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The buzz of the motor echoed in his ears as his body leaned forward, keeping the balance.

Face covered with a black helmet, a dark purple suit that hugged his body. He was sporting boots and gloves, the capturing weapon swung behind him. To his belt was attached a safe gun, and on his back was an average-sized backpack.

The wind whistled in his ears as he drove through the city, noticing the glares people around him were giving him. He didn’t care about them. After all, he had a very important meeting to attend, and the time was running short.

But it wasn’t his fault. Who in the world asked someone who had just finished a mission to attend a meeting? He fell asleep the moment he stepped for a nap in his commissioner's office and almost missed the third alarm clock. Yet, somehow, he found himself at the pit of the massive building two minutes earlier than the time of the meeting.

Parking his motorcycle was easy, and he took a moment to appreciate his life choices - because the parking lot for cars was stacked. After all, there were a lot of teachers and visitors in the over-glorified U.A high school.

Shinsou slipped his head out of the helmet, raffling his indigo hair with his fingers. To his lungs, finally, reached some fresh air. He needed to get going but he also needed to close his eyes for a moment and collect his thoughts. They could fuck off - he was going to take a moment for himself and just breath.

After that, he hopped off the machine and walked inside, noticing the puzzled glances the first year and second-year students were shooting him. A bunch of kids, honestly.

Fishing out his phone, he continued to walk over the teacher’s headquarters, checking which room Aizawa wanted him to come to.

A minute later and he already knocked on a heavy, metal door which led to a meeting room, mentally preparing himself for whatever was about to happen.

When Shinsou entered, he didn’t expect to see the familiar faces he saw. Not only Aizawa was there, but Principal Nezu in all of his bear-ish glory, Present Mic with his usual smug face, All Might as dominating as always, Midnight, grinning casually and Vlad King… The man’s expression was as indifferent as Shinsou’s so he had no opinion about his resting bitch face. No one judged those of their kind. Not to mention he spoke to him once and it was more than a year ago.

“Welcome back, Shinsou.” greeted his mentor, surprising Shinsou by the rather soft tone he used. All Might pointed at an empty chair between him and Midnight. Hesitantly, Shinsou sat, couldn’t deny the tense atmosphere. “How are you?”

“Fine,” he was dead tired but that was a story for another day.

“Do you know why did we call you?” asked Nezu, crossing his fingers.

Shinsou swallowed down a lump of nerves but kept his indifferent and stoic expression. “Not sure.”

“We called you here to congratulate you on completing your first mission!” Midnight clapped her hands, looking with a bright smile at him. “You did a great job. We received only good reviews about you, which is rare.” 

Shinsou fought with the crimson blush that threatened to color his cheeks, looking down at his feet. “Thank you.” blurted.

“You’re embarrassing him,” snorted Present Mic.

“Shut up.”

Aizawa and Vlad King growled simultaneously.

“What are your plans from now on?” asked him Nezu. His voice hinted that he was interested in Shinsou for some other task.

To complete his three years of studying in the U.A (according to a new study program that started only this year) he had to do another two missions throughout his last year of high school. Missions that Pro Heroes or some other rich twats gave him, like the one he did now.  

Anyhow, his brain was too fuzzy to think. Not to mention that if another someone would annoy him while he was dead tired, he would explode. Shinsou could get very mad when he reached the stage where even he craved for some sleep.

“For now, taking a break.” shrugged. 

“Okay,” Aizawa glanced at him, “Make sure to rest and relax. You all have tomorrow a day off and then we’re continuing our studies as usual.” reminded him.

 It wasn’t something he was happy to be reminded of, but Shinsou wasn’t fazed. He was angry that they dragged him here for fifteen minutes but locked his boiling anger inside.   

“Sure.” said through gritted teeth. “Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need some extra hours of sleep.”

“No worries, it was a pleasure to see you.”

Shinsou concluded that if he wasn’t going to sleep ( ahm-Insomnia-ahm ), he would simply go on a walk.

Most of his classmates were already back. The only one who was on their way home were Midoriya, Bakugo, and Hagakure. Those three had some complications as of what Kirishima told him, which he could expect from Bakugo and Midoriya but Hagakure? That was weird. 

He noticed before he walked out of the dorms that a few others weren’t there, but he guessed they went to relax somewhere too after the tough three days they all had. He breathed in and stretched as he shuffled nonchalantly down the street, yawning lazily. His body whined in pain, muscles sore and bruises pump, but he just brushed it off, sighing. 

These were quiet, peaceful hours, during which the people flooded the streets but it wasn’t crowded. He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked around, looking for perhaps some kind of cafe to sit and drink coffee and listen to music. He had a lot of time to burn until he had to head back to the dorms. 

Maybe I’ll go to the cat cafe? It wasn’t that far away and he always had a great time there. Cats, coffee and music - the best package deal ever. Smiling internally, Hitoshi already imagined the cats he would play with; but since when did things go according to a plan?

Never, and the explosion a few streets away emphasize his point.

He froze in his place and looked to the side, noticing the smoke rising in clogged clouds from some building, and of course, the screams and yells of the people came shortly after. His body tensed, and despite the utter will to just relax for a few hours and ignore the whole world - he darted there.

The Pro Hero in training had no weapons or his costume on, but it didn’t matter. He would do anything he could, that what he was taught to. That what the Hero License in his purse was for.

A few minutes later, he found himself braking right into the eye of the storm. Growling, Shinsou scanned the area carefully.

The evacuation team was already pushing people away, yelling among themselves. In the turmoil, they didn't even notice him. Deciding to enter the smoke: his eyes already searched for whoever caused the fuss.

A figure moved a few inches away from him, making ugly sounding roars and clacks with… Were those sharp spikes its teeth? Jesus Christ . It turned and let out a yell of anger, leaping forward - as a sudden burst of electricity hit it. In Shinsou’s memory, there was only one electrical user from the known people list, and that was no one else than the idiot that had studied with him in the hero course - Kaminari Denki. Also known as a Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt.

Out all of the people he could meet during a villain attack, it just had to be him, didn’t it? Wasn’t he supposed to be at the dorms, chilling with everybody else?

The fog dissolved. He stepped forward, noticing a gun lying on the floor. Well, he didn’t have an official license to use cold weapons yet but it was an emergency, right? “Back up’s here!” he called out, trying to voice it louder than the roars. 

He received a glance from the blonde, who then jumped to the air and sent an electrical current to the beast.  “It’s alright!” he called back, landing a few inches away. “No need!”

And probably there was no need.

The blonde darted forward and facepalmed the beast that tried to bite his hand off, sending another wave of electricity down its huge body. It yelled and backed away, it's all body lit up from the currents. Denki watched it with a satisfied smirk as the beast fell, smoke arose from its body.

Then he turned to Shinsou, their eyes locking for a brief moment.

“Ah,” he blinked in surprise. “I didn’t notice it was you! Hey!” he greeted, his smile growing wider. 

Oh no. Shinsou wasn’t ready. He had no stamina for socializing. Not with Denki nor with any other except for coffee and cats. If the case was solved then he wanted to just get back to his original plan. Still, the blonde already bounced in front of him, his wide smile was blinding.

The sirens of the police, firefighters, and ambulance yelled from behind. People around were cheering for the teen, as for he defeated a monstrous beast. But Kaminari didn't seem fazed by it at all - in fact, it looked like he was ignoring everything and focusing on Shinsou and Shinsou only. 

“What’s up, man? How was your-”

But he was cut by a sudden creek that caught both teen’s attention, that came from the wall of the building they were standing under. Slowly, Shinsou looked up, noticing it was crumbling. Both stared at it in silence, and Kaminari let out a nervous laugh.

“Let’s- let’s getaway.”

For the first time, Kaminari had said something smart.

“Yeah,” breathed out Hitoshi. “Let’s.”

Not that his hopes were answered: for things to go well, that is. As soon as they took their first step, the wall suddenly collapsed. His eyes widened and he leaped, grabbing Kaminari's arm and pulling after him.

There was a terrible screeching noise in his ears as the wall lost against the gravity that pulled it to the ground; he increased the pace and so did the blonde, both running as rapidly as they could-

And then he noticed the shadow of the wall too close to them.

He leaped above Kaminari without thinking about it. Both teens crashed on the floor, his face bumping into Kaminari’s chest as he heard the boom around them when the cracks of the wall collided with the ground. For a moment he thought that they were safe, but still pushed himself to cover Kaminari’s much smaller body with his own.

It was bold of him to assume that it was over and that none of them would get hurt - because a second later, something crashed hard against his left ankle.

Eyes widening, body jerking suddenly and feeling the pain arising from his leg. But the most terrible thing was that he suddenly heard the beast roaring again. Are you kidding me?!

"Oya babe, I can do wonders in bed but that's the wrong circumstances, dontcha think?" 

Shinsou glared at the blonde beneath him, understanding that the situation kept on getting worse. “Shut. Up.” hissed angrily, his patience expired. He wanted to chill with cats, not being smashed by a wall atop of an idiot.

The floor trembled beneath them, the beast jumped with an ugly battle cry. Shinsou shot his head up, eyes widening in a momentary terror. He didn't have the time to think properly about his actions; the beast leaped at them and roared. He had to act fast.

His eyes spotted a metal rod, and he stretched his arm out, feeling his ankle cracking even more under the heavyweight of the ruins. And oh did it hurt like a fucking bitch.

"Zap it!" 


"Do it!" yelled Shinsou, feeling Kaminari's fingers wrap around his palm.

The beast darted at them, Shinsou swung his arm and clashed the rod against its head.  

Kaminari suddenly hit his forehand, yanking his body backward - and then next moment electricity hit the place, making Shinsou squirm and his grip around to rod tighten. The scream from the beast told him that it hit it too, but his whole body was shocked for a breath second - before it suddenly stopped.

Taking a deep breath, Hitoshi carefully opened his eyes, noticing that the monster was still in the process of electrification; but he wasn't. 

Looking down, he realized that Kaminari was still holding his forehead, biting his lower lip, sweat rolled down his chin and his eyes narrowed as he concentrated on Shinsou's eyes. The purple head guessed it was because he didn't let the electricity reach Shinsou, that he stopped it and manipulated only toward the beast and himself; yet he couldn't look away. His glowing gold eyes were devouring him. 

The whole process took less than half a minute before the beast fell unconscious to the floor. Kaminari breathed in heavily and let go, lulling his head back and hitting the floor. He coughed, salvia dripped down his chin. "M-man…" his fingers let go of the rod, "That was close."

"Yeah," choked out Shinsou. They were quiet for a moment, only panting and calming down, and then he cleared his throat. "Thanks… I guess."

Kaminari smirked, "You're welcome."

It caught him off guard that Kaminari didn't question him what he was thanking him for because he wasn't sure. He needed to sleep.

More awkward silence.

“Dude,” Kaminari clapped his palm on Shinsou’s shoulders, “I told you. I’m a beast in bed, really, I can be your best sex friend. But dude, my man, you’re heavy. Get off.”

It took a second for him to process the thrown words at him because at the same moment pain was shot up his left leg; making him wince. “ I can’t.” choked out, realizing the pain grew stronger with each passing second.

Kaminari’s eyes widened. “Oh shit, that wall crashed you?”

“Yes.” hissed through gritted teeth. “I probably broke my fucking ankle. And you know what? It fucking hurts so-”

“Okay, listen.” he cut him, cupping his face. “I’ll send a wave to your Nervous System and trick your brain to think that you ain’t broke shit. It’ll last for a few seconds because I’ll send a really low wave. At that time, you’ll have to move so I can crawl from beneath you okay? Then I’ll call the rescue team. Just don’t panic.”

It was odd, feeling his fingers on his cheeks and hearing his calm voice. He remembered a different Kaminari - a blonde idiot that short-circuited himself; that panicked when the smallest thing went wrong and acted dumber than his left shoe.

Well, he always felt that Kaminari had some hidden intelligence that was repressed, due to insecurity or whatever, but he was still very surprised. All he could do was to nod, dumbly. Anyway, now that the adrenalin ceased, the real pain kicked in.

Kaminari took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Shinsou guessed he was concentrating, and then, suddenly a warm wave of tickling electricity ran through his whole body. His shoulders relaxed, and on the next moment, his body lifted itself carefully.

Puzzled as for how did his body move on its own, he felt Kaminari crawling from beneath him. The blonde turned to be smaller than he thought, and it took him only a few short seconds before he rolled to the side and jumped to his feet.

The light feeling vanished a second later and pain exploded in his ankle. He choked a cry, letting go of the hold he had on the ground and bumped his face. Squirming, Shinsou bit on his lower lip, not letting himself to announce the pain aloud. The unexpected ruffle on his hair caught him off guard.

“Don’t move. I’ll be back in a sec!”

His consciousness was beginning to darken. It was too painful, and the zap Kaminari gave him turned him… Sleepy. He let out a shaky breath, trying to keep his eyes open, seeing Kaminari running somewhere. He didn’t hear him anymore, and black spots appeared in his vision.

And then, his conscious slipped.


Something hammered in his ears, as after what seemed like an eternity - some light began to flow into his consciousness. 


A growl. He made it, probably, because it vibrated in his throat. Opening his eyes was a tough mission, but eventually, he succeeded. Now, he waited for the tangling in his ears to cease. It took a moment or two, before he was fully aware of his surroundings and again for the crippling pain in his left ankle. 

The groan followed by the pain was slightly too expressive, he didn’t mean it like that but someone tugged so hard at his ankle that it made him jerk and cry in pain.

“Fuck- Senpai, hold him!”

“Right away,” a familiar voice.

Two palms were slapped against his eyes and his head was pushed back. Instead of meeting the floor it bumped into a pair of muscular yet soft thighs, and it made him puzzled. Shinsou found himself utterly confused, the pain and lack of sleep didn’t help. Not thinking, he pushed his arms back and clenched into the wrists of whoever was holding him, trying to move his palms off his face.

But then another tug on his leg made his body strain and he whimpered, digging his fingers into the skin he was holding.

Ouch, dude.”

“Shut up-” he choked, forcing back tears that threatened to roll down his cheeks. A few more miserable minutes passed, and then, he felt a pat on his knee. The pain suddenly decreased.

“Your leg is healed.”

“Ah?” he let out.

The palms that covered his eyes finally disappeared and the darkening sky of the early evening outspread before his eyes. He stared blankly at it for a few moments, noticing the clouds floating there slowly, peacefully. 

Hesitantly, he moved his ankle.

It still hurt, a bit, as if he had tripped on his feet - but it wasn’t broken. Slowly he pushed himself into a sitting position, round purple eyes focused on his leg. The only thing that hinted about it being injured was the torn apart pants. The realization that he was rescued from underneath the wall settled a moment later.

His eyes crawled up, to an unfamiliar guy, with white hair gathered into a ponytail that reached his shoulders, and green eyes. He smiled at him, teeth so white it was painful to look at them, as he stood up slowly. “I healed your leg.”

Shinsou cleared his throat. “Thanks.”

Now was a great time to observe his surroundings. He was still in the middle of the earlier battle scene but dragged a few inches away from the wall that had crashed. The police, paramedics and other people were running around the place, cleaning up the mess. The beast was pushed into a huge track and that… Kamui Woods was talking to a police officer.

Confused, Shinsou swallowed a lump of nerves, feeling drained.

Someone offered him a hand. He shot up to glare and his gaze met a pair of gold eyes. Blonde locks were messy on a rather small head, lips and nose were bleeding. When did it happen? He didn’t notice. His clothes were torn from the battle, but Hitoshi’s were too. Bruises, purple and blue mess, covered his face.

They stared at each other in silence, before Shinsou brushed off the offer and jumped on his feet. A short string of pain zapped him for a moment, but he ignored it. 

The look Kaminari gave him wasn’t offended, but ill at ease.

He glanced back at the third guy, that was standing and observing him too. Shinsou shifted uneasily in his place. For someone who observed and studied the environment and people around him a lot, he wasn't comfortable when others were doing it to him.

What caught his attention was the hero costume he was wearing - a pastel green cape that was bottomed up until his hips, and the rest of the cloth dangled until his thighs. His pants were loose, white-colored, and tucked into high beige leather boots. On his paws were white finger gloves. He looks like some rich twat.

"Senpai, are you alright?" he turned to Kaminari, and suddenly Shinsou felt as if he didn't even exist. Despite the hard eye contest they just shared.

Just for you to know, I definitely won. Scoffed.

The blonde blinked, shaking his head. "Yeah! Thanks, Hashimoto kun." 

And then it hit him. Senpai? Kun? Was Shinsou too tired to comprehend or did Kaminari's baby face toyed with people that much? Because next to Kaminari, the guy didn't look younger than him. Maybe older but definitely not younger.

Now, however, that he took another solid minute to observe him, it suddenly hit him that it was an intern high schooler like them, but one year younger. That looked older than Kaminari.

It wasn’t hard to look older than Kaminari, but still.

"I'm glad to hear so, senpai." he smiled fondly at the blonde.

Shinsou narrowed his eyes, wrinkled his nose: was that a sexual, one-sided tension he sensed here? Coming from the said kohai to his ignorant senpai that was too busy rubbing blood from his nose. He had to choke down a smirk, it was hilarious. 

Footsteps of more people were heard, as they made their way throughout the ruins. They were mostly police officers that came closer, staring at them with round eyes and rambling nonsense. He took a deep breath, rubbing his neck. What else would he have to do? Cross mountains to get some sleep?

"Hi," he glanced at Denki who shot him a weak smile, "I'll handle this. You can go."

"Okay," Shinsou nodded, not waiting any spare moment to just ditch the unwanted socialization that was flowing his way; shuffling out of the eye of the storm. The cats' plan, for today, was canceled. But, at least he would be able to get to the dorms and sleep. 

Without crossing any mountains - what a relief.

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“Shit- I’m so fucking late!!!”

“Oh my God dude, would ya chill ?”

Shinsou watched as Kaminari sprinted into the kitchen to grab a slice of bread, shoving it into his mouth. His hair was messy on his head and the button of his jeans unbuttoned. He didn’t know why he was looking there, but he hoped the blonde was aware of it because he didn’t want to bring it up. Sero followed Kaminari into the kitchen, yawning lazily as he watched his friend almost tripping over a chair . His gaze met Shinsou’s and he smiled.

“Sup buddy?”

“Was better before this thing-” he pointed at Kaminari who slammed the cappuccino button on the coffee machine, “-came in, shouting.”

Hearing that, the blonde turned to look at him with a pouting expression. “Well sorry to interrupt your Quality Time with your coffee, but some of us have work to attend!” he slid to the fridge, putting the milk back into its respective place and running to grab the paper coffee cup. His eyes ran across the kitchen before they landed on the abandoned piece of bread he tried to shove down his throat earlier and he took it, shuffling to the table. Shinsou rolled his eyes, hearing Sero snorting. 

“You still have time-”

“How’s your leg?” Kaminari kicked Sero’s remark aside and took a sip of his coffee, of course choking on it but keeping an expression as if everything was under control. The fight not to crack a smile at that was severe.

Shinsou scratched his leg underneath the table, rotating his ankle slowly. It still hurt honestly and he asked Recovery Girl yesterday for a bandage, but it wasn’t a piece of useful information to Kaminari. “Fine.” answered dryly, looking down at his phone. Kaminari interrupted not just his coffee time, but his staring-at-cat-videos quality time too. Shame on him

“Okay,” beamed Kaminari, satisfied with the lie. “Sero, where are the keys to the car?”

The raven head blinked, “Wha- I’m not giving you my car!”

“Please,” begged Denki, “I’ll do whatever you want! I already missed my bus and I can't walk forty minutes in twenty.”

The facepalm was so dramatic, that Shinsou let himself snort under his breath. “Ugh fine.” Hanta trudged out of the kitchen, emphasizing his displeasure from the request. 

"You’re working?" the question left his mouth before he managed to think. He didn't intend to ask Kaminari about it, because he didn't care. But still, for some reason, the question was set free and already reached the blonde's ears. 

"Yeah," nodded, finishing the coffee. "I started over the spring break. Today’s my last shift. At least I have some cash in the pocket for a while."

"Huh," let out Hitoshi, glancing at Denki. "And what's your-" 

"Fucking Mina-" Sero sprung into the kitchen, face red from all the running. "-Took the car yesterday and she's still asleep! I guess you're fucked, buddy."

Kaminari's eyes widened and he jumped, making the chair fall back with a loud thud. "Fuck!" yelled, running to the common room as fast as the light. He still hadn't buttoned his pants, for the protocol. And he was still very loud for seven-forty in the morning. 

"His pants…" Shinsou trailed off, exchanging looks with Sero, who was about to dart after the blonde. He saw the struggle not to burst into laughter when the tall teen understood what did the other mean. It indeed was rather amusing, when you thought about it. 

"Thanks, dude, I'll inform him."

Shinsou shrugged indifferently, taking a nonchalant sip from his coffee. It wasn't like he had places to run to, he had the whole day for recovering and chilling in the dorms; mentally preparing himself for tomorrow's harsh schedule… 

Or so he thought. 

"Shinsou!" Kaminari slid once again into the kitchen, almost crashing into the window, "You have a bike."

It wasn't a question. "Yeah…?" 

"Gimme a ride."

"What? No."

The blonde dared to open his big, gold eyes at him. " Please."

Nope. Shinsou wasn't going to agree for that. Kaminari wasn't going to convince him to ride him there, he had had enough of the blonde since yesterday. Shinsou wanted his resting day to himself, without any interruption of some electrical blondes. He was convinced of his solid opinion, taking a very slow sip of his coffee as his eyes battled Kaminari's shamelessly. The day was going to be as chilly as the days of his childhood, for him at least, were all he was doing was sleeping, eating, shitting and crying (sometimes). 

Thus, even Jesus couldn't explain how the fuck did he end up in the parking lot with Kaminari holding onto his torso, both of them sitting on his loyal motorcycle. I thought I was the one with the brain washing quirk? The thought whistled in his ears as he pressed the gas pedal, the machine coming to life in a roar and darting to the road; leaving a trail of smoke behind. 

"You're the best dude!" 

"Just fucking hold tight, I'm not gonna wipe your ass from the road." barked Hitoshi back, trying to overpower the wind with his voice. It was hard, giving the fact he accelerated to high speed on the downhill that leads to the main road of city Musutafu. The wind whistled in his ears, only his helmet protected them from it.

Kaminari's arms were wrapped tight around his torso. He expected the blonde to grip hard and panic, but the excited exclaim living the blonde's mouth indicated that he was having fun. He wasn't pressed against his back like Midoriya was on their first ride together, and somehow that eased Shinsou's anger for being dragged into the blonde's bullshit instead of resting how he intended to do. And…

Kaminari’s body felt warm against his back.

He looked down at his phone, where a map was open and showed him where to turn. The ride seemed to take about fifteen minutes, which also wasn’t that bad. And it was early in the morning, he had the whole day to nap and laze around after he’d finish with Kaminari. It was still a mystery for him how did he end up doing what the blonde had asked him, but somehow he suddenly understood what Bakugo was struggling with daily.

Perhaps it wasn’t that bad.

Kaminari worked a few blocks away from the cat cafe. The blonde mentioned it after he thanked Shinsou for the third time, but the sentence was put in a way that caught the purple head off guard. He told him that he was feeling bad for yesterday and for dragging him here on his day off, and wanted to treat him there. After his shift. Which meant, six hours from now. And Shinsou who was too fazed to understand what was going on nodded dumbly and sent Kaminari off before he would be late.

What a great morning.

Sighing heavily after understanding what he had agreed for, Shinsou massaged his temples, leaning on his elbows on the wheel of the motorcycle. Why did he agree? He was too lazy to return to the dorms and then get back here, but he also had no idea how to burn those six hours he had to wait. Perhaps he would just text Denki that there was no need and go by himself there for a few hours. He didn’t need the blonde's company.

Deciding that it was the best plan he could master, he texted the other teen that he wasn’t going to wait for him six hours and that he could piss off. It was straight forward enough, Kaminari would get the hint. Hopefully. He had no idea how oblivious the guy was and he hoped no to discover anytime soon.

However, the idea itself of visiting the cat cafe sat deeply in his mind since yesterday, thus he decided to drive there. Some alone time with fluffy cats was a good way to spend the long day ahead of him.

Shinsou was about to commit his perfect plan when suddenly his phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Detroit Smash!”

Rolling his eyes so hard they almost fell back into their sockets, Shinsou fished his phone out of his pocket. 

Sometime last year, on an evening, when they all gathered in the common room, somehow Sero and Mina got their hands on his phone and changed every single ringtone to every contact he had on LINE. He had changed almost everyone back, except for one and it was Midoriya - who heard that his new incoming message ringtone was All Might screaming and begged Shinsou to not change that. Shinsou had no idea why did he agree, but he agreed, and it was like that since then.

Opening the screen, there was indeed a new message awaiting him from his green-haired friend.



Hey Shinsou! Where are you?



I drove Kaminari to his work. Don’t ask.



Kaminari works???





New useless information: people didn’t know about Kaminari’s work. Probably expect for his friends. And now he was cataloged under that unwanted title of people who knew. Great.




Anyway, if you’re outside can you please buy a few things for breakfast? Our fridge is empty haha


A nerve popped in Shinsou’s head.



Fuck you 



Thanks! You’re a lifesaver!





A few minutes passed before Midoriya sent him a list with everything those gluttons (also known as his class) wanted him to buy. Of course, they would all payback, somehow, but Shinsou was busier wondering where would he fit all of this. Well, a man gotta do what a man gotta do.

He was about to hop off his motorcycle when suddenly he remembered the message he sent Kaminari a few minutes ago. He rushed to their chat, which was almost empty because he pretty much ghosted him and answered on very rare occasions; noticing the last message was left on read. Kaminari saw it and didn’t respond. Usually, Shinsou didn’t care, but if he was going to go into the store Kaminari worked because he was too lazy to search for another one...



Forget about it. Not gonna happen.




I'll take you to the cat cafe! Promise! 


The bribe almost got the best of him, because he was trying to get there for two days in a raw. But he shook his head, being reminded once again why he was determined to not go inside that store. This time, he wouldn't be convinced to do anything against his will. 

Plus, the cats were waiting just for him. 



I’m not gonna enter the store Kaminari works at. 



Why tho?



Cause just now I told him to fuck off



Fuck off from what?



Does it matter?



Come on, dude. It’s Kaminari! He won’t get mad



Are you fucking sure?



Almost 100%



But he’s annoying, I don’t really wanna deal with him


That wasn’t a lie. As said earlier: he had had enough of the blonde yesterday. He was too loud, moved around too much and his smile was too bright for his own good. If Shinsou would end up blind it was going to be Denki’s fault. The truth was that despite being kind of nice to him (he preferred to tag it as a tolerating behaviour ), he couldn't deal with him. A year had passed and he still didn’t figure out a way to size Kaminari up.

Because of that, he ditched the blonde, mostly. He had never found himself in so many situations, one after another, being stuck with Kaminari. And for so long, too. 

To put it simply: Shinsou was panicking from the sudden amount of interaction between them.

Why? Who knew. Not Hitoshi for sure.



What? But Kaminari is so nice?


For some reason, the purple head couldn’t hold himself anymore. His fingers typed faster than his brain processed the information. He felt like a broken machine that was attacked by a virus, causing the already lagging system to go into some infinite loop of a total brain-fuck. It had never happened before.



Because he has a loud ass mouth and can’t shut the fuck up. Who the fuck even permitted him to drink coffee and energy drinks when he’s so hyperactive already?? He gives me a fucking headache and I don’t wanna deal with that at eight in the morning, thank you very much

Ah- Only after he hit ‘send’, Shinsou suddenly realized what he typed. He was still salty at what had happened yesterday. Though, he didn’t mean to take it out on his green-haired friend. He took advantage of Midoriya’s mind that for some reason glitched in situations like this and hurried to type:



I’ll just pick up the stuff


Irritated, Shinsou shoved the phone into his pocket and trudged into the store. If this is going to be the death of me, then at least I’ll get some fucking sleep. Forever. He still had no clue what caused that weird panic, so he just brushed it off, like the mature guy he was.

The automatic doors opened, the cold wind from the air conditioners from inside hit his face. It was refreshing. The grumpy teen entered the store and was about to start his tour of searching for the fucking food for the gluttons - when suddenly the advertising system sounded all over the place: “The shift manager is asked to come to the main cash register”. At first, he didn’t pay any attention, but as he went deeper into the store and noticed what was going on, his curiosity got the best of him.

In front of his eyes, appeared the next scene: A grown woman, with three children, stood angrily with a bottle of coke - an opened bottle of coke; and a miserable looking cashier next to her. What he didn’t expect was to see Kaminari, with a tug of a shift manager hanging from his blue uniform shirt, coming across them. He had no idea Kaminari was at that position in the store.

“Yes,” he sighed as he came closer, “What’s the deal?”

The cashier gulped. “Well-”

“I asked for the shift manager, not some twink!” yelled the woman, almost giving everyone standing near them a heart attack.

Shinsou glanced at her, agreeing that Kaminari was far from looking like a shift manager but also: hello, some tact?

Kaminari acted as if he was well trained for that situation, wearing a confident expression. “I’m the shift manager,” he said calmly, showing her his name tag. “Is there any problem, miss?” asked again, carefully, as she breathed out of her nose like some furious bull. Maybe the red on the collar of their shirt made her mad?


 "I didn't pay you money for a shitty coke!" 

Shinsou frowned. Kaminari let out a confused "Huh?". 

"This coke is bad! It smells weird and my kid already drank from it. What if he'll have a stomach virus now?! Is this your way to make us pay even more money you fucking twats!" she yelled so loud and fast that Hitoshi couldn't follow her words. He was surprised that Denki, the last person on earth to maintain focused on particularly anything, looked in charge of the situation. As if he had some script in mind he was following.

"Miss, please calm down. I don't understand what's the problem? All of the bottles are new. We received them yesterday." he seemed to try his best to hold himself together. In his shoes, Shinsou would have already asked her kindly to fuck off  because he was here for ten seconds and she was already annoying the hell out of him. He didn’t want to imagine what the staff had to go through.

"Oh and now you're lying?!" she shoved the bottle into his face, almost dropping it. "Just smell it!" 

"I- uh," now Kaminari looked just confused. The looks the people around were giving seemed to make him uncomfortable. Hesitantly, he took the bottle and sniffed it. "It… Smells fine." stated a moment later. That answer probably didn't satisfy the woman, at all. 

"No! Something’s wrong with it, just taste it!"

"I'm sorry, but I can't." he said, and before she yelled anything else he hurried to add, "If there's any problem with the coke itself, you can always turn to the company. We're just selling the brand, so if there's something wrong it's not our fault. I'm sorry."

"No! Not gonna turn to no goddamn company! Especially not after you shoved your fucking nostrils in there!"

Dude . Even Shinsou could see this was going too far. 

Kaminari took in a deep breath, letting the comment skip over his head as if it was nothing. “Please, miss, there’s nothing I can do with the coke itself. You can buy another one-”

“I ain’t no buying shit in here anymore!” she swung her arm furiously, eyes burning in anger - and suddenly, her palm hit the bottle in his hand. Kaminari's eyes widened but he didn't react in time, and soon enough all of the liquid was spilled on his clothes and the floor, as the bottle landed a few inches away and rolled until it bumped into Hitoshi’s shoes. 

Silence enveloped the room like a heavy, snow blanket: because it just felt so cold suddenly, despite it being May. Kaminari looked down, at his soaking wet shirt and pants, not saying anything for a moment. He inhaled deeply. 


The woman was about to say something - her mouth opened, but this time Kaminari was faster. He grabbed a new bottle from the closest fridge and shoved it into her hands, then turned from her shoulder and lead her toward the exit. "Have a nice day, miss." hissed at her, before he gently pulled her out of the supermarket and stomped back, chewing on his lower lip.  

Shinsou had never seen Kaminari so frustrated. Out of school, at least.


"It's fine. Go back to work." he cut the cashier as he tried to approach him, probably blinded by the boiling anger inside of him. His eyes fixed on another worker, who made his way toward them with a worried expression. "Clean this sh- mess." he got a hold of his words at the last moment. The guy nodded, and then hurried back to bring a mop, not asking any questions. 


Kaminari turned sharply. Maybe too sharp, because it made Shinsou flinch for a moment. Kaminari was too dazed to realize who he was talking to, he could tell so because the blonde just glued his most charming yet plastic smile, as sweet as possible. "Everything is. Good." the words came out tight.

"I can see that not." spat Shinsou - which seemed to bring Kaminari back to earth. The blonde blinked, obviously surprised to see the purple head, jaw-dropping. 

"Shinsou?" breathed out, puzzled. "Didn't you say you're going back to the dorms?" 

Shinsou shifted from leg to leg, feeling suddenly… Uncomfortable. "Uh… Midoriya asked if I could buy stuff." explained, rubbing at the back of his neck. An old habit he couldn't get rid of. 

"Oh." let out Denki. 

Why did it sound rather disappointed? 

But then once again, a smile was slammed against his face, as if nothing had happened. "What did he ask you to buy? I'll show you where is it."

Shinsou started at him for a few moments, and then slowly opened his chat with Midoriya. Only when he turned his phone to show Kaminari the list the green-haired teen sent him, he suddenly remembered the few messages after the list that he had sent. But it was too late - Kaminari's smile had already tightened on his lips. Silently he turned, starting to walk to the other side. Shinsou didn't immediately follow. 

"You coming?" 

The uneasiness sat heavily in his gut as he slowly nodded, proceeding to follow Kaminari's steps, who somehow managed to sound not as someone who had just faced two people, both managed to low-key hurt him. Shinsou won the title of the world's greatest asshole.

It’s your fault, Kaminari. 

Chapter Text

This day couldn’t get shittier, could it?

Kaminari plopped on the bed, feeling drained despite the time being only two in the afternoon. Namely that, despite his horrible sleeping schedule, he had never been this tired at noon. If this was how his third year of high school was going to be, then he’d rather jump off a cliff right now.

It was so useless . Well, all the practical stuff. The hero training was important, of course, but the rest - a burden.

Not to mention that his whole week had been really awful.

It all started from the first mission they had got. It was a new study program U.A tested on their third years, a prototype the ministry for heroism courses and studies thought could be useful and required to do in all of the hero high schools. In order to finish their three years successfully, they had to do three missions throughout the year, added to the rest of the things they had to do.

Those said mission, of course, were a full time, dirty hero job that the over glorified pro heroes didn’t want to handle. On the one side it was understandable, on the other - it was lame.

From what he had heard, Bakugo, Sero, Todoroki, Kirishima, Shinsou, Midoriya and Hagakure got cool missions and that they were satisfied, even hyped about them. The rest were proud, but could say that it was kind of boring. Only Kaminari’s seemed to be lame .

He was sent to a village that was three hours ride on a train; and another hour on a bus away. There, at first, they didn’t want to believe him that he was the U.A student that arrived to help them because of his cursed baby face. Like come on. I’m the only one who hadn’t shaved once. Even fucking Midoriya had.

It took an argument of fifteen minutes, three calls to the U.A and a lot of explanations from Aizawa before they agreed to accept Kaminari and finally showed him what the problem was. And guess what? It was some animal with a quirk that hunted their children because it was bored.

It didn’t even hunt them. The poor… Thing , whatever it was supposed to be, just wanted to play. It acted like a lost puppy, though it was more of a mutation of a puppy and something else rather than simply a dog. Trying to make it sound cooler, Kaminari just called it a chimera.

Anyway, his heroic job concluded capturing that poor creature, bringing to the hysterical farmers, and then the whole village decided to accept the chimera like their lucky pet; paid him with a free meal and a hot shower; and told him to piss off for good.

Thus, his day was spent on eight hours riding from place to place, convincing people about stuff and playing hide and seek with a chimera. Meanwhile, his friends were running in the streets and beating villains up.

Then, when he got back to U.A, Aizawa told him that it didn’t count as a mission because… Well, an idiot could guess why. But, unfortunately, they hadn’t found anything for him to do; though they did search. He had another two days before the deadline, which meant he couldn’t simply laze around.

At first Aizawa told him he would give him a few private lessons, which disappointed Kaminari because it wasn’t cool at all - but then on his first lesson, Aizawa told him something he didn’t expect to hear.

Kamui Woods, out of nowhere, was interested in him as an intern.

Only a dumbass would turn down Kamui Woods, thus Kaminari found himself at the pit of his agency first thing on the next day. Immediately, the pro hero incorporated him into all the work that was done there, giving him no time to rest. He took him to patrol, forced to complete reports, gave him a private training to test his physical abilities that made all of his muscles sore; and even took him for a real crime scene on the second day. Which was awesome, Kaminari got to fight a real villain after all! But then, Hitoshi fucking Shinsou appeared out of nowhere.

From here, everything continued downhill.

The attack yesterday. Shinsou's broken ankle. Then the headache he got because of the destroyed wall. The owner of the apparently office building of a high-tech company was mad furious, and sued Kamui Woods' agency for the casualties.

The fault claimed to be Denki's, because he was the oldest pro hero (even if in training) in the scene. Technically, he was supposed to pay the fine; however, he wasn't at the majority age. Thus, Kamui Woods took the full responsibility. 

Not that Kaminari got off hand easily. 

He committed to a lot more patrols and paperwork as payback. U.A gave the permission for that, not to mention the rebuke he had to go through after he was back at the dorms. Aizawa and Principal Nezu weren't gentle expressing their dissatisfaction, but at least he wasn't punished by them too. They agreed that the punishment given by Kamui Woods was enough. Which is surprising, I could totally see myself cleaning the dorms for three days. 

His thoughts rolled on, to the morning. First he was (almost) late for his last shift at the supermarket he worked throughout the spring break. Indeed, he was happy to finally end his work there, the place wasn't delightful at the very least. And that crazy woman that spilled the coke on him? Jesus Christ.

He was used to idiots by now but that was the first time someone actually low-key used physical power against him. 

Which reminded him he should shower because he was sticky from the coke. And he had his patrol in two hours. Ugh. Slowly Denki pushed himself into a standing position, stretching as his muscles whined in pain. I feel like my grandma. And he didn’t know if he liked it.

He grabbed his laze-around-the-dorms shirt and sweatpants; making his way out of his room the to the common bathroom of the boys. No one was there on that hour - they all want to have fun, enjoy the rare occasion where they had another full day of rest; or perhaps some were napping peacefully. Even, maybe, spending time with their families…

And here he was, stuck with a punishment for something he wasn’t responsible for (even if the law thought he was), and had to run from place to place on his day off.

When Kaminari entered the changing room he had already stripped from his shirt. It wasn’t as if someone could see him, anyway. Throwing the clothes into a small basket, the blonde made his way to the bath cabin and dived in. The hot water poured on his skin, making him growl under his breath. This is better than sex, honestly. He took the sponge laying there, poured washing gel on it and began rubbing his sore muscles, enjoying the hot stim of water.

The blonde turned when he finished rubbing his back, feeling the water washing over the foam. His locks were now lying smoothly on his head and neck, and he ran his hands over his head, clamping his hair back.

What have I done that Shinsou is mad at me?

After six hours of trying to push the thought aside, it drummed in his head, squeezing his last brain cell and throwing out of his right ear. Or left. Does it matter? Anyway, partly the heaviness in his chest was because he couldn’t understand what have he done that Shinsou was being so… Cold, to him. They never had had a good relationship, despite Kaminari’s attempts to befriend the purple head. He was just the type to hang with the Dekusquad, so Kaminari had never really tried too hard.

After all, Kaminari knew how to observe people.

He read them like an open book. What made them happy, or sad, or frustrated. He saw when he needed to stop or change the course of a conversation because the other side was uncomfortable. It was easy to make people smile, especially when he knew what made them do so. That was why, not matter who was around him, laughter was always heard. That was something that he learned to do throughout the years of living, an ability that came to him since birth. 

When he was little, he thought that it was his quirk: until one day the electricity cracked between his fingers and he almost knocked the power of the whole street. A funny story, if you would ask him. 

Anyhow, his ability to spot and react on every thing that was around him was something that people had always envied him. His social skills were built upon years of training that one single skill, that seemed to be the only thing the electric user was good at. Or so, he thought at least. Reality just loved to prove him wrong each time, because he still couldn’t read Shinsou. Perhaps that was the reason why he was feeling so frustrated to know that despite not doing much, Shinsou was irritated by him?

Maybe he wanted me to approach him the whole time? The thought popped in his head like a balloon. What if that chemistry I thought I felt wrongly on the joint training actually was there? Oh my God I’m an idiot. Was he mad at me because it seemed that I just exploited the fact he has a bike? Fuck! But… But why did he turn down my invitation to the cat cafe? And again, the bitterness washed him over.

Goddammit Shinsou Hitoshi. Kaminari turned off the stream of water, walking out of the cabin. He glared in determination at his reflection in the mirror, clenching his fingers into the banks of the sink. I will fucking read you. Just wait you coward - we’re gonna be the best fucking friends.

Kaminari’s second name was making bad decisions

Okay, maybe it was a bit longer than a simple second name but it was indeed it. You could see from the last few days that the definition of wrong decisions fitted him perfectly. His picture should appear next to the definition of it; and next to the definition of Disaster, Chaotic, Sesquipedalian, and so on.

Anyway, the time was somewhere halfway through their first period and Denki was drained. Giving in the fact that he didn’t sleep properly lately, he probably should have tried to sleep last night but-

But he was busy mastering the plan How Do I Approach A Zombie.

The progress he had made since the day he saw the massage Shinsou sent to Midoriya about him, which counted five days, was closer to zero than any other number. But you know, how they were taught in integrals and differentials: numbers were countless. Thus there were infinity options before he would reach 1, so it was better to be at 0.00009 then a round, fat zero. 


His line of thoughts made no sense even for him. It was a red light. He needed some sleep.

Pouting at his scribbled page that was filled with doodles of random stuff, Kaminari came to terms with the fact that there was no way he was able to catch up with everything their tired teacher muttered in the past thirty minutes. He needed an energy drink, two energy drinks, or a nap in the library, or shit ton of caffeine; or he wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. And they had today a hero training. 

Yikes. The patrols were more than enough for him.

His eyes crawled slowly toward the purple head, who sat in the place where once used to sit their old classmate Mineta Minoru. It was ironic that one purple bitch replaced other purple (perverted) bitch. He still saw Mineta in the halls of U.A sometimes, but they hadn’t talked that much after he decided that the hero course wasn’t for him. 

Well, it was sad because Kaminari showed empathy toward everyone but it didn’t feel as if the class lost something. Shinsou’s place there was… Given, to the purple head, by God himself. God that was also known as Aizawa.

To think that this is what I think of him, when he thinks that I’m annoying. Snorted Kaminari to himself. He rolled the pen between his fingers, leaned back on his chair, as he watched the tired zombie from his place. Shinsou was looking directly at the whiteboard but he couldn’t tell if he was listening or daydreaming. His nose is pointy. Suddenly noticed, cracking a small smile. It’s kinda cute.

What happened next was way beyond Kaminari’s imaginations.

Their eyes locked, and stayed like that for a painfully long two minutes. His deep, violet abyss was digging tunnels in Kaminari’s gold oceans; sleeping bags sunk deeply into his face, making Kaminari wonder wherever it was a genetic face feature or a real lack of sleep. His skin was pale but looked smooth, and wow those eyelashes are so long? Dude? The fuck. Mina and the girls were going to envy him the moment they notice.

Kaminari's smile widened and was about to wave him playfully, when suddenly the purple head raised his middle finger up. Jaw dropping, eyes opening into two round circles of deep, personal offencence: Kaminari gasped as quietly as he could, clenching into the table as his brows furrowed.



The pink skinned girl shot her head up from her phone. “Yeah- What the fuck Kaminari?”

He threw himself next to her on the couch in the common room, grasping into her shoulders. “I have a new challenge.”

“Please don’t tell me that Sero convinced you-”

“No. Not this type of challenge.” cut her, kicking away the immediate thought that appeared in his mind from hearing her words, “Okay so like, a lot of stuff happened lately and because of those patrols I hadn’t have the time to tell you; though I really wanted and like sorry for being so out I’m just really busy with the internship and-”

She pinched his cheeks, making him yelp like a trapped cat. “Chill dork, it’s alright. We understand that.” a kind smile appeared on her lips. “Go on, just tell me what’s that challenge of yours.”

“Okay. For that I need to fill you up with all of the shit that’s going on since we were sent to our missions. Sit down comfortably my lady, it’s a fucking story time.”

The sparkles in her eyes for a fresh story, right from the oven, was his favorite thing about telling her stuff. “Spill the tea, bitch.” she shoved a pillow into him, knowing that he liked to smear on the coach and hug a pillow while telling or listening. Both adjusted comfortably, and he begun telling her everything. Kaminari made sure to not skip any part because everything was important, or else any person on his right mind wouldn’t understand why would he want to befriend someone that pushed him away forcefully. Honestly, he himself didn’t understand why.

Probably it was because people tend to do what they weren’t allowed to, or didn’t need to. And by people we mean Kaminari Denki and his last brain cell .

Half way through the story, she interrupted him only twice: when he told her about that chimera and for two minutes straight she laughed in his face; then when he told her what exactly happened when they were turned into a mashed mix of Denkpotato and Hitotato. That line that escaped his lips before he was able to understand what was even going on around him made her eyes went round.

"Did you seriously flirted with him while his askle was crashed by a fucking wall?!" 

" I panicked ." he defended himself, face turning crimson red and body heat jumping from 36.6 celsius normal body temperature to infinity. "Not everyday a hot guy just randomly jumps atop of you! Even if it's because a wall is about crash both of us. I mean I wanted to do the same but like he was faster and before I knew it he was on top of me so I fucking panicked and I always flirt when I panic and there's hot stuff around me- On top of me-" 

"Well guess that you're always panicking, then."

Kaminari dramatically flapped his eyelashes, "And there's always hot stuff around me. True." because everybody in our class is hot as fuck. "Being bi is hard, y'know?" 

“No cause I'm fucking straight, but that's not the point you catastrophic disaster." she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Okay, continue."

So he continued. To how they rescued him from the wall; and he cradled him to an intern student named Yasuhiro Hashimoto from class 2-A, to heal his ankle. He would pay money to see again the expression his pink friend made when he told her about the cradling scene. "Oh you didn't carry Shinsou in your arm."

"That bitch very fucking did. But damn that boy heavy. I mean, not as Kirishima and the rest I had the pleasure to drag around, but wow. The dude buffed throughout the year." smirked Kaminari, "Now again I'm the smallest. Fuck Ojiro, Aoyama and Tokoyami, can't believe they also buffed up and got taller." growled, smearing on the couch. 

"Work out more." suggested Mina. 

"When more?" scoffed. He was working out and training not less than most of the boys in his class. His body was just naturally leaning to the smaller side, despite him being muscular and strong. But hey, at least he was one of the fastest (though the ultimate title of Speedy McQueen went to Iida, of course). 

"Be a superhuman and leave for 25 hours."

"Shit ain't working this way," rolled his eyes. "Anyway…" 

It took him almost half an hour to finish everything - both because she interrupted him a lot more; and because he had the concentration of an ant. When he finally managed to finish telling her everything, including today’s disaster during class, Mina was quiet for a full minute which as much as he knew, wasn’t a good sign.

“Are you sure you’re going to just befriend him?” she asked, hesitantly.

“Pretty much.”

He disliked the look she gave him. “Well, be careful Kami. I kind of dislike his attitude towards you. Even if what you assume is correct, and I highly doubt that cause it’s still Mr. Tried Bitch we’re talkin’ about, I suggest you to not bother him too much.”

The surprise that instead of encouraging him she attempted to make him withdraw hit too close to home. He pressed his lips, sensing the uneasiness from her. “Is there something wrong?”

“No,” she shook her head. “I just don’t want you to get hurt, y’know? If he does something that upsets you, I’m going to personally request Bakugo to kick his ass. Do you hear me, you goddamn chaotic child?” threatened, as she jabbed the air with a pointed finger at him. 

The most logical thing appearing in his mind to do was to bite her finger; so he did; and received a fair kick to his stomach.

Step number one: Ask Shinsou to join you over lunch.

It couldn't be that hard to do, could it? Kaminari took a deep breath as he entered the cafeteria, eyes immediately searching for the purple tuft of hair. His heart pumped in his chest for some odd reason. 

Yes, sure, Shinsou was hot. And sitting alone (or at least, he hoped so) with a pretty guy was somewhat exciting. But if he could live with handsome men in his class daily, some of them running shirtless most of the time ( looking at you, Kirishima ), then he could handle just suggesting one of them to eat together. Especially because the chances of Shinsou accepting his offer were practically… Zero. 

Even Todoroki was an easier target when he had had that crush on him a year and a half ago. But hey, everyone had a crash on Todoroki at some point okay? Don’t judge his poor bi heart.

Gold eyes searching for his target, his legs lead him between the ocean of the students in the cafeteria. They had a lot of interesting first years this year, and he couldn’t help but explore them a bit. 

He spotted someone with a blue fish head, he was standing next to a girl with cat ears. It made him choke down an ugly snort. Then his eyes jumped to a bunch of students that chatted among themselves, walking to sit down. Ow, this is the table we used to sit on our first year. He chuckled softly to himself, continuing his search.


His target walked past the Dekusquad table, on the tereoty of the third years. It was an unspoken rule in the school: There was a bunch of tables that were titled as the “third year tables” and each one who didn’t belong to the third years was beaten up if he dared to come closer. 

Well it was mainly a joke, but the younger students obeyed it anyway. Surprisingly, despite the dignified amount of trouble makers studying on the same year with him, they respected that rule up until they turned into third years themselves.

A smile appeared on his lips and he practically beamed as he bounced down the huge hall, lifting his arm and waving. “Shins!-”


Kaminari froze. Shinsou turned sharply and their gaze met for a split second, before a figure appeared in his eyesight and hid Shinsou behind. The one who called him, Hashimoto from 2-A, towered above Kaminari’s head and smiled widely at him; his eyes almost sparkling with joy as he looked down at Kaminari’s puzzled expression. 


“H-hey there, Hashimoto!” called out the blonde, trying to look over his shoulder, but he couldn’t spot the purple head anymore.

“I hoped to see you over lunch break,” he felt an arm wrapped around his shoulders as he was suddenly dragged to the opposite side of the one he intended to head. Very confused the blonde looked over his shoulders, sticking his questioning eyes in the green eyes of the albino. “I've told my friends about you! They are eager to meet you Senpai, it’ll be so cool.”

“Ah-” choked out Denki, wrapping his mind around a way out of this awkward situation. He didn’t want to waste time with his friends because Shinsou was slightly more important, and he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with the solid arm resting atop his shoulders. “Well I actually-”

“Guys!” did Hashimoto ignore him? “I brought him!”

Kaminari loved to be the center of attention. If there was a fuss, probably he was the reason. Talking with multiple people at once, making everyone laugh, cracking jokes and act funny. All of it was a part of his nature. 

That why he was adored by people (well, expect those who hated him), and usually he also put himself into those situations to take the light spot from those who didn't want it on them. 

But this? 


He could have easily stated that this was excessive. Fucking hell. Before he knew it, a circle of eager second years occupied him and his kohai. He counted at least six pairs of eyes all at once. The words thrown at his direction were messy and confusing, it gave him a headache. It didn’t make sense in his mind, at all.

“He looks so cool Hashimoto!”

“Damn I thought he would be one of those giants?”

"He’s so short? It’s cute.”

“He's hot.”

"What’s your name?”

“Is this bolt in your hair natural?”

And it went on like that, swirling in his mind, making him lose it for a moment. Kaminari forced his brain to drag itself back and concentrate on a distant point at a random direction, before he zapped the back side of his thigh. It snapped him back to reality enough to come up with the lamest excuse, yet it was his only ticket out of this mess.

“Oh oops I forgot my phone in the classroom!” he blurted, putting his arm in a position that covered the phone that was literally lying peacefully in his pocket. “Sorry, be back in a minute!” oh fuckng hell no I’ll starve to death but I’m not coming back. 

And before anyone of them managed to squeeze another word, he sprung out of the cafeteria, bursting through the door and almost bumping into the students that tried to enter the hall.

Kaminari zigzagged between them and took a sharp turn that lead to a corridor leading outside - and suddenly clashed into someone. He yelped in surprise and was about to stumble back from the hit, but that said someone caught his arm, stabilizing him on his feet. 

For a single moment he saw stars, but then he looked up - and his gold eyes met a pair of narrowed, irritated crimson eyes.

“Bakubro!” he squeaked, looking at him. “Oh my God please save me from those second years, they’re going to murder me!”


“Kaminari?” Kirishima peered from behind, followed by Sero, Mina and Jirou. The friends he had abandoned when he sprung into the cafeteria after Shinsou earlier. “Dude we were searching for you!”

“Yes, yes, sorry. I’ll explain everything later. For now fucking hide me from-”


And Kaminari could happily say that it was time for his Will and Testament. I’ve had a great life. Thank you grandma, thank you my cute little sister. I love the two of you. You old man can fuck off and burn in hell. The old hag can burn too. My dear friends: I love you all so much. Bakugo, please don’t kill Midoriya, he’s too cute to die and you’re too handsome to sit in jail. Kirishima, bless your soul, fly high and be the greatest hero out there, amen. Mina, my best bitch, take all of my hoodies, I allow. Sero, best fucking bro ever, I hope we’ll meet in the afterlife and pull pranks as two ghost-bros. Jirou, I want to sit down with God and Satan and watch you slayin’ the stage in the future. Shinsou - stop being a bitch, thank you. The rest pure souls of 3-A-

A muscular arm was harshly wrapped around his shoulders. He almost choked, as his back arched and his feet stumbled. Bakugo shoved him after himself, passing a very confused Hashimoto that stared at him with round eyes. It took Kaminari a single moment to process what happened - Bakugo just pulled him after himself with his arm around his neck, and this gesture could mean only one thing. 

But he didn’t want to think about it because there was no way he would do it with Kachan .

He glanced back, their friends followed them. Mina, Sero and Jirou were holding back hysterical laugh; he could tell by their expressions. In return he wrinkled his nose at them. Hashimoto frowned, his eyes narrowed into two suspicious slots as he followed them with his sharp gaze. Kirishima… Well, Kaminari felt kind of uncomfortable to look at Kirishima when Bakugo was clearly asserting dominance over him, so he just cracked a smile at his redhead friend. 

Of course, the pure teen smiled back, but the uneasiness spilled in waves out of him.

Only after they grabbed trays with food and made their way to their respective table, Bakugo let go of his hold, and sat as usual next to Kirishima. Kaminari plopped down, huffing, and slowly smeared on the table, as the rest sat each one in his usual spot.

“Dude, what the fuck?”

“Let me thank the great Lord for staying alive, then everything else.” mumbled Kaminari, slamming his head against the table.

The laugh of his friends rolled over his head and he let out a small smile curl up his lips. At least it was funny for them. 

He was just thankful that those wild kids left him alone, because he really couldn’t bear it there any longer, despite his talk active nature. Though, there was only one outcome of all of this that wasn’t for his liking.

Step number one: Ask Shinsou to join you over lunch - FAILED. Thus, we're heading straight to step number two: Force Shinsou to join you over lunch.

Just wait, you bitch. 

Chapter Text

A tray was slammed on the table in front of Shinsou. Loudly slammed. 

Lazily, the teen looked up from his phone, wondering who could be the unpleasant idiot to pound their tray against the table. It wasn't Midoriya nor any other from the Dekusquad, those kiddos were too tranquil for that - thus, he wasn't surprised to see that it was a certain beaming blonde. 

What did surprise him was the fact that said blonde was in front of him in the first place, during lunch break, when he usually was with his friends. 

"Buddy!" he was too bright for his own good, "I'm sitting with you today." that was the invitation Shinsou never gave him and he sat down, gold eyes looking rather excitingly at Hitoshi’s dead-tired eyes.

"Have fun," Shinsou didn't know how to respond properly, thus he just looked down at his phone. 

He was in the middle of reading a file Aizawa sent him about attacks that he had to mesmerize until next Monday. He was half way through, after three days of studying it, and hoped to finish at lunch at least two more pages - yet, it seemed that it was nothing more than a dream with the vibrating blonde in front of him.

"Watcha reading?" 

A huff escaped his lips. "Something."

"Can I have a look?" Kaminari tilted his head, as if trying to read from the phone that was upside down to his direction. "Shit- is this something we had to read for a class?" 

"No," it was easier to just turn the phone and let Kaminari have a look. The blonde placed his fingers on the screen, eyes running up and down the letters. 

"Ah! Sneak from behind and smack , last year I was doing it a lot but ended up short circuiting half of the class. Funny story, not for them though. I prefer hurt myself and not them but I really had to train my quirk, yet it was so painful to watch them-" he cut himself, blushing a bit. "Sorry, I'm rambling."

It wasn't as terrible as Izuku's ramblings and mumblings, but his brain still switched off the moment it started. Out of habit. He wasn't sure he even got the meaning behind the waves of words thrown at him, so he just shrugged. You could never be wrong with a shrug. 

Kaminari scrolled down, surprising Shinsou how fast his eyes were flying on the words. He didn't know Kaminari read that fast. It didn't help him to score good grades but hell, in less than five minutes he read what Shinsou took fifteen minutes. But the purple head was also mesmerizing everything by heart. As far as he could see, Kaminari was just skimming the text. 

"Argh, that's a lot of words. Good luck." snorted, pushing him the phone back. He definitely was skimming. "It's good that you're studying hard. Shoulda take a note or two from your book." 

"I mean," he shut down the screen, "I'm in the hero course after all." he didn't try to directly bite at Kaminari, it just came out of his mouth before he weighed down its real meaning. However, the blonde just let out a bittersweet chuckle. 

"Yup, exactly what I'm talking about. Man, I wish I was that determined on my first year. And half of the second. Aizawa had to threaten me twice before I moved my lazy ass." he laughed, but the laugh was hollow.

Not that Shinsou cared, but did Kaminari always laugh like that? It sounded like his usual cheery laugh, yet sent shivers down his spine. The coldness that vibrated around it, that is. Or maybe he was just hallucinating. 

Unsure how to respond, Shinsou took a bite from his pork. His eyes followed as Kaminari opened a can of energy drink and sipped.

"Are you sure you need those?" 

"Can't charge myself endlessly and I wasn't sleeping well so gotta impromptu." 

"Familiar state." 

Kaminari laughed. "The two illustrious mugs of coffee emphasize your statement." 

"Don't use your supercilious vocabulary on me." scoffed. 

"You sport a few words yourself." snorted the blonde, taking a handful of fries and shoving into his mouth. Table manners didn't speak to him, as it seemed. "Dunno, it's funny using it. Especially Kachan's reaction, God." he choked down a laugh, wiping his salty hand on his shirt. "Anyway, how have been your days my man." 

"You're that desperate to a small talk?" sighed heavily. 

"You got me there." 

Shinsou couldn't deny that he was taken aback. Usually, when he responded like that to people they simply retreated from the conversation. They got the hint that he wasn't interested and left him alone. Kaminari, however, didn't. The guy was very dense, or, didn't give a fuck about the hints Shinsou sent his way. As for what Hitoshi had noticed until now, Kaminari observed his surroundings rather well. He had a strong gut feeling that the second option was the right one. 

When he tried to take another bite, he was curly informed that he had already eliminated his food. Although his expression remained blank, inside he was very disappointed. He needed to eat slower for his own good.

“How did you do on your mission?”

It took him a moment to digest the question. “Fine,” shrugged.

“What it was?”

Kaminari had no filter nor sense of a dry conversation, hadn’t he? Meaning, his stockpile of question seemed to be endless, and the way he effortlessly jumped from topic to topic would make anyone jealous. Also, he somehow knew to ask the right question, those Shinsou couldn’t dodge easily. He was willing to take the challenge, though. 

“Nothing interesting.”

“Dude, my was to catch a fucking chimera or whatever it was. Your surely was cooler than mine, I can promise you that.”

The fight not to snort was momentary yet perceptibled. “Well, beat the shit of some robbers indeed sounds cooler.” he found himself answering before he could control what came out of his mouth. It almost never happened to him, how come in front of the only human being he didn’t intend it to do - it happened. Interesting, Kaminari. You’re as interesting as annoying.

“Whoa!” beamed Denki, smiling widely, excitingly. He looked even younger that way. Something warm blossomed in the grumpy teen’s chest as he looked at his interlocutor; but it always happened when people looked at him with they eyes saying ‘you can be a hero’ . “Surely you got, like, one hundred.”



“Because I’m dumb.” shrugged. “There were no complaints from the client but Aizawa told me I did some wrong moves that luckily ended well.” added indifferently.

“Still better than me.”

Shinsou couldn’t help but notice that Kaminari pushed the tray away. His meal was half finished, yet he was already devouring a slice of brownies, looking pleased. “You’re a food waster.”

“Nuh,” shrugged. “Rest assured that my eating schedules are as fucked up as me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Kaminari swallowed the last bite, chugging down his energy drink. “Dunno, I just always manch, never really eat like, proper meals. Was doing it as a kid and still can’t get rid of the habit.” he smiled sheepishly. “Maybe that’s why my parents were beating me.” he laughed, though it made Shinsou knot his brows in concern. “Dude, I’m kidding.”

“Huh,” let out, awkwardly. The expected, uncomfortable silence, didn’t come.

“Do you have a training with Aizawa today?”


“Rough. Even on weekends?”

“No, that depends on our schedules.”

Kaminari winked playfully at him. “Doing good, those trainings.”

Why was he flirting with him? It wasn’t as if he really thought Shinsou looked good. No one thought so. He had the look of a villain, and people never hesitated to remind him so, over and over again. 

Still, Kaminari’s gestures, the way he sat and looked and the way his eyes observed eagerly Shinsou’s figure - it all made him worked up on using Kaminari’s tactics against him. He usually did it when he tried to get people to leave him alone, but this time he was just checking boundaries. 

Because somehow, Kaminari had his attention. His curiosity. And that was weird.

“I look thinner in clothes, for now .” answered simply, making his usual resting indifferent expression as he used the innocently seductive tone.

“Thinner? Dude, if you look thin in clothes, I really don’t want to know how do I look.” snorted the blonde, tugging at his uniform shirt.

When he said it aloud, automatically the tired, violet eyes drifted down the thin figure in front of him. 

In his head, he had a very vague memory of first year Kaminari - short, thin, fragile looking. When he saw him for the first time, if he didn’t mistake it was on the sports festival, he couldn’t recall how did someone so small and weak-looking was in the hero course. But hey, the took Mineta, which told him that maybe Kaminari’s case wasn’t that surprising. 

Later on, when they worked together on the joint training, he learned that Denki was really a twink. A very dangerous, flexible, loud twink. His shoulders were half of Shinsou’s and Shinsou wasn’t that buffed up back then.

Today, however, he indeed seemed wider. As someone who was training for two years. Resembling more of a hero, but still looking like a dumb teenager. Shinsou shook his head, forcing his eyes down to his black phone screen. 

His thoughts about the blonde in front of him were a mess - he didn’t know what to think about him anymore. First he was angry, then annoyed, now he was just confused. 

Another question that bounced in his mind, was how seriously to take Kaminari’s too open flirtings. He was speaking that way to everyone, but his voice, the way it vibrated in the air made him puzzled. 

Most of the people didn’t realize how much impact the sounds emitting from their throats had. That was why, he found himself listening carefully to people talking to him. That way, he could learn so much about them - what did they like to talk about, what they genuinely hated. What was said as a joke, what they said just for it to be said. And so on.

Something in the way Kaminari spoke didn’t sit right in his head. He had never paid close attention to the blonde before, because he simply didn’t have to, and was one hundred percent sure that he was just a loud idiot. But…

But his voice held something in it that he was afraid to address.

“... and then I was like, dude, no!” it felt like a slap on his face. He snapped back to reality, realizing he drifted in his thoughts. 

Kaminari’s lips were moving, rapidly, spilling nonsense all over the place. It seemed that the blonde already switched the subject, again, telling him something with dramatic hand shakes and exaggerated facial expressions. He wasn’t going to ask him repeat everything he had said, but he needed to pretended he had an idea what the blonde was talking about at least.

“What are you talking about, again?”

“My patrols. I told you, didn’t I?”

No, he didn’t. “Yeah.”

“All in all it turned out fine, though. The wall is fixed and I don’t have to pay anything. Well, I do have those goddamn patrols but Hashimoto volunteered to do some of them with me, so guess I’ll be fine.” a nervous smile tagged at his lips.

Shinsou pressed his lips one against the other. “Hashimoto?”

“The dude that healed your ankle.”

“Ah,” the twat that's eyeing him. Is Kaminari really that dense for his obvious attraction to him? Poor guy, literally "notice me senpai" situation.

“How’s your ankle, by the way?”

Shinsou, automatically, found himself rocking it under the table. He had a deja-vu, this conversation already happened. 

“Fine.” it didn’t hurt when he walked, he got rid of the bandage, it only ached a bit when he leaned too much on it. Nothing serious.

“I’m glad,” smiled Denki, “I would have felt really bad if it was something… Deadly, y’know. Pretty sure no one died from a ankle crash, expect for those who did , but um, yeah!”

Shinsou shrugged. He never knew what to comment on those things.

“Anyway,” it seemed that the blonde returned to the light atmosphere rather quickly. His mouth kept on moving: speaking and rambling and mattering nonsense. Shinsou found himself half listening, half thinking about something else. Sometimes nodded or let out a hum for Kaminari to know he was still with him. 

Usually, he got tired of conversations like those and pushed the people aside - but for some reason, Kaminari didn’t make him feel uncomfortable, or forced out of his comfort zone. 

Shinsou already accepted his fate. 

Kaminari, definitely, claimed him. It happened the moment Shinsou didn't turn around and left when the blonde sat himself down in front of him. Now, it was too late to regret his life choices, only to rethink one or two. 

But, if this was how their conversations were going to look, then maybe, just the tiny bit of it, he wouldn’t mind it that much.

"You're slow." 

"And you're old," scoffed Shinsou, pulling himself to stand. The look Aizawa shot him made him smirk, because it was that expression he made when he wanted to mock his student back but had to stay focused. 

Wiping sweat from his forehead, Hitoshi shifted on his feet, facing his mentor with clenched fists.

Those were his favorite three hours of the day: when Shota beat the shit out of him, also known as training, and made his body shake with adrenaline and muscles whine in pain. Sometime bruise him, even. But it forged him, like a blade of future fame and glory. 

A future pro hero. 

The teacher yawned, but it was a forced yawn, the one that challenged Shinsou to try harder. After almost two years he could tell. Despite that, his position wasn’t nonchalant. By that time, he couldn't allow himself be carefree next to Hitoshi, who learned some sly moves from his bastard classmates. 

Shinsou charged first - swinging his potent fist and trying to his Aizawa's jaw. The teacher dodged easily, without moving much, and the next thing Shinsou knew was that hard knuckles buried into his midsection. He choked and stumbled back, saliva dripping down his chin. 

Not wasting another moment, the purple head turned his elbow and slammed against Shota's lower jaw. As if it was a limbo challenge, the man arched and slid under the boy. His elbow crashed into Hitoshi's back, making him stumble. But this time, Shinsou made a sharp turn and tried to hit the other’s pelvis. The kick was directed there in a maximum accuracy- 

Yet was stopped casually by Aizawa. Catching his ankle, he threw him a few inches aside; as if he was a sack of potatoes. Shinsou rolled on the mattress, and then pulled himself to his feet, noticing the man shaking his wrist; nose wrinkled with disapproval. 

"What? Your bones finally breaking apart?" mocked him. 

Aizawa rolled his eyes. "Someone is just getting heavier ." 

"I mean, muscles are supposed to be heavy-" 

"Weapons!" suddenly a rod was thrown at Shinsou's direction. Immediately concentrating, the teen caught the metal object and prevented his teacher from smashing his skull. 

They stayed in the position for a moment - Shinsou's arm shaking in effort as he tried to push the weight of Aizawa who pressed his rod against Shinsou's. On the last second he managed to overpower him and pitched his body, slamming the rod against Aizawa's. 

The sound of the metal collision echoed in the room. It rolled through the walls each time they crashed into each other, making both of the men shudder.

“When do you start the course?”

It took a second for the question to settle in.

Hitoshi spinned the rod in his palms and made a turn, skillfully and sharply absorbing the whipping of the other rod. It continued like that for a few minutes, the noise enveloping the room in a heavy blanket of vibrant clashes.

“Next week-” he pushed forward and tried to flip the rod out of his teacher's hands - which failed, greatly. Instead, he received a blow to his shoulder, which made him wince and jump back.

“Finally,” growled Aizawa, swinging the rod. Both metal objects met in mid air in a jarring blast. “Sniper? Shotgun?”

Shinsou took a moment to recollect his breath, “Pistol and Rifle.”

Aizawa grinned at him, charging again. “Good,” the rod spinned in his hands like rotors, making it hard for Shinsou’s eyes to follow.

Yet, somehow, almost landed a straight hit on Aizawa's shoulder a second before he slammed him in the face. The man dodged and shot his rod right into Shinsou's torso. Shinsou leapt aside, trying to escape the mighty, coming up hit-

But then, Hitoshi stumbled on his left ankle and crashed on the floor. 

The pain was sudden. 

Like a string - that was shot up his feet and exploded mercilessly in his ankle. Eyes widening and breath stuck in his throat: Hitoshi froze for a moment, in a bizarre position of him smeared on his back; arms spread both sides of his head, metal rod rolling slowly away from him and one leg pressing weight against his other. The one with the again twisted ankle. 

A growl vibrated in his throat and turned into an indignant screech. "Fuck-" he let out and freed his leg, rolling on his side and folding it into his chest. His fingers crawled around the aching ankle, while he shut his eyes and bit on his lower lip. 

"Are- are you alright?" Aizawa almost sounded hasty. He approached the teen and squatted near him, placing a cold palm on Shinsou's bare shoulder. 

"I-" Shinsou huffed bitterly, "My fucking ankle."

The look he received from his mentor was a mix of worry, disappointment and… Amusement. 

"Are you- are you serious?" 

" YES ." 

And then, Aizawa, the most cold, calculated, serious and indifferent person in the world - snorted. 


Chapter Text

Kaminari smirked, while walking out to sun that was spilling its warm, yellow rays upon the huge stadium of U.A.

As he gathered his hair into a short, bouncy pigtail, Kaminari took a moment to appreciate the way his sports uniform hugged his new gained muscles during the last half a year. He wasn’t the twink he was back then, in tenth grade, which was very much to his liking. But the moment he looked at the other boys in his class - he wanted to smash his skull against the wall. 

My bi heart can't take it. 

The first one his eyes landed on was Ojiro. The guy was more and more looking like a Karate Man. He remembered the small, innocent guy that he looked in the eyes two years ago; with his puffy tail. Now Ojiro sported ripped muscles, sharper face features and looked down at Denki. Like all of the guys in the class.

Haha, fuck my life. 

Kirishima ran after Kaminari, laughing at something Sero had said. 

Both of his friends also buffed up decently well, their muscles strained and well trained. Kirishima’s shirt looked one breath away from ripping apart, probably Kaminari should suggest him a bigger size. Though it also would be hilarious if he burst his shirt during a training. Honestly. 

Bakugo, Midoriya, Todoroki. The Trio. Bakugo always looked like that beautiful devil that would deceive you and then eat your soul. Todoroki, with his cold vibe, was like an ice prince in all of his glory. And he now towered above Bakugo even more, thus both of them were sporting a… Lot of inches. Yeah. Denki breathed into Katsuki’s neck and was afraid to know where did he reach to Shoto by that point of time. After all, Endeavour was huge himself. It was expected.

He wasn't surprised at all to see that Midoriya got wider and bigger throughout the years, meaning his quirk required it; but even that shortie grew taller than him. He was almost as tall as Kirishima by that point. Therefore it meant he was somewhere close to 6 feet. Perhaps more?

Kaminari chewed furiously on his lower lip. That's not fair. Where is my height growth. I don't wanna be stuck at 5'7 till the day I die. 

He could hear God's laugh echoing in his ears.

Yes I get it. You hate me cause I suck dicks but you're a cocklover as well you little motherfucking-

"Everyone, gather here." Aizawa’s tired voice burst Denki’s bubble, snapping him back to reality. He shuffled into a circle that gathered around Aizawa, standing between Yaoyorozu and Aoyama. 

He glanced at the tall girl, choking back a smile. She was as adorable as always - a bouncy ponytail, soft look in her dark eyes. He had already smashed her in a tight hug earlier this day but another one wouldn’t hurt, right? 

Maybe after the lessons or when Aizawa wouldn't look. 

Gold eyes were shot back at their teacher, who looked at the verge of fainting because of lack of sleep. Nothing new, per se.

“Today we’ll have a running check. I’ll measure time, it’s not a test, but the one with the score that won’t pass the red light on the blackboard behind me will have to take more athletic trainings. So no one’s name better appear there,” started their teacher, pointing behind his back. “Also, I add a new rule. Up until now you couldn’t use your quirks at all while running or could use freely. This time, you can use them, but your feet must not leave the ground. So no flying-” a glance at Bakugo, “-and ice doesn’t count as the ground.” a glance at Todoroki. No one missed the way both scoffed. “If I notice someone not on the ground, his name will appear under the red line automatically. Am I clear?”

“Yes sir!” they yelled simultaneously, and Aizawa wore his creepy-satisfied smirk.

But it didn’t last more than a second. 

“You’ll run the track of 2 km, in pairs. I arranged your names already and now will randomly chose the first to run.” instructed them, as he looked down on his phone. He tapped something on the screen and a moment later shot his look up, eyeing Kaminari.

Oh no-

“Kaminari and Iida. You’re first. Go get ready.”

Man, Kaminari sighed dramatically.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t run it first, he was just lazy. But the opportunity to run with Iida made his chest pump with extiment. Iida was the fastest in the class, and it always pushed Kaminari to his limit when he ran with someone who was way faster than him.

Throughout spring brake, Kaminari came up with a new technique. He had a lot of free time, and after lazing around in a total boredom at his grandma’s place, he decided to do a study on his quirk. It took him the whole break to come to conclusions, with a lot of help from his grandma of course, so he didn’t have the chance to test it out on himself yet.

However, he tried it on Shinsou when the wall crashed on them, and as what it seemed - it worked. Shinsou looked sleepy and kind of off after that, but it was still a good sign. It meant that with some training, he could master something that would be very useful in the future.

“Good luck not to eat sand, bro.” Sero snickered, patting his shoulder playfully.

Denki flapped his eyelashes dramatically. “Have some faith in me, dude!”

"Full faith that you'll eat sand."

Kaminari stuck out his tongue, receiving an amused laugh from his tall friend. 

Iida was already stretching at the beginning of the track, so Kaminari joined him, feeling butterflies in his stomach. He glanced at their teacher who wrote something, and then their gazes collided. Aizawa raised an eyebrow at him.

“Teach,” Kaminari started hesitantly, pulling his folded leg behind his back. “I want to try out that thing we discussed at the beginning of the year.”

The raven head skimmed him skeptically. He didn’t answer right away, but when he finally did, his voice was quiet and soft in a weird way Kaminari wasn’t used to. “Be careful.”

Both boys finished warming up a few minutes later. They marched to the starting line, the rest of the class gathered on the green grass from the side. Taking the positions, Kaminari glanced to the side, smiling at his friends that encouraged him to do his best, bless their souls. His eyes wondered on them, and then - suddenly landed on Shinsou.

The purple head observed him. For sure. Their eyes locked and immediately, Kaminari looked the other way, feeling his cheeks turning red. With his own butt being on full display, not so safe thoughts field his mind. But come on, he was just exaggerating, wasn’t he? There was no way… Wait, why isn’t he wearing the sports uniform?

“Are you ready?” asked Aizawa.


Kaminari suddenly straightened in his place and slapped both of his cheeks; as Iida yelled a solid "Yes sir!".

All eyes darted at him as he took a deep breath, shaking his head. “Yes!” called out too, going back to the starting position. Electricity sparkled in his body, eyes glew up. A nervous smirk tugged at his thin lips as he conveyed all of the electrical currents in his body right towards his leg muscles.


It buzzed in his ears. He noticed that almost everyone were staring at him, questions hovering around them. 

Iida’s automobile engines from his thick claves made a charging sound, smoke rising from the three silver exhaust pipes protruding on each one.

“Set - Go!”

A sudden burst of speed, feet kissing the pounding land of the dirty track. His leg muscles strained as electricity exploded in them and he darted forward like a monstrous machine. Everything blurred for a painfully long moment. The feeling as if his body moved on his own, more correctly - his legs, lasted for a mild second before suddenly he was able to see clearly. 

Kaminari found himself not just running, he was particularly galloping on the track, shoulder to shoulder with Iida. He swore he saw the bigger teen gawk, before he forced himself to increase his speed even more. In a blink of an eye a friendly run in a field turned into a competition between the two eager boys.

The faster Iida ran, the faster Kaminari caught up on him. He slapped his thighs when he felt himself slowing down, shooting another burst of electrical, tickling currents down his legs. They kept on the ridiculously high speed for time that felt like eternity before heaviness crippled up his body. But he wasn’t going to let himself be defeated when he made it this far.

The track was soon to end. His head spinned for a moment but he ignored it, noticing that Tenya was slowly bypassing him. Unable to burst his speed again, Denki choked on his salvia and leaned forward. His legs were forced to keep going, though he did feel his powers drain each millisecond his feet slammed the ground. Or a second. Or a minute. He lost track of time. The blonde was aware of completely nothing rather than Iida’s back and the finish line.

Denki didn’t cross first the desirable line that announced the end of the track.

His body threw itself past it at what felt like hours upon hours after Tenya had slackened. Zapped legs stepped over the finish line of the track, gradually slowing down too. He walked a few more yards until he stopped altogether, sweat running slowly down the curves of his arm muscles that glistening in the afternoon sunlight. 

Sticky sweat, wind in hair. A rasping throat as parched as a dead lizard in the desert sun. Burning lungs that were gasping for air. Sore muscles whining in pain. Clothes that stuck to the body from the sweat-soaked mass that indicated the put in effort. 

And a terrible, heavy feeling in the chest, a sense of failure - he couldn’t pull up what he was trying to do.

Or so he thought at first.

When he tried to turn to his teacher and other classmates, his legs suddenly folded underneath his weight. Plopping down on the ground, he let a surprised “Ah” roll out of his lips. “O-okay-” Denki choked, “I- I just die for a bit. Be right back.” bam. A Kaminari-puddle was smeared on the track in all its sweaty, stinky and panting glory. Well damn - I can’t feel my legs. Say sike right now.

When no response from nobody came, Kaminari slowly lifted himself into a sitting position. His eyes met twenty pair of astonished eyes, that were digging holes in his soul as if he had murdered their whole families. 

They stared at each other in silence for a painfully long sixty seconds. Kaminari swallowed down a lump of nerves, sweat dripped down his forehead. 

"That was so fucking cool!" suddenly exhaled Sero. Kirishima and Mina nodded so fast, Kaminari was afraid their heads would fly off.

"What the fuck dude?! You- you ran at the speed of the light!" gawked the red head.

"Well maybe not the speed of light, but he indeed almost beat Iida." mulled Midoriya, already rubbing his forefinger and thumb against his pointy chin. "That was very impressive! What technique did you use? Did you used electricity to- uh… Increase your speed? Is this even possible? But when you think about it…" and here came the known Rambling Curse by the one and only Deku. 

Kaminari decided to ignore the green haired classmate until he would stop mumbling nonsense. His head span and hurt more than enough. But hey, he didn’t short circuited himself - that was an achievement. 

Aizawa approached him slowly, observing the teen skeptically. Kaminari smiled nervously at him, trying to move his legs but failing miserably. Oh my God please fucking move. He poked his thigh, realizing he had no sensation there. It went like that to his pelvis, and honestly he kind of started to panic. Short circuiting himself was something the teen was used to, but not feeling his legs was a brand new side effect. 

"That was… Impressive."

That's it. I'm ready to die. Kaminari was about to tear up because it was the closest thing to a compliment he had ever heard from the teacher. "Thanks teach!" beamed, almost forgetting about his legs. 

"Keep up the work. I'm sure you'll be able to master that." added Aizawa, his voice quiet as if he didn't want the rest to hear them. Kaminari nodded enthusiastically. "Now get up and go stretch with Iida."

You've got me there. Kaminari let out something that sounded more like a frog that it's leg was brutally cut in a microwave rather than the nervous giggle that he tried to vocalize, as he tugged at the hem of his pants. "I- I can't feel my legs."

"At all?" 


There was no mistake in the over dramatic eye roll Aizawa was about to commit. He turned sharply and sighed heavily, as if saying "They're not paying me enough to deal with this shit". Honestly, it was a big, fat mood. Kaminari's eyes followed as Aizawa walked back to the group of students that were holding back laughter at Kaminari's miserable expression. 

"Shinsou," suddenly he said. The blonde shot his gaze to the side, noticing the purple haired teen eyeing the teacher. The guy was sitting on a bench near the exit of the stadium, looking comfortable - while Kaminari looked like a truck ran over him. "Carry Kaminari to Recovery Girl."


“Why me?”


“Is there a problem?”

“My- my ankle hurts…?” half stated, half asked.

Ah, that explains a thing or two.

“Think about it next time you'll do pirouettes instead of fighting.”

A sudden image of Shinsou in a Tutu Skirt bounced in his mind. Oh no I didn't want to see that. 

Looking to the side, he noticed the mischievous smirk Mina had. Flipping her off, Kaminari looked to the side. 

Shinsou grunted as he passed the inches separating between them, limping noticeably but not badly. He hadn’t lifted Kaminari from the ground and the blonde already felt guilty to make him carry him to Recovery Girl, especially because he was the reason Hitoshi's ankle hurt. 

But then he frowned, recalling how long have it been since the crash. Plus, yesterday, he stated that it was alright. Why Shinsou was still limping?

The purple head arrived in a matter of a few seconds and turned with his back to Kaminari. “Come on,” growled.

“Dude,” let out Kaminari. “Seriously, ask Aizawa to sit down if your ankle still hurts.”

“Nuh don’t worry about it. I was just an idiot yesterday and tripped over it again, so Aizawa is making fun of me.” Shinsou said with a shrug, moving his arms back and grabbing Kaminari's waist. It sent sudden waves of heat all over his body and he clutched his chest to Shinsou’s muscular back, wrapping his arms around his shoulders.


Kaminari received a short glare from the other teen. “You didn’t think it was since then , did you?”

“I actually did.”

Shinsou got a firm hold of his legs and pushed him on top of himself, then slowly started to get up. He stumbled upon his feet and Kaminari had to fight back a yelp. Eventually, Shinsou made it to a stand tall position, holding Kaminari under his numb legs. 

Taking his first step, both teens realized that Kaminari was slowly leaking in between his arms, which made the other teen jerk them. Kaminari jolted up an inch at least, noticing that Shinsou slid his arm back and then - felt Shinsou’s palms cupping his butt.

Did that made his heart stutter? Oh fuck yes. No need to even mention the arrow that was shot (not so) straightly into his member. Debki squirmed, letting out a squeak.

“That’s cause you’re a dumbass, now hold tight.” blurted Hitoshi, starting to walk out of the stadium.

My sweet Lord. You just have to kill me in a different way every time, don’t you? Fuck, Shinsou smells fine as fuck. Face growing hot, cheeks colored in crimson. Kaminari chewed on his lower lip, ducking his head into the messy tuft of indigo hair under him.

He really hoped that those butterflies in his stomach didn’t indicate what he suspected they did.

“Kaminari, are you seriously done with life? My boy, you’re so young. Why doing that to yourself?”

Kaminari stared down at his legs: mouth agape, eyes round. If human’s body flexibility allowed it, his jaw was pushed down with gravity. 

“I- uh- em-” he choked, words stuck in his throat. Yikes.

“I don’t know who is worst: you or Midoriya.” she rolled her eyes, sighing heavily, that infamous sigh of teachers: "They're not paying me enough to deal with this shit" that he had received way too many times in thirty minutes. “Be glad that this seems to be the only other side effect. Your spine, arteries and blood flow look fine. Although…” her eyes trailed down his legs that were spread in front of her eyes, as Kaminari was lying on his back on the bed. “Roll over.”

He grunted like an old man and pulled up on his elbows. The blonde took a moment to absorb the sight of his legs: He still didn't feel them, but the veins were so prominent that it was creepy. The pale colors of purples and blues entirely took over his skin tone. Moreover, every few seconds a sudden electric current passed beneath his skin, causing the area where it passed to shimmer in a dull white-yellowish light. 

The look was both horrifying yet mesmerizing .This hideous beauty stretched all the way up to his pelvis, and even slightly beyond.

Eventually he rolled over, smearing on his belly and ducking his head into the pillow. At least it didn’t spin anymore.

“You strained a muscle,” she announced, “I think it’s torn. You’re lucky you can’t feel your legs because the pain isn’t merciful. I’ll heal it now, but be more careful next time.”

Ow man. “Thanks.” breathed out.

“And don’t run like that for the next few days. Two or three I think will be enough. Then, slowly, go back into a normal training schedule. I’ll talk to Aizawa about that, for today you need just to rest. Stay here until you’ll be able to stand, then return to the dorms. Alright?”

Kaminari nodded.

“And please,” she let out. He glanced behind his shoulder, noticing she was kissing his leg, on his thigh. The place looked even bluer than the rest. “Try to not ruin your nervous system.”

“I studied it with my grandma during the spring break,” he informed her, smiling proudly. “So like, I know how it’s working. I’m still studying but I search for a way to learn it better. Do you- do you have any medical books you can suggest me? I really want to develop a technique I thought about!” if he could, he was already bouncing excitingly around her.

“Have never seen you so eager to study,” she laughed, “What’s the name of your grandmother?”

“Kaminari Michiko.”

He turned his head when no response came. His eyes met the two small eyes of the short lady, that stared at him. “Kaminari Michiko? She used to be a professor of quirks and human body, am I right?”

“Yeah!” he beamed, “You know her?”

“We were good friends throughout high school and college,” he recognized that voice - the nostalgia that was floating in it. “But when she moved to Germany we lost contact. I didn’t know she was back in Japan, moreover her grandkid is our student! What a small world.”

There was no denying in the surprise that washed over him. His grandma never told him that she was friends with the old lady. Perhaps he would ask her. A warm feeling spread in his chest at the thought of bringing the two together after so many years. But first, he wanted to tell his grandma about it. He could already imagine her face, choking down on a giggle.

“Yeah. She returned to Japan on her forties I think, with my dad and all.” he forced his voice to not shudder as the word rolled on his tongue.

“Huh, I see. Anyway, I’ll think about some useful books for you and send your teacher a list, make sure to study it all and work hard. Your body isn’t mortal.”

Kaminari smiled and rolled over his back when she gave him the permission. “Thank you so much!”

“It’s my job.” answered simply, jumping off her chair. “Now rest boy. You need it.”

Knock knock knock. 

Kaminari lifted his head from his phone toward the door, clearing his throat. "Come in!" called, shifting into a more proper sitting position. Who else is gonna visit me today? Wondered. 

Half of the class already stopped by and the other half messaged asking if he was alright. His friends almost destroyed the place three times. Who else could have come? His eyes went round at the sight of a messy tuft of indigo hair, and tired looking eyes. 

"Yo," the teen rubbed at the back of his neck sheepishly. 

"Shinsou?" gawked Denki. "I didn't expect to see you man! What's up?" his heart thrilled in his chest. Shinsou was wearing a tight dri fit shirt, that didn't hesitate to show off those sexy looking muscles of his. On his legs were loose sweatpants of their sports uniform; and he was sweaty. Kaminari guessed that he was after a training with Aizawa. 

"And I didn't expect to come, shit happens." shrugged. "Can I sit?" he glanced at the chair near the bed. 

"Sure thing, dude." Kaminari put his phone away, straining in his place. He wondered why did Shinsou decide to actually visit him, but didn't object. 

"So uh," Hitoshi sat down awkwardly. "How are your legs?" 

"I can feel them till my knees but it'll take another hour or so before I'll be able to stand I guess." said, trying not to stare too hard. Oh God his palms are huge. "And what's about your ankle?" 

"I already told you." Shinsou simply answer.

"Yes yes, I know, but like - how? When?"

Hitoshi pressed his lips one against another. "I… It's kinda awkward," snorted. "I train with Aizawa almost every day after school. Yesterday he beat the shit out of me, and when I tried to dodge an attack I tripped and twisted the same fucking ankle. But it's not that bad, hopefully will be better tomorrow."

Kaminari let out a laugh, imagining the face Shinsou probably had. "You're not lucky dude. Twisting the same ankle twice? Rough. But like, the first time at least you've had the chance to top me-" what the fuck did I just say? "-I mean because we were crashed by that goddamn wall, yeah I totally meant that; but what I'm trying to say is-" I. Talk. So. Fucking. Much . Kaminari was sure his brain slapped itself. 

“Ah,” let out the purple haired teen.

Both were silent for a moment, Kaminari’s heart was beating so fast in his chest that he felt it was one minute from bursting. It wasn’t the first time he flirted with someone, especially Shinsou, and hinted about not-so-proper interactions; but it was the first time he found himself feeling like a total retard. Plus, he was sure his face was colored in lurid, crimson shades. 

Every word leaving his mouth weighted tons, and it seemed to get heavier each time. He suddenly was too aware the way his leg bounced under the blanket, which meant that he would leave sooner than he thought; but it also indicated on how nervous he was.

The look Shinsou gave him was hard to read. He was just sitting there, quiet, letting Kaminari’s misery swallow him alive. The blonde smiled, clearing his throat, why it’s suddenly so hot in the room? “Yeah.”

“So-” Hitoshi looked as lost as Denki, “I see you’re feeling better.”


“Then I guess I’ll got to shower.”

“Yeah dude, you kinda stink.” chuckled, receiving a huff.

Kaminari watched Shinsou slowly standing up, unsure of his movements as if he was a controlled puppet that for the first time in its life span was set free. “See you?” half asked, half said. He reminded Kaminari a lost, and a very grumpy, cat.

“See you!” beamed, as the purple head bit on his lower lip - and made his way out of the rest room.

Kaminari dripped slowly into a puddle on the bed, covering his hot face with his palms. 

A breath in, a breath out. 

A great feeling of achievement bloomed in his chest as he tried to brush off the tense, awkward atmosphere that hovered around him. Because maybe he made an utter fool out of himself (not the first time, not the last time), but, he heard Shinsou for the first time saying see you , meaning he was willing to talk to him more. Right? It had to be right.

Perhaps, it meant that there was a minor progress, after all.

Chapter Text


To make friends with someone, was the definition the dictionary, and most of the people, used. However, in Shinsou's case, the befriending worked with random people beating the shit out of him (looking at you, Midoriya), or causing his shit being bitten by something external (ahm-wall-ahm-Kaminari), and then suddenly becoming friends with him. 

It worked once.

It would work twice. Shinsou was too weak to stop it.

The first indicator of that was when he accidentally said the two cursed words see and you to Kaminari two weeks ago. He didn't give it a thought, thinking that Kaminari missed it because everyone was saying 'see you' at some point or another - but that was it. 

Since then, he and the blond officially became Lunch Companions. It just continued, turned to be a part of their daily routine, and somehow they started to rotate between Dekusquad, Bakusquad, and sitting outside under a huge tree on their own. 

At least he didn't seem to remember that terrible day when he saw the text message Shinsou sent about him. Even if he did, he gave off the feeling that he was holding no grudge toward that. 

Hitoshi had no idea how did Denki's brain work (and you know what? He also didn't want to know), but the blond was so light headed. Shinsou wouldn't be surprised if Kaminari thought that he made Shinsou mad back then, and that it was nothing more than that. 

Shinsou wasn't going to break the truth. 

Especially not when he suddenly found himself in the company he had always desired to be since childhood: of people who loved and appreciated him. Those who weren't afraid of his quirk. That is, he had for more than a year now hanging around with Midoriya and his squad but… It got quite boring to be with the same five people over and over again. No offense, guys. 

They had fun with each other but Hitoshi wasn't really friends with anyone other than Midoriya. 

The Bakusquad, however, was much more… Vulgar. 

Their conversations were more eager and the loads of bullshit thrown in five minutes was enough to decrease Shinsou's IQ dramatically after one (1) sitting. Though they were funny guys and it felt as if he had missed a lot of opportunities last year. He was more comfortable with their wild, troublemaking nature. He wasn't going to abandon the Dekusquad, not at all, but it was a nice change of atmosphere. 

Speaking of the devil, it didn't surprise him when he heard a knock on his dorm room door at a Saturday evening, immediately hearing Kaminari's voice from the other side. 


Shinsou shut off his phone screen, a weird feeling spreading in his chest. Brushing it off, the purple head made it to the door, opened it, and the first thing he saw was three wild, toothy smirks directed at him. "Yeah?" 

"We're going out today," said Kirishima, his hair down. "You coming?" 

"Will be fun!" vocalized the blond, before Shinsou had the chance to even process the question. 

He had no reason to decline, though. It was watching cat videos on his own for the rest of the evening, or going out with them and then after they were back - continue to watch cat videos. "Sure," shrugged. "I'll just wear something more presentable for the street." 

Sero snorted. "Then be down in ten minutes."

Shinsou nodded and closed the door. He heard the boys marching down the corridor, loudly discussing some random topic he didn’t care enough about to try and listen. The only thought that bounced in his mind was what am I going to wear? Because for some odd reason, he felt that walking out in sweatpants and t-shirt wasn’t the best choice. Why? He didn’t know. Yet, he found himself throwing three pairs of jeans and five different shirts.

Deep in thoughts, Shinsou observed each cloth for at least half a minute. Why did his appearance was suddenly important to him? It wasn’t as if he had someone to impress, hadn't he? Still, he stood frozen in front of his bed, glaring at the cloths as if blaming them for all of the problems in the world.

Well, maybe not every problem, but every problem he had for sure. The time was running short and he had to make a decision.

Something that wouldn’t look overdone yet not the loose sweatpants and t-shirt that he spilled coffee on too many times for the stains to wash away. He grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, frowning. Honestly, he hadn’t wore them for over a year. Or more. If he didn’t mistake the last time he wore them was… I think before I have transferred to the hero course. Fuck, there’s no way they fit, what the fuck? Where they have been the whole time and how come I find them today?

A story that was going to die here.

Throwing the jeans away as nonchalantly as possible, he grabbed his other black jeans, his comfort clothing. They looked fine, even perfect for a casual squad meeting. Nodding to himself, Hitoshi stripped from his sweatpants and pulled them over his muscular legs as he observed his shirts.

Half a minute later, he had already settled on a plain white t-shirt, with a pocket on the left side of his chest. Above the pocket was drawn a fat cat that was staring at you with black spherical eyes, and as soon as he moved the pocket down - two paws appeared, showing a middle finger, on each. His favorite shirt, if you asked him.

Satisfied with his decision, the teen went on to put his punk, black bracelets, and a silver watch. As he pushed his feet into his indigo snickers, Shinsou ducked his phone, wallet and keys from the dorm room into his pockets - and then, he was ready to go.

The way to the common room took a few minutes at maximum. When he stepped in there, yellings from the kitchen caught his attention. Shinsou glanced there, hearing a sudden boom followed by a panicking Kirishima screaming: “Bakugo do fucking not!!!”; followed by hysterical laughter of Sero and Ashido.

His legs led him there as he was wondering wherever he should reconsider his life choices, but, it was too late.

“Um,” he let out as he entered the kitchen, noticing Jirou standing next to the door, fiddling with her phone indifferently. “What the fuck is happening?”

The next sign spread in front of his eyes: A very angry ash blond, slamming his steaming palms against the island table. You could see the smoke hoot out of his red ears, as from the other side of the poor island that did nothing to deserve being Bakugo’s punching bag - stood Kaminari, his eyes wide with joy as if he was a cat in his play-mood; and he was holding back laughter.

But in a position that was ready to sprint out of the kitchen at any moment. 

“I will fucking destroy you Dunce Face!!!” yelled Katsuki, darting across the kitchen as Denki dodged to the other side; both making a whole circle around before freezing again. They looked like five years old, playing cats vs. mouses.

“Jamming-whey spat a grape at Bakugo,” she drew casually.


“Blasty called him a brainless appendix,” explained Sero, his voice shaking from the laugher, as he was holding his stomach. By that point, he sounded like a choking seal rather than a laughing human.

“This man is fearless!” added Mina, gripping into Sero’s shoulder.

“No, he’s just dumb.”

Hitoshi narrowed his eyes.

“Wait, wait Bakubro!” Kaminari choked down a jest, “If ya gonna kill me anyway then at least let me do one last thing!”

“What the fuck do you want?!” roared Bakugo, puffing aggressively like a bull.

Kaminari’s hand reached out to grab something. Everyone fell silent, following the way his fingers wrapped around a small-sized orange. Shinsou parted his mouth to speak but Kirishima was faster. The red head stepped forward, terror washing over his face.


The orange whistled in the air and hit Bakugo’s cheek in a dull smack sound, as Kaminari vanished from of the kitchen.

How did Kaminari make it out alive was a mystery, but the better question was: How did the blond manage to hang like a koala from Bakugo’s shoulder without getting murdered?

The squad finally made it down the city, trailing behind an irritated ash blond being nudged by an amused blonde. “C’mon Kachan, stop pouting,” giggled Kaminari, poking his cheek playfully. Bakugo growled something as a response.

Shinsou looked aside, not interested in watching Kaminari smearing all over his friend. His gaze met Kirishima’s red eyes, who also didn’t look forward. Their gazes locked for a moment, and the similar feeling of not wanting to look at the two ahead of them bubbled in the air. Yet they kept quiet, not interrupting the two.

It wasn’t as if Shinsou also had what to say, because it was dumb. His guess was that Kirishima thought the same. But honestly, he didn’t really know. What if the red head was just observing his surrounding and Shinsou was being the only idiot?

“We’re here!” Mina suddenly exclaimed, dragging Jirou after her.

The boys followed the girls as they entered a burger bar, a cheap place with good food. Shinsou went there only once with Midoriya somewhere last year, but he remembered that he enjoyed the meal.

The teens settled in a big enough table. Somehow, he found himself between Kaminari (who squeezed first, claiming the wall) and Sero that just let him slide to the booth after Kaminari. The blonde beamed at him, and he again regretted his life choices. 

"Howdy, look at that!" Eijirou said, turning the menu for the rest to see. "They added a new meal and it's fucking huge!" 

Shinsou leaned in to read the said meal, noticing it had only 330 gram of meet alone. "Huge?" he quirked an eyebrow. The look Kirishima gave him made it clear that yes, it was considered huge. 

"Dude like, maybe I can finish the meet but with the fries, bread, topics and veggies? No fucking way." 

A smirk made it on Hitoshi's lips. "Is this a challenge?" 

"Dude," Kaminari snorted. "Kirishima is a bottomless pit. If he says it's huge, then it's huge."

"Nuh, you saw nothing."

"Do I sense a competition here?" peered Sero, grinning mischievously. 

"Maybe," shrugged Shinsou, making an innocent face as he read the components of the dish. Pork and beef cutlet, topped by egg and smoked goose breast cut into thin slices. Tomatoes, onions, pickles, the general vegetables. Puffed bun, I like that description. Snorted under his breath. Coming with a salad and their big sized fried potatoes plate. Sounds dreamy, I'm so ready to fucking eat. 

"Are we gonna do that?" Kirishima clapped his palms. 

"Dunno, are we?" 

"Guys don't throw up on me," Kaminari shrinked into the wall dramatically. 

Hitoshi didn't know what exactly happened to him, but the atmosphere spreading there made him feel eager for… He didn't know for what, just eager to loosen up at least for today. Also his grumbling stomach blurred his judgment. Even if he was going to regret it tomorrow, it was going to be future's Shinsou problem. 

"Ho shit," the red head looked rather excited as he rubbed his palms. "Bakugo, Sero, Kami, ya in?" 

"This is stupid." grumbled Bakugo. 

"Why not, sounds fun."

Kaminari's eyes went round. "What? No, I'll never finish that!" 

Shinsou glanced at him. " Weakling. " he had no idea what had gotten into him, and why did he only react to Kaminari, but the gasp the blonde made was priceless. 

"Nope, not gonna happen. I don't have spare money to waste on food I'm not going to finish."

"You worked for the whole spring break." Jirou rolled her eyes. 

It didn't seem as if anybody else notice, but Shinsou sensed a sudden uneasiness coming from Kaminari. "Yeah, but I can't waste it all now. Gotta split it throughout the year." 

"Hmm," Mina hummed, wiggling her eyebrows. "Or you just plan to buy more dildos, huh? You thirsty slut." 

Shinsou choked. Kaminari's cheeks exploded with blush. 

"I'm going to leave this table." threatened Bakugo, his face hinting on some redness too. Kirishima looked as if he was ready to jump out of the window. Sero snorted, Jirou didn't react. 

"Mina!!!" cried out Kaminari. 

Wait seriously? Shinsou stared at Kaminari, waiting for their eyes to lock. Both teens were silent, until suddenly Kaminari became even more red (was it even possible?) that it seemed his face was about to burst. 

"No! Don't listen to her! I hate you Mina!!!" he cried out, burying his face in his palms.

Mina laughed, a devilish kind of laugh which indicated that probably she, indeed, was teasing. But that was an interesting reaction to an interesting tease, he would keep that information in his mind for later. 

"Sorry sorry, love you babe."

Kaminari let out something that sounded like a cat that begged to be patted (or fed, depended on the cat), and then the waistres came to rescue Kaminari from the embarrassment, bless the soul of their savior. 

He glanced at Kirishima, as of asking for an approval - before they placed their orders. He took a deep breath, the last clear breath he was going to have until tomorrow morning. Most certainly.

"My stomach hurts, but it was definitely worth it!" 

Kirishima was practically beaming as they walked out of the restaurant. Sero nodded in agreement to the redhead's words, and Bakugo scowled. As usual. Shinsou honestly agreed, though he said nothing. He was just trailing slowly behind the three boys, Mina and Jirou. To his surprise, Kaminari was walking next to him, rubbing his stomach with discomfort; his brows knotted and lips pressed to each other. 

"I ate too fucking much," muttered. 

"You ate too much?" snorted Hitoshi. 

"Yeah!" whined, turning his head to look at the purple head, "Too much for me! I have a small stomach, what can I do." he puffed his cheeks. 

That gesture was… Kind of...?

Shinsou didn't want to acknowledge the word popping in his mind, thus he just shrugged. “As I said - a food waster.”

“Bottomless pit.”

“Didn’t you say that Kirishima is a bottomless pit?”

“It's your title from now on!” Kirishima’s voice was carried a few inches ahead of them, as he glanced back and smiled playfully at Shinsou. The purple head didn’t return the smile.

The laugh coming from Kaminari made his stomach twist. He swallowed down a lump of nerves, not understanding why did he want the blonde to keep on laughing forever. The twist turned into a knot, that slowly crawled up to his chest, releasing red strings there. And then, the betraying heart throbbed.

More correctly, it throbbed when the blonde stumbled and almost tripped over practically nothing . And if we look even deeper, we’d actually discover that it happened after Shinsou pitched his arms and grasped into Kaminari's bicep, stabilizing him. The sensation of bare skin under his palm was warm, and the moment their eyes met - Hitoshi felt as if everything sparkled for a moment.

“Ouch- thanks dude,” Kaminari shook off casually, smiling sheepishly.

“You’re talented.” blurted dumbly, letting go of his arm. What the fuck was that? His eyes stayed on Kaminari for a solid thirty seconds before he forced himself to tear his look apart, lips pursing in confusion.

Why was his heart pounding heavily in his chest? And it was hot. That is, it was almost June - of course it would be hot. But not that hot. Pulling at the collar of his shirt, Hitoshi swallowed, his mouth feeling dry. Was it a food coma? The thought was ridiculous and obviously a lie, but he prefered it instead of facing the hidden truth.

“Goddammit Kami, stop tripping over air!”

He snapped back to reality, noticing that the blonde was already a few inches ahead, being teasing by Sero and Ashido. Watching as the electric blonde pouted, holding back a smile, made his chest warm again. Placing a hand on his chest, Shinsou wrinkled his nose. This is so fucking weird.

“Are you alright?”

Kirishima’s voice echoed in his ears, making him turn his head to look at him. “Uh, yeah.”

The redhead beamed at him, “Okay.”


“Dunno, you looked…” his voice trailed off for a moment, “Confused? I would say. But maybe I was just imagining.” he rubbed the back of his neck, giggling sheepishly.

Crap. Hitoshi let his guard down. Fuck you, Kaminari. “Nuh, I’m good.” brushed it off, because he wasn’t going to share with Kirishima his line of thoughts and feeling and whatever that weird emotion was.

Suddenly, he noticed how Bakugo smacked Kaminari’s head. The blonde winced and threw his arms to the air, exclaiming loudly. “What was that for?!”

“For you idiotism.”

Frowning, Shinsou watched the way Denki shoved Katsuki’s shoulders, and then vice versa. Soon enough Bakugo was yelling at him empty threats as Kaminari loudly laughed and poked his sides, making the ash blonde jolt and squirm. The sequence of feeling blooming in his chest was weird, and he found himself once again looking away, not wanting to face both of them having fun with each other.

The interesting thing, however, was the look Kirishima had in his eyes when he noticed it too. Shinsou didn’t miss how his shoulders suddenly tensed; the shuddering breath leaving his throat, and the way his crimson eyes twitched. Unable to tag a name to that look, Shinsou couldn’t help but wonder if he looked the same.

The atmosphere around them became heavy, as they trailed behind the loud squad members in front of them. Violet eyes continued to explore the redhead, yet he kept quiet. For some reason, he thought that exactly what was bothering him, was nudging Kirishima’s mind too. But of course, he couldn’t say for sure. After all, it was odd, really.

“Hi, Shinsou, Kiri!” called Kaminari, turning to look at the gloomy teens. “What are you doing back there? C’mere!” the rest of the squad turned to look at them, shooting them wide smiles.

Bakugo also looked at Kirishima, just barely eyeing Shinsou. Not that he cared. He was too busy being imprisoned by the gold eyes digging holes in his own.

And his heart throbbed again.


Chapter Text

The time was nearing 3 am when his phone rang. 

Kaminari turned over in his bed, shooting his arm and taking the device. Gold eyes were forced to be open, as he narrowed them, blinded by the luminance of the screen for a moment. Ugh, he squinted, taking his time to adjusted to the strong light. Finally, he was able to read who was the insane idiot to call him this late. 

But the thought was regretted the moment he read the name of the contact. 

Hastingly, Kaminari slid his finger to answer, pressing the device to his ear. "Kari?" let out, forcing himself to sit; otherwise, he would fall asleep. 

" Hi, s-sorry to call you this late." a shaky voice of a girl echoed in his head. 

"'s alright," reassured, sitting on his bed and rubbing his eyes with his free hand. "You okay?" 

"Not really…" 

Denki frowned. "Something happened?" 

"No, I mean - nothing abnormal." she whispered, but he could hear her voice shaking. He sat quietly, not moving for a solid minute, waiting for her to continue. "Dad scares me," finally squeezed out of herself. 

“What did this fucker do?”

Hikari whimpered from the other side. It made Kaminari jump on his feet, fully awake, his eyes narrowed in sudden rage that blossomed in him. 


"Sorry I just- just wanted to hear your voice." she sniffed, coughing. Kaminari forced in a few breaths, before he made his way to the closet. Taking out a random pair of sweats and a t shirt, he waited for his sister to continue. “He slapped me again today, because- because I had an episode.”

“What a fucking maniac,” he hissed, putting the phone on a spiker as he began dressing up hurriedly, “Do you want me to take you to a ride?”


A smirk was formed on his lips, “Yeah.”

“But there’s school tomorrow, I don’t want you to-”

“School can kiss my ass. My sister’s mental health is more important than any U.A or whatever.” finishing dressing up, Kaminari turned to grab his wallet, keys, and a cable to charge himself. Driving when he was half asleep was dangerous. His eyes searched for his mobile power supply, but he couldn’t spot it in the total mess taking over his room. Screw it. Deciding that he had no time for that, Denki made a mental note to stop and grab an energy drink from the kitchen on his way out.

A soft chuckled came out from over the line. “It’s not like your sister has a great mental health to begin with, but I appreciate the effort anyway.”

“I’ll be there in thirty minutes if I can grab Sero’s car. If not, then I’ll text you the moment I’ll take the train and you snitch the old man’s keys.”

“Yeah, I’m waiting.”

“And don’t cry. You’re pretty when you cry, but even prettier when you’re smiling.” noted, exiting the room with a little smile on his lips. He barely managed to keep his voice low or to continue the facade he put for his sister. Honestly, the only thing he wanted to do was to scream his lungs out and electrocute something.

“Don’t flirt with your sister, that's gross.”

Kaminari laughed, a bit forcefully, "Sorry sorry, be there in a few." said, and then ended the call. 

The moment he slid his device to his pocket, his expression darkened, anger bubbling uncontrollably in his chest. That homicidal maniac… Greeting his teeth, the blonde crawled through the dark corridors as he reached Sero’s room, which was one floor beneath his.

On the one hand, he felt bed waking him up, but on the other - his sister needed him. Knocking loudly but not enough to wake to whole floor, he stepped back. When no response came, he took a deep breath, waited a moment for his voice to stabilize and called his friend. The ringing was heard through the closed door, and after a few short seconds, he heard shifting in the room.

“Hello?” mumbled sleepily the other teen.

“Yo, bro, it’s me. I’m standing at your door and I really need the car.”

A moment of silence.

Then, he heard heavy trudging in the room, the door swung open and Sero appeared in front of him - towering above the blonde and looking mad, sleepy and tired. “What the fuck?” he blurted, hanging off. “Kaminari, it’s three fucking am! Go to sleep-”

“It’s an emergency,” Denki cut him, opening his big, round puppy eyes. No one (expect for Bakugo, maybe) had succeeded on refusing to him when he made this look. “Please.”

Sero growled dramatically, shuffling back into his room. A tingling set of keys was thrown at him from the darkness, only his reflex helped him to actually catch it before it stubbed his eye out. “Be back by seven and my car is better be alive. It’s parked on the usual place.”

“Thanks man, you’re the best!” beamed, forcing a wide smile. Sero flipped him off and slammed his door shut.

One of the best qualities in Sero were that he had never asked unnecessary questions. It wasn’t the first time Kaminari broke into his room this late and asked for the car, which led the raven head to simply giving it to him without asking where he headed or why. On the next day they never acknowledge it, Kaminari only made sure to return the keys - and that was it. He was glad, because explaining everything would be… Harsh.

Kaminari stood there for a long moment, before he tucked the keys into the pocket of his pants and marched down to the common room. He peered there, noticing the lights were off.

It was good, he could actually sneak out without anyone questioning him. Still, he kept his steps as quiet as cats’, but fast enough for the whole process of taking an energy drink from the fridge to last no more than five minutes.

Before walking out to the common room he made sure that no one was there, waiting a moment or two and only listening. 


Letting out a breath of relief he didn’t know he was holding, Kaminari rushed out of the building, unaware of the pair of violet eyes piercing his back.

Thirty minutes later, he pulled at an empty parking lot near a building complex.

Effortlessly, he spotted a teenage, short girl rushing toward the car. Her hair was long, blonde, with a familiar lightning bolt, and messy on her head; eyes red and swollen. They were actually blue, the same color as their mother’s eyes, resembling two deep oceans of pain and sorrow. She wore a pink shirt, that was once his - he wore it to a pride parade on his ninth grade and it still was filled with remaining of glitters and colors. On her thin legs were black leggings, and she held a cup of something in her hands.

It was a medium sized cup, a part of a birthday present he bought her when she celebrated her twelfth birthday. There were cute pikachu prints on it, and it was in the perfect size for her. She was using it for two years by now, and he couldn’t be happier.

“Hi,” he turned to her as she crawled into the car, closing the door. “You didn’t wake them up, did you?”

“N-no,” let out shakily, strapping the seat belt. Her shoulders were cramped and her face slightly pale, and she looked frightened even though she knew she was in a safe place. Or at least he hoped.

“C’mere,” murmured,  leaning on to hug her tightly. Without a problem she gave in, burying her face into his shoulder. “You’re safe,” whispered, rubbing soothing circles in her back.

“I know,” she choked on her words, curling in the smallest ball she could in his strong, protective arms. “D-depression is a bitch.”

“Yeah,” chuckled bitterly.

They sat in silence for a long moment, before she pulled away from the hug and smeared on the sit. He patted her head lovingly, taking in the petite, fragile frame of his younger sister. It was genetics in their family, to be so small and thin, but at least it suited her.

Kaminari pressed the gas pedal and the car rolled down the street. It was quiet on peaceful on those late hours - they streets were empty, just a few idiots like them who couldn’t sleep appeared in their sight from time to time. It didn’t look dead, per se, but lonely and comforting in an odd way. But perhaps it was because it was also warm, not too hot.

He sipped from his energy drink, and she drank her hot chocolate (judging by the smell), none of them really talking. They liked the silence they could share when they were alone. Usually, he felt the need to talk and fill it by endless chatter, because otherwise people would question what happened to the loud and cheerful Denki - but with her, he could be himself. And the true Denki, did enjoy some silence.

One day, he hoped to find someone else to fill his need, someone who would love every side of him.

“So,” for his surprise, she was the one to break the comfortable silence. It was alright, he liked to talk with her as much as sit and do nothing. “Your birthday is like, in a month and a half.”

“Hm? Yeah,” he glanced at her, keeping one eye on the road, “Why are you bringing it up?”

“Wondered if you’ll come home to celebrate it. I wasn’t with you on you birthdays since you went to U.A.” she huffed, “I miss celebrate it with grandma. The three of us, eating a cake, singing songs, doing stuff…”

His chest tightened as she spoke. It was true - since he was eleven, they would celebrate it together with their grandmother. Everything it was something different for each of their birthdays: one year she took them to a theme park, on the other time to the planetarium. Hikari was born in the winter, thus they would go to a skate park, or ski; snowboarding; she even took them to an ice-circus on his sister’s ninth birthday.

Since he entered U.A, he hadn’t have the ability to come home to celebrate his birthday. Both addressed home as their grandmother’s house, because where their parents lived wasn’t a place both of the dared to call home.

Luckily, Hikari’s birthday was during winter break, thus at least that they still celebrated together.

“I’ll try this year, but can’t promise anything.” muttered, feeling like an asshole.

“Mhm,” hummed softly, sipping again.

Sensing that she was desperate for a distraction from her burdening thoughts, Kaminari flipped his mind over random, easy topic for a light conversation at almost four am. “How’s school?”

“Fine, I guess.” shrugged.

“The kids are nice?”

“Den, I’m not a little girl.”

“Yeah, but you’ll always be my little cute sister!” pouted, noticing the small smile curling on her pale lips. “Plus, I need to know if there’s an asshole I should kick. Y’know, for science purposes only.”

Hikari snorted. “Nuh, the new school is really nice. There’re a lot of kids with similar conditions as mine, so I kinda feel… Understood, I think.” the struggle to put it into words was written all over her face, but he didn’t push her.

“That’s good,” he let his hand grab her tiny palm, squeezing it warmly. “And the meds?”

“They are working, I feel more lightheaded throughout the day.”

“Did you start reading the book I bought you?”

“Already in chapter six,” finally she looked at him, smiling adorably. “I really like Luxa! She’s a real badass.”

“Really?” he snickered, “I thought she was a bitch until like, the end of the first book.”

“Well yeah, a bit, but still.” giggled Hikari. She already sounded better, and that made him glad he had decided to sneak up out despite the curfew. “Who did you like the most?”

Kaminari hummed, “It’ll be spoilers so I’ll tell you after you finish reading it. Or, you can try guess it yourself, but I won’t tell you until you’ll finish.” he grinned.

The smack on his shoulder was fair. “Is this a challenge?”


“What do I get if I guess it right?”

Taking a moment to think about it, Denki tilted his head, tuning on a road that led to the suburbs of the city. It was calming to roll there at nights, because the houses were pretty, it was green and lively despite the night realm, and empty from living, disturbing souls.

“Whatever you’ll want.” said in the end, squeezing her hand once again. There was no answer, but when he glanced to look at her, he noticed that she placed her head back and smiled, while her eyes watched the road. It meant that she was finally in peace, and he succeeded in soothing her turmoil of anxiety. At least for a little bit.

“Can I snap you to my story?” she suddenly asked, shifting in her place and unlocking her screen.

Snorting, Denki let go of her warm hand and took the can, sipping before answering, “Sure. Show off to your friends what a lovely, handsome big brother you have. Taking you to rides at four fucking am.”

“Shut up,” she elbowed him but laughed, turning the camera to him. Posing a bit, Kaminari gripped his fingers harder at the steering wheel, couldn’t help himself but to smile.

However, one, single sperm of pure rage remained planted in his chest; refusing to remove its heavy weight from his throbbing heart.

Dying in the common room was inevitable.

Denki smeared on the couch with his eyelashes weighing down more and more as time passed; one leg placed on the back of he couch and the other hanging down to the floor. His shirt rode up, exposing his stomach, and he held a notebook open, trying to read. It was Todoroki’s notebook, that was way better than his, with neat notes and well, actually, text in there. Not just silly doodles and random scenarios he thought from time to time.

Perhaps, he would take a note for Todoroki’s book how to study.

“Kaminari,” fingers tapped on his palm. He lifted his eyes lazily, facing the other teen that was sitting on the other side of the couch, in front of open book and notebooks. “You can’t really study when you’re like that.”

“Like what?” grumbled the blonde.

Todoroki sighed, “You’re going to fall asleep any moment, aren’t you?”

There was no sense in denying that, thus he nodded and forced himself to sit. The only reason why he wasn’t napping at the moment was because Todoroki shoved the textbook in his face almost an hour ago, forcing him to go over the material he missed because he slept through the class. On one hand, he was grateful the the teen actually cared for his grades; on the other hand - he was dying .

The night he spent with his sister was biting at his ass badly. As promised, by seven he showed up in the door of Sero’s room and returned the keys, promising that the car was alive. Then, he went straight to prepare for a school day, even though he was dead tired. Charging himself helped him to survive the first four periods (which was good, because it was hero trainings), but after that he dozed off, until on the last period he fell asleep (and got yelled by Present Mic for that).

Luckily, it didn’t seem that the teachers noticed his was absent, or else he would get in trouble. Sero also didn’t question him, as always, and the others thought he stayed the whole night playing video games. Which he was fine with, really.

But then, Todoroki approached him. The only one in the class who knew .

It happened by accident. When Kaminari pinned after him desperately, one of his tactics were to invite the half and half teen to study sessions. It worked magically well, he found himself being actually tutored by Todoroki who appeared to be a very nice tutor, and they got closer. Yet, instead of reaching the goal of maybe dating Shoto, they turned to friends - which was fine with Denki. He also got to the conclusion that he didn’t want Todoroki as a partner, so it was a win-win situation for everyone.

Expect, that one time when he received a phone call from his sister during a study session.

Kaminari had a habit to not check out who called him, thus he just slid to answer. It turned that Hikari called him in the middle of an anxiety attack and he sprinted out of the room to calm her down. Obviously, leaving Todoroki there alone and confused.

When he got back a few hours later, he forgot about that and wanted to continue his day as usual - but no. Out of all people, Shoto approached him and demanded explanations. For a few weeks Kaminari dodged it, not very successfully, and then Todoroki encountered him without giving him an escaping route.

Thus, Kaminari found himself telling him about Hikari. About her severe depression, anxiety, that she was born quirkless and bullied - which caused for her mental illness to increase when she was thirteen. He told everything in a way that it sounded as if that was the whole issues.

Meaning, it explained the small incidence in their study session, which was alright.

Making Todoroki swear to not tell about it to nobody was the easy part, and he was glad that the teen kept his mouth shut.

After some time, Denki also revealed Shoto about the night rides he sometimes took Hikari to after he finally got his driving license. It seemed that Shoto was touched by his story, because since than everytime Kaminari fell asleep during lessons because of that - Todoroki was there to help him to catch up with the materials. It made his chest warm every time. Never had he ever imagined this kind of relationship with Todoroki.

The teen was really progressing to the better side.

“Yeah,” huffed the blonde, rubbing his eyes. “You know, the usual shit.”

Todoroki nodded, his eyes showing little glimpses of sympathy. “Guess there’s no point in pushing it, then. Go to sleep. I’ll meet with you tomorrow so we can catch up on everything.”

Denki shot him a warm smile, as he pulled himself into a standing position. “Thanks dude, I appreciate it.” he really did.

Without sparing another time-wasting words, Denki gathered his stuff and shuffled out of the common room. He yawned, rubbing with his free hand his muscular stomach, already thinking about how soft and inviting his bed was. Damn, I really need some fucking sleep. He snorted to himself, turning to the elevator-

And then crashing into someone.

“Ouch-”  he stumbled back, gripping into his stuff before it fell from his hands. Lifting his gaze up, he noticed a pair of violet eyes, blinking. “Shinsou!” called happily, straining in his place. “Sorry I’m so fucking tired, I should watch my way.”

“Ah, ‘s alright.” mumbled the purple head, tugging at his nape. Kaminari noticed he was doing it a lot more lately. “Where have you been?”

Denki cocked his head. “In the common room with Todoroki, why?”

“No that’s not- wait, with Todoroki?” something in Shinsou’s expression suddenly shifted. Confusion took over Denki as he nodded slowly. “What were you two doing together?”

“Um, studying?” offered awkwardly. Silence spread between them. Kaminari cocked his head, wearing on a nervous smile, shifting in his place. “Dude, are you alright?”

It seemed to snap Shinsou from whatever trance he was, as he shook his head. “Yes,” blurted, suddenly stepping forward. Was that hint of redness on his cheeks, or did Kaminari was so tired that he started imagining things? Anyhow, he felt Shinsou’s shoulder bumping into him and he stumbled to the side, as the other teen trudged rapidly down the corridor, leaving Kaminari puzzled behind him.

Okay, then. Furrowing his eyebrows, Kaminari let out a shrug to no one, rocking on his heels to continue his way to the elevator. 

Shinsou can be weird, Jesus Christ.

Chapter Text

Aizawa whistled loudly: the sound rolled like a thunder in the sports hall. 

"Attention," demanded the man, as the talking ceased and a circle of teenagers gathered around the tired man. Near him stood Vlad King; class 3-B behind his back. "Today we decided to hold a few games, class A mixed with class B, to bring you all a bit together." 

"Alright!" beamed Kirishima from behind Shinsou's back. A few more students cheered. 

"We'll be playing Dodgeville," instructed Vlad King, his mighty voice booming in the hall. "We will form you into four teams, ten students in each. We'll hold two matches, and then the two groups that won will play one against the other."

"Be ready to eat dust class A!" someone screamed from behind Vlad King's back. Not surprisingly, it was Monona. Shinsou had to take a deep breath. 

"Shut the fuck up copy cat!" roared Bakugo. 

Cats are cute, unlike him. Scoffed Shinsou. 

"I'll now announce your teams," Aizawa cleared his throat, and began reading names. Shinsou was only half listening, noticing the excitement from the students that were teamed up together. His eyes rolled through the smiling faces until it landed on Kaminari, who was bouncing from feet to feet and eagerly chatting with Yaoyorozu, Jirou and two other girls from 3-B.

Womanizer. Snorted, not even noticing how his eyes slipped to look a little bit more down than what they should have. After all, how could he miss the way Kaminari's shirt folded up neatly above his round ass, that was on a full display?  For someone so skinny and petite, he sure had the type 2 ass. 

There were two types of people in the world. Type 1, Those who had average to flat ass, and the moment they wore sweatpants they could say their goodbyes to it because the pants covered or flattened it completely (I'm not crying, you are) ; or the lucky bastards, type 2, such as Kaminari freaking Denki that sweatpants tried desperately to over glorify his already amazing ass-


The fuck. 

Did I just-


Blush slammed his face like a track crashing into a wall. He turned so sharply that the world span for a moment. Not noticing where he was going, he felt himself bumping into someone and almost tripping over his feet. 

"Dude we're on the same team!" 

It took him a moment to adjust and he met a pair of red, beaming eyes, that dug holes in his head. Choking on his own saliva, Shinsou nodded dumbly, still unable to focus. Kirishima quirked an eyebrow. 

"You cool?" 


"Are you sure? You're really red-" a cold palm was pressed against his forehead. Shinsou darted back, like a cat, eyes rounding for a moment. 

"I'm. Alright." squeaked, trying to get a hold of himself. Kirishima blinked and then shrugged, smiling again. Glancing to the side, Hitoshi forced in a breath, his eyes suddenly meeting a pair of gold eyes. 

Their gazes locked. Shinsou stared at Kaminari who cocked his head, stepping toward to him and opening his mouth to speak - when suddenly Hitoshi's body moved on its own and he aggressively flipped the blonde off. Ah- why did I-

Too late: Denki was already gasping dramatically and slamming his palm against his chest as if he was shot there. "Again?!" 

"Shut up!" 

Kirishima, still standing on his side, burst out laughing. "The fuck?" he choked out, placing a palm on the purple head's shoulder, "You two are the most fucking amazing duo ever!" snorted, holding onto his stomach. 

"Kiri! Don't laugh when he flips me off!" whined Denki, pouting expressively. As to emphasize how betrayed he was. 

"Sorry I'm just- fuck!" his laughter rolled in the hall, but it was so loud that it was muffled completely by the rest of the eager talking. Shinsou rolled his eyes, trying to swallow down his embarrassment, as his eyes averted to the side. 

And met a pair of crimson eyes, digging holes in his soul. 

He stared at Bakugo that scowled at him a few inches away, and then slowly shifted from Kirishima who already forgot about him and went to do whatever with Kaminari. Violet eyes battled crimson for a painfully long moment, before the teachers whistled again. 

"Come on kids! Team 1 versus team 2. The rest, go sit on the bench and watch. Hurry up!"

The time flew by fast.

He was in team 1 with Kirishima, Midoriya, Tetsutetsu, Kendo, Monoma (goddammit), Awase, Yaoyorozu, Midoriya and Shiozaki. They were, indeed, a strong team and won the first match easily. He actually enjoyed it, especially when he could throw the ball as strong and hard as he wanted to at anybody without them starting to cry that it hurt (cursed days of middle school). 

The second match was the other two teams, but he barely paid attention to the game itself. It felt as if the only thing he was aware of was Denki's moves: how fast he ran and dodged the ball. His blows were potent, he managed to hit two from the rival team. It was as if he was flying on the field. His eyes sparkled with joy, pupils small and mouth tugged into a joyous smirk.

Shinsou didn't like the heat washing over his body each time Kaminari smiled widely or cheered. 

He also didn't like the heaviness in his chest each time Kaminari patted Todoroki's or Bakugo's shoulder. 

What the fuck is wrong with me? Burying his head between his palms, Shinsou let out a shaky breath. He would have stuck sitting like that forever, if it wasn't for Kirishima to come and jerk his slouching frame. 

"Dude. We're against Bakugo's team, they won!" he beamed excitedly, yet Shinsou felt that a building smashed him. 

How on earth was he supposed to concentrate on the game when Kaminari distracted him by breathing? It was terrible. Maybe he should slam his skull against the wall and die. Sounds nice, very nice. 

"Coming," growled instead, standing up heavily. 

The other team was given a moment to rest while they got ready. He glanced at his teammates, noticing that Todoroki and Uraraka were speaking to Midoriya and Yaoyorozu. Decided to approach his squad, Shinsou tried to calm down his heart that was beating rapidly in his chest like he ran three marathons, with no goddamn reason. 

"I’m so excited to win, Deku!" called Uraraka eagerly, he could see the flames of determination around her. The smile Izuku shot at her was warm, as he laughed and patted her shoulder friendly.

"Nuh, more like you're excited for us to win." Shinsou smirked. Yeah, like that. Just don't think about him. 

"It’s not a competition!" protested Midoriya, jabbing the air with his finger.  “Let’s have fun, guys!” said, bumping the purple head’s shoulder with his fist. Shinsou paid attention to the fact that his stomach didn't bubble when Midoriya did that.  

“Yeah,” nodded Yaoyorozu, almost glowing from joy. It indeed was fun, he liked when their teachers did those kind of P.E classes, not that he was going to ever admit it.

When the teachers gave the sign, they all gathered on the playing field, both teams were ready with fire in the eyes. Shinsou cracked his neck, his eyes somehow landing on Kaminari’s again. Was it some sort of a curse? Goddammit .

The blonde smirked, placing his elbows on Bakugo’s and Todoroki’s shoulders, as both of them were stretching before the game. When he looked at the overall picture, it looked like a photo taken for a sports magazine, where they were the three leading models.

“We’re gonna win!” exclaimed the blonde, turning his thumbs down as he mocked Shinsou’s team teasingly, raising an eyebrow, smirking; and oh- what was that thing kicking him right in his heart?

“We’re gonna see about that,” let out, shooting him the best grin he could master. He was feeling so weird, why was it happening only near Kaminari? Now it was just… Creepy. He felt like a creep for no reason, but found it so hard to look away from those gold oceans. Was this how they felt during the Gold Rush?

Shinsou forced his mind to concentrate on his surroundings instead. 

On the other team, expect of the three, were five nameless students from 3-B (he simply didn't remember their names), Uraraka and Mina. This was going to be a huge disaster, he could see it before it even started. Midoriya’s remark about it not being a competition wasn’t going to be acknowledged by neither of the sides.

Aizawa stood in the middle of the field. He waited for the students to settle down for a moment, and then, threw the ball up. On the exact same moment, Hitoshi jumped, holding out his arm. Todoroki too, but Shinsou managed to do the first hit and pushed the ball as strongly as he could to the other side of their half if the field.

It hit Mina right in the shoulder, though Kaminari was there - at the speed of a lightning, and grabbed the ball a moment before it bumped into the floor. Cursing under his breath, Hitoshi landed on his feet and sprinted back, as Kaminari’s arm cut the air in a sharp movement and the ball was sent flying right into Midoriya’s stomach.

The green head caught it with a loud thud and tossed to Yaoyorozu, that aimed to Todoroki. The half and half bastard caught it nonchalantly, exploding the ball right into Shiozaki that was the closest to him. The girl received the hit yet didn’t catch, cursing under her breath. She was out.

“Alright!” Kaminari high fived Todoroki.

“Argh, c’mon guys!” cheered Kirishima for his team to not lose their spirit.

The ball was blasted from side to side, making loud smacking noises as it hit the floor; and from time to time the aimed students. Everyone was determined to win, to do their best, and moved so fast on the track that it was hard to concentrate on one of them.

Fifthteen minutes passed by the blink of an eye.

Before Shinsou noticed it, half of his team was moped out of the field, standing now around the other half and tossing the ball; trying to hit their targets. However, on the other team, the only who stayed were Bakugo and Kaminari. Smirking, because the victory was already knocking on the door, Shinsou licked his lips and caught the ball.

Throwing it at Bakugo, he tried to land a hit on the blonde - but missed. The ball bumped harshly into the wall and was sent back flying. Kirishima tried to catch it but didn’t; which caused Todoroki that was standing out of the field to pick it up.

A shower of aggressive balls begin firing to the five of his team, which caused that three minutes later - Shinsou found himself alone. But hey, at least, his team managed to slam the ball right into Bakugo’s stomach and he was out too. After almost murdering Izuku because he was the one to do it. Rest in peace, Midoriya.

Realizing it was only he and Kaminari as he grasped into the ball, his eyes narrowed, searching for the best option to aim at the blonde.

It was similar to shooting, like he did on his gun course. He was there almost a month by now, and felt that his aiming was really good. Though, Kaminari was a shooter himself, which meant that he was a decent opponent against Shinsou. And that, if he didn’t consider his ridiculous reflexes and responsiveness.

Fuck, this is harder than I thought.

Tossing the ball to Midoriya was the right decision. Kaminari didn’t made it in time to catch the ball in mid air as he intended to, and ended up too close to Midoriya. Backing away immediately as sudden panic was written all over his face, Denki let out a breath. Midoriya swung his arm and blasted the ball, right into his midsection - and the blonde just…

“How the fuck?!” someone yelled as Kaminari arched his back and the ball simply swooped over his head.

Denki fell on his knees and jumped a moment later, shooting a mischievous grin at a puzzled Midoriya. “Sorry sweety, not today!”

After that, Hitoshi had a hard time telling what exactly happened. His teammates that were occupying the blonde started to fire him with the ball like he was a fox escaping hunters. And he dodged every single one of them. But then, when Yaoyorozu tossed the ball, Denki suddenly caught it and turned.

Shinsou backed away immediately, eyes following the ball as Kaminari jabbed with it the air. It whistled and collided with Bakugo’s palm, who didn’t hesitate to smash it forward. Hitoshi couldn’t dodge that, it was all happening to fast-

Thus, the ball clashed into his thigh and fell to the floor, rolling there nonchalantly.

“We won!!!” called Denki, spreading his arms into the air and practically beaming so brightly that the sun could burst and he would still shine brighter. His whole team cheered as Bakugo screamed something about death or murder, or both. Shinsou’s team wasn’t late to gather around him; patting his shoulders and telling him he did good.

There was no need to comfort him, really. Plus their touching made him uncomfortable.

For some reason, instead of being disappointed with the loss, his eyes were planted on Kaminari, that sparkled with joy and laughed with his teammates, wiping sweat from his forehead. His pigtail bounced with his moves and body wriggled with the vibrations of his laugh.

Sudden fear gripped into him as he swallowed down a lump of nerves, as it became hot and cold on the same time. Sweaty palms wiped his sweat from his forehead and he nodded dumbly at the waves of words thrown at him, his thoughts swirling in his mind like a hurricane. He found that he didn’t care about the game anymore.

He didn’t care about nothing, expect from the fact that he was hot, bothered, and his chest tight. Eyes unable to leave Denki's frame, he found himself wishing that the blonde's laugh and smiles were directed to him only and-

And that was vexing.

What the fuck is happening to me?

Clashing sounds of bullets hitting their targets echoed throughout the place.

Shinsou lifted the Rifle in his hands and replaced the stack of bullets in a few seconds, then placed the long-rage weapon and began firing again. His body jerked each time he pressed the trigger, eyes narrowed and covered by a pair of protecting glasses. After shooting all of them, he glanced to check what did he hit this time, smirking in satisfaction.

“Good job, Shinsou.” commented Sniper, as he bypassed the students that took the course with Shinsou.

They weren’t a huge group, ten at maximum. Most of them were students he didn’t remember their names. Yet, for his surprise (and dismay) - Monoma was there too.

Shinsou decided to take this course after Aizawa suggested that with quirk like his, Shinsou better have a back up plan and skills if his opponent knew about his quirk, or something else went wrong. For example: someone would punch his throat. It happened once, last year, with Kirishima. And did that hurt for the whole week. 

Imaging himself running in the streets with a gun, or firing like a real sniper from some high building, made him more excited than he had ever thought.

Though, he always liked shooting games.

At first, he almost gave his other parent a heart attack when he and Aizawa announced to him that he was going to take the course and get a license to hold a cold weapon. After arguing over the whole spring break, they all agreed that indeed it could be useful for him in the future, and let him do it.

Not that he planned on listening to anyone rather than himself, whatever the answer was. Shinsou was a determined man after all. And forging signatures wasn't that hard.

Up until now, it was going smoothly to him. Sniper said he had a lot of potential and sharp eyes, which caused Shinsou to almost bounce in flurry. But he had a reputation to keep, thus he kept it locked inside. The astonished eyes of his classmates when they heard about it also made him croon proudly. After all, he always felt like he was trailing behind.

And now, he finally had something that surpassed the rest! Kind of.

However, the only drawback was the competition Monoma tried to set up with him every time. Back then, on the joint training, he didn’t get a solid opinion about him. Maybe annoying. Then, with Eri and everything revolving around it, he found himself tolerating him more or less. But now?


Shinsou was too close to kick him in the ribs.

Each few minutes he made a comment about class B being better than A. When Hitoshi missed, he would mock him that: “Aren’t class A supposed to be better?!” or some other bullshit from the manner. The blonde always made sure to point out when he hit more targets than the purple head.

It started to be nerve-wrecking.

Especially, when he had so much food for thoughts to chew and digest. You'd ask, what? Well, for example - today’s gym class. Or Kaminari's absence from a few days ago, when he just went somehow at three am and returned only by the following morning. 

Shinsou couldn't help but to not feel chills run down his spine each time he thought of Todoroki, after finding out the two were occasionally studying together. It wasn't something against Todoroki as Todoroki, they were peers from the same squad after all, but suddenly he had the urge to punch him in the face. 


Over all, he had so much stuff to think over, but Monoma wouldn't shut his loud ass mouth.

“After your pathetic defeat I didn’t expect you to hit so many targets,” remarked, taking off his glasses.

“Whatever.” grimaced Shinsou, too concentrated on his now moving trager. He took a deep breath, licking his lips.

“How the fuck did you miss the ball, though?” asked the blonde, shuffling to stand behind Hitoshi’s booth. “Ooo there’s no way ya hitting it-”

Hitoshi fired, aiming to the middle and hitting right there. Glaring annoyingly at Monoma, he clicked his tongue. “I was distracted.”

“By what?” scoffed.

“None of your fucking business.”

“Oh?” Monoma quirked his eyebrows, a sly smirk averting on his lips. “Someone is mad.”

“Yeah, cause you’re annoying.” said, taking off his glasses too. He shook his head, cracking his back after standing crouched for the last half an hour straight. Actually two hours, but he did take breaks, as Sniper insisted. 

It whined in pain and he tugged at his nape, massaging it too. Admittedly, he enjoyed all of this, but standing bent for so long couldn't be good for his spine.

“Nuh-uh,” the blonde shook his head.

“We’re done for today, you all did a good job. Place the weapons in the usual spot and get lost.” Sniper’s voice was carried by the air, just barely heard with all of the shooting echoing around him.

Obeying their teacher’s words, Hitoshi carefully hung the long rifle on the wall and crackled his stiff fingers. After getting rid of the gloves and ducking them into the pocket of his cargo pants, he clenched his palms to fists and then loosened, repeating the actions until he could feel his numb fingers again.

Then, he begun shuffling tiredly out of the hole. Shinsou grabbed his backpack, sighing heavily. He was hungry, stinky and his head hurt from the booming and bursting he had to listen to in the past two hours. The only thing he wanted was to curl up in a ball in a dark spot in his room, but the moment he exited the building - he noticed that Monoma was on his tale, understanding that he wasn’t going to get his rest, food and shower soon.

“What's your deal?” asked in restrain, trying to not sound as irritated as he really felt.

“Ever since you’re in the hero course we haven’t the chance to really talk,” shrugged the blonde, “And you’re cool, y’know. Thought we can hang out after the course sometime?”


Monoma smirked, hopping his arm around Shinsou’s shoulders. He was stinky as much as the purple head was, and that wasn’t to his liking. Wrinkling his nose, Shinsou glared at him.

“So, distracted, huh?”

“Fucking Christ, can you drop it? It’s just a stupid game.”

“No no, my fellow course-mate, this isn’t about it.” Monoma leaned on him, making Shinsou utterly uncomfortable. He hated when people touched him like that, thus he pushed him forcefully away - but he seemed to glue himself harder. “Your eyes were all over Kaminari the whole time, there was no way you could actually miss the timing he threw the ball. Unless…?”

At that, Hitoshi's heart stuttered. He fought the blush threatening to cover his pale cheeks, feeling as if Monona was biting right through him. It was a horrible feeling, he found himself panicking before he could stop dead in his wheels and actually think. 

"Unless what?" 


Monona froze. 

Shit. Not really meaning to activate his quirk, Hitoshi chewed nervously at his lower lip, escaping Monoma's grip. "Go to your room. Wake up there." blurted monotonically, robotically even, and turned to trudge to the dorms of class 3-A.

Throwing himself on his bed, Hitoshi turned on his back and covered his face. 

The hem of his pants was getting tighter near in between his legs; as weird heat spread all over his body. His palm cupped his vibrating member, cheeks flushed with bright crimson shades, eyes narrowed into two slots of panic and greith. 

This is getting out of control. 

Speaking truthfully, Shinsou never found himself reacting like that to his own train of thoughts. All his life, he was too busy thinking that people were afraid of him and his quirk; trying to escape from discrimination and to somehow fit in. Eventually, it lead him to think that he wasn't going to get no one's attention, thus he had never experienced this kind of thoughts. 

But he didn't want to address those thoughts. If he did, then it would mean it was official. He wasn't ready for that. He wanted to deny it until his last breath. 

Yet, the aching, throbbing, betraying dick in his pants had his own plans. 

Was it normal? 

When he got out of the shower earlier, he noticed a few notifications in the group chat Kaminari added him a few days ago, of the Bakusquad. He entered it, only to see some conversations he wasn't really interested in. Anyway, he was about to go to munch on something. 

When suddenly, a picture of Kaminari and Kirishima in the gym popped there. 

He found himself simply unable to not look. Kirishima was taking a selfie, shirtless, but that didn't bother him at the least. What did made him all hot and sweaty was the fact that in the background, was a clear image of Kaminari doing squats. 

The blonde was wearing shorts and a tight tank top that didn't hesitate to show off his delicate muscles. His legs were strained from the effort. Round, cute ass was on full display. He wasn't even looking at the camera, eyes glued to something out of the picture's range, yet he was smirking at whatever. 

Strong arms held two weights, keeping them in ninety degrees above his knees. The muscles there were strained too, veins prominent like blue and purple coweb. Blonde locks were gathered in the familiar pigtail, almost shining from the rays of lights spilled into the picture. 

And then, Hitoshi's breath was stuck in his throat. The teen suddenly realized how hard he was getting; gawking at the sight. It hit him like a track and made him accidentally throw his phone to the side. 

This is. Not alright. Fuck. What the fuck. 

True, he had never experienced this kind of attraction to no one. 

He always thought that he was asexual with the lack of interest in particularly anybody but-


Taking a shuddering breath, he pressed his fingers against his hardening member that begged for attention. I can't. The taste in his mouth was bitter. I can't… Jerk off thinking about Kaminari. This- this is gross. No. Fuck. Agh. Stop.  

Was his dick listening? Of course not. 

This is so wrong. He was on the verge of tears. If someone- if someone will discover then- fucking Christ. Why? There's no way I'm attracted to him, that I'm-

Gay? Or just attracted to a specific person? Is this alright? I don't get it and ugh- this goddamn boner isn't helping! Shinsou was feeling like a huge creep, and he didn't know if that was because his mind was blurred from exhaustion and hunger or because he was doing something very, very wrong. 

Getting a boner because of a… Man? 

His… Friend. A male friend. 

Was something wrong with him? Must be. It was always like that. His quirk was wrong, his place in the society was wrong, and now his sexual orientation was wrong? 

But really…

Is it? 

Taking in a deep breath, the way he was always instructed to do while panicking, Hitoshi forced his eyes to close and his mind to ignore the pain in his dick. A breath in. A breath out. Everything is alright. Lied to himself, biting hard at his lower lip. 

In his mind, he tried to replay everything that had happened between him and Kaminari ever since the wall incident. He was so annoyed by the blonde at first, wanting to just dodge any socialization with him. But slowly, surely, he found himself enjoying his company. 

The lunches they were eating together for almost a month by now. Every single day, sharing their food and keeping each other distracted from their problems by small talks and endless teasing. And flirting. 

It pounded in his mind like a hammer. 

The way his heart squeezed each time Kaminari smiled? Especially when it was directed at him; or laughed, or did particularly anything. How Shinsou was always happy to sit next to him in the common room, or to make him flustered with some friendly insult. How his body was warm, each time the blonde touched him. Usually, Hitoshi feared touch like fire, he just wasn’t the touchy type.

The answer was simple, but made his chest hollow and numb as he squeezed shut his eyes and sweat slowly dripped down his forehead. 

Fuck… He let out a trembling breath, covering his mouth with his free palm. Fuck! 

Chapter Text

Kaminari couldn’t deny that he was slightly offended. 

"Buddy…?" he called softly after Hitoshi, who simply walked away, ignoring him.

It was a warm afternoon, the sun lazily spilled its warm rays of light upon the yard of U.A, heating the place gently. Announcing about the upcoming summer. It was noisy as always, students walking around and chatting mindlessly about whatever and whoever; eating their lunches together and enjoying their deserved break.

As always, Denki went to sit with Hitoshi to eat lunch. They ate lunch together every day for almost a month. Intentionally, today was supposed to be the turn of the Dekusquad to host Denki, but Kaminari noticed that Shinsou was outside and thought that maybe he preferred to eat today just the two of them. 

But it looked like it wasn't the case. 

Hitoshi said no word as he withdrew into the building, his back slouched and shoulders tensed. Kaminari kept staring at him, narrowing his eyes. Then, his legs carried him after the obviously agitated boy, heart stuttering in his chest. "Shinsou!" he cried, catching his shoulder. "Did something happen? Are you mad? What-" 

"Don't. Touch. Me." 

Kaminari backed away, color faded from his face. "Huh?" 

Again, no response. Without even looking, Shinsou let himself be devoured by the crowd of students in the corridor. 

Kaminari felt as if he was punched in the gut. Just yesterday, they were laughing, everything was alright. Shinsou wasn't mad, didn't show any intentions of getting annoyed by him. He tried to recall all of the events but couldn’t come up with anything that indicated that something was wrong. Maybe… Maybe the fact that Shinsou didn’t respond to Kaminari’s good night meme, but it happened from time to time.

Since they their small friendship, Kaminari made sure to spam him with the most high quality memes he could find. Shinsou one time told him that it was getting ridiculous and he felt as if Kaminari had a meme to everything he said, which led Kaminari telling him he also had a bunch of “good night” memes. Asking what did it mean was Shinsou’s mistake (the purple head’s words, not his) - because since then, Kaminari was sending him one each night.

But that was off topic. What he was trying to say was that sometimes Shinsou didn’t respond to his massages. It was fine, Kaminari was used to that, but he didn’t think that perhaps he should have paid more attention the last night because… It seemed that something was wrong. 

Gold eyes slowly glooming, as Kaminari shifted from feet to feet. What had happened? Did he do something wrong? 

Was Shinsou mad at him? If so, why? 

Swallowing down a lump of nerves, Kaminari frowned, his fingers tracing the lunch tray in his hands. What was that about? 

Defeated, he retreated back to the cafeteria, slumping down the loud hall. 

His route was straight to his friends, but a moment before he could call them - suddenly someone placed a palm on his shoulder. Jumping in surprise, and almost dropping the trey he was holding, he turned his head back, noticing two mismatched eyes staring right into his. 

"Todoroki!" exclaimed, turning on his heels to face him. "What-" then, he noticed the rest of the Dekusquad gathering behind them, found himself puzzled and blinking in utter confusion a few times before letting out a small, "Huh?" 

"So… That's it, kind of." 

Kaminari stared dumbly at Uraraka, slowly biting on the sandwich he took. It was stacked with ham, cheese and some veggies, but it had no taste in his mouth. "Huh," let out, chewing on it and then sipping from his water cup, to clear his throat. 

"What a comprehensive answer," deadpanned Todoroki. 

"Sorry," choked, swallowing down what he had bit a second ago. "I'm just, confused? Everything was alright yesterday, wasn't it?" 

"Yeah," nodded Izuku, sighing heavily. "We haven't talked to him yesterday, but we chatted in our group chat. He didn't respond but it was kind of like him, but then today he just… Yeah." there was no point in repeating Uraraka's words, it already had settled in Kaminari's thick skull. 


"No need to curse," noted Iida. He took off his glasses and cleaned them, his eyes gleaming with concern. "I tried to approach him before lunch break but he barked at me to, you know , off."

"To me, he seems pissed." shrugged Todoroki. 

"He is pissed." reassured Midoriya. He was referencing to what Uraraka told earlier: about Shinsou almost throwing hands with Todoroki after asking about his and Kmainari’s study sessions. Why did he care? Something didn’t settle quite right in his mind.

"But why?" Ochako looked at the lost guys surrounding her. "Are you sure nothing had happened between you two?" asked once again, eyeing Kaminari. 

A knot was formed in his stomach. Biting down on his lower lip, his fingers fidgeting with the wrapper of the sandwich, suddenly losing his appetite. "Why do you think it has something to do with me?" asked quietly, "He hadn't been pissed at me since…" he wasn't sure since when, but he just knew that Shinsou and he were friends by this point of time. Good friends, he would dare to say. 

The look Uraraka, Midoriya and Iida shot at him made him shift in discomfort. He felt a drip of sweat rolling down his neck, the cloth under his armpits suddenly felt wet and he hoped he wasn't sweating bullets because being stinky and gross until the end of the day wasn't on a high place on his priority list. 

At least, Todoroki looked as clueless as he was. 

"Wh-what?" stuttered. 

"We- well, at least I suspected it for quite some time," started the girl hesitantly, "But I can't be sure, you know? It looks like that you and Shinsou got really close. Maybe like… Uh… I really don't want to put words in his mouth-" 

"Maybe by winning you made him pissed?" suggest Midoriya, cutting Uraraka’s rambling. "I mean, that can explain his aggressive behaviour toward Todoroki!." 

"His what to me now?" blinked Todoroki. 

"Ah?" Kaminari and Uraraka let out simultaneously.

"Yeah, I thought so too." Iida nodded eagerly, "You should apologize if it's the case. Maybe it's childish but it's understandable." 

"Kind of stupid," shrugged Todoroki. 

Uraraka let out something that sounded like a very disappointed growl and facepalmed herself. " Oh. My. God . Boys! Dorks."

Her three friends turned puzzled looks at her, looking highly confused as for why she called them dorks. They started arguing over something, but it all mixed in weird words and sounds in Kaminari's head. 

Pushing his tray farther on the table, the blonde smeared atop of it slowly, covering his head with his arms and sighing heavily. For some reason, his chest felt tight, and his stomach twisted with discomfort. 

Shinsou… Though bitterly, his expression dull and gloomy. Buddy, what's up with you? 

The time was nearing eleven pm. 

Kaminari yawned tiredly, rubbing the back of his neck. It was a pre last patrol he had committed to, and he couldn't wait but finish up the whole business. Just to survive the last twenty or so minutes of this one, then another one in three days, and that's it

No more fucking patrols. 

Despite the excitement, he was gloomy. The whole incident with Shinsou was getting out of hand and making him gloomy, simply because he didn't understand what had he done wrong. Was it something he said? Because he highly doubted that Shinsou would be pissed at him for winning a stupid game . Meaning, it had been two days since then! And Shinsou still hadn’t talked to him, avoiding him at all cost. No way in hell it was something childish.

Hitoshi was better than that. 

And that mentioned grudge held toward Todoroki? What had he done to Shinsou? They were in the same squad so maybe Kaminari missed something but the half and half teen seemed genuinely puzzled. He could be dense, but not that much. And the fact that Shinsou was also avoiding his squad, and the Baksquad, was concerning nonetheless.

"Senpai," voice echoed in his ears. He snapped back, turning to face the other teen that was trailing behind him. 


"Are you alright?" 

"Sure, just tired." wearing his most plastic, sweet smile, Kaminari turned to face the front and yawned once again the emphasize his statement. 

"Ah, well, we'll soon finish." encouraged the white haired teen, squeezing Kaminari's shoulder slightly. The blonde wasn't sure he was comfortable with the gesture. 

"Yup, I know. Can't wait to get to bed." throwing finger guns at him, Kaminari slipped from his fingers and stepped forward. 

"As for, to sleep?"

Kaminari let out a snort. "No, have sex. Jesus, obviously sleep." 

They fell silent after that. In all honesty, Denki wasn't feeling comfortable this days. Wherever it was near Hitoshi, or Hashimoto, there was that tense atmosphere spreading between them - and he didn't like it. Especially with Hashimoto, because he wasn't even that close to him. 

Soon enough, Denki found himself distracted again, thoughts drifting back to the afternoon after the P.E lesson. He recalled in his head everything he could possibly do to annoy Shinsou, making a list of things for the umpteenth time. Maybe he talked to much or mention a weak spot. Maybe he was upset because Kaminari babbled about their winning to Shinsou after the lesson for five solid minutes, mocking him friendly. 

But back then he didn't seem to mind! And Kaminari just told him that he was a beast and would teach him a thing or two if needed. He threw a flirt as usual, "Wanna learn how to toss the ball? Or maybe I'll toss yours?" but Shinsou reacted with telling him that his mouth was too small for that and-

Uh well yes, off topic. 

Sighing heavily, he came to terms that he had no idea what it was all about and that he would just let Shinsou cool down. Well, that was his decision for the next five minutes, until it would start to bother him again because that seemed to be the only thing his mind was able to focus on. He felt as if it was some sort of obsessions, and that felt wrong, but he could do nothing against himself.

Lately, Shinsou overtook his thoughts completely. He even blurted something next to Hikari about him yesterday, which made her suddenly very intrigued in his life. Why was his cheeks suddenly heating up? And was it always so hot in his hero costume?

He glanced at his watch to distract himself. Five minutes left. They were close to the agency, he already smelled the end - when suddenly a figure jumped in front of him. 

Letting out a cry of surprise, Kaminari's body jerked back and pushed Hashimoto accidentally, eyes fixing on the man that fell out of nowhere- okay, from the alley from their right, but still . He was wearing black suit and looked at them with round eyes, body position ready to run. But then, he suddenly straitened in his place, smiling mischievously.

“Ah, looks like I will have some fun today after all.”

Kaminari felt Hashimoto stiffening behind him but blocked the larger guy. Wearing his best threatening expression, the blonde barked, “Who are you?”

The man was just some idiot that played villain, and his next action indicated it better than his already ridiculous outfit. “I’m Monster Lord!” he exclaimed loudly, spreading his arm as the cape enveloping his body swung with his body movements. “And I’ll-”

“Blah blah blah, yeah, what a cool guy. Whoa . Ya finished? I have like five minutes left and I really wanna go home.” cut him Kaminari, his expression blank and bored. Sometimes he stumbled against interesting villains, that made his blood pump with excitement and adrenaline rush in his body. But this scum? Made him yawn. Hashimoto snickered behind.

Highly offended, the man grimaced at the blonde, clenching his fists. “How dare you disrespecting me, damn kid?!”

“Kid? Just for you to know, I’m a pro hero.” clicked Denki with his tongue, drawing his finger lazily at the wanna-be villain. Because if this guy called himself a villain, then Denki was a pro hero. Well, at least he would have some fun tonight. “For disrespecting me, in the name of the moon, Imma punish you.” deadpanned.

“Did you seriously quoted sailor moon?” whized Hashimoto.

Wait, I actually said it out a loud? That meant that he was very tired or utterly bored. Or both. Perhaps he also should do that little move the main heroine in the show did? He didn’t remember what exactly it was. He just remembered that Hikari forced him into binge watching this show when they were younger.

“I will not let you laugh at me, damn heroes!” roared the man, his body flashing with bright red color.

“Oww, someone’s sensitive-”

Kaminari was cut by a sudden pain on his wrist. Jumping, the blonde squeaked, doubtedly from the pain and doubtedly from the surprise. His gaze fixed on his arm, noticing a… Red puff ball with small eyes hanging from there, nibbling and sucking at his skin. The pain disappeared at the speed of its appearing, and Kaminari found himself blinking a few times before slowly facing the smirking man.

“Um, what?”

And then, a lot of similar puff balls were fired at the teens. Both cried out in surprise and darted to the side, Kaminari felt them biting into his skin throughout his costume. “Ouch!” he yelled, trying to shake them off hurriedly.

The laugh of the amused man echoed in the street, and that made Kaminari’s anger pop. He furrowed his brows, feeling the creatures sucking dry his skin - and then he discharged. The puff balls squeaked in cync, like symphonie of mice, and fell fried to his legs - before they disappeared as if never existed.

Shuddered breath escaped his lips, gold eyes glowed eerily under the long shadows of the night. “That…” let out, taking a step forward. “Fucking hurts you scum!!!” yelled with all his might, darting forward and then-

Hitting the man with a strong enough wave of electricity, to knock him out for good.

Chapter Text

Shinsou's head was buried between his arms. 

The bell rang, indicating the fourth period was over. They have now two free periods before lunch time, because their teacher was absent for some reason or another. He didn't care. The talking in the classroom exploded the moment Aizawa left, students bouncing near their tables and chatting energetically. 

But he wasn't. Hitoshi was lying with his upper body on the table, arms closed above his head, avoiding any interaction with anybody.

For the third day in a row. 

If it was the time for their winter uniforms, he would have covered himself with the jacket as for a total distance from everyone, locking himself in his small bubble of misery. For now, his arms would do. They were a nice shield from the others nonetheless. 

Since the day he had that panic attack over Kaminari, he couldn't face him. Couldn't face anybody, actually, because he was afraid he would blurt something he didn't need to.

And then everybody would shove him away, like they always did. For the first time in his life he had friends, people that invited him with warm embraces and didn't care about his "villainous" quirk… Yet, because of his stupid mind that couldn't settle anything right, he was going to lose everything.

Well maybe not everything, but he was terrified.

A tiny voice in his head scolded him for not talking at least to his dads about it, but he just couldn’t bring it up; in the end, avoiding them too instead.

(He did feel a bit like an asshole, especially when they tried to approach, call and text him, but that was a minor detail he chose to ignore.)

The fear of Kaminari pushing him away the moment he discover what exactly Shinsou was thinking about him, was the main lead of his miserable state. It made his heart tore apart each time in his chest. He found himself avoiding Kaminari instead, because it was easier than letting his feeling overwhelm him each time the blonde did particularly anything. 

It was a lie, though. Not talking to Kaminari for three days made him heavy and bitter. Especially because the blonde did make efforts to approach him, more or less. A text. A weak hello in the morning. Glances during the lesson. Those small things that made him almost regret everything he'd done. 

Yet here we are. 

He preferred to put his walls once again and shut himself off, simply because this was what he was used to do for a very long time. It felt as if he got back to his starting point, and he could do nothing against it. 

Letting out a shuddering breath, Shinsou pushed his forehead deeper into the table, wishing the ground would swallow him. Lump of tears choked on his throat, but he forced it down. He would overcome it in a day or two and get back to normal, or that what he was trying to tell himself for seventy two hours straight.

Suddenly, palms were slammed against the table. Shinsou's heart skipped a bit but he made his best to not show it, forcing his head to stay down. 

"I've had enough." 

A familiar voice. Quirking his eyebrows, slowly he let himself squint, meeting a pair of brown, big eyes; round, pink cheeks and bouncy short hair. And a very annoyed expression. 

"You. I. Roof. Now." 

"No." answered harshly, not even trying to be polite. He ducked his head down, when suddenly fingers were wrapped around his wrist. "Uraraka don't you fucking-" too late: gravity left his body and he felt himself floating. Wriggling desperately, he forced the most pensive frown at the girl that began dragging him out of the classroom. 

She wasn't fazed, though. 

Confused glances followed them as they left the classroom. But the only thing Hitoshi was aware of was the pair of gold eyes catching his for a brief moment, before he vanished behind the wall. 

"Can you fucking put me down?" 

Uraraka didn't answer. Perhaps she suspected he would brainwash her and make her release him forcefully, and actually it was exactly what he planned to do. Huffing, he tried once again to fight her, but in this state his body felt so sluggish and uncontrollable that the failure was just expected. 

Not releasing him until they reached the roof, the purple head welcomed the humiliation of anybody who saw her dragging his floaty figure after herself. Then, when they finally was at the highest spot of the building, she released him. He plopped on the ground like a sack of potatoes. 

"Speak." demanded as she sat in front of him. 

Technically, and physically, he could just push her away. But then he guessed Uraraka would just drag him back, playing cats and mouses with him until one side would surrender or until their free period was over. Anyhow, he wasn't in the mood for that, so he decided to go for the tactic of non-communication. 

"Shinsou," her eyes narrowed. Was she trying to threaten him? "Please, tell me what's wrong." 

No answer. 

He wasn't going to open up with his problems to someone he didn't even consider as a friend. Sure, they were in the same squad for a year but that didn't mean they were friends, did it? 

Uraraka let out a heavy sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose. They sat quietly for what felt like an eternity, the hot summer sun barely reaching them under the shadow from the booth's roof they were sitting under. 

"Listen," she started, looking directly into his eyes. "We're friends, okay?" 

That made him freeze. She considers me… A friend? Was all his mind succeeded on processing. 

"Don't look so surprised, we've been friends for a year!" she pouted, crossing her arms on her chest, "Or at least I thought so?" 

"Eh," let out dumbly. 

"Okay, I get it." a grunt, "Anyway, flashing news: we are friends. Do you know what does it mean?" 

Shinsou found himself shaking his head slowly, the uneasiness biting into the back of his brain, telling him that he needed a reboot. Now. 

"That you can tell me everything. Every little thing that bothers you, you can come up and speak to me. This is what friends are for!" she spoke with expressive handshakes, similar to Iida's. But something in her eyes gleamed, sadly if he must admit, and she lowered her voice. "You've been isolating yourself for three days. We're worried. Please tell me what's wrong, maybe I can help." 

With some difficulty, he wrecked his mind around the response he wanted to say, but when his mouth opened only two words came. "You can't." 

There you go, Hitoshi. 

Obviously not expecting it, Uraraka shifted closer to him, until they sat shoulder to shoulder. Their backs leaned against the cool wall of the booth, eyes looking somewhere else. "Why?" 


"I think you're fluent and old enough to give proper answers." 

"I think I'm a free human being and forcing me to talk is against my will is a violation of freedom of speech, it was in the taste a week ago just for you to know." can I like, take my brain and shut if off? 

A shove to his shoulder. When he glanced at her, he noticed a crack of a smile. "See? Friends. Now spill it." 

Huffing, he bit down on his lower lip. His fingers fiddled with the hem of his white, uniform shirt, eyes glued to the floor. 

"I don't know how." 

"How to start?" 

A dumb nod. 

Uraraka hummed, thinking for a short moment. "When did you uh, faced the problem?" 

That was a very good question that he would love to know the answer himself. Shrugging, Shinsou averted his eyes to the sky. 

They were blue. As if someone drew them in a perfect color, not letting it blend with darker shades; cleaning all the messy clouds and leaving just the calming, bright color, to sparkle with the sun warming it. 

"Okay, let's try this: what do you feel?" 

"Can you give me something that I actually can answer?" spat at her, a nerve popping in his head. 

Again, they fell into uneasy stillness. When he was about to tell her that he wasn't going to cooperate further more, she suddenly spoke up. 

"Is it because of Kaminari?" 

At this, Shinsou found himself freezing. She clicked with her tongue, as if saying "bingo", and he couldn't even deny that because his body language gave away that yes. It indeed, was caused by a certain vibrating blonde. 

"Did you fight?" 

"No…" drew out, as casually as possible. It failed. 

"He did something to annoy you?" 

The exact fucking opposite. Hitoshi shook his head, biting hard on his lower lip. His muscles strained and shoulders tensed. Well, maybe he just should tell her? If she would gross out because of this, he would take the advantage that they were on a roof and jump or something. 

Mhhm, tempting. 

"Huh," let out, gazing at him. He looked back at her, violet eyes battling chocolate ones. "You like him, don't you?" 

That was way more straightforward than what he had expected, thus he gawked like an idiot. Words stuck in his throat like a ball of fur: he wanted to choke on something badly. That reaction was more than enough to clarify the answer. He prepared himself for her reaction that would come in a moment and squeezed harder his shirt. 

When suddenly, she chuckled. 

Ah? Eyes going round, he glared at her, feeling the wind being knocked out of his lungs as if a ball was kicked into his ribs. 

"All of this, because you like him?" asked softly, patting his shoulder. "And I thought that Midoriya is a disaster with his emotions." 

"What?" blurted. His brain stopped. Shinsou.exe broke, officially. 

"Not gonna lie buddy, it was obvious." 

That felt like a slap to his face. "What?" let out again. 

Uraraka sighed heavily, as if he was a three-years-old crying in the middle of a street because he wanted a limited edition toy of All Might that coasted more than America. That was slightly too expressive, in his opinion. 

"Jesus save me from this pain," scooting on her knees, she grasped his shoulders, jerking him. That knocked out his last brain cell for sure, because Uraraka was stronger than what it looked like. "You're drooling over him like a hungry puppy, dude! And you're always staring, and did you seriously got jealous of Todoroki because of their study sessions? You helpless Romeo, go confess to your Juliette before he fries his brain today!" 

"Slow that fuck down, I'm on one hour of sleep and only two cups of coffee." growled. 

"We'll work on your sleeping schedule later, do you get my point?" 

Shinsou pushed her gently off, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I don't wanna confess. I'm not even sure that I like him." 

"You almost threw fists with Todoroki because he told you about that study session three days ago, do you seriously think that doesn't count as being jealous?" 

"I did not!" 

"You fucking did. Now stop denying, what's the problem with it?" her pouting expression softened and she sat in front of him, leaning on her arms. "Why do you react like that? Haven't you ever liked someone before?" 

Shinsou felt stupid (what a surprise). Gentle breeze blew, ruffling his messy locks of indigo hair.  "No… Not like that, no." muttered, feeling the tickling blush crawling up his nape, cheeks and ears. He decided to kick away the first part of the sentence, because he wasn’t going to open up about his fears to her.

"Huh, do you have a gay crisis?" 

"I'm not even sure that I'm gay, fuck off." 

She smirked slyly. "Moronsexual crisis?" 


Laughing, Uraraka poked his side, making him squirm in discomfort. Those people just never learned, did they? He disliked touching, he didn’t want them poking him or patting his shoulders. Why did touch has to be always involved?

“You never dodge when Kaminari touches you.”

Blinking, Hitoshi scowled. “What does that have to do with anything?” challenged her, despite the inner monologue he had a second ago.

“You hate touch.” as to emphasize her point, she grasped his palm. Instinctively, he pitched his hand off of her, and then grimaced. “See? I saw Kaminari smearing all over you and you didn’t even flinch. What else do you need as a proof you like him?”

“Fine,” he growled. His patience expired, and she annoyed him. “I’m still not going to confess until I come to terms with myself. And I fucking dare you to tell anybody about it. I don’t care that you’re a girl, I will beat the shit out of you.” those were no more than empty threats.

“Cool! I always wanted to wrestle with you!” jabbing the air with her fists, she beamed at him. “Next time we do sparring, I’m asking Aizawa to be with you!”

Okay, she missed his point completely, but he just rolled his eyes and turned his face. “Whatever,” chided, crossing his arms on his chest. As a response, he got a warm, kind smile, that he just couldn’t force himself staying mad after it. 

If Hitoshi thought his week couldn’t get shittier, he was wrong.

Honestly, because he was so busy drowning in an ocean of self pity, he didn't notice it earlier. Only now Shinsou's eyes landed on him, and took in the image that made him more terrified than he had ever anticipated. 

Throat dry, it was hard to swallow. The teen found himself frozen, in the middle of wearing his shoes, as Kaminari threw to his locker the hero costume shirt. Staying only in the black pants and a choker, his whole upper body exposed for the world to see.

The thought smacked his skull and exploded it to shudders. 

A few days ago, before the turmoil of feelings and emotions attacked him, he saw Kaminari leaving the dorms at three am. In the past few days it happened again once, but he had never the chance to encounter him about that. He was so preoccupied with Todoroki that he almost forgot about it.


But now, his mistake of forgetting was biting right into his flat ass, as he took in the image of the chatty blonde.

Bite marks. All over him. Huge, swollen, purple and blue coweb of hickeys. On his neck, nape, back, hips, biceps, collar bones, even a few were visible on his wrists. 

His heart was like a drum. 

Jealousy washed over him in poisonous waves. He knew Kaminari would reject him even before he even considered the option to confess. Hell, he told Uraraka less than four hours ago that he wasn't going to do anything with the blooming feelings in his chest. 

And now, he found himself staring, as irritation, rage, jealousy boiled inside of his stomach. 

"Duuuuuuuude," wolf-whistled Sero, “What are those!” throwing his stinky shirt of the hero costume, the raven head pointed at Kaminari. 

"No, don't remind me," whined the blonde, looking over himself in the mirror attached to the locker door. "Those hurt like a fucking bitch, okay? Man this is sucks!" 

"This looks way more awful than what you have described." noted Kirishima. 

"Porn star," snorted Ojiro, flapping his tail against Kaminari's back. 

"Oh you would watch me!" Denki elxlcamied dramatically, finger jabbing the air. "I'll be the best fucking porn star! Remember my words!" 

"So no hero business?" mocked Sero. 

"I'll be both," Kaminari puffed his chest. 

"You don't have enough brain cells to be multi task, Dunce Face." growled Bakugo. 

"This year is fucking 20[blep] and we accept and love everyone equally! Or maybe you just want to be a porn star too-"

A shoe was thrown at him, he dodged, and then laughed with everyone; taking off his choker. 

The rest of the boys giggled, or at least smirked - expect of Shinsou. His violet eyes practically pierced Kaminari's back, arms shaking uncontrollably. This wasn't alright. 

"Shinsou?" someone whispered his name. He squinted back, eyeing Midoriya who tilted his head with a nervous smile. "You- are you alright?" 

"You look like you're about to summon a demon from the locker." noted Tokoyami from behind the green head. 

“‘m fine.” blurted stiffly, shaking his head. He had to get out of here, it was suddenly sultry and he had hard time breathing. Palms sweaty and face pale, Shinsou turned to grab his backpack and rocked on his heels, ready to dart out of the room.

But when he turned, Kaminari's back crashed against his chest. 

The blonde squeaked in surprise and jumped, looking at him from over his shoulder. "S-sorry!" 

In the distance, Sero and Kirishima laughed. They probably were still teasing Kaminari, but Shinsou couldn't concentrate on it. No. His eyes were painfully glued to those hickeys that someone, who wasn't him (and would never be), left on Kaminari's muscular yet petite body. 

"Fuck off." without thinking, he shoved the blonde harshly by his shoulders. 

"Wha- what the fuck is your problem?!" yelped Kaminari, though he did jolt aside with the yank. 

Shinsou's eyes narrowed, brows furrowed. He shouldn't respond. He had to get out of here before he would- "My problem? What the fuck is your problem? You look like a fucking slut." he didn't mean to say that. 

Heart stuttering the moment Kaminari's expression cracked. Mouth agape, brows raised on his forehead, the blonde breathed in. "Excuse me?" 

"You fucking hear me. At least try to not show it off so much, and don’t be proud of it. Fucking gross." spat the purple head. Who was speaking? Someone took control over his mouth. I need to get out of here. The logical part of his brain yelled at him to just get out, but it was shushed by the rage and by that damn jealousy.

"Do you actually fucking think those are hickeys?" 

"Look very much like them." 

Kaminari facepalmed himself. "Shinsou did you hit your head? And- and did you avoid me for three days just to call me a slut?" 

It was suddenly quiet in the changing room. 

Shinsou's fingers jerked, he was pretty sure that the definition of seeing red was very fitting to how he was feeling at the moment. The words were living his mouth before he could process and filter them. "No, but what can I do? You act like a fucking fuck boy everyday, flirting with the whole goddamn world and now you also look like right out of a porn movie." 

“I don’t- I haven’t-” stuttered, eyes looking lost and confused, washed over with some terror no one could explain, “I didn't have sex!”

"Yeah I can see that."

“Guys-” choked awkwardly someone from behind. 

Said someone was happily ignored. 

Kaminari’s eyes gleamed with offendence, for the first time his expression was actually hurt. "Why do you- no, better question: What have I done to you?"

The anger blurred his judgement. The purple head found himself slamming the door of the lockers so hard with his palms that it actually bent under the mighty blow. Kaminari was trapped between his arms as he grimaced with a death glare from above at the blonde. The shorter boy, however, didn’t even flinch. He planted his gold daggers challengingly into his burning, violet flames, though his breath did shudder for a moment.

His cheeks had always some pinkish toning to them, but now they were flashed with bright cherry red from agitation.

“Don’t you dare!” suddenly, a roar cut his ears. Before any of them managed to breath, Shinsou felt something colliding with his cheek. Sharp bones brushed against his skin and he stumbled on his feet, turning his head sharply as pain ran down his face.

Crimson, furious eyes gnawed at him, and the next moment he was pushed back again, this time almost tripping. “Don’t interfere!” he yelled, not sure what had gotten into him, as he found himself pitching a pontent fist into Bakugo’s jaw. He darted at him and pushed his body, as arms clasped behind his back and the ash blonde attempted to throw him over.

Shinsou wriggled and slammed his elbow right into Bakugo’s hip, receiving a kick to his ankle. A moment before he tripped he threw another blind fist, hitting something and hearing a cry from Katsuki - which meant he succeeding in hitting him.

“Hey!!!” a cry of terror echoed in the room, as all of the other boys suddenly leapt toward them - but it was too late. Bakugo already was on top of him, Shinsou’s buttocks hit the floor. A fist met his other cheek but his reaction wasn’t late to come. His legs hooked behind Bakugo’s waist and he jolted back with all of the power he got, yanking Bakugo above him and throwing to the floor.

Rolling over, Hitoshi jumped on his feet and turned, right in the moment before the angry, ash wolf let out his battle cry and Shinsou pitched a fist at him, throwing the most powerful punch he could master-

Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugo’s waist and dragged him back with force as he activated his quirk; while someone caught Shinsou’s arm and jerked him back; but it happened exactly one second too late.

The fist already collided with Kaminari’s cheek.

On that moment he felt his feet getting cold. Violet eyes widened with the realization of what he was doing, terror washing over him as if a track had hit him. He would like a car to crash him right now, if he had to be honest. Whoever held his arm cried out in terror as Kaminari stumbled on his feet, grasping into his cheek.

The room fell silent once again, no one dared to breath. All colorful eyes averted to the scene. The only thing Shinsou heard was the blood rushing in his veins; heart pumping in his chest rapidly, like an urgent horse galloping to hell. His breath stuck in his throat, he parted his lips but then-

Gold flashed in his eyes before four sharp, stiff bones were slammed against the bridge of his nose. Losing balance immediately, Shinsou found himself falling to the floor, Kaminari was seated atop of him with knees pressed to his chest; grabbing furiously onto the collar of his white shirt.

What the fuck is wrong with you?!

Hitoshi, and probably the rest of the boys, had never heard Denki yelling like this. He was always loud, per se, but it was in a funny manner. His voice was carried away with laughter and happiness. Usually, the rage part was Katsuki’s. But the scream emitting from his lips could easily compete with Bakugo’s daily screaming, if not overpower.

Back arching as Denki gripped with an unexpected iron grip into his shirt, Hitoshi found himself unable to tear his gaze from the furious, sparkling with electricity, beauty spreading before his eyes. The throbbing, bleeding nose couldn’t bother him, when the angel of death was black looking right into his soul.

The door flying open was the thing to snap him back into reality, as the room fell a few degrees colder. Slowly, he lifted his eyes to look at a furious Shota- no, his dad, standing with the terrified girls behind his back, at the front of the changing room, his eyes glowing and hair up as he used his quirk.

“Why,” his voice was earth shaking, “Can’t you, for once, not use fists?!”

Chapter Text

Kaminari let out a shuddering puff of hot air.

His cheek pounded, pain throbbed, metal taste of blood filled his mouth. Slowly, the blonde lifted his moist eyes and turned to look at Aizawa, who was glaring furiously at him and Shinsou. Unable to comprehend, he felt that someone took him by his shoulders and lifted to his feet.

After a quick glance, he discovered it was Sero, who looked worriedly at him.

“I expected a lot of things, but you two?” suddenly let out Aizawa, the attention shifting back to him. “Both into my office. Now.”

Midoriya helped Shinsou to stand. He offered him a napkin for his blood soaking nose. The realization that Kaminari was the one to throw the fist into Shinsou’s nose settled into him, and he shot a frightened glance at the purple head; but the moment their eyes met - Shinsou averted them and trudged after Aizawa.

“Come after you dress up. H-” he cleared his throat, “Shinsou, we start first.” said the teacher, a moment before he and Shinsou disappeared down the corridor.

Silence. All eyes stared at Kaminari, who stumbled slowly back until his back met the cold surface of a locker door. It felt comforting and soothed the pain of the bite marks, that weren’t even close to be hickeys. Those were battle injuries from the fight last night, God damn it.

“Um,” Kirishima broke the silence, after soothing Bakugo’s flare of anger down. “What… Was that.”

“I have an idea but I’m not sure.” muttered Sero, patting Kaminari’s shoulder as a support. “Are you okay? I shit you not, I was ready to tape his ass to the ceiling and let Bakugo uproot his teeth one by one when he pinned you to the locker.”

“I will do that without your help!” yelled Bakugo, small explosions puffing in his palms. 

“Easy man,” whispered Kirishima, patting his back. 

“Jesus fuck, I thought he was done with that ‘I-fight-everyone-who-breathes’ phase.” breathed out Ojiro. 

"Was Shinsou always that aggressive?" piped Aoyama from somewhere in the background.

“On… Very rare… Occasions.” muffled Midoriya, holding his arm. For some reason he looked guilty, ashamed even.

His mind was nothing but a blurry mess of thoughts and emotions, that he struggled to contain and to put into words. He barely managed to recall everything that had happened a moment ago. Legs giving out, he slowly slid into a sitting position, folding his knees to his chest and dropping his heavy head into them.

“Okay, okay!” Mina’s voice echoed in his ears. Right, they probably heard them and brought Aizawa, “Boys, fuck off, let Kami breathe.” commanded, and a moment later he noticed her pink feet stepping in front of him. Next to her, appeared another pair of bare feet, with dark purple nail polish on the nails. Was that Jirou?

Trying to distract himself, his eyes averted to the side, noticing shuffling and hearing grunting around him.

He agreed with Mina. Denki desperately needed a moment to catch his breath. After his racing heart dropped to normal heartbeat, he lifted his head and hopped on his feet. Only now did he notice how much his body was shaking, when he almost tripped over his feet by just shifting his weight.

“Hey there, careful.” muttered Jirou, stabilizing him by grasping his shoulder. “Jesus Christ, you look beaten up.”

“Well it’s not like I was beaten up two days in a row.” deadpanned.

“Kami, are you alright?” Mina ignored the last two sentences, cupping his other cheek. Her yellow eyes digging into his, showing worry and concern.

"Not really," breathed out, shaking his head. "Sorry, I-" words were stuck in his throat. He felt like an asshole, but he couldn't bare talking to no one at the moment. "I need a shower. Ya know, stinky and shit." blurted, hurrying to escape her touch and dart into the cabins that were deeper in the room.

His cheek was swollen and throbbing, thus he decided to give Recovery Girl a short visit first.

It was alright, because when he faced Aizawa’s door, turned out the man was still talking with Shinsou and asked him to wait outside for a few minutes. He didn’t hear the conversation, but from the one stolen glance he had before he headed to sit outside, he saw how pale and anxious Shinsou looked.

Kaminari had never seen the teen looking like that.

Had something bad happened to him? Perhaps it was deeper than what Kaminari had thought at first? Or maybe he was just panicking? Because panic could do it to people, sometimes. Yet, he couldn’t lie that his chest was numb and a knot was formed in his stomach.

Fidgeting in his place, tugging at his fingers and bouncing his legs for the next ten minutes just indicated how uncomfortable he really was. He never sat still, per se, but now his hyperactivity felt doubled. Simply because it dawned to him that he really had no clue what was going on.

Why was Shinsou and Aizawa taking so long? Was Shinsou in some real trouble that he was too dumb and ignorant to notice? That just made his feeling of regret of punching the other teen stronger. Meaning: who on his right mind offer a fist instead of help? Thank you, inner Bakugo.

The door swung open. Shinsou peered from inside, exactly twenty minutes after Kaminari approached the office (in addition to the ten that it took Kaminari to get there in general). He was sweating bullets, eyes refusing to meet the blonde’s, and his voice was thin and fragile.

“Come in.”

Hopping on his legs, Kaminari forced down a deep breath and shuffled into the office. Trying to mask his nervousness, he fiddled with the hem of his shirt, sitting himself on an empty chair in front of Aizawa. Shinsou took the other sit.

“Who threw the first punch?”

Kaminari didn’t expect Aizawa to ask it. Not after he spent full thirty minutes talking to Shinsou. Were they even talking about the incidence? Now Kaminari wasn’t so sure. Feeling perplexed, he didn’t answer right away. The words came up his throat only after realizing that perhaps Aizawa wanted to hear the story from his side and compare to what Shinsou told him.

That was fair. And legit.

“Um, depends.” choked out. The raised eyebrow made him squirm and his brain slap itself. “Uh, I- I stumbled on Shinsou, and- and then he pinned me to the locker-” that sounds fucking wrong, “And then Bakugo blew up and those two threw hands and then I-”

“Okay,” cut him, by raising his hand. Kaminari galped. “Just wanted to make sure your stories matched.”

Ah , he guessed right.

Aizawa ran his fingers through his messy dreads of black hair, sighing heavily. As if he was trying to rub off of his face the tiredness spilling from him like rain on a stormy day. “You do realize that you can’t throw fists each time you disagree, don't you?”

“Yes, sir.” muttered the two teens simultaneously, bowing their heads in shame.

“I’ll talk to Bakugo later because I see that technically he was the one to throw the first punch, but, I’m going to punish you two regardless.”

“That’s-” fair . Kaminari clasped his hands on his nose and breathed in. Aizawa, except for lying to them twice, never did something uncalculated. If he thought that they deserved a punishment, then they probably did.

Shinsou nodded slowly, looking distant.

It was a moment of total, uneasy stillness, before Aizawa let out his infamous grin. “I even know what you two are going to do.”

Kaminari’s heart dropped to the pit of his stomach.


I don't get it

If he's the hot dude you were swirling my mind about, then what's the problem? 


Kaminari's sense of comfortable was different than others. He was sitting upside down on his chair, with his blonde locks of hair mopping the floor each time he shifted, and legs tangled on the arm sets. Hands holding his phone in front of his face, and shirt slowly wrinkling up, exposing his bare skin.

Blood rushed to his reddening face, as he chewed on his lower lips, eyes watching the minutes slowly passing by. 



The thing is 

I sorta punched him after we almost like, killed each other in the changing room




Boi this is not how you win someone’s heart


Kaminari chocked. 



Who said I was tryna win over his heart?!  



Jesus save him



Nuh he’ll probably kill me first

His phone dingled and a message from Mina popped on the top of the screen. As Hikari was typing something in response, he visited his and Mina’s chat, reading the last messages she sent him. His head was beginning to slightly hurt.

How was the talk with teach?
Did he expel both of u?
Have you talked to Shinsou after that??
Pika pika appear
U read my messages and don’t respond
Son of a bitch
Like probably your mom is a sweetheart so you’re the bitch

Snorting at the tsunami of messages, he hurried to type her a fast response before she would burst into his room and slice his toes off. Yet, he couldn’t not flinch at the message about his mother, forcing his brain to ignore that white box.

It was alright I guess
No he didn’t expel us u hoe
And no I didn’t talk to Shinsou after that he sorta just mumbled some bullshit and fucked off
But I’m still mad at him
So fuck him

When he noticed that Mina went off line, he rolled his eyes and got back to his chat with Hikari. What was the point in spamming him with texts if she was going offline a second after that? Sometimes he didn’t understand her. Or people that were doing it in general.

I kno a lot of ways to commit unalive after utter humiliation if u need an advice

His stomach flipped as he strained, face paling for a moment despite the blood rushing to his brain. Jerking to a normal sitting position, he leaned on his arms on the back of the chair, pressing his forehead to it too.

The world was slightly spinning as he did so.


I’m kidding
I was thinking if u and ur friends wanna have again a photoshoot? Like we did in the break. I missed photographing

In all honesty, Denki wasn’t in the mood for a photoshoot. But how he could turn down his sister? He also knew that Mina was always down to posing in front of the camera, and perhaps the rest of the girls could join too?

It was a hot friday evening, which meant there was no problem arranging something for tomorrow morning. Knowing how shy Hikari was around new people, he understood that he would have to go there anyway, but if he would bring the rest of the girls, and Sero or Kirishima to hang out with him while the girls were having fun, then he would be able to dodge being forced to be photographed.

Sounded like a plan he could master.

I’m not rly in the mood but if u want I can bring the girls of my class

Hikari didn’t answer right away, though she read the message.

They’re nice! And really sweet n funny
You’ll love em girl
And don’t worry Mina will be there

After thirty solid seconds of staring at his screen, his little sister finally sent him a short response.


Cool! I promise u it’ll be fun
I’ll bring Kirishima or Sero but we won’t bother u
Where do u want to shoot?

Was thinking about the park?

Sounds cool
Then I’ll come pick you tomorrow at 11

And plz talk to that dude of yours I don’t wanna deal with your moping fuck face tmrw


Denki scoffed.

Pure soul


He laughed and sent her a heart emoji, then shut off the screen and threw his phone to the messy table.

Now, he needed to gather the stamina to text the girls and ask them if they were down to it. Then, to go to beg his bros to join him, and force Sero to give him the car. It wasn’t like he couldn’t ride the train and pick up his sister, but if his best friend had a car - why not use that? Plus, trains were pain in the ass.

Kaminari was aware that he was using Sero’s car way too much, but he didn’t care. It was Sero’s idea to bring it to school and let his friends use it. Not to mention, it wasn’t like the rest of the class had a driving licence. The only ones to snitch the car were Kaminari and Ashido occasionally.

Sero would have to deal with it.

Massaging his elbows, Denki took a deep breath and closed his eyes. The blood flow in his body stabilized, the dizziness vanished and he pushed his head off the chair, yawning. The air conditioner in his room was the only thing keeping him alive in the merciless heat of June. Why was this month so hot?

And the following months too. It was going to be terrible. If not his own birthday, he would have probably hated these months. Denki preferred spring, when it wasn’t too hot and too cold. Just the perfect temperature.

When he finally gathered enough will power to lift his lazy ass from the chair and go to convince his friends for the upcoming photoshoot, a sudden nock on the door was heard. Lifting his head, puzzled, Denki hopped off his chair, shuffling to the door.

“Coming!” called, wondering who could possibly stop by at his door now. Not that it was that phenomenal, just wondered because everyone were dead tired after the hero trainings. There were three hours each day at noon where usually, most of them locked themselves in the rooms and rested. It was understandable, though.

After all, his whole class was working so hard.

Denki opened the door wide, planting his usual smile because he was always happy to see his classmates. But then, his smile faded off of his face and expression changed into a frown, as a tower of tired with top of indigo discord appeared in front of his eyes.

“Get lost.”

The door was about to shut roughly in front of Hitoshi, who stood there tugging at his nape ( as fucking always ); but then a foot appeared and stopped the door from clashing with the wall. Denki wasn’t a maniac, usually he didn’t slam doors in front of people, so knowing he would feel bad about it later he shoved the door open again, still frowning.

“Kaminari,” breathed out Hitoshi, still holding his leg an inch forward. Ready to prevent Denki from closing his door again.

Crossing his arms on his chest, Kaminari tried to keep on the serious expression he was directing at the tall zombie. There was no denying that he was still mad, and hurt by Shinsou’s behaviour. But he also knew how the other boy struggled with the ‘friendship’ business, so he decided to give him another chance.

Denki couldn’t hold grudge for too long anyway.

“What?” this time, his voice came out softer.

Hitoshi rubbed at the back of his neck, seeming nervous and uncomfortable in his own skin. “We uh… Need to talk about what we- we’re gonna do in the presentation.”

Denki felt his heart sinking a bit and averted his gaze, exhaling slowly. “So you came all the way to just remind me that? We have a week. I’m not in the mood for it now.”

“No I-” the stutter made the blonde squint back at the purple head, who chewed at his lower lips. “I didn’t mean to… Y’know.”

“No, I don’t.” why was he pushing it? Obviously, he knew what Shinsou was referring too.

Shinsou frowned and bit harder on his lower lip. Then he mumbled something under his breath, his cheeks turning slowly but surely into pink mess.

Blinking, Kaminari felt himself scratching his neck forward, as if trying to close the inches between him and Shinsou. “Huh?”


“What was that?”

“I said I’m sorry!” barked. Voice raising so suddenly, that Denki jolted back in surprise. Then, the rare view of Shinsou’s face turning into a tomato caught him off guard, making Kaminari suddenly so lost and confused. 

How do you react when one of the emo bitches of the class suddenly yells a sorry to your face? Kaminari needed a guide book or something.

But he had none, thus he found himself staring with round eyes at Hitoshi who looked everywhere but his perplexed gaze. His violet eyes were narrowed, irritated but on the same time, they reflected something else. Something, Denki couldn’t tag a name to, couldn’t find the words to describe. He just knew it was there.

And for some reason, it made his chest warm.

Not noticing the moment it happened, but Kaminari felt his lips curl up in a fond smile, as he let out a soft giggle. Soon it turned into a laugh. He covered his mouth, noticing the way the other teen grimaced. He was still blushing, hard, and looked like a lost kitten. Which made the word ‘cute’ pop in his mind unintentionally.

“S-sorry,” choked, wiping tears. “I’m- I’m sorry too. For punching you.” eventually said, after calming down the sudden laughter. Was that his other way of panicking? At least he wasn’t panic-flirting this time.

Shinsou’s nose, now when he studied him, was brought back to normal. Probably by Recovery Girl. He was glad that he didn’t break it, because a broken nose wasn’t the best thing ever to happen to Hitoshi’s pretty face-


“‘s alright.”

Kaminari snapped back from his thoughts. “You kinda deserved that, though. Asshole.” blurted the first thing coming to his mind, finding himself puzzled at the thought appearing in his mind a second ago.

Shinsou glared at him for a few more seconds, before rolling his eyes. “So are you sorry or not?”

“Sorry for loosing my shit, but doesn’t mean you didn’t deserve that.”

“It doesn’t work like that,” argued.

Denki scoffed, jabbing the air with his finger. “In my world, it is!”

Both fell silent as they stared one at each other. It was weird, because suddenly the only thing he was aware of was those violet pools that he was trying so hard not to drown in. They were neutral, like the eyes of a God that was staring into his soul and reading him like an open book. He suddenly felt so exposed, heat grasping into his body and making him swallow down a lump of nerves.

Was the air conditioner still working?

“Anyway,” Shinsou cleared his throat. “The presentation.”

“Yeah,” choked Kaminari.

“I don’t wanna drag it so… Let’s finish it today or tomorrow. Shouldn’t take that long, I think. Wherever you’re free, I don’t think I have plans for the weekend.”

Denki hummed, tapping on his chin with his finger. “Well uh, my little sister wants to meet up with me tomorrow and probably organize a photoshoot. But I plan to drag the girls there, so maybe we can do it tomorrow then? I mean, I don’t wanna participate in the shooting so we can sit in the park and do it. Doing school stuff in the nature, my favorite.” said without a breath, pointing finger guns at Shinsou.

Shinsou blinked once, looking at him very confused, as if he was a computer with a broken hard disk that was trying to process the information but failed. “You have a sister?” finally let out.

“Yup, Hikari. She’s fourteen, really sweet-” Denki raised an eyebrow then, “-and no, you can’t date her. Sero already got a blast to the balls and I'm not afraid to do it again.”

Shinsou lifted his arms in defense, “Sorry to disappoint but I’m sorta Gray-Ace, so I don’t really have interest in dating your sister or anybody.”

It was Kaminari’s turn to fail in accepting information. “You what?”

“Uh, another term for asexual.” explained awkwardly, tugging at his nape. “I think,” added quietly.

“Oh!” exclaimed Kaminari, not understand why he was suddenly washed over with some heavy, nudging feeling. Was it disappointment? From what? Still, he beamed, rocking on his heels gently, “I’m bi! It’s nice to know that our class is so diverse.”

Shinsou tilted his head. “There are others?”

“Yup. Kirishima is an open gay-”

“And Bakugo, obviously.”

Obviously? Kaminari stopped dead in his tracks, blinking a few times before it settled into his mind that he meant that both of them were gays, and for some reason for him it seemed obvious. “I actually don’t know what about Bakugo, why is it obvious?”

Hitoshi cleared his throat. “Never mind.”

“Tell me!” whined, and then suddenly remembered that Shinsou was still standing outside of his door. Facepalming himself, he moved into his room, gesturing with his hand. “Come in, buddy!”

“Sure,” said his purple haired friend, talking a step forward.

When he thought about it, Shinsou was never at his room before. He closed the door behind the teen and rushed to his bed, making enough place for Hitoshi to take a sit, though the teen already made his way to his chair. Okay, then Kaminari would sit on the bed. Plopping on the new place he cleaned, Kaminari took the pillow and tucked between his arms, hugging it.

“Messy,” noted Hitoshi after a short moment of silence.

“Shut up, I’m a dirty person.”

“Oh?” smirked the purple head.

“Yeah, and I ride wild.” Kaminari wiggled his eyebrows, then both of them snickered. It felt so good to have Shinsou back, though they hadn’t talked for beraly three days. “Anyway, um, who else…” looking up, he tried to remember who from the class identified as who. “Shit, I forgot. I dunno dude, no one really cares about it, y’know? Be whoever you are, fuck whoever you want, just don’t be an asshole I guess.” shrugged casually, smiling.

“That’s kinda nice,” admitted the purple head, folding his arms on his torso. His fingers interlocked with each other, and once again Kaminari noticed how big his palms were. “I sometimes forget how… Acceptable our class is.”

“That’s why I love them so much,” agreed eagerly, his chest bubbling with excitement. “I was so afraid to admit to my friends that I’m bi. Like, I knew that they will accept me and love me regardless, unlike-” he cut himself, suddenly realizing what was about to slip out of his mouth.


He wasn’t ready.

No one knew. Not Mina. Not Hanta. Nor Eijirou, Katsuki, Kyoka. Even Aizawa and the staff didn’t. He wanted to keep it that way, because he still wasn’t comfortable to talk about it. He was ashamed, perhaps scared.

Panic grasped into him and heart thrilled in his chest as he tried to wreck his mind around something else, something that wouldn’t indicate what almost was set free out of his loud ass mouth-


Realizing he fell silent, his mouth moved on its own without his brain filtering what was said aloud and what didn’t. “Unlike some of my previous classmates, wow that was harsh when I had a crush on the class’s greatest asshole and he just kinda was rude to me, but I was dumb and confessed anyway pfft, can you believe it? So fucking lame, if I could go back and slap my fourteen years-old self I would have definitely done that!”


It never happened.

He didn’t even know he was bisexual back then.

And the harshest thing was the skeptical look Shinsou gave him, indicating that he didn’t believe to a single bullshit that was emitted from his mouth. That was now dry, and it was hard to swallow, and Kaminari wanted to-

To slum his skull against the wall.

“I see,” was everything Shinsou said in the end.

Violet eyes were piercing his skin, digging tunnels in his brain and reading his secrets. Shifting uncomfortably, as the room fell two degrees colder, Kaminari let out a laugh that sounded like a choking toad that its leg was cut off, while it was drowning in wetland.

“So ya wanna?”

Shinsou looked confused for a moment. “Excuse me?”

“What I said earlier. Join the photoshoot, but you and I will do the goddamn presentation. You’ll also meet Hikari!”

“Ah,” he cleared his throat, eyes squinting for a moment. “Yeah, yeah sure. I’ll bring the laptop?”


“Where is it gonna be?”

“At the park- wait,” Kaminari suddenly realized that if Shinsou was coming then there was no point in dragging there Sero. Which meant: no car. “Fuck,” groaned, ducking his face into the pillow. He didn’t really want to ride the train back and forth tomorrow, it took too much time and energy.

“You good?”

“Yeah yeah, I’ll just have to ride the train like bazillion times because I lived in Saitama and gotta pick up Hikari from there.”

“Oh,” lifting his head, he noticed that Shinsou again tugged at his nape. “I would have suggested my bike but it’s for two.”

“Nuh, ‘s alright. I’ll just bribe Sero or something,” shrugged, tugging on a small smile. “I hope he’ll give his bro the car, maybe I’ll make a small scene and then.” mulled.

Shinsou snorted. “Drama queen.”

Making a fake offended face, Kaminari gasped and clasped his palm against his chest, tilting his head back before pitching a bit forward and rolling his tongue. “You contemptible human fuck.”

“Can’t you just call me a jackass instead?”

“Sleazeball! Scoundrel!”

“I’m calling the police.”

Kaminari wanted at last tell him that he was a bitchy piece of shit , but his mind was so overwhelmed by happiness: he enjoyed so much talking to him, mock each other and babble about nothing and anything at all. Thus, instead of saying what a normal human being would, when he opened his mouth he let out: “Piece of bitch!”

Shinsou then cracked a smile, huffing out a laugh. “What?” he lifted his arm and covered his mouth, as if masking his laugh.

“Whoa, that’s really fucking fitting,” realized the blonde, then darted to his table and grabbed his phone. He found Shinsou’s contact and hurried to change it from the plain name ‘Shinsou Hitoshi’ to ‘Piece of Bitch’, grinning mischievously. Noticing that Shinsou’s eyes were directed at the screen too, he shifted, sticking out his tongue. “Don’t look, it’s not polite.”

“Change that back,” growled.


Standing on his feet, he sntached the phone out of Denki’s hands, causing the blonde to startle and pitch his arms up, “Hey!” he cried out, being shoved back by Hitoshi’s strong arm. “Give it back!!!”

“Nope,” changing his contact back, the purple head was easily pushing Kaminari out of the reach to the device. It was done with such easines that it irritated the pouting blonde. After that, he slipped the phone back to Kaminari, who elbowed him.

“As I said, piece of bitch.”

Rolling his eyes, Shinsou plopped back on Kaminari’s chair, looking rather satisfied with himself. “I’ll find a nickname for you too, don’t worry.” promised, his grin smug and beautiful at the same time.

“Shits on you.” he was really successful at killing logic and grammar in his sentences today, but hearing Shinsou’s laugh once again made him just smile to himself like an idiot. Both fell into hours of conversation. In the end, he forgot to ask the girls and remembered only at one am, when Shinsou finally retreated to his room. Sending them a quick message, he found himself remembering once again about Shinsou’s new nickname, and tapped on his contact again.

Thus on the same night, Kaminari changed Shinsou’s contact back to Piece of Bitch, while stupidly smiling at his phone. 

Chapter Text

Shinsou, despite anything Uraraka would tell him, wasn't overdressed. 

It was just a dark gray tank top, with a drawing of a melting moon and shades of trees; and navy shorts, matched with his worn out indigo snickers. Okay, so he put his bracelets and watch, he put them everywhere out of school. And he didn't combine his hair, he was just lucky today that the mess on his head accepted his authority and obeyed for once.

And what could he do? His eyes were sensible to the sun, so he put on his plain and boring sunglasses. It wasn’t his fault that they were fitting his face rather well. They were just a cheap pair he accidently stumbled upon in a market.

The backpack on his back was his usual, colored in black with cat nose and ears drawn on it. The only reason he brought it was for the laptop, because he wouldn’t walk around with the compute hanging from his arm. Again, it was a normal backpack, she was just teasing him and he was aware of that.

Hitoshi was totally not overdressed.

Just a dude, trying not to die at the heat of June, wearing a tank top and secretly hoping his arms and back muscles were visible enough. Meaning, for the girls, not for a certain blonde. Obviously. Why would you think so?

I’m a disaster.

Defeated, Hitoshi admitted to the eager girl that yes, he indeed was trying to impress Denki. Still, that didn’t mean he was overdressed. “I just have a good sense,” was his cynical answer to her statement.

“Fashion king,” teased, slapping his back.

“Shut up,” rolled his eyes.

Ever since his mental breakdown in front of her, it seemed she was trying her best to show him that they were friends. She would text him privately a lot more, acting all friendly and lightheaded near him. In all honesty, Hitoshi had no idea how to react to that, especially because he had never befriended a girl before.

However, to his dismay, in the current situation, she seemed to be the only to act like that around him. Thus, he wasn’t complaining. The rest were rather cold, moody; making it clear they weren’t keen to his presence.

Shinsou could expect it from Ashido after his, Bakugo’s and Kaminari’s fight in the changing room. They were good friends, so of course she would glare and be annoyed by him. He couldn’t blame her, really. Tsuyu and Hagakure were playing it nice, though they low-key ignored his existence. Jirou already made it clear that she wasn’t happy to see him when the first thing leaving her mouth was: “What is he doing here?” ; and Yaoyorozu, despite being Jiruo’s girl best friend, made her best to not take any side.

In conclusion, he was drowning in a circle of mad women, and the only reason he was still alive was because Uraraka protected his retarded ass.

Why am I here, again? 

Ah right: he was in love. An idiot in love. The worst duo ever.

His dad warned him about falling for a loud blonde. Honestly, despite being adopted by his teacher and his husband for almost a year and a half by now - Shinsou just recently started to address them as family. It was weird and regardless how much affection and love the men showed him (in their bizarre and unique ways) , he was feeling quite unsure.

Until recently. After spending another full spring break at his parents’ ( ah, that still feels so weird? God dammit ) household, finally something bloomed. It actually settled in his mind that he was a part of a family and that they were there for him. He noticed that each day it was harder to maintain a platonic relationship with them during school hours, as much as they tried.

For example: a few days ago Present Mic almost kissed his forehead after an English lesson. Shinsou dodged it on the last second but then was scolded by Aizawa that Yamada was whining about it for the whole evening. Your problem, you’re the one who chose him.

Another example was the occasional teasing and mocking between him and Aizawa. His squad already noticed it a few weeks ago, yet he shrugged it off saying they just got closer by training. Why? Well, he didn’t know if they supposed to know he was adopted by his mentor.

Would they judge him? Put in an uncomfortable situation and tell him he bribed Aizawa into getting him into the hero course? It was not true because he adopted him after the joint training. Still, Shinsou preferred to keep it a secret. The only question was for how long. Perhaps it was nearing the time to reveal it? Anyhow, now wasn’t the time to dwell in it.

Rubbing his nape in discomfort, he forced out a breath, glancing at his phone. Kaminari was already five minutes late. Perhaps in any normal situation he wouldn’t mind, but the atmosphere was tense, and that was weighing down on him more than he thought it would.

“Guys!” the cheery voice of the blonde echoed in the place, and Shinsou lifted his gaze to face the two blondes walking toward the awaiting group.

The sun made Denki’s hair almost glow, and his bright oceans were shining with happiness and joy. He was wearing a sapphire blue t shirt, with pineapples and flowers patterns scattered randomly all over it. A thin, silver necklace combined with his usual black choker. Beige shorts hang down his slim waist, stretching on three-quarters of his delicate yet muscular thighs, revealing the legs Shinsou couldn’t deny he was admiring slightly too much.

Wonder how his ass looks? Shit, I’m catching feelings.

All of it was matched up with the familiar black, high all star and white socks, with one single sapphire blue line around the upper part. Shinsou would never understand Kaminari’s fondness for socks, but at least this time he wore a normal pair.

But damn did he look great.

And I’m the overdressed here? Fuck you, Uraraka.

Denki’s right arm was tangled around slender shoulders of a petite girl that was gripping at a camera case for her dear life, and looked like a female version of his crush. The only solid difference was her electric blue eyes, that were filled with shyness and nervousness. To think that Denki’s sister was an introvert made him choke down an ugly snort.

“So sorry! Fucking traffic,” huffed Denki, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. “Were you waiting for too long?”

“Nope,” beamed Mina, bouncing down to the siblings. “Hikari! I’m so happy to see you!”

By this point, Shinsou wasn’t sure wherever Mina had swallowed a microphone when she was born, but she was loud enough to make the people around look at them. She crashed the girl in a hug, which indicated they were close.

Great. Was he the only one left out?

“Hi,” squeaked the girl, hugging Ashido back.

“Don’t be shy, Kari. Say hello to the best people of class 3-A!”

“Excuse you? Clearly the best people of class 3-A is me.” protested Denki.

Mina turned a skeptical look at him, and then- Hitoshi’s eyes went round and he choked, forcing himself to tear his eyes away but couldn't really. That devil child, as casually as possible, slapped Kaminari's ass. In front of Shinsou. She slapped his ass. His brain was screaming. 

“More like the best ass of 3-A, on your attitude we’ll work later,” winked. 

“Jealous?” snickered, placing a hand on his hip. “Sorry but this a limited edition, babe.”

“Go fuck a cable.”

“I only suck-” 

“Did I fucking stutter?” 

Mina turned to Hikari, looking smug - which was a contrast to the abashed look on the smaller girl’s face. Perhaps she was uncomfortable that the conversation was about her big brother’s butt. But it was alright, he could reassure her he was feeling embarrassed nonetheless. And perhaps oxygen wasn’t reaching his brain. 

“Anyway,” Denki kicked off the last thirty seconds as if they didn’t happen. “Kari, this is Shinsou!” changed the course of the conversation, dragging her closer the the purple head. 

Shinsou wouldn’t say he panicked when they came closer, but he shifted uncomfortably in his place and tried to look less scary than usual. “Hi,” threw casually. 

The blue eyes had to shift up rather a lot before they met. She was short, he could see clearly the resemblance of the siblings this close. Both had that adorably stupid, squishy-looking nose. Her cheeks were colored in bright pink blush, as she smiled nervously and mumbled a quick greeting. 

“Playing it all shy but don’t believe her, she’s a little shit.” that triggered an elbow to his midsection. “Hey! Those are facts!”

Hitoshi bit down an amused smile. “Genetics, y’know.”

“Burn!” whisteled Mina, before grabbing Hikari’s wrist. “Kay then, have fun boys. And Shinsou, sweety - one wrong breath at Kami, and your dick is melted . Enjoy!” 

It would be a lie if he didn’t admit the glass of fear sticking into his chest. Her nonchalant way of saying the threat was as admirable as creeping.

Sending Respect Points her way.  

“Mina! I told you everything’s cool,” huffed Denki, poking her horn. She just shrugged, and then dragged Hikari toward the rest of the girls. Regardless the last two sentences, the look of full trust he gave Ashido made Shinsou sigh under his breath, wishing someone would trust him the same way, too. Brushing the thought aside, he watched the blonde beaming at him. Gold eyes stayed on his frame for a moment, as if he was scanning him carefully.

And then, a sudden wolf-whistle emitting from Kaminari made his skull crack, “Damn Shinsou, trying to seduce me first thing in the morning?”

“Saying the guy who is showing off his legs,” retored, not really weighing his words.

“Ow honey , if I knew how much you like my legs I would have come with shorter pants.” the coy way he vocalized the sentence threw Hitoshi off guard for a single moment.

“Shit sweetheart , isn’t it forbidden having sex in public?”

A wicked wink. “For that reason, there are toilets.”

Denki would kill him by the end of this supposedly-study session.

Hopping to sit on the wood table near them, Kaminari shot him a wide grin and patted on it. “C’mon big guy, let’s get this shit going. Can’t say I dreamed about this being my first date with a hot purple bitch, but I’ll take everything mother nature gives me.”

Big guy? “Eh,” brilliantly answered.

Hitoshi sat across of Denki and pulled out his laptop, placing in a way that Kaminari could see what he was doing there. Then he also placed a notebook and a few pens, cracking his fingers. “Okay, Aizawa sent me a message with everything we need to write about the sports festival.”

“Not gonna lie, I don’t remember shit from back then, expect your and Midoriya’s fight.” admitted sheepishly the blonde, “But let’s do our best?” he lifted his hand, palm clenched into a fist.

Shinsou first bumped him, fighting a smile threatening to curl up on his lips. “I believe in our brain cell energy.”

“I think my last one did a yeet on the Math quiz yesterday.”


“Gladly we still have yours!” laughed the blonde, smiling a 100-watts smile as if he had just met the president of Japan and received six zeros into his bank account.

Shinsou wasn’t going to tell him that his brain cells died the moment Denki appeared in those shorts.

“Boys!” Mina’s voice was carried by the wind.

Three hours later, they were half way through with the presentation, and the girls (as for what it looked) finished the photoshoot. Mina, dragging an overwhelmed Hikari behind her, approached the teens. At first Shinsou tensed, but then, to his surprise - the pink girl smiled at both of them, placing her palms on the table.

“We decided to go the mall so we’re leaving you here.”

“Ah?” pouted Denki, “What about your best buddies?”

“Boys aren’t allowed, sorry babes.” she made a kiss gesture with her lips. Kaminari responded with catching the kiss in mid air and clapping to his heart.

“That’s alright, let’s just focus on finishing it?” suggested Hitoshi. Denki was extremely cute when he pouted in his known playful way, but he really couldn’t take it furthermore. In addition to the eager flirting between them in the last three hours.

It was just too much.

Where the gray-ace nature was at? Betraying him at times like this.

“You sure you’re good?” Kaminari averted his gaze to his sister, that smiled softly.


“Of course she is dummy, big sis Mina to the rescue!” crashing the girl in another hug, Shinsou could almost see Hikari’s eyes leaking out of their sockets. Mina surely loved that girl, huh?

“Okay then,” he beamed, stretching an arm to pat her head. The girl dodged, which led to another betrayed pout.

“Can you just keep the camera?” asked, ignoring the pout and taking off the case that was hanging from her neck.

“Sure,” Kaminari took it, placing near Shinsou’s beg on the table. “Have fun! We’ll come to pick you the moment we finished and I’ll drive you home.”

The girls smiled and then returned to the awaiting group.

The boys once again focused their attention on the work, though Shinsou noticed that Kaminari was beginning to get really distracted. He was the type of people that had to do something and couldn’t keep quiet otherwise. He would bounce his leg, chew on a pen, nibble his lip or play with the choker. From time to time Hitoshi let him type on the computer so that his hands were kept busy.

Hour and a half later, his stomach growled in an annoyed tone, reminding him it was already seven hours after he had breakfast. If a cup of coffee and a slice of bread with ham was counted as a breakfast.

“Man I’m hungry,” announced the blonde, as if he was reading Hitoshi’s mind.

“Let’s grab a bite?”

“Yup,” taking the case of the camera, Kaminari put it around his shoulder and tangled his legs from the table. “Jesus, I can’t believe you actually forced me to study almost five hours straight.”

“We weren’t really studying,” pointed out the purple head as he collected his stuff.

“Doing school shit, whatever.”

Shinsou smirked. “I have a brainwashing quirk, after all.” said to the previous statement.

“Kinky,” snickered Denki.

Oh sweet lord give me the power to not bang him right fucking now.

A quick glance at his phone: Shinsou noticed an incoming message from his blonde father, asking him how was his studying date going. Masking the squeak he almost let out with a cough, Shinsou fought the blush tickling up his neck and ears, shoving the phone into his pocket.

So Shota did informe Hizashi about their conversation after he, Bakugo and Kaminari threw fists in the changing room. Great. This was going to be an endless tease.

“What are we gonna eat?” Denki bounced near him as they made their way out of the green park, to the surprisingly empty street. But then he was harshly reminded by the killing sun that made him sweat the moment they stepped out of the shadow, also blinding his eyes.

“I’m fine with everything,” shrugged, sliding on his sunglasses.


“You just love ‘em round and juicy, don’t you?”

“Nuh, I’m more into buffed up and witty, but you do you.” winked the blonde. Hitoshi was so glad his eyes were covered by the sunglasses.

It was hard to not melt into a stinky puddle of sweat under those rays of fire, but somehow he succeeded in the tough mission. Eventually, they managed to get into a steakhouse nearby, immediately exhaling in relief as cold air hit their hot bodies. Shinsou peeled off his sunglasses, and then both exchanged a quick look and puffed a laugh.

“Hey,” Kaminari spoke up after they placed their orders and returned the menus to the waitress. “I uh, wanted to ask something. If you’ve like, calmed down.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll be honest here dude, I don’t wanna fight,” mumbled the blonde, hooking his fingers around his wrist. He was doing it sometimes, when he was nervous or bored. “So we won’t have this talk if it’s gonna trigger us into more arguing. That’s why I’m asking if you’re calm, because I do, and I would gladly listen why did you… I mean, why all of what happened - happened.” explained, eyes looking everywhere but Shinsou’s.

Shinsou wasn’t mad anymore. The talk he had with Aizawa after the fight calmed him down and recollected his thoughts, helping him realize that denying his obvious feeling to the blonde wasn’t going to help him. They didn’t came to a solid conclusion, Shota told him that it was something only Hitoshi could do, and the teen couldn’t agree more.

Knowing that none of his fathers were going to judge him did help him relax. At least he was sure that his sexual crises was only in his head, and that no outsider would isolate him from swinging this way or another. Hell, his fathers were openly gay, why did he think for a moment they would push him away?

Anyhow, until he wasn’t one hundred percent sure what to do, he wasn’t going to tell Kaminari a word. The endless flirting between them put him in a confusing situation because he couldn’t tell wherever it meant their feelings were mutual or if Kaminari was a disaster flirt as always - but then again, it was something he’d rather answer to himself first.

“I’m not ready,” decided to say, dodging but not completely the question.

Frowning, Kaminari gulped. “Not ready for what?”

The words were heavy on his tongue. “Can you- can you please give me some time?”

The look Kaminari gave him wasn’t offended, nor taken aback. Instead, he smiled warmly at him, nodding. “Sure, I’m always here so don’t hesitate, dude.”

Once again, Hitoshi fought a genuine smile. “Thanks,” said softly, then suddenly clearing his throat. “But do you mind explaining those not-hickeys?” asked, awkwardly. Indeed, it was still bothering him. 

Recovery Girl gave Denki something that made them look a lot better overnight, so that was why he allowed himself to wear short clothes. Still visible enough for a few invasive eyes to glare at them, though. Shinsou swore he heard an old lady muttering how gross teenagers were these days. For her (and his) dismay, he wasn't the one to mark Kaminari's skin, so they could all go fly a kite. 

“Ah those,” he turned his arm, looking at the blue and purple mess, “Fucking Christ you won't believe it! I was on my patrol and then this twat appeared, his quirk was creating puff balls with teeth and oop did that fucking hurt like a bitch.” exclaimed, throwing his arms to the air, "And now I look like a porn star. Recovery Girl said it will be like that for a few days, can I like kill myself or something." 

"Unlucky," snorted Shinsou. 

"You and your unlucky, damn piece of bitch." Denki stuck out his tongue, though he was grinning. 

“Well then, you're forgiven.”

The puzzled look Kaminari gave him was worth any upcoming response. “What? You want to mark me too, pretty boy?” 

“My standards are too high for a slut.” 

“Good that I'm a Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing, then.” winked. 

They laughed. 

There was one last thing, that was bothering Hitoshi, and that was Kaminari's sudden disappearing during night times. However, the atmosphere was too light to corner the blonde about it, and he really didn't want to ruin the mood. Swallowing it down, he let Kaminari take lead of the conversation, simply giving in. 

Shinsou was weak for that boy, and that was biting way too much into his ass.

If Hitoshi finally accepted his feelings, might as well accept his loving parents.

They have done so much for him since he was adopted. Hell, Shota paid for his driving license and Hizashi gave him their old motorcycle! It didn't matter that the men got a new one anyway; Hitoshi was still at loss of words when at his 17th birthday his dads showed him the motorcycle and announced that it was his

Kinda makes me feel like an asshole?

Don’t get him wrong. He wasn’t pushing them away, he wasn’t trying to isolate himself. Simply, it took time for him to come to terms that there were people who cared for him. He was hesitant, cautious - but it was expected from a kid who was discriminated for his whole life, wasn’t it?

That is to say, Aizawa and Yamada did their best to give him space and time. He did notice how slowly the ice melted, but he still wasn’t calling them “Dad” or whatsoever. After half a year of addressing them as sir it turned to their last names, and then to first, and now - he was beginning to feel the need in vocalizing “Dad”.

Hitoshi was going soft.

The time was seven in the evening when he knocked on the door to their house. Only because it was the weekend, he let himself to go eat dinner with them, but he wasn’t going to stay for the night. Simply because it would look suspicious and again, he wasn’t ready to reveal their little secret just yet.

The first one to greet him was the loud Hizashi, crashing him in a hug. “My boy!” he cried out in happiness, finally planting the desired kiss on his forehead.

Shifting in slight uneasiness, Shinsou cleared his throat. “‘m home.”

“Come in, food is ready, cats are waiting and Shota is as grumpy as always.” beamed the blonde, dragging Hitoshi inside of the house and closing the door behind them.

Ever since they moved to the dorms, Aizawa and Yamada were forced to leave at U.A too. It didn’t mean they couldn’t go back to their apartment on weekends, and took full advantage of that. Throughout the week they were only back at the afternoons to feed the cats, on turns, and check out that everything was still in place.

Not idle, but they made it work.

Shinsou kicked off his shoes and paced slowly to the kitchen. Reminding himself that it was his home, that he had a room upstairs and that those were his loving dads, he tried to let a smile curl up his lips.

C’mon, time to show some gratitude. Scolded a small voice in his head.

“Where’s your helmet?” asked Aizawa.

“I walked,” answered with a shrug, plopping in a chair. The man nodded.

Nice smell of fish spread in the kitchen. Combined with potatoes and green tea. The food was served on the small, square table, and the homie atmosphere soothed his tensed muscles.

Both men sat in front of him. Something rubbed against his legs: looking down, Hitoshi smiled at the black hunk of furr, that was nuzzling into his ankle. Leaning to pat the cat, Hitoshi noticed the awaiting looks on the men’s face, immediately straightening up.


“Shota told me about what happened yesterday,” started Hizashi, as Shinsou predicted, “Why didn’t you tell us about it earlier, Hitoshi?”

Sighing heavily, he reached to grab some potatoes and fish. “Sorry.”

“You don’t trust us?”

That made him tense. “N-no,” let out, swallowing down a lump of nerves. “I just- I dunno. This is all still so… Unreal, I- I can’t get used to it.”

“But it has been so much time?” askes the blonde, looking at him like a sad puppy.

“I know,” he felt defeated, “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t push it,” said Aizawa, making Shinsou relieved yet afraid that he disappointed him again in less then two days, “How was whatever you did today?”

“We finished the presentation,” informed them, taking his first bite. It tasted good. “And then hang out until Kaminari had to take his sister back home. It was nice.”

“I’m glad you've calmed down,” Hizashi smiled.

“He gave me a headache yesterday,” grunted Aizawa, “Saying that this will lead to another explosion between you two. Happy to see you developed some brain.”

“Ouch,” scoffed the teen.

“So now, do you need still help with accepting yourself? From what I heard from Shota, you had a really serious conversation about all of this .”

This : his sexuality, feelings, acceptance in society. His trauma from discrimination, isolation and fear of everyone turning once again and leaving him behind. The fear of his new family kicking him out, the intolerable thought of his best friend ( can I call him like that? Oh God, I hope I can ) grossing out by his attraction to him.

Yes, he and his Dad had a long conversation about it. Solid thirty minutes of him crying and muttering bullshit and wanting to be held by Aizawa but being too afraid to ask for it. Well maybe not practically crying, but on the verge.

“No, I think I’m in control.” said with confidence, “I still have no idea how to correctly approach it, but I’m doing my best.”

“Punching your crush isn’t the best way to do it, just saying.”

Fighting blush, Shinsou pushed another potato into his mouth. “It was an accident.”

“At least you didn’t deny the crush part!”

“Well if it’s settled, let’s talk about your next mission.” the sudden change in the subject made both Shinsou and Mic blink in confusion. “It’ll be after summer break, and this time in teams. I already decided on them, just waiting for the list of missions.”

“Are you sure you’re supposed to tell me that?” asked the teen, shifting uncomfortably in his place.

“Are you familiar with the word trust?”

Something warm bubbled in his chest. “Uh,” let out dumbly.

“Great. Anyway, I thought teaming you with Sero, Jirou, Kirishima and Ashido. Think you can handle it?”

“If those four won’t rip my ass for punching Kaminari, then yeah.”

“Again, it’ll be after summer break, close to the cultural festival. More than enough time for you to settle everything down, don’t you think?” offered Mic with a soft smile.

Hitoshi swallowed down a lump of nerves, trying to believe that Hizashi knew what he was talking about. “I hope,” mumbled, taking a sip from the green tea.

Chapter Text

Angrily slamming his hands against the marble didn’t help to soothe his rage.

“Old fucking jackass,” spat, turning his arm and rucking up his sleeve. There, was a new reddish mark, less than twenty four hours old. “Frigging shit ass motherfucker!!!” the yell bounced from his mouth and he found himself kicking furiously the trash can near him, wincing at the loud thud echoing in the toilet room.

Ok, cool, a mini-Michiko turned on in his head. You’ve yelled - now time to calm down.

Denki observed once again the mark, breathing through gritted teeth. Glancing at the ointment Recovery Girl gave him, he wondered if it would work with electrical burns too. Deciding that: fuck it, YOLO - he applied it to his skin and then dropped the sleeve.

Honestly, Kaminari didn’t know how much longer he could take it. Each day he felt his sanity being dragged, forcefully, aggressively, one step closer to the borderline. People described him as calm, happy boy - but that wasn’t always true. And that made him scared; afraid of his own actions.

Kaminari once let out his rage around other people. That fight in the changing room. He hit Shinsou, and up until now it refused to let go of his brain. The guilt crumpled inside of him, because instead of acting like a normal human being - he hit him. He swung a fist at him. Though, it wasn’t the most terrifying thing about that incidence.

It indicated that if it happened once, it could happen again. Thanks to the homicidal maniac and ignorant whore that raised him.

When he was younger, Michiko always scolded him when he got mad. Due to the house he came from, it felt right for him to take his rage on people, and vice versa: let people take their rage out on him. After all, his father was doing it. It all started when he was twelve, the first time he zapped his classmate because he annoyed him. Perhaps he could blame hormones for that, but it didn’t matter - the important fact was, that his grandmother made sure to lecture him why he couldn’t let himself act like his father.

That he needed to be a better person.

Over the years, Kaminari built his persona based on his surroundings. As a kid, he used to curl up in a corner, wait for the storm to soothe; too afraid to do something to stop it. Later on, when the hormones kicked in and his mind and character started to change, he attempted to rebel: add some self-confidence, gather more power and control over certain situations.

Yet, he didn’t like it. That wasn’t the type of person he aspired to be. If Michiko hadn’t snapped open his eyes… No, he didn’t want to think what he could have turned to.

The persona he mastered worked the best. Felt natural, not plastic, not forced. Happy, light-headed babbling dork that seemed to have no worries at all. It was an easy, ongoing play he got used to rather quickly. It enveloped his skin comfortably, keeping his mind sane and thoughts clear.

Until those moments, like yesterday’s night, exploded his bubble.

Hikari called again, asking if he could take her to a ride. As always, Denki didn’t spare a second thought, driving there as fast as he could. However, the moment she stepped out of the lobby, he appeared.

It escalated rather quickly.

Started from a mad growl, followed by Hikari begging him to not hurt her big brother. Denki, who by this point of time wasn’t bothered by the man in the slightest, faced him eye to eye. It seemed that they forgot it was three am, yelling at each other. The man zapped him, Kaminari shoved him back; then grabbed his sister and fled.

Nights like this made him snap later on. He just had to let out his boiling anger, despite the itchy feeling in his chest each time he did.

His greatest fear was to end up like his father. He fought so many years to not be like that man, but he just couldn’t not think about it each time he yelled. Each time he hit something. Each time he looked in the mirror, and instead of himself, saw him .

It was terrifying.

The door suddenly flew open. Denki jumped in terror, heart dropping into the pit of his stomach. Turning his gaze sharply, he noticed Kirishima peering inside and blinking in confusion at him. Mastering his best puzzled expression, Denki pretended to be applying the ointment to his other bite marks. “Bro?”

“Uh, thought I heard something?” Kirishima entered from the changing room to the toilet corridor.

“Yah, tripped over the trash can,” smiled sheepishly, pointing with his legs at the can. Kirishima hummed in understanding and lifted it from the floor, placing back. That made him feel like an asshole.

“Were you screaming?”

“Wha- no?” lying, Kaminari mentally scolded himself to be more careful. He didn’t get mad that much, but when he did - he could scream non less louder than Bakugo. Because we all have an inner BakuBitch.

“Huh,” Eijirou crossed his arms over his chest. Just now Kaminari noticed he was wearing only a pair of shorts, and his hair was wet and slicked back on his head. “You and Shinsou finally made up?” changed the subject sharply, smiling at him.

“Yup!” finally Kaminari felt himself loosening up, because talking with Kirishima, or his friends in general, had that effect on him. After all, he loved them so much. He couldn’t deny the fact he was still raging, but he would have to deal with it.

Life was going on, after all. And truthfully speaking, it wasn’t the first or the last time his monstrous father was going to catch Hikari sneaking out.

“He explained himself?”

At that, Kaminari let out a sigh. He put aside the tube and went to wash his hands, pouting at the thought of Shinsou keeping something inside. “He said he needs time to uh, something. And I agreed, because I really don’t want to fight anymore. I wonder what could it be?” mumbled, glancing at Kirishima.

“Dude,” it wasn’t Eijirou, and the voice made both of them jump in surprise. Sero peered from the door, looking at Kaminari with his famous “I’m-so-done-with-your-idiocy” expression. He was also shirtless, with his hair wet. “It’s fucking obvious.”

“Huh?” blinked dumbly.

This time, it was Kirishima who facepalmed himself. Kaminari winced, turning to look at his friends with a puzzled expression. He had no idea what they were trying to say, but both looking at him as if he was the stupidest person ever born.

“Are we gonna make him think or should we tell him?”

“Guys,” whined.

“Kami. My man, my bro,” Kirishima grasped into Kaminari’s shoulders, jerking him suddenly. It knocked out the bush that was floating in his skull ever since his last brain cell leaked out of his ear. “Open your fucking eyes.”

“Clearly holding them open,” deadpanned Denki, because he didn’t understand. Or perhaps he did but was denying it.

The two growled simultaneously, Sero rolled his eyes and Kirishima flicked his forehead. Kaminari let out a squeak. Stepping back, the red head pinched the bridge of his nose as the raven head turned to continue dressing up, and silence spread for a moment before finally, his friend spoke up.

“He, clearly, obviously , likes you.”

“I like him too?” offered Denki, rocking on his heels. For some reason his brain decided to play it dumb, simply because the thought appearing in his mind was slightly too good to be true.

“No, nut head,” Sero’s grunt was carried from somewhere in the next room, “Likes likes you. Full fucking homo.”

The hideously unattractive snort coming out of Kaminari was enough to guarantee Shinsou would never look at him ever again, if he was there to hear it. “Pfft yeah sure, the dude Gray-Ace as fuck.”

“Just for you to know, Gray-Aces have that one certain person they do love and want to fuck.”

“Someone’s very fluent,” Denki rolled his eyes, pushing the thought forcefully away. “Even if they do, that doesn’t mean-”

“It is, dumbass. Congrats! You’re the person!” crowed Kirishima, throwing his hands to the air, beaming so brightly that the killing sun outside could quit and switch places with him.

The blush that crippled into his neck, cheeks, ears - everywhere - made him hot and sweaty. And he just showered, great . Stepping back, making a weird noise at the back of his throat, Kaminari’s heart pounded in his chest. Electricity sparkled between his fingers, the room turned into an oven. His pupils were so small and jaw pushed down with gravity.

“Wha- How- What?!” his brain needed a reboot. Kaminari.exe wasn’t working nor responding properly.

“Indeed,” third voice. Just how many people were there to witness Kaminari making an idiot out of himself? Okay, maybe he was doing it daily, but when it came to this - it was just three times more embarrassing.

Kaminari looked out of the open door, noticing that it was Todoroki, stripping form his training shirt. “Fucking traitor,” whined, feeling his legs sinking into the floor.

“Just for you to know, he almost punched me when I told him that I help you study,” noted the teen in his usual, indifferent tone.

“The fuck-”

“He’s always staring at your ass, especially during P.E and Hero Training,” added Sero.


“Oh, and I caught him gay panicking over you. Twice!” a muscular arm tangled over his shoulders. Kirishima shook him as if he was a sack of potatoes. The shining smile on his lips threw Kaminari to a whole new abyss of desperation.

“Fuck off!” cried out, covering his face. He could feel his ears steaming from the embarrassment, and it was really hot. As if he was pushed into a gorge of a volcano .

And then, because someone (looking at you, Jesus) hated Kaminari enough to make it happen: Shinsou casually trailed into the changing room of the boys in the dorms. All the while peeling off his sweat soaked shirt; exposing his hard abs, broad shoulders and buffed up biceps and arms in general. The V of his hips was noticeable way too much, as his sweatpants hang from his stiff hips.

Brushing his fingers through his hair, he pushed it back, throwing the shirt to the laundry basket. Then, two, deep violet irises fixed on Kaminari, who immediately felt his heart bursting out of his chest and blood rushing to his head.

The silence in the room didn’t help. Kirishima daring to push him a step closer to Shinsou and giggling softly into his ear made everything worst. The puzzled, yet adorable look Hitoshi shot at him turned his legs numb.

And the fact he was shirtless was enough to kill Denki on the spot.

“Did I miss something?” asked Shinsou, looking around at the three boys, who were acting innocently. As if they weren’t teasing the hell out of the blond a second ago.

“No, why would you think so?” shrugged Sero, smiling casually at them.

“Dunno, Blondie looks like he’s about to short circuit.”

Did he just call me- “Pfft no!” cackled, in the most unattractive way a human being could. “Oh God look at the time, gotta go to- YES,” a brilliant save. Not sparing another glance to no one, his legs carried him rapidly out of the changing room, down the hall to the elevator.

Blood rushed in his ears, he heard muffled voices from the room but ignored them. Hitting the button of the elevator he slid in and almost tipped over his feet. Leaning back on the wall he covered his face and swallowed, feeling his pants getting slightly tighter than they should.

Oh fuck, he squeezed shut his eyes, fuck .

Denki sprinted down the hall, yellow coweb of electrical currents dancing across his legs.

The new technique that increased his speed came in very handy when he was late for class. Smoke trail was left after him; he almost run over someone. Said someone cursed him so cruelly that Satan would be proud. 

In from of his unintentionally glowing eyes appeared the door of his class, a smirk forming on his thin lips. He made a sudden turn before clashing into the wall, breaking into the class. “Sorry I’m late!-” and then, something hit his face. 

It wasn’t a gentle collision. 

At all. It made all of his body jolt back, legs left the ground because of the high speed. Yelping, he tripped over his tangling body, plopping on his butt. Denki found himself on the floor, his neck almost cracked back from the mighty blow, brain thudding in his skull like a rock ratting in a box. Eyes spotting nothing but dancing stars. 

It accrued to him that he actually saw nothing because something covered the whole surface of his face. When the world was good to stop breakdancing furiously, the confused teen lifted his arms and peeled the whatever covered his skin.

Cold, sticky yet soft sensation. Cream? He tried to blink, but something prevented it. A fresh aroma of chocolate. A cake? Fingers tightened around a plastic plate, rubbing the sponge-like material smeared and smashed on it. Definitely a cake.

“Happy birthday!” crowed loudly voices of his classmates. Denki rubbed some cake off of his eyes until he saw the image of radiating teens. 

“Guys,” exhaled, eyes going round with realization. “You shitfucks!” laugh formed at the pit of his throat, wide smile slicing his face in half. Someone bent over, taking the plate with the remainings of the cake. That allowed Denki to stand up, licking some of the tasty, chocolate cake. His favorite. 

“Only the best for our Pikachu,” Mina hugged him from the side, licking some icing from his cheek. 

“H-hey! Cut it!” it tickled, making him giggle and wriggle under her tight embrace.

“Told you it was worth ruining the cake!” someone yelled comically. Sero?

“Fuck when you burst into the class? I thought Shinsou would miss you,” Kirishima flapped his shoulder, while Yaoyorozu offered him a napkin.  He thanked her, and then turned his head.

“Shinsou?” inquired, puzzled. Gold eyes fixed on Shinsou, only to see the smug smirk directed at him. Shinsou actually agreed to participate in throwing a cake at his face? Not only that, he was also the one to do it? “You almost knocked out my brain!” cried out instead, flashing him a middle finger, “Restrain your fucking strength, asshole!”

“Sorry,” he wasn’t, “You stroke like lightning into the class, I panicked, and instead of throwing - shoved it into your face. Same outcome,” the purple head strolled closer, eyes sparkling with sly mischievousness.

And suddenly a cold thumb was pressed to the side of Denki's lips. Hitoshi drew it to the side in a quick jab, picking crumbs of cake and icing.

Kaminari backed away, face flashing cherry red, as he watched the purple head bringing the finger to his mouth. What the-

Hitoshi licked it. That movement of bringing out a pink, long, slick tongue, curling up around the grains of chocolate cake and the icing? Yes, that. Twisting it around his finger slowly, the purple head eyed Denki. As if making sure he watched, followed each seductive lick. And oh did the blond watch - it was the only thing he was aware of. That, and the trail of saliva drawn between his lower lip and fingertip. 

Until a palm hit Denki’s shoulder. 

Mouth dry, it was hard to swallow. His breath stuck at the pit of his throat, heat bubbling in his chest. Denki dragged his mind back with some difficulty, focusing on Kirishima's moving mouth. The red head was talking about whatever, so Kaminari nodded dumbly. His friend beamed, which meant it was the right response. 

Fuck you, Shinsou. 

“Time to start the class,” Aizawa’s voice exploded in the room, bursting Kaminari’s bubble forcefully. “Kaminari, go wash your face.”

“Yes, sir!” saluted, pushing his bag to Kirishima’s hands. He threw away the napkin before marching to the door, trying to kick away the clogged scene of Shinsou licking his finger (he failed completing the task miserably) . As he bypassed the tired teacher, a palm was pressed to his shoulder, throwing him for a momentary train of panic.

“Happy birthday,” was what clashed with his ears, making him thumble for a moment. Gold eyes shot up, following Aizawa hobbling to his table at the front of the class, as students arranged in their seats. Mouth agape, Kaminari stared at him for a solid five seconds before his brain rebooted.

“Th-thank you!” squeaked, bowing his head hastily. But he miscalculated the trajectory of the swing, which caused his forehead hit the wall. “Ouch!-” cried out, stumbling. Laughter was heard around him, Shota glanced at his direction and sighed heavily, and the birthday boy chuckled nervously before slipping out of the class.

That was it - Kaminari was ready to die in peace.

Kaminari, eventually, got to three conclusions.

  1. Shinsou was going to kill him.
  2. He was ultra gay for said murderer.
  3. His grandma and sister were the best, despite the endless tease that was yet to come.

But hey, at least his plan to befriend Hitoshi worked out well!

Huffing, as he smiled helplessly to himself, Kaminari waited for the black car that was supposed to appear any minute.

Today started off so well. He woke up to his phone blowing up with text messages wishing him happy birthday. Denki smiled like in idiot and teared up at the bizarre yet glamorous birthday wishes from his friends. Mina initiated a thread of messages in the class chat, which caused everyone to write him at least a one-line-long wish - and that was more than enough to melt his heart.

Of course, said precious friends uploaded the most embarrassing pictures of him to their stories, wishing him also happy birthday there, and he found his belly aching from how hard he laughed. He didn’t even remember sending them those pictures, but he should be slightly more careful.

Not that he was going to.

And the fact he was late for class didn’t change it. After all, what his friends arranged was hilarious, and Hitoshi low-key licked him. Kaminari had to choke down a gurgle at the pit of his throat.

However, the most adorable thing, occurred at lunch. Hitoshi took him to the roof and shared with him a bento, admitting he cooked it on his own. It tasted like heaven, and the blush covering the purple head’s cheeks? Kaminari, if he was an absolut, tactless moron, would already swallow up those tempting lips.

Shinsou even brought him a present! Kaminari was shocked to learn that Shinsou remembered that he loved reading, and the purple head bought him a novella he planned to buy some time in the future. If he had enough money. Denki didn’t know what did he do to deserve Hitoshi in his life, but he made sure to smash the purple head in a tight embrace.

Did that mean that perhaps, maybe , the teen liked him? Just as Kirishima, Sero and Todoroki said. Oh God, I so fucking hope.

Now, he was waiting for his grandmother and Hikari, because for some reason his strict teacher allowed him to go celebrate his birthday with them. Aizawa was rather subtle with him recently, after that changing room incident. Wonder why? Perhaps… No, he couldn’t think of a possible explanation that made sense. He also wasn’t that much nicer, but slightly softer? As if he grew a bit fond of him. And Present Mic, too.

Denki had no idea how to react to that.

“Den!” a cheery voice echoed in his ears, and he turned his head. From a black, familiar car, peered a short girl and rather average height, old woman. Despite her age, she was shining brighter than the sun, and looked rather young. Well, his cursed baby face was supposed to come from somewhere.

Michiko Kaminari, his lovely grandma, could be easily mistaken for their mother. Not that both of them protested.

“Hi,” he smiled, warmness tickling in his chest. Hugging his favorite girls, he received a shower of kisses from the old lady, and a pat on the shoulder from Hikari.

“I’m so happy you could make it this year,” smiled Michiko, caressing his blond locks. Despite being finally noticeably taller than her, Denki always felt like a little kid the moment she spoke to him. He didn’t have a problem with that.

“But of course!” marvelled, the three of them making their way into the cafe.

The atmosphere was calm, almost intimate. Not much people were there at two in the afternoon, which was to their liking. Denki practically grew up in the cafe. Michiko knew the owner and always got them discounts, never missed special events and dragged them here each Sunday morning when they were younger.

Hikari’s best friend was the owner’s son, and Denki couldn’t help but like the guy too. He was as old as his sister, and was aiming to enroll to the U.A. Of course Denki shared with him everything he knew and helped him out as much as he could. Yet, they had that unspoken game of: “Touch my sis and I fry your brain” , because he had a tough-big-brother reputation to maintain.

The place hadn’t changed much over the years. In fact, at all. The same brown walls, and old japanese atmosphere. Usually, Kaminari preferred more American stylized places; but this one he didn’t mind.

It was something like a third home for him.

“Look who’s here!” a voice of a woman echoed in their ears. Denki turned his head, beaming at the wife of the owner, Ai Nakamura, walking over them with menus. “The Kaminaris! It has been agas, gosh,” she smiled warmly at them, placing the menus on the table.

“Mrs. Nakamura!” exclaimed Denki and Hikari, as if they were little kids, hurrying to stumble from the booth to hug the woman.

“I’ve heard it’s your birthday today?” she elbowed him, grinning. “What a honor to serve a young pro hero on his birthday!”

“Ow stop, you’ll make me blush,” he giggled, waving with his hand. “I’m always down for you apple pie, tough. Y’know, if you wanted to gimme a present,” winked playfully, receiving a fair eye roll from Michiko.

“Eighteen years-old hero yet acting like he’s five,” she sighed heavily.

“C’mon Mrs. Kaminari, you have a very handsome grandson, how can we resist such a boy!” laughed Nakamura, patting Kaminari’s shoulder.

“Someone loves me in this house,” dramatically holding into his chest, he couldn’t hide his smirk. Sticking his tongue out to his forgedly desperate grandmother, he then slid back to the booth, opening the menu.

“Order whatever you want, half the price.” stated Ai. Before any of them could object, she turned and marched back to the counter.

“They just love us,” noted Hikari, getting back to sit next to her big brother.

“How can they not love you two? My wonder duo,” cooed Michiko, smiling warmly. “Den, how was your day? Your friends celebrated with you?”

“Threw a cake at my face. Good old times,” snorted, running his finger through his hair. “But yeah, it was very nice. Going to get better now that Teach let me slip for a few hours.”

“How nice of him,” said Michiko, “You finally did well on a test?”

“Whoa, kay, let’s not go overboard.”

Scoffing, her eyes were still reflecting her endless love to him, and that made his heart warm. “Such a dork.”

“Your favorite dork!”

She laughed, when suddenly were heard footsteps. Denki turned his head sharply, noticing a teenager sprinting into the cafe. At their direction, like a small hurricane. “Hiroaki!” called, sliding out of the booth, he embraced the teen and received a rib-crushing hug.

“Dude! Happy birthday!” yelled, lifting Denki a bit from the ground.

The blond laughed, then let go, feet returning to the ground. “Don’t lift me up, fucker.”

The brunette stuck out his tongue, placing his elbow on Kaminari’s head, “You’re just too fucking short to hug otherwise,” teased, receiving a well deserved nudge to his ribs.

“Horiaki! Language!” cried Ai from the counter, glaring at her son. “Instead of insulting our special guests, take their orders you useless kid!”

“Useless?!” pouted the teen, marching to change from school clothes to the uniform, “If it wasn’t for me, this cafe was dead!”

The woman threw a menu at him. Kaminari laughed, he adored this family, and slid back to the booth. Michiko was smiling warmly, gold eyes gleaming with joy. Hikari elbowed him playfully, going back to choose what she was going to eat before Hiroaki would come back to take their orders.

Kaminari, as always, settled on their special burger. It was just the right size, tasted dreamly, and made him feel good. “You chose?” asked, looking at his grandmother. For a moment, his eyes twitched. She was a bit slouched, fingers trailing up and down her chest. Narrowing her eyes, the woman didn’t answer right away, and then shot her head up.

“Hm? Sorry Den, was reading. What did you ask?” she smiled, forcefully peeling her hand off of her chest.

“Are you alright?” asked instead.

“Of course kiddo,” lean fingers wrapped around his palm that rested on the table, squeezing it gently. The smile was warm, kind, loving - almost melting him on the spot. “Let me guess, you’re taking the burger.”

Kaminari chuckled, “You just know me so well.”

“What did you expect?” sticking out her tongue, she turned to Hikari, asking if she was done choosing. The girl nodded eagerly, then waved at Hiroaki that stumbled out of the workers’ changing room.

Brushing any unnecessary thoughts aside, Denki let himself relax in the comfortable chair, the smile not leaving his lips for the rest of the day.

Chapter Text

Kaminari jolted awake the moment the alarm clock exploded in his ears.

The blond had never woke up faster, never been happier to greet another day, and for sure never thought he would actually find himself in time for something he requested for. But what could he do?

Today was Hitoshi’s birthday!

Practically bouncing as he waited for Sato to come, Kaminari skimmed the recipe papers he printed yesterday. Deciding that he would make it faster if he would pull out the ingredients, he turned to swoop the kitchen by the speed of light searching for everything he needed.

When he climbed the chair to try and look over the ridiculously high selves they had (fuck my short genetics), Sato slid into the kitchen, panting.

“Sorry, almost slept through my alarm!” called, then blinked in surprise when he noticed that Kaminari already put out some of the ingredients.

“It’s alright dude,” smiled the blond, turning to face the taller teen, “I know it’s fucking early. Thank you so much!”

“No no, it’s my pleasure.” waved him off, reaching to the recipe paper, “What are you searching for?”


“Oh wait, it’s not here. Grab two bowls and I’ll get it,” said, and Kaminari nodded enthusiastically. He hopped off the chair, dragged it back to the table, and ran to take out two medium sized bowls, trying to not look too bouncy.

The teens, despite it being six in the morning on Friday, got a hold of what they needed to do quickly.

Kaminari’s plan Making The Best Fucking Birthday was perfectly planned, to the smallest detail. First, he and Sato baked cupcakes for Shinsou. He didn’t have that much of sweet tooth as Kaminari discovered, but he who would object vanilla cupcakes with blueberries, made by pure love? So Kaminari decided it would do.

Mina helped him to prepare a box in which he would put the prepared cupcakes. They wrapped it in a wrapping paper with cat patterns, padded the box from the inside and put a framed picture of the Bakusquad with Shinsou that was taken a few weeks ago. On top of it Kaminari planned to put the cupcakes.

The blond printed out two papers. One was a picture of a witch from a dumb horror movie, with the words “high pitched screeching”. Above it was written in bold, boring letters: “Congratulations! You’re one year closer to death.”, and he put it into an envelope and gave Midoriya to throw at Shinsou later at school.

Another paper was already glued to the box’s lid, with the words: “Happy fucking whatever” printed on it.

The Bakusquad and Dekusquad took the decorating part of the plan. Mina and Uraraka organized everything for the surprise party they were about to throw at the evening of this day, Jirou was responsible for the music, Midoriya took the distracting role and the rest helped the girls.

Bakugo, and Sato, agreed to be in charge of the food and snacks.

Of course, when he first came up with the plan, he received an endless teasing from both of the squads. It was too obvious by that point that his crush on Shinsou bloomed way too much, and he stopped denying it. However, he was so happy when they agreed to help.

Actually, they had a deal. If they helped him - he was going to confess to Shinsou before they went to the summer brake.

It was alright. Next week he and Hitoshi were going to do the presentation about the sports festival Aizawa told them to do, and after that he was going to smoothly invite him hang out and confess.

Easy peasy.

Except that everytime he thought about it, his face turned cherry red and brain short circuited without going over his wattage limit.

Details, details.

They handled their mission rather quickly - baked six, puffy cupcakes that made Denki's mouth water by just smelling them. Sato did most of the work, obviously, but he reassured Denki it was alright. Still, the blond promised to buy him something sometime, and they settled on that.

He arranged them neatly in the empty space in the box, and for a moment looked at picture of his most loved friends in the whole world. They were all smiling (minus scowling Bakugo and bored Shinsou), sitting at a table on the garden during a study session they decided to do outside. Smiling at the sweet memory, Kaminari closed the box and once again thanked Sato for his hard work.

Glancing at the time, he saw that it was seven and three minutes. Shinsou was usually waking up at this hour, so he had to hurry up. His legs carried him up to the fifth floor rapidly, greeting a few of his classmates for a good morning while doing so.

Kaminari had to slow down so that Iida wouldn’t scold him, but the moment the class president disappeared - the blond sprinted to Hitoshi’s door and braked a moment before he crashed into the wall.

Place the box, knock and run.

After knocking three times, just in case, the blond sprinted down the hall and disappeared behind the wall that led to the stairs. There, he froze, wearing a shit eating grin as he heard the door opening and heavy shuffling.

“The fuck?” the sleepy mutter was carried with the wind down the corridor, making Kaminari’s heart squeeze with excitement. He had no idea wherever Hitoshi smiled, or was too puzzled to move, but the moment the door closed he let himself peer again, checking if the box was taken by the purple head or not.

It was.

“Owww Shinshin, what's that?”

Denki watched out of the corner of his eyes Hitoshi taking a slow bite of the cupcake in his hand, quirking his eyebrow as he glared at Mina. Denki pretended to be fiddling with his phone, because it was the best cover when the Bakusquad were at it again.  


“We’re still debating and Bakubro isn’t helping,” shrugged Sero, kicking Denki's leg under the table. The blond lifted his head from his phone, noticing the grin on Sero's face. 

Oh no. 

“Secret admirer?” Mina wiggled her eyebrows, also kicking Kaminari’s ankle under the table. He winced once again, pressing his lips harder against each other. He hoped so much none of them would blow up his cover, or he would fry their eyes out. 

“Looks like I’m popular,” drew nonchalantly, taking another bite. “Though that secret admirer -” Denki swore he noticed Hitoshi eyeing him for a moment, “-better stay a good cook rather than wishing people happy birthday. Clearly not his best trait.” 

Mina and Sero wheezed, as Kaminari fought the urge to smack Shinsou’s head. Especially given in the fact that Sato was the one to do most of job with the cupcakes, which meant that Shinsou was insulting his great skills with words. He was going to bring it up in the future.

Still, his chest bubbled with warmness as he watched the purple head nibbling on the pastry. Deciding he was looking ridiculously cute, Denki swallowed down an obvious coo. 

“Got any plans, birthday boy?” chimed in Kirishima, dragging a scowling Bakugo after him. 

Shinsou hummed, “Midoriya wants to take me somewhere, ya’ll hoes seem to be too busy for me anyway.” he made sure to say it in a too good mimic of Kaminari’s dramatic outbursts, which wasn’t to the blond’s liking. But the rest snorted.

“That was actually one of the best Kami’s imitations.”


“No offense to Shinsou, but full offense to you, disaster.” cackled Mina.

“Wait, can we have a moment of “owww” to our buddy that wanted to spend his birthday with us?” Kirishima held a palm to his heart, flapping his eyelashes at Shinsou, “Bro.”

“Ew, who wants to even get close to you.” protested the purple head, finishing licking some icing from the wrapping paper. Denki must note that he was doing it unnecessarily seductive and that he didn’t like the twitch of his down-world neighbor.

“Someone finally fucking gets it.” muttered Bakugo from the distance.

“He’s getting soft! He’s getting motherfucking soft!” exclaimed Ashido, ignoring Bakugo, and throwing her arms around Shinsou. The teen immediately dodged it and jumped on his feet. “Okay, I have a new life goal: Hug our bitch without him running away from me.”

“I’m really sorry for you if that’s your life goal.” retorted the ash blond.

On that moment, while the rest of the squad were too busy discussing Mina’s not-so promising life goals, Shinsou turned to throw away the wrapping paper. Kaminari glanced at him, biting down a soft smile, watching him pacing slowly to the trash can. When Shinsou was close he turned his head, pretending to be part of the conversation.

Suddenly, fingers ruffled his hair.

Denki’s head jolted fast enough to notice the half smile on Hitoshi’s lips as he bypassed him, and the way he withdraw his arm to his pocket. Blush trickled up his neck and his ears steamed.

Holy shit no he didn’t just fucking-

“Kaminari what the fuck?!”

Turned out, he accidently zapped Sero who, for some reason, patted his shoulder right on that moment.

“They’re coming!”

Kaminari’s heart thrilled in his chest. He signaled everyone to hide in whatever place they got, himself standing behind the wall which led to the elevators. Glued to the wall, Kaminari heard footsteps and chatter - Midoriya rambled about whatever and Shinsou, as he could easily guess by now, nodded. Or pretended that he understood. 

A typical Shinsou. 

Kaminari hoped that the smile on his face wasn’t too ridiculous, as he straightened his clothes and examined himself briefly.

Blue shorts, with darker and lighter spots all over them that looked like color effluents. A baggy, white t-shirt with a colorful drawing of a cat with a mermaid tail. He found that shirt cute and hoped Shinsou would think so too. On his feet were his new pastel pink vans that matched the pink tail of the mercat. 

The choker, and the rest jewelry he wore weren’t exaggerated, were they? Mina told him that he looked cute and that you always dress up like that for events, celebrating Shinsou’s eighteenth birthday is an event. So it was fine. 

 Just calm down. Everything’s under control.

When the teens reached the common room, he heard Shinsou choking. He probably saw the bouquet of balloons in the middle of the room, in which were colorful balloons and a huge face of a cat. In addition, a balloon saying: “Happy Birthday Piece of Bitch!”. His heart thudded with excitement once again. He was going to make Shinsou’s birthday a remarkable event, for sure.

“What the fuck?” he heard him, and Midoriya’s laugh echoing through the walls.

“Whoa dude, you have a secret admirer!”

“Aha,” Shinsou didn’t sound as if he was buying it. “The same one to bring me the cupcakes, huh?”

Kaminari glanced from his hiding place, noticing that Shinsou observed the balloons as if they were bombs. Then, his violet eyes locked on Midoriya, who moved to his other side, so that the teen would turn with his back to Kaminari.


The excited smile tugged shamelessly upon his lips, as he slowly begun to crawl behind Shinsou’s broad back. Midoriya kept his attention by joking and teasing and rambling. When the green eyes locked with the determined gold eyes - Midoriya backed a single step back.

A moment for a deep inhale, that filled his lungs with enough air to not breath for three minutes, and then-

Shinsouuuu !!!” hollered Denki, making Hitoshi strain in terror as he threw himself on him. He didn't expect the purple head to turn, which caused that instead of jumping like a koala on his back, Kaminari found himself glued to his chest, their foreheads touching. But, he had to stay in the role. So he swallowed the blush, ducked his head into the socket of Hitoshi's neck and shoulder and crashed him in a tight embrace.

Shinsou’s reaction was so fast the he managed to catch him in mid jump, and stumble only a bit. 

“What the fuck-” breathed out - and then a lot more yelling was heard as the whole class leapt out of their hiding places and exploded confetti on the purple head. 

“Happy birthday Shinsou!!!”

Denki hopped off of his arms, snorting a bit louder than intended. The astonished expression of the teen: those wide eyes, dropped-to-the-floor jaw, hints of blush on his cheeks. It was adorable. His stomach twisted by just looking at him. 

“Dude?” Kirishima waved his hand in front of a frozen zombie. “Kami you- you broke him!”


“Shinsou.exe does not respond. Throw a Pikachu to restart the program.”


“Ah-” let out Hitoshi, looking at Midoriya who gave him thumbs up.

“The first time I see Shinsou flabbergasted!” laughed Uraraka, as the others joined her. A lot of hands touched Shinsou, hugging him and wished him birthday wishes. After what seemed like eternity he finally rebooted, beginning to slowly contribute into the arousing conversations around him.

Kaminari stared at him, at his beautiful face and the slight blush. The warmness spreading in his chest was a great feeling, especially when they started to bring the food they prepared and the big cake. Sato did a great job on it, drawing faces of cats with the icing. Bumfuzzled, Shinsou invested the cake, biting back a smile.

Shinsou mumbled that they didn’t have too, only to receive hits on his shoulders. 

The urge to jump and hug the purple head more bubbled in him like an untamed flame. It felt nice, to embrace the other teen, but he had to hold himself, after all, everyone in the room demanded Hitoshi's attention at the moment. For some reason, it made him shift in his place, his chest feeling tight.

Eventually, he decided to distract himself with the homemade pizza. It was always a good thing to calm an empty stomach. 

Turning to grab some, Denki observed his surroundings curiously. Mina did a good job with the decorating - colorful balloons, stickers of cats on the walls. The confetti scattered on the floor added to the happy colorfulness. And the food? Amazing. Denki crooned proudly, he couldn't help but to feel as if it was some sort of achievement.

“ all thanks to Kami anyway,” he suddenly heard Kirishima saying, glancing proudly at his blond friend who was in the middle of unattractively shoving a slice of pizza into his mouth. Kaminari choked on it, looking rather ugly and terrible as he did so, patting his chest aggressively.

“Really?” Hitoshi cracked an eyebrow. 

But don't look so hot doing it-

“Yeah!” exclaimed Mina, jumping to hug Kaminari’s shoulders.

A sheepish smile made its way upon Denki’s face, as he placed the raminings of the slice on a plate on the table. He felt his cheeks growing hot, as Hitoshi looked at him in an unreadable expression. His eyes rested on him peacefully, yet he saw the sides of lips threatened to curl up.

In the background, Sato began slicing the cake and everyone were already jumping to get their piece. Yet, it felt as if there was no one in the room but the two of them. Suddenly, Kaminari was aware of the few inches that separated him from Shinsou, and he had a strong urge to make them disappear.

“You surprised me, there.” chuckled Hitoshi. It took Denki a moment to get on the same page.

“And you surprised me by catching. I planned for both of us to fall!” he laughed, turning with his body to Shinsou and punching gently his shoulder.

“You’ll have to try harder to knock me off my feet,” snorted the purple head.

“Is this a challenge?”

“Dunno, is it ?”

“I swear, fucker, that I’ll knock you off your feet some day.” Kaminari held out his pinky, trying to smirk mischievously despite the giggles rising up his throat. The small laugh Shinsou let out as he placed his long pinky around Kaminari’s was the cutest thing the blond had ever heard.

“I wanna see that happen.”

“No, the whole point is that you don’t see it coming.” Kaminari clapped his hands, “I’ll use my fucking ninja skills and smack you.”

“Sneak from behind and smack?”

Denki’s eyes lit up. Hitoshi remembered back then, that he told him he was doing it a lot throughout the second year. “Smack your fucking brain out!”

He received a playful kick to his ankle, gasping dramatically. Kicking him back, he noticed the playfully-offended face Shinsou returned him - and a moment later, both of them were cat fighting each other, their laughter knotted into an invisible string forming between them. The whole world seemed to be so distant suddenly, as the only thing Kaminari saw was the beautiful smile, only heard the quiet laughter and only felt his palms against his.

But he snapped out of it the moment his heard someone clearing his throat next to them.

Both boys shot a look toward Mina, that smirked that usual satanic smirk of hers, and held out two plates with two square slices of the cake. “Those are for you, loverboys.”

Choking and ignoring the last word, Kaminari took the plate. “Thanks-” his voice trailed off as he noticed that he got a slice with a full face of a cat, that looked very Shinsou-alike. Glancing to his side, he noticed that Shinsou got also a full cat face, resembling Kaminari’s. Sato even went as far as drawing the lightning bolt. Oh my God. Denki gawked, breath stuck in his throat like a ball of fur.

“Is this part of your planning as well?” murmured the purple head.


“It’s Sato’s brilliant idea,” Mina winked at Kaminari, who was about to melt into a puddle at the very place he was standing. “Enjoy your cake!” she waived at them, running of to the rest of the class.

Kaminari stared at the piece of cake in his hands, feeling his cheeks colored in bright crimson as the heat of his body increased drastically. Swallowing down his embarrassment, the blond glanced up at the purple head who just went on and took a bite, seeming satisfied with the taste. Feeling his heart exploding in his chest, Kaminari had to gather all of the strength he had to not crash his skull against the wall and die

“Hey, you two!” called suddenly Sero, bringing the attention of Kaminari and Shinsou. 

“Dude!” squeaked Kaminari, at the sight of the two stacked up bags with alcoholic drinks. “If the staff catches us-”

The palm on his shoulder made him stutter, eyes going round as a hot breath crackled on his skin. “What they don’t know, they don’t need to know,” the grugle sounded way more alluring than Denki thought was necessary.

Said palm trailed down his shoulder, giving a light squeeze to his bicep.
Gulping, he glanced at Shinsou who made his way to the gathering circle around Sero. Kaminari’s face darkened to cherry red, it made everything around him nothing but a blurry mess. Was it always so hot in the common room?

And his heart was galloping in his chest, so rapid it seemed to burst out at any moment by now. 


A few empty bottles later, Kaminari found himself one of the only few sobers in the room. 

Iida made six students to take on them the toll of being the sober-friend, and Kaminari volunteered to be one of them. Alcohol was killing him off fast and he actually wanted to remember this evening, so it was fine. Though, those who did drink - were out completely. A few were passed out on random spots, some retired to their rooms.

However, his eyes never left Hitoshi, and somehow he found himself in charge of the birthday boy. Well, at two am of the next day Shinsou was no longer the birthday boy, but he was as drunk as one should be.

Kaminari had never seen him drunk and honestly, it was hilarious. The way he was rocking on his feet, trying to maintain a sober expression; but those minor bloopers that indicated he was drunk were the real entertainment.

For example: the moment he tried to take another shot but knocked the cup off the table. Or the fact he was more talk active and whined about random stuff. He also became more easy going and actually hugged Bakugo at some point. The ash blond was drunk nonetheless and hugged him back while threatening to burn down his back. On which, Shinsou knocked a soda can at his head.

Of course, Mina pictured it all. That was going to be printed in their yearbook.

After the third or fourth round of shots, Denki found himself at the duty of a body pillow. Shinsou randomly came, claimed him like a cat, and that was it.

Since then, Denki couldn’t feel his legs.

When the clock printed 3 am, Kaminari decided that he was too tired to stay and tried to crawl from underneath the Hitoshi-puddle. “Dude,” he huffed, as Shinsou whined. “I’m tired, I wanna go to bed.” 

“But-” protested the purple head. 

“You weakling!” laughed Sero, falling on the floor in the process. He was way more wasted than Shinsou but that wasn't Kaminari’s problem. Kirishima was in charge of him, he believed that the red head would manage.

“Don’t but me. Actually, you need to go too, you’re fucking wasted,” snorted Denki, pushing Hitoshi off of himself. The other teen pouted as Kaminari hopped on his feet, stretching his numb legs. Shivers ran up and down his body as the itchy, annoying feeling spread in his legs. At least, it lasted only a few seconds. He turned to look at Shinsou, offering him a hand - surprised that this time, the teen actually took it.

Though, lifting him to his legs made Kaminari rethink his life choices.

Shinsou tripped over his feet the moment he stood up, and Kaminari hurried to lean him upon himself. He wrapped one arm around his waist, threw Shinsou’s long arm over his shoulders and grasped into his wrist.

Hitoshi hiccuped slightly, blinking a few times. “Whoa, s-mall.” slurred.

“Small?” Denki cocked his head, dragging him down the hall to the elevator.

“You’re- small.”

“Dude,” grunted the blond, biting down an amused giggle. Now he wondered just how much exactly Shinsou was drunk, and if he would remember any of it tomorrow. The funnier thing was the hangover he was going to have.

Kaminari would be there to make fun of him, don’t worry.

Somehow, they made it to Hitoshi’s room with the purple head tripping only three times. By the time they reached it Kaminari almost gave up, tempted to leave him on the floor, but he was stronger than that. He fished Shinsou’s keys from his pocket, ignoring the thought that he almost touched his bare thigh, and opened the door.

Not flcking on the lights, Kaminari dragged the wasted boy to his bed and dropped him there. Hitoshi let out a grugle, covering his face for a moment, before his eyes landed on Denki’s and fixed there.

“Need help changing?” snorted the blond, looking around. The room, despite being dark, was obviously clean. Not the disaster his was. He spotted a shirt and sweatpants hanging from the chair, pointing at them. “You sleep-”

“With boxers,” slurred Hitoshi.

“Oh,” heat slammed his face. “Uh- err, well, then I guess I’ll take my leave-”

His wrist was caught by a sudden grip. Yelping in surprise, Kaminari was aggressively yanked forward. A moment later, Hitoshi was standing above him, pinning down to the soft mattress, eyes almost glowing in the dark.

Denki’s face was three shades darker red then he had ever been. His heart was beating so fast in his chest and panic built up in his stomach. Electricity crackled between his fingers. Still, he forced himself to not move, sucking in a breath.


“I-” let out the purple head, swaying on his four limbs a bit. “Kami- ugh, you're so… Pretty.”

The words felt as if they weren’t directed to him.

Frozen, not of fear nor panic, but confusion - Kaminari felt one of Shinsou’s hands cupping his face. His arm was shot up and pressed against Hitoshi’s chest, pulling him slightly back. Despite dreaming of this moment, of Shinsou kissing his lips and nibbling on his skin, Kaminari couldn’t let it happen now .

“You’re drunk,” stated, forcing the words out of him. “Buddy- wait wait!” called out in panic, the other hand was placed on his thigh. “You’re really, really fucking drunk, okay? Don’t- don’t do it, you’ll regret it. We can talk it out tomorrow because oh boy how much I’ve been waiting for this moment but- but not like that!”

Shinsou leaned in. Kaminari wasn’t sure the purple head realized what he was doing, what Kaminari was telling him. One side of him wanted to let him do it, because he made Kaminari's pulse quicken and blood rush. But the other side yelled at him that he got it all wrong, that despite everything Shinsou was doing it because he was a drunk, horny teenager.

No feelings involved.

The panic gripped into him hard the moment Hitoshi’s hot breath crackled on his lips. He could almost sense them, almost feel and taste. His grip to Shinsou’s shirt grew weaker each passing second, body slightly jerking and thoughts swirling in his mind. He was weak, too weak to Hitoshi's entire existence.

And then, electricity abruptly emitted from his body and hit them both.

Chapter Text

Throwing up first thing in the morning wasn’t idle, but - no fucking regrets.

Hitoshi coughed, spitting his inner organs into the toilet, then slowly lifted himself. Hoping there were painkillers down in the kitchen, the dizzy teen hobbled there. The fact he almost tripped over his feet twice would stay between us.

Crawling into the kitchen, Shinsou wasn’t so glad to spot Sero, Mina and Uraraka there, but there was no way back. The boy and the pink girl seemed to be half dead anyway, so perhaps the decibels wouldn’t raise too high until the tingling in his ears ceased. He noticed that Sero was swallowing a pill, a pack rested near his hand.

Shinsou could hear the pack calling his name and offering itself to soothe his hangover. Still no regrets.

Uraraka was in the middle of making coffee, which would be also highly appreciated. “Shinsou,” she smiled the moment she noticed him stumbling toward Sero, reaching out for the pills. The raven head shoved the pack to him with the bottle water, receiving a nod as a thanks. “Coffee?”


Chukling, she poured the steaming coffee into three mugs. “You all got so wasted, it was hilarious.”

Sitting down next to his friends, he dragged the cup to him and took a sip. The bitter, godly taste he adored so much spread in his mouth, making him groan to himself as he dripped into an indigo puddle on the chair.

“Whoa, already feelin’ better,” Mina chugged down the drink, then got back to smear on the table. “Totally worth it, though.”


Shinsou shrugged, however, his eyes betrayed him. He had such a great time yesterday and he couldn’t deny it. So what if he didn’t remember what had happened after the fourth or fifth shot? A gut feeling told him that everything was great. And when did that happen? Speaking of weird gut feelings, he noticed an odd tickling on his skin since he woke up. Minor burn marks, as if he was hit by electricity, that were on his chest and arms. Clearing his throat as he stood up, he shuffled to the fridge and opened it.

“Did Kaminari got wasted and short circuited near me?” asked offhandedly. "I don't remember shit," added, then smirked to himself when he saw that the cupcakes were still there. All of the remaining four he didn’t devour yesdtaray. Taking one, he unwrapped it, turning to face the other people in the kitchen.

The way Mina wiggled her eyebrows made him reject he had ever asked.

“Oh ho ho,” Sero and the girl scooted closer to him, occupying as he was leaning as nonchalantly as he could on the counter. “We maybe don't remember shit, too, but what have we heard!"

That didn't even answer his question. Still, Shinsou disliked their shit eating grins, so he tried his best to look uninterested. “What did you hear?” formed slowly, cautiously.

“Todoroki saw Kami bursting out of your room after he dragged your drunk ass there. Boy, he was steaming and redder than Kiri’s hair!” Mina was way too loud for her own good.

Praying for any God out there that they wouldn’t notice the obvious electrical burns on his arms, Shinsou shrugged. “I genuinely have no fucking idea what are you talking about-”


All heads were turned sharply to Kaminari who was standing under the door frame, face colored in such vivid crimson that Shinsou wasn’t sure there was any more blood left in the rest of his not-so-long body.

Although, that was more than enough to indicate that something happened yesterday. Shinsou had no idea wherever he should curl up in a ball and beg the ground to swallow him up; or perhaps take the chance and express his painfully open crush on the blond, but Mina and Hanta were there to ruin the atmosphere in any case.

“What happened? You were sober as fuck, tell us!” sprinting to the blond, Mina hooked her arms around him, that way pulling him inside despite his wriggling.

“Nothing!” he squeaked, voice cracking, “I swear! He- Shinsou- just tripped and I panicked and was tired and- and- and-”

Okay .

Hitoshi wouldn’t argue, he was aware of the fact that he could be dense. Very oblivious, even. But the panic, the red face, the way Denki stuttered over his own words. Just one last check to make sure, Hitoshi cleared his throat and lifted the half eaten cupcake.

“Hi, Blondie,” that made everyone in the kitchen gawk at him, “Never got the chance to thank you for the cupcakes, so, thanks.” Smirked.

The over-adorable cheep emitting from Denki’s throat and the way he covered his face, falling on the floor and trying to hide into his friend made everything suddenly very clear in Hitoshi’s head.

Something happened.

Something, hopefully, good.

That was it.

Today after the presentation, Shinsou Hitoshi, 18 years old student of the Hero Course in U.A, a proud son of Aizawa Shota and Yamada Hizashi, was going to confess to his crush.

Because apparently, Kaminari hinted to Mina and Jirou what had happened that night, and since then those two wouldn’t stop teasing him and wiggling their eyebrows at Shinsou. He didn’t know the details, wasn’t sure wherever Denki was aware that he knew already that much, but it was driving him crazy. What could have possibly happened? Each time he tried to encounter the blond he would flee, the girls refused to tell him; Bakugo, Kirishima and Sero were also clueless.

It didn’t matter, though. This was more than enough to convince him that he had to tell Denki about his feelings - and he also had a pretty good gut feeling about it. For once, Hitoshi felt in control over this bizarre pinning he was trapped in for so long, and was also calm. Focused. As if he knew what to do, despite having no idea how to even approach the subject.

Choking down a betraying, nervous yet excited smile, Hitoshi greeted Denki who entered the conference room- more correctly , broke into the conference room where they were supposed to do the presentation in a few minutes.

“I’m sorry- I got distracted!” yelled the blond, sliding toward Shinsou and almost hitting the wall. Hitoshi allowed himself to grab his shoulder and prevented the crash, swallowing down the soft blush threatening to cover his cheeks.

Kaminari, you adorable piece of shit.

“‘s alright,” reassured him, leaving his shoulder when the blond stabilized. “I uploaded it, do you remember your text?”

“Sure thing!” beamed Kaminari, dropping his backpack to the floor. Hitoshi was glad that despite everything, they didn’t ignore each other again, and that the atmosphere was light and not-awkward (well, most of the time) . “You don’t have any stage fear, do you?”

“You do aware that I declared war against your class on our first year, and fucking half of the school was there, right?”

“Oh,” giggled Kaminari, hopping on a table. “Right.”

Shinsou fought the urge to pin him to the table and devour those pink, tempting, lips. If you had already confessed, you could have done that. Scolded a tiny Bakugo in his head. Aggressively kicking him off, he sat on a chair close to the table, looking at Kaminari who fiddled with his phone. After a few moments of utter silence, Shinsou decided that he was bored and wanted to taste out the boundaries of the blond. Even more than he already had.

Dragging the chair closer to Kaminari, who was too busy texting to pay attention, he slowly leaned forward. The blond still didn’t look at him, but his face went two different shades of red. Hitoshi had no idea what was going on in the chat, though a gut feeling told him his dear squad had something to do with it. Regardless, he was going to make Denki’s face take the third shade of vivid crimson.

Hitoshi dropped his head atop of Denki’s thighs, arms hanging from both sides of his body. Kaminari made a noise at the pit of his throat that sounded like a choking seal cracking its skull into a methane glacier. “Du-dude?”

“‘m tired,” announced. It wasn’t a complete lie. He was always tired.

“Oh-” the blond cleared his throat, not moving. “Ha-have fun?”

Fuck yeah. God. So soft. I can easily fall asleep like that.

The moment he was about to doze off in the warmness of his crush’s thighs, the door flew open and Mic appeared there, yelling at tiny first years to enter the conference room. Jolting to a normal sitting position and fighting the blush threatening to cover his face, Hitoshi squinted at his loud father. The clueless man didn’t even look at him.

“Ek!-” Denki jumped off the table, glancing at the first years that were whispering among themselves and staring curiously at them.

“Oof, you're giving me round two after the presentation.” Huffed, standing up himself. The look Kaminari gave him was worth the murder the Bakusquad were (most certainly) arranging for him. He glanced at Mic nonchalantly, ignoring Kaminari’s hanging mouth, as if he was about to say something.

The not-flustered blond shushed the eager talking teens, before clearing his throat and making his way to the boys.

“Hello everyone,” he started, signaling to the boys to come closer. “Today you’re going to hear two of our third years about the Sports Festival that will occur in two weeks. I expect you to sit quietly and listen, write down question if you have and ask them later. We have never done this before, so count yourself lucky!”

That couldn’t not be a mock to Shinsou and Kaminari, so the purple head grimaced at his betraying father. He received a little, almost unnoticeable pat on his shoulder from the loud man, who then gestured toward them. “C’mon boys, you can start.”

“Hello!” immediately beamed Kaminari, taking a step forward. On that moment, Hitoshi felt a bit overshadowed, because the blond always had a strong presence - not only on the stage. “The name’s Kaminari Denki. I’m a student from the Hero Course, class 3-A and my quirk is Electrification.”

Shinsou fought the momentary terror when he realized that he needed to tell about his quirk. But, when he took a step forward and changed positions with Kaminari, who patted his back and whispered a ‘don’t worry’ in his ear, he felt his tense shoulders relax.

“I’m Shinsou Hitoshi, also from 3-A, the Hero Course. My quirk is-” for a moment words died in his mouth, but he forced them out, “-brainwashing.”

Before he could study the faces of the first years, before he had the chance to panic, Kaminari already bounced in his eyesight. That sent calming shivers down his body once again, and he decided to simply ignore everything.

“The Sports Festival is a very important event that U.A is holding every year,” continued the blond, moving as he spoke and making slight hands gestures. That way, he kept all the eyes on him, taking the spotlight. While he introduced the subject, Shinsou reached the computer and pressed enter, so that a few pictures Aizawa sent him appeared on the screen.

It all went smooth.

Kaminari, despite telling him that he could accidently forget his text and ramble too much, or keep talking despite it being Shinsou’s turn - never did any of those things. And even if he did, his improvisation skills covered it up for him, so that it went unnoticed. The anxiety Shinsou felt at the introduction melted away the moment he started talking, also moving his body to catch their attention. They were in complete sync, just how they practiced, and missed nothing from what they had planned.

Half way through, Hitoshi found himself lightheaded and relaxed. It was actually kind of entertaining, and standing with Denki on the same stage wasn’t something he would object. The blond made a few jokes, of course, and they had to stop a few times to let their audience laugh. They exchanged looks, Hitoshi’s eyes trapped in Denki’s gold ones, as sparkles particular were flying around them.

As if they were in a cheesy american movie. Sue him.

But then - the doors suddenly swung open.

Kaminari was in the middle of a sentence as Aizawa entered the conference hall. At first, Hitoshi assumed that he came to watch his son and embarrass him in the background (because Mic wasn’t enough) ; but after he realized that Shota was supposed to be still teaching, he frowned, looking questionably at his father.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” said, not looking at Hitoshi. No - his eyes were planted on Kaminari, who blinked in confusion and smiled nervously back at him. “But I need Kaminari.”

“Uh,” choked the blond, clearing his throat. “Be right back kiddos, for now you can have Shinsou all to yourself!” he let out a puff of air, supposingly a laugh, as he made his way toward their homeroom teacher.

If it hadn’t been for Aizawa’s concerned look, Hitoshi would have kicked Denki’s ankle for the earlier comment.

“Erm, so,” he dragged his mind back to the presentation with some difficulty, “As mentioned earlier-” words died in his mouth. For the first time glanced down at the text, finding Kaminari’s lines and continuing from the place the blond was cut off.

Shinsou didn’t like the look Present Mic gave his husband before he left with Kaminari. Shinsou didn’t like that five minutes passed and Kaminari still wasn’t back. Shinsou didn’t like it when suddenly Present Mic rushed out of the conference hall and Midnight came instead. He also never agreed on doing half of the presentation and then answer all of the eager questions alone. At least, Midnight pipped in to his rescue.

Shinsou also didn’t like it when at the end of the presentation, he found the group chat spammed, asking why Kaminari wasn’t answering their phone calls and texts.


Mina almost knocked him when she clashed into his back the moment he stepped into the common room. “Where’s Kami?-” her eyes fell on Kaminari’s backpack that Shinsou was carrying, because the blond never returned to take it. That made the girl’s face turn pale, and she took it from his hand, hugging it tightly.

“He isn’t here?” he couldn’t deny the anxiety that gripped harder into him.

“No,” breathed out Kirishima, coming closer with the rest of the squad. “His phone is out of range too, fuck, what happened?”

“Uh,” Shinsou tugged at his nape, scratching the skin with his nails. “Aizawa took him out of that goddamn presentation and since then I didn’t see him.”

“Teach also didn’t return to class, Present Mic came instead.” Informed Sero.

“Fuck, what that idiot did this time?” growled Bakugo. Shinsou glared at him, but stopped the moment he noticed the look in Katsuki’s usually-angry eyes. That made his expression drop, and he averted his eyes.

“He isn’t in his room?”

“You think we didn’t check?”

Hitoshi bit on his lower lip. “Shit.”

“I don’t like it,” Kirishima pressed his fingertips one to each other. They stood in utter silence, when suddenly the entrance door to the dorms opened.

The first one to enter was Aizawa, looking tired. Well, more than usual. His face was unreadable, but that didn’t mean Shinsou’s stomach didn’t drop to the floor. The man shot him a look, before Kaminari trailed slowly behind him, entering the common room.

Slouched figure. Puffy, red eyes, swollen from tears. Pale face, whiter than snow. Trembling legs, that looked on the verge of giving out. Slowly, the usually cheerful, gold oceans lifted up to face the group of teens - but they were dull, as if it wasn’t Kaminari looking at them. A shaky breath.

And then, he whimpered, tears arose in his eyes.

“Kami!” exclaimed Mina, Eijirou and Hanta all at once, darting to their friend before Hitoshi managed to wreck his mind around the situation. 

A moment later, Kaminari was buried between their arms; squeezed like a lost kitten. He sobbed, clenching into them, barely standing on his feet. Hitoshi's heart sunk and he took a step forward, looking at his father. 

"What happened?" whispered. 

Aizawa shook his head slowly, pressing a palm to Shinsou's shoulder. "His grandmother passed away this morning from Cardiac Arrest." Said quietly, so that only Shinsou was able to hear.

Shinsou’s heart sunk to the pit of his stomach.

Summer break rolled over by the blink of an eye.

Hitoshi was ready to spend another summer at Shota’s and Hizashi’s residence, feeling this year more comfortable than his first summer with them. It had been an anniversary since they adopted him, which meant that they celebrated it on the first day of the summer break.

Despite playing if off happily (as happily as the grumpy teen could) , Hitoshi couldn’t stop but feeling gloomy.

Ever since the tragedy with Denki’s grandmother, the blond hadn’t been at school. Lucky for him, as sad as it may sound, it happened a few days before the break - thus he didn’t miss that much. Although, his squad, Hitoshi and Todoroki - hell, the whole class even - did their best to collect notes and prepare them neatly for Kaminari to catch up on everything he missed.

They also arranged him a small book with sort of ‘get well soon’ wishes. It was hard to write for him, because what do you write when a family member passed out? Yet, everyone did their best, putting also pictures of the class and small presents.

The Bakusquad was in charge to give it to him, but Kaminari refused them to come to his home.

In the end, they met up on the first day of the summer break. They gave the blond the notes and wishing book, and hang out for a few hours before Kaminari retreated home. Hitoshi had never seen him so quiet, depressed even. No jokes, zero flirting and teasing. The smiles were fake, the laugh hollow.

Perhaps he hollucintated it, but he noticed burn marks on his skin.

That made him question the blond later, but Kaminari ignored his messages. It was the first time that it happened, which made Shinsou’s worry blossom even more. At least, the day after, when he texted him a simple ‘hi’ the blond did answer and they chatted for a bit. Before Kaminari simply disappeared and didn’t answer until two days later.

After a short talk with the squad, Hitoshi discovered that they all were in similar state. Denki ignored any texts that tried to ask how was he feeling, and could disappear in the middle of a chat for hours if not days.

He also didn’t answer phone calls, and never called back.

Hitoshi found himself blurting about it to his parents. The men knew nothing, but he could tell that now they were also worried - especially Aizawa, being his homeroom teacher. He promised to look over Kaminari’s files again and perhaps give a short visit to his family.

Shinsou also discovered that back then on the first year when he was doing the visits, he actually spoke to his grandmother. Not his parents.

When he texted the squad about it, turned out that Kaminari never told them, and that he went as far as lying to them how embarrassing his parents were in front of Aizawa.

All of that, made a huge red light pump in his head. Something was wrong, Kaminari was hiding something from his best friends, from his teacher. Shinsou found himself worried sick.

After another week he couldn’t take it anymore and asked his dad for the address. Aizawa gave it to him and Hitoshi headed there, but when he reached the place - the house committee told him that the owner of this apartment died about two weeks ago.

Exactly the time Denki’s grandmother passed away.

“Huh,” Aizawa rubbed at his chin when Hitoshi broke home with the news, on the verge of panic attack. “So it means from the beginning, it wasn’t his parent’s.” said, exchanging worried looks with his husband.

“I’m…” Hitoshi swallowed down a lump of nerves. “I’m worried.”

“Me too,” sighed Aizawa, “I don’t like it. I will try to look over Saitama for Kaminari tomorrow. For now, try to contact him again.”

Hitoshi nodded and retreated to his room. The rest of the evening was spent spamming Kaminari’s chat, calling him, asking the Bakusquad to do it too. They went as far as calling his sister a few times, but also then - received no response. Eventually, it neared three am.

Hitoshi was lying wide awake in his bed, staring at the ceiling. Each few minutes he checked for a new message, but none of them was from Kaminari. The rest of the Bakusquad had retreated to bed, though, he was sure they were all in a similar state as his.

How could they not be?

Kaminari, out of all people, disappeared just like that. Even Bakugo didn’t try too hard to mask his obvious worry. Rolling on his side, Shinsou let out a shaky breath, curling up into a small ball. He wasn’t Kaminari’s boyfriend, he didn’t even know where the blond was - but he really wanted to be with him right now. To hug him tightly, caress his soft locks, tell him it was going to be okay. He was going to be okay.

Shinsou wanted to kiss his forehead and hold him in his arms.

After a few painfully long moments of silence, the sleep began to grasp its teeth into his mind. Eyes half closed, the boy found himself dozing slowly off, the sounds of the night echoing distantly in his ears. Half away into the realm of the dreams, weird beeping sound coming from behind his head suddenly made him jolt awake.

Turning sharply, he grabbed his device and looked at the screen. It took a moment for his eyes to stabilize on the blurry image, and then, the contact he was waiting for two weeks of the summer break appeared in front of his eyes.

Annoying Blondie .

Sliding to answer, he forced himself to sit, feeling wide awake. His heart was like a drum in his chest, as he opened his mouth to speak. “Kaminari-”

A whimper.

His stomach dropped to the floor.

“Shinsou,” muffled the blond from the other side of the line, his voice was shaking and trembling. “Fuck- sorry, I- I didn’t want to- wake you up-” he choked on his words, sobbing into the phone.

Panic grasped into him as he practically flew out of his bed, running to wear the first pair of shorts and shirt he saw. “What happened? Where are you?” despite the inner panic building inside of his chest, he managed to speak rather calmly, because yelling wouldn’t help the blond at the moment.

Or him, to understand what the hell was going on.

“O-on my- way to Musu-tafu train st-tation,” let out Denki. Hitoshi had no idea how did he understand what he was saying, but he already slid his feet into his worn out sneakers and tucked keys and wallet into his pockets. “Please- c-can you p-pick me- up?”

“I’m on my way. Try to breathe, I’ll be there in ten minutes. Please, Kaminari, breathe.” peering to the hall, he saw that the lights were flicked off. The house was dead silent, even the cats were sleeping. On his tippy toes, Hitoshi made his way to the living room.

Sorry, Dad. Snitching the keys to Shota’s car, Hitoshi made sure once again he didn’t wake up his parents, and then hurried to the exit.

"Tha- thank you,” whispered Kaminari, whimpering once again. “I’m s-o so-rry-”

“You own me shit loads of fucking explanation,” hissed Hitoshi the moment he exited the house and rushed to the parking lot, sitting in the car. Aizawa and Yamada would murder him, but it was going to be future Shinsou’s problems. “But for now, fucking breathe.”