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One hand grasped her jaw and the other grabbed her ass, helping her grind against him as he desperately explored every part of her he could with his mouth.

Her thighs parted instinctively as her body ached for a different kind of touch.

His hand obligingly slipped beneath her skirt, clutching her ass, rubbing her hip, sneaking around to the front and teasing her by running his fingers along the edge of her panties.

Lucy thought she was going to either hyperventilate or pass out because she was gasping for air and her heart seemed ready to burst out of her chest.

She never knew her Natsu had this kind of fire in him.

The slow wind up was unbelievably tantalizing. Lucy decided to subject him to the same teasing. Her fingers scratched up the front of his thighs and she slipped a hand just into the waistband of his pants. She could feel a trail of soft curls there and she wanted to follow where it led, but it was payback time.

“Do you want me to go further?” She murmured against his lips. His only response was a breathy, high-pitched moan.

Lucy blinked at him in surprise.

She'd never heard such a sexy noise from him before.

“What should I do here? I've never done this before and I'm just not sure.” Lucy pouted and tried her best to look innocent.

“Oh you want to do it like that, huh?”

He'd figured out her game.

Natsu Dragneel was without shame and he never backed down from a challenge. She should have known better.

“I want you to wrap that pretty little hand around my cock and stroke it until I cum.”

Lucy froze, staring at him like a deer in the headlights. She'd never heard him say anything like that.

“And while you're doing that... What do you want me to do down here?” He ghosted his fingers over her clothed center, his mouth going dry at how hot and wet she was even through the thin fabric. “Fuck,” he breathed unthinkingly. Her arousal smelled incredible too. His fingers moved on their own even as he waited for her to respond, stroking back and forth and pressing harder into the wet spot that beckoned him to explore further.

Too embarrassed to say the words “pussy” or “vagina” aloud, Lucy chose to distract him instead.

Her fingers grasped his cock firmly and started to stroke him from base to tip.

She didn't know what she was doing at all but the foreskin moved easily and made it easier on her.

Whatever she was doing, she was doing it right because she suddenly had a wanton, babbling dragon slayer leaning up against her begging her for something he was unable to properly articulate.

Feeling emboldened by how much he was enjoying her actions, Lucy leaned up to his ear and whispered her instructions to him in the most level tone she could manage.

“Tear my panties off and play with my clit.”

He looked a little confused but growled and tore off her underwear just as she requested, shoving them into his pocket.

He loved souvenirs, especially when they had to do with her.

As for the second part... Where was that? Lucy seemed to understand his hesitation because she paused what she was doing to him and lifted up her dress to show him. “Right here,” she stroked her clit. “Touch me like this.”

“Uh huh-” he croaked and obeyed her command. “Like this?”

“Ye-yes! Just like that!” God, he was good with his hands. “And you can put a finger inside if you want.”

“Oh fuck. Please.” He whined and slipped a thick, calloused finger up into her channel. Lucy jolted at the sudden intrusion but ground against his hand as he worked her into a frenzy.

She found it difficult to focus on him at the same time, thoroughly distracted by all the new sensations she was experiencing.

She unfastened his pants the rest of the way and bit her lip in nervous excitement when she saw his size.

“I'm going to need all of you,” Lucy whispered pleadingly. “Please, give me all of you.”

“You can have anything you want. Anything.”

Natsu pressed her against the door, easily picking her up and supporting her thighs with his strong arms. Lucy giggled and helped him to support her weight by wrapping an arm around his neck. The other hand reached between them and positioned him at her entrance.

She rolled her hips ever so slightly to tease the tip of his cock and prepare herself for his large size. She was surprised by how much of a stretch it was just to slip just an inch of his length inside her.

Natsu's firm grip on her hips turned bruising as he tried to control himself. It was the most exquisite torture to have just the sensitive head of his cock being teased by her tight virgin walls, kissed by her wet, swollen lips.

Lucy noticed his almost pained expression and immediately voiced her concern.

“Are you okay? I'm not hurting you, am I?”

“No, ah definitely not hurt.” He panted and whimpered. “Uhn! Just you know... Whenever you're ready for more. That would be, really really great.”

“Oh! Sorry!” Lucy blushed and immediately slid the rest of his length inside her. She flinched at the unexpected, sharp pain and smacked her head against the back of the door. “Damn it all! That hurt!”

“Hoh- wow!” Natsu babbled into the skin of her neck. He was thoroughly embarrassed by how not cool he was being. He wanted to be a real man for her their first time but he was kind of a bumbling idiot, and he was trying reeeally reeeally hard not to cum immediately. Her hot, slippery, vice-like channel was making that close to impossible and he was grateful that she seemed to need a second to adjust also. “Shit sorry, are you okay?”

“Um yeah, I'm alright.” She rolled her hips once the pain subsided and was incredibly pleased when instead of more pain she just felt filled in the best possible way. “Slow is good enough, right?”

“I'm sorry if I'm not good at this.” Natsu palmed her ass and helped her move in time with him, trying to let her set a pace that was comfortable for her but wouldn't make him lose his mind.

Lucy looked down between them and looked at him sliding inside of her. It was the most incredible thing she'd ever seen, the way they connected and the contrast of his tan against her pale skin.

“You're actually better than I expected.” She ran her tongue up the column of his throat to the shell of his ear. “And I expected a lot.”

“How long you been thinking about this?”

“Are you kidding?”

“For once? No, I'm not.”

“Since the day we met.” She rolled her hips forward and her clit brushed against his soft curls. The friction drew a long moan from her lips. Oh yeah, she needed more of that. The movement made him hit a different spot inside of her and it was absolutely exquisite. Her slick channel tightened around his length and she moaned loudly. “Natsu!”

“Oh, fuck. You like that, huh?” Thank fucking god. He didn't know what he ever did to deserve to have his gorgeous goddess wrapped around him, moaning his name so reverently. He was sure he would do absolutely anything for her though.

“Uhn yes! Keep doing that.” As they moved together her pulse quickened and she felt her pleasure start to build up. The dull sensations became more tantalizing as he continued applying the right kind of friction with his hips. Lucy began to feel unbearably hot and her insides coiled tight, every muscle in her body was tense and she needed release.

Natsu started to panic. He wasn't going to be able to keep this up for much longer. She just felt way too damn good.

“N-Natsu, harder! M-more!” The glorious blossoming, full pleasure she felt turned into an urgent, uncontrollable desire for him to take her harder and never stop. “More-more-more! Yes! More!”

He growled viciously as he emptied himself into her. He shuddered and stilled his hips but Lucy didn't let up at all. She continued to work herself up and down on his still mostly hard but utterly spent cock as she took him for all he was worth, lost in her own glorious, drawn-out orgasm, yelling words that he couldn't make sense of.

His relief quickly replaced by the torturingly overwhelming need to respond to her cries and keep giving her whatever she needed. He thrust into her as hard and quick as he could muster the strength for until her shrieking stopped and she slumped against him, letting him slip out.

“Hah, you good?” The dragon slayer nuzzled the top of her head and held her close after he set her down.

“That was... wow.” Lucy's gaze traveled up to his exhausted but perfectly blissful expression. He was all flushed and sweaty and absolutely gorgeous. Her fingers raked through his damp hair and she kissed him deeply. “You're incredible. Thank you.”

“Thank you? You're such a weirdo.” He kissed her back. Strange. He never thought he'd ever actually enjoy something like kissing but here he was. Unable to ever get enough of her.

“Mm-hmm.” Another kiss. “Oh shit...” Lucy looked up at him horrified. “Do you think they heard us?”

Yes. Lucy was loud enough to wake up the entire town.

“Who cares?” Natsu shrugged. “Let's go home.”

“You're coming home with me?” Lucy smiled at the idea of waking up next to him on purpose, all naked and tangled in the sheets. Lucy blushed. Living together like a real family. She liked that.

He was the one to pop the question.

“You wanna move in together?”