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You wiped the beads of sweat that accumulated on your forehead as you moved around different bouquets in the store. Your two employees had already taken off earlier, leaving you alone with the flowers. Each bundle of flowers were uniquely crafted by your quirk which allowed you grow flowers from anything you touched. As a child you dreamed of one day becoming a pro hero and help people just like All Might. But those dreams came crashing down when reality slapped you in the face. On top of being super skittish, you couldn't risk getting injured or possibly killed as no one would be able to take care of your younger siblings anymore. The thought of having your mother having custody over your siblings again terrified you. There was no way you'd let your siblings go through pain you did growing up. No one deserved what you went through, not even those notorious villains that roamed the streets nowadays.

A long sigh escaped you as you placed the last bouquet on the stand in the shop. You'd sold a good amount today, a few potted plants, but mostly bouquets. You little shop had become a local hit for buy the perfect flowers for any occasion. Plus if you didn't have what they wanted, you could make it on the spot with your quirk. You got a lot of custom orders each day. It made you happy you could help people make the perfect floral gift for their special occasion. Plus you were able to put your quirk to work despite not being a pro hero. It was a good alternative to compensate the loss of your dream to be a hero. The shop gave you an honest living, something that didn't require all the violence and death surrounding the superhero industry. The amount of times you watch the news mourn over the recent injury or loss of a hero hurt your heart. Despite being dressed in fancy and flashy costumes, they were still people too. They had families they wanted to go back to every night.

Finally satisfied with the arrangements you set up for the next day, you began to turn off the lights of the shop. Bits of dirt caked your face from having to plant more potted flowers from this afternoon, but it didn't bother you in the slightest. You were used to getting your hands covered in plant muck by the end of the day. The callouses from moving boxes and plants around were also a norm at this point. You’d completely given up on trying to make yourself eye catching and desirable. If the right person came along, they’d love you for who you are and not what you looked like. Though if you really wanted to try, you were sure you’d get some people’s attention when your face is clean and your hair not messily tucked away in a ponytail. The last time you went out in anything remotely nice was three months ago. Your younger siblings hogged up almost all your time.

With everything put away and the lights turned off, at last you were able to leave the shop to breath in the fresh evening air. You fished out your key to the shop from your purse and locked the door. This month’s profits allowed you save a little more towards your brother’s education at some sort of hero academy. You’d saved little by little over the last two years to earn enough to put him through a hero course. Your dream of becoming a superhero seemed to have transferred over to him. His quirk was much more powerful than yours, able to manipulate his body composition into plant life and grow them from the ground. His stuff was always bigger and better than your too, not that you minded. You were happy he was able to live out his dreams. Though as of right now, he just started middle school and it would be a while before he went to any academies.

The subway was deserted when you entered, something you’re used to having to work late everyday. Running your own shop was much harder than you’d first anticipated. The hours were definitely long and laborious, but you needed to keep working to support your siblings. Being only twenty and basically a single parent of two was a challenge. Trying to keep mouths fed and make time for them was difficult to juggle. You were glad it got easier as time went on.

The automated voice announced your stop and you got off. It was a little colder than usual today and you were completely underdressed for it. Goosebumps patterned your skin as you walked along the road to get to your apartment. The silence of the night as you walked home allowed your mind to wander. You began to think about what life would have been like if you’d had actual parents. Two loving and supportive people in your life to help you get through. Seeing other people have time to go out for dinner or coffee with their parents made you envious. You desperately wanted to have a relationship with your parents, but your father was already out of the picture. All you knew was that he left when you were nine. Honestly, you didn’t have many memories despite living with him for nine years. You just remembered he was always came home very late or not come home at all. It was hard on your mother, who turned her attention to alcohol to cope. 

Somehow the two had time to knock each other up before your father completely vanished, leaving you with your baby brother. This devastated your mother, but you had no remorse for her. There were so many other things she could have done, but instead she chose to also fade in your life too. She’d always come home drunk or high. But whenever things started to get serious and people were getting concerned, she’d always pull it back together. You were stuck with her, but it didn’t stop you from making sure your brother didn’t suffer. Life was already giving you all the troubles it could give one person, but it decided to give you one more when your mother got pregnant with your little sister when you turned 17. 

Your mother managed to get her shit together for the nine months she was pregnant. It was like the child finally gave her the push she needed to get her life back on track. There was someone growing inside her she needed to take care of. It was troublesome not know who the father was, it meant that you’d need to help her with the new baby. During that time it felt like she was really your mother again, coming home early and cooking meals. It gave you faith again that she wasn’t actually that bad, but the whole point of raising expectations was to finally disappoint them right? After your sister was born your mother completely disappeared again, leaving you with a newborn child. She didn’t come back at all for a whole year and you had to take on part time jobs to keep your siblings fed. You barely graduated high school with the marks you got during your last year. 

You shook your head, trying to get rid of the unpleasant memories of the past. What was done is done, there was no going back now. The lights to your apartment were already lit, your brother was already home with your sister. You opened the door of your apartment and announced, “I’m home!” You set your purse down by the door and locked the door behind you. Your baby sister, who was barely four came running from around the corner. She jumped up into your arms and you caught her while laughing.


“Nee-chan!” she exclaimed as she buried her head into shoulder, she wrapped her arms tightly around your neck. Her light purple hair fluffed into your face. Her little arms almost choking you as you spun her around.


You bent your down into the crook of her neck and blew down on her baby soft skin, effectively making some farting noises. She giggled like mad as she squirmed in your arms. You finally set her back down and let her run around your legs, “Kimiko, where’s Tsuki?” you asked her with slight concern shadowing over your face. 


Kimio stopped running around and looked up at you with big doe eyes, “It’s a secret,” she said while flashing her tiny teeth. She ran around the corner away from you and hid, you sighed and followed pursuit. As you turned to corner to chase after her, colorful confetti was thrown into your face.


“Happy birthday Nee-chan!” Tsuki said while holding out a small cake that was clearly homemade. It didn’t matter how messy the icing job was because it made your heart melt. To be honest, you’d completely forgotten it was your birthday today. The fact those two trouble makers took the time to do this for you, it made all the hardships you faced these last two years feel completely worth it. Even if life planned to make your life a living hell, you were determined to fight back and make something good out of it. Kimiko continued to throw the confetti at your face even after the initial surprise.


You gratefully took the cake from Tsuki’s hands and flooded him with thank yous, “Thank you so much Tsuki, this means so much to. I’m so happy right now, I can’t even describe in words how happy I am. The cake is so beautiful.” You put the cake down on the kitchen table and kneeled down to litter his face with kisses. He scrunched his face up in disgust, but you knew deep down he loved being given this attention. That adorable little tsundere.


“Cake cake cake!” Kimiko chanted as she jumped up and down on the seat she stood on top of to throw confetti at you. Thankfully she’d stopped her assault of the colorful plastic and was now completely focused on the cake. Tsuki grumbled under his breath while Kimiko stared at it with big eyes.


“Hey now Kimi, you know we can’t have the cake until after we eat our greens right?” you scolded, shaking a finger at her. She crossed her arms and puffed out her cheeks in annoyance. You gave Tsuki another kiss on the cheek before you went to the refrigerator to get some leftovers for dinner. Using your beat up microwave to heat up the food always took forever since it didn’t work very well, Kimiko was whining about how hungry she was while the three of you waited.


Eventually the food was warm enough and you all began to dig away at the food. Tsuki stuffed his face full of spinach and cucumbers while Kimiko munched on some stir fry noodles. The funny thing about you and Tsuki was that you two naturally loved eating vegetables. This was probably something related to your shared quirks, which was apparently inherited from your father. The two of you also needed to be in the sun a lot more to soak up vitamin D. It’s used to power your quirks and make the plants grow. Kimiko on the other hand still hasn’t displayed any signs of having a quirk. She was right at the age she was supposed to develop signs of a quirk. You felt like you should take her to the doctor at some point to get her checked out for the joint in her toe, but you really didn’t have any money to spare to take her. Unless you wanted to use some of the money you were saving for your brother. Besides, children naturally displayed their quirks at some point around four years old. You’ll just wait for the quirk to display itself.

People tend to think that Kimiko is your daughter. The two of you did look similar since you shared a mom, but she had completely different hair color and eyes. You always saw people giving you the side eye and whisper quietly to their friends. You were super upset about it at first, but eventually you stopped caring. People can think whatever they want, it only matters that you know the truth. It was too much work having to care so much over little things like that. You’d rather focus your attention on making sure Tsuki and Kimiko don’t go do something rash. You wouldn’t want a repeat of what happened in the supermarket.


“Is Hisei ever gonna come back nee-chan?” Kimi asked innocently while looking up from her noodles, some of the sauce was smeared onto her cheeks. You froze at her words, wincing slightly. Hisei was someone you were dating roughly three months ago. For a while the two of you were inseparable, he would always come over to spend time with you at your apartment even though Tsuki and Kimiko were there. The two of you were together for roughly half a year, it was the longest relationship you’d ever had. Things seemed to be great until Hisei started getting upset that you were always busy. You tried to explain that you couldn’t help it, you had to take care of your younger siblings. He accused you of wanting to spend more time with them than with him. You, of course, were very upset that he wanted you to spend less time with your siblings. Everything started to go downhill from there. After the two of you finally broke up, you hadn’t tried to date anyone else. The break up was too emotionally taxing for you, and you didn’t have the time to wallow on the couch all day over a break up.


Tsuki smacked the top of Kimiko’s head with the ends of his chopsticks, “Don’t ask questions like that to nee-chan!” he rebuked. You knew Tsuki didn’t actually hit her very hard, and laughed when Kimiko started shouting back at Tsuki.


“I didn’t know that! I thought nee-chan and Hisei were very close,” Kimiko retorted back to Tsuki who had went back to eating his food. He simply rolled his eyes at her and she stuck her tongue out at him. While the topic was sensitive for you, it helped that Tsuki was mature enough to realize that. Kimiko also wasn’t asking the question to be nosy or anything, she was just purely curious as all four year olds are. 


“It okay Kimiko, Hesei and I just don’t see eye to eye anymore,” you said while gently stroking her head. She leaned into your touch like a little puppy as you pet her head. Kimiko was especially attached to you as you were basically her mother. You were the one who changed her diapers and bottle fed her.


“Can’t you make up with him?” she asked, you nearly choked on your food as she did. You face turned bright red as the two looked at you confused. By the end of your relationship with Hisei, things were going very on and off. You were going to break it off with him then, but the conversation ended up turing into make up sex rather than breaking up. It wasn’t like you were a complete virgin up to that point, but you were exactly sleeping around. Sure you lost your virginity at seventeen, but you weren’t completely hooked on it like some people. You could still count the number of times you’ve had sex on your two hands.


“Ahem,” you cleared your throat quickly to recover yourself. “Sorry Kimi, we can’t make up with each other.” Kimiko tilted her head sideways and opened her mouth to say something, but you quickly cut her off before she could, “I’ve tried Kimi, he’s not gonna be coming back.” With that you closed off the conversation from progressing any further.


Dinner continued on with more small talk, but none of them were especially pressing. Everyone just talked about their day at school and what not. You split the cake into small slices and you gave each of them a piece. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but you knew Tsuki put his heart into it and that’s all the mattered. Tsuki helped you clean up the dishes and Kimiko went off to play with her dolls. As you washed the dishes it gave the two some down time to do whatever they wanted. Tsuki, of course, was doing school work at the cleaned dinner table. Kimiko continued to play with her dolls, but the TV was starting to become more interesting as it played videos of the pro heroes. 


All Might was featured in one of the videos, catching the attention of both of them. He stood proudly with his hands on his hips and famous smile. Kimiko tossed her doll aside to watch All Might while mimicking his pose. “It’s fine now. Why? Because I am here!” Kimiko copied with a voice as deep as she could muster. Tsuki didn’t say anything, but the admiration was clearly visible in his eyes. You could help but smile at your siblings’ love for All Might. You yourself had always been a fan of him, and felt like he was a good role model for your siblings. 


“Okay guys, it’s time to go to bed,” you instructed, you wiped you wet hands on a towel before picking up Kimiko in your arms and turning off the TV. She groaned in protest, but you could tell she was tired. “Come on Tsuki, go get cleaned up.” He grumbled but complied in following you to the single bathroom in the apartment.


The three of you alternate turns using the sink to brush your teeth. Kimiko went first so you could get her to bed as soon as possible. You tucked her into the bed she shared with Tsuki. Someday you were going to need to buy a second bed so that the two could sleep in separate beds, but that was a long time from now. Once you finished kissing Kimiko goodnight, Tsuki was finished with getting himself ready for bed. As he walked into the bedroom, you gave a quick peck on the head and wished him goodnight. With that, all your siblings were in bed. You exhaled a small sigh of relief and returned to the bathroom to get yourself ready for bed. 

Right after you finished taking out your pillow and your blanket from the closet to use to sleep on the couch, a loud knock came from your door. What kind of person knocks on someone’s house this late at night? you though yourself while trudging to the door. You cringed knowing that the knocking probably prevented your siblings from falling asleep. “Coming,” you called out groggily to your late night visitors. Little would you know that whoever was outside your door was going to change your life forever.

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You opened your door to find two unfamiliar men outside, both towered over you in height. Having knocked on your door late at night was already raising red flags, but when you saw their weird plague doctor looking masks, you knew they were up to no good. The man who stood in front of you had half his face visible, he had short choppy black hair and golden eyes that pierced right into your soul. Just his gaze made you quiver. He was dressed in a dark green jacket with black fur rimming its collar. He also wore a pair of while gloves over his hands. The other man behind him had his face completely covered with his mask. You swallowed a lump that was forming in your throat to greet them,


“C-can I help you?” you asked, you hated how small you sounded. You had always been a coward growing up, always afraid of having any conflict or confrontation. Your cowardice would ultimately deter you from pursuing your dreams to be a hero as you grew older. You were never going to be the hero who jumped into the fray to save others, you’d probably kiss a frog before ever doing that. Tsuki on the other hand-


The man in the green jacket interrupted your thoughts by speaking to you, his golden eyes were glued onto you as he spoke, “You’re his daughter.” You immediately raised your brow in confusion. Who exactly was this “his” he was talking about? You hated when people were vague and used pronouns to describe people. It was like the stuff they did in shitty horror movies, the characters would always refer to the demon as he or she. Seeming to anticipate your question, the man continued, “Yamada Shiro, but he might have gone by a different name when he lived with you. Does Masahiro ring a bell?”


You froze upon hearing the name Masahiro. You vividly remember your mother screaming that name whenever she and your father got into fights. What did this man mean by “when he lived with you”? Your father abandoned you guys when you were nine, why was he coming back to haunt you guys? The very fabric of your reality was beginning to tear, all sorts of questions were swimming around in your mind. The man to be very aware of your distress, he even seemed to enjoy watching you desperately try to piece things together. You stumbled back slightly in shock and the man took advantage to make a step closer and into your apartment.


“You see, your father is actually the heir of a yakuza clan. Not satisfied with the whores that were part of his clan, he fell in love with an innocent little civilian,” the man explained while creeping closer and closer to you. You instinctively back away; each time he took a step forward, you took a step back. You couldn’t see what kind of expression he was making under his mask, but the look in his golden eyes terrified you. Your hands were shaking uncontrollably out of fear and you could feel tears pricking in your eyes. You cursed at yourself for being so afraid, you were supposed to be the big sister who protected everyone. “He wanted to keep her and his precious child out of the yakuza clutches, but he should have known nothing can escape the yakuza. His family would force him to leave his wife and children for his responsibilities to the clan. After all, he did assume clan head after the previous died.”


Your legs made contact with the couch in the living room area, you couldn’t back away any further. A cold sweat began to run down your neck as the man continued to inch closer. You were like a deer in headlights, completely unable to move. He continued to press closer until he was about a foot away and stopped, you weren’t sure why but you weren’t complaining. He continued on with his story, “The yakuza is all about alliances and making deals with people. So he started to make allies, making agreements left and right, but he just wasn’t able to make any of them stick. The clan would greatly suffer from this and he became desperate.” As he spoke he slowly began to peel his gloves off, “He finally made a deal with our clan, and our head was generous. All he asked for was to have what was most precious to him only if their alliance was broken off, our head didn’t ask for anything up front.”


Your heart sunk in your chest as you listened to his words. He couldn’t possibly mean that your father said you were most precious to him, he was barely around when you were a kid. You thinned your lips and averted your gaze from his. You turned your head to look over at the bedroom door and caught sight of Tsuki and Kimiko. You bit hard your bottom lip hoping those two would take this opportunity to escape from the bedroom window. Tsuki could use his quirk to grow plants from the walls to hoist the two down. You tried as motion the two away with your hands as subtly as you could, you couldn’t risk the men seeing there were more people here.


“I’m sure you’re bright enough to piece it together by now. Out of respect, the head would have been here to collect you himself, but certain situations has led him to be unable to. Me and my partner here have come to collect you instead. Please don’t make his difficult for us,” he while reaching his hand forward, but before anything could happen, a huge tree root sprung out from the nearby wall. The root came together into a point and dove straight at the man in front of you.


Dread washed over you as you watched the root attack the stranger, this was the exact opposite to what you wanted Tsuki to do. He should have just escaped with Kimiko to the local police station to inform the pro heroes. Though his bravery did stir you out of your feeble state and you ran towards the bedroom. The man reacted with inhumanly speed and pressed his hand against the tree root. It immediately fell apart, becoming nothing but useless scraps of wood.


“How fucking annoying,” the man grumbled, the look on his face was that of pure disgust. He turned his head slightly to the man behind him while glaring at Tsuki and Kimiko who were frozen in shock. “Kill those two.” There was no remorse in his voice, not even the slightest shed of emotion. It didn’t matter that the two were just scared innocent kids, all he saw in his eyes were minor nuisances that he wanted gone. Within moments of the order, the other man dressed in a white cloak was behind Tsuki and Kimiko. He grabbed the backs of their necks and was ready to cave their heads in on the ground.


Without hesitation you interjected loudly. You may be a coward, but there was no way in hell you’d let your baby siblings get killed on your accord. You collapsed to your hands and knees and bowed your head low as possible. “Please don’t hurt them! I-I’ll come with you and do whatever you want, but please don’t hurt my brother and sister,” you begged. You felt pitiful being forced into such a pathetic state that you were practically kissing this man’s shoes. It made your stomach turn. You wished you were more powerful, able to defend your siblings from such threats like these. You should be setting an example for them, it shattered your heart to have Tsuki and Kimiko see you so weak. You’re supposed to be the big sister who protected them, yet here you were as powerful as a newborn in front of this man.


He lifted up his hand towards the other man who instantly stopped his assault. All you could hear was Kimiko’s quiet sniffling in the deafening silence. The man knelt down so that his mask’s beak was near your head, your pulse quickened in fear at his close proximity. You swore you could feel his breath on your neck as he spoke, “Then let’s make a deal, if you do what I ask, I promise that your siblings will be well taken care of. Simple no?” he said very matter-of-factly, like this was something that people talked about on a daily basis.


Your throat felt tight as you listened to his words. The request was simple, but this man was the yakuza for crying out loud. Nowadays the yakuza were equivalent to villians that roamed the streets, they all had quirks to make themselves even stronger. The man in front of you was definitely someone who possessed a powerful quirk, all he did was touch the root Tsuki grew and it instantly fell apart. You could barely hear yourself as you replied, “Okay.”


“Good, I’m glad we have an understanding,” he said with a dangerously low voice. It felt like he was right up against your ear, it made the hairs on your neck stand on end. Before you could say anything else, he grabbed a tight fistfull of your hair and pulled your head up. You cried out in pain, though you didn’t get to make much noise before he shoved a cloth over your nose and mouth. Your head immediately began to spin, your vision blurred and you could barely keep yourself up. Your senses dulled and your vision slowly faded, all you heard before passing out was the desperate cries of Tsuki and Kimiko.



Chisaki sat down in the passenger seat on the car. Kurono hauled the woman’s body over his shoulder as he walked out of the small apartment they were just in. Chisaki immediately began to wipe the hand he had used to touch the tree root with a cloth, his face wrinkled in disgust just thinking out it. He couldn’t believe that little bastard actually tried to pull that off. Not only did he force him to use his quirk, but he made him have to touch something dirty with his hand. He would have loved to splatter the boy’s guts all over the wall, but begged him to not harm them. Given it was the easiest way to get her to comply without having to deal with someone kicking and screaming he agreed to her request. Plus, it would make his life a whole lot easier when dealing with her now that he had leverage. 

He glanced in the rear view mirror to look at the two kids sitting in the back seat, both of them refused to look up and silently sat there. Kurono shoved the limp woman into the back seat with the two kids allowed her to lay down over their laps. The little girl held tightly onto the woman’s hand as Kurono finally started the car. The drive back to the estate was dead silent, but it wasn’t like he wanted to talk to those kids anyway. Kurono pulled up to the front of the estate and parked the car. Chisaki’s henchmen came out of the building to greet him, they all gave him a low bow. 


“Take these kids to an empty room, put them with that girl if you want,” Chisaki instructed the men, they obeyed wordlessly and grabbed the two kids from the car. While the boy didn’t struggle much, the little girl threw a fit.


“Let go of nee-chan you big meanie!” she yelled as she thrashed around in the men’s grips. She kicked and screamed like a rabid animal, it disgusted him just to watch her. Plus her kicking was disturbing the ground and picking up dirt everywhere. It was seriously ticking Chisaki off, how dare she make the estate dirty like this. He grabbed the girl tightly by the collar and pulled her up face to face with him. His golden eyes narrowed into slits as he stared at her. The girl’s struggling instantly stopped and was replaced by soft sobbing.


“Stop kicking dirt into the air, it’s so disgusting,” he scolded in a dangerously low voice. He dropped the girl back down on the ground and the men seized her again. The little girl nodded quickly and no longer thrashed about as they led her away. Finally the nuisances were out of sight and he could continue what he planned to do. After all, he still had the second half of the deal he made with the woman’s father after he handed her over. Chisaki turned back over to Kurono who had already carried out the woman from the back of the car, “Thoroughly clean her from the grim she’s coated with. I don’t want to see anything on her by the time you’re done,” he instructed Kurono, the man nodded in understanding and he too began to walk inside, though he paused momentarily and turned back to Chisaki,


“Put her into your room after right?” Kurono asked him. Chisaki’s eyes glinted slightly in the moonlight as he eyed the woman’s unconscious body, if he was going to be given something useless, he might as well make it a little more interesting for himself. He had plenty of sluts around in the estate, but all of them were just so dirty. He preferred not to even be within their vicinity if he could. Plus the women don’t exactly have labels that bind them to one man. Chisaki refused to touch someone another person has already used.


“Make sure she’s not sick when she’s in my room,” Chisaki added before heading into the manor himself.



You awoke with a start. Your body felt stiff like it’d been forced into one position for a very long time. Your mind was hazy as you tried to take in your surroundings. The room was decorated very traditionally, it had katanas hanging from the walls and sliding doors too. Rice paper paintings decorated the room with dragons and samurai, under normal circumstances you would have been awed. All this room did for you was strike fear into your heart, you weren’t in your apartment anymore. On top of that, Tsuki and Kimiko were nowhere to be found. Panic settled into your system, you tried to move only to realize that your hands were cuffed behind your back and feet were bound together. You were stuck in a kneeling position, forced to sit back on your feet. You were also no longer in your own clothes, they had been replaced with what looked like a medical gown. Your undergarments too had been stripped away, only the thin cloth of the gown protected your body.


“You’re awake,” someone said from behind you. You recognized the voice as the man you’d met with short black hair and golden eyes. Dread settled in realizing the reality of your situation. You had been traded by the father you barely knew to some man from the yakuza. You tried to activate your quirk in a vain attempt to undo the rope bindings on your feet, but soon realized your powers weren’t working. The man walked around to sit down on the couch in front of you. You noticed his plague mask was gone and now wearing a black surgical-like mask to cover his face. You stared up at him with wide eyes.


“Your father demanded that I give him video updates once a week to show that you were alive, but he never specified what was supposed to be on it,” he began, you noticed he wasn’t wearing his gloves anymore. The room was dimly lit but you could see the lifelessness in his eyes, this man wasn’t human, “I hope this was what he was looking for.” He took out a gun from his pocket and aimed it at your head. You instinctively flinched and looked away from him.


Your throat was once again absurdly tight, you couldn’t manage a single sound from your mouth. You were frozen once again in front of this man, powerless both figuratively and literally. You squeezed your eyes shut not wanting to look at him, whether you did it out of fear or defiance you were sure, but your resolve would fall apart when you felt the barrel of the gun press against your lips. He tapped the gun gently against your lips as he bore holes into your soul.


“Open your mouth,” he ordered, glanced at something behind you briefly. You tried to turn around and see what he was looking at but he whipped the gun hard across your face. Tears slipped from your eyes as you turned back to face him, your cheek burned where the gun hit you. You were sure your cheek was bright red from the assault. You bit your tongue to keep yourself from making any noise, you give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt you. “Don’t make me repeat myself. We made an agreement.” His words stung, he knew he had complete control and you couldn’t do anything about it. The thought of him doing something to your siblings gave you enough incentive to finally open your mouth.


The man didn’t waste any time in shoving the barrel of the gun into your mouth, and he shoved it deep. You gag reflexes immediately kicked in and you swore you almost threw up your dinner. But he didn’t remove the gun from your mouth, forcing you to accommodate to its presence. You made gross gurgling noises as you tried to keep yourself from throwing up. The man continued to stare at you with an unchanging expression as he pushed it even deeper. Small rivulets of tears streamed down your face as he just watched you struggle. At some point it was becoming harder and harder to breath, you feel your face turning red from the lack of oxygen. Your eyes began to roll back in your head and you were about to pass out when he finally removed the gun from your mouth.


“How vulgar,” he spat as if he wasn’t the one who was choking you with a gun in your mouth. The gun now glistened from your saliva that was coated over it. You gasped and coughed as your lungs greedily took in air. You slouched over, your muscles were too weak to keep you upright. Shame consumed you as you hung there, you’d never felt so violated in your life. You could feel your drool drip from your mouth and onto the ground in a silver string.


Pain blossomed on the back of your head as the man slammed the butt of the gun down on your head. Little black stars filled the corners of your vision. “Don’t dirty my floor you slut,” he scowled, pressing your head down with his foot. Your cheek pressed against the floor painfully.


“I’m sorry,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper. You could taste the salty tears that ran down your face. He kneeled down, but kept his foot pressing on your head. He looked straight into your eyes. Never had you felt so afraid in your life, all this man had to do was look at you and you’d probably piss your pants.


“If you’re so sorry, then clean it up,” he said while finally lifting up his foot from your head. He allowed you to raise yourself back up, you could tell he was getting off on your suffering. You meekly looked up at him, but avoided direct contact. Your arms were handcuffed and your legs were bound, you knew you couldn’t wipe off the spit normally. Given how twisted this man was you knew exactly what he wanted you to do, your lips quivered as you slowly lowered your head back towards the ground.


You tentatively stuck out your tongue and tested it on the ground. To your surprise, it tasted it sterile. It was like it had been recently mopped and cleaned. You swallowed the lump forming in your throat and began to lap at the spit on the floor. Not wanting to drag this out any further, you tried to clean it up as quickly as you could. You cringed knowing you probably looked like desperate dog trying to please its owner. Not that it was so far off, your father had basically traded your freedom for whatever deal he made.


“Good girl,” he hummed, though his actions didn’t match the momentary softness in his voice. He suddenly shoved you onto your back, all you could manage out was a small yelp your back hit the ground. His ungloved hands touched the rope binding your feet and they completely fell apart. He pulled your knees up to your shoulders so your gown was flipped up and your vulnerble sex was out in the open. Your jaw dropped in horror as the cold air hit your hot folds. He couldn’t be serious. Before you could say anything in protest, he looked up towards something behind you and asked, “Was she cleaned thoroughly Hari?” Shame washed over you knowing someone else was watching this. You wanted to curl up in a ball and die.


“Please don’t do this. I’ll do a-anything else, just not this,” you pleaded through sobs. The man glared down at you with his golden orbs, you could feel your throat tightening again. All the words you wanted to say got stuck as he stared down at you.


“One more word and I’ll personally put a bullet through each of your siblings’ heads,” he growled. He then turned his attention back whatever was behind you. You wanted to look back to see whatever was there, but you were too afraid he’d hit you again. There was a quiet exchange between him and whatever was behind you before he turned back to you. You were squirming slightly, desperately trying to squeeze your hands through the cuffs.


“Stop moving,” he ordered while reaching out to grab his gun. You could hear the terrifying click of the gun as he clocked it. He pressed it right up to your head again, “I’ll break the deal if you keep struggling.” You returned to your quiet sobbing as his free hand trailed down your thighs. Every fiber in you body wanted to slap his hand away, but you couldn’t.


A tiny tiny flicker in the back of your head was somehow enjoying his touch. You immediately suppressed that feeling. He was doing this against your will for crying out loud, you shouldn’t be enjoying this! You bit down hard on you lip, you could taste the irony blood that leaked out. You did your best to try and remain quiet and still while he invaded your most intimate area. Your cheeks flushed red in embarrassment when he ran his finger across your slit. You could see your juices making his finger gleam. You turned your head away so you didn’t have to keep looking at it.


“Disgusting,” he muttered as he inspected his finger. You wanted to say something back, but pursed your lips shut when remember the hard metal of the gun pressed against your head.


Without warning he shoved two of his fingers inside you. He slowly pushed them in and out of your entrance, lewd squelching sounds were made each time he plunged his finger inside you. You let out a choked gasp in surprise. His intrusion made your walls tighten, trying to push him out. The scraping of his fingers against your walls made it feel like you burning inside. It hurt so bad and you wished he would just stop. Seeming to not want to hear a sound from you, the man forced the gun back into your mouth. At this point he was just using the weapon as a gag. All you could do was just let it happened and hope his finger wouldn’t slip.

You closed your eyes and forced your mind to think about anything else. Maybe if you didn’t focus on what he was doing, this would all be over faster. Of course it didn’t work once he started to rub your clit with his thumb. The bundle of nerves responded to the stimulation and proceeded to send undesired sensations up your spine. Your body slowly began to betray you and react to the sensations. You had to hold back muffled moans from escaping your mouth. You were not going to enjoy this, this was rape.

A knot began forming in your stomach as he quickened the pace of his fingers. Your breaths were becoming more and more labored with each thrust of his fingers. You wanted this to just be a nightmare that you’d wake up from tomorrow and laugh it off. The knot continued to get tighter and tighter as he continued his assault. 

You let out a pitiful cry when the knot finally released and your orgasm spilled all over his hand. You peeked open your eye to see one of his eyebrows cocked up. It was almost like he was surprised you came so quick. Your breathing was still uneven as you came down on your unwanted high. Your face was damp with tears your eyes were puffy from your crying.


After his pause, he removed his fingers and wiped them on your thigh. You tensed when his hand touched your skin. He also finally pulled the gun out of your mouth. “Have her cleaned,” he ordered the other person that was in the room. You just wanted to disappear from all of this. The man got out from between your legs and left the room like nothing happened. True hopelessness began to settle over you once he left. You legs felt like jelly as they limply fell over. You had to muster all your strength to close your legs together.


Now that you were alone, you could cry as loud as you wanted. You cried and you cried, but it wasn’t going to erase the memories or the fact of what just happened. No matter what you did, the feelings of complete helplessness would haunt you forever. All you could do under the man’s gaze was lay there and let him do what he pleased. He also dangled your siblings’ lives over you head to get his way with you. There was nothing you could do, absolutely nothing. You curled your legs into your chest and continued to cry until you were too exhausted to cry any more.

Chapter Text

A frail-looking man stood outside your door. He was slouched over and dressed in baggy black clothing. His hair was strangely light blue and his eyes were blood red. Beside him, another man leaned against the doorframe of your doorway. He had spiky unruly black hair and teal eyes. He was dressed in a long navy coat lined with silver accents. Honestly, they wouldn’t have made your hair raise if it weren’t for their accessories. It looked like they came straight out a Halloween party. The slouched one had discombobulated hands holding onto his body and the black-haired one had medical staples pinning his skin down over dark charred scars. Your eyes widened in horror as you stared at them in your doorway. What was someone supposed to do in this situation? Do you just shut the door on them or ask them what they want?


Thankfully the slouched one said something so you didn’t have to, “Where’s the boy?” he asked in a quiet but low voice. His voice had a unique edge to it, you couldn’t explain what it was, but it made you nervous. Your hands shook as your fingers wrapped tightly around the door handle. Your instincts told you you needed to get away from these people as fast as you can, but your body refused to respond. All you could do was stand there and stare at them in silence as they waited in your doorway.


A small voice behind you finally returned you to your senses, Tsuki gripped onto the corner of your shirt. He looked up at you with sleepy eyes, “Nee-chan, who's here so late?” His adorable little expression made your heart throb, almost completely forgetting your current situation. Why was Tsuki so damn cute when he’s tired? The black-haired man’s sudden step forward which drew your attention back to them, though he wasn’t fixed upon you.


“There he is,” he said while bending down past you to get eye level with Tsuki. He gave him a crooked smile, flashing his pearly white teeth. You couldn’t help but notice how his staples tugged at his skin, it made your stomach want to empty its contents. His skin looked like it would rip apart at any second, the dark twisted skin too made him uncomfortable to look at. Tsuki seemed to be equally disturbed, he crinkled up his face and averted his gaze. The man didn’t seem to be bothered and simply retreated back to his full height and stuck his hands into his pockets. His gaze turned over to look down at you, “You must be the big sister,” he commented while tilting his head to the side. Everything about these two guys was so eerie and you hoped you were just having a nightmare. Any moment now you were going to wake up in a cold sweat on the couch. You’re going to get to check on your Tsuki and Kimiko and you’ll find them fast asleep in the bedroom. But when the sickly pale man leaned in towards you, you could feel his warm breath on your skin. Fear gripped at you as the hairs on the back of your neck raised. The feeling of how his breath brushed against your skin was far too real to be just a dream unless this was some twisted joke your brain was playing on you.


The pale man placed his hands firmly on your shoulders, getting uncomfortably close for a complete stranger. He had his pinky strangely raised up so it didn’t touch you. You tried to back away, but his grip was surprisingly strong. “Don’t make this more annoying than it already is,” he instructed in a condescending tone. He pulled you even closer so his lips were right up against your ear, “I don’t want to have to make this more complicated.” Tsuki tightened his grip on your shirt and tried to tug you away from the sickly stranger. He was clearly terrified, staring up at the strangers with big eyes. Yet his lips were thinned into a scowl as he attempted to make a brave face. While he was trying desperately to pull you back away from the stranger, you were trying to keep him further behind you. The dark-haired male laughed quietly at the conflicting actions you and Tsuki were trying to do. The man who was right up against your ear continued talking, “Now hand over the boy.” He growled loudly in your ear.


There was a long period of silence between the four of you, no one made a single sound or movement. You took in a long breath and squeezed your eyes shut. There was no way in hell you were going to hand your brother to these people. Why they wanted him, you had no idea. You had to think fast, you needed to get Tsuki out of here while blocking off these two men. Adrenaline coursed through your veins as shoved the pale man away from you as hard as you could. You slammed your hand on the nearby wall to create a thick barrier made of branches between you and the uninvited guests. “Run Tsuki!” you screamed at the top of your lungs as you shoved your brother’s small body back towards the window in the living room. There was a frustrated yell from the opposite side of the barrier, but you didn’t take the time to look back and figure out who it was.


“You’re fucking kidding me!” one of them cried out. Tsuki had already activated his quirk and turned his body into roots to dig into the floor and disappeared. Kimiko was still in the bedroom and you needed to get her out. There was a police station nearby that the three of you could escape to. It was probably the best option you had right now. They would be able to shelter your siblings and yourself. You scrambled into the bedroom and snatched up Kimiko’s sleepy form, “Nee-chan?” she asked groggily while rubbing her eyes, “What’s going on?”


You hugged her small form tightly as you ran back out into the living room as fast as you could to the window. “Just hold onto me Kimi,” you instructed quickly, but the moment you reach the living room again, your barrier came crashing down in a pile of ash. The blueish haired male had one of his hands outstretched and the other vigorously scratched at his neck. He stared at you with crazed blood-red eyes. “Why does everything have to be so goddamn difficult?! Even these stupid civilians manage to look down on me!” the man raged, scratching his neck even harder. His skin gave into his continuous assault and blood began to drip from the irritated wounds. He stomped his foot hard against the ground in frustration. “All of you want to be a hero , trying to save each other. It’s so fucking pitiful.” Before you could react, the crazed man lunged at you and knocked you off your feet. You lost your grip on Kimiko’s tiny body and she was thrown off to the side. He wrapped his hands tightly around your throat with his middle fingers raised from touching your skin. The other man scooped up Kimiko from the ground into a standing position with his hands placed on top of her shoulders.


“Now tell me, bitch,” the pale man began while he straddled your hips. He was surprisingly strong for how frail he looked, he was able to keep you down with you back pressed into the ground. Your lips quivered in terror as you stared up at him, “Where did the boy disappear to?” He gestured with his head to the black-haired man who held onto Kimiko, “Or I’m going to have my associate here flay the little girl alive.” You looked over to the other man and he flashed you a lazy grin. A flare of blue flame flickered from his cheek as he looked down at Kimiko. “I wonder,” he muttered in a cold steely voice, “how quickly her flesh will burn...” Your blood ran cold while you watched Kimiko’s shaking body.


“Nee-chan please help me,” Kimiko sobbed, her big eyes were flooded with large tears. Her crying hiccuped with fear as she looked at you pleadingly. You tried to press your hand down onto the ground to grow out a branch to knock Kimiko away from her captor, but the man on top of you brushed all his fingers on your neck. An excruciating painful burning sensation covered your neck. You tried to cry out in pain but his hold on your neck only allowed a tiny choked whimper out. “Don’t even try,” he threatened, lowering his face down closer to yours. “Or I’ll decay your entire body into ash, and I will make sure it’s slow.”


You felt something warm trickle down your neck and you could smell something metallic in the air. It didn’t take long for you to connect the dots and realize your neck as bleeding. Before anything could escalate any further, a little plant sprouted from the ground and materialized into Tsuki. “I’ll come with you!” he exclaimed, “Please don’t hurt Nee-chan and Kimi.” He kneeled down and pressed his forehead against the ground. “I’ll do whatever you want me to, just leave them out of this.” You were even more horrified now that Tsuki had decided to come back rather than run away. Who knows what their intentions were with your little brother, they clearly weren’t people with good intentions.


The pale-haired man looked up from you to stare at Tsuki, a disturbing smile spread across his face. It made goosebumps litter across your skin. He still had his hand wrapped tightly around your throat so you could talk. He threw his head back and laughed like a maniac. Tsuki remained in the kneeling position as he waited for the man’s answer. “I like you,” he giggled, “You the kind of boy who listens to reason.” He abruptly got up from his seated position on your stomach to tower over Tsuki’s small body. You let out a string of coughs as you finally able to breathe normally again. You immediately reached up to touch your neck, your fingers met hot sticky blood and raw exposed flesh. You quickly tore your hand away from the open wound on your neck. It still felt like it was burning slightly. The man squatted down and playfully twirled a blood coated finger in your brother’s hair. You reflexively covered your mouth in horror as you watched your own blood streak into Tsuki’s hair. You tried to stand up, but a large calloused hand half-covered in burn scars kept you from getting up. The dark-haired man had advanced onto you and was now holding both you and Kimiko. You could see Tsuki’s tiny little Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed slowly.


“I would leave your sisters alone but,” he whipped his head back around to glare at you, “They’ve really pissed me off.” his voice dropped lower and you could Tsuki flinch. You tried to get up again to go over to Tsuki, but the hand on your shoulder shoved you back down again. He clicked his tongue while he looked down at you, “I wouldn’t try anything if I were you,” he said in a condescending tone, “You’re already in a bit of a pinch.” He lifted a finger off slightly from your shoulder and ignited it in hot blue flames. He waved it from side to side in a threatening manner. This was enough to keep you from trying anything else. From what you’ve seen he could ignite anywhere on his body in blue flames and he still had a hold over Kimiko. You wanted to help Tsuki, but you didn’t want to hurt Kimiko either.


Tsuki raised his head from the ground to clasp his hands together like a beggar and desperately tried to convince the man to let you two go, “Please mister, don’t hurt them. I’ll take whatever punishment you have for them!” The wicked smile remained plastered on the pale man’s face as he continued to mess with your brother. You wanted to badly to punch him right in the face, but clearly, your current situation didn’t allow you to. You could only remain a spectator to Tsuki’s torture.


“I’ll make an exception just for you then,” he cooed, “If you can carry them both with you without your quirk, I won’t hurt them.” He extended himself back to his full height, “But if you can’t, I’ll have them killed on the spot. I can’t have loose ends running around.” The man gave another crazed laugh to Tsuki before turning back to the man who held you and Kimiko. “Knock them out will you?” The man rolled his turquoise-colored eyes before hitting you both hard on the back of the head. You tried to resist but your eyes rolled into the back of your head and you were out before you even knew it.



You woke with a start, shooting upright. The room you were currently in was completely foreign. The furniture and walls were dusty and dull in color, clearly, this place wasn’t being taken care of. You could barely see in the dim lighting of the room. You began to cough violently as you breathed in the dusty air. Something stirred beside you and you looked down to find them curled up form of your younger sister Kimiko. You quickly bent back down to access how she was. Thankfully she was still breathing, no injuries were present on her body. You looked around the room again trying to find Tsuki. The last thing you remembered before blacking out was the paled skinned man instructing Tsuki to carry the two of you. Panic began to creep up in your system as you looked around frantically for your little brother. Please don’t be dead please don’t be dead please don’t be dead , you repeated to yourself as you searched around the room.

There were no signs of Tsuki anywhere. You flipped through ever bump and crevasse of the room but found nothing, only a bunch of spiderwebs and even more dust. Each time you encountered a large waft of dust, you had to force yourself from coughing too loudly. You didn’t want to accidentally wake Kimiko up. It had been a long night for her, and you’d rather wake her up after you figured out exactly what was happening. As you wandered around aimlessly through the dark room, you brushed your hands over what felt like a doorknob. You grabbed onto it and turned, surprisingly, the door swung open. You were washed over with overwhelming relief, but it quickly vanished when you saw what was on the other side of the door. It felt like your stomach had dropped all the way down into your feet. The room was set up like a bar, while it was brighter than the room you were just in, the lighting still wasn’t much better. You instantly noticed the two men who had invited themselves over to your apartment. There were a bunch of other people, but you didn’t recognize any of them. All their heads whipped over to look at you. Your body froze and cold sweat swept over your body.

Strangely, there was another person that stood out like a sore thumb like you. It was a normal-looking teenage boy who was probably in high school. He had spikey ash blonde hair and red eyes. He looked equally as intimidating as the other people in the room, but something was definitely different about him. Other than all the restraints, of course, it didn’t seem like he was part of the group here. Had he been captured just like you?


“Ahhh, look who decided to join us,” giggled the blue-haired man. He gestured for you to come closer, but your feet remained glued to the ground. His face immediately dropped, obviously unhappy with your lack of compliance to his request. “Come over here!” he snarled, almost like a rabid animal. Your body moved without thinking and you found yourself right next to the man as he turned his attention back to the boy in front of you two.


“I picked up this civilian earlier, it was unbelievably difficult to get her to comply but I managed,” he said while running a finger along your chin. You crinkled your brow in disgust but remained still. You wanted to lash out at the stranger and demand to know where Tsuki was, but you weren’t in the position to do so. All these other people here didn’t look like they were going to help you. Frankly, it looked more like they would lunge at you if you tried anything. Trusting your gut, you just went along with whatever he was doing. You’d find an opening eventually to get to the bottom of whatever was going on and where you were. You glanced back at the door you had entered through to see you could spot Kimiko. Unfortunately, you couldn’t, but the little audience didn’t seem all that interested in the room you and entered from.


“You’re not being convinced to join our cause, so I thought maybe a little aggressive approach might be more effective,” the man continued, never breaking eye contact with the boy, “Now, Bakugo Katsuki, I’m going to place her life in your hands. You’re supposed to be a hero right? I’m going to give you a choice, join us or I’ll make this woman suffer.” The boy thrashed around in his chair and cursed loudly, “Hell no you stupid fuck! This only makes me want to beat the shit out of you even more!” He violently pulled at the restraints that kept his hands locked together. He even banged them a few times on the metal chair that he was strapped into.


“Fine, then I’ll ask the little boy,” the man retorted. Your eyes widened and you turned over to where he was referring to. A little boy? He must mean Tsuki! You thought to yourself. You locked eyes with a familiar pair of frightened and exhausted orbs. Tsuki was seated right next to the raven-haired man who knocked you out earlier. You tried to rush over to him, but the man grabbed onto your arm tightly, “For the love of god stay still! If you keep trying to move I’ll just have to get rid of your goddamn legs.” His threat effectively got you to stop moving as he turned his attention over to Tsuki. “Would you join us if it meant you would save your big sister?”


“Yes! Please don’t hurt Nee-chan!” Tsuki answered immediately without a second thought. The man laughed, pleased with the answer. “See look at him Katsuki, he would save this poor woman,” he taunted the high schooler who continued to violently pull at his restraints in vain attempts to free himself. He paused for a moment to again cuss at the man, “I’ll say it again you dipshit, I. Won’t. Fucking. Join you! I’m going to be a fucking hero!”


“Fine, then suffer the consequences.”