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Dead men have no names.

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     The concrete floor beneath him was cold. The light taps his feet made as he cautiously moved through the dark hallway were loud against the barren floor. His breathing echoed off the walls. He clenched his bleeding arm, desperately hoping the blood loss would kill him first instead of whatever lied at the end. His skin crawled and his head ached. He just wanted it all to end.

     suddenly a scream echoes throughout the hallway. Fear strikes itself right into his heart. Blood pumping heavily through his veins as he breaks into a sprint. He might be terrified beyond belief, but he wasn't about to let someone die. He was supposed to be a hero after all. somewhere in the back of his mind a voice calls out, telling him he can't always save everyone. He ignores the tempting urge to turn back, He has to try at least.

     The hallways seemed to carry on for miles. The panic in his mind having clouded his thoughts awhile ago. no matter how fast he runs the screams seem to be everywhere. the blood trailing down his side was cold and wet and never ending. His breathing was sporadic and uneven. fatigue clouding his judgement as he tripped over something and fell face first into the ground.

     His head smashed into the concrete, causing him to cry out in pain. His left eye now blurred from the red liquid dripping down his face. the headache behind his eyes grew agonizingly strong with each pound. The sound of laughter encompassed the air around him.

     He lifted his head, tongue feeling like sandpaper as he swallowed back a pained groan. He sat up slowly, a wave of nausea washed over him and he had to concentrate everything he had on not throwing up his empty stomach. His ears rang, The screams that once rang off the walls were quieted by the loud buzzing. Slowly, he turned towards the thing he had tripped over But as soon as he saw the dark lump his heart stopped. The black figure was oddly human shaped, resembling someone of small stature, but a human nonetheless. The boy quickly covered his mouth with his hand to smother the scream itching at the back of his throat. His head swam and he stumbling to his feet and lurched away from the body. He had no idea if the person was alive or not but he wasn't about to find out.

     Before he knew it he could see the end, where a large metal door sat. A wave of relief flooded over him. He could get help, finally. smoothing a hand over the door he noticed two words were scratched into it, the lettering looked ragged and rushed. But that's not what stood out the most to the boy, no; what had stood out the most was the words itself. etched into the grey metal of the door were the words 'dead end'. A shiver passed along his spin and his eyes widened. The familiar feeling of panic built up once again as he tensed. Whatever was behind this door would decide his fate and once he went in he could never come back. The boy questioned if he was ready, only to respond to himself with an 'I don't know'. He truly had no idea what laid behind this door and what would happen when he opens it. On one hand, if he opened the door there was the possibility of rescue and help. But also the fact that behind this door could be a continuation of the hell he's already been through. On the other hand, If he didn't open the door and instead waited out in the hallway there was the chance of being killed by whatever roamed it and possibly end up like the person he had tripped over.

     With a shaky breath the boy wrapped his hand around the door handle.

     'Theres no turning back now' He thought as he pushed with what little strength he had left. Light flooded his sight as the door was pushed open. Warmth of the sun felt good against his cold, pale skin. He took a moment and closed his eyes. Calm finally over taking his thoughts and muffling the headache. He was going to be ok.

     Opening his eyes after a few minutes, he paused to take in his surroundings. Lush forest surrounded a clearing in front of the tunnel. birds chirped as they flew threw the sky, as free as the boy felt. his eyes dashed over to the lone tree standing in the center of the clearing. He pushed away from the door and walked over to it. running his hand over the rough bark. The tree was large and tall, towering over all the other trees. The boy smiles a little, breathing in deeply. He begins to walk around the tree before stopping at the back. Thats when something catches his eyes. something looked to be buried in the ground. cocking his head to the side the boy kneeled down and dug out a small box that was poorly buried. Dusting off the top he noticed initials carved into the wood. The letters were in cursive and appeared professional. He rubbed his finger over them, 'D.L.B.'

     His moment of peace was interrupted however when the boy felt breath against the back of his neck. He immediately tensed, But didn't take his eyes off the box.

     All to soon a voice whispered into his ear, the words he spoke imbedded themselves into his spine. Carving themselves into his subconscious to never be forgotten. The words that would continue to haunt him until his miserable demise.

     "Dead end." and the boys vision went black.


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   Kaminari Denki woke up with a gasp. Body completely frozen as he stares at the ceiling above his bed.

The dream had been different from the others, but ended the same nonetheless.

     The dreams always ended the same, with those words whispered into his ear and then his death. It always ended with his death.

     The dreams first started a little over two months ago. Starting out vague, But getting progressively worse as time ran on. Denki sometimes wished the world would take a pause for him, just so he can catch up with himself.

      Denki ran a hand through his sweat drenched hair. It's only Wednesday and he's had these nightmares every night since the beginning of the week. Looking over towards the clock he knows he's not going to get anymore sleep. He can feel the electricity beneath his skin buzz as he pushes himself out of bed and to the door of his room. He might as well sit it out in the kitchen like the previous night. Maybe he can find some of that tea Momo had him try the other day.

     The lingering paranoia seemed to be stronger than usual, but Denki shrugged It off. The nightmare had been far more terrifying than the previous ones. All he needs to do is sit down with some of that tea and he'll be back to tip top shape by the time the others get up.

     The quiet kenopsia of the sitting room used to unsettle denki when the nightmares first begun. But now it brought a sort of peaceful atmosphere, he didn't feel the need to engage in conversation. He could simply just live, and not have to worry about hiding the panic that swells in his chest.

     Denki is by far a social person. He's always been an optimistic outgoing guy for as long as he can remember. He isn't afraid to tell people off (in most cases this involving bakugou) or tell them the truth. So now, as he stands in the empty kitchen, why does he feel this overwhelming grief. He remembers feeling the adronitis when he struggled to befriend bakugou, the urge to push himself closer to todoroki. So why was he feeling the need to push them all away. Maybe in fear of the inevitable, that they'll find out about his dreams and push him away first, thinking he's crazy. If he pushes them away first than it'll hurt a little less when they finally do leave. Or perhaps he's just thinking too much, letting his mind wander is definitely something he's good at.

     With a shake of his head denki pulls out the teapot and fills it with water before setting it on the stove and turning it on. Calmly watching the different sized air bubbles rise before popping. Denki takes a moment to close his eyes and reflect. He should really talk to someone about this all. Maybe Aizawa, although denki isn't sure the man can help him much. Aizawa isn't the best at comfort. Denki doesn't want to go to his friends with this either. Not because he doesn't trust him, far from that actually. He loves his friends, cherishes them even. It's the fact that he's scared, he's absolutely terrified of what these nightmares could mean. He's confused and disoriented and he doesn't know if he can truly open up about this with anyone. It's hard to admit it to himself that everything just feels so wrong and all he wants is for it all to stop.

     The uncertainty of it all just makes denkis whole body ache. He feels utterly exhausted and beaten down. After all, watching yourself be killed over and over really does a number on your mental state.

     Sighing in his tea, he takes a small sip. He doesn't even remember putting in the tea bag or the water, but that doesn't matter right now. What matters is that he tries to calm his mind from the cacophony that rests there.

     Denki has always felt the subtle feeling of monachopsis. It's always managed to linger in the back of his mind no matter where he is, whether that be at home or in the comfort of friends or family. He just can't seem to shake the feeling off. It's not like he had a bad life. Far from that actually, he grew up in a loving family, had people he looked up to and people who cared about him. Even now, he has the bakusquad and the other students in 1-A. So to say he feels alone is scary, because he knows he's not. He knows he has people who would drop everything if he so much as asked. Although, that thought doesn't help settle the pain in his heart. The ever lingering fear of being forever alone, and sue him if he was feeling lonely now. He didn't know who to go too. He wanted to talk to someone but he was scared of what would come after.

     Setting down the now empty tea cup, denki sighs. He's obviously going to have a hard time shaking this feeling off today. His mind is going a mile a minute with thoughts of what if?

     Closing his eyes, denki tries to envision the ocean, calm and collecting as the waves lap at the sand and shells. Pushing and pulling in a rhythmic manner. Although considering his quirk, denki loved the ocean. Loved the hot sand between his feet and the cool water that stretched for miles. He was never allowed to go in with other people because his parents always feared he'd loss control and shock someone, water was a conductor of electricity after all.

     "Kaminari?" A sudden voice startled him from his mind. Looking towards the door to the kitchen he sees the last person he's thought he would this early in the morning.

"Todoroki?" Kaminaris could hear the surprise in his own voice. "What are you doing up?"

"Couldn't sleep, why are you up kaminari?" Ah, as formal as ever.

     "Same." Kaminari looks down at his tea cup as  the two fall into comfortable silence. Todoroki was always a mystery to him. Quiet, aloof, reserved. He portrayed himself in a completely different way than kaminari does, and yet he can't help but feel calm around him. Todoroki let's off this serene aura, almost like he was a wise old man.

     Todoroki makes a choking noise that causes kaminari to look up. When he looks at him, todorokis face is bright red as he stares right at kami. Kaminari gives him a confused look before realizing.

     "Shit... did I say that out loud?" Todoroki all but nods, causing kaminaris face to also turn as red as Kirishimas hair. The awkward silence was stifling as kaminari struggled to find something to say.

     "So... you come here often?" Todoroki makes a noise that is similarly like a snort and makes his way over to lean against the counter next to kaminari. "When I get hungry, yes." kaminari smiles at the heterochromic teen.

     Todoroki has seemingly mellowed down over the year. Kaminari suspects it all started with his fight with Midoriya, but either way the red and white haired boy went from being scary to actually being kind of cute.

     Kaminari looks down at his half empty tea cup before jumping and looking back up towards todoroki.

"Do you want some tea?"

"That would be lovely, thank you."


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"I love everything
Fires spreading all around my room
My worlds so bright
It's hard to breathe, but that's alright

     Denki stares at the disfigured face before him. A blank slate of someone who would later kill denki and take his freedom. He didn't know how he knew, but something about the face sent chills running down his spine and he couldn't hold back the shivers. 

The area around them was black, it was only the shadowy figure and Denki. 

     "Who the hell are you?! Why the hell can't you leave me alone!" Denki screamed, his voice shook and he trembled from the raw fear coursing his veins.

The disfigured face smiled, his mouth opening to show bright white.

     "We will meet soon. Just be patient, you're time is slowly approaching." The figure than reached out and grabbed denkis arm tight enough to bruise. "Soon."

     Kaminari woke up with a gasp. His heart raging in his chest and the uneasy feeling he felt the night before was back at full force.

     Kaminari took a moment to calm his breathing before realizing he was still in the kitchen, he must have fell asleep sometime after todoroki came. He noticed the blanket (that was usually draped over the couch) around his shoulders.

     "Oh man." Rubbing his face kaminari sat up. The unease he felt at first waking up wasn't going away and that made kaminari worry even more. What the hell is happening to me.

     Getting up after a few seconds he grabbed his empty tea cup and made his way out of the kitchen and into the common area where he finally noticed the voices of the early birds of class 2-A.

     Kirishima sat talking brightly to a grumpy bakugou on the couch. While at the dinning tables sat todoroki and midoriya talking quietly to one another.

     Kaminari makes eye contact with todoroki and gives him a small smile as thanks for the blanket. Todoroki gives a small nod in return before turning his full attention back on midoriya.

     Kaminari was about to make his way up the stairs to his room. Planning on getting ready for the day in the comfort of his overly crowded room. Though he didn't even make it up the first step when he heard it.

     Kirishima and bakugou were having a conversation about their last game night the squad holds in seros room. They were playing some rpg zombie game.

     "I know, it was so sad that I kept going down a dead end." Denki stopped short, shock filling his body.

     There was a loud crash of the tea cup he was holding, as it had fallen from his now slack grip and shattered across the floor.

     Silence filled the common room and denki turned to look at Kirishima with a deathly pale face. Kirishima looks at him in confusion, slowly getting up and making his way over to the electric blonde.

     "Kami?.. you ok?" That seemed to snap kaminari out of whatever funk he was in and he shook his head.

"Yea... I'm fine.... sorry." Kirishima gave him a worried smile and pat his shoulder.

     "It's alright. You don't look so good, how about I clean this up and you go rest or something. Are you sick?" Denki shook his head once again. It was a few beats before Kirishima gasped as he looked down at denkis bare arm.

     "What the hell happened to your arm?!" This drew more attention towards the blonde as people started to emerge from their dorms to get ready for the day.

     Looking down at his arm, denki noticed a large growing bruise shaped like a hand print on his arm. His mind immediately went back to the shadowy person in his nightmare.

     "No... no I'm ok. I think I'm just gonna go back to my room." Before anyone can say anything else, denki turned around and hightailed it back up the stairs to his room.

     His mind still filled with fear. Denki was confused. He didn't understand why those words effected him as much as they did. He didn't understand how the bruise appeared on his arm. It was only a dream after all.


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     It had happened a couple days after the incident with the tea cup and the bruise. Denkis mind has been in a haze since that day, yet the nightmares still haven't stopped and denki felt he was going mad. He didn't know what to believe anymore and that scared him more than he'd like to admit.

     Ever since the incident everyone's been weird around him, but not weird enough that denki couldn't handle it, he just didn't want to be walked around like he was made of glass anymore.
When denki walked into the dorms fully intending on going to his room to rest (even if that was practically impossible with the dreams preventing him from sleeping properly.) 

     "Hey kaminari I found a letter addressed to you." Denki turned around towards the voice, only to see Kirishima walking over to him. A letter? Denki thought, who would leave me a letter

     Kirishima Hands it to him, "it was sitting outside the dorm entrance, were you expecting something?" Denki shook his head and took a close look at the letter. Denkis name was written in nice big cursive on the front. Turning it over there was a small white sticker holding the letter closed. Denki tried to rack his brain as to who would leave him a letter, but continued to come up blank. Maybe his sister sent him it or something, but the writing didn't look like hers. Shrugging denki slowly opened the letter. At this point everyone in the common room had turned towards him to see. Once inside there was a piece of white paper, folded neatly in half. Setting aside the envelope he slowly unfolded the paper.

     All at once it was like fear popped out of nowhere and slapped him with a fork. Denkis eyes widened and his face went completely pale. He could feel his breathing rapidly pick up and his heart was beating faster and faster in his chest. His vision starts to waver as he dropped the letter to the ground. He could hear the voices of his concerned classmates, but they were all muffled. All he could focus on were the bold words printed on the paper, burning themselves into his corneas. 

     Denki passed out before he hit the ground. The last thing he saw was the black bold lettering of the words "dead end."


    Denki has always hated the hospital. From the panic inducing whiteness of the rooms to the overwhelming smell of disinfectant. So waking up in one sure wasn't a pleasant surprise. Although the pounding headache behind his eyes masked out all else. Groaning his lifted his head to shield his burning eyes.  

     "Kaminari?" Denki startled at his name, sitting straight up and whipping his head to the side. Sitting next to him in one of the plastic chairs recovery girl has stacked in the corner of her office, was Aizawa. Only than does denki realize he isn't in the hospital, no, he's in the nurses office. 

     "Sen....sei?" Denki was confused, confused as to why he was here, confused as to why Aizawa was looking at him with faint concern dancing around his pupils. "What's going on?"

     "You passed out in the dorm common room... the others were quick to get me and bring you to recovery girl." Denki nodded and rubbed his head. Why did he pass out? He just couldn't remember anything.

     Than suddenly it all hit him like a truck. The letter. Denkis breaking started to pick up and he felt like his throat was closing. He knew what this means, he always knew, he just hoped it wasn't true. Wishful thinking he supposed. 

     "Kaminari, I need you to calm down ok?" Aizawa lightly touched his arm but denki jumped back, almost falling off the bed. Sparks danced along his skin and he reached up his hands to claw at his neck. He couldn't breathe. 

     "Kaminari-" Aizawa was speaking to him, his teacher was speaking to him and yet he couldn't comprehend a word he was saying. His head spun like a merry go round on crack. 

     "Breathe with me, in 3 out 4..." listening to his teacher he tried to breathe with him but it wasn't working, he couldn't think straight and everything hurt. Before he knew it things went black again.


     Waking up for the second time after almost suffocating isn't fun in the slightest. Denkis throat hurt and so did his chest. Not only that but the headache was still going strong. 

     Looking around denki realized he was alone this time. Looking around him he saw a glass of water on the table to the right of his bed and a small note. Completely avoiding the note he grabbed the cup of water and downed all of it. His throat felt slightly better but it didn't help the burning in his chest.

    Right after he finished the water, the door to the room opened to reveal Aizawa. Except he wasn't alone. With Aizawa was Mina, Kirishima, Sero and bakugou. How they got the other blonde to go with them was mind blowing to kaminari. But bakugou has always been soft towards kiri, so he figured he had convinced him. Kirishima smiled when he noticed denki was awake but made no move to walk towards him, choosing to stand by the others who all had nervous but relieved smiles. Bakugou even let out a small relieved sigh at the sight of denki awake. 

     "Kaminari." Denki looked towards his teacher and thought about how much of a mess he probably looked. Two panic attacks in one day was a lot of bear. "How are you feeling?" 

     "Could be Better." Denki knew his voice was going to be scratchy even before he opened his mouth, so it was no surprise to him when he had to clear his throat. 

     Aizawa nodded, walking over to the plastic chair still seated next to his bed. He motioned for his friends to move more into the room. But they stopped when they were a little bit behind Aizawa. "Are you calm enough to tell us what's going on, don't force yourself kaminari." Aizawa speaking softly was a huge surprise to denki. He hadn't known the teacher could be so kind. And that's probably what compelled him to open his mouth. 

     "They started a couple months ago." They looked at up at him in surprise. They didn't expect him to answer them right away. 

     Aizawa tilted his head. "What started?" 

     Kaminari couldn't meet his eyes. "The dreams." 

     "They started out small, vague. Until they got worse, more detailed." Kaminari shivered at the thought of them. 

     "What happened in those dreams." Kaminari tensed, how was he supposed to explain that. How was he supposed to explain these horrifying dreams without wanting to gouge out his eyes, without breaking down again. 

     Aizawa took his silence as the answer. "Can you tell me what the words mean." Denki knew he was talking about the letter, but he couldn't help play dumb instead. "What words?"

     "The words you got in the letter." Denki closed his eyes and breathed slowly, he can feel his mind slowly breaking as he played around with what he could say. Tears threatening to fall, denki turned back towards his teacher, finally making eye contact. "They mean I'm going to die." Once they started going, they wouldn't stop. The tears kept rolling as he evaluated his companions shocked expressions. 

     "Die..?" Aizawa was confused. What did he mean by that. What was happening in this kids head right now. "Kaminari, you aren't going to die." To everyone's surprise kaminari started to laugh. Light chuckled turned into heavy laughter, even with the tears still streaming down his face. 

     "That's what you think, but I'm the one living it and I know that this is where the road ends for me," kaminari spoke after he calmed from his laughing fit. "It always ends the same god damn way." 

     "How do they end the same?" Aizawa and the others couldn't begin to wrap their heads around what was happening, But denki knew. He knew he wasn't going to be able to see the future with them, and that hurt more than he's willing to admit.

     "The dreams always end in my death."


    The dorms are quiet when they enter, denki is silent as he stares at the ground, not bothering to look up when they enter. He knows his friends have been sending him worrying glances since his breakdown. He knows they have questions and he's not sure if he's willing to give them answers. But he also knows that they don't believe him. They think he's crazy, and maybe he is. All he wants to do is go to his room. He's so unbelievably tired, his body aches and his head has a distant buzz in it.

     "Kami-" he faintly hears, the ringing in his ears (that seems to now be a constant presence) have muffled everything.

     Denki looks up at Kirishima, who had a worried look on his face. Denki has been getting a lot of those lately, worried looks.

     Denki knows how he looks. A distant haze in his eyes. It was clear he wasn't all there, that he was somewhere drifting in the empty void that filled his mind. "Huh?"

     "What's going on..? This is all, so crazy. Someone trying to kill you? What could someone want with you?" Denki stared blankly.

     "If you had asked me before they started, I would've told you the same thing. But a lot can happen in short amount of time. Whether you want it to or not." With that, denki turned away to head to his room. He was done with today, all he wanted was for it all to stop.

But he knew how deadly wishful thinking could be.

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     It was a couple weeks after he had passed out. The others were still sending him worried glances and talking about him behind his back. They didn't believe him, that much was obvious but denki still felt hurt by it. His life was on the line here and they couldn't even believe him. He gets that he's the dumb one, the one at the bottom of the class and they don't see why someone would want him dead. Why not one of the top students. But at the end of the day denki is the one being targeted and his own friends won't believe him. Not even aizawa believes him and he's supposed be his teacher.
     It happened on a late Saturday afternoon. The bakusquad (they had dubbed themselves) decided to spend the day at the mall before wandering around the city. The area they were passing by wasn't that populated and they took many shortcuts through ally's on their way back to the school campus.
     Kaminari had stayed behind mostly, not feeling up to communicating. He knows they're worried about him. That they don't understand what's going on in his head. To be honest he doesn't quite know either. It's like he's a prisoner in his own mind. He was always at the bottom of the class, but now that he can't sleep without being plagued by nightmares he was failing even worse.
     He just wanted a break for once, but it seemed fate thought of him as nothing but a joke.
     The slight pinch of a needle was the first thing that alerted denki before he was grabbed.
     A sinking panic squeezed at denki's chest as he thrashed against the villains unwavering grip. The villains hand was clamped over his mouth tightly, muffling his cries.
     Kaminari's gaze was set on his friends slowly shrinking figures. As Kaminari struggled, tears filled his eyes, blurring his friends out even more. He tried to twist and elbow the villain in the stomach but it was almost like hitting solid rock.
     His eyes never tore from his friends as his mind screamed in terror. He willed them to notice, to just please god turn around.
     It was like the villain had been dragging him for days, when in reality Kaminari knew it was only a few minutes before the villain threw him in a dimly lit warehouse. Kaminari didn't remember how they got there, and he didn't know if he was supposed to. Aren't you supposed to pay attention to your surroundings when kidnapped? In all honestly, denki couldn't care less about that. The only thing on his mind was the fact he might never see his friends again, he might die here and now and never get to see the rest of his peers grow into the hero's he knows they are. Kaminari knew he was already given a heads up about his impending death. He just wished it hadn't been so soon. He was barely through his first year at UA, couldn't he have a little more time.
     Denki scrambled away from the villain the moment he hit the floor. Eyes frantically searching for something, anything, he could use to protect himself.
     "Don't bother, Ive already cleared this place entirely." Denkis eyes snapped back to the villain. The villain was a short man. He had a black mask covering half his face as well as an entirely black outfit, his hair was a light shade of grey. It looked like hot topic threw up on him and left.
     "It won't take long for my friends to notice I'm gone, they'll come for me." Denki couldn't stop the shaking of his voice. He should be better at this, sure he was just kidnapped by a villain and sure he was only 16, but he was training to be a hero dammit.
     "Oh don't worry, by the time they find you you'll be long since dead." Denki dug his fingers into the hard concrete floor. Trying to concentrate on keeping his voice even.
     "I'm not scared of you." He could see in the villains amused eyes that he didn't believe him for a second. No matter how hard he tried, kaminari could've even convince himself.
     "Oh man, it is going to be glorious watching blood spill from your body." And than he striked. The villain pulled out a blade denki didn't realize he had and swung. Denki was barely able to dodge it as he stumbled to his feet and further away from the villains onslaught of failed stab attempts. Shallow cuts were all the villain was able to get.
     Denki knew he couldn't keep dodging forever. He would eventually get tired and without his quirk he was practically dead already. His quirk, why the hell couldn't he use his quirk?
     It must be what was in that syringe, he thought.
     Denki could already feel the layering fatigue catching up to him. Even the adrenaline in his veins couldn't mask the feeling.
     It was only a matter of time, denki thought as he misstepped and fell to the cold ground below him. The cold ground he would soon die on. Left forever to haunt this abandoned warehouse, wondering what the hell happened to me.
     The villain was on him in seconds, grabbing his neck and squeezing.
     "You know, for a hero trainee, you're pretty fucking weak kid. No wonder they left you behind, you never would've made it without them anyway." Denki gasped as the villain squeezed harder around his throat, pressing him to the floor. He was overwhelmingly aware of the difference in body types between them. Denki was short and skinny, his quirk not needing him to build much muscle. The villain however, was very built. While the villain was also short, he still had a good two inches on denki and what he lacked in height he made up for in muscle mass.
    Denkis vision swam, dark sports sprouting in his eyes as his lungs yearned for air. Denki searched with his eyes frantically, he couldn't give up now, not fucking now. Denki reached into his mind, trying to pull his quirk back to the surface, just for a tiny spark, for anything to let him breathe again. Abruptly the villain spasmed and jumped back.
     "What the fuck-" the villain flared at denki as he coughed. He gulped up as much air as he could get before dodging the oncoming knife. Denki just couldn't get a break could he.
     "How the hell did you do that?" The villain was relentless now, he had managed to cut kaminaris arm deeply as well as his cheek. before the unnamed villain had a sort of calm, cocky aura to him. But now he was raging, his face radiated pure anger.
     Denki couldn't answer his question, he didn't even know what happened, had he somehow used his quirk on him? He didn't feel anything that was for sure.
     Between all the dodging denki noticed an opening. The villain was protecting his left side. And considering the villain didn't have a quirk like his to use, the villain was obviously well versed in hand to hand combat. Denki knew he had to be quick on his feet if he truly wanted to survive this.
     In a matter of seconds denki attacked, making a quick jap at his left which startled the villain, allowing denki to twist his wrist, causing the villain to drop the knife. Denki pushed away and for the knife, but the villain had already recovered and dove for it. Denki nearly missed the weapon, but was able to clench it in his hands and turn it on the villain. It was a standstill than. The two stared as denkis shaking hands held the knife. Denki could feel blood dripping down his arm in heavy loads. Time froze as the villain pulled out a gun. Denki hadn't anticipated the villain having another weapon and scarcely avoided the shot. Although the villain managed to hit denkis leg. The bullet skidding off and leaving a shallow Burning scrape.
     Denki ignored that pain however and barreled towards to villain, tackling him in the stomach and pushing with all his might as the villain fell back. There was a loud slam and denki blearily fell to his knees. The villain had hit his head hard on the ground when he fell. Denki knew this was his one chance to end it once and for all. To end the fear, the dreams, the ever lingering paranoia. But he also knew he wouldn't come out of this unscathed. He knew he'd have to kill this man, and that he'd be scarred in more ways than the wounds the villain inflicted on him.
    Denkis vision swayed. He was exhausted, physically and mentally. Though, he knew one wrong move would end the same way all his dreams did. He needed to stay up, needed to finish this. He needed too, not for himself, but for the people before him who had been effected by this villains quirk. As well as the people who would come after him if he didn't stop it now.
     Denki stares down at the face of the person who's been traumatizing him for far too long. Today he would finally be free. Denki has lost hope before, had submitted to the game and allowed himself to be played like a chess piece. But now he's the one ahead of it all. And he's the one who will win.
     Kaminari raised the knife in his hand, the one he had stolen from the villain, the knife he used to protect himself, and the one he'll use to break out of the metaphorical chains that are tied around his neck.

And so he swung.




     The world was quiet for the first time in awhile. Kaminari felt no fear, no sorrow. No, all he felt was, well nothing. He felt absolutely nothing.
     The blood dripping knife laid next to him, forgotten as he stares at the now lifeless body before him. The body of someone he had once considered his ultimate demise. Oh how fate truly played a sick joke.
     Kaminari couldn't remember how long he sat there, staring into the devoid eyes of the villain.

Before the world became too loud again.
     Kaminari didn't notice when the doors to the warehouse were blown open, or when the obnoxious wailing of police cars echoed off the walls.
     He didn't even notice when someone had grabbed him, pulling him away from the body he couldn't stop staring at. The body of someone he killed.
"Kami-...Kaminari....please....can....hear.....m-" denki's eyes finally focused, for the first time since he stabbed that man. In front of him sat his teacher. The one who was so kind to him, who looked out for him like he did all his other students. That was when he started to feel again.
     First it was confusion, and confusion slowly morphed into panic until the tears started rolling down his face.
     "Sen-sei." Denki's voice cracked as his shaking hands gripped tightly onto his teachers jump suit. "Sensei I- I killed him, I killed him I-I killed-" he was a sobbing mess as Aizawa wrapped his hand around the back of his neck, guiding him to rest his forehead against his teachers chest.

"Shhh.. it's ok, you're safe now."

"B-but I killed-" Aizawa tightened his grip.

"It's alright, we'll fix this."