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guide me, love me

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It had all finally come to this. They’d talked about it off and on, tossed ideas around, set boundaries, everything. And then, when Bakugou felt ready at last, he sent Kirishima a text asking if he wanted their next date to be at the barbeque place they had talked about. It was THE text, code for: Alright. Let’s do this.

So they went to dinner. They ate well. They took a nice long walk through the city park, hand intertwined. Bakugou pretended to be annoyed at Kirishima for swinging their arms back and forth, but when he finally clamped down on his arm by locking their elbows together to make him stop, it was really an excuse to press closer and feel his thick bicep coiled against him.

It was a good date, and when they got home, they both knew what was next. Which brought them to their bed, lights dim, stripped down to their underwear.

Kirishima giggled, reaching up to cup Bakugou’s jaw and pull him in. “You dope,” he whispered just before their lips touched. He pulled the blonde between his legs, rolling onto his back and letting his loose hair spread out over the pillow. Bakugou rolled his eyes even as he leaned in.

“Don’t call me a dope, you idiot.”  

“Uh-huh,” the redhead dismissed, kissing his nose. “Hey,” he started, pulling Bakugou down to lay more comfortably over his chest and noticeably slowing their makeout pace.

Bakugou frowned. “What?”

“Can we talk a bit first? Just ‘cause you kinda freaked out last time we tried to switch so…” Kirishima tilted his head encouragingly, somehow coaxing Bakugou into a super embarrassing conversation like it wasn’t at all mortifying.

Bakugou huffed, his cheeks pink. He should have known Kirishima would be super respectful and considerate, the bastard. It didn’t matter how much he told the bastard he was ready to fuck the daylights outta him. Fine. “I think I don’t want to be, fuckin’, in charge and junk.”

Kirishima rubbed his arms. “Yeah, okay. I think I have an idea then.”

“Oh?” Bakugou smirked.

“Mmhmm. You want me to tell you now or do you trust me?”

Bakugou shrugged, and this was an easy decision. “I’ll blow up your face if I hate it.”

Chuckling, Kirishima pulled him down for another kiss, letting his rough hands stroke down Bakugou’s cheeks and arms until he gently eased him onto his back. His sharp teeth teased Bakuou’s bottom lip, tongue sliding into the other’s mouth as he settled between the blonde’s legs, orange sunset hues slipping through the blinds around them.

“Hey,” Bakugou gasped, hands wrapped around Kirishima’s shoulders. His voice was curious and teasing when he rasped, “What’re you doin’? Thought I was gonna do you tonight.”

“You will,” Kirishima answered easily, pulling off his boxers so they could both be naked. “Patience, babycakes.”

He flicked his forehead, just above the scar on his brow. “Hey fuck-munch, I agreed to some tolerable pet names. ‘Babycakes’ is off the table.”

Rolling his eyes, Kirishima just ground their hardening dicks together. “Pfft. You know you like it.” He did it again, slowly. “Baby.”

Bakugou gasped a little, legs tightening around Kirishima’s hips to draw them closer. He tilted his head to let Kirishima nibble his earlobe and lick down his neck. Wrapping his legs around Kirishima’s waist, he bucked up against him, trying to pull that warm body as close as he could, rubbing their bare chests together. Bakugou nearly whined when the redhead pulled back enough to look him in the eye, foreheads resting together as his fingers drew soothing circles on the blonde’s neck.

And fuck, Bakugou couldn’t help it. His gaze softened breath coming short as he leaned up into this steadfast man. “Eijirou,” he whispered.

Kirishima silenced him with a soft kiss. “I know, sweetheart.” He cupped Bakugou’s cheek, thumb stroking near his temple. “Love you too. And I’m gonna take care of you, okay?”

Bakugou nodded, and Kirishima sat up entirely with a grin. He reached over into the nightstand drawer and pulled out their lube and one of their butt plugs. Bakugou’s eyes widened. Before he could say anything about what a horndog Kirishima was, the redhead was slipping between his legs once more, spreading them wide and exposing his hole.

With a wolfish grin, he pressed the pads of his fingers against Bakugou’s rim, pulling a small noise out of his throat at the sudden contact. His other hand came up to gently pull and pinch and Bakugou’s nipple, making him squirm in his hold and ache to touch in return. He extended his own hand, only for Kirishima to grasp it and set it down against the sheets. “We’ll get there, don’t worry. You can touch me all you want soon. Just gotta get this ready first.”

Kirishima bent his head then, licking up the base of Bakugou’s cock and easing one now-lubed finger inside of him. “Ah-! Ei!” All too quickly, he pulled off and began sucking the tender skin on the inside of his thighs, which were unintentionally clenching every time Kirishima moved his finger inside him or curled toward his prostate.

Bakugou threaded his fingers through Kirishima’s hair. “Why – hah – why’re you bothering with this shit?”

Grinning slyly, Kirishima delightedly bit more at his thighs, teeth scraping just enough to make him shiver, all while twisting his fingers deliciously, making the blonde arch into his touch with a broken moan. “For one,” he replied calmly, “you like it. For two…” A third finger started to pry at Bakugou’s rim. “I know you’ve been nervous about us switching it up and all. Figured this way you don’t have to worry about taking control of anything.”

If Bakugou had any reply to that, it was muted the second Kirishima pulled away entirely, yanking the blonde with him to sit upright. He twined their fingers as they balanced on their knees, leaning in to tenderly mouth at Bakugou’s pale throat. Relaxing into it, Bakugou let Kirishima’s hand snake around and return to his hole to finish stretching him out, and in turn, began to lick and bite at Kirishima’s chest and collarbones—a favorite spot.

Upright, they writhed like that a while, panting into each other’s kiss-bitten skin, groaning at the right shift of a hand or finger.

This was what Bakugou craved, that ability to just sink into the sensation, right into Kirishima’s arms without any hesitation.

But soon the kisses stopped and Kirishima’s fingers retreated from where they had been petting his insides. Kirishima reached next to his knee, and soon Bakugou was moaning as the tip of the butt plug teased his entrance. While sweetly kissing his cheek, Kirishima lewdly pulled on one of his ass cheeks to expose him further, kneading the flesh and slowly pushing the plug inside.

“There you go, sweetheart.” Once fully nestled inside him, Bakugou clenched around it, panting and slightly overwhelmed in the best way. Carefully Kirishima maneuvered them again, this time so he was lying on his back and pulling Bakugou between his legs. The movement shifted the plug against the blonde’s prostate and he bent his head down to collect himself. Kirishima took his face in his hands, forcing eye-contact. “You’re doing so good, baby. Now you just gotta prep me.” He took Bakugou’s warm hand in his own and guided it towards his erect cock, past it toward his own entrance. “Don’t worry. I already did some of it for you earlier.”

Brushing his fingertips against the rim, Bakugou nodded. “Yeah, okay.” After applying a little more lube, Bakugou pressed his index finger inside. Kirishima was tight, but he really had stretched himself earlier, so it went in easily.

“Mm. Good. You can do another.”

So they went like that. Bakugou hesitantly pressing his fingers inside, Kirishima gently guiding him. The whole time he clenched around the plug seated deep inside him and resisted the urge to try to rock back on it. Before long he was up to three fingers slowly pushing in and out, curling the way Kirishima told him to. He finally stroked that wonderful gland, and Kirishima threw his head back in a drawn-out moan, tightening around Bakugou’s fingers as if to keep him there.

He was stunning like that, his neck on display. And Bakugou wanted to give him more, feed him as much pleasure as he could, worship this man who did so much for him. To be good for him.

He only needed to be told how.

“Ahh. That’s perfect, Katsuki.” Cradling the base of his skull, Kirishima brought their mouths together into a messy kiss. He rolled his hips once, nipping Bakugou’s bottom lip at the same time. “Are you ready?”

Nodding, he eased his fingers out and quickly slicked up his own cock. He was fairly well-endowed, but not as big as Kirishima. The redhead spread his legs further, inviting him in. Bakugou lined himself up and met Kirishima’s eyes, breath coming out shaky. He bent down to press their foreheads together as he slowly sunk in. It was almost too much—Kirishima’s stuttered groan, his tight heat wrapped around Bakugou, the plug in his own ass shifting and pressing deeper as he moved.

A gasp escaped him once the head of his cock pushed past the rim, and then a broken whimper once he was fully buried. “Hah-fuck! Fuck, Eijirou!” It was almost too much, the pressure around his dick and inside him, squeezing and grounding. He could just stay still like this for a few minutes and probably cum just looking at Kirishima.

Kirishima laid soothing touches down his back, reveling in the sensation with a sigh. “I know, sweetheart. That’s-nnhg-that’s what it feels like when I’m inside you.” He mouthed sloppily at Bakugou’s shoulder for a moment, and then rolled his hips up. Bakugou shuddered but took the cue to start moving. He pulled back to thrust carefully and slowly back inside, both for Kirishima’s comfort and because he knew he might cum if he tried to go too fast.  

The blonde set a steady pace, each thrust making him clench around the shifting plug, Kirishima’s walls gripping him firmly. Suddenly, he felt Kirishima’s hand snake around his backside, fingers pushing the plug deeper like a spur against a horse. Bakugou whimpered when it ground deep inside and Kirishima intentionally squeezed around him with a breathless laugh.

“You’re doing so good, Katsuki.” He pressed the plug again. Harder against that coiled heat in his groin. “But I know you can do better. C’mon, sweetheart.”

“Eijirou,” he moaned, letting his hips start to pick up speed, thrusting harder and faster into the redhead below. He must have hit it just right, because suddenly Kirishima was gripping him tight as he convulsed, a low moan rippling out from his throat. He reached down and began tugging on his own hard cock.

“Fuck, just like that,” he encouraged. “You’re making me feel so good, baby. Such a good boy.”

A cry broke out of him then, his hips stuttering in their rhythm. “I-I’m gonna…fuck! Eiji!” He fucked into Kirishima deep and hard, their skin slapping together, lewd sounds filling the room as they heaved for breath.

“Good boy, Katsuki. Fuck that’s amazing. That’s perfect. You’re o good for me.” All that praise made his brain go fuzzy in the best way as he continued to pound into the firm body beneath him. The constant pressure within his ass and squeezing around his cock was too much. He ground as deep as he could, bending down to crush their bodies together in an attempt to be as close to Kirishima as possible. With one last desperate thrust, he spilled inside his lover, rim spasming around the plug. Kirishima fisted his own dick frantically, the sight of Bakugou fucked out and flushed pushing him over to spill between their chests.

They lay there, heaving for breath in a mess of lube and cum until Bakugou returned to the land of the living, and gently pulled out. Kirishima tugged him down to pepper his face with kisses as he reached between the blonde’s ass cheeks. He slipped his tongue into Bakugou’s mouth just as he pulled the plug halfway out before teasingly easing it back in to grind against his overstimulated prostate.

“Hhhng,” Bakugou whined weakly, pawing at Kirishima’s chest. Finally, he pulled it all the way out and the two of them quickly set about cleaning themselves up from the worst of it.

They laid back down together, Bakugou stubbornly wrapping himself around Kirishima like a koala and pillowing his head on his chest. Kirishima let his hand soothe soft stroked up and down his spine as he reveled in the lingering sensation of Bakugou’s dick inside him.

Bakugou shifted against him. “How was it?”

Kirishima kissed the top of his head. “Wonderful. Did you feel alright the whole time? No issues?”

He shook his head. “None. You’re too fucking attentive. One of these days I’m gonna spoil your ass rotten.”

“Yeah?” he chuckled. “But I like to spoil you. So really the best way to spoil me is to let me do the spoiling.”

“Shut the fuck up, Eiji.” Bakugou leaned up then, just enough to kiss at his jaw, then his bottom lip one last time. “…Thank you though.”

Kirishima’s eyes softened looking at him. “Of course, sweetheart.” There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to show Bakugou how much he loved him.