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Black and Blue

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They spend their days eating and working out as best they can in the little cell. Bucky gets more pent-up and worries about when Hydra will strike next. Since their experiment seems to be a success, Bucky is sure that Hydra will not sit on this. He's surprised that the scientists have waited this long to investigate the symbiosis. The only obstacle may be injuring Venom whenever they have to control Bucky, but it's only a matter of time before they find a way to control them.

Bucky decides that they have to work together to have any chance of success. Venom is enthusiastic to communicate with Bucky and help in any way. While Bucky keeps up their health, they practice switching control of Bucky's body. The first time Bucky let Venom take over the body, he was enveloped in black slime. His reflection morphed into a massive black beast with long white slits for eyes. Venom moved around the cell easily in this form, and Bucky felt the incredible strength in the tendril-wrapped limbs. Before the pair could start testing their combined strength, the room was gassed with the sedative. Venom quickly retreated when the sour smell hit them, but they immediately reported to Bucky that the Hydra scientists were getting impatient, when Bucky remained consciousness.


One tried to hurt Bucky. One wanted to stab you. To get me out. To force me out.

I expected they would start that, V. You can't show yourself. You're the one who said you can't control me when I'm unconscious. We have to practice more, but you can't cover my body. You have to stay within me to prevent the gas from knocking me out every time we practice.

Venom will try. We will try. Must escape. Must save host.

They are practicing switching control today. V is moving Bucky around the room while trying to stay within the confines of Bucky's skin. At first, V was a little clumsy. They were unaccustomed to the small limbs and short strides of Bucky's body. Now V is agile and able to move Bucky faster than Bucky could run alone. They throw punches and flip through the air easily. Bucky is ecstatic with their progress.

This is great V! Can you try a kick flip? This is how it feels.

Bucky easily takes control back and completes a kick into the air followed by a flip away from an imagined enemy. Bucky is stronger from the combination of the serum and Venom's power, so he's easily able to show V some acrobatic attacks.

Okay, try to do it faster and harder than I did. You seem to put a lot more power behind my moves.

Yes, V is strong. Will protect Bucky.

Bucky relinquishes control again, and Venom practices the move a few times. In each iteration, they add more strength to the kick and flip higher. Bucky is impressed and decides they've had enough practice today. Usually, Bucky and Venom share control now. Bucky communicating easily with Venom on where he wants to go, and V is comfortable enough to know how to move along. They sit on the cot, and Bucky is pleasantly surprised to find they are breathing heavily.

Finally found a workout to tire us out. Do you feel ready to try out our escape plan yet?

Before V can answer, the sour smell returns.

What? V, are you visible? Why are they gassing us?

No, not seen. Hidden.

Oh, no. Our time’s run out. No matter what happens, V, do not show yourself. They could separate us.



They keel over on the bed. Bucky falls unconscious from the chemicals in the air, but, as usual, Venom remains vigilant. Of course, they stay hidden and move up and down under Bucky's skin. They try to soothe the worry and fear that plagues Bucky even when he's unconscious.

Four scientists and a guard arrive with a gurney to take them.

Different. Never take us out before. Don't like. Don't touch Bucky. No.

Venom worries and begins to circulate faster under Bucky's skin. After strapping Bucky's prone form into the gurney, the group adds another set of metal cuffs at Bucky's wrists and ankles. Then they're rolled out.