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Interactive Kinktober 2019 (BNHA/MHA)

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All the days have been filled in, folks!! :D

let’s see if I can’t actually get this all done lol


Week 1
Day 1: Little Red Riding Riot – Kiribaku
Day 2: spiders – KoudaJirou
Day 3: decorations – Iidayama
Day 4: Candy Corn ™
Day 5: Little Red pt. 2

Week 2
Day 6: pumpkin carving – Ochatsu
Day 7: horror movie – Koudayami
Day 8: spiderwebs – Monoshin
Day 9: “It’s a Halloween apple” – Todoroki
Day 10: pumpkin carving – Todoiideku
Day 11: apple picking – Bakusquad
Day 12: candy apples – Todomomo

Week 3
Day 13: black cat – Erasermic
Day 14: candy apples pt. 2 – Kiribaku
Day 15: sharing clothes – Kirideku
Day 16: ghost – OjiTooru
Day 17: costumes – Minamomo
Day 18: slutty costumes – Mineta
Day 19: pumpkin carving – Erasermic

Week 4
Day 20: pumpkin fucking – Kamisero
Day 21: painted pumpkin ass – Bakusquad
Day 22: pumpkin pie – SatoKouda
Day 23: vampire bat – AmajikiMirio
Day 24: vampire bat pt. 2 – AmajikiMirio
Day 25: homemade costumes – Kacchako
Day 26: borth – Kirishima and Tokoyami

The Forbidden Week 5
Day 27: Halloween Party preparations
Day 28: bobbing for apples – Tododeku
Day 29: costume contest – Bakuyama
Day 30: monster mash – Momojirou
Day 31: trick-or-treating – Tododeku

Chapter Text

Eijirou swore at the brambles that kept snagging his cloak. He needed to deliver these loaves before the sun fell or his moms would be pissed! He scurried through the forest, nervously looking over his shoulder. Had that been something in the bushes there?

Regardless of his growing fear, Ejirou went about his deliveries greeting his customers and wishing them a pleasant Samhain. He kept having to explain that no, he wasn’t able to stay the night, and yes, he would be careful on the road.

Each time he declined an invitation he was met with a confused nod, usually being offered a small gift in addition to the required payment. He frowned, turning over one such item in his hand. It was shiny and smooth, a nice thin bracelet that fit his wrist perfectly – wait was that actual silver?!

“U-um, miss? I-I don’t think I can accept this, it’s too much – “

The old lady at the door cut him off with a hand up, a knowing smile on her face. “Trust me, young man. It’s not only full moons you need to watch out for werewolves, after all.” she waggled a finger at him, closing the door with Eijirou still open-mouthed on the stoop.

Huh. Alright then, time to head back. He rustled around in his basket for any lingering orders, already knowing he was done for the night. For some reason, he had the urge to stay out just a bit longer…maybe pick some late blooms for his Mama? She liked flowers more than Mother, although they’d both probably appreciate them…yeah!

“Okay Eijirou, eyes on the petals!” Eijirou said to himself happily, spotting the sun low in the sky. He still had time, he’d be able to spare a few minutes.

A humble pile of wildflowers and long grasses later, Eijirou decided his basket was stuffed enough to return home. He hummed happily to himself, starting off down the path. Except, er, where had the path gone to?

“Shit...uh…” he flipped around, swishing his cloak around in the process. There was still just enough light to see by, but everything seemed filtered through a dusky haze. Damnit, he knew he should’ve returned sooner, he knew he –


Eijirou whipped around again, yelping as he came face-to-face with an angry-looking snout. Well, it wasn’t a snout at all, just a normal-looking man, but the big fluffy ears on his head had led his brain into thinking he was –

“What, never seen one-a me before? Oi, I’m talking to you, shit hair!” the man flicked him in the nose. This spurred Eijirou back into action, falling on his ass and scrambling away.

“Ow! You said human, you’re not human? And my hair’s not shitty! It’s spiky like yours! You…you…”


“You’re a…Katsuki?”

The man glared at him, sitting down next to him. When Eijirou flinched away, he huffed. “That’s my name, dumbass.”

“So…” Eijirou sat up, reaching a hand out to one of Katsuki’s ears. It looked so soft…

“Oi!” Katsuki went to swat his hand away, but bit his bottom lip in thought. “Y’know what, fuck it. Just…don’t make fun of me, aight?”

Eijirou nodded, stroking through Katsuki’s fine blonde hair. Oh fuck yeah it was soft. Katsuki whimpered, pushing into his hand.

“Fuck...human,” Katsuki grabbed Eijirou’s free wrist and licked it, long and slow “human…mate me.”


A growl built in Katsuki’s throat and he tightened his grip, staring fiercely at Eijirou. “I’ve been following you since you entered my territory, and at first I was just going to kill you but…god fucking damnit, don’t make me say it…”

Wait wait wait, his /territory/? The only humanoid land creatures that took territorial areas were… “You’re a werewolf?!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes, ripping his clothes off and rolling onto his back, bushy tail swishing slowly back and forth. “What fucking gave it away. Now, ya gonna breed me or am I gonna have to let a perfect human like you go to waste?”

Eijirou’s cock twitched with interest in his pants. Katsuki sure looked enticing, but…

“I-I need to be home soon…” he worried the handle of his basket “…will you show me the way if I help you?”

“I’d fucking help you either way. You’re too pretty to kill.” Katsuki let out a moan as he slid two fingers into his ass, keeping himself propped up shakily with his free hand. He shot Eijirou a challenging look, neglected cock dripping against his bare chest.

The pleased whine Katsuki let out at seeing Eijirou slide his pants down was music to the redhead’s ears. God, he never knew werewolves could be so needy…

“H-hey!” Eijirou gasped as Katsuki wrapped his legs around his waist and pulled him in, successfully seating him inside his ass. “O-oh wow…”

“Now breed me, human.” Katsuki panted, wiggling his hips impatiently. “Just fucking – nnnh!”

Eijirou settled himself over the small-statured wolf man, thrusting in hard and quick. He groaned in pleasure as Katsuki pulled him down for a kiss, shuddering a bit when he slid his tongue along razer-sharp canines. Knowing that Katsuki could probably tear his throat open any moment but wasn’t…it did something to him. A good something.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Katsuki chanted, looking up at Eijirou with surprisingly shy eyes “You said you name was – nnh – y-you were talking to yourself – ah – “

“Eijirou,” he whispered, smiling against Katsuki’s lips.

It was definitely past sunset by the time they finished, Katsuki curling deliciously up into Eijirou as they came. Eijirou rolled off of Katsuki into the dirt, panting. He’d need to repair his cloak after this. And he’d try to make a habit of walking this way from now on – if his moms ever let him leave the house alone, that it.

Looking to his side to see Katsuki smirking, just as breathless and just as fucked-out, he grinned. Definitely worth it.

Chapter Text

“Oi! Get that thing away from me!”

“C’mon Bakugo, it’s not even real!”

Kouda watched curiously as his classmates flitted around the aisles of the Halloween store, trying to scare each other silly with various masks and props. He wasn’t much for the horror side of the holiday, interested instead in the cuter, less intimidating cartoon ghosts and pumpkins dotting t-shirts and stickers.

And, of course, he needed to look for a costume for Nibbles. His rabbit never enjoyed dressing up as much as Kouda did, which is why he made sure to only buy the little hats or headbands – that way, Nibbles could just flick them off whenever he wanted! Good enough for a picture and maybe showing a couple friends, which was all Kouda was asking.

“Hey Koj, lookit this!” Kaminari said from behind, practically giving him a heart attack.

Kouda turned around expectantly, almost having another heart attack from the massive fuzzy spider perched on the boy’s head. He waved his hands in front of his face frantically, closing his eyes and shaking his head from side to side vigorously.

“U-uh, shit dude I didn’t – fuck, are you okay?” it sounded like Kaminari had gotten closer, and by the lack of fuzzed spider brushing against him he could only assume he’d gotten rid of it somehow.

“Denki what the fuck did you do this time?” oh, he knew that voice! Kouda lifted his head to see Jirou glaring daggers at Kaminari.

The blonde stuttered an apology, explaining how he hadn’t meant to freak anyone out, that he was just being a goof, when his eyes went big and he froze. “Um, Jirou?”

“What.” she snapped, hand flying to grip Kouda’s. He immediately felt better, letting out a quiet sigh of relief. Jirou gave him a small smile before turning back to Kaminari, eyes narrowing.

“There’s an, um, there’s a, hey Kouda don’t look up real quick, uh, lemme find a cup or something – “

Jirou rolled her eyes, grabbing something out of the air. “It’s fake, dipshit.”

“It is?”

Kouda peered curiously as Jirou’s closed hand. Real? As opposed to a fake piece of dust? At least, he’d assumed it was dust. Wasn’t it?

“Of course it – oh.” Jirou looked down at her now open hand, following the small arachnid with her eyes curiously. “Hey little guy, how’s it hangin’.”

“For fuck’s sake, squish it!” Kaminari yelped, jumping behind a display of blinking plastic necklaces.

Jirou cupped her hand around the spider protectively. “Why? He’s just looking at shit like we are.”

Ever since their midterms, Kouda had been trying to get himself less and less afraid of bugs. It had worked, though only to the extent of no longer crying when he found a beetle in his room. This…was a bit more than he’d expected out of the day.

“Wanna hold him?” Jirou looked up from her hand, raising her eyebrows. “Daddy long legs don’t bite.”

Tentatively, Kouda held out a hand despite every bone in his body telling him not to. He closed his eyes, trusting Jirou’s judgement of what to do from here on out. Feeling a small whisper of a touch against his palm, he cracked an eye open.

“I think he likes you!” Jirou beamed at him, carefully maneuvering her earphone jacks so the spider didn’t try to crawl up Kouda’s arm.

Now that he had a proper look at it…it was kind of cute? Nothing like those close-up pictures in National Geographic, just a spindly little guy with a few too many legs. He could do this.

“Shouldn’t you like…take it outside or something?!” Kaminari whispered loudly, still semi-crouched behind the teetering rack of goods.

Jirou nodded, looking at Kouda expectantly. What was he supposed to – oh. He glanced at the spider, now back in Jirou’s hands, and leaned down closer.

“H-hey little guy…c-could you go outside please?” Kouda whispered. The spider wiggled, holding out a tiny leg almost as if in a wave, then squeaked something to him and jumped from Jirou’s hand.

“Is he gone? Is he gonna go outside?” Kaminari asked frantically, looking around at the floor. “Oh god, what if it comes for me?!”

“She.” Kouda said quietly, almost too low for Kaminari to hear. The blonde scrunched up his nose, giving Kouda a weird look.


“She told me she’s a girl.”


Kouda nodded, satisfied in getting his point across. He’d never been one for words. Spoken words, at least. Jirou nudged him, holding out her hand.

“Wanna look at the stupid hats?”

Kouda smiled, taking her hand and letting her lead him to the section of fantastically ridiculous witch hats. None of them were big enough for his head, they only sort of perched up there on the narrow point of his skull, but it was still fun. Seeing Jirou snort out laughs was one of Kouda’s favorite things by far.

Chapter Text

Walking into the common area, Iida blinked sleepily and made his way into the kitchen. A cup of tea should wake him up enough…where was that damned cupboard? He squinted at the row of cabinets and drawers, not distinguishing between when one began and another ended.

Scratching his head thoughtfully, he continued scrutinizing the innocent kitchen walls. Now where would – ah! His glasses fell into his hand, which he immediately put on and set about making his tea. While the water boiled, he turned to see if any of his classmates were up yet.

He blinked. Blinked again.

“What the heavens…” he said quietly, wandering out into the empty room. Well, empty of people at least.

From every possible surface, there hang orange and black streamers, garlands, and lights. And that was only a fraction of the decorations that had somehow been put up – without his knowledge, mind you – between when he’d fallen asleep and when he’d woken up.

A little light-up plastic pumpkin blinked cheerily at him from on top of the television, toothy grin almost making him want to find it a friend. Hm, there had to be a similar decoration around somewhere…

The hour he usually spent running in the morning was replaced with rearranging practically every piece of glittery, shiny, and flocked item of Halloween festivity around into different spots. In his defense, the lights had looked about ready to fall down, the tell-tale hint of who had put them up being the familiar white tape sticking them precariously to the ceiling.

Sighing contentedly and looking around at his handiwork, Iida decided it was time to head back up and change. Normally he would be showered and ready by now, but…he grimaced at the orange, purple, and green glitter dotting his hands and, undoubtedly, the rest of his body. He might have time for a quick shower if he made it up to his dorm quickly…

“Bonjour, mon cher, why are you – “ Aoyama stopped mid-stride from the elevator, eyes flicking from the decorations to Iida. “Come.” he said softly, beckoning Iida over with a finger.

Iida swallowed, stepping into the elevator with his boyfriend. He knew what that look meant, and if he’d had any stronger willpower he would have planted his feet into the carpet, but the tiny blonde man had a way of making him weak.

“I was just thinking about you this morning, mon cher,” Aoyama said sweetly, pressing gentle kisses along Iida’s neck. “Not that I don’t think of you constantly, this time was…especially pleasant.”

The doors opened and Iida stumbled out, his mind spinning as Aoyama giggled and dragged him into his room.

“We still have a while before class starts, oui?”

He nodded drunkenly, already feeling himself growing hard. Iida let out a gasp at Aoyama sliding down his pajama pants, cheeks growing pink. They’d done it a few times, but it had always been fumbling and rushed.

“You look pretty covered in sparkles, Tenya~”

Sparkles? He wasn’t sure what Aoyama was talking about, but as his cock was gently swallowed into a warm mouth he found he didn’t care.

Daring to peek down, Iida swore to himself that he would commit the sight to memory. Aoyama, sitting back on his feet in a kneel, mouth wrapped beautiful around Iida’s long cock, making lewd slurping noises as he bopped up and down. His soft blonde hair irresistibly close, Iida just had to reach out a hand to feel it.

At the first touch of his fingers, Aoyama shivered. Oh? Iida tugged experimentally, almost coming undone at the moan his boyfriend let out immediately following.

“Oh Yuuga – !” Iida groaned, fumbling as he tried to figure out whether to pull out or not.

Aoyama just let out a moan, stubbornly keeping his lips closed tightly as he slid along Iida’s length. He peered up at Iida through his thick lashes, trailing a small hand up muscular thighs as he maintained eye contact.

“Y-yuuga – !” his orgasm wracked through him, causing him to pant and unconsciously hold Aoyama tightly against his crotch.

When he finally came to his senses and let Aoyama up for air, the small man was grinning up at him with the proudest look in his eyes.

“I took you well, oui?”

“So well, Yuuga.” he praised truthfully, nodding along at Aoyama’s suggestion of showering together.

Upon dressing and returning to the common area, they found more of their classmates awake and milling around.

“How’s it so good?! I looked like shit last night!” Mina gawked, taking in the new arrangement of decorations.

Aoyama batted at a low-hanging plastic bat, giggling. “I do not know, mademoiselle. Mon cher? Any ideas?”

“I-I, ah, well I don’t – “

Mina squinted at Iida’s face, prodding at his cheek. For a moment he panicked, had he not washed well enough?! But there hadn’t been ejaculate anywhere near his face, so then how…?

“You didn’t tell me you wore highlighter!”

Huh? Iida cocked his head a little. He’d heard the term used by the girls a few time in reference to something other than the neon yellow marker, but…wasn’t it a type of makeup? He had nothing against people wearing makeup, it was that he just didn’t see himself ever participating in something like that. What was she –

“Damn, it’s so sparkly too!” she gushed, squishing his cheeks with both hands now. “You gotta tell me what you use, it looks so good!” oh god, the glitter.

“I-I, ah, you see – “

“I let him borrow some of mine.” Aoyama cut in with a smile, slyly slipping his hand into Iida’s. “Looks good, non? Suits his features.”

“Totally!” Mina squealed, looking like she was about to say something else when a flash of yellow caught her eye. “Denki don’t you dare!” and she was off, stopping Kaminari from whatever he was getting up to.

“It does look nice on you.” Aoyama whispered, pressing a kiss to Iida’s cheek.

Iida frowned. “But I showered? I thought I made sure to get all the glitter…”

Aoyama giggled, saying something about Iida being a ‘silly naïve man’, whatever that meant, as he tugged him out the door.

Chapter Text

“How can you like candy corn?!” Uraraka exclaimed over the lunch table, fork clattering against her tray.

“I just…do? It’s good.” Midoriya said (asked?), popping another piece into his mouth. “Do you want any?”

“Deku, I care about you very much.” she took his hand out of the small bag and held it, looking into his eyes. “And I cannot let you put that into your body. It’s nasty.”

“Iida back me up here, candy corn is good right?” he looked hopefully at his bespectacled friend, who only tilted his head in response. “Have you…never had candy corn before?”

“I can’t say that I have.”

“Wanna try some?”

“Iida no! Don’t do it!” Uraraka pleaded.

Iida payed her no heed, biting down on the small candy. He chewed thoughtfully, making a small “hm” noise before swallowing. Iida looked from Uraraka to Midoriya, expression uncertain. “It is…alright, I suppose. A bit too sugary.”

“What?! Nonono, you gotta say it’s gross or super good, there’s no in between! That’s the cardinal sin of candy corn law!” Uraraka said, scandalized.

“Obscuring the truth is no way to live. I stand by my hearty acceptance of this mediocre Halloween staple.” Iida said matter-of-factly, leaving little room for discussion.

That was that, then. One vote for, one vote against, and a forbidden third smack dab in the middle. As was fate.

That is, until the entire class became invested. Unfortunately for Aizawa, he walked into class the next day to find his students all tossing little pieces of plastic around and arguing about…corn? He scrunched his nose up. Why did it smell sweet? His eyes widened in realization, hair raising in the air as he activated his quirk and quieted the class down. The brats were throwing candy at each other, not plastic. Of course. Of fucking course.

“Listen here.” he said firmly, glaring as his hair settled back around his shoulders. “Study hall will commence without further disruption. A single one of you talks, and you’ll be looking at a week of detention.” he turned towards the door, stopping mid-stride. “I expect this classroom to be clean by the time I get back. Got it?”

A chorus of “yes sensei”s followed him out. Aizawa sighed, taking out his phone.

“Snipe? You had these little shits last, what in the love of god did you do to them?!”

“I beg ya pardon?” the hero’s voice crackled over the speakers, sounding genuinely confused.

Aizawa sighed again. Great, that meant they were going wild without prompt, just what he needed. Why was it always him? Why did it have to be this problem class? Jesus christ, it was shaping up to be one hell of a year –

“All’s happened was we had a few minutes left over after the lesson so we talked about other cultures! Kiddos seemed real interested in Halloween comin’ up, so we got to talkin’ about candy corn – “

“Stop, wait.” the tired man pinched the bridge of his nose. “I thought I was going fucking crazy. God this all makes sense now, they’ve been so rowdy the past week and good christ they put up decorations in the dorms –

“They put of decorations?”

“Yes!” Aizawa groaned. “Ever since Hizashi saw it he hasn’t stopped pestering me to put one of those stupid fucking plastic bats in his hair.”

Snipe cackled over the line, his wheeze comparable to that of an asthmatic lawn mower.

“Now I know who to be pissed at, then. The entire goddamn class.”

“Glad I could be of service!” he could practically hear Snipe’s grin. “Anything else I could do ya for?”

“No, thank you.” Aizawa said through a scowl, ending the call. Study hall be damned, those kids were getting a lecture whether they wanted it or not. A true hour-long bitching was in order, and Aizawa was just the man for the job.

He didn’t even know what the fuck a candy corn was, but by god he knew he hated it.

Chapter Text

Eijirou survived his moms’ scolding, being granted time alone outside only to deliver bread for a week as punishment. Not the worst by far, he thought triumphantly. With winter even closer than before, business was booming more than ever, so even after his week of ‘probation’ was up he spent most of his time delivering.

Just as he promised, he always made an effort to take the path through Katsuki’s territory whenever he could. One particular night, he’d spent a little too long idling through the neighboring town and was out past sunset.

Not that he was worried, though; after he’d proven himself trustworthy, his Mama and Mother had granted him permission to stay out later if he told them beforehand. He smiled to himself as he started down what was becoming his favorite path in the whole forest. Hopefully Katsuki would be up, hopefully he would ‘catch’ him wandering, and hopefully they could even –

“Oof!” the wind knocked out of Eijirou’s lungs as he was shoved face-down, a heavy weight across his back. He grinned, he’d know that rough breathing anywhere. “Hey Katsuki!”

A grunt in response was nothing out of the ordinary, but something felt…different. Normally Katsuki would be all over him, showering him in kisses and sniffing at his clothes to see where he’d been during the week.

No such thing tonight, in fact Katsuki still had yet to say anything to him. Eijirou worried his lip, smiling fading a little. “Love? Everything alright?”

A big sigh from above reassured him. Katsuki just had a long day, maybe gotten into a territory battle with another werewolf. Come to think of it, Eijirou had heard of a black-haired one wandering around the outskirts of the neighboring village, and folks had started to get worried as the moon started to –

Oh shit.

Eijirou wriggled around enough to gaze vaguely upwards, catching sight of the full moon. Ayup, there it was. Well shit.

“Ei.” a raspy voice caught him off guard. Was that Katsuki?! “Ei, don’t look – oi!”

Scrambling out from under Katsuki, Eijirou sat crouched and stared at his partner. He was still the same Katsuki as before, but…he raked his eyes up and down the blonde’s now absolutely massive form. Katsuki had a proper snout now, with a cute little twitching wet nose at the end.

Well, okay maybe it wouldn’t be cute to a random passerby, but Eijirou found it adorable. Those powerful-looking forearms, though…damn. And those claw-tipped fingers? Paw pads? Hair (fur?) covering most of his exposed skin? Ears even fluffier than normal?

“Stop staring like that.” Katsuki huffed, voice still gruff. Even that sounded slightly different, more gravely…

“Katsuki,” Eijrou swallowed hard, scooting back under the werewolf “Katsu you gotta fuck me, please I just – “


Eijirou whimpered, catching sight of razor-sharp teeth. What would that massive mouth feel like gripped gently around his neck, sharp points pressing into his neck but not quite breaking skin –

“Oi, the fuck’re you doing?”

Looking down at himself, Eijirou flushed. Welp. There was no hiding his arousal with his pants torn the fuck off, and he really didn’t have any excuse as to why he would be fingering himself right now…

Katsuki rolled his eyes and drew a claw down Eijirou’s cheek, just barely scratching his skin. “Here I was thinking you’d see me as a monster.”

“No way! Katsuki I love you and you’re so hot like this, I – “ Eijirou whined at seeing Katsuki’s own erection in his pants. “Please fuck me, I really need you, and last time was nice and I like it when you’re gentle but right now I need you to ruin me, please I – aah!”

A wet muzzle prodded between his asscheeks, tongue slipping out to lap against his hole.


A low growl rumbled in Katsuki’s chest, and Eijirou continued moaning as clawed hands dug into his thighs. Oh fuck yeah. He’d had fleeting thoughts of Katsuki on full moons in days prior, but he never imagined it could be anything nearly as intense as this.

“You said you need me, eh? Well I need you too, Ei.” Katsuki licked his lips, sending a shiver down Eijirou’s spine. “Think you can take my knot?”


Any following thought was scattered from his brain as Katsuki pushed into him. They’d tried many positions before, some more effective than others, but this time Eijirou actually felt Full. As in, so stretched wide that he could barely breathe. Had Katsuki’s cock grown with the rest of him? How long would it last? And, more importantly, could he expect this delicious dick the next full moon as well?

“K-katsu, Katsu, nnnh, so big!” he whined, voice wavering as Katsuki pounded into him.

“You’re taking it like a good bitch.” Katsuki snarled, bending to lick up Eijirou’s chest. “Ready for my knot?”

Despite not quite knowing what that mean, Eijirou was too blissed out to do anything but nod in confirmation. “Yes, please, anything! H-harder, please, nnnnnnnh!”

So that’s what ‘knot’ meant. It felt like a literal fucking knot, except smooth and warm and huge and nothing like an actual roped knot, but that was beside the point.

Eijirou gasped out brokenly, grabbing Katsuki’s biceps desperately. “K-katsuki!”

“F-fuck that’s good…” Katsuki groaned, seating himself fully inside. Eijirou could practically feel the bulge in his stomach, and he felt absolutely stuffed with that orange-sized bulge at the base of Katsuki’s cock buried in him.

“T-touch me, plea – ah!” he cried out at the rough hand wrapping around his neglected cock, practically sobbing as he came undone seconds later, thick rope of cum matting into Katsuki’s fur.

“Fuck, Ei,” Katsuki growled, filling him up with cum.

They lay panting for a few minutes, Eijirou nuzzling against Katsuki affectionately. This would usually be the time one of them brought up going back home for the night, but…Eijirou let out an unintentional moan as he wiggled his ass.

Katsuki was still inside. And his knot was still fucking huge.

“U-um, Kats – “

“Shut up, I know.” he growled, licking Eijirou’s neck reasurringly. “It’ll go down in a couple hours. Time to sleep now. ‘M tired.”

“Can’t we at least get off the path…?” Eijiroi mumbled half-heartedly as he snuggled further into his partner’s embrace. He yawned, closing his eyes. “Wha’ if someone finds us?”

“I’ll kill them.”

Ejirou giggled, kissing the closest part of Katsuki he could reach, which happened to be a furred forearm. “Mm, no killing before breakfast. ‘S too early for screaming.”


Chapter Text

Ochako giggled as she tugged her friend off the bus. She hadn’t told Tsu where they were going, only a vague hint that she’d need to wear shoes she could get dirty.

“Okay, close your eyes!”

Tsu gave her a sideways smile, doing as instructed. “Are you going to lead me to – ribbit!” as hard as it was, Tsu kept her eyes shut as Ochako activated her quirk.

It was an odd sensation, being weightless yet still feeling the tug of a hand at her sleeve. Not entirely unpleasant, just strange. She was glad for her iron-clad stomach, otherwise the thirty minutes spent being gently tugged around would’ve been horrendous.

“Are we almost there, Ocha?” she asked, only receiving a hum in response. The air smelled cleaner, like fresh-tilled earth.

It was calming, and she barely noticed when Ochako deactivated her quirk. Now, the ground was something she definitely noticed, much to her dismay. Had it not been for her training and quick reflexes, she surely would’ve ended up face-first in the large bushy vines at their feet.

“Ohmigosh! Are you okay? I thought I had your hand! Sorry! Well I guess I did but I had to let go to release you and by then – “

Tsu took Ochako’s empty hand, sticking out her tongue. “You’re spending too much time with Midoriya, ribbit. You’re starting to mumble like him.” she gave her hand a reassuring pat. “It’s cute.”

Ochako’s face tinged pink, her mouth momentarily lost for words. When Tsu took a curious look at their surroundings, however, she seemed to come back into herself.

“R-right! I figured we could come pick out some pumpkins to carve! I know it’s early, but…they’re so goshdarn cute I couldn’t resist!” Ochako kneeled to point out a small white gourd, holding it up to her face. “Lookit, we’re making the same face!”

Tsu smiled, following Ochako around the pumpkin patch as they searched for the perfect one. Well, Ochako was searching, Tsu was more just watching her. She was able to keep up conversation easily enough, though found her eyes migrating over to Ochako’s grinning face. It was unfair for someone to be so adorable when covered in flecks of mud, Tsu pouted in her mind.

“You see one you like yet?” Ochako asked absent-mindedly, heaving a big chonk up on her shoulder.

“You.” Tsu replied back, just as absent-minded. There seemed to be a half second of buffering for the two of them, as if the gears in their heads needed to warm up for a moment before processing.

Face beet-red, Ochako smiled coyly and pressed a kiss to Tsu’s cheek. “You don’t need to carve me up to put a smile on my face, y’know.”

Her mind reeled. Had Ocha really just – and had she actually said –

Needless to say, Tsu’s processing power was much less than her companion’s in that moment. Ochako giggled, tugging Tsu further into the field of pumpkins with her free hand.

“C’mon, let’s find yours!”

Chapter Text

The movie hadn’t been his explicit suggestion, but there was no denying that Tokoyami was pleased with the turn of events.

He didn’t normally participate in Halloween festivities, despite what one might first think. His boyfriend had been the first to be able to convince him into even carving a pumpkin, which had been a feat on its own. Tokoyami still wasn’t sure what he thought of Kouda being able to handle a knife so well, but that was neither here nor there.

The here was the common room with a fair few of their classmates huddled on the couches to watch some generic horror flick.

There wasn’t really anything special about it. Some family, wives with kids and a dog, move into a new house and spooky things start happening. Pretty typical, though Tokoyami found himself slowly being entrapped by the plot. Turns out that their eldest child’s quirk manifested as them being able to see spirits, to which the rest of the family didn’t believe until the dog died and the kid described the death in detail even though they’d been away at a sleepover and –

A shivering beside him made him flick his eyes away from the screen for a moment. He whispered something to the person on his other side, thanking them for the blanket they passed him. Draping it over Kouda, he gave his boyfriend a pat before turning his attention back to the movie.

Until the next jumpscare.

The dolphin-quirk wife had taken it upon herself to check the basement, always a terrible idea in horror movies, and the big spooker had appeared behind her just as Tokoyami expected. Apparently Kouda hadn’t the same mindset, though, as when the spook appeared on screen he nearly jumped off of the couch.

Tokoyami frowned. Kouda hadn’t said anything since the movie started, which wasn’t too abnormal, but…at the very least he would’ve gotten a couple whispered comments by now. They were nearly halfway through, too!

Focusing on his expression, it finally hit Tokyoami square between the eyes. Kouda was scared. His boyfriend was scared. And he’d spent half the fucking movie doing nothing about it.

“Koji,” he whispered, finding his boyfriend’s hand under the blanket “lay down, love. My lap is yours.”

Giving him no more than a nervous sideways glance, Kouda repositioned himself into a half-scrunched ball with his head laying on top of Tokoyami’s thighs. He made a small squeaking noise when Tokoyami pulled the blanket over his head, though left it on as the bird-headed boy began rubbing the base of his neck soothingly.

Leaning down to about where Kouda’s ear should be, Tokoyami whispered again, “We can adjourn to elsewhere if this movie is too much for you. I don’t wish to continue letting you feel uncomfortable if you – “

Kouda shook his head, gripping Tokoyami’s hand tighter. He pressed a gentle kiss into his palm, giggling quietly at the squawk it gained.

Tokoyami huffed. That hadn’t been a dignified noise at all. But if it made his boyfriend happy, he would certainly do it a hundred times over.

He continued petting and rubbing at Kouda’s shoulders, his scalp, really anywhere his hands took him, as the movie went on. By the time the credits rolled around, he could feel the heavy breathing of sleep in Kouda’s chest.

Not wanting to wake him from his peaceful slumber, he mumbled something to Dark Shadow and together they brought the sleeping boy up to his dorm. Unthinkingly, Tokoyami crawled into bed blearily after his boyfriend, cuddling up to his warm body.

Ah. Should he really? Tokyoami thought it over for a moment. What if Kouda woke up in the middle of the night? What if he had a nightmare? He decided he’d risk any possible repercussions if it meant Kouda would get a good night’s sleep.

Besides, it wasn’t like he wasn’t getting anything out of it either. His boyfriend was the best cuddler in the world.

Chapter Text

“Quite the predicament you’ve gotten in, hm?”

Monoma wriggled in his classmate’s capture weapon, scowling. “Very funny Hitoshi, now let me down!”

“Hmm…” Shinsou walked around his ‘prey’ appraisingly “…nah.”

“What?! You put me down right this instant or I’ll – “

“You’ll what?” he made his way back around to Monoma’s face, tipping the blonde’s chin up with a finger. “Hm?”

Monoma’s shudder didn’t go unnoticed, traveling down his spine as Shinsou looked him over. “H-hey! Just what do you think you’re doing?!”

Shinsou paused in pulling down the blonde’s training pants. “We’re alone in here for the next hour, right?”

“Yeah, but – “ he smirked as Monoma’s eyes went glassy, limbs relaxing in their bindings. Even with his body going limp, Shinsou’s capture weapon keeping him safely in the air.

“Now,” he straightened his back to crack it a bit, god he needed to work on some more spine stretches “You’re under my control now, but if you don’t want what I’m offering then I order you to release yourself. Nod if you understand.”

Monoma’s head nodded robotically, eyelids drooping.

“Do you” Shinsou leaned in closer to his captive’s ear, lowering his voice to a whisper “want me to fuck you, Neito?” he held his breath, pulling back to stare into Monoma’s eyes.

They stayed glassy, looking off somewhere past Shinsou’s shoulder. He smirked. That was all he needed to know. He loosened his hold on Monoma, allowing the man a moment to get his bearings before grabbing his cheeks and shoving him in for a kiss.

“You’re absolutely sure nobody will come in here?” Monoma gasped when they pulled away, whipping his head around to survey the empty gym.




“Hey – !”

The yelp from his companion brought another smile to his face as he tugged down his pants, kneading plush asscheeks. Monoma only really did the bare minimum of exercise, his quirk a bit hard to train. Which might lead one to think that strengthening his body would be the easy solution, but apparently not. The blonde had always been one for the contrary, after all.

Even after their graduation from UA, Monoma stayed his same slim self while Shinsou maintained his moderate bulk. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but still nothing to scoff at. Monoma moaned underneath him, Shinsou’s capture weapon creaking as he wiggled around.

Right. Back to the task at hand.

“You’re being awfully quiet, Neito~” he taunted, swatting at Monoma’s inner thigh.

“I-I have nothing to say – ah! Bastard – !”

“That so?” Shinsou challenged, fumbling for his capture weapon. Ah, there it was – he tugged on it, raising Monoma up so that he was level with his mouth.

“Toshi – nnnhg!”

He licked a fat stripe between Monoma’s cheeks, dancing his tongue around the little pucker in the middle. He lapped at it for what felt like a couple minutes, Monoma slowly coming undone with his ministrations.

“Hitoshi just – nnah – just fuck me already – gah!” Monoma braced for impact as he rocketed towards the ground, but…oh, he’d been caught a few feet before actually touching down. Huh. Why was Shinsou suddenly in front of him?

“Wasn’t exactly expecting this to happen, and ‘s not like I just casually carry lube around in my pocket.” Shinsou said, rubbing the back of his neck. “So…it’ll be better if you – oh.” he blinked down at Monoma, the man’s mouth already wrapped around his cock and sucking hard. “Jesus, Neit, who knew your mouth did more than talk – hhn…”

He allowed himself a few moments of savoring the blonde’s sweet mouth before pulling him off and replacing his cock with his lips.

“God you’re good.” Shinsou said shakily, patting Monoma’s side as he walked back around behind him. “Want it hard? Want me to break you?”

Monoma scoffed, tossing his head back. “A simpleton like you could never – “ he sucked in a shallow breath at Shinsou’s cock practically spearing him open.

“What was that?” Shinsou whispered, thrusting into the tight hole presented to him. Monoma whimpered as he continued pounding in, Shinsou surprised to find himself letting out something resembling a growl as they went on.

The wet slapping of skin filled the empty gym along with their vocalizations, making Shinsou glad that they’d agreed on training late in the evening. Not that their local gym saw much action on the busiest hours, but it was still nice to not have someone at the free weights privy to their lovemaking. That’d be a bit of a mood-killer.

“Hitoshi, I-I’m about to – !” Monoma clenched around him with a loud whine, his orgasm running through him in shudders and shakes. It took everything Shinsou had not to keep fucking him senseless, regretfully pulling out and rubbing the blonde’s thighs soothingly.

“You did real good, baby.” he whispered, pressing small kisses to Monoma’s lower back as he panted for breath.

Monoma wiggled in his bindings, whining something Shinsou couldn’t quite hear. He got the gist though, finally letting up with his capture weapon and lowering him to the floor. At least, that’s what he thought Monoma had been asking for.

“Idiot,” Monoma huffed, fighting to get untangled from the long grey straps as he stumbled over to Shinsou “I’m not that selfish.”

Shinsou frowned, unsure of how to respond until Monoma stared him dead in the eyes and swallowed his cock whole. Oh.

“Mh mph mphhphh.” the blonde mumbled out, bobbing around Shinsou’s dick with a disapproving scowl. Shinsou knew he was probably getting some sort of talking to, but honestly. How did Monoma expect him to understand him, let alone focus on what he was supposed to be saying, with him sucking his cock like that?

“Fuck,” he grabbed a handful of already-mussed hair and tugged roughly, pushing himself further down Monoma’s throat. He came without much warning, holding his partner in place until he was finished.

Monoma popped off with a gasp, flopping back into the pile that had become of Shinsou’s capture weapon. He looked like an absolute wreck, cum dribbling out of his mouth and pants down around his ankles. And that wasn’t even considering the capture weapon still tangled up around his limbs, the poor bastard hadn’t been able to free himself too well.

Shinsou chuckled, pulling up his shorts and staring down at Monoma amusedly.


“That fucked-out, huh?”

“Oh shut up!”

Chapter Text

“Izuku, why – “

“Shh, it’s a surprise for Iida!” Izuku whispered, tugging his groggy partner out of the bedroom. He still wasn’t sure how they made it work with all three of them sleeping on one bed, but hey that’s showbiz baby. Er, hero biz? Beside the point.

He motioned for Shoto to get dressed, quietly slipping on his own clothes as he made his way around their apartment.

Tenya hadn’t shown expressive interest in Halloween, but Izuku knew how to read in between the lines. The man had mentioned a few days ago how he wished their days off overlapped more often, and, well…Izuku may or may not have pulled a few strings to get them two whole days together. Just the three of them, no hero obligations, a full 48 hours of peace and quiet.

So when Tenya had returned home the night before after his shift, Izuku sprung into action. The grocery store was a far cry from a proper pumpkin patch, but at least they could pick out a few and pretend that’s where they’d gotten them. Now, as for decorating them, Izuku wasn’t sure that either of his boyfriends would trust him to use one of the kitchen knives to carve it, so –

He let out an undignified squeak at a cold hand touching the back of his neck. Shoto snickered behind him, nudging him out the door with a whispered “Sorry, couldn’t help myself~”

Shoto was a real ass when he wanted to be. Hmph. Izuku pouted about 5 of their 10 minute walk to the store, giving up halfway through to hold hands. Not only was the weather changing to the colder side, it was still early in the morning. Izuku checked his watch. Eh, early-ish.

To put it into perspective, they were awake before Tenya normally would be. Their boyfriend was an early riser, though on his days off he tended to sleep in an hour or two later.

As they approached the grocery store, Izuku watched as Shoto’s face contorted into something resembling confusion. He followed his boyfriend’s gaze to a precarious stack of decorative gourds, each one with a unique twisting neck or collection of warts, some even possessing both.

“What…in the fuck.” Shoto breathed, stopping in front of the display to poke at one.

“Sho, they’re little pumpkins.”

“Are you sure?” he picked one up, examining it. “It’s not orange…”

Izuku held in a snort, picking up a pair of gooseneck-looking gourds and holding them up to his head. “Look, I’m horny.”

“Why would you – “

“Because they look like horns!”

Shoto’s mouth hung open a little before he let out a sigh, rolling his eyes. Izuku set the gourds back down, giggling to himself.

“To clarify…these still aren’t pumpkins, right? That right there,” he pointed to a modest stack of traditionally plump, orange pumpkins by the store’s entrance “that is a pumpkin. These are…”

Izuku rested his chin on Shoto’s outstretched arm, humming.

“Halloween apples.”

There was no holding back the bubble of laughter this time, and Izuku had to eventually clutch at his stomach to keep himself upright. “Wh – how – H a l l o w e e n a p p l e s ?!” he wheezed, wiping a tear from his eye.

“Yes.” Shoto crossed his arms defiantly. “They cannot possibly be pumpkins. Ah, see? Here on the sign, ‘assorted gourds’.”

Izuku bit his lip, thinking something over for a moment. Making his decision, he cracked a smile and said, “Oh my gourd, babe.”

“Izu – “ Shoto froze, giving him the most intense stare he’d seen for a while. “Horrible.”

Chapter Text

How they’d managed to make it back into the apartment without waking Tenya, he had no idea. Izuku placed two of the pumpkins on the table, nodding to Shoto as he brought in the third.

“Should we wake him? He’s usually up by now – ah!” Izuku mused, yelping as Shoto came up behind him and began nuzzling his neck. “S-shoto…”

“I know a way we could wake him up…” he nipped at Izuku’s ear, hot breath making the small man shiver “…if we’re loud enough…”

A hand trailing under his shirt had Izuku mewling, hands dropping onto the kitchen counter to stabilize himself. “N-no complaints here – hey!” he gave Shoto a scandalized look as his pants were unceremoniously swiped down to his ankles.

Shoto blinked back innocently, giving him nothing more than a shrug before diving forward to press himself against Izuku’s ass. “You still open from last night?” blushing at the implications, Izuku nodded as a finger prodded his entrance. “Good~” Shoto purred, turning Izuku’s head with his hand in order to kiss him long and sweet.

The sweetness of the kiss was marred by a sudden very-much-not-finger object poking at his entrance. Izuku pulled back to ask just how Shoto had gotten hard so quickly when he felt the head of his boyfriend’s member breach him. He cried out, now gripping onto the counter for dear life as Shoto began pounding into him with vigor.

“J-jesus, Sho!” he panted, moaning around his words. “Y-you could’ve w-warned me a – nnh!”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Shoto grinned against the kiss he was placing on Izuku’s neck. “I want you to make noises for our sweet Tenya~”

Izuku whined, arching his back a bit to match Shoto’s angle better. Just a little more, little more, maybe shift to the left some – “Aah!” Izuku sobbed, head falling into his chest. There it was.


The green-haired man nodded weakly, now moaning freely in time with Shoto’s thrusts.

“I want to hear you, Izu. Tell me how good you feel.”

“S-so good!” Izuku panted, tears leaking down his face. “P-please finish inside Sho! I-I want to f-feel when you – oh!” he felt himself being jerked upwards, Shoto’s thrusts becoming erratic. He cried, sobbed, whimpered, and shouted his way to climax, ending up panting in Shoto’s arms as he tried to catch his breath.

“I think that might’ve…got his attention…” Shoto sounded just as fucked-out as Izuku felt.

“M-maybe we could che – “ he jumped as a loud snore sounded through the apartment. “I, um, guess not…”

Shoto coughed a laugh, helping Izuku in pulling his pants back up. “Back to bed?”

“Mhm.” Izuku nodded tiredly, already trailing behind Shoto to climb back under the covers next to Tenya. “Neh, now I’m all sticky…”

“And who’s fault is that?”

Izuku shot him a dirty look as he waddled to the bathroom.

“That’s fair.”

Stripping out of his dirtied pants and underwear, he briefly considered taking a shower before grabbing a washcloth. Shower would take too long, and he wanted to cuddle his boyfriends more. He wetted the cloth, wiping himself clean.

Hm, if they didn’t wake Tenya up soon, though, then he might sleep the whole day away and then they wouldn’t have time to spend time with each other. Also, the poor pumpkins would be lonely there on the table, and – his brows furrowed. Was that Tenya’s voice he just heard? Shoto must’ve woken him up after all. He poked his head out of the door about to say something when Tenya’s voice reached his ears again.

“Shoto…? O-oh my, you don’t have to – anh~”

Izuku grinned. There was the answer to that, then. Maybe he didn’t need to clean up just yet…

Chapter Text

“How’s this one look?”

“Dude it looks like you.”


“Thing looks like a butt, like your face.”

The two jackasses burst into peals of laughter, causing a few of the other people around the orchard to look their way. God fucking damnit. At least he’d expected those two to be absolute buffoons, anywhere their friend group went they were usually the ones to cause trouble. Bakugo felt like a fucking babysitter, always picking up after them and making sure they didn’t kill themselves with every stupid idea that came into their stupid heads.

But then there was the pink one. Mina, oh god, she was the silent killer. Bakugo turned around to check on his enthusiastic friend and widened his eyes in horror. Mina had managed to get apples impaled on her horns, and they weren’t coming off.

All things considered it wasn’t the worst thing she’d done.

“Oi. C’mere ya shitwad.” he barked, yanking the fruit off of her roughly while she giggled and held out her basket.

“Thanks Bakubabe! You’re a real savior, y’know?” she said before running off, joining Kaminari and Sero in their dumbassery.

Going apple-picking had been such a terrible idea. So monumentally, indescribably horrid of an idea that Bakugo scrunched up his nose trying to remember why he’d even agreed to go with them in the first place.

“Yo, Bakugo! Check this out!” ah, that’s why.

Kirishima waved him over, using his empty basket to point out a particularly vibrant apple.

“It’s me!”

He cracked a small smile, crossing his arms as he leaned against the tree’s trunk. “Ayup, just like your flaming asshole hair. You’re s’posed to pick em, you know.”

“I know, but they all look so good! Especially the green ones, which, y’know, sounds kinda weird coming from me but they look super cool – “

“What green ones?” Bakugo squinted up at the branches. Most of the fruits looked ripe and ready to fall, only a few still bearing yellow-ish marks. But as hard as he tried, as hard as he stared, he couldn’t see any hint of green.

“The ones that’re different shaped?”

Bakugo looked Kirishima over, trying to get a read on him. Was he fucking with him? If he was, he was doing a damn good job of it. He sighed and reached up to pluck an apple himself, shaking off a few of the green leaves as he –

oh god damnit. God fucking damnit.

He closed his eyes and gave himself a count of 5 before opening them again, staring into Kirishima’s concerned face. With as much patience as he could muster, he took another deep breath and spoke.

“You’re lucky you’re so fucking cute.”


“I said I’m gonna climb one of these trees and fling myself off. Don’t wait up.”

“Wha – hey! Come back!”

Chapter Text

Bakugo had looked quite frazzled after returning from his outing, so Momo wasn’t the least bit surprised when a large basket of apples was thrust into her arms. The mumbled apology was unexpected, though. Strange.

Momo pursed her lips and was about to ask the blonde if he was feeling well, when out of the corner of her eye she saw a group of four giggling and huddled around one another. Ah. Mina directed the group further into the common area, trailing behind Bakugo and depositing their little baskets of apples in the kitchen before catching back up.

She followed them with her eyes, eyebrows raising in amusement at how Kaminari and Sero attempted to sneak up behind Bakugo. Of course it didn’t work, and it took Kirishima to hold the sputtering blonde back as he hauled him into the elevator.

“I heard explosions.”

Momo smiled at her dual-toned friend’s rumpled hair, setting down the apples in her arms to go over and envelop him in a hug. “Our classmates got up to their usual hijinks.”

Todoroki looked pointedly at the mound of apples now on the kitchen counter, seeming one sneeze away from toppling to the floor. “Midoriya mentioned something about them going out apple picking…”

“Them?” she knew full well who, but she could help it if Todoroki’s sleepy confusion was adorable. It wasn’t her fault the boy was too cute for his own good.

“The…y’know, the them…” he gestured vaguely, yawning. “The uh…Bakusquad.”

Momo laughed as she got out pans and ingredients. Somewhere near the beginning of their second year, someone had started calling Bakugo and his friend group “the Bakusquad”, and by their third year it had become a common phrase in the dorms.

“I saw. They must have done something incredibly obnoxious for their mother hen to look so ruffled.”


“Bakugo had quite the scowl.” Momo thought for a moment. “More than usual. And the most curious thing happened when he walked in.”

Todoroki gave her a blank stare.

“He apologized.”

“For what?”

She shrugged, starting to wash the apples. “Haven’t a clue. Would you turn on the lower left burner please?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah.” Todoroki shuffled over, eyeing the bowl of soft caramels before turning the knob.

“Don’t you dare, we need those.” Momo warned, creating a small pile of wooden sticks to spear the apples with. Todoroki hummed, about to walk back out of the kitchen. “Wait, I could use another pair of hands…pour in some milk and butter?”

She saw him walk past the bowl and walk over to the empty burner, looking from the milk to the hot pad contemplatively.

“The bowl, Shoto.”

He paused. “…right.”

“Were you about to…?” at her raised eyebrows, Todoroki flushed and looked to the side.

“O-of course not, I…was checking the stove to ensure it was turned on.”


They busied themselves with preparing the caramel and apples to be joined as one, Momo having to gently remind Todoroki once or twice to steer clear of the open burner.

Roughly thirty apples and a few minor burns later, they had several sheets in the fridge and lots of spare caramel sauce in the bowl. Momo went about pouring it into a Tupperware, giving Todoroki a questioning look as he stared at her.

“Everything okay in there?” she laughed, almost dropping the spoon into the bowl. “Goodness!”

Todoroki crept forwards. She wondered how he could still possibly be blinking sleep from his eyes, and yet there he was. She worried as he got closer, however. Did he not realize she was standing there?

No, it would be impossible for him to not notice, she was right in the middle of the kitchen, and hadn’t really moved since she’d started dipping the apples in caramel. Did she have something on her shirt?

Wordlessly, Todoroki took a careful stroke at her chest, wiping up a small spattering of caramel from her breast.

Her mind short-circuited. It was all Momo could do to hold her breath and watch as Todoroki slowly swirled his tongue around the digit to lick it clean. He blinked at her, eyes mischievous. Well now, two could play at that game, she thought with a huff.

Momo made an exaggerated gasp as she swiped the sticky spoon from the bowl, splattering more caramel across her breasts.

“Oh dear, what a mess I’ve made,” she shrugged and sighed dramatically, beginning to unbutton her blouse “if only there were a way to clean it…”

Shoto blinked at her again, brows furrowed. Had…had he really just been blinking normally earlier? Had she read too much into it? Momo felt her cheeks tinge pink. It wasn’t as if she and Todoroki hadn’t been an item for some time, but to start undressing in front of him when he hadn’t asked for it…she felt shame course through her. She began thinking in circles, only fueling her anxiety and casting her deeper and deeper into her own thoughts.

She delved so deeply into herself that, at first, she didn’t notice the soft hair tickling her neck, nor the hot breath against her cleavage. She did gasp, however, at the tongue lolling out to lap at her skin.


Said boy hummed in acknowledgement, looking up for a split second as if to ask for permission. His hand ghosted just over the line of her bra, cold fingers tracing her skin. She shivered, nodding, and giggled at Todoroki’s attempt to remover her underclothes. Warm fingers joined the cold, fumbling equally as well under her garments.

He tugged downwards, frowning at the straps still hooked over Momo’s shoulders. She let him slide her blouse off, to which he frowned again once he realized that bras do not, in fact, come off with one’s shirt.

“Here,” she said, taking pity on him and unclasping the fastenings “that what you were trying for?”

“Brassieres are…they’re fabric rubix cubes.” Todoroki said quietly, mouth snapping shut as Momo reached for the caramel-laden spoon once more.

“Oh dear, this is simply devastating…” she smiled coyly, dripping the caramel over her nipples. They had been starting to harden from the chill of the common room, but warmed right back up as the still semi-hot caramel flowed over them.

It definitely wasn’t orgasm-inducing to say the least, her nipples had never been all that sensitive, but Momo admitted that it did feel nice. It felt even nicer when Todoroki leaned forward to suckle on her, so much so that she found herself letting out a small whine.

She slapped a hand over her mouth, mostly out of mortification, but also with the sudden realization that their classmates were probably upstairs somewhere. Or, worse yet, out and about on this fine fall day, and about to walk in the front door and see Shoto sucking on her –

“S-shoto!” she squeaked as a hand slid between her legs.

“Sorry…got caught up in the moment…” Todoroki mumbled sheepishly, hand retreating.

“N-no, wait…” she grabbed his wrist, placing his hand back over her panties. “I-I was just surprised. If you would be willing, I would very much enjoy – oh!” all the air left her lungs as Shoto rubbed lightly over her small clit, one finger teasing her folds. “G-goodness…”

She nodded frantically when he tugged at the hem of her panties with a questioning look. With nothing but a skirt separating him from her cunt, Momo merely lifted the pleated fabric and leaned back against the counter, breathing hard.

“W-we shouldn’t be doing this here, but…I-I can clean the counter when we’ve finished, and – !”

Her breath caught as she watched him sink to his knees, looking up at her with an expression she rarely saw. It was hard to place, the softness in those eyes, but to Momo it seemed as if Shoto were giving himself to her, not the other way around. Even if she happened to be the more exposed out of the two of them, she felt as though she had control over the situation.

That proved true when Todoroki hesitantly guided one of her hands into his hair, nuzzling up to her cunt as he did so. He placed a few kisses to her thigh before diving in, gently lapping at her folds and swirling around her clit.

“O-oh Shoto…” she dug her nails into his scalp, shivering pleasantly at the unexpected moan from below.

Todoroki was certainly no stranger to her genitals, though it had been a while since they’d engaged in something this intimate. No matter, it seemed as though he hadn’t forgotten the ways in which to drive her absolutely wild with want, gripping her thigh just so and sucking just hard enough for her to see stars.

All too soon, she found herself roughly smooshing Shoto’s face against her crotch, moaning as quietly as she could into her hand. Her legs shook, and she was grateful for Shoto helping to guide her down to the floor as she came, otherwise she was sure she would have fallen spectacularly.

“Shit, I didn’t say the thing…” Todoroki mumbled to himself, gaining a cock of the head from Momo.


“Itadakimasu. It’s only polite to say it before a delicious meal.”

“Oh you stop that!” she flustered, tugging Todoroki over by his left side. “And…it’s cold in here…”

He laughed, nuzzling into her neck. “I can help with that.”

Chapter Text

Aizawa blinked the sleep from his eyes. He scrunched his brows together when his vision didn’t clear, and for a moment he worried that maybe…

No, his eyes had healed. There was no reason for them to be acting up.

Still, he tried yawning as his fuzzy brain tried to wrap itself around his situation. Fuzzy. Something fuzzy was in his mouth. And whatever it was, it was warm and digging into his neck. And his eyes. And his nose. And every part of his goddamn face.

“Shoutaaaaaa~!” Hizashi’s voice rang out through the apartment. “Guess what I found outsi – oh.”

“Mphrmph.” Aizawa grumbled, still too groggy to figure out how to get the thing off of his face.

“You like daddy’s face, huh?”

Daddy? Since when did his fiancé ever call him that?

Aizawa was about to mumble out something else when the offensive object was removed from his face to reveal Hizashi’s grin.


“Mhm?” the lanky man cradled something in his arms. Something black and fuzzy and definitely not something they’d ever had in their apartment before. He followed Aizawa’s gaze and chuckled, squeezing himself onto the couch. “This is Midnight, she’s 9 months old and – “

“That’s a cat.”

“Yeah! She didn’t have a microchip and the vet said there wasn’t anything stopping me from adopting her so I – “

“There is a cat in our apartment.”

Hizashi gave him a weird look. “Where else would she live? I couldn’t just leave her at the vet! Anyway, she’s young and supposed to be a handful but I think we can – “

The cat wriggled in Hizashi’s grasp, shifting enough to stare at Aizawa with striking green eyes.

Aizawa blinked back at her.

“Aww, she likes you!” Hizashi cooed, letting her go to crawl back up to Aizawa. She pawed at his scruffy chin, seemingly silently judging. He glared.

He grumbled, raising an arm to stroke between her ears. There was no reason to give him that look for not shaving every day. Even if he had time to, he still wouldn’t. Stupid cat. He flicked his eyes back up to Hizashi. “Midnight? Really?”

“Hey! She’s a black cat, it’s dark at midnight, it fits!” the blonde said defensively.

“So this has nothing to do with being on patrol with Nemuri last week?”

“Well – “

“And that you two talked about getting a cat from that café?”

“Hey now, Midnight – the cat I mean – she’s actually a stray, I saw her on my walk back from the store and – “

“Don’t care.” Aizawa closed his eyes again, pulling the small cat against his chest. “We’re keeping her.”

“Wha – really?!” he could feel Hizashi’s buzz of excitement from where he lay on the couch. Had he really not expected him to say yes? What a hopelessly dense man. And he was engaged to him, god how did that even happen. “We gotta get her a Halloween costume! Do you think the stores are still open this late? It’s been a while since I got back, and we’ve really gotta get ready for tomorrow but what if everything’s sold out? Hey Shouta, we should – “

“Shut up and sleep with me.”

Hizashi snorted and laid down on top of Aizawa, spaghetti limbs twisting this way and that. “Y’know you don’t have to ask, you can always just kiss me or something to get things going – “

He bopped Hizashi on the head with a huff, careful not to disturb Midnight. “Not in front of our daughter. Disgusting.”

“You’ve known her two minutes and she’s already part of the family? Awww, Shota~”

“Hush. She’s falling asleep.”

Chapter Text

Goddamn apple picking had been close to the end of his rope. So close, in fact, Bakugo almost didn’t open the door when someone knocked roughly an hour after he’d thrown himself in bed. With the small chance that it was actually something important, he dragged himself up.

“Fuck you want?” he grumbled, throwing open the door.

“Hey Bakubro!” Oh.

He motioned Kirishima in wordlessly, kicking the door closed. As soon as they’re both inside, he leans forward to rest his head against Kirishima’s chest.

“Sorry,” Kirishima chuckled, wrapping his arms around him “I guess we were a little much today, huh?”

Bakugo made a noncommittal grunt. His friends actually hadn’t been that much of a problem, at least not more than usual. He just really wanted some sort of contact with his emotional support redhead in the privacy of his room.

A deep inhale brought him out of his thoughts, and he pulled back to give Kirishima a strange look. Kirishima smiled back sheepishly, his face beginning to resemble his hair.

“You bein’ weird again?” he questioned, giving himself a quick sniff to try and smell what Kirishima kept calling a ‘super manly scent’.

“It’s not weird, you just smell good!” Kirishima defended himself, pulling Bakugo in for another hug. “Seriously, you gotta tell me what cologne you use!”

“I keep tellin’ you I don’t use that shit.” he grumbled, nuzzling closer.

“But you smell good! Like, sweet and spicy kinda!”

“I can’t smell shit. Must be your wild-ass imagination.”

“It’s not! Hang on, just – “ in one quick motion, Kirishima spun him away and whipped his shirt off.

“The fuck – ?!”

“See?” he held the shirt up to Bakugo after giving it a cursory whiff. “No way you can’t smell that, bro!”

Bakugo rolled his eyes and, since he was in a better mood now, decided to subject himself to Kirishima’s antics. He sniffed his own shirt, wrinkling his nose up at the absurdity of it. Nothing out of the ordinary, just sort of…smelled like a shirt.

He pulled back with a frown, folding his arms across his bare chest. “Okay. Now what.”

“Did you smell it that time? C’mon, there’s no way you can’t!” Kirishima insisted, tossing the shirt aside. “Like…you ever burnt sugar cookies in the oven? It’s like that kinda!”


“Wh…no you can’t smell it or no you’ve never burnt cookies?”


Kirishima sighed, flopping down on Bakugo’s bed dejectedly. “I guess I’ve just got a better sense of smell than you, bro. Dang, I thought you’d be able to – “ he grinned as he was cut off by the man launching himself at him, sending them both tumbling to the floor.

“Fuck you say?” Bakugo snarled, grappling with Kirishima.



Kirishima played along for a few minutes, letting himself while Bakugo tired himself out. Not that Bakugo noticed, no he was much too focused trying to pin Kirishima to the ground. He was working up quite a sweat, and Kirishima mentally congratulated himself.

He wasn’t stupid (well, at least not /that/ stupid), he knew if Bakugo was telling the truth about not using any cologne or spray, that meant his smell was just…him. And what better way to get someone smelling more like themself than having them work up a sweat!

That was his logic anyway, although now that he had Bakugo on top of him, straddling his hips…

“Now you finally decide to use your fucking quirk?!” Bakugo huffed, finally pinning his wrists down. Kirishima swallowed hard. Oh wow. “Fuck’re you looking at?”

“I’m not, uh, using my quirk.”

They stared at each other. Kirishima wanted desperately to look away, but somehow Bakugo’s eyes kept drawing him back in. The intensity of his gaze left little up to interpretation, yet he still hesitated.

He’d only just gotten in tune with his own emotions about Bakugo, what if Bakugo was in the same place? Was he really ready to go all the way with him after just a split second of eye contact? Well at this point it had been more of a solid thirty seconds of staring at one another, but still he –

“You’re fucking hard.”

Kirishima flushed even hotter, if possible. “Sorry, i-it’s just having you on top of me like this I – “

“Not that, I mean your fucking thighs. Cut that out.”

Looking down at himself, Kirishima hastily unclenched his legs and deactivated his quirk. Must’ve been some sort of nervous reaction, or maybe his legs had gotten the message from his dick that it was hardening time? Something had gotten lost in translation though, because his dick was just regular hard, not hardening quirk hard –

Oh good god. His mouth opened in a silent moan as Bakugo rocked himself back on Kirishima’s clothed cock.

Suddenly he was very okay with absolutely anything and everything Bakugo did, no questions asked.

“So,” Bakugo stood up suddenly, shucking his pants off and standing with his hands on his hips. “We doin’ this? You obviously like me, and hell if I’ll let anyone else have you but me.”

Kirishima scrambled to shimmy out of his clothes, confused at the swat to his hair.

“Oi! Don’t just do whatever someone says, especially with something like this!”

“But I want to?” Kirishima looked up curiously, sliding his underwear off. “Er, maybe not the sticky-in stuff, but…touching would be nice? I mean if you’re down for it.” he chuckled, laying back down on the floor.

Bakugo’s face appeared in his line of vision, and he startled as he felt the man’s weight back on his thighs.

“Bakugo – “



Bakugo rolled his eyes, grabbing Kirishima’s cock and pumping it to full mast. “If my bare ass is on your fucking lap, you better call me by my first name.”

“S-sure thing!” Kirishima said breathlessly. He watched as Bakugo scooted forwards, brain short-circuiting as his cock was enveloped in something warm and pleasant – wait, hadn’t he said…? “U-um, Katsuki? I-is that your – “

“My ass? Sure fucking is.”

“But – “

Bakugo shot him a glare, rocking his hips. “You really think I’d fucking ignore your boundaries like that? You’re not fucking my asshole, asshole.”

“Then what – “ suddenly it clicked, and Kirishima shut his mouth with a snap. Oh.

Of course he knew how voluptuous Bakugo’s ass was. In fact, he had to force himself to look away during practice sessions, as the man’s costume did wonders for his already shapely cheeks. Which is where his cock was now, he remembered with a shock of excitement. He was fucking Bakugo’s plush cheeks, and god did it feel good.

“B-baku…er, Katsuki, can I…?” he gasped, hovering a hand over Bakugo’s own neglected cock. With a sharp nod from the blonde, he tentatively rubbed his thumb over the leaking tip.

Bakugo’s reaction was instant; a shiver, paired with him clenching his ass deliciously tight around Kirishima’s cock.


He stared up in wonder, looking into Bakugo’s blissed-out face. He’d just moaned. Actually properly moaned, none of those little restrained breaths he’d been hearing before. Oh hell yeah. Kirhsima grinned, stroking Bakugo’s cock quickly. Now that he knew his friend had the ability to make such wonderful noises, there was no way he was going to stop trying to produce them.

“Fuck, Ei – !” his face screwed up and he spilled into Kirishima’s hand, still rocking back and forth against the redhead’s cock as he came.

Kirishima followed quickly behind, stroking himself to completion as Bakugo slid off of him and shifted to lay against his side. That’s when it hit him; the sugary-burnt smell was stronger than ever!

“Hey, Katsuki, I gotta ask you something – “

“Yes I’ll be your fucking boyfriend.”

“Oh that too, but can you smell it yet?”

Bakugo turned his head to the side just enough to glare at him. “No, why the fuck would…” his eyes narrowed. “Someone’s burning caramel…”

“That’s it!” Kirishima sat up excitedly. “That’s what it is! You smell like burnt caramel! Pretty tasty, hey I wonder if you taste like that too? Bro, c’mere – hey!”

Before he could grab his friend (boyfriend now?), Bakugo had already thrust on his pants and shirt, stomping off towards the door.

“Don’t get any ideas, I like you a lot but that fucking ponytail is gonna ruin those apples if I don’t go help. God, I gotta do everything in this fucking household.”

Kirishima held back the urge to remind Bakugo that it wasn’t a house but a dorm, and he really wasn’t obligated to do anything other than his assigned weekly chore, but plus ultra I guess. A few minutes later Bakugo returned, streaks of caramel running down his front and a scowl on his face.

“What the heck happened?!” Kirishima exclaimed, standing up in shock.



“Don’t go down there. Ponytail said she’d scrub down the kitchen but I don’t trust that. We’re gonna stay up here until those nasty asses pull themselves together.”

Kirishima frowned, more than a little concerned. “Were they actually making caramel? Why?”

“Apples.” Bakugo had shucked off his clothes again and was rinsing the sticky brown substance out of the fabric as best he could, glaring at them as if they had personally offended him.

“Oh!” he remembered their apple-picking extravaganza not hours ago and grinned. It had been fun of course, but the talk of caramel apples at the end was what had really gotten them to wake up so early that morning.

Maybe Yaomomo had made enough for the class, Kirishima thought hopefully. She was always trustworthy, no way would she let her attention waver for a moment while in the kitchen!

He snuck another glance at the nude Bakugo, chuckling to himself. He was probably just mad about getting caramel on his shirt.

Chapter Text

“Bro are those my shorts?”

It had started out innocently enough. And, in Izuku’s defense, Kirishima did tend to leave bits and pieces of his laundry in the dryer, and it wasn’t his fault that he wasn’t tall enough to see into the top one! As a result, Kirishima’s clothes often found themselves getting folded alongside Izuku’s. The shirts he noticed, along with the socks and underwear – much to his embarrassment.

But the bottoms? The first time he’d worn a pair of Kirishima’s joggers he’d only had a vague wonder as to why they were looser than he normally wore his pants, but didn’t think anything of it.

Until he went to take them off.

Despite his complaints, his mother had insisted on writing his name on the tags of every single piece of clothing he owned. It was sweet, Izuku would admit, but was it entirely necessary to monogram his socks like that?

When he’d pulled down the joggers and tossed them into the hamper, he caught sight of the back hem. He squinted, trying to decipher what sort of clothing supplier had such a small tag? And what was with that jagged edge? Looking closer, he ran his finger along it and it finally clicked that the tag had been ripped off. Huh. He shrugged, figuring it had probably happened when he was tired and he hadn’t noticed it.

Again, he didn’t think anything of it until the next day.

Kirishima had been curiously shuffling around the laundry room, prodding at the machines and peeking behind them, between them, and opening the small cupboards lining the walls.

Izuku stood in the doorway, shifting his laundry hamper to his hip. “Are you, um, looking for something?”

“Huh? Oh! Yeah, it’s uh…nothing really, haha,” Kirishima scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. “I think I lost a pair of sweatpants? Kinda baggy, grey, drawstring…it’s really no big deal, but they’ve been gone for like a week and I’ve checked everywhere.”

“Hm…” Izuku frowned, scrunching his eyebrows together. “Did you take them home the last time you visited?”

“I…maybe?” Kirishima brightened. “But hey, I’m sure they’re somewhere! Not like they’ve got legs of their own, right?”

That…that’s exactly what pants are, though, Izuku thought with a tilt of his head. Before he could say anything the redhead had vacated the room, leaving a confused Izuku in his wake.

Things had only spiraled from there. Once Izuku figured out that he had, in fact, accidentally stolen his friend’s joggers, his mind zeroed in on all things Kirishima. His warm eyes, his caring smiles, his uncanny ability to know exactly how to brighten everyone’s day.

The way Kirishima smiled at him during training made him feel like his heart was about to pitter-patter right out of his chest. Wearing Kirishima’s joggers made him feel so safe and secure, especially since they reminded him of the owner.

Of course he returned the joggers after a while, not being able to stand the embarrassment of possibly having Kirishima catching him wearing his clothes. He slipped them surreptitiously into a load of Kirishima’s laundry one day, hoping that would be the end of it.

It was not.

Every week, without fail, there would be a little bit of Kirishima’s laundry in the dryer Izuku tended to use. He’d swapped to a lower machine after returning the joggers, hoping that by changing his habit he’d avoid stealing any more of Kirishima’s clothing. Boy was he wrong. He couldn’t deny the warm feeling in his chest every time he wore a borrowed shirt or pair of pants, and slowly allowed himself more leeway.

Sometimes he’d keep an item for more than a week, wearing it around his room or somewhere he was sure Kirishima wouldn’t see him. And, despite his curiosity, he maintained that he’d never try on any of Kirishima’s boxers. That just felt…too invasive. Besides, Izuku was happy with his own briefs, childishly patterned as they may be.

He didn’t go without incident, though; he’d accidentally worn a borrowed sweater in front of All Might and practically had a heart attack when the man asked him curiously if sharing clothes with classmates was a new trend.

Now, the real kicker was the weekend after that. Izuku had just showered after an early-morning training session, padding down the stairs to the common room, when he saw a glorious sight. Kirishima, blinking sleepily in the kitchen, an unmistakably Izuku-sized sweatshirt pulled over his torso.

Izuku’s eyes bulged. Oh lord help him.

“H-hey Kirishima! U-um, sleep well?”

“Yeah, just kinda tired from – “ Kirishima stopped, blinking a few times and tilting his head. “Bro are those my shorts?”

“You’re mad at Deku for wearing your shorts when you’ve got his sweatshirt?” Uraraka chimed in from across the room, frowning over her mug. “Boyfriends share clothes, y’know. Just how it is.”

“I’m not mad, I’ve just never seen him in…”

Izuku drowned the rest of the conversation out. His brain was on shit level midnight and he had no clue where to even begin processing things. Kirishima had seen him wearing an item of his own wardrobe, shit. Kirishima was wearing an item from Izuku’s wardrobe, shit. Uraraka had said ‘boyfriends’ and no other explanation, shit!

What the hell, why the hell, how the hell?!

“Go get your mans,” he heard Uraraka sigh “he’s about to combust.”

Kirishima turned to him and smiled sheepishly, tugging him gently into the elevator. A few deep breaths later and Izuku managed to get at least one coherent word out.

“B-boyfriends?” less of a word, more of a squeak, but close enough.

“I, uh, listen I didn’t mean to confess like this but – “ Kirishima flushed, pulling him out of the elevator and into his dorm. “I’ve been, uh…god how do I put this so it doesn’t sound weird, o-or creepy…okay, so, I’ve been kinda finding your clothes in with my laundry and – “

“Ended up wearing them?” Izuku finished, watching Kirishima sit down on his bed nervously.

“Er, yeah. I mentioned it to Uraraka, and she told me she’d put us in a boat for some reason? I’m not sure how she thought that would help, but I haven’t told you because I didn’t want to ruin any chance of being with you – “

“W-wait, wait! S-she called us boyfriends, a-and you didn’t say anything to…I-I mean, um…” Izuku looked down at his hands, unable to keep eye contact with the redhead next to him. “I’d like to be, if you want. You don’t have to though! I know Ochako likes to tease a lot, she’s been hanging out with Mina too much, she’s got a thing for teasing about relationships now and it’s a little – huh?”

Izuku felt his head being tipped up by his chin, and squeezed his eyes shut for a moment before looking into bright red eyes.

There was barely an inch separating their lips, and Izuku took a deep breath before pushing forwards and slamming them together.

Apparently that took Kirishima by surprise (how could it have? He was the one that came closer in the first place!) and the two toppled over, Izuku flopping on top of the redhead.

“S-sorry, I – !!” he squeaked as Kirishima tugged him back down into a kiss, eyes falling shut after a moment. This was nice. This was very nice. Izuku felt like he could stay like this forever, wrapped in Kirishima’s strong warm arms.

They finally pulled back from one another, and before Izuku managed to hide his face he managed to catch Kirishima’s encouraging grin.

“I-I didn’t mean to…kiss that hard, um, sorry for…that.” he stumbled over his words, burying his face in Kirishima’s chest, which rumbled with laughter.

“Not a single problem, bro! I think I prefer it like this if I’m being honest.”

Izuku frowned. Like what? Wh…him being on top?! But everything he knew about Kirishima pointed in the opposite direction, he’d always figured that Kirishima would want to be the one on top if they ever – er, not that he’d ever thought about his classmate inappropriately before, he would never! just – okay wow, that sure was new, holy hell did he really mean it?

His head spun, thoughts going a mile a minute as Izuku tried to get his bearings.

“You okay up there? You’re doing that mumble thing…look, it’s fine if you don’t want to do anything! Kissing you was really really good, you don’t have to do anything more – “

“I-I want to!” Izuku squeaked, wiggling on top of Kirishima anxiously. “I-I just, um, I thought you would want to…I-I mean I’m fine with being on top! U-um, more than fine actually, I um maybe I’ve thought about it a couple times, um, maybe more than a couple – ah!” he’d become so preoccupied with his rambling that he hadn’t noticed Kirishima sneaking a hand down to his crotch. Kirishima grinned up at him, giving his bulge a little squeeze.

“This okay?”

Izuku nodded furiously, scrambling to give Kirishima the same treatment. Tentatively, he ghosted a finger over Kirishima’s erection, sucking in a breath at the way the redhead’s body shivered beneath him.

“Is, um, this good? S-should I – oh.” Izuku stared as Kirishima’s cock, which had been straining against the waistband of his sweatpants, popped free of its confines and flopped wetly against Izuku’s hand. “O-oh woah, u-um – !”

He bit his lip. Kirishima looked like he was enjoying himself, and he was as well, so…Izuku took Kirishima’s dick in his hand and gave it a gentle pump. The squeal pulled from him was reassuring, so he did it again. And again. Until soon, he’d worked up to a steady pace and Kirishima was writhing beneath him.

Hot breath bounced off of his face, and it was then Izuku noticed that Kirishima’s neck was very much unblemished. He’d have to change that.

In a sudden burst of possessiveness, Izuku lurched forward and latched his mouth onto Kirishina’s collarbone, licking and sucking like a wild animal. Kirishima moaned appreciatively, grappling at Izuku’s tensed back muscles.

Had it not been for Kirishima’s loud cry, Izuku wasn’t sure he would have known he’d cum. His hand was too focused on pumping the cock it held to register the hot cum spilling out onto his fist. Kirishima moaned brokenly as he continued to stroke Izuku, panting for breath. He let his tongue hang out a little, and Izuku would be damned if that wasn’t just about the hottest thing he had ever seen.

“Y-you close, ‘Zuku?” Kirishima asked, rubbing his thumb over the slit of Izuku’s cock. Izuku groaned and nodded, short fingernails unintentionally digging into Kirishima’s shoulders as he held on for dear life.

“I-I – nnnh!” Izuku yelped, eyes snapping closed as he felt his entire body clench up. He came hard and fast into Kirishima’s hand, slumping against his broad chest immediately after.

He must have blacked out for at least a good couple minutes, because the next thing Izuku knew he was being cuddled into a rather tight bear hug, soft snores ruffling his green curls. He smiled, closing his eyes again. A nap didn’t sound like too bad of an idea after all that.

Chapter Text

Tokoyami had to have been joking with him. Ghosts weren’t real, Ojiro kept telling himself as he trudged down the dorm stairs. Nope, absolutely no way. The only ‘ghost’ he’d ever seen had turned out to be one of his brother’s white shirts hung up on his bedroom door. He flushed remembering his 5-year-old self screaming at that, but that was all in the past now.

All that mattered was that there was definitely, absolutely, no way that there was a ghost –

He froze. The fridge door was open. And for a moment he wondered if one of his classmates had forgotten to close it after a late-night snack, but…

Carefully crouching behind one of the common room couches, he trained his eyes on the dimly-lit kitchen. Not only were things in the fridge moving, the freezer had now opened and the shuffling had traveled to the chillier compartments. His eyes widened as he watched a tub of ice cream float from one of the shelves.

Ayup, he was terrified. No, no, not terrified, just……..cautious. And on high alert. And scrambling up the stairs as quietly as he could as to not alert the ghost that was definitely there.

He was going to need to apologize to Tokoyami in the morning.



“I was joking, Mashirao.” his feathered classmate gave him a strange look, bordering on a smile.

“…oh.” Ojiro flushed, leaning against his friend’s desk. “But that doesn’t explain what I saw!” he watched Tokoyami’s gaze flick over his shoulder.

“I can think of something much simpler.”

“Really?” Ojiro’s tail lifted in anticipation, soft tip wagging imperceptibly fast. When Tokoyami didn’t answer, however, he let it fall back down. “Er…are you going to tell me?”

Tokoyami stared at him, blinking beadily. Decidedly not, then, Ojiro thought with a sigh. Just as he was about to turn around he felt his tail catch on something and let out a confused mumble before being swung around into an enthusiastic embrace.

“Hey Mashi!” Hagakure greeted cheerfully, wrapping her invisible arms around Ojiro’s torso and giving him a squeeze. She pulled back after a moment, presumably smiling.

Ojiro had taken to noticing things about Hagakure’s movements that gave him little hints about what she was feeling. For example, she’d taken to wearing cute clips in her hair recently which, upon first inspection didn’t leave much to go off of, but to Ojiro it meant a great deal. He was able to see which way her head was tilted; a little to the right meant she was smirking, a bit more to the left meant she was either confused or genuinely enjoying herself (it all depended on the rest of her body language, really), and so on.

He startled as he realized he had just been staring at her for what had probably been an awkward minute, and stuttered out an apology before sitting down at his own desk. Christ. At least he wasn’t bad as Midoriya with talking to women, on the contrary actually. He usually didn’t have that much trouble, it was only with Hagakure that he tended to freeze up or make a fool of himself.

The rest of his day went by rather normally, and he followed his routine up until the evening. The self-proclaimed ‘Bakusquad’ had organized a movie night and, instead of studying, Ojiro chose to socialize.

Was it stupid? Probably. Did he still do it? Yup.

And did he, after watching the horror movie with his classmates and then staying up late studying to catch up with homework, fall asleep on one of the common room couches? Definitely so.

So there he was, having a good snooze – more of a mediocre snooze really, his current dream was bordering on nightmare – when he jolted awake at something touching his tail.

The appendage had slipped off the couch and onto the floor, in perfect demon-grabbing range. Before he could so much as yelp, something slapped over his mouth and it was all he could do to exhale loudly out of his nose.

Alarm bells went off in his head. Was this how it all ended? Was a ghost really going to kill him right here in the common room? He supposed it wasn’t the worst place to go, his body would be found quickly, but then again he had a test the next day that he really did need to take –

“Oh my god Mashi did you just lick my hand?!” Hagakure whispered, her tone scandalized. She giggled at his confused mumble and lifted her hand to pat his shoulder. “I just came down for a snack and saw you laying here, don’t worry I won’t tattle!”

“I wasn’t worried about that, I thought – “ Ojiro whispered quickly, cutting himself off. “Er, nevermind. Just got startled…sorry about licking you hand, that was all I could think of.” He heard Hagakure’s breathy laugh and crossed his arms indignantly. “What?”

“Mashi, you’ve almost gone three years through UA’s top hero program, and all you’ve got when someone sneaks up on you is to lick their hand??”

“It’s not like I’ll be asleep out in the field.” he mumbled, feeling his face heat up. Hagakure always knew just how to tease him, though he supposed that he tended to make it easy for her most of the time.

“I know something else you can lick~”

Ojiro squinted at where he thought Hagakure was. She…oh. Now he knew why he was literally and figuratively in the dark; she didn’t have anything on, not a single article of clothing. Nothing for him to be able to gauge her emotions or reactions besides the tone of her voice. And from just that, it sounded almost like she was…making a joke?

“Er…what is it?” he tilted his head, frowning. It’s not that he didn’t understand jokes, he just…wasn’t the fastest at picking them up sometimes.

All the reply he got was a giggle and the feeling of her weight pressing down on his chest, as if she were climbing on top of him.

“I-I…Tooru?” he stuttered, averting his eyes even if there wasn’t anything he was able to see. It was only polite, after all.

“You want to be a good boy, Mashi?” those words shouldn’t have brought such a tingle down his spine, but the way her voice dropped, and how smooth she sounded…Ojiro nodded. Then, remembering the dark room and, frankly, he had no idea where she was looking, he vocalized his approval.

“Y-yes…erm, just to clarify, y-you meant ‘something else to lick’ as in – “

“Eating me out? Yeah~” she giggled, shifting around on top of him. “That okay?”

“Yes!” Ojiro said quickly, smacking himself mentally. “I-I mean, that would be – mmph!” something warm and squishy pressed against his face, silencing him. He gave it an experimental lick, tail twitching at the squirming moan Hagakure gave him in response.

“Good, Mashi – !” she whispered breathily, fumbling around for something, which turned out to be the hem of his pants. “Keep that up, I – oh yes!” she hissed, rubbing down onto his lips. Ojiro moaned as she palmed his hardening member through his clothing, the sound muffled against her cunt.

Now, he wasn’t someone who’d had an awful lot of experience with vulvas, and while he’d known there was going to be hair down there he hadn’t expected it to feel…er, actually rather nice against his chin. Nice in the way that feeling it meant Hagakure was grinding down onto him for real, that this wasn’t a dream. He smiled, about to pull back and say something along those lines when his cock sprang free from its confines all at once.

“T-toou!” he yelped, receiving a playful swat to his thigh in response.

“Don’t want anyone hearing us, do we?” she sang quietly, kissing along his shaft. “Hm?”

He shook his head, receiving a giggle as he brushed along her folds.

“Always such a good boy, huh Mashi?” she wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it three long strokes. “Do you want to be my good boy?”

He nodded again, whining when her hand stilled.

“I wanna hear you say it~”

Ojiro’s tail thumped against the side of the couch and his cock twitched. Something about her tone along with her words had him just…seeing stars, almost. He trembled as she continued stroking him at a languid pace, giggling at his squeaks and sighs.

“What’ll it be, Mashi? Are you my good boy?” she coaxed, scratching up his inner thigh. “Mm?”

“Y-yes,” he gasped brokenly, biting down on his lip to keep himself quiet when she dove down without warning. Her mouth easily wrapped around him, and he wasn’t sure if that was due to her having a large mouth, him having a small cock (/he/ didn’t think it was small, it was pretty darn average thank you very much), or just that…she was good at that sort of thing?

A particularly hard suck shocked him out of his thoughts, bringing him back to reality. Right; Hagakure was on top of him, sucking him off, with her pussy right in front of him and practically begging to be licked. Well, he’d been licking it quite thoroughly, but hadn’t gotten a whole lot to show for it. No doubt that it felt at least some sort of nice, but maybe –

“Mmph!” Hagakure choked back a squeal, hips bucking.

Ah. He should do that again then, right?

Ojiro doubled down on suckling Hagakure’s clit, stopping every once in a while to swirl his tongue around to give her a bit of a break. He knew that’s what he would want if he were in her position, at least. Which, er, he sort of was?

Hagakure bobbed up and down on his cock, making a cacophony of lewd slurping noises along with small groans and squeaks. Her noises only grew the longer Ojiro licked, and when she popped her mouth off of his cock he didn’t care one bit because she sounded absolutely beautiful. Which he wanted to say, but, well, y’know.

“Mashi, Mashi, Mashi,” she panted, holding herself above Ojiro’s torso. “Yes, yes, yes, so good, Mashi, yes, a-ah!” she clenched her thighs, giving Ojiro’s head a pleasant squeeze. He could’ve died happy there, Hagakure’s muffled cries practically making him cum on the spot.

That is, until she redoubled her efforts to get him off. He couldn’t stop the moans leaking from his mouth, thankful to have Hagakure’s pussy as a sort of muzzle so he didn’t wake any of their classmates. His tail thumped along with her thrusts, and soon he was biting down on the inside of his cheek to keep from shouting out into the dark, empty common room.

When he came back down from his high, he noticed with a shock that Hagakure was still licking him, though much softer than before. He wiggled his tail awkwardly, tapping her on the back as he tried to twitch his oversensitive cock out of her mouth.

She giggled, popping back off and repositioning to kiss him sweetly on the cheek. “Couldn’t leave you all dirtied up, gotta be good to my good boy~”

Chapter Text

Halfway through the month, and she still hadn’t thought of a costume. Poop. Mina frowned at her Pinterest page, hours of endless scrolling only giving her a vague idea of what she wanted to wear. Sparkles, definitely, and bright colors. That narrowed it down by, like, a little bit? Maybe?

It didn’t help that Denki had flaked out on her. What kind of friend backed out of a couples costume like that! Not that they were a couple, god no; her big lesbian ass would like that just about as much as Sero. Speaking of…

“Hanta!” she yelled across the common room, seeing the boy talking with his electric boyfriend in the kitchen. “Toss me a snack!”

“I would but Denk’s too heavy!”

She snorted, laughing along with Denki’s indignant scoff. “Listen, you can’t have my thick thighs around your head AND turn around and make fun of ‘em, gotta pick one.”

That shut Sero up, much to Mina’s giggling delight. Those two made for a good couple, both memeing fucklords and well-suited for each other.

“God I wish that were me,” Mina sighed, watching Sero and Denki giggle together at the ladder getting stuck to the former’s elbows on accident. Of all their classmates, she only knew of one other confirmed lesbian.

Jirou was nice, and one hell of a rave friend, but…Mina frowned. They just didn’t click like that, y’know? Besides, she almost definitely had a thing for Momo. And to be honest, who didn’t?! She was perfect girlfriend material; sweet, caring, patient, and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Don’t even get her started on Momo’s smart-ass self – knowing that woman could out-smart her into the next week was a good 50% of her allure.

“Oh? Ashido, are you looking for a Halloween costume?”

Mina jumped, laptop bouncing onto the neighboring couch cushion. Her eyes snapped over to Momo, and good fuck that lovely smile almost made her forget how to speak. “Yup! I’m having trouble though, nothing like…fits right?”

“Hm…” Momo leaned forwards, over the back of the couch, and Mina just about died. It was impolite to stare, but…

“Damn Momo, ur teddies…” Mina mumbled, eyes glued to her classmate’s boobs.

“Mhm,” Momo made a noncommittal noise, and thank fucking god she hadn’t heard her oh god. “I could make one for you. All I’d need to do is measure you, to make sure it fits exactly.”

Mina short-circuited. That wasn’t what she’d meant, but damn if that wasn’t exactly what she wanted right now. Fuck. Did Momo know what she did to people?! Probably not, but still. Mina just nodded, following Momo with her eyes as she took out a cloth tape measure and gestured for Mina to stand up.

The usually exuberant Mina stood wordlessly, biting her lip as Momo wrapped the tape around her thighs. Taking measurements shouldn’t be hot, stop thinking like that, no she kept telling herself.

“You tend to like form-fitting clothes, right?” Momo asked, looking up curiously from her crouched position.

“Yup!” Mina squeaked, holding back a sputter as Momo’s hands traveled up to her hips. No, bad brain, stop that. Momo needed her measurements in order to make a properly sized costume, and all she was doing was being thorough.

Her useless lesbian brain cells did not listen.

“Ah, pardon my touch for a moment.” Momo said apologetically, delicate fingers sliding under Mina’s bust to take her chest measurements.

Mina’s soul left her body.

When she came back to after a few seconds, Mina looked up to see Jirou sitting on an adjacent couch, looking at the two of them with a little smirk. She caught Mina’s gaze, eyes flicking up to Momo for a moment before nodding solemnly. Ah, wlw solidarity at its finest.

“Are you alright?” Momo’s concerned voice brought Mina fully back into the current plane of existence, and she nodded vigorously.

“Just spacing out! Tends to happen around cute people~” she winked over her shoulder. Oh god why had she done that, who the fuck actually winks at people besides Denki and Aoyama oh god oh no oh fuck –

“O-oh you stop that!” Momo flushed, smiling and looking away shyly.

OwO what’s this? Mina grinned, suddenly filled with a sense of hope and determination. Maybe there was something there? Perhaps…maybe Momo’s heart had enough space for both her and Jirou?

Mina floated through the next half hour, listening happily to Momo’s suggestions for her Halloween costume – something about a moth, which she thought was fitting. Momo flushed when Jirou off-handedly suggested a titty window, to which Mina sent her a thumbs-up. Hell yeah.

That all came to a halt when a certain purple menace invaded the common room, however. Mineta ran up to them, making a beeline for Momo and handing her a small daisy. It was almost…cute?

“Hey girls! Wanna help me get laid with a bangin’ Halloween costume?” he asked hopefully, bouncing on his toes.

Mina wrinkled her nose. Definitely not cute anymore.

Chapter Text

Kaminari snorted around the phone charger in his mouth. It was one thing to hear Mineta complaining about costumes his size being ‘too childish’, but a completely different thing to actually see the little bastard scurrying around the Halloween store trying to find anything that fit him.

“Hey, thith onth not tho bad, right?” Kaminari slurred, holding up a toddler-sized princess costume. Mineta blanched.

“I’m not that small!” he whined. “Besides, everyone’ll think I’m gay.”

“Nah, pretty sure we all know you’re straight.” he thought back to the time Mineta had walked in on him and Sero and frowned. Yeah, nasty grape boy was definitely hetero. It hadn’t been that bad, but…it was like Mineta had never even heard of a gay couple before them, which struck Kaminari as odd. Almost half the class was some sort of queer, at least that he knew of.

“Yeah yeah I just won’t be able to get any girls if they all think I’m gay!”

Kaminari sighed, rolling his eyes. Jirou was definitely rubbing off on him. “Y’know, why don’t ya just ask the girls to make one for you?”

As soon as he saw Mineta’s eyes he knew he’d fucked up. Oh good fucking god he thought he was being serious. Which, granted, he wasn’t sure if his suggestion had been an actual suggestion – it’d just been one of those thoughts that popped out of Kaminari’s mouth before he could think about it too hard.

“See you back at the dorms! Gotta talk to Momo!”

Well shit there he goes. Godspeed, you disgusting little man.

Kaminari pondered the repercussions of his actions during the bus ride back. Obviously the girls were going to find out that it’d been his idea, that was inevitable, but how should he play it? Cool and collected, apologetic, maybe go straight to groveling?

Maybe groveling was a bit much, he didn’t know if Mineta had actually done anything yet. As much as he had faith in the slight bit of improvement his classmate had made in their almost three years at UA, MIneta was still Mineta, and that meant inappropriate advances. They’d thankfully gotten sparser as the years went on, thanks in no small part to Midnight whipping the boy into shape (literally and figuratively), as well as Kirishima force-feeding him his respect women juice.

But still. Something as body-focused as a Halloween costume was bound to spark the nasty gremlins in Mineta’s brain into taunting him to doing something. He shot Momo a quick warning text, and after a quick moment of deliberation sent one to the entire ‘Gals Bein Pals’ chat.

The chat was usually reserved for planning girl’s nights (sometimes including Kaminari), but every so often a Mineta alert would also be posted. God bless modern technology.

He was not prepared for what awaited him at the dorms.

As soon as he stepped in the doors, he heard giggling ringing out from the far corner, the girls of the class surrounding something in a circle. Jirou, spotting Kaminari, waved him over with a grin.

“So y’know that text you sent?” she stifled a snort, breaking from the circle a few steps. “He legit just wanted a costume.”

“O…kay?” Kaminari peered over her shoulder. “What’s that gotta do with – “ he froze, eyes opening so wide they almost hurt.

It took a lot to turn Kaminari speechless. He was always the one with a stupid comeback or joke, more than often only worsening the situation rather than diffusing it, but that was neither here nor there. What /was/ there was Mineta, pouting pathetically and draped in…something.

It couldn’t be called a costume, there was barely even enough fabric to consider it underwear. It wasn’t anything any of them hadn’t seen during swim training, but that was a different context entirely.

Mineta put a hand on his hip with a whine, fingertips just barely grazing over the bottom of the tulle. Kaminari was not going to call that a skirt, it was more of a belt over the skimpy purple leotard covering the rest of his classmate.

“This isn’t what I meant.” Mineta said blandly, crossing his arms over his mostly-bare chest. “What am I even supposed to be?!”

“Oh! Forgot the most important part!” Mina smirked, looking to Momo. Momo nodded back, passing the pink girl a headband with – oh my god. It was then that Kaminari allowed himself to laugh, right as Mina plopped the velvet bunny ears onto Mineta’s head. “You’re a playboy bunny. Classic, right?”

“Oh my fucking – “ Kaminari wheezed, grabbing Jirou’s shoulder for balance “h – dude, you – fuckin – “ he wiped at his eyes, smiling so hard his cheeks were starting to ache.

Mineta scowled, opening his mouth to say something, then closed it, looking thoughtful. “Playboy…there’s playgirl, isn’t there?”

“Yup!” Mina chirped, crossing her arms confidently. “And there’s no way you’ll – “

“Thanks for the costume!” Mineta jumped up, waving. “It’ll show off my package to all the hotties!”

They gaped, watching him leave. Had he…did he…was he actually going to…wear that? Kaminari exchanged a look with Jirou, both of them bursting into another round of laughs after a split second of shock. Of fucking course he was, that goddamn horndog. Not like he had any shame to begin with anyway.

Chapter Text

Aizawa started at the pumpkin. The pumpkin stared back.

“Sho? You gotta…here, I’ll show ya!” Hizashi said, picking up a marker. “You just draw a face on it, and then follow the shapes with the carving tools! Lookie, I’m making mine look like you!”

Hizashi turned his pumpkin around to face Aizawa excitedly, showcasing the gourd’s small frown and grumpy eyes.

“Neat, huh!”

Aizawa rolled his eyes, snatching the marker from Hizashi’s hand. He drew carefully, deliberately, huffing when his fiancé tried to peek over his shoulder. The long stem of his pumpkin lended itself oddly well to the face he’d drawn; wide grinning mouth and wild, open eyes.

“Look. It’s you.”

Hizashi blinked, processing Aizawa’s words for a moment, before bursting out laughing. “Oh – oh my god Sho, I – pfffft – we’re the cutest fucking couple now!” the blonde whipped out his phone, snapping pictures of his fiancé and their pumpkins.


“Nemuri’s gonna be all over this!”

Aizawa scowled, scrunching up his nose. “Why?”

“Because we’re practically a Hallmark movie right now!” Hizashi exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Aizawa and swaying gently from side to side. “When the couple’s all lovey-dovey ‘n stuff, y’know? Like, drawing each other’s faces on pumpkins ‘n stuff!”

“I refuse to believe that’s actually happened in a movie.”

“Yeah, well, something alone those lines!” Hizashi insisted, pecking Aizawa’s neck before looking up at him dopily. “C’mon, admit it. We’re cute.”

“I will do no such thing.”


Chapter Text

“Sooo…” Kaminari stared down at the pumpkin, sticking his tongue out.

“Ayup.” Sero nodded, frowning.

They’d giggled the entire time they’d been cleaning out and carving the pumpkin, but now that it was done…

“Are we actually gonna…?”

“I mean, if you want to?”

It was a simple carve job, two holes situated across from each other about halfway up the pumpkin. The thick orange flesh had been peeled back a little from the edges so as to not, er, chafe anything.

Sero grinned nervously, running a hand through his hair. “I dunno man, it…doesn’t it seem kinda weird?”

Kaminari looked between his friend and the pumpkin for a good minute, contemplating the options. He shrugged, unbuckling his pants and letting them fall to the floor unceremoniously.

“Woah! Dude!”

“Nothing you haven’t seen before, right?” Kaminari cocked his head, smiling. “C’mon, not sayin’ you have to do it. You don’t even have to watch me dude, I’m just curious.”

Sero pursed his lips, following Kaminari’s example and tugging his pants and underwear off. “Yeah, I guess…I just want to know what that person was thinking.” he mumbled, referencing the video they’d only just finished watching.

Who looks at a pumpkin and thinks ‘yeah, I’d stick my dick in that’?! Yet here they were, sticking their dicks in a pumpkin and…if he was being honest, Sero didn’t hate it. It was a bit awkward to hold it between him and Kaminari, what with their different heights, but they managed.

“S-should we, um…” Kaminari panted, thrusting into the innocent gourd. “Should we like, kiss?”

“Huh?” Sero blinked his eyes open, immediately regretting it as his eyes zeroed in on Kamianri’s flushed cheeks and slightly parted lips. “I-I, sorry what?”

“Kiss, bro,” Kaminari shuddered as Sero shifted his grip on the pumpkin “d-don’t people do that when they’re…y’know? I thought maybe we could – !” the rest of his thought drowned in his throat, and he sighed against Sero’s warm lips.

It was far from what Sero had imagined his first kiss with Kaminari to be like, but damn it all if he wasn’t enjoying it.

Aside from his dick sliding in and out of an inanimate object, he couldn’t really ask for more.

“H-hanta, I – “ Kaminari pulled back to gasp, eyes squeezing shut. “F-fuck – !”

Something warm splattered against Sero’s cock, and he bit his lip to hold back a moan. Okay, yeah, Kaminari cumming on him was definitely hot. He added it to his mental list of things to think about while jacking off.

“S-sorry, I…” Kaminari trailed off, sucking in part of his lip as he stared into the pumpkin. “Do you want me to…?”

Sero didn’t know what he was nodding yes to, but if Kaminari was asking for something he would be glad to give it. He choked on spit as a shaking hand wrapped around his member, fisting the part of his shaft inside the pumpkin. He moaned, grip tightening on the pumpkin as he clenched all over.

Not the best orgasm, but it was up there. It was still something special though, Sero decided, because it had been with Kaminari.

“Let’s…agree never to do that again.” Sero panted, smiling at Kaminari’s wary thumbs-up.

No way was Aizawa letting them put this one out on the front porch.

Chapter Text

After the pumpkin fucking debacle, Sero thought he was done with weird Halloween sex things.

Apparently not.

“Hey Hanta! Check out this video!” Mina called him over, already huddled in between Denki and Eijirou. Sero sighed, padding over to his friends. He wasn’t prepared for what was on the screen, though he didn’t know if he would’ve ever been fully prepared for just how much of a shock the porno would be.

It wasn’t the worst he had seen, not by a long shot, but he’d only ever really watched porn with Denki before, and sitting in the middle of the common room watching a guy pound three girls’ painted asses was quite a big jump from that.

“Denks n Kiri already agreed, you wanna?!” Mina nudged him in the side, winking.

“Wha – “

“I’ve got the paint already!” Denki interrupted, beaming. “Bro, you wouldn’t believe how expensive body paint is, and I didn’t want to get three whole pans so we can like do the stems with black or something. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

‘It’ll be fun’ he had said. ‘Don’t worry Bakugo will go easy on us’ he said. Hanta should’ve known that it wasn’t Bakugo he’d needed to worry about.

Hanta had agreed, somewhat hesitantly, to joining his three friends in traveling up a hiking path, stripping naked, and painting each other’s asscheeks with orange and black body paint. To be fair, over their years together they’d definitely seen their fair share of each other’s junk, so that wasn’t really an issue.

What WAS an issue was Denki’s maneuvering of the paintbrush. He kept ghosting over Hanta’s pucker, giggling when his friend whined and squirmed at the cold sensation.

“C’mon dude, just hurry up!” Hanta cast an annoyed look back, ignoring Mina’s cat-calls from somewhere beside him. “Stop freezing my asshole off with the paint.”

“Huh?” Denki looked up from his work, holding a tube of something in his hand. “I’ve been done with the paint for a while now dude. Hold on, deep breath.”

“What – nnh!” Hanta cried out as a finger slowly entered him. He shifted to turn and give Denki a piece of his mind, but then his gaze fell on Mina. Her lips curled up in a smile, eyes half-lidded, and hands inching forwards to brush against his cheek.

“We’ll take good care of you,” she said with a wink, leaning down to give him a quick peck on the mouth “and you can say stop whenever, ‘kay?”

He nodded, furrowing his brows together. Hadn’t this started as a thing for Bakugo? Well also a thing for all of them, but – “A-ah!” his eyes squeezed shut as Denki added another finger, scissoring them much too fast for Hanta to keep up with. He’d always been flexible, but this was pushing it a little. “H-hah, Denk, l-let up a little, ah,” he panted, letting out an appreciative sigh as Denki obeyed. “T-thanks…”

“Oh Bakuuuu~” Mina called down the trail, giggling at the grunt she received in response.

“What?” Bakugo still sounded relatively far away, and Hanta wasn’t sure if he was glad or not.

“Y’know how ya said there wasn’t a pumpkin patch around here?”

Denki let out a gasp at that, wriggling around so that he was on all fours next to Hanta and Kirishima, nestled between them. “Showtime, boys~” he whispered, getting a chuckle from Kirishima.

“You sure he’s gonna be into this?” Hanta whispered back, shifting his weight to lay on his forearms. Being in that position was gonna get real old real quick.

“Oh definitely! Ei caught him watchin’ something like this one weekend and – “ the blonde squeaked at the small explosion from behind them, and it took everything Hanta had not to jump at the sound.

“What. The. Fuck.”

Chapter Text

Kouda wasn’t sure why anyone would actually want to do something like this with him, but…

“Hey man, thanks for helping out! We haven’t gotten to spend that much time with each other lately.” Sato said cheerfully, clapping Kouda on the back good-naturedly.

He should’ve flinched at how loud his friend was being, but somehow Sato’s booming voice was comforting to Kouda. He still wasn’t entirely used to having a friend like Sato, well now that he thought about it he still wasn’t used to having a family of friends like 3-A had become over their years together.

Kouda smiled fondly at Sato’s turned back. No, not 3-A anymore; they’d made it. They’d all made their dreams come true by graduating from UA, scattering across the area to their respective apartments or other abodes.

“I know it’s what Hagakure calls ‘basic’, but I’ve been craving it for a while and…” Sato chuckled, hand on the back of his neck. “Guess I still haven’t grown out of my sweet tooth!” he smiled, sending a rush of warmth through Kouda’s chest.

Kouda smiled back, nodding.

From his spot leaning against the counter, Kouda watched Sato go about mixing up ingredients and blending the pumpkin puree together. He didn’t know why Sato had asked for help, there was no way Kouda would be any assistance with the pace Sato was going at.

It was all the same to Kouda though, he’d never been particularly good at baking. However, eating someone else’s baking? He was very skilled in that. The years at UA had given him a taste for Sato’s expert creations, which his friend was a dirty filthy enabler to. They both still maintained their physique for their hero duties of course, but Kouda found himself going over to Sato’s small apartment more and more, especially when one or both of their agencies were having a stressful quarter.

“Ah! Sorry about that – “ Sato’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts, and all Kouda could process for the next five seconds was that Sato’s hands were extremely gentle.

When those five seconds were up and Sato pulled back, his brain whirled to catch up. Kouda’s eyes flicked from his crotch to Sato’s hand, cheeks flushing. Sato had very politely wiping something off of his pants, presumably having spilled that something. Was that whipped cream? Kouda cocked his head to the side, peering into the bowl in Sato’s arms. He raised his eyebrows in silent question.

“Whipped cream, perfect for pumpkin pie.” Sato grinned, and Kouda melted again.

Kouda was positive his blush was covering him head to toe by now, sparing no expanse of skin, small or large. It had to be, because what else would explain how on fire he felt?

“Wanna try some?”

Kouda nodded without thinking, only realizing what he’d agreed to as Sato came closer. The larger man swiped a finger against the side of the bowl and held it out invitingly, offering Kouda a sheepish smile.

“The, uh, I left the spoon over th – oh.” Sato began rambling, snapping back to attention as Kouda wrapped his mouth around his outstretched finger.

“Thanks,” Kouda said quietly, licking his lips to buy himself some time as his cheeks burned hotter still. “I-it’s still not as sweet as you…” he managed to push out, squeaking when Sato grabbed his hand tightly.

He looked up at Sato, expecting a harsh rejection, and instead found a wide grin. “I think you’re even sweeter, Koj.”

Chapter Text


Mirio whirled around, neck prickling uncomfortably. He’d definitely heard something, but maybe it was just the wind?

“U-um, excuse me?”

Wind doesn’t talk.

The blonde whirled around in the dark corridor, shoulders squeezing tighter against the narrow walls as he brandished his sword. Not like he could see anything, but at least now he was facing the nosie – no, person. It had talked, therefore wasn’t a “thing” anymore. His grip tightened. He was used to driving monsters off from his village, nameless drooling creatures with only one purpose; to kill.

He wasn’t sure if he could kill something – no, someone – that could actually think and feel.


At least they were being polite. Mirio frowned. On second thought, that just made it harder to think about hurting them. They sounded nice, they didn’t sound like they wanted to cause any trouble, but…

‘Don’t be tricked by the crafty ways of those animals!’ the words of his mentor echoed in his head. Surely that only applied to the…the non-person ones, right?

“I-I can’t…um, I don’t know if you should see me? But I can see you? I feel like that’s unfair…” the voice was sounding more and more uneasy, only raising Mirio’s hackles more. If his assailant was nervous, what the hell should HE be feeling?!

“Show yourself, beast!” Mirio yelled, steeling himself. He raised his sword and blinked hard, he had to put his feelings aside for the sake of his village. He was going to kill this thing and protect his loved ones, he was gonna –

He blinked again. The air felt colder, and the walls weren’t…huh. He looked around, realizing he could actually see things now. Unsure of how he’d gotten into the house’s living room, he twirled around and scowled at the empty space around him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you…” a shuffling from behind him froze him in place. Just what terrible creature was this?? “I-I think I made you drop your sword, um, here?” something smooth and cold was thrust into his hand, the unmistakable hilt of his sword. “Um, please don’t kill me with it?”

Mirio finally turned around, and stared into the terrifying murderous eyes of…of…a mousy-looking man, not that much shorter than himself but still somehow looking incredibly small.

“S-sir? Please don’t look at me like that…” the man shyed away, folding his hooded cloak further over himself. A little tuft of dark hair peeked out the top, and Mirio foud himself smiling.

This one wasn’t dangerous. Not one bit.

“A-and…I’m not a beast.” the figure muttered, shuffling his feet. “Amajiki.”


“T-that’s my name.”

“Oh.” Mirio blinked a few more times, taking a step forwards. He stopped when Amajiki flinched, though. “I’m Mirio Toogata, nice to meet you!”

Amajiki stared at his extended hand, quirking his head to the side.

“I, uh, listen…I’m sorry if I startled you, but I’m not used to finding actual…people in here.” he smiled sheepishly.

Amajiki shook his head violently, tossing the hood off his head a fraction. “I’m not – I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Ah, forget about it.” Mirio waved his hand.

“U-um…may I call you Mirio?” Amajiki fidgeted. “And…may I ask you a question?”

“Yes and yes!” Mirio chuckled, taking in the strange man before him. As his hood fell to his shoulders, his smile dissipated. His ears…pointed? His brows furrowed. That could only mean –

“I-I’m – please don’t hate me – um, c-could I bite you?”

Once again, Mirio blinked in shock. He’d expected the man to rush at him, pin him to the ground and suck him dry or within an inch of his life, leaving him to bleed out the rest of the way on the cold floor. Huh.

“I-I don’t need a whole lot! I have a friend I borrow from a lot, but she’s been away for a few weeks and I’m not sure where she is? Um, you don’t have to say yes, a-and please don’t kill me, I know it’s a weird thing to ask for but I promise I’m not a bad person it’s just the only thing I can digest and – “

“Sure.” sometimes Mirio’s impulsiveness gave him an advantage in battle. This was not battle. And he had very much just agreed to a stupid thing. But…Amajiki really did look hungry, and who was he to turn down such a polite vampire?

“A-are you…?” Amajiki gave him a worried look, sitting down stiffly on the nearby couch. “O-okay, um, it’ll be better if you sit down.” he patted the space next to him and Mirio sat, albeit a little uneasily.

His breath hitched as Amajiki leaned closer, lips parted a fraction. Mirio held his breath, waiting for the sharp puncture, or maybe it would feel more like a dog’s bite? He’d had plenty of those before, so it shouldn’t be all that bad – huh?

“You okay?” Mirio asked as Amajiki’s forehead hit his shoulder, the latter letting out a shaky sigh.

“Y-yeah, I, um, I-I…it’s a little intimate, u-um…”

Mirio stifled a laugh and offered up his arm, using his free hand to give Amajiki’s shoulder a comforting squeeze.


He was right, it felt more like a dog bite than anything, but there must have been something in Amajiki’s teeth (or saliva? or just….some vampire-y thing?) that made his arm start to tingle instead of hurt after a while.

“S-sorry, I took a little too much blood – “ Amajiki stopped at seeing Mirio’s smile. “What? Oh my god I took way too much, you’re going into shock, oh no how do humans recover from that again? Something about warmth?” the pale man panicked, wrapping his arms around a giggling Mirio.

“I’m fine, I’m fine! You’re just being cute, that’s why I’m happy.” Mirio laughed into the warm embrace. Amajiki’s arms and torso were freezing – probably because of the fact he doesn’t have a working circulatory system, his brain supplied him.

Still, Amajiki held fast to him. That only made Mirio smile more, and he knew he’d be coming back to that abandoned house more and more often.

Chapter Text

Mirio stepped into the abandoned building for what must have been the 12th time that week. And that wasn’t counting the past three months of sporadic visits, each one longer than the last. It seemed that, despite Amajiki’s insistence that he didn’t need visitors, they enjoyed each other’s company immensely and always found excuses for Mirio to stay longer.

“Hey Tamaki, I’m back!” Mirio called cheerfully, closing the door to the living room and drawing back the shades on the windows. The sun had set a while ago, his friend should be fine with just a little moonlight right?

Speaking of…Mirio looked up at the full moon with wonder. It was exceptionally beautiful tonight, and the dark craters he spied reminded him a bit of the dimples Tamaki sometimes showed when he gave Mirio one of those small smiles. Mirio sighed to himself. He had it bad.

A rustling of fabric from behind made Mirio grin. He kept facing the window as he said “Y’think there’s any werewolves out tonight?” The movement stopped. Mirio turned to see Tamaki making a face, and he chuckled at the other’s puzzled expression.

“Ah…” Tamaki frowned, seemingly pondering something. “I don’t think there are any for the next ten miles or so, but…why ask?”

“I was kidding!” Mirio laughed, gesturing out the window. “Making a joke about how it’s a full moon and all. Wait, are werewolves actually real?! I thought they were just myths, but I guess that explains this one smart-looking coyote I saw a week ago. I think she winked at me? Anyway, it’s good to know that they’re out there.” he finished with a smile, turning to look back out the window. “Sure is bright.”

A strange whining sound wormed its way out of Tamaki’s throat, startling Mirio.

“Everything alright?”

He did not look alright. Of all the visits Mirio had made to his friend, he’d never seen the vampire look the least bit unwell. Tired maybe, but not sick. Now, the man’s nose and pointed ears were dusted with red, and his eyes were widened in…fear?

Acting fast, Mirio lunged out to grab Tamaki’s arm just as the man made a move to sprint from the room. They tumbled to the floor in a heap, landing next to one another.

“I-I must go, you can’t be here – “ Tamaki babbled, trying to wrench his arm free.

“Hold on! Can’t you tell me what’s wrong?”

“N-no! That would – you’ve done so much for me, I can’t ask anything more of you – “

Mirio loosened his hold as Tamaki’s breathing slowly returned to normal. He gave his friend a concerned look, wrapping his arms around Tamaki’s torso gently at first, then tighter when the man leaned into him.

“Tell me what’s wrong, I want to help.” he said softly, furrowing his brows at Tamaki’s shivering. Since when did vampires get cold? He supposed he’d never asked, but Tamaki always wore the same sort of thing through almost every season. Maybe he –

“The moon.” Tamaki whispered sharply, burying his face in Mirio’s chest. He sounded on the verge of tears. “I prayed to her for a friend, a-and she led me to one but – “ he flinched at Mirio brushing his hair back, but after a split second of hesitation he leaned into the touch. “S-she’s given me so much more than a…a…y-you’re…”

Mirio’s breath caught. He knew he wasn’t the best at picking up social cues of the romantic nature, but the way Tamaki was talking and the way he’d just looked at him…

“M-may I bite you?”

He blinked. Okay, not where he thought that had been going, but he could roll with it. Mirio shrugged, nodded, and held out his arm.

“N-no, um…c-can I…” Tamaki squirmed. “I-I mean to say, y-you…y-your…I-I…please, M-mirio...” he stuttered, eyes flicking down from Mirio’s face.


Nodding dumbly, Mirio helped Tamaki shuffle so that he was facing Mirio, practically straddling his lap. Breath ghosted over his neck and he shivered, resisting the urge to close his eyes.

“Go ahead,” Mirio breathed, resting his hands on Tamaki’s hips.

“O-okay…” he felt Tamaki drawing closer, mouth now mere centimeters away from his jugular. “I-I won’t turn you, j-just…i-it’ll hurt a bit and then – “

Mirio chuckled, rubbing Tamaki’s hip with his thumb. “You’ve bitten me before, I can handle it.”

Whatever Tamaki mumbled against his neck was muffled by the white-hot pain zinging down Mirio’s core as the vampire sunk his fangs into the blonde’s neck. Pain slowly gave way to a warm tingling sensation after a few seconds, and Mirio felt himself relaxing as Tamaki continued sucking.

He let himself wonder for a moment just how vampires worked. As in, how did they actually feed? He could feel Tamaki’s fangs still in his flesh, though without the pain it was more or less just a strange tugging sensation, but he couldn’t feel any blood running down his neck or anything so were his teeth…hollow? Like little bone straws for vampires to suck blood up into? Mirio made a mental note to ask Tamaki about it later, maybe when he – oh god.

Any and all thoughts twirling in Mirio’s mind came to a halt as Tamaki’s tongue tentatively slid along his skin. Even with the numb/tingling sensation in his skin, he could still very much feel the warmth of Tamaki’s mouth, the way his tongue slid across the punctures in his skin.

And Mirio moaned. He fucking /moaned/.

Tamaki immediately pulled back, face flushed hot and a smear of blood on the left corner of his mouth, “S-sorry! I-I didn’t mean – “ without thinking, Mirio dove forwards to press their lips together.

It was nice, the way Tamaki relaxed against him and how soft his lips were. As he pulled back, he found Tamaki looking at him with wide eyes. “Er, I guess it’s my turn to apologize now.” Mirio said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “You just…you looked damn cute, and I’ll eat my own ass if that neck biting wasn’t the hottest thing I’ve ever – “

“Mirio!” Tamaki shoved a hand over Mirio’s mouth, cheeks absolutely flaming now. “Y-you can’t just…say that…” he looked down, small smile betraying his thoughts. Ah, there were those cute dimples Mirio had grown to love.

He reached out a hand to poke the corners of Tamaki’s mouth, delighting in the surprised squeak he got in return. “You’ve got a beautiful smile, Tama.”

Tamaki didn’t respond, just leaned forward to bury his face in Mirio’s chest once more. The blonde laughed, pulling his friend in closer.

Chapter Text

“What’re you going as?”

Bakugo scowled, looking up from his computer. He’d been sitting cross-legged on the couch, minding his own business, when round face had walked right up to him and started chatting about Halloween bullshit.

“Hey! Eyes up here!” Uraraka waved a hand in front of his face.

“I wasn’t lookin’ at your tits, pink cheeks.”

“Oh, I thought you were just busy with paperwork, but now that you mention it…your eyes were kinda wandering…” she stuck her tongue out with a wink, setting her bag on the floor and plopping down next to him. “I’m kidding. Kinda. So, what;re you gonna be for Halloween?”


“C’mon, you can’t just go to the party naked, that would – “

“I ain’t going.”

Uraraka frowned, narrowing her eyes dangerously. “Is this about Deku again? Because I swear, if it’s another one of your jealous pity-party grudges getting in the way of us seeing our old classmates then I swear to god I’m gonna take you out in the middle of a field and float you into the goddamn atmosphere – “

Bakugo growled, grabbing her hand firmly. “It ain’t that green shortstack. If you wanna go that’s your business, but I dn’t and – “

“We haven’t seen them in months!!”

It was true. Since they’d moved in together, they hadn’t seen their friends except during joint agency missions, which more often than not ended in someone needing to go to the hospital or chasing down a dangerous villain. Not exactly a good place to stop and catch up, y’know?

“Fine. Stop making those crazy eyes at me and I’ll go.” Bakugo huffed, silently withering under his girlfriend’s glare. “But I ain’t wearing anything weird. Stores’re all closed anyway, how would we – “

“Leave it to me!” Ochako chirped, shooting up and zipping down the hall. “You can wear my costume, and I’ll make another one!”

Bakugo rolled his eyes, stretching out on the couch. She’d probably have him wear something stupid, like a too-tight hero costume or –

“Found it!”

“Oh yeah? Alright, I’ll bite. What’ve you – “ his eyes bulged. Nope. Absolutely fucking not.

“Isn’t it cute?” Uraraka held up the ‘costume’, which was more or less a white shimmery leotard that would’ve definitely exposed her entire chest if she’d been wearing it.

“Absolutely fucking not.” he spat, staring as she twirled it around. “Are those wings?”

“Yup!” she chirped, pleased with herself. “Hey, didn’t you confiscate some weirdo’s weapon a while back? The thing that looked like a giant fork? Can I borrow it?”

“Wh…” Bakugo tracked her around the room cautiously, grumbling when she tossed the offending costume onto his head.

“Put it on put it on! I gotta get mine together so we can leave!”

“You didn’t tell me it was tonight! Jesus fucking – “

He had barely enough time to wriggle into the skintight costume piece as Uraraka whirled around their apartment. He wasn’t able to figure out quite what she was doing until about a minute before they left, when she donned a lacy set of red lingerie and hastily clipped two red hairbows onto either side of her head.

Uraraka held the weirdly-proportioned trident proudly, striking a pose. “I’m a devil and you’re an angel! Cute, right?”

Bakugo opened his mouth to say something snarky when Uraraka’s eyes widened and she scampered off into the kitchen, rustling around in the drawers a split second before coming back with a hastily scrunched ring of tinfoil. She placed it on Bakugo’s head, positively beaming.

“There! Can’t forget an angel’s halo, right?”

“You so fucking owe me.” he grumbled as they made their way out of the apartment, hand in hand.

Uraraka hummed, squeezing his hand. “You sure? You get to see my in this,” she gestured to her scantily-clad body “all night long, and get to watch everyone stare at me knowing I’m yours~”

And fuck if that didn’t do things to him. Bakugo flushed, scowling once more. “Or I could just fucking have my way with you on the goddamn dance floor.” he growled, swinging her closer and holding her against him. Her muscles rippled under his fingers and he smiled to himself. Hell yeah, this one was his.

Chapter Text

Midoriya grinned, a bit proud of himself. Not only had he convinced Bakugo into participating, but most of the class had tagged along as well! Sure, a joint birthday party may just be an excuse to have a get-together and eat junk food, but still!

Somehow they’d managed to keep Kirishima and Tokoyami distracted for enough of the day so that they could decorate the dorms. From the outside, they still looked like the same stoic concrete buildings, but inside…

“Look Denks, no hands!” Mina squealed, swaying back and forth from the streamers secured to the ceiling. They weren’t proper crepe paper streamers, nobody had thought to get those at the party supply store, so Sero had graciously slung up some sticky stripes up there and called it good.

Half-filled balloons bobbed around on the floor, and Izuku frowned. The school hadn’t approved their request for a helium dispenser, which was fair, but left the space looking a little depressed.

“Um, h-hey, Uraraka?”


At least the food looked good. Before Bakugo had left to lead Kirishima on a wild goose chase around the city, he’d whipped up some party foods for everyone to enjoy. Though he’d catered more to Kirishima’s interests than Tokoyami’s, Izuku was still grateful. Any cooperation from Bakugo was a step in the right direction, regardless of content.

A bowl of cheese balls stood out like a sore thumb, punctuating the end of the table with garishly orange orbs of “cheese”-covered carb balls. Kaminari had insisted, and who was Izuku to deny such a persistent request.

Someone had brought in a set of curiously ornate dining utensils and cups, shiny black embellished with gold trim and swirls of purple. Obviously something more down Tokoyami’s alley, which led Izuku to believe the mystery supplier to be one of Tokoyami’s closer friends. Shoji maybe? He couldn’t know for sure, but it’s what his gut told him.



A quick text from Asui let everyone know the birthday boys were on their way, and there was a mad scramble to get into a hiding place before the two arrived. Well, three really, but Bakugo already knew about the whole surprise party so he really didn’t count, although Izuku supposed he still needed to think through how he was going to greet Kirishima and Tokoyami so as to not spook his friend-turned-rival-turned-almost-friend-again, which he was still confused about and –

Oh shit the front door had just opened.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!” the class cheered in unison. Hagakure snapped a picture of the pair’s startled faces, giggling.

Kirishima smiled and went to hug Bakugo, saying something to him that made the blonde flush, pushing his friend away with a yell. Tokoyami just blinked, beak still partially parted, and stared into the room wordlessly.

“Ya can’t keep your birthday a secret like that!” Denki shouted above the din, ruffling Kirishima’s carefully-gelled hair. “You too, bird brain! Were you gonna tell us or???”

Tokoyami crossed his arms, but Izuku swore he saw a hint of a smile in his eyes. “I didn’t deem it important in the grand scheme of the universe. Such an arbitrary reason to celebrate; separating oneself from the dark but comforting world of the womb, unheeding – “

“Cake’s here, everyone!” Sato shouted proudly, making his way to the door. “I’ll go get it real quick!”

Sato’s aunt had very kindly offered to bake a complex multi-flavored cake for the class, so that Kirishima and Tokoyami both got their favorite flavors. The design wasn’t anything special, but knowing Sato’s affinity for baked goods, it stood good reason to assume that his aunt wasn’t too far off.

Smiling and watching Uraraka float another balloon into the air, Izuku sat down and relaxed for a moment.

No villain attacks in the past month, just regular classes and training with his classmates. And now here they were, enjoying some leisure time together. What could possibly –

Not two seconds into the thought and Izuku’s eyes popped open, focusing on the recently slammed-open door. Shit.

“Sorry! No hands, had to kick it.” Sato grinned, sheepishly, setting the large box in his arms onto the open space of the table. “Cake time!”

Everyone gathered around the table anticipatorily, watching with bated breath as Sato lifted the opaque cover. Izuku should’ve known something was off when he saw the tiny sugar sunflowers dotting the side, but alas his brain had only made a sidenote of it being a strange design choice for two people who really weren’t all that into plants.

“Er, who’s Sydnee?” someone said into the now silent room, chipping away at the tension that had settled.

It was a beautiful cake, there was no denying that. A massive sunflower, made of…erm…something edible, hopefully, perched on the top of the cake, next to the words “Happy Birthday Sydnee!! Plus Ultra!!”

“…maybe they’re enrolled in a course at UA?” Kirishima offered, shrugging.

Tokoyami nodded, following Sato with his eyes as he went to call his aunt to clear up the confusion. “Whichever the case, it stands to reason that, since we have obtained their cake, they have ours captive somewhere.”

“Aw c’mon bro, it’s not being held captive! I’m sure they’re just having a busy day or something!”

The party slowly came back together, everyone eventually coming to terms with the fact that they’d accidentally stolen some poor Sydnee’s birthday cake. Hopefully, wherever they were, they were having a good birthday without it.

Chapter Text

“Okay!” Mina rubbed her hands together. There was no way anything was getting in the way of her Halloween party this year. It was her last year at UA to have a banger on Halloween, and she’d be damned if anything was going to get in her way.

Last year had been an absolute disaster, too much teenage drama to put into words and only a handful of her friends had shown up which, given the situation, had probably been for the best. The year before that had been…yeah they’d all been dealing with the bullshit that went along with the league of villains, so that one’s excusable.

“So! Gameplan!” she grinned at Denki and Sero’s groans. “First we’ll decorate – “

“But there’s already stuff up!” Denki whined, flipping over on the couch.

“ – /first we’ll decorate MORE./” she said firmly, Denki withering under her narrowed gaze. “Then we’ll set everything up for the apple bobbing and costume contest. Jirou’s on music, so we’ll – “

“ – but – “

“Jirou. Is on. Music.”



After a minimal amount of poking and prodding from the pink-haired woman, the 3-A dorms shifted from kinda spooky to Ultra Mega Party Spooky in a matter of hours. More fake cobwebs, more streamers – actual streamers this time, not just Sero’s tape – more /everything/.

Iida had kindly offered to help them set up, which Mina was grateful for but she still wasn’t sure why he kept shivering at all the glittery pumpkins. She shrugged, brushing it off as just another one of the class rep’s strange ticks.

By the time the actual start of the party rolled around, things were going full swing; Jirou had an earjack plugged into the sound system and was blaring remixes of Halloween classics, Aoyama was organizing things for the costume contest, and Sero was showing Todoroki how to set things up for the apple bobbing. A little on the old-school style with that last one, but Mina had always wanted to try something like that.

With everything going smoothly and not a problem in sight, what could possibly go wrong?

Chapter Text

He’d been a little bit nervous at how enthusiastically Mina had invited the class to her “super rad balls-to-the-walls Halloween party”, but it turned out to be fun so far! Not that Izuku doubted his classmates, it was just that sometimes they could get to be…a lot. A LOT a lot. Especially the power squad, of which Mina was now the head of. She’d surpassed Bakugo somewhere in the middle of last year, though the friend group as a whole still insisted on calling themselves the Bakusquad. Which, fair, it had a nice ring to it.

“…like this?” he heard Shoto say uncertainly, followed by a small splash and a peal of laughter.

Izuku turned to see Sero grinning from ear to ear, looking from Shoto to the large bucket of water in front of them filled with…tomatoes?

“Close, close, but uh dude you gotta do it with your mouth.” Sero chuckled, clapping Shoto on the back good-naturedly.

Shoto frowned, wiping a hand on his pants. “Won’t that be more difficult?”

“That’s the point!”

No, they weren’t tomatoes, those usually don’t float. Or, er, do they? Izuku absent-mindedly brought a hand up to tug on his curls. Did tomatoes float? He wasn’t sure, all he knew was that there were a lot of red fruits that floated; cranberries, cherries, and…yeah, probably tomatoes then. Squinting at the bucket, he frowned when he looked closer and saw that there were decidedly /not/ tomatoes in there. Extremely large cherries, then? That would explain the green stems. Or –

“Hey Midoriya! Yeah, pretty sure tomatoes float.” Sero waved over at him. “Why’re you mumbling about tomatoes though?”

Shoto seemed to still be lost in his own world, staring at the barrel of water and unidentified red fruit with a pensive expression. Izuku flushed, stuttering something that was supposed to be “nevermind” but came out sounding more like “mevernind!” Also squeakier than he’d intended, he might add.

“You ever bobbed for apples before?” Shoto mirrored Sero’s head tilt and Izuku just about died. Strands of red strayed into Shoto’s half-canopy of white, reminding Izuku more than a little of a peppermint candy.

He wondered if Shoto tasted like peppermint. Maybe cinnamon, because of his hot half? All of Shoto was hot, but Izuku was thinking specifically of his fire half, the one that cats seemed to want to rub up against. God, what he wouldn’t do to get the chance to do the same –

“So this is how ya do it!” Sero said loudly, breaking Izuku out of his train of thought. Shoto had tilted his head to the other side now, looking confused. Ah shit, had he…Izuku shook his head, flushing. He’d definitely said at least some of that out loud. Welp.

He listened patiently while Sero explained the concept of bobbing for apples to him.

“Okay, yeah, apples makes more sense…” he mumbled, watching Sero dunk his head in.

“What did you think they were?” there was that goddamn cute head tilt from Shoto. Izuku wasn’t sure if it was another one or the same one from before, all he knew was that it was adorable and almost made him choke to death on his spit.

“U-um, I-I thought maybe they were…really big cherries?” he flushed at Shoto’s barely-there smile.

“Midoriya – “

They were interrupted by a head suddenly popping up between them, showering them both with water. Sero gasped for breath, sticking his tongue out at the apples.

“Little dudes ain’t havin’ it, at least not from me. Hey Midoriya, give it a try!” Sero encouraged enthusiastically, patting the barrel. “They don’t bite, dude!”

Izuku stared down at them apprehensively. They winked back at him in the glow of the orange and purple string lights around the room, bobbing innocently.


It was an absolutely awful sensation. He’d tried to pounce on one right off the bat, but as soon as his teeth had gotten close to it, the fruit had bounced away from him. Well, he couldn’t have that! He went for it again, dipping his face into the water and wincing as his nose was immediately filled.

Izuku pulled back to cough for a bit, but goddamn he was going to /get that apple/. Sero gave him a thumbs-up in between laughs, while Shoto seemed to still be confused about the whole ordeal.

Back to the battlefield. Izuku fought valiantly with the apples and, after a hard five or so minutes of struggling, he popped up triumphantly with an apple firmly in his mouth. He grinned around it, proudly displaying his bounty as Sero clapped.

“Wooo! Go Midoriya!” Sero nudged Shoto, giving him a sly look. “Midoriya’s pretty good with his mouth, eh?”

Izuku scrunched his eyebrows together. What was that supposed to mean? He didn’t have time to think about that, though, as the barrel that had once held gallons of water and a bushel of apples was now a single block of apple-dotted ice.

They both turned to Shoto, who looked just as shocked as they did. “I…appear to have broken this party attraction.”

“Wow Sho,” Sero cackled, clutching his stomach as he broke into a round of uncontrollable laughter. “Jesus, fucking – dude I didn’t expect you to – oh my god I was kidding but – “

Shoto rolled his eyes, placing his left hand over the bucket. “Cease.”

“Whatever you say, you devil you!”

It was then that Izuku noticed that Shoto was, in fact, wearing a devil costume. Er, half of one anyway. He was sure Sero had had a part in picking the half-angel half-devil costume, though it was oddly perfect for Shoto in more ways than one. Izuku noted how good he looked in it, white and red split pants curving nicely around his ass while the fitted shirt accentuated his chest and –

“You’re hot!” Izuku blurted, brought out of his thoughts by his hand brushing gently against Shoto’s left side. Big Mistake.

Shoto jolted in place, eyes growing wide for a split second before all hell broke loose. The ice in the bucket had been slowly melting back into water, but all of it was gone almost instantly as Shoto burst into flame, evaporating it and leaving behind a pile of half-cooked apples in a charred barrel.

Most everyone turned from what they’d been doing to gawk at the three. Sero began sheepishly explaining that they’d just been trying to bob for apples, and that Izuku and Shoto hadn’t quite gotten the whole picture, and so on.

“You…think I’m hot?” he heard quietly from beside him. Shoto was still in much the same position as he’d been earlier. Actually, Izuku wasn’t sure if he’d even moved.

Chapter Text

Ever since Kirishima had gone off with Sparky to “take a walk outside”, the party had gone from marginally bearable to incredibly annoying. Bakugo scoffed, pushing himself off the wall and venturing over to get some punch.

He wasn’t stupid, he knew what his friends were /actually/ doing by themselves. If he was being honest with himself, he was almost happy they hadn’t asked him to join. The shit they’d pulled the week before with that orange body paint…euch. Sure he’d enjoyed himself in the moment, but washing that shit off his skin? He’d never scrubbed his balls harder in his life, and he wanted to avoid that happening again at all costs.

So, when Mina had begged him to come to her Halloween party, he’d been very skeptical. More than that, he’d been borderline terrified of what she had planned. So far, though, it was turning out to be a run-of-the-mill class party, with all those jackasses scampering around in costumes and eating far too much candy to still be dancing around like that.

Still, it wasn’t entirely the worst. He got to see Deku stammering over talking with the half n half fucker, which was better entertainment than anything else he could imagine. Lookit that little bastard, fucking around with an apple and trying to talk with his crush like an absolute –

“HEYYYYYY EVERYBODYYYYYY!” Mina shouted into a microphone, causing Bakugo to clap his hands over his ears. Christ.

The room quieted, most turning their attention towards the bubbly woman. She grinned back, nodding to someone in the crowd. “That’s right folks, it’s time for the costume contest! Everyone’s gotta show off their amazing costumes up here on the stage!”

The ‘stage’ she gestured to was…a disaster. A couple of tupperware containers stacked haphazardly on top of each other, creating a set of three small steps up to a cardboard box. Bakugo squinted, looking closer. Was that fucking – oh my god it was literally just shit taped together with that elbow fucker’s quirk. He groaned, already starting off towards the elevator. If anything was his cue to leave, it was something like this.

“Where do you think you are going, monsieur?”

Bakugo hissed as someone grabbed his arm. He whirled around to give them a piece of his mind, but when he saw the body in front of his own two eyes his jaw dropped.

Perfectly sculpted shoulders, neck, chest; hell, even his arms looked, well…/more/. Aoyama wasn’t a shrimp, but Bakugo had never seen him /that/ toned. And his costume, jesus fucking christ. Something that at one point may have been a simple bed sheet hung elegantly from Aoyama’s frame, embroidered with delicate shimmering threads only a shade or two off from matching his hair.

Speaking of, Aoyama’s hair was always styled annoyingly perfectly, but now it was…god, it looked so fucking /soft/. Bakugo wanted to run his hands through it, maybe pull on it depending on the context…

“I see you enjoy my costume, non?” Aoyama smirked, doing a little twirl in front of him. His little golden leaf circlet shifted on his head, making Bakugo wonder how it had stayed on up until this point in the night.

“You look like a fucking god.” Bakugo’s mouth spoke without him ordering it to, words tumbling from him in a stream. He figured it was at least better than drooling.

“Apollo, to be exact~” Aoyama winked, holding up a small weirdly-shaped stringed instrument. “The sun god, the brightest and most dazzling of the Greek pantheon~ I look cute, non?”

Bakugo nodded stupidly, not trusting himself to open his mouth and try to speak again. He followed Aoyama’s gaze to his own clothes, which paled in comparison. Not costume, /clothes/. Bakugo had never been one to dress up for any occasion, and he wasn’t about to change that now.

“Would monsieur allow me to dress him?~”

And he was about to change that now.

Aoyama tilted his head down, looking up at Bakugo through obviously false – but no less enchanting – glittery gold lashes. How Aoyama managed to wear them without wanting to claw them off was beyond him, but to each their own. Something Bakugo had learned long ago was to never question how someone wore the amount of makeup they did; apparently, just because he could only handle some eyeliner didn’t mean that all makeup was torture. He begged to differ, but the glares Kaminari and Mina had given him were more than enough to shut him up. It wasn’t worth having them bitch at him for another hour.

Before he knew what he’d done, Bakugo was being tugged towards the elevator by a giggling Aoyama. Had he nodded or something? Fuck.

As he was led up into the other’s room, his stomach began twisting in knots. Double fuck.

Now that they were in their third year, his aggression had died down some and people started being less afraid of him, but it was still…rare, he supposed, for someone to want to be in a room alone with him.

Not that he cared either way, he just wondered if the sparkly blonde bitch knew what he was getting himself into. People would start to talk, especially if they were gone for more than ten minutes. Bakugo had gone through that too many times with Deku, and he still wasn’t convinced that everyone believed they’d put most of their differences aside.

He didn’t /not/ care about hurting people. And that was the problem. Because he kept fucking hurting people without meaning too. He’d really fucked up with Deku, that much was obvious, but he’d almost poured shit into most of his classmates’ reputations at some point or another throughout the years, and he’d rather avoid having a guilty conscience if he could help it.

“Something scandalous or something classic…mm…” Aoyama had thrown his closet wide open, alternating between eyeing Bakugo and a particular chunk of gaudy-looking costume pieces. “I apologize, but it appears that anything I put you in will…hm…how to put this…”

Finding his voice finally, Bakugo growled and sprawled lazily on Aoyama’s bed. “Just fuckin’ say it, sparkles.”

“Let us say that you really only have two options – ”

“You already said that.”

Aoyama smirked, pulling hangers aside. “You can wear something scandalous, or…” he gave Bakugo a long stare, dragging his eyes up his body without shame. “Or you could pick something much more revealing.” he picked out a few costumes, slowly walking over to Bakugo with long, meaningful strides.

He held his breath as Aoyama practically crawled on top of him, somehow still standing on the floor but…not? He was having trouble focusing.

Aoyama seemed oblivious to his struggle, shaking something against Bakugo’s cheek. “Is monsieur averse to sequins?” he could feel his fucking breath on his neck, fuck fuck fuck what was the blonde asshole /doing/ to him?!

His hips jerked as Aoyama started tugging at his clothes, giggling at the flustered noise Bakugo let out.

“Really monsieur, how do you expect me to dress you if you do not disrobe first?” he stuck his bottom lip out, shuffling off of Bakugo and sitting beside him on the bed. “If you want a costume, that is…”

Ah, he was giving him an out. Bakugo appreciated it, but if Aoyama had gotten him this riled up and was willing to finish the job, well then who was he to say fuck no? Fuck yes it was. Bakugo crossed his arms defiantly, mustering up a light glare. “Well? I ain’t doing your job for you.”

His heart leapt into his throat as Aoyama smirked, inching towards him again. “You are sure, monsieur? The costume might be a little…” he leaned forward, ghosting his lips over the shell of Bakugo’s ear “…tight.”

“F-fuck…” now that he was positive they were both on the same page, he allowed himself to relax a little.

Bakugo jerked as he felt delicate hands dancing under the hem of his shirt. He looked up to see Aoyama making that fucking /face/, halfway between a smirk and a suggestive wink. It took him a minute to figure out what the man wanted, only really understanding when Aoyama spelled it out for him.

“Allow me…s'il vous plait…” Aoyama whispered, crawling back into his lap. “I cannot take off your shirt like this, now can I?”

Dutifully, Bakugo uncross and lifted his arms, shivering as Aoyama slowly slid his shirt up. He could’ve sworn the little bastard had giggled when Bakugo squeaked at a thumb rubbing over his nipple. Whatever, not like he couldn’t take anything Aoyama dished out –

“Mnnnm~” Bakugo’s eyes widened. That sound just came out of his own fucking mouth. He’d just made that noise. He sounded like such a fucking needy slut.

And he’d by lying if he said it didn’t turn him on just a little.

No, he /would/ be lying, because it turned him on more than a little. So much so that he was already straining in his pants, now rubbing uncomfortably against Aoyama’s thigh.

“Mnh, s-shit,” he moaned again, his other nipple receiving a lick. Aoyama’s mouth began assaulting his chest, hands roaming lower and lower until they reached his waistband.

With a quick nod, Bakugo wriggled out of his jeans while Aoyama pulled down. It took a bit of maneuvering, but neither of them were willing to part for the millisecond it would take to shuck off the rest of Bakugo’s clothes.

Eventually, Aoyama’s mouth traveled up to his neck, along his jawline, then finally connecting to his own. Bakugo had expected softness, which he supposed Aoyama’s lips were, but the force behind the kiss surprised him. He matched it, pulling the small man further onto him until he was lying on his back on the bed, Aoyama still straddling over top of him.

“B-beau…” Aoyama looked out of breath, but grinned regardless. “Ready to try me on, monsieur?”

Bakugo nodded, sucking part of his lip into his mouth to stifle a groan as Aoyama ripped off his underwear. To clarify, Bakugo’s underwear; Aoyama still had on that ridiculously flattering white toga, which he was lifting up – Bakugo felt even more heat flow to his dick. The flirty bastard wasn’t even wearing anything underneath.

“Oh? Êtes-vous surpris?” Aoyama winked, lifting his costume up higher and wiggling his ass invitingly. He turned around briefly and…of course. Of fucking course he’d own a sparkly butt plug. Why wouldn’t he. Aoyama smiled knowingly at Bakugo, removing the plug easily and wiggling back on top of the larger blonde. “I like to have a little secret now and then~”

The tight heat that engulfed him was borderline unbearable. And yet Bakugo still wanted /more/. Aoyama moaned sweetly, driving himself down on Bakugo’s cock as he pleased, almost using him as a warm, sentient dildo. That thought made Bakugo’s face heat, his heart fluttering. Somehow, the thought of being used, toyed with, set off sparks of pleasure in him that he’d never experienced before.

He continued writhing and groaning as Aoyama fucked himself on his cock, clenching his hands together to contain stray blasts from tarnishing the bedsheets. He normally wouldn’t care, but he’d seen too many classmates get chewed out by the sparkly blonde for traipsing mud into his room or something similar, and he’d like to avoid being a victim of that.

“S'il vous plait, s'il vous plait!” Aoyama chanted, eyes falling closed as he clenched around Bakugo even harder. “T-très bien, Katsuki!”

Bakugo melted, succumbing to his orgasm as Aoyama moaned above him, gripping his pecs almost painfully as they both came. He felt weightless, even as Aoyama fell atop him with all his weight, the man’s naval digging uncomfortably into his skin.

“Well,” Aoyama sat up, brushing his hair back and re-adjusting his costume. “That was fun! Now, monsieur, I insist you allow me to fit you with an actual costume…”



And that was how, in a lust-induced haze, Bakugo found himself agreeing to his current situation. Costume contest be damned, he was going to personally strangle the manufacturer of the one Aoyama had chosen for him. Denki and Eijirou were back, whoop de doo, just in time to see him in his ridiculously too-small Sexy All Might costume.

Mina was snapping pictures like mad, dancing just out of reach from Bakugo as she giggled playfully.

“No exploding the hostess, Baku-boy!”

He was going to burn that costume in the morning if Aoyama didn’t rip it off of him soon.

Chapter Text

Jirou surveyed the ‘dance floor’ with more than a little pride. Despite being restricted to only Halloween or spooky-themed music, she’d wrangled together a killer playlist that have everyone boppin around like idiots.

Now, she wasn’t one to criticize anyone’s dancing – naw who was she kidding, yes she was. She snickered as she watched Denki try to ‘worm’ towards Kirishima, only to be trampled over by a distracted Bakugou. The dumbass only grinned, standing and dusting himself of without much embarrassment. Jirou rolled her eyes, suppressing a smile. She managed to catch Denki’s eye and stuck her tongue out, chuckling at the wink and finger gun she got in return.

It was no secret she and Denki had once been an item, and they’d parted on good terms. It’d been a bit of a…well, complicated break. Not messy, just a little unorthodox. See, they’d figured out that they weren’t a good fit romantically, but they were both horny teenagers with raging hormones, and well…they’d come to an agreement that they could see each other whenever they got too pent-up, a sort of mutual tension-relief.

At first Jirou had been worried about Denki getting attached again, the boy had been rather clingy during their relationship and she didn’t want to hurt him again, but he took it in stride. If anything, he seemed even happier than when they’d been dating, which warmed her heart.


Jirou hadn’t had a good nut in a /while/. It was rounding on roughly a week without masturbating; she’d been too preoccupied with homework and band practice to allow herself any ‘me time’.

Taking all that into account, it still took her three more songs to realize she’d been staring at Momo. She didn’t know for how long, but no yeah she’d definitely been staring and it was probably a weirdly long amount of time.

The tall woman eventually caught her gaze, holding up a hand in greeting and smiling at her. Jirou felt her heart instantly beat 10x faster and her hands begin sweating.

“Hello Kyoka!”

Jirou startled, almost hitting a button on the sound system in her surprise. Even with Momo’s ridiculously long legs and fast strides, shouldn’t she at least have seen her coming over?! Was she really that out of it?

“This party is enjoyable!” Momo said loudly over the music, offering out a hand. “You seem lonely up there and…well, I want to ask, may I have this dance?”

She understood Denki completely now. She understood why he acted so stupidly when he short-circuited. Because doing that right now. Momo’s smiled never wavered, and her hand only inched closer to Jirou, fingers gently curled.

“Y-yes?” Jirou finally said, taking Momo’s hand. She’d assumed the woman was only offering the appendage to help her step down from the small podium, but Momo held fast to her as they made their way onto the dancefloor.

“How long can you be away from the music player?” Momo asked, leaning in close so as to not shout. God, the way she lingered close to Jirou’s ear even after speaking, breasts just barely grazing Jirou’s arm…

“Huh?” Jirou blinked stupidly, barely registering Momo gently turning her around to face her. She very much noticed the hands on her hips though, and flushed as Momo just smiled and guided Jirou’s hands to loop around her neck.

It was a little awkward, being so much shorter than your dance partner, though Jirou couldn’t find it in herself to care. A brief thought crossed her mind of maybe swapping their positions, but then Momo’s hands wouldn’t be on her hips any longer and she desperately wanted to keep that contact as long as possible.

Not only because it kept them the right amount of squashed together, but because Momo’s thumbs were slowly brushing under Jirou’s shirt and over her skin. Jirou shivered as neatly manicured nails softly scratched against her hipbone, and she let her head fall against Momo’s chest without thinking.

She immediately pulled back, about to stutter out an apology, when she saw Momo’s face. The woman was flushed from cheek to chin, but her smile was still just as present as it had been before. Her eyes flicked down to Jirou’s waist, then back up to her eyes.

Momo leaned in again, this time lips grazing the shell of Jirou’s ear. “You look exceptionally beautiful today, Kyoka. Your costume suits you well.”

She blushed, again letting her head fall against Momo’s comfortable boobs. Jirou hadn’t put too much thought into her costume, only really doing the bare minimum to make her everyday clothes vampire-ish (not a hard endeavor). But Momo…oh god, she was gorgeous.

It was hard to tell the color of Momo’s dress with the way the string lights illuminated the room, but she could still make out the intricate details. Her dress was perhaps one of the cutest things Jirou had ever seen, very sweetly decorated with lace and frills where it ended just above her knees. She didn’t know exactly what Momo was dressed as, maybe a porcelain doll? Or a busty barmaid? Whatever the intended costume was, Jirou loved it.

Momo nudged them closer, giggling as the song switched to something more jovial than creepy. Jirou could now feel the boning of Momo’s corset digging into her stomach, but she wasn’t going to complain in the slightest.

One of Momo’s hands left her waist, and she was about to complain when a nail dragged across her exposed neck, drawing a shiver from her body.

“You’re a vampire, right?” Momo encouraged her to lift her head so she could whisper in her ear. Jirou nodded, shivering again as another finger drew up her neck. “I cannot help but notice you are lacking an important aspect…”

“What?” Jirou picked her head up at that, brows knit together.

“Don’t most vampires have a bite on their neck?” Momo leaned down once more, this time bringing her face low enough to brush her lips against Jirou’s cheek. “I could…assist?”

“I-I, w-wh, u-uh,” Jirou stuttered, feeling her face flush even darker. She shook her head at herself, pressing closer to Momo and perching up on her tip-toes. “Yes please.” she squeaked, burying her face in Momo’s shoulder.

Jirou felt herself tremble as Momo dipped down further. Her hot breath on her neck made Jirou’s hair practically stand on end. She whimpered with anticipation, and was not disappointed as a warm pair of lips pressed firmly just under her jaw.

“Now,” Momo gave Jirou’s hip a squeeze and used her free hand to tilt the shorter woman’s chin up “want one somewhere else?”

Jirou nodded quickly, lips breaking into a smile as theirs joined together. She was sure people were looking now, they had to be!

Upon pulling back, however, Jirou opened her eyes to see…everything exactly the same. All of her classmates dancing, socializing, bobbing for apples (or at least trying to); nobody was heeding them any mind.

“Nobody…saw?” she thought out loud, getting a smile from Momo.

“Surely they wouldn’t notice anything else, mm?”

She blinked up at Momo, sucking in a breath. Fuck yes she wanted what Momo was implying. At least, she hoped that’s what Momo was implying.

Jirou nodded, feeling a jump in her gut as Momo wasted no time in squashing them tightly together again, though this time returning both hands to Jirou’s hips. That didn’t last long, however, as Momo’s hand wandered lower and lower.

Momo’s face stayed in that small sweet smile of hers, even as her fingers lightly brushed over the crotch of Jirou’s thin pants. She was glad she’d vetoed her leather pants because, while they made her ass look killer, there was no way Momo’s fingers would be able to do what they were doing to her right now –

“Nnh!” she gasped, arms wrapped around Momo’s torso now. She ground down on Momo’s hand, biting down on the inside of her cheek to keep herself quiet(er).

Momo’s hand drew away, getting a whimper out of Jirou before it was back, this time sneaking down the waistband of Jirou’s pants. Momo thankfully tugged Jirou’s loose sweater down with her other hand, successfully hiding their escapades from view.

“Yaomo – mmh!“ she gasped at the finger toying with her folds. Sure she’d masturbated like that before, and Denki had been down there loads of times, but…somehow it was different when Momo touched her.

“Shh, I think the song is almost ending,” Momo soothed, slowing her movements a fraction. “We wouldn’t want anyone to see, would we?”

Jirou shook her head, biting her lip as another song picked up and Momo’s fingering continued. Just as she felt herself creeping towards the edge of an orgasm, Jirou found her chin being tilted up towards Momo’s soft smile. It was all she could do to not moan wantonly out into the dance floor as she bit down harder on her lip and watched Momo’s eyes light up.

“You’re so beautiful, Kyoka,” she placed a long, languid kiss on Jirou’s lips, who absent-mindedly tried chasing those plump lips when Momo pulled back. “If you would allow me,” kiss “I would greatly enjoy” kiss “another dance sometime~”

Jirou squirmed against Momo as she came, little squeaks and gasps spilling from her mouth despite her efforts to quiet herself. Momo held her tightly through it, petting her hair and whispering soft placating words as she came down.

Slowly, Jirou began slumping into Momo, only barely aware of her cheeks squishing against her partner’s boobs. Momo giggled above her, gently removing her hand from Jirou’s pants and tugging the sluggish woman towards the bathrooms.

“Mn?” Jirou mumbled, still clinging tight to Momo’s torso.

“I will not leave you to clean up by yourself. I…I soiled your garments, I apologize…” she could see Momo’s cheeks flush in the fluorescent brightness of the bathroom. Where had that confident vixen gone, the one who’d just moments before had her fingers knuckle-deep in Jirou’s pussy surrounded by their classmates?

Jirou smiled sleepily, not letting go of Momo’s arm. “Y’know, ya can take me to bed if you want,” she offered, chuckling at how quickly Momo pulled them into the elevator and up to the third floor. Jirou cocked her head to the side. Wasn’t this her floor, not Momo’s?

“I…want to thank you, for that lovely dance,” Momo said quietly, tugging at the bottom of her corset. “And, I…”

“Wanna stay?”

Momo’s eyes widened, flicking over to Jirou who was now sprawled on her bed and wriggling out of her clothes.

“We could just sleep, or…I could thank /you/ for the dance.” She smirked. “How’s that sound?”

Chapter Text

With much a flailing arm, Izuku had explained to Shoto what he had actually meant by saying he was hot. Which took a while, and it didn’t help that Sero kept cackling. He still wasn’t sure if Shoto really understood, but by then he’d already dug himself into a hole and he just wanted to bail on the conversation as soon as possible.

Not that he didn’t like talking with Shoto, in fact he’d normally be trying to find an excuse to stick around with the man, but –


People hissed as their eyes adjusted to the influx of bright light. Izuku squinted across the room, perking up at Mina motioning him over. He trotted his way towards her curiously. Iida had said the party was over, maybe she needed help taking down decorations? Of course he was planning on helping anyway, she should know that by now, but maybe it was just her making sure she had enough hands to get it wrapped up in a timely manner –

“We’re doing a trick-or-treat thing for Sho!” she whispered excitedly, shoving a small bowl of candy into his hands. “We’re having him start on the 5th floor and make his way down! He mentioned last year that he’d never been trick-or-treating before, and it just sounded too perfect to pass up!”

“He’s…did he actually agree?” Izuku’s head cocked to the side. It didn’t sound like Shoto to explicitly agree to something like that, though on the same token it didn’t seem like Shoto to refuse such an innocent gesture…

“Yup! You can help pick up for a bit since he’s going to your floor last – “



And so it went with Izuku, Tokoyami, Aoyama, and Mina picking up after the party while everyone else busied themselves. Be it with getting ready for bed and setting up a small offering for Shoto, the point was that the common room was mostly empty and Izuku found himself longing for Shoto’s company.

Some only did the bare minimum, like setting out a chocolate bar in front of their door, but there were a few that stood out. When the cleanup was done Izuku peeked out of his door to see Aoyama setting up a sort of bead curtain, though instead of beads they appeared to be large rhinestones glues to strands of smaller rhinestones, in typical Halloween colors. Leave it to Yuuga to make a grand entrance, Izuku smiled to himself.

He’d just brushed his teeth and gotten into his pajamas when a knock came to his door, making him jolt. He hadn’t forgotten about Shoto’s grand journey, not at all! He’d just…gotten kinda sleepy waiting for him.

And so Izuku padded towards the door, flipping the hood of his All Might pajamas up and holding the bowl of candy in his arms.

“Hey Sh – oh woah.” all tiredness evaporated from Izuku as his eyes fell on Shoto and his adorable pumpkin basket stuffed full of chocolates and goodies. He couldn’t see all the way in, but there appeared to be a small stuffed bear dressed as a ghost, many pieces of traditional chocolate candy, and…was that a popcorn ball? What even /are/ popcorn balls? Izuku wasn’t sure, he’d seen them before and every time he did all he could think of was just…hard stale popcorn pressed into a ball. That couldn’t be it though, could it? It sounded disgusting.

“ – carry this thing around.” Shoto sighed, gesturing to the plastic pumpkin bucket.

“I think you look cute with it.” Izuku smiled softly, feeling his eyes crinkle happily.

Then he processed what he’d said.

“I-I mean it’s cute, um, not to say that you’re not cute, you really are cute! Especially when you look all confused like that – uh did I say that out loud? Oh woah, um, that meant to stay in my head, um, b-but you do look cute!” he finished, clamping his mouth shut before he could say anything else stupid.

“You…think I’m cute?”

Izuku nodded, blush in full swing if it hadn’t been earlier.

“…do you think I’m hot?”

Izuku’s brain imploded. “W-what?”

“You said earlier,” Shoto worried his brows, looking up and to the side as he thought hard “I think you said…’you’re hot’? Sero said he already knew you liked me, and that was just further proof, but I wanted to ask you directly, to be sure. Because – “



Izuku swallowed hard, steeling himself. He’d already said it, he just needed to say it slower. Okay, deep breaths, he could do this. Now or never. Eye of the tiger baby, tell that hotboy that he’s hot, just go ahead and –

“I think you’re hot too. And cute. And a wonderful friend, and…” Shoto worried his lip, bordering on a frown. “Is…is it wrong of me to want more?”

“No!” Izuku said quickly, dropping the bowl in favor of taking Shoto’s hands in his. “I-I mean no it’s not wrong or selfish or whatever you think it is! B-because I’ve liked you for so long, like, like liked you! Y’know, in /that/ way, um, I-I mean I’m bi so I wouldn’t say in a gay way but I suppose the term gay is starting to become an umbrella term but as a bisexual cis man I don’t feel comfortable using that word to describe me it’s almost like I’m disrespecting other people who use it but that just might be the internalized homophobia talking and really I shouldn’t feel like I’m an imposter but I’ve only ever dated girls before so I kinda do but I shouldn’t y’know a-and I’m in love with a boy right now so that’s – “

“L …in love?” Shoto choked out. It was then that Izuku noticed they’d slowly crept inside his room, the door creaking closed behind them.

“I-I, w-well I – “

“I’m also in love with a boy,” Shoto said quietly, shuffling closer. “He’s really friendly considerate, and even when he mutters I still think he’s the cutest thing in the world. And he’s strong, I’ve never met anyone as determined to achieve a goal. A-and…” his voice broke as their noses bonked into each other, lips centimeters away. “I…I desperately wish to kiss him…”

Before Izuku knew what he was doing, his body dove forwards and smashed their lips together. Almost painfully so. He could tell Shoto hadn’t had much experience in the way of kissing, but that’s okay because Izuku hadn’t either, and had absolutely no idea what the fuck he was doing.

They fumbled around clumsily for a few minutes, each second feeling like an eternity as Izuku squirmed pleasantly under Shoto’s hesitant touches.

“I-izuku, I – “ Shoto choked out a moan at Izuku shifting his legs, which almost sounded painful to Izuku’s ears.

“S-sorry! Did I squish something? Oh gosh, I remember when I tried on these pants that looked really neat but the crotch was too tight so I kinda zipped myself in the – “

“Izuku, that’s not – “

“ – and I got /really/ stuck, but I didn’t want to ask my mom for help because I was embarrassed, so I almost skipped school that day and – “

He felt Shoto wriggling underneath him, but for some reason Izuku’s brain kept on its ‘must continue speaking’ track. So he did, or was about to, until his thigh was met with something…hard.

Oh. OH.


Shoto looked away, cheeks flaming. “I-I apologize. I didn’t mean to interrupt, I…I will be the first to admit that I haven’t the most experience in…this.” he covered his eyes with an arm, flustered. “I-if you would like to stop here, I understand.”

“Do you want to stop?”

Shoto peeked out from under his arm, squinting up at Izuku. “N-n…I…not unless you want to. I’m not sure how we…do it.”

Izuku must have looked confused, which he might’ve been a little bit but not enough to illicit Shoto’s next reaction.

“Ah, you see, ‘do it’ means to…have sexual contact. For example, I’d prefer to do it with you being the one to penetrate me, Sero says that’s called ‘bottoming’ but I’m not entirely sure that’s accurate because there are so many positions. He gave me a link to this website that – “

“S-shoto, wait, hold o – “

“Because I can imagine quite a few things happening with us like this,” Shoto continued, wiggling out from under Izuku. “Like this…”

Izuku gasped at the sudden pressure on his erection, squeak turning into a moan as Shoto slid his hand into his underwear.

“Although, I’m feeling a little impatient tonight…”

It was all Izuku could do to not finish immediately, instead letting out desperate mewls as he screwed his eyes shut and let Shoto have his way with him.

Happy Halloween indeed.