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More Than Just Friends

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    Gon’s POV


I looked outside of the bus window, anticipating another year full of bullying. The kids behind me snickered and whispered into my ear, “Can’t wait until after school huh, Freecss. I know you love it when we hang out.” I just sighed and continued to stare out of the window. 


    Killua POV


I sat all the way in the back of the bus, hoodie up over my head. I felt particularly hot today, but not because of the weather. My hoodie hid something my Dad specifically told me to never show in public. My ears. 


Now you are probably wondering… why would I hide my ears? The fact is, I am a Nekosho. Basically, I am a cat-human. I can become a cat at will, but my life span is of that of a human. Nekoshos are really rare. My sister, Alluka, is a Nekojo (sho for shonen (male) and jo for shojo (woman)). The rest of my family are just regular humans, except for the fact that they are pro assassins. I was kinda disowned just because of my rebelling. They still pay for my school tuition, although they don’t even give me anything for food. (I live in the streets, preferably by the chocolate store. The people that shop there sometimes buy me chocolate on their way out.) But they made it clear that they don’t want me back home.


I glanced up to the sound of laughing, noticing some of the older kids up front bullying a boy who seemed to be my age. He looked as if he was trying to ignore them, but the older kids persisted in trying to make him snap, giving them a reason to turn him in. I felt pity towards the boy, and stood up walking towards all the commotion. “Leave him alone,” I said. I could feel all eyes on me. “Are you really that weak, picking on someone younger than you just to feel superior?” The guy who seemed to be their ‘leader’ walked up towering over me. I shivered just a little, not because of his height of the look of amusement on his face. Because of the fact I was trying so hard to suppress a laugh from how stupid he looked, trying to look all high and mighty. I didn’t realize the big mistake I made. 


The leader noticed how cold I looked and decided to leave me alone, calling his buddies alongside him. 


    Gon POV


The new kid came up and asked if he could sit next to me. I nodded, shocked at how he didn’t even flinch when Uvogin came up face to face with him. “I-Im Gon. Fon Greecss,” I stammered. Realizing my mistake I shook my head rapidly and repeated “Gon Freecss.”


“Yo, I’m Killua. Nice to meet ya.” Killua said. He looked lax and comfortable. I noticed his hoodie and asked him why he was wearing it. “I get cold easily, believe it or not. I’m actually pretty cool right now.” he lied. But me, being the sweet angel I am, just nodded my head and didn’t question him any further. I beamed a smile at him.


“Can we be friends! I’ve never really had a friend, considering that, as you just saw, I’m bullied. Everyone stays away so they don’t get hurt by Uvogin and his gang either. I don’t blame them though. Apparently, they call themselves the Genyei Ryoudan (phantom troupe, it's just that I watched it in Japanese. It sounds weird when I say it in English soooo ya…).” Killua nodded his head in agreement, telling me that he too never really had made friends. 


“My parents were pretty harsh about making friends, telling me I don’t need them. Especially my brother. He follows me around, killing anyone who became friends with me- OH GOD IsaidnothingisaidnothingyoudidnothearmeNONONO!” I just looked at Killua, not noticing my mouth was open slightly. He quickly said, “Bu-But they disowned me sotheydon’treallycareanymoreheheheHEHEHEheeee…” I just stare a little more at Killua.


“So wait… you don’t have a home?”


    Killua POV


I can’t believe it. I just told him my brother kills people. I gave him a huge hint about my family being assassins. And all he cares about is the fact that I don’t have a home? I look down, nodding. Just then the bus came to a stop, and a swarm of students started leaving the bus. Me and Gon stood up to exit, only to be interrupted by Uvogin. “Hey squirt, don’t think I’ve let you off the bat.” I nodded, but when he turned to leave, I sneered and stuck my tongue out at him. Gon had to suppress a giggle.


It just so happened that I and Gon shared every class with each other. We didn’t have assigned seats, so we sat in the back left corner, next to the windows. Math was the worst . We both struggled to figure out the difference of the formula for finding the midpoint of a segment, and the one for finding the endpoint. Gon had trouble with the distance formula, but I (surprisingly) could help him. 




Before we even knew it, it was already the end of the day. The students had to share lockers, two per person. And of course, I and Gon shared one. As I got my things together, Gon asked, “Hey Killua… you wanna stay over at my place? I doubt Mito-san would mind it, especially if she finds out that you have been abandoned by your family…” I stare at him in complete shock. I don’t even have to think about it.


“Oh my god YES!” I scream, jumping up and down. Gon looked up from where he was staring down at his feet, amber eyes gleaming in the light. My heart skipped a beat. He looked… beautiful. I made a mental note to make sure no one ever hurt that precious face.


We walked down the hall, still packed with students. Uvogin seemed to pop out of thin air, the Genyei Ryoudan nowhere in sight. “Hey, you, shrimp.” I looked up, only to see a cold, dark stare looking right at me. My eyes widened, thinking instantly of my brother Illumi. I step back, trembling. “We never settled what happened on the bus ya know. No one can make a fool out of me.” He threw a punch, and I dodged it out of reflex. This guy was a murderer, I could tell. Why the school let him in? I don’t know. But I knew I had to run.


“GON, RUN!” I scream, turning to find Gon’s eyes widen in fear. He nodded and started to turn. Just then, a small kid came through the crowd and stopped Gon from running away. The students were all gathered around, watching. 


“Oi, Feitan, where have you been?”


“That is none of your concern, Uvogin.”


My attention was diverted. Me and my stupid stupidity let that happen. Uvogin landed a punch to my face, knocking down my hoodie. He paused, staring, then smirked. Gon let out a little gasp, and the students murmured amongst themselves. My ears perked up, not realizing what had just happened. “W-what? What happened?”


“So… the newcomer is a Nekosho…” 


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    Gon POV


I stare at Killua’s fluffy white hair (they compliment his skin and eyes, he thought), from were two cat ears perked up. They quickly squashed themselves back down into Killuas skull, still visible. I could see a tail peeking out from under Killua’s sweatshirt. No wonder he wore it.


I recalled reading about Nekoshos and Nekojos in a documentary. Apparently, it had nothing to do with genes or you parents. You could have a whole history of normal humans and be the first Nekosho (plural of Nekosho/jo, Nekoshi). They were near extension, and were sold at very high prices in the Black Market. But one thing that makes Killua stand out was the fact that he was a rare Nekosho. The documentary said that out of every 1 million Nekoshi there is only one Nekosho with white hair. And out of every 50 rare Nekoshi there is only one with blue eyes. 


“Killua… you…” Killuas ears twitched, and turned to the sound of my voice. They flattened even harder.


“G-gon I… I’m sorry I was going to tell you soo-”


“OMG YOU LOOK SO PRETTY!! Can I touch them!! Oh my god your ears look so cute ahhhh your hair looks so poofy and… poofy ahhhh can i touch it pleasepleasepleasepleaaaaaseeee. Oh and your tail! Cats like to get their tail stroked right!! Can I stroke it for you! O MY GOSH DO YOU PURR AHHH I NEED TO HEAR YOU PURR!!”


    Killua POV


The whole school and I mean the whole freaking school was staring at Gon (not like he cared much). Those beautiful eyes were sparkling and damn Gon looked hot. I mentally slapped myself like seriously Killua. Why ruin it. You are going to die. Because you thought Gon looked hot. The other boy, Feitan, grabbed my tail from behind and I jumped hissing. I meowed deeply (mrowwww xD) and landed on all fours. I didn’t want to use my cat form yet, because it might come to use if I ever wanted to spy on them (or Go-SHUT UP KILLUA). Gon threw a giggling fit and clutched his stomach.


“Awww Killua, you are just like a real cattt.”


“Shut up.” I mumbled. 


Finally, a teacher came to stop the fight, staring at Killua in the process. Gon sighed, saying, “You have to fill me in this whole Nekosho thing.”


    Gon POV


Me and Killua started walking home. I somehow convinced him to keep his tail out and hoodie down. His face was mad red, but (Gon being the little munchkin he is) I didn’t really understand why. 


Once we reached my house, I see Killua shake his head furiously, his tail swaying behind him. “Stop thinking like that…” he mumbled. Gon knew he probably didn’t want to talk about it, so just this once, he let his curiosity slide. 


“Mito-san! I’m home! And I brought a friend over!” 


“Gon! How was your first day of school? And please tell me when you bring a frie… WAIT!” she exclaimed.


“What geez what.”


“You… you made a friend..?”


“I know, I’m surprised too! And on top of that, he's a really really really rare Nekosho!!”


Mito-san came with a series of thumps and panting, but once she got to Killua she took his hands and started crying. “Oh thank you so much oh my oh.” she Kept on sobbing.


“Oh come on, it’s not that big of a deal…”




Killua sat down on my bed, somehow escaping Mito-san and her vigorous thanking tactics. “Wow, your mom can sure thank the hell out of people.” I look down. He notices this and asks, “Hey, what's wrong?” 


I look up and say “(this is the whole thing where he explains how he has no mom, and his dad has disappeared on a Military expedition and stuff :P.)” Killua just nods, ears and tail drooping a little. Which reminded me…


“Ne ne Killua, can I touch your ears and tail now?” Killua's eyes widen at this request.


    No ones POV


Killua shifted his position, turning his face towards Gon. “Sure… just be gentle. My ears especially. If you tug too hard, I might accidentally lash out at you…” Gon took a deep breath, and started scratching Killua under the chin. 


Just as Gon wanted, Killua started purring. Only to blush out of embarrassment and turn his face away. “Come on Killuaaa~,” Gon whined, “I wanna hear you purr…” 


Reluctantly, Killua turned back to Gon, who immediately started scratching his chin again. Killua, once again, started purring. 


Gon smiled intently as he continued, Killua's tail swishing back and forth. “Mmmmrrrowwmm~” 


Gon then removed his hand, and killua started to scrunch his face up. He meowed in a whining way, urging Gon to scratch him again. Gon just laughed, and went straight to the top of Killua’s hair. 


Gon ruffled his hair a little, before using both hands to massage his ears. Killua gasped, grabbing Gon’s wrists and squeezing. “Did that hurt?” Gon inquired. 


“No-no it didn’t, you just surprised m-me…” Killua stuttered, trying to get himself together. Killua’s grip slackened, allowing Gon to continue. Although Gon was careful, that didn’t stop Killua from moaning. It felt amazing . Killua’s ears started to lower themselves down, his tail swaying from the feeling. Gon stopped, and moved to stroke his tail.


“Ah! Go-Gon wait n-no don’t,” Killua said, but Gon wouldn’t have any of it.


“But you look so cute…” Gon whined, shaping his face into a really cute pout. Killua only sighed in content when gon stoked it again. *Gon’s hands… they are so warm… it feels… so-* 


“Ahnmmrrow” Killua meowed, covering his mouth to try to keep the noise in. 


They heard a knock on the door, Mito-san’s muffled voice said, “Dinner’s ready, boys!”

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    Killua’s POV


Me and Gon walked back downstairs, my face still a dark shade of red. When I glanced to look at Gon, he was smiling widely, and said, “Did that feel good? I hope it did. I mean you looked so happy… can we continue after dinner?”




“Why not… did it actually hurt…”


“No Gon its just… I don’t want to do that when Mito-san and your grandma are here…”


“Ok! So we can do it tomorrow because they are going to go shopping… which reminds me…”


We sat down at the dining table, filled with seaf food. Obviously, since I was also part cat, I loved seafood. Especially sushi. When I unconsciously started purring loudly at the smell of fish, Mito-san looked at me and laughed. Still purring, I asked, “What, do I look funny?” I hoped there wasn’t any evidence of what Gon just did to me. 


“No, no,” Mito-san replied, “I just didn’t know Nekoshos purr.” I jumped at this, clutching my throat (I'm pretty sure purring comes from vibrations in the throat…). I tried to hide the sound, but it just became louder. I lowered my hands in defeat, my hunger taking over my senses. “You must really love fish,” Mito-san added, “do you eat it a lot?”


“No, I don’t really have enough money for that…”


“OH YEA Mito-sann,” Gon yelped, “Killua says he doesn’t have a home because he was disowned. Can we take him in pleaaaaase!! He can be the brother I always wanted!” Gon got out of his seat jumping up and down.


“This boy has no home?? Why is that?” asks Gon’s grandma (we r gonna call her baachan) 


“Apparently he comes from a family of assassins,“ said Gon, getting wide eyes from baachan and Mito-san, “and well he didn’t like killing people so he started getting all rebellious and stuff so so he umm he was kicked out annnd… oh yea he also has a Nekojo sister!” I can’t believe he just did that. I didn’t even tell him he could.




“But I couldn’t just lie to baachan…”




We finally eat dinner, whilst I’m bombarded with questions. I don’t want to answer them, so I stuff my mouth with food. Once we are finally done, me and Gon take a bath together (Killua complained that he wanted to go by himself, but Mito-san insisted that if he lived in the streets for so long he should be cleaned thoroughly). Once Gon scrubbed all the dirt off of me clean, we dried ourselves and went to bed (Gon insisted that he dry my head and tail). 




We sat in the back of the bus, on our way to school. The Genyei Ryoudan was nowhere to be found. Maybe the school finally kicked those *Language~~* out. Since everybody knew, I found no reason to hide my cat features anymore. Gon and I talked all the way there about how much homework we had from the first day, even though we were only in 9th grade (btw I forgot to mention this, they're both 14 right now). 


We get to science class and sit down in our usual spots, way in the back (lol they love the back). Miss. Krueger came in and started talking about Enzymes and lipids and all those other things I can’t seem to remember. Gon loves science though, so he takes notes the whole class, not sparing anytime so we could talk. 


Miss. Krueger calls me and Gon to her after class. “...Did you need something Miss. Krueger?” I ask. 


“Oh just call me Bisky. And I wanted to ask you about the fight yesterday? We ended up expelling the whole ‘Genyei Ryoudan’, but we wanted to know why you two got in a fight with them?”


I repeat, “We..?”


“The whole staff.” she replied.




I explain to her what Gon told me; the Genyei Ryoudan bullying Gon, how I helped him that day on the bus, etc. What bothered me the whole time was how Bisky was staring at my ears the whole time. She kept smiling like some wako person. When I was done, I told her, “Ok, you asked us a question, we ask you one.” She didn’t even look annoyed, she just nodded (now staring at Killua’s tail). “Why is a kid teaching us Science?” 


At the mention of this, Bisky said, “Oh my~ you sure know how to talk to a lady ohoho~ Im actually 57.” I snort.


“Then basically your an old hag.” Her eyes became lit with anger.


“I AM NOT AN OLD HAG EXCUSE ME YOUNG BOY! I changed my mind about you. Hmph!”


“Like I wanted your opinion anyways.” I mumbled


“Mouu Killua, don’t say that! She may be old, but she isn’t a hag!” (Gon trying to get back on her good side). “Plus, just look at how young and beautiful she looks!”


Bisky smiled, “Well this boy knows how to speak! I changed my mind again ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )” 


“Oh!” I said, trying to get away. “Don’t we have math next, Gon! We don’t want to get any worse at linear equations, hurry!” I grabbed Gon’s hand and rush out of the classroom.




We finally get home, and just like Gon said, Mito-san and Baachan were out shopping. Gon and I played Super Smash Bros on his Wii U for a while, then started doing our homework together.


While we were finishing up our English homework, I heard the phone ring. “Hey Gon, the phone is ringing. Answer it.”


“Heyyy~ why can’t you answer it!”


“Because you know the people here better than me!”


Gon reluctantly sat up and walked out the room. I glanced back, sighing out of relief. *Looks like Gon didn’t remember what he said he would do yesterday…*


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No ones POV


Killua and Gon woke up the next day. Gon stood up and stretched looking back at Killua, who still sat groggily. “I feel weird…” Gon noticed Killua’s tail, which wasn’t even standing up at all. It just laid there like a normal rope. His ears were pushed back as if someone were pulling at them from behind. Killua looked up, only to show his burning face. “And why is it so hot…” 


Gon yelped. “Oh no no no Killuaaa you're sick…” He put his hand against Killua’s forehead only to retract it on contact. “and it's really bad…” Gon rushed down to the kitchen to bring an ice pack. He noticed Killua fainted from exhaustion on the floor. “KILLUA!” *This is a really bad time for Mito-san and Baachan to be on ‘vacation’* thought Gon.


Gon called Bisky (she gave him her phone number, telling him she wants to become friends despite the age difference) telling her that Killua had a very high fever and that Gon had to take care of him, so Bisky said, “Ok, I will tell 2 students to make sure they take notes and share them with you when you come back. I might drop by to check on you two, ok?” Gon gave the ok and hung up.


*I wonder if Killua will be fine if I left to bring him some herbs…*


    Killua’s POV


*Why… why is it so hot?* Killua thought, sitting up in bed, only to find himself with a cover on top of him and an ice pack that fell on his lap. “G-Gon… Where a--cough--are you…” Killua croaked, only to hear no answer. *what's happening to me…*


Killua got out of bed, slipping into his slippers. His legs felt like twigs, capable of assisting him in no way possible. He continued downstairs anyways. He found his shoes and jacket, putting them on and lumbering outside to look for Gon.


    Gon’s POV


*I wonder if Killua’s awake* I stood to gather the bitter herbs Mito-san would use on me as a kid. I went around looking for red, tiny mushrooms that made the herbs taste a little sweeter when grinded together. 


10 minutes later, I stood up, all the ingredients I needed in a reusable bag. I started walking home, expecting Killua to be in bed. But while trudging up the steep hill, I hear quite a bit of rustling to my left. I turned, only to see Kon. “Kon!” I exclaimed, running up to hug him.


“Rrrhgghahgg,” said Kon. (Of course, Gon understood) I followed Kon as he had instructed me. I stepped into an open field, looking at the body lying on the floor. 




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Killuas POV

I walked out of the house, expecting Gon to be nearby. “Gon!” I tried to yell, but came out more as a grunt. I gave up on calling his name, and started my search. I wobbled to the forest, my legs like jello. My knees threatened to buckle at any moment. I sniff the air, trying to catch Gons sent. My fever and runny nose get in the way.

I try to look for his footprints. *Thank goodness I’m part cat* My eyes adjusted to the dark, catching footprints in the leaves. I follow them, only to walk into a wide, open area. I trudge into it, noticing the footsteps moved in an arch. I looked to my left. My pupils narrowed into slits as I saw the danger in front of me. The creature had feet like a human with shoes, probably to lure its prey or drive them into a trap. In my case, it lured me.

I try to growl, except it came out more as a choke than a threat. I tried changing to my big cat form (snow leopard), but I stopped halfway through. My paws were visible, along with my fangs, whiskers, and a bit of white fur on my skin. I arched my back, to at least look a little more intimidating. The predator just bares its fangs, a low, deep rumbling sound coming from his stomach. Oh god. He’s hungry.

I let out a dangerous aura, things predators (only animals, not humans or insects) can usually use in danger, but his outwitted mine completely. I cowered in fear, letting out a little mewl. The creature noticed my reaction, and lunged. His claws slashed at the front of my shirt, shredding it until it was almost just a rag. He grabbed my tail, yanking me back in my attempt to run away. Using the momentum, he lashed out at my face, clawing at my eye. “AGHHSSSS.” I half yelp and hiss at him. He throws me into the middle of the clearing, my head facing the way i came into. I saw someone staring at me. “Gon…” I wheezed. The animals ears perked at the mention of his name. It disappeared into the forest.

The creature stared back at where I was looking for a good minute, then, eyes widening, ran away. Just as I saw a human figure pop out of the trees, I passed out. The last thing I heard was Gon crying my name.

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Killua POV

I open my eyes to the shaking and panting of Gon, running towards what seemed like nowhere. “Gon…” My breathing is heavy. I can feel Gon’s heartbeat thumping harshly and quickly on my side. Gon looks down and tells me not to talk, so I don’t use up my energy. I look around me, seeing people staring and giving us worried looks.

A car was driving next to us, the window lowering. “GON GET IN QUICK!” Gon seemed two know this person. “O-ok than*huff*thanks The Oreo.


It seems like I passed out again, because the next thing I knew I was in a hospital bed. Gon slept with his head on my bed, sitting on a chair next to me. The nurse in the room looked at me and said, “You have a very good friend, you know. Even though visiting hours are over, he insisted on staying. He said you don’t have someone to take care of you. In the end we let him stay.” The nurse kept glancing at my ears. I sighed.

“I’m a Nekosho, incase you were wondering. I don’t really care if you ask.” The nurse looked flustered, saying she had work to do.

“I will tell everyone to stay out so you two can rest.”

“Ok.” She leaves the room, and I hear the door click. Probably to keep me from running away. I look down at Gon. I realized, until now, I never really got a good look at him. His eyes were closed, lips pursed as if he were having a bad dream. I shifted in bed, making him stir and he slowly opened his eyes. He looked so angelic, with that perfect tan skin and glossy, auburn eyes. He looked so… handsome.

I mentally and literally slap myself. *What the hell are you thinking Killua. He’s a guy! You can’t have thoughts like that… huh* I look back at Gon, who was holding my hand, tears in his eyes.

“Kill-lua *sob*. I-I thought *hic* I thought you would die.” The tears rolled down his cheek. I cupped his face in my hands. He jumped up to hug me. I winced, and he backed away. “Sorry, *sniff* I forgot about all those *sniiiiiiff* all those gashes…”

I blushed slightly, trying to brush away Gons hands. “Im fine, geez. My family did way wo-” I realized I never really talked to Gon about what they did to me… “Nevermind, it's not important.”

Gon stood up, and climbed on the bed with me. “B-baka what are you doing!”

He gave me a smug look, “What does it look like I’m doing?” He lays down beside me, his face cuddling into my back. I didn’t notice it, but I started purring. “You sound cute when you purr,” Gon says. I can feel his breath on the back of my skin. “Killua… I love you, kay? And I will always love you.” My tail wraps around him.

“Me too, baka.”

This is the author talkinggg!! I was going to end it here but I decided since the last chapter was short, and I didn’t update for a while, imma continue. I don’t really have an excuse this time. I was just lazy :P. I also added a little… something to make up for that… hehehe I hope you guys like it!!


Killua fell asleep, his hand in mine and tail around me. I kissed his neck, falling asleep along with him from the warmth and comfort of Killua’s body. Later that day, the nurse came in two wake up the both of us saying Killua was discharged from the hospital bed. We took a taxi back to my house.


A couple of weeks later, Killua healed completely. School continued normally, girls randomly asking him out. Killua refused, always replying, “I already have someone I love,” taking my hand and blushing. Word spread quickly that we started dating. We didn’t mind the dirty looks. The three that supported us most were Kurapika, our Math tutor, Leorio (The Oreo), who was dating Kurapika, and Bisky.

“Kyaaaah!~~ You two look so cute together!! (I always imagine their kid -if they could have had one- to look like Deku sooo ya lol) I always shipped you two and it finally happened KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!~!!!~~!~!~! (ok a little excessive there xD)

One day, when we got home, Killua opened the TV in my room and started flipping through the channels. I was sitting next to him, my hand around his waist. His natural warmth flowed through me, causing me to sigh out of content.

We were looking for something interesting, when Killua opened on a channel of two people making out.

We both stiffened, staring at the scene in front of us for a good 10 seconds. Killua quickly went on a random channel and closed the TV. I squeezed his waist a little harder than before, and looked up at Killua. He was also looking down at me, gazing into my light brown eyes.

His tail was swaying, in a way I have only seen once. When I last played around with his ears/tail. His eyes were lustful. I gulped.

“K-Killua… you wanna… you know…” He nodded eagerly.

“Gon… if you don’t want to its fine… I just might not be able to hold myself back.”

I chuckled. “Of course you won't be able too, I’m just too adorable and sexy~

He picked me up, laying me down on the bed. “Nononono. I’m topping you, kitty.” Killua’s eyes widened.

“B-but I wanted to top you.”

“Some other time. I got ideas.”

I flipped him over, licking my lips. This was going to be fun.

Chapter Text

Killua POV


“Pmmprrrmm~,” I was moaning to the feeling of Gon’s hands rubbing my ears gently. Both my ears and tail twitched vigorously. “G-Gon…” He came up close to me, kissing my lips to shut me up. He swiped his tongue against my lower lip for entrance. I opened it just a little, only to have Gon shove his tongue inside. It ‘slithered’ all around, brushing against my own. I moaned into his mouth, which Gon swallowed eagerly. He gasped for air, a trail of saliva connecting our tongues together. He smiled at me lovingly.


“Killua… do you mind If I’m a little rough?” I snort. My blush is a deep red, but I try to keep a straight face. Gon looked so cute with his expression all scrunched up. I slowly nod. He looked a little surprised, but then he calmed down a little. 


    No ones POV


They gaze into each others eyes, the lust present and exposed in the depths of their big orbs. Gon leaned in for another kiss, tugging on Killua’s shirt. Killua complied, Slipping out of his shirt while Gon followed.

Gon lowered his head down to the two erect buds on Killuas chest, softly nipping and sucking them. “MM!” Killua covered his mouth trying to keep the noise in. Gon looked up, an annoyed expression on his face. 


“I want to hear your voice, Killua.”


“Bu-but it's embarrassing… It sounds weird too…”


“You shouldn't feel embarrassed though. You look and sound cute.” Killua’s face brightens even more than before, but he slowly moves his hands away from his mouth. Gon smiles at this, and begins to pull Killua’s pants off. 


    Gon POV


I slowly start to pull Killua’s pants off, glancing up to see if he is ok with it. He doesn’t refuse. I stare at the bulge that started to grow during our little make-out session. “S-stop staring, pervert.” Gon just smirks at this.


“You are clearly the perverted one, already hard like this.” 




I rub his erection through his boxers, my own growing from the lewd noises coming from the Nekosho. “It’s not fair that you get to keep your pants on…” Killua says, his cheeks puffing up for emphasis. I laugh and start to take off my pants, only to have Killua stop me. “I want to do it.” My eyes widen, but I stop, letting him unzip my fly and remove my pants. “Wow, you’re so big,” he said. Only to realize that he said something so embarrassing. He squealed and fell back on his back (lol) . He looked so sexy…


“Killuaa~” I fall on top of him, laughing. “You look so sexyyy. You are too purrfect.” I snicker. He smiles, and pulls me in for a kiss. With our hard members rubbing against each other, We both moaned into the kiss. It felt so good. I raised my hand to start rubbing Killuas ear again. He shivered, his breath hitching when i moved up to start licking and sucking it. 


“Gon st-stop it Gonn~” He was moaning like crazy, his tail thumping lightly against the bed. I sat up, turning Killua's body around. He was on all fours, tail pointed up and butt in the air. I could see the pre-cum dripping out of his boxers. 


I removed his boxers, and cradled Killua’s cock in my warm hands. He gasped, his cute little butt pushing up in the air, shaking. “Gon... “ I could feel his purring reverberating throughout his whole body. I licked down from his balls, all the way up to his puckered entrance. Moving my hand up and down his length, rubbing the tip every now and then, caused Killua to moan nonstop. His hole was twitching, a look of annoyance on his face. I could tell he was too shy to ask.


I blew on his hole, sending shivers down his spine. “G-Gon wai- MRo0owRrrr~” (its hard to write this and try to make him moan all cat like smh) . I slipped in a single digit, but I couldn’t really see his face clearly. I flipped him over once again, giggling when he gasped out of surprise. “Gon i-im close,” Killua breathed. I had 4 fingers inside now. “Gooo-NNGH!” He came all over my hand and his chest. He covered his face out of embarrassment. 


“Killua… can I put it in?”

Chapter Text

Killuas POV


“Killua… can I put it in?”


I squeezed my eyes shut, slowly nodding my head. I once saw a video Piggy (his fat bro, forgot his name lol) was watching. Except it was a girl. I had an idea of what to expect, but I was a boy… I also heard it could be a bit painful.


I looked up at Gon. I instantly felt reassured. He wouldn’t continue if it hurt, I know Gon wouldn’t. I smiled, and nodded eagerly this time. “Killua, if… if it hurts, tell me, o-ok?” See? Nothing to worry about.


“Just hurry up and do it, baka.” I say, my expression softening. He sat up, lining up his length against my entrance. Just having his fingers inside me felt amazing. I was a little nervous, but I knew in the end it would feel good.


    Gons POV


I slowly entered Killua, grunting from the feeling of his clamping walls around me. I looked at Killua's face, and stopped moving at the look of pain on his face. “K-Killua, does it hurt too much? Should I stop?” He shook his head.


“Just-just wait for me to get used to it.” I nodded, moving very cautiously and slowly. I waited for the tears in his eyes to stop flowing. A small moan of pleasure escaped from Killuas mouth, his expression shifting from pain to lust(?). I took this as a sign. Moving a little faster, I shifted around looking for a specific spot.


“AAhhHHh~” Found it.


I repeatedly hit his prostate, coming out until just the tip of my penis was inside, then slamming it harshly back in. I used one hand for balance, and the other to yank softly on Killuas tail. I could tell he liked it, because his tail was twitching furiously. 


It felt so good, the was his insides felt, how his purring vibrated even inside his butt. 






I was so close, I could feel the cum burning inside me. “Ahhh~”


We both came at the same time, collapsing on the bed. I didn’t even bother taking it out. I was so exhausted. “Did… did it hurt too much?”


“No, I’m just a little sore.”


“O-ok.” (that looks like a text emoji xD)


    Killua POV


My butt hurts now, but I don’t mind much, I pull the covers over us, meowing when Gon took his out. He snorts. 


After a while, we both drifted off to sleep.


Chapter Text

Killua POV


Thank goodness it was Memorial Day. If it wasn’t, I would have to limp around throughout the whole school. I think about the events that took place on Gon’s bed last night. I sat up, pain shooting up from my butt to my spine, causing my head to throb. I groaned, my voice husky. It was painful to sleep. I looked down, noticing I was clean and had clothes on. Wait… that means…


Gon had to clean up after me.


He dressed me.


Gon had to touch… it again…

It wasn’t as if he didn't touch me, but it was just so nerve wrecking. I squeaked at the thought, blood rushing up to my face. Next to me, I felt Gon shifting his position to face me. “Hey Killuaagahhhhhhh.” I laughed. His yawning was so cute. I pulled him in for a kiss.


“Hey, sunshine.”


‘Getting all lovey-dovey now, aren't we.” He said, smirking.


“B-baka, can’t I just express my love without you embarrassing me?”


“Nope, that's my job.” I just puffed his cheeks up, reminding myself of those cute chipmunks.Gon smiled sweetly, giving me a peck on the lips. My tail flicked, swaying from left to right. I purred, rubbing my face against his. Oh wait. Is today… 


“Gon, is today a full moon?” I ask, a little scared for the answer. If so, I need to hide. Now. 


“Yea, I wanted to go outside today and watch it with you today. I shook my head no, Eyes widening and ears instantly flattening themselves. My whiskers already grew on my face, I noticed at they drooped.


I jumped out of the bed and ran into Gon’s bathroom before I fully transformed. I got in, locked the door, and sighed out of relief. The sigh quickly turned into a pained squeak, as I began to grow shorter. My eyes started glowing, my back hunched over. I growled, and tried to speak, but it only came out as a ‘Mroughww’ 


“Killua? What happened?” I wanted to tell him. I knew he would listen. But I was still so scared . I just backed away on all four paws, letting out a little mewl.


I became a cat.


I really hated it too. I was still a kitten, my size that of a tape dispenser. I don’t know why, Probably because cats age very quickly. 


I hated full moons…


“Killua? Are you there? Answer me please!” Gon sounded like he was on the verge of crying. I just really didn’t want him to see me when ‘Instinct’ took over me…


Come on Killua, just unlock the door. It doesn’t matter if Gon shuns you because of your cat form, right? You have always been alone. It's not like anything will change. I let out a strangled meow. I hated him.


“Killua, I’m opening the door.” Gon said. I didn’t know how he was, but I stayed hiding in the light corner, closing my eyes shut in an attempt to stay camouflaged. 


When Gon said ‘opening’, he really meant ‘breaking down. I heard a loud crashing noise, just causing me to tighten up into a ball even further. I didn’t see him, but I knew he saw me. 


“Kill… Killua..?”

Chapter Text



I saw a cute little ball of fur squeezing itself in the corner of the tub. Wait… “Kill… Killua..?” The kittens ears flicked at the mention of its name. He raised his head a little, the electric blue eyes I grew to love still visible despite how tiny they became. My eyes widened. “KILLUA YOUR SO CUTE OH MY GOSHHH~” Killua jumped at the sudden noise and pawed at his tiny ears. “Oh gosh, sorry, Killua…”


Miew ,” said Killua, his mewl barely audible, but still soft and calming like human Killua. I slowly approached him, holding my hands out whispering to him words of comfort. He stood up on all fours, and trotted up to me. Jumping over the tub’s ledge, he landed on his soft tummy. “Miw!” he squeeked. I rushed up next to him, snatching him up in my hands, rubbing his stomach and scratching under his chin. He started purring, only it was much louder and ‘higher pitched’ than when he was a human. But that didn’t change the fact that he was still adorable.


I brought him up close to my face, booping his nose with mine. He pawed at my face, repeatedly tapping my lips. I brought him closer, and he started licking them. I could tell he was trying to tell me that he was still Killua, same personality and all, but just in a different shape. I giggled, also knowing that he was also growing frustrated. “Aww, Killua! I love you too~” 


“Mroww.” he mewed, still pawing at my face. I knew he wanted to punch me, or say something like, ‘B-baka! Don’t say stuff like that you know it's embarrassing…’ I just smiled, and cradled him in my arms. I could still feel his purring reverberating throughout my chest. It was a nice feeling. I began to hum a little song, obvious by my tone that I was happy. 


I sat Killua down on my bed, sitting on the floor on my knees and resting my chin on the edge of the bed. My hands still held Killua, rubbing his ears lightly knowing he loved it when I did that. He pushed his face against my hand, rubbing it affectionately. I didn’t really know what to do now, though. *Do I need to buy Killua a litter box now? Will he eat cat food, or is it still ok to eat what he normally eats… Oh god I need to hide his chocolate.* A bunch of questions ran through my head, all unanswered.


Killua noticed my uneasiness and began to walk towards me. Just then, Mito-san came in. “Hey boys, I was wondering if-” she was cut off by the sight of a kitten. “Gon! What did I say about bringing animals in the house!”


“But he's Killua! I can’t just leave him!”


Mito-san gave me a skeptical look, probably questioning my sanity. I bore my eyes into her, trying to convince her that I wasn’t lying. That was when Killua starting making noises. “Miiua… Mi Milu- khilwua- MROW!” He slammed his paw down in frustration. As his face scrunched up, I realized what he was doing, or at least trying to do. 


“Wait… are you trying to speak? Is that even possible?” He nodded his head. That's when he hopped off the bed, walking across my room to my desk. He leaped up, landing gracefully onto the tabletop. He grabbed a wooden pencil with his mouth and struggled as he pried open my notebook (I noticed this was the notebook we used at night, too scared to use our voices resulting in Mito-san waking us up). He finally found a new page, and began to… write?

Chapter Text

Killua POV


I began writing, cursing inwardly at my messy handwriting. I hated full moons… I began to explain why I was a cat. I explained that after a couple of hours, approximately 4-5 hours, ‘Instinct’ would begin to take over me. So if I began to act more violent, or cat like, it wasn’t me, It was him. “Wait,” Gon interpreted, “this ‘instinct’ thing is a person?” I nodded, looking up at Gon. I noticed Mito-san came to join in on the explanation. “How long do you stay as a cat?” I began to write, I don’t know, really. Back at home, my brother did something, I don't really want to specify, that always changed myself back into a human, or as human I could get. “Great! But wait, did it hurt?” I nodded my head. I don’t really remember the details, because he always did it when Instinct takes over me. Since Instinct likes my brother, even though he beats him up,  he puts up less of a struggle. My paws and teeth hurt like crazy. It was so hard to write. But I needed to warn them. My aura as a cat gets much stronger, and once Instinct does kick in, he will willingly let it out for my brother to find him. Right now, I’m concealing it, but I have to run away. I don’t want you guys to get hurt. “Wait no, you aren't leaving. We won't let you, right? Mito-san? We can all run together, and come back when you are no longer a cat. I looked at Gon, trying to speak again. I was tired of writing for eternity. 


“Mi- Mo- no .” I was finally able to let out. After a short pause, I began again, and to my surprise, I was actually talking. “ I don’t want to p-put you guys in danger.” it took me a while, but I was able to speak. Gon just looked at me sadly. “ Look, even if you guys want to protect me, he will know where I ran away. If you guys even so much as provoke him, he will kill you. Just let him take me.”


Gon, as I guessed, shook his head furiously. “No! We can go far from Whale Island. He can think we live in… in Yorknew!” Mito-san agreed. “See! It’s a good idea! Now let's get packing, so it looks like we actually came to live there, not just to visit.” 


Gon grabbed me and placed me on his head, frantically packing any random combo of his clothes. He also brought some of mine, the reason remained unknown. I could sense Mito-san next door, doing the same thing. In less than 5 min, we were already running to the boat to yorknew. I saw Mito-san on her phone, scrolling down furiously. “Ok *pant* I-I got us some *pant* some tickets.” She then shoved her phone in her skirt pocket, the same hand grabbed by Gon and pulled. She squeaked out in surprise as Gon began to run even faster. “G-Gon!” Gon yelled something, but was inaudible at the speed we were going.


“We need to get on the boat quickly!” he yelled. I told him it wouldnt really do anything, because even if we got on the boat first we would still have to wait for everyone else. He sighed, “Ok, ok. I guess we should wait.” I pat his head, purring to tell him it was ok. 


I felt so… happy.


I wasn’t even scared of Illu-ni at the moment. Heck, I don’t care if he took me back home. I was just happy that I finally got that love I was looking for. I played with Gon’s hair, patting it down for comfort. 


My purring abruptly stopped. I began to close my eyes, and I blacked out.

Chapter Text



I notice Killua going limp on my head. It was abrupt, both his purring and pawing ceased. I grabbed him, worried. If he was still purring, I wouldn't have cared as much. But I noticed he always purred when asleep. I pulled him down in front of my face, feeling his heartbeat. It was surprisingly weak, his breath ragid. I remembered how he said Instinct would take over him, but this soon? “Mito-san, I think…” I trailed off, earning a knowing glance from Mito-san.


“We need to hurry then.” 


After another 15 minutes of panicking and mumbling to Killua, the boat finally departed. I sighed while massaging Killua’s paws. He hasn't moved, or shown any signs of life, aside from his breathing. I was a little softer now, his heartbeat stronger than it was before. This helped with the anxiety I was feeling, but it was still there. 


I was sitting down, about to stand up when Killua suddenly shot up. His eyes held a hostile look towards me, not the usual soft adoring look killua would have. “Killua!” I tried to calm him down, for he began to kick at me with his hind legs and furiously scratching me. *This isn't killua… its Instinct…* Once Instinct realized i was barely fazed, he began emitting an evil aura. Killua warned me of this, but it was so harsh I was tempted to drop him right there. But I didn’t; I couldn’t, because despite how melicious he may seem now, Killua was still suffering in there.


“MrrrOW!” Instinct finally slashed and effective hit, scratching my face (thankfully not damaging my eyes). I cried out in pain, but my grip only tightened. Not enough to hurt him, though. I just looked up and smiled.


“Its ok, I’m here,” I whispered, “Killua, Instinct, whoever you are.” The blood was now dripping down onto my clothes. Thankfully, Mito-san was asleep in another room; she didn’t have to see my current state. Instinct began to lash out again, but I could see the hesitance in both its movements and glare. “I don’t want to hurt you, please , listen to me!” Instinct just kept on going, now scratching my arms and hands. I didn’t want to hurt him…


“G-grown… Gowrn,” I stared at Instinct. “G… Gon?” 


My eyes began to water, “Killua!!” I held him close to my face, despite the stinging ache I felt all over my body. 


“W-wait, Gon… did I… did I do this?” I looked at Killua, his expression drooping along with his tail and ears. I shook my head.


“No, It wasn’t you. It was Instinct. You shouldn't blame yourself, Killua.” 


I blinked a couple of times, trying to re-adjust my blurry vision. “Gon! Gon, are you ok!” I gave no response. I felt too weak. “Shit, too much blood loss…”


I felt Killua squirm out of my grip, walking out the slightly ajar door. I could hear him yelling Mito-sans name. I lied down on my bed, closing my eyes and massaging my temples. My head was ringing, and my breath taking hurt. 


“Gon!” Mito-san said; that was the last thing I heard before passing out.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Illumi’s POV


*I felt Instincts aura… I wonder why Killu has changed back almost instantly? I did not give him the injection…* “Hisoka,” I said, staring at him with blank eyes, “His location is just Northwest of here, about 53 miles. Meet you there, ok?” 


I listened as Hisoka said in his abnormally seductive voice, “Sure~” and disappeared just like that. *I’m coming for you, Killu.*


    Killua’s POV


I could feel Illumi’s bloodlust from here. I was so scared. I could tell he was far, but the fact that I could still sense him shook me. *Hescomingformehescomingformehescomingformehes-* “Killua?” said a soft voice. I turned to see Mito-san reaching down to pick me up, but I scrambled away.


“Don’t touch me!” I exclaimed. “I-if you do, he- he- hes gonna come for you to!” I was growling, but it sounded more hurt and confused than angry and malicious. She hesitated, but still scooched over to me.


“Its ok, its ok, Killua. He won’t be coming any time soon.”


“You don’t understand! He already knows where I am.” I let out a sob, but it came out more strangled than I liked. Probably because I was a cat. Stupid feline featres. 


I couldn’t take it anymore. The haunting fact that my presence could cause their death forces me to run. I felt a sharp pang in my head, my mind completely forgetting the fact that I was in the middle of the ocean. I jump through the bars, expecting to land on… well, land. Except I was met with a wet, cold substance.


Oh crap.


I let out a strangled meowing. I could hear Mito-san yelling at Gon to calm down. I soon heard someone splashing next to me. “Mrrriew.” I somewhat whispered. 


“Ki*glug*Killu-a, wh*sputter*hat were yo-you doing!” I was shivering now. I wanted to get out, but at the same time, I just… wanted to die. I know Gon and Mito-san, including Alluka, would get sad, but they would move on. Wouldn't they? It's not like I would bring them a safe life. My presence, I’m sure, is a nuisance. Illu-ni might, no… will come for them now. If he finds out I’m friends with Gon… I don’t even want to think about it.




I woke up in bed. I hadn’t noticed it, but I passed out. I sat up, looking around the room. I saw clothes on my bed. *Why did they give me clothes?* I begin to get out, only to realize… I was getting out. I was sitting up. I had human legs. I… was a human again? But why so fast? I thought it might have been the salt water. As I put my clothes on, I hear muffled noises outside. Once I was done, I drank the glass of water next to the bed. It tasted a little weird, but we were on a boat, its not like the water is going to be completely clean. I put my shoes on, stretching my arms. I groomed my tail and scratched behind my ears a little. 


The muffled noises were getting louder.


I step towards the door, freezing upon hearing who and what the noises were from. *Gon! Hes… choking?* 


I was about to open the door, but deadpanned when I heard why he was choking. “ Where. Is. Killu? ” I was shivering. I could hear Hisoka chukling. 


“Let me go! Don’t hurt my son!” I could hear Mito-san yelling. There was a little slap, and Mito-san went silent for only a second. She began yelling again. “I TOLD YOU, LET GO OF MY SON, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!” Mito-san never swore, but I could understand her in this situation.



I stepped out.


Illu-ni stared at me, and dropped Gon. He clutched his throat, coughing up too much blood. Way too much. I saw many bruises all over his body, the blue beginning to grow into a dark, murky purple color. I began to cry. “A-Aniki…” 



Chapter Text



Everything hurt. Everything hurt, but the thing that hurt the most was the look of fear plastered all over Killua’s face. 


I had never thought of Killua’s predicament much. Other than the fact that I resented his family, I never felt like going into the topic, as much as I hate to admit it. Now I can see it… I can see all the emotions and memories that Killua had, all those moments of endless sorrow and pain his brother put him through. And what did, could I do? Nothing. Nothing at all.


I try to speak out to Killua, tell him to run even if my tries might come out as futile. I managed to get something out, but it didn't sound anything like what I intended. I could see Killuas frightful eyes dart from me, Mito-san, the guy with red hair, then Illumi. I watched them move repeatedly until his eyes landed on something, or someone behind me. 


“No fighting on this boat.” said the boy. At least, I thought it was a boy. I could hear footsteps, and a warm pair of hands softly pull me up. I was settled on a bunch of pillows, and when the blonde moved towards Mito-san, The red-head darted in front of him. 


‘No fighting on this boat, especially against my friends.” I finally recognized the voice. 


“Kurapika?” I heard Killua whisper. Kurapika pointed a shaky finger towards me, then Mito-san. 


“You dare come on this boat, you dare hurt my friends, and you dare to come in front of me and block my way ?” I could see his eyes, the scarlet blazing far more than when he talked about his family. In a flash, Kurapika was net to Mito-san, then in another, he was laying her down next to me. “Don’t worry Gon, I will take care of the two.”


“W-wait!” I could hear Killua yell. His voice was quivering. “I-you don’t know who your fighting with! That’s my brother ! H-he can ki-kill you!” I could see him crying, his words now desperate. “I don’t want anyone else dying just so I can survive!”


What did Killua go through?

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