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Pretty much everyone who'd ever heard of Fairy Tail knew their reputation. It was a place where the deadliest people on the continent congregated, a place for fearsome heroes that had a unnerving talent for destruction.

Only other guild wizards really knew that it was home to some of the nicest people in the world and that they partied nonstop, year around- when they weren't saving the world of course. Fairy Tail's parties were legendary, and the grand-reopening of the newly rebuilt guild after the defeat of Acnologia was certain to be the most legendary party to date.

It took much more time to rebuild than ever before. While Laki's wood-make magic proved to be invaluable to the rebuilding process, resources were spread thin as the guild decided they should focus on rebuilding their city instead. Fairy Hills was used to house the members until they could rebuild their lost homes. Consequently the guild was even more close-knit than ever before. No one would ever forget how they all worked together to push-back Acnologia and take down Acnologia, all of them willing to sacrifice themselves for their family.

Levy and Gajeel finally acknowledged that they'd been a couple for longer than they'd realized. Gray actually started asking Juvia to go places with him instead of just letting her follow him around. Erza mysteriously disappeared for days on end any time the slightest whisper about Crime Sorciere made its way around Magnolia. Even Gildarts and Cana spent more time together. As for Lucy and Natsu, they were mostly just happy that they managed to bring their crazy family back together safely. Not much had changed in their day to day routine and their friendship went on business as usual.

Once her apartment was back to normal, Lucy had finally found the time and courage to seriously work on her novel, much to Natsu's dismay. He constantly begged her to put down her work and go on a job with him. The available jobs weren't particularly compelling as Fiore was essentially quiet on the eastern front, but Natsu's restless spirit missed going out on adventures with his beautiful blonde partner. It's not like he could actually tell her that he just wanted attention. She was working so hard to make her dreams come true, so he tried his very best to support her. Especially if that support meant spending more time at her place.