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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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One of the few things Aizawa regrets happened two years ago. He met the small vigilante who was dubbed ‘Bunny’. Named that as most of his attacks he used while jumping and that the hood of his jacket had cloths sticking up that looked like a rabbit’s ears.


  The pro-hero had been on patrol, paired with another hero to go bust a thug ring that was exporting soon to be known as ‘trigger’. The two had given the police the thugs and drugs, until the black haired man was distracted. 


He looked over to a brick building and saw a young kitten. It’s eyes shone brightly against the night, and he stepped towards it and crouched down. The kitten scampered off, Aizawa getting up to start walking.


He followed the kitten to an alleyway, where he found a bigger problem. A small figure in a green hoodie was slumped against the wall, their breathing heavy.


“Hey, can you stand?” He asked while cautiously approaching them with his hands out, showing he was unarmed. The small man looked up at him, eyes blurred.


“Don’t worry about me, Eraserhead. Go do your job.” The small man replied, waving him off as he clutched his side. 


Aizawa felt his eyes widen, the voice sounding young even with a modifier. It made sense that it would be a child instead of a small man, but you could never know these days.


The underground hero stilled for a moment, and somebody quickly lept out from further in the alley. The man went to stab at Eraser’s goggles. In a flash of green he heard a crack, seeing the vigilante’s boots against the attacker’s arm.


The man fell back in pain, clutching his arm. Aizawa took the moment to use his capture weapon to hold the man, turning around to find the kid. Only for him to be gone. 


  Today was the attack of the USJ, Aizawa’s body limp against one of his students. He was brought to the stairs by an unfamiliar suit, the blur of green settingling him safely with his students. Present Mic had used his quirk down the stairs, the villains laying limp there.


He sat up, coming in contact with bright green eyes, a force coming from them. He noticed some students nervous at the presence, eyeing them in fear. The figure nodded at him, and turned to face the ‘Nomu’. Bunny jumped quickly at the monster, a knife glowing in his hands as he sprinted.


The knife was engraved immediately through the monster’s heart, a scream traveling through the building. It was torn out and placed in the brain next, before the blade started to be dragged around the body. The small figure lept around as it was cauterized, a few spots slowly seeping out blood.


Bunny carefully avoided the monster’s hands, Shigiraki screaming at the Nomu and vigilante. He started to approach and tried to touch the boy’s arms, but quickly was stopped with a knife to his palm. The crusty man scratched at his neck as he stumbled back, commanding Kurogiri to teleport them out. Aizawa looked around for the vigilante, seeing a blur of green retreating into the rubble, not returning. 


The underground hero looked around and saw only 3 students facing injuries, Aizawa’s son Shinso had a blade wound not deep, but it was long, Bakugo had over used his quirk so his hands were slightly charred. 


But the last student, it was Tsuyu, her tongue was bleeding and had been in salt water. None were terrible injuries, but they were escorted to the hospital anyways. 


Shinso had been placed with Aizawa in an ambulance; Present Mic tagging along. The other ambulance housed Bakugo, Tsuyu and Midnight. The two teacher’s not part of the event and were there to observe the injured. Only Thirteen was alone, their injuries making EMTs swarm them trying to help, leaving no room for civilians.


When Aizawa got to the hospital, his body got covered in bandages. His son walked in to sit near him, a nervous look in his eyes as his mouth was pressed into a thin line. Recovery Girl came in to see what the damage was, saying he was stable as she kissed his arm. His husband helped putting his eyedrops in before letting him sleep, a pain dull under the pain medicine.


Aizawa was tapped on the forearm, he flinched but couldn’t do much more. He looked up, a masked figure above him.


“H-hi Eraserhead.”A small voice greeted, looking around the room nervously. The boy sat in the rolly chair, tapping his leg with his nerves. “I- um have some information o-on the villains t-that attacked y-you.” He stammered out, shakely holding a notebook in his gloved hands.


A small smile raced onto Bunny’s lips, wobbly and nervous. He seemed off put in the hopsital, as if someone would come out of nowhere and get him. He looked at Aizawa and and mumbled an apologize. “I-I am so sorry I c-couldn’t save you.”


Aizawa took a shuddering breath, watching Bunny’s gloomy eyes carefully. He reached up a hand to the soft chin, Bunny jumping back from it. He noticed the burned part of the mask as his hair moved.


“What happened to your mask?” He asked bluntly, Bunny pulling the curls down to cover it.


“O-OH! Uhm I-I was kinda i-injured by one of your s-students when trying to move y-you. It’s e-easily fixed, don’t worry!” The curly haired boy stammered, smiling at the end.


“Who?” Aizawa asked, leaning forward in interest. The vigilante stuttered and made awkward hand movements, avoiding the question. He then stood up, brushing off his hoodie. Bunny placed the notebook by the nightstand, hearing footsteps down the hall.


“Well, I have to go. Don’t need to be c-caught now, do I? B-bye Eraserhead.” Bunny waved, going to the window and propping it open. Aizawa made a noise of appeal, Bunny turning around and sticking a hand out carefully.


“A-ah don’t h-hurt yourself..” He instructed starting to climb out the window as the door was slowly shoved open. Present Mic walked in, Shinso close to him.


The blond turned to greet his husband, and noticed the figure at the window. Shinso seemed to notice too, panic in his eyes.


“Hey! Watch out!” He shouted, leaping forwards to try and grab the figure. Bunny lept out off the window, Shinso barely grabbing onto the hood and exposing dark curls.


  “It isn’t worth it to go after him.” Aizawa groaned, trying to rub his eyes through the casts.


“Shota… Do you know what floor you are on?” Yamada asked in a concerned voice, reaching out to his husband’s hand.


Aizawa raised an eyebrow, sending a questioning glare to the blond. “No..? What are you talking about?” He asked, eyes focused.


“You’re in the hero hospital, 15th floor.” Shinso said bluntly, crossing his casted arm. Aizawa’s eyes widened with concern, tracing back to the open window.


Yamada made his way over to the glass, sticking his head out and looking for the vigilante. He yelled out and waited for a response, getting none. He headed down to the ground floor to see if Bunny was down there, but he had simply disappeared.


“He wasn’t there, did he do anything to you Sho?” Yamada said in concern, putting a hand on his husband’s forearm.


“No, he gave me a notebook with information on the villians from today. It’s over there.” He grunted motioning to the book. Yamada pulled on some gloves and carefully looked through it.


“Holy shi-.. Who was that guy? This is really in depth and professional! His writing almost looks like a font too.” Yamada gasped, amazed at the writing, then turned the book to face Aizawa. Shinso had come around to look at it, his eyes widening in surprise. 


“What the hell….. That’s bloody impressive.” The teen muttered under his breath. Aizawa shook his head, wondering where the information could have come from. “Turn it over to  the police dealing with this.” He sighed, laying back down in his bed.


A pair of police officers wandered in soon after the call, observing the notebook in between them. “No DNA on this or anything, writing almost seems printed and there aren’t many disturbances in it. The notes are very well written and it seems as if Bunny is almost at Nezu’s level. It probably has taken 8 or more years to hone this skill. If we could we would hire him on the spot.” They said, while placing it into an evidence bag and slipping it under their arm.”


“Tensei, why are we stopping here?” Iida asked curiously as he looked up at the hospital, then his eyes looked to the hobbling form nearing the car. The mummy opened the door and slid into the car, sighing loudly.


“Let me guess.. Mic didn’t want you to work so you called me?” Tensei grinned, looking at the man beside him.


“Yep… the brat.” Aizawa chuckled, buckling himself in as the call pulled out of the hospital. “S-Sensei!! You shouldn’t be teaching when you’re injured, you could easily ope-” Iida started, before a familiar chill took over the car.


Upon arrival to UA, Aizawa noticed the flood of people, a few of his own swarmed in with the news. Bakugo stood on the outside of the grouping, a scowl on his face as he looked at all the people. The blond pulled out his phone and frantically messaged someone. Aizawa growled as he clambered out of the car, approaching the crowd of people and shuffling through.


Microphones pushed against his face, cameras not far behind he kept ignoring them. The press were trying to get statements from them, but he just kept silent until he made it inside. The students that had seen him enter did the same, safely getting into UA without letting a word slip.


“Woaaaa!~ That was weird! I didn’t expect to be swarmed like that again.” Uraraka said while bouncing on her toes, Iida joined her in the small conversation. Of the few students he had saw one finally made it in the school, pulling along someone in uniform. Aizawa was about to run over to stop him, but Nezu had run over and pulled the boy to the school, Bakugo shielding the press bag. The boy’s curls bounced as he was pulled along, the two sharing a moment of eye contact before the kid disappeared with the principal. 


The blond looked over to the group of students and scowled, tearing off the flower crown as he walked to the building. Kirishima bounded over as soon as he saw the blond, like an excited puppy dog. Aizawa looked over at the groups of students, his gruff voice overpowering theirs.

“Get to class, school starts in 20 minutes.” He scowled, entering the building and looking for the curly haired boy.


Nezu’s student was a troubling matter, being friends with someone powerful in the hero course. The friend had pulled him in clear view of the press, although the blond had tried to shield him. So the press had most likely seen a teen pulled into UA without a uniform. It’s not like he could wear it, he could get kidnapped, hurt or something else with how he got in trouble left and right.


“Come on Midoriya, we are almost to my office.” Nezu whispered to the shaking boy, pulling him along. The greenette felt non existent pairs of eyes watching his back, he was eager to get away from the public space.


The boy gave a shaky sigh as he fell into the couch in Nezu’s secret office. He pulled a pillow close to his chest and squeezed it, trying to block the heavy thoughts trying to crawl into his head. “S-sorry for the t-trouble…” Midoriya stuttered, Nezu giving him a concerned glance as he passed over some tea.


“Midoriya, do you need me to get your medicine? You are seeming shaky again.” Nezu asked as he rubbed the boy’s arm in a calming pattern. The boy gave a quiet nod, holding the cushion tighter as he tried to even himself out.


Nezu slowly slipped out the room and into the more public part of his office, then into the hall. He held himself tall as he walked to the nurse’s office, only a few teachers and students about. He noticed a man covered in bandages and he had to keep himself from chuckling. 


“Are you sure you are well enough to work, Aizawa?” The chimera asked, a sly grin on his face. He heard the man grumble as the blackette straightened himself.


“Yes, I’m fine. It’s illogical not to work when I can.” The man sighed. Nezu gave a polite smile as he started to slip away, but was stopped by his name being called.


“Bunny seems to be active again after a few months.” The man stated before hobbling down the hall. Nezu’s eyes took a gleam before speeding off to the nurse’s office.


Nezu only knew the needed information about his student. But in return for keeping his curiosity to himself he got a great strategist, informist and student. Deep down he wanted the boy to become an underground hero, but he knew it might not happen.


The child gave little care for his own needs, but was still almost as smart as himself. Nezu worked hard to cultivate the boy’s skills, and by damn did it work. He didn’t know what happened to the boy when he disappeared for five years, but he tried not to question it too much. He didn’t know much of what the boy did at home either, but he did work at a cafe. His student’s schedule was different than others, but it didn’t matter too much.


There wasn’t much more that interested Nezu, but his medical record was sure a doozy. He had tried setting specialized therapists, but Midoriya refused to talk or sign to any one of them except for the school counselor. Nezu reached into the once locked cabinet and grabbed the needed medication. Nezu knew being around so many people had set off a tick, so that was never good. A few others were being around an untrustworthy new person, men with a certain body type, and on bad days looking at himself. The teen couldn’t bear to look at someone who looked exactly like his dead parents.


Nezu sighed as he slid his keycard into a small gap, the wall opening to where Midoriya was hidden. The chimera entered as his student was distracted by scratching his wrist, a small bit of skin torn up. The greenette looked up, getting up to grab the bottle. He uncapped it for a second and stared, Nezu glaring at his hand.


“Don’t even think about it Midoriya.” He grunted, the teen chuckling and taking out the needed amount.


“I know, I know. What took you so long though?” The boy asked as he swallowed his pills. Nezu watched him carefully as he poured more tea in the boy’s cup. “Indeed, I saw one of the injured teachers from the USJ. I see you are still as perceptive as normal.” Nezu replied, taking a cuo to his own mouth and slowly sipping it.


“O-Oh? Others got i-injured? C-can I give them flower crowns?” Midoriya asked shyly, twiddling his fingers.


“I suppose so, three others other than Bakugo were injured.” Nezu replied, looking at an email from the police.


He looked at the police report in the email, it was about Bunny and how they dumped a bunch of information about the USJ villains on them. Midoriya hopped up, pulling on a sweatshirt that Nezu didn’t recognize. “Did you get new clothes?” Nezu asked, making the teen lookup.


 “Oh my boss gave me it, she wanted me to show stuff off the new merch.” he stated tucking the flowers into the huge pocket of the hoodie. As Nezu started to go to the door, the boy started to braid the flowers together.


 Midoriya blended lilies with poppies for one crown, while still walking. He accidently bumped into the door, apologized to it and sidestepped into Nezu’s main office. As he finished the crown, hands working fast as he stepped into the hallway. The finished crown hung on his arm as he intertwined forget-me-nots and anemones. 


He happily finished it as he walked up the staircase, being led by Nezu’s tail pulling him along. The last crown consisted of roses and jonquil, the pink and white complementing each other.


Nezu slid open 1-A’s door, motioning Midoriya to wait outside for a moment. The mouse walked in, standing tall, which gave everyone’s attention to him.


“I want to apologize for what happened at the USJ. It is UA’s fault that you were attacked and that you had to fight for your lives so young. We should have both prevented the attack and stopped it right as it happened. My student and I will be working on greatly increasing the school sensors, so this will never happen again.” He bowed, listening to the murmurs of students.



“It’s okay Nezu”

“Is your student a girl?”

“You could have never thought this would happen.”

“Great job, outing him like that.” A voice growled out.


Nezu lifted himself up, motioning a come in to the door. The nervous greenette silently stepped in, looking at the faces of 1-A. They were different than when looking at the files, emotions and changes occupying them. He looked over at the teacher and paled.


He usually only interacted with the man as Bunny, but here he was nervous as can be in front of him. He looked around the room, eyes spotting a girl with a frog quirk. His brain listed off some mindless information, but he walked forward anyways.


He bowed his head to the girl in apology, then placed the first crown on her head. A small smile came across her lips as she looked at him.


 Midoriya walked to the other side of the room, placing the crown crookedly on a purple haired student. The kids hair was too puffy for the crown to lay straight. The dull purples with the whites and pinks was a nice look on the boy. Midoriya gave an awkward smile, before turning to his friend.  

He stared at Bakugo for a moment, a pouting frown on his face. He silently took a pure yellow daisy crown from the boy’s bag and slapped it on the teen’s head, an audible smack heard from the impact. The class sat in silent fear, wondering how the angry boy would react.


“Fine, I won’t take the fucking crown off.” Bakugo mumbled, rolling his eyes. Midoriya gave a polite smile before turning to the teacher, the man much taller than him. The greenette stood on top of Bakugo’s desk, reaching up to the ceiling and grabbing some rails.


He jumped across them, getting over to the teacher and placing the final one down as he did a flip jump. The class looked at the pair, the greenette giving a final bow of apology before leaving the room. Nezu wore a cheeky grin as the class gawked.


“Well that was my student, Izuku Midoriya. He suffers from selective muteness, I plan to occasionally add him to your class so he talks to people his own age. If I don’t you won’t see him at all until third year, where he teaches a class. Please don’t try and pressure him at all, Recovery Girl doesn’t like seeing him bawl his eyes out.” Nezu said with a smile, starting to leave the room.


Aizawa looked confused and alarmed, feeling as if he knew the curly hair and freckles from somewhere. The class evolved into whispers until Midnight came in with a crack of a whip, Aizawa starting to leave the room.



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When Midoriya had finally left 1-A he booked it. Yea anxiety was great especially with the fact he was forced not to wear a UA uniform. Nezu says that anxiety wouldn’t help him so he should try fighting it. Occasionally he visited classes for the sole purpose of talking and standing out. They were always 3rd years that he visited, so seeing the first year teacher Eraserhead was a first. Midoriya was sure that Aizawa didn’t recognize him at all, but he didn’t want to risk anything. He wasn’t sure if Aizawa remembered him from two years ago, and Midoriya really hoped the pro hero forgot about ever hearing his voice. Yea he had puberty but that just gave him a height of 160 centimeters, that made him pretty short. His hair had gotten greener, making it harder to hide but it was a lot longer than back then. He voice was one of the few things that barely changed, it was still childish and sweetly toned. It annoyed Midoriya that everyone who heard him talked told him he was calming in mellow. But he supposed it worked better when using a voice changer, making him seem dangerous.


He didn’t know how to feel about how about showing where he worked, but he decided it wouldn’t be a big deal. After all nobody from 1-A would care who he is and Nezu respects his privacy. Midoriya tiredly rubbed his eyes, sliding a card to be let into the secret office. He spent most of his time here nowadays, studying books and articles. The teen enjoyed giving people ways to increase their powers, so occasionally he would sneak a letter to the UA teachers. He had designed a completely new speaker for Mic, making it smaller but having it pack a bigger punch. He had given Snipe a few recommendations on firearms and how to silence them. He had made a gummy bear recipe to give people more energy when they were drained by Recovery Girl’s quirk. He had also given a few business course teachers ideas on what to teach. He was often also fixing the doors, machines and gear that belong to the support courses.


The teen sighed as he grabbed a book he made about hero’s costumes. He flipped through the pages, looking for the prototype of new gloves for Vlad King. He sighed while picking up a pencil and added a strap to the wrist. He leaned back in the chair, sighed and wanting more ideas. He heard the door snap open and looked towards his teacher. “Hey Midoriya, I wanted to ask if you wanted to study class 1-A? You don’t have to.” the principal asked while sitting in his office chair, typing. The teen sighed “Is this a way to make me talk to more people?” Midoriya groaned. Nezu gave a kind smile, but there was still a devious smile to it. “Somewhat, I want you to have friends as you are still a child, but you could use it as a way to learn about all the students.” Nezu said still clicking away at his keyboard. Midoriya launched the pencil in his hands in between Nezu’s eyes, but the rat caught it. “Do I need more friends? My focus is studying and working right now.” the teen asked at the pencil went flying back to him. Nezu sighed “If you become friends with someone other than Bakugo than I will let you put a flower crown on me.” The principal regretted his words as the teen shouted “DEAL” slamming the notebook into the ground.

Nezu proceeded to slam his head into the desk. The kid would come running back as soon as they would see 1-A staring at him. Or when he ran into teachers because of the bell ringing. As expected the student burst into the office three minutes later, sweat running down his face. “Are you okay Midoriya?” The creature asked, not looking up from the laptop. “How long do I have for this task?” Midoriya asked, slightly shaking. “As long as ya need I supposed. But are you sure you want to do this?” “Yea I need to see you in a flower crown” was the immediate retort. Nezu sighed while the teen went back to the drawing board to find an idea for Vlad King’s costume.

Nezu finished clacking on his keyboard just as an alarm rang. The principal looked to the clock, and told the teen it was time to go. Midoriya nodded, handed his promo designs to be looked over and headed out of the office. Midoriya legit booked it out of UA, making it so the cameras saw him as a slight blur. As he jumped out of UA, he slipped off the hoodie and replaced it with an apron. He pushed open the back door to a cafe and greeted his bosses. One was frosting a cake and mumbled a hello while not switching her focus. The other boss peaked out from a room and went to pat the teen’s hair. “Hey Zu-Chan, can you help me out with the cats?” The girl asked, going around Midoriya to fix his apron’s knot.

The young teen had gone out from behind the counter and to the cat’s tree. A big black maine coon let out a loud meow as it perched on the boy’s head, completely covering it. The boy giggled as he collected a siamese cat and brown tabby from the tree as he prepared to clean it. Midoriya enjoyed his time at the cat cafe, the 14 cats they housed were all sweet just like his bosses. The younger one was 17, her name was Suki. She had dull black hair, eyes that reflected emeralds and three freckles on each cheek. Her skin was tanner than his own, but she was still pale. The other one was Rini who was the one who Midoriya worked with most often, as she took care of the customers and cats. Rini was the bubbly one of the two and had bouncy light blue hair. Her clothes were always pastels, and in a cutesy manner. The adorable manner she presented herself was adorable, but she was an absolute monster. He remembers one time that a customer had gotten handsy with Suki when she had to place a cake out. Rini had actually decked the guy and probably killed him if he could. 

As the male finished cleaning the cat tree and took the cats off himself, Suki approached him. “Should we serve cinnamon rolls?” She asked while standing on her tiptoes to pet the maine coon. The cat jumped to the lower platform, happy his favorite person was done with working for a small bit. “Hmm those would be nice, but we should use them as a seasonal item to go with the hot chocolate!” He said chipperly. His work was the only place he felt comfortable and happy, no matter who came in. The girl nodded and smiled, but looked slightly upset. “What's wrong Suki-Chan?” He asked while the girl tensed. “Uh- I just feel like I don’t talk to you enough and tha-t you might not understand h-how much I value you as both a friend and co-worker..” She stuttered, moving her free hand to her neck. 

The green fluff let out a smile, and went to pat the girl’s black hair, she flinched when he did but he ignored it. “Thanks Suki, I enjoy your company too. Your quirk is quite cool as it depends on people's emotions. It lets you take advantage of when people are freaking out and use it to better your knowledge. It is like a computer!I think it’s so nice that you care about me and the cafe you run. It’s fun to work here and it helps to distract me well enough. I also sometimes think you keep me around because of my anxiety and hesitation helps you keep your wits about you.” He said revoking his hand and rubbing his neck.

Suki let off a surprised smile, mumbled a thank you and walked into the back, probably to start on the lunch menu and making drinks. Midoriya smiled as he went over to a display case. Inside was headbands with cat ears on them, all sorts of colors and materials. He went over to the corkboard next to it and looked at the pictures. All of them were of people with the siamese cat, as she was a hard one to please. The cat was named after a Irish creamer because of the light milking coloring mixed in with the chocolate points. Bailey was a skittish and only allowed four people outside of the three workers to touch her. He looked to one photo and froze. He rarely paid attention to who the cat liked and two of the people looked just like people from 1-A.

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Nezu sighed as he headed to the teacher’s lounge. Inside Aizawa was looking in the filing cabinet, unaware of the mouse behind him. Nezu cleared his throat, causing Aizawa to look behind him. “Trying to look up Midoriya’s profile?” He mouse asked with a smirk. Aizawa stared for a moment and nodded, giving an unimpressed look. Nezu sighed, went over to his desk and pulled out a lime green notebook. He handed it to Aizawa and motioned for him to open it. “He’s quirkless?” The underground hero asked, while resting a finger on the pages edge. Nezu nodded “Go ahead and read it. There is only 3 pages anyways, I don’t know anything other then the basics myself.” Nezu sighed out while walking to his tea kettle. “Just put it back in my desk in this room.” The mouse stated walking out of the room.


Student Name: Midoriya Izuku

Student Schedule: Remains with Nezu from 7:45 to 10:45. Leaves for all student lunch periods. Returns at 1:45 and finishes school at 3:45

Quirk: None, Quirkless

Age and DOB: 15, July 15 XXXX

Emergency Contacts: Nezu: XXX-XXX 

Address: Ushiwata, Apartment B, Home 1025

Medical Issues: PTSD, Depression, Severe Anxiety , Select Muteness, Attempted Suicide 6 times


Hair: Green with black, Curly 

Eyes: Green

Height: 158 centimeters hah I’m short 

Blood Type: O


As Aizawa read over the first page he gaped, not expecting this. His schedule was weird but made it so he avoided contact with many people. The boy had an hour long commute to his apartment, and Nezu was his only contact. He assumed the kid had seen this file, looking at the writing near where his height was. His thoughts led back to when this damned flower crown was placed on his head. The boy was obviously smart and strong, but he wondered how long it would be until the boy gave up. The pro was surprised they boy didn’t already give up, so something must be happening behind the scenes? Right? The underground hero thought back to this morning, the kid was comfortable with Bakugo. The student known for being brash, rude and a powerhouse got along with this anxiety ridden, depressed smart teen. It didn’t make sense and Aizawa became determined to figure out this problem child.


But for now he set down the folder in one of Nezu’s many desks, and went to his own. As he powered on his computer a notification from the police department came up. It was an email sending the information from the notebook to him, telling him to inform the students of the quirks and people. Towards the end, they attached Bunny’s file, as the information was renewed. As he clicked the file, it showed the information of all of Bunny’s battles. The only one were someone was terribly injured as an opponent was the USJ. That had been the most blood the vigilante shed, and it wasn’t even on a humane person. Upon continuing to read the information, it showed a list of heros Bunny had interacted with, or those who tried to capture him.


Endeavor: 1

Backdraft: 1

Death Arms: 1

Kamui Woods: 1

Best Jeanist: 1

Ingenium: 1 

Midnight: 2 

Snipe: 2

Hawks: 2

Present Mic: 5

Eraserhead: 7


And holy shit, Eraser just realized how weird Bunny was. He obviously favored Present Mic and Eraserhead as heros, but for what reason? He had met Bunny the most times, but it was during a place where the kid couldn’t easily be caught. Examples: Eraser was injured during a battle so Bunny could easily escape, too many fights happening at once so the heroes were glad for some back up, Eraser couldn’t move because of bloody injuries and then he saw Bunny again but couldn’t move. Aizawa groaned in annoyance, but thought of a way to use it to his advantage. He could totally lure out Bunny. But he wasn’t going to do that. Why? Oh just because Bunny had taken out so many abusers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers and a bunch of other shitty people to the point it made life interesting. 


Aizawa still thought back to when he met Bunny, he was a kid and was injured. The teacher and hero wished he could of helped the poor boy, but he had gotten distracted by the villian. As he kept looking in the file he found a note on the appearance. ‘We think he took the name we give him to heart, as in the more recent times of being spotted he has a bunny tail’  The teacher thought back to last night and realized that the kid did indeed have a tail. The man let out a groan and slammed his head into the desk, causing the flower crown to fall off. 


He glared at the crown, the forget-me-nots and anemones stared back, their white petals slightly shimmering. “Oi, Sensei! Are ya good?” A voice from the door called. The pro followed it to see Bakugo in the door frame. Aizawa mumbled a yes and looked at his screen, before shutting it into sleep mode. “Where is your pain killers?” The boy growled while stepping into the lounge. Aizawa eyed him carefully and responded. “It’s in my bag over there.” while tilting his head to convey the direction. Bakugo stormed over and easily found the medicine, and read the label. The boy seemed to sigh as he walked to his teacher and took out pills for him. “Wait before you take those, you can have coffee with these so I’ll make some.” The boy growled again, walking to the coffee machine. “WHAT TYPE” He shouted, the teacher shouting ‘Black’ out as a response.


The blonde stomped over as the coffee finished, and lightly gave the cup to his mentor.  As Aizawa took a sip the flower crown was slammed onto his head. The teacher glared as he looked toward the boy who looked somewhere else in the room. “Midoriya made that as a good luck charm. No idea why he does it but if I got to wear it, so do you.” He ash blonde said while looking towards a window. His expression softened as he watched outside, causing Aizawa to look back. And right at the gate was Midoriya, holding four boxes in his arms and someone travel along with him. The girl Aizawa recognized Rini, the girl who worked at the cat cafe he frequented. She was allowed on UA campus as she brought gifts of good food and drinks for the teachers. Well this batch seemed bigger, so it might be for the students as well. The blonde sighed as he headed for the door “Make sure to take care of yourself sensei.” He stated before shutting it.


Aizawa held a questioning glare at the door, he held it until the door was opened. “Oh! Aizawa-San, I hadn’t expected you to be here because of the USJ!” A voice boomed. Aizawa powered his screen back on, a distraction from the number one hero coming in. “I’m not dead, so I have to work.” He stated blandly, continuing to read Bunny’s file. The skeleton walked around the desks and sat on a couch, seeming nervous for something to come. After a few moments, Nezu strolled in, Tensei following behind him. Tensei spared a wave to Aizawa, and went to go sit by him. “Why are you at UA?” Eraser asked with absolutely no class. “Oh I’m gonna be babysitting!” The man replied excitedly as Aizawa eyed him carefully. The pros turned to the couches, deciding to see what they were talking about. “All Might how come you have never met Bunny?” Nezu asked, causing Yagi to look at him weirdly.


“I am not sure?” The skeleton said like a question. “Well both Hawks and Endeavor have met him, Endeavor had sought him out to imprison him, Hawks doing the same once but the other time Bunny helped him put out a drug ring. But you have not met him at all, do you have a reason?” Nezu asked, a scary gleam in his eyes. “I have limited time in my hero form, so going after a vigilante isn’t in my priorities.” All Might said while straightening his posture. “Have you seen him?” Nezu asked while refilling the now empty tea cup belonging to the pro in front of him. Said pro shook his head, causing Nezu to frown. The rat took a photo out of his coat, and slid it across the table, face down. Yagi took up the photo, staring for a moment. “Isn’t this a USJ villain? I'm pretty sure I saw him there and he disappeared.” He asked, sliding the photo back to Nezu. The rat sighed, telling Yagi that the vigilante had saved Aizawa, taken down the Nomu and managed to hand over a bunch of information about the villains.


The number one hero stared at this tea, before looking up to the sound of an opening door. Inside walked Midoriya and Rini, placing the treats on one of the counters that held the fridges, microwaves and coffee machine. Tensei proceeded to get up and pat the curly haired boy on the head. Midoriya waved Rini goodbye after she had place a bag of coffee taffy in front of Aizawa. Midoriya had scanned the room, was about to go over to his mentor before noticing All Might. The boy grimaced and Nezu turned to him. “Go hang out with Tensei, you could probably try befriending his brother if you don’t annoy him with the fact that you aren’t wearing a uniform.” The mouse cackled. Midoriya looked like he craved death, but opened up a box to hand Tensei a pastry. The hero gladly took it and bit into it, before exclaiming “Oh! It tastes like a cinnamon roll!” The kid gave a light smile and pull out his phone. The kid typed happily before facing the phone towards the zoom hero. Said hero nodded and followed the boy out of the room, off to go who knows what.


Apparently it wasn’t a good thing to leave the two alone together. As when Aizawa looked out the window, he saw Midoriya getting a piggyback ride with the hero using his quirk. The child was placed down, and the kid put something on his phone. Tensei did the pose that Midnight called the ‘Proud Brother Pose’. The pose was used when someone gave a good idea, even if it was fun but stupid. The pair zoomed into the school and Aizawa decided it was best to follow them. When he arrived to class 1-A he saw his coworker by Uraraka, Iida doing crazy hand motions telling his brother something was ‘absurd and a bad idea’. “What are you guys yelling about?” Aizawa growled, causing Midoriya to jump in fear. “Oh, we want your student to make me float so me and Izuku can FLYYYYY” The pro said while lifting up said child and spinning him in the air. 


Bakugo hand ended up stealing the kid from the pro hero, flicking both their foreheads because of the stupid idea and forcing Tensei to give the babysitting over to himself. Tensei had pouted, but soon received a call that he was needed on scene so he waved goodbye to his brother and the rest of class 1-A. Bakugo sighed while rummaging through his bag. He had taken out a book on coding and a laptop. “Have fun Deku” The bomb boy said while handing the items off. The floof had immediately gone to the back of the room and typing furiously. The kid twitched a few times because he was nervous, but soon Aizawa had the guts to go over to the boy. Even though his footsteps were quiet,  the boy offered a wave as the pro stalked over. He looked down at the page the boy was on. “How to properly fix ‘BrainFuck’ coding mistakes.”


This kid was literally coding one of the most difficult coding languages like it was nothing, and fixing any mistakes someone else made. What the actual fuck.

Chapter Text

Bakugo held his breath for most of class. Ectoplasm didn’t seem to mind the typing in the back of the room, or the fact he had an uncharted student in the room. But the teacher decided to call on the poor boy, which made Bakugo nearly explode his pen. The boy merely shouted ‘ 54-9a/ 4.57’ and returned to typing. The teacher gaped, and Iida looked astounded. “You have been typing this whole time! How in the world are you so easily doing this work?” The class president shouted. “I memorized your entire text book 3 years ago, it’s quiet easy material.” was the reply, still not stopping the typing. Suddenly a ding was heard from a phone. Ectoplasm moved his cloak around and found his phone. “DID YOU HACK THE TEACHER CHAT?!?” Ectoplasm shouted, the kid answering yes. Mina jumped up from her seat, wanting to see the tea the teachers had. Midoriya closed his laptop when she approached, slightly tensing up. “Oi! Leave him alone and go do your math alien!” Bakugo shouted. As he stood up, Midoriya had lept up and handed the laptop and book to him. ‘ I am going to back to Nezu, Bye Kacchan’ He signed quickly. Well it wasn’t his name he signed, it was the sign for explosion three times. 

As boom boy returned to his desk, stuffing the book and laptop into his bag. Ectoplasm had stopped question the floof and continued teaching the class. Bakugo sighed, hoping his friend was ok. He wasn’t the same after Auntie had died, and he would never be the same again. Bakugo scratched out a few answers, just writing as quickly as possible. He hadn’t noticed the classroom door open and a figure approach the front.  “Hello Class 1-A!” All Might boomed, a smile blasted across his face. Bakugo looked up, and met his hero’s eyes. A scowl filled his face, the hero acted like the class wasn’t attacked the day before. The teacher smiled brightly, and pushed a button to open up the hero costumes. “Today we will be going over some basic training. It’s mostly just for defense, just in case anything happens again.” 

Bakugo wanted to leave to go make sure his friend was ok, but the teacher was one he looked forward to seeing. As he looked out the window, he saw Midoriya outside climbing a tree. Nezu was nowhere in sight, causing Bakugo to slam his hands on his desk. “THAT LIAR” He screamed while running out the door. All Might catches Bakugo when he started running and tries calming the boy down. Bakugo continues to try and run from him, but eventually Midnight knocks him out. Once he woke up in the nurse’s office. “Oi! Why am I here?!?” He yelled, the nurse turning around in her chair. “Midnight had to knock you out, you kept yelling about someone being a liar. How are you feeling?” The nurse asked while handing him gummies. Bakugo groaned, and got up to leave without telling her anything. A bell rang throughout the school, and Bakugo asked which bell that was. “You can go home now, that was the last one. Have a good day Bakugo-Kun” The nurse said, turning back to her desk. Bakugo groaned again, stomping out of the Nurse’s office. He couldn’t remember who he was calling a liar, but he didn’t care anymore. He let out a long yawn as he approached the school gate, seeing a few teachers sweeping the school for students. 

From the corner of his eye he spots a blur of green. “Oi! Deku! Did ya stay behind today?” He shouted, a shout was heard as a response. “Y-yea! I  di-did!” He turned to the direction it was from, seeing Midoriya weaving flowers in his hands, running down the stairs. “Oi! Be carefu-” He started to shout but Midoriya had already started to trip. He saw a light gray scarf wrapped around the boy’s shoulders, making the teen wince. Bakugo rushed forward and set the small teen straight, making sure to avoid the scarf. He looked up as Aizawa-Sensei approached the pair.


Midoriya felt his throat close up as the scarf wrapped around him. Another person might have just have heard his voice, the high pitched, too feminine, stuttering voice. He felt Bakugo reaching out to him, and he immediately latched on. He heard the mumbling of a discussion he couldn’t understand, it started to freak him out. He didn’t like people hearing his voice, he didn’t like being trapped and tied up and he definitely didn’t like having a panic attack in front of people. But that was all happening now.  He saw blurs of gray, black, dusky yellow and.. Purple? The tears hid his eyes as he started to pull at the thing around him. He kept pulling on it until he heard his friend’s voice. “Deku… Stop struggling against the cloth ok? It’s there to give you something to hold onto.” Midoriya blinked tears from his eyes, grasping for his friend’s hand. “Izuku-Kun, can you find my voice?” Someone said, grabbing his hands. The hands that held him were soft and gray. He nodded his head, still trembling as he felt his hands let go of. “Good, good. Now are you scared of the fact someone heard your voice?” He asked while rubbing his back.

Midoriya shifted uncomfortably, and started to slowly sign. ‘ Yes, someone not to be trusted heard it. They will be mean and punish me.’ he concealed a sob while hiding his face in his hair and legs. “It’s ok. They won’t do anything to you. Now, how about you stay at the school? I don’t think you should go home on your own right now Izuku-Kun.” Ahhh there it was, Nezu was the one comforting him and trying to have him stay at home. He shook his head, and started to stand up. ‘I will be fine, I just wanna go home.’ Midoriya took a deep breath as he signed. Nezu sighed next to him, standing up and swiping on his pants. “Kid, let me take you home. It’s my fault for this and I have a car.” Someone said from behind him. Midoriya spun on his heel to look at the man. And holy shoot it was class 1-A’s teacher. He jumped slightly, falling onto his friend who growled, causing him to jump again. “Sorry, Deku. But Aizawa-Sensei he won’t be going with you. I can bring him to my house as his mother was good friends with my family. “Hm, let me drop you off at your house then.” Midoriya felt his heart quicken and started frantically signing ‘Neither of you need to do that. I’m fine on my own now so goodbye!’ ending with a quick bow and running out of the gates. 

Apparently running every night was great for him, as when he turned a corner he saw the teachers at the gate still. Midoriya continued booking it, before running straight into someone. He let out a small whimper as his shoulder collided with the sidewalk. He groaned as he took out his phone, opened the notes app and quickly typed an apology. As he looked up to turn the phone around he saw the kid from 1-A that Bailey liked. “Oh, you’re Nezu’s student.” The kid said monotonely, reaching out a hand from where he stood. Apparently Midoriya didn’t even knock the kid down upon collision, which mildly impressed him. He stood up on his own, showed the kid his apology who nodded in acceptance and stretched so that he could keep running. “Hey, where in the world do you have to be so quickly?” The boy asked quirking an eyebrow. Midoriya had started to sign but stopped upon realising the boy probably didn’t know it. The hell does ‘Sorry I have to go home before i-” mean.” The purple haired boy asked, tilting his head. Midoriya perked up and started to continue his sentence. ‘I have to go home, sorry that’s vague but I don’t need a stranger knowing my problems.”   The kid sighed and looked at him. “Whatever, bye.” he groaned while the smaller sent a happy wave.

TheAllKnowingBrat: Hello teachers of UA :D

TheAllKnowingRat: Ectoplasm wasn’t lying bout ya huh kiddo?

PencilTopper: Why is there a child

Cockatiel: Hey bud, how did you get here?

TheAllKnowingBrat: Hacked it

Multiplication: Didn’t I kick you?

TheAllKnowingBrat: Yea that wasn’t nice :(

TheAllKnowingRat: Midoriya where are you right now??

PencilTopper: And why did you run. And how were you so fast.

TheAllKnowingBrat: Im at my apartment, and because I like going zoom.

TheAllKnowingRat: It has been 26 minutes and you are already home?

ZoomZoom: OOOO Have i taught you the good zoom?

PencilTopper: No way you taught him to be that fast  

TheAllKnowingBrat: He didn’t, I can run really fast because I got chased a lot as a kiddo

TheAllKnowingRat: Who?

TheAllKnowingBrat: Anyyyyways im leaving now this is boring buh bye

 ~TheAllKnowingBrat has left the chatroom~

KinkyWinky: Who was that?? And why was I muted??

TheAllKnowingRat: A child, nemuri.

PencilTopper: A child who yeeted himself across towns.

~Cockatiel has changed their name to Pencil~ 

ZoomZoom: Ah I was wondering when you were gonna change it back

TheAllKnowingRat: Change it back by tomorrow, as that is when I’m gonna test that child’s hacking skills.

PencilTopper: He was doing BrainFuck coding when I checked up on him.

TheAllKnowingRat: Again? I wonder what he was making

TheAllKnowingRat: Nevermind, he sent me it. 

ZoomZoom: What is it.

TheAllKnowingRat: Formulas on different poisons, at least that's what he said

Pencil: What

KinkyWinky: What kind of poison? 

TheAllKnowingRat: Sedatives, basically a stronger version of your quirk.

PencilTopper: Im done, don’t let him near my students. He might kidnap them or something.

TheAllKnowingRat: He won’t, plus I made an agreement that if he could befriend some of them that I would wear one of his flower crowns. 

PencilTopper: Am I allowed to quit?

God: No, you are one of the only sane ones here.

KinkyWinky: PowerLoader is sane

Metatron: Bold of you to assume that

Pencil: >:3 you wuv us shotaaa

PencilTopper: Perish


Midoriya glided across the rooftops, his now black hair stuck against his forehead from the wind. He held a sigh of relief while looking up at the sky. A small buzz came from his phone, a time indicating it was 2:30 AM. He knew he didn’t have to be a vigilante, that he didn’t have to balance two lives, but he loved it. He loved how when he wore this hoodie, it had once been of his favorite hero but that was gone. Now this hoodie meant he didn’t have to be scared. He didn’t have to be anxious about people hearing his voice. He started adjusting his scarf around his neck, he hadn’t been able to fix his mask yet so he hid his face with a green scarf. He ended up feeling around his head for his ears. They had once mimicked All Might’s hair, but the dream of being like him was long gone. He kept the extra bunch of fabric by the sides of the ears, never having the heart to completely remove something from the jacket. He remembered when he bought the jacket, two others bought with it, he was so happy to get three of them but his happiness was crushed when All Might tore his hero dream down. And All Might would never know of the fact that the person he told couldn’t be a hero was now a vigilante.  He felt his grip tighten on the ears, the ends still flapping in the wind. He let out a sigh and brought his hands to his pocket. 

Bunny leaped across a roof, quickly jumping while being as silent as possible, before spotting a person on a roof diagonal from him. He felt his eyes widen as he realized the figure, it was Eraserhead again. He silently made his way over and perched on top of an A/C unit. “Aren’t you supposed to be resting, Eraser?” He asked, his voice sounding completely different from earlier today. The pro spun around and glared. “Why the hell do you keep finding me?” he growled while sending a capture weapon at the vigilante. “Yikes, you are way slower. I think you should rest soooo… off to your house we go!” He chirped, pulling the capture scarf around Eraserhead and effectively trapping him. “What the hell are you doing?” he pro asked, slightly struggling against his own weapon. “Trying to make sure you don’t get injured further, now stop moving so much it makes it harder to carry you.” He replied while jumping with the pro in his arms. “Ugh whatever, you are confusing.” The pro groaned. Bunny hid a giggle, running quickly on the roof tops. “I try, aren’t you gonna question me while I have you?” Bunny taunted. “Why are you helping me?” The pro asked eventually. Bunny hummed for a second, before thinking of an answer. “It’s what heroes are supposed to do, but some would rather destroy a villain than save a civilian. You” He booped Aizawa’s bandaged nose “Are not like that. You help people with as much power as you can and put your student’s lives before your own. I just admire you and don’t want to see you hurt…” The vigilante sentence trailed off as he leapt onto a balcony. “Anywayssss I think you live at this house right? Oh f it I can just bring you to the street.” The boy said, ducking under a roof and placing Eraser at his doorstep. “How old are you?” Eraser asked before the vigilante turned away. Eraser observed as the kid toyed with his scarf, seemingly nervous about answering. “Old enough to know this world is a jerk..” 

Eraser tried to reach out and grab the vigilante, but they had already  jumped up onto the roof and sped off into the night. He groaned, pounding his head against the door lightly. His husband soon came out and berated him for trying to go on patrol, even though both the government and his family denied it. As he walked past his husband, he noticed a glimmer of light from his son’s room. He knocked on it twice before hearing a groggy ‘come in’. As he opened the door, he saw his son at his desk practicing english, wearing a dark purple cat hooded blanket with the fluffy black cat called bowtie on his lap. “Can’t sleep again?” Aizawa asked while sitting on the bed. Shinso turn his chair around and looked at his foster dad. “Yea, but it’s not insomnia. I keep thinking about how weird that boy is.” He groaned his hood slipping off his head as he leaned back. Aizawa raised an eyebrow asking for an explanation. “Nezu’s student ran into me today, I mean literally ran. He managed to knock himself down onto the ground and was frantic and nervous with his movements. He just seemed so… off. Emotionally I mean” Shinso said resting his hand on his chin, mildly thinking about the boy. Aizawa nodded and stood up “His file was weird as hell. He also hacked the teacher’s chat so that was weird. He made a bet with Nezu that if he was able to befriend someone other than Bakugo, that Nezu would wear a flower crown.” Aizawa walked to the door as Shinso picked up the flower crown on his desk. He saw his son slid a finger across one of the rose petals, sighing and putting it back on his desk.

Chapter Text

Midoriya feels like an idiot, Eraserhead could have seen his half face. Yea he covered up his freckles, but Midoriya had no idea if the makeup was still on when he whisked the hero back home. Midoriya sunk into his mattress, clutching a pillow as hard as he could. He sniffed the air for the apple cinnamon he was so familiar with, but it wasn’t there. The scent had gone away again, just when he wanted it most. It always  comforted him after all, it was the smell of the perfume his mother wore. The crisp scent of apples, mixing with the wafting cinnamon for the perfect autumn scent. Screw pumpkin spice! Apple Cinnamon was the best scent in Midoriya’s mind and he would never change that. He remembered the recipe book Suki gave him, full of all sorts of things from the cafe some traditional some… tasty experimental dishes. He sighed, lifting himself from his soft sheets. They had once been All Might but those were now folded on a shelf in the guest room. The guest room wasn’t for guests anymore, it was filled with things that made Midoriya sad, which included his entire stock of All Might merchandise. He opened the door to the hall and stepped out.

He tread carefully to the kitchen, seeing his drawing tablet set out in the living room. He looked at the picture of Present Mic he was using as a reference. He shook his head ‘Work is for later Izu, right now it’s time to bake!” he chirped to himself, wrapping an apron around his slim figure. As he pulled out the book from the shelving unit, he heard a quick tapping at the door. He felt himself glaring at the wood for a moment before going to check the peephole. While looking outside he saw nothing, until he looked downward. There was a light green package that sat outside his door. He could clearly see the UA symbol and address, so he quickly brought it inside.

As the set the package on the counter, he went to go open a cupboard. He took out a few mixing bowls, spatulas, and the mixer. Soon he traveled across the kitchen to grab the ingredients, also grabbing a jar of apple butter to add to the filling. As he peeled the apples, a ding came from his phone, signifying a phone call. He looked over and answered it upon seeing it was his mentor. “Why are you call me at…. 3am?” He asked, starting to chop the apples. “Ah Midoriya! I wanted to make sure you were ok, but what are you cutting?” He heard the speaker ask as he sprinkled cinnamon on the apples. “I’m making apple pie, would you like me to bring a slice for you?” He asked back, starting to create the filling completely. “Ahh sure! Do you think you feel well enough to go to school? Or do I need to teach the lessons at your apartment?” the principal asked him, concern obvious in his voice. “Uhhh I’ll be good to go to school. I probably won’t try talking to anyone by the way. Also, never get me to come early again, a bunch of people saw me.” He responded, happily starting to prepare the dough. Nezu thanked him again, and hung up the call.

As Midoriya smothered the dough in the pie tin, he heard the oven’s timer go off.  As he poured the filling into the tin, his thoughts went to the box. He layered the final layer of crust and plopped it in the oven, setting a timer along the way. He took a look behind his shoulder, noticing the green box against his brown countertop. Deciding he had time, he cracked open the box. Looking into the box, trying to see past the scarf paper. He peeled it back, and spotted a gray uniform and a letter. “Hello Midoriya! As your mentor it is important it is important to educate you in the matter of ... social situations! So as such, every Thursday you will join them(Class 1-A) in a group lesson. Feel free to help them if they don’t understand something. But please, for the sanity of their teachers, DO NOT teach them how to A) Make Bombs, B) Run a Country, C) Take Over Said Country, D) How to use guns, E) How to steal guns, and stealing in general and finally F) How to scare pro-heroes. If you do any of those things you will have to teach them a lesson , which is very chaotic. This is also an easy way to befriend one of them :) -From Nezu, Good Luck you’ll need it. 

Midoriya sighed as his hand slid over the red tie. He had no idea how to tie one and he refused to ask. So as the pie baked, he kept tying and untying the tie. He eventually got to a point where it looked decent, so he placed it back in the box. A few minutes of drawing passed, then the screeching of the timer came. He carefully took out the tin and looked at the pie. He felt proud that he was able to do it without help and a wave of happiness came over him. He purred after scenting the apple cinnamon, it soon was all that filled his nostrils. He soon was hit with a wave of sleepiness, something uncommon when you had insomnia. A yawn filled his mouth as he traveled to his room. As soon as he hit the soft sheets he felt himself drift into unconsciousness.

Smoke filled his lungs and fire licked at his skin. He tried reaching out for his mother, but his arms felt heavy and he couldn’t reach out far enough. He wanted to scream, he wanted to shout out for help but he couldn’t bring his voice to do it. A villain had fire shooting out from him, catching the whole building a flame. As he saw his mother pulled away from him, blood dripped from her throat. The world was spinning as his father charged forwards and tried attacking the villain. The man saw his father charging and grip his throat, easily crushing it. Blood sloshed against the pavement, drowning the contents in a red hue. The man let out a wicked smile, approaching Midoriya’s hand that lay on the pavement. “Well well well, a little kid couldn’t do anything, why is that not surprising? Take this as a warning kid, heroes can’t save everyone especially yo-” The man let out a strangled scream while blood splashed against the child’s face. Midoriya let out a sob as the villain fell against the ground, a poll sticking through the man’s chest. Midoriya lifted himself from the rubble and ran, before being drenched in rain.

Midoriya shot up in his bed, alarm blaring in his ears reading 6:30. He shut the alarm off while peeling the soaked blanket from his skin. He let out a pant as he failed to regain his breath. He stripped himself from his now soaked pajamas, haphazardly tossing them into the basket across the room. He sighed while grabbing a pair of leggings and a tunic. Both shades of gray but the tunic was darker. He pulled them onto his body, flinching when deciding what hoodie to put on. He spotted two of his vigilante hoodies in the corner of the closet. He went to move his hand to pull it out, but remembered he couldn’t wear it to UA. He instead turned around and grabbed the cafe hoodie, it was big on him and comfortable so he didn’t mind wearing it two days in a row. As he pulled it over his head, he made a mental note to search his drawers for his Present Mic headphones. As he walked to the drawers he saw the headphones hanging on his bedpost. 

He pulled the headphones on and connected them to his phone. As he slipped the yellow bag over his shoulder he turned on a playlist he frequented. He hummed lightly along to the music, making sure not to be too loud. As he walked down the stairs, as he hated crowded elevators, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at the woman in front of him. He soon recognized her as one of the frequent customers of the cafe, a young lady who went by Akane. She had wavy crimson hair and also gotten 2 cherry danishes and a cherry-cream mocha. “Excuse me young man, do you know if the cafe sells those yet? I like going there and those seem uber comfortable!” She chirped and gave a smile. He pulled out his phone, typing out an explanation that they were still in the test phase. She thanked him and he continued down to the station. He silently slipped his card into the reader and entered the silent car. He swayed his head to the music as he continued his hour long journey, looking through hero articles out of boredom.  He saw a video of Present Mic defeating a villain and effectively capturing them. He smiled to himself, after all he had grown fond enough of the hero that when he stripped his room of hero merch he left his undamaged. He remembered how once he had injured himself as Bunny and the hero had wrapped up his arm, but ended up failing to catch him after he started running. 

He saw a familiar face after 25 minutes of being on the train. Across the aisle a friendly face shot him a wave, to which he ignored. Yea it was the red-head from class 1-A, who didn’t seem offended at the rude act. The kid had started messaging someone, bouncing slightly in his seat while doing so. Every once in a while though, the kid turned over his shoulder to look at Midoriya. Midoriya felt his shoulders tense at every moment, but he tried distracting himself by turning on Present Mic’s radio. Occasionally on Tuesday mornings Mic would talk about an experience he had, or share some nice advice.  Today was one of those days. He sighed upon listening to the voice he had grown familiar with. “HEYYYYY LISTENERRSSSSS, your host Present Mic is here on this fineeee Tuesday morning! Today im sharing a story about… bullies! Yup I was bullied as a kid! I know it seems hopeless sometimes when you are, but I hope that if you are you tell your teachers and school staff. If you can’t trust them go tell your parents or guardians! If you ever need help, like being trapped in the band room closet, you can always call our help hotline. It can be about mental or social help, trying to get you transferred from your school or just helping to report the bullying.  Now, the time I was trapped in the band closet. I was with my friend who was a small little bean at the time (Now he is scary and tall) and we got pushed into the band closet. Now usually this happened only to me, but they involved the smol innocent bean so now I was mad. As my friend tried to reach up to the small window, I told him that I had it all covered. He gave me a glare and told me that there was no way he trusted me to get us out. I gave him my grand smile and pulled out a bobby pin. He stared at me while sitting on a tuba case. I managed to lock pick the door in a minute and the kids were still outside the door. My friend dragged them to the principal while I told it was fine and happened all the time. I swear the glare he gave the kids and the staff would have killed me if was directed at him. A friend that helped me report it single handedly stopped all the bullying. Even if you don’t have friends, our hotline can help you out instead of them. We might also give you friends that had the same experience! Who knows!.” 

The hero continued going over stories from when he was bullied. Midoriya held a small smile at the fact he related to some of the stories. In elementary school, his classmates locked him in a filing cabinet. In middle school whenever Bakugo wasn’t around they would tear apart his work. He shivered while remembering their quirks being used against his skin. He shook his head as he clambered out of the train car, the red-head giving a confused look as he got off a stop early. As he made his way to the cafe, he saw Suki approach him. “Here, your school starts in like 5 minutes so take yours and Nezu’s tea to go. There is also a strawberry sprinkle doughnut along with a raspberry jelly one. Have a good day Izuku-Chan.” She muttered while giving him a side hug.

Midoriya gave her a smile and started to jog off. As he slid a card into UA’s gates he saw Tensei run over to him. As he was swept up from his feet and placed over the hero’s shoulder he signed ‘What’s going on?’ to which the hero didn’t reply. He was satisfied by the fact that the hero was using his quirk to zoom him to ground beta. He hummed along to the tune now playing on Mic’s radio. As he looked at over the teachers, he spotted Present Mic. He gaped for a second, before trying to squirm out of his captor’s arms. He was soon placed on the ground in front of Nezu, who had a grin stretched across his face. “Hello Midoriya! Today we have decided to test you, after all you are joining for a lesson 1-A every Thursday!” He chirped. Midoriya gave a sigh, and removed the headphones from his ears before someone noticed. Sadly, the person whose merch it belongs to saw it. “Oh! Little Listener, you wear my merch?” He chirped while walking over. Midoriya visibly flinches, but Present Mic continues strutting over. The hero motioned for the headphones, to which Midoriya twitched before handing them over. The pro hero took out a gold marker and autographed the headphones. He stared at the headphones in his hands, a hot substance slipped from his eyes. His throat had closed up and ached as he let out a sob.

Present Mic crouched down and enveloped Midoriya in a half hug. Nezu seemed to have a look of shock and happiness on his face, before lightly leaning down and patting Midoriya’s head. Midoriya turned and grab Present Mic in a full hug, the pro froze for a moment before returning the hug. Midoriya’s sobs had died down to sniffles before he let go. Nezu looked oh so proud and moved his paws in sign language. ‘I didn’t know you like loudloud (Present MIc) If you had told me that I would have introduced you sooner. Are you happy about getting his autograph and a hug?”  Midoriya happily nodded his head up and down, almost to the point it hurt his neck. “Hello! I am here for the meeting!” A voice bombed before coughing. As Midoriya turned his head, he wanted to scream. He didn’t ever like seeing All Might, no matter what form the man took. He felt his feet start to back away, before a hand, more like paw, held onto his wrist. 

Midoriya looked frantically at the paw on his wrist. His mind was screaming at him to run away, to escape from the people around him. ‘Their bad, they will hurt you get away, leave, go far away before they punish you, LEAVEE’  It all screamed at him His head was pounding against his skull, pain shooting from his body. His mind kept screeching at him to the point his legs collapsed. He wanted to run but he couldn’t move. He wanted to scream but his throat was clogged. He felt a hot liquid escape his mouth as he tried to yell. Nothing worked, nothing would ever work. Everyone was an enemy right now and his body took over as he choked on his saliva.


Nezu had tried to ground Midoriya to his surrounding. He tried talking the boy out of his panic attack, but the boy seemed to dig himself further. Nezu had grabbed Midoriya’s wrist when he tried backing away, but that made the boy stare at it and try prying it off. All Might tried stepping forward toward the boy, but that cause him to panic further. Nezu saw saliva hanging out of the boys mouth, the kid trying to speak but choked farther. “STAY BACK YAGI!” Nezu yelled while trying his best to have a grounding hand on the boy. He saw the boy let out a whimper, continuing to struggle against the principal. The boy managed to wrangle himself free, but was tied up by Aizawa’s weapon as he approached the scene. “What the hell has happened? I haven’t seen a panic attack that bad in years.” He grumbled while holding the boy. “Yagi came over for the exam and it triggered something within my student.” Nezu responded with a concerned expression. He saw Recovery Girl coming over as quickly as possible, a sturdy hand wrapped around a small bag. When she saw Midoriya in Aizawa’s arms still sobbing and trying to escape she frowned. “Yagi… You were told not to go near him, so why did you?” She asked while rubbing a handkerchief over the boy’s cheeks. Yagi seemed shocked at the slight venom in her voice, but straighten up nonetheless. “I uhh.. Didn’t realize it was that bad..?” He said it as if it were a question. Aizawa sighed and swore a little under his breath. “What did you do to that kid?” Midnight spoke up from the other staff members. All Might frowned and mumbled an answer. “What was that?” She spoke with a tad venom even though she just met this child.

“I told him a quirkless child could never be a hero. That all they are is a liability that would be useless.” He said meeting the principal’s eyes. “That’s not everything Yagi ” Nezu said with a scary gleam in his eyes. All Might excused himself, as he felt the situation turn against him. He used the excuse of ‘I doubt the building will be standing long with nobody in charge of the first years!’ The hero hadn’t noticed that all the  first years had gathered in the gym, a few extra heroes around to observe them. As Nezu turned back to his student, he saw that both Present Mic and Eraserhead had enveloped him in a hug. He remembered how they had a son Midoriya’s age, who when they first adopted him that he had panic attacks. Nezu felt a small smile form on his face as he rubbed the boy’s back. He let the heroes comfort the boy, as he had no idea how comfort humans correctly. He called off the meeting of the teachers, allowing them to collect their students or go back to grading. Nezu looked at the group for a moment, an idea going to his head. “Midoriya, are you better now? I think there is someone you might get along with.” He said with a smirk.

Yea, Nezu realized that if they actually became friends he would have to wear a flower crown. But that was worth it to see Midoriya make a new friend right?

Chapter Text

Aizawa eyed Nezu suspiciously. The boy had just had a panic attack from seeing somebody and he suggests meeting a new person??? That was the dumbest thing that the Principal had said, which caused Aiawa to scoff. Nezu raised an eyebrow, but walked to Midoriya’s bag. He pulled out Midoriya’s phone, entered the pass code and opened a writing app. Nezu quickly typed a message, showed it to Present Mic and sent the hero on his way. As Nezu removed the message, Recovery Girl had started to check up on Midoriya. “Did you have a good rest last night?” She asked calmly while the boy was held in Aizawa’s arms and capture weapon. Midoriya shook his head and started to sign a little ‘I was up till about 4am, woke up at 6:30am. There was the nightmare again.’ He said his eyes looking at the white soles of his red shoes. The nurse sighed as she felt over the boy’s heart, trying to see if he was still panicking, The heart beat was slowing down, making Recover Girl let out a sigh of relief. “Can you try saying a word? I want to make sure your voice isn’t affected.” She asked politely, but the boy sat straighter. He looked around and only saw the 3 adults, but one was still technically a stranger. His green eyes met obsidian eyes, he felt himself relax. He continued to stare at the eyes on the hero, before looking at the bandages covering the man.

“A-ah! So-sorry i-t probab-ly hurt h-holding me li-like th-at.” He said jumping away from the hero. The nurse chuckled, “Seems like your voice is ok. Just a little more stuttering then normal.” Midoriya realized he had spoken and his hands clamped around his throat. He whimpered at the pain from his throat clogging up again. The nurse shook her head as Nezu handed him a cup of tea. He smelled the sour lemongrass tea and smiled. He happily sipped it with his principal, the teacher and nurse watching them. Midoriya smiled as he grabbed the strawberry sprinkled doughnut, taking a small bite of it. Nezu watching fondly, until he felt a tap on his shoulder. “I brought him!” Present Mic chirped, hiding his worry with a smile. The teen looked over and saw a crazy haired boy next to to the pro. He stared for a moment before he spoke. “Uh… Hi? Your name is.. Midoriya? Right?” in a questioning tired tone. The smaller teen nodded but then started motioning between the blond, black and purple haired people. Present Mic seemed to understand the wild signed, and sighed. “You pieced that together quickly little listener, but yes we are all family.”

Midoriya gapped before an idea came to his head. He trotted to his bag and took out his laptop. He opened a folder marked ‘workity smirkity’ and showed the pro a piece of art he had man. It was of Aizawa and Yamada posing together. Yamada leaned closer, and was amazed by the piece of art. ‘I got commissioned for that work a year ago. I think it is my favorite.’ Midoriya signed before closing the laptop. “Oh wow Midoriya, I didn’t know you drew!” Nezu said from behind Midoriya. Midoriya jumped up from where he was, slightly surprised from the mouse appearing behind him. “Wait. I think I have seen that are you “GreenFloof’?” Shinso said quirking an eyebrow in interest but still monotone. The smaller boy felt his face flush as he hid his face behind the laptop. The boy nodded his head behind the device. “Oh I’m PurpleCalico.” Shinso said oh so nonchalantly. Midoriya gaped for a moment, before lowering the device and giving a shy smile.


Midoriya remembered PurpleCalico was often on the artist part of the hero forums late at night. It was the day he showed the commissioned work that the boy had messaged him.

~You have received an instant message!~
PurpleCalico: Hey, I saw your Present Mic and Eraserhead art. I must say is quite good, but how much do you know about Eraserhead?
GreenFloof: Oh! I'm happy you like it. I know a few things about Eraserhead as I have done an analysis on him. I’m sorry that I can’t share that information, for I have no idea if you could use it against him.
PurpleCalico: Oh that makes sense, I have seen your analyses floating around before, how do you get that information?
GreenFloof: Oh, I take videos, news articles and stuff of that genre and analyze them. Sometimes if im lucky I see the fights in front of me.
PurpleCalico: That makes sense but Eraserhead has like no media on him. So you can analyze him from that
GreenFloof: There have been two videos of Eraser fighting, both were deleted soon after upload but I managed to watch them. I have also seen him a few times while walking around at night.
PurpleCalico: Are you out walking now? It’s 2am, you shouldn’t be out.
GreenFloof: I am but I’ll be fine. Also most aren’t awake at 2am so I’ll be good!
PurpleCalico: Do you have a death wish?
GreenFloof: Nah, but I’m trying to look for an underground hero named Mimic. He seems pretty powerful and good at his job.
PurpleCalico: You’re like 13, you shouldn’t go after hero fights at night on purpose.
GreenFloof: Im 14, and I don’t care about my life.
PurpleCalico: If I could I’d call your parents to get you.
GreenFloof: ooo are you a medium or do you own a ouija board?
PurpleCalico: You have made concerned about you in the span of 5 minutes of talking to you.
GreenFloof: Fun, anyways if you don’t have anymore questions then I will be going.
PurpleCalico: Hopefully to bed.
GreenFloof: That’s funny. If you want to keep in contact with me then you are allowed to friend me. But I will be off now!
PurpleCalico: Yea, bye. If you have any eraserhead doodles that you don’t mind sharing can you send them? He is pretty cool after all.
~ GreenFloof has signed off!~

As a sigh escaped Midoriya’s lips he looked around. Nobody was near the small vigilante, nobody even paid mind to him. He ricocheted off a wall and onto a roof, overlooking the streets. He felt a presence behind him and turned around with a jump to the side. “Hello Midnight~” He said with a cocky voice, leaning against the edge of the roof. “Bunny, I must say you don’t usually come to Saitama. What's the occasion?” Bunny looked around for a moment, before spotting another shadow in the corner. He jumped over Midnight and onto the perps neck, causing the man to drop his gun. “I’m just hopping around, anyways this guy is yours now, ta ta!~” Be replied leaping off the roof and onto the street. As he ducked into an alley, he saw who he was looking for. Mimic was patrolling the streets, but they were about to turn into an alley. Bunny heard a pocket knife click, he started to prepare to jump in. As expected someone from the alley what Mimic turned into charged at the hero, causing Bunny to spring into action.

Bunny quickly apprehended the attacker, causing Mimic to jump slightly. As Mimic tried reaching forward, the vigilante took that moment to speed off. He watched the pro’s confused posture as he tied up the attacker, calling in a report along the way. Soon a police car had come to take the villain, while a detective questioned the hero. He heard Mimic reply ‘I didn’t see any features about the person. They jumped so fast to apprehend the guy that all I saw a blur of bright green.’ To which confused the detective. “Was ia bunch of bright green that you saw?” he questioned, while Mimic nodded his head. “Weird, if it was bright green it isn’t the vigilante I thought it would be.” the detective sighed, returning to the police car. Bunny noticed that there was another person in the back, the guy who had tried to attack Midnight.

He let out a sigh, slightly trying to regain his breathe. He had done this for 15 months so far, but the adrenaline still got to him. He hadn’t made the mistake of getting injured and slumping in a random ally for a year, but that’s what he did. What ever quirk the guy that attacked Mimic had made it so Bunny was now bleeding. He felt his phone buzz with a reminder that he was done for the day. Soon another buzz was made and Bunny picked up the phone. “Have ya found Mimic?” A white message box said. He saw it was from PurpleCalico and he decided to mark it as read, just until he got home at least. He felt the blood run down his leg, not that it would be visible from the black cloth. He started to walk in the shadows, trying his best to stay completely hidden. His attempts didn’t work as he saw a man with long blond hair approach him. Luckily he had the idea of taking off the mask and putting the hoodie on inside out, so you couldn’t see the ears.

“Ya need help there little bud?” The man asked, concern emmient in his eyes. Midoriya stood up a little straighter, “No I’m fine, I just started to get a bit tired.” He said with a bright smile. He didn’t care about his voice changer being off, he wouldn’t see this stranger ever again. The person didn’t look happy about his answer and he went to move closer. Midoriya felt himself flinch, backing into a wall on accident. “Sorry Sir! I have to go home now! BYE!” He yelled while running past the hand reaching for him.It wasn’t a good idea to run with a random injury, but he didn’t care as he cut through streets until he got to his motorbike. He normally only used it during the day, but since he went a bit farther today to track down Mimic it was an easy transport method.
Upon reaching his living room he checked his phone again. He had 2 unread messages from PurpleCalico, which he opened

PurpleCalico: Have ya found Mimic?
PurpleCalico: I see that you read it, are you ok?
PurpleCalico: Please don’t tell me you got kidnapped or stabbed. I liked seeing your art and analyses
GreenFloof: Ah Im good, sorry some guy had tried touching me and I had to yeet myself away.
PurpleCalico: Why in the world did you yeet yourself. That sounds so weird.
GreenFloof: Yea oh well, anyways I didn’t see mimic so that sucked. Anyways you should sleep
PurpleCalico: I would but insomnia is a jerk
GreenFloof: Understandable, have a good night.
Midoriya looked up at boy in front of him surprised that the guy he chatted on and off with for a year. He let out a small smile as he picked up his bag. The teen strode forward and patted Midoriya’s hair. “Your username is fitting, Floof.” He stated while continuing to pat the boy’s hair. The smaller boy backed away from the hand, starting to head to the building. “Midoriya, you are excused for the day.” Nezu said, walking in front of the boy. Midoriya stopped and looked at his mentor, a puzzled expression allowed itself to be displayed. “Feel free to take Shinso with you wherever you go by the way, I’m sure you two will get along well!” the mouse chirped, causing Midoriya to flinch his hand. As Nezu watched his student signing angrily, he pulled out his own phone. A ding was heard from Present Mic’s phone as both the pros pulled them out.

‘What is your opinion of my student so far? I think both Shinso and Midoriya could be beneficial to each other.’

Aizawa looked at the message from the principal before asking what he meant. The principal grinned in real life and pointed to Shinso. Aizawa saw how his son was hiding a smile while looking at the pouting boy. When he looked back to his boss, the mouse shrugged and started to walk away. “Have fun Midoriya! Tell Suki thank you for the tea and doughnut” He teased while quickly walking away to his office. “Better head somewhere Midoriya, I don’t think Nezu would be proud of you if you disobeyed him.” Recovery Girl chuckled. Midoriya gave a sigh of regret while he tried to think of what to do. Aizawa had gotten bored and went to get coffee while Mic left to go teach. He turned to his new ‘babysitter’ and started to sign. ‘Why are you staying here? You can leave if you want.’ To which Shinso shook his head. “I may as well take a break day, or I’ll burn out.” was the reply. Midoriya sighed and started to walk to the UA gates.


Today would be a long day.

Chapter Text

Midoriya let out a silent breath as Shinso followed him. He decided to go to his spare apartment near UA, one he used when he was too tired to go home or just wanted a change of scenery. It was a 25 minute walk at a slow pace, but since Midoriya was with someone in a UA uniform he walked quickly, ended up there in 10 minutes. He unlocked the door and pulled the purple haired teen inside, startling the tired boy. He slipped his cafe sweatshirt off and put it on a coat rack standing on the door. He went to the hall closet and rummaged through some boxes before pulling out a very oversized light gray tank top and oversized sweatpants. He pulled Shinso into a hallway and handed him the clothes. “ Change into these. It would be suspicious for you to wear a UA uniform outside when school is in session” he signed before shoving the boy into the bathroom. Midoriya opened the door in front of the bathroom and rummaged in the closet. He noticed that his vigilante hoodie was laying right on his desk and his hissed to himself. He shoved it in a dresser and pulled out a completely black hoodie. As he slipped it over his slim figure he saw the bathroom door open.

Out stepped Shinso wearing the clothes which thankfully fit the boy. He was more muscular than Midoriya expected but he didn’t care. “So… What are we doing?” Shinso asked while scratching the back of his neck. The purple haired boy met his gaze before looking at a picture displayed on the wall. The smaller teen grabbed the photo and handed it to the taller one, as the boy seemed hesitant to enter his room. Shinso’s gaze looked at the long green haired women and the tall black haired man. A child was held between their arms seemingly the perfect mix of the two. The family wore bright smiles as the child held up a heart piece of paper reading a date. As Shinso looked up Midoriya was across the room picking up a few flowers that were strewn about. Shinso’s gaze took a look around the room before stepping in, waiting to see if the other boy would stop him. “Midoriya.. You didn’t answer my question.” He said quietly while sitting on the bed. Midoriya looked up and sat on a chair in the corner of the room before starting to sign “What do you want to do I don’t really care.”

Shinso let out a sigh and pulled out his phone. Midoriya slipped a pen into his hand and started to twirl it around, but it ended up dropping and made a loud click on the floor. The purple haired teen looked at the pen and the carpeted floor. His eyes drifted off to a reddish-brown stain on the floor. It was quickly covered by a black sock belonging to Midoriya, the boy moving his foot to cover it. Shinso took a deep breath and went back to scrolling on his phone. He continued browsing until he was hit by a pen on his arm. He looked up with a glare, before softening it when Midoriya looked scared. “Cat Cafe?” Midoriya signed awkwardly. The purple haired teen stood up from the bed nodding, quickly exiting the room. The green haired teen got up, grabbing a spare wallet he had and slipping it into his pocket. The small teen soon walked to the kitchen to see Shinso gaping at a wall. The other teen was looking a pictures of the younger Midoriya, one who was happy and bright eyed. There was one picture with Midoriya happily holding up a Present Mic figure, Midoriya remembering that was his first figure of the hero. The small teen saw Shinso tiredly observing him with a side eye.

Midoriya simply went over to the door and slipped on the shoes that lay there. He dug into his hoodie’s pocket grabbing the forgotten phone and transferring it to his current hoodie. “Oh wait, before you put your shoes on can you grab that brown bag there? It has cat stuff it I’m supposed to give.” MIdoriya signed while Shinso stopped looking at the pictures. “Can I open it?” The teen ask while grabbing it earning a shrug. The taller teen opened it and pulled a small catnip pillow. Midoriya chuckled as he took the bag, waiting on the other teen to put his shoes back on. Midoriya sort of wished he could have just taken a nap today but it would be rude for him to do so with his new guest. At least he didn't have to type everything on his phone, as Shinso knew sign language. Midoriya opened the door swiftly and exited it, Shinso following close behind. The brown bag was soon handed over to the green haired boy.

The pair walked through the streets, Midoriya’s pace slower than before with the tired boy easily walking by him. Midoriya kept moving away from the boy, a good 6 inches between them at most points. Shinso gave an annoyed glance at someone they passed but that was ended by a glass door being opened. The familiar smell of honeysuckle and dogwood filled Midoriya’s nose as he gave a small smile. He slipped off his shoes as he heard the patting of socked covered feet hitting the floor. “Welcome to the Neko Caf- ZU CHAN! You aren’t working today!” Rini pouted placing her fists on her sides. Shinso stared at the blue haired girl, quirking an eyebrow. “I didn’t know you worked here Midoriya.” He stated, slipping off the shoes to be in the white socks. “For once Im not working. I want cat pat” Midoriya signed causing Rini to pout again. She pulled the boy’s baby cheeks and brought him up a step. “Are you seriously signing again? Come onnnn I thought you gave up doing that here.” She complained while Midoriya pointed a thumb towards Shinso. “Fineeeee whatever, keep your voice secret from Bailey’s favorite customer.” 

Midoriya went around the counter and put in the money for 4 hours of the cat cafe. That probably was excessive but Midoriya didn’t mind. “Oi you know you don- nevermind you already paid didn’t you?” She asked before opening a baby gate used to keep the cats inside. Shinso’s footsteps could be heard as he walked into the cat area and sat down on a random part of the floor. Midoriya silently entered the room, closing the gate as quietly as possible before having cats all leap at him.

 A particular brave cat jumped up onto his curls, slinking itself over Midoriya’s head. Two other cats climbed towards Midoriya’s shoulders happily handing there. Another cat slithered into his hoodie’s pocket and perched there. A final cat jumped into his arms and meowed happily. A pout came across the cat covered boy’s face as Suki emerged to take pictures of them. Shinso merely stared with a shocked gaze before his hand was batted by a tail. “Right, so since you can’t sign I can introduce these cat’s to Shinso!” Rini chirped with a bright smile. “The one in Zu-Chan’s arms is Hypothermia. Zu found him at 3am in winter and the kiddo got hypothermia from saving the lil guy. The one one his left shoulder we call Dipp as her paws look like they are dipped in colorings. The one in his pocket is Inky, he is an inky black/brown color. Also his fur poofs out like how ink bleeds through paper. UHH The one on his right shoulder is we call Sienna because she is that raw sienna color.” Rini finished, not mentioning the cat perched on the fluffy boy’s head. “The one on his head is Tipsy, mainly because the tips of the cat are different colors and Rini found her while ‘slightly tipsy’” Suki quoted, having the camera rest around her neck. Rini held a slight blush on her face as Midoriya continued standing there.

Shinso stared at the cat covered boy, continuing to pet the two cats that roamed around him. He watched the green haired boy extract himself from the cats, Tipsy being one that was difficult to get off. The floof brought over a stool next to Shinso and took a seat. A few cats came over as Midoriya brought out the bag contents, the catnip pillow peaking Baily’s interest. She happily clawed at the pillow while laying on Shinso’s lap. Inky came over to bat at a toy mouse, one that look suspiciously familiar. Midoriya had taken out his phone to take a picture of Inky, but also took a picture of Shinso and the cat. Soon a very small kitten waddled over to Midoriya and Shinso, mewling at them curiously. Rini popped out of nowhere to hand the purple haired teen a cat wand, also plopping cat eared headbands on them. While Midoriya gave a look of ‘are you serious mate’, Shinso watched the cat god.

“Rini, how come I have never seen your quirk?” He asked suddenly. Like Shinso had gone to this establishment for like 2 years and the girl had seen his and Suki’s quirks in action. She turned around with an evil grin and leaned on a table. “Well dear Shinso~ My quirk is quite bland. It changes the smell around be depending on my mood!” She chirped before having a dark gleer on her face. The air around them thickened and Midoriya’s hand latched onto his sweatshirt. The air started to smell like a powerful cinnamon mixed with rosemary. The two scents latched together and created a smell that was both scary and effectively awakening. A teaspoon was launched at Rini’s head, Suki in the corner trembling slightly. “Oh- Um wow. So both of you have quirks with emotions.” Shinso dulley said as the air around him became breathable again.”Yep! Sorry Zu-Chan, I know you don’t like it when I do that. Would you wanna be calmed or happy right now?” The tall girl said crouching by the boy in the chair. “Calmed. Please don’t give me a heart attack.” He whimpered quietly, still grasping his sweatshirt. The air was soon a smooth lavender and vanilla scent, the cats seemed to have slowly come back out of their hiding spots.

The floofy haired duo sat silently while petting and playing with cats, but soon ended up with Shinso laying on the ground asleep with four cats on his torso. The sight gave Midoriya an idea as he brought out his phone. 

~TheAllKnowingBrat sent a photo~

TheAllKnowingBrat: Sorry Eraserhead and Present Mic, I killed your son.

TheAllKnowingRat: Are you joking? I can’t tell sometimes.

TheAllKnowingBrat: :)

PencilTopper: Welp at least he died surrounded by cats.

Pencil: SHOTA NO. 

TheAllKnowingRat: Well are you having fun Midoriya?

TheAllKnowingBrat: No. I hate being with some random person

TheAllKnowingRat: Too bad, oh well guess you have to accept it for now. Remember to bring him back at like 3:45 so he can be dismissed at 4:20

Pencil: Was that intentional by the way?

TheAllKnowingRat: :)

Midoriya let out a sweet laugh as he left the teacher’s chatroom, going back to taking pictures of the cats. An hour past of cats roaming around before Inky went to lay on Shinso’s face. The green haired boy could stop laughing as the other teen was smothered in blackish-brown fur. The teen started to wake up at the sound of Midoriya on the ground laughing as he sat up. And oh man it was a sight. Midoriya’s cheeks were flushed from smiling so much, and that smile was wide. The smaller teen was running a hand through his hair and used the other to wrap around his stomach. Shinso watched the boy, a small smile appearing on his face as he heard the angelic laugh.

Midoriya was someone he talked to for less than a day.

GreenFloof was someone who he occasionally chatted with on an insomnia filled night.

Izuku Midoriya was the person he fell in love with from hearing his laugh and seeing his smile.



And god, he fell hard

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Shinso had been taken back to UA. His uniform was folded in his hands and he was in the outfit Midoriya gave him. Aizawa had given a few suspicious looks at him when he first arrived, but that died down to just the occasional glance. His parents were busy filling out a few dozen reports for the USJ, which Aizawa groaned about. Yamada had taken to idly chatting about how adorable Nezu’s student was, which Shinso paid full attention to. Nezu was sipping on his tea listening to Yamada and then the mouse let out what seemed to be a groan. He was holding a notebook with gloves on, looking over the information. “This vigilante. He gets on my nerves to no end.He has been active for what? Two years now? The only step we have gotten closer in his capture is that one time he was gravely injured during a battle. But he managed to escape the bindings we had him in!” The principal complained. “Yo, Uhhhn Nezu you know my kid is here right?” Yamada causily slid in, not wanting the principal to break something. “Yea, I know. I wish Izuku was here though. Wait.. Why can’t I call him in again?” Nezu asked to nobody in particular. His question was soon answered by Recovery Girl “Because he shouldn’t have to deal with taking down a vigilante. I mean why do you guys care about Bunny so much anyways?” Nezu looked up from the notebook and had a blank face for a moment. “Why does Bunny care so much about us?” He asked back, gaining the first-year teachers attention.

“Think about it, he has seen or helped us 18 times now. Most of those being you Aizawa, so why does he care about you so much? None of this makes any sense to me anymore! I think… Bunny could just be trying to save us from someone.” Nezu stated before turning to Shinso. “Shinso, have you ever met Bunny?” The teen gave a flabbergasted noise from being pulled into the conversation. “Uhh I saw him at USJ and the Hospital, but I never talked to him.” He answered honestly. A ding was heard from a computer, that belonged to Nezu. The principal pulled up the message, gaping for a moment before turning to everyone.

‘Nice job Nezu, you are getting closer to who I am. It’s a shame that when you figure out I will be gone huh? -Bunny’

Ectoplasm stood up from his seat, quickly standing up to go and track down the message. “What? Bunny sent this from our wifi, I’m guessing he used something we couldn’t track and he destroyed it. The signal is already gone.” Shinso kept staring at the message, wondering what he had just witnessed. “Ugh, let’s leave Zashi, Hitoshi. This paperwork is done so I want to nap.” Aizawa groaned, causing the family to stand up. “Have a good day sir!” Shinso shouted while bowing, heading to the door. Yamada picked up the injured man, easily pulling him out of the room. Yamada chatted happily not expecting many answers from the tired pair. As Shinso opened the passenger door for his dad to be placed in he saw someone running by. Yamada also saw them and shouted out, the person looking over and waving. The person dropped what they were carrying and he scrambled to pick them up. Shinso went over and recognized it as the boy he fell in love with. “O-H, hi Midoriya! What are you doing here so late?” He tried acting casually while picking up a book. The boy knelt onto the ground and took out his phone, typing something as fast as he could. ‘I wanted to return all these textbooks to Nezu. Also had to give Nezu a piece of pie I made but forgot to give him this morning” Shinso nodded after he read the message, quickly helping the smaller teen put the books into a stack. “Well have a good night Midoriya.” He said while leaning to hand the boy the books. The smaller teen looked up and their noses brushed together. Shinso backed up slightly and helped the smaller teen up before running off. 

He leaned onto the car, panting slightly as he held a slight smile. “Oh who was that? And why is your face so pink?” Yamada chirped starting the car as his son climbing in. “It was Midoriya..” He said tiredly leaning back on his seat. He felt his dad’s glare land on him while he rushed to put his seatbelt on. “Oh,ok! I guess tired yourself running back here huh?” Yamada asked without realising that his son was blushing. “Yep! Just tired myself running.” He stated while slinking in his seat to avoid the glare his father was sending him. “Well, I guess we will focus on the running part of training next time. Sense you are so tired after running 20 meters.” Aizawa said in cocky tone. “No thanks, I’m just dehydrated today.” He said staring outside the window looking at the passing buildings. Yamada turned on a radio, happily letting out a held breath when he found a pop channel.

As the car eventually pulled into the driveway of the house, Hitoshi unbuckled himself and checked the mailbox. The crescent moon shone through cirrus clouds, the moon tinted a light purple from it. A small smile slipped onto his face, the wind blowing through his hair. His attention was taken back to the world by an unsharpened pencil hit his upper arm. His iris colored eyes met obsidian eyes, his hand opening the metal box. Inside there was no mail, causing him to slam it shut and walk past his dad. “Oi Hitoshi.” Aizawa grumbled while Shinso kept walking. Aizawa chased after his son into the house, barreling himself into his son’s room. “It’s a pain to run you know.” He gave an annoyed stare while taking a seat on the boy’s bed. “So what’s with you and Midoriya? It’s obvious that you have an interest in him.” Aizawa stated with no shame. “You saw right through me, huh?” Shinso chuckled, leaning on his desk. “I- I was at his apartment today. He had so many photos from when he was a kid, and he looked so happy in them. His eyes in those photos were so bright, but now they seem so… dull. Today we went to Neko Cafe, and he laughed. His face looked so happy and bright. His eyes shone a little in the light, his face was flushed from his wide smile. And god.. It was so amazing to look at. I want to help him through whatever he is going through. Because those eyes being bright is something that matters to me now.” He said while clenching his fist. He leaned so far on his desk that his forehead rested on the hardwood.

“Wow. That’s impressive considering you just met him.” Aizawa joked, standing up from the bed. “It’s stupid.. Right?” Shinso replied quietly, staring at the dark brown wood. “No, not really.” Aizawa said from the doorframe. “Just.. try to help him, his file doesn’t say anything good about him or his home life. As long as you help him out while pursuing your own goals… It’s not too selfish.” Aizawa told him, mumbling a goodnight while heading to his own room. Shinso let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, his hand numbly tracing over petals of the nearby flower crown. He had never felt like this and this wasn’t what most people said love would feel like. The feeling of love to him made him want to help Midoriya, all to see the boy’s smile and his eyes shine. He barely knew anything about the boy, but it just made him want to know more. His heart was aching from knowing the boy had been in pain before, a pain that was great enough for the boy to stop smiling. He looked at the pink rose, its color dull and light. His hand moved to his pocket to search up the meaning of a pink rose. His search resulted in pink roses meaning gentleness and happiness. He looked at the flowers that were intertwined with the roses, not knowing what they were. Shinso gathered enough courage of asking after pacing back and forth in his room, his cat batting at him anytime he passed them. 


PurpleCalico: Hey what flowers are in the crown you made me?

GreenFloof: Roses and Jonquils, I’m a bit busy rn so I can’t talk sorry

PurpleCalico: That’s fine, thanks


As Shinso saw that they meant friendship and he smiled. The fact that Midoriya might want to be friends seemed nice to him, even though he had been pulled into Iida’s, Uraraka’s and Asui’s friendship group. He didn’t know if they were all considered friends or just on speaking terms but Shinso didn’t mind having someone to talk to occasionally. In fact it was rather beneficial being friends with Iida, as he gave Shinso the notes he missed. A notification rang from his phone and he stared at it.

~You have been invited to a group chat!~

Iida: Hello Class 1-A students! I have made a group chat for work purposes and such! Feel free to chat a little as well.

Mina: OwO whats this

Momo: It’s been active for less than a minute and you already cursed it.

Bakugo: What the hell.


Tokoyami: What a mad banquet of darkness, Bakugo doesnt text in all caps.


Midoriya: Don’t fight you albino hedgehog

Iida: OH hello Midoriya-Kun! How did you get in this chat?

Midoriya: Kacchan invited me after I told him I would have to join yall tomorrow.

Jiro: Well get ready for you desire to live to die once you do.

Todoroki: What if we get a desire to live from being with 1-A?

Ojiro: What drugs are you on? Can I get some?

Iida: Ojiro-kun! We shouldn’t mention drugs or ask to be on them!

~Midoriya has disabled admin features on 20 people~

Iida: Wait how did you do that?? You cant just take away my rights when I was the one who made this.

Midoriya: :)

Bakugo: Please just dont change our nicknames

Shinso: For once I agree with the ‘Albino Hedgehog’

Bakugo: 5 Seconds to live

Bakugo: Nevermind I have been given a doughnut all is good

Mina: Wow Bakugo is able to be bribed. 

Momo: Wait nobody should be out at this time, how were you bribed?

Midoriya: I gave him a doughnut

Momo: But it is really dark out

Midoriya: So?

Bakugo: He has no fears.

Ojiro: And that is how you get kidnapped, any questions?

Jiro: Should someone go get him so he doesn’t get kidnapped?

Kirishima: Bro where are you? Mina and I can getcha

Midoriya: I don’t need to be accompanied, I'm good by myself.

Ojiro: You are def getting kidnapped.

Midoriya: Sounds festive

Tokoyami: I aspire to be like him

Mineta: He is probably a man of the night, so who cares

Iida: MINETA It’s not appropriate to say that people are that!

Aizawa: Why is this existing

Uraraka: It was for classwork, but it has gone downhill.

Aizawa: Midoriya would you like a hero to accompany you home? You live farther away than the rest of us. 

Kaminari: Oooo Is he farther out than me?

Aizawa: He has an hour long commute.

Mina: Oh danggg that must suck

Shinso: What? He lives like a ten minute walk from UA

Bakugo: What?

Aizawa: What?

Nezu: What?

~Midoriya has left the chat.~

Mina: and I oop


Shinso let out a small sound of disappointment as Midoriya left the chat. “Dad! How did you even get in our chat!” he shouted, hoping that he would get a response from the man 3 doors down. A ding from his phone held a message ‘Iida invited nezu, pm, midnight, cementoss, ectoplasm and I to it. Ima yeet most of them out’ Shinso held a confused gaze at his phone, muting the group chat as he watched the shenanigans go on. He picked himself off his desk and walked out of his room, adventuring to the kitchen. Inside his pops was happily humming a tune from his radio show. “What are you doing?” Shinso asked groggily, slipping a hand around the refrigerator's handle. He pulled the door open, stealing a strawberry jelly packet from his dad.  “Oh, I’m trying to bake. I have no idea how good these brownies will turn out though.” Yamada ended with a chuckle. Shinso peered over to see brownies in the oven, a tub of icing on top of a counter and a sprinkles container off to the side. “Is that type of icing good for brownies?” He questioned before opening the jelly packet. Yamada gave a shrug, “If it’s not we can just eat the icing!” he chirped while leaning onto the counter. Shinso shook his head as he perched himself across the room, a cat soon joining him. “How bad do you think you will mess up?” He asked stroking the brownish-orange tabby. “I- I am not sure! I think that it can’t be that bad.” Yamada sheepishly said, trying to push away a gray cat trying to wrap itself around the used brownie bowl. 

“Did you see the group chat yet Hitoshi?” Yamada asked, scrolling through his phone. “Yea, I mean I did send a few messages.” He said, idly petting the cat that was perched on his shoulder.  “Oh, right. Anyways, you caused a huge confusion on where Midoriya lives.” Pops chuckled, walking over to his son. “Couldn’t he have two apartments or whatever?” He questioned boredly. Aizawa had emerged from his room, given up trying to sleep early. “Yea but he has no guardians so he earns all his money by himself. It wouldn’t be logical to own two apartments.” Aizawa gave a glare at the jelly packet in his son’s hands, before going to the fridge and pulling out a mango one. “Who knows but do you wanna help me figure out this problem child?” Shinso met his dad’s gaze as the man leaned next to the sink. “Apparently his parents died at the age of 8. He went off the grid for 5 years until Nezu met him. The kid is a practical genius, keeping up with Nezu at some levels. I honestly want to see his fight capabilities as well, because if the kid can fight he would be an absolute monster.” Aizawa mumbled. Shinso met his eyes and spoke “He has a bit of muscle to him, I saw the dude without his hoodie. He is certainly fit that’s for sure.” They saw Yamada smirk from the side of the room. “Were ya checking him outtttt~?” the blond teased. Shinso groaned as he leaned back, but Yamada stopped his further teasing when a timer rang out. As brownies were extracted from the oven Shinso escaped the kitchen. As he retreated he heard a muffled question, Yamada wondering if he should be allowed to date.

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Bunny hopped off of a main street and ducked into an ally. Being chased by Endeavor wasn’t fun, especially when you had a nice burn on one leg and a bleeding one on the other. He breathed silently as the pro passed him, a few sidekicks trailing behind him like ducklings. He pressed himself a green trash can, thinking about the irony of this situation. As the final sidekick passed the alleyway he pulled himself onto a roof. He limped across the rooftops until he came upon a familiar road. He lowered himself after trying to control his breathing, feeling slightly dizzy from blood loss. He ungracefully fell onto his own balcony and opened the door.  He let out a string of curses as he put more pressure onto his burned leg, stumbling into the apartment. He collapsed onto the bed, feeling a jab in his side. He let out a whimper and raised his torso, looking at the betraying pen that he had left there. He threw it across the room, hearing a click when it hit the wall perfectly.

After waiting for a couple minutes he pulled himself away from his now blood stained blanket and stumbled into the bathroom. He leaned against the counter as he reached under it, searching for the basket of band-aids and other medical materials. Midoriya let out a quickened breath as he pulled the basket out and slammed it on the counter. He tossed his mask aside and rubbed off the make-up with his hands after taking the gloves off. He was glad that the mask was easily makeable after making the pattern, as this was the 3 one. The first one was pulled off when getting chased by Hawks, luckily he was falling when it was pulled so the man couldn’t see his face. The second was blown up by Bakugo when Bunny went to rescue Aizawa. He still felt the burn slightly under his skin but he paid no mind, he had gotten worse burns from the boy after all. He slipped the now darkened hoodie off of his body, throwing it into the bathtub and turning on hot water.

 He slunk in after the hoodie, red swimming around in the once clear water. A ragged breath left his mouth as he grabbed a cloth to wash away his blood. It stung a lot but Midoriya knew better than to let out a noise of pain. He poured alcohol onto the cloth and brought it back to his skin. He let out a small screech of pain, the pain absolutely getting to him. A few tears slipped onto the wounded leg, causing him to let out a loud whimper. He heard his phone ring out from the bed room, but he let it ring. It was probably Nezu and he really had more important things to take care of. After he fully cleaned the wound, he reached out to grab a sterile pad and gauze. He placed it on the stab wound and start wrap the gauze tightly around it. He let out a sigh of relief after washing his hands in the now red water. His eyes tiredly looked over it and let it drain. The color of blood didn’t bother him anymore, it hadn’t bothered since he was 11. He climbed out of the tub and pulled off his pants fully, tossing them into the trash. He put a large bandage over the now cream covered burn. He clambered out of the bathroom and shot himself into his bedroom.

On his desk laid his cell-phone, buzzing rapidly. As he limped over to it he saw Nezu’s messages, all coated with slight worry.

Nezu: What did Shinso mean by a ten minute walk

Nezu: Do you own multiple apartments??

Nezu: If not which one is your residence and which is owned by someone else

Nezu: Also why are you outside at this time?

Nezu: Midoriya, are you ok?

~10 minute break in messages~

Nezu: Kid are you ok? Why aren’t you answering your phone.

Nezu: Please tell me your okay

Nezu: Pick up your phone, I tried to call you 3 times already.

Midoriya: I’m ok nezu. I’m just trying to go to bed, so goodnight.

Midoriya slipped the phone back onto the desk, Nezu hadn’t replied to him. He tiredly rummaged in his closet, soon finding gray leggings and a the black hoodie from earlier. He put them on rapidly and went to find his spare pair of red shoes. They sat by the door and he sighed upon seeing them. They were a comforting color to him, but they were starting to dull in color. As he rummaged around his apartment, finding things to bring across town, he found a purple hair clip on the bloodied blanket. There was no blood on it, so he pocketed it to eventually give it back to its owner. He pulled the red shoes, slipped the book bag  of items (vigilante gear, stylists, chargers, wallet, phone, first aid kit and books) and made his way out of the apartment. He rushed down the dark streets and let out tired breathes as he ran. He slowed down upon seeing a Udon stand set up. His stomach gave a betraying growl as he approached it. He gave a smile to the worker as he wrote down his order in neat kanji. The person nodded, took the money and smiled. Their quirk gave them two small horns on their head, matching the hair in a slightly lighter color. He moved out of the way of the till and sat down on a nearby stool. 

“Midoriya?” A voice behind him questioned. He spun around and saw two tired figures and a long haired blond man. He gave a wave to Aizawa and Shinso, but gave a questioning glance to the blond guy. Aizawa sat down next to him and whispered in his ear. “That’s Mic, call him Yamada though.” To which he gave a nod. The family ordered their noodles and Midoriya leaned onto the counter to enjoy his own. Something in his hoodie stabbed between his burned leg and stomach, making him let out a strangled noise of pain. Yamada looked over to him worried, and spoke in a tone that was slightly stressed. “You okay buddy?” He asked, rubbing at his back. Midoriya took out the offending object and stared at the purple hair clip. He reached over to Shinso and pulled on the boy’s jacket sleeve. The boy speedily turned around, a glare softening when his eyes met the shorters. The green haired teen motioned for the other’s hand, causing the taller’s face to emit a warm glow. Midoriya placed the clip in the outstretched hand and spun back to his noodles. He started to greedily eat them, not paying attention to the family beside him. Once he had finished, he slid the worker a tip and got up from his stool to leave. 

“Oi, Kid!” Aizawa called while grabbing his hoodie. Midoriya turned around and waited for him to continue. “It’s dangerous to be out at night by yourself, want us to help you home or you can come with us?” He asked awkwardly. ‘No, I’m good, all I have to do is catch a train. Bye A-I-Z-A-W-A’’ Midoriya signed back, wiggling out of the man’s hold. The kid felt his heart pounding against his chest as he ran as fast as he could. His chest and legs were completely engulfed in pain when he had been running for ten minutes. He was positive he had reopened the healing wound by the fact he felt a liquid streaming down his leg. He ducked into an alleyway and discreetly rolled up his leggings. He pulled the fabric away from his leg to try and keep the pants clean. He pulled his backpack around to his side, rummaging through it to locate bandages. Soon his wound was rewrapped and he tossed the gauze aside in nearby pile of trash. He recklessly stood up and started the walk to his train, but as his luck has it he walked right into who he wanted to avoid. He stared up at the UA teacher and slightly side stepped. The trio looked at him with blank confusion as both Midoriya and Yamada shot awkward finger guns at each other. 

“Didn’t you say you had a train to head over to?” Aizawa asked dulley. He nodded his head up and down a few times, before straightening his backpack. “Uhm is it the 2:45 am train?” Yamada asked, putting an arm around his partner’s shoulders. He nodded curiously, before Shinso butted it “It’s 2:50 now!”. Midoriya blinked a few times, shifted his backpack to grab his phone and indeed it was past the time. Midoriya grumbled under his breath, trying to decide what would be the best course of action.

“Ya knowwwww, our offer still stands of you coming with us!” Yamada chirped, giving a cheeky grin. ‘But my uniform is at my apartment’ the teen signed back, avoiding eye contact with the people in front of him. “You can just borrow one of Hitoshi’s!” was the reply, a bright grin on the voice hero’s face. Midoriya let out a sigh of defeat and nodded, slowly following the family back to their car. Upon getting inside the vehicle he sat as far away from the other teen as possible, his face looking out the window with mild interest. His eyes were drooping and his head unexpectedly slammed into the window sometimes, jolting him back awake. As he looked around the car, trying to stay away he saw Aizawa staring at him through the rear-view mirror. The teen gave a sleepy grin, to which the other teen saw and smiled to himself. Aizawa gave a huff through his gauze, suddenly uninterested in watching the problem child.

Once they arrived at the Yamada-Aizawa house, Midoriya was the last out of the car, clutching his backpack straps with a nervous energy. His footsteps were silent as he entered the house, slipping off his shoes and shuffling into some guest slippers. “I-I er thankyouforlettingmestayhere!”  He shouted suddenly, nerves getting the better of him and letting him speak. His throat didn’t clog up immediately after saying that and he burrowed his slightly warmer face into his hoodie. He could see Yamada sporting a smile while sending over some finger guns.”It’s not a problem listener!” Midoriya shyly followed Yamada into chocolate covered kitchen, his eyes giving a look of surprise. Some instinct in Midoriya suddenly kicked in, quickly going over to the sink and finding a washcloth. “Oh yea. I tried making brownies and they kinda exploded.” the voice hero chuckles, an awkward hand rubbing at his neck. The teen didn’t pay much attention as he walked over to the oven and started cleaning. “Oii- You don’t have to do that!” Aizawa shouted from the couch, watching the new house guest carefully. Midoriya looked the hero dead in the eye and without stuttering for once “Then fucking stop me”

Shinso had started to choke on the drink he had, Yamada’s mouth was dropped wide open and Aizawa had a slightly shocked look on his face. The underground hero started to give out a creepy laugh, paired with a chaotic grin. “Well, you got spunk huh?” The boy suddenly nodded and started to sign again. ‘Sorry that was probably really rude h-u-h.’ To which the pro waved him off. “Your fine kid, but really you don’t have to clean it.” Midoriya shrugged and spun around to continue cleaning. Shinso watched the other teen clean with great interest, not even being subtle at staring at the boy. “Wellllllllll I’ma go to bed now, bye!” Yamada said dragging his feet to his own room. Midoriya bowed to him, giving him a sign of goodnight. Aizawa occasionally glanced around the room, scowling when he saw his son checking out their house guest. He pulled up his arm and struck his son’s leg, making sure not to actually injure the boy. Shinso turned to him with a glare, but his attention was pulled back by the sound of a whimper.

As the tired pair looked over from the couch, they saw the small boy on the floor face first. “Uh, are you ok?” Shinso asked, going over to the boy. The boy picked himself up, pain flashing on his face for a second before he nodded. “Come over here Midoriya.” Aizawa called, causing the boy to quickly move over. He was pulled onto the couch as Aizawa inspected his face. Shinso walked back over to sit on the other side of Midoriya, closing watching his father’s movements. “You might have a bit of a light bruise on your forehead but other then that you’re alright.” Was the final statement, Aizawa letting go of Midoriya. The boy went to stand but was pulled back down by two hands. “You’re done cleaning Midoriya.” Shinso said dully. The smaller teen nodded and tucked his knees to his chin, the slippers falling off and onto the floor. His legs were soon hidden inside his hoodie and he swayed slightly. Aizawa stood up and saw the bright digital clock of the microwave reading 3:24.

As he turned around to tell the teens to go to bed, but saw the smaller teen curled up on the couch lightly dozing. Shinso carefully stood up and went over to a hall closet and grabbed out a dark colored blanket. He went over to the other teen and carefully draped the blanket on top of him. Small smiles made their ways on the tired pair as they looked from each other and the sleeping teen. Midoriya’s face which was normally filled with anxiety and wariness was now replaced with a small smile as he nuzzled into the blanket. Shinso took out his phone and took a picture of the cute teen. “I swear if I find you checking him out or sneaking a of him again I will knock you out with this cast.” Aizawa groaned.  Shinso merely grinned and stated “Well, he has quite a nice body if I do say so myself.” His dad took a moment to compute that message which let Shinso slip into his room and locked his door.

Chapter Text

Yamada woke up at his usual time of 6:45 and started preparing coffee. He spotted the sleeping figure of Midoriya and smiled as he fixed the child’s blanket. He backed away but started to hear a whimpering noise behind him. As he turned around he looked at the blanket falling as the boy thrashed around in his sleep. Yamada cautiously approached the sleeping boy and grabbed his arm, shaking him awake. Midoriya woke up quick enough and ended up pinning the hero to the ground. His hold was strong but flexible and it took a few moments of heavy breathing for the hero to be let go of. “O-oh I- um I am sorry-y Yama-ada!” Midoriya stuttered, backing away rapidly. “It’s okay little listener- wait are you crying? Oh I am so sorry for scaring you!” Yamada said. The pro hero walked over to the teen and wrapped them in a hug, he could hear the kid freaking out about getting a hug from one of his favorite heroes. The hero wrapped his arms around the kid and picked him up, moving him to a counter in the kitchen. The kid sniffled a few times, rubbing his sleeved against his nose.

Yamada hummed a song he had played on his radio station the other day, hearing a small hum from somebody else. He looked over his shoulder to see the boy humming happily, head tilting side to side. “Listener, would you like some tea?” The pro asked softly, trying to be as non intimidating as possible. The boy nodded silently and sniffled again. Yamada filled up the kettle and shuffled over to a cabinet, pulling out boxes of tea. He stacked them up cautiously and brought them over to the teen. “Which tea would you like bud?” Midoriya eyed them carefully and looked at all the different teas, eventually picking a honey-lemon blend. The kid hopped off the counter and put the rest of the teas back, but he had to climb back on the counter to put them back.

The kettle let out a high-pitched hum, and Yamada quickly brought it to 4 mugs. As he poured the water Midoriya went to his discarded bag and reached into a side pocket. ‘I have some coffee packets that Eraser and S-H-I-N-S-O liked at the cafe.’ He offered, showing the packets of coffee to the man. “Oh! Wow I didn’t know you guys sold packets of these! I would have bought them if I could.” He exclaimed, quickly ripping open the coffee packets. The pair finished making the drinks and Yamada offered to let Midoriya make breakfast while he woke up the others. Midoriya nodded and grabbed a loaf of bread from the counter. 

Yamada happily trotted down the hallway, passing his son’s door to wake up the more problematic of the two. He swung his own door open and leaped onto the bed. He heard an annoyed growl from underneath the blankets and he tore them back. “Shoooooo~ Come on it’s time to wake upppp.” Yamada called to his husband. “Let me die so I can sleep more.” was the undigified response. “Death is illegal you know that. Midoriya made the coffee you like from the cafe~” The blonde coaxed, pulling his lover’s arm. He brought a kiss upon the man’s lips, the other clearly waken up by it. Aizawa quickly pulled his husband into a deeper kiss, which although the blonde loved it they had things awaiting them. “Come on, the coffee will get cold!” The blonde stated, jumping away from his cuddly husband. Aizawa got up and found a discarded shirt on a chair and put it over his own figure. 

Yamada knocked rapidly on his son’s door and swung it open. “HelloooO~ My little buttercup!” He sang, causing a pillow to be thrown at his face. “Commeeee onnn Shinso! Midoriya made your special cafe coffee!” He said, prying the blanket off his son. Yamada was met with another pillow being smothered in his face until his son regain his brain. “Wait Midoriya…. Oh right he came home with us.” was the muttered response. The pillow was taken to be held in Shino’s arms, being cuddled into. “Yeppppp! Now lets gooo!” The blonde exclaimed, pulling his son’s arms to be dragged to the kitchen. He ran into Aizawa gaping underneath the arch, causing both the blonde and purple haired teen to look into the kitchen.

Inside Midoriya was happily flipping french toast, another pan holding an egg concoction with different spices. He looked over his shoulder and gave a small wave while effortlessly flipping the toast. Shinso soon walked in, grabbing a white mug of coffee and took a long gulp. “Wow, this really tastes like the stuff from the cafe.” he commented looking down into the cup. Midoriya turned off the burners and signed ‘I was the one who made the blend. I know all the ingredients and special add ons for your coffee!”  He had a proud look on his face as Aizawa walked over and took the other white mug of coffee. “Hm what’s this blend’s names anyways?” he asked, leaning on a counter away from the oven. “Insomniac’s Blend” Midoriya commented, scrambling around to look into the cabinets. Yamada rushed into the kitchen and grabbed plates to place near the oven. Midoriya brought his hand to his mouth and brought it down in a perfect ninety degree angle, signaling thank you.

The toast and eggs were placed on the plates and brought to the table, Midoriya carrying all of them. “Wow you’re good at carrying things huh.” Shinso commented from behind Midoriya. The smaller teen let out a hum of satisfaction as he waited for the family to sit down. They all took their places at the table and Midoriya sat in the extra seat. They bowed their heads in thanks and started to dig into their food. “Wowwww, Midoriya you’re a great cook! I’d let you cook for us everyday!” Yamada exclaimed from across the table, causing the embarrassed teen to shift at the complement. As Aizawa carefully ate his food from leaning on his lover’s shoulder he nodded. “Yea, I have to admit you can compete with Lunch Rush, kid.” Midoriya eyes shot up in excitement and he started to sign rapidly. ‘I help him out occasionally, he is a good teacher!’ Shinso watched as the boy excitedly signed about Lunch Rush, and he honestly couldn’t keep his eyes off the boy. The boy had continued his signing rant until Aizawa commented that he needed to eat his food.

Syrup ran from one of the pieces of french toast, causing it to dribble down Midoriya’s chin. Shinso reached over and grabbed the boy’s chin, running a napkin down the trail of syrup. ‘Thanks S-H-I-N-S-O’ The boy signed before an inquisitive look came across his face. “What do you want your sign name to be?’ The boy asked causing Yamada to snicker “Aizawa and I usually have him as buttercup, but it’s fine if you don’t want to call him that.” Midoriya looked at them with a confused smile. The small teen did ‘loud’ twice in rapid succession and pointed to the blonde. “You have Present Mic as ‘Loud Loud’?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. The forest-haired teen nodded then point to the man directly across from him, rapidly signing ‘dead tired’. Aizawa blinked for a moment and pointed to himself “I’m dead tired?” He blinked again and a grin spread across his face. “I like it kid, when did you come up with that?” Midoriya raised his hands and put up 9 fingers, signifying 9 years.  

“Wait, how long have you known about me?” Aizawa asked, slightly skeptical of the boy near him. ‘My dad was Flash Fire, your old co-worker’ was the solemn response, the teen looking into syrup that had fallen into a puddle on his plate. “That makes sense, I am sorry I couldn’t do more to save him.” the underground pro said. Flash Fire was an underground hero who was strong and swift. He took out many people in a flash, but only used his fire as a smoke/flash bomb. Eraserhead had respect for his co-worker, sometimes going to the older man when he had trouble with an issue.  Flash Fire was well known for his charm, wisdom and badassery, so much so he was sort of a symbol among those who know him. ‘The man who puts light were the darkness overruns.’ was practically ingrained in everyone's minds and that was the title that belong to that pro hero.

‘It’s fine. You can’t save everyone even if you can see them.’ Midoriya replied taking another slice of toast into his mouth. “If you don’t mind me asking, what were you doing when he was attacked?” A chill went down the boy’s spine and he visible straightened. The kids quietly brought up his hoodie and shirt to show an angry burn scar. When he dropped the items he started to sign again. ‘We were going to the park to celebrate his birthday. We were attacked in the lobby of my old apartment.’ It was slow and contained a few flinches as the boy tried to sign. An audible ‘oh’ dropped out of Yamada’s mouth, which honestly just voiced his thoughts. The bushy haired kid looked up and into the kitchen ‘We need to change and leave for school.’ Was the simple thought as Midoriya pushed himself out of the chair and cleaned up his plate.

The kid’s movements were quick and the patterning of his socks hitting the floor sounded just like the cats. Speaking of which, one hopped from on top of a cabinet and onto the boy’s hair, who let out a squeal of surprise. “Razzledazzle, get off our guest.” Shinso pouted, walking over and trying to grab the cat. He heard the snickering of Midoriya as he drew closer. ‘You guys named a cat ‘Razzledazzle’?’ he asked. Another squeak was heard from him as the cat started to climb around the boy. “Right, anyways come with me Midoriya. I need to give you one of my spare uniforms.” The tired teen said, grabbing the other’s wrist to pull him to his own bedroom.

Midoriya stood awkwardly as Shinso dug in his closet, looking around the darkly colored room. He felt weird being in someone else’s bedroom, other than Bakugou’s of course. “Here put this on.” Shinso said, shoving the uniform into the other’s arms. The purple haired teen started to pull his own clothes from himself, spotting Midoriya slinking from the room. “Oi, hurry up and change.” He said, trying to to seem rude. The other nodded and ran into the bathroom, then a few moments later he came back out. The kid was fumbling with his buttons, a tie hanging loosely on his shoulders. The kid started fumbling more with buttons not paying attention and speed walking into the door. Shinso hide a snort as he tied his shoes, spotting his dads doing the same. Midoriya scrambled to put on his shoes, a bright red almost matching his still untied tie. The teens put their bookbags on and walked out and into the car, Midoriya still squishing himself far away from the other.

When they walked into the school, they caught a few stares. Probably because this student almost nobody had seen before was in the school in an oversized uniform and his goddamn tie still not tied. They walked through the school and Midoriya awkwardly hid behind the taller when entering the classroom. He sat down on a stool placed in the front, waiting with a few eyes on him. In walked both Aizawa and Nezu, the ladder wearing a bright but scary grin. “Hello Class 1-A! It’s a fine Thursday morning, right? Anyways as you notice Midoriya is joining you today. Child don’t glare at me butttt he will be joining you all day every Thursday.” Nezu said, seemingly excited as ever. Midoriya gave an awkward smile, his eyes showing how he craved death. “Have fun kids!” And just like that Nezu ran off. Midoriya sat on his stool as role was called, spinning around carefully. As homeroom ended Midnight strutted in and looked at the small bean in the stool and cooed. 

“Awweeee I see we got the cutest new student. I think your name was Midoriya rightttttt?” She walked over and started squishing his face. Bakugo sent a harsh glare at the teacher and barked out “Yea. His name is Midoriya, stop doing that to his face it’s child-” He was stopped by the small innocent smile forming on the other’s face. Midnight cooed at the child more before starting her lesson, occasionally calling out a random name for a question. As Midoriya was called he randomly pulled out a white board and wrote on that. Everyone stared in mock confusion as he scribbled his answer in the neatest kanji they had ever seen. “DAMN HE A FONT” Kaminari shouted, causing the class to break out in giggles. Midnight stared at the answer, it was quiet professional and very much correct.

As she walked out the door and shot finger guns to Ectoplasm he froze in the door. “Oh god it’s Nezu’s kid” He said as quietly as possible. Everyone stared confusedly at the duo while Midoriya swung himself around in the chair, effectively tipping it over. The kid silently sat face first on the floor for a moment before picking himself up. Bakugo quickly stood up and rushed a handkerchief to the boy’s nose, as the kid had gotten a nose bleed. “Geez, I swear the older you get the more accident prone you are.” complained the blond, trying to pick the boy up from the ground. Midoriya ended up waving him off and holding the tissue up to his nose, a slightly annoyed pout on his face. Ectoplasm stared for a few moments longer before starting his lesson, trying to stay away from the biohazard.


Todoroki had no idea what to think about their new classmate. He was obviously mute, or at least didn’t want to talk to class 1-A. Todoroki didn’t exactly blame the boy in the ladder’s case but everyone was pretty friendly. The kid was smart enough to earn Nezu’s interest and was at least interesting enough to keep Bakugo near him. It was odd, this small accident prone child that would randomly pop up anywhere was going to be a hero? Something about it seemed suspicious, but in a good way. Todoroki didn’t mind Midoriya’s sudden addition, but the boy was definitely odd. Was the kid actually on their side and going to become a hero, or was there something else the guy had planned? Whatever it was Todoroki would figure this kid out. After all, he had learned sign language to be able to communicate silently and discreetly.

Chapter Text

Nezu had been watching his boy all morning. Last night was odd, Midoriya almost always answers his phone immediately but he didn’t. Normally the kid wouldn’t let himself fall to the floor, but that happened and he got a bloody nose.  He didn’t even try to leave to go to the nurse, he just stayed at his stool and answered necessary questions. When lunch came Bakugo had prevented the kid from running off and the kid struggled a lot. It had certainly been a weird 12 hours or so, Midoriya being the weird part of the time. Nezu had so many unanswered questions, but he doubted he would get them. But as Nezu went over the tapes from this morning something peaked his curiosity. Midoriya had walked in with Shinso, the two of them walking side by side except when Midoriya tried hiding behind the taller boy. Nezu had expected them to be at least aquanticences but when Nezu looked at a different camera, they had exited the same car. Nezu’s thoughts spiralled as he tried thinking of reasons that they would have been together. As he went to grab a notepad from his desk, Midoriya had finally escaped his friend and his classmates.

The kid had gone back to his classroom and grabbed his bag, awkwardly roaming the halls until he went to the bathroom. He slipped inside and stayed there, the bell rang and the kid still hadn’t emerged. As he switched a camera to 1-A everyone was chatting happily in their free period. Nezu sighed, jumping off his chair and heading down the hallways. As he stood in front of the classroom door, knocking three times before entering and class went silent. “Hello students!” He chirped, smiling until he started looking around and his student still hadn’t returned. “Oh. Where is Midoriya?” He asked giving a head tilt. He noticed Bakugo paling and standing up from his chair. “What are the chances of him getting lost?” The blond asked heading to the door. “That’s a great question! I’m sure he will be fine though so there is no reason to go find hi-” Nezu was interuptted by a slamming door. In the frame of the door Midoriya stood, knees buckling and sweat running down his forehead. “Oh Midoriya! Are you ok?” Nezu asked with a grin. 

Behind him a smaller, innocent looking girl appeared. “I’m sure he’s fine!” She said with a smile. Nezu stared at her for a moment before dropping his grin. “Suki, what are you doing here? You never come here, usually it’s Rini.” He said walking up to the girl. “Yeaaaaa wellll I need Izu-Chan’s help.” She stated awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck. Midoriya offered a glare before collapsing on the ground. “Uhhh I don’t think it’s a good time.” The mouse offered going to his student. “Izu-Chan…?” She said slightly worried. As she kneeled next to him he shot up and onto his feet, only to topple back over. The girl brought a hand to his forehead and drew it back like it had burned her. “Geeeezzzz Izu-Chan. You should know when to take a break you’re burning up.” 

Midoriya shook his head and mumbled quietly “Mm good,mm good”, lightly pushing away the black haired girl. “Izu…. Come on, we gotta go to the nurse.” she said back. He replied with the softest little no ever, standing up for himself and walking to his stool. “Midoriya, how did you even get sick, you were fine last night.” Shinso said suddenly appearing. “Get sick easy” The boy mumbled out of breath, getting quieter by the second. Suddenly his eyes went dull and he stopped swinging around. “Let yourself be escorted to the nurse’s office.” The tired teen commanded, helping the boy off the stool and walking with him to the door. “Ah good application of your quirk Shinso! As expected of you.” Nezu complimented walking next to his student. “Now let us three be off to the Nurse! I’m sure Mic won’t mind you missing his class.” Nezu said with finality, leading the way out the door. 

Upon arriving to Recovery Girl’s office, she leapt off her chair and went to the boy. As she guided him to another room, consisting of two cots and a few chairs, he was released from the brainwashing. “Mmm okay Recove.” He mumbled again. She shook her head in denial and tried forcing him to rest in it. “No your not, now come on I need to see what is wrong with you.” The woman huffed. He tried pushing himself out of the bed, only to be held back by Suki. “Izu-Chan, stay still!” She commanded. He thrashed against her hold, only to have his arm cuffed to the bed. He glared at the silver material for a moment before trying to break out of it. “Now, let us leave this room for a moment and let Recovery Girl look him over.” Nezu said, scooting the teens out of the room.

“Shinso, may I ask why you know that Midoriya wasn’t sick earlier?” Nezu asked, sitting on a stool looking menacing. “I-Uh He was out last night and missed his train. My parents took him home with us.” He said, shrinking into his uniform collar. “Oh is that why his uniform is too big?” Nezu retorted. 

Recovery Girl came out of the room with a scowl. “Nezu.” She growled. The principal visibly flinched at the woman looking at her with slight fear. “Yes..?” He finally responded. “Can you explain to me how your student was stabbed and how it got infected ?” She asked, each word filled with anger. Nezu’s face went blank as he thought for a moment, before finally saying something. “He was stabbed?” Recovery Girl whacked him with her cane, “YES! Are you listening to me?” Nezu nodded at the question going back into his thoughts. A loud cacophony came from the next room, causing the two pro heros to charge in there. The cot was flipped over, Midoriya awkwardly hanging by it. “Did- Did you flip the bed trying to escape?” Nezu asked. The teen nodded sheepishly, a blush slightly layering his face. The two teens came up behind the pros and stared for a moment, seemingly dumbfounded. 

“And that is why you were handcuffed to it. I knew you were a flight risk. Now tell me how you were stabbed.” Recovery Girl huffed, going over to fix the bed. Midoriya shook his head, not meeting anybody’s eye. “Nezu, Shinso and Suki get out.” The women barked. Midoriya visibly paled as Nezu quietly led the teens out of the room, slightly scared of the nurse. Shinso gave one last look at the boy, his face was still red from the fever and shifted awkwardly under Recovery Girl’s gaze, looking guilty. The door was finally closed and Shinso came to his class just in time for the lesson to begin. He bit his nails and lower lip with some nervous energy as he worried about his new friend. He had shown no signs of being hurt or sick yesterday so how good was he at hiding injuries.

Chapter Text

The room was silent for a moment, but Midoriya wished it was longer. “So, tell me what happened.” Recovery Girl said, her arms crossed across her chest. The greenette turned to her then back to looking out the window. The woman huffed out a breath and waited, the room wrapped in silence again.

“Midoriya.” She stated firmly.

He didn’t budge or make a sound.

“Midoriya.” Recovery girl repeated, but it fell deaf on his ears.

The heroine watched as the boy flopped against the mattress, barely moving while breathing. Her own breath hitched and worry flooded her thoughts as she came over to inspect him. Upon going to reach a hand out to the boy, he curled up into a ball and started mumbling.

“I just wanted to be a hero. I’m sorry, I’m useless. I can’t be a hero at all, can I?”

The insults kept quietly coming out of his mouth, not ever stopping unless it was interrupted by a sob. Recovery Girl tried to unwrap the boy from himself, but it didn’t work. Eventually she noticed his nails digging into his arms and that was the final straw. She quickly walked out the small room’s door, accidentally bumping into Mirio.   

“Hi Recovery Girl! Sorry but it appears I have broken my arm again..” He chuckled. She shook her head and went to her desk, pulling out a sedative. “Stay here, Mirio.” the heroine hissed, walking back into Midoriya’s room. Upon looking at the bed there was no shaking child, and the handcuff sat limply off the bed.

The heroine sweared, going back out the door and looked at the blond student. She sighed and went over to inspect the broken arm. As she placed a kiss on the boy’s arm, it fixed itself instantly. “You can rest here but I have to find someone.” She huffed, running out of the room with her cane. She soon found the principal, pacing outside her office. “He escaped.” She stated, allowing Nezu to look up to her. “Where… Did he go? Do you know?” He asked, his ears tilted downwards.

A buzz filled the air between them, the sound originating from the mouse’s pocket.  The mammal pulled out the phone, answering it and bringing it to his head. “Nezu…. Im sorry, im sorry imsorry” The words went by so quickly that it was hard to pick up. The voice was panicked and raspy, it was too familiar to the mouse though. “Hey, hey take a deep breath for me. Where are you? Why did you run?” Nezu questioned, trying to distract the boy. 

“Our… Office” Was the reply, meek and filled with sobbing in the pause. Nezu kept talking on the phone, distracting the boy while he made the way to their office. Nezu slid the door open, looking at the shaking teen in the corner of the room, wrapped with a weighted blanket. The kid’s features still screamed at Nezu that the boy was still sick, but he decided to not bring the boy back to the nurse. Instead, he walked over to the boy, leaning his narrow muzzle onto the boy’s shoulder. 

“Hey, hey…” He cooed, moving a paw to run through the boy’s curls. “I’m sorry for throwing you into this. I shouldn’t have just shoved you into 1-A before checking if you were ok or not.” Nezu apologized, moving the blanket to be wrapped around both of them. The mouse hummed out a random tune, hoping it would distract his boy enough. Apparently it did, as the teen leaned onto his teacher, fast asleep. The boy’s face was red with fever blush, tear tracks running down his cheeks as well. 

Three knocks came from the wall, two quickly then one after two seconds passed. Nezu pressed a button on his sleeve, the wall opening up to reveal the nurse. She knelt down to the pair and placed a cooling pad on the boy’s face. “Did you get anything out of him?” the woman asked, taking a needle of medicine and slowly inserting it into the boy’s arm. “No, did you.” Nezu asked back, watching the process without squirming like most would. “When he first started freaking out, he mentioned that he had just wanted to be a hero. So I guess he tried to save somebody.” She stated, moving to the pad and turning down the temperature more. “Would it be a good idea to move him to the couch?” Nezu asked, his ears tilting downwards.

Recovery Girl nodded and the two looked between themselves. Silence was between the pair until Recovery Girl spoke out. “Neither of us can move him… Can we?” a slight chuckle came from the principal as he brought out his phone. “Mic knows about him… Message him?” Recovery Girl shook her head. “He doesn’t know about the secret office.” Silence wrapped up the pair again until a suggestion rang out. “Bakugo?” Nezu thought for a moment until he nodded. He left the secret room and went to his main desk, reaching over to the PA system.


Bakugo sat quietly at his desk, glaring a hole into the offending stool that Midoriya had fallen off of. When the purple fucker walked in he turn to glaring at the boy. “So, what makes you think you can be so close to Izuku?” He growled. Shinso raised an eyebrow and scoffed. “What right do you have to call him Izuku?” Present Mic stood awkwardly in the front of the room, not sure what to exactly do. “I have all the right, after all I’m his only friend.” Bakugo retorted, sparks flying from his hands. “Well, maybe it’s time for him to be friends with someone who isn’t an asshole.” was the quick response, causing a few to gasp.

Bakugo growled, the sparks flying off his hands grew bigger. “Is. That. So?” was the simple statement Bakugo muttered, all while angrily stomping to Shinso. Mic tried to move forward as the blonde lunged at the other, who merely sidestepped. The door slammed open, Eraserhead standing there with his hair floating. “Why are you idiots trying to fight?” The teacher sneered, Bakugo’s sparks long gone by now. Bakugo rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. “Baku hoe is just being an ass. He thinks I shouldn’t be friends with Midoriya I guess.” Was the tired teens response.

Before Bakugo could give a snappy retort, the pa system came online.

‘Will Bakugo Katsuki from Class 1-A come  to the Principal's Office please?’

Bakugo was immediately alert. When students were called it was usually announced as the main office. He quickly knew something might be wrong with his friend and quickly ran out of the room. His hands gave one final spark upon hearing some idiotic comment from the other teen, but Izuku was more important. As he ran to the office and found the wall open, which was never good in his opinion. 

“Ah Bakugo! Can you assist us with moving Midoriya to the couch? He doesn’t want to be in the infirmary it seems.” Nezu chirped. The blonde teen groaned, but quickly (and carefully) moved the fragile greenette to the couch. “So why do you smell like burnt sugar?” Nezu asked, taking a seat and running a comb through unruly green-black hair. “Eh? Oh yea that brain fucker was being a dick. I want to make sure he stays away from Deku”

“Oh. Well I personally requested the two to befriend each other.” Was the simple comment Nezu made. Bakugo held a silent anger before muttering a simple, venom coated ‘oh’. “Well thats weird. Midoriya seems to have some weird black dust in his hair. Maybe it’s charcoal powder.” Nezu stated, reaching over to grab some water filled spray bottle. “I’m going back to class.” Bakugo said, spinning on his heel and stomping out the door. Recovery Girl sighed, and pulled some gummies out of his coat pocket. “Have them eat these when he wakes up. I doubt you will get answers anytime soon.” And with that the small office only held two people, the secret door silently shutting.


But Nezu will get his answers, it will just take some coaxing.

Chapter Text

School had passed and Yamada walked the darkening streets. With his husband out of commision he had took a few later shifts then his normal ones. His trained eyes looked around, seeing a crawling red, blue and white colored figure into an alley. “Crawler?” Mic questioned, the figure whipping around. “Oh hi Mic! Sorry to hear about Eraser, how is he doing?” Koichi Haimawari, aka The Crawler asked. Mic shifted slightly awkwardly, he knew vigilantism was illegal but pro-heroes turned a blind eye to The Crawler, Pop☆Step and Knuckleduster. “He ... refuses to take a break from his other job but requires a break from heroics sooo he is healing.” Crawler nodded, standing up and resting against a wall. “Hey have you met the new-ish vigilante?” Mic asked suddenly, following the masked young adult.


“If you mean Rabbit yes, if you mean Pawn no.” He said, shifting around and pulling out a water bottle. “Yea, but we call him Bunny” Mic said, shrugging and ducking further in as to not be seen from the streets. “Pffft, that’s so childish. Makes them sound dorky.” Crawler chuckled, stretching a little. “Well I have met them. We fought a little and they helped with my injuries. Might I add that they are very good at patching people up? Because they is. Anyways, did you know their jacket used to be an All Might one? They actually gave me one that they hadn’t dyed and they were the limited edition ones from twoish years ago.” Crawler continued, his hand motions making no sense. 


“Wait, you keep referring to Bunny as a them. Did we get their gender wrong?” Mic asked, thinking to the police report saying that Bunny was male. “Eh..? Oh I don’t know, Pop has her suspicions of Rabbit being a girl. Knuckleduster says that their a male and I just kinda don’t care and call Rabbit a they.” The vigilante said, slipping the bottle back into his pocket. Mic nodded, before a thought came to his mind. “Give me all the info you have on them.” the blond said suddenly, resulting with a shrug. “I don’t know really anything other then the hoodie thing. I know of someone who might but Pop will have more info on her. Pretty sure Pop is west of here, so just head over there.” Crawler suggested, using his quirk to skirt away.


Mic quickly made his way westward, finding Pop☆Step quickly enough. “Pop!” he shouted without his quirk, the pink haired girl looking backwards. “Ah hi Mic!” She said, leaping up onto the rooftop Mic perched on. “Didcha need something?” She questioned with a smile, fiddling with her costume. “Yea, Crawler mentioned someone called ‘Pawn’ who could help get info on people, know her?” Pop☆Step straightened, looking at Mic warily.


“I know her but are you sure you are willing to use her? Before she does anything for you, she tests your trust.” Pop said, cracking her knuckles. Mic nodded, ready for anything. “Right she wears a mask so if the mouth on it is faced down she is already on a mission, so be wary. But you can find her in Dagobah Municipal Beach Park if she isn’t busy. She has a 15 minute hiring period there from 9 to 9:15, so her schedule is kinda strict.” Pop said, pointing a thumb to the beach. “You better get going fast if you want to catch her.” and with those final words Pop☆Step lept away.


 Present Mic ran to the beach, his lungs slightly burning from pushing himself. His hands numbingly fidgeting with his taser. He looked at the beach that was rumored to be covered in trash, but it was perfectly clean now. The pro looked at his watch, time reading 9:03 and he looked up to the docks. A girl with light to dark pink gradient hair stood there looking at him. Her mask held a smile and he nodded at her. 


“W̵e̶l̸l̵ ̴h̶e̶l̴l̵o̸ ̵H̴i̴z̴a̷s̴h̶i̸ ̸Y̴a̸m̸a̷d̴a̶” She spoke, her voice garbled and darkened. “You… know my name?” He questioned, his hand resting by his side now. “I̶n̵d̵e̵e̸d̴.̸ ̴Y̵o̷u̷ ̴w̷a̶n̶t̶ ̸m̷y̵ ̴i̶n̵f̴o̸r̸m̶a̶t̵i̸o̴n̶ ̴c̴o̵r̴r̶e̶c̸t̴?̴ ̴W̶e̷l̷l̴ ̷I̷ ̷h̷a̵v̶e̶ ̴a̴ ̶f̶e̴w̷ ̸r̵u̴l̷e̷s̸ ̶i̶f̵ ̶y̷o̷u̷ ̴w̶a̵n̸t̵ ̶t̸o̴ ̵h̴e̷a̴r̴ ̷t̴h̷e̶m̴” she continued, sitting down on the docks and tucking her flats underneath her legs. Mic gave a nod, standing closer to her and leaning on the rails.


“O̵n̴e̴:̷ ̶D̴o̵n̵'̸t̵ ̶s̵p̸e̶a̸k̷ ̶o̶f̷ ̵m̷e̶ ̶t̷o̷ ̴t̵h̵e̶ ̸p̶o̴l̶i̷c̵e̵,̵ ̸T̸w̴o̴:̵ ̴A̷c̶t̶ ̸a̶s̸ ̸i̸f̶ ̶I̷ ̴d̶o̶n̸'̶t̶ ̷e̴x̵i̷s̴t̸ ̷a̶t̴ ̵a̶l̸l̶,̸ ̷T̵h̵r̵e̵e̵:̵ ̸I̸n̶ ̵o̵r̷d̷e̵r̷ ̶t̸o̸ ̵s̸e̸e̷ ̵y̵o̵u̶ ̸a̷s̵ ̶t̷r̴u̶s̵t̵ ̵w̸o̷r̸t̵h̵y̵ ̷y̸o̷u̷ ̴w̶i̴l̴l̵ ̵h̵a̵v̵e̸ ̶t̶o̸ ̵m̸a̵k̷e̷ ̵a̶ ̴c̷o̴n̷t̶r̷a̴c̴t̶ ̴w̵h̵i̴c̶h̶ ̷c̷o̴u̴l̶d̸ ̵b̷e̸ ̷a̵n̸y̶t̸h̷i̵n̶g̵.̸ ̸F̸o̴u̷r̶:̶ ̷I̶ ̵r̸e̴f̴u̶s̵e̵ ̴t̵o̸ ̶k̷i̵l̵l̷ ̸a̶n̵d̸ ̵F̶i̶v̵e̶:̷ ̸A̴n̴y̴ ̷i̵n̷f̵o̸ ̵I̵ ̵k̸e̴e̵p̷ ̵f̶r̶o̴m̵ ̴y̵o̸u̶ ̴i̵s̷ ̷f̸o̴r̶ ̴g̵o̵o̴d̸ ̴r̸e̸a̴s̶o̷n̴,̶ ̸a̴s̵ ̵i̸f̷ ̶y̴o̸u̸ ̷h̵a̷v̷i̸n̴g̵ ̸i̷t̸ ̶m̴i̸g̵h̵t̸ ̷b̸e̵ ̷l̸e̵t̶h̶a̶l̴,̵ ̵o̵k̷a̸y̸?̶” She stopped looking for an answer from him. Mic stared at her before giving out a yes. “Don’t you have a contract we have to do?”  He asked, his hands moving around.


“O̵h̸ ̸y̵e̵a̷,̷ ̴w̶e̵l̸l̵ ̵f̵o̸r̷ ̷o̸u̴r̵ ̸c̴o̸n̴t̵r̷a̴c̶t̷ ̸y̵o̶u̸ ̷h̷a̷v̷e̴ ̸t̷o̷ ̷d̷o̴ ̸s̸o̵m̴e̶t̷h̴i̴n̵g̵ ̸f̸o̷r̶ ̶m̶e̶.̸ ̸I̵ ̴g̴u̵e̸s̶s̵ ̷l̸i̴k̶e̷ ̸b̴r̸i̴n̵g̸ ̴y̶o̵u̶r̴ ̶s̴o̷n̷ ̷h̶e̴r̷e̷.̸ ̶T̵o̴ ̸s̵h̵o̴w̸ ̷y̸o̷u̴ ̶t̴r̸u̴s̵t̸ ̸m̵e̴.̶” She said, chuckling. “I- You want to meet him?” Mic asked, shock on his face. She shook her head “L̶o̶l̶,̸ ̶n̵o̶.̸ ̵J̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶b̶r̴i̷n̶g̷ ̸h̶i̸m̴ ̸t̵o̵ ̴t̷h̵e̸ ̵b̴e̵a̶c̷h̷ ̴s̷o̸ ̴I̴ ̷c̶a̷n̷ ̷s̵e̸e̷ ̷h̴i̴m̸.̴ ̶I̷'̷m̴ ̷c̸u̵r̵i̴o̵u̴s̶ ̷a̷b̶o̴u̴t̵ ̷t̷h̴e̴ ̸c̷h̷i̶l̷d̴ ̸a̴n̴d̵ ̷s̸h̴i̶t̴.̵” Mic looked like he wanted to die, but he shook the face away. “When?” Mic questioned, before she just shrugged “1̷1̵p̶m̵,̶ ̷t̷h̸i̴s̷ ̷S̵a̴t̸u̴r̵d̵a̵y̸ ̴n̴i̴g̵h̸t̷” before she brought out a smoke bomb and let it off, fleeing from the scene.


Time precisely 9:15 


Yamada slipped off his speaker as he entered his home, calling out to his family. Shinso crept from the dark hallway, poking his head out “Sup pops.” He said, going over to the hero. The blonde gave the teen an affectionate kiss on the head, which the boy tried shaking off. “How is Sho resting?” he asked, untying his boots. “I made him actual dinner awhile ago and sent him to bed, so he should be sleeping well.” 


Yamada nodded, going to the kitchen to see a pot of miso soup simmering. He brought a spoon  and a bowl to it, pouring his own serving. As he quietly ate his meal his son spoke up. “You… might want to supervise the 1-A chat…”


Hawk’s Love Child: WAKE ME UP



Memedoriya: SAVE ME

Alibino Hedgehog: Zu please change our names back

Red Hedgehog: yea bro, its weird having so many hedgehogs

Blue Hedgehog: Why will nobody explain what mine even means??

Sweet Hedgehog: It’s funnier to see you suffer but like help

Ruler of Hedgehogs: ┬┴┬┴┤・д・)ノ

Shiny Hedgehog: Oui~ It’s quiet bland〜☆

MONKAY: What is wrong with my class

Elsa & Zuko Hybrid: Everything

Well That’s a Shocker: I don’t leik how mine is prober spelling

344 Decibels: Woahhhhh listeners what has happened?

Eraser Head’s Love Child: Lots of us are hedgehogs, other’s are hybrids or love childs, some are memes or weird sentences. Then some havent gotten a name

~Jiro has been renamed 172 decibels~ 

~Shoji had been renamed Edgeshot’s Love Child~

Alibino Hedgehog: Zu has a high fever and his phone so now he is just doing this stuff for shits and giggles.


Elsa & Zuko Hybrid: Basically chaos.

MOMo: I don’t know whats happening by this point

Am I a rat? A cat? A dog? A bear? What I am is traumatized: Neither do I, but Midoriya seems to not want to leave from under his bed. 

344 Decibels: O-kay? Ya know what I’m just gonna go…

Ass-id: Does anyone know how to hack? It might help us

Memedoriya: Yes where we droppin jimbo?

Kermit & Pepe Hybrid: Im leaving

Where Is That Tapping Coming From: *taps increasing*

344 Decibels: Who even is that

Ass-id: Hagukure 

~Memedoriya has reset all nicknames~

Bakugo: Thank you Nezu

Nezu: I have saved you for now.

Kaminari: Cryptic and I’m scared

This is what pawn looks like uwu

Chapter Text

Midoriya squirmed a little as Nezu pulled his phone from him, upset from being caught. He currently laid under his bed, peering at his teacher with dull green eyes. His face was flushed and his body felt achey, but other then that he was fine. “Midoriya, can you come out from under your bed?” the gray animal asked, maintaining eye contact. “No.” he pouted, crossing his arms slightly.


Nezu honestly didn’t know how exactly his student had crawled under this bed, but he did it. Nezu couldn’t reach him from any 3 sides of the bed so he only barely managed to get Midoriya’s phone. “Midoriya, if you come out I will let you…. Put flower crowns on all of the hero course students next week” The greenette thought for a moment, before lurching forward and meeting noses with Nezu. “Ok.” As Nezu backed up, Midoriya shimmed out from the bed, looking like an inchworm.


“Okay, what we doin tomorrrrroowwwwww” Midoriya droned, flipping over onto his back. “You are resting. I am going to make sure you rest.” Nezu replied, settling into an armchair nearby. Midoriya pouted, shakily getting up. “What bout school?” The kid asked, tilting his head and leaning over his nightstand. “Midoriya…. You have a fever of 39.11 degrees, if you went to school Chiyo would kill you.” The two existed in silence, Nezu staring at his student praying to every god he would rest.


The boy pouted and started traveling around the room and to the door. Nezu cautiously followed the boy, watching every irregularity in his steps. Midoriya’s footsteps were silent as he jumped onto the couch, curling up and reaching out for his drawing tablet. Nezu found himself grabbing a few blankets and placing them around the boy, much like a nest and then finding another chair and sitting in it with a blanket across his legs.


Nezu’s eyes flickered from the television to the small teen, watching both quietly. His paws thumbed the ends of the blanket as he looked back at the news.


“How did I meet shu again??  Ne zucchini?” the small boy asked, stylis off of his tablet and pointed at the gray furred creature. “Ah well….

-Two years back-


This mall was in chaos, shops burning, the glass ceiling shattering, walls crumbling and lights flickering while shattered. A few people laid dead by the villains’ feet, mercilessly slaughtered and cut to the ground. Nezu’s dark eyes flickered over the scene, blood staining his nostrils with a toxic metal scent. He mumbled directions into his receiver, watching a few heroes cautiously follow his directions.


He was never this close to a scene, usually father out and airborne but he guessed this was easier. Endeavor was currently a distraction, taunting the main villain and duelling with him, their fire out of control together. A smaller figure quietly made his way towards the mouse and the fights, a notebook clutched in his hand and his clothes slightly charred.


“Nezu-san….. The panels above the grouping are unstable. The electricity manipulating villain’s… uh.. The one with a bird mask…  quirk could be manipulated by metal. The water the sheep mask, is probably weak to the wolf’s quirk so you could direct that at them. After doing that if you collapsed the  ceiling it could knock them out or stun them long enough to capture them.” the kid said, interrupted by coughing a few time.


Nezu thought for a moment, but he relayed the knowledge to the heroes. They quickly worked out the plan, just in time for Endeavor to hit the ringleader hard enough to knock them out. The heroes quickly wrapped the villains, and Nezu watched as the boy tried to slip away. A few cheers rang out and the heroes gave Nezu the publicity, saying it was his plan. 


Nezu made out quickly enough, his eyes scanning for the boy again. He saw the boy giving a shy wave, leaning on the side of a building. “Have you had time to get medical care?” He asked quickly looking at the boy’s burned hands. “Oh um no….. But they are focused on others right now and mine aren’t that bad so…” The kid trailed off, going on some sort of tangent.


“Well I won’t bring you to the medic carts but how about you come with me? I must say it was quite  an impressive plan you had. I would like to chat with you more.” Nezu offered, sticking out a paw and showing off his toe beans. The little boy chirped and smiled, taking the hero’s  paw.


The two wandered down to UA, Midoriya getting quieter and starting to sign. Nezu didn’t seem to mind at all, which gave the teen a relaxed posture. The kid finger spelled out his name upon getting into UA, the pro hero noticing slight burns on the boys hands. As the two walked through the hall Nezu noticed more and more things off with the boy namely: eye bags, scars, dull eyes, comepletely unkempt hair and the likes. It bothered the gray furred creature as he opened the door to the infirmary, already having messaged Chiyo about the situation.


Midoriya tried to hide behind Nezu… but the difference of height didn’t allow that. So he took to awkwardly waving, before Chiyo walked over and kissed the back of his hand, all his injuries healing. She lead the boy to a bed, him easily resting it in. Nezu gave her his name, to which she looked up the medical info of.


Her face had morphed to horror, showing Nezu the report. It consisted of the fact the boy had gotten out of the hopisital a few days ago due to a suicide attempt, having multiple burns and broken bones over a period of time and  probably the most unsettling of all was this.


7 years ago to this day, he was admitted with burns, broken bones, cracked skull and a bunch of muscle bruising. His mind drifted backwards, a single thought plauging it.


7 years ago was when Flash Fire was attacked, killing him and his wife. Their son had barely survived, having severe damage done to him. He had dissapeared after being discharged, not going to his foster home.




Nezu mentally groaned, stepping out and calling Tsukauchi, the detecive quickly agreeing coming over. All Nezu had to do was keep the kid here, which was easy but they ran into a problem when the kid woke up.  The kid’s eyes seemed duller as he stood up, Nezu tossing over a spare training outfit. “Your other clothes are sort of ruined, wear those.” To which the boy insisted that they didn’t have to waste it on him and that he was fine.


The conversation lasted 45 minutes, Midoriya saying he didn’t need them and Nezu wanting him to take the fuckin thing already. Appearantly Ectoplasm had forgotten something, but entered the Nurse Office to see the commotion.


“Principal Nezu… Who is that?” He asked, staring at the kid with judging eyes. The boy twitched under the pro’s expression, wilting suddenly. Nezu didn’t know how to explain the situation so he did the most logical (illogial) thing.


“Oh yea, this is my new student now.” To which Ectoplasm looked scared at and the man backed away.


“That’ssss wack!” Midoriya shouted, throwing a pillow to nowhere in patuicullar. Nezu chuckled, standing up to make some tea. “Our lives are strange, but I am glad we crossed paths….. Midoriya”

Chapter Text

Nezu woke up, not ever realizing he had fallen asleep. As he looked around the apartment, he noticed a significant person missing. A line of curses left his mouth has he looked around frantically, finding no evidence of the boy there. A chill ran up his spin as the wind blew, flicking the curtains with it. His eyes widened at the sight, the window open from ten stories above was not good.  He rushed down the stairs, his shoes not even tied and fitting awkwardly around his foot. As he arrived to the lobby of the complex his gave a grunt to the employee nearby, who looked confused to see him rushing out. 


His feet turned, ten stores above him was the apartment Midoriya. Nothing was there, no smell of metallic blood attacking his nose…. In fact there was no smell of Midoriya at all. His paw flicked out his phone, looking for any trace of the boy.


Midoriya: Knock knock Kacchan

Bakugo: What tf, go to sleep

Midoriya: Knock Knock

Bakugo: Who’s there?

Midoriya: GImme your chili recipe

Kirishima: Bro, did you actually wake him up for a chili recipe

Bakugo: He has woken me up for worse

Aizawa: GO TO BED

Shinso: No

Kirishima: I have to study tho

Kaminari: SAMEE

Mina: o same hat

Sero: Study party at 11pm?

Iida: No! Do not go outside at this time, your parents would be worried and although I admire your efforts of studying sleep is very important!

Aizawa: What are you even studying for?

Mina: I'm not, im just making excuses

Aizawa: Go to bed, if I see you yawn once tomorrow I’m doubling training

Nezu: 👁️ ധ👁️ 

Mina: ohno that's cursed

Sero: Scary, i'm going to bed

Bakugo: Oh god did Deku teach you that?
Nezu: No but now that I have your attention, he has disappeared

Bakugo: what

Aizawa: oh no the problem child escaped

Present Mic: Need help finding him?

Nezu: Probably, I will recheck his apartment though. Can’t track him because he left his phone.

Bakugo: Need me to help find him? Also have you check with his bosses?

Nezu: No Bakugo-kun, go to bed. I will check with Suki and Rini

Shinso: Wack, why would he leave

Aizawa: He is a problem child

Bakugo: He is problematic

Aizawa: Was he always like this, Bakugo?

~Bakugo has signed off~

Aizawa: Right


Bunny slumped over silently on a rooftop, breathing heavily and feeling very hot despite the cool air. A part of him knew it was bad to be out when he was sick like this, but he had already stopped three muggings and one assault case! He breathed in quickly, his legs aching as he finally fell down to his knees, laying down and curling in on himself. His eyes were stinging from the contacts, legs aching (and maybe a wound reopened), cheeks stinging with fever and tear tracks and lastly his arms wanting to give out because of the stress on them. The sound of a police car arriving nearby silenced his breaths. Hearing the complaints of Detective Tsukauchi as he pulled up the muggers and placed them into the car.


Bunny pressed himself into the floor of the roof, wanting to not be noticed as a cat mutant police officer stepped out. The man sniffed the air, letting out a low ‘I smell blood’ and that made the vigilante panic. He took a deep breath and rolled onto his stomach, his injuries complaining as he shimmed on the rooftop, staying as low as possible. The uncomfortable feeling of blood slipping out of the gauze filled his leg and he started rushing. Upon reaching the edge he quickly got up and leapt from roof to roof, running as fast as he could as pain was replaced with drumming, energizing feeling.


He kept running across the rooftops, his legs guiding him to a more suburban neighborhood. He started to move more carefully, going across balconies and slipping softly off of roofs. He knew how annoying it was to have shingles messed up and pots randomly broken, so he was careful to avoid doing that.


The next porch he fell onto was a nice oak, in fact he gotten to admire it more by accidently latching his foot under it and falling down. His shoulder landed on a pot, breaking it with the momentum of his running. A loud crash insured, with him holding onto his shoulder and whimpering. He tried picking himself up but his foot was still trapped. A figure quickly leaped out onto the porch, holding a…. Mug? The person lazily sipped it, and Bunny noticed the knife in the male’s other hand. His heart rate doubled, the person stepping forward and taking another sip, looking at him.


“Hey there bud.” The person said, Bunny immediately recognizing the voice. The teen started to squirm, trying to unlatch his foot. “Hey, hey. Chill out I won’t hurt you.” Shinso said, flicking the knife into its case, quietly approaching and moving the pot from around Bunny’s shoulder. The boy carefully crouched down, moving the dirt from around the smaller shoulder and wincing at the part clay sticking out of Bunny’s shoulder.


“Hey are you ok?” He asked, Bunny automatically answering. “Yes, I’m sorry about your plant. Let me pay you back for the pot-” His mind went blank quickly, and he mentally swore. “Come inside and stay where I put you.” Shinso commanded, walking inside with the controlled boy behind him. Bunny was metally thrashing, trying to break out of Shinso’s control. The purple haired teen brought him to where the smaller recognized as his bedroom. “Sit on my bed and wait. I’m going to take care of your shoulder.” Shinso said, probably saying the last part so Bunny wasn’t confused.


 The vigilante sat himself on Shinso’s bed, the smell of coffee and lavender wafting through the air. His shoulders tensed as he started crying again, mentally cursing himself for thinking this was a good idea. As fate would have it though, Shinso walked back in with a first aid kit and saw the tears tumbling from his eyes. “Woah… Hey are you okay?” The taller asked, crouching near him and talking away his quirk. “I guess. It would be better for me to leave though. The reason I’m crying is…. Because my contacts are hurting me.” Bunny said, twitching a little.


“You can just take them off.” Shinso suggested, now sitting down next to the boy. “Before you do that though, take of your layers, I need to see the injury.” Shinso said, opening the clutch and pouring alcohol on a spare rag. Bunny sighed, but ultimately followed his direction and tugged off his shirt and hoodie. Shinso turned back and stared at him in shock. “W-wow that’s… a lot of scars…” The purple haired boy said, pulling the strap off of the other’s shoulder to reach the wound.


Bunny shifted moving his free arm to grab his contacts case from a secret part of his hoodie. He slipped them out of his eyes, not caring to wash his hands (he did however take off his gloves). Shinso’s hold on his shoulder was a bit rough but the greenette didn’t mention it all. “You know, your eyes are pretty.” Shinso commented, slightly closer to his face. “I- um.. Thanks.” Bunny stuttered, looking into the purple eyes inches away from his. The other teen reached over to ruffle his hair, but accidentally undid the tying of his mask. Bunny jumped away, knowing that most of his freckles were uncovered.  Shinso’s grip was still tight on his shoulder, causing the mask to fall completely off. 


“Midoriya...?” Shinso asked cautiously, looking at the black powder now on his hands. Midoriya lowed his face, trying his best to hide his tears. His fever was messing with his emotions, he was in pain, embarrassed for tipping under a carpet and getting his foot stuck and now his real identity was found out by someone. The tears plummeted anyways, creating dark spots on the light gray blanket he sat on. “H-hey. Don’t cry please.” Shinso said,moving closer and wrapping and arm around the greenette’s waist. A few hiccups left the smaller mouth, the taller  taking lightly shushing him and swaying them around. His head was on Shinso's collarbone as he quieted down, the taller moving there eyes to look.


Shinso’s hand trailed up Midoriya’s uninjured arm, eventually taking its place of cupping the other cheek. 


The tired teen leaned forwards slowly, closing his eyes and hoping for the best.


Two pairs of lips silently met, slightly chapped ones pushing onto the full and plump ones of Midoriya’s.


As Shinso’s body pulled back they made eye contact, Midoriya’s eyes shining with stars. The smaller lips were slightly agape, a small blush coving his cheeks as his eyes kept shining. Shinso leaned back in, Midoriya meeting him halfway as they joined in another kiss.

A door slamming open further in the house made them instantly stop, Midoriya face being turned fearful and Shinso mutters a ‘shit’.


Chapter Text

Nezu was panicking, five people were looking for one (1) smol sad scared boy, but couldn’t find him. Rini and Suki had joined this search, Rini looking dead on her feet as Suki ran like her life depended on it. “Does your kid know where Zu-Chan is?” The pastel blue haired girl asked dully, looking around at the night sky. Yamada stopped running for a second, looking at the girl. “I- MAYBE!” The blond yelled, getting the attention of a few passerbys. The blond started running down the street, Aizawa and Rini groaning at his energy this late. 


“Rini… Aren’t you usually high energy?” Aizawa asked, walking next to the girl. “That’s when it’s fuckin daytime and I’m running the cafe. Right now it's almost midnight, I’m tired as hell and want to bash my head in” she said, suppressing a yawn. “Suki however, is higher energy in the nighttime so she is just gonna be doing that.” Rini completed, vaguely motioning to the girl running down the street, seemingly competing with Yamada.


Nezu ducked into a few alleys, looking around in them then retreating back to the group. Every time he went into one, he was scared to find the boy slumped over and already dead burned and battered, unable to be saved a second time. He took a deep breath concentrating on finding his  student.




Midoriya breathed in a panicked breath, trying to figure out what the heck to do. “They were looking for you… I could send a message saying I found you and took you inside I guess. Here, throw this on.” Shinso said, getting up and throwing over a very oversized hoodie. The purple haired boy found his phone he had discarded upon hearing a crash, and sent a message to his pop’s phone. His brain mentally supplied that the phone was left in his parent’s room and gave a sigh of relief. 


Heavy footsteps approached his door, slightly covering the quiet question Midoriya asked “What about my shoes and gear?” which Shinso sweared at. “Shove them under my bed, I will try to get them back to you and keep them hidden.” was the reply, the smaller boy shoving them into the corner of the dark abyss. Midoriya started coughing, just as he stood back up and the door opening. “OH MY GOD” Yamada screamed in english, shocked by the appearance of the child.


“Hi pops, you got my message?” Shinso said dully, moving over to Midoriya to help him on the bed. “Your mess- oh no I forgot my phone when going to look for him. But I guess we have him.” to which Shinso merely nodded. “Sorry…” Midoriya muttered, slightly curling into Shinso’s coldish side. Yamada stiffened, looking at the pair and sighed. Midoriya mimicked the noise, tiredly taking his hands and signing ‘good night’ before flopping onto Shinso.


Yamada silently approached him, picking up his sleeping figure. “Message Nezu in private chat that we have him. I don’t expect this to happen again.. Got it?” he said, giving a half-hearted glare. Shinso was left in his room, stewing in his thoughts as he watched the tall figure of his dad on the lawn. He picked up his phone again, leaving the single message of ‘pops has mido’ and lying on his bed. His heart was still beating fast from the adrenaline, first from figuring out his new friend was an illegal vigilante, but also from the fact that he had had his first kiss with a really cute guy. 


He reached up and his fingers hovered over his lips, and his heart beated faster. He felt his face getting hotter, it slowly traveling down his body. He shivered, getting up and going to the kitchen. He looked around looking at the broken pot through the window. He prepared a kettle for tea, staring out at the moon, his view being blocked by a cheshire grin.


“H̸e̸l̵l̶o̴ ̵t̶h̷e̵r̵e̶,̷ ̶S̸h̴i̶n̵s̴o̴ ̷H̸i̴t̴o̷s̷h̴i̴” They said, leaning down from his roof. His hand found its way to his pocket, thumbing his switchblade.  “I̴ ̵a̷m̵ ̶n̵o̸ ̵t̸h̸r̷e̸a̶t̴ ̷t̵o̸ ̶ y̶o̷u̸ ,̶ ̷b̷u̶t̴ ̴I̶ ̷s̸e̷e̵ ̶y̶o̷u̷ ̵h̴a̴v̶e̷ ̸a̶n̴ ̶i̷n̸t̸e̴r̸e̸s̶t̴ ̸i̵n̵ ̷m̷y̴ ̵d̷e̷a̸r̸ ̵r̷a̵b̶b̶i̶t̸.̵ ̶J̸u̶s̸t̴ ̴b̸e̵ ̴w̶a̸r̶n̴e̴d̴,̷ ̸t̴e̵l̸l̴ ̸p̶e̴o̸p̵l̸e̷ ̶o̸f̷ ̶h̵i̶s̷ ̴i̵d̴e̵n̷t̵i̶t̷y̶ ̷a̵n̸d̵ ̶I̸ ̴ w̸i̶l̴l̶ ̷h̸a̵v̵e̴ ̵y̶o̷u̷r̷ ̴b̸l̷o̷o̶d̴ ̷o̵n̴ ̸m̴y̸ ̷h̵a̶n̵d̷s̴.̵~̶” They said, jumping away and running off into the night. 


 The kettle screamed and he stared at it, sighing and mumbling a “I have no idea any more” and decided to make a cup of coffee instead




Midoriya stirred in Yamada’s arms and he halted his steps. The blond looked down at the greenette, seeing the tears stream down the boy’s cheeks freaked him out. He saw Suki, Nezu and Aizawa standing together, the smallest figure perking up. Nezu trotted over, looking at the boy who started curling up slightly. “Oh dear, not another one…” Nezu said, brushing a paw over the boy’s forehead. “Where was he?” the mouse asked, looking over the boy’s figure.


“Shinso had found him I guess.” Yamada said, a pout spreading on his face. Aizawa grimaced, and went to take the child from his husband. When Aizawa grabbed the back of the boy, he jumped awake leaping onto the pavement. Rini soon appeared, rubbing the boy’s back and calming him down. “Are you ok Zu-Chan?” she asked, her voice delicate. He nodded, walking over to Nezu and sheepishly signing an apology. “It’s fine I suppose, no need to worry about it. Just…. Leave a note or something next time” Nezu requested, to which Midoriya nodded.


The pair waved off the others as they walked away, Rini and Yamada waving back. Midoriya followed Nezu back to the apartment, the teen going back to sleep quickly and curled up with a fluffy gray blanket. Nezu got up to make a cup of tea, but heard the boy fall off the couch. He quickly went over to look at the boy’s head. There was a small cut on his forehead as he dully looked at Nezu. He wasn’t crying or shaking, so there was no evidence of another nightmare. His face was still red from the fever, but held a little pink in it.


“Are you okay?” Nezu questioned, sitting the boy upright on the floor. “Y-yeP!” Midoriya responded, his voice cracking. The boy walked off going into his room and shutting it’s door.


Midoriya’s heart was beating through his chest. He dove under his blanket, wrapping it around him. He couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. ‘Why would anyone like me??? Why would he kiss me?? Why in the world did he help me??’ He thought over and over. He burrowed in his blanket and in the hoodie, smelling the light scent of the boy. A shiver ran down his body, feeling all hot again. His tongue drifted over his lips, going all nervous again.


His hands cupped around his cheeks, remembering how Shinso’s hand cupped his cheek. They flew off his face, wrapping around his waist. He breathed in, the faint feeling of Shinso’s arms around his waist and a hand cupping his cheek. His nerves kept bringing him back to that moment, and his arm shivered. As he left his cave of blankets he looked to his mirror, his face bright red. He looked at the freckles splaying across his face, making him look like a strawberry. A small ding rang from his phone and he scrambled to get it, a black case falling off his desk.


PurpleCalico: 💜


His breath shook as he looked at the heart, his legs going weak and his head spinning. His lips felt dry as he stared at the message. Clicking the notification and replying to it.



Chapter Text

As Midoriya lay in his bed, stewing in his illness he realized some important things. 1- He probably shouldn’t do any vigilante things while sick and under supervision. 2- He probably won’t get that equipment back and 3- He has no idea how to flirt.


The last one troubled him, as his throat still hurts when he had tried to talk to Shinso, but he someone had gotten romantic feelings for the boy in one moment. He knew Rini would be absolutely no help in this matter, for as outgoing as they were, they were also aromantic. Suki might work, but he didn’t know how to feel about asking her for help. His mind flittered through people for help, once landing on Bakugo but immediately rejecting that idea (Poor Shinso would be dead)


He didn’t know how long he laid there, awake, delirious and aching, but eventually Nezu came in with a cup of coldish water. It soothed his throat, and he tried to think of ways to soothe his muscles. “Nezuuuuuu, why do I feel so achy.” He groaned, curling up into the hoodie. He felt his face reddened slightly from it, but he ignored it in favor of the comfortable position. He didn’t know why he just refused to change out of it, but like it was comfy and oversized and with how cold he was feeling it made sense to just keep it on.


“That can happen when you get stabbed and overwork yourself, can you explain to me either how or why you got stabbed or why you went on a walk at midnight.” Nezu retorted, sitting Midoriya up and placing a cool rag on his neck.


“Midoriya…. When did you get all these scars on your back?” The creature asks, moving around his hoodie to look at them.


“No idea, as I can’t see them.” the boy replied sarcastically, making Nezu sigh.


“It would be a whole lot easier to take care of you if you gave people straight answers.” Nezu groaned, grabbing a brush to try and tame his unruly hair.


“Sorry, I can only give gay answers.” He mumbled back, tiredly dozing off. The brush in his hair stopped moving and he turned to see Nezu’s face in a look of shock and surprise. “P-Pardon Midoriya.” The mouse gritted his voice very angry and scary.


Now most people thought Nezu was at the scariest when he gave you a strained smile. One that conveyed you fucked up and he was getting revenge on you. But no, when Nezu had an actual look of angry on his face, not just in his body language it was terrifying. He looked like a predator ready to snap your neck for fun, and it made the teen recoil in fear.


Sadly the best solution Midoriya thought of to be safe was going to Bakugo, who happened to be at school in Nezu's turf. Anyhow, he ran away from the mouse and launched himself towards the train station. He knew Nezu had brought his car, but the train was slightly faster. He boarded the train car at the last moment, smoothly heading to UA.


When he got off it he ran to UA flying through the gates. Nezu had taught him how scale buildings (using UA as a training ground) but he had known from training for vigilantism. He frantically found footing and launched himself up, knocking on the 1-A window rapidly.


He had scared Bakugo enough to make the boy explode his pen, and when the boy looked over he looked confused. "What the fuck Deku" he said upon opening the window bringing the now shaking boy inside 'Nezu is s c a r y' the boy replied drawling out the sign for scary. The blonde snorted and took a hand to Midoriya's forehead


"Isn't Recovery Girl scarier? Because you look dead from your fever." Bakugo sneered, ruffling the shorter's hair. Midoriya looked at him blankly before replying 'not right now, I'm absolutely scared from him right now' motioning to his still shaking body. As he did that he started coughing and steadying himself against the wall.


It was loud enough to wake up Aizawa, the man's eyes glowing as he arose. Midoriya gave a shy wave, before going back to coughing. "Problem Child? You escaped again." Aizawa said, going over to crouch next to boy. 'yes. Nezu is scary right now.' he signed to the teacher, his hands and arms shaking.


Bakugo stared at him for a moment, before speaking out. "Why the fuck did you get another hoodie? You have like ten."  He asked, Midoriya about to respond but he was trapped with bright ribbons. His brain mentally supplied him that these were like the villain apprehenders on I-Island.


"Say Aizawa! Does anyone in your class need punishment today?" Nezu said, popping out of the ceiling with a scary and sadistic smile. Midoriya knew he was fucked.


"Take Shinso and whoever you see fit." The man replied tiredly, flopping over in his sleeping bag. Nezu motioned for the two to come along, Midoriya awkwardly following in his bindings until Shinso carefully picked him up.


"So! Shinso, I assume you have no problem with gay people, seeing as your parents are, correct?" Nezu asked while sitting in his office, his toe beans pushed together menacingly. The boy in question looked confused, but nodded slowly and warilyly. "Wonderful! Welcome to gay SexEd! This lesson is probably way overdue for you Midoriya!" Nezu chirped with sadistic glee. 


Shinso paled a recoiled, looking at the greenette who seemed confused. "Feel free to speak if you have any questions!" The mouse said already starting his presentation.


One and a half hours. Nezu's presentation took ninety minutes and by the end of it Shinso was mentally dead while Midoriya was bright red. "So Midoriya, care to explain your response from earlier?" Nezu asked. The greenette shifted awkwardly, knowing more things then he ever wanted to about his sexuality.


"I-uh n-no??" He said, stuttering and trying to bury himself in his hoodie. "Wrong answer!" Nezu said, smile getting wider. A few tears started falling from his eyes again, his anxiety and discomfort growing and becoming overwhelming. "Stop pressuring him." Shinso interrupted, his voice dark in tone as he reached over to rub circles on the smaller's back. Nezu had a look of shock on his face for a split second, before a small kind smile came on his face.


"I can see why you like young Shinso, he seems to take care of you, huh?" Nezu said, a small laugh escaping his mouth. "Sorry for scaring you so bad! I just like making sure my student is in good hands, with everything that has happened to him already." Nezu completed, comfortably slumping into his chair.  The mouse got up, bowing to the purple haired teen who was being curled into by Midoriya. 


" Thank you for finding him yesterday, he is the only human I have ever any sort of love for and I think of his as my own son. Please, be good to him when you become friends, and if you become partners." And with that Nezu left the room leaving the two alone together, Midoriya's bindings coming undone.


"I did not expect that." Shinso commented, wrapping an arm around Midoriya's shoulders. He felt the smaller tense up a little but dropped it and scooted closer. "A-are you excited a-bout the sports festival?" Midoriya asked, bringing his legs upwards after taking off his shoes.


"Don't force yourself to talk to me if you can't. I guess I'm indifferent about it now." Shinso replied, starting to lean his head into the other’s. "Are you participating in it, Floof?


“I have to do work, so I can’t” Midoriya replied, his voice quiet enough for only Shinso to hear. A small ‘oh’ left the other’s mouth.


“Are we allowed to leave…?” Shinso asked, seemingly full of questions right now. “You can if you want…” Midoriya mumbled, sinking into his hoodie. The two sat in silence for a bit, before Shinso moved Midoriya so their legs crossed.


“T-there is something else I want to do.” Shinso said, his face unreadable. “Ok, knock yourself out.” Midoriya replied, motioning to around Nezu’s office. He noticed the taller raised an eyebrow but quickly went back to a neutral expression. Midoriya felt the other’s eyes stare at him, making him get a bit flustered. He started numbly fiddling with his sleeves, pulling them over each other and out, cuffing and uncuffing them just to be distracted. As his hands took a break from moving his sleeves Shinso took the moment to slip his hand into it.


Midoriya stared at their hands for a solid minute, before looking up at the other teen. His movements flinched as lips met his own again. A tingly feeling came from his chest, realising what Shinso had wanted to do was kiss him again. Shinso started moving his lips against Midoriya’s, who started mimicking the movement. Shinso moved his hands from the other’s hand and idly sitting next to him to Midoriya’s low back.


However innocent the greenette knew exactly what the other was trying to do, so he moved them around to his neck. Shinso took that with stride, pulling the smaller forward. Midoriya put his hands in the other’s unruly hair, enjoying the softness of it. The purple haired teen lightly sucked Midoriya’s top lift, making the receiving boy shiver. Midoriya’s hands ventured out of the other’s hair, putting them on the other’s shoulders and separating them.


His arms were shaking and his face was bright red, he felt very warm at this moment. Shinso had a guilty expression as he moved his hands to move Midoriya’s face to look at him. “Was that too far?” the tired teen asked, concern lacing his voice.


‘It- it was perfect, b-but this isn’t the most private place and u-um, we a-are kids still.” Midoriya replied, removing his hands from the other’s shoulders. “P-plus I’m still kind of sick.” He mumbled, bringing his arms to hide his embarrassed face. He felt the couch cushions shift, and he moved his fingers to see Shinso leaning to his ear.


“Sorry for trying to grab your ass, I-zu-ku” He whispered, his voice seeming lower than normal. The greenette leaned backwards from shock, trying to escape as their legs were trapped together. This ended up with Midoriya laying on the couch with Shinso awkwardly on top of him and biting his shoulder on accident. Pain surged in the smaller boy as he whimpered, Shinso pushed his upper body up, effectively pinning the boy under him. They both stared at each other before starting to quietly laugh.


“Izuku Midoriya…. I hope I can earn your complete trust one day.” Shinso said, placing a kiss on the smaller’s forehead. Midoriya giggled, covering his small smile with his hand. “Get off me you doofus.” Midoriya giggled, squirming around. 

“Hmmmm No I think I’m fine her-” he was cut off by being shoved to the floor. “Go back to class Shinso, I’m going to sleep.” Midoriya groaned, getting up and grabbing a soft blanket from Nezu’s desk. Upon settling to lay down Shinso took the blanket and easily draped it over the boy. “Sleep well Floof.” he muttered, looking at the boy’s already sleeping figure. He took two of his own fingers and brought them to his lips, softly setting them on the smaller’s and walked out of the office.

Chapter Text

Midoriya dodged a right hook, pivoting his foot to turn around. As he shot his head up again it made impact against hard muscle. A grunt came from the person above him as he flipped them onto their back. Heavy breathing filled the air, turning into chuckles. “Wow Deku, you have gotten better” Bakugo grinned, wiping his brow.

“Yea…. Did you have to wake me up though?” the greenette asked, holding out his hand to pick the other up. Bakugo got up on his own, dusting the sand off of his shorts. “Also want to train at night tomorrow? To increase our abilities with seeing in the dark and honing in on our senses.?” the boy continued, taking a swig of coconut water.

“You would have gone into a nightmare sooner or later. Also sure, I’m guessing we stay at the beach?” The blond asked, jumping side to side slightly to keep himself on his toes. 


“Yea, beach works you mind if Suki and Rini watch? Welll the ladder might try and join us in sparring.” Midoriya asked, turning around to put away his drink. He jumped into a crouch, avoiding a kick. The boy spun around, sweeping the other off their feet. He placed a foot on the back of his friend’s neck, lightly tapping it. “Don’t do that.” He growled, stepping off the blond.


“Whatever. Rini can join, always good to have new opponents. “ Bakugo growled, picking himself up. The two of them stood in silence, looking at the waves crashing against the sand. The two slung their bags over their shoulders, walking down the beach. Gulls screamed somewhere, a crab burrowed into the sand as they approuched. They walked two thirds of a mile down the beach in complete silence, before Bakugo spoke again.


“Do you miss Auntie Inko and Uncle Sashi?” The blond asked suddenly, watching his friend freeze.


“Of course I do…” Midoriya mumbled, fiddling with his tank top. Bakugo stood in front of him, putting a hand onto the boy’s shoulder. “Deku, why do you train so hard. Why are all your emotions channeled into determination? Why do refuse emotional connections with anyone but me? I see the way you interact with those extras at the cafe, it’s different than with me.” The boy peestered, his grip getting tighter on the smaller’s shoulder.


Midoriya whimpered, looking down to the sand and the water that swept into their bare feet. “ Katsuki. Stop. ” He commanded, slightly shaking from the own impact his voice made. Bakugo sighed, taking a hand off of his childhood friend. “What do you truly want Izuku?” The blond asked, walking infront of the boy. “Why do you train so hard but refuse to be a hero? Just because someone  you admire said no? Or is it because of your own self doubt; thinking that you can’t stand next to people with quirks. Please…. Just.. tell me why you won’t join me.” Bakugo pleaded, his footsteps stopping in the sand.


Midoriya stayed silent, going to head up the stairs to his motorcycle. “Make sure you have a curfew of 1am Kacchan. See you tomorrow.” Was his final message, fitting his helmet on his head and riding off. Bakugo growled, swearing for not reciving his answers yet again.




“You want us to go to the beach at night?” Suki asked, quirking an eyebrow as she brushed a cat’s hair. Midoriya nodded, staring into the bright green eyes of the girl in front of him. His posture stiff and he tried to make himself seem like the girl had no choice. “Okay…. If Rini is going I will.” she shrugged, picking the cat up and letting them run off.


“Thank you Suki.” He bowed, his muscles aching from the tenseness of his shoulders. She shrugged pulling off her apron and folding it in her arms. “Do…. You want anything Zu-Chan? When was the last time you ate?” Suki asked calmly, trying to rid herself of her nerves. “Well it’s 7:48pm, so… 12ish hours?”  He replied, sheepishly rubbing his neck.


The girl  stared at him and gave a dissapointed sigh, silently walking into the kitchen. “You need to remember to eat Zu-chan.” She said, extracting a few ingredients for a sandwich for him and herself. “Bold of you to say that. I’m sure you work all day and don’t eat.” He joked, leaning on the counter. “Oh, what are these?” He asked looking at the clear container filled with cookies. “O-Oh you know how I make cookies based on heroes and vigilantes? These are based on Bunny. I saw the clip of him saving Bakugo from the slime monster and he saved me a week or two ago.”


Midoriya’s blood went cold for a moment, before he yelled out. “What?!? Why!?! Suki did you call the police!?!” He was panicked. He hadn’t recongized her if he had saved her, but he couldn’t gauge how the girl was impacted. “Oh, I was just getting something from the store and uh,,, got caught up in a robbery I guess. I’m fine though, I didn’t use my quirk either, so all is good.” She tried to convince him, waving her arms back and forth.


His mind went to the incident she spoke of, and knew she was lying. He remember the blue and white stripped hoodie she was wearing. He remembered the decent amount of blood on it’s sleeve, most likely leaving a small stain, His mouth went dry as he remembered the small amount of first aid he had given her on scene.


He looked at the sleeve of Suki’s shirt, a light chocolate color; like that of chocolate milk. He saw a flash of white banadages as she waved her hands and his head pounded. The people who had tried robbing the store had cut her wrist, not enough to die within minutes but enough to still bleed at a quick pace. His eyes followed her hand as she went back to making the food, it slightly shaking.


“H-here, I can do it.” He said, taking the butter knife from the girl. “How is your family by the way? Have they hurt you again?” He asked, not leaving room for rejection.


“Oh… No they haven’t hurt me physically since incident. But I guess their yelling is louder? I have been staying with Rini a bit more as of late, but I almost have enough to move out! And since I am turning eighteen soon, they won’t have custody of me!” She seemed happy by the end, grabbing out a thing of cherry lemonade. “Want some Zu-Chan?” She asked, already pouring it into a juice glass of cafe’s. He nodded, cutting up the two sandwiches and plating them.


“Hey, if you need you can stay with me. I do have a guest room and I wouldn’t mind the company.” He offered, wanting to get her out of her current household. “Ahh, no thank you Zu-Chan, I’m fine with Rini at the moment. But do you know if any apartments nearby are for sale? I’d like one near the cafe.” She asked, happily munching on her food. Midoriya nodded, going on a tangent about apartments near here and their benefits.




Midoriya blinked awake, back in his apartment now. He didn’t feel sick at all and Recovery Girl had cleared him enough so he was mostly healed, but something felt off. His eyes flickered at the time; 3:26 am.


Chills ran down his spine as he looked around the room, eyes settling on the flowing curtains. He hadn’t left his window open, and he felt his throat tightened. His hand comfortably slipped into the gun case, clicking it open and removing the contents. He settled on injection bullets, ones that knocked someone out. 


As he approached the window he froze, feeling a familiar feeling of dread as he looked out it. Nothing was there, but on his desk sat a note. He felt sick looking at it, the metallic smell flowing around the note.


‘Hello my lovely student,


Care to join my purge of the idiotic bugs they call heroes?


-Stain HK, or as you know me Stendhal.’

Chapter Text

Midoriya felt his room spinning, blood rushing to his head and pounding against his brain. He collapsed against his bed, hitting his head on the frame of it. He curled up into a ball, coughing and gagging. He picked himself up against his desk, taking the note and ripping it to shreds. His gagging didn’t stop and he started coughing up his own spit. Phantom pain started bleeding over his body, his wrists aching from chains.


He puked into his trash can, hugging himself and shaking. His mind and body kept betraying him, making his arms and torso ache from old injuries. His vision was red, blood seeping out of his arms. He choked on it again, struggling against his chains. Blood seemed to fill his lungs, having him hack up the metallic smelling liquid.


In the distance he heard something firing, a loud boom shaking his head. It hurt, it hurt so badly, making his blood feel like acid. His hand drifted down to his side, grabbing the pain and trying to take it away. He gave a final cough before slumping over against his bed, numbed out of the pain.




Three knocks on his door. They repeated in a nervous tone, waiting to be let in. “Come in” He croaked out, his voice raspy and wheezy. He heard the footsteps of someone in the house, walking to his room. As he looked around it was still spinning, and he brought his hand to his aching head. He stared at it for a second, the dry blood looking shiny on his skin. He looked up to his clock ,the time 11:42 am


“Deku… are you in- WHAT THE FUCK!?!” He heard a voice from his door, the sound of footsteps rushing to him. He tried to roll away, but only ended up under his desk. “Deku.... Get out from under there.” They groaned, crouching down slightly. The person was in a black t-shirt and jeans.


Midoriya whimpered, curling up on himself from under his desk. An arm reached out and grabbed his hand pulling him out from under the desk. The person moved him to onto his bed, looking at the discarded gun on the ground “Are you ok?” The person asked as his vision completely cleared. He looked up to the person’s face and sighed.


“Yea” he nervously said, trying to pick himself up. He after trying to take a step he fell, awkwardly hitting the metal chair at his desk. “Deku, please try having common sense” He  said, holding him by the waist to stop him from completely hitting the ground. As he started to squirm the person held onto him tighter, which ended up with both of them falling. 


“Why are you here”  Midoriya asked, sighing as he brushed off his clothes. “The old hag made katsudon.” Bakugo grumbled, motioning to the bag in his hand.


“Oh. Well I have some work to do and stuff so you can go Kacchan.” He said, stretching out his aching limp. Bakugo glared at him for a moment before stating “Stay safe and take your medicine” and walking out of the room. Midoriya lifted his shirt to see a small trail of blood going down his torso, leading to where an injection bullet still stayed. He stared at it, trying to remember what happened.


He tore it out, slapping a normal band aid onto it and when to his laptop. He looked through his bookmarked pages, grimacing at noticing a link to a document containing something he wrote along time ago. He opened it in a different time, taking to going to a flower website. The person owning it had a quirk that purely made fake flowers, which was fascinating to him.


He looked at the selection picking a few dark purple asters, purple carnations, blue delphiniums. He knew these were perfect for Nezu’s crown, and he planned to make it extravagant. He placed four gladiolus in the cart, a deep red in color.


A grin settled onto his face as he bought the flowers, preparing to have the best time of his life with this. Nearby he saw a few blush pink peonies to the side, his soft spot aching for them. He looked to the small shrine in the corner, covered in pink and red flowers, a heart shape  surrounding his parent’s photos. He remembered how, who was known as Stain, found him soon after his parents were killed right before him. Their blood was still on his face in that moment and the man seemed to pity him. Neither knew each other’s real name, but they still cared for each other.


They stopped talking when Midoriya became a vigilante of his own, no longer cleaning up Stendhal’s messes. A shiver ran through his body, causing him to stand up and rush to the shower. Nausea went away as the burning of the water took back his thoughts, making him concentrate on different things. He tiredly went around with his day, cleaning all the blood off of his vigilante gear and hiding it away, anonymously ordering some more cloth for undergarments to go with the suit, finishing an analysis for Nezu and other things normal for his life.


The entire day he felt off, like a pair of eyes boring into his soul. Something bored, something seeing what his does as monotone and boring.


As he went to grab a new glass of water his eyes landed on the bag left on the counter. His stomach twisted uncomfortably the longer he stared. His mother had always loved to make him katsudon after a bad day, whether Bakugo had ‘accidentally’ pushed him or he embarrassed himself in front of his whole class she was always there. He bit his tongue, shaking his head as he half-heartedly tossed it into the fridge. He grabbed out a few rice balls and a hoodie, munching on them as he looked around for what he needed.


His eyes drifted to his window as he saw a flash of black and white fleeing. He ran to his window but saw nobody around.

Chapter Text

Suki sighed happily, glad to be out of her house for awhile. She first had school and work, which she went to everyday, but her parents allowed her to be out longer to go to the beach. She never really liked it, other then the fact that she sometimes found cool shells she could paint. But it didn’t matter! As long as Bakugo was at least somewhat quiet then it could be written off as a successful trip.


She happily walked down to the beach, her flats slapping against the pavement. A small melody escaped her lips as she fumbled with her hoodie pocket. Her eyes drifted to a splotch of green and black, causing her to smile. “Zu-Chan!”  She shouted, waving over the boy shyly. 


“Ah, hey Suki! Did you pack a swimsuit or beach wear?” He asked, pulling on the sleeves of his hoodie


“Oh I just have shorts and an old t-shirt, I’ll be good. I brought snacks for you guys when you take a break from sparring.” She replied, taking a space next to him as they started walking.


 “Rini and Kacchan are gonna duke it out, aren’t they…” Midoriya sighed, his head hanging lower.


A small giggle escaped the older’s lips, “Yep! They really are. You know how feisty they are.” she lightly elbowed Midoriya in the arm.


The two friends kept walking down to the beach, feeling smiley and happy despite their anxious personalities. The walk seemed shorter with a friend by their side.


“YOU WANNA GO BLUEBIRD?!?” The heard the familiar voice of the blond yelling. The two exchanged tired looks as the saw then blond teen launched over the other’s shoulders. They suppressed a few giggles at the fact the boy got a mouth full of sand.


“Katsuki, Rini!” Suki shouted, running up to the pair as she kicked her flats off into her hands, shrugging off her other clothing. 


“So Kacchan! What do you want to do?” Midoriya asked, stretching his limbs as Suki sat on a nearby half wall.


He greenette charged forwards as the blond did, dodging a punch to the gut. He quickly jumped backwards, crouching down and shrinking into his hoodie. Bakugo did the same, his foot slightly askew. Midoriya took the opening as it came as his pinned the other boy’s torso to the ground.


The blond grinned as he got up, explosions igniting at his palms as Midoriya shook his head. “Mnnnnnn No quirks, I don’t need more scars.” He commented, a slight grin crossing his face, 


The blond paled, looking guiltily at Midoriya. The smaller teen took it as a chance to strike again, landing a flying kick against the other’s chest. Bakugo landed with an ‘oof’, looking up confusedly. 


“Don’t have your thoughts distract you Kacchan, mental battles can be the hardest but getting past them can be the most rewarding.” The greenette recommended, helping the other up with a hand.


And that’s how they continued their afternoon, Bakugo against Midoriya, never winning, Bakugo against Rini, sometimes winning. Midoriya teaching Suki a few fighting strategies and the works. One round of Midoriya and Rini, ending in a tie


They all tiredly collapsed on the sand, waves brushing against the curly hair of Midoriya and Rini. The group let out small laughs as Suki got up to fetch her bag, filled with food and a few drinks. They looked over the setting sun as they ate, the cafe workers all leaning onto one another. The time clicked to 10:30 pm, hearing the shouts of way to familar voices.


Midoriya’s face changed to a bored scowl, already done seeing the Yamada-Aizawa family this week. Aizawa lead them onto the beach, instantly noticing the group off to the side.

“Bakugo, Midoriya. You shouldn’t be at the beach without adult superbision this late.” The man scowled, glaring at the teens.


“Suki is a year off of being an adult! And Rini is whatever fuckin age over her.” Bakugo swore, chugging down a water bottle.


“True, I’m an adult. Alas you small children shall never know my age!” Rini said cockly, causing Midoriya to snap up instantly


“24” He said, looking the blue haired person directly in the tri-colored eyes.


“Do I want to know why you know that?” Rini asked, slightly concerned to which Midoriya shook his head.


The blond and purple haired boy finally making it down the steps, looking at the group at Aizawa was now in.


“Eh, why is the purple fucker with you Sensei?” Bakugo asked, having a glare down with Shinso.


“Don’t call my son that. If you mention this at school I will expel you.” Aizawa replied, giving a tired glare


They stayed silent for a moment, before Midoriya stretched up and removed his hoodie, throwing it near Suki’s bag. He stretched out his muscles, approaching the water and wading out into it. Shinso couldn’t help but stare at the muscular back, removing the unnessasary items and following the boy out into the waves.


 The pair treaded water near each other, Midoriya looking up to the stars. “Those are pretty, huh?” Shinso asked, swimming closer to the greenette. Midoriya slowly nodded, nervously moving his hand into the other’s free one. They hid it under the water, the smaller too embarrassed to anything more.


“Am I going to fast for you?” Shinso asked quietly, squeezing the other’s hand. Midoriya looked at him for a moment, before lacing their legs together which pulled both of them down into the water. Midoriya kept his eyes closed, peppering kissing on the other’s face. He let the other’s body go, drifting away from him and going up to the surface.


“D-does,,,, D-does that-t ans-wer y-your question?” He stuttered out as Shinso came to his level, a stunned expression on his face. It glowed a warm red, Shinso lacing their fingers together again. “I think it did Mido, I think it did.


Yamada happily walked down to the shore, looking at his son and what he guessed was his boyfriend. He felt something hit his foot, and he looked down. A black and white painted chest piece floated there, a pawn .


Chapter Text

 “I’m just going to continue relaxing at the beach for a bit, y’all can leave me behind!” Yamada said, happily sitting in the sand.


“Fine, be careful. Remember you have patrol and a meeting tomorrow.” Aizawa groaned, pulling along his love stricken son. Rini, Suki, Midoriya and Bakugo had left about thirty minutes earlier so now they decided it was boring to stay here as a family.


Yamada nervously made his way to the dock, a black and white figure appearing out of nowhere. “P-Pawn!” He stuttered, jumping back.”


“A̸h̶,̴ ̵H̷e̶l̵l̶o̴ ̷Y̶a̷m̷a̶d̷a̵.̴ ̴Y̶o̴u̷r̷ ̸s̷o̷n̵ ̷s̴e̸e̸m̶e̷d̶ ̸t̵o̴ ̸h̴a̵v̷e̴ ̷a̵ ̵l̵o̵v̷e̷l̵y̵ ̷t̸i̸m̶e̸ ̶t̷h̷e̷r̷e̴.̸ ̶S̵a̶y̵ ̸w̶h̶o̷ ̸w̸a̸s̷ ̶t̸h̷e̴ ̴o̶t̸h̸e̶r̶ ̵b̷o̸y̶ ̴h̵m̵m̷?̴ ̵I̵z̶u̴k̸u̵ ̴I̷ ̴h̸e̶a̷r̴?̷” She replied, twiddling with a bit of her hair. It seemed more of a lighter purple, not the deep magenta like before, as if it was done quicker and in a panic.


“Yes, that was Midoriya….” He replied, looking over at the waves.


“R̸i̴g̸h̷t̷,̷ ̸w̶e̴l̵l̶ ̶w̶h̷o̷ ̷d̶o̷ ̵y̶o̸u̴ ̴w̵a̸n̴t̶ ̵i̵n̶f̸o̷ ̵o̵f̴?̸” She asked quickly, taking to sitting on the ledge.


“The vigilante, Bunny.” quick and to the point, not needing to waste more time. He noticed how the girl’s movements went tense, the small holes in her mask looking around quickly and in a panic.

̴“̸A̶-̴a̷h̵.̷ ̵W̶e̷l̴l̵ ̸I̸ ̴s̵u̷p̸p̵o̵s̴e̷ ̷I̵ ̶c̶a̶n̵ ̴g̴i̸v̶e̵ ̴y̷o̷u̸ ̵t̴h̶e̷ ̴u̶h̴.̶.̷ ̶S̷a̴f̴e̴ ̴i̸n̶f̴o̵r̶m̵a̵t̶i̵o̴n̴.̶ ̸H̴e̶ ̶w̸a̸s̷ ̶t̵r̵a̴i̸n̷e̷d̴ ̷b̶y̴ ̷S̶t̴e̷n̷d̸h̴a̸l̴,̴ ̵n̵o̸w̸ ̶k̴n̷o̵w̸n̶ ̶a̶s̷ ̴S̵t̶a̶i̵n̶:̸ ̵T̶h̷e̸ ̶H̷e̴r̴o̸ ̴K̶i̸l̶l̷e̴r̸.̶ ̸H̷i̵s̴ ̵a̷t̶t̷a̸c̸k̶s̶ ̵u̵s̸u̵a̵l̴l̴y̷ ̸d̵o̸n̶ '̴t̸ ̶h̵a̵v̵e̵ ̸a̸ ̵l̴o̷t̸ ̵o̷f̶ ̴b̵l̷o̷o̶d̷ ̴o̶n̵ ̵t̷h̵e̸ ̵b̶a̷d̴d̵i̸e̴s̴ ̴b̵u̶t̶ ̶h̸e̷ ̶h̴a̴s̷ ̶a̵ ̷' ̶f̶e̸w̶ '̸ ̷i̵n̸j̷u̷r̴i̷e̷s̷ ̴h̵i̶m̵s̶e̵l̸f̷” She said, putting her hands up in quotations when saying few. “H̴e̸ ̷h̶a̶s̷ ̸m̵a̶d̴e̸ ̶h̸i̴s̴ ̸o̵w̵n̴ ̵e̵q̶u̷i̵p̸m̸e̴n̵t̷ ̷a̸n̴d̷ ̶f̴i̵x̷e̴s̸ ̵i̶t̷ ̴h̵i̴m̶s̷e̸l̸f̵.̵ ̴E̴q̴u̶i̷p̷m̷e̴n̶t̷ ̶i̶s̴:̸ ̶k̵n̸i̵f̴e̴,̷ ̶e̶l̶e̸c̸t̴r̶i̶c̷ ̷b̶a̵t̵o̶n̴,̵ ̷t̸a̴s̸e̸r̷,̵ ̶a̶ ̸h̴e̸l̴l̸ ̵l̵o̷t̶ ̵o̴f̶ ̴z̸i̸p̸-̸t̷i̷e̵s̴ ̷o̴r̷ ̶q̸u̸i̷r̷k̸ ̶s̷u̵p̶p̸e̸r̶e̸s̴i̸n̶g̸ ̴c̵u̸f̷f̸s̶,̴ ̸a̷ ̵j̷a̶r̶ ̶o̷f̷ ̸b̵l̴a̵c̵k̸ ̶p̶o̷w̷d̶e̵r̶,̶ ̵p̶r̴o̷b̸a̵b̷l̶y̵ ̶c̴h̷a̴r̴c̶o̷a̴l̷ ̴p̴o̷w̶d̵e̶r̵,̴ ̸v̴o̷i̸c̵e̴ ̵c̸h̷a̷n̷g̶e̷r̸ ̴a̸n̸d̵ ̴a̸ ̵m̷e̵d̸i̷c̴a̸l̴ ̴k̵i̷t̵,̷ ̸t̶h̶e̷y̷ ̶a̴r̶e̷ ̴a̷l̷w̶a̷y̶s̵ ̶c̴a̶r̸r̴i̸e̴d̵ ̶a̵r̴o̵u̷n̵d̴.̵ ̴H̵i̴s̷ ̵c̶l̵o̶t̸h̴i̴n̸g̷ ̶h̸a̵s̴ ̷h̵i̶s̵ ̸h̴o̴o̸d̸i̸e̷ ̶h̶e̵ ̷s̸o̴m̵e̶h̶o̷w̸ ̷m̸a̵d̶e̶ ̵f̵l̶a̶m̷e̴ ̶p̸r̷o̵o̷f̵,̶ ̸t̴h̵o̶u̷g̸h̵ ̸h̴e̶ ̵c̸a̶n̴ ̸p̶r̵o̸b̶a̶b̸l̶y̶ ̸s̴t̵i̵l̵l̵ ̵f̷e̴e̷l̷ ̵t̴h̸e̵ ̴h̴e̴a̶t̶,̴ ̶u̵n̴d̸e̴r̴ ̶a̶r̴m̷o̸u̸r̸ ̴w̸i̷t̷h̸ ̷a̴l̵l̷ ̷t̶h̴e̵ ̶s̶t̷a̵b̶i̸l̴i̵z̶e̸r̷s̷,̷ ̷g̸r̶e̸e̵n̷ ̸h̵u̸n̷t̵i̸n̷g̶ ̴b̴o̴o̶t̸s̷ ̸w̵i̵t̷h̵ ̸e̷x̸t̵r̷a̷ ̶t̴h̴i̶c̸k̵ ̶s̴o̴l̵e̴s̸,̷ ̴h̴i̷s̸ ̴m̷a̷s̸k̴ ̸a̴n̶d̶ ̶c̵o̴n̶t̷a̵c̴t̶s̴.̴ ̷T̵h̴e̵ ̴g̶l̵o̷v̷e̷s̴ ̵h̴e̶ ̶w̸e̷a̵r̶s̸ ̵n̴u̵l̷l̶i̶f̸y̸ ̵h̷e̶a̸t̴,̵ ̶f̸r̸o̶s̶t̴ ̵a̵n̷d̵ ̴e̸l̸e̷c̸t̵r̵i̴c̵ ̶c̴u̴r̷r̴e̴n̵t̴s̴.̷”


“Right, anything to help capture him?” Yamada asked, studying the girls body movement.


“I̶-̶.̵.̵.̴.̶.̶ ̷G̵e̴t̷ ̴h̵i̵m̶ ̸w̸h̴e̷n̶ ̶h̸e̴ ̶i̵s̵ ̸i̵n̷j̴u̴r̷e̸d̴ ̶I̷ ̸s̷u̶p̴p̴o̴s̸e̶.̶ ̶B̶u̶t̶ ̵b̴e̶ ̷w̶a̴r̶n̴e̴d̴,̶ ̴h̵e̸ ̴d̵o̷e̴s̸ ̶m̸o̵r̶e̴ ̵g̵o̴o̷d̵ ̷t̸h̶a̸n̶ ̴y̸o̶u̵ ̸t̶h̵i̶n̴k̵.̴”̶ She said, fiddling with her hands. “ ̶H̶e̷ ̷k̴n̵o̷w̴s̵ ̷h̸o̵w̸ ̷y̵o̸u̴ ̵h̴e̵r̵o̷e̸s̶ ̴w̶o̴r̶k̷ ̶a̷n̷d̷ ̴h̸o̵w̸ ̶t̷o̷ ̸n̵u̴l̶l̴i̶f̶y̷ ̷y̷o̶u̴r̵ ̵q̸u̷i̴r̵k̸s̸,̷ ̶I̵ ̵d̵o̵n̶ '̷t̶ ̵k̵n̵o̴w̴ ̵i̵f̷ ̴h̵e̴ ̴w̸o̶u̴l̶d̸ ̸r̷e̴s̷u̸l̴t̵ ̶t̷o̴ ̴t̵h̸e̴ ̷m̷a̴n̸n̷e̸r̵ ̴o̶f̷ ̶p̷u̶t̶t̸i̸n̵g̴ ̷y̶o̷u̸ ̵o̵u̷t̴ ̵o̴f̴ ̵c̸o̴m̴m̷i̶s̵s̵i̷o̶n̴ ̴f̶o̶r̵e̶v̷e̷r̸,̵ ̵b̷u̸t̶ ̶h̵e̵ ̸m̶i̷g̸h̶t̵.̷ ̵B̷e̸ ̷c̵a̴r̷e̵f̸u̴l̵ ̶w̷i̷t̶h̸ ̸t̴h̷a̷t̷ ̸o̶n̶e̵,̸ ̷h̸e̵ ̸m̸a̷y̶ ̴s̴e̸e̷m̸ ̵a̶s̷ ̵n̶i̸c̶e̶ ̷a̶s̶ ̵a̶ ̵r̵a̴b̷b̵i̸t̸ ̵b̴u̷t̷ ̶i̸s̵ ̴a̵s̴ ̵s̷l̴y̸ ̸a̵ ̸s̴n̴a̴k̶e̵.̶” She flipped backwards into the water, disappearing into it.


“As you know the sports festival is today.” Aizawa announced scanning the classroom on this tiring Tuesday morning. “I expect you not to make a fool of Class 1-A, remember plus ultra. Any questions?” He asked, scanning the room for a hand. One shot up.




“Is Nezu’s student uhm.. Midoriya participating?” He asked, his hand lowering shyly into his lap.


“Deku is busy today.” Bakugo growled, glaring at his friend. Aizawa nodded at Bakugo, his answer being correct.


Class 1-A made their way down to the coliseum, some nervous but some excited. As their class name were called by Midnight the went into the bright arena, Nezu standing next to Midnight. On his head sat an extravagant flower crown. It was filled with cool colors, purples and blues. Like dark rubies there sat flowers, everyone looking confused at it. Nezu just announced it like normal, until Midnight brought it up.


“Ah, I seemed to have lost a bet.” He replied, a warning smile given to her.’’ A few people in the audience chuckled, confused on the fact that Nezu, the smartest creature for miles, had lost a bet.


The mouse-bear waddled off the stage, stopping by Bakugo on the stairs.


“Make him proud Bakugo, he may not be here but he will be able to watch it later. Did he give you advice?” Nezu asked to which the blond nodded.


“And here we have the year representative, Number One in the entrance exam- Bakugo Katsuki!” Midnight announced, moving away from the mic to let the blond make his speech.


“I’m gonna beat all you extras and prove that I will be number one! Someone to save the people who will need it. My quirk may be destructive and slightly villainous. ” He spit the word out with anger “ But I will use it to beat the villains!” He shouted into the mic, surprisingly not swearing (Midoriya totally didn’t mention how much Nezu had to pay per swear word said, nope not at all)

With that final message and Bakugo jumping off the stage, the festival began. A big wheel emerged from the ground, the R rated hero giving it a whirl.


‘Obstacle Course’ was the chosen challenge, a few students pumped for this. The classes all lined up at the starting area, and as soon as the gun was shot the floor under them turned to ice. The half hot-half cold powerhouse of 1-A, Todoroki, had taken the lead. Their classmate Mineta quickly found out how to avoid the ice, and took to jumping on his balls to get over the ice.


Mid-jump he was smacked away by a robot and was tied up so he didn’t go off course.


The students started to tear away at the robots, Todoroki freezing them in an unsteady position.


“AWEEEE YEAAAAA Look at that good sportsmanship of Shinso Hitoshi!!!” Yamada exclaimed, spinning around in his chair.


“Shut up Present Mic.” Aizawa growled, mad he was dragged into this.


“Righttt!! So in the lead at the valley of robots is Todoroki Shoto! Close behind him is Bakugo Kat- OH MY GOD!” Yamada shouted, watching as one pointers toppled onto two students.


A few seconds past, students looking at each other and the robots nervously. A few moments later a hardened red head sprung up. 


“I’M ALIVE” Kirishima exclaimed, soon followed by a similar shout. The two turned to each other, one rock and one steel, they instantly bonded.


“Ah so the ones crushed were Kirishima from Class 1-A and Testutesu from Class 1-B!” Present Mic sighed, glad there were no injuries.


“The people in front are onto the next obstacle, pit of death and despair.” Aizawa commented, pointing toward it.


“No! That’s adulthood! The next area is The Fall! If you fall you go into some water and can’t get back in the race!” He shouted again, excited as he watched a business student fall to his doom.


Todoroki simply made an ice bridge over it, using his heat to melt it as he went (this caused Mic to muffledly sing let it go as Aizawa tied him up) and Bakugo to just propel himself over it. When Shinso arrived to it he noticed a support student with a freaking jet pack, which he took the opportunity to control her. She flew them over The Fall and the minefield, no pro-heroes noticing. Bakugo just made it to the field, hovering over it with his explosions setting off other ones.


“Ah Todoroki and Bakugo are fighting for fir- “Hatsume Mei of the support course has gotten first place, Shinso Hitoshi of the hero course has gotten second.” Aizawa interrupted him, looking at the buzzer saying someone had passed the finish line.



“Wait… YOU THERE” Hatsume shouted, pointing to a retreating Shinso


“What…?” He drawled out, nervous for her reaction.


“T-that was cool! If you had a support item to change your voice you could trick people! Let’s team up if needed!” She shouted, no idea what personal space was.


Shinso just nodded and his gaze met the person in 4th place, Bakugo. Sparks were flying off of his hands as he stopped over to Shinso. The tired boy kept his expression up, looking as if he didn’t care about the blond.


‘What the fuck.’ the blond signed, a growl in his breath.


Shinso shrugged, going walking to their classes tunnel. “Fight me!” Bakugo shouted, lunging at the purple haired teen. Shinso just ducked, sending a glare at Bakugo. 


“Sorry, I don’t fight possessive assholes.” He retorted, footsteps silent as he left. Bakugo gripped his hands tight, his nails digging into his palms. The blond came back near him and their classmates


“Onto the next event! The cavalry battle! Teams of two to four will have their ‘rider’ wearing headbands that symbol their amount of points. Complitionists 2-42 will get points going down from 10,000. But 1st place will have 1,000,000 points!”


Shinso purposely moved next to Bakugo, whispering next to him “Damn, I’d love Midoriya to be a rider for me.” Bakugo’s face paled, a glare striking it. “What….” Bakugo growled out, explosions drifting from his palms.


“Oh nothing~.” The purple haired kid sung monotonically, starting to walk into the middle of the field.


Hatsume quickly bounced over to Shinso, bouncing next to him. “Let’s team up! They are sure to see my babies if the 1st and second place team up!” She chirped getting closer to him with each word.


“First off, back away from me. Second, sure who should be the other people?” Shinso retorted, stepping back as their noses almost touch”


“Pick whoever you like!” She pulled out a screwdriver and started fumbling with a machine. 


“What do your machines do?” He asked, looking at them.


“Ah! Well I have hover boots, the jet pack which you already saw… my goggles and a few handheld things in my belt here!” She cheered, jumping around happily.


“Hey Shinso!” Uraraka yelled, going up to him. “Wanna team up? Your hand to hand is really good! Especially with your scarf-thingy!” She chirped.


“Yea, you would work with Hastume’s ‘babies’.”


“E-eh?” Uraraka questioned, tilting her head.


“Call me Mei!” The pink-head girl shouted, jumping around the two.


“We should get somebody long range for an even team!” Uraraka suggested, tapping Shinso’s arm.


“Right….” He said looking around. Nobody knew his quirk outside of a few in the hero course, and with Hatsume on their team they would be sought after. So he needed to pick somebody with quick decision making skills and could keep cool under pressure but wh- oh.


Tokoyami started to approach them, quickly asking if they needed a fourth person. Uraraka and Hastume both nodded, Hastume quickly asking him about his quirk.


“I am cursed with a demon of the night, he can come out of my body and attack. The darkness originates from my soul and doesn’t like the light, so Bakugo could be an issue here. My demon’s name is Dark Shadow” Tokoyami said, Dark Shadow popping out of his clothes.


“That’s a stupid name.” Shinso commented, the shadow demon nodding his head.


“I- I was five, okay…” Tokoyami retorted, his beak looking like a pout.


“Rename me Umbra!” Dark Shadow shouted, hands (wings?) flying above his head.


“Ah yes, latin the cursed language!” Hastume commented, running to the bird. She started scratching it’s head and cooing at it, the shadow bird enjoying the affection.




“Aweeeeeeeeeeeee Right!!!! The calvary battle is starting, teams have 15 minutes!” Present Mic shouted, looking down at the teams.


(To lazy to do an action thing announcing the teams soooo) 

Team Shinso: Shinso, Uraraka, Hastume and Tokoyami

Team Bakugo: Bakugo, Kirishima, Sero and Ashido

Team Mineta: Mineta, Asui,and Shoji

Team Todoroki: Todoroki, Iida, Momo and Kaminari

Team Tetsutetsu: Tetsutetsu, Honenuki, Awase,and Shiozaki

Team Momona: Momona, Tsuburaba, Kaibara and Kuroiro


Multiple teams immediately shot towards Shinso’s team, which caused Uraraka and Hastume to team up and cause them to fly.


“Hey Dark Shadow!?!” Shinso shouted, adrenaline rushing to him “Call me Umbra!” The creature shouted, it’s head poking out of Tokoyami’s shirt collar.


“Can you hold us all?” He asked, trying to test a theory.The creatures eyes went a dull yellow and it shot out to hold all of them in the air.

Their group went completely silent before bursting out laughing.


“Well it seems like Team Shinso is stuck in the air…. BUT DOWN BELOW TEAM TODOROKI AND  TEAM BAKUGO HAVE SEEMED TO GOT IN A BATTLE!!” Mic shouted out, stifling his own laughter.


“Indeed. I wonder if anyone can get that team though.” Aizawa commented, making eye contact with his son.


Shinso pulled out his phone, a hero one that his parents had given him and took a picture of the announcement booth, sending it to the family group chat.


Aizawa leaned into the mic, sending earrape throughtout the stadium “get off your phone”


They started cackling again, Shinso commanding dark shadow to go higher after vines shot past them.


“Come down here and fight me damnit!” Bakugo shouted, sending explosions towards them. Other teams scattered around trying to collect points, most giving up on getting 1st place.


“No thanks, still don’t fight possessive assholes!” Shinso shouted back, feeling his quirk click into place.


“Excu-” Bakugo started, being interrupted by the quirk taking over. 


“FUCK OFF!!!” The purple haired teen shouted, Bakugo shooting off of his teammates powered by explosions.


“TIME IS UPPPP” Mic shouted, slumping down in his chair.


Bakugo was released from the mind control, flopping onto the ground. Uraraka drifted them down and Shinso took his quirk off completely.


“In First Place is Team Shinso, Second is Team Bakugo, Third is Team Todoroki and Forth is Team Monoma. We are taking an hour break for lunch and so students can rest. The pavilion is fill with stalls and stuff, have fun I guess.”


And with that final speech from Aizawa the classes were released. 


“Let us chat. Right Shinso?” Bakugo said, a hand rested on his shoulder.


Midoriya raced to Hosu, his motorbike weaving through cars. This morning he saw a bloodied knife stuck into a photo of Ingenium. Stabbing right through his neck.


He couldn’t let someone lose their inspiration like him. He had to stop Stain, no matter what it took.

Chapter Text

“What the ever loving fuck do you think you are up too?’ Bakugo asked, his arms folded at his chest.


“Eh? What are you talking about Bakugo?” Shinso asked, casually leaning against the wall.


“Why the hell are you talking to Deku?! Didn’t Nezu say not to fucking bother him!” The blond shouted, eyes glaring and scrunched.


“On the contrary, Nezu assigned me to be his friend. If you remember last week I wasn’t there a day because I was forced to hang out with him.” Shinso shrugged, hiding a smirk in his capture gear.


Bakugo stood there silent for a moment, his hand shaking slightly. “You don’t know what he has been through. You know absolutely nothing about him.” The blond growled.


“Then I guess I’ll learn.” Shinso shrugged.


“Damn it, you can’t just bring trauma up randomly! It would take long and you won't care! So jus t stay the fuck away from the nerd so you don’t push his damn state off the edge!” Bakugo shouted, taking a defensive position.


“Bakubro! There you are! Come on bro let’s go to lunch!!” Kirishima said, popping around the corner. Todoroki had perched himself against the wall, having heard everything Bakugo and Shinso had said.


“Shinso.” Todoroki nodded, walking to the purple haired teen. “You okay?” He asked quietly.


“Bakugo just gets on my nerves. He thinks that I can’t talk to someone that I like because of the fact that they are best friends. It’s stupid.” Shinso huffed, going to his friend.


“What is Midoriya like anyways?” The red-white haired teen asked, walking along side of Shinso while to go to the food stalls.


“The best way to describe him is like a rabbit. Nervous and twitchy, pays attention to his surroundings well. He can be strong willed at time and even though he is selectively mute he still tries his hardest to be polite.” Shinso started, trying not to go on a tangent of why he likes the boy.


“I’m guessing he knows sign?” Todoroki asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Yep, he uses it the most except when he can talk, Bakugo seems to know it too.” Shinso mumbled, slightly jealous.


“Oh, can you introduce us?” Todoroki asked suddenly, Shinso halting in his steps.


“Why….?” The purple haired teen drawled out, giving a suspicious look at the half and half.


Todoroki shrugged, continuing to walk down the hallways till they found an entrance to the outside world.


“Do you know of quirk marriages Shinso?”


Bakugo huffed as he separated himself from the ‘bakusquad’. He needed to find Nezu and see if he had been able to contact Midoriya at all. The ash blond knew his friend was busy but something felt… off. Bakugo shoved open the door to a lounge and found a few of the teachers there. He sped past them to the rat-bear-dog thing and flopped himself on the couch. 


“Bakugo-Kun, you aren’t sup-” Ectoplasm began, Nezu holding up a paw for him to stop.


“What do you need Bakugo, it isn’t like you to shove things aside to find me.” Nezu asked, taking his cigerette out of his mouth.


“First: Didn’t the damn nerd say to stop smoking those things? Second: Have you had any contact with him today? I can’t get through at all.” Bakugo asked, putting out the tobacco in an ashtray.


“I suppose Midoriya did, sorry about that. But no I haven’t gotten messages back from him sense before the festival. He could just be sleeping for once in his life. I suggest that you go get lunch now Bakugo, you will need energy for the one v one matches.” Nezu suggested, standing up off the couch.


Bakugo nodded and left the lounge, taking out his phone and trying to call Midoriya. The call was denied instantly, so he could only hope everything was ok.


“Wellllcommmmmeeeee Backkkkk Everybody! We have put down a board for all the match ups down below! Do your best!!!”  Present Mic announced, looking down at the 16 contestants.


1st: Shinso verses Monoma

2nd: Tsuburaba verses Kaminari

3rd:Tokoyami verses Bakugo

4th: Uraraka verses Kaibara

5th: Iida verses Hatsume

6th: Ashido verses Kuroiro

7th: Momo verses Sero

8th:Todoroki verses Kirishima

“First match: Shinso Hitoshi of class 1-A and Monoma Neito of class 1-B. 3...2...1 begin.” Aizawa groaned out from the stand.


Shinso circled around Monoma carefully, not being allowed his capture gear was a pain. Monoma tried to lunge at him, which he quickly sidestepped and sent a foot onto the other’s back.


 “Aren’t you the asshole who hates my class?” Shinso asked, going down to touch the other’s arm.


“Well of course you class 1-A students think you are so much-” The annoying blond started, but froze up when Shinso tapped his arm. 


“Walk out of bounds.” Shinso commanded, unpinning the boy to get him up. The blonde entered a trance like state and quickly walked out of bounds, Midnight calling the match.


The purple haired teen released the blond, who blinked a few times before looking back at him.


There was silent staring as the two made eye contact, Shinso feeling uncomfortable. The blond went forward to Shinso, patting his shoulder.


“I respect you Shinso, good job using your quirk and disgusing it.” Monoma complimented, going to his side of the field and leaving.  The tired teen shrugged and walked off towards his own class, ready for the next round.


As he went to open the door to class 1-A’s box a voice called out to him.


“Shinso! Have you heard from Midoriya at all? Nobody can get in contact with him!” Nezu shouted, running to him. 


“I can’t say that I have heard from him really. Sorry Nezu.” Shinso said sheepishly, Nezu’s tail flickering wildly. 


“The next round iss up!!! Tsuburaba Kosei of Class 1-B verses Kaminari Denki of Class 1-A” Present Mic announced, excited as always.


“I will tell you if he messages me back… Oh wait I don’t have his phone number, can you give it to me Nezu?” Shinso asked, hoping that this would work.


“A-ah of course here! Let me implement it into your phone.” Nezu replied, paws outstretched. The principal quickly typed in Midoriya’s number before running off to do who knows what. A smirk arrived on Shinso’s face as he hurried off to the bathroom, a plan in mind.


 The occasional dinging of his phone was pestering Midoriya, and he finally gave in when he was 20 miles from Hosu and needed to charge up his bike. He sat at the charge port and answered a few frantic messages from Nezu and Bakugo, saying that he was fine just busy. A notification from an unknown number popped up, and he clicked it.


Midoriya, it’s me Shinso. Are you okay?

Oh hey, yea I’m good just traveling.

 Is there something you need?

Yea, can you tell me if you like the picture I took?

Sure, why not.


 Midoriya felt his face go red and hot as the picture loaded. Shinso for some reason had the idea of sending a picture of his shirt lifted up, revealing abs and the tips a v-line.


Yep… It looks like a comfy thing to lay on

Smooth. Perhaps you shall after the sports festival

Well that is if your pomeranian doesn’t kill me

Pomeranian? OH Kacchan!

Wait why would he kill you

He keeps getting mad about the fact I keep mentioning you

By the way, are we official? If so may I take you out sometime?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  but you can go ahead anyways

Will do after internships, love ya <3

Right, bye Shinso <3


Midoriya sighed happily as he clicked out of the chat, tapping his foot against the pavement. He went inside the station to order a coffee and some sort of food, not knowing what was inside. There was a small group of people in the back, but he recognized the costumes- Team Idaten.


He went to the shelving and started to prepare a high caffeinated coffee. He went over to the food section and picked up some udon.


“Midoriya?” Ingenium asked, placing a hand on his shoulder. The boy flinched and the hero removed it. Midoriya gave him a shy wave as he moved to the kiosk to play for his items.


“What are you doing out here? Isn’t the sports festival today?” Ingenium asked, earning a shrug. “Are you feeling oka-” The man asked, going to place a hand against the smaller’s forehead. Midoriya flinched away, grabbing his items and running off.


He squeezed his eyes shut as he downed his coffee, getting on his bike and disconnecting it. “Hey! Midoriya wai-” the team’s leader called after him as he sped off. Midoriya kept heading to Hosu, his heart racing from the encounter. It was good that Iida was with his team but the man would probably separate from them.


He pulled into Hosu and went into a few alleys, people getting sparse. He pulled out a tarp and hid his bike in the trash bags. He flipped his hoodie inside out and slipped the hood on. His mask was tied around his eyes and he slipped his contacts in. He rummaged under the tarp to stuff his pockets with weapons. He confidently looked up at the white cloudy sky and tightened the grip around his hands. His nails dug into his palms as he steadied his mind, flipping out a pocket knife.


He was ready for a fight, it not mattering if he got hurt in the process.


Pawn flicked down her mask, trailing Bunny around. Her purple, blue and pink eyes watched him as he stuck to the shadows. Suki was excitedly messaging her about the sports festival, a light buzzing in her short’s pockets. She would intervene if needed, but the kid also had a gun so…. Maybe he won’t need help.


She trailed him on the roof tops as he slipped through alleyways, leaning into the edges to hide. The kid looked around cautiously before taking a few steps back, then sprinted forwards. He landed a flying kick against Stain’s arm, effectively disarming him. Pawn jumped over so she was just above the fight, pulling out her untraceable phone.


“Damn it Stain, you doing this is a fucking mistake” Bunny swore, kicking up the katana into his own hands. 


“Bunny~ What a pleasant surprise! Are you finally going to join me in the destruction of the roaches called heroes? ” Stain taunted, unsheathing a knife.


“I won’t let him die. I won’t let anyone die. He is a good hero! He helps people in need and gives inspiration! So fuck off!!” Bunny yelled, stabbing the villain in the arm.


Ingenium groaned, looking up to Bunny’s back. “N-no… run away, Bunny you are a child, you still have a life ahead of you. Please..” He pleaded, gripping around his stomach wound. Pawn slowly lowered herself, sneaking as to not be noticed, and made her way to the hero.


“How do I remove the plating?” She asked, voice changer off so she could be quieter.


“Who are you?” The hero asked, numbly removing the panels near the wound.


“Doesn’t matter, the police and ambulances should be here soon but traffic is sort of iffy right now. Give them 15 minutes tops.” She responded, digging out some antiseptic. “I have to put this on right now as we are in a dirty alley, put this into your mouth.” She instructed, putting a cloth in front of his mouth.


The hero bit down as instructed and she applied it, a knife whizzing by her face, thankfully missing Ingenium. The knife cracked her mask, blood running through it.


“Why won’t you let these fakes die?” Stain growled, throwing Bunny against the wall.


“B-because..” The voice changer had broken so the vigilante tried his best to mimic it. “They give hope. While not everyone can be saved it gives them hope that they will be. Ingenium gives hope. Not all heroes are good b-but… there are better ones to go after. One's abusive to their families, those who use their fame for power, but he isn’t one.” Bunny stammered out, grabbing his electric baton and aiming it at Stain’s stomach.


The villain jumped back and their battle field was quiet for a moment. Before the silence was replaced with sirens and flashing lights. Bunny looked over to Ingenium, and he finally noticed Pawn. The girl went up to him as Stain retreated, and swooped up his legs and back, carrying him in a bridal style. She jumped up a fire escape and ran the two of them off. Her blood dripped onto the smaller’s face



“Iida wins!” Present Mic shouted, finishing the 5th round. The student being exasperated, and slightly angry.


Shinso felt a bubbly feeling in his chest as he looked at the messages again, a smile crossing his face. He was happy Iida had won the round, but the 30 minute ad was something he didn’t expect.

Chapter Text

Ashido stretched onstage, a cheeky grin plastered on her face. Her hands fiddled with her uniform, pulling the long sleeves and pants.


Kurorio stood on the other side, staring her down and pulling back his silver hair. 


“And begin!” Midnight said, a crack of her whip. Ashido quickly coated herself in acid, making it so Kurorio couldn’t touch her even with his quirk.


Ashido started to close in on the boy, bringing acid with her. The silver haired boy slipped out as she closed in on him, landing a kick on her back and causing her to tumble out. She coughed, trying to stand up, overuse getting to her. A stretcher came forwards and got her, taking her out of the arena.


Sero congratulated her as she passed in the hallways, her giving a droopy grin and wave. Sero walked up the steps, a bright smile on his face. Momo had taken off her outer jacket and wore a tank top, falling into a fighting position.


“Both from hero class 1-A ITS MOMO AND SERO!! she asked me to refer to her as that by the way!” Present Mic yelled, spinning around in his chair.


They both charged forwards, Momo creating a large staff that Sero’s tape wound around. The boy was pulled forward, where Momo intercepted him with a kick to the stomach. He tried the same tactic, Momo ducking and twacking him with the pole. Sero fell to the hard ground, unconcious.


Midnight waved her whip around after ten seconds, signaling that Sero was down for the count. 


“So you are the one who has been stalking me?” Bunny asked as he put some bruise cream on his shoulder, wincing from where it hit the wall.


“Sure, you can call it that kid.” Pawn replied, standing watch at the edge of the ally. 


“Don’t call me kid, the name is Bunny.” He growled, glaring at the vigilante near him.


“Nah, too generic . How about… oh what was it? Zu-Chan?” The person turned around, the wide grin on the mask glowing.


Bunny stood up quickly. Taking his hand out of the hoodie and placing a knife into it. He pointed it at the fig haired girl.


She put her hands up in a playful fashion. “Woah, woah woahhhh no need to get violent~ After all, I wonder what would happen to dear Suki.” A phone buzzed from the pocket of her checkered shorts.


Pawn pulled out the phone, taking her other hand to her mask, a click coming from it.


“Heya Suki!” A familiar voice chirped, the mask falling into Pawn’s free hand. Bunny felt his hand get tense, looking at the tri-colored eyes of his boss.


“Yea I’m still out. Oh! I ran into Zu-Chan, say hi Zuku.” Rini instructed, a evil grin on their face as they looked at Bunny.


“H-Hi Suki.” He greeted, hearing one back from the tired sounding girl. Rini finished their conversation, before turning back to Bunny.


Bunny looked at them for a moment, letting out a sigh. “You are a complete asshole Rini, also how do you get your hair like that?” He huffed, rolling his shoulder.


“Temporary hair dye and straightener my dear! I’m going to change too, can I get a ride by the way?” They asked with a smile, looking innocent again. 


“Yea yea, okay. I'm guessing you’re able to take that stuff out easily?” Bunny guessed, slipping the hoodie off of his head.


“Yea, here let me help you too.” They smiled, particles of her quirk dispersing into the air, carrying color particals out of both their hair. They regained the familiar greens and blue, sending the two in the alley coughing. 


“What just- happened?” Midoriya questioned, his shoulders having a few spots of black powder.


“I used my quirk with some water molecules, basically dry washing out our hair!” Rini smiled, starting to unbutton the shirt.


“WOAH, wait till I turn around! Also go further in you idiot.” Midoriya chastised, covering his eyes. “Just because we both have dicks doesn’t mean I want to see your chest.”


“Hah I suppose so. I thought you wouldn’t care because of Shinso~ .” Rini teased, causing Midoriya to go red. 


“I-I uhmm.. What?” He asked, covering himself with an extra shirt he brought, a hunter green polo.


“Ohohohoh you know what i'm talking about!” The blue haired person smirked. “You totally like that purpled haired hottie!” She said, making a squeezing motion with her hands.


Midoriya felt his face reddening, so he quickly put his clothes on and got out his bike. “H-hurry up or i'm leaving” He stuttered, putting a helmet over his blushing face. 


“Oiiii please don’ttt” Rini drawled out,rolling out thigh high socks onto their legs.  They quickly stood up and slid into the flats, also catching the helmet Midoriya had chucked at them.

“I was hoping to knock you out.” He muttered, revving up the cycle before heading off. They cruised down the streets, passing by a few flashing emergency vehicles.  The pair weaved by, spotting a distraught Enigma at the edges of the scene. 


Midoriya’s fingers tightened around the handles, his movements more stiff as he stopped to let the ambulance go by. He felt a slight pat on his shoulder, Rini whispering something lost to the wind. They drove a few miles off, stopping by a convenience store. 


The greenette set up his bike to charge, before stretching and following Rini inside. They seperated, Midoriya silently looking over types of food. 


“Zu!! I found pan-can!” Rini chirped from a few isles down. Midoriya’s head tilted at the familar sounding name, but he couldn’t quiet place it. He walked over the the blue haired adult and looked at the items in their hands, three cans with different fruit flavors laid there.


“I feel like I have heard of it somewhere.” He signed, nerves getting the better of him as he looked around.


“Yep. You can useally find them in vending machicnes! They are pretty good for picnics.” Rini smiled as Midoriya stared at the bright packaging.

“Look Izuku! Strawberry bread!’ Inko smiled at her son, the boy excitedly jumping up and down at the thought of a picnic. His dad picked him up and placed him on the counter, ruffling his son’s hair. 


“We have plenty of time before we celebrate Izuku! But dont you have something to tell  me?” Hisashi smiled, a dimple appearing on the left side of his face.


“But Papa!!!!! Its your birthday!!! And it been awhile since we were together!” Izuku pouted, crossing his arms

While swinging his legs.


“Yes dearie, but good things come to those who wait!” Inko smiled, pressing a cheek onto both her boy’s cheeks. “Now, how about you both get ready?” She suggested.


“Mama! Is that the dress you’re wearing?” Izuku asked while being lowered down by his father. The curly haired boy examined the sunflowers scattered on her dress, then looked up to the pretty braid in her hair. “You’re the queen of sunflowers!” He smiled brightly.


“Indeed she is, how about the prince of sunshine makes her a crown at the park?” Hisashi smiled, pulling his own long hair into a ponytail, the shaved sides being revealed.

“Yea… they seem good for picnics…” Midoriya mumbled under his breath as he clenched a can in his hand.


“Hmm what was that Zu?” Rini asked as they looked over their shoulder, placing some tiny canned sausages in the basket.


“Nothing” Midoriya signed, frowning as he placed the bread into Rini’s basket. They gave a confused smiled and went down the aisles, while Midoriya went off to find a jelly packet or two.




“Bitch” Bakugo stated as the door slid open, not even looking at it. 


“Bakugo! You shouldn’t say that to people! Exspically if you dont know who it is!” Iida repremanded, swiping his hands up and down.


Bakugo started up a retort, but was stopped by a can flying at the side of his face. Kirishima’s mouth dropped open, and the redhaired teen hovered his hands around Bakugo’s face.


“IZUKU FUCKING MIDORIYAAAA!!!” Bakugo roared, his quirk firing off against hardened skin and now burnt cloth.


The greenette in question stook out his tounge, leaning against the doorway. He took it back in, and took his hands out of his hoodie. 


“I’m guessing you’ve won your rounds so far?” Midoriya asked while slouching into the burnt seat next the the blonde. 


“Fuck yea I did, we are on to the second bracket now.” He sneered, picking up the can that was trown at him.


“Canned bread? What the fuck Deku?” Bakugo asked, looking at the pink labeling. 

“If you won’t eat it give it back then” Midoriya shrugged, reaching for the can. Bakugo opened it up, taking off the surrounding paper and stuffing the bread in his mouth.


Mdoriya snorted, tapping Bakugo’s shoulder for his attention. “ What are you a child?”


Bakugo scoffed, trying to talk around the bread. He growled through the bread, his fingers forming the needed words. “ At least I had a childhood, unlike you bitch”


Todoroki gave an unelegnt snort from the back, Midoriya turning so fast his neck cracked. Todoroki raised an eyebrow, subtly signing “Same green boy, same


A surprise smile came onto his face as he looked up at Todoroki, Shinso sitting near the boy. He jumped over the seats, slinging himself to the seat inbetween them. Shinso gave a welcoming smile, taking the armrest and folding it up into the chair.


Midoriya scooted into Shinso while still facing Todoroki, starting a silent conversation with the duel colored boy. Shinso saw Bakugo glaring at Midoriya for switching seats, but the greenette ignored him. Shinso subtly wrapped Midoriya’s stomach with his arm, the freckled boy leaned into the touch subconcously while still having a conversation with Todoroki.

Chapter Text

Shigiraki hid a smirk behind his father’s hand, looking at the familiar colored hair in front of him. The privacy mask lowered slightly, taking down a deep sip of whiskey.


“So, have you dealt with the little pest that eats our vegetables?” He asked, speaking in code so as to not raise the suspicion of the few daytime customers in the bar.


“Mmm, not yet. I might use a small hunting dog for it. Those tend to work well, but occasionally they turn into pests themselves.” The curved lips replied,their hand absentmindly swirling the ice in the glass around.


“Right, what's the dog’s name?” 


“Alvah. She has been useful so far.” The figure responded.


“Alvah? Why I thought she was one of the ones that failed the class.” Shigaraki muttered, unamused.


“She did, but that doesnt mean she doesn't have strength. Her bite is strong.”


“Right.” Shigiraki nodded, slowly picking up a glass of water. “Have you found the cat? His sharp claws might help.”


“I did but the cat is busy it seems. It’s traveled to Hosu, and has been staying there for 3 more incidents.  We might have to bring him in to tame him, but maybe our little pest could be an added deal. The pest was trained by him after all.”


Shigiraki scratched at his neck, ready to hear more. The person in front of him smiled. Getting up from the seat.


“Sorry little cousin, but I have to get going. The little bush needs more trimming~” The figure teased as they pushed in the chair, silently placing the glass in front of Kurogiri.


“What if you cut it too much?” Shigiraki asked, staring into his shot glass. 


“Not that big of a deal, it was already partially dead when I found it anyways.” They moved their hand in a goodbye, exiting the bar.

Midoriya sat nervously next to Bakugo, having moved down as the purple haired teen went to fight. His and Kaminari's battle was the first of the newly shortened bracket.


He sat silently, swinging his feet and biting at his lip. His hands palmed at his skin as he tried to focus on the match, but his brain kept running.


He felt his thoughts drift to Stain, which eventually went back to when he was kidnapped. He rubbed at his eyes, a headache forming behind them as everything suddenly felt bright


Bakugo placed a hand on his shoulder, causing the green haired boy to jump in his seat. He forced his green eyes to make contact with red, before he returned them to the match, a loud shout coming from it.


A ditzed out Kaminari laid on the ground as Shinso attempted to hold him down. Sparks of electricity buzzed off the blonde occusionally, making it difficult to completely keep his hands on Kaminari.


Midoriya stood up as soon as Midnight announced the match, briskly getting out of the 1-A section of students. He made his way down the hallway, not paying attention to where he went. Which eventually caused him to bump into someone.


"My apologies, young Mi-"


"Sor-" the apology flew out of his mouth before he could stop it. His eyes looked up to the dark abyss of Toshinori's, the both of them staring for a second.


An uncomfortable air sat around them, Midoriya weakly holding his arms close to his chest. His muscles felt tense under the number one hero's sight, and he slowly gritted out a question.


"What are you doing here?" Midoriya managed to get out in a calm voice, no stuttering or weird silences.


"I wanted to see how the students were doing in person, speaking of which. How have you been recently? I heard you are slowly being integrated into Class 1-A."


"I suppose I am, it been on and o-off I suppose-" 


"Will you ever join 1-A in their training?" Toshinori asked, interupting Midoriya.


Midoriya brought a hand to his thigh, tapping it to his own beating heart. "Maybe, but I doubt I'd compare to them. They have very interesting quirks."


"Indeed they do young Midoriya, as do most these days…" Toshinori gave the greenette a soft smile.


Midoriya's breath shook as he breathed it in, his lungs feeling tired and as if they had one hundred pounds on them. "W-well, I have something to do… B-bye Toshinori-San" he managed to stutter out, briskly walking away from the hero.


"I know that I have a bad relationship with him but how the hell do i still talk so calmly with him?" Midoriya softly muttered, lost in his own thoughts. 


He rounded a corner and fell into somebody, the person holding his shoulders so he didn't fall.


"Hi Midoriya." A slightly startled voice said, Midoriya looking up at the face of who caught him.


"A-h Shinso!" He meekly said as he straightened himself. "You did well in your match against Kaminari." He smiled, going next to Shinso for their small conversation. 


They leaned against the wall for a moment, before Shinso kissed Midoriya's hair, putting and arm over his shoulder in the process.


"Thanks Darling" Shinso smiled, nuzzling himself into 


"H-have you already been to the Nurse? You could have unnoticeable injuries due to the electrical currents." Midoriya asked, a blush covering his face from the pet name. 


"Yea, I did. What were you wandering out here for?" Shinso asked, his mouth right next to Midoriya's ear. The greenette felt a shiver go down his spine, with the taller teen's face so close to his own.


Midoriya separated himself from Shinso's grasp, his mouth starting to move a mile a minute "W-well we should head back to the seats!" He blurted out, his brisk feet carrying him down the hall. 


Shinso caught up to him with long strides, linking their hands together. "Just until we reach my class, okay?" Shinso asked, looking into Midoriya's emerald green eyes.


"Y-yea okay.." the greenette said in a soft voice,turning his blushing face away from Shinso. The purple haired teen smiled at the shorter one.


The two of them walked in sinct, sharing occasional glances and smiles. Shinso felt his phone buzz within his pocket,but he left it there to keep the peaceful atmosphere.


They soon arrived infront of the 1-A seating area's door. Midoriya let go of Shinso's hand,moving his up to slide the door open. Suddenly it slammed open by itself, Bakugo's scowl greeting them.


"Hi Kacchan!" Midoriya greeted, a pleasant smile on his face. Bakugo greeted the smaller like normal, before finally noticing Shinso and scowling at him.


The tired teen returned the gesture, before slipping past the blonde to his seat. Bakugo looked back to Midoriya, who was looking up at him with big puppy dog eyes. Bakugo instantly knew what the smaller wanted.


"No Deku." He growled,only to have the puppy eyes get bigger and sadder. Bakugo huffed, tearing off his jacket and shoving it into Midoriya's arms, causing the boy to smile.


"Awe that was so nice of you to give him you jacket Bakugo! Are you two dating? You would be really cute! " Mina asked as she saw Bakugo shove his UA jacket at Midoriya.


The greenette and blonde looked at each other for a moment, not sure what to say. Bakugo made the first move.


"He stabbed me in the arm a few months into third year of middle school, pinkface." 


Midoriya gave an innocent smile, slipping the oversized jacket over his jacket, making his torso look nothing like a torso. He enjoyed feeling like a nothing less blob.


Shinso sat down in Midoriya's spot, next to Todoroki who stood up to let them in. Midoriya tried to get past Shinso, the two of them akwardly bumping their lower halves together.


A soft apology left Midoriya's lips, Shinso starting to return the gesture before Present Mic started talking.


"Down for this round we have the explosive boy Bakugo Katsuki and the defying gravity girl Uraraka Ochaco! Both of the students are from class 1-A!!!" The voice hero announced, excitedly pumping a fist in the air.


"Since these are you students Eraserhead,who do you think will win this?" Present Mic asked, smiling at his husband. 


"They're both strong in their own ways,but Bakugo is a head on fighter and tends to attack first and think second. Uraraka however plans and attacks,but spends too much thinking at times." Eraserhead commented, holding his phone in his hand as he waited for a response from his son.


Shinso pulled out his phone, Aizawa having messaged him earlier. He pulled up the chat, under a picture was the message 'Youre not slick, Hitoshi'. The picture looked like it was taken off a security camera, and it was him and Midoriya holding hands in the hall, him staring at Midoriya with doting eyes.


He saved the photo for himself, and turned to show it to Midoriya. The greenette was currently occupied with watching the match, a random notebook in his hand as he observed Uraraka touched the fragments of ground that Bakugo blew up.


Shinso instead took a picture of the cute sight, seeing a light mumbling barely escaping the boy's lips. The tired teen leaned in to see what the cutie was mumbling, also taking a peak at the notes.


There was a detailed drawing of Uraraka in her hero suit. A few comments of 'too big','needs more padding' and a few small scribbles of things to change. The page next to it had details on her quirk,possible teamups between classmates and newer heros and what type of heroics she would best be suited to.


Shinso placed his chin on Midoriya's shoulder,which spooked the green haired boy making him flinch. Shinso stuck out his tongue as he had bitten it. 


Midoriya looked over at him, his hands hovering over the other's face. The greenette inspected Shinso's tongue, and upon noticing it was fine sighed and sunk into his seat. 


A big boom came from the stage, Midoriya's head twisting so hard you heard it crack. A hand abstinent mindedly reached up to it. Shinso noticed a few scars stretching across it, a bunch of fine lines laid in two rows, about an inch apart.


"Hey Midoriya, what's with-"


"Anddd Bakugo Katsuki wins!!! We will have to take a small break to fix the stadium though!" Present Mic announced, spinning around with excitement. Eraserhead turned off his mic, and got up from his chair. 


"Hey bandages where are you going?" Mic asked, the overcom still on. A mumbled answer of 'coffee' was heard, followed by Present Mic sighing.


Bakugo soon bursts into the seating area, Midoriya looking up with a quirked eyebrow.


"Why the hell are you looking at me like that, Deku?" Bakugo sneered, closing the door then crossing his arms.


" Nurse" Midoriya signed, a pout on his face as he mimicked Bakugo's motion. The blonde huffed as he rolled his eyes, starting to go to the seat he was in before. 


Bakugo's feet left the ground as he was heaved onto Midoriya's shoulder. The blonde made a startled grunt, punching Midoriya's back like a toddler.


"LET ME THE FUCK DOWN." He demanded, a few explosions sizzling on the greenette's back. The teen let out an inaudible sigh, clicking the door shut as he left the room. The class could hear the angry blonde's screams as the pair left down the hall.

The soft taps filled the nurses room as Midoriya paitently waited for Chiyo to look over Bakugo's ears and joints.


"Young man, you should know not to put off such powerful blasts while in recovery! Not to mention not wearing your earplugs! You should know better young Bakugo."


" Right… Thank you Chiyo." Bakugo said begrudgingly, knowing his mother would beat his ass if he didn't thank the woman. The two of them looked over to Midoriya, his lips moving with furrowed brows. His silent mutterings and foot tapping made them worried for him.


"Izuku dear, are you alright?" She asked, him not responding. She tilted her head, getting off of her stool and calling his name again.


"Hey, Deku." Bakugo called, also getting up but he went to tap the boy's shoulder. Midoriya flinched in on himself, jumping a tad back to better see the situation.


"Oh… do you need something?" He asked in a soft voice, taking the corner of his lip in to chew. He felt his fingers dig into the fabric of his hoodie, the feeling too rough for his liking.


"Does it feel hot?" He asked suddenly, unzipping Bakugo's UA jacket off of himself.


"Izuku if you got another fever I swear I will lock you up." The nurse groaned, going over to feel his tempature as the boy kneeled down. 


"You don't seem to be too hot. Have you gotten enough sleep recently? Or any dizziness and shortness of breath?" She asked, leading him to a bed to lay down.


"I got.. fourish hours last night? I haven't been keeping track. And I felt dizzy while walking around earlier but I didn't think it was a big deal." He mumbled, sitting on the matress as he felt Bakugo sink next to him. The blonde rubbed circled against his back, which started to cause pain in his chest. 


He let out a small whimper, which caused the flood ducts to soon open. His breathing raced forward, but he forced it to calm down. A few more tears slipped before he wiped them away and stood up. 


"Ah Midoriya, you shouldn't leave if you anxiety is spiking like this." 


"O-office." He shoved out of his mouth, running out the room and down the halls. Bakugo growled, facepalming as the woman shook her head.


"He is going to run himself dry of energy." She complained, picking up her phone to ring Nezu. The blonde thanked her one more time before going back to the stands, his classmates watching Iida and Ashido go around the stadium.


"Oh Bakugo! How are ya bud?" Kirishima greeted, patting the blonde's seat as an invitation. He shrugged, slamming his body into the seat as Uraraka sighed.


"I really thought I had a chance against you, but you're just that strong, huh?" She questioned, a pout on her face as she looked at him.


Bakugo scoffed, moving into his seat so that one of his legs was backed against his torso,the other on the ground.


"You had the right idea pink cheeks, just don't be so damn stupid and announce your plan right before you do it." He growled, glaring down at the battle field.


"Says the guy who screams 'die ' right before every attack." Shinso deadpanned, sticking his tongue out as the blonde looked back.


"WANT TO SAY THAT TO MY FACE YOU BASTARD?!?" Bakugo roared, expolosions firing off his hands.


"Wow how did you know I was born out of wedlock." Shinso scowled, glaring at Bakugo from a higher row of seats." 


"ILL KICK YOUR ASS!!" The angry teen screamed out, causing the 1-B asshole to poke his head over the dividore.


"Wow. I know that you class 1-A douchebags are complete assholes, but the fact your class can barely get along is sad-" Monama complained, before being knocked out by kendo, who pipped out a small 'sorry!'


A few 1-A students snickered as they looked back to the match, seeing Mina kick Iida in the face as he held her arm ways apart. Ouch.