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Rohan regrets bowling

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With frustration, Rohan sighed as he suspected another headache was creeping in. He couldn’t believe he fell for another of Koichi-group-invite.

Bowling wasn’t really his scene; the sounds of cheering, screaming children and loud music was unbearable but he couldn’t say ‘no’ to Koichi and he’d eagerly jump at the chance of beating Josuke at something.

"Josuke, it's your turn," Koichi called, sitting across from him.

It was complete bad luck he ended up in the same team and regretted coming at all. The pompadour fool sat up and stretched his fingers with a hum. He was still as arrogant as always, Rohan huffed. The teams were closely tied together and it was finally the last round. The last thing they needed was Josuke getting cocky.

Okuyasu cheered right beside him, “Go, Josuke!”

He was really grouped with these two idiots, huh?
At least he could tolerate Okuyasu, except of course when the other mooned over that stupid haired idiot.

"If you get a strike, I'll give you a kiss," he heard Okuyasu say.

Rohan scoffed, "we want to win, you idiot, not make him do badly on purpose.”

Okuyasu turned to face him, flustered and laughing, "oh, right!"
It boggled Rohan’s mind how stupid Okuyasu could be but suspected the more he hung out with Josuke, the dumber he got… and if that was the case, it couldn’t bode too well for him.


Both Rohan and Okuyasu turned back to Josuke when he walked over. "I got a strike," he said with a proud wide grin on his face.

With a shock, Rohan quickly scanned up at the screen and saw the big ‘STRIKE’ animation as Okuyasu loudly congratulated the other.

Josuke bent down and pointed it at his cheek to Okuyasu, “don’t I get a kiss?”

Rohan watched as Okuyasu shyly gave him a peck and wanted to roll his eyes at how cheesy
this was. Kids in love were so sickeningly sweet. The two laughed and became stupid again.

At least it gave him writing ideas, he wouldn’t tell them of course but it was the least they could do for being so annoying.