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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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One of the few things Aizawa regrets happened two years ago. He met the small vigilante who was dubbed ‘Bunny’. Named that as most of his attacks he used while jumping and that the hood of his jacket had cloths sticking up that looked like a rabbit’s ears.


  The pro-hero had been on patrol, paired with another hero to go bust a thug ring that was exporting soon to be known as ‘trigger’. The two had given the police the thugs and drugs, until the black haired man was distracted. 


He looked over to a brick building and saw a young kitten. It’s eyes shone brightly against the night, and he stepped towards it and crouched down. The kitten scampered off, Aizawa getting up to start walking.


He followed the kitten to an alleyway, where he found a bigger problem. A small figure in a green hoodie was slumped against the wall, their breathing heavy.


“Hey, can you stand?” He asked while cautiously approaching them with his hands out, showing he was unarmed. The small man looked up at him, eyes blurred.


“Don’t worry about me, Eraserhead. Go do your job.” The small man replied, waving him off as he clutched his side. 


Aizawa felt his eyes widen, the voice sounding young even with a modifier. It made sense that it would be a child instead of a small man, but you could never know these days.


The underground hero stilled for a moment, and somebody quickly lept out from further in the alley. The man went to stab at Eraser’s goggles. In a flash of green he heard a crack, seeing the vigilante’s boots against the attacker’s arm.


The man fell back in pain, clutching his arm. Aizawa took the moment to use his capture weapon to hold the man, turning around to find the kid. Only for him to be gone. 


  Today was the attack of the USJ, Aizawa’s body limp against one of his students. He was brought to the stairs by an unfamiliar suit, the blur of green settingling him safely with his students. Present Mic had used his quirk down the stairs, the villains laying limp there.


He sat up, coming in contact with bright green eyes, a force coming from them. He noticed some students nervous at the presence, eyeing them in fear. The figure nodded at him, and turned to face the ‘Nomu’. Bunny jumped quickly at the monster, a knife glowing in his hands as he sprinted.


The knife was engraved immediately through the monster’s heart, a scream traveling through the building. It was torn out and placed in the brain next, before the blade started to be dragged around the body. The small figure lept around as it was cauterized, a few spots slowly seeping out blood.


Bunny carefully avoided the monster’s hands, Shigiraki screaming at the Nomu and vigilante. He started to approach and tried to touch the boy’s arms, but quickly was stopped with a knife to his palm. The crusty man scratched at his neck as he stumbled back, commanding Kurogiri to teleport them out. Aizawa looked around for the vigilante, seeing a blur of green retreating into the rubble, not returning. 


The underground hero looked around and saw only 3 students facing injuries, Aizawa’s son Shinso had a blade wound not deep, but it was long, Bakugo had over used his quirk so his hands were slightly charred. 


But the last student, it was Tsuyu, her tongue was bleeding and had been in salt water. None were terrible injuries, but they were escorted to the hospital anyways. 


Shinso had been placed with Aizawa in an ambulance; Present Mic tagging along. The other ambulance housed Bakugo, Tsuyu and Midnight. The two teacher’s not part of the event and were there to observe the injured. Only Thirteen was alone, their injuries making EMTs swarm them trying to help, leaving no room for civilians.


When Aizawa got to the hospital, his body got covered in bandages. His son walked in to sit near him, a nervous look in his eyes as his mouth was pressed into a thin line. Recovery Girl came in to see what the damage was, saying he was stable as she kissed his arm. His husband helped putting his eyedrops in before letting him sleep, a pain dull under the pain medicine.


Aizawa was tapped on the forearm, he flinched but couldn’t do much more. He looked up, a masked figure above him.


“H-hi Eraserhead.”A small voice greeted, looking around the room nervously. The boy sat in the rolly chair, tapping his leg with his nerves. “I- um have some information o-on the villains t-that attacked y-you.” He stammered out, shakely holding a notebook in his gloved hands.


A small smile raced onto Bunny’s lips, wobbly and nervous. He seemed off put in the hopsital, as if someone would come out of nowhere and get him. He looked at Aizawa and and mumbled an apologize. “I-I am so sorry I c-couldn’t save you.”


Aizawa took a shuddering breath, watching Bunny’s gloomy eyes carefully. He reached up a hand to the soft chin, Bunny jumping back from it. He noticed the burned part of the mask as his hair moved.


“What happened to your mask?” He asked bluntly, Bunny pulling the curls down to cover it.


“O-OH! Uhm I-I was kinda i-injured by one of your s-students when trying to move y-you. It’s e-easily fixed, don’t worry!” The curly haired boy stammered, smiling at the end.


“Who?” Aizawa asked, leaning forward in interest. The vigilante stuttered and made awkward hand movements, avoiding the question. He then stood up, brushing off his hoodie. Bunny placed the notebook by the nightstand, hearing footsteps down the hall.


“Well, I have to go. Don’t need to be c-caught now, do I? B-bye Eraserhead.” Bunny waved, going to the window and propping it open. Aizawa made a noise of appeal, Bunny turning around and sticking a hand out carefully.


“A-ah don’t h-hurt yourself..” He instructed starting to climb out the window as the door was slowly shoved open. Present Mic walked in, Shinso close to him.


The blond turned to greet his husband, and noticed the figure at the window. Shinso seemed to notice too, panic in his eyes.


“Hey! Watch out!” He shouted, leaping forwards to try and grab the figure. Bunny lept out off the window, Shinso barely grabbing onto the hood and exposing dark curls.


  “It isn’t worth it to go after him.” Aizawa groaned, trying to rub his eyes through the casts.


“Shota… Do you know what floor you are on?” Yamada asked in a concerned voice, reaching out to his husband’s hand.


Aizawa raised an eyebrow, sending a questioning glare to the blond. “No..? What are you talking about?” He asked, eyes focused.


“You’re in the hero hospital, 15th floor.” Shinso said bluntly, crossing his casted arm. Aizawa’s eyes widened with concern, tracing back to the open window.


Yamada made his way over to the glass, sticking his head out and looking for the vigilante. He yelled out and waited for a response, getting none. He headed down to the ground floor to see if Bunny was down there, but he had simply disappeared.


“He wasn’t there, did he do anything to you Sho?” Yamada said in concern, putting a hand on his husband’s forearm.


“No, he gave me a notebook with information on the villians from today. It’s over there.” He grunted motioning to the book. Yamada pulled on some gloves and carefully looked through it.


“Holy shi-.. Who was that guy? This is really in depth and professional! His writing almost looks like a font too.” Yamada gasped, amazed at the writing, then turned the book to face Aizawa. Shinso had come around to look at it, his eyes widening in surprise. 


“What the hell….. That’s bloody impressive.” The teen muttered under his breath. Aizawa shook his head, wondering where the information could have come from. “Turn it over to  the police dealing with this.” He sighed, laying back down in his bed.


A pair of police officers wandered in soon after the call, observing the notebook in between them. “No DNA on this or anything, writing almost seems printed and there aren’t many disturbances in it. The notes are very well written and it seems as if Bunny is almost at Nezu’s level. It probably has taken 8 or more years to hone this skill. If we could we would hire him on the spot.” They said, while placing it into an evidence bag and slipping it under their arm.”


“Tensei, why are we stopping here?” Iida asked curiously as he looked up at the hospital, then his eyes looked to the hobbling form nearing the car. The mummy opened the door and slid into the car, sighing loudly.


“Let me guess.. Mic didn’t want you to work so you called me?” Tensei grinned, looking at the man beside him.


“Yep… the brat.” Aizawa chuckled, buckling himself in as the call pulled out of the hospital. “S-Sensei!! You shouldn’t be teaching when you’re injured, you could easily ope-” Iida started, before a familiar chill took over the car.


Upon arrival to UA, Aizawa noticed the flood of people, a few of his own swarmed in with the news. Bakugo stood on the outside of the grouping, a scowl on his face as he looked at all the people. The blond pulled out his phone and frantically messaged someone. Aizawa growled as he clambered out of the car, approaching the crowd of people and shuffling through.


Microphones pushed against his face, cameras not far behind he kept ignoring them. The press were trying to get statements from them, but he just kept silent until he made it inside. The students that had seen him enter did the same, safely getting into UA without letting a word slip.


“Woaaaa!~ That was weird! I didn’t expect to be swarmed like that again.” Uraraka said while bouncing on her toes, Iida joined her in the small conversation. Of the few students he had saw one finally made it in the school, pulling along someone in uniform. Aizawa was about to run over to stop him, but Nezu had run over and pulled the boy to the school, Bakugo shielding the press bag. The boy’s curls bounced as he was pulled along, the two sharing a moment of eye contact before the kid disappeared with the principal. 


The blond looked over to the group of students and scowled, tearing off the flower crown as he walked to the building. Kirishima bounded over as soon as he saw the blond, like an excited puppy dog. Aizawa looked over at the groups of students, his gruff voice overpowering theirs.

“Get to class, school starts in 20 minutes.” He scowled, entering the building and looking for the curly haired boy.


Nezu’s student was a troubling matter, being friends with someone powerful in the hero course. The friend had pulled him in clear view of the press, although the blond had tried to shield him. So the press had most likely seen a teen pulled into UA without a uniform. It’s not like he could wear it, he could get kidnapped, hurt or something else with how he got in trouble left and right.


“Come on Midoriya, we are almost to my office.” Nezu whispered to the shaking boy, pulling him along. The greenette felt non existent pairs of eyes watching his back, he was eager to get away from the public space.


The boy gave a shaky sigh as he fell into the couch in Nezu’s secret office. He pulled a pillow close to his chest and squeezed it, trying to block the heavy thoughts trying to crawl into his head. “S-sorry for the t-trouble…” Midoriya stuttered, Nezu giving him a concerned glance as he passed over some tea.


“Midoriya, do you need me to get your medicine? You are seeming shaky again.” Nezu asked as he rubbed the boy’s arm in a calming pattern. The boy gave a quiet nod, holding the cushion tighter as he tried to even himself out.


Nezu slowly slipped out the room and into the more public part of his office, then into the hall. He held himself tall as he walked to the nurse’s office, only a few teachers and students about. He noticed a man covered in bandages and he had to keep himself from chuckling. 


“Are you sure you are well enough to work, Aizawa?” The chimera asked, a sly grin on his face. He heard the man grumble as the blackette straightened himself.


“Yes, I’m fine. It’s illogical not to work when I can.” The man sighed. Nezu gave a polite smile as he started to slip away, but was stopped by his name being called.


“Bunny seems to be active again after a few months.” The man stated before hobbling down the hall. Nezu’s eyes took a gleam before speeding off to the nurse’s office.


Nezu only knew the needed information about his student. But in return for keeping his curiosity to himself he got a great strategist, informist and student. Deep down he wanted the boy to become an underground hero, but he knew it might not happen.


The child gave little care for his own needs, but was still almost as smart as himself. Nezu worked hard to cultivate the boy’s skills, and by damn did it work. He didn’t know what happened to the boy when he disappeared for five years, but he tried not to question it too much. He didn’t know much of what the boy did at home either, but he did work at a cafe. His student’s schedule was different than others, but it didn’t matter too much.


There wasn’t much more that interested Nezu, but his medical record was sure a doozy. He had tried setting specialized therapists, but Midoriya refused to talk or sign to any one of them except for the school counselor. Nezu reached into the once locked cabinet and grabbed the needed medication. Nezu knew being around so many people had set off a tick, so that was never good. A few others were being around an untrustworthy new person, men with a certain body type, and on bad days looking at himself. The teen couldn’t bear to look at someone who looked exactly like his dead parents.


Nezu sighed as he slid his keycard into a small gap, the wall opening to where Midoriya was hidden. The chimera entered as his student was distracted by scratching his wrist, a small bit of skin torn up. The greenette looked up, getting up to grab the bottle. He uncapped it for a second and stared, Nezu glaring at his hand.


“Don’t even think about it Midoriya.” He grunted, the teen chuckling and taking out the needed amount.


“I know, I know. What took you so long though?” The boy asked as he swallowed his pills. Nezu watched him carefully as he poured more tea in the boy’s cup. “Indeed, I saw one of the injured teachers from the USJ. I see you are still as perceptive as normal.” Nezu replied, taking a cuo to his own mouth and slowly sipping it.


“O-Oh? Others got i-injured? C-can I give them flower crowns?” Midoriya asked shyly, twiddling his fingers.


“I suppose so, three others other than Bakugo were injured.” Nezu replied, looking at an email from the police.


He looked at the police report in the email, it was about Bunny and how they dumped a bunch of information about the USJ villains on them. Midoriya hopped up, pulling on a sweatshirt that Nezu didn’t recognize. “Did you get new clothes?” Nezu asked, making the teen lookup.


 “Oh my boss gave me it, she wanted me to show stuff off the new merch.” he stated tucking the flowers into the huge pocket of the hoodie. As Nezu started to go to the door, the boy started to braid the flowers together.


 Midoriya blended lilies with poppies for one crown, while still walking. He accidently bumped into the door, apologized to it and sidestepped into Nezu’s main office. As he finished the crown, hands working fast as he stepped into the hallway. The finished crown hung on his arm as he intertwined forget-me-nots and anemones. 


He happily finished it as he walked up the staircase, being led by Nezu’s tail pulling him along. The last crown consisted of roses and jonquil, the pink and white complementing each other.


Nezu slid open 1-A’s door, motioning Midoriya to wait outside for a moment. The mouse walked in, standing tall, which gave everyone’s attention to him.


“I want to apologize for what happened at the USJ. It is UA’s fault that you were attacked and that you had to fight for your lives so young. We should have both prevented the attack and stopped it right as it happened. My student and I will be working on greatly increasing the school sensors, so this will never happen again.” He bowed, listening to the murmurs of students.



“It’s okay Nezu”

“Is your student a girl?”

“You could have never thought this would happen.”

“Great job, outing him like that.” A voice growled out.


Nezu lifted himself up, motioning a come in to the door. The nervous greenette silently stepped in, looking at the faces of 1-A. They were different than when looking at the files, emotions and changes occupying them. He looked over at the teacher and paled.


He usually only interacted with the man as Bunny, but here he was nervous as can be in front of him. He looked around the room, eyes spotting a girl with a frog quirk. His brain listed off some mindless information, but he walked forward anyways.


He bowed his head to the girl in apology, then placed the first crown on her head. A small smile came across her lips as she looked at him.


 Midoriya walked to the other side of the room, placing the crown crookedly on a purple haired student. The kids hair was too puffy for the crown to lay straight. The dull purples with the whites and pinks was a nice look on the boy. Midoriya gave an awkward smile, before turning to his friend.  

He stared at Bakugo for a moment, a pouting frown on his face. He silently took a pure yellow daisy crown from the boy’s bag and slapped it on the teen’s head, an audible smack heard from the impact. The class sat in silent fear, wondering how the angry boy would react.


“Fine, I won’t take the fucking crown off.” Bakugo mumbled, rolling his eyes. Midoriya gave a polite smile before turning to the teacher, the man much taller than him. The greenette stood on top of Bakugo’s desk, reaching up to the ceiling and grabbing some rails.


He jumped across them, getting over to the teacher and placing the final one down as he did a flip jump. The class looked at the pair, the greenette giving a final bow of apology before leaving the room. Nezu wore a cheeky grin as the class gawked.


“Well that was my student, Izuku Midoriya. He suffers from selective muteness, I plan to occasionally add him to your class so he talks to people his own age. If I don’t you won’t see him at all until third year, where he teaches a class. Please don’t try and pressure him at all, Recovery Girl doesn’t like seeing him bawl his eyes out.” Nezu said with a smile, starting to leave the room.


Aizawa looked confused and alarmed, feeling as if he knew the curly hair and freckles from somewhere. The class evolved into whispers until Midnight came in with a crack of a whip, Aizawa starting to leave the room.