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Park Days and Parting Ways

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He finds Tenko in the park.

At the time, Izuku didn't know much about fear. He had only been recently diagnosed as "Quirkless." It had hit him hard, but he was starting to let go of it… not by much, though. In any case, he was still a kid. He didn't recognize the stew of traumatised terror and hatred of rejection boiling in Tenko's red eyes. To Izuku, he just looked sad (and maybe that much was true). He didn't know that the dried up brown gunk on his arms was blood; Izuku just thought he was dirty (in more ways than Izuku would know). Regardless, Izuku was still a kid. And kids didn't know fear… usually.

So, with as much bravery as a Quirkless four year old could muster, he walked up to Tenko.

The other people at the park stayed away from him, even the kids. Izuku was such a bundle of hyperactive nerves in the first place that he didn't even notice the… disturbing aura Tenko gave off. A blessing in disguise, if one were honest. Once he was finally in front of the mysterious white haired boy, he spoke. "H-h… hello." Well, tried to speak. The mystery boy didn't budge.

"Go away," he whispered.

Izuku paused; he was unfortunately familiar with the tone of voice the mystery boy was using. Mama had used it while she was apologizing to Izuku. It was sad. Hopeless. Defeat , he later recognized. Finding his voice again, he spoke once more. "W-why?" The mystery boy moved a bit, though not by much. "I'm a monster," he grunted simply, "Everyone knows that. Now leave me alone." Now Izuku was confused. "M-monster?" he questioned, "You m-may look a little s-scary… b-but you're pretty human l-lookin' to me…"

The boy claiming to be a monster seemed to freeze up before relaxing; he outstretched his arm.

"Go get a rock," he demanded simply, his grimy hand pointed at a small rock pile. Confused but curious, Izuku obeyed, grabbing a rock about the size of his small four year old hand. He brought it back to the monster boy, holding it out for him to take. Head still downcast, the monster boy carefully took the rock in his hand, only using four of his fingers. Then he placed his thumb on the rock. Izuku saw the cracks spread across the rock's surface, growing more numerous until finally, the boy crushed the rock with his bare hands, the dust falling to his feet.

"Now you get it?" the monster boy asked, "My quirk destroys anything I touch. I'm a monster."

Izuku was at a loss for words. "That… that was…" Tenko braced himself; this boy was going to berate him and then walk away, just like everyone else. "...that waS SO COOL!!!" Wait, what!? "You could use your quirk to be a really cool hero! You could break down debris, or or destroy the bad guys' equipment. Maybe you could help with aftermath cleanups and… and…" Tenko's eyes widened with awe as the boy before him kept spoutting on about his quirk like it was the biggest deal in the universe.

When he came back to his senses, Izuku began waving his arms wildly in apology, spilling sorries like they were hot tea.

Tenko could only say one word; "...why?" "Why what?" Izuku asked, his head tilted in his ever present confusion. "...why?" Tenko repeated, "Why aren't you gone yet. Everyone else went away…" Tenko's eyes began to glimmer as tears began to form. Izuku didn't notice this, pressing his pointer fingers together in embarrassment. " look like you needed help," Izuku mumbled shyly, "And isn't that… what a hero does?"

Tenko could only nod dumbly as a few tears began to fall; perhaps there was hope for him yet.


It took a bit of negotiating on Izuku's part, but Mama eventually let Tenko come home.

Something akin to worry lit up in her eyes when Tenko mentioned not having a place to stay.

Tenko ended up showered and with new clothes before the end of the late afternoon.

He reluctantly told Izuku's mom about his quirk, Instead of freaking out, Inko nodded in understanding, asking him to wait for a moment.

A few minutes later, she came back with a strange pair of gloves.

They only covered his pinky and ring fingers, but then Inko dropped a ball she was carrying with a convincing "Whoops!" Tenko caught it without a second thought and… it didn't turn to dust. Tenko looked at the ball in amazement. All ten of his fingers were on the ball, and it was still in one piece. He looked at his gloves in amazement, then at Mama Inko, who was giving her a soft smile.

Knowing that his touch wouldn't reduce Inko to nothingness, Tenko rushed forward to give her a hug.

He spent the first few nights on the couch, before eventually moving into Izuku's room. He was a hero fanatic through and through, even if his collection was small at the moment. Even though Tenko liked Izuku and his mom, he always had to wonder… when would they get rid of him?

But even so, the days turned into weeks.

He began having nightmares again. He could see Mon's fur coat give way to blood. He saw Hana, Mama, everyone he ever loved dying at his hands. He saw himself lunging for his father, his hatred clouding his judgement. He had committed murder. His family's blood was on his hands. He was A MONSTER-

He shot up in a cold sweat. Someone was hugging him.

He nearly panicked, before realizing that this was Izuku. He slowly returned the hug back, grateful that he was still wearing Inko's special gloves. They didn't say anything… probably for the best.

This becomes their uncommon routine. Whenever another nightmare plagued him, Izuku was always there. Sometimes he gave Tenko a cup of water. Sometimes Tenko lashed out. Izuku didn't mind; Tenko was just upset. He'd just stay with him until he felt better. He always felt better.

Weeks turn into months.

Tenko screwed up, and now he's grounded from video games. Is it his fault that Katsuki Bakugo was a terrible kid? Izuku tried introducing him on Tenko's first day of school. Katsuki… didn't treat Izuku right. Whenever the teachers weren't looking, Katsuki and everyone else picked on Izuku, called him names, messed with his stuff, even hit him. Tenko's father came to mind when he saw Katsuki. And they were doing all this because he was Quirkless? For him personally, not having a dangerous quirk like his Decay would have been a blessing. Apparently, people thought otherwise.

He doesn't snap until he sees Izuku getting dog piled on.

He doesn't remember all the details… just running at top speed and tackling Katsuki, violently beating on him. He felt the dull sparks of explosion skid against his body, but he was too lost in the adrenaline rush. When he came back to reality, Izuku was pinning him to the floor, yelling his name. The teachers were already running up to the scene. Tenko had pulled one of his gloves halfway off, likely to try using his quirk again.

He quickly put it back on.

Tenko shrunk under the guilt of adult eyes on him during their visit to the principal's office. The only time he was cool under pressure was when Katsuki tried pinning the blame on Izuku, and he just took it . Not if Tenko could help it. He had to keep quiet after the first interruption, but when he talked, he did so with no hesitation, calling out Katsuki and everyone else involved. The principal said he'd look into it.

He didn't look into it. The bullying continued, and now Tenko was a target.

He wasn't sorry for what he did, but nonetheless, Tenko apologized to Katsuki and his mother after the ordeal was over. He wasn't listening when Inko ( she might as well be Mama at this point ) gave him an earful later on. Deep down, he knew his heart was in the right place. A small "Thank you" from Izuku before bed that night assures him of such.

When they're back at school, Tenko makes dead eye contact with Katsuki. He takes off one of his gloves, holding a rock he found in his hand. Making five finger contact, the rock cracks before crumbling to a fine dust. The horrified look in Katsuki's eyes fills Tenko with glee.

Months turn into almost a year.

It's at Christmas where Tenko finally breaks down. He tells the Midoriya's everything. His family, his love for heroes, his father, their murder. He's in tears by the end of it all, waiting for them to yell at him to get out for being the abomination that he is.

Instead, he feels someone wrap around his waist.

He buries his head into Izuku's shoulder, sobbing. Inko is off to the side, looking at the scene with tears in her eyes. Tenko is so, so confused. "...w-why…?" he warbles, his crying affecting his coherence. Izuku hugs him tighter; "You're a better person now," Izuku says simply, "You got better. You always get better." Tenko sobs harder, and Inko joins the hug herself. Several days later, when the boys are still running around the apartment in their All Might hoodies, Inko signs the last of the adoption papers. Tenko is now a Midoriya.

The shunned child becomes the guardian protector.


About a year after Tenko moved with the Midoriyas, he and Izuku meet the Todorokis.

Izuku was chasing after a ball Tenko had thrown just a bit too hard, when he ended up bumping into someone. They both stumbled backwards, falling on their butts and clutching their foreheads. Tenko immediately rushed to Izuku's side, preparing to glare daggers at whoever dared to hurt him. Upon meeting the culprit's gaze, however, Tenko's stance softened. It was another boy about their age, with red hair on his left side and white hair on his right, his eyes blue on the left and white on the right. That wasn't what caught their attention, though.

...that would have been the work of the angry big kid right next to him.

His hair and eyes were the same shade as the little boy's left side. His hair was spiky, and his eyes were cold. He looked at the two boys, barely containing the raging fire behind his two sky blue eyes. Izuku thought he could smell the slightest bit of smoke. " What do you brats think you're doing? " he hisses, the older boy wrapping a protective arm around the younger. Tenko grits his teeth in annoyance; "Hey! Don't talk to my brother like that!" he spits, bringing himself to his feet. The two hotheads walk towards one another, their eyes glowing in fury. " You got some nerve, brat. Didn't anyone teach you respect?" the older boy taunts with a glare. Tenko responded in kind, "I could ask you the same thing, you jerk!!"

Wisps of blue flames dance on the older boy's hands; Tenko instinctively reaches for his glove-

" Touya! " " TENKO! " The two boys immediately halt their actions, going pale in an instant. Mama Inko comes sprinting into the fray, look winded but worried, likely running so fast thanks to the adrenaline. Izuku spots another pretty lady running up to the scene as well. Her hair is a long trail of soft, powdery snow, her eyes a calming pool of silver, even when they were dashed with a bit of panic. Once they reach the boys, they begin scolding the rowdy ones, and soon it just devolves into a standard yelling match.

Izuku, still young and not entirely aware of what exactly is happening, oughts to go with his usual option.

Inko stops altogether when she hears the Earth breaking. The snow lady stops as well, turning to the source of the sound. It's Izuku, his head planted firmly in the ground, his body on his knees in the bowing position. There are cracks in the Earth forming from where his forehead made contact, not that Izuku cares (even though the resulting bruise will send Mama into a tizzy later). With his proper form now in place, Izuku executed the finishing blow.

" I'm sorry! "

The world sits in stunned silence, unsure of how to go about this new development. Mama and the snow lady are quiet, the older boy and Tenko following suit. The little boy in front of Izuku has a curious expression on his face. "Why are you apologizing?" The boy's voice is soft… a bit hesitant, too. Izuku raises his head up from his bowing position, a small purple spot on his forehead. The other little boy doesn’t notice though, instead holding up a red ball.

“You just wanted this back… right?”

Izuku’s eyes shimmer as the tears begin to form. The little boy offers to play with him, and he wholeheartedly agrees, running far as the boy prepares to throw. Mama Inko and the snow lady look on with fond smiles, though when they turn back to their sons, they are wearing neutral faces of displeasure. The boys get the memo; they turn to each other, holding back their own personal indignation. Begrudging “Sorry”-s escape their lips, and the mothers consider their job done, just as the snow lady’s other children walk up. One is a bright and playful white haired boy, and the other is a reserved but kindly young girl with red flecks in her otherwise white hair.

Before the impromptu playdate comes to a close, Inko makes sure to get the snow lady’s contact info; Rei Todoroki sounds like a pretty name… why does it sound familiar?


Touya is shaking; he doesn’t know if it’s out of fear or out of whatever joy he has left.

Flames. All he sees is flames. Of rage. Of hate. Of him . On himself. It hurts. It’s hellfire burning away at his soul. Shoto’s crying. He’s behind him now, making sure that he doesn’t get close. Shoto’s left side is smoldering. He’s covering his face, closing in on himself. He doesn’t like that. He doesn’t like anything about this. He shouldn’t be using his quirk, but his thoughts aren’t constant. They’re fizzling, but his anger… his anger is blazing. Blue goes purple. A growl turns into a roar. The orange flame lunges forward, he charges with it- Ground. He’s on the ground,  why is he on the ground? Gotta get up, he has to get up-! A hand falls on his shoulders. It’s… cold. He likes cold. His flames grow weak.

An ice wall grows forwards.

It’s all hazy after that. His arms feel numb. Fuyumi muttered something like “shouldn’t be that purple” when she saw them. His legs are numb. After Mom took care of him , they ended up running all the way to the train station. In the next city over . His heart is numb. The ever present hatred is starting to subside, but there’s not much else to go off on. For all intents and purposes, he and the others are emotionally spent. His head is numb. The thunder roaring overhead, signifying the coming downpour, does nothing to help. ...didn’t they pass this station on the way to the park the other day?

Mom takes charge; the kids prepare for another run.

Inko doesn’t even have to think twice when she sees Rei with her kids at the front door. She gets them inside the apartment just before another ring of thunder, and the sound of rain droplets covering the Earth. She’s figured out where she’s heard Rei’s name before… and she doesn’t like it. Enji Todoroki, otherwise known as The Flame Hero Endeavor, and the second best ranked hero behind All Might on Japan’s charts. The only place Inko recalls Endeavor being number one is in regards to property damage, which was telling in hindsight.

That could wait; Rei and her kids looked shaken, and it was likely that they wouldn’t be returning home even after the storm passed.

She asks Izuku to go and grab the spare futons, to which he complies. Tenko spares a quick glance at Touya before he follows suit. Inko goes to the kitchen to prepare some food while trying to think about how to convince Rei to take her bed. She wouldn’t be too bothered sleeping on the floor for a few nights. Maybe soba would do the trick; Rei did mention that her youngest, Shoto, loved soba.

Shoto says nothing about his newly acquired burn mark as his eyes light up at the sight of dinner.

In the end, Inko convinces Rei into taking her bed. Likewise, Izuku (bless his soul) will let Shoto and Natsuo take his bed. Tenko is stubborn, so he’ll share a bed with Touya. Fuyumi will share a bed with her mother, and Izuku and Inko will sleep in the living room. The arrangement is… surprisingly not problematic. Once the thunder dies down, it gives way to soft rainfall. Once Tenko and Touya stop shuffling on the bed, they’ll be lead by the lull of slumber.

Once the household is put to rest, the former Todorokis can finally be allowed peace of mind.


It’s Touya’s first day at U.A, and he’s understandably a nervous wreck.

He hasn't even made it out the door, and he's already lost himself to memory lane. After several weeks of living with the Midoriyas, the idea that Endeavor would come after them, going so far as to notify the media of their disappearance. Like that'll do any good , he thought at the time. Their faces were plastered on every media outlet, newspaper article, tacky magazine, and even poster in all of Japan. Most of the time they couldn't go outside.

Eventually, Touya got fed up.

Filled with weariness and donning a hoodie, Touya went into the city without anyone else knowing, while the rest of his siblings were being homeschooled by Mom. Touya chose to practice… selective participation. He had at least 30 minutes before anyone seriously noticed. With this in mind, Touya booked it to the convenience store, buying an assortment of hair dyes, sunglasses, and a medical eye patch.

He made his purchases with the rest of his allowance, and booked it back to the apartment.

Just in the nick of time, too, since Fuyumi walked into his room (read: broccoli boy's room) just as he flumped onto his bed. Just in time for lunch, too. She gave him a suspicious look. "How long of you been in here?" she asked, "You were awfully quiet, you know…" Touya manages to look up lazily, giving his sister a half smirk. "That's my business," he drawls, before his nose picks up the scent chicken and rice.

'Least it wasn't fish; he never really cared for it.

Shortly after lunch, he reveals the spoils of his quest. Fuyumi is appalled at first, but she gradually settles down when she sees Mom's eyes sparkle. The next few moments are spent messing around with the hair dye (with an additional 20 minutes dedicated to cleaning up the bathroom thereafter). Mom has a vibrant green in her locks, resembling the original Midoriyas. Fuyumi decided to go orange; red reminded her too much of him . Natsuo chose the sky blue: icy, but not obvious.

Touya and Shoto don't start their dye-jobs until the other Todorokis depart.

Apparently Mom noticed the depleting groceries, and she needed a breath of fresh air. Touya and Shoto wished his siblings farewell, although Shoto was a little sad that mama was leaving. Touya thought she'd be fine; she managed to survive Endeavor. That left the two Todorokis to their own dye-jobs; they were more than happy to get the deep red out of their hair. Touya snapped on some sunglasses to complete his look, while he gave Shoto the medical eyepatch. Touya thought Shoto looked like an anime protagonist.

When Izuku and Tenko came back home, they were wondering who the black and white-haired strangers were.

Nothing much happened after the former Todorokis donend their new disguises. Mrs. Inko helped Mom get a job. Shoto went to school (and immediately garnered a distaste for whoever "Katsuki Bakugo" was, alongside Tenko). There was one time that Shoto and Izuku got in a fight with Katsuki and his "friends" (more like lackeys in Touya's opinion). Shoto accidentally brought out his fire, and he spent the rest of that day catatonic. Touya doesn't know what Izuku said to him, but the next day Shoto was back to normal, playing with his flames while Izuku watched, scribbling feverently.

Shoto's flames were small and hesitant, but… he looked happy.

Then came the day Touya would have to enroll in high school. Middle school was easy enough to reintegrate into; he just avoided everyone. He was trying to find a good obscure highschool in the nearby area, but then he stumbled upon U.A. Back when Touya was undergoing his "training," the old man planned for him to go there. Touya was about to skip over it… until a thought overtook him. The Hero Course wasn't the only department at the school… and even if his dad would never find out that he lived there, it would be one hell of a middle finger.

When Touya returns back to the apartments, he'll see that Shoto, Izuku, and Tenko have adopted a grown man duplicating rocks for them.

The self destructive flame becomes the self productive settler.


Jin Bubaigawara has no idea how he got into this mess.

One minute he's in the park by his lonesome, taking a rest from the life of crime and the shitty hand society dealt him. Then these elementary school boys show up out of nowhere, ask him if he's alright like they're saints or something. Things get weirder when they asks if he's eaten anything, which is when he remembers that he hasn't stocked up on food, though his stomach ends up giving that away anyway.

Then the green one rushes out the alley, coming back with a bowl of ramen.

Jin heard about stray cats: give them food and they never leave. He'll admit that that's true enough, as he complacently walks home with the two boys. Man, he must look creepy as fuck right now. He absentmindedly began messing with some stones he picked up, doubling and melting realistic duplicates. He was good at measuring things by eye, but a ruler would definitely be of use right now.

The kids see him using his quirk; green hair goes ballistic, while snow cone just stares at him like it's an everyday occurrence.

Aside from that emo kid’s initial deadpan stare the practically screams I’m gonna kill you , the rest of the boys’ family reacts to him rather well. Broccoli boy’s mom, Inko, is probably the nicest person he’s met since… well, ever. She takes pity on him, but expects him to get his own ass off the ground when the time comes. In a way, that’s fair. He only expects this to be a one time deal, anyway. He’d be back on the streets in no time.

Past Jin was so stupid , he thinks as he’s sitting on the park bench.

He had years to bail. Years! But every single time, there was this damn annoying voice in the back of his head. What did they call that? A conscience? He thought that his died when he was a teen! But no. Years passed, and he stayed. Inko eventually found him a place to work at a grocery store. Then she managed to convince him to study to become a doctor of all things.

He’s never had a night of sleep since.

The boys, Izuku and Shoto, had just started middle school. While Jin was enjoying a rare day off, the boys were busy playing catch with one another. A bit childish, sure, but from what Jin had heard, Shoto hadn’t had a good childhood thanks to their father, whoever he was. In any case, he was doing fine now, as was Jin. It was like the family of green beans were secret guardian angels of somethin- aaaand he’s approaching a sketchy looking blonde.

Jin sighed, rising up to his feet; he couldn’t avoid this if he tried.

Himiko liked blood.

That made her a vampire. That made her a freak. That made her abnormal. It hurt, honestly… except maybe the vampire part. All that power and blood sucking to boot was tempting, but spending eternity in damnation wasn’t so appealing. The park was her haven, the one place she could go where no one knew her, where she wouldn’t have to wear her mask. Where she wouldn’t have to force herself to look away whenever the tempting shine of the crimson necter reared its head. Where she wouldn’t have to barely keep herself in check so she could avoid their disgusted glances. Where she wouldn’t have to be normal .

The dead bird was worth watching if she could just hold out long enough.

There was another boy. He looked like one of her classmates, but he was… different. More uncertain, but… something else too. He approached her with mild hesitance, another boy following close behind. Were they going to make fun of her, too? “Are you alright?” ...that was it. No malice. No pity. Just genuine concern, and maybe a bit of… curiosity? She nodded in confirmation, just to make sure she didn’t look weird. Weird . She was starting to detest the word. “What are you doing?” the boy asks again.

Her mouth moves before she can stop it; “Watching the dead bird.”

Oh, she did it again. She always slipped one way or another, especially with her guard down for so long. If nothing else got rid of this boy, what she just said would definitely- wait, why is he crouching down beside her? “Can I join?” he asks, a ghost of a smile on his face. His white-haired friend kneels beside him, looking confused but nonetheless trustworthy. Himiko doesn’t catch the tear that escapes her eye as she nods, cracking her own smile. No one she’d know thus far had shared her interests. Not her friends. Not her teachers. Not her parents. ...dear God, her parents.

She wasn’t going home that night.

Quirk insanity: apparently Himiko suffered from it.

Apparently she had been suffering from it for a long while, due to the nature of her quirk. If she ever experienced blood withdrawal for an extended amount of time, her mental stability would begin to deteriorate. She discovered this by accidentally pinning Izuku in a hallway and sucking out his blood vampire style. Once she regained her senses, she immediately launched into a swarm of apologies. Izuku, bless his soul, didn’t hold it against her.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Things changed after that day. Izuku talked to his mom the night of the incident, although Toga passed out long before she could hear the details. The next day, while Toga was eating in her own little corner during lunch as usual, Izuku showed up, offering her an unassuming punch. She would have declined but… she was getting the cravings again. Maybe Izuku’s offering would quell the urge. She accepted, and upon tasting the pouch’s contents, she froze.

It was just like when she punctured his neck.

This went on for a few weeks before the effects began to kick in. She was more level headed. There wasn’t as much fog as there had been before. The craving started to ease up. She didn’t have a random fit of internal turmoil every five minutes. She had no idea what was going on. Only that Izuku looked absolutely worn out . His complexion was pale. His eyes were sinking into his sockets. His flesh started curling around his bones whenever the uniform wasn’t covering that up.

Suddenly the pouches started tasting a lot more bitter.

Himiko took it upon herself to fix this. She went straight to Mrs. Midoriya, confessing everything that had happened thus far. The mother placed her hand on her cheek in concern; apparently she hadn’t expected Izuku to go this far. Then again, this was the same Izuku who helped Touya understand calculus even if it took up until midnight . So, Himiko began devising a way to get Izuku back into shape.

Sadly, that would mean cutting down on the pouches.

The light began returning to Izuku’s eyes, much to Himiko’s relief. She started cutting down on blood pouches; thankfully there were no serious side effects, assuming she had at least one pouch a week to maintain sanity. Izuku began moving with more pep in his step, Himiko made sure to offer him snack if he was ever looking particularly sluggish, courtesy of Mrs. Midoriya. Things were looking up again.

If only it could stay that way forever.

She refused to let Izuku go.

They had come back for her. She hated that. She hated them . They had come back for her, but not for her . Only for their reputation. The way they spoke to her when she showed herself… it was so conceited. No actual worry for her. Only worry for what the neighbors thought. What their friends thought. Nothing about her. At least Mrs. Midoriya was merciful enough to let her leave. Himiko saw Izuku at the opposite end of the hall, and booked it, wrapping him in a bear hug and squishing herself into him as much as she could.

She tuned it all out: the yelling, the tears, the threats, the lies.

She needed a pouch. She needed to be alone. She needed anything to just get away from the noise. As if the universe was listening, the noise ceased. It had gone flat, only ringing out once more as the door was slammed shut. Himiko dared to turn her head, catching Mrs. Midoriya walking towards them. She kneeled in front of the two children. “It’s alright,” she told them, a small smile on her face, tear streaks on her cheeks. “You can stay with us now, Himiko.”

The sadistic slasher becomes a saved sister.


He had done it.

Jin had finally done it. Years of hard and honest work had finally paid off as he held the degree in his hands. He was a doctor now. His job started in a few weeks. Dr. Bubaigawara… sounded a bit looney, but he could roll with that. He was finally making a name for himself, a good name. No more shady business after dark; he disappeared from that a long time ago, no traces to be detected, no loose ends that needed to be cut.

...well, almost no loose ends.

Two vestiges of his past and one of his recent acquaintances ended up rooming alongside him. Atsuhiro Sako, known in the underground as Mr. Compress, had blackmailed Jin into letting him stay, lest he tell the authorities (and the Midoriyas) of Jin’s heinous actions. Jin was no fool, but Compress was even less so. At least, until he ran into the Midoriyas and the Kosetsus (formerly known as the Todorokis).

Once they pulled him into their gravitational field, there was no hope for him.

Atsuhiro eventually dropped the blackmail, but Jin let him stay anyway. Something told him that even with his intelligence, the guy still made some… questionable enemies in the criminal world. Not so was the case of his next roomate. Kenji Hikiishi, otherwise known to her associates as Magne. She wasn’t an overtly hostile type, more of a free spirit if you asked Jin. Constantly missasume her gender, though, and your face might catch her fists… multiple times.

Luckily, Jin was a respectable gentlemen, and managed to stay on Magne’s good side.

She was apparently bored of the criminal world, and, knowing Jin from a previous encounter, decided to go live with him. Inko and Rei were approving enough, and all the kids loved her, so that was good. Jin’s final random roommate was Shuichi Iguchi, a shut it NEET. He met Shuichi one day at the park; he seemed a bit down about… well, everything really. No job, barely making ends meet with what little money he did have, and just overall frustrated with life.

The type of person Inko Midoriya would be delighted to whip into shape.

He gave Shuichi his contact info, and let him do the rest. He ended up spending most of his time playing video games with Tenko and the other kids. Well, those that were still kids. Fuyumi planned to stay and take care of Rei, but Touya was looking for apartments closer to the Nighteye agency. Natsuo had a job quite a ways away, but he could still visit on weekends. Izuku, Tenko, Shoto, and Himiko were all in their teens, and thus were in the midst of planning for highschool.

Holy heck, they’d all come far.

The entire situation was… surreal, if Jin was honest. They say that a small force can rarely change the world, but hoo boy, the Midoriyas were far from small. Without them, Tenko might have been wandering the streets. The Kosetsus would still be with that bastard of an abusive man. Himiko would probably end up in a mental ward. Jin and his former criminal associates would likely end in prison somehow, some way. Shuichi probably wouldn’t have any direction in his life.

And they were all neighbors across their three apartments. Who would have thunk it?

The man of multiple minds becomes the mender of multiple lives.

The lost have parted ways with the broken; their fates are spared.


Izuku has bad ideas.

Well, not necessarily bad ideas, just crazy ones. Like clutching onto the Number One Hero’s leg. Rushing into a burning hellscape towards a sludge villain to save a person who was revolted with his existence. Accepting the opportunity to get a quirk that would lead to an overwhelming legacy (at least he told them that with All Might’s permission). One shotting a Zero Pointer at the entrance exam and simultaneously blasting his arm off. Getting into the Hero Course solely on rescue points, alongside Shoto and Tenko. Forget all of that.

They were trying to see if this one of a kind quirk could be replicated .

Granted, it would be a weaker version, if Jin’s previous experiences were correct. Just in case something went south, Toshinori Yagi (the Number One hero in disguise!) would be there to quell the issue. After saying his prayers, Twice sets to work. Another green haired sunshine child stands before them in that moment. With a nod, he plucks his hair, handing it to Tenko. The white haired boy took the hair with shaky hands, took a shaky breath… and downed the hair in one fell swoop. The job was done, but they’d have to wait to see if it worked.

The next day, white lightning crackling along Tenko’s limbs confirms the theory.

Himiko, while in Gen Ed, gets in on the experiment, too. Self defense, she proclaims (defense of others goes unspoken). She crackles yellow and red lightning. Thanks to Touya and Shoto, the now triple powered teens come to realize that focusing the power in one spot is what breaks the bones. Of course, this comes with a whole slew of new abilities. Tenko’s disintegration speed increases. Himiko can transform just by touching someone’s DNA.

To this day, Toshinori no longer regrets the decision… it did keep him up at night for a few months, though.



His empire had fallen.

That boy, the current Number One Hero… he had shattered it all in front of his eyes. At least, what was left of them. He was lucky enough to catch a regeneration quirk before his face could resemble a scarred over potato. So he still had eyes, but they were surrounded by scar tissue. And his former legacy was surrounded by his failure. He had lost. He had lost . Not his brother, not the six simpletons that came after, not even the boy’s mentor could defeat him. But her death hadn’t broken him in the way he had intended.

No, it had only made him sharper.

It still gave him nightmares sometimes, seeing his face pound his own into mush. He couldn’t breathe back there, he couldn’t retaliate. He had shot the death strike, but it recoiled right back at him. He was lucky to even be alive. But did he deserve to be? Normally such thoughts wouldn’t be given the time of day… but so were the thoughts stating that he could lose. One had been proven.

Who was to say the other wouldn’t follow suit.

“Sir?” That voice. Why does he remember that voice? “Sir, you dropped your wallet…” He turns around, trying not to leap out of his skin when he sees the boy behind him. Damn it, he still has his freckles, his hair style in her color, her eyes … Why did he have to leave? Why did destiny lead him along, only to utterly crush him under her heel. “Thank you, young man.” he keeps his composure; he can’t break down now. He can’t-

“Say, do you have a moment?” He can afford another break.

They sit at the park he and his family used to go to. He can see another couple with their son nearby. Nostalgia briefly wraps him in a friendly embrace, before he remembers those days are gone now. “What do you need, sir?” he asks. The way he sounds, he acts… it reminds him so much of his little brother. “Tell me, young man. Do you believe in… redemption?” He tilts his head in confusion; Inko’s cute face comes to mind.

“What do you mean?” he asks.

He takes a breath; he can’t believe he’s actually doing this. “Do you believe in redemption? Do you believe the most foul, vile souls deserve a second chance. That the wayward wanderers deserve a guide on the way back. That those society ostracizes should be reintegrated, or rather… helped in their own mold?” This is foolish; the boy has been raised in a world of black and white, and he knows that he’s spent more time in the black than in the grey. His boy had witnessed the black’s terrors, but had managed to stay in the white nonetheless. His answer would obviously be…

“Yes.” ... what?

“I-I’ll admit that some people can be… unreasonable, or undeserving of redemption.” His boy takes a breath, gathering his thoughts; he gets his thinking face from him, no doubt about it. “But then, if they’re actively working towards it, if they’re truly repentant… why shouldn’t we give them a chance. If society abandoned them, shouldn’t we try to bring them back if they won’t corrupt us? If they’re in an inescapable maze, shouldn’t we help pave the way back home for them? I see heroes doing the basics everyday in my life, but the ones I remember are the ones that go above and beyond to help others get back on track. That’s the type of hero I admire.”

The boy’s eyes blaze like fire, leaving him breathless; “That’s the type of hero I want to become.”

Upon looking at the time, the boy gives a rushed farewell before dashing out of the park. He chuckles a bit to himself; he’s a momma’s boy, but he’s still his son through and through. There’s no going back now, he decided his fate. If he could do it all again, maybe… maybe this time he would settle. World conquest was such a cliché, anyway. A cliché in which he would no longer indulge. Maybe he could no longer be a part of their lives, but… he could always keep watch. Kurogiri was always great at espionage.

And if his son had faith in the fortuneless, then maybe Hisashi Shigaraki could start having faith, too.

...the original tyrant becomes the repentant wanderer.