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House Plants

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Midoriya could barely contain his excitement as he raced up the stairs to his 4th floor apartment. Despite his heavy hero duffle slung over his back, and the not-so-light object he carried with both hands, he flew up the flights and down an ugly yellow hallway in record time. He paused at an unassuming door labeled ‘42’ and struggled to turn the knob without dropping his precious cargo.

He gave up after a few tries and used his forehead to push the doorbell button next to the door. He bounced up and down, a smile spreading across his face, as he waited for the other occupant of his apartment to answer.

“Uh, hello?” a familiar voice said as the door creaked open.

“Hi Kacchan!!!” Midoriya blurted cheerfully.

“Deku? The fuck is this?” Bakugou leaned around, trying to find his boyfriend through a forest of leaves.

“A PLANT!” Midoriya couldn’t contain his joy any longer. He walked inside and Bakugou had to duck to avoid getting hit with branches.

“Why do you have it?” Bakugou asked, watching as his boyfriend shuffled in. 

“It's a ficus!” Midoriya sat the plant on the floor, clasping his hands together as he stared at it with pride. Bakugou couldn’t help the fond smirk that tugged at the corner of his mouth as he folded his arms across his chest, watching his boyfriend.

“Why is it in my…” Bakugou stopped, correcting himself before continuing, “Why is it in our apartment.”

Midoriya turned to look at him, big green eyes sparkling. That smirk of Bakugou’s grew a little more.

“I saw it at this florist shop on my patrol and I had to get it!” Midoriya cheered, bouncing on his feet again.


“Because it’s STUFF!!!” Midoriya explained. He skipped over to Bakugou and linked his arm through the blondes, still lovingly staring at his plant. He sighed and tipped his head to read on Bakugou’s shoulder. “It’s so empty in here Kacchan… I just want to make it feel like home. Like our home.”

Bakugou had to admit… he hadn’t realized how little he and Midoriya had actually owned until they moved in yesterday. Most of what they DID own was in their bedroom, taken from their dorms at UA. Their kitchen was empty save for a multi pack of paper plates and an empty refrigerator. And their living room had even less than that. No furniture, a stack of empty moving boxes sat in one corner, a single framed photo from their graduation, and now this… plant in the middle of the room.

“It looks fucking sad.” Bakugou said.

“Well… That’s because it’s lonely. It will look much better once we get a couch!”

“I don’t want a couch.” Bakugou huffed.

“What? Why on earth not?”

“Because then people will fucking visit and want to stay. No chairs? Then they’ll leave.” Bakugou grumbled.

Midoriya chuckled and pecked Bakugou’s cheek before stepping away.

“Don’t be grumpy. No one else has their own place yet Katsuki.” Midoriya sighed happily and stepped around their empty living room.

“That’s not true, Sparky and Tape face-” Bakugou started.

“No their contract fell through this morning. Hanta told me on patrol.” Midoriya did a little spin that was absurd and Bakugou scoffed, despite the fact his heart fluttered just a little at the sight of his boyfriend so damn happy.

“So they’re back in the Kaminari’s back room?” Bakugou asked.

Midoriya nodded and then winced. He didn’t envy his friends. After graduating, he and Bakugou had went back to living in their childhood rooms and… and their desire to be together was awkward to say the least in that close of proximity to their parents. Midoriya had eagerly dragged Bakugou all over town, looking at each and every apartment listing that came up in their budget.

They had gotten lucky. Bakugou had refused Midoriya’s first pick, claiming the kitchen was a crime. And while they were walking out, the landlord had got a phone call about an apartment upstairs. It hadn’t been cleaned, and the previous owners left weird magazines all over the place… but they had signed immediately.

It was a tad out of their price range, more than a tad. They’d have to live on cheap noodles and skimp on the electricity bill to make it work… but they could make it work. Midoriya would MAKE it work. He turned around and smiled.

“What’s that face for nerd?” Bakugou asked, stepping forward. Midoriya stepped up and grabbed his grumpy face between calloused hands and pulled him in for a kiss, hard to do with how wide he was smiling.

“What is this face for?” Bakugou repeated, pushing him gently back. Midoriya’s grin was infectious and Bakugou allowed his smirk to settle into a soft smile.

“OUR apartment Katsuki.” Midoriya pecked the blonde’s lips again. “I like having things that are ours. ” 

Bakugou settled his hands on Midoriya’s hips.

“OUR debt, our bills, our headache-”

“And our plant!” Midoriya chirped, turning back to his pot, leaving Bakugou wanted more. “Oh do you think it’ll get enough light here? I’ll put it next to the window just to be safe.”

Tsk .” Bakugou huffed. “Don’t worry about me. Your boyfriend will be fucking fine as long as the plant’s ok.” 

“Oh dear. What if that’s too much light. I remember some of Sero’s plants got scorched when he left his window open over a holiday. Maybe you can counterbalance that with more water. How much water is too much. Oh dear. Where’s my laptop?” Midoriya muttered to himself, under his breath. 

Bakugou could only watched, amused as his boyfriend stumbled off to find his laptop.

“I’ll just make fucking dinner then!” He called out, shaking his head with a chuckle when Midoriya didn’t respond. 


Midoriya was bad at the internet. He started researching one thing… and that led to another… and eventually he knee deep in plant-based quirk hero statistics.

He was interrupted out of his research by the most delicious smelling bowl being waved under his nose. His eyes fluttered shut and he moaned.

“Oh my god Kacchan, that smells heavenly.” He said, shoving his laptop to the side in order to accept the bowl. Bakugou smirked and dropped to sit cross-legged next to him and the fucking plant.

“Oh my god Katsuki. What is this? Did you go shopping?” Midoriya said, stuffing his face.

“It’s cup noodles you dork.” Bakugou huffed. “You wouldn’t know good food if it hit you across the face.”

“How did you make it taste so good!?” 

“We’re poor Deku, not broke. Not enough that we can’t afford spices.” Bakugou shrugged, though inside he was bubbling with pride. “And when we get a few more months under our belts and some fucking cash I’ll make you a real dinner.”

Midoriya hummed and continued to eat. When he was done he set aside his bowl and fell back onto the floor, running his fingers along the edge of a leaf that dangled down, the other resting on his stomach. Bakugou ate and watched as Midoriya’s hand slowly fell from the plan to rest on the floor, drifting off to sleep. Bakugou felt like doing the same now that he had a full stomach.

“Pfft.” he chuckled quietly to himself. He set his own bowl aside and drew his knees up, resting his arms and chin on them. He reached out and twiddled a lock of green hair between his fingers. He found it amusing that all he wanted to do was sleep when they hadn’t had a chance to actually use this apartment for the… very specific reason he had wanted the privacy of their own place for in the first place. But… he was exhausted. The move on top of double patrolling was exhausting. And they didn’t have an actual bed yet and Bakugou did have some dignity. And… And he supposed there wasn’t a rush when he had this apartment and all the time in the world with the man he loved.

He sighed and looked around. 

They would have to get a couch, visitors be damned. And a bookcase. And he should print some more photos for that wall. And Deku’s plant would look good in the corner by a tv. And-

“S’cold.” Midoriya mumbled, turning over onto his side on the hard floor. Bakugou smiled.

“I gotta do everything don’t I nerd.” He whispered softly. He gathered up their bowls and threw them out. He went to their room and brushed his teeth, changing into proper pajamas before returning to his boyfriend with an armful of pillows and blankets. He tucked them around Midoriya and laid down himself, snuggling close. 

He wrinkled his nose at the cheap smell of the generic soap Midoriya kept in their agency locker room. He would have to buy him some good stuff when they could afford it. And expensive sheets… and that bubble bath he knew Izuku liked so much.

“Im gunna buy you the world Zuzu.” He mumbled, lips pressed to freckled shoulder blades, lulled to sleep by the sound of gentle breathing and the smell of that awful soap.


Midoriya yawned and his eyes fluttered open as sunlight spilled across his face.

He blinked a few times, momentarily lost, unsure of his surroundings. But a comforting weight tucked against him brought him back to familiar territory. He rolled to look at his companion, smiling sleepily.

One of Midoriya’s favorite things about dating Bakugou was getting to see this side of him. A side he had been thrilled to discover way back when they had first cuddled together, awkward and shy on the UA dorm couch. Bakugou was clingy , especially in his sleep and Midoriya relished every moment of it. 

He reached out and ran a thumb over a dusty blonde eyebrow, down a tan cheek, to his favorite little nic of a scar on Bakugou’s jaw.

“What do you want?” Bakugou mumbled without opening his eyes.

“Good morning beautiful.” Midoriya whispered, kissing the tip of Bakugou’s nose.

“If you’re going to fucking wake me up, at least make it worth my time.” The blonde continued to mumble.

“Fine. I’ll make you breakfast.” Midoriya chuckled, moving to sit up. Bakugou’s hand fisted in his shirt and stopped him from moving.

“I don’t want breakfast.” Bakugou growled, peering up at him with crimson eyes that were definitely hungry for something.

“Oh.” Midoriya grinned. “You sure you don’t want to wait? Our nice new mattress is being delivered today.”

“Izuku I waited two days already. We are christening this place now.” Bakugou rolled, pinning Midoriya to the ground. 

“Just me, you, and this fucking ficus.”