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Jungkook Boypussy

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The train arrived with a loud screech, blocking his view of the other side, where he was previously staring at the forest that was right next to the train tracks. Everybody who was standing on the platform minutes before started to board the train, some hustling their whiny kids to get on while others casually talking to their friends and holding up the line ever so slightly.

Taehyung walked to his designated wagon at the very end, a short line already forming as one of the conductors checks the tickets and directs everyone to their seat. It doesn't take long for his turn to come, and with a quick hole punch to his ticket he is seated and ready to go.

He looks around at the cabin, trying to take in every detail. The cabin is pretty old, probably older than all the other ones up front, but the cotton seats aren't itchy and fraying and the carpet looked relatively clean. But, the only thing that hadn't changed was the smell, the smell of oak wood and something else that he couldn't quite put a finger on hadn't changed at all. It dearly reminded him of when his disabled father would take him on the train to visit his mom in the city, quietly laboring away so that they could at least make enough money to meet ends, for the farm wasn't doing too well back then.

Now, he could practically buy the whole train if he wanted to, but this reminded him of his childhood, and even though is manager and ceo strongly suggested against it, he still went anyway. As inconvenient and uncomfortable as it is, it made him feel better. People are still boarding the train, so he decides to pass the time by leaning on the less than clean glass window, and falls asleep.



When he wakes up, he finds that the person that the person sitting next to him is reeking of heat pheromones. The overwhelming smell of mango and baked sweets just over take his senses. The said person is shifting every so often and shaking his legs as if he's nervous, and keeps pulling down the short skirt that was riding up because of his actions.

It was as if it hits him all at once, the pheromones of aroused and possessive alphas. Even the guy sitting across from them is sending him glares. He taps the omega's shoulder, the action was met with a glare before Taehyung let out a a sheepish smile and said, "Do you want to sit on my seat instead, I don't want any of the alphas to pounce on you. The omega seemed hesitant at first but agreed at the end, standing up so he could get out and the omega could get in.

The guy sitting across from them is sending him death stares now which Taehyung responded to with his own before settling in his seat. It comes as a surprise to him when he finds that the seat is wet, practically soaking his pants from how wet it was. He looks over to the omega and sends a smirk to which the omega blushes. The seat was wet with pure slick, and he would've lied if he said his dick didn't get hard.

It didn't take long before his hand started wandering up the guy's thigh, touching the smooth expanse of skin, earning a shudder in return. slowly, he slid it under to the omega's skirt, touching the drenched panties and pulling them aside and plunged his fingers inside the warm wet folds, drawing a held back moan and whimper. A foreign object touched his fingers and it took him a few seconds to realize that it was a string from a wireless electric vibrator. Without warning, he pulled the vibrator out, making the omega moan extra loud and squirt all over the seat.

He really didn't mind the stares coming his way, the more the merrier. 

"Did you put that in yourself darling?"

The omega shook his head, unable to talk post-orgasm. This piqued Taehyung's interest.

"Who did?" He asked softly, placing the vibrator back in as if to prove a point, that he was better.

"M-My boyfriend" was the omega's only answer trying to choke back another moan. Taehyung thursted the vibrator further while simultaneously rubbing the omega's sensitive clit rubbing and rubbing until the omega came again with a sob. "Let's go somewhere a little more private, shall we?" Taehyung asked, more like said to the still trembling omega. He pulls his hand away from the slick cunt and pulls the panties right back in their place.

His hand is absolutely covered with juices and it looks so good that he just sucks it off his fingers, relishing the cute little blush that sprouted from his actions before standing up and heading to the bathroom, the orgasm-high omega trailing behind him. Once they get to the bathroom, he closes the door behind him and wastes no time pinning the petite omega to the wall and kissing the living daylights out of him. He groped the omega's flush ass before giving it a quick smack and pulling away.

"Why don't you show me why I should not your tight little cunt." Taehyung said, gently guiding the omega's hand to the waistband of his skirt. The omega eagerly complied turning around to take the skirt off slowly unnecessarily bending down as he did so, showing off how wet the cotton panties were from his own slick. With the same pace, he pulled down the panties too, making sure to wiggle his ass a bit before letting the panties drop on the ground of the dirty bathroom floor. On display was the red juicy cunt, completely hairless and ready to be fucked, but as much as Taehyung wanted to touch, he wanted to see the omega play with himself first. He stepped back a bit so the omega had room to do his thing.

Resting his knees on the lid of the toilet, the omega put one of his hands on the wall to support him. It took some wiggling around to find a comfortable enough position before the needy omega yanked the vibrator out and stuffed 3 fingers into his clenching pussy, quickly pumping in and out to reach another orgasm. Taehyung's dick got harder if that was even possible, and he couldn't help it when his hands wandered to his clothed cock, little palming it. 1 minute later, Taehyung couldn't help pouncing on the younger. Grabbing the young omega's hips, he turned him around so that he was facing him and he didn't waste any time, shoving his pants down and taking out his thick cock. He didn't even give the omega time to think before he was sticking it into the omega's tight pussy, trying to push in quickly but it was too tight to go any faster.

"Does your boyfriend ever fuck you or what? How are you so tight?" The omega lets out a moan as Taehyung punctuates that with a quick thurst, sheathing his whole cock inside the cavern of juices. "M-my boyfriend does f-fuck me." Taehyung almost wanted to laugh, "Well I guess you need to get a new boyfriend then."

He quickly fucks in and out of the juicy cunt making the omega almost scream at the pleasure. "What would your boyfriend say if he saw you getting fucked by another alpha, you don't even know my name yet, such a fucking slut. The omega only replies with moans, eyes glazed over in bliss. "Fuck, such a tight little cunt for me to fuck, I'm gonna knot you so good baby."

The sound skin slapping on skin echoed through the tiny bathroom, sounds of squelching to accompany it. It doesn't take long before the omega orgasms, squirting all over the alpha's big dick.

"I hope you're ready to have kids darling." Just a few seconds later after saying that phrase, Taehyung comes, quickly filling the omega's womb with cum and making it stay there.

"Fuck, look at the way your belly is swelling." When the omega looked down, indeed his belly was swelling just from the sheer amount of cum. He couldn't help but let out a little whimper.

"My name's Jungkook, what's your's?" The omega whisper's, vocal cords tired from all the moaning and screaming.

"Well, you'll find out soon my baby."

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The place is crowded with plenty of fans all ranging from teenage girls to old men who were invested in their relationship. At least some of them did any ways

He couldn't help but glare at the man who was currently greeting Jungkook, showering him with plenty of gifts-expensive ones at that-while Jungkook sat clueless. Jungkook eyes were adorably wide and plush lips muttering out 'thank you's a mile a minute and it would've been cute if the man had not touch Jungkook's hand that was laying on the table separating them from the fans and smirking, as if he didn't know that the guy's boyfriend was sitting right there 3 feet away.

As much as he wanted to keep an eye on Jungkook and watch if the man did anything, the fan that was in front of him was getting impatient, shoving the poster with both his and Jungkook's faces on it. He quickly signed, flashed a smile that he hoped didn't convey his true feelings then turned towards the left where the man was putting on a bunny ear head band on Jungkook's head.

Taehyung observed how the hand lingered a little too long and how he tucked Jungkook's soft locks behind his ears and how his finger tips grazed Jungkook's red cheeks before pulling away. The man then walked over to where Taehyung was sitting and stuck out his hand, having the cockiest smirk on his face, fully knowing that he was getting under Taehyung's skin and Taehyung couldn't do anything about it unless he wanted to be quote unquote 'cancelled'.

"Your boyfriend is pretty cute." The guy said flashing a smile more plastic than barbie. Taehyung flashed the same smile back, eyes laced with malice and replied, "Thanks, but he's even cuter moaning my name."

The man looked at him as if he didn't expect Taehyung to retaliate and then aggressively took the poster that Jungkook signed and walked away. He looked around and made sure no one could see him before sticking out the middle finger behind the man's back.

The rest of the day went by okay enough, maybe some fans were a little too touchy and he almost flipped them off as well but at they both went home without him killing anyone. Once they got home Jungkook hoped in the shower telling his boyfriend he would be out in 30 minutes.

In that 30 minutes, Taehyung formed a plan, a plan to show whoever that guy was that only HE was Jungkook's boyfriend and that Jungkook belonged to him, nobody else. He quickly grabbed their camera and set it up near the bed before logging onto youtube to prepare of the live stream. He posted on the community page that they were going to go live in 20 minute and it would be intended for 21+ audiences.

Now all he had to do was wait for Jungkook to finish. Jungkook came out 20 minutes later with his hair wet and nipples peaking through of a thin, oversized white shirt and pink lingerie slightly showing. Absolutely stunning.

 "You came just at the right time, we're dong a live stream right now." Taehyung said, smiling as he guided his boyfriend to the already made bed. Jungkook looked thoroughly confused as he hesitantly sat down.

"Right Now?" Jungkook asked, tugging at the hem of the t-shirt and looking shyly at Taehyung only to get a nod of affirmation.

Tarhyung quickly ran to the computer monitor and clicked 'start recording' before joining Jungkook back on the bed.

"Hi guys! Today we are just talking about our day at the meet and greet. Babe, why don't you start." Taehyung said looking at Jungkook like he was the very world even though he planed on doing something sinister in front of their fans on a live stream. At that, Jungkook seemed to perk up but was still self conscious enough to try to casually cross his arms across his chest to hide his hard nipples and squeeze his thighs together to not flash himself in front of the 40,000 people currently watching them on the live stream.

"Today was so much fun!" Jungkook started off eyes getting all big and sparkly and Taehyung would love to coddle and give him all the affection the world could offer, he had other things in mind. While Jungkook rambled on and on about their day Taehyung made simple gestures of affection like rubbing his back or arm, but it didn't take long for it to escalate. He then moved on to squeezing Jungkook's thigh and prying his crossed hands from his chest to expose the outline of the pink lingerie.

Jungkook tried to discretely push his arms away but to no avail and then at some point just gave up entirely. That's when Taehyung pushed Jungkook against the bed and pinned him there, letting the shirt ride up and expose the lacy pink panties that Jungkook was wearing underneath.

"What are you doing?!" Jungkook asked, very much alarmed as he tried to wriggle out of Taehyung's grip to pull down the shirt, only to have it do the opposite of what he wanted it to do.

Looking at the camera while still pining Jungkook down Taehyung practically growled, "I just want EVERYONE to know that Jungkook is mine and mine alone, especailly the guy from the meet and greet. You know who you are." And with that he smashed his lips against Jungkook, savoring the taste of the vanilla and strawberry breath mints that he eats when he needs candy but doesn't want to eat candy.

The younger couldn't help but moan, even though he was very well aware that there were thousands of people watching him with many more to come, his vocal chords acted out of their own will, moaning into Taehyung's mouth like a complete slut.

The chat went absolutely wild as the kissing progressed into a groping session with Taehyung groping at anything that he could lay his hands on. Jungkook's ass, thighs, chest, literally anything.

"Alright angel, can you kneel for me on the bed and lift up your shirt and show them what your wearing underneath that shirt of yours?" Taehyung said smugly, guiding Jungkook on his knees so everybody could see the lacy bralette which hugged his chest deliciously and even slid low enough to show one erect nipple and the panties that were practically transparent with how thin they were, showing off his smooth pussy lips and ridiculously wet thighs.

After a few seconds of letting their audience just enjoy the view, the older got up from his spot behind Jungkook and started sucking on the boy's pale skin, making sure that it left a visible mark. Each mark elicited a delicious whimper from Jungkook and as much as he would love to continue teasing Jungkook like this, he wasn't in the mood. 

He slides the bralette off of Jungkook's shoulder and the panties off his hips, making sure to slightly move out of the way to show how there was a string of slick connected to the panties. It took a bit of maneuvering before both the pieces of clothing were completely off, leaving Jungkook bare and naked for all the world to see.

Jungkook looked abashedly at the ground, trying to move his hands to cover his cunt only to have his actions stopped by Taehyung.

"Let them see baby." Taehyung said, lightly tracing random shapes and lines around his most sensitive parts without actually touching them causing Jungkook to let out a whine.

"Please don't tease me like this TaeTae." Jungkook said with a pout, only to have Taehyung continue his ministrations. It took a while for Jungkook to figure exactly what Taehyung wanted.

"Please fuck me daddy."

A low groan just rips out of Taehyung's throat, but he isn't ready to fuck Jungkook yet. "Why don't you get your glass dildo out for me baby and fuck yourself with it. Beg me to fuck the wet cum dump of yours."

Jungkook complies immediately, crawling to the bed side table to get the 8 inch glass dildo, no where near the size and girth of Taehyung's 10 inch one, and a bottle of lube, even though at this rate he probably doesn't need it. He brings the items back to the bed and immediately squeezes the bottle of lube, not caring how much or how little he puts on the thing, he just needs it inside him right now.

He stuffs his fingers in his fluttering hole, wincing because he went too fast before settling into a steady pace letting his little moans fill the room and the squelching of his pussy register to all the viewers.

"Daddy, I want you to fuck this little cunt so so bad, I even wore that lingerie for you."

Taehyung groans and responds with a smack to Jungkook's ass, watching the thick flesh jiggle lewdly. A few more minutes of fingering himself leads to Jungkook pushing his drenched pussy on the glass dildo, which looked quite big next to his lithe frame and even smaller pussy. 

Taehyung's dick was incredibly hard and at this point he really wanted to fuck the younger and bury himself in Jungkook's warmth.

"Please please please fuck me daddy, I've been such a good boy today and this dildo isn't enough please."

"I need you in me right now and I need to feel your thick, warm cum in me, I've been waiting all day, please daddy."

Jungkook is practically crying at this point, mumbling out 'please' and 'daddy' every few seconds as he is bouncing up and down on the dildo and Taehyung just can't take it anymore. He slips the dildo out from Jungkook's pussy, the dildo glistening with slick and lube and he makes sure to show the camera before putting it back on the bedside table so it could be cleaned later.

"Alright baby, before I fuck you, I need you to suck me off while showing your beautiful pussy and ass to the audience okay?" Jungkook only nods in affirmation before he is sliding Taehyung's jeans off, making sure to shove his cunt and ass onto the camera, wiggling it a little bit so his clit could have some friction.

The comment section got even more heated as they saw Jungkook's pussy in it's full glory, red, wet, and slightly gaping from the rough fucking with the dildo. Although the audience couldn't exactly see what was going on as Jungkook's cunt and ass were all they could see, they saw the slight movement of Jungkook's whole body and groaning, lots of it, which only led to the rational conclusion that Jungkook was sucking Taehyung off.

A few more minutes later and Jungkook is whining on Taehyung's dick, begging him with his slightly teary eyes to fuck him and Taehyung finally gives in. He turns Jungkook around so he is facing the camera and tugs Jungkook onto his lap.

"Go on baby, put my fat dick inside of you."

Jungkook's pale hands shakily grab Taehyungs cock and doesn't waste time, shoving it into his pussy. It burns so much even with how wet and drenched he is yet it feels so good. The younger doesn't even let himself have time to adjust as once the whole thing was shoved in Jungkook started moving up and down, moaning everytime he sank down to the hilt of the cock.

"Fuck baby, your so damn tight."

"I hope you see this," Taehyung says, addressing all the people watching them behind their screens, "see that only Jungkook's pussy belongs to me, and the only cock that will truly satisfy him is mine. Tell them angel. "

Jungkook lets out a shaky whimper before saying-borderline moaning-"I'm o-only a s-slut for daddy's cock and c-cum and my cunt can only be satisfied by d-daddy." It is said all in one breath before Jungkook is all out moaning again letting the cock just penetrate his pussy.

"C-can I please cum d-daddy?"

Taehyung doesn't even answer before Jungkook's body go lax, pussy clenching and unclenching, and a copious amount of slick just squirts out and wets the bed sheets and some even get on the camera with how much there is.

"Fuck. Maybe we should do live streams like this more often, you've never squirted that much before. Get on your hands and knees baby, if you want my cum then you are going to get my cum."

He helps Jungkook get into position before his slamming in and out of Jungkook's drenched cunt, making the bed creak and the room fill with noises of skin slapping on skin.

It doesn't take long before he comes as well, filling Jungkook up to the point where there is a little bulge and he pulls out, letting his thick cum slightly drip out.

"Show the viewers what you have inside your pussy now angel." Jungkook slowly turns around, trembling limbs struggling to keep his body up and just moans as the cum slowly trickles out of his pussy and down his hairless pussy lips and thighs. Before any more cum could slip out, Taehyung stuffs the dildo into Jungkook's gaping hole.

"Tune in next time for the next live stream."

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It was dark when the train arrived, gliding along the tracks like butter, well oiled and taken care of, not that Namjoon really cared anyways, he was here to go to Seoul, not admire the beauty of the machine that was going to take him there.

He lazily grabbed his bag of the ground and lazily hung it on his shoulder just at the right time that the train stopped. Boarding was a breeze and he could already tell what the next 3 hours are going to be like when he gets settled in his seat.  And, he was right, the first hour was exactly what he imagined it to be, blasting punk rock music at high volumes and scrolling through Instagram and twitter. But, that was probably where his prediction came to a stop, when a boy with a black skirt timidly walked by and sat in the very back where no one was.

If it were any other boy, he would probably just go back to his phone and not thunk any more of it, but the guy had a fucking skirt on, with a scandalous slit that practically showed his panties. 

In order to not look to suspicious, he opened up his camera app and pretended to check his appearance, but was sneakily looking at the corner of his screen where he could see the boy sitting in his seat, tugging at the hem of the skirt. A few minutes passed with nothing eventful happening, and Namjoon was about to put his phone away, done with observing the beautiful boy, until the said boy pulled his skirt up revealing white lace panties.

Namjoon could feel his face heat up and his hands start to shake with excitement. He was and has never been one for porn, but this was in real life, and it was better than anything he's ever imagined.

The boy pulled the panties to the side, not even bothering to pull the cloth all the way down, revealing glistening, red pussy lips that where begging to be spread apart and fucked. With tentative fingers, the boy fingered himself open with one shaky finger, obviously scared of getting caught and the made Namjoon's dick perk up all the more.

Even though he was a good 5 rows from the back, he could hear the faint squelching sounds of slick being sloshed around as the boy continued to finger himself and the little whimpers and moans that escaped from the boy's lips every once and a while. His dick was getting incredibly hard and he was trying to ignore it all this time but 10 minutes later and he is succumbing to the want to of touching it. It's been a few months since he masturbated, after learning that watching porn and masturbating was bad for your health, he forced himself to stop, but now all those months of resistance seem to fall away just by watching some stranger finger themselves open on a train.

He palmed his dick through his pants while he continued to watch the boy. He had 3 fingers stuffed into him now, eyes closed and mouth stuffed with the sleeve of the sweater to stop from moaning, although he wasn't very successful, and cunt just leaking with juices.  This prompted Namjoon to sneak his hands past the waistband of his joggers and boxers. Oh god, he forgot how good this felt.

Very carefully matching the rhythm of the other male, jerking of his dick to the sight of the boy getting himself off. The stranger was close, bucking his hips to meet his drenched fingers, getting more frantic as time went by. Then it happened, the boy squirted all over himself and the seat, and the sight was enough to make Namjoon cum, until he realized that the boy was looking directly at the camera.

Namjoon saw the boy quickly shoved the panties back in their place and slide the hem of the skirt to rest a little above his mid thigh, stand up and tried to hide his red cheeks.

Maybe if it was any other regular weekend where he would commute to meet his friends house, maybe he wouldn't be as bold and daring as he was, but he couldn't helped it when his hand reached out and grasped the boys and and pulled the guy into his lap. The male let out a small yep and blushes even more when he realized that the hand Namjoon grabbed was the hand he masturbated with and it is still wet from slick. Namjoon takes notice of this and guides the boy's fingers to his mouth and licks off all the slick the was on there.

He let out a small moan at the taste, it was as good as he thought it was going to be.

"What's your name sweetheart?"

The male seemed to shiver at the pet name, but replied nevertheless with a tiny "Jungkook."

"Jungkook." He muses, testing it on his tongue, letting it roll out of his mouth. "I saw what you did back there and couldn't help but get interested." To prove his point, he let the tip of his tough ghost over the shell of Jungkook's ears which elicited a tiny whimper of anxiousness and anticipation.

"What's yours?" Jungkook asks, soft hands playing with the studded bracelets and metal rings on his hand, and it shouldn't be that arousing, but the soft touch of his skin on Namjoon's hands were pure bliss.

"Namjoon." He supplies, groaning when the seemingly younger male shift to a more comfortable position, making the skirt ride up so his panties were pressed up against Namjoon's clothes cock.

"Namjoon? Can I call you Joonie instead?" Namjoon swears he can listen to the guy's sweet voice all day and opens his mouth to say something, but all that comes out is a groan when Jungkook grinds down again and Namjoon can feel the slick from the younger seeping through his joggers. Fucking Hot.

"You can call me anything you want babe. even daddy if that's what your into." He reciprocate the grind by bucking up into the wet warmth and they go like that for a few seconds before Jungkook seemingly has enough and slides off of Namjoon's lap. He looks up with fluttering eyes and says the darnedest thing, " Can I suck your cock Daddy?"

The older male nodded in affirmation, pushing Jungkook's fluffy hair back a bit, "Go on darling, put my dick in your mouth."

And Jungkook does just that, gingerly sliding the jogger and boxer down to reveal Namjoon's thick cock and Namjoon swears he saw the doe eyes widen a bit at how big it was. The younger wasted no time to stuff the dick in his mouth, gagging a bit because he went to fast, but soon finds a rhythm and started bobbing up and down like it was some giant lolly pop.

Although he tries not to, he can't help but bucking into the wet warmth of Jungkook's mouth and lightly gripping his locks as Jungkook continued to suck, drool escaping from glistening, plump lips. Jungkook lets out a moan when Namjoon tugged especailly hard, slightly gagging on the cock as he did so. The vibrations from the moan to his dick sent Namjoon straight to heaven, although he doubts he can ever get there now.

The quick masturbating session from earlier made Namjoon sensitive, and he could feel cum already trying to bust out of his nuts. He gently guided his cock out of Jungkook's mouth much to the latter's protest and said, "Open wide darling."

He sprayed his cum all over the male's face even when aiming for his mouth, covering every inch of Jungkook's pretty face with thick liquid, and getting some on the mint green sweater he was currently wearing. It didn't take long for him to get hard again when he saw that Jungkook swallowed all the cum and even licked some that fell on his lips.

"Fuck baby, cum looks so good on you, but I think you would like it more in you right? Would love me breeding you full of babies until your stuffed huh?" Namjoon said, gently wiping off the cum with his thumb and bringing it to Jungkook's slightly parted lips. Jungkook accepted the finger, licking it like he just did to Namjoon's cock before.

Jungkook get's off of the floor and straddles Namjoon before lifting his skirt up and shoving the drenched panties aside, revealing a hairless pink cunt that was ready to be ravaged and cream pied. He grinds his wet pussy over Namjoon's semi hard cock, lubing it up extremely well with how wet he is.

"Joonie, please f-fuck me, p-please?" Jungkook gets more desperate, grinding into Namjoon's cock like a sex deprived whore eager to get whatever Namjoon gives him, and does Namjoon give.

Namjoon lifts Jungkook off his cock for a slight second much to Jungkook's dismay, before rubbing the head of his cock up and down the folds of Jungkook's juicy cunt, making sure to stimulate Jungkook's sensitive clit, spreading his pre-come everywhere. The younger lets out a moan, guiding his hand to his mouth too late and the sound resonates across the train. Namjoon doesn't stop though, continuously rubbing up and down until it catches in Jungkook's hole.

Jungkook tries to push down and get the cock inside him because he just needs it so bad, he needs cum in his pussy right now. "Please Joonie, please breed me and give all your babies please!"

The older smirks, ask and you shall receive.

He slips the thick head of the cock to Jungkook's wet hole, cock wet with Jungkook's endless slick and he pushes in, not caring that he was very much still in a public place and anybody could see them and report them for doing such obscene things.

The cock slides in with much resistence, but once it goes in all the way, he can see the slight indent of his cock on Jungkook's soft tummy.


Jungkook is so tight, tighter than any girl or any fleshlight he fucked into, and the younger was just moaning endlessly, mouth open with drool threatening to spill out. Probably the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. Jungkook's pussy is so small and sucks Namjoon's cock in like no other, and it's only been 5 seconds but he already wants to cum.

After a few moments, Jungkook starts to move, fucking himself of Namjoon's dick, cunt dripping slick like crazy. Jungkook then starts to lift his cropped sweater up to touch the slight bulge  and tease his pink rose buds, trying to bite back his moans every time Namjoon's cock went all the way in. Namjoon let out a groan when Jungkook dropped down exceptionally fast, making the sound of skin slapping on skin so much more obvious.

It didn't take long for Namjoon to get riled up and start fucking into Jungkook's moist cunt and buck into his warm, tight walls. Jungkook lets out a long drawn moan in surprise, but then realizes that they are still on a train and stuffs the sleeve of his sweatshirt into his mouth, not that it helps much.

"Going to breed you so good baby, and you're going to take all my cum is that right?" Jungkook nods, tears welling in his eyes from how good it feels, how good Namjoon's cock just pierces his cunt and he just wants to moan out loud.

"Shit, you're so tight."

Namjoon flips them around so that Jungkook is on the seat, and from there on out he just pounds into Jungkook's cunt, making it squelch and leak slick all over the seat.

He's sweating so much, black shadow smudged and gelled hair all over the place, but he could care less when there was such a tight wet pussy in front of him.

"Joonie, I think I'm going to cum!" Jungkook says, sound muffled by the sweater

"Squirt for me baby, squirt all over my cock when I give you my seed."

His thursts are getting erratic and he just loves the sight of Jungkook drooling around the sweater and how his doe eyes are slightly teary and how his pussy was around his cock and nobody else's.

"Fuck!" He cums into Jungkook tight cunt, watching as his stomach expanded a little bit more with the copious amount of come. And Jungkook squirts, all over Namjoon's dick, pussy juices getting everywhere.

"Well I guess we have to keep this in here some how." Namjoon says, referring to the cum that was trying so desperately to escape from Jungkook's bulging belly.

"I can cock warm you daddy." 

Chapter Text

Jungkook has always thought that Taehyung is handsome, he is even more handsome driving.

Eyes slightly scrunched and eyebrows slightly furrowed, tongue slightly slipping out of red lips and arm flexing, showing thick veins and strong muscle. He couldn't help but stare at Taehyung, nipples getting notably erect and panties getting slightly wet, not even aware that Taehyung turned the sirens on and they were pulling over.

He looks around confused as they come to a stop, looking at Taehyung for any sort of answer but the other male is already out of the car and walking to the other car, a black Toyota. Jungkook sighs and eventually gets out too to meet where Taehyung was, talking to what looked like a young college boy. He watches as Taehyung asks for the boy's license and goes off to go check it out and see if the boy has any records.

"So, you've been partying huh?" Jungkook asks, not particularly interested as he already knows by the way the boy is slurring his words and his eyes are bloodshot, but the boy still denies it, shaking his head with a giggle. Taehyung comes over and nods at Jungkook to continue protocol.

"Alright, I need you to get out of the car sir."

"Sure thing officer." The boy chuckles, grasping at the air for the handle a couple of times before he actually grabs it and swings open the door, almost hitting Jungkook in the process. This is when he realizes that the 'boy' is disproportionately tall and built compared to his face and he was practically towering over him, and maybe it was a act of pure drunkenness, but the boy's large hands brush against his puffy rose buds, and it was so unexpected that he let out a full blown moan. 

Jungkook steps behind Taehyung in embarrassment, arms crossed across his chest as if to protect his nipples from ever being touched again. His cheeks were red and he feels like his ears are ringing. He literally moaned, in front of somebody 5 -7 years younger than him no less, on patrol duty, and it was probably all caught by his body cam which the footage from there would be reviewed, by other people.

Taehyung seems to get that Jungkook isn't necessarily comfortable and starts doing protocol himself, telling the guy to breathe in the breathalyzer takes note of how high it is and takes out his notepad to record the number. In that split minute that Taehyung looks down, the college boy seems to take it as an opportunity to walk up to Jungkook and grope his ass, squeezing through the navy uniform pants and spreading his cheeks apart. And he wishes he really hadn't, but he lets out a whimper which prompts the guy to squeeze even more.

"Damn, your ass feels as good as it looks, I should've touched it sooner." The drunk college boy says, looking down at Jungkook who has finally gained his bearings and is trying all his might to push the guy away, but the guy might as well be a boulder because he doesn't move, not even when Taehyung came to help and was prying the guy's hands away.

"Put your hands in the air!" Taehyung shouts, more like growls while he punches the boy's arms so he could let Jungkook go

The elder finally snaps, tired of playing nice and literally rips the guy's arm off and slams him to the ground, squishing the guy's body against the pavement and handcuffs his hands together.

"Should have done what I asked, I hope you enjoy going to jail." Taehyung's voice is deeper and raspier than before if that was possible, and goes right to Jungkook's nipples and inevitably wet his panties even more.

'This is not the time and place to be feeling like this Jungkook'  He scolds himself as he tries to ignore how sticky and wet his panties are.

"Come on, babe, we're taking this mother fucker to the police station." Taehyung drags the boy across the pavement and tosses him into the back seat of the car before he sits in the drivers seat. Jungkook shakily goes and sits in the passenger seat mind clouding with lust even though it shouldn't be, and if Taehyung notices, he doesn't say anything about it as he hands Jungkook his computer and instructs him to write a short report about the incident that happened.

He tries really hard to ignore the way the scratchy uniform rubs his puffy nipples and how his panties are creating such delicious friction against his clit and how drenched he is as he tries to write the report, but he just needs something in him right now and he doesn't think he can finish his work if he doesn't.

"TaeTae," he says, making sure the male in the back couldn't hear, "I'm so so wet."

Taehyung seems to get it right away, picking the computer off of Jungkook's lap and sets it down gently on the floor while his eyes were still concentrating on the road. The younger follows his lead and undoes his belt and pulls down his pants and underwear and one go, mewling when he fells the cold air conditioning hit his exposed pussy lips and the cool leather seat touches his bare ass. He can feel his slick literally dribbling out of him and onto the seat and down his ass crack.

The chief officer then kneads Jungkook's thick thighs and runs his finger up and down Jungkook's folds, purposely ignoring Jungkook's clit much to his dismay. He bucks his hips up, trying to gain more friction but Taehyung knows Jungkook too well and pulls away.

"You get what I give you, slut." Taehyung growls, smacking Jungkook's pussy, making Jungkook mewl again.

This seems to get the boy's attention as he sits up in the seat he was slouching in and tries to get a glimpse of what is happening. But, the glass that separates the back from the front really doesn't allow him to see anything and all he can see is Jungkook's thick milky thighs spreading a part and a thick veiny hand continuously slapping something wet in between the thighs.

"Shit, didn't know you had a pussy officer, want my number? We can bang sometime, how 'bout I handcuff you to my bed while I fuck that fat ass of yours?" The boy smirks, seemingly proud of himself. Jungkook so badly wants to snap back with a snarky remark but he can't when Taehyung's big calloused hand was smacking him and flicking his clit so harshly that he is a moaning and whimpering mess, leaking all over the seat like some whore. But he can't help it.

"Why don't you shut that potty mouth of yours? It'll do you some good, unless your looking for me to chop your horny ass dick off then I would be happy to." Taehyung growls, slipping two fingers in Jungkook's hole unexpectedly, making Jungkook scream at the burn. The threat seems to fall over deaf ears as the boy just continues on.

"Well, you can't have such a sexy piece of eye candy out and about and not expect me to get hard and horny don't you? Not to mention you're fingering him as we speak." The guy say nonchalantly, point only proven when Jungkook let's out a moan as Taehyung's long fingers hit his g-spot, making him arch in his seat.

"As you said, he's just eye candy, you aren't allowed to touch, only I am." Taehyung barks, jabbing his finger in and out of Jungkook's glistening hole and vigorously using his thumb to stimulate Jungkook's sensitive clit, taking all of his anger on Jungkook's poor, abused cunt. And Jungkook just takes it, arching and squirming in his seat as Taehyung continually slams into his g-spot and makes Jungkook see stars. It doesn't take long until there is another finger and another, until there are four thick long fingers in his red puffy cunt, glistening with a copious amount of pussy juices.

All anybody can here in the care is the squelching of Jungkook's drenched pussy that would probably make even the stoic of human beings blush like a mess. It only takes 2 more seconds until Jungkook is squirting around the fingers, clenching at the arm rest as he feels his whole body shake and a long drawn moan rips out of him. The slick gets everywhere, on Taehyung's arms, on the seat, and even the dashboard.

"Fuck, he actually squirted." The statement was ignored this time as Taehyung then slipped all his fingers out and began slapping Jungkook's clit.

"You fucking slut, you better clean that shit all up when we get back, maybe you can lick it off while I fuck you out in the open, would you like that baby? Would you like people staring at you getting fucked?" The image consumes Jungkook's mind and slick involuntarily gushes out, adding to the huge puddle of juices that was already there. "You fucking whore, you actually like that shit? Well I wouldn't be surprised, you moaned when some college student touched your nipples and even got wet from him groping you." 

Jungkook tries to protest, but all the comes out is moans of pain and pleasure as Taehyung repeatedly slaps Jungkook's sensitive, swollen clit. He comes again, spilling his slick onto the leather seat, leaking like a broken faucet.

Without any warning, Taehyung shoves four finger's inside Jungkook again, stretching his velvet walls to the max and making Jungkook tear up. it hurts so bad but it feels so good and he can't help but squirt again, spraying his juices everywhere.

By the forth orgasm, they are at the police station and with one last slap to the pussy, he tells Jungkook to put his panties back on and pull his pants up and he is about to buckle his belt when he feels the door open and arms pick him up, carrying him into the station.

They pass by the front desk where Hoseok is sitting, typing away on his computer and when he hears footsteps, he looks up, surprised to see Jungkook sweating with his belt unbuckled and Taehyung carrying Jungkook while trying to hide his left hand which was covered with slick. It was too easy to connect the dots together but before Hoseok could comment about it, Taehyung spoke first.

"There's a drunk mother fucker in the back seat, tell Namjoon to go and deal with him." Taehyung said, leaving no room for arguement, that didn't exactly deter Hoseok from trying though.

"Wait! You can't-"

But Taehyung already took off with Jungkook in his arms, heading towards his private office. He settles Jungkook on a chair before clearing his desk with one motion, letting all the paper work settle on the floor. It was going to be a pain to clean up but right now he doesn't care.

"Come over and bend down slut."

Jungkook shakily gets up from his seat, legs numb as he takes off his shoes and uniform, doing it as fast as he can because Taehyung is glaring at him with cold eyes and even though that wouldn't normally make him leak like a girl getting fucked for the first time, here he is dripping as he takes timid steps to the table and bends over spreading his ass cheeks so Taehyung could see both of his pink holes.

"Such a pretty little cunt ready to be fucked." Taehyung mused slapping both of Jungkook's ass cheeks and watching it jiggle and glisten in the fluorescent lights before slapping Jungkook's abused cunt again.

Jungkook let out a yelp and closes his legs, using his hands to cover his cunt.


"That's not my name right now slut."


"That's better."

"Please stop slapping my cunny, it hurts daddy! Please, I just need your cock in me daddy!" Jungkook whines, tears pooling in his eyes, the stinging of the slap too much now for his abused pussy.

"Didn't you hear me slut? You take what I give you, now spread yourself for daddy again, I want to smack you until you turn red. Jungkook whimpers, but does what he is asked to do, spreading himself once again with trembling hands.

Nothing happens for a minute as Jungkook stands, bending over the desk with his neglected nipple pressing against the cool glass top of the desk, sending waves of pleasure to Jungkook's cunt, making slick run down his thighs. That is until he hears a telltale click as something is taken out of the holster.

He feels the blunt metal head of it press against his soaked opening and he immediately knew what it was. It was the fucking baton. Taehyung drags it up and down Jungkook's folds making sure to apply enough pressure to where it hurt when he pressed it onto Jungkook's engorged clit. This goes on for a couple of seconds before the baton is shoved into Jungkook's tiny vagina, stretching it so much that it looks like it's about to rip Jungkook in half. The youger male lets out a moan, something finally was in his pussy, only to have it cut short with a scream as Taehyung brutally flicks his wrist, letting the black, metal baton glide all the way out and all the way back in, ramming it into Jungkook's drenched pussy.

Jungkook lets out little 'uh' every time the thing is ramming into him, slamming him into the desk in the process and creating friction for his erect nipples.

"You like this huh? Haven't even put my cock in you and you're already ready to cum for the 5th time. Such a dirty, filthy slut aren't you baby, it doesn't even have to be a cock to fill your pussy, anything will do huh? I bet even that college kid's tiny dick would satisfy your hungry pussy." Taehyung groaned, smacking Jungkook's ass and watching the baton disappear and reappear, getting coated with all the slick that Jungkook has been spilling.

"Cum for me angel, cum for daddy and then maybe I'll give you my cock, if I feel like it of course"

Jungkook doesn't think he can cum anymore after doing it 4 times in the last 30 minutes, but he is proven wrong when he feels his pussy clench on the metal pole, body trembling with his fifth orgasm. "Fuck," Taehyung utters out, trying to pull the baton out but is unsuccessful with how much Jungkook is clenching on it.

"Loosen up baby, or do you not want my cock?"

The younger complies immediately, forcing himself to relax so the baton can slide out. Taehyung tosses the slick covered thing onto the chair and turns his attention back to Jungkook. Jungkook is still bent over the desk, hands white from how much he was struggling to hold himself open for his daddy, showing off his gaping hole with slick pouring out of it, fucked open by the baton.

Taehyung growled at the sight, unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants and underwear all the way down, showing his thick, red cock beading with precome that was left untouched all this time. He tosses his clothes to where Jungkook's was but then catches the sight of the handcuffs in Jungkook's belt. He ignore the way his dick is aching and makes his way over, taking the handcuffs of the belt before walking back to where Jungkook was, tired and exhausted.

"Hands over your head!" Taehyung shouts and Jungkook obliges, too tired to argue and too fucked out to care. With a click, both the hand cuffs are on Jungkook's wrist, binding his arms together.

"Now," Taehyung said slapping his veiny cock against Jungkook's swollen pussy, making sure to make contact with Jungkook's abused clit, "time to fuck this loose pussy."

He slams into Jungkook, making Jungkook moan at the stretch, as Taehyung was way bigger than the baton and stretches Jungkook's gaping whole even more. Every time Taehyung would slam into him his hips would slam into the desk, surely causing a huge bruise.

It felt so good, Taehyung's cock rubbing against his sensitive, velvety walls as he Just bent over and took it like the good whore he is.

Taehyung kept thrusting in and out, rearranging Jungkook's insides and making spurt slick out of him every time Taehyung slammed in. The elder groans as Jungkook clenches his cock, trying to milk it like the good slut he is, trying to get the cum inside him as soon as possible.

"Fuck, you were literally gaping from the baton, how are you still so tight?" All he gets in response are moans and the squelching of Jungkook's pussy being fucked open by Taehyung's monster cock.

He flips the younger around, swiveling Jungkook on his dick so the younger is facing him. Jungkook has tears in his eyes and he has his mouth open, drooling like a dumb slut. Taehyung uses one of his hands to gather the drool fron Jungkook's mouth and a shoves it into Jungkook's puckering hole, eyes glinting with glee when he sees Jungkook's eyes roll back from the pleasure of having both of his holes stuffed.

"Tell daddy how you feel baby." Taehyung says, scissoring Jungkook's pink hole open so he can bury his cock in it later and cum in it as well.

"S-so good daddy, I feel like I'm in h-heaven."

"Oh yeah?"


Taehyung effortlessly picks Jungkook up and brings Jungkook to the stained chair and grabs the baton, expertly shoving it into Jungkook's tight asshole on the first try. Jungkook has been fucked like this before, with a dildo in his asshole, but this felt ten times better the elder moves the baton to the rhythm of his own thursts, ignoring the pleas of 'faster!'

It doesn't take long for Jungkook to squirt all over Taehyungs dick, so oversensitive from everything that's happened and clenches hard. Taehyung groans at the feeling before he's spilling his seed into Jungkook too.

He slips out, admiring how Jungkook's hole is way too loose and it can't contain all the cum that's inside there so it just spills out and drips onto his thick thighs. The sight is enough to make him hard again. and he find himself shoving the baton into Jungkook's ruined pussy and thrusting his slick covered dick into his slightly gaping puckering hole.

"Daddy, stop, no more! It hurts!" Jungkook cries, trying to pull away from Taehyung, but Taehyung doesn't listen, thrusting in and out until Jungkook is twitching and can't say a word. He ignore all the pleas of 'stop' until he releases into Jungkooks asshole.

Taehyung slides both his cock and the baton out, watching in lust as he sees both of Jugkook's holes gaping and filled with his cum.

"Where's my phone," He mumbles to himself and finds it on the desk, urging Jungkook to stay still so he can take a picture.

He sets the picture as his wallpaper and goes back to tend to Jungkook, trying his hardest to prop himself up on the cushioned chair. The elder picks Jungkook up and sets him on his lap, gently covering his tear stained face with light kisses.

"Can you kiss me on the lips daddy?" Jungkook askes, doe eyes a bit swollen and drool covered lips trembling, how could he say no to that? He kisses Jungkook square on the lips, gently rubbing and massaging the smaller's back in the process.

"Let's get you cleaned up shall we princess?"




Chapter Text

He knocks on the wooden door waiting a bit before he hears a soft 'come in'.

He can feel his hands start to tremble as he touches the metal knob, shaking with excitement and maybe a little bit of fear. Taking a deep breath, he walks in.

The priest is on the other side of the screen wall, ready to do his job, a wooden stool right in front of it, empty for him to sit in. Jungkook walks and sits on the stool, breathing a little heavy as he does so. He doesn't know why he's so nervous, he's done this so many times before.

"Good evening child, how are you doing today?" Comes the sweet lilt of the priests voice, filling the room with a soothing sound.

"I'm doing well father." Jungkook replies, suddenly feeling the need to duck his head and play with his fingers.

"You may begin." This time, the priest's voice is more deep, more raspy, and Jungkook was surprised when he felt a little bit of wetness in between his legs. Now out of all times, they haven't even started yet.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned. It's been 3 weeks since my last confession and my sins are," Jungkook began, voice a little unstable and he wants to hit himself for sounding so weak, "adultery. Would you like me to elaborate?"

The priest's breath seemed to hitch at the sentence, "Yes, do elaborate."

"Well, I guess to start off, I watch porn, as many teenagers do and....I masturbate, I stuff my fingers in myself when my parents aren't home and secretly buy toys to play with," He is growing increasingly more confident as he goes on about his sexual endeavors, "I love to stuff them in me and think they are you father." He can feel his panties getting more wet as he talks and think about all the times he has fucked himself with the dildo with the thought of the priest. "And, I hove some of the toys in me right you want see father?"

There is a breathy yes that comes from the other side of the screen wall before it is pushed aside to reveal a handsome man with sharp eyes, sharp eyes that bored into Jungkook's own, making him all heated in the face.

"Go on, what did you want to show me Jungkook."

Jungkook feels his own breath hitch this time, his name sounding so sinful and dirty in the priests mouth, and he loved it. He stands up from his seat and turns around to unzip his dress pants, feeling a little too shy to do it facing the priest. He slowly slides the cotton fabric down till it pools at his ankles and reveals soft pink panties with lace trimming. He then continues to pull down the panties, which are slightly wet, even with the toys that were plugging him up, bending over to reveal them.

He hears the priest slightly gasp as he sees the bass of the butt plug that was stuffed into his asshole and the dildo that was stretching his wet, puffy cunt lips apart. Jungkook hears the chair slightly groan a bit as Father Jimin stands up, walking to where Jungkook was, bent over and leaking around the blue silicon dildo and clenching around the black butt plug.

"You wore this during church?" The priest asks, soft fingertips tracing random patterns on Jungkook plush ass and thick thighs, making Jungkook shiver with anticipation.

"Yes." He says, breath getting increasingly more erratic as Father Jimin's finger went closer and closer to his sensitive spots. Jungkook feels cold fingers trace around his rim and his wet hole, making him gasp and whimper, wanting more.

"Please fuck me father!" The thought comes bursting out, and Jungkook's cheeks start to go red because he actually said it out loud.

"Call me hyung." Jimin says, continuing to touch the rim of both his holes, ignoring the aching clit and the rock hard nipples that were poking out of Jungkook's dress shirt. But even so, he can feel himself start to leak more around the dildo, soaking his thighs in the process as the slick escapes, too much to be contained in Jungkook's little hole.

The sudden touch on his clit makes him jolt, arms the were propping himself up on the chair was shaking as Jimin hyungs finger gently massaged the ball of nerves bringing shots of pleasure every single time. Jungkook clenches around the dildo and butt plug, wishing that one of the silicon toys where actually Jimin's dick, but he get's interrupted be the dildo being pulled out of his pussy with a pop, all the pressure that was there before gone and all the slick that was in his stretched hole is now gushing out and dripping all over the floor and his legs.

Jungkook feels himself clenching again, but he is met with nothing and he can't but whine at the loss.

"Wow, you really are a sinner aren't you Jungkook?" Jimin says, voice breathy as he stares at Jungkook's sloppy cunt, coated with slick and lube.

"Please hyung!" He whines, trying to clench around something, his pussy feeling so empty, only the butt plug stuffed in his ass keeping him from full out begging for Jimin's cock.

"I shouldn't." Jimin says, hands quickly pulling away from Jungkook. He feels so ashamed himself for touching a barely legal teen, in church no less.

"Pretty please!" Jungkook begs, pretty eyes starting to tear up at the thought of going out of the room feeling unsatisfied and needy, not haven even orgasmed once. "Please hyung, I really need your cock inside me! You can't just leave me untouched like this, please please please!"

Whatever weak resolve Jimin had seemed to fade away in the blink of an eye, Jungkook's voice luring him to touch the boy again, soft finger tips against milky skin.

"Turn around for me koo."

Jungkook melts at the nickname, turning around obediently. Not a second later, there were fingers unbuttoning his shirt, letting it open to reveal a toned stomach and rosy nipples that were begging to be touched. Jimin slides the white fabric off of Jungkook's shoulder, and Jungkook looks kid of sheepish as he realizes that the priest was fully clothed and he was not.

But, that thought seems to vanish as finger squeeze his nipples, making Jungkook throw back his head and a soft moan escapes. He momentarily forgets his empty hole as Jimin continues to pinch and squeeze, enjoying Jungkook's every reaction. The rosy buds quickly became red, reacting to the soft fingers rubbing against them.

Jungkook feels himself leaking even more, slick running down his legs like water and landing on the carpeted floor. All together the touches stop and Jungkook lets out another whine, wanting to feel the soft fingers touching him again, but they never return, instead he hears the rustling of fabric and a zipper being pulled down.

He dares not to look, feeling shy, even if he was buck naked and wanting a dick in him, his natural nature always came out, taking over the confident boy he was earlier. It was so silent that he could hear every movement of clothing and clinking of metal and other sounds. He's getting a little impatient, cunt and thighs starting to get cold in the air conditioned room and he is about to let out a whine but stops as a feels the thick head of a cock press against his stretched, drenched hole.

The little moan that comes out is pathetic, he was sated just by soft touches and he kind of hates himself for it, not that it matters when the dick is pressing in, stretching Jungkook's hole so it can accommodate the unholy girth. The slow stretch is agonizing, testing Jungkook's patience till it's very limits, leaving Jungkook a whimpering mess. He can feel the length open him up, touching his walls and eliciting breathy moans as it continues to push in.

When Jimin finally bottoms out with a quick thrust, Jungkook is taken by surprise and lets out a mewl, clawing at the wooden frame of the stool.

"God be damned, if this isn't the most heavenly cunt I buried my cock into." Jimin says as he uses one hand to push back his hair, only to have it slowly fall back into place again. The older looks like he's in physical pain trying not to cum, years of restraining himself to not indulge in sexual pleasures finally catching up to him. This is the first pussy he's had in years.

Jungkook can't help but clench around the cock again, wet, glistening hole fluttering around the cock trying so desperately to make something happen, anything. Jimin can't help it, letting out a deep throaty groan at Jungkook's actions, hips involuntarily bucking in to the tight warmth leaving Jungkook to respond with a groan of his own.

This felt so much better than any dildo, butt plug, or vibrator he's ever had.

They seem to stay like that for a while with Jungkook clenching around Jimin's cock before Jimin moves, thrusting his thick dick out and back in, hitting spots that Jungkook wasn't even aware were there. The priest glides easily in and out, Jungkook's slick making it all too easy for anyone to stick a dick in him and make him a moaning blabbering mess.

"Oh my-, you feel so so g-good hyung. A-ah so so good, feel so so mmm-full." The sentence manages to make it out of Jungkook's drool covered lips in between moans, inflating Jimin's ego.

He continues in and out, cock being swallowed by Jungkook's sloppy pussy, and he's so engrossed in the feeling of absolute euphoria that he doesn't hear the knock coming from the door to his office, and it's all too late when Taehyung, one of the church helper's walk in. The boxy smile on the boy's face is replaced with confusion but gradually forms into something that resembles lust. Jimin doesn't even bother pulling out at this point, not that he can when Jungkook is clenching so hard, making his dick stay inside.

"Umm- I'm so so sorry I didn't mean to- I was just going to- You know what? I'm Just going to leave." Taehyung says, trying to hide his flushed cheeks and the tent in his jeans. He had a crush on Jungkook since forever and seeing him bent over and stretched over Father Jimin's cock probably should have made him jealous, but it doesn't. In fact, it only brings more arousal at the thought of both of them having an affair with each other and he doesn't know why. He's about to reach for the doorknob and go on his way until a soft 'wait' stops him in his tracks.

"I know you find this hot," Jungkook starts, but is interrupted when Jimin starts to move again, hip bones smacking against Jungkook's thick ass and making it jiggle and the butt plug inside embed itself even further in Jungkook. "A-and," he begins again, undoubtedly struggling as he let's out more mewls and moans, "I want you to join." He finishes, half-lidded lust filled doe eyes stare at him, enchanting him to do something he's never done before.

He begins to take his shirt and jeans off, for they feel awfully tight and hot at this point, and walks over to Jungkook and Jimin-ssi.

Jimin-ssi seems to get the memo right away, picking Jungkook up with ease, making the younger yelp in surprise before he motions with his head to put his dick inside of Jungkook. Jungkook is facing him now and is puting his arms around Taehyung while Jimin hold him, supporting him from the back. Jungkook looked absolutely gorgeous with his flushed cheeks, eyes slightly clouded with tears. He was so damn beautiful.

Taehyung doesn't waste anymore time, he nudges his cock in the open, right besides Jimin-ssi's dick, forcing it in making Jungkook cry and yelp and claw Taehyungs back, leaving tracks of red and damaged skin. The younger wasn't prepared enough for this, 'why couldn't Taehyung just put it in his ass instead?' he wonders, ass feeling very unloved and pussy feeling like it was going to tear in half because both of his hyungs were so so big.

Once Taehyung got the head of his cock in, he pushed the rest of it in with a grunt, mouth open agape in silent pleasure because this felt better than any of his fantasies of Jungkook and seeing Jungkook with tears rolling down his cheeks and his vagina stretching so so much to accommodate both of them made him want to orgasm right then and there.

The younger stays squished in between them for a bit, trying to get used to the stretch and the burn before any of them moved.

"Please move hyungie."

Both of them moved right away; as soon as one of them pulled out, the other slammed right back in, making jungkook moan and cry in between them, clawing at everything he can because this was too much.

"This feels so good hyungies, mmm-koo wants to do this all the t-time. Please give koo koo your milk, please hyungies." Jungkook cries out, at this point so close to cumming that he doesn't care what he says anymore, yelling whatever is on his mind when he can. His pretty lips spill out obscene things, about how they could do this again but one other person joins in, about how he wishes he could sit on both of their cocks all day every day and so on so forth, literally going dumb because he was being filled so good to the point where he couldn't think.

"I-I really want to do this all the time too kookie, you feel so good-" Taehyung stutters, mind on autopilot and body moving on its own accord, the only thing on his mind right now was how beautiful Jungkook looked under him, such a whining blubbering mess that wanted nothing but dick.

Jimin was pretty quiet the whole time but he couldn't help but let out his fair sure of grunts and groans as he gets closer and closer to his climax.

Jungkook cums first, clenching around both their cocks like a vice and coating everything with his squirt, making Jimin cum not long after. At this, Taehyung hips buck even more, pummeling the drenched, cum filled hole while rubbing his dick against Jimin's soft cock making them both moan from over stimulation. He is so focused on getting off that he regards Father Jimin's soft calls of 'stop' so that he cold slip out. He just keeps pounding in and out, sloshing all of the cum that was in there before he shoots his own load, letting out a long drawn groan as he does so.

He slids out carelessly, slightly stumbling, drunk of the pleasure. He runs his hands through his sweat filled hair, looking in satisfaction at Jungkook who has his mouth open in complete pleasure looking so fucked out and beautiful that he could be an erotic hentai girl.

Taehyung watches in interest as Jimin pulls out too, only to stuff the hole with a dildo that Taehyung hadn't noticed before.

"I need you to clench on it Jungkook." Jimin says, holding the dildo in place because he knows it will slip out the moment he pulls his hands away because Jungkook's hole is so fucked open.

"I don't think it can stay there at this rate, look, it doesn't even touch the walls of his pussy." Taehyung comments, a little breathless as Jimin only nudges the dildo in further.

Jungkook eventually complies, using the little strength he had left to clamp on the blue dildo, groaning a little when his abused walls touch the now cold silicon surface.

"Now Jungkook, I need you to keep it in you until the next time we meet, can you do that for hyung?" Jungkook nods dumbly, trying his best to pay attention in the state that he is in. "Alright we are going to meet here same place same time, I need you to keep all the cum inside you okay? See you guys tomorrow!"

Chapter Text

Jungkook knocks the same door he knocked yesterday, except this time he's nothing but excited, and a little scared because he didn't exactly follow hyung's orders.

When he comes in, he sees that Jimin and Taehyung are already undressed, cocks out and in the open as they lazily stroke them, watching Jungkook like vultures.

Once he closes the door behind him, he begins taking his clothes off, not in the mood to tease or be teased, just wanting to be stuffed full and scream till his throat hurts. The same dildo and butt plug from yesterday are still in him, just liked Jimin-hyung asked, but all that was consuming his mind was how the older would react upon seeing that all the cum that had been stuffed inside him yesterday was gone, clear evidence that he did take it out even if it wasn't on purpose.

Not even a second after he's done undressing, they hound up on him, touching him all over and leaving kisses, bites, and marks anywhere they can, making Jungkook squirm and mewl in their grip. He was surprised that they were taking it so fast, but he doesn't mind, in fact he likes it better this way. Jimin-hyung's soft lips makes a trail all the way to his aroused cunt and Taehyung stands behind Jungkook, groping his plump ass and leaving hickey's on Jungkook's delicate neck, completely forgetting that Jungkook's parents were probably going to see it and question it.

They haven't even done anything yet, haven't even touched his nipples or clit or fingered him open yet Jungkook is already coming undone, arching everytime Taehyung leaves a mark and shivering every time Jimin's lips touch his skin. But, the soft touches don't last for long as Jimin's lips make their way back and and latch onto a nipple and Taehyung long fingers are forcing their way in Jungkook's hole, not even bothering to take the dildo out.

Jungkook can't help but wiggle and squirm even more letting out breathy moans as both of them continue their ministrations, getting him riled up. Taehyung's fingers are stretching him wide open, much like his dick did the other day, and Jimin was abusing his sensitive nipples, making Jungkook mewl and moan at the immense pleasure.

"Hyungies~" Jungkook says, filling the room with his sweet voice and even sweeter moans, "I-I need your dick inside me."

"Not yet koo, we want to do something first." Taehyung replies, hot breath fanning against Jungkook's ears making him shiver in anticipation.

"But, I don't want to tell a lie to my parents again when they ask me why I'm taking too long." Jungkook rebutes. As much as what they were going to do sounded exciting, he wanted their dicks in him more. He's been thinking about it all day yesterday and even had to fuck the dildo in and out of himself despite the fact that it brought no pleasure whatsoever to his loose hole.

"Your being awfully bratty today aren't you Jungkookie?" Jimin says, finally unclamps his mouth off of Jungkook's nipples-must to Jungkook's displeasure- and stimulates them by rubbing the puffy abused things with his fingers, making sure to dig his fingernails into them to get across that Jungkook will take what he gives the, no exceptions.

"B-but." He shuts up immediately when he sees the priests eyes flash with anger. He's scared shitless.

The priest has never, ever looked angry before, ever. Even when people were yelling mean things to him or even when somebody hit him, he never got mad. It was really hot to be honest.

"Taehyung, make him kneel on the ground for me, and make sure he can't move." Jimin says, voice authoritative and intimidating, not like yesterday when he was soft and sweet. This Jimin-hyung was different and wasn't going to take Jungkook's shit, this Jimin-hyung was going to fuck Jungkook senseless, and he isn't sure if he's ready for it yet.

Large, strong hands push down on his shoulder, making him kneel against his will and pin his hands to his back, making sure that Jungkook wasn't going to move at all.

Once Jungkook was on the floor, Jimin went at it, shoving his cock past Jungkook's plump lips, and before Jungkook has any time to think, Jimin starts slamming in and out. Jungkook can't help but gag and chock on Jimin cock, the thing too big and entirely too wide to fit into Jungkook's small mouth but Jimin doesn't seem like he cares at the moment, snapping his hips back and forth until Jungkook is drooling all over his cock like the desperate whore he is. There are tears pooling in Jungkook's doe eyes, and he looks so pretty like this, letting Jimin and Taehyung have all the control.

Jungkook barely gets any air before Jimin his blocking his airway again, hitting the back of his throat and making Jungkook chock on the thick cock. But, even with all this happening, he can't help but notice something hard press against his back, smothering precome everywhere.

"You're doing so well koo." Words of encouragement barely heard by Jungkook he was trying his best to please Jimin.

Taehyung tries to stay still as he hold Jungkook in place, knowing that it's not his time yet, but he can't help but grind his length against the smooth expanse of Jungkook's back, coating it with precome. He only meant to do that for a few seconds and then stop but he absolutely couldn't, he grinds even more, using Jungkook's back to get himself off.

Jimin cums first in Jungkook's mouth, shooting his seed and making Jungkook swallow everything, then Taehyung cums, coating Jungkook's back with loads of cum, watching it drip down Jungkook's back and onto his fat ass.

"Stand up Jungkook." Demands Jimin, usually soft tone and kind demeanor replaced by something that Jungkook was a hundred percent sure he wasn't ready for.

He stands up on shaky legs, pretty knees now red from kneeling on the floor.

Jimin guides him to his desk, gesturing for Jungkook to sit on it before he starts spreading Jungkooks thighs and sucking on the soft skin, making sure that his teeth dig in enough to leave visible marks without hurting the younger too much.

It isn't long before he feels satisfied enough with his work and stops, leaning back and admiring the red marks that litter the pale skin.

Jungkook squirms on the desk, trying to get some friction on his clit, he wanted to be stuffed so bad and they weren't giving it to him. But, Taehyung seemed to answer his prayers as he tugs at the base of the dildo, letting it slide out with a pop.

"Where's our cum koo? I thought I told you to keep the dildo in?" Jimin questions, digging his fingers inside Jungkook to see if he was mistaken, eliciting a loud moan from Jungkook.

"I'm sorry hyung, I was taking a shower and I wasn't thinking so I forgot to clench and it slipped out." Jungkook says, very embarrassed that he was fucked open to the point where his biggest dildo fell out even when normally he would struggle to even put it in.

"Well seems like we need to put some more in there huh." Muses Taehyung, soft cock already hard again as he eyes Jungkook's cunt. He picks Jungkook up and puts him down on the couch so that his chest is flushed against Jungkook's cum filled back. Jimin joins on the couch too, swinging Jungkook's legs over his shoulders before both of them are pushing in at the same time.

"Ah-ah I- hyung-ah." Jungkook moans out, pussy still stretched out from yesterday so he was able to take both of them with little pain. But, he still wishes that someone would fuck the butt plug in and out of his hole as well, but no one makes a move to do so. They don't let even a moment waste by as they fuck into Jungkook, making the couch slide ever so slightly back and forth and the furniture creak under all their wait.

"Ngh- So good, I feel so good." Jungkook moans, already starting his spiel of how good and full he felt and how his hyungies were the best ever. The coach keeps groaning and squeaking under all their weight, until one of the squeaks didn't come from the coach.

They all stop what they were doing and look over to the door, where Jungkook's father, Namjoon, was standing, face a one of shock before it contorts to realization and then indifference.

"Who knew my slut of a son was fucking the priest and church helper." Namjoon smirks, loving the way each of them pale and freeze in place, not daring to move in his presence.

"You think I would buy your bullshit excuse Jungkook? That you were so sweaty because the air conditioner in here was broken and the confession got really emotional so that's why you cried? I thought you would be a better lair considering your mother is a great one but I guess not." He says, relishing the way Jungkook's eyes widen in fear of what his father is going to do. He scrambled of both of them and tries to put on his clothes quickly, trying to not embarrass himself further, but a hand stops him.

"Don't need to do that Jungkook-ah, I want to join." Namjoon says, smacking Jungkook's ass, making it jiggle. Jungkook just stares at him, doe eyes impossibly wide, trying to get his limbs to move but they seem to do nothing at all.

"You heard me, now go back and stuff that dirty little pussy of yours, I'm going to take your ass." Another smack lands on Jungkook's ass, making the pale smooth skin turn red.

He walked to where Taehyung and Jimin-hyung were, both as shocked and surprised as him, but they went along anyway, adjusting their position so that Namjoon has room to slot himself in Jungkook. Jungkook wishes they weren't so rough because they both shove in at the same time, giving him no warning, and he just lets out the loudest moan ever, right in front of his dad who was in the middle of undressing.

Namjoon eyes seemed to darken at the sight of Jungkook throwing his head back and getting stuffed with 2 cocks, but soon that will change to 3. He takes the last article of clothing off, throwing it on the floor without much care, and joins all of them on the couch.

He grabs the base of the butt plug that is embedded in Jungkook's ass, watching in satisfaction as the thing slides out with ease leaving nothing but a lubed up hole ready for him to fuck. Jungkook whined at the lose, wiggling his butt a little bit as if trying to find something else to put in there. Namjoon watched in amusement as Jungkook's puffy pink rim open and close again and again, absolutely desperate. He indulges in the younger's want a little, smacking his dick against the puffy rim, making Jungkook mewl and buck his hip back to try and get the dick in him.

"Please." Jungkook begs, desperate for something to fill him again, bucking his hip back even more to try and at least feel the dick against his ass. But Namjoon pulls away, not quite satisfied with Jungkook's begging,

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

"Thought you would never ask."

Namjoon pushed the tip of his cock pass the puffy rim, each inch slowly sliding into Jungkook and reducing him to squirms and moans, made worse by the fact that there were two cocks in his vagina as well, so every time he moved, the dicks would move, causing Jungkook to see stars.

Once Namjoon was all the way in, he began fucking in and out, relishing how Jungkook Just took it, hole stretching impossibly wide to fit all of them. Slowly, Jimin and Taehyung started to move in and out of Jungkook as well, grunting in the effort to buck up against the warm heat.

Jungkook mind went completely blank, his whole body completely taken over by the immense pleasure that struck him every time one of them moved ever so slightly, gliding against his sensitive walls and against each other. Today was so much better than yesterday by a mile

"Fuck, you feel even better than your mom Jungkook, I wonder what she would think knowing what her son was doing hm?" Namjoon says, groaning when Jungkook clenched at his words, making it hard to slide in and out. He smacked Jungkook's ass again, groping it and spreading them open so he could get a better view of Jungkook's small hole taking his cock.

It didn't take long for Jungkook to come first, spasming around all of the cocks inside him and coating everything with his slick. But of course non of the guys stopped pounding into him, using Jungkook's tight holes for their pleasure, slamming in and out till they reached their climax.

When they were done, they all pulled out, admiring how their cum coated Jungkook's gaping holes.

He was their's.



Chapter Text

Yoongi it back at it again, glued to the computer screen like a magnet, completely disregarding Jungkook who has been, for the past hour, sulking on the floor because Yoongi, stupid stupid Yoongi, won't give him the time of the day.

I mean, he understands the essence of needing to work and actually being productive, he swear he does, but Yoongi won't even make time to watch a short 1 hour movie and cuddle, or even have dinner together. He understands that the human is on a tight schedule, but he won't even let Jungkook sit on his lap while he works. And that's not even the least of his problems with Yoongi at the moment, his human won't even look at him, even when Jungkook has been practically boring holes into the elder's head, trying to Yoongi to notice that he was here, pouting, and in desperate need of attention. But that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. So, if Yoongi wasn't going to give him attention, he was going to take it.

He stands up, legs a little numb from sitting on the floor for so long, and walks over to Yoongi who was in the middle of rearranging the track for the fifth time that day, making sure to make his steps heavy and loud so Yoongi can snap out of it and actually give him the attention he's been craving for the past week or so. Jungkook grabs the black headphones that sit atop of Yoongi's head, yanks it off and tosses it on the floor for good measure.

It was silent for a moment, as Jungkook stared at Yoongi, expecting him to do something, anything at all. Then, it seems to happen in a flash.

Yoongi swivels around to face Jungkook, face stoic and calm, but his eyes said otherwise, smoldering and angry. He stood up with so much force that the chair got pushed back and hit the table with a bang.

Jungkook knows he looks utterly pathetic right now, eyes wide and fearful, tears ever so slightly breaching his eyes. He's never seen Yoongi so angry, and it makes Jungkook want to drown in his oversized, black sweater, just disappear in the thick material.

He was expecting a fist to come his way, and he was right swinging from Yoongi's side, coming straight at him, until he wasn't. The hands instead reach for his waist and tugs him in Yoongi's direction, before he is picked up with ease, countless hours at the gym with Jungkook finally paying off. Yoongi carried him to their shared bedroom, mindlessly tossing him on the bed before he is rummaging through the drawers to find something.

The something turns out to be a chew toy that his friends got him as a gag gift because he is always biting on stuff, his little fangs always itching to bite one thing or the other. He doesn't really know why he's kept it all these years, he never uses it anyways, always preferring to bite the sleeves of his sweaters, leaving all the sleeves jacked up.

His human climbs on the bed, still staring at him with angry eyes, but the anger seemed to have dissipated a bit, much to Jungkook's relief.

"Open your mouth darling." Yoongi says, pushing the thing against Jungkook's pink, plush lips.

The instructions are met with a confused stare but after more nudging, Jungkook finally complied, mouth open just a little bit before the thing is stuffed into his mouth. He could feel the silicon ridges against his tongue. He really shouldn't like this as much as he is.

"That's for baby's bratty mouth that doesn't know when to shut up." Yoongi's hands slowly roam up Jungkook's thigh, hand going under the hem of the sweater to touch panty clad skin. He could feel the wetness through the thin fabric.

"Is little koo all riled up already?" Yoongi says, eyes a little hooded and a devious smirk on his face, staring into Jungkook's eyes like he owns him. And in all honesty, he does. The smirk creates a weird feeling in his chest, something akin to want, something that makes him let out a whimper around the plastic ring, a little bit of drool already dribbling out of his mouth.

"Are you mad that hyung hasn't given you attention koo?" He only nods, fanatically at that, the light touches on his sensitive thighs driving him absolutely crazy. The hands go further up, roaming around the expanse of his stomach, to his chest, and finally landing on the nipples, which were hard, perfect for pinching and biting.

The rough fingers pinch and prodded, making Jungkook leak even more, all the slick unable to be contained by the thin fabric. He can feel it start to get all over his hoodie, and slowly but surely making it's way onto the bed, even with how thick the sweater is. Evidently, the touches become too much and he can feel his orgasm coming, his sensitive rosebuds sending waves of pleasure all over. He momentarily forgets about the toy in his mouth and throws his head back while parting his lips slightly to moan.

The saliva covered ring drops on the bed sheets, which immediately absorbing all the drool, making the sheets appear slightly darker than their natural color.

A smack comes directly at his thigh, a stinging sensation all he can feel on the bare skin.

"Who told you to spit that out darling? If I wanted you to, than I would've told you so. If you can't even keep a silly little thing for babies in your mouth, how are you going to keep my cock in your mouth huh?" Yoongi taunts, hands massaging over the direct place that he hit, kneading the flesh, warm hands completely different from Jungkook's cold skin.

"I-" He's cut off by the toy being shoved in his mouth again, chocking him a little bit, before he's biting on it again, little fangs sated by the pressure biting on it creates.

"Lay on your back koo, and if it falls out again, don't be surprised if I punish you." The words at the end have a darker infliction to them as Yoongi's eyes darken, warning that if Jungkook should not follow, he'll deal with the consequences.

He lays gently on his back, squeezing his legs together, just to have some sort of friction against his crotch. Warms hands pry them open not a second later, revealing wet drenched panties that were begging to be ripped apart.

Yoongi slid up the sweater even further, purposely placing his hand on Jungkook's toned stomach, making Jungkook mewl at the warm touch. His hand slowly make their way to the source of all the slick. He bunches the fabric in his hand, smirking when Jungkook gasps because of the cold air that hits his cunt.

He lets go of the fabric, letting it slap back on Jungkook's soaked cunt, watching in pure amusement when Jungkook responds almost immediately, delicate back arching at the pain and pleasure that it brings. The human does this a few times, teasing the young vampire, before he finally pushes the damp panties aside, knowing that Jungkook hates it when he rips his panties open.

The older's mouth practically salivates as he sees how wet and puffy the pussy lips are, ready to be nudged apart and slammed into. His finger teasingly traces a circle around the cunt, spreading the sticky slick all over, sometimes ghosting over the erect clit that peaks out from the folds. Jungkook tried to buck into the touch, to just get the finger to make contact with his aching clit, he just needs something, anything.

Seemingly having enough of the cute whines that leave Jungkook's mouth, Yoongi drags his middle finger down the fold, making sweet little Jungkook moan, hips pushing up to try to get more pressure on his engorged clit.

It comes as a surprise when the finger actually enters, and his natural instinct is to clench, trying to suck it in so Yoongi can't change his mind and pull out.

"Please yoonie! I will be a good boy now, I promise!" Jungkook tries to say through the pink chew toy, but all that comes out is a mumble of words that don't make sense and Yoongi completely takes this to his advantage. He slides the finger out, struggling a little bit, but managing to get it out nevertheless.

He brings the moist finger to his lips, playfully licking it, before he's stuffing the finger into Jungkook's cunt again, getting a muffled moan in return.

"Such a sloppy little baby aren't you Jungkookie? Drooling all around the toy like that hm?" Yoongi adds another finger in, stretching the tight hole even more while simultaneously thumbing the clit.

Throughout the whole ordeal of Yoongi finger fucking him, he almost lets the silicon ring fall out of his mouth a couple of times, all the unexpected touches just forcing his mouth open to let out a loud moan. 

"Please hyungie! I need you inside of me!" His muffled request being ignored completely, even though he was pretty sure that Yoongi understood what he said.

The third finger went in and breached his wet walls, Yoongi's slender fingers hitting his g-spot expertly creating obscene squelching sounds that reverberated throughout the whole room.

Jungkook was teetering on the edge of cumming, so close, all he needed was a one more push, but the fingers pull out before he does, completely leaving him aching and unsatisfied.

There are tears in his eyes from how frustrated he is throbbing cunt in need of being touched again. He looks at his hyung pleadingly, wide doe eyes glistening a bit with unshed tears, hands clenching at his sides because he couldn't touch and cum already.

Yoongi could only grin with delight at the state his baby was in, all laid out on his back, pretty pink mouth wrapped around a ring chew toy.

His hands slowly come to the button of his jeans, making sure that Jungkook could hear every rustle of fabric. Once the pants and underwear were off, his hands start taking off his t-shirt as well, revealing a buff body from working out at the gym with the younger. The pale skin was adorned with toned abs and a very prominent dick protruding from the naval are, and Jungkook hates the way more drool is dribbling it's way out of his mouth.

Jungkook swears he lets out a sigh of relief when Yoongi rests the cock on his folds, dick making contact with his engorged clit and rubbing precome on Jungkook's stomach. Yoongi bucks his hips, emulating the action of fucking into the younger, creating such delicious friction with his veiny cock but it wasn't enough. The vampire was so done with being teased, so tired of the way his human edges him on.

"Is little koo already satisfied with my cock just touching your clit? I guess I should just keep this thing here and not put it inside you, how about it Jungkookie?" Yoongi says, the evil glint in his eyes only serving to tick the vampire off.

A few minutes pass with the same repetitive action, with Jungkook trying to get the dick inside of him. Of course, no one can resist Jungkook for long, and before he knows it, the thick cock head is nudging his puffy, red pussy lips, breaching the entrance and into Jungkook.

It was inevitable really, when the chew toy falls out of his mouth, covered in saliva and puncture marks from his sharp fangs.

"Such a slutty baby, can't even keep something in your mouth when someone enters you huh?" Yoongi muses, thumb pushing down the plush bottom lip of the vampires mouth, admiring the 2 bunny teeth and the cute protruding fangs. He doesn't really expect it when Jungkook clamps his mouth around the thumb, suckling it harshly.

"So the toy wasn't enough for my slutty little baby huh? Need to occupy your mouth with your finger while I fuck you senseless." Yoongi says, hips jerking for a split second to make a point.

It's kind of embarrassing how he cums at that squirting all over Yoongi's dick and getting it everywhere on the bed sheets which Yoongi only sneers at, sending a light slap on the top of his clit.

"Damn, already squirted already? I guess anyone can give you attention and you would lay yourself open to them."

After a few moments of just standing their enjoying the feeling of how warm and wet Jungkook was, he started to move, slamming his length in and out slowly.

Jungkook feels absolutely stuffed, pussy taking every inch that Yoongi had to offer, feeling every time the head goes in and out, stretching his walls to the limits. He sucks Yoongi's thumb even harder when the human picks up his pace, hips going in and out more erratically than before.

He can't stop moaning around Yoongi's thumb as he sucks even more, trying to express how good he was feeling with every movement of his body, every sound that was trying to escape him.

He was so so sensitive from his orgasm and he didn't even have time to recover yet, and here Yoongi was, impossibly large cock pounding into his bundle of over worked nerves until his whole being is trembling with pleasure. This was way better than any blood he's ever tasted.

The thrusts become increasingly more erratic, the older's balls slamming violently against Jungkook's ass.

Reaching his climax doesn't take long at all, clenching his hands and feet while his body shuddered at the release of even more fluids. If Jungkook had it in him, he would've cum again when he felt the warm sticky cum quickly filly his womb, filling him with a white, thick substance.

Yoongi pulls out with a sigh, satisfied by the way Jungkook is just laying on the bed, too spent to do anything else. But of course, he's not done yet. He kneels on the ground, pulling Jungkook closer to the edge before he sticks his tongue in the cunt, tasting a mix of his cum and Jungkook's slick. This seems to get the younger out of his daze as he tries to push away, but the hands keep him in place.

"Hyung! Koo is sore, can't we do this some other time?" He begs, trying to make is pout very evident and widening his eyes ever so slightly. Yoongi doesn't care however, he grips the pale thighs tighter and delves right in, using his tongue to touch and taste everything, relishing how Jungkook is squirming in his hold, trying to get away because his clit practically hurts now from how much it has been touched. He shoves his tongue into Jungkooks fucked out hole, cleaning out his own cum with expert thrusts of his tongue. He licks up and down the folds in every which way, trying to get into every little hole and crevice of Jungkook's cum covered pussy.

Another flick of the tongue on Jungkook's angry red clit sends the younger over the edge, gripping on the bed sheets as he has a dry orgasm, clenching around the tongue that somehow inserted itself in Jungkook's cunt again. Once Yoongis done, Jungkook basically sags against the bad, too tired and sore to even move a limb.

Yoongi leaves the room and comes back a bit later with a wash cloth in his hands, the anger in his eyes have disappeared completely and is replaced with a soft fond look as he looks at Jungkook dramatically groaning into the pillow. He gently cleans up all the leftover cum and click on Jungkook's thighs and pussy, making sure to caress it softly. Once he's done, he throws the now dirtied rag on the bedside table and hugs his little baby, bringing his wrist to the younger's lips.

"Drink up baby."

Chapter Text

When they first started dating, the word spread like wildfire, and by the end of the week, every single person knew that Jungkook and Jimin were an item.

This, of course, also came with misconceptions. Jimin with his small stature (compared to Jungkook at least) and soft spoken voice, and Jungkook with all his muscles and larger stature, everyone just assumed that Jimin just spreads his legs for Jungkook, even when he made it very clear that it was otherwise. At this point, Jimin was tired of it all, tired of being seen as lesser and tired of people thinking that he was a small, needy bitch in heat all for the quarterback when in fact, Jungkook was the one who was a whining mess whenever he even talked about pounding the younger until he couldn't walk anymore.

Today was the day he was going to end the rumors once and for all, and maybe satiate Jungkook's exhibition kink while he's at it. He smirks as he puts on joggers and a sweater, not bothering to dress up like he usually does because these clothes were very well going to be on the floor the moment he steps in the locker room, he doesn't even put on underwear because he already knows how this is going to end. The whole football team is going to see how much of a little needy baby Jungkook was, he'll make sure of that.

The walk to the football field isn't long, and once he arrives, he sees the whole team on the bench, going over strategy plans while drinking from the water bottles hurriedly, downing everything in one gulp. Then he sees him, his pretty little Jungkook in his uniform, ass looking great in the white tights and hair wet from sweat, framing his tan face almost daintily. He could never really understand why just because Jungkook was more muscular or more taller made him the top, looking at his bright, and seemingly innocent doe eyes, he's pretty sure the even the most oblivious person could figure it out. But, what does he expect, the whole society is run by stereotypes.

Jungkook seems oblivious to the way that Jimin is staring at him hungrily, almost predatory as Jimin's eyes follow every movement that the younger makes, down to the shifting of his feet as he watches the coach intently. The moment doesn't last long, Jimin strides down the football field with everybody's eyes on him, curious as to why he was here so early.

He almost scoffs at the way the rest of the football team ogles at him, seemingly thinking that they could bring him to his knees even when a) he already has a boyfriend, and b) it wouldn't even take him a second for them to kneel down and beg for his cock instead.

Jungkook's eye's finally met his, and he was greeted with the most adorable bunny smile ever, not even thinking before he's fucking skipping to Jimin, smile never faltering once. The coach yells, obviously distressed because they had a game tomorrow and practice wasn't even over yet, and here Jungkook was abandoning them for his boyfriend that wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

"Hi hyungie! Why are you here?" Jungkook asks, doe eyes comically wide as he engulfs Jimin in a hug, sweat covered arms enveloping Jimin.

"You'll see" Jimin replies, not even bothering to elaborate as he pulls away, heading towards the coach who was staring at him incredulously, with a hint of confusion.

"Hiya coach," He starts, using informal words on purpose, smirking when he sees the coach get a little riled up, "I'm just here to take sweet Jungkookie home a little early, hope you don't mind."

The coach's face is very much red and very much mad, but he tries to conceal it with a calm tone, "Well, Jiminssi," enunciating his name and the honorific, trying to get Jimin back for what he said, "I can't permit you to do that unfortunately, he still has 15 minutes of practice left."

"The way I look at it, it's only 15 minutes, besides, Jungkook is your best player, I don't exactly think you should be focusing on him right now, especially since you have a bunch of dumbasses on your team." Jimin makes it a point to look at the football team, who have their hands clenched by their sides, glaring at him, furious that someone shorter and less muscular would even have the guts to insult them. But, he doesn't fucking care, he turns around, not even bothered by the way the coach is yelling threats behind his back, things of detention and after school cleaning completely falling upon deaf ears.

He looks at Jungkook, who is obviously very confused, stance all awkward and eyes adorably wide, apparently still not able to processed what just happened. Jungkook looks at him questionably, but he just shakes his head, signalling that it was nothing he had to worry about. He gently guides the boy in the direction of the locker room, hands placed possessively against the small of his back, making sure to land a big smack on Jungkook's bubble butt, which he's pretty sure the whole football team could see. Great, this was all working out like he intended it to.

"What was that hyung? You didn't have to smack me in front of all my friends." Jungkook pouts, plump lower lip sticking out cutely, a very huge contrast with his ripped body.

Jimin can't help but laugh at the statement, "Koo, they're the furthest thing from friends I've ever seen, those homophobic ass hats who can't seem to fathom that anyone can top anyone no matter the size are not friends."

"I know but-"

He puts his hands in his pockets, raising an eyebrow at Jungkook, silently telling him to continue. Jungkook only sighs in defeat, pouting again as he makes his way to his own locker, dejectedly looking at the floor as he shuffles to the last aisle of lockers.

"But, we're going to change that." Jimin smirks, a lustful glint in his eyes as he stares at Jungkook's ass that is hugged perfectly by the white pants.

"What do you mean by that?" Jungkook asks, about to reach for his lock before small hands stop him in his tracks.

"What I mean is this." Jimin turns Jungkook around and smashes his lips against the other's, gripping onto the jersey tightly to the point where he's almost close to ripping. The surprised yelp that comes from Jungkook's mouth is muffled, but it turns into moans. Jimin almost wanted to laugh at how sensitive his baby is, only the slightest touches and the younger would be mewling his name.

He forcefully slips his tongue into the quarterbacks mouth, moaning when he tastes how minty it was, Jungkook's obsession with gum and chapstick really making it irresistible to kiss him at any time of the day, in any situation.

The quarterback immediately comes pliant in his hold, knees bending slightly and back arching against the lockers, moaning into Jimin's mouth. 7 more minutes and those stupid football boys will show up.

He pushes Jungkook toward the nearest bench, straddling the other male with his thighs, rubbing his very prominent erection against the tights that were starting to get slightly wet and sticky with something other than sweat. Jungkook took every little grind like a good boy, never asking for more, just taking what Jimin gives him. 5 minutes until the boys come and see their team captain sprawled under him, moaning like a slut.

While he grinds, his hands come into contact with the waistband of the tights, quickly pulling it down the muscular thighs before it was all the way off and on the floor.

"Jiminie, we can't do this here," Jungkook says, tears in his eyes from how good it feels, "the others are going to come back any minute!" Jungkook tries to cover his mouth when Jimin grind particularly hard, making him buck into the source of the pleasure even more, a pathetic mewl coming from his cherry lips.

"Well, what if I want them to see? What if I want them to see how good you look under me, their team captain, moaning on my dick like a whore. Wouldn't that be a treat?" He says, smirking when he feels the white cotton panties get even more wet, revealing the outline of the soft pussy underneath them.

"But-" Jungkook get's cut off with a pinch to his nipples, rendering him a whimpering mess as his sensitive buds get roughly flicked.

"What happened to the good boy who did whatever I asked yesterday hm? Take what hyung gives you." He immediately stops his actions, making quick work of sliding the panties off Jungkook. Only 2 minutes until they come.

"Are you still stretch from this morning baby?"

"Yes I-" Jungkook doesn't even get to finish his sentence before Jimin pushes down the sweatpants and pushing the sizable cock in, stretching Jungkook for the second time that day.

"Nngghh- hyungie, their gonna see-" He tries to stuff his mouth with his hands so that his loud moans would be muffled, but his hands are pulled away by Jimin's own.

"No, let them hear you baby, moan nice and loud for hyung okay, so they know what a slut you are, I know you're going to enjoy this because that's what a slut like you wants huh? To be fucked into oblivion while other people stare at you right? I've seen your search history, don't play dumb with me kookie."

The shuffling of feet and the sound of voices did not deter Jimin from slamming into Jungkook more, making Jungkook practically sob under him, hands resisting the urge to cover up all the moans and mewls that pass his drool covered lips.

"Dang I wonder who's getting it right now." A voice says.

"Sounds like a fucking girl." Another says, laughing at the end.

"Bet it's Jeon fucking that slut Jimon or whatever his name is."

The voices come increasingly louder as they near towards the back, where Jimin was harshly ramming his cock into Jungkook's slick hole, balls slamming into the thick of Jungkook's ass making it jiggle.

"Fuck, sounds hot."

When they all arrive at the end aisle, all of them stop in their tracks, staring dumbly at the sight before them.

Their team captain was a sweating, whimpering mess, fat tears trailing from his pretty eyes as his puffy, wet pussy get's fucked by Jimin's thick dick, toned stomach even bulging a bit, trying to accommodate the length.

"Oh look Jungkookie, your dumbass friends are here, they're getting so hard seeing you spread out like this, too bad it's only for me." Jimin says, smirk evident on his face as he looks back at the group of sweaty, muscular boys, with visible hard-ons.

Jungkook lazily looks over, mind too clouded with lust and pleasure to really look at each of them properly. His tongue is out and about, drool dripping from his lips, moan after moan falling out of his swollen lips. He knows this looks so bad right now but he could care less. Jiminie-hyung felt so good.

"I hope you guys see this, cause this is probably going to be the last time you ever do. But who am I kidding, you like this shit don't you? You like to watch two guys fucking each other right? Probably harder than you've ever been before just by seeing sweet little koo get wrecked by his tinier boyfriend. Bet you don't even get this hard for your girl." He grips, breath becoming more and more labored as he buries himself in the tight heat, dick getting squeezed deliciously every time he buries himself to the hilt.

"What do you say koo? Why don't we put a show for them every friday hm? So they can get their little tiny little dicks off to you moaning, does that sound good?" He asks, slamming even harder, the bench bumping against the wall with how hard he's going. He groans when Jungkook clenches at his words, little pussy gripping his cock like a vice.

"Answer me slut." He smacks the top of Jungkook's cunt, making sure to make direct contact with the clit.

"Y-yes hyungie." Jungkook manages to reply between the onslaught of moans, bucking his hips in the air too meet Jimin's big cock.

The football players were too in shock to do anything else, just staring as the star player of their football team, Jeon Jungkook, gets absolutely railed, drooling and whimpering like a mindless slut.

"Gonna pound you till you can't walk anymore mmm- yeah, you won't be able to show up to practice tomorrow baby, and maybe your little teammates over there can tell the coach why."

Jimin can feel himself reach his climax as his lips buck erratically into Jungkook's red pussy, dick absolutely drenched with all the slick and precome. He can tell that Jungkook is close as well when his moans get more louder, closing into a scream, and the way he clenches hard, making it difficult to even shove a finger into the younger.

He comes with a loud groan, watching through hooded eyes in satisfaction as Jungkook comes too, squirting on his dick, getting it absolutely everywhere. On Jimin, on the bench, even on some of the members who were standing a meter or so away.

Jimin pulls out and spreads the puffy cunt so every one can see the thick white cum that is slowly leaking its way out of Jungkook.

"Take a picture if you want, because you dumb son of a bitches can't remember anything for shit. Jungkook is the one under me, not the other way around." 

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Chapter Text

He was feeling warm, too warm.

And it wasn't because of the 90 degree weather or the bright sun that was burning his back, no not even close. It was Jungkook in a short skirt and halter top, the cheer uniform, and prancing around with his pompoms, fluffy hair bouncing every time he jumped even slightly. All decked out prettily in white and gold.

The short skirt feel over his thighs beautifully, gently hugging the thick flesh and falling over the plush ass and the halter top rode up every time Jungkook lifted up his arms showing a toned stomach.

He closed his legs together uncomfortably trying to hide his slight hard on and pushing his black hoodie down so it could cover the little tent in his basketball shorts. Taehyung even tried to distract himself by going on tiktok and watching funny videos so his little buddy there could calm down and go into hiding again, but it didn't work, his eyes seemed to be attracted to Jungkook in all his sun kissed glory, big bunny smile on his face as he catches Taehyung's eyes and tries hard not to wave because they are in the middle of running their routine.

It seems like no time has passed when practice ends and all the girls and guys were gathering their stuff from the floor, putting their pompoms and water bottles back in their backpacks and waiting for their family, friends, or significant other to come and meet them at the bottom of the bleachers. Taehyung hesitantly stood up, legs a little numb from how long he sat, and walked down to where Jungkook was standing, more like jumping in place, waving his hands rapidly.

The walk down took a lot more effort than he thought, between trying to hide his hard on with his tight fitting hoodie and trying to climb down the bleachers with numb legs and a impatient boyfriend, he had his work cut out for him. When he finally reached the bottom of the bleachers, most of everybody was already gone, probably heading home. Jungkook looked absolutely gorgeous in the sunset, black hair a slightly curly from sweat and a cute little pout making it's way to his face because Taehyung took a little too long.

"What happened hyung? You've become such a turtle today." said Jungkook jokingly, already heading to the car with Taehyung trailing behind him, trying so hard to stare at anything other than Jungkook's pert ass.

"N-nothing." He says, swallowing hard as the thick globes of fat jiggled a little because Jungkook started outright skipping, happily humming a tune as he made his way to the white Toyota. "Maybe if you weren't so fucking beautiful in that pretty skirt it would be nothing."

Jungkook turns around quickly, eyes wide and cheeks flushed even more red than they already were from practice.

"Hyung, don't say that in public." Jungkook says, rubbing his thighs together before walking to the car again, trying to ignore the little wet spot in his panties, all because Taehyung said he was beautiful. But that was harder said than done.

Once they got into the car, Taehyung put the AC on full blast, slightly sighing in relief when could air hits his flushed face. But his peace didn't last for long as Jungkook takes notice of the huge tent in his pants, his sweater doing little to hide the fact that he had a raging hard on.

"Tae?" the younger asks, sweet voice sounding like a dream to Taehyung's ears.

"Yes baby?" he said, looking over to where Jungkook was sitting, pretty legs crossed, staring at him with his beautiful doe eyes.

Jungkook tentatively reaches over and traces the noticable bulge with his fingertips, making Taehyung suck in his breath at the sudden contact. As more time passes, more pressure is applied, making Taehyung squirm a little in his seat.

"Fuck baby, don't tease me like that."

Taehyung grabs a hold of Jungkook's wrists, and pulls him to his side of the car, licking his lips when the skirt lifts up, revealing panties soaked with slick. He turns Jungkook around so Jungkook's chest is touching the steering wheel, and then licks the younger's pussy through the panties, making sure to pay special attention to the clit that is slightly peaking out.

The cheerleader writhes and squirms at every little lick of the wet muscle, hands tightly gripping the steering wheel for support.

"You taste so fucking good, oh my god." said Taehyung between the flicks of his tongue, tasting the slick through the cotton panties. His big hands are resting on Jungkook's small waist, softly caressing, thumbs rubbing circles on the smooth expanse of the younger's back.

"Please?" A broken whine comes from Jungkook, whose breathing is labored, eyes a little bit teary from all the pleasure.

"Please what?" said the elder, stopping for a moment before he is back at it again, lapping at the slick that seeped through the panties causing Jungkook to let out a throaty moan.

"Please fuck me hyunggghhh-" He doesn't even get to finish the sentence as Taehyung is already ripping the panties off, tossing it onto the passenger side of the seat, revealing red, puffy pussy lips that looked so desperate to be spread apart.

"You've made quite I mess down there have't you? My messy, pathetic little baby." Taehyung pushed his fingers in, using the copious amount of slick that Jungkook was producing to his advantage.

"You looked so hot down there baby, fuck, maybe you should give me a personal show, how about that?" He pushes his fingers in and out faster, making Jungkook cry out it pleasure and a little bit of pain at the fast thrusts. Jungkook's thighs were.

"Okay hyung, I-I'll do it just for you." The words tumble out of his mouth and he's not even sure what Taehyung said, all he was focusing on was the long fingers stuffed inside him, rubbing against his walls and hitting his g-spot every single time, making him see stars.

Slick was running down Taehyung's fingers and onto his forearms as he continued to fingerfuck the sweet little pussy, his whole arm was tensing from the strain of rapidly going in and out. Jungkook was moaning uncontrollably, not even noticing that there was a group of footballer players outside, gawking as Taehyung continued his ministrations, stretching the wet, tight ring of muscle open.

With one last thrust, Jungkook comes undone, eyes rolling to the back of his head and his whole body shook, slick gushing out like a waterfall and getting everywhere. 

"Hyung!" screamed Jungkook as he squirts, body twitching and mind blanking out. Taehyung doesn't waste a moment and takes his dick out from its constraints, sighing in relief when his angry cock makes contact with the drenched hole and with one quick thrust he is in, his whole length engulfed by Jungkook's puffy cunt.

He pushed Jungkook against the steering wheel as he goes in and out, hips erratically snapping back and forth as he fucks into the tight heat, relishing the feel of Jungkook's pussy constricting around him  

"Hyungs! Aahh- you're so big, feels like I'm going to split apart!" Jungkook said, tongue lolling about and drool slowly trickling down his chin, he looked absolutely debauched.

"Shit baby, you should've known what I was thinking when I was sitting on the bleachers," said Taehyung, hands trailing down from the cheerleaders waist to his bubble butt, squeezing and groping the thing with his huge hands until the flesh was red with irritation, "all I could think about was fucking this tight pussy until you make me all dirty with your juices."

He fucks into the boy further, sweaty skin against sweaty skin until all that could be heard in the car was the sound of Taehyung's hips against the flesh of Jungkook's ass and the squelching of Jungkook's cunt.

Taehyung continues to buck into the soaked cunt, thrusting as hard as he can in the right space of the car until Jungkook is out of words to say. The mindless babbling ceases into loud groans and moans and soon Jungkook is spasming on Taehyung's cock.

Soon after, Taehyung comes as well, thick ropes of warm cum, filing Jungkook to the brim.

"I'll come to every one of your cheer practices, you can bet on that."