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Mine For The Taking

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Warnings: Dark! This story was written when The Secret Circle first began airing, and utilizing the characterization attributed to Charles Meade at that point. Those familiar with the show know that they changed his character... but, this will definitely be the Evil!Charles. Timeline: Beginning of Season 3.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the characters of Queer as Folk, or The Secret Circle. This is done for entertainment purposes only!!


A/N: Eight chapters in all. I will post them as quickly as I can. I hope those that missed this initially enjoy it! :)

Chapter 1

Charles walked down the darkened streets of Liberty Avenue, his heart and mind filled with purpose. One that had been put on hold for too long during the years he had been fully developing his powers. He quickly began to find himself steeped in disgust over the flagrant debauchery at every corner. It wasn’t that he was homophobic. The exact opposite was the case. In truth, Charles himself was gay, and had been for all of his adult life. However, he did not flaunt it. Much unlike him. What he abhorred was weakness – in any form. These people exuded in it. Such people were the ones he held in disdain, and dispatched of accordingly. If they had no respect for their own actions he had none for their lives. He had recently turned the age of 36. Due to the power within him that age had now become frozen. He could celebrate as many birthdays as he wished over the years to come, but they were only dates. Aging would no longer exist for him.

As he walked past one gay club after another, his steps clicked across the pavement – his destination never in doubt. Babylon. That’s where he would be. He should have wiped the weaker version of himself from existence so many years ago, but he allowed his life to remain; knowing he could always complete this task at a time of his choosing. Then, he had been merely learning all he could accomplish with his magic – his brother being the least of his worries. Now that he was rich and powerful he had come home again. His weak sibling that had renounced the magic that he was born with would feel the sting of his hatred. He would see what he loved more than anything ripped from his grasp – and then watch it be destroyed. After having watching him closely for the past few years, Charles knew exactly how to most effectively do that.

He was about to step into Babylon, when a large burly man reached out to grasp his arm. Charles smiled to himself. A bouncer thinking to control his activity. How fun, he thought. The fool attempted to instantly challenge him. “Brian? When did you leave? I just let you inside.”

Charles looked at him with cold, blank eyes. “I am not Brian. I would suggest you remove your hand from me immediately.”

The man’s eyes widened in fright, his hands coming off of him instantly. “Yes, I guess you’re right. Maybe you should move along now, Sir. I don’t think this place is right for you.”

“I believe any place I choose to be is right for me. Now, I think you want to move aside. Your hand seems to be burning... inflamed even. I do suggest an ice pack,” Charles purred, just loud enough for the bouncer to hear, extending his power coldly and effortlessly.

The man jumped back, scalded – tears forming in his eyes at the sudden burning pain. As the man scurried away, Charles laughed before making his way inside the now unmonitored doors of Babylon. Charles moved about slowly, taking in everything through both his peripheral vision and his acute senses... finding what he sought to find instantly. Leaning against the bar, negligently drinking a bottled beer was Brian, surveying all the bodies he intended to corrupt. Not tonight, Brian. Tonight you leave Babylon desperate... and in terror.

Charles smiled at all the gasps that resounded as he walked towards the bar. He had been certain Brian had kept him a secret from his friends. Now all the reactions he was receiving reaffirmed that. Smiling coldly as Brian noticed his approach, Charles lips turned into a sneer as he contemplated his twin. “Brian... it's been a long time.”

“Charles,” Brian sneered. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Now is that any way to greet your long lost brother?” Charles taunted him, moving closer... his eyes narrowing in fury that Brian didn’t back away in the fear he should be respecting him by giving.

“I don’t consider you as such... so in that case, I couldn’t give a fuck...”

Charles reached up, flicking an imaginary speck of dust off of his sleeve, before his eyes darkened in a cold fire – his contempt openly displayed. “It’s a shame you were too weak to accept who you are, Brian. That makes it too easy for me. I would have enjoyed a fight... but, I guess I’ll just take what I came for and be on my way.”

“And, what is that?” Brian asked in pretended indifference, when nothing could be further from the truth. He had always been skilled at hiding his feelings... his fears. Having a brother such as Charles Meade – hiding his feelings had been vital to his survival. He only hoped he had succeeded well enough in that - his deepest fears telling him he had failed miserably.

“I’ve come to destroy you, Brian. I know when you renounced your own powers, and they transferred to me I promised I would never harm any that carried your blood. You and your son I won't touch... but, there is another that makes your heart bleed. One that I can use and abuse... before I totally savage him before your eyes,” Charles hissed in a whisper only loud enough for Brian to hear.

Brian inwardly cringed, knowing precisely whom Charles was speaking of... blaming himself for ever allowing his feelings to be visible. They were twins. Charles felt what Brian felt. Pain, love, lust... all emotions transferred to him. Now, he had to pretend indifference in order to save a life. Brian knew if Charles didn’t want that life to be saved there was nothing he could do to stop him. Try as he might, Charles held complete power over all of them. Didn’t he? Or was he missing something? Why was Charles so determined to destroy him now after all of these years? “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Charles. I am alone. I care for no one.”

Charles laughed. It was cold, filled with shards of ice. “Then you won’t care if I pay a little visit to Justin.”

Brian’s eyes shuttered for a moment, forcing himself not to fall for the bait. He shrugged his shoulders uncaringly. “Justin isn’t with me any longer. He’s with Ethan now.”

“Of course he is. Now who do you think made Ethan so appealing to your once besotted blond?”

“You son-of-a-bitch,” Brian snarled, snapping in that instant – doing what he never did... verbally revealing his feelings.

“Ahhh, but you don’t care about little Justin. Do you, Brian?” Charles mocked him. “Well, this visit has been enlightening and all... but, now I have places to be, people to do – you know how it is,” Charles said, his cold eyes shooting daggers of hate towards his brother, telling him in no uncertain terms exactly where his next destination would be.

“Don’t do it, Charles. I’m warning you. If you hurt Justin I’ll find a way to undo this... and I know you don’t want that,” Brian hissed at his brother.

Charles shook his head, back and forth, his eyes feral, lip curled. “Are you threatening me, Brian? I would have thought by now you would know I am in complete control. Before I go let me put your mind at ease about one thing. No longer will you have to be tormented by Ethan fucking him. Justin is about to trade up... and when I’m tired of him I’ll make sure you get to watch his death unfold. Have a good night, dear brother.”

Brian ran a ragged hand through his hair. Sweat breaking out on his brow, his eyes darting around observing that no one had been close enough to hear their exchange. Knowing his brother he had used his magic to create that atmosphere. He chewed on his lip thoughtfully trying to determine what to do next. His only immediate hope was that Justin kept Charles happy long enough that he wouldn’t want to kill him, for he knew there would be no way to hide Justin from him. Knowing of Justin’s appeal, he could envision that... but, not forever. Bottom line, Charles Meade was evil incarnate and hungry for power.

Raggedly, feeling as if his soul to be broken, Brian whispered, “Justin. Fuck. What am I going to do now?”