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Mine For The Taking

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Brian exited Babylon much earlier than he had intended, but his brother’s arrival had altered his plans drastically. As he rushed out into the bustling parking lot, his eyes searched almost frantically for the retreating form of his evil brother. He continued to move forward, feeling as if the Devil himself was chasing him – instantly realizing that could be more than an apt assessment. He knew rushing off to Justin to warn him would be pointless. If Charles had Justin in his sights there was precious little he could do to stop him. His best form of an offense was to toy with Charles a bit, allow him to torment him; in doing so give him time to figure out a way to prevent him from harming Justin. And, realistically... his current relationship with Justin was still filled with tension.

Justin would rush towards what Brian urged him to distance himself from. The fucking fiddler was a case in point. Justin knew that Brian scoffed all that ‘Ian’ attempted to represent himself to be. He didn’t buy the fiddler’s act for a moment. They were queers – hearts and flowers did not fit in their world. Justin would understand that someday... if he hadn’t already. Brian knew that Justin ‘thought’ that what he had with Ian was real... but, Brian also knew without a doubt that Justin still wanted him, as he knew that he could have him at any time – if he so chose. For now, he chose to suffer in silence believing in his gut that eventually they would be together again.

Of course, that was before Charles. Now, everything had changed. He wondered how much Charles knew of his past with Justin... how much he had seen. Charles’ powers were all encompassing. If he had wanted to watch Justin from a distance, he would have had no trouble whatsoever in doing so. At this point Brian had to accept that was exactly what Charles had done. That being the case, no matter how much he wanted Justin back – he needed to restrain himself... for now. He had already revealed a weakness to his evil brother no matter how unintentionally. Justin. The blond trick that he had never been able to truly send away. No matter how much he tried, Justin always came back stronger and more determined. Until finally Justin had lost all hope, and succumbed to the fiddler. Now, it all made sense. Charles had worked his magic. Now Justin’s only hope would be to keep Charles entertained, until he could find a way to protect him.

His eyes scanned the area intently, looking to find Charles either slipping into his car – a jag if he remembered correctly... or walking away from Babylon en route to stalk his prey. Then, his eyes fastened on the familiar form underneath the streetlight. Charles was leaning against it, flicking a disinterested glance at each man that tried to garner his attentions. Brian gritted his teeth realizing everyone would assume Charles to be him until the time they were seen together by more and word got around. Another reason to curtail Charles’ more menacing behavior. The odds hung favorably that Brian would take the blame for any wrongdoing Charles perpetrated. Shaking his head in sudden awareness, he worried that was exactly what Charles planned to do. In hindsight, he thought maybe keeping his twin brother a secret hadn't been the best of ideas.

Brian stalked over to his brother, fists clenched at his sides... his eyes angry and wild. His eyes flickered over Charles in disgust, before he said, “I think we have more to discuss, dear brother...”

“Is that a fact?” Charles taunted him. “I do believe I made my position... and your helplessness more than clear.”

“Why the warnings, Charles? If you are so all powerful why not just act?” Brian goaded him, trying to throw his brother off balance hoping to determine his exact plan of action.

Charles laughed coldly. “You forget yourself, Brian. But, you’ve never truly appreciated what I can and will do.”

“I know exactly what you are capable of, Charles. But, there’s nothing for you here. I no longer have any attachments to Justin. Targeting him would be a waste of your time...” Brian tried again, his fear rising even greater upon seeing the glazed, hungry look in his eyes at the mere mention of Justin. Fuck, Brian thought to himself. Charles had seen Justin, at one time or another... and, not only was he using him as a tool to hurt Brian – he wanted him. Really truly wanted him. Gritting his teeth in frustration, Brian now realized things were much worse than he had initially imagined.

“We both know that’s not true, Brian. You are still very attached to Justin... and, targeting Justin would never be a waste of my time. I can’t imagine anything to do with that boy ever being a waste,” Charles purred, as he continued to let Brian see his lust for Justin. Charles looked up at the streetlight he stood underneath, curling his lip as he taunted, “How ironic I was in this spot when you found me. Bring back any memories, Brian?”

Brian’s eyes glared at Charles in open hostility. “How pathetic your life has become to have watched me for so long.”

“I haven’t been sitting around watching. You still don’t understand my power. You never have...” Charles said, shaking his head in disgust. “All I had to do was clear my mind, place you inside of it and view any memory you possess. Pulling up your first meeting with Justin was all too simple.”

“I’m not going to stand here and debate what you can do, Charles... I will tell you this – it doesn’t matter what form of magic you use on Justin... you will never truly have him,” Brian snarled in fury.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Brian. I can bend his mind to do anything I want... and, trust me – there are so many things I want from him. I will have them all,” Charles answered with a cold smile. He closed his eyes briefly, smiling as he viewed the squirming body of his beautiful prey home in his bed, a laugh erupting as he viewed the insignificant man next to him.

Brian’s eyes narrowed, knowing Charles was doing something – realizing it had something to do with Justin. “What are you doing?”

“Poor Brian. I can see why you’re so moody and desolate having to live with the fact that Justin left you for him.”

“I’m not entirely helpless, Charles. I will find a way to stop you... and, once I do – reaching out to Justin will be impossible,” Brian bravely challenged him, hoping if Charles focused his attention on him and the slim possibility that he could stop him it would buy some time for Justin.

Charles’ nostrils flared briefly as he stared him down, quickly deciphering Brian’s ploy for exactly what it was. “You are such a fool. Soon you will discover how much so. Regarding reaching out to Justin, I’ve already done just that.”

“You’ve met with him?” Brian asked him doubtfully.

“Not exactly, Brian... but, let’s just say I’m very much with him right at this moment...”

Brian sneered at him in disgust. “Like I said... pathetic. Invading his dreams to get to him. I almost pity you, dear Charles. How sad it must be to make him respond to you in his dreams. I had his heart, Charles... all the magic in the world will never give you that. Do remember that, won’t you?”

Charles’ fists opened and closed in rage, forcing himself to keep in check and not react violently in the presence of all the people coming and going down the busy street. Right now, he wanted to tear someone apart – anyone just to purge his anger... but, that would playing into his brother’s hands. Nothing would stop him from reaching his goals. Nothing. Eyes turning to chips of ice, Charles told him, “I don’t need his heart, Brian. His body will do nicely. You know, maybe I will maneuver our first meeting to be under this streetlight... now, wouldn’t that be prophetic? Good night, Brian... I will be sure to let you know how it unfolds.”

Brian watched as Charles strolled away, knowing Justin’s ultimate fate resided in his hands. He needed to find a way to make Justin safe... and, he needed to do so quickly. For now, Justin’s life wasn’t in any immediate danger. Charles wanted him, and would do nothing to physically harm him. Mentally was an entirely different matter. He worried what Charles’ warped mind and plans could do to someone of Justin’s youth and sensitivity. He needed sleep. Tomorrow, he would find a way to contact Justin – without the fiddler’s annoying presence... and he would move from there.

Ethan bolted up in bed for the third time in the past hour. Justin was usually such a peaceful sleeper. Not tonight. As he turned on the lamp that sat on the bedside table, Ethan watched his lover closely - a frown of irritation marring his brow. His annoyance quickly turned into arousal as he heard the panting gasps that were passing through Justin’s luscious lips. Justin’s body began to writhe on the bed, his legs kicking off the blankets as his hand reached inside his briefs to clasp around his cock that was clearly at full mast. Ethan’s eyes crawled back up to Justin’s face, watching the sweat pouring from his skin... the euphoric bliss in his expression; scowling as he realized Justin had never looked or sounded quite like this even in the midst of their most intimate moments.

He thought of awakening Justin, but decided he would enjoy it, although perhaps not quite as much as Justin. Quickly, his blood turned cold... and his body filled with jealous rage as he heard a name passing in ecstasy from Justin’s lips. A name that wasn’t his. He watched as Justin recited it over and over almost like a mantra, mindless to everything but his pleasure... and this unknown man.

“Charles,” Justin moaned, thrusting his hips upwards as his hand worked his cock with a fierce intensity. “Charles. Charles. Yes. Want you so much, Charles...”

Ethan began shaking Justin angrily, more than having enough of Justin and his dream lover. “Fuck. Wake up, Justin.”

Justin slowly opened his eyes, looking down to his hand on his now limp dick and to Ethan’s outraged expression, asking him, “What the hell, Ethan?”

“You were dreaming... and shouting out some man’s name,” Ethan told him between clenched teeth.

Shaking his head, Justin told him, “I don’t remember. It’s all a haze now. There was a man... but, I don’t remember a face.”

“Hmmmmph. Well, you knew his name well enough,” Ethan snapped. “Who the fuck is Charles?”

“Charles?” Justin asked with a confused frown. “I have no idea. I don’t know a Charles.”

“Are you sure about that, Justin? That dream seemed so real,” Ethan replied doubtfully.

Justin turned his head, not meeting Ethan’s eyes. He didn’t know this Charles, but he agreed completely – the dream had seemed so real. What confused him the most was in the face of waking up, his hard on had completely extinguished. That just wasn’t normal. Before moving to lay back down, Justin retrieved the covers from the bottom of the bed, turning to look at Ethan. “I don’t know any Charles. I swear that, Ethan. Probably a name that I heard on TV or walking down the street. Who knows? It was just a dream... it didn't mean anything. Now, let’s go back to sleep.”

Charles smiled in triumph as he stood just outside of the building that separated him from his desire. Pursing his lips in deep thought, Charles realized the insipid Ethan would need to be dealt with... and he would do so quickly. He would give Ethan the opportunity to walk away gracefully. However, he would only get one chance. Charles Meade never gave more than one. If Ethan failed to do what he wanted, he would deal with him most effectively. From the small glimpses he had gained of Ethan Gold, it was his hope that Ethan rejected his only warning. Dispatching him would be most pleasurable.

Closing his eyes, seeing that Justin was once again asleep, he decided to let him rest unhindered. The boy would need rest for all he had planned for him. Looking up at the window that he knew belonged to Justin, he whispered hollowly, “Tomorrow we meet. Mine for the taking, Justin. Everything changes for you... tomorrow.