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Bad whiskey and Sweet revenge.

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He didn’t want to part from her, at all! Let alone so that she might venture to the police station without his being at her side. Truthfully? Just the idea of it, had caused a heavy pain to manifest just below his sternum. But she had said that she wanted her Dad with her for it. And much as it hurt his pride a little, he understood that she had only told him that because she knew HIS Father wanted to speak to him and his brother privately too. Not that she didn’t want Ned with her - he knew she would want him there. But the minute shuddering and the way her eyes flicked as he saw her down to the lobby, the way she clung to his hand, and then held tight as he hugged her goodbye and pressed a desperate kiss to her forehead, that she pushed herself hard into? Told him that she really was only implying that he not join her, because of what his Father had asked.


It served to relieve a little of the fear that had burrowed under his skin, at the idea that she didn’t NEED him. It also served to irritate him. Ordinarily he might have put his foot down, and just told her he was going with her. Except that it had been her choice to have Ned take her on his own, and she had had enough of people taking her choices from her, without him doing so. So he had bit down on the desire to do that, and he had made sure she understood that he was only a phone call or a text away if she needed him, and that he would be waiting right there, when she was done with her report. And he had waved her off, barking orders at the security his Father had brought along for their use, to keep the stinking vultures with cameras off of her, until she was safely in the car waiting for her, with her Father at her side. And then he returned to his apartment, to meet with his Father and Brother.


Shae had decided that whilst she was feeling well enough, she would accompany Arya to the airport, to pick up Jon, and then to Sansas apartment, and the market and Ned’s hotel too, to collect up anything they might need, because apparently it had been decided that they would hole up and await the media shit storm and whatever else, from the safety of his penthouse. He didn’t actually remember offering such a thing? And he was more than ready to be back home in Sansas little studio in Flea Bottom, just the two of them! Plus he was fairly sure that Ned at least, HAD had plans to head out for The Riverlands, which now looked like being on the back burner. And now he would have his IN LAWS effectively living with him for an undisclosed amount of time! Hopefully that implied DAYS not anything more! At least he knew that his overnight guests did not include the lions too! Tyrion and Shae would go home, not that he would mind their company necessarily! But they had just gotten home, he could well imagine their desire to be in their OWN home! And his Father was only there to give orders and make plans and apparently fuss over his girlfriend and his brothers pregnant wife. But for the moment? Shaes decision to tag along with the littlest Stark, and Sansas to have only her Father join her at the police station, meant that his Father would get what he wanted, in having privacy to speak with he and Tyrion. So it wasn’t any great surprise that he seemed to favour the two of them either.


“She made it to the car without incident? I half expected you to decide you were going with her?” He snorted rudely, over his brothers interruption into his thoughts, as he strolled through the doorway of his own office, where his Father had decided to hold court. His brother knew him well - unsurprisingly! “As incident free as having to push through the vermin ever is! And I would have, if she had ASKED. Much as I could feel that she wanted me too? She’s as stubborn as a bloody ox, and she knew Father wanted to talk to us... So she refused to ask.” He groaned as he lowered himself down into the seat IN FRONT of his own damned desk, because his Father was standing behind it, looking out the window, clearly having commandeered the space as his own. “Mmm. It was bad enough when Shae and Arya headed out! And they weren’t NECESSARILY the point of interest. Although they were of enough interest in an adjacent manner I suppose? Here’s hoping that Shaes coat hides my child somewhat! The last thing she needs is the swarms of assholes that discovering THAT will cause! Anyway! If you knew she wanted you but was being stubborn? Why didn’t you just go anyway?” He sighed heavily and closed his eyes and he slouched, and lazed into the seat like a sleepy cat. “Because she has had enough people in her life, making decisions for her. I need to be the one to respect her right to make her own decisions. Even if I KNOW it’s not really what she wants.”


He didn’t need to look, to know that his brother had that ridiculous, SMUG grin on his face that just screamed ‘I told you so’. He wasn’t in the mood for it. YES! His brother DID tell him so. But he was tired and still a bit hungover, and all of the emotions that he had managed to suppress with the excess of very expensive liquor were creeping back over him, and meeting up with those that made themselves known when he farewelled his girlfriend. Plus! He had heard far too many references to his being IN LOVE with his girl, as it was - without adding yet another! So HEARING an ‘I told you so’ was not something he wanted to do. Thankfully, he was not forced to endure it either, thanks to his Fathers need to TALK to them.


“Which was the correct decision to make Jaime. Sansa is far stronger than I believe anyone gives her credit for. NOW! I wished to speak with the two of you, without the added ears that did NOT need to be made privy to familial matters. I have news to impart, of your sister and your NEPHEW.” His head popped up without his permission. More so than the words, his Fathers disgusted tone, caught his attention fully. “What did they do now?” He straightened, using the movement to bite down on his desire to laugh darkly at his brothers tired and very uncaring words. Not that he doubted Tyrions disgust and dislike of the pair of them? But it was nice to not be alone in his complete and utter loathing for the two people who shared his blood, that he wished did not. His Father sighed heavily and turned to face them, maintaining his rigid posture, and holding his hands clasped behind his back, apparently deciding against sitting. “Joffrey has been admitted to a high end, and most notably - DISCREET, psychiatric hospital, under an alias. He will not be released. Not in the near future, if ever. For him to be afforded yet another chance? He will need to prove himself... SANE. To a plethora of the nations best doctors as well as both Robert and myself. His chances are rather less than slim after what I have come to learn of his... Interests.”


Jaime gaped. Shock wasn’t exactly an adequate way to describe what he was forced to feel at that news. Quite frankly? He didn’t know how to begin to process the combination of relief and dark amusement, and surprise and slight trepidation at what his sister might do in retaliation... Not to mention the pleasure he felt at knowing that the little bastard was finally being held accountable for his sick actions. “Cersei will not like that Father.” - And from his brothers wavering tone? He knew full well, that he was battling with those same confusing thoughts. “No. She did not. But she is also not in a position to defend that vile creatures actions, when her own are beyond unacceptable. Which brings me around to her. Cersei - after learning of mine and Roberts agreement that such a step was necessary, lost her damned mind.” Jaime snorted rudely. His sister wasn’t the sanest person anyway. Her losing ‘her damned mind’ was not exactly something new, and he conveyed his thoughts on that with no more than a sardonic look, and a cocked brow, aimed at his Fathers exasperated and rather AGED looking face.


“We took advantage of her having a SPA DAY - which she was actually GUARDED for mind you! And had Joffrey committed without her being there to interfere. I had intentions of being there this morning to deal with any fall out from her, personally. However? With the events of the evening? Both HERE and in Storms End? My presence was better spent here.” He held his tongue. He wanted details, but he knew well his Father would only impart what he felt necessary for them to know, and he would be better served awaiting his sharing rather than pushing for details. After the miscommunication over Tyrions ‘banishment’ he was willing to admit that he didn’t KNOW what went on in his Fathers head, and he needed to learn to LISTEN better, to what he didn’t say. “She has been checked into a rehabilitation facility - AGAIN? A high end, and discreet facility. I may not have been able to CONTAIN news breaking here, over our own experiences last evening? But I did ensure that word would not break over THAT. But - and I am ONLY sharing THIS information, so that there is NO MISCOMMUNICATION between the three of us, and thus no ANIMOSITY allowed to fester?” He smiled almost sheepishly at the pointed look, and ducked his head somewhat, so as to avoid his brothers confused, questioning look. He did NOT want to bring up that awkward debacle if he didn’t have to! As it was, he felt almost like a naughty child, because of it... Which was uncomfortable, to say the least. - He did NOT need his brother laughing over his stilted attempts to apologise, at his bossy little woman’s command!


“I spent the evening working with Varys to gain some semblance of clarification on what occurred here, after I was informed of all that occurred in my absence at Storms End... Cersei spoke with someone - someone’s, rather, over the phone, whilst she was at the spa. One of those she spoke with... Was in attendance at the restaurant that Sansa was assaulted in... Now Rosby claimed that he wasn’t SENT to hurt her, that it was very much a case of his being drunk and her being in that restaurant when he was. But that he was INVITED to dine there, last moment, by BUSINESS associates.... Business associates who knew all about the fall out with the deals with Stark? I assume you both know Meryn Trant and Boros Blount?” Jaime stood abruptly, his anger, RAGE! Mounting by the moment - with every beat of his racing heart! Not that he could do a thing, meeting with his Father as he was? But the energy that was brought about, was not abating. He was shaking, with the desire to act. Of course he KNEW who those bastards were! They BOTH knew who they were! “HOW did Cersei know you would be in that restaurant? HOW did she get passed those guarding her to organise ANYTHING? HOW could she predict that he would... React so violently towards Sansa, purely at the sight of her? And HOW did she KNOW about all of this?” He swung around and blinked rapidly at his snarling brother. He hadn’t even thought of any of that! Cersei wasn’t smart enough to have made any of those calls or plays. No matter what she thought! She just wasn’t THAT smart - or cunning! Even if she was, most definitely, that cruel.


“Precisely what I asked, Tyrion. Sit Jaime. And I will explain.” He snarled and crossed his arms over his aching chest, and refused to budge. He couldn’t SIT! He needed answers... And he needed a target. And his Fathers glaring was NOT GOING to make him calm down enough to do as he was told either. No matter how cold it was! “Baelish. And YES, you may rest assured that I have... SET things in motion to deal with the man. Because not only did he drop hints into your sisters ears, to.... Have such a vile man in the same general vicinity as your girlfriend, Jaime? HE was named as the one who - how did Sansa say that Rosby put it? ‘ Told him, he’d get to have her? ’ -Which is enough, on its own, to ensure he learns a VERY VALUABLE LESSON, I’m sure you’d agree? However? I also believe he is responsible for that texting issue. He is playing both sides of this. The question is WHY? And while I admit that I have not YET gotten my hands on the evidence to PROVE my theories. Of which I am not yet prepared to give voice too entirely? I do believe that HE is the real issue here... What I WILL give you both, is that, I was already looking into the man, because of Roberts gambling debts, that also lead to Cersei’s embezzlement from ME. The silly girl was doing so, to pay off the debts owed to MOCKINGBIRD CREDITORS. Rather than simply ASKING, or using her own trust to deal with it. Now add to that? The information that he was pushing that Rosby deal on Stark? AND the fact that Arya Stark brought concerns over the mans influence over her mother to ME? Also add in the ridiculously overstated ANIMOSITY between our families?And - I assume that you can form your own thoughts on what he MIGHT be about?”


Jaime was utterly confused. It made absolutely no sense to his mind, that someone could come up with something so convoluted!

He didn’t even really KNOW this Baelish guy? And yet somehow, the man had deemed it necessary to fuck up his life so very much! For what? Money? Power? It was sheer madness to take on his Father! - which was probably WHY he had tried to do it, by going around the back way, and through his sister, and by using his Stark connection to work his way in there too? It was utter madness. Yet it was clear, that his brother had added up, what he was also thinking, what his Father was implying that he had also, AND that he was accepting of his Fathers summation too, if his energised pacing on the other side of the room was any indication.


“So? He somehow got word to Cersei, spoke with her? Encouraged her to what? Make sure that the man who Sansa rejected, was drunk and angry at the same restaurant she was in? That’s quite the gamble, assuming he would ATTACK her? WHY would ATTACKING her be a move they made? It was unnecessary, and cruel? Right up Cersei’s alley, I realise? But all the same? It stands to be of no real gain for Baelish?” Jaime blinked rapidly, at his brothers rapid fire questions - it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t expecting answers, but rather talking to himself. His Father delivered all the same. “He wanted the photo. Best as I can figure it? He let her have something he knew she would want, to do with... What she would, - with the information he delivered, and she was stupid enough to send him that photo. - THAT I can actually prove. Varys tracked her having sent a photo file that matched the details of the one Sansa received. And Jaime? I assume YOU can figure out WHY he wanted that photograph?” He huffed a dark laugh and scrubbed at his face. He was grateful, that his Father wasn’t holding anything back, honestly? He didn’t really understand WHY he was sharing EVERYTHING so openly! But he was not about to complain, at all! He was grateful also. - That his girlfriend was NOT around for this! His girl, and her Father and sister! He hoped that they NEVER had to tell them about it! Wishful thinking, he realised, but still and all? It would crush them. And he now had his fucking target.


“Because Catelyn Stark wanted the big bad lion forced away from her daughters skirts. She MAY not have actually had a DIRECT hand in it? But she’s friends with this prick right? She’s complained about mine and Sansas relationship. And about Ned’s obvious support of us... Whether she knows or not? She is, at the very least? Indirectly responsible for both the attempt at blackmail of her own daughter, and the resulting assault she endured.”


His Father bowed a single, deft nod, and offered up an understanding look, which was rather confronting, all on its own. And yet again, he was hit with the utter disbelief, that so very much drama and carry on, was resulting from two grown adults deciding to pursue a relationship together. If everyone had simply minded their own fucking business? Maybe had a little bit of a pissy shouting match at them - which was what they HAD expected, and even hoped for that first night? It would have been reasonable! But what they had faced, and would still need to? Was like something out of some second rate, thriller, mobster film or something? Surely people didn’t REALLY act like this, over something so inconsequential to their own lives, as a relationship between two consenting adults. Even as a soldier, witnessing some of the very worst of the worlds evils, he could not comprehend this level of madness! And yet, he did state that wars were started for less, than the attention of a pretty woman. He couldn’t comprehend a MOTHER being so needlessly cruel, in her selfish desires to control her daughters life! And he was raised by fucking Tywin Lannister! AND he had weathered the Mad cruelties of Cersei! But Catelyn Stark was truly, something else entirely!


“Who IS THIS GUY? The fucking GODFATHER? Seven hells! I KNOW him! And I’ve suspected him as being as crooked and troublesome as an ancient peasants teeth! But fuck me! This is? It is some serious wannabe MOBSTER type of bullshit! What? He hoped to play Lannister’s against Starks, with the opportunity presenting itself with Sansa and Jaime? After attempting to play BOTH of our families separately? And what about The Baratheons? Are his LITTLEFINGERS in their pies too?”

“I believe they were Tyrion, at least I am assuming so, with his control over Roberts purse strings? But I think we can assume that ended the moment Stannis took over completely. It is my understanding, that Robert has little to no control over BaraCorp now - beyond what the PUBLIC believe, at any rate.”


Jaime laughed. It wasn’t a happy sound, it was almost pained actually. Coming directly from the burning, swirling mass of rage settling inside of his belly. “He backed off BaraCorp because Stannis is too much of a danger to his plans. He went after the weak link for all three families - potentially further families that we haven’t been made privy too, even? He went through Robert, Cersei and Catelyn. And with Sansa and I dating? Despite our families... Supposed hate for each other - plus the disconnect with Robert and Ned, following Sansa and Joffrey... And all of THAT drama? He hoped to use US to create dramas, that he could slip in underneath?” He shook his head in utter disbelief. “Do people actually THINK like this? I mean? I have dealt with my fair share of power hungry and evil people? I was Special Forces for crying out loud! It was my JOB to take out evil, power hungry war mongers! But this is? It’s like an intelligent Cersei - on steroids! It’s utter madness!” His Father hummed quietly and turned back towards the window, still maintaining that straight posture, which might have sent a frisson if fear rolling over him, if not for his own outrage and disgust and anger, and thirst for blood.


“Indeed. But Petyr Baelish is NOT the Godfather. Nor is he as smart as he would like the world to believe him. Because what he failed to take note of? Was the eyes locked on him, whilst he plays his little games. He failed to understand that a lion will only take poking so many times before he goes in for the kill. And it is NOT just the lion he has been poking at.”

“Seven Hells! This really IS some MOBSTER type shit? I’m sorry I joked about that now Jai!”


Jaime paused and scrubbed at his face, over his brothers angry, yet oddly fascinated words. It really was some underworld type of game. That wasn’t really a game at all! And it was making his head hurt, far more than the copious amounts of expensive, hard liquor he had consumed the night before! He and Sansa had only been joking about starting a war by sleeping together that first night too. Yet here they were. Very much on the brink of exactly that. With his Father not only eliminating the threats Inside of their own damned camp? But also setting the battlefield in his favour... Which also, curiously, met the favour of the allies who were supposed to be played against them, as the enemy. - Would have been, if this Baelish scumbags plans had come to fruition. And yet still? He was NOT giving her up. Even less so now, than he might have once upon a time. He just hoped that she would still feel that same way - that she would still choose him, once all was out in the open. Especially after he made his position clear to her crazy bitch of a mother. His Father was NOT going to let him have at Baelish, it was clear that he had set his own sights on the man. But Catelyn Tully Stark? She had hurt his baby far too many times, and he had had enough of.