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Second Chances

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The night was heavy and stained of the smoke emanating from the lowly neighborhood. The dark haired girl with deep brown eyes with a hooded, messy hair covered in ashes and dirt as she horrifyingly watch as the rundown yet old building in front of her that was once her home. Engulfed in pure relentless flames leaving unturned, neighbors watched as the place burns down, sirens can be heard from afar but some neighbors looked at the girl kneeling down realizing a foul stench protruding from her.

They whispered quite loudly about her but she didn't care. In shock and completely in despair she continued to watch. She felt like the whole world hated her existence right there. Taking everything from here even though it wasn't perfect. Lifting her head in the sky above, a wave of tears just burst out of those empty yet beautiful eyes. As the people started to fade and so did that burning building, faint whispering can be heard even in the space that was of a clear star gazed sky and below a pool of clear water reflecting someone she didn't even knew but she didn't spare a glance down as she continued to pray out. Pray that her nightmares would end, pray for just one more chance.

"Please," she faintly said. As if her voice couldn't come out, struggling to overcome the weight on her heart, she pushed forward.

"I just want.. I want.." the tears just kept flowing. The water beneath her started to move, yet in a flash it her body sank to the pool of water and now completely breathless and tempting to close her eyes to await the Swift take on death. A dazzling and bright light engulfed her body instantly.


Opening her eyes before taking one large inhale of air. She turned her head and looked around to a place now she calls 'home', it's dark but not dark enough for her to not see the place, strange floor patterns and texture, sliding doors, small kitchen the place was small enough for one person. She slowly sat up from the weird bed to get a better view, it was an old Japanese style apartment. Another nightmare to live by, she knew from that.

Looking at her right side was a digital clock glowing in a red hue. 5:35am it stated, she sighed in defeat, knowing she can't go back to sleep now. She lay back down on futon staring at the ceiling, contemplating on that very dream.

'It's been a year since that time hasn't?' she thought.

A little light in the ceiling of the rundown apartment started to come in slowly, that light started to manifest into a paper plane the glow continued as the plane circles around her body. She waited until the delicate piece was placed on her abdomen she took the paper with her right hand as her other hand landed on her temples of her forehead.

'he said that this place was temporary…' the girl thought. As long as they kept their promises she will do just that.

'Goodluck today.' was all that was written. She stared a little and studied the handwriting a bit once again sighed in frustrated patience. She felt a presence coming closer beside her, as if it searches for warmth. Turning back to check the little one right beside her, his lovely black hair that had a little hue that the windows light shines down on him, his pale skin so sensitive to the cold and his black wolf ears relaxed while one side suddenly twitched, his wolfy tail curled up near him.

She kissed the young one slowly on the temples of his forehead before getting up slowly to not wake up the most adorable cutie there is but the short tug left the girl looked at the sleeping boy beside her woken up, rubbing his eyes with his free hand while still holding on to the girls black long sleeve shirt.

"M-mor-morning big sister" his girdled voice made the girl's heart melt every single day. She rubbed his head as she sees him completely into the nice head rub she is giving him. His eyes gleam like crystals and deep shade frosty to deep blue. His eyes were absolutely gorgeous, how is she blessed to have a younger brother as cute as him?

"Good morning shiro" she smiled. She took the boy in her arms as they got up and walked to the small counter in the kitchen, it was a small yet old Japanese apartment but it's home to them. She grabbed slices of bread and cheese, eggs and bacon from the fridge, as Shiro sat on the counter innocently and still quite drowsy. She started to cook them breakfast.

"Isn't it your first day of school big sis?" Shiro asked.

"That's right buddy," As she started laying eggs on the hot pan, the sounds of sizzling food and soon the smell of fresh fried eggs in the morning.

"You remember what I talked to you about? Since my classes ends at 4pm while your preschool ends at 2pm I won't be able to pick you up early, ok?" As you set down the finished plate of food in front of him he started to devour it to pieces for having animal quirk it's still so adorable. She and shiro at on the counter together side by side.

"I just can't believe you would be going to the most elite highschool in Japan! I hope I can get to UA too" He said excitedly while a mouth full of food.

"Shiro I told you to not speak with your mouthful" chiri sturnly said. Shiro swallowed the food before giving a sheepish grin.

"Sorry sis, hehe." she took the empty plates and give them a quick rinse before they started prepping for school. 15 minutes after their prepping before looking at the mirror, shiro wore the cute baby blue top with puffy shorts and yellow shoes, with an adorable yellow hat that it came with the uniform.

"You look so adorable sweetie, I'm going to be so jealous of all the girls going to be crushing on you," she said. Shiro smiled wildly as he fixed his cap before looking up at her and holding her hand.

"And your beautiful big sis but… I don't understand why you don't want to show it?" Shiro looked at her as she puts on a black jacket on top of her UA uniform and her skull mask on her face.

"That was the deal." She looked down at him from the corner of her eye. Pouting in frustration, that she had to hide her face from the world. She had to keep a low profile while zipping the jacket up to her neck and putting a small dark coat on shiro to be able to cover him completely out of sight they left the old apartment aside for today.

Checking the messy hallways careful to make sure none of her crazy neighbors, would do something she didn't want to do, as she dashed away from the horrible building, she and her little brother lived in one or not the worst places in Japan. Which has the highest crime rates. Good thing that the entrance is also an alleyway that is closed off and one way out, with her quirk she can get out of here fast. She closed her eyes and concentrate as she feels the wind taking over, she felt the power flowing through.

As she held the boy tight on her arms wearing his little backpack and her bag hooked on one of her shoulders. She took off from a gust of wind levitating her body, the scenery isn't very pleasant at all with the slums and dirty buildings around plus the factories polluting the air really didn't sit well with her. As she flew towards the train station, she could fly all the way there but it takes too much of her energy for that really, she didn't want her first day as a bad impression. As they finally arrive at the station she flew down in a blind spot where cameras or police won't see them. She made it very sure not even a passing by hero would find their little misuse of quirk outside of school conduct.


Musutafu station was our location, she needed to drop off shiro in the preschool first which is surprisingly near the train station which is great and convenience to them. The preschool was already a few blocks they decided to walk there instead.

"Sis is it still ok for you to enroll to UA? Since you already missed the entrance exam?" Shiro asked.

"Don't worry about that, what's important is for you to focus on being a good boy and listen at school alright?" She smiled down at the tiny bundle of joy squishy his hand gentle to reassure it will be fine for her. Shiro gave a big smile before jumping onto her arms and kissing her cheek. Shiro leaps down gently and ran toward the preschool gate before waving to her sister.

"Make good friends shiro!" She waved back, as she jogged her way towards her school, she enjoyed the calm and safer please here in Musutafu better than where she lived. Taking out her cellular phone to see what time it was, 6:49am. Unzipping the hooded jacket but still have the hood covering half her face but she took the skull mask off.

"Wow I'm really early, but I have to be I guess." She said to herself but with her unwittingly where she is walking. She bumped into someone and stumble down on her back, wince in pain she started to look at the stranger. Round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark green hair that sticks up at odd angles around his head, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself. His eyes are large and somewhat circular, their irises the same green color as his hair, and are usually stretched quite wide, giving him an innocent appearance. His freckles on his checks made him quite an adorable young man.

Rubbing the part of his sore bottom he looked up and suddenly and sweated bullets in absolute fear. Because of her hooded jacket that was covering half of her face, she was confused as to why the boy was nervous. She got up no sweat, and let out a hand towards him. By the looks of it, he was also going to UA.

"I'm sorry. I didn't watch where I was going." The girl said. He looked at the hand offered to him and he took it hesitantly. She took her other free hand and dust the dirt off him, which to his surprise. He glimpse at you in curiosity until you looked back at him which he quickly retreated with a small blush on his cheeks.

'how adorable.' she thought.

"I-I'm so s-so-sorry! I didn't mean for you to bu-bump into me. I MEAN bump into you!" He stuttered upon his words, he was a very social person she though. She chuckled lightly for him not to hear.

"No it's quite alright, it was my fault that I bumped into you because I was paying attention to my phone. So your a UA student too I see." She said. He studied her a bit up and down, the person wearing a male UA uniform accompanied by a black hooded jacket he could see her face but he then swallowed the courage to talk to her normally.

"I'm Midoriya izuki but people call me 'deku', and you are?" He smiled warmly at her. She could help but smile back.

"Yamamoto Chiri." Chiri said.

"I'm g-glad to bump into a fellow student, nice to meet you Yamamoto-kun" they started walking to their destination together. Chatting on heroes that Midoriya admires, especially All Might. She could see UA building coming into view.

"So who is your favorite hero Yamamoto-kun?" Tilting his head slightly.

"Haven't thought of it actually, but if I were to pick on the spot the Dragoon Hero "Ryukyu". I like animal base quirks." Chiri said watching as deku smile widen, she couldn't help but smile back. They were already entering the school grounds a few students were coming and going.

"The dragon hero is such a cool power--!"

"MOVE ASIDE DEKU!" A rough yet loud voice echoed behind the two students. Deku flinched in surprise and in a flash turned around to face the boy. Young man the same age as deku average height, with a slim but muscular build and lightly tanned skin. He has short, spiky ash blond hair that choppy bangs that come to his eyebrows. His eyes are sharp and thin, and are bright red in color. Wearing the standard U.A. uniform without the customary red tie. Underneath his blazer, he wears a white collared shirt with the top few buttons undone. His pants are worn loosely, causing them to sag at his ankles, despite him wearing a belt in them.

"M-morning! Let's do our best an--.." without even spearing him a second glance the blonde walked passed us and continued on his merry way. Deku looked at him stood there confused but Chiri just watched emotionlessly at the blonde.

"What a pleasant guy.." Chiri said sarcastically.

Looking at Deku, it was pretty easy what the guy was thinking, his social skills isn't that great and it seems he knows that blonde but she will ask about that later.

"Yamamoto-kun lets go!" His enthusiasm and determination in his eyes really does bring out the sparkle, Chiri couldn't help but smile a little but Deku took a misstep and was about to fall flat on the face to the ground, till a hand touched the boy which made him levitate to stop the fall. Chiri watched it all from the corner of her eye what the girl's appearance is short girl of slender yet feminine build. She is fair-skinned with a perpetual blush on her cheeks. Her eyes are large and round, their irises a warm brown, with rather thick upper eyelashes, two longer and more prominent ones protruding outwards on either side, and fewer but more individually pronounced lower eyelashes. Shoulder-length and about the same color as her eyes, her hair is bobbed and curved inwards at the ends, two longer clumps taking the same shape on either side of her face, and short bangs that reach roughly a quarter of the way down her forehead. On the top inner segment of each of her fingers, she has a small pink pad.

'Another cutie' she thought. Deku placing his feet on the right position before the girl deactivated her quirk.

"It's my quirk, sorry for stopping you but.. it's a bad omen if you fall on the first day." She smiled, deku trying to piece together a few words, pale and sweating bullets of nervousness till the girl turned a heel about to run off.

"Good luck to both of us!" She yelled then she tripped to, reacting I saw deku trying to catch her but Chiri knowing full well they both will fall. In an instant she activated her quirk and wind started to come together to form a mini-tornado till the wind positioned them on their feet. Eyes the size of dinner plates and tiny blushes forms the looked at the hooded 'boy' who's smile very prominent. In a standard UA

"It's bad luck kids." As Chiri walked passed them, both the two kids snapped out of their trance and followed Chiri into the school.

"My name is Ochaco Uraraka, and you are?" She asked leaning her head cutely beside Chiri.

"Yamamoto Chiri" Uraraka saw a hint of Chiri's eyes even though they were covered by the hood, Uraraka blushed again in surprise. She thought they were beautiful that statement made her look away from Chiri which confused her.

"That was a good save from both of us Yamamoto-kun, let's head to the auditorium." Deku jogged his way through the sea of people. Uraraka quickly followed behind Deku, Chiri didn't have to be quick about it but she was able to walk in still. But was quickly stopped by a tan cloak that covers most of his body, the the area over his torso and the high collar resembling that of a double-breasted trench coat. Underneath this he wears a skin-tight black bodysuit with a golden striped neck area, and a matching black helmet that covers his entire head, a jaw-guard attached over his nose and around his jaw, and circular mufflers. He also wears baggy dark gray pants and a pair of thin, lightweight prosthetic legs.

The students noticed him in a flash and large whispers were audible, she knew this hero was basically one of the staff from UA. Standing in front of her blocking her path. Ectoplasm. The students amazed and excited and would whisper and gossip to who knows what.

"Yamamoto Chiri?" He asked, his tall figure gives an intimidating vibe around the man but she wasn't facade at all. She stared up at the man with a small smirk forming her pinkish lips.

"Yes?" Chiri answered. Ectoplasm turned a heel, his body facing a certain direction as he glanced at her again.

"Follow me." He started to walk while Chiri willingly followed.


With a few minutes walking the Clone hero stood face front in a large door, Chiri was right beside him and waited for what he wanted to do next.

"Enter." A voice coming from the other side command him to open the double doors wide. This was the principal's office, with the grand desk and everything. She knew what was happening but she walked in front of the desk and stood silently as the doors behind her started to close. head of a mouse with circular black eyes, a large scar over the right one, relatively square-shaped ears with pale pink insides slanting outwards from the top of his head, and an elongated muzzle with a small round nose. His fur is white and has large, dog-like paws with pink pads and a thin tail like that of a cat.

He sports a white dress shirt, a dark red tie around his neck, a black double-breasted waistcoat and matching dress pants. He wears orange lace-up sneakers with incredibly thick soles which seem to be quite large on him, very similar to the ones usually worn by Deku. He looked at Chiri hands locked together and firmly placed on his desk. His small stature doesn't even fit with his largely, grand chair. She tried to hold a laugh but until Mr. principal nezu spoke.

"Miss Yamamoto, I understand your situation and I already talked to your 'Sponsor' about you and your needs, so you don't have to do the exams with your profiling, your class will be 1-A held by Shots Aizawa, perhaps you heard of him?" He said.


"So here is your ID and schedule of your classes and other important files. So if there are any questions let me know." Chiri thought since she was here she needed to know some things and stood there looking at Mr.principal.

"Does anyone know who I am?" She asked.

"No my dear, but recovery girl knows of your gender so if there is any physical problems she can help you with that. She is our head nurse and I hope you could be a great helper in our staff. I know your not legalized as a hero yet but with your given performances I heard and read." You nodded in response since that is all you wanted to know for now. Nezu stood up from his chair and walked towards chiri.

"And I know that this is against school rules about the dress code for UA, so let's make a deal." Chiri gave him a questionable look before facing him completely to hear his deal.

"If your cover as a 'male' student is blown you have to wear a female student uniform from now on. I know I don't like bending the rules a lot so this is a compromise than a deal." The principal said. Sterningly.

"Fine." He nodded in agreement, she smirked and took that as a challenge she is willing to do since it's her job to try and keep a low profile. She turned around and walked out before nezu stopped her.

"Do you not want to see your future classmates battle it out in their exams?" Nezu asked.

"No that's fine I need to do something else." Chiri asked. She started walking to the door before hearing the final words from Principal.

"Welcome to U.A. Chiri"

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Standing on an empty space. Clear night sky above , shimmering and colorful as a very shallow water reflects the very sky  itself . You felt at peace the northern lights. How beautifully they dance tonight, it felt like Chiri would like to dance like how they do. Her body suddenly took over as her feet graced her with light steps her arms spread out and as she twirled for the last time, her head looking down, she saw something odd. 

Moving below the water, there is a person kneeling as her head held up high. You see the scars and bruises she looked filthy rather messy, her long dark hair flying everywhere on site. It scared her. It pains her. Chiri couldn't take it, her knees gave in and with a large splash… everything went black.

Gasping for air from that horrible nightmare. She didn't dare recall, it was something she wanted to avoid deeply that if she were given a choice not to sleep. She would gladly take it, distraught she inhaled a deep breath and take it all out. It was 7am, Chiri remembered what happened yesterday. Having all this and not working for the spot of passing the entrance exam was annoying and rather disappointing. Chiri sat down at the park bench for a while watching shiro play with the sand a few feet from her. They woke up early as usual but that's how they wake up now, Shiro's animal side always wake up early which didn't surprise her at all the only thing that was a bit worrying that it was 45 minutes till 6am and usually people with animal genetics rise around the sunrises. Because he had a nightmare as well yet it's been awhile since his last nightmare.

She watched as the little black yet hues blue colored hair child tried to make a sand castle but it looked more like a hill to her, content, innocent and happy. Smiling warmingly and relieved it didn't keep his spirit down at all. Shiro was a bright young man and sooner or later he would get his quirk soon or maybe it did manafest? His black wolf ears and tail could be his quirk already but she needs to be sure. Standing up and stretching her body outward and hands up in the sky, she shakes it off.

"Shiro let's go." Chiri called, Shiro quickly obeyed and took her hand as they walked together. The school was around the block but she still wanted to see him in the school grounds. He let go of her hand as they reached the school gates, the little girls rushed towards Shiro and ask if they would sit with him during recess. Chiri was happy and thought it was the most adorable thing but deep down she instantly regretted that she enrolled him in a coed school and now all the girls will be crushing on him which made her as overprotective instinct kicks in, jealousy.

`Why did he have to be so darn cute?' she internally whaled as she waved goodbye to shiro. She enjoyed her time walking down the street, from the corner of her eye and old lady was having trouble with her heavy grocery bags. Chiri walked towards her and lift her hood up a bit to not show of any threats, wearing a bitch black jacket with a good covering the person's face would make you look suspicious but since it's just a frail old lady. It was alright with her. The old lady looked at Chiri's face, shocked with a hint of blush but wasn't threaten quite the opposite actually, she smiled widely and started completing her. They reached the old woman's gate which isn't far from her original path.

"Thank you, dear, you know you shouldn't hide that pretty face of yours," the old woman said.

"Believe me, it's more of a hassle than you think." Chiri answered.

"If I was younger and have your looks, I might have been number 1 in the Most beautiful female heroine magazine haha!" She jokingly said. Chiri fixed her hood, and smiled.

"Have a great morning!" Chiri waved and ran off to school.

She was about to turn a sharp turn till she bumped into someone but she was quick, she activated her quirk and a gust of wind stabilized her from falling. She learns from her mistakes quite fast, she looked down at who she bumped into but it was just only Izuki. She chuckled and lend a hand towards him, izuki looked up but quickly smiled to a familiar hooded boy.

"We need to stop bumping each other Deku." She sarcastically said which Izuki blushed at his words yet he took his hand and stood up.

"I'm sorry Yamamoto-ku---! WE ARE LATE!" Izuki panickingly yelled. Confused, Chiri checked her phone and realize there is 10 minutes left. She was about to look back Izuki but he wasn't there anymore she turned around seeing him already running. She activated her quirk again as the winds carry her body making her fly towards izuki. He saw her already next to him and was surprised he looked like he was about to piss his pants. She took him by the arm and guide him to ride at her back. In a flash without the young green haired boy reacting quickly. They already flew towards the UA. Chrir passed the barrier of the school and slowed down and gently place him down but Izuki's feet started before he touched the ground. As Chiri deactivate her quirk she ran with Izuki now. 

"That was so cool! Scary… but it's awesome!" Izuki commented. His eyes gleamed with curiosity and absolute joy, she can't help but chuckle. Running endlessly for their class they were already standing in front 15 ft door, written Class 1-A. Izuki took a deep breath of courage and nervously before mumbling something. He opens the door but greeted with two students arguing that hot-head from the gate on the entrance exams and a relatively tall and muscular young man with a wide frame. He has short dark blue hair, flattened neatly down and parted on the left of his head, a small patch completely shaved near the base of his head, and rather square eyes which match the notably pointed shape of his jaw. He usually wears a serious expression, and his eyebrows seem to be permanently pointed inwards, quite thin and long in length, the far ends sharply hooked inwards, and he wears glasses with rectangular lenses. 

"Remove your foot from the desk! Such an action is insulting those who came before UA. Before as well as the Craftsman who made this desk!" The man said. Chiri gave a question look, his way of speaking as such means he came some private school.

"Like I care! What middle school did you come from, you extra?" As you and Izuki sweat drops in such rackets early in the morning but izuki had a different idea as the color from his face fades. Chiri noticed that and started to regret not watching the entrance exam when offered  by the principle but it's too late to cry over spilled milk. 

"I'm from Somei private academy, my name is Tenya Ida" he spoke.

'Nailed it' Chiri thought.

"Somei!? A stuck up Elitist then? I'll blow you to bits!" Hot-head replied. Another sweat drop from Chiri on how the guys words baffled her.

'Is he a moron?' Chiri thought.

"Your awful. Do you really wish to become a hero?" Slightly intimidated by the kid with a bomb personality she took this as a chance to slip away with Izuki but he was still leaning against the door nervous on the two students bickering. Ida noticed the two of us immediately and walk with such elite style. 

"I'm from Somei private academy--" Ida said till deku responded.

"I heard you before! Ah… I'm Midoriya Izuki pleased to meet you Ida…" Deku said. Chiri studied the two interact silently, thinking this was going to be an interesting day on how it started.

"Midoriya… You… you perceived the true nature of the practical exams. While I did not, I misjudged you! I hate to admit it but you were a superior candidate!" He humbly said but Chiri can hear the restraint of his words.  The class was silent, something must have happened while she was not participating yet she will eventually find out.

"Deku.." the grumpy kid whispered. Then he caught you staring at him and gave a menacing glare but you smiled sweetly towards him that you saw a hint of surprised and turned away from your gaze.

"Ah! That curly hair!!" A sweet voice enacted from the door which slide open, revealing that cute little hamster you met at the practical exams. 

"The plain looking boy!" She greeted deku. The blush creeped into his freckled face, Izuki's weakness is communication more accurately receiving compliments, especially to girls. Chiri couldn't help but laughed a bit making Ida and Uraraka look at your direction. Uraraka smiled widely before hopping over to Chiri, which she thought was cute.

"Yamamoto-kun! It's nice to meet you again!" What happened to the practical exams?" She asked making Izuki looked at Chiri with that gleaming curious eyes of his. Ida fixed his glasses about to introduce himself till Chiri held up a hand and tell him there was no need.

"I got caught up with all that jazz but I was able to pass at least." The two boys continue to stare at her till.uraraka interrupted.

"I'm Yamamoto Chiri." She looked at Ida who gave the thumbs up.

"I'm so glad we are both in the same class!" Uraraka said blushing a bit at the hooded boy in front of her but realized Uraraka wanted to say thank you to Izuki, Chiri continued to watch them talking, she continued to study the students more when her eyes still caught on to that ash-blonde kid he looks to be thinking while softly glaring at Izuki but he doesn't notice as he tries to calm his blushing self. 

"So we got our entrance ceremony and guidance today, yeah? Wonder what our teacher would be like boy I'm nervous!" Uraraka said.

"If your here to socialize, get out." Noticing the human caterpillar on the floor sipping idle while sipping an apple juice box on the floor, completely surprised except for Chiri who just silent stared at the man. 

"This is… the hero course." As the man stood up with the sleeping bag still on everyone silently questioned there is someone in there.

"It took you eight seconds for you to quiet down. Time is a precious resource. You lot aren't very rational aren't are you?" The caterpillar man said. He shed his sleeping bag as like a caterpillar comes out of it's cocoon and becomes a butterfly. Chiri was about to laugh but held it in pretty well.

"So he's a pro hero too…?" Izuki asked.

"I'm your homeroom teacher, Aizawa Shota. Pleased to meet you." Aizawa said. He took something out from his bag and it was a PE uniform of UA.

"Quickly now, change into your gym clothes head out to the grounds." He said.


"A test… of our quirk!?" The class said in unison.

"What about the entrance ceremony? And the guidance lessons?" Uraraka asked but Aizawa-sensei looks indifferent.

"No time to waste on that stuff if you want to become heroes." He said, Aizawa-sensei turn his head slightly. 

"UA is known for its 'freestyle' education. That applies for us teachers as well." Everyone went completely pale and lost for words, Chiri didn't. Shoving her hands in her pockets of her jacket, she is technically wearing gym clothes but she is still wearing her signature black hoodie over it. 

"Fun." Chiri said making Uraraka, Izuki and Ida snap their attention to Chiri.

"Softball throwing, the standing long jump, the 50 meter dash, endurance running, grip strength, side-to-side stepping, upper body training and seated toe touch. You all did this in middle school right? Your standard no-quirks allowed gym test." Chiri didn't listen to the other half of his discussion until he mentioned a certain student.

"Bakugou. How far could you throw in middle school?" Aizawa-sensei looked at grumpy. 

'Bakugou…' Chiri thought as she listens intently at the discussion.

"Sixty-seven meters." Bakugou said.

"Great. Now try it with your quirk. Do whatever you need to do, just don't leave the circle." Bakugou started to stretch his arms, getting ready to play.

"Give it your all." Aizawa-sensei stepped few steps back. A wicked grin crossed the blonde's face.

"Awesome." Chiri who got confused yet nervous knew some impact is coming their way.

"DIE!!!" Bakugou screamed as through that ball with all his might plus his quirk active exploded with such an impact creating a small dust blown but not too heavy but still big. Chiri using her quirk covered her classmates from the blast an invisible wind barrier engulfed them. Completely dust free.

'Die?' Izuki and Chiri thought completely amazed by the fire crackers amazing quirk. Chiri just shrugged off, Aizawa-sensei showed a record of bakugou pitch.

"It's important for us to know our limit. That's the first rational step to figuring out what kind of heroes you'll be." Aizawa said. 705.2. the class gasped in shock of such power commenting and praising bakugou performance. In the corner of Chiri's eye she sees Izuki's panic and anxiety showing clearly. 

"You're hoping to become heroes after three years? And you'll think it will be all fun and games?" Chiri felt that aura before, she knew it's not serious but you should be scared.

"The one with the lowest score across all eight events will be judged.. and will be expelled." Izuki shuddered in fear.

"Your dates are in our hands, Welcome this is the hero course of UA." Chiri placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled at Izuki. He snapped out of his state and tried to put a brave face in front of Chiri but not noticing the hot head looking at them from behind. The wind started to pick up, Chiri looked up a little her hood slowly lifting a bit, but still able to shadow her eyes still but those eyes were something else, dazzled with absolute unpredictable possibility and a ghostly smile secretly comes into view.

'Time to bring on the storm."  


"Natural disasters, highway pileups, rampaging villains. Calamity is always right around the corner, I'd say Japan is full of unfair things. Heroes are the ones .. who correct all unfairness." Aizawa-sensei chuckled, and signals them to come at him only made Chiri smirked more.

"If your all hoping to spend your evenings hanging out of McDonald's.. I'm sorry to tell you… that won't happen for the next 3 years… UA will run you through the wringer. That is Plus Ultra. Use your strength to overcome it all, so bring it." Somewhere nervous but not as nervous as Izuki, he gulped down his fear down. So did Uraraka and Ida, at the corner Bakugou was already getting ready the rest of the students will have a do or die time today yet Chiri has the look of determination and when you see that on her, she will really sweep them off their feet.

Event 1: 50 meter dash

Tenya Ida finished first with the highest score, his quirk 'Engine' makes him nibble when he can but mostly quick. 3.04 seconds. Chiri whistle impressingly.

"Tsuyu, Asui, 5.58 seconds." The short girl of a relatively slender build, compared to her classmates, who has notably large hands. Her appearance is rather frog-like; she has a very wide mouth, which dips down a little in the middle just like that of a common frog, and oval-shaped eyes with large, black irises, their lower eyelashes visibly pronounced, and she also demonstrates some frog-like mannerisms, like hopping on all fours instead of running, and holding herself in a way that is somewhat connotative of a frog. Her hair is a dark sea-green color, and is very long, reaching all the way to her waist, the ends tied together at the bottom in a bow of hair. She has two shoulder-length clumps framing her face, and shorter bangs between her eyes, some of them partially swept to each side. The winds started to pick up as Chiri activated her quirk, the wind carried lightly. She can feel principal nezu staring down at her to mess up on the bet, plus Chiri isn't flashy so she doesn't show her full potential. Uraraka was running beside her with her quirk making it lighter on her you guys run together, technically Chiri is flying but nonetheless.

"Yamamoto Chiri, 6.09 seconds. Ochaco Uraraka, 7.14 seconds." Uraraka was sweating profusely but Chiri held her palm up and blew some wind on her face but not too forceful more like a gentle cooling breeze, the adorable expression Uraraka was feeling made Chiri chuckled.

"Cutie." Chiri whispered.

"Hehe.. so unimaginative. All of you. If we can use our quirks…" Young man with a slim build and a rather feminine face. He has long blond hair, worn flattened down around the majority of his head, spiked and sticking out to the sides at the bottom of it, with a side fringe that curves upwards a little before it does down. He has notably long eyelashes and bright indigo eyes, giving him the appearance of a young prince. Squared down which weirded out Chiri a bit, then blasted a Laser out of his belly using the blast to push him forward. Weird but cool.

"Yuga Aoyama, 5.51 seconds." The robot said.

'They are pushing their quirk to their limit by seeing how much they can improve. I can guess what each are capable off and they're not. This is inevitable linked on how creatively they use their quirks… but something is off though.. I can't put my finger on it.' Aizawa thought.

"EXPLOSION SPEED!" Bakugou screamed like a madman, Izuki right beside him a bit scared but got blown by the power of the firecracker. A bit annoyed Chiri wanted to push the bastard the other way for being inconsiderate but she doesn't want to waste breath or even a quirk.

"Bakugou Katsuki, 4.13 seconds." Aizawa-sensei who is not impressed at all. Chiri jogged her way to Izuki, handling a bottled water and towel. Using her quirk blew a cool breeze at his face, just like Uraraka his expression was adorable.

"Midoriya Izuki, 7.02 seconds." Chiri looked at Izuki one last time before switching her gaze of Bakugou. He felt her gaze and ticked his way off, stomping away from sight.

With all tests coming and going along Chiri made sure to do as much as pass the stupid test without going overboard, she didn't like to show off but she couldn't help and watch Izuki struggle. She wanted to help but she couldn't. It's do or die. Aizawa-sensei has been menacingly studying Izuki made her sweat drop but that doesn't mean she hasn't been watch. I think he knows she isn't giving her full potential. She sat and watched the softball throwing finally happening, Uraraka cupped the ball with both hands and she threw in the air, it didn't seem to fall. It kept going and Aizawa-sensei showed us the score. Everyone was amazing and completely baffled.

"Infinity!?" The entire class said.

"Wow the infinity symbol actually popped out." Someone in the class said. Chrir couldn't help but snickered a little thinking who ever wants to piss her off, they would go out of this world. Uraraka jumped for joy and hopped towards Chiri and Ida. Chiri raised a hand and Uraraka gave a slap of a high five. Next, was deku and only God knows what will happen next. Chiri has confidence with this one though, the winds are shifting.

'Let's go Izuki' Chiri gave a mental support.

"Midoriya isn't doing two well…" Ida commented.

"Well, duh! He's a quirkless runt!" Bakugou stated. 

"Quirkless!? So you haven't heard his feats during the practical exams?" Ida stated.

"HUH? That piece of shit, he can't even do squat  even if he tried. What you saw was probably someone else because I know for a fact that guy is useless!" Bakugou said. People gasped at his comment that made Chiri was annoyed by his rather rude personality. Activating here quirk she flicked her fingers for the wind to give a blow strong enough to push him down and it was successful. Ida, Uraraka were shocked and so was the rest of the class.

"Good doggies, sit and behave." Chiri said. Staying at Bakugou with a small smirk plastered on her delicate skin. At first, he was caught off guard till he got up and suddenly rage like a pyromaniac. His hands smoking out ready to blast Chiri away.

"WHY I OUTAH!" Three of our male students who held him together, Chiri looked back at Izuki eyes full of worry. He is going to throw the ball and suddenly his arm had some sort of electricity coming out, a spiraling energy raging out. Chiri felt it and she was excited till… it went away?

"46 meters" Aizawa said.

"WHAT!?" Chiri almosted screamed made Uraraka flinched. Izuki looked over Aizawa-sensei.

"I erased your quirk. That ridiculous entrance exam, completely irrational when you consider someone like you got in."

"Erased… those Goggles.. Of course! The Erasure hero: Eraserhead!" Izuki pointed out to our asshole of a teacher. The chatter of all the students present if they knew who the guy was, Chiri knew all too well really. Especially the man hiding behind the building who is snooping at our class, Chiri took a glance and to her surprise it was All Might. He noticed her and quickly hide behind the building question is that why is he hiding? She quickly shrugged it off for now.

"Reasons why you guys haven't heard of him is because he doesn't want to be in the spotlight more than anyone else. Being an undercover angler type hero. Staying low profile is better than anything really" Chiri said. 

"How do you know about this Yamamoto-san?" Ida ask. She sighed through her pockets and relaxed a bit off the edge.

"I'm not considered a die hard hero fan like Deku but I do know a few things." Chiri commented. 

"Your so cool Yamamoto-kun!" Uraraka said, Chiri couldn't help but patted her on the head, gentle but she turned back her attention two individuals they are having private talk. Yet she had a pretty clear view why he stopped him, that power might kill him someday if not properly trained. She watched from a distance as the rest of her classmates watch with anticipation.

Izuki glanced over you, and smiled. Chiri couldn't help but give a thumbs up to him, Bakugou saw that which ticked him off and watched Deku closely. And then they say it, the throw right before the ball goes flying the power was only focused on one point bring out the complete boosted he needed.

"Now deku!" Chiri cheered. The ball skyrocketed out of here, everyone was amazed. Uraraka jumped up and down and landing on Chiri by accident but Chiri held Uraraka by the waist while she cheered too making Uraraka blush, she is happy that deku did it but embarrassed that she did that to Chiri.

"Woo! Now that's a hero-like record if I ever saw one!" Uraraka said.

"His finger appears to be swollen, Thinking back at the entrance exam… what a strange quirk." Ida commented but the most unique comment was Bakugou's speechless face, till he finally exploded.

"What the hell!? Explain yourself deku!" Bakugou was going to charge at him, Chiri let go of Uraraka about to jump in to push Katsuki back but someone beat her to the punch. Aizawa-sensei's bandages wrapped around Bakugou's body.

"Yamamoto, your up." Aizawa-sensei, released Bakugou and put him back into the group, and Uraraka wanted to accompany Deku to the clinic but he refused.

"Deku after my last test you better get your ass to Recovery girl, alright?" She yelled at deku, which he smiled for their agreement. She held the ball on one hand.

"I already know that you were recommended to this school and the principal said you don't need to do the entrance exam but know this… don't you dare slack off in this one. You weren't even at your full potential makes me think your not taking my class seriously. I'm your teacher so you better, make it worth while rather than doing things half arse." Aizawa-sensei looked at Chiri, she would be lying if she didn't feel threatened but it did excite her she played around with the ball before looking at Aizawa-sensei.

"So your saying… I can go full on?" The hood slightly lifted up on one side of her face little but the shadow still held it together, Aizawa looked at those dazzling eyes, aurora light colored eyes but he quickly shook it off for how embarrassing it was to look at his student, but he admitted this were absolutely beautiful.

'What the hell-- I can't look at a male student like that' Aizawa thought.

"Do your best." He said. Chiri tossing the extremely high, some of her classmates had to squint enough to see as it descent to Chiri she ready her middle finger and thumb together about to flick her finger.

"Don't blame me for property damage." Chiri said.




The impact was incredible and crazy powerful, the building windows near the proximity of the absurdly loud pop were completely shattered, the impact was so great that it broke the speed of sound itself. The force didn't stop there but the wind blew from behind her making a mini sandstorm about to hit her classmates yet Chiri stopped it in time. When the dust settles,some of her classmates were completely lost for words, she saw a bit of disbelief and fear laced in, some toppled over and some holding her ears from such a large sound. Chiri felt really bad but he did ask for it and Aizawa-sensei suffered the fatality more considering he was supposed to be the one to judge. Still holding onto the device but his hair not completely pushed back, a beep sound was clearly audible.

"S-s-system er-error!?" Izuki stuttered loudly.

"Th-th-that's not even possible!" Ida got up completely covered in dust. Uraraka helped deku and stared at the scene in front of them. Everyone lick themselves up and looked at the hooded boy in front of them. She gave an apologetic smile and tried to help some of them up with her power. The nearest person to her was Bakugou. As she tries to grab his arm, he was still completely unreadable. He just looked at Chiri intently, but rejected her help by swatting away her hand.

"I don't need help shithood!" Bakugou said. Chiri was confused but shrugged it off, and patted his spiky ash-blonde hair before walking towards deku and the others. Bakugou was pissed and glared as she left.

'He is a great tease.' Chiri thought. The ways she can piss the firecracker off, she considers it an entertaining day in her books.

"Moving along. Time for the results. For your total scores simply perfect your performance in each of the events, explaining the process is a waste of time. So all you get is the final results." Aizawa-sensei took out a remote control from his pocket and clicked to show all the students the results of the test.

"Also I was lying about expelling someone.. that was a rational deception meant to bring out the best of you" everyone paused, Chiri couldn't help it and slightly laughed. Everyone pumped up in relief, I just watch as the students tension disperse like smoke.

"Geez of course it was a lie guys" Chiri said while whipping of the tears after her outburst of hysteria.

"Doesn't take a genius to figure that out." The black, puffy ponytail girl next to Chiri.

"Anyways we are done here, your documents of your curriculum and such are in the classroom. Give them a look.." Aizawa-sensei announced to the class, he walked over to Izuki and handed him a slip.

"Have recovery girl fix you up. Tomorrow's trials won't get any easier." Izuki took the slip, and nodded. Everyone took a look at their position in test today, Chiri actually placed 4th to her surprised. She turned her focus to Aizawa-sensei  about to ask him a question but she was already locked in his gaze, which meant she was in trouble.

"And you… better come with me to principal nezu's office." Aizawa-sensei said.

"Ooohhhhhhhhhhh" Chiri shrugged it off with a smile and followed the caterpillar teacher. As they were about to turn Chiri remembered All Might was around the corner and her hunch was right. He stood there arms on both sides. He seems to be pouting from Chiri's perspective.

"Yamamoto-san please give us teachers a minute?" All Might said. Chiri nodded and walked away not listening to what they were talking about, it wasn't really her thing to eavesdrop on conversation unless necessary but she was curious so when none of them were looking, she hid behind the corner.

"Aizawa you big fat liar!" Chiri listened in intently at all might and Aizawa-sensei. 

"All Might so you were watching I see.. good to know you don't mind wasting time." Aizawa commented.

"A 'ration deception'!? April Fool's was over a week ago. Last year you expelled an entire class, you mercilessly discard those with zero prospect but now you go back on your word? Could it be..!" All Might said. Which to Chiri slight surprised but not shocked at all yet it does give her a sense of respect from Aizawa-sensei.

"That boy Midoriya? You sense his potential well yes!?" Aizawa walked passed All Might before looking at him again.

"As well…? You will be supporting him? I understand that's not usually your style but… He doesn't have no chance. That's all I can say because if he had no prospect then I would have cut him lose there is nothing crueler than letting someone chase their half baked dreams.." Aizawa-sensei said. Chiri didn't want to hear the rest anymore so she walked towards the school doors and headed to the principal's office but back at two hero's conversation.

"You mean Yamamoto-san?" All Might said.

"... Something is very fishy about that kid that Nezo isn't telling us anything at all and I can't really expel him either. He does have good intentions, he is just…" Aizawa paused thinking about a word to describe the hooded boy.

"A little like you? Doesn't want to be flashy or in the spotlight. A humble hero I would call him but such great potential hidden away? Even I am kind of curious into looking into him. He noticed me watching the rest of the students." All Might pointed out. Aizawa started to walk away both hero were now thinking about this mysterious student.

"I was going to say like you, All Might." 


"I'm pooped." Izuki said. Class were over, He and Chiri walked out together since they do have the same direction. In the corner of Chiri's eye she could see Ida walking over to them, placing his hand in Midoriya's shoulder.

"How is your finger?" Ida asked.

"Ida-san…! It's fine now thanks to recover girl." Izuki said. Chiri was glad he was feeling better now, then Uraraka waved at us. Chiri waved back.

"You guys heading to the station right? Wait up! I'm Ochaco Uraraka and your Tenya Ida and… deku right?" Uraraka said to them before she shifted her gaze at Chiri, she blushed in remembering her encounter.

"H-he-hello again, Yamamoto-kun" Uraraka stuttered. Making Chiri Pat her head lightly, Chiri chuckled at her cuteness. Tenya fixed his glasses a bit.

"It's good to see you again." 

"My actual name is Midoriya Izuki, that's just a name kacchan use-used to call me b-back in middle school.." Izuki nervously told the three students.

"Well the word 'Deku' just screams do you best! I kinda like it." Uraraka's words made Izuki completely red with embarrassment.

"DEKU IS FINE!" Ida was shocked but as for Chiri she couldn't help but snicker a bit. They all started to walk together happily. After a few minutes, deku and Ida went their way while Uraraka and Chiri walked together. Uraraka was a bit nervous around Chiri, which she knew. About to say something to Uraraka. A woman started screaming and large man with spikes all over his body holding a purse started to run towards them. He saw the kids, Chiri stand in front of the already scared Uraraka. The villain spikes launched out of his body to  the kids, the wind started to gather around the two as she forced the wind to push the missiles out of target course.

"Uraraka, Hold on to me!" She snapping out of her fear state she hugged Chiri with her dear life. As the wind started to pick up around them. The villain charged at them with force but wasn't able to hit him thanks to Chiri's quick reflexes. Chiri used her quirk to let the wind levitate her and Uraraka up, one hand holding Uraraka's head protectively while Uraraka held on to Chiri's waist but with the free hand she manipulates the wind into a compress spear and shot it down to the villain below them and pushed him down hard by the intense force of the wind. Then Chiri's had retreated her hand as if she is making something to come out so the ground below started to form around the villain's body. He was scared they the ground started to come to life as it almost attacked his face but didn't. It made a cage to make him stop moving before passing out from the impact. Chiri slowly came down with Uraraka still shivering in fear, it was her first villain encounter and Chiri didn't blame her at all just held her tightly in her arms protectively.

"It's ok now, I'm here." Uraraka whimpered a bit and still holding onto Chiri. She took out her phone and dialed the emergency hotline. The woman ran towards them and thanked Chiri she used her quirk to lift the purse and gave it to the lady. Which she humble took back.

"Hello I like to report a villain attack, in this area…" in a few minutes police and a hero arrived. They asked them questions before leaving the scene, Uraraka was holding on to Chiri but she was still very much shaken still. Chiri took her hand and held it tightly gesturing it's alright now, they quickly turned to the preschool. Uraraka looked around and was a bit confused till a dark haired boy ran up to them. Uraraka blushed a little when the young boy stared at her a bit before giving that award winning smile which struck Uraraka bad. Shiro's ears fell down and his tail started to wag with excitement.

"Hello, are you a friend of my brother? I'm Shiro!" The boy said cutely, Uraraka bent down and nodded. They started to shake hands Chiri took Shiro in her arms and placed him on one arm.and the free hand on her pocket but what surprised Chiri is that Uraraka unconsciously grabbed her hand but quickly realized what she was doing and blushed like a red tomato in front of Chiri and Shiro. She chuckled on how cute Uraraka was so she took her hand and started to walk in the station at the very least Uraraka wasn't afraid which was more important for Chiri.


Chapter Text

Walking down the street the next day, completely out of it and groaning tiredly, Chiri didn't wake up so well. After dropping of Uraraka at her station, she gave Shiro candy without Chiri even noticing and quite honestly she couldn't sleep because how hyper Shiro was. Scratching the posts of the table, floor and jumping and running around butt naked after shower. It was a nightmare, Shiro actually is quite ok and rather peepy on the other hand Chiri just looks exhausted.

"I'm going to get you Uraraka…" she vowed silently, Shiro was ahead of her doing his arms wide and staying in the white line on the side of the road. Even though she is tired she can still keep an eye on him. As they reached the school and said their goodbyes. Chiri was too tired and nodded him off, she could hear the little giggles of the little wolf boy thank God she loves him like crazy. A buzz started to ring on her back pocket of her pants, of an unknown message.

'Report your leads and information to us as soon as class is over.' One last groan and then she shoved the phone back into her pocket. She didn't give a damn what time it was, there isn't a single thing that will make her rush to school right now and when she finally got there, opening to the large door of Class 1-A and seeing how Uraraka was surrounded by all of their classmates circling her like vultures. It seems the news on the villain that nearly run it down on us have come to surface and when Chiri close the doors behind her, suddenly everyone has switched their gaze to Chiri as she walks to her seat. The sudden urge to ask questions and such was plastered on their faces. Chiri sat down on her seat that was at the very end of the class near the window. As she finally sat down everyone's was already up in her face.

"Yamamoto-kun are you alright?!" Izuki said in such a worried tone only made her giggle.

"I-I'm so Amazed how you fought a Villain like that!" Ida pointed out. She smiled at everyone concerning over their fellow classmates, she placed her bag on her desk but she really wasn't in the mood to talk as much.

"I'm fine, I can't say anything much sorry…" Chiri said. Which everyone agreed.

"Uraraka already explained what has happened, quite honestly your pretty manly!" Chrir looked up on the guy who spoke to her. muscular young man of average height, with a rather impressive physique, despite his young age. He has red eyes that are pointed slightly inwards, a small scar just above his right eye. He also has small eyebrows and very pointed teeth. His hair is reasonably short, dyed a bright red, and spiked away from his head at all angles with gel, two more pronounced tufts spiked on either side of his forehead like little horns. Chiri grinned and fist pumped the guy who happily gave back.

"He is Ejiro Kirishima, and I think everyone here knows who you are my dude." Said the relatively short orangey-blond hair, parted to the right with a black lightning-shaped streak on the left of his side fringe, which is angled so that it partially obscures his left eye. He has slanted, somewhat triangular yellow eyes, and notably small eyebrows. He's a little skinnier than most of the other male students in his class, not having much visible muscle mass. His uniform his second button of his blazer undone.

"Denki Kaminari. What kind of quirk you got?" He asked. Then Uraraka sat beside you and then you realize she needs a punishment so with her index finger she poked the side of Uraraka that helped in contact. Everyone looked at the both of Chiri and uraraka with confused reaction, then Chiri looked at her and leaned her ear slowly which made Uraraka blush.

'You owe me for Shiro.' Uraraka nervous laughs and then just sat down next to her with her hands on her lap looking embarrassed. Chiri looked back at her classmates still curious gleam especially Izuki.

"I have an elemental quirk" Chiri said. tall, lean young man with chin-length black hair, spiked downwards, with jagged bangs coming about halfway down his forehead. He has almond-shaped eyes, usually stretched quite wide, and rather large, straight teeth that dominate his grin. She saw the name tag on his uniform, Hanta Sero.

"Meaning???" Sero raised a brow in curiosity, leaning himself as he holds on to Chiri's desk. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, except two people she noticed one was Bakugou faced front and not looking back with his hands behind his head and feet on the desk, the other one was someone she actually didn't notice but she has seen him a lot of times. reasonably tall, rather muscular young man who is well-built for his age. He has quite long hair, though it doesn’t pass his neck, and wears bangs, parted twice as to not obscure his vision. His hair is evenly split between two colors: white on his right-side and crimson red on his left. Reasons how see notice him was because of his Father the number two hero, Endeavour. They have the same eyes which is undeniable, though they have clashing personalities, Todoroki Shouto. Chiri remembered that she was welcomed in the staff room and able to scroll through information on the students, she just couldn't help it ever since the chat All Might and Aizawa-sensei have concerning Deku raised some urging questions. She shrugged the thoughts for a moment then turns back at the people in front of her and smiled.

"I think you guys can guess." gasped and continued to shower her compliments to Chiri about how cool her quirk is. Especially young Deku, his eyes sparkle so brightly, his never ending chatter and questions flooded. Though the itchy feeling about lying to them made her heart ache. She didn't want people to know, what she is really capable of and who she really is, this is all about one thing. 

"Tsk! Big deal, you got lucky it was some low arse Villain" Bakugou looked at Chiri at the corner of his eye only to be treated by a cheeky smile spread across the hooded boy.

"Awww, Kacchan you do care for me!" Chiri tilted her head cutely at the ash-blonde student who blushed but quickly turned away from her. Hearing the Snickers of the three boys behind her, suddenly the doors swung open and present Mic stepped in.

"Time for English!" Present Mic shouted some of the students complained as they went back into their seats. Chiri felt lightheaded still about last night's sugar rush and this class was the perfect time to pass out, as Chiri slowly nodded off, Uraraka looked back at the hooded boy and felt bad about giving Shiro candy. She thought on what happened and she could help but contemplate in the entire class. Izuki also notice his first friend he isn't looking so great, and thought that he should bring him to Recovery girl later.



"Holy shit, I can't believe I slept through 2 classes this morning" walking down to the cafeteria Chiri stretched out a bit while. Izuki, Uraraka and Ida were beside her.

"Are you sure your alright? What happened?" Izuki tilted his head as he eyes Chiri for answers. In a thought she thinks Izuki can match up with Shiro but then again her little wolf always wins favors.

"I'm cool, just out of it. Didn't sleep well last night." Chiri answered. She heard footsteps from behind of Kirishima, Kiminari and Sero quicken their pace to catch up to her.

"Hey Yamamoto, want to sit with us today and Midoriya and the two can come with." Kirishima asked with a toothy grin while his arms locked over your neck. Chiri smirked and nodded as they walked to the counter to order. Izuki, Uraraka and Ida was behind them.

"I want a jumbo size four pieces kimchi dumplings, an XXL Curry katsu with cheese and one large ice tea." The three boys eyes went completely wide and shocked with one large order for one person. 

"Damn man you can eat." Kiminari snickered.

"I need to eat my dudes." Chiri said, taking her tray off the counter. She walked at the circular table able to fit them all, they all sat down together and started to make conversations about themselves and joking on about new stuff on the internet.

"Can you really finish that amount Yamamoto-san?" Izuki asked as he sat along side you, and closely than normal but she nodded in response.

"Dude check out this meme." Sero showed a meme on his phone to Chiri and she nearly choked on her food, Uraraka quickly gave Chiri her drink. She finally took a deep breath and glared at the three stooges who could stop laughing.

"You guys are disgusting" she commented jokingly. Whipping the water of her mouth with her sleeves on her jacket. About to show Izuki the meme but she quickly too the phone away and shoved it in back of Sero's collar with fell inside his shirt. Sero tried to get it off his back while Kirishima and Kiminari kept laughing.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Chiri saw Bakugou walking towards their table. Kirishima waved him to come over and sit with them and he grumpingly did. Muttering words Chiri knew weren't very nice, Bakugou was sitting between Chiri and Kirishima he didn't want to spare her the glance yet Chiri couldn't help but be curious of sparky over here.

"Can't believe your hanging out with these losers." Bakugou said as he sat down besides Kiminari and Kirishima.

"Can't believe you joined." Bakugou was about to stand up till Kirishima tried to apologize and force him to sit. Chiri couldn't help but snickered at the bickering which Bakugou notice.

"You got a problem, shittyhood?" Bakugou barked.

"Got a bomb to defuse, sparky?" Chiri sarcastically talked back with a huge grin plastered on her face made Katsuki fuming with rage, about to take Chiri but Sero used his quirk and the other two held him down.

"I'm kidding, I know I'm the bomb why else would you be here?" Chiri was utterly calm which baffled Uraraka, Ida and especially Midoriya, she had the attitude that most people wish they had and she had that radiant personality even though her face was hidden by the hood every knew what a good person she was at the other table next to them yet far enough for the other group won't hear.

"Don't you think Chiri is kinda hot?" Said the girl of medium height, possibly set a little more broadly than some of her other female classmates. Her skin is a light shade of pink, and she has rather square eyes, their sclera black and their irises bright yellow, with notably long eyelashes below and around the sides. Her face is framed by short hair, fluffy and unruly, which is a pleasant pink color, slightly darker than that of her skin. She has two thin, pale yellow horns protruding from her head, hooked squarely and leaning diagonally to opposite sides, which are seen to be slightly flexible, able to bend a little to each side. She watched Chiri from afar laughing as she makes fun of Bakugou.

"I must say he has guts into annoying Bakugou of all people and that hood that keeps hiding the upper part of his face has a mysterious aura does give a sense of curiosity about him." The fairly tall teenage girl with a rather mature physique, considering her age. She has long black hair that is normally tied into a spiky ponytail with a single bang hanging on the right side of her face and onyx eyes that point slightly inwards, which seems to resemble a cat. Also watched as she talks and eats with Izuki and Uraraka.

"Not only that but His rather sweet and considerate! I heard from Uraraka he is such a gentleman! I wanted to talk to him but I'm so nervous!"  The fairly short girl with a completely invisible body. She is only identifiable through held or worn objects, like pieces of clothing and accessories, and when clothed, her body appears to be slender yet fairly curvaceous. She dreamingly watches Chiri with cup hands on her cheeks.

"Nice. It does make you wonder about it don't yeah?" petite, fair-skinned girl with a slender build. She has triangular, lazy-looking onyx eyes with notably long lower eyelashes, and rather small eyebrows. Her hair is short, only around chin length, and is dark purple in color with an asymmetrical fringe, and two reflections shaped like sound waves on either side of her head. Her most prominent features are the flexible, plug-like earphone jacks hanging from each of her earlobes at the end of two thin cords, which act like extra limbs; she seems to be able to control these at will, and they are very flexible, able to change length if so desired. Looking at how he chugging down the large bowl of food in front of him.

"We should try to get to know him." Tsuyu said. The girls stood up and walked towards their table and was standing behind Chiri, she quickly noticed them and turn to face them completely before giving them a big smile back.

"Hello ladies." Chiri said. Tora quickly blushed and hid behind Tsuyu, the other girls blushed slightly yet kept their composure.

"I'm Momo Yaoyorozu," pony tailed girl said.

"I'm Mina Ashido," The pinky said.

"T-Toru Hagakune.." the invisible girl who's is still behind Tsuyu.

"Kyoka Jiro" girl with the earpiece said.

"Tsuyu Asui." The froggy girl said. She smiled at the girls which made them blush even more. Chiri did have that gentle yet radiant smile she wears that makes people weak in the knees but this sometimes is a disadvantage because of people. Chiri nodded away from the negative thoughts that were crawling in.

"So you ladies finished lunch?" Chiri asked.

"Oh we are quite done and we were just hear to ask Uraraka something back in the classroom." Uraraka looked at the group of girls as their expression screams help us , Uraraka sweat drop but got up and Mina wrapped her arm around Uraraka's arm before looking at Chiri.

"Let's meet in the classroom Yamamoto-kun!" The group of girls walked away, as the girls waved at Chiri they soon bolted out of existence. Chiri who was about to continue eating sees the three stooges grinning creepily that made even Chiri a bit worried.

"Dude, your good." Kirishima sat at the new empty spot right next to Chiri.

"What do you mean?" Chiri still devouring her food.

"I think you have gone popular with ladies and we don't have a lot of girls in our class man." Kiminari stated. Chiri just raised a brow but couldn't see it because of the hood she is wearing to hide her identity but shrugged it off. Now the conversation is about girls which she ignored because she wanted to, she felt uncomfortable now. 

"They were just introducing themselves guys. Don't be ridiculous." Kirishima hooked his arm around your neck and rubbed his knuckles with his free hand.

"Don't lie smartass, we know your game. Now stop being a holdout and tell us how do you do it?" Kirishima egging for details and so did the guys expect for Bakugou and Izuki who was sweating nervously as he tries to stop them from pushing Chiri about it when she was about to say anything she felt and dark aura under the table. A very small young man with a large, round head, and rather large cheeks. His nose is small and stubby, and it sticks slightly upwards, and he has an unusually distinguishable philtrum, oval-shaped eyes with large, black pupils, and notably thin eyebrows. He has four large purple and black balls in something resembling a mohawk where his hair should be. Glaring at Chiri which she instantly reacted by holding on to her by her fingertips close to her face, a certain green and Ashe blonde boy noticed your reaction and tilted down the table on what was bothering you, Katsuki grab the weirdo by the hair to make him face his impending glare that could literally kill. The little guy got scared and looked about to piss his pants Minoru Mineta. That's what his ID say. Izuki and Ida who was sitting next to Chiri jumped out of their seat completely frightened of the little midget that appeared.

"What's so great about this guy huh? You think you can flirt with out girls!?" Looking at Chiri only gave her the creeps which doesn't happen quite often.

"Your girls?" Chiri commented.

"Dude were you underneath the table the entire time!? That's just creepy…" Sero comment, Katsuki threw the little guy over to Kiminari, Katsuki got up and started to leave the table.

"That's Mineta for you.." Kirishima sweat drop and the little boy still in Bakugou's grasp.

"Please! Girls are nothing but trouble. Get your heads out of your dicks and let's get to class!" Bakugou was already walking from the table and Chiri stood up and waved everyone to see them in class walking with Bakugou while the rest still talk about whatever. You study him a bit for some reason you couldn't help it, he has such a weird personality that it's quite amusing. 

"Did I say you could stalk me?" Bakugou eyeing Chiri next to him.

"Oh come on, I know you ain't that bad kachaaaaaaan~" in a flash Bakugou put his hands into your direction almost activating his quirk, till Chiri held up her hands in surrender.

"Hey learn to chill, someone with good looks such as yourself shouldn't frown so much." Chiri flirtatiously stated. Bakugou come into an abrupt halt and judging by her baby ass flirt, it worked in her favor he was completely blushing from that statement till he snapped his angry and annoyed expression at you.

"Shut your trap or I'll make sure I blow that fucking mouth of yours!" Chiri was taken back a bit but then leaned in to whisper in on Katsuki before heading inside to class rendering completely speechless. Chiri can believe she did that, but why? And why that firecracker she must admit he has such a peppy attitude when they first met and I doubt he remembers that time in the entrance exams. 

"Wouldn't that be fun?" Bakugou stood there processing the words she whispered in his ear bit Chiri leaned back in her seat and waited for the rest of the class to come in and then a few moments later a familiar figure came bursting through the door. 

"I HAVE--!" The tall blonde muscular man, wearing a red, white and blue hero.

"He's here!" Izuki started to show his fan boy side a little.

"Come through the door like a normal person!!" All Might stood posing in front of the class as he holds on the door frame. Chiri felt excited too but not as much as Izuki was, the class started to loudly gossip how lucky that the students were able to have All Might teaching hero basic training in UA.

"Hero basic training! The class that'll put you through all sorts of special training to mold you into hero's!" All Might took out a battle pass out of nowhere.

"No time to dally today's activity is this! Battle training!" The class erupted in a roar as they were pumped to finally get some action for today. All Might took out a remote control and clicked the walls started to open up with different numbered boxes.

"And for that you need these! In accordance with the 'Quirk registry' and the special request forms you filled out before being admitted." All Might said.

"COSTUMES!!! Heck yeah!" The class cheered. Chiri sighed in relief, she needed some extra exercise before doing the thing later. The class started running into the shelves to get their designated costumes. She touched the hidden object on her neck, she was itching for a good fight at the corner of her eye Izuki was holding onto his back tightly. Standing up from her seat she walked over to izuki.

"Someone seems excited about their homemade costume." Chiri commented which startled Izuki out of his seat which she can't help but chuckle.

"Deku you need to quit flinching around me, we are friends right?" Chiri stated. Slowly All Might walked out with these students following him.

"I'm sorry Yamamoto-ku---" Chiri placed an index finger on Izuki's lips, the blush started to creep onto his adorable freckled cheeks. The room was empty that made the situation feel a little intimate. Izuki stared at the hooded boy.

"Call me, Chiri. " The sun started to beam down from the windows in a radiant glow. Izuki's mind was completely blank. Till Chiri pulled back and started to walk out of the classroom leaving the stunned and blushing Izuki, she thought it was the most adorable thing he did.

"C-Chiri." He whispered unconsciously, the moment left him embarrassed but a little happy. A weak yet soft smile started to form on Izuki face, he touched his lips for a while he can't help how the way her fingers were soft and smooth but what caught him off guard was that glimpse under her hood.

'Why… why would you hide your face Chiri…? So pretty…' Deku thought.

He snapped out of his daze and started running to find the class and... to Chiri. Little did everyone and Izuki knew she didn't follow them, they can't discover her secret. So she went to an empty male lavatory and locked the door to have the place all for herself, she looked at the nearby mirror, removing her hood then realise she forgot to get a good look at herself.

Her long Platinum blonde hair almost the color of starlight, it was straight and looked volumized yet super soft. Her hair was long to the below her butt yet what really stands out was her beautiful and absolutely stunning Aurora colored eyes. It almost felt otherworldly and everyone who've seen them would always get lost instantly, long lashed and very nicely fixed brows which were the same color of her hair. Her soft diamond face have almost a mature look to her, especially with her pointy cute nose, her slightly plump and soft pink lips. Her skin was almost porcelain white but have a little red tint to it, she has the face of an innocent angel that wouldn't hurt a fly or even stand violence but it's just her exterior. When was the last time she truly looked at herself she thought, she hated what she looks grabbing unwanted attention to herself.

She sighed and unbutton her blazer a bit, revealing a metal gadget with a triangle in the middle, it was a beautiful little thing but it held more importance to her since she built it.

"IA!" Chiri commanded, the gadget clicked and started to wake up. The triangle in the middle started to glow.

"Yes?" A feminine robotic voice echoed in the device.

"Embrace the twilight!" In a flash Chiri's body was enveloped in a bright light, revealing her costume. A black, leather oversized hooded coat with long sleeves the coat was around the knee length it's a hybrid of a biker jacket but longer with a split in the back of the coat underneath is high v-neck Victorian loose shirt with ruffles on the wrists the shirt tucked in the dark gray combat pants with silver zippers on top of the many pockets with a double hoop belt with different gadgets,black commando boots, black lower face mask up that stretches to her collar bone, black hand gloves that don't cover the back of the hand but only fingers, knuckles and palm finally a long and vibrant red scarf is her signature look.

"Transformation complete." The device around her next started to dim it's light as if it's falling asleep.

"I can work with this, since it's my stealth costume." Chiri zipped up the coat to hide the bandages that binds her chest to hide the fact she is a girl. She doesn't want to wear skirts honestly, she can't fly to school if she is late which will be her disadvantage. Then suddenly a knock on the door alerted Chiri someone wanted to come in the lavatory, smashing open all the stalls at the very end of the stall there was a window big enough for her to slip in.

"Whose in there?" That voice was familiar and then it clicked it was Aizawa-sensei's voice outside.

"Fuck!" She cursed herself, she quickly opened the window and look out 18th floor is a pretty big drop but no problem for her, she had to check her surroundings. The sound of a door slamming in Chiri didn't take the time and jumped off the building, activating her quirk she took flight on top of the school building just in case and prayed that Aizawa-sensai would investigate further. So she flew to the site where All Might and her classmates would be.


"SHALL WE BEGIN MY WARDS? IT'S TIME FOR BATTLE TRAINING!" All Might stated, the crowd looked ready to go. Uraraka fixed her helmet a bit until she saw Izuki.

"Ah Deku, Cool Costume!! Really practical looking." Uraraka smiled at Deku but without her realizing that Deku was looking at her outfit by accident. It was his first time seeing a girl in a female costume.

"Uraraka whoa!" Deku commented with a flush look.

"I wish I could have been more specific with my request, this suit is too puffy and curvy." Uraraka bashfully said.

"All Might-sensei, this appears to be the same field used in the entrance exams. Will we once again perform the cityscape maneuver?" Ida asked wearing his cool futuristic hero costume.

"Nope! You'll be moving on to step two, indoor antipersonnel battle training! Villain battles are commonly found outdoors but statistically the most heinous battle indoors. Between confinement house arrest and black market deals in the hero filled society. You will all be split into Villain teams and hero teams! And face of in a two and two indoor battle!" All might said sterningly.

"So no basic training?" Tsuyu asked.

"Practical experience teaches us the basics" All Might answered. Then the class started to bombard questions to him, which he tries to answer diligently as he could.

"One at a time please, my quick isn't super hearing." All Might said as he spoke on about the details of the exercise, everyone got their numbers but izuki noticed something off.

"All Might, Yamamoto-kun isn't here." Izuki spoke which all might snapped his attention to him, sweating bullets because he forgot to do attendance. With a loud thud, everyone turned their backs to see Chiri kneeled down on one knee and slowly standing up in one of those heroes entrances. All might marveled at such a dramatic entrance and so did the class gasped.

"No worries, I'm here." Chiri stated. The class started to form around Chiri, she couldn't help but feel a bit bashful.

"Yamamoto-kun you look awesome!" Izuki admiring your hero costume. 

"Pretty edgy but damn is it good." Kirishima held his hands up for a high five and Chiri didn't leave him hanging.

"Must admit it suits you, especially with this hint of bright red scarf." Ida stated.

"Y-y-yamomoto-kun, you look g-good!" Uraraka stuttered as the blush was clearly visible on her cheeks.

"Thanks guys really." Chiri laughed a bit and walked up to All Might. He placed a hand on her shoulders, giving a thumbs up.

"Nice entrance!" All Might said making Chiri blush, it's a good her face was covered. Looking over at his clipboard, then confusion and panic plastered over his face. He took out his phone and started to dial the teachers. Everyone was confused now as All Might stepped out for a minute.

"What just happened?" Kiminari looked at Chiri.

"It's because our class that has an odd number this year. Usually it's 20 students but…" Momo placed a finger below her chin as she contemplates. So did Izuki. Chiri wasn't worried. A few minutes has passed and two people appeared behind All Might, she knew one was Ectoplasm but the woman she didn't knew, tall, curvaceous woman with sky blue eyes, which tilt downwards in the center; framed by a set of rather long eyelashes. She has abundant spiky dark purple hair which is made up of layers of varying lengths, the longest ones reaching down below her waist. Her chin-length bangs that are split into three sections; two swept to the sides and one over her face, going diagonally down to the left between her eyes. She also has a small mole under her left eye.

Her hero costume is very similar to one of a traditional dominatrix. She wears a black leather breastless leotard over a white bodysuit which emphasizes her breasts, body and legs, the leotard possessing red gemstone-like accessories in a vertical pattern from the collar to the midriff. She also wears translucent black thigh-high stockings and black knee-boots. She has a small, red mask outlining her eyes, a handcuff on each wrist, and a red utility belt decorated with gold studs around her hips, a matching pentagonal buckle in its center. She is carrying a flogger-style whip.

"Anyways since everyone's here, I just realized that this batch of Class 1-A. Yamamoto-kun I'm sorry but for you being late it's unfortunate for you, you will battling one of the two teaches beside me." The entire class jaws drop completely. Chiri hidden smirk not visible because of the mask. Izuki completely shaking like a leaf and so did Ida. Bakugou on the other hand…

"OI THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Bakugou erupted the class, as he annoying glares at Chiri's back. 

"B-but A-All Mi-Might they are pro-heroes!" Izuki hesitatingly interfered which Katsuki sent a Death glare to him making him flinch.

"That's right, it's not fair for Yamamoto to go up against pros since it's just a battle training and our first week of school!!"" Ida stated.

"Do not worry young Midoriya and Tenya, the teachers here know the situation and their limits as pros plus their duty as your educators."

"Don't worry kid we will go easy on you~" the black haired woman. Mineta suddenly shaken with excitement.

"She is the R-rated hero: Midnight!" Mineta breathe heavily at the site making the girls shiver.

"So Yamamoto-kun, pick your teac--!" 

"I want both." Chiri said. Everyone suddenly were speechless. For her to ask to fight with one of UA teachers were no first year would want. Izuki was completely lifeless by this point and so was the rest except Bakugou and Shouto who just watched/glared are Chiri's boldness. A laugh emanated from Midnight, she walked over to Chiri placing her index finger so Chiri and Midnight were dead straight facing each other closely. Uraraka and the girls felt a pain in their chest and a sudden urge to take Chiri away but watch intently at the two.

"You don't want to fight me boy or even pukeface here," midnight said.

"Hey!" Ectoplasm reacted to her comment.

"But facing both of us is even worse than a death wish, and quite honestly.. you're getting my sadistic side hungry~" Midnight licking her lips seductively, Chiri just kept smiling under the mask, Midnight let her chin go and walked back to All Might, who grabbed everyone's attention. 

"Moving on! First team to go against each other are! Team A heroes and Team D Villains!" Izuki gasped a little besides Chiri, she put an arm over his head. 

"Don't worry you got this--" grabbing Uraraka with her free hand "-- both of you got this" the two pair smiled nervously but Chiri has faith in them but what makes her worried is Izuki facing Bakugou. Uraraka noticed it too.

"Hey are you alright?" Uraraka said.

"Ah…! W-well I'm up against kacchan and Ida so…" Chiri looked at them both as her hands slide down from their shoulders and just listened for now.

"Bakugou is the one who bullies you right…?" Uraraka asked Izuki, his expression was undeniable to them. Chiri at the corner of her eye looked at Bakugou walking towards the site with Ida following behind.

"He may be a jerk but he is amazing… his confidence, his strength.. his quirk. He is stronger than me in every way. That's why, I won't lose to him." His eyes burning with determination put a smile on Chiri's face. She envies that resolve the most because here's were very simple and straight to the point but Izuki dreams big.

"You know, people have a reason to how they are now. Maybe someday Deku, he can open up to you" Chiri looked at Deku whom he took Chiri's words into heart and nodded. Uraraka was already ahead and as They started to head to the site while Chiri followed All Might into the monitor room. The room was heavily dark but the monitors lit the room out. Every corner of the building is completely watched. Chiri stood next to Shouto and a classmate short young man with the head of a black bird, possibly supposed to resemble that of a crow or a raven. He has a yellow beak which is slightly hooked down at the end, thin, red eyes, one on either side of his head, and a red choker, which he rarely removes. Despite the appearance of his head, however, his body is of normal human shape, with rather fair skin. His costume consists of a robe, black, but tinted a dark purple where light hits it, that covers his entire body, only stopping halfway down his shins, and knee-high black boots. During the Joint Training Arc, it was revealed that under this cape he wears a dark t-shirt, wristbands, a pair of baggy pants, similar to the ones that Firecracker wears in his hero costume, and a utility belt with a double pin buckle.

If people saw that they look like the edgy teen group, turning her head she noticed how quiet they were and so did she for a good few seconds which almost made Chiri laugh, the two boys started to look at you funny but Chiri lift her arm up signalling them that I was nothing. 

"It's not nothing, what's on your mind?" Chiri looked up at Shouto.

"It's really nothing Todoroki…. But the thought of the three people who are wearing rather edgy costumes and a cold atmosphere we would all look like some punk rock band." Chiri stated which the Raven teen held a laugh. Todoroki doesn't know what Chiri was talking about so her raised a brow to her comment.

"I'm Tokogami Fumikage, Sorry if I haven't introduced myself yet to both of you." Chiri looked at Tokogami, she let out her hand for a handshake which Tokogami happily gave.

"Chiri Yamamoto, what's your quirk?" Chiri flinched a bit. She already lied about her powers and she absolutely hates lying but she has to keep herself under wraps.

"I control, create and utilize both wind and earth."

"Like Shouto here?" Another flinch from Chiri as she felt eyes pierced her skull by Shouto from behind. Still facing Tokogami, she nodded in response and tries to think of an excuse to not talk about her quirk.

"What's your quirk Tokogami? I bet it's really cool."  Chiri almost lost her compose in saying those words but tries hard to fight back.

"My Quirk is called 'Dark Shadow' ." Suddenly a dark beast appears from Tokogami's back. "Right now in this dark control room he is a bit bigger than he is in the day but at night, he gets 3 times the size as of now and becomes rather aggressive and out of my control sadly…" 

"That sounds rather unfortunate for you but I admit that's some badass quirk." Chiri reached out her hand to pat the beasts head which absolutely loves it, with its prominent content expression and slight blush, a purr started to vocalize the beast, Tokogami was astonished and blushed a bit embarrassed that someone actually petted his dark shadow. Tokogami watched as her keep petting him till he forced the beast to retreat. Suddenly a loud sound enacted from the speakers making the three looked over the monitors. Katsuki was able to make his dramatic entrance and tries to aim at Deku, his costume mask burnt in half.

"Jesus…" Chiri whispered.

"That's low Bakugou! Sneak attacks aren't manly!!" Kirishima said.

"Yet they are a valid strategy! This is a practical exam." All Might said as he watches carefully at the battle unfold.

"That Midoriya sure can dodge!" Mina excitingly said. Chiri was nervous especially how Bakugou feels about Midoriya, he is rather hell bent to make him know that he will be the number 1 hero. Chiri mentally sighed because how can she make those two stop being enemies for once. All Might took his gaze of the monitor and slightly glance at Chiri, he knew he had to keep an eye with her. Chiri noticed All Might's gaze and looked back at him, till he flinched and shoved his face back to the screens. Chiri knew he was getting suspicious which made her nervous, already have an issue with Aizawa and now All Might in the picture.

'this day just gets better and better' she sarcastically though looking back at the fight it was getting rather brutal. Katsuki getting flipped over was a good move on Izuki's end. She smiled as the expression on both the boy's made her weakly smile. Izuki shows a little more confidence in himself which made Chiri so happy and Katsuki deserves to be put in his place. I know they used to be childhood friends but with Katsuki's big ego in the way, no wonder some people stated that he might turn evil, she heard those harsh whispers outside the class 1-A. That memory pissed Chiri off, and wanted to send them all propelling into the damn sky.

"What are they saying? These fixed cameras don't have any sounds." Kirishima said.

"They are communicating with micro transceivers, we give to the battlers with the building blueprints. Also this is a capture tape tying this around your opponent is sufficient proof of capture!!!" All might showed the class and awed.

"So they only got 15 minutes but the heroes don't know where the location of the weapon is right?" Mina asked.

"YES!" All Might said confidently.

"So the heroes are at a disadvantage here?" 

"It's like Aizawa said, say it with me kids…" raising his fist and the rest of the class follow behind.

"PLUS ULTRA" Chiri sweat drop but chuckled. She focused back on the screen watching the fight taking turns for the worst. Bakugou had a look of absolute murder written, he really wanted to defeat Deku. Chiri watched Deku avoid his attacks and didn't expect for Deku to run off. 

'What are you doing?' Chiri thought but instantly got the plan. Looking at another different monitor seeing Uraraka heading up the stairs, splitting up was a good move. If they both came after them they would be minced meat. Chiri smiled and leaned on the wall as she continues to watch the fights behind the class as they watched Bakugou and Deku's fight. Time passed Uraraka got found out by Ida but what really set the game changer was the one of Bakugou and Deku.

Bakugou lifted his arm he touched the grenade gauntlet and explaining something to Deku but that itching from the back of her mind, Bakugou might just kill Izuki. Out of panic she tried to get out of the control room but was stopped by Ectoplasm.

"Bakugou stop it now, kid. Are you trying to kill him!?" All Might yelled at the tiny microphone in his large hands. Chiri turned towards to All Might.

"All Might stop this show now!" Chiri actually yelled, everyone was completely fixated on the immense power of the gauntlet's power, it wasn't a direct hit but the power was immeasurable. The explosion caused the building to almost break away and the building next to it suffered the same damage. Chiri wanted to leave but Ectoplasm and his 2 clones blocked the exit, she felt annoyed by this point but gave up. She looked back at the monitor, she realized there is only one way to end it fast. She looked at Uraraka and Ida battle, Uraraka used her quirk and ran straight into the objective Ida quickly stood in front of her path as she started to float in the air. Sadly Ida was too quick and took the objective and ran with it. Making Uraraka fall. Chiri cursed at the disadvantage Uraraka was in and looked at the battle with the two boys.

"All Might, this is already out of hand you need to stop this fight!" Chiri stomped her way towards All Might.

"No." He said.

"No!? Do you actually think that boy will listen!? I think you knew full well how their dynamic for creating damage yet you let this happen!" The class listened at Chiri protest, they were actually anxious and quite nervous around her. They never saw that side of her and it scared them a bit. All Might stared at Chiri and bowed profusely in front of her making the class shocked.

"Please understand as a teacher I must do what I can to mold you, my students into not only fantastic heroes but good people. Who learn from their mistakes and put them on the right path. That is my goal as an eductor of UA. Please be patient, Yamamoto." All Might couldn't help but feel responsible and Chiri knew that, he isn't wrong either. Out of all the teachers in UA, he shows a strong resolve into being a teacher. She sighed and rubbed her neck line.

"Get up… please it's embarrassing to have you of all people…" Chiri for the first time voiced out shyly the girls behind him couldn't help how cute she acted. Kirishima latched his arm around Chiri's neck, grinning at him and Kiminari on the free side of Chiri. They watched as All Might spoke in the microphone.

"Damn man, I can't believe you can be scary." Kirishima whispered, Kiminari snickered lightly as they watch their friend battle it out with Izuki.

"And I can't believe… you shut down the symbol of peace!" Sero who popped up next to Kirishima. She nervously laughed at the comment, she knew she was too much but those eyes, determination, and absolute rage. It felt like danger was going to hit the hero team.

"Guys what do you think of Bakugou?" Chiri continue to watch as Deku struggles against Bakugou's attacks.

"He doesn't feel like he is a bad guy, it's just…" Kirishima who hesitantly spoke as he continues watching his friend.

"I know he isn't it's just… his overinflated ego." The three boys nodded without a doubt that made Chiri laugh.

"I'm cheering for Midoriya's team honestly, no hard feelings but that dude needs an ass whooping!" Kiminari stated. Izuki kept fighting against Bakugou even though his brutal attempts. Izuki's quick thinking keeps him stand which gives Chiri to commemorate to him later once he wins. Now something was about to start, they started to go full on at each other, Izuki's arm started to glow and curled up in a fist, Bakugou's palm started to smoke heavily. Her body shaking because she couldn't help that two of her classmates were really going full on. Her body started to react on it's own, she tried to hold it in, but she couldn't for the intense concern and worry. All Might knew it too, he took the microphone, anxious he tries to voice out. It was coming.

"Please stop this!!" As she mentally screamed in fear, biting her lip to not voice out her pleas, she almost looked away but then twisted turn of events. Izuki upper cuts the air sending a wave of power surging to the ceiling completely destroying it revealing Uraraka and Ida's floor, the Uraraka used her quirk to hold on to a pillar and swung the debris towards Ida. It was a distraction , Uraraka activated her quirk on herself again to float above Ida and was able to hold onto the objective. Chiri couldn't believe it, the faded echoes of her classmates cheers were far away from her. She looked at the monitor where both Izuki and Katsuki were, Izuki was heavily damage both by himself and Bakugou's direct attack, it was a good thing Izuki was able to block it in time. Chiri sigh in relief, and couldn't help how idiots can be so reckless.

"Hero team WIIIIINNNNNSSSSS!!!!" All Might shouted on the microphone. The class was ecstatic, yet Chiri just watched as Izuki passes out and turns her attention to Bakugou. All might started to walk to the door where Chiri was still standing, he placed a palm on her head. 

"I'm sorry, All Might." She whispered gently. He gave her a big thumbs up and walked off she watched monitors she saw the denial etched in Katsuki's face. The pure anger, denial and frustration, she was torn to how to take their battle in, she wanted to be a neutral. Happy and worried for Izuki and pained and guilty for Bakugou. Then a few moments passed both Ida, Uraraka and Bakugou were in the control room. Uraraka puked a few minutes ago which was her drawback of her quirk, Ida unscaved but Bakugou head down in shame and dread. He was a fighter aiming to win and now he lost for the first time, especially to someone whom he thought was inferior to him. 

"The VIP of the battle was Ida!" All Might announced, shocked some of the class including Ida himself.

"Not Midoriya or Uraraka? Even though they won?" Tsuya asked.

"I wonder why! Does anyone know?" All might asked the class, which no one answered. Chiri knew why but she just didn't want to say it, till Momo spoke and explained thoroughly as to why. The class gasped in amazement of her statement, Chiri smiled because she took the words right of her mouth. She walked over and leaned in gently making Momo squiked and her face had a visible blush on. Chiri's hood was slightly lifted but the shadow was on her eyes still.

"I couldn't have said it better myself, Nice job miss number one." Chiri winked at Momo, her face started to go completely red and looked like she was about to pass out. 

"Oh my… I can't believe I was praised by Yamamoto-kun… but... his eyes were just dazzling!!" Momo internally squealed.

Then the second half begun and it was over in a flash. Shouto froze the entire building, Chiri thought it was totally cool. Pun intended. The rest of the battle procedures of the other groups went flawlessly and quite honestly looked so much fun to Chiri. 

"Yamamoto, are you ready for your battle?" All Might said, hands on his side with his winning smile and all. Ida and Uraraka gulped down their anxiety and everyone else seems to be itching what you can really do, especially a small portion of what happened in the quirk assessment test with Aizawa.

"Ready as I'll ever be I guess.." she turned to face the bright door of the entrance of the monitor room. She was about to pass by Katsuki, who is still sulking and head down, he was still in the very back of the class. She stopped in her tracks and looked at Katsuki, she felt bad and he didn't even notice her. Her hood was lifted slightly because she had to look up a bit to look at Bakugou the light luminated the shadow but he won't look at her.

"Change is inevitable Bakugou, don't cling on to something that will drag you down. He is no longer the same kid you knew in high school and you should accept what's to come. So learn and grow hero." She didn't know if he heard her or anything but she walked towards the door to the site. All Might and the rest of the class watched in the control room and to Kirishima and Kiminari surprised they saw Bakugou walking near the monitor he finally snapped out of his despair which the two boys looked shocked and what kind of made them worry is the emotionless expression he showed.

"Woah dude is finally back." Kiminari commented. 

"Shut it" Bakugou said.


She looked at the building in front of her and took a quick glance of the buildings interior design and threw it away. She walked towards the buildings front door and opens it like a normal person would.


"She is just going in like a regular person!?" The class sweat drops as All Might continues to monitor Chiri's performance .


The front was strangely empty, she figures that the teachers probably know from Aizawa-sensei assessment that she can use her wind element to fly around outside to check her surroundings from the outside and find the objective but she just calmly walk around the ground floor till she finds some stairs leading to the second floor. Strangely it was empty too, before she could think about what's their strategy as pros 5 clones of ectoplasm were about to ambush Chiri from all directions but Chiri was quick, by activating her quirk a huge and powerful gust of wind blew them away and hitting the clones hard into the floors and walls and as they start to disappear it became quiet in the room.

"So that's they're game. They are trying to wear me out… Smart." Chiri walked back to the stairs but rather than the normal stairs she used the emergency fire escape route, to avoid anymore clones.


"She is rather good move for using the fire escape route, Ectoplasm has a lot more clones waiting on the next floor." Momo commented on the control room.


Chiri activated her quirk to go up to the very top of the building. Entering the hallway she saw seven of Ectoplasm's clones outside protecting that one room, it's probably in there but Chiri knew something was up because it was too easy but she didn't mind it her hands finally leaving her leather coat jacket and run straight to the door. 5 clones started to defend the point while there went 2 went straight to her. Chiri being fast she swiftly dodge their kicks and counter them by grappling the ankle of one the clones and throwing them to the incoming one hard. She kept running towards the door and realized now the trap as a thin but light purple mist emanated below the door. She stopped Midway and as the clones started to come at her, she placed her palms tightly closed to her chest in an X formation as the wind gathered around her. 

She was levitating a bit from the ground till she releases a full force of the wind and sending the clones hurdling to the door and completely breaking it open and realising the gas that was placed as a trapped. She heard glass breaking in the room, she floated hesitant to the room which was debrided of the trap that was placed by Midnight. She saw the female teacher who was slammed by the broken door tried to get up, Chiri was already inside the room and Midnight took out her whip to defend the objective that was behind her. 

"Congratulations, you saw through it didn't you?" Midnight questioned Chiri as she is ready for an attack.

"It's smart trying to wear me down of my quirk by letting me fighting Ectoplasm's clones but I figured the objective is at the very top… and sadly you didn't cover every entrance or should I say exit and if Ectoplasm-sensei can't keep me at bay, you had to set up a trap for me to not get the objective. Sadly I know a little about your powers Midnight-sensei." Tilting her head innocently on how she explained their plan. Midnight looked impressed and a bit disappointed. She hurled her whip at Chiri tried to dodge but the whip latched at her arm, it stung a little but Chiri grabbed her whip with the hand that was entangled and pull Midnight towards her.


"Wait what is he doing?" Ida stated. The class watched as amazement of how she is doing so well without using much of her quirk's powers. Bakugou couldn't take his eyes off her at all, All Might at the edge of his spot couldn't believe that a first year is able to beat two pro's plans and try they weak points.

"I can't believe this is happening…" All Might cursed silently to make sure his student couldn't here.


As Midnight flew towards Chiri, she snickered which made Chiri alert on her plan. She was about to rip part of her suit off but Chiri was too fast and by using her quirk she flew fast to Midnight and air kicked her out of the broken window, Chiri looked behind and saw 30 clones coming in the room 3 jumped off the window to say Midnight from falling. Which Chiri took matters into her own hands as she makes the wind gather a Midnight, Chiri looked at the remaining clones surrounding her, she knew if she couldn't find the original she will be forced to use her quirk which doesn't want to do. 

They came one after the other, Chiri fought back with her martial arts and swiftly dodge with her acrobatics. It felt like a total breeze to fight them because they did say they have limits since Chiri still a first year plus it's her first combat training but all fun must come to an end. Clones where still coming at her, placing her foot down the floor cracks in beneath her and the concrete and stones starts to come to life, it seeps through the clones feet and slowly crawls its way up. The she heard Ectoplasm voice and a split second she dug her fingers into the floor and grab a piece of it and launched herself on to Ectoplasm. Completely trapped under the quick she used. She hurled the stone to his face forming into a mouth guard. She looked at the surveillance cameras and gave a thumbs up.


"What. Just. Happened!?" Kirishima watched as Chiri's battle, All Might's pen snapped by accident for he was completely astonished. Taking his tiny microphone in his hands, Midnight was unconscious and Ectoplasm was completely immobilized.



The class was all outside now, running towards to Chiri kirishima and Kiminari jumped and gave a huge bro hug towards the black hooded boy. Uraraka was crying for some odd reason but Chiri comforted that it was alright by paying her head gentle, the girls started to ask their questions and soon the boys followed through.

"That was exemplary work!" Ida said while adjusting his glasses.

"That's truly a flawless work Yamamoto-kun" Momo said. 

"That was totally awesome, you were like HA! WAH! And then… HIYA!" Mina tried to mimic her moves which Chiri laughed.

"Well done everyone, no serious injuries apart from Midoriya… Great work though! You all did a splendid job on your first battle training. Now I want you all to change out of your costumes and go to your classroom, I will check in with Midoriya first and give his grade. " All Might announced.

"May I join---!" And in a flash All Might ran towards the infirmary without answering to Chiri. She was slightly annoyed but shoved her hands on her pockets as she watched her classmates head the other direction. She was about to head to the infirmary but was stopped by Bakugou's voice.

"Hey!" Bakugou said. He was back to his normal face and glared hardly at Chiri making her actually flinch a bit.

"What's up?" Chiri replied.

"... You.. know nothing about me and Deku! So mind your own Goddamn business!!" a moment of silence between the two of meeting their ideals but Chiri understood and nodded telling him, he doesn't have to explain himself for now.

'Just do you best to be better Katsuki.' she thought as she walked towards the building, but before she walked in she saw a work she spotted a nearby shed, she looked around her surroundings both outside and inside just to make sure she wasn't followed or anything. 

"IA, clear the skies." The neck device started to glow again till dims down to finally be back at her male uniform with her classic black hoodie jacket. She walked out and started to jog her way to the infirmary as she approached her destination she stood by the door about to knock till a not so familiar voice making her stop her before she knocked.

"This year's only just started and this boy has been here three times!!! Why didn't you prevent this All Might!?" She spoke profusely in sternes.

"I apologise recovery girl…" All Might said.

"IT'S NOT ME YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE TO!" Recovery girl yelled.

"Yesterday and today he came here completely fatigued! This isn't so easily healed. I've given him first aid kit and an IV drip… but now we have to wait for him to recover on his own." She stated. Chiri felt bad that he took a large hit from Bakugou recklessness and Katsuki was right I know nothing about him and Izuki's past.

"Come on, I know you gave him your power but whether he is your favorite or not.. you have to stop indulging him!" Chiri eyes widen in shock. What did she mean by All Might giving his powers to Izuki? Chiri listened in a bit more.

"Can you keep it down please? At least when discussing one for all.." All Might said pleadingly.

"Oh sure, Mr. 'natural born hero'. Mr. Symbol of peace!"

"This true form of mine and my injury is common knowledge for the staff in UA! However, only you, the principal, and old friend of mine and young Midoriya here knows about my Quirk and if the truth were to come out the superhuman society would fall into evil." Chiri tries to hold in her information but tries her best not to burst in to argue with All Might but she needs to get more information from Nezu on what's happening. Chiri knocked at the door and tries to act normal. You heard thumping sounds meaning All Might trying to do something, Chiri walked into Recovery girl and All Might standing proud as always.

"Chiri! Why are you here?" Recovery Girl asked she is a short , elderly woman with gray hair styled into a netted bun, a large syringe poking diagonally out of it to the left. She has a notably small nose and eyes which are usually drawn as two little dashes, and a long mouth with defined nasolabial folds.She wears a doctor's lab coat and a dress with yellow and red vest-like designs on either side, two yellow buttons, and a belt with a pink “R”-shaped buckle. She wears pink boots and has a helmet around the sides of her head, a purple tinted visor joining it over her eyes. In addition, she walks with a cane designed like a syringe that she can also use for healing the injured.

"After I changed, I came to check on Midoriya if that's alright?" Chiri said. Which recovery girl nodded and looked back at All Might, who flinched and left. All might stood in front of Chiri placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I forgot to talk to you about your grade Yamamoto, I must say you have the highest out of all your classmates. It's not everyday a first-year's first battle training with two of UA pro heroes.  Keep up the good work!" Chiri looked up at All Might and smiled.

"I will." She said and now she was alone with Recovery Girl. Chiri walked towards the closed curtain and revealing Midoriya laying down covered up with bandages. She sat on the bed as gently as she can to not wake him up, Recovery Girl walked towards them.

"Is it true? On what that blonde said?" Chiri chuckled and slowly nodded her head. Recovery Girl sighed and grabbed a chair.

"You know this can't go on forever and Nezu.. well you know his quirk." Recovery Girl said giving an energy bar for her. She gladly took it and bit of a piece.

"I know but he knows that he can't, and if he did well… I'm not the one who's going to be in trouble."

"So are you planning to rest here?" Recovery Girl asked. 

"Can I? I mean would Aizawa be mad?" Chiri finishing her energy bar as she stood up and so did Recovery girl following her to the next bed next to Midoriya's, Chiri unzipped her jacket as she was about to take off. Recovery Girl closed the curtains full, and faced her. Her beautiful platinum blonde hair shined as it falls off gracefully.

"Please that man is more scared of me and Nezu." Chiri laughed as she placed her head down the bed back face the ceiling and stomach down.

"If you want to keep this secret, you need to be more careful. Did you inhale Midnights toxins?" Recovery girl asked.

"No I don't think so. She was about to do into close contact with me at the last second but I don't think I did.. I know toxins can make anyone fall asleep but it's more effective on males than females. So I was careful in that part."

"Just rest kid. I'll be just here, it's good only you and Midoriya here." Chiri suddenly fell asleep. Recovery girl who sat next to the sleeping beauty, Gently pushed back her hair back.

"Your just a kid… why do you have to go through so much?"


At the pre-school of Shiro he waited patiently for his big sister to come pick him up outside the doors. It was rather late and he was worried something happen till he saw a figure in the distance walking towards the school with Shiro's animal senses by the smell from a distance it was Chiri. He ran towards as much as he can till he jumped in her arms. His tail wagged with excitement and his ears folded, his eyes looked happy and a bit watery because he was the last one to get picked up and was worried to the point that he almost cried. Chiri's eyes she felt guilty for being late, and making Shiro worried. She gave him a good hug as they walked to a busy road.

"Why were you late?" Shiro asked, still being carried in Chiri's arms. 

"Fell asleep in the nurse's office buddy, I'm sorry" Chiri answered.

"Are you ok?" Shiro asked worryingly.

"Just had a fun day today is all. I'll tell you when we get home." Chiri smiled at the little wolf boy on her hands, and lightly kissed his forehead which Shiro giggled in response.

She turned a left to head into the mall. People noticed her as being of suspicious person because she was still wearing her zipped up dark hood jacket and her skull face mask that covers her mouth. Chiri noticed it and quickly walked in to a beauty store with Shiro still in her arms. The clerk was nervous and hesitantly approach the two.

"H-ho-how may I-I help you?" She continues to help the two customer Shiro looked at the clerk and smiled adorably which made her heart skip a beat and squealed a little, her fear turned to a normal smile instantly and turned her way to Chiri.

"I'm looking for some hair color that's temporary." The store clerk nodded and walked away for a minute, Chiri let Shiro down for now when she looked at some of the beauty regimen and looked at her phone for something. The store clerk came back with the product.

"This is not only easy to put on but it also the effects make it your natural hair color, it's easy to come off after a good shower. It's popular with the ladies these days!" The clerk explained.

"Give me in jet black and two more of this bottle please." Chiri said. As the clerk bagged the hair product and some other products Chiri put in, she took out her wallet and gave her a diamond platinum credit card. The clerk at the counter were completely dead wide eyed shocked at such a luxury card and as the transaction was finished the Chiri and Shiro headed to the next store hand in hand. They were at the ophthalmologist, they did some eye check ups and all that test and the doctor gave her the contacts she ordered. Red and orange dragon eye contact lenses. Shiro gasp on how pretty cool their were and as they exited the store. Shiro bumped into a person while running a head, Chiri walked towards where Shiro was and about to apologize but realize it was a familiar half white and half read haired boy.

"Sh-shouto?" Chiri straighten herself, Todoroki wore an unbuttoned white t shirt underneath is a red shirt, while wearing dark pants and brown shoes. Todoroki realized the voice, and turned his attention away the little boy and towards his fellow classmate Chiri quickly hid the shopping bags away from view of the hotncold boy. 

"Fancy meeting you here, Yamamoto." Shouto spoke in a stoic manner. Chiri whistles Shiro to jump and so he did as he wags his tail excitedly, even though he has a wolf type he still has dog tendency. Chiri holding on the little wolf boy with one hand, Shouto and Shiro stare a good amount of time. Chiri cleared her throat for them to stop the little staring contest with a hint of blush visible. She thought of Shouto was rather adorable because his silence is the lack of being able to communicate with children.

"Anyways… what you doing here?" Chiri asked Shouto.

"I'm here with my sister on getting groceries." Shouto answered then young woman of average height with intelligent turquoise eyes. She has white hair, flecked with a few noticeable traces of a crimson-like color, which is mostly shoulder-length aside from the ear-length side bangs she sports and the short clump she leaves hanging down her forehead. She wears a white dress shirt with a plain grayish peach-colored cardigan, the sleeves worn rolled up to just below her elbows, along with navy blue jeans. She also sports brown dress shoes and a pair of red-framed rectangular glasses. Walked towards Todoroki and then she glanced at the two figures next to her brother.

"Shouto! Is that one of your classmates?" The woman asked Shouto who nodded in response and turned her attention to the two kids as she smiled.

"I'm Fuyumi Todoroki, his older sister." She introduced herself.

"I'm Chiri Yamamoto and this is my little brother Shiro." Chiri answered, Shiro tilted his head a bit and gave that signature cute smile that made girl's heart melt. Fuyumi squealed loudly making some people look at her funny.

"What cuties, do you want to join us for dinner? We don't live far from here, so I do hope you would join us--" then Shouto interrupted. 

"Fuyumi, don't. It's getting late and it seems like they have to go home soon." Shouto explained, it was already 5:47pm on Chiri's phone but shrugged it off and smiled at the two white haired siblings.

"I don't mind, I can still get me and my little brother home ok, we don't live that far--" Chiri lied. "And it would be rude." Shouto blushed a bit of embarrassment while hiding his face with his palm. Fuyumi held a delighted expression and tossed Shouto the groceries. They were outside the mall now as Fuyumi tried to grab us a taxi but to no avail. She realized she forgot to buy important stuff too.

'I'll just come back tomorrow.' Chiri thought. Then she stepped forward to Fuyumi and Shouto who were struggling to find an available ride.

"Damn it, Toya took my car and now it's rush hour. What perfect timing…" Fuyumi sighed in defeat. Till Chiri spoke.

"I have a suggestion if you both don't mind." Fuyumi and Shouto looked at Chiri in curiosity as she turned on her quirk, the wind started to bother around them. The Todoroki siblings were in awe as they flew in the air above, Fuyumi looked completely accelerated with excitement as they were all flying, Shiro was buggy back riding his sister as he continues to spread his arms wide and pretend to be an airplane. Shouto was amazed and shocked still at Chiri's urge to help them home, he glanced at his classmate and tries to study her till Fuyumi interrupted saying that they are in their destination. Chiri gently lay them down on the ground in front of their home gate, a traditional Japanese style home and it was enormous, the beautiful designs of the home made Chiri and Shiro awe in amazement. Fuyumi led then to a room where there was Chabudai in the middle of the room and Shouto, Chiri and Shiro walked in to look a bit around the room which also has a flat screen TV in there as well.

"I'll make us dinner, our father isn't going to be here tonight so it will be us siblings." Fuyumi waved at as as she shuts the door leaving Chiri , Shiro and Shouto inside.

"You want to watch TV Shiro?" Shouto asked surprising Chiri. Shiro nodded excitedly as the half boy turned on the cartoon channel for Shiro. Chiri glanced at Shouto who did too in Vise versa, it was their first time having a conversation at all yet the silence wasn't suffocating to the two teens.

"Sorry that my sister insinuate this." Todoroki spoke as he avoids Chiri's gaze.

"It's quite alright, we are classmates after all." Chiri smiled as she watched Shiro get completely immersed to the TV show.

"...Your skills were quite amazing at the battle training class.." Shouto looked directly at Chiri making her feel a bit nervous, she knows that he doesn't know about her but she has that feeling plus the look on Shouto's eyes. She was sweating bullets internally.

"O-oh you think so?" Chiri replied till they fell into silence again for a moment.

"Did you started training as a kid?" Shouto asked.

"Yeah when I first had my quirk… I accidentally blew my kite away taking me with it at one point." Chiri jokingly remembered how she got her quirk, Shouto unconsciously chuckled at the thought.

"Mine was when I accidentally froze the koi pond in the garden."

"Poor fish." Chiri commented making Shouto chuckled again but stopped.

'What am I doing...?' Shouto scrolling through his thoughts as to why he was so comfortable with Chiri but to her obliviousness she just continued to look at Shiro who was looking at a channel news. It was All Might and Shiro jumped in excitement, suddenly the Japanese doors flew open making the three completely startled. Fuyumi came in looking mad, 

"For God's sake! Toya got caught up in a villain attack!" Fuyumi stated to Shouto which he immediately looked serious to his older sister.

"Was he hurt?" Shouto asked.

"Kind of… we need go Shouto!... Chiri-kun I'm so sorry but…" Chiri got up and took Shiro and her stuff in her arms.

"It's alright I understand, I'll take my leave then" All 4 people started to head out, Fuyumi and Shouto offered to take Chiri and Shiro home but declined politely and then went on their separate ways. As they took away in the cab, Chiri activated her quirk. And together they flew back to they're crappy apartment. The noise of gunshots from a distance was audible they were already near to their place and she can't really interfere so they dropped down in an open alleyway. She place Shiro and her things behind the dumpster. Taking out a blanket Shiro uses during nap time at preschool and cover him up to make sure no one sees him.

"Shiro stay here ok?" The little boy frightened but nodded in response. Chiri zipped her dark hooded jacket to hide the fact she was a UA student and took out her skull mask to cover the rest of her face. This part of town has high on crime rates and they live in the middle of it. They weren't but Chiri couldn't ignore the scene that's happening, soon she headed footsteps running towards the alley. A guy with grayish skin appeared holding a gun with a duffle bag, a petty thief he was. Chiri stood in front of the villain, which the villain stopped in his tracks.

"Get out of my fucking way!!!!" He pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger, the bullet was coming right at her. Using her Quirk, an Ice shard she created blocked the incoming firearm, the villain cursed under his breath as he was about to run away. The grown around Chiri started to frost up quickly, and form a barricade between her and the villain.

"If I were you, I would let it all go." Chiri stated, The sky roared of thunder and the clouds turned gray. A shiver send down the villains spin and looked at the kid in front of him. He felt a powerful aura it was the intimidation of someone experienced and highly dangerous.

Chapter Text

Next day in school, Chiri walked along the street as she took a turn to the school a sudden swarm of reports were rampaging outside the barrier gate of UA. Chiri watched as they kept asking their questions loudly at Aizawa-sensei who is in the middle of hord.

"Tell me, is All Might actually teaching here in UA!?" Reporter 1 said.

"Is it true that he might be quitting heroism!?" Reporter 2 said.

"Is All Might qualified to teach!?" Reporter 3 asked. 

Chris watched as the madness of questions and rumors keep vomiting out of the crowds mouths. Chiri watched as Aizawa-sensei answered their questions and he saw Chiri from the very back and glared signalling her to get inside. Chiri used her quirk and as the wind gathered around her she flew in high speeds through the gate. Outside of the building she flew up trying to get to her class floor and as she reached the window of her classroom, her classmates saw her outside which some frighten out of their seats meaning Izuki and Ida plus Uraraka and others were shocked finding you floating outside the building of the school. Chiri lightly tapped the window asking someone to open it. Mina got up off her seat and opened the window for Chiri.

"Thanks for opening up Mina." Chiri smiled at Mina making her heart beat go faster as she looked away from Chiri to hide the blush from her already pink face.

"What happened?" Uraraka asked worryingly.

"It's forbidden to use your quirk outside of school grounds Yamamoto-kun!" Iida said.

"But… I was in school grounds Iida?" Chiri answered him who looked completely embarrassed.

"Sooooo anyways what happened? Was it the reporters?" Kiminari sat on Kirishima's desk and Kirishima sat on his chair, Sero standing in between the two boys. Bakugou was in front of them not looking at Chiri.

"You mean the horde outside? Then yes.." the guys laughed till they watched Uraraka and Izuki checked every inch of you repeatedly making Chiri sweat drops but thought it was cute nonetheless.

"What did you say to the reporters?" Todoroki walked towards you. Izuki and Uraraka sighed in relief as they didn't find any injuries around you and looked at Todoroki.

"Nothing I just flew past them. It seems All Might secret isn't so secret anymore…" Chiri said.

"I mean it's pretty obvious if you ask me, the No. 1 Hero in Japan is surely going to be found out!" Kirishima snickered. Bakugou reacted with a clicking sound with his mouth, then Aizawa-sensei walked in the class with his sleeping back in his hand.

“Good work with Yesterday's battle training. I’ve overlooked your grades and evaluations, Bakugou.” Katsuki stiffens a but still the shame and defeat on his eyes are still there but not as prominent as before. 

“Grow up already. Stop wasting your talent.” Chiri peeked at Katsuki after what Aizawa-sensai said.

“...Got it.” Bakugo mumbled. Aizawa shifted his to Izuki making him frighten.

“Midoriya it seems you ended up with a broken arm. Learn to control your quirk… because just trying isn't going to cut it. I hate repeating myself but you do have potential assuming you can overcome this. Work at it Midoriya.” Aizawa lectured to Izuki who looked guilty for a bit but then looked more determination in his eyes.

“Okay!” Izuki answered making aizawa smiled a bit.

"Now on to homeroom business, sorry for the sudden announcement but today... you’ll be deciding on who will be the class president--" Quickly the class raised their hands and started to vote for themselves, Chiri looked out the window seeing the gate from afar. Abruptly it closes meaning the barrier security protocol activated because some of the reporters try to get in. Chiri smiled with amusement but from afar she can even see someone outside coming closer to the gate, a dark figure though she could see the crowd of reporters she couldn't see their faces. They looked like tiny ants but that one particular ant is giving of a bad vibe, Chiri squinted her eyes to try and focus on the figure coming closer.

“Ah! I Pick Yamamoto as our class president!” Kirishima stated making Chiri immediately glared at Kirishima.

“I second that notion!” Kiminari said and Sero nodded in agreement to vote for Chiri. Uraraka abruptly stood up in excitement with her hand raised high.

“I vote for Yamamoto-kun too!” Uraraka said. Then the girls behind Uraraka raised their hands in agreement with a hint of blush on their cheeks.

“HOLD IT!” Chiri stood up, the class went silent.

“Chiri, what's wrong?” Izuki asked. Chiri sweat dropped realizing she didn't have to scream loudly, trying to hold in her composure she raised her hands and waved in denial.

“Sorry everybody but I refuse to become class president.” The silence was broken by their numerous questions about Chiri not being class president, Chiri couldn't answer then She looked at Aizawa for help with pleading with mouth gestures then Aizawa remembered something he was supposed to do.

"By the way Yamamoto, principal nezu wants you in his office." Aizawa said making Chiri snap out and turn to face the class and Aizawa who all looked at her. 

"Dude what did you do?" Kirishima jokingly laugh but worried laced in his voice.

"Is it about the using my quirk ‘outside the grounds’?" Chiri asked smirking at Aizawa, an unusual grin emerged to Aizawa’s face making Chiri sweat drop and a bit frightened but she still smiling. She got off her seat and grabbed her bag and headed out.

"Such a bad boy! So hot!" Mina whispered loudly to tzuyu and Momo, the girls giggled and in the back you saw Mineta’s dark aura protruding from the background.

"I sure hope so…" Aizawa said. Making the class shivered in fear for you. Chiri chuckled in amusement but closed the door behind her, she could hear her classmates protest and questions to Aizawa on why she was sent to the Principal's office, safe by the call really. Taking out her phone and headphones she played 'Jet lag' by simple plan as she walked casually towards the hall. It was majority were empty and quiet which Chiri enjoyed, she listened to the guitar started to play.

She started to him to the tune and unconsciously air guitar in the not so empty halls, a super thing and blonde man was right behind Chiri while holding a stack of papers and folders. He heard you sing as he walked in the same direction as you, finally Chiri realized someone was walking behind her as she was about to turn the blonde man didn't pay attention because he was too engrossed with your humming and bumped into Chiri, in quick succession she activated her quirk to save the man from falling. The wind gathered helping him levitate him and gently placed him down on his feet.

"I'm so sorry!" Chiri said. The man looked up giving him a smile.

"It's quite alright, I say what pretty humming you did." Chiri blushed a bit in embarrassment but looked around seeing all the folders and papers scattered. She activated her quirk making the wind collect the fallen documents and gracefully landed to Chiri's hand. The man watched calmly, as she held the massive stack of materials. Chiri looked at the man, very skinny man with sharp, angular features and long limbs, his neck long and his eyebrows were absent. Wearing white dress shirt, yellow trousers and a pair of loafers.

"What a handy quirk too" he said.

"Where are you heading to?" Chiri asked she smiles as they walked along side together.

"I'm just hoping to drop it off to the Principal's office." He smiled as Chiri smiled back. They arrived outside Nezu's office as the the shaggy blonde haired man opened the door.

"Al-- Yoshinori! I see you met with one of our students. I hope you both have gotten acquainted with each other!" Nezu panicked a bit when he saw Chiri, making her confused and curious. She looked at Yoshinori-sensei who was sweating bullets anxiously. Chiri looked back at nezu.

"Want to talk to me, Nezu?" Chiri smuggling smirked. Snapping them both out of it, Nezu coughed to excuse for his silence and also signalling All Might to leave at once. He got the message and soon left before he gave Chiri a thumbs up and a smile. Chiri though still hiding under the hood, her eyes widen in realization. As soon as the door closed Chiri walked towards the open couch that was in Nezu's office and started to lounge a bit.

"I see you still have the audacity to speak to me so casually in front the staff?" Nezu sipped his tea casually.

"Please it's just All Might, I bet he says that to you too."

"Even so! Having to speak to your principal like that means you lack res-- wait did you just All Might?" Nezu looked at Chiri. Her smirk turns into a grin.

"It wasn't that hard to figure out it was All Might, it's hard to keep secrets, especially for being such a high profile person." Chiri scrolled through her social media on her phone and as Nezu relaxed a bit more in his rather large chair. "Don't worry I'll keep that a secret till you tell me what else is he hiding.." 

"It's better to hear it from him yourself. My major concerns would be you Chiri." Nezu got off his seat and started to walk next to Chiri.

"I'm doing well, everyone doesn't seem to suspect me at all which is good except… Eraserhead" Nezu nodded and sat next to Chiri in the couch.

"He is who he is, but I do hope our agreement stays the same. If you classmates plus the teachers know who you are, that means girl uniform you go." Chiri glanced down at the small creature.

"You'll have to face his wrath tho…" 

"Then we shall see who has the last laugh!" As Nezu started to jerk around as he maniacal laughs. Shivers ran through her spine as she remember the file about Nezu and his quirk. A sound rang through her phone that was in her pocket, taking it out she saw a text message from Izuki.


Izuki Midoriya 

"Who would you pick as class president?"


Chiri thought for a moment as she typed her answer, till the school bell rang signaling it was time for lunch. She got up from the couch and waved Nezu goodbye. He reminded her to visit whenever she can and she smiled happily. Running down the halls students swamped out their classrooms heading to the cafeteria, Chiri felt someone bumped into her shoulder and looked up seeing tall young man with messy indigo hair that flares out in large tufts around his head, and notably straight teeth. His eyes are dark purple with white pupils, and are thin and somewhat triangular in shape, with no visible eyelashes. Half-closed, and he has very dark eye bags underneath them.

“Sorry.” the purple haired student said. Chiri faced him and smiled.

“Its cool and you are?” Chiri tilted her head slightly out of curiosity. He raised a brow in wonder but stood face to face to Chiri.

“Hitoshi Shinso, you?” A Stoic and Straightforward speech which chiri can really respect.

“Chiri Yamamoto from Class 1-A” Chiri answered honestly, she saw the body language of Shinso, he stiffen for a moment but relaxed. The facial expression made Chiri curious of Shinso, it was giving a hint of hate and resentment. 

“Anyways sorry.” He quickly retreated from Chiri as if he avoid her like the plague looking shocked, confused and a bit hurt that a cute boy just ran away from her but she shrugged it off like it was nothing and walked towards the halls in silence. Suddenly it happened, it felt like the world around her started to fade and become distance, her footsteps barely became audible to her. She felt like she is sinking deeper and deeper down, she tried to hold the feelings deep down, she didn't want to mess with it. She rather not feel and pretend its not there right now because it was the past but...

“Stop. It's over… They can't hurt you anymor--" Chiri's thoughts were cut off by a hand that touched her shoulder looking over she saw, Kirishima, Kiminari and Sero.

"Hey dude, how was jail time?" Sero jokingly asked which kirishima elbowed his side till he faced Chiri and smiled.

"Nothing concerning I guess" as they opened the doors to the cafeteria, it was flooded by numerous students lined up and taking most of the seats, Kiminari whistles in how much people were there to eat that day. Chiri looked around the area and spotted Midoriya, Uraraka and Iida seating in the far corner. The table was now full of random students and now she thought there was no place for her to go eat, the guys muttered on how are they going to find a good spot to eat. Chiri stepped away from the three boys debate on looking for seats, Chiri was already lined up waiting for her turn, she met face with Lunch Rush who gave her the thumbs up. 

"Hey Lunch Rush, I'm not going to have rice today. I need a super large breakfast burrito to go, with some extra cheese please! Oh! Plus some Apple juice large!" He nodded in response and a few seconds a tinfoil rap was given to her. Chiri smiled and waved to Lunch Rush as she walked towards Midoriya's table surprisingly saw Kirishima and the guys standing there talking with them. 

"Chiri!" Izuki called out as he waved. 

"Hey guys, so how was the electing thing?" Everyone started to look at Midoriya who looked like he wanted to dig a very deep hole and lay on it. 

"Deku is president of class 1-A now." Uraraka said. Chiri looked at Izuki astonished and a bit unbelievable.

"Really!? Deku? You sure you can handle this?" Chiri concerningly asked Izuki who gave a weak smile.

"I'm just worried about whether or not I can be a really be a class president." Izuki spoke. 

"Worry not, Midoriya your grit and decisiveness in a pinch… makes you suited to lead us all, that's why I voted for you." Ida proclaimed which Chiri was confused. She knew Ida wanted that position as class president, something was up.

"You know Ida… the way you talk, it sounds like a rich kid would say!" Uraraka blurred out as Izuki, Kirishima and the boys looked at Ida insightfully, Chiri on the other hand sweat dropped because she already knew who Ida was, she just watched as Ida ate his food hesitantly.

"I don't like people to know but.. yes. Mine is a renowned hero family and I'm the second son!" Everyone gasped in excitement as they continued to listen in to Ida's story. Chiri though opened up her packed burrito and finally took a bite of it. She continues to listen at their conversation yet knew since she looked up her classmates profiles when school started already yet it's still nice to hear their side of the story.

"Though I realized, I'm not ready to lead anyone. As a superior candidate it is right the role should go to you Midoriya." Ida said. Chiri swallowed the second bit of her burrito till she faced Ida. 

"You know they say, a great leader is born from experience and willingness to help his team succeed. You know saying that you aren't qualified doesn't mean your aren't Ida, that's why I--!" The sound of the alarms interrupted. Flashing red lights engulfed the cafeteria, made everyone completely worried.

"Security level 3 has been broken, all students please evacuate in an orderly fashion!" The students immediately spread out and ran towards the available exit. Midoriya and the rest of the group where in the crowd except Chiri who was behind everyone not getting into that mess of people who seem to only care about themselves but sadly she could stop her classmates from going in. Chiri walked towards the window and saw the press Corp flooding in the school.

'how did they…" Chiri snapped out of her thinking and used her quirk to fly over the crowd of students, trying to find any one she knew, and she spotted Ida. She flew nearby and Ida noticed, about to call her out she was already face to face with her to almost no little space between them. Ida blushed on how their faces were close to each other. Chiri was still suspended in mid air by using her quirk and Ida was in the crowd.

"Ida it's only the press. You need to calm down the crowd, I need to handle the press for now. Find Uraraka to help you give you a boost!" Chiri hinted a tip for him, he quickly got her plan and nodded in response. Chiri who opened a nearby window and flew out of the horde of students. She found the press surrounding Present Mic and Eraserhead.

"We demand to see All Might!" Reporter 1 said.

"We know he is here!" Reporter 2 said.

"All we want is a comment is all!" Reporter 3 asked.

"If we people give you an inch, you'll ask for a mile." Aizawa-sensei said as he and Present Mic try to hold on to the press. Chiri behind the school building, finishing her burrito that she was eating and started to use her quirk, calling forth the ground with her hand and creating water on the other hand. She molded the sculpture as All Might perfectly, the colors, the comically flashy colors and his heroic smile was spot on. Chiri moved the sculpture around as it checks himself out, Chiri ran towards the crowd of reporters and stood in front of the two teachers surprise.

"Everyone, please understand that All Might is currently not available today so-- look over there! It'S ALL MIGHT!" She pointed at the very back of the crowd as the rock formation tried to make a break for it. The press instantly ran towards the No.1 hero as he tried to make a run for it. Then ass the crowd exit the gates they were stopped by a barricade of police vehicles.

"What the fuck!?" Present Mic walked up to Chiri.

"I thought All Might was--!" Present Mic was elbowed in the gut by Eraserhead looking at him to keep quiet until he looked at his student.

"Good work Yamamoto!" Suddenly Principal, Midnight and Recovery Girl appeared. "You did exemplary as usual, head back with Aizawa-sensei to class but I need you to collect your things and meet me here again. Mic and I will handle the police." 

Chiri looked at the two male teachers till she complied and walked to class with Aizawa , as they reached the classroom Aizawa grabbed his sleeping bag and wore it as he signal Chiri to open the door. Everyone was already inside talking to each other, Izuki waved at Chiri shyly and sent a smile on his way. Suddenly Momo and Izuki walked to the front of the class.

"Go ahead class president." Momo signal Izuki who is stage fright for a second.

"We'd like to choose the other council members but before that… this is important." Chiri looked at the board before grabbing her bag noticing something odd.

"Umm.. excuse me Deku and Momo." Everyone looked at Chiri. "Why does the number of students calculate only twenty? Haven't you not counted my vote deku?" 

The strong silence from the class as they slowly looked at Izuki. Deku flinched realizing the text he sent out to Chiri, he took it to his phone from his pocket and read the message. He started to shake anxiously till Momo tilted her head to check out what was written. Momo straighten her posture and cough to grab everyone's attention.

"It seems we forgot another voter in our mits. So Yamamoto vote counts as he voted for Tenya Iida so it turns out that Ida is our class president" Ida flinched in surprise as he looked at Chiri from the corner of his eye.

"Iida is better suited to be class president. You all saw how well he held everyone in that crisis. I think…. He is the correct choice for the job." Izuki said Chiri heard everyone started to praise Ida making her smile a bit.

"Sounds good! Ida really showed his stuff back in the cafeteria! Not that I have I've got anything against Midoriya." Kirishima stated.

"He was like a beacon pointing towards the emergency exit" Kiminari jokingly said.

"B-but I d-didn't--!" Ida stuttered as he looked at Chiri, she gave her best smile to him saying that it's ok. He relaxed a bit but felt guilty about taking the credit then suddenly he remembered Chiri, suddenly a small blush emanated from Ida.

"I admit, what a bold statement he did." Chiri commented and looked at Ida who quickly looked away from embarrassment. 

"Whatever. Get on with it… what a waste of time.." Aizawa glared to his class while still wearing his Caterpillar sleeping bag while sipping his juice box.

"I will accept the job then!" Ida delaired. Chiri watched for a moment on her classmates Compliment and talk about Ida, silently she took her bag and went out of the room hoping no one notices but someone did. The Ruby red eyes followed her every move till she reaches the door and slips away from his gaze.

'Where in the fuck do you think your going…"  


Chiri walked outside of the building trying to find Principal Nezu, she looked at the gate and saw the staff piled up together, looking at something. Chiri walked closer to the scene and realizing the situation, the gates were destroyed or more like completely shattered to pieces by something or someone. Chiri saw Nezu in front of the staff as she walks closer with her hands on her jacket pocket, side by side they looked closely at the barrier of UA Academy or what's left of it. Hearing Nezu sighed made a feeling in her gut that something is about to go down.

"No ordinary reporter could have done this… Someone investigate this whole affair." Nezu told the staff as he looked at them and signal to go back to they designated duties. He looked at Chiri who bent down to touch the fallen remains of the gates. The staff was completely gone and what's left is just the two by the gate and Recovery Girl.

"What do you think?" Nezu spoke, Chiri grabbed a large piece of the remains in her fingertips examining it till she tried to put little force into it, the material didn't last by such a small force it became dust in her hands. It was so little, she barely felt the crumble of steal at all. She stood up and put her hand back in her pockets and turned to the two heroes.

"This Villain has a quirk capable of disfiguration or disintegration type because there isn't anything left to salvage from the barrier but regardless… it's a dangerous power to have." Chiri spoke anxiously yet you can hear the seriousness and mature she spoke of it.

"Did some evildoer slip in? Or do they intend to wage greater war…" Nezu looked at Chiri motionless.

"You're guess is as good as mine Nezu… but I'll do some digging on my end just in case." Chiri said, which Nezu nodded.

"I'll informed the chief of the police--" Chiri interrupted Nezu's proposal. "No! The less people that know the better for now and besides if it's related to my mission then that's the only time to get everyone involved." 

"Very well then." Nezu complied. Chiri face away from then and headed out of the school, Nezu and Recovery Girl watched as Chiri leave.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Recovery girl spoke to Nezu.

"No, not in the least but what other choice do we have?" Nezu looked down as he mind was filled with worry and questions.

"She is just a child! That benefactor of hers better know his limits or else if I see him… I'll give him a whooping he will never forget…!" Recovery Girl said her last words to Nezu for today as she walked back into the building.

'I wonder…'  


After a long day Chiri went back home to her sad excuse for an apartment. She placed Shiro down as walked towards the bathroom, it was clean enough thanks to Chiri's hard work when they first moved in it was less than clean but now it's bearable, visible stains on and under the sink still visible, the rust on the old medicine cabinet that has a mirror. Chiri took out from the cabinet her hair dye she bought yesterday, she turned on the shower. She watched as the steam started to rise from the shower head, removing her clothes and removing her neck gadget that's able to help her transform into her hero costume and lifting her hand and grabbing something out of her mouth a click sounded out. She took out the Voice emulator that was attached to her teeth to help change her voice. Putting down the two gadgets in the medicine cabinet as she looks at herself last time until she sighs while rapping her self with a really short towel.

"Shiro time for a bath!" Chiri called out the little wolf pup who happily ran to the bathroom with his little patter of his bare feet. He stood in front of Chiri as he raises his hands up and waited for her to pull up his kindergartner clothes. As he was completely out of his dirty clothes she placed all the dirty clothing in the basket. The tub was finally filled with warm water, she placed her foot delicately into the warm bath and sat down with Shiro following in pursuit. They had a long bath together, Shiro played with his little bath toys as Chiri watched silently. A good 15 minutes into the bath Shiro was done as he got of the bath he grabbed his grey with dark grey stripes towel as he runs towards the living room happily, Chiri giggled a bit till she grabs her hair dye and started to do the procedure. After a few minutes it was done. Chiri took her towel on as she looked at the mirror, her natural Platinum-blond hair is gone for now and now turned into a jet black one. 


'what boring and ugly hair… you wished you had hair like mine!' the blonde highschool haired girl stated to the dark haired and dirty girl. Kneeling and covered of whatever their package lunch was during lunch. Several girls who were surrounding her way, cutting off any exit she might escape to she felt helpless and powerless.


Chiri snapped out of her train of thought as her cell phone kept ringing to remind her of her reality. She walked out with only a towel on and another towel for her hair. Shiro was in the room playing with his worn-out All Might figurine still soaked and in a towel. Shiro passed the cell phone that was next to him to Chiri, she smiled and kissed the little boy's forehead. She walked around him till she found a perfect spot behind Shiro between her legs she got the blow dryer that was in one of the boxes beside her and plugged it in, drying of Shiro's hair. Chiri's phone was ringing till she looked at the screen saying Class 1-A group call .

Chiri's brow twitched up ward with curiosity and wonder. How in the hell did they get her number or even her fake social media account? But nonetheless she looked at Shiro signalling him to keep quiet which he humbly complied and listened to his sister. She clicked the call button and greeted by many of her classmates, she was on speaker so she can work on Shiro while talking to them and it's a good thing the walls were thick.


Uraraka: Yamamoto-ku--!

Mina: Heeeeeeyyyyy~

Kirishima: so you finally answered haha!

Kaminari: What took you so long?

Midoriya: I'm-I'm s-sorry if we disturb you Chiri..


"I was in the shower?" Chiri spoke, Shiro flinched by her words that made Chiri spooked a bit till she realize why she wasn't wearing her voice emulator. Shiro quickly ran towards the bathroom to get it. Chiri stood up to grab their PJs and underwear and sat back down on the floor, Shiro came back with the gadget and as Chiri placed the Voice emulator back on everyone started to talk.


Sero: Dude what the heck is wrong with your voice?

Tsuyu: You sound like a gir--.



Jiro: I kicked him out.

GIRLS : Good.

Iida: Anyways I hope we didn't disturb you or anything.


"Nah it's cool, I sound different because the warm bath kind of messed up my voice a little but it seems to be back now." Chiri spoke both Chiri and Shiro were fully dressed, Shiro continued to play with his hero figurines in silence still sitting between Chiri's legs. She wore a plain white PJ with cream edges, long sleeves and long sleeping pants Shiro wore a grey type with black star patterns.


Momo: that's a relief.

Uraraka: You voice sounds cute as a girl.


"I think yours is cute Uraraka." Chiri spoke then suddenly she heard a loud thud sound. 


Iida: Anyways, Yamamoto did you get my email about our assignment?

Kaminari: You kind of left early wtf?

Tokoyami: I am also curious.

Aoyama: so mysterious~

Toru: was it about using your powers outside of school grounds?

Sato: That's what you get when you aren't careful.

Shoji, Oijiro and Koji: Yup.


"Wait is everybody from our class is on call right now?" Chiri asked.


Midoriya: w-well except Kacchan.

Momo: and Todoroki

Tsuyu: but so far it's everybody.

Mina: I'm trying to add Bakugou in but he isn't answering and I don't know Todoroki's number.

Kirishima: He is probably asleep now.

Kaminari: that or he just doesn't want to answer.


"Ok." Chiri replied. Chiri grabbed her laptop out of one of the boxes in the corner Shiro looked tired at the corner of Chiri's eye. She also walked to her school bag and grabbed her ear phones, plugging it in to her phone so Shiro could sleep. Sitting back down with her laptop in hand, opening Google email account to look for the assignments. They continue to chat about the assignments and hinting if anyone knew the answer of the questions was, Chiri typed her answers away like nothing. 

"Ok I'm done." Chiri spoke.



Kaminari: Dude we haven't even answered question 5 yet and your telling me you done the 100 question assignment!?

Sero: Yamamoto give me a screenshot of your answers, quick!

Iida: that's totally unfair to cheat your way through by asking Yamamoto's answers!

Kirishima: it's just an assignment not a test Iida.

Momo: No I agree with our class president here. It's better to learn your way through the questions than not learning at all and paste your answers on a piece of paper.

Toru: Your so cool Yamamoto!

Uraraka: Yeah!

Midoriya: your so awesome Chiri!


Chiri giggled from their comments and closed her laptop, closing the lights and tucking in Shiro as she lays beside him. She faced the ceiling as she listened to her classmates chatting.


Tokoyami: Midoriya when did you start calling Yamamoto by his first name?

EVERYONE: We wonder about that too!

Kirishima: when did you guys start to get close?

Midoriya: we-well Ch-chiri was the first person who has been nice to me plus he was the first student I bumped into when I was heading towards UA, s-s-so I guess. C-chiri actually gave permission during our first battle training to call him by his name…

GIRLS+Iida: Your so lucky!


"Uuhh.. Guys can you not gossip about me while I'm here..? It's a bit embarrassing…" Chiri said.


Kaminari: oh shut up I know you like it! Hahaha

Kirishima+Sero: Totally does!


"Anyways guys I need sleep." Chiri yawned, her eyes started to droop down with heaviness.


Tsuyu: but it's Friday?


"I have stuff to do on the weekend so I'm sorry guys. Iida and Momo are right just study hard, it's easy to learn." 


Mineta: Just because your smart you don't get to boss us around!

Toru: when did he come back!?

Uraraka+Midoriya: sleep well Yamamoto/Chiri


Chiri dropped the call as she snuggled closely to her blankets, she felt Shiro shifted towards her cuddling close like every night that they are together. It's cold her since the crappy apartment didn't have a heater they cuddled together which she didn't mind and she loves snuggling especially with Shiro.

"Your friends sounds nice" Shiro whispered. She looked at the slightly opened eyed would pup, a small smile placed on his face.

"You should be sleeping kiddo" Chiri brushed his hair back a bit to see a round, squishy and cute face. His eyes like diamonds but the shade of the deepest blue.

"I remember Todoroki the cool red scar guy right?" Shiro asked. 

"Yup that's him." Chiri said.

"His weird." Chiri held back her laugh.

"Everyone in my class is weird." Chiri lifted up the blankets close to Shiro as he snuggles closer to his sister.

"I wish I could meet all of them… I want to see gravity girl and scar guy again…" Chiri looked. He slowly drifts off to sleep, Chiri rested her eyes for a bit. She didn't even notice the smile creeping it's way just a little, happy that she is getting along well into this school.

'Just a few hours then to work I go…'