself out of my thoughts and smiled kindly at Uta. "I'm alright with it, though. Biology and evolution aren't our faults."

Uta smiled then, and he looked so cute. "At least you understand. That's all I could ask for. That, and that you don't hate me."

"I don't think I could ever hate you." I smiled softly, feeling all warm inside. "Could you hate me?"

"Never in a million years," Uta said, holding my hand over the table. "I want to promise you right now that I will never hurt you, and I will never let anything hurt you."

"You'll protect me?" I smiled, liking the idea of that.

"I'm too strong. No one fucks with me." He told me, and I giggled a little. "What? You don't believe me?"

"Well, I don't know. I don't know anything about your world." I said, shrugging, lacing my fingers through his.

Uta then began breaking down their world to me, what the wards were and who ran them. He was apparently the leader of the fourth ward, where his shop and apartment were. He told me what Doves were and why they needed masks, and suddenly, everything was making sense.

"See? You're smart, I knew you'd get it." Uta nodded. "Now, normally if a human finds out about one of our identities, we have to kill them for safety. But no one is laying a finger on you. I'll make sure of that."

I didn't like the idea that he saw me as a helpless little human, but, at the same time, I wanted to be small and protected by Uta. I wanted him to take care of me. I wanted to curl up next to him and feel safe.

And I had no doubt that he would fulfill all of my needs in that area.

Chapter Text

“You need to not do that,” Levi told me, only resulting in me snickering wickedly.

                “Do what?” I asked innocently though.

                “Do… that.” Levi pointed to the mess I had made.

                “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Captain.” I held my head high as I spoke.

                Levi let out a groan, which pleased me so much to hear, and I tried to not smirk as he turned to walk away, probably to get something to beat me with. I deserved it anyway. I knew I was a little shit; it was fun messing with some of these people.

                Levi came back with a broom and a rag on a bucket of water and demanded I clean it or I’ll spend a week in the stables with the horse shit (where I belonged according to him and only him), which is why I was now on my knees using a rag to clean up the spilled liquid and the broom later to clean the shards of ceramic. I knew not to push him too far; he could actually kill me.

                I guess that’s what made him so hot.

                I honestly had no idea why I tolerated him so much. Maybe it was account of the fact that I liked his tough demeanor? Maybe it was that he could beat the shit out of me, he could kill me at any second, but he didn’t. I think he had a soft spot for me, really. My punishments were never severe, not as much as the others get, but at the same time, I did get punished a lot more frequently than the others.

                There were times he pissed me off to madness, though. Times when he made me see all red and all I wanted was to rip his fucking head off. I didn’t though because I always knew I would regret it later.

                The next day was one of those times.

                “Alright, cadet. What have you done today?” He asked me in the hall as I was walking to lunch.

                “What do you mean?” I asked, honestly not knowing what he wanted to know.

                “What have you done today? I’m deciding whether you deserve lunch or not.” He said with a cool, straight face.

                “Well, I cleaned the upstairs rooms, I did some weeding around the bushes by the windows…” I started to list, thinking back.

                “No, I mean, what have you done? You must have done something.” He insisted.

                I then understood what he meant, and that just made me mad.

                “You know I don’t only cause trouble. I have other uses, other parts of my personality.” I snapped.

                “Sure doesn’t seem that way, cadet.” Oh, I saw what he was doing here. Calling me cadet to put me in my place. Well, good fucking luck, Levi.

                “Oh, yes. How could I have forgotten? We’re only one dimensional, after all. You’re only a tough asshole who’s good at killing titans, and I’m simply a lowly cadet that doesn’t know how to behave.” I glared right at him and swore I saw shock flash in his eyes.

                “You know that’s not what I-“

                “You make me fucking sick, Captain,” I said before pushing past him to go to my room, my appetite for anything now gone.

                I sat in my room and just fumed until dinner, and I didn’t even have the will to eat that either. Did he really just see me as a troublemaker? Was I just a thorn in his side, a pain in his ass? How stupid could I be, actually thinking I could care for him when he doesn’t give a shit about me.

                “Hey, you okay? No one’s seen you for hours.” A voice that sounded like Eren’s said from outside of my room.

                “I’m fine.” I just called.

                “You want some soup? You must be hungry. I didn’t see you at lunch or dinner today.” He said, making me smile at his kindness.

                “I’m fine, but thank you, Eren.”

                “You need to eat, you know.” He said before I heard footsteps retreating.

                Hours later, in the dead of night, my stomach couldn’t take the emptiness anymore, so I crept down to the kitchen and found a bowl of cold soup just sitting on the counter. I started the kitchen fire back up to heat it up a little and to make some tea, and I stood at the counter, just sipping tea and eating soup.

                “What are you doing down here?” Levi’s voice rang out, and I immediately tensed.

                He came around to look at me, and he looked at the nearly empty bowl of soup in front of me. “That’s right, you didn’t show up for either lunch or dinner. I know that idiot Eren left a bowl for you… If you ask me, you don’t deserve it.”

                That was the breaking point for me. “Just why do you hate me so much? What the fuck did I ever do to you?”

                “You have annoyed me some way ever since you got here.” He simply said like it didn’t even matter at all.

                I stiffly nodded, staring straight forward. I was fighting back tears, forming mean words on my tongue to shoot at him to protect myself.

                But Levi kept talking. “You annoy with your sass. You annoy me with how you never seem to know how to shut up. You annoy me whenever you try to play innocent when you’re clearly not innocent at all. You annoy me by the fucking way you walk…”


                “The way I walk?” I questioned, looking over at him to see a faint pink across his cheeks.

                “You annoy by how you haven’t figured out why I’m so mean to you. I purposefully want you to walk away from me so I can watch you and pretend that it’ll be the last time because… I’m just no good for you.”

                Holy shit. Was this a confession?

                “Captain, are you confessing?” I asked softly.

                “I guess I am,” He gave a shaky laugh. “I’ve never done that before.”

                Okay, I’m scared.

                “I want you to walk away from me and never look at me again. It’s what you deserve. But, I’m selfish, and I need you. And needs and wants are two different things. I can’t promise you a good life, I can’t even promise you a good time.” He finally looked me in the eye, and I don’t know what he saw on my face.

                “You know, you’re one of the only good things about this place. Everyone takes orders so easily. I want someone who fights back, who asks why. I guess that’s why I took an interest in you.”

                Levi then reached up and touched my cheek gently, and he turned my face to the side a bit before he placed a soft kiss on my cheek, leaving me in shock.

                “So, can I have you? Will you be mine?”

                I could only nod, my lips were too busy smiling to form words.

Chapter Text

“Hey, Kaminari, why do we bake cookies but we cook bacon?” I asked as we lied together on a hill looking at stars outside of the dorms.

                “If someone dies in a living room, do you think it’s still a living room?” He asked a minute later.

                This was our hobby. Coming up with the weirdest questions we possibly could. It annoyed the shit out of everyone else in our class, but we could hardly care. It was just too funny.

                “Do you think the cars in the Cars universe have life insurance or car insurance?” I blinked, then let out a giggle.

                “Do you think blind people can see their dreams?”

                “You should ask one.”

                “I’m scared of being rude.” He admitted, which made both of us laugh.

                “Oh! Hey! I got one! The opposite of fireflies is waterfalls!” He exclaimed, sitting straight up.

                “That’s not a question!” I just laughed, looking up at him. He was wearing a black hoodie and his hair was a bit messy and sticking out in every direction, but when wasn’t it, really? My main thought here is that against the dark sky, he looked so pretty. All pale skin and golden hair and a big smile on his face.

                “Hey, you’re my friend, right?” I asked.

                “Yeah, duh.” He rolled his eyes. “What’s up?”

                “Would it be gay if I said you looked cute?” I asked.

                “No, because you’re not a guy.” He shook his head.

                “You look cute.” I nodded firmly, making him smile.

                “Thanks. You’re pretty cute, too.” He nodded, looking down at me before he began to mess my hair up. “Adorable.” He confirmed when I sat up and tried to fix it.

                “Just kiss already!” Someone shouted from the dorm window, making me blush and turn to tell them to shut up.

                “Alright,” Kaminari just shrugged and turned my face towards him and he kissed me quickly, completely stunning me. He gave me a big smile after he pulled back, and his hands moved to my shoulders.

                “Was that not okay?” He then looked worried.

                “No, it was okay.” I nodded slowly, trying to process this in my head. “I just-“

                “We’re friends. Friends can kiss, I think.” Kaminari then looked confused.

                “Friends with benefits can… And friends can kiss their cheeks or foreheads, not their lips.” I said, trying to get this through to him.

                “Alright, let’s be more than friends, then.” He shrugged.

                “It’s not that easy!” I stood up, suddenly raising my voice. Why was I freaking out about this? I mean, I’ve thought about Kaminari and me in the past, we were definitely compatible, but I didn’t want us to get together like this. This was too sudden, too forward.

                “Why not?” He stood as well, trying to come towards me, but I backed up, crossing my arms over my chest. “Why can’t we just kiss, say we’re together, and call it a day?”

                “Because there’s more to a relationship than just that!” I exclaimed, wringing my hands out of stress. “You have to know that you really like the person, that you actually want to commit to them and no one else. You have to actually want them. Relationships aren’t formed by moving from one stage to another so quickly! There has to be trust…”

                “I do trust you,” Kaminari said.

                “There has to be communication…”

                “Literally all we do is talk. And we already tell each other everything. You tell me when you’re cramping on your period, and I tell you about what porn I found the night before.” He shrugged.

                “We have to agree to be equal. Neither of us is above the other.” I said, standing my ground.

                “Please. I know that already. You can beat my ass in a fight, and I can beat your ass at Mario Kart. That makes us pretty even, I’d say.” He said, and I couldn’t stop a giggle from escaping my lips.

                “I also know that you have to be able to make your partner laugh. That’s easy for us. You have to care about them an awful lot, and I don’t know if you know this, but I stress when you have a minor cold. If someone even gives you a wrong look, I’m ready to electrocute them. I care about you so much, it amazes me. I didn’t think anyone could care about one person as much as I care about you. I know you have to love them.”

                “Are you saying you love me?” I couldn’t help but smile.

                “Yeah, I am. I love you.” He nodded, looking just so perfect in the moonlight, hands in his pockets, outwardly admitting that he loves me. I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him, and I didn’t want to stop myself.

                Kaminari caught me and hugged me back, his arms looped around my hips, where they fit best. Hugging him just felt right on so many levels.

                “I just have one request,” I said.

                “What’s that?” He asked, pulling back to look at me.

                “Will you tell me that you love me every day that we’re together?” I bit my lip nervously.

                “I’ll do you one better. I’ll do it three times a day, morning, noon, and night.” He grinned before dipping down to kiss me again, this one a bit longer than the last, and with a load more feeling put into it.

                “I love you,” He murmured when we broke apart, and I just smiled, so jumpy inside.

Chapter Text

Sometimes I wonder how I even got into a business like this. It was tough and bloody and sometimes hurt like hell. But, now that I was in it, I had no chance of ever getting back out. This was a “for life” job.

                ‘How are you?’ L signed to me. He was a friend in the business, one of the smartest guys on the team, if not the smartest. He surprised when we met and I signaled that I couldn’t hear, and he broke out the sign language like it was nothing to him. I was very impressed.

                “Fine, and you?’ I signed back as I took a seat at the bar we all frequented, right next to L and his laptop. His job was to figure out how to evade getting caught with the crimes we collectively committed. Thanks to L, we were squeaky clean according to the law.

                ‘Alright. What do you want?’ He signed, and I gave him my drink order that he gave to the bartender. My drink came out and I mouthed a thank you to the bartender, who nodded in response. I sat, watching L work, and Near soon came up and sat at my other side.

                Near’s job was similar to L’s. He was just a detective in the city, and when he caught wind of one of our crimes, he directed the leads in the other direction. We all had a role in the grand scheme of things, and I knew that they were all important, but I think Near’s and L’s were especially important.

                ‘Anything fun come up?’ Near signed to me.

                My job was to keep my ears open and see if there were any business opportunities that popped up that might benefit us and keep everyone informed. I was kind of a secret-keeper and kind of a snitch and a spy all in one.

                But how could I do this while being deaf? Easy, I was excellent at reading lips. It didn’t matter how soft you spoke if I can still see your lips moving.

                ‘There’s a ball coming up that we could crash. Sort of a Montague dropping in on Capulet deal.’ I told him.

                ‘That sounds good,’ L said and took out his phone to tell our boss, probably.

                A few days later, we got called into a meeting where L signed everything said to me so I would understand what was being said. I was so thankful for him sometimes. Anyway, we were crashing this ball tonight, so we had to get all dressed up and go in masquerade masks.

                Once I was all perfected and ready to go, I went and met everyone by the cars we were taking, which were hardly cars at all. It was a mix of midsize and luxury large SUVs. There was one limo for the boss, I would never get to ride with him like that. So, I rode with Near and L, both looking dashing in suits. Neither had bothered to tame their hair, and it honestly suited both of them so well.

                ‘Drink?’ L signed and I nodded and he got me a glass of champagne once we got inside. ‘You look lovely.’

                ‘Thank you, you do too.’ I signed quickly, then realized my mistake. ‘Not lovely, I mean. Handsome.’ I blushed and looked away as he laughed.

                ‘It’s okay, I know what you meant.’ He told me. I caught Near rolling his eyes out of the corner of my eye, but I didn’t pay it any mind.

                I danced with both of them, and they kept asking to butt in every other song. I found it pretty amusing, and I apparently wasn’t the only person who thought so.

                “You see L and Near? How ridiculous they’re being?” I read one of our guys’ lips as he talked to someone else on our team.

                “They should just confess that they’re both in love with her already. It’ll save everyone some time." The other chuckled before taking a drink.

                In love with me? They couldn’t be. I simply… wasn’t their type. Did either of them have a type? If so, I definitely wasn’t it. As far as I could tell, neither of them even expressed interest in any romance of any kind.

                That could just be because they’re both in love with you and you’re too blind to see it, my conscience told me.

                That’s probably closer to the truth, honestly.

                When I found the two again, I acted normal and danced with them both. The night ended without trouble or disaster, and when they dropped me off at home, I gave them both kisses on their cheeks.

                It left them with blushes and me with a hammering heart.

Chapter Text

“Best. Team. Ever.” Shigaraki sighed as he tugged his pants and boxers down to free his hard on so I could use my mouth on him.

                “You can say that again, Shiggy.” Joker cackled, forcing my head down and positioning my hips up a bit more so he could start ramming into me. “Don’t you just love the chemistry our alliance brings, doll face?”

                I was in no position to talk. Shigaraki had already forced himself in my mouth and was grinding his hips forward to get himself further down my throat.

                I sort of just meant the proposition as a joke, but I was half-serious. I was basically just sitting in the bar, moody because I had a random bout of horniness, and I couldn’t seem to shake it from my mind. While just pouting angrily, I made a side comment about how I was close to fucking any healthy person in proximity, and Shigaraki was the first to volunteer. Joker then heard and made a bet that he could give me a much better fuck than the crusty ass co-leader could, and here we were. Now I had Shigaraki in my mouth and Joker in my pussy.

                A slap on my ass gave by Joker made me jolt and nearly choke, and Sigaraki just caught my chin and made me look up at him. Tears were overflowing out of my eyes, and I don’t know what I was expecting from the two villains.

                I fully knew how rough and ruthless the two could be, and I don’t know why they would treat me any differently. What was I to them but a pawn, a plaything? A part of me desperately wanted to see a shy Shigaraki who would let me show him how to touch someone. I wanted to see a kind, soft Joker that Harley Quinn could only dream of fucking.

                But no. I was stuck with two monsters who would use me to their liking and discard me like countless before me. I was not the first they’ve treated this way, clearly, nor would I be the last.

                This thought saddened me, but I knew what I was signing up for. Just toughen it out, I told myself.

                That’s when it clicked in my head. I wasn’t horny this whole time. I was lonely. I didn’t really want someone’s genitals against mine, I wanted their arms around me. I wanted their warmth and their heart. God, I hate these stupid human needs and emotions.

                I sucked it up and sucked Shigaraki off harder, using my free hand to grip Joker’s wrist as he held my hips in his pale hands.

                “I think she likes this,” Shigaraki cackled, pounding harder.

                “She better,” Joker said and placed a bite on my shoulder that made me cry out deep in my throat.

                “Oh, don’t start crying now,” Shigaraki said, his thumb brushing across my cheeks when I began tearing up.

                “She might look pretty crying.” Joker laughed and bit me harder, probably drawing blood now. “You never know.”

                Shigaraki didn’t say anything, but I think I saw a flash of worry in his eyes as he glanced down at me.

                “Psycho, stop for a minute. I wanna change positions.” Shigaraki stopped him and Joker pulled back with a groan and began to stroke himself.

                “Now what?” He huffed as Shigaraki lied down on his back, his head between my legs, and he moved my hips down a bit, his tongue meeting the top of my folds, immediately finding my clit and making me gasp and arch my back.

                Joker got the message and went a bit slower, but still pounded into me nonetheless. To repay the favor, I used my hand and tons of spit on Shigaraki until he had come at least twice, and he was nice enough to make sure that I came a few times. It was practically everything I wanted out of this and then some.

                Once Joker blew his load in me, Shigaraki made him leave as he pulled the covers up around me.

                “I don’t want to be a part of this cuddle-fest anyway.” He scoffed as he left.

                “I hope it was okay for you?” Shigaraki checked up on me. “I’m sorry it wasn’t all you were expecting.”

                “You made it better.” I smiled and beckoned him to come and lay with me. He did so, going as far as to wrap his arms around me and let me lay my head on his chest. “You know, you’re kinder than I expected.”

                “Good. I try to be kinder with people like you. I don’t think you deserve my cruelty. You haven’t done anything wrong.” Shigaraki said.

                “Well, thank you. I really appreciate it.” I smiled and snuggled into his chest a little more.

Chapter Text

Kai Anderson gave me the fucking creeps. He was his own personal trigger warning. He was so fucking unpredictable with his words and actions it nearly gave me whiplash and made me feel fucking sick.

                So, why the fuck was I so attracted to the sheer power radiating off of him?

                The first time spent alone in a room with him was terrifying, but here I was doing it again.

                “Do you want to fuck me?” He asked as he poured us both drinks, not even looking at me.


                “Why would I want to fuck you?” I asked instead of being honest. Really. I was curious as to what he’d say.

                “Do you like girls or boys?” He finally looked over at me, bringing over our drinks. “Or do you like both? Something in between? Sorry, I get confused as to what’s the cool new thing people identify as nowadays.” He brushed it off as if it were something fine to say.

                “I don’t see why that’s your business,” I said and drank a little to calm the nerves he was plucking.

                “Just wondering when the last time you got laid was.” He shrugged and drained his cup.

                “I don’t see why that’s your business either,” I huffed, growing annoyed.

                “All I’m saying is you’re nowhere near as annoying as Meadow. I’d fuck you. If you wanted.” He shrugged as if it were an afterthought. He then grinned and held up his pinky to me.

                “Ha. No way.” I shook my head, but he gave me a look and I knew I had no real choice here. I dropped my face and linked pinkies with him.

                “Do you want to fuck?”

                “Yes,” I sighed.

                “That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Why didn’t you want to tell me?” He asked, looking curious.

                “Because I’m scared of actually fucking you.” I sighed, not believing that I was admitting this out loud. “I can usually get a good read on how people are like, both in bed and in normal life, but I can’t read you properly on either. I don’t know how you’ll act, so I don’t know what to expect, and it scares me.”

                “Silly,” Kai just smiled. “You could’ve asked me.” He said and his grip tightened on my pinky, something I’d learned to mean he was going to be super honest in whatever he said. It was like a tick of his.

                “For our first time together, I’d tease the hell out of you. I’d drag it out as long as I could, just getting my fill of you. I wouldn’t be rough, not unless you want me to be rough. No, I prefer to take my dear, sweet time the first round. The roughness can wait until later rounds. We would not fuck just once, after all.”

                Kai then stood and came to my side of the table, kicking my chair back so he could stand in front of me, still keeping our pinkies locked as he used his other hand to reach down to my jeans to undo them and slide his hand inside to toy with me, making me gasp softly.

                He grinned at my reaction and kept talking. “Let’s see… I already think you smell pretty good, so I’d take my time licking and kissing every inch of you that I could. I bet you’d taste so good…” He chuckled when I gasped as his teasing fingers picked up their pace in my pants.

                “But that would only be for our first time together, would I be so caring and doting. All the other times, because I’m not a just one-time guy, I’d be rougher.” He gave me a smirk as he watched me. “I’d bring out the ropes, the cuffs, the whips. I’d want to see you reduced to nothing in front of me. I’d want to make you all mine, and I’d want you to know it. I want everyone to know it just by looking at the marks I’d leave on you. They’d be so pretty. The whole world would know you belong to Kai Anderson.” He grinned seductively.

                His fingers curled suddenly and made me fall forward with a gasp, our pinkies breaking contact so I could place a hand on his chest for stability.

                “Kai, please…” I begged, feeling something swelling up in me, and I just needed to release it. “I’m so close, Kai.” I panted, gripping onto his shirt.

                “I’ve got you,” He softly smiled and moved my head so he could begin kissing at my neck. I gasped slightly and gave a little moan, as I loved the feeling of his lips on my neck. I began to move my hips in time with his hand and reached my explosive climax in next to no time.

                Kai then wrapped his arms around me and held me close to him as I tried to just breathe, and I don’t know if I ever felt safer. How funny, me feeling safe in the arms of an abomination like Kai. An absolute monster’s hold.

                “Just tell me when you’re ready and we can go somewhere a bit more comfortable.” He hummed and I nodded, pulling away but keeping my hand in his. “You want to?”

                “As long as you’re nice to me.” I smiled and tugged his hand, starting to walk out of the basement and up the stairs to my doom to get in bed with the actual devil.

Chapter Text

I’ve been working for the comedian Richie Tozier for about three years now, and I’ve been in love with him for two of those years.

                I was his assistant, which meant I handled the publicity, his official social media accounts, and any little thing that needed to be done. I mainly answered phone calls and emails and made sure everything was to his liking.

                I felt a certain dread when I answered his phone right before a show and the number wasn’t recognized.

                “Hi, this is Richie Tozier’s work phone. May I ask who’s calling?” I answered as I walked right behind Richie through the dark hallways.

                “Hi, this is his old friend, Mike Hanlon. Can I talk to him? I’m afraid I have some bad news for him that I’d really prefer to be given straight to him.”

                “Um, sure…” I said and placed my hand over the speaker. “Richie, you have a call from a Mike Hanlon?” I said and he took the phone and raced away to vomit outside not even a minute later.

                That very night, after an unsuccessful show, he left to go to some town called Derry that I’d never heard of before. And after a few days of no word from him, I went and drove to Derry myself, and ended up finding him in a hotel lobby with a bunch of other adults.

                “Thank God, you’re alive.” I sighed once I saw him.

                “You… What are you doing here?!” He exclaimed, coming over to see me.

                “You disappeared literally overnight! I haven’t heard a word from you in days, Richie! Excuse me for being a little worried.” I crossed my arms over my chest stubbornly.

                “You were worried about me?” His tone changed to one of surprise, or disbelief.

                “Yes,” I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Next time you decide to run off, text me first. Save me some sleep.” I chuckled, which turned into a cough. I tried to clear it softly, but it felt like there was something caught in my throat and I was choking.

                “Whoa, hey. Are you okay? You sick?” Richie’s eyes widened and I doubled over, clutching at my throat, and something fell into my mouth, which I spat out into my hand.

                A flower petal.

                “What the fuck.” I blinked, trying to process what just happened. “WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY DID JUST COUGH UP A FUCKING PETAL?” I exclaimed, looking at Richie.

                “Weird things happen in this town.” One of the other adults shrugged.

                “Am I gonna die?” I asked.

                “No! No way!” Richie exclaimed loudly and quickly. “You’re not allowed to just fuckin’ die. You just got here. Besides, what would I do without my favorite assistant?”

                “I’m your only assistant,” I chuckled, a cough brewing up in my throat again.

                It didn’t even take one night for me to start coughing up fully bloomed flowers and their petals to be dripping blood.

                “I read it in a book once, what’s happening to you.” The handsome one, Ben, came up to me the next morning to tell me.

                “What is it?” I asked.

                “It’s called Hanahaki Disease. It’s fictional, but weird stuff always happens in this town. Unexplainable things.” He sighed and continued on. “It’s basically born of unrequited love. You’ll cough up petals, then flowers, and soon thorns will grow in your throat. I’ll be blunt, you could die from this.”

                I looked at the ground and sighed. “So, it is one-sided, huh?” I asked, slowly accepting that fact.

                “Okay.” I just nodded.





                My mind was made. While the others went off with Richie to do something, I spent the night developing a sick habit. For every flower that I coughed up, I’d tape to some fake stems I bought and arrange in a vase. They were all blood-splattered and looked a little sickly, but also beautiful in a haunting way.

                I could feel the scratch in my throat, and I was constantly trying to clear it even though I knew it wouldn’t do any good.

                When Richie and the others got back, minus Eddie, he came straight to me and sat on my bed as I arranged the flowers.

                “So, what are you doing?” He asked in a dead voice.

                “Preparing,” I hummed.

                “Preparing what?” He looked over, and I saw no harm in telling him.

                “Preparing to die,” I sighed, brushing my fingers over a soft, silky pink and red-stained carnation petal.

                “What?” He sounded startled, and I didn’t bother looking back. 

                “Ben explained what’s wrong with me. There’s no cure, so I’m surely going to die. I want these flowers to be put to some use before I go.” I said, just staring at them.

                Richie then asked me to explain it to him, so I did, and he listened in shocked silence. I tried to keep quiet, but the scratch in my throat was growing out of control.

                “Who do you love?” He asked, looking down at his lap or the floor.

                “You,” I admitted with a smile. “I love you, Richie. I have for years now.” I said and heard his choked sob.

                “I’m sorry,” He cried, and I didn’t even have the strength to look at him.

                “It’s okay. I know you don’t love me, and it’s okay.” I tried to assure him. “Really, Richie, I’m okay with it.”

                “I’m not!” He exclaimed, and I began to cough again, this flower feeling very solid for some reason. “I may not love you, but I still care about you, dammit! That has to count for something!” He said just as a blood-soaked rose head tumbled into my hands.

                There was another one right after that, and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. I soon fell to my knees, and Richie got up to hold onto me as he cried for me to stay with him as I choked and suffocated on the flowers growing in my lungs.






                I looked at the ground and sighed. “So, it is one-sided, huh?” I asked, slowly accepting that fact.

                “Okay.” I just nodded.

                So, it’s better to just… tell him. That’s scary. I plucked up my courage and waited for him to get back to the hotel, and he was a weeping mess when he did.

                “Richie?! What happened?” I raced over and held his arms as he covered his face.

                “We lost Eddie,” Bev told me, and my heart sank deep down in my chest.

                “Oh,” I said in a defeated tone. “I’m so sorry, Richie.” I wasn’t stupid; I knew they were close. I knew Richie loved Eddie.

                Richie clutched onto me like I was his only source of stability, and I just gathered him in a hug.

                “I loved him,” Richie cried in my ear, and I rubbed his back.

                “I know, Rich. It’ll all be okay.” I assured him.

                “I loved him, and I lost him. Who else do I have?” He sniffed.

                “You have me. I love you.” I said, wondering if this was the right time for this. “And, Richie? I’m not going anywhere.”

                He looked at me and gave a lopsided smile that told me he was on the brink of tears again.

                “You mean that? That you love me and you’re not going anywhere?” He sniffed and wiped under his eyes.

                “Yeah, dude. Promise.” I smiled and wiped a few tears he missed. He gave a shaky chuckle and leaned forward to kiss my forehead, which made me beam so widely.

                “I love you, too.” He muttered, which is all I needed to hear.

Chapter Text

               "Young master, what have you gotten yourself into now?" The demon butler asked the angry boy fuming before him.

               "Does it even matter? Fix it!" The boy just demanded, all while I was standing off to the side, in this small male body, watching my own body be controlled by the absolute definition of a brat.

               "My lord, I cannot even begin to imagine how to fix an issue such as this," Sebastian said, and I tried hard to hold back a snicker. "I would think the best option would be to wait it out. Who knows? You could have fun with this."

                Sebastian's right. I could have fun with this.

                 I snuck off to his room to find one of his more expensive jackets and paired it with a fine outfit, and began strutting around the house in a particular way that made Sebastian smile when I saw him. He knew what I was up to the second he saw me.

                "Sebastian," I said with my nose in the air, and he played along with a little smile, coming to attention.

                "Yes, my young lord?" He asked and I had a hard time not giggling.

                "I would like you to go to Africa and find me the best black tea you possibly can, preferably from Kenya, some chocolates from Germany, and biscuits from Scotland, and have tea prepared in… oh, ten minutes." I checked my watch.

                "My lord, you're being too generous. Ten minutes?" He gave a little smirk, and I actually couldn't help but laugh this time.

                "But seriously, what kind of tea do we have? I'd like something Irish if we have it." I asked and he led me to the pantry.

                "The young master prefers Earl Grey, so that's what we usually stock. We do have an Irish blend I could add a little whiskey to." Sebastian offered.

                "Could you? That'd be perfect." I asked, hoping I wasn't being too pushy or asking for too much.

                I ended up sitting in the kitchen sipping tea from a giant cup as Sebastian worked, and Ciel came stomping in with my body before long.

               "What are you drinking?" He asked and took my cup to take a sip. "It's smooth, but what the hell is that taste?"

                "It's whiskey," I chirped and took the cup back to drink more. "Good, right?"

                "I will not have you polluting my body with-" He started to shout.

                “Ha, it’s my body for the time being, and I’ll pollute it with whatever I like,” I said in a snobby way with my nose in the air.

                “No! It’s still my body, like it or not!” Ciel shouted, then he paused and gave a smirk. “I didn’t want to do this, but what if I just… disrobed?” He asked and I looked over at him with a glare.

                “You wouldn’t dare.” I hissed through my teeth.

                Ciel just hummed and turned to go to his room, and so I drank my tea quickly and followed him, but I was too late. I opened his door and saw him blushing madly as he stared at my naked body in the mirror.

                “I didn’t think this through…” He muttered and was startled as I started to take his clothes off of my (his) body. “What are you doing?!” He exclaimed staring at me as I let his shirt fall to the floor.

                “Were you just going to stare? Or were you going to do something while in my body?” I walked over and tilted his chin up to look at me. He trembled a little, and I felt his breathing get shaky.

                “I… I touched a little, but it felt weird and I don’t know how…” He stuttered and yelped when I cupped between his (my) legs.

                “Let me show you how to touch a girl, then,” I smirked and led him over to the bed where he lied down, giving me a wanton look. Damn, did I look like that all the time?

                I crawled over him and kept working my hand, being gentle with how I stroked the lower lips and felt the growing wetness down there. Ciel took in a sharp breath before he moaned in my voice, and he closed his eyes and let his head tip back in pleasure.

                “I haven’t even gotten to the clit yet,” I chuckled and stroked it with my thumb, making him whine so erotically.

                “More,” He writhed beneath me, making me grin and want to try something. I leaned down and gave a testing lick to the cute little pearl, and Ciel let out a loud moan before I sucked it into my mouth and slid in a finger, curling it to drive him crazy. He gripped onto my hair and forced my face closer, which only made me smile and work harder.

                It didn’t even take a minute before he was coming and I was licking it up. That’s what I tasted like? Huh. Interesting. Not bad, just interesting.

                Then there was a moment of dizziness, and when I came back to my senses, Ciel was shirtless above me and there was a pleasurable tingle between my legs.

                “I’m back in my body!” I exclaimed, feeling my hands and arms just to be sure of it.

                “About time, too,” Ciel smirked and parted my legs further before he began undoing his pants.

                “Why?” I grew nervous.

                “Because there was no way I’d let you fuck me in my own body.” He said and leaned down to kiss me, taking me completely by surprise.

                It was a welcome surprise, though.

Chapter Text

Two lines. Fuck.

                I was in my room staring down at the pregnancy test in my hand. I’d missed two periods and didn’t think anything of it until I woke to feel incredibly nauseated this morning. Then it started to click in my head.

                Shoto Todoroki was my boyfriend, and we’d only had unprotected sex a few times before. I wasn’t that regular on my birth control, though. This was totally all my fault. He was so close to graduating from UA High School, and I was close to graduating as well. Just a few more months…

                “MOM?!” I screamed, knowing I could trust her with anything. She was always there for me, whatever I needed.

                “Honey, what is it?” She ran to the bathroom just to hear my cries. I opened the door and showed her the pregnancy test proving me positive. “Oh, honey…”

                “What am I gonna do?” I wiped my cheeks. “I’m not ready for a baby… Shoto… I don’t even know if he wants one…” I sniffled.

                “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll figure it out.” She hugged me.

                “You’re not mad?” I asked, hugging her back.

                “Accidents happen, sweetie. Besides, it’s not like I’m clueless. I was a teenager, too.” She gave me a look. “I’m not happy about it, but there’s no point in getting mad over it.” She smoothed my shirt down.

                “Now, I suggest you go find Shoto and tell him immediately. If you want, you two can come back here and we can all talk about a plan, if you’re keeping it or not and where to go from there.” She said and I nodded, thankful she was so understanding.

                I cleaned my face up and got dressed and went off to UA High. I wasn’t a student there, so I wanted to look good if I would be meeting any of his classmates. I texted Shoto when I got close, asking him to come to meet me at the gates. Maybe he could let me in? I didn’t know how it worked.

                By the time I got to the gates, I had my mind made up. Shoto was standing there with a staff member who had to sign me in as a visitor. Then I was allowed in and kept my eyes to myself as we walked through the dorms to his room.

                “Who’s that, Todoroki?” One person in the dorm common room asked.

                “None of your business,” Shoto just said and led me away by my arm. He didn’t speak again until we were in his room.

                “Did something happen? You look oddly serious.” He asked.

                I took a breath and sighed, refusing to sit. “I’m just gonna say it. I found out that I’m pregnant… thirty minutes ago. My mom already knows, and she’s supporting me with whatever I choose. Now, I’ve already decided to keep it and raise it… with or without you.” I said as bluntly as I possibly could.

                Shoto nodded as he sat on his bed and he quiet for the longest time. I was starting to grow worried until he got up and approached me, lifting my shirt and my jacket, and he stared at my bare stomach before he placed a cold hand over it. He was still quiet, but now smiling a little.

                “You’re serious? You’re really pregnant?” His eyes flashed up to mine, and I nodded silently.

                “Well, it’s a bit earlier than I expected, but I would love to have you have our kid and raise them with you, my love.” He smiled like he couldn’t keep it hidden anymore, and I smiled out of relief.

                “Sounds good,” I sniffed, tearing up, and he wiped my cheeks with a smile.

                “As soon as we graduate, I’m getting us an apartment. I’m not letting either of you out of my sight. Have you scheduled a doctor’s appointment? We need to make sure that they’re okay…” He rambled, and I giggled at his excitement. “You better include me in every single appointment, too… What?” He asked at my smile.

                “I just didn’t think you’d be so excited to be a dad,” I admitted.

                “I’m going to be a dad…” He blinked. “I’m going to be a dad!” I laughed a little harder at how long it took to click for him.

                “Do you mind if I tell my classmates?” He asked and I shook my head, and he took my hand and led me out and to the common room.

                “Oh, are we finally getting introduced?” A pink girl asked with a smile.

                “This is my girlfriend. We’ve been together for about two years… I’m going to be a dad.” Shoto said in a rush, and I giggled at his happy face and their collective shock.

                “You’re gonna… what.” A green-haired guy asked.

                “You have a girlfriend?” A redhead asked.

                “You had sex with another person?” A tough-looking blond boy said. “A girl, for that matter?”

                “The twenty of us have known each other and been by each other’s sides for three years now. I wanted you all to be some of the first to know.” Shoto just smiled, his thumb running excitedly over my skin on my hand.

                “Are you sure about this?” A tall, blue-haired guy with glasses came forward to ask him. “I mean, this is serious, Todoroki. No going back.”

                “Oh, yeah, you’re stuck with me now.” I smiled, squeezing his hand. “Don’t even think about leaving the kid, or I’ll fucking kill you,” I said brightly with a smile, and Shoto laughed a little and kissed my hand.

                “Wouldn’t dream of it. I promise.” He assured me.

                “Yeah, Dad-oroki!” The pink girl cheered and pulled us into a tight hug. “You should name the kid Ashido, after me!” She beamed, making me giggle.

                “Todoroki, what’s your dad going to think?” The green-haired guy asked, and his smile fell.

                “I don’t care what he thinks. It’s my kid, not his. He’s not going to touch them. I’m going to be the father he could never be.”

Chapter Text

Fuck this. Seriously.

Fuck the mission. Fuck my teammates. Fuck our enemy, and fuck his quirk.

Apparently, we were all pissing off a certain villain we were trying to recruit; Dabi by being cocky, Shigaraki by jumping the gun, Toga for wanting to make him bleed, Twice for being Twice, and me for being moody about this.

So, he fucking sprayed me in the face with his quirk gas, said "good luck" and left.

Shigaraki asked me if I was okay, and I insisted that I was fine, but as we went back to the bar, I soon couldn't stand the tingling between my legs. Now I was losing my goddamn mind.

I was close to grabbing Dabi by his collar and forcing his shit-eating grin between my legs. Who knows when the last time that guy got some? He'd be fucking thanking me for the opportunity… though I couldn't exactly dominate him, and that's exactly what I wanted. To control someone.

There was always Toga… I bet she's as innocent as she is crazy. How old is she anyway? Eighteen?

"Hey, you okay? You've been staring at Toga for the last few minutes." Dabi leaned on the bar next to me.

"If I asked you to put your head between my legs right here and now, what would you say?" I asked, still looking at Toga.

"I'd say you need to suck me off first." He nodded, looking confused.

"And that's exactly why I'm not asking you." I pushed myself off the bar and went over to Toga, feeling aroused and confident, and slipped my fingers into her hair before I kissed her roughly.

"Damn," Dabi coughed and Toga kissed me back, seeming surprised. I pulled back and gave her a little smirk before taking her hand and started to pull her away.

"Didn't know you were a dyke," Dabi called.

"I just don't want to suck your dick. Toga doesn't have a dick." I called and led her to a bedroom, pushing her in and shutting the door behind us. "Strip." I nodded, my eyes only on her.

"Not even a please first?" She smiled as she started to take her shirt off. I just kept staring wordlessly until she was nude. I then took my own clothes off and came towards her, tilting her face up to look at me.

"You ever ate pussy before?" I asked and she shook her head.

"No, but I've seen people do it online." She said and I led her over to the bed, sitting on it and spreading my legs, making her get on her knees on the floor.

"Eat me out. Please." I said, watching her lick her lips before she leaned in and attached her lips to my dripping wet core.

I moaned and let my head fall back as she worked, feeling relief flood through me at the gentlest swipes of her tongue. She was gripping onto my thighs, and my hips lazily bucked up into her mouth.

"More… on the clit…" I moaned and she sucked it into her mouth, even going so far as to nibble on the little bud with her teeth. I moaned out loud, my hips jerking and my whole body twitching, and she was soon licking all my come up and giving pleasant little sighs.

I pulled Toga up by her hair and kissed her before turning her to sit on the bed, then I pushed her back to lie on it so I could crawl over her, still keeping our lips locked while my hand slipped down between her bare legs. She gasped, moaning out my name, her hips rolling up to meet my hand.

Her lips and tongue were so hot, and she was panting, her face so cute and erotic below me. I pulled back from her lips to start placing harsh bites against her neck and chest, moving my fingers within her at a fast pace, making her squeal and start to come. I’m sure they could hear her in the other room, and that just made me cocky.

“Go on, be as loud as you want. Let them all know who’s making you feel this way. Let them know full and damn well that they’ll never please you like how I can.” I grinned and she began to writhe, screaming out my name.

“Please! Please! I’m so close! Please!” She begged, making me smile.

“That’s what I like to hear.” I hummed giving her a kiss before I attacked her clit and she came with a loud gasp and fell limp beneath me. “You’ve been so good for me, baby girl.” I murmured against her cheek before kissing it, and she gave a pleased little shiver.

“I’m your baby girl?” She blinked her eyes hazily.

“Yeah, you are.” I nodded and kissed her forehead. “Get some rest, babe. You’ve earned it.” I said and covered her up as she fell asleep, and I got dressed and walked out, getting stared at by the rest of the guys as I asked Kurogiri for a whiskey.

“Did you have to be so loud?” Shigaraki sighed, not looking too bothered.

“Yes. Just so everyone knows who the real alpha here is.” I smirked and took a drink, pleased by how Dabi didn’t know how to feel. I just smirked and kept drinking, thinking of what I would do to my baby girl next.

Chapter Text


                Right now, I was just staring in boredom at the signs above the waiting area, and I rolled my eyes at how lenient we were with those rules. Shoto and I were simply too kind to people, so we allowed the bitching and whining, though he got more annoyed with it than I did. Dabi just thought drunk customers were funny, and he even had a special form he made drunks sign so he couldn’t later be sued for inking them.

                Honestly, I loved working here. Kaminari was our receptionist, Shoto, Dabi, and I were a few of the artists here today, and Shigaraki and Aizawa were our managers.

                “Hey, I’m about to go to lunch. Anyone want anything?” Kaminari asked, getting up from his chair.

                “I really want a bagel,” I nodded in thought as I looked up from a sketch of a monster lady with horns and fangs, all naked and glorious and bloody.

                “With cream cheese? I got you.” He nodded and gave me a wink.

                At that moment, three giggling girls walked in; a short brunette, a long green-haired one, and a blonde with two buns. Kaminari sat back down and gave them a smile and began signing them in. He asked them if they wanted any specific artist, and they each said they’d take whoever was available.

                “What’ve you got?” I went over.

                “Well, this lovely lady would like a stream of bubbles on her forearm. Very cute and simple. This darling would like a raining cloud. So cute.” He smiled at the brunette and the green-haired girls.

                “And what about that cutie?” I nodded to the blushing blonde.

                “She would like some flowers.” He nodded.

                “Dibs on the flowers. I’ve just drawn up a new design.” I then locked eyes with the blonde girl. “Let me grab it, see what you think,” I said and she shyly nodded. I turned and went to grab it while Dabi and Shoto decided who would get who. Dabi eventually settled for bubbles girl, and Shoto took raincloud.

                I brought my watercolor flowers over and the blonde girl gasped and stared at the drawing. “So pretty… I love it.” She nodded.

                “Where would you like it to go?” I asked.

                “I was thinking my shoulder…” She said, and I nodded.

                “Yeah, I could do that. Any specific colors you wanted?” I asked, giving her the paperwork to fill out before I could work on her.

                “Red? Like, blood red.” She smiled.

                “I like it. Cute and a little creepy.” I nodded and let her be to fill out the forms while I drew the outline up, and called her back about fifteen minutes later.

                “What’s your name?” I looked at the form. “Toga? I like it.” I nodded as she took her cardigan off, leaving her in a tank top, and she sat in the chair, leaning forward a little for me so I could clean and sterilize her arm. I transferred the ink onto her arm and once we got the placement right, I could hear the buzzing from the other two guns and saw her looking at her friends, who had slightly screwed up faces.

                “Does it hurt much?” She asked me as I readied the ink and the needle points.

                “Well, I’ll tell you what my artist told me the first time I got a tattoo. I was seventeen, and I was terrified of the pain. She said, ‘think of the worst pain you’ve ever felt and compare this to that.’ Afterward, I hardly felt the needles. It was nothing.” I said and she nodded and put on a thinking face.

                “Ready?” I asked and she nodded, so I made sure her arm was relaxed before I turned on the gun and began inking her, and she let out a breath.

                “I don’t feel a thing. Wow, you were right.” She said and relaxed even further.

                “Not nearly as bad as you thought, huh?” I smiled and she blushed again, focusing her eyes away from the gun on her skin.

                “So, why flowers?” I asked near twenty minutes later.

                “I work in a flower shop. We all do.” She nodded to her friends. “Tsuyu’s the cashier and takes orders, Ochako and I deal with making bouquets. I also take care of the flowers. They’re like a passion of mine.” She said softly.

                “That’s cool. What’s your favorite?” I asked.

                “I know it’s cliché, but roses are. They’re beautiful, romantic, but also dangerous. If you don’t watch yourself around something so pretty, it could hurt you. Make you bleed.” She said, and I nodded, seeing her point.

                We talked a little as I continued to ink her, and by the time we were halfway through, her friends were already done with theirs. She didn’t care and paid attention to me and the process. Even Kaminari gave me a little smirk and a wink as he delivered my bagel with cream cheese and a random lemonade.

                “So, you got your first tattoo when you were seventeen? What did your parents think?” She asked.

                “My mom actually came with me to get one while I did.” I chuckled. “She’s always been supportive. She even got a tattoo based off of one of my tattoos; my dragon.” I said and showed her my leg, where a little black and blue dragon sat. “Dabi did that one himself, then did my mom’s. He’s so proud.” I chuckled and said man rolled his eyes at me.

                “Don’t know why you don’t just name the fuckin’ thing after me.” He shrugged.

                “His name is Levi, and you will respect him,” I said, hardly joking. “He will help me take Westeros with fire and blood.”

                “Sure, Khaleesi.” Dabi rolled his eyes again and sipped his iced coffee.

                “Asshole,” I mumbled to Toga, who giggled. I smiled and took the last few minutes to finish her up, clean the tattoo, and wrap it up, then send her home with some lotion.

                It took a few days, but Toga came back into the shop, her tattoo looking so fresh and healthy; I was impressed. But I was even more impressed by the giant bouquet of blood-red roses, red carnations and tulips, and white baby’s breath she had in her arms.

                “This is for you!” She said and put it down at my work station, and all eyes in the room were on us.

                “Me?” I asked, and she was blushing heavily and nodded.

                “Make sure you read the card!” She said and rushed out quickly. I quirked a brow and plucked up a little white stationery card and opened it, reading the ten-digit phone number on it and blushing.

                It would definitely be put to use. And soon.

Chapter Text

“Just give me a sec to wash my face. Go ahead and choose the movie!” My girlfriend called from our bedroom, and I just smiled softly and turned to our collection of horror movies. I quickly picked up The Shining and put it in and got comfortable on the couch as she came out in a red hoodie and thick socks, nothing on her legs. Perfect.

                “The Shining? Really? You couldn’t have chosen Cabin in The Woods? At least that one’s scary and funny.” She said as she curled up to my side, her legs up on the couch.

                “You love Stephen King and you know it,” I said, wrapping my arms around her after starting the movie, putting on subtitles for her, just how she liked it.

                “You’re not going to squirm too much, are you?” I muttered in her ear, making her squirm.

                “Not if you keep doing that,” She giggled and swatted me away, and she relaxed against me to watch the movie.

                I distracted her a little during the first few parts, knowing she was uncomfortable with things like domestic abuse, but she’s also seen this movie enough to know what happens.

                With my arm around her, my hand resting on her bare leg, my mind wandered off to how lucky I was that she was comfortable with me touching her like this. So many people in school were sure that I would use my quirk to do bad things and get away with just about anything. Many girls avoided me because they were scared I would take advantage of them. I couldn’t blame them, really. It was a scary world out there and who knows what anyone else might try to do to weaker people.

                I was certain I would never get a girlfriend ever. I was so certain that people would just always avoid me and my quirk. But here I was, with a girl that trusted me and who actually wanted my touch.

                What a blessing.

                I turned my head and saw her hair in a messy bun, giving me complete access to her neck. She looked invested in the movie, all according to plan. I moved a little closer and began to place kisses on her neck, using the tip of my tongue to trail over her skin. I heard her giggle as her fingers slid into my hair, right where I liked them.

                “What are you up to?” She asked.

                “I can’t love you a bit?” I frowned teasingly.

                “We’re watching a movie. Your idea, I recall.” She gave me a knowing smirk, letting me know that she saw right through me and my plan.

                “Shut up and take your panties off,” I mumbled before kissing her softly. She moaned into my mouth and I felt her shifting to take her panties off and drop them on the floor. I pushed her onto her back and let my fingers meet her folds between her legs.

                She gasped softly in my mouth as I slid two fingers in and swirled them around, pushing in deeper and curling them forward to feel that rough patch on her front wall and abuse it. It took only a minute for her to begin writhing, her eyes shut tight as her jaw dropped.

                “Oh, fuck, Shinsou!” She cried, making me smile.

                “That’s it, babe,” I smirked and felt her chest over her hoodie, my thumb running over her perky nipple, hardened from how turned on she was. “Tell me how good it feels,”

                “So good! Please, I need you.” She began to beg, knowing I loved her being so needy for me.

                “Anything my princess wants,” I smiled and softly kissed her as I took myself out of my sweatpants and pumped a few times before slowly sliding into her.

                “I love you,” She smiled at me, bringing up her arms to loop around my neck. “Even if you think you need an elaborate plan to fuck me instead of just asking.” She then giggled.

                “You mean I could’ve just asked to fuck you this whole time?” I sighed as I began to move my hips.

                “Yes, dummy.” She smiled and gave a little gasp at my movements. “Now would you fuck me? I’ve been waiting for this all night.”

                “All night, you say? You’re naughtier than I thought.” I chuckled and kept up my pace, loving how warm and tight she felt around me.

                “Please. If we were in a horror movie, we’d probably end up getting murdered because we’re both too horny by each other to notice the murderer.” She snickered in such a cute way; I fell in love with her all over again.

                “You’re forgetting that I could use my quirk to make the murderer leave us alone.” I pointed out, moving her legs over my shoulders.

                “That’s if he’s one who talks. Michael Meyers doesn’t talk, for one example.” She pointed out before making a face twisted in pleasure as I began to stroke her clit.

                “In the world we live in, all villains do is talk. They all love the sound of their own voices.” I scoffed and kissed along her jawline. “Are we really talking about this while we’re having sex?”

                “Hey, you’re the only person I can talk to about these matters and have sex with at the same time. Get used to it.” She smiled before lifting her head to kiss me, making me dizzy with just her lips.

                “I love you so much,” I chuckled, shaking my head and continued our night fucking her thoroughly with screams in the background.

Chapter Text

It’s been a few weeks since I caught Kirishima and Bakugou making out in the library, and I literally couldn’t get it out of my head. I wanted to be kissed that passionately. I wanted to be wanted that badly. How lucky they were to have each other while I was just here… waiting.

                There haven’t been any more study groups since. In fact, I really haven’t seen Kirishima or Bakugou since the incident. I wasn’t trying to avoid them or anything, I just haven’t run into them.

                And then I spoke too soon.

                A chair made a screeching noise next to me in the library, and my head snapped up from the book I was reading and I saw Bakugou sitting next to me and Kirishima watching him with a frown and crossed arms.

                “Whatcha reading?” He asked, taking my book from me.

                “Bakugou…” Kirishima sighed, almost sounding like he was warning him.

                “Romance? Huh. How fitting.” Bakugou closed the book and threw it back on the table.

                “Bakugou! She hasn’t done anything.” Kirishima hissed and took a seat.

                “What’s this about?” I asked, looking between them.

                “Oh, I think you know.” Bakugou narrowed his eyes at me.

                “I told Bakugou that you saw us that day of the study group. Now he’s all worried you’ll tell someone.” Kirishima rolled his eyes. “She hasn’t told anyone yet. She’s nice. She wouldn’t.” He said.

                “Yeah, it’s none of my business. I don’t care who you kiss.” I shrugged and reached for my book again.

                Bakugou just shut it and tugged me up by my wrist. He muttered for Kirishima to get my bag as he forced me out and to a dorm room. Based on the lack of red, I was betting it was Bakugou’s.

                “What do you want from me?” I huffed, taking my arm back.

                “When was the last time you were kissed?” Bakugou asked, taking me by surprise.

                “When… when I was fourteen. Why?” I demanded.

                “Five years? Damn. So I’m betting you’ve never been touched? Do you touch yourself?” Bakugou got a little closer, and I was just confused and hurt.

                “Is that why you brought me here? To make fun of me?” I teared up.

                “Ugh, Kirishima, help me out here.” Bakugou groaned and got up, and Kirishima came over and sat beside me, taking my hand.

                “We’re not making fun of you, promise. We’re offering to change that if you wanted.” He said, looking into my eyes, and my head tilted, and I understood.

                “You mean… a threesome?” I asked, sitting a little straighter. “Are you sure you want me? I mean, me?” As far as I knew, I wasn’t conventionally attractive. No one’s ever confessed to me, people didn’t stare when I walked past them, no one wanted.

                “Well, Bakugou wants someone to make a mess of, and I think you’re pretty cute. You’re also pretty quiet, so you wouldn’t be telling anyone about this.” He explained and I nodded.

                “Okay. If you’re sure about this, then I’m in.” I said, completely sure of this.

                “Great. Kiss her.” Bakugou nodded to Kirishima, who smiled and rolled his eyes before he caught my cheek and gave me a soft kiss. I jumped a little shock, and it took me a second to remember how to kiss, but I soon got the hang of it and kissed him back.

                While Kirishima and I kissed, Bakugou came over and parted both of our legs, placing his hands over our crotches. Kirishima hissed through his teeth and his hips bucked up into Bakugou’s hand, and I tried to roll my hips to make him move his hand.

                It was all a blur as we all undressed and kissed, and I was just noting the differences between Bakugou’s and Kirishima’s kisses. Bakugou was rougher, needier with his kisses while Kirishima was gentler, but needy at the same time. I giggled at how similar they were to their respective personalities.

                “What’re you laughing at, huh?” Bakugou gave me a little glare as he got down between my legs, putting my legs over his shoulders.

                “Nothing,” I gave him a smile. He grunted and swept his tongue across me, and I gasped and arched my back a little.

                “You look amazing,” Kirishima muttered and kissed my neck.

                “You should suck him off,” Bakugou said, and I rolled my eyes.

                “Who put you in charge?” I asked, and he placed a bite on my thigh, making me yelp.

                “I’m always in charge. Suck him off.” Bakugou said, and I made Kirishima lie down beneath me.

                “I will, but not because you said so,” I spat at him, then gave a smile to Kirishima.

                “Bakugou? I think she’s a dom,” Kirishima said, sounding amused.

                “She wishes she were a dom,” Bakugou laughed before he sucked on my clit.

                “I’m a switch, I’m just more dom than I am a sub. I mainly hate being bossed around.” I said as I stroked Kirishima’s length. I took him into my mouth and was immediately pleased with the sigh he gave as he relaxed. I made sure to relax my jaw to make this as good as I could for him, and I was happy when he seemed like he was really enjoying it.

                “Tell me how good it feels,” I said and sunk down again. I assume he’s the bottom here.

                “So good!” Kirishima whined. “Please don’t stop!”

                Bakugou growled against me and shot up, making me raise my head to look at him. “You, under him. Get your dick in her now.” He ordered, and my eyebrow quirked.

                “Why?” I asked, both of us looking at him.

                “You’re bringing out the competitiveness in me. Now I’m going to fuck both of you.” He growled and got me on my stomach, Kirishima above me.

                “Give me a second! I don’t want to crush her!” Kirishima exclaimed and took him time pushing into me. I gasped and sputtered, this feeling incredibly new to me.

                Behind me, Bakugou was getting ready to enter Kirishima, and I saw his plan now. Fucking Kirishima would make him move, therefore fucking me. That was kind of hot in a way.

                Bakugou was rough and ruthless in his fucking. I could literally almost feel the force of his thrusts through Kirishima, and soon I was panting and moaning, moving my hips back against Kirishima, who was holding onto me and panting in my ear.

                After what felt like hours of just being fucked in multiple positions, we all finally finished and lied on the bed in one big, sweaty mess. Bakugou surprised me even further by grabbing me by my hair and pulling me up into a rough kiss that left me breathless.

                “I’ll fuck you properly one of these days.” He swore, which only made me grin.

Chapter Text

Hey - call me back when you get this

Or when you've got a minute

We really need to talk

Wait - you know what

Maybe just forget it

Cause by the time you get this

Your number might be blocked

                I was working so hard to keep a smile on my face, and it was getting really hard at this point. It was my party, and he had the audacity to look happy and have not a single care in the world?

                I planned on finally ending it weeks ago, but Bakugou once again wormed himself into bed with me and made me fall so much deeper in love with him. Stupid me.

"Stay" and "blah blah blah"

You just want what you can't have

No way

I 'll call the cops

If you don't stop, I'll call your dad

                “Hey! Happy birthday!” Kaminari came over and grabbed my hands to dance with me, and I gave him a smile and tried to dance and be happy, but I could feel the daggers Bakugou was shooting at us.

And I hate to do this to you on your birthday

Happy birthday by the way

"It's not you, it's me" and all that other bullshit

You know that's bullshit

Don'tcha', babe?

I'm not your party favor

                “Would you stop?” I exclaimed as Bakugou came over and began to tug me away by my wrist.

                “I’ll stop when you stop,” He just grumbled.

                “Why are you being so bossy?! I can dance with whoever I want!” I tore my arm away from him.

                “And you really wanna dance with Dunce Face of all people?” Bakugou snapped back, silencing me and a load of other people.

Look - now I know, we could've done it better

But we can't change the weather

When the weather's come and gone

Books don't make sense if you read 'em backwards

You'll single out the wrong words Like you mishear all my songs

                “Why are you always like this, huh?” I asked, not noticing the music getting quieter and people’s conversations dying down to watch the spectacle. “You always want to ruin anything that makes me happy! Why don’t you just let me live my life?!”

                “I’m not-“ He tried, but I cut him off.

                “You are!” I snapped. “It’s my birthday, I can do whatever the hell I want! For one night, Bakugou, can you not be insufferable and ruin everything for one fucking night?” I begged, and he was wide-eyed and just staring at me.

You hear "stay" and "blah blah blah"

You just want what you can't have

No way

I'll call the cops

If you don't stop, I'll call your dad

                “Well, excuse me for just looking out for you! You know Dunce Face can get grabby.” He crossed his arms.

                “Maybe I wanna get grabbed by someone tonight. Not you.” I said, and his face twisted into anger.

                “What?” He hissed.

                “You heard me.” I challenged him. “I’ve tried to leave you so many times, Bakugou. I’ve tried telling you that I’m done with you, but all you do is waltz right back into my room like you own it, and you’re just so sure that I’m so willing to fuck you. I’m really done. For real this time. It’s my birthday, and I’m feeling pretty free tonight. I want someone else. Or maybe I just wanna be alone. Haven’t made up my mind yet.” I shrugged and grabbed a half-empty cup and drained it.

                I couldn’t even describe the look of shock and hurt on his face.

And I hate to do this to you on your birthday

Happy birthday by the way

"It's not you, it's me" and all that other bullshit

You know that's bullshit

Don'tcha', babe?

I'm not your party favor

                “No, please…” Bakugou tried as I tried to walk away, wanting to get drunk now. “You’re buzzed, you don’t know what you’re saying.”

                “Nah, I’m just starting to drink. I’m pretty sober right now, and I’m tired of it. Hey, someone make sure I don’t sleep with Bakugou tonight!” I called, just now noticing all the uncomfortable looks in the room, and I realize that everyone heard everything.

                “Happy birthday, babe.” Bakugou sniffed and I turned to him with a blank face.

                “I hate you,” I said, blatantly lying through my teeth, and walked off to my room to be alone.

Chapter Text

Erwin was being fucking secretive again.

                I wasn’t even sure where we were going. He just gathered a number of the higher-ups in a carriage and took us to a nearby town. He said he’d explain everything on the way, but he wasn’t doing a lot of fucking explaining.

                “Oi, Eyebrows, where are we going? Get to talking.” I crossed my arms moodily.

                “There’s a noble family that runs the town near our current base. They’re willing to make a donation to the scouts and be our allies should we accept it.” He gave me a smile.

                “What kind of donation?” Hanji asked. “Tools? Money? Food?”

                “Resources, mainly. But that’s not the real donation.” Erwin smirked, leaving us all confused. “Levi, just do me a favor and keep an open mind.”

                I nodded, promising him that at the least, and finally, we arrived at this fucking castle overlooking a healthy-looking town. That told us a lot already. We were invited in and through many bright hallways to what looked like a meeting room. There was a couple in fancy clothes along with a younger-looking girl, maybe around eighteen or twenty years old. She was pretty, but nothing mind-blowing. She was just a girl in a pretty dress.

                We all took seats and were served tea and fresh water, and Erwin and the couple began discussing matters of resources we would receive if we accepted the donation. I noticed that they never specified what this donation was.

                It took maybe an hour for them to get to the point. Erwin turned to the rest of us with a weird, soft smile, and his eyes locked onto mine and he didn’t say a word.

                “Oh, Erwin! You didn’t tell them, you trickster!” The woman chuckled, and my eyebrow rose at him.

                “The real donation, should we accept it, is her.” Erwin nodded to the girl sitting in the chair, her head now hung. She looked up at us, then immediately looked away. “We don’t have a rule against marriage in the Survey Corps, and it’s too late to accept her as a soldier, so I said one of us would step up and marry her,” Erwin said, right before dropping the bomb on us.

                “Levi, I was hoping you would do it.”

                I looked up and stared at him, then reminded myself to keep cool. I didn’t want to accidentally hurt this girl’s feelings; things are already hard for her right now. She’s getting married off for fuck’s sake. That can’t be easy.

                I began running through the possibilities in my head. Accepting her hand in marriage would supply the corps for years. We’d have allies in this town, we’d be free to use their resources… This isn’t about me. This is about the corps and humanity’s future.

                I turned my head and studied the girl. She was plenty pretty enough. She wasn’t too old or too young, which I guess was a bonus. She better not be snobby, is all.

                “Yeah, I’ll marry her.” I agreed, trying to see the silver lining here.

                That afternoon, her servants packed her things and she got on the carriage with us. I learned her name from her parents and learned that she was mostly quiet, she kept to herself, she didn’t talk much at all. I found this to be true on the carriage during the ride back, where she didn’t say a single word. I was just now realizing that I’ve never heard my soon-to-be wife speak.

                I helped her move her bags into my room and found her just running her hand over the covers on the bed, looking deep in thought.

                “What are you thinking about?” I asked as I set her bags down. None of the cadets knew she was here yet. Fuck, this was a mess.

                “I’ve never shared a bed with anyone but my parents before.” She spoke softly, her voice welcoming to my ears.

                That’s right. We would be sleeping together now. Shit, what do married couples even do?

                “I mean, it’s fine. I don’t mind sharing it with you. I just… does it feel different? Sleeping next to someone?” She turned to look at me.

                “I wouldn’t know,” I shook my head.

                She gave a little smile and sat down on the bed, looking around the room. “It’s very clean here. I like it.” She nodded.

                “It’s not nearly as big as your room back at your castle.”

                “Please. Those rooms were so empty and cold. I already prefer it here. It’s… warmer.” She nodded and began taking her hair down. “So, I notice that your women wear pants.”

                “So?” I asked, confused as to where she was going with this.

                “Can I wear pants, too, then?” She asked, and I froze, beginning to see the big picture here.

                “Wear whatever the hell you want.” I nodded, and she smiled really wide. “Why did your parents want to marry you off, anyway?”

                “Well, I’m twenty now… I’m actually two years late. They wanted me to marry at eighteen.” She shrugged and gave a light laugh. “Honestly, it was because they caught me and the gardening boy fooling around outside in the shed.”

                That caught my attention quick. I turned and stare at her with her cheeks bright pink and a smile on her lips.

                “They didn’t like that?”

                “Not one bit,” She giggled. “But I’ve never been touched before, and I figured it was time. But they’re all about saving yourself for marriage and whatever.”

                “Do you want to be touched?” I asked.

                “By you?” She hummed and gave the tiniest of smirks. “Since you’re going to be my husband, I suppose yes. I have become quite frustrated as of late.” She nodded thoughtfully.

                I was, surprisingly, elated to hear it.

                That night, it wasn’t so hard sleeping next to her. She hooked her arms around one of mine and slept on her side, and the next morning, I was blessed with the sight of her waking up with messy hair and a smile. She didn’t get dressed in one of her dresses. Instead, she took one of my casual wear shirts and pants, looking incredibly good in my black clothes.

                “I don’t think I’ll ever do my hair up again. Damn, it feels good to wear down. Wait, can I cuss?” She looked at me, alarm in her eyes.

                “Yeah, see? Fuck.” I said, making her smile and laugh, which made me so happy for some reason.

                “Looks like you two are getting along.” Erwin nodded as we sat down for breakfast. “She’s already wearing your clothes.”

                “She’s tired of those heavy dresses. Honestly, I can’t blame her.” I said and she giggled softly next to me as she sipped some tea.

                I then leaned over to whisper to Erwin. “You have no idea how restrictive her house was. I think she’s just happy to be out of there. I think she feels free.” I said and leaned back to get her some breakfast, and she thanked me with a kiss on my cheek.

                Yeah, both of us were pretty happy that she was finally free.

Chapter Text

“We need backup!” Mina called desperately just as my team came rushing in.

                “We’re here, Mina!” Kaminari called. “What can we do?”

                “It’s the league again,” Kirishima grunted as he deflected a blow and blasted someone back and into a building. “They got some new people, but it’s the same old guys as usual. Toga, Dabi, Hand guy, Spinner…” He began to list but got cut off by an attack and let out a yell as he began to fight back.

                I saw Kaminari in trouble, and so I took my gloves off and rose one hand to the sky where the clouds began to swirl and create friction and energy. Once there was enough, I used some of the energy to strike down his opponent without hurting Kaminari himself. He looked over and gave me a thumbs up in thanks before moving onto the next opponent.

                “You’re interesting,” A smooth voice said in my ear as an arm wrapped around my shoulders and neck. I raised my arm to fight back and get him off of me, but he caught my wrist and twisted my arm behind my back. I let out a groan and struggled a little, but he wasn’t leaving me any room to do anything.

                “So, how’s your quirk work, huh? Don’t make me force it out of you.” Dabi chuckled darkly in my ear.

                “Fuck you!” I huffed and tried to swing around with my other arm, but he caught that one, too, and turned me to face him.

                “Don’t even try to get out of this.” He hummed and brushed away some hair that had fallen into my face. Then he gave a creepy grin. “Actually, you just gave me a really good idea.”

                He then called over another villain and told him to “spray” me with “the special stuff” whatever that was. The other guy grinned and put his hand over my mouth and nose and a sickly-sweet smell took over my senses. I coughed and could taste it in the back of my throat.

                Dabi then called for Kurogiri, saying he got one and needed passage. In just a few seconds, I was pulled back into a portal and in a room where Dabi released me once the portal was closed.

                “What did you do to me?!” I demanded, feeling weird down in my gut.

                “You like it? It’s our new guy’s quirk. He calls it Sex Pollen. I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself.” Dabi grinned and caught my chin in his fingers. “And all I have to do to speed up its effects is this.”

                Then he kissed me. I was initially too shocked to move, and he was just moving his lips against mine, tilting his head in a nice way, and then it clicked in my head that he was actually kissing me.

                I shoved him off of me and wiped my mouth, looking at him in disgust, and he had the audacity to laugh at me. “You won’t be looking at me like that in an hour,” He said before leaving and locking the door behind him.

                “Jackass!” I swore and kicked a chair, mad that there were no windows in the room, mad that I got caught in the first place, and mad at just everything going on right now.

                The itching, tingling, throbbing feeling between my legs was getting worse by the minute, but I was just trying to focus on whether or not my friends would try to find me. Dabi told Kurogiri he “got one,” so were they planning on kidnapping a few of us?

                I tried to keep my thoughts on an epic rescue, but my mind kept drifting off to Dabi’s neck and jaw, and how delicious they looked. I bet I could cut myself on his jawline, it was so sharp. His neck was long and muscular, I just wanted to place hickeys all over it and claim him as mine…

                Wait, what the fuck was I even thinking. He was a villain and I was a hero. It would be wrong to give in to whatever this was and sleep with him. But before I could even sort those thoughts out, my hand had drifted down between my legs and cupped my growing wetness there.

                “No!” I exclaimed at myself and pulled my hand away. I would not give in to these sick desires!

                But three hours and two visits from Dabi later, I was on the floor in tears, begging him to help me.

                “Please! Please, it hurts!” I begged, grabbing at his pant legs.

                “Tell me what hurts. Say it.” Dabi smirked down at me.

                “My pussy. Please, please help me make it feel better. Please, I’ll do anything.” I begged, wiping my cheeks free of tears.

                “Anything, you promise?” He smirked as he won, and I knew he had. I just nodded, sniffing back my tears, and he pulled me up and into a kiss, rougher than the last one. I clutched at his sleeves as he closed the door behind him and began to walk me back to the bed. I was clawing at his clothes, but it only made him laugh.

                “You want ‘em off? Take them off of me.” He said and I didn’t answer but began taking his clothes off of him, licking my lips at the sight of his muscles, and I was soon shoving his pants off of him before I stood to take my own clothes off.

                “Ah, ah…” Dabi stopped me and cupped my sex over my pants, and I groaned as he just so lightly rubbed it.

                “Wow, you sure are soaked. I can feel you through your suit.” He sounded impressed.

                “Dabi, please…” I begged, holding onto his arm.

                “Alright, princess, I hear you.” He sighed and slowly undressed me, and I was growing impatient and needy, so I kissed him roughly to move it along. Once we were both finally bare and, on the bed, his fingers met my core and I groaned and moved my hips to get him to rub me.

                “Impatient, are we?” He chuckled.

                “Like you don’t know what that quirk is doing to me. Now, fuck me or I will kill you right here and now.” I growled and turned onto my stomach, shamelessly shaking my ass at him.

                “Tempting,” He grinned, running his hands over my ass. “But how do I know that you won’t kill me when you’re cured?”

                “How I know you won’t kill me when we’re done?” I retaliated.

                “How about we both just promise not to kill each other when we’re done?” He said and positioned himself behind me.

                “Fair,” I nodded and felt him start to push in, and I gave a gasp and felt my eyes roll back at the relief flooding through me.

                “Damn, you’re tight. Real wet, too. You’ve done this before, right?”

                “Nope, virgin,” I said and Dabi fell silent as he rocked in and out of me.

                “So… so, I’m your first?” He asked quietly.

                “Does it matter?” I asked, wondering why he was slowing down.

                “Yes, it matters.” He sighed and pulled out, then turned me onto my back. “Now I feel kind of guilty. I’m a villain and all, but I don’t actually want to hurt people too badly. At least not innocent people, mostly just heroes. And I know you’re a hero, but you’re like, a new hero. You’re still innocent, not corrupt. You haven’t done anything. I was just looking for a little fun… I didn’t want to steal your virginity…” He sighed and raked his fingers through his hair.

                I just looked up at him in confusion as he looked so torn. He grabbed my hips and positioned me a little better, then took me by surprise as he kissed me a lot gentler and slid back into me, now pumping his hips at a much slower pace.

                “Your first time is supposed to be memorable, magical. I’ve fucked it all up, haven’t I?” He chuckled, keeping close to me.

                “You’re doing fine,” I assured him, tangling my fingers into his hair as he began to rub at my clit, making me feel better and better with every second that passed.

                When we both finished, we lied in silence on the bed, and I had no clue what to say or do. DIdn’t people usually cuddle or sleep after sex? I feel like I should be showing him some sort of appreciation for being gentle with me in the second half.

                “Thank you,” I said softly, and saw him smile.

                “A hero thanking a villain. Let’s not break all the rules today.” He said and looked over at me. “Though, I wouldn’t mind breaking just one more rule.”

                “Which rule is that?” I asked, turning on my side.

                “Can I have your number?”

Chapter Text

It had been maybe a week since I saw either Kirishima or Bakugou. I thought about what Bakugou said about fucking me, and wondered constantly if he actually wanted to, or if he was talking out of his ass.

                I started wearing tighter, more revealing clothes now that I was more confident in how I looked. That wasn’t me saying that getting fucked once made me confident in myself. It was me saying that now I realized that I had a body that could be seen as attractive and I was going to dress it as such.

                Todoroki was the first to notice and ask what the hell I was wearing.

                “SHE HAD SEX,” Mina shouted in public at him, which would’ve made me blush in the past, but now I just laughed.

                “So, it’s true?” Todoroki gave me a look with both his eyebrows raised.

                “Yeah,” I just nodded, not seeing the harm in telling him.

                “Do I get to know who you slept with?” He asked.

                “Nope. I don’t know if they want it known.” I shook my head with a smile.

                “They? So, it might not have been a guy?” He asked, and I just smiled, not saying a thing.

                “They could also be plural. Did you have a threesome? Foursome? Orgy?” Mina asked.

                “I’m not saying anything.” I smiled and shook my head.

                Word soon spread around campus that little old bookworm me slept with someone, which surprised a lot of people for some reason.

                “I was sure you were going to remain a virgin until marriage,” Kaminari said.

                “What’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped, staring at him.

                “Dunce Face. Leave.” Bakugou snapped at him as he came over, and Kaminari scrambled away as Bakugou sat down at the table I was seated at right in front of me.

                “What do you want?” I asked as casually as I could.

                “I want you to come over tonight.” He said, looking me straight in the eye.

                “Oh? Why?” I asked innocently, and his eyes narrowed.

                “You’ve gained balls since we fucked.”

                “Thank you, by the way.” I grinned. “Will Kirishima be joining us?”

                “Of course,” Bakugou nodded.

                “Are we planning anything?” I asked, folding my hands in front of me.

                “Plan on getting your brains fucked out.” Bakugou grinned.

                “Ha. We’ll see about that,” I rolled my eyes with a smirk.

                Bakugou stood up from his seat and walked around the table and grabbed my neck, then tilted my face up and he kissed me roughly. I didn’t allow him the satisfaction of dominating the kiss and fought him with my tongue. When he grew angry and pulled back, I bit his bottom lip and smirked, staring into his eyes as the kiss broke.

                “I like a little fight,” He growled before walking off.

                When night came, I went over to Bakugou’s dorm in my PJ’s, a simple sweatshirt with no bra and flannel pants. I knocked and Kirishima answered, commenting that I looked cute.

                “She’ll look better without clothes. Just saying. Get over here.” Bakugou grew impatient quickly as I walked over while Kirishima locked the door.

                “Want something, Bakugou?” I grinned.

                “Yeah, you undressed. Now.” He growled with a grin.

                “Hm. You undress me. I’m feeling lazy today.” I shrugged, just standing before him.

                Bakugou surprisingly smirked and tugged me towards him by my hips before he began to strip me. “You’re going to regret acting so high and mighty in a bit, you know.”

                “Well, I’m certainly not regretting it right now.” I chuckled as he placed kisses and soft bites down my stomach.

                “Feeling a little left out here, guys,” Kirishima spoke up, now out of his clothes as well.

                “Aw, I’m sorry. Come here, honey.” I smiled and beckoned him over, and I could see the hearts forming in his eyes.

                “She called me honey!” He hissed to Bakugou excitedly, making me giggle, and Bakugou just rolled his eyes.

                “That’s because you are my honey,” I said and started stripping him.

                “You’ll strip Shitty Hair but not yourself?” Bakugou just sat back and watched.

                “I’m nice to subs. They deserve it.” I said and gave Kirishima a soft kiss. “Now, suck his dick,” I said to Bakugou as I slowly stroked Kirishima to get him harder.

                “Why me? You’re already touching him.” He asked, not sounding like he actually had a problem with it.

                “Because I want to suck your dick. I can’t suck two dicks at once. My mouth isn’t that big.” I rolled my eyes and dropped to my knees. “Besides, it’d be nice to see you reduced to a mess because of me.” I grinned and began to lap at his hardness.

                He stiffened and gave a stifled moan, then growled for Kirishima to get closer. I focused on my work, swirling my tongue around his tip and sinking down as low as I could get on him. I soon got a good pace and relaxed my throat enough to deepthroat him, and Bakugou was absolutely losing it, based on how he was gripping my hair at the back of my head.

                My own hand dropped down and I started to touch myself just to get a little stimulation, and Kirishima was the first to notice.

                “Get up here. Bakugou ate you out last time, now it’s my turn.” Kirishima touched my shoulder to get my attention. I stood, wiping my mouth, and Kirishima lied on the bed and gave me a little grin. I climbed up and positioned myself over his face, facing his body, and he gripped my hips and lowered me down over his mouth, immediately swirling his tongue over me, making me gasp and shudder.

                Bakugou straddled Kirishima’s hips and I watched as he lowered his ass down on his length, then I watched the beautiful sight of his back arching as he filled up. Bakugou let out a moan and began riding Kirishima, stroking his own length in time with his bounces.

                “What are you looking at?” He snapped at me as he caught me staring.

                “You just… you look good taking dick.” I blushed and averted my eyes.

                Bakugou just huffed and brought his hand to my neck like he did earlier and gave me a kiss, starting off rough, but eventually getting softer and more sensual. His hand eventually moved from my neck to my cheek, his thumb trailing over my skin, and soon my hair when I replaced his hand with mine and I controlled the pace and made him go slower.

                Bakugou was soon moaning into my mouth and feeling up my chest, and Kirishima hadn’t given up on my clit in a while, so I was getting scarily close.

                “I’m close,” I whispered to Bakugou, trembling with my legs nearly squeezing Kirishima’s head, and he pulled back and gave a thoughtful look.

                “Kirishima, put your tongue in her. She’s going to come, and I want you to drink it all up.” He said, and Kirishima obeyed, slipping his tongue between my folds and into me. Bakugou watched me carefully and let his hand leave my chest as he began stroking my clit, making me twitch and gasp out loud before I began moaning, and in a moment of my whole body tensing, I had come all over Kirishima’s tongue and he noisily lapped it up.

                I blacked out for a moment as Bakugou and Kirishima finished, and we were all laying together on the bed, just catching our breaths and coming down from our highs.

                And now that my head was clear, we had quite a bit to talk about.

Chapter Text

“Ooh! We should totally go into that one!” Toga excitedly pointed out the poster for a haunted house.

                What were we doing and how did we get here were the main questions to be answered. It was the twenty-seventh of October, just a few days away from Halloween. Most of us in the League were absolute sluts for Halloween, Toga and Dabi being the main ones, so Shigaraki allowed us a week to get it all out of our systems so we could focus on working for the League once it was all over.

                Kurogiri’s plan? Halloween themed amusement park. There was one near the hometown I grew up in that became spooky-themed for September and October, and Christmas themed for December. I had told them all of some memories I had at the park, and this year Kurogiri had the idea of taking us all to the park for a day.

                The park was normal during the day, but once six p.m. came around, the spookiness would come out. Actors would be all around the park in costume and makeup and their only objective was to scare you. There were also several haunted houses around the park, and Toga had just pointed one out that I didn’t recognize. Must be new.

                “It’s hospital themed! Lots of blood and gore!” She cheered.

                “It’s fake blood, crazy.” Dabi rolled his eyes at her.

                “Still blood, nonetheless! Come on, let’s go in!” She grabbed my arm and began pulling me into the entrance.

                I didn’t even have the chance to yell for the others as she pulled me into the house. We were welcomed with sounds of people groaning and screaming in pain over the speakers, and I grabbed onto Toga’s hand as she began to lead me through.

                The whole thing was one long, winding pathway. The first few rooms were filled with bloodied, sexy nurses, and then some patients looking doped up out of their minds. They moaned for help, telling us to get out or to get them out. Toga just giggled maniacally and laced her fingers through mine as we walked through.

                The rooms got progressively more twisted. The nurses got bloodier and began telling us that everything would be okay and our procedure would be over soon. Then there were rooms of doctors operating on people and some scattered patients with missing parts. I was impressed with the makeup making it look like parts of people’s faces were missing with bone and muscle showing through.

                The last few rooms were patients screaming to be let out, either chained to bloody beds or just stumbling around. We came to one room that had flashing strobe lights, and a few very dark rooms filled with whispers of medical jargon, and the house ended and we were let back out into daylight.

                “That was a little freaky,” I chuckled breathlessly to Toga.

                “Aw, do you want me to make you feel better?” She gave me a kind smile, looking as innocent as could be.

                “How do you plan on doing that?” I asked, curious.

                She then leaned over to my ear and whispered into it before giving it a sharp nip with her teeth. “By slipping my tongue into that pretty pussy of yours, of course.”

                I gave a shiver, making Toga grin, and she grabbed my hand and led me around the back of the haunted house, and pressed me against the wall, looking lustful and hungry. She kissed me hard, her hands playing at my skirt, pulling it up and over my hips. Her hand cupped my sex over my panties and she began to rub slowly as we kissed, making me moan into her mouth.

                After a little while, she got bored and pulled down my panties and put them in her pocket, giving me a grin as she dropped down to her knees and she parted my legs and got me angled properly before putting her face between my legs.

                I immediately gasped and gripped her hair, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back against the bricks. Toga just kept lapping with her tongue, she just kept it up, driving me crazy with the want to come. I could do this for literal hours, as I loved the slow build of pleasure she seemed to have mastered bringing me. Not even my own fingers felt this good.

                “Toga, Toga, please,” I begged, gripping onto her buns.

                “You were so brave, getting through that haunted house with me. Go ahead and come, baby.” She encouraged right before suckling on my clit, that being the final push that sent me over and into oblivion.

                When I caught my breath, Toga had already fixed my skirt and was standing up, waiting for me to come back to reality.

                “I can’t have my panties back?” I asked, tugging my skirt to cover more of my legs, feeling very bare under the short material.

                “No, they’re mine now.” She giggled and gave me a kiss.

                “What… what if someone sees? What if Dabi sees? Or… or Shigaraki?” I panicked.

                “They won’t say anything. Don’t you worry.” She assured me, petting my hair as we walked back to the group.

                “Hey, you two took a while,” Shigaraki said, and Dabi just gave a knowing smirk.

                “Long line, what did you expect?” Toga shrugged. “Do you even see how crowded it is, Tomura?”

                “That’s exactly why I want to go home.” He huffed, crossing his arms.

                “Deal with it. You’re such a baby.” Dabi scoffed and began leading the group away to something else.

                Toga grabbed onto my hand and pressed a quick kiss to my cheek, making me blush even deeper and be so happy that I had these people in my life.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

“Shit, you look bad.”

                Shoto didn’t speak much. That given, he didn’t swear much either. But, with those said, when he did speak, he swore an awful lot.

                “You aren’t looking too good yourself.” I tried to joke, coughing up a little blood.

                “Yeah, well out of the two of us, who do you think looks worse?” He said as he carried me away and to safety.

                “Definitely you,” I cracked a bloody smile.

                He brought me to a hospital, and I sort of blocked out everything around me but the beeping of the monitor I was connected to. It was steady, which I guess was good, but everyone else seemed kind of concerned about it.

                “Is it bad?” I asked a nurse.

                “How do you feel?” She just gave me concerned eyes. “Not physically, we can all see that you must be in a lot of pain. How do you feel emotionally?”

                I took a minute to consider my feelings before I expressed them. “Surprisingly, I feel fine. Should I not feel fine?”

                “No! It’s okay that you do, really.” She assured me with a smile. “We’re just trying to figure out if your calmness is shock or anything emotionally traumatic related.”

                “Oh,” I nodded. “Well, I’ll tell you if I feel different. Honestly, right now, I’m just kind of hungry.” I said, and the nurse actually gave a little laugh.

                “I’ll get someone to bring you a tray,” She said and left after I thanked her. Shoto came into the room and took the seat next to the bed, and he had already changed out of his hero costume and into a hoodie and joggers.

                “You gave me quite a scare there,” He sighed, and I just smiled.

                “I’ve gotten good at it, haven’t I?” I chuckled.

                Shoto just leaned over and brushed some hair off of my forehead. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try so hard to scare me like that. I prefer you in one piece.”

                “Boring. You don’t like me with a few holes and pieces missing?” I laughed, but that kind of hurt, so I toned it down.

                “Yes, shockingly, I prefer you to be okay and not in pain.” He smiled a little, ad quieted as another nurse brought me a tray of food. I thanked her and started eating, offering my dessert to Shoto. He refused and watched TV with me while I ate my fill, then it was getting late. The exhaustion was kicking in, and I think Shoto literally paid off the staff to let him stay over in my room.

                “Move over,” He said and I chuckled and scooted over to the side to let him in the bed, and his arms immediately tied around my waist, and he froze.

                “This okay?” He asked in my ear, and I was feeling all sorts of things, but I was far too tired to sort them out right now.

                I gave a small nod and relaxed in his arms, dozing off rather quickly, my dreams empty and full of nothingness. The nights where I didn’t seem to dream were the nights I got my best sleep.

                I awoke the next morning with a weird feeling, but I ignored it to just enjoy being in Shoto’s warm embrace until I figured out what exactly it was.

                Shoto had one arm around my waist, the other was wound loosely around me with my breast in his hand. My heart began hammering in my chest, and to make it even better, his thumb was trailing over my nipple over the hospital gown. And? To make it even better? I could feel him against my ass.

                “Todoroki,” I said, moving to stir him awake.

                “Hn?” He groaned and woke up slowly.

                “Are you going to fuck me or not?” I asked, and felt him raise his head.

                “What are you talking about?” He asked, and I put my hand over his on my chest, and he realized what he was touching and quickly drew his hand back. He began apologizing profusely, which only made me laugh.

                “I don’t mind, Todoroki. But you can only touch me like that if you intend on doing something about it. But, I also liked cuddling with you.” I smiled shyly.

                “I’ll keep it in mind,” He blushed.