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the kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes

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jungkook shouldn't have gone to that party. it's not like he wanted to in the first place, he wasn't into parties, the only reason he went was because he hoped to hookup with jimin after they planned to meet there.

the thing is, the party got out of control very quick, some people showed up uninvited with drugs and, suddenly, the music got louder and so did the guests. he couldn't find jimin anywhere in the middle of all those people, and to make things worse he forgot his phone at home, so he couldn't even text him to ask where he was. so he decided to wait, maybe jimin would come looking for him.

if jimin did search for jungkook, he certainly wasn't successful.

after an hour went by, jungkook was already too high to care about looking for him anymore. he was dancing with yoongi when it happened, the police showed up. someone called the police.


that's the only way to describe it. everyone started to ran, so jungkook ran too, but when he thought he was safe, one of the police officers found him.

fuck. fuck. fuck.

he was getting arrested.

for what?

the anxiety started to get to him when he was pushed inside the police car. no, he couldn't get arrested, his mom didn't have money to bail him out, she already worried so much with their bills. fuck. 

the police officer was looking at him through the mirror, a hint of curiosity in his eyes. curiosity of what?

"you're a pretty one."

jungkook looked up at that, teary eyes and a confused look on his face.


"yeah. too bad you're in the back of a police car right now, huh?" 

he didn't say anything back, a tear escaped his eyes, his mom would be so upset. he shouldn't have gone to that stupid party.

"i may have a proposition for you. how old are you?" the man talked again, predatory eyes focused on the boy.

"19" his voice was quiet, he couldn't understand the conversation, were they even supposed to be talking to each other? he looked out the window, the other police cars were already far away.

"i'm sure you didn't plan on ending up here, am i right?" jungkook nodded at the question, he really didn't. "how about i do you a favour, huh? i can let you go but, obviously, you would have to do something for me to earn it..."

jungkook's eyes widened, that was his chance.

"I'll do anything, please, whatever you want, ill do it" he sounded so desperate, it was pathetic.

the car stopped, but they were not at the police station yet.

"let me fuck you then, and I'll let you go."

what the fuck. he stared at the man as if he couldn't believe what he just heard. "f-fuck me?"

"yes. are you going to take the offer or not? i can just take you to the station, i wouldn't recommend that though... you had some drugs on you" he shows jungkook a little bag with cocaine, "you'll be in serious trouble. but, if you wanna go, it doesn't change shit for me."

jungkook kept staring at him, he hated that man already. he didn't have any drugs on him, that was probably something he found on the house. it wasn't jungkook's. but, he knew no one would believe him.

considering such a low thing felt like defeat, the man was way older than him, probably around 40, the top of his head was bald, his features were ugly and he had a wedding ring on his finger.

letting a married man, around his father's age, fuck him sounded so dirty. but, right now, it felt like the only way out of the situation he put himself in. 

 so he took the offer.

"ill let you... do it..." he sounded and looked so defeated at that moment, it made the officers cock twitch in excitement.

a few seconds later he moved to the back, where jungkook was. his sweaty palms met the pretty boy's face, caressing his cheek.

"strip" he whispered.

jungkook obeyed, it was all he could do. he took his shirt off slowly, blushing like a virgin about to have sex for the first time, and with shaky fingers he reached for his jeans, tugging them off. he couldn't help but hesitate when he got to his underwear, he already felt too exposed like this, but he had to do it. so he gathered the courage and pushed them down as well.

jungkook was fully naked now, looking down in shame, small cock limp against his thigh, in front of a man he didn't even know the name of, a man who looked at him like a piece of meat, the man who was taking advantage of him.

"such a sweet, pretty little whore you are ... showing your little dick to someone you don't even know. tsk."

jungkook closed his eyes, wanting to scream from anger. calloused hands held his narrow waist, bringing him closer. then, thin lips met his, a bit aggressively, without much care. 

the man's ugly hands were everywhere, he felt them all over, touching his sensitive nipples, squeezing the flesh of thighs, one hand came up behind him, spreading him open and then a finger was circling his hole, not pushing in .

the man broke the kiss then, and jungkook felt thankful, he tasted horrible, like cigarettes and shit, now saliva was dripping down both of their chins and all jungkook wanted was to wash it out.

the officer reached for the glove compartment, taking a bottle of lube from there, and looked at jungkook, like he was analyzing him.

"im gonna trust you to be clean because i don't have any condoms here."

"i am clean."

he nodded and proceed to hand him the lube.

"i wanna watch you fingering yourself."

it was humiliating, putting on a show for that man, watching him undress while jungkook moved his fingers inside his own hole.

the younger was hairless all over. his genitals waxed and pretty, not a single hair on his chest. he smelled like strawberries and vodka. the man smelled like sweat and cheap cigarettes.

when jungkook finished prepping himself, the man told him to ride his cock. he wanted to scream from frustration, he was hoping that he'd be fucked from behind, not having to look at who was doing it.

"can i do it like this?" he sat on the officer's lap with his back against the other's chest.

"no, i want to look at your slutty face."

jungkook wanted to punch him in the face.

"please. i like it better that way, you can hold me closer like that..."

the man rolled his eyes at him, but gave in.

"fine. do it like that." 

thank god. if he didn't face him he could just pretend it was someone else.

but, as the man entered him, he realised he couldn't picture someone else. it was too distinct. the breathless moans, the calloused hands holding his waist, and the man's voice cracking as he whispered about how tight the boy felt, how cute his cock looked.

he pulled him as close as he could, jungkook's back was against his hairy chest and his left hand came up to the boy's nipples, playing with them.

he couldn't help the little whimpers that left his lips. he kept riding the man, getting closer to his own orgasm, cock hitting his prostate dead on. he was so close.

the man gasped when jungkook finally came, clenching tight around him. and then, he was coming too. filling the younger with his come.

his hands holding jungkook's hips would probably leave bruises, it was annoying to think that tomorrow he would have that as a reminder of what happened.

a few seconds later he pulled the boy off his lap. 

jungkook watched dumbfounded as the man dressed his uniform again and went back to the driver's seat, as if nothing happened.

"are you gonna take me home now? you said you wouldn't arrest me." his voice a bit scared, the man could've lied to him, maybe he would still take him to the police station and all he did was for nothing.

"yeah, fine. tell me the address."

jungkook got dressed on the way home, he didn't tell the man the exact address, he'd rather be left a few meters away from his house.

when they got there, he opened the door for jungkook without saying anything. but, before he drove away, he looked at the younger with narrowed eyes. "if you tell anyone about this i'll make sure you regret it, got it?"

jungkook nodded slowly and then watched as the car got farther away. what happened finally getting to him, making him want to vomit. 

 when he laid in bed he couldn't hold the tears that escaped his eyes, he wished he didn't left the house today.

he picked up his phone to look at the time and there were three messages from jimin.

hey kookie

something came up, im not gonna be able to go to the party :(  im sorryyy

maybe we could go out tomorrow?


he cried harder.