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Steal your heart

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The cold air of late august nights, was nipping at his heels as he leisurely crossed the street downtown, to get closer to the high raises scrapping at the sky. The night dimly lit by street lamps in a soft glow, yet still busy and loud as he blended in with the string of drunken bar strollers, people coming off their shift and whoever else, that wasn't asleep by now.

He had been here plenty over the past weeks, scouting out his next big coup. Preparation was key, he wasn't among one of the best thefts for nothing. He was smart and he was wanted. There was a bounty on his head for robbing a Da Vinci in France back in May, right during daylight hours in the middle of the fucking Louvre. He had loved every single second of that thrill. Couldn't care less about the bounty, since nobody had any idea what he did look like. His disguises working in his favor each time. 

He was only a small omega, easily overlooked and underestimated.

He loved art, he loved old expensive nick nacks, but most of all he loved the money it would make him. 

There was that well situated blonde role model living on the top floor and a little bird tweeted that he had something in store, Levi longed to have. 

The filthy rich, had enough to spare and share, he thought bitterly. Wouldn't hurt to sneak a few dollars extras for all the trouble they put him through, to obtain certain objects. 

He crossed the luxurious lobby in quick efficient strides, like he had been here all his life, the doorman giving him a toothy grin, without a flicker of suspicion or doubt. 

Levi could already taste it on his tongue, in the middle of all those stinky alphas around him - this was going to be good. A cherry on top his cake.

A cold wind blow enveloped him and Erwin tightened his coat as he left the office building. The material felt heavy on his shoulders, but shielded him from the freezing air tearing through the small path down to the parking lot. Lamps illuminated the way, but the sky itself was pitch black and just as dark, as in the beginning of the day, when Erwin would arrive at the office to start his day. 

It has been a long strenuous day at work due to a major business deal and he was tired after hours of merciless negotiation with a business partner, who wasn’t able to recognize the potential of a possible fusion with another company. In the end the financial calculation convinced even Nile – the steady working but risk shy sales manager – and Erwin was able to secure the deal. The day couldn’t have been better and if he wasn’t filthy rich before, he would have been now.

There was plenty reason to celebrate and he was one heartbeat away to ask his best friend Mike to go out for a drink or two. - Finally after weeks of barely hearing from each other. But something stopped Erwin. It might have been the fact, that he didn’t want to intrude on the other alpha’s new found happiness with his lovely little omega Nanaba, but something felt off, as he left his apartment in the morning. Lately there was an unusual sweet smell in the air. The smell of an omega - which was weird, considering the fact that Erwin lived in an expensive neighborhood full of other alphas or betas with no unmated omega around. There was simply no way that an omega could afford such a high living standard on their own. 

Especially regarding the fact that omegas – especially decent omegas- were a rare sight to behold. 

Now sitting in his car, his sharp features illuminated by the bright screen of his smartphone, still looking at Mike’s contact information, Erwin swallowed down a short pang of envy. Shaking his head he put the phone away and started the engine, making his way home.

Levi made his way up in the elevator, legs bouncing in anticipation. He used the easily copied keycard, stolen from the doorman in late July, to enter the loft without needing the actual key, a wave of well concentrated alpha pheromones enveloping him like a wall, almost making it hard to breathe for a few seconds. His body shook with small tremors, black hoodie suddenly itchy on his pale skin. He swallowed thickly, regaining his composure, before letting the door fall shut with a soft click.

That one must be a very strong headed alpha, if the stink was anything to go by. He hated this part the most, it always left him feeling a little dizzy. But now wasn't the time to hesitate, according to his research he had 1 hour left, before the big blonde oof would return home, maybe 10 minutes more, give or take, the fact, that he had to park in the underground garage, before coming up.

Levi dimmed the lights, he had switched on, bright enough to see clearly, but low enough to not attract suspicion. The hallway was aligned with 2 beautiful graphics, but both were just cheap fake copies, he had found out on his last visit to scout the premises. 

One was a calm beach scene, with a short straw hut dominating the left side and the other a skyline sketch in black and blue. Both starkly contrasting the white walls and small silver frames, they were strung up in.

"It's not even the same scene, why would you put this up next to one another." He muttered under his breath, as he strode forward.

The room on the list for today, was the living room, an open plan space to his right, surrounded by bottom to ceiling windows. It was sparsely decorated in cream and dark brown colors. Levi gagged a little. 

"Sweet jesus, grandpa are you in your 50s or what?" His gaze swept across the room quickly. There was hardly a space to hide from all the windows, but no cameras were put up, just as the floorplan had suggested. He sighed relieved, letting his hood drop down. The wall to his left was stuffed full with an entertainment system and so far, there wasn't any framed artwork on display. 

A bummer.

Everytime he had to come back was a risk, but first he had to know, where blondie kept the precious old map he was looking for, so he could finally get to it. Maybe he hadn't put it on show after all?

Levi scanned through the few family photos put up on the mantelpiece, all black and white, smiley faces, unfocused and a little shaky. Not a hint of wealth in there, more like a bunch of hillbilly farmers, that made him wonder how the alpha got so wealthy. 

He had run a background check to determine, that he wasn't fucking with the mafia at least, because nothing good ever came from this, but it didn't necessarily provide much. Erwin Smith was as clean as a sheet.

Realizing he had been caught up in his thoughts for way too long, lulled into fake safety by the potential alpha smell in the air, Levi cursed, before going back to flipping through the few cupboards and nick nacks on the coffee table, but nothing of interest caught his eye.

"Oh this is just great!" He muttered, as the alarm on his watch went off, indicating he better got his ass back out within the next 10 minutes. 

He hastily put everything back, stumbling back into the hallway to switch off the lights. His foot had caught in the throw above the couch, but there was no time to put it back on entirely. Hopefully blondie wouldn't notice.

The second he was out, hoodie pulled up and opening the door to the staircase, he caught a glimpse of blond leaving the elevator.

That was a shit for close call. Levi was mad at himself for getting so distracted.


As Erwin left the elevator he could have sworn, he heard the small click of the door leading to the staircase. 'Weird.' - he thought to himself- ' Who in their right mind would use the stairs in a building this high?' But as he opened the door to look down the stairs, there was nobody to be seen. Only a slight hint of the sweet scented smell tickled his nose. Putting the thought aside and blaming it on his tiredness after a long day at work, Erwin turned around and fumbled with his keys and card to unlock his apartment door. After all he was the only one living on the highest floor of the building. There was no reason anyone else would have been there. 


Discarding his heavy coat Erwin as usual made his way to the kitchen first. Opening the fridge but finding nothing to his liking, he instead grabbed a bag of crisps, deciding to spend at least a bit of time in leisure and probably sleeping in on his couch, like his father used to do as well. He truly felt like he was getting old, despite being in his early forties. 

Laying down on his couch Erwin absentmindedly reached out for the throw, only to not find it in its usual space. As if hit by a bolt of lightning Erwin sat up and looked around. The throw was barely on the couch most parts laying on the ground, as if someone had been caught in it and suddenly had to leave very quickly. Clutching the soft material in his hand Erwin took a look around and noticed that one picture frame on his coffee table was a bit more to the left than usual. With a bitter taste in his mouth Erwin realised, that his tired mind wasn't just playing games with him. That he wasn't just imagining the sickly sweet bouts of smell that returned here and there lately, especially in close proximity to his apartment. That it was unusual strong right now, as if he barely missed the intruder.


Levi was almost melting into the wall, having sprinted already two floors down, as the door above was opened. If he got caught now, that would be a pity party. He was one of the best and he sure as all hell didn't want to go down like this, so nice and easy.

He was in the business way too long to be a dumb fish. 

Grumbling and cussing out Erwin under his breath, after the door closed again and no footsteps could be heard, he trudged down a few more floors, before taking the elevator the rest of the way down, with a stone cold face. 

He returned home to the suburbs, to his run down house, that was waiting to be bulldozed after Kenny had died. The long track home, giving him enough time to work himself up into a frenzy. How could he have been so careless? This was just stupid on his behalf.

He rubbed his face tiredly, standing under the cold moldy shower, going over every detail of the night. He had fucked up, so this left him with minimal options. He could give up on the treasure, but he wasn't a pussy, or he could wait at least a week before returning with more precautions set into place.

This was an exciting prospect, at least until he reached for the smell canceling soup on the shower floor and realized something. His heat would be coming up in about a week, rendering him useless for at least an agonizing 8 days, if not more. Oh fuck his life, he needed to get this job done fast. 

His heat was the only thing he detested about being an omega,  in the worst case it could higher his scent to a degree not even soups could cancel out. Apart from the old-school true mates can smell each other anyway bullshit, he didn't believe for a split second.

Brushing his teeth aggressively, he dropped the prospect of a late night dinner altogether and rather rolled up on the mattress in his old childhood bedroom on the ground floor, before passing out to the sounds of the wind whistling through the rotten and partly crushed upper floor.

He had to figure shit out and he had to figure it out fast.

"Didn't brush your eyebrows today, Erwin?" Were the words Nile greeted him with first, at work a bit snarkier than necessary. Receiving no reaction he added "Seriously… you don't look so good."

"Just a little trouble sleeping, not to worry."


Truth was that Erwin didn't sleep at all last night. Fueled by caffeine he was a man on a mission, searching his entire apartment looking for more evidence. Nothing. Aside from a slightly misplaced picture frame and his throw. Nothing at all. Still Erwins mind came to no rest, buzzing with new possibilities and analyzing the little proof he had for his assumption. The intruder was good, most likely a professional, that broke into rich people’s houses for a living. Probably to even have a living. The intruder was most likely an omega, Erwin concluded, but couldn't help to be intrigued. There has been a sweet smell in the air lately, only slightly, as if the omega had been using cheap scent cancelling soap, that wasn't able to hide the intensifying sweet undertone indicating a close heat. An unmated omega without a family to support him basically had no chance in a world, that was mostly dominated by alphas like Erwin himself. Usually standing tall and proud, displaying dominance and confidence, leading the way and making important decisions. There was simply no place for little fragile omegas. Omegas simply stayed at home, keeping the house clean and comfortable while raising the pups. Although Erwin didn't wholeheartedly believe in these stereotypes and instead treated everyone with the same respect, he saw this belief in other alphas. It wasn't uncommon for omegas, that didn't meet the expectations to be discarded like trash. So if his assumptions were correct and the intruder was indeed an omega close to heat, Erwin mused, taking a sip of yet another coffee, then the omega had two choices left. Giving up or trying again very soon. Feeling a rush of excitement running through him, Erwin kind of hoped for the second option.


Levi didn't sleep for more than 4 hours straight as per usual. He woke up feeling just as restless and uncomfortable as the previous night. He literally bathed himself in scent canceler and disinfection, scrubbing away at his scent glands and body inside and out, until his skin came pretty close to win a competition against a lobster. Waiting would just make matters worse. He had to get a move on to get his trinket.

He threw on a housekeeper disguise, to get easier access. Nobody would question Erwin Smith's maid, or well anyone's. He had no obligations to check in with the front desk, deciding to enter the staircase via the emergency access and then make his way up in the elevator. The remaining occupants of the other apartments wouldn't second guess him. 

He packed a few cameras to place inside Erwin's condo just for the fun of it. The big blonde should be at work all day, so he had ample time to look through his shit and hopefully find what he was looking for.

A scarf was hiding his neck, that was all red and raw from his shower and doused in scent canceler to help delete any trace of scent he might let linger.

Getting in wasn't a problem at all, just as he had procrastinated. So he sighed in relief once the door shut behind him, leaving him in a cloud of alpha pheromones, that belonged to mister filthy rich. Levi ignored the hallway, went past the living room and ignored the kitchen as well. No dumb shit would keep year old paper in a fucking kitchen with grease and humidity. The next door to his left was a spare bedroom, filled with a couple of moving boxes, that made his hands itch. Couldn't that dude at least bother to unpack? How long had he been living here, probably a century according to his taste in decoration and furniture.

“Are you sure you didn’t just forget to tidy up after yourself? I mean, no offense, no one is as efficient as you at work here, but at home you are a slob.” 

Hanji meant well. They really meant well, but Erwin could barely suppress an eye roll.

“You probably slept in on the couch again and forgot to put the throw back on properly. I mean, last time I was at your home, you hadn’t even unpacked all the boxes! Please tell me they are unpacked.”

“Of course they are.” Erwin answered a little too fast. Lunch break started to feel like an interrogation and Erwin started to regret asking for advice from his work colleagues and also friends regarding the matter. The three of them sat in the spacious canteen up in the fourth floor, Erwin sitting across from Hanji and Mike. The space was otherwise barely occupied, only a few people walking around, making a lot of effort to look as busy and important as they could. When silence fell upon them again and Erwin turned to look out of one of the big glass windows, starting to disappear in his thoughts again, Hanji elbowed Mike in the side, as a not so subtle signal to finally say something on the matter, too.

“Work is really getting to you, you should tone it down a little.” he started vaguely. This time Erwin couldn’t suppress the eye roll. “There are other things in life you should start to consider.” 

Unbelievable. Now his friends of many years thought he was getting crazy, because of the stress and work. 

“What do you mean with that, Mike?” Erwin bit back.

“Maybe you are just lonely. An omega close to heat rummaging through your grandpa apartment, as if you would have any great treasure there. Could be your rut talking? Because truth be told: any omega with taste, would turn around and run away seeing your design choices. Or start cleaning up. Although this would be a blessing. You really could use a maid. And if you could smell yourself, believe me, your pheromo-” 

At that Erwin inhaled to give Mike back his own medicine. He didn’t need to be lectured about giving his best efforts for the company, securing all their positions and improving humanity as a whole, just because of his best friends raging hormones and lovey dovey mindset, since the tall dirty blonde got mated. 

“For your information, I like my apartment. It is warm and welcoming. You sure didn’t complain the last time you sat on my couch eating my food!”

“That was three months ago, Erwin, please. When was the last time you have seen someone? Hell, the last time you really did something for yourself, aside from buying too many crisps?” 

A long time ago, but his friends didn’t have to know that. Erwin couldn’t understand their worried glances. He was happy with his life, Erwin told himself, as he returned to his office, yet another coffee in his hand. His apartment looked just fine. Of course he couldn’t clean up every day, but he managed. After all he barely spent time there, so he couldn’t make it dirty, so what’s the point? Even the unpacked boxes didn’t bother him anymore. He knew what was in there, he didn’t need it yet, so why should he bother? 

Taking a big gulp of coffee, Erwin opened a new document, trying to focus on the work ahead. Hm. Lonely? Why would Mike think that of him. It must have left a big impression on the even taller alpha, for him to be so direct about it, since he is usually more tactful. Insinuating that he was smelling of pent up hormones.

“You might be more productive in the long run, if you take some time to figure it out, Erwin. No one wants you tired and distracted at work, we can’t afford you burning out like a candle. And maybe if you are right and we are terrible friends right now, for being worried and doubting your story, maybe changing your usual schedule, could help you figure out the truth.” Hanji’s words still rang in his ears. Staring at the empty page of the computer screen, Erwin couldn’t focus. For the first time in forever he considered going home a little earlier than usual, or even taking some time off.

Dust was making Levi sneeze every two minutes, as he opened box after box. There was an old waffle iron in one, along with a multitude of cables, from which probably 95% no longer worked or had the opponent part missing. More photos old and new haphazardly thrown in another box, along with some duct tape and glue. It was icky, one tube already smearing its contents all over the memories. Levi felt like gagging at the pure sight of it. 

He used his black bandana as a makeshift handkerchief, covering up his nose and mouth, as he moved on through kitchen supplies, folders full of paperwork, where the back was turning yellow and the pen had started to rub off, as he flickered through them with his thumb, before stacking them back in neatly, because all this mess was driving him up the wall.

He usually put everything back in place, just as he had found it, but he doubted mister dumpster even remembered, how he had packed any of these boxes.

Some contained shoes and clothing, with some still zipped into their dry cleaning covering. There was a couple filled with books to the brim, but no maps. He felt like tearing his hair out. 

The remaining two boxes where a multitude of DVDs, different computer programmes, titled back until the 90s even. 

Seriously, no person in their right set of mind would hold onto an old copy of Windows 95! 

Levi kicked the box for good measure, leaving behind a dent in the ageing cardboard. Nothing! 

Still coming up empty handed frustrated him to no end. Where was he hiding this fucking piece of shit crumbling paper? He had to have it!

The wardrobe was stacked with towels and bedsheets, both smelling deeply depressing of mothballs. He skipped the ensuite and moved down to another bedroom, this one clearly used, if the unmade bed was anything to go by.

"Such a slob." He muttered, going through the bedside drawers one by one, finding the usual.

Chargers, tissues, medication, well underwear and socks too. That was odd. At least they seemed washed. 

Levi folded the pair of Calvin Klein boxers back in there neatly, moving on to the left side. His yaw meet the floor, as he pulled open the first drawer, lube, condoms weren't this uncommon, but a multitude of chains and fabric clearly was. "Perverted old bastard." He rolled his eyes, opening the next one, that was full of sextoys, half of them Levi didn't even know what to use them for. 

The pattern continued on through the entire dresser along the wall, which held a multitude of different sized butt plugs, handcuffs, ropes and other shit. "Kinky old pervert, obviously." He murmured. 

He skimmed the wardrobe for any boxes, but found none, so only 2 rooms left and not much time, according to his watch. Levi sighed deeply, this entire mission was suicide. He rather steal a Mona Lisa, at least he wouldn't have to look through hole invested tennis socks no more.

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The sky began to darken when Erwin finally pressed enter, saved the file and decided to call it a day. After he was able to shut out his friends worried comments and managed to focus on his file, the day had been productive as usual. With inspiration finally finding him again, the file basically wrote itself, so fast, that Erwin was half an hour earlier out of the building than usual. 

He considered turning around and going back to his office, when he saw Hanji’s shit eating grin, as they met in the elevator. Although seeing Nile almost choking on his coffee and spluttering half of it over his formerly white shirt, reinforced his decision. 

As he entered the building, he gave the doorman the usual polite sharp nod and proceeded to make his way to the elevator. Standing there waiting, Erwin could have slapped himself for not thinking of it sooner. Swiftly he turned around and made his way back to the man. 

“Excuse me?” he started with a firm voice, standing right in front of the doorman. An ordinary beta, although relatively tall built, but not as tall as Erwin himself, that regarded him with a slightly bored, but polite expression. “Did anything unusual happen here lately?” Erwin began, but since he only received a surprised expression from the other man, he clarified “I mean, did anyone enter or leave the building that is new or unfamiliar?” Not realising he basically undermined the other man’s competence to do his job properly, which was rewarded with an insulted scowl, Erwin waited. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, the doorman thought on it for a while. 

“No, not really.” he finally said. 

Disappointed, Erwin wished the doorman a nice evening and turned away, making his way, yet again, to the elevator. Suddenly he heard the doorman calling after him. 

“Well aside from your maid. He should still be upstairs right now.” 

Erwin halted his steps, frozen. Turning around, he saw the doorman giving him a dirty wink.

“That tiny twink every week. That’s your maid, isn’t it?”

Levi gave the bookshelf a fleeting glance, the boards already bowing under the weight, clearly close to crumble all together, as he stepped out into the hallway, ready to tackle the last two rooms. One turned out to be a personal library, with a baby piano, taking up the middle of the room, along with a set of comfortable looking, but clearly very well aged couches, so the other must be the study he concluded. 

Trying to decide, which one held more potential to store the desired map, he decided to keep looking through the library, getting lost in the load of books, that scattered up to the high ceiling, a well loved throughout collection, with no alphabetical order, any order of theme or just about any fucking order. Thrillers, sci-fi, psychos, life stories, short stories, biographies, everything mixed up together. 

He knocked his head against one of the boards, making his wig slide a little to the left.

"Seriously can't even do something this simple." He hissed, as his finger slipped across the back of books, skimming the titles. There was an old geography book, and something about oceans, but nothing about maps. He took out the geography book, flipping through the pages, completely oblivious, tugging at his wig hair, as a cough alerted his attention.


Oh shit!


He twirled around in lightning speed, making his maid dress fly up, as he put on a fake shocked expression, trying to make his eyes look, as big and innocent as possible.

"What are you doing here!" The blondes voice was deep, but ice cold, as it echoed through the room. He seemed angry, standing there with his arms crossed blocking the doorway. Levi gulped down obnoxiously, the room thick with tension and alpha pheromones.

He put up a frown, purposefully pitching his voice up, before he decided to dive head first into the situation to save his ass. 

"Da?" He exaggeratedly pointed at his flat chest. "Me, is cleaning Mr. Nile's datcha. You not Mr. Nile." He exclaimed in a thick fake russian accent, even managing to play off his overheating cheeks, as a sort of blush, as his fingers knotted the fabric of his costume tightly, actually feeling up the strapped up knife on his thigh, considering when would be the best moment to use it, should he have to. He pretended to tear up really badly, as Erwin kept staring at him.

Could he just buy that facade fucking please. Levi knew Nile was living a few floors down in the same building, it made for a great cover.


When Erwin had entered his apartment, as quietly as possible, he had found the intruder in his library. An omega, as suspected, and a male one at that, as suggested by the doorman. Standing in the doorway, Erwin had been astounded by the omega’s demeanor. So he couldn’t do something simple as sorting books, said the little twink invading his privacy. If this was his biggest worry for now, Erwin would be eager to change that. 

“Mr. Nile doesn’t need another maid. He has Mrs. Nile. She doesn’t like to share, you should have known that. So quit the fake accent and tell me, what you are really doing here!” commanded Erwin in his deep alpha voice, not buying any of the tearing up pity party the omega attempted, to probably safe his ass and escape his fate.

Anger had risen up like bile in his throat and surpassed the brief satisfaction of being right with his assumptions, when he heard the blatant lie of an excuse the omega offered, tearing up on him like he actually believed the alpha to be that foolish. Still Erwin couldn’t help, but take in his features. The omega was as small, as he was skinny, probably from not eating enough, the dress pronouncing his slender waist and the curve of his hips. He wore a wig and Erwin's fingers itched to tear it away, but not yet. His nose was small, a sharp contrast to Erwins own prominent nose and the alpha couldn’t help to find it cute. But the most intriguing part were the omegas eyes. Sparkling with tears and widened in fear, they were a sight to behold, a deep grey, so empty yet full of desperation. Still waiting for an answer, Erwin couldn’t help but wonder, how those mysterious eyes would look like with real tears in them.


Levi was speechless, as Erwin was having none of his excuses. It was hard to keep his face from scowling, as he was called out on his bluff. The fact, that he was using his alpha voice made his skin itch to obey. Totally playing dirty in this regard. Levi wanted to sock him in the face for good measure. But he wasn't giving up just yet, brain going a mile a minute to figure out the shit show he found himself in.

Why couldn't he have just given up on the trinket for once? At least the alpha hadn't called the cops yet. Levi decided to go all out, covering his mouth with his hands, to feign being agast and letting his non existent tears slip down his cheeks, possibly ruining his itchy make up. 

"Me, not lying!" He exclaimed, holding onto his disguise and making himself appear, as small and frightened as possible. If Erwin would step up close enough to give him an opening to make a run for it. Lolita shoes be damned, he could leave them behind cinderella style.

"Mr. Nile saying he pay good money, his wife not know." He whipped at his cheek with one hand, letting his mouth quiver.  "He brought me all way from Russia, said we marry if I'm good job." He fake cried.

If Erwin would order him around once more with his alpha voice, his body might betray him. His legs felt like jello, so he wasn't even faking the shivering, skin pulled tight, sweat beading down his back, from the way his body heated up in response to Erwin's strong scent.

Jesus fuck, he was done for. 

He needed out and he needed to get out fast and as far away from the intimidating alpha as possible. Maybe wait a few weeks, before trying to get the job done again, or really just give up on it entirely. 15 million dollars down the drain was reason enough to actually cry.

He had to save up on single jobs, in case Kenny's house was taken down. He needed a place to stay desperately, just in case. The state could bulldoze the dump of a house any second by now. But most jobs he did were requested, only paying him 1/5 of what it was worth. He couldn't fuck this up now.

Killing Smith was an option, but assassinating people wasn't in his job description. He wasn't Kenny. 

Also it would be way too risky in a camera invested building like this, they possibly had records of him coming and going for weeks by now. Wouldn't take a genius to figure out he wasn't a rental owner, left alone discarding a body from the top floor without meeting anyone or leaving any traces behind, was totally out of the question.

Also killing people was way too dirty, but it reminded him about the cameras he had placed in the rooms so far to spy on Erwin. If the alpha would find any of the devices now, Levi was going to be dead meat. But at least looking at one, would distract the alpha long enough for Levi to haul his ass outside.


“So you accidentally cleaned the wrong apartment, my apartment, for weeks? Nile surely would have noticed that. I highly doubt, he send you to clean my apartment, too. Maybe I should call him?" 

The Omega was obviously lying through his teeth, getting desperate, because he was running out of options. First Erwin considered immediately calling the police, but decided to have a little fun with the little guy in front of him. Although every word out of his mouth was a lie, Erwin could tell, that the goosebumps on his skin and the heated gaze were genuine. Probably a reaction to his strong alpha pheromones. Erwin couldn't hide a knowing smirk. 


Stepping closer, Erwin noticed, that there was no smell on the little omega this time around. Although this helped him keeping a clear mind, he felt a bit disappointed, longing for the sweet smell, he was so sure, that it belonged to the small omega. 


"You don't want me to call Nile. Or anyone else for that matter?" 


The omega fidgeted with his dress, although it seemed that one of his hands slowly made his way to something hidden, probably a knife. The omega must be truly desperate, if he thought he could take on an alpha in his prime, that he barely reached the shoulder of. 


Suddenly hunching forward, taking the omega by surprise, Erwin swiftly aimed for the searching arm, clutching it in the iron grip of his left hand. With his other hand he removed the wig, revealing a messy black undercut. Grabbing the small chin and forcing him to look him straight in the eye - blue meeting grey - Erwin brought their bodies close together, lulling the small omega in with his pheromones. Feeling the others body heat so close to his, towering over the little man, Erwin inquired again, using his alpha voice


"So why don't you tell me now, what you are truly doing in my apartment?"

Levi hissed at him, a feral response coded into his omega brain, from centuries long passed. Erwin wasn't openly threatening him, but his grip was tight enough to surely leave bruises and the pheromones in the air made him dizzy, ten seconds short of just letting his eyes roll back into his skull. The chances of Erwin possibly letting go, if he faked to faint, were slim at best. It wouldn't help his case, should he actually lose consciousness in the presence of the strong and clearly mad alpha. No matter what his shaking body tried to do, to convince his brain to leave the situation at hand by doing just that. Danger be damned.

He tried twisting away, but the blonde stood firm, voice authoritative in it's own carnal way, if anything, it just brought their bodies closer together.

Of  course he didn't want him to call fucking Nile. He didn't want him to call anyone! He couldn't afford to leave town head over heels like a stray dog, in order to escape the authorities long fingers.

He really should have stayed in France.

Levi smirked, feeling the need to protect himself in a last ditch effort, by showing off free will in the most degrading way to an alpha. He actually spat into Erwin's face, who looked at him flabbergasted for mere seconds.

"Fuck you!" He sure as hell might have signed his own death certificate by now. "Maybe I was here, because I thought you were hot. Well newsflash grandpa: I rather take two strangers double knots, instead of your defleating device!" Levi snarled, still struggling, to at least free his face from the firm pressure of the blondes grip. The alphas hand was way too close to his neck and airway for comfort.


So now the omega started to show his true colors. Surprised he took in the exasperated look of the omega. With no hands free, the spit started to cool down stickily on his cheek, some of it even drying on his eyelashes and brows. They stared at each other speechless for a moment. It wasn’t his usual style, but the feisty little creature left him no choice. With clear disgust written on his face, Erwin yanked the omega down and threw him on the ground with no mercy. Immediately he followed him down, pressing the smaller frame head first to the ground, pinning him down with a firm hold on his neck and regaining his hold of the right wrist. The left hand of the omega was squished under the combined weight of their bodies. The omega reinforced his struggles, trying to get up, but failing pitifully, at hauling the far heavier alpha off of his slender frame.

“Are you sure about that?" Leaning down, Erwin whispered in the omega’s ear, feeling a shiver running through the body underneath him “Your body certainly responds to me quite nicely. Still you were not here to seduce me, if you were, you wouldn’t have tried to hide your smell.” 

Erwin wiped his cheek clean on the omegas back und started nosing at his neck, still finding no smell. The omegas neck felt fragile and looked ridiculously small, encompassed by his big hand. Seeing this weakness Erwin shifted his bodyweight and strengthened his grip on the neck, face still close to the omega. The room was silent, aside from little winces and the alphas heavy breathing down the small neck. 

Suddenly biting down on his ear, enjoying the omegas choked out sob, Erwin growled. 

“This is the last time I will ask this nicely. So I recommend an actual answer unless you want me to call the police and tell them all about it, how you snooped around in my apartment and spied on me for weeks."


"For.. weeks?" Levi stuttered out through his raging breath, even managing to snort, despite fear clouding his mind. He was fucked and he knew it, but hell could freeze over, before he let the big blonde just use his body. That was not the way he was supposed to go down. 

"Been here like 2 times. You... not that inter... interesting." Levi winced. The firm grip on his neck basically rendered him useless, he couldn't move much anyway, with that fucking fatass taking up residence on his back and things, he was almost drowning under the giant alpha.

Fuck those feral instincts, that's exactly the reason, why he rather suffered through heat alone.

Alpha's were not capable of love, they only knew how to use and abuse, how to take, but not give. Erwin biting his ear, had his brain in a frenzy, he could hardly think straight between his brain misfiring on all ends and the pain his neck was in. Fingers digging into his scent glands, still hidden under the scarf. If the alpha was going to keep this up for much longer, he might start bleeding through the prestige white linen fabric, ruining it for eternity. Getting blood out was already bothersome, but trying to scrub out blood, mixed with scent oils was impossible. 

For the first time Levi actually wanted to cry. He couldn't even answer in between forcing air into his lungs and panicking over the fate of this simple piece of garment.

He never really relied on material things, they were easily replaceable, but this one was not. If Erwin ruined it, he would probably lose the rest of his sanity and die, or kill him, or die trying to actually kill the alpha.

The scenario was overwhelming, his ears were ringing, his head hurt and even though he didn't believe in god, he wanted something to happen. Anything would do, as long as it would distract the alpha long enough to let him flee.

Didn't that guy have friends, who would call or show up unannounced, or some shit like that.

He was semi aware, that Erwin was babbling something, but he couldn't understand a single word, despite his best efforts. 


"Always told you, you would fuck with the wrong alpha, boy!" He could hear Kenny snarling from the depths of his internal terror. It should possibly spur him into action, but fighting wasn't really possible and fleeing wasn't an option either, so for the first time, Levi actually prayed to just pass the fuck out.

He couldn't handle this any longer.

Should the idiot call the cops, he will just feed them lies and convince them, that blondie had tried to assault him.

Levi wasn't even aware anymore, that he was indeed full on sobbing and hyperventilating.


“I never assumed you were here for me. And yet no sufficient answer.” Erwin snarled, losing his patience. Still receiving no response, Erwin noticed, that the shivering of the body beneath him intensified. Breathing rapidly, the little omega renewed its struggle, whining in distress, twisting his neck and choking desperately on air, as if he was actually suffocating. In this moment Erwin realized, that he had been pushing his full body weight on the little creature underneath him, especially the neck and lower back, where the other hand was held. Surrounded by alpha musk, face pressed in the floor, the omega wasn’t able to properly breathe, held down like a bitch for the taking. 

Horrified of himself and his lack of control in the heat of the moment, Erwin straightened up and loosened his grip on the omega. Careful he moved to the side and moved the panicking omega with him. Now spooning the smaller male, Erwin put his arms around the shivering omega und pulled him in a firm, but secure hug like an alpha would do, to calm down his suffering mate. Letting his gaze wander down the omega’s body, Erwin was relieved, that there was no blood on him. Although he could see sharp red finger prints on the little wrist of the hand, that weakly clawed at his arms, but not really pushing him away. So Erwin decided to stay still for a moment, only crooning and hushing quietly, trying to calm the omega down.

After moments of silence and rendering his mind for anything useful, that might improve their situation, he started sounding as neutral as the situation allowed "I am Erwin, but I am sure you already knew that. Still it is polite to introduce yourself. Maybe you could start with your name. I don't want to think of you just as that 'tiny rude omega' "


The moment the hand stopped pressing down on his neck,, Levi was able to actually breathe for a second, even if still struggling to find a normal rhythm. Exhaustion was gnawing deep at his bones and he felt too weak to actually make a run for it. His brain too occupied to fully register, what was going on around him. The crooning helped calm him down somewhat, but he wouldn't trust Erwin, for as far as he could spit. Maybe this was just another puzzle piece to the sick game he was playing by, sweet talking him into a confession of his sins.

Levi had been stabbed in the back and betrayed so often, he didn't trust anyone for shit. Alpha's especially, were the worst on the list, but he couldn't deny, that his secondary gender responded to the signals the alpha put out. Even if he would rather just drop dead, instincts couldn't be controlled. 

The moment Erwin made room for him, felt like a vice had been taken off his chest, making it easier to breathe. His neck was still stinging like a bitch and he tried to reach for it, wanting to check for injuries, but Erwin was still holding onto his arms and he just couldn't help it. He was afraid the tranquil moment would shatter into a million pieces should he move too much. A low painful whine kept echoing in his ear, probably coming out of his own mouth too. 

He wanted to lick his wounds in peace, but the only comfort he had so far was enough room to curl up around his legs. He could try kicking out, but there was no power left in his overheated body. The main task on his memory board limited to keep himself out of any harms way. The angry spike of alpha musk was still stinking up the room, a mix of chilly and black pepper, at least what it smelled like to the omega, despite Erwin trying to appear less threatening.

He was awake enough to realize, that Erwin had asked him a question and he felt like he needed to answer it honestly, even if it would dig his own grave, just to keep the alpha relaxed. He detested every second of his shaky voice filling the room. 

"Le... Levi." He muttered, still keeping his eyes closed tightly, refusing to look at his own humiliation, left alone at the face Erwin was making in response. 

The room was too hot, he just wanted to sleep, didn't even put up a fight anymore against the hold and embrace. He was all tired out, never having gone head to head with an alpha before. Usually he was a master of being invisible. 

Omega's were so rare, but still treated like trash. You shouldn't be looking at trash. Trash was not important, so blending in seamlessly was the best he could do. 

But now, in front of this huge blonde alpha, he was stripped of all the grey colours he had been hiding behind, stripped of all the safety barriers. It wasn't save at all to fall asleep, but a small yawn made him cringe and bury his head, as close to his chest as he dared. He didn't know, that he was barring his neck in the process, just making himself more vulnerable. 

It was a sweet delirious state of semi consciousness, keeping his head fogged up. 

It could be the first stages of his heat hitting him after struggling so hard, but Levi had no brain capacity left to worry about it.

A part of him, too tired to give a fuck what happened to his body, the other half lured into a sense of wanna be security. He tried to reach for his hurting neck again, but couldn't even lift a finger. So he remained curled up in the alpha's space helplessly, absentmindedly waiting for what would happen.


The little omega- ‘Levi’ his mind corrected him – finally calmed down, absolutely burned out and tired according to the tiny yawn, Levi tried to hide. 

“Thank you, Levi.” Erwin breathed quietly, not wanting to disrupt the sleepy state the omega was in. He seemed a lot more compliant now, probably due to his exhausted state. Every now and then the omega would shift a little, Erwin shifting with him, bringing them closer together holding him tight. 

It had occurred to Erwin from the beginning, that Levi was probably looking for his treasures, only wanting his wealth and would try running off, living happily ever after, escaping a life in poverty. Regarding his desperation and stoic attitude, the omega was most likely alone on this world, betrayed by many – 'alphas' it occurred to Erwin - and had nobody else to count on. ‘Does he even have a home?’ Questions over questions and Levi didn’t provide many answers, yet. Although Erwin was sure, the omega didn’t lie about his name. Levi, what a strange name. Kind of cute though, and it fitted the little man in his arms. Erwin couldn’t deny, that he was intrigued by Levi. Genuinely wanting to know more about him, the alpha prepared to ask him about his background.

But then the omega moved his head a little. Staring down at the now bared neck right in front of him, Erwin barely suppressed a growl, at the display of submission. He could get a glimpse of creamy white skin and his fingers itched to pull away the disturbing scarf,, so he could see all of it. From the short hairs of his undercut, down to the small curve marking the transition from neck to shoulder. Eyes fixating on the point, where the alpha would smell and inhale the omega’s scent to find the ideal spot for the marking bite during mating, just to finally bite down and bond them together, in the exact moment the alphas knot would inflate, locking him inside the omega. 

Erwins heart rate sped up at the implications of an omega baring his neck in such a close proximity to an alpha, showing this much vulnerability, basically inviting him to mate. Although knowing that the move had either been unintentional or one of desperation, excitement filled the alphas body. He tried to keep his scent in check to avoid startling Levi, who was still breathing quietly in his arms.

‘Maybe he is asleep?’ Erwin thought to himself, still eyeing the skin disappearing beneath the scarf. Slowly – driven by curiosity and instinct – Erwin lifted one arm slightly, his hand wandering up the omega’s side, until his fingers reached the scarf, carefully tugging it down a little more. Revealing more skin, Erwin held his breath, licking his lips and fighting the urge to wash, or even lick away the scent canceller. If he would finally be able to smell the omega, how ripe he must smell so close to his heat. The alpha gritted his teeth to hold in another growl. Fighting his instincts and trying not to lose himself in the primal part of his secondary gender, Erwin did not realise that Levi next to him had gone completely still.


Even though the omega rested in a state of barely conscious at all, his instincts were still on high alert. The moment the scarf slipped down, even if just for an inch, made lightning bolts pop up in Levi's dark vision, sending a pain signal so potent to his tired brain, that he would have jolted upright, the second the fabric rubbed over his raw scent glands. With little energy left, he didn't even twitch, but his brain locked up all his muscles, keeping him still, in preparation of what would be an ideal setting for a bonding mark or scent marking. 

Neither was something Levi actually wanted, but his secondary gender simply overruled all morals, activating the false reaction anyway. As if the prey would stay alive, by pretending to be already dead in the eyes of the predator. The reality was, it would get eaten either way, the rest was just wishful thinking, to make you believe, that you had an option left, when fate had already signed your records.

Levi didn't want to mate, didn't want to rely on anyone for anything, but all he could do was stay locked up helplessly in close proximity to Erwin's burning gaze, devouring every inch of his body with his eyes alone.

He was too exhausted to panic again, finding a small comfort in the fact, that his ruined scent glands would keep Erwin from placing a lasting bite.

At least, if he was a halfway decent and well behaved alpha, he would refrain from hurting him more, than he already was hurting.

For all the fucks Levi didn't give, he hoped the scent canceling soup would have fucked up his neck so badly by any chance, that it would scar, which would render him a useless mate. You weren't supposed to apply it on injuries, but the mission had been so important to him, that the easiest way to seduce an alpha like Erwin, never crossed his mind. 

Simply dating the guy, play happy fucking family for a while, take what he wanted and get the fuck out. 

The potential of being controlled and having to report back about his every whim and whereabout to an alpha no less, had been enough to cross whoring right off the list.

The risk of getting attached, that anything would be able to break up his sad loneliness, too much to bare. 

He could feel Erwin sniffing at his neck, his breath ghosting over his overheated skin like an ice cold breeze, but the relief was short lived, in comparison to his seized up cramping muscles.

Levi whimpered involuntarily, trying to roll away with the last ounce of energy he could muster.

An alpha finding hurt or damaged scent glands on an omega could be the lead to any kind of disaster. Levi didn't want Erwin to find out, that bear of a man had the potential to crush his bones into dust, if he lost his marbles.

Of course Erwin wasn't so easily fooled, moving closer again, hypnotized by Levi's involuntarily presented neck.

The omega wanted to tell him no, to back off, maybe give him a soft blanket to roll up in, but any words that might have come to mind, got stuck on the tip of his tongue, inaudible.

The longer Erwin spent hovering over his neck, the more anxious Levi's frazzled nerves got.

The ringing of a phone finally breaking the spell, even if only temporarily. Levi's scattered attention could make sense of it, but it was an overwhelming feeling, to feel his limbs unlock, as the alphas gaze looked away for a moment.


Nuzzling the omegas neck, Erwins was an alpha on a mission, searching for the slightest swell beneath the milky skin, indicating the presence of scent glands. Every omega was different and the location could vary a bit depending on the individual. Feeling he was close to his destination, the alpha licked his lips in preparation to remove the offending scent canceller. The sudden ring of a phone threw Erwin out of his mindless haze, looking up to the phone, the alpha just barely noticed the beginning of a swell at the omegas neck, looking angry red – unusually so as if badly infected. When the phone rang another time, Erwin shuffled to get up.

“Stay right where you are!” commanded Erwin subconsciously in his stern alpha voice, his primal side annoyed that he had to get away from a potential mate. Making his way to the still ringing phone – ‘persistent’ Erwin thought ‘it must be urgent’ – Erwin looked back at the shivering omega on the ground. 

This was the perfect opportunity for the little omega – Levi – Erwin corrected himself, his mind becoming clearer and more focused again with every step away from the other. Half expecting Levi to suddenly find strength again and making a run for it, Erwin was surprised to find the omega still laying on the ground. With a sigh he reached for the phone.

“Smith speaking.” he said in his usual neutral, but not unfriendly tone, he always used while answering his phone. Professional enough for work, not too unfriendly for private business.

“Heeeeey eyebrows, what took you so long, did I interrupt something?” a cheery voice attacked Erwins ear and he had to hold the phone away for a bit, before attempting to answer. Hanji. Of course. His eyes wandering to Levi on the ground. It would have been satisfying to rub it in his friends face, that he had been right all along, but considering his own behavior, Erwin decided to save that for later – possibly never – too ashamed of his lack of control.

“Indeed you did. I was finally trying to get some rest.” Erwin lied through his teeth instead “That’s not why you called, so what’s the matter, Hanji, I would like to get some sleep this night, we have an important meeting tomorrow.”

“Well, actually… about the meeting. I texted you multiple times, but you didn’t respond or even read my messages and I decided to tell you in person and save you from wasting your oh so precious time. Pixis called in sick, probably diarrhea or something, anyway. We can’t do the meeting without him. So they postponed it until next Monday. Since the meeting should have been all day, we have the day off, isn’t that amazing! Congratulations to your long weekend. And now back to bed – please don’t just sleep on the couch again – I couldn’t live with myself if your eyebrows would die out, because you haven’t had enough of your beauty sleep. Good night!” 

Erwin was barely to wish them a good night as well, seeing as Hanji had already hung up, probably on their way to annoy the hell out of Moblit, with whom they shared an apartment.

When the alpha turned around, his eyes fell to the small man still laying on the floor, now crouched in a fetal position, hands clutched protectively over his neck, as if he was afraid, that the alpha would come back and pounce on him, the minute he finished the phone call. He must have used his alpha voice on him again, it occurred to Erwin. Carefully he kept his distance from the omega, watching him from afar. Still no movement aside from shivering. Was he still afraid? Or was he getting cold? 

Not knowing, if it was a good idea, but guided by the urge to protect a hurt omega, he got the throw from the couch. Stealing his resolve and checking his self-control, Erwin slowly approached Levi - who immediately let out a distressed whine – and gently put the soft beige material over the small body, covering him completely.

“The floor must be uncomfortable. I carry you to the couch, so you can rest.” Erwin informed the omega, to not frighten him more than necessary. Slowly he wrapped the throw around the delicate body, before scooping him up and carrying him to the living room. After eyeing the exposed scent gland, still reddened and looking weird – he hasn’t seen anything like this before – Erwin made sure to keep his gaze locked on his surroundings. ‘Was that me? Did I really push down this heavily on his neck?’ it crossed his mind and the alpha felt a pang of horror. ‘No, there was no blood, it looked like it has been open before, maybe infected.” he thought to himself, wondering what the hell happened to the omega in his life. Putting the omega down on the couch, Erwin took a seat next to him.

“You just missed the perfect opportunity to escape.” Erwin remarked dryly, patting Levi, who was wrapped up in the throw, like an angry, exhausted sushi roll, barely holding his eyes open.

Chapter Text

Levi blearily registered, that indeed he had missed his chance. But the blanket was actually way too nice to roll up in, safely away from prying hands or lips, after Erwin's alpha voice had yet again, scared the shit out of his already toasted brain. He didn't even mind the alpha sitting close by and petting his hair, it actually helped him drift off into sleep and felt kind of nice to be cared about for once. Rough fingertips tickling his scalp. 

He wouldn't have to worry about anything, if this turned out to be a stupid nightmare, a way too realistic one at that, but not necessarily, that different to the usual demons, that haunted his sleep deprived brain, whenever he actually got some shut eye.

He buried his nose in the thick material, filled to the brim with Erwin's scent, that wasn't hostile or angry, but more like a big cloud with a combination of pine trees and old books, whispering stories about centuries long passed and relaxed evenings with a glass of red wine. 

He would deal with the situation after his nap. He hadn't had something decent to sleep on in ages, even if the couch was probably not the comfiest place in the entire condo, it was already heaven to him.

He just prayed he wouldn't wake up bonded, even if a corner of his brain actually would have enjoyed this thought, if even just a little. 

He was used to fleeting thoughts like this, especially in heat he could end up functioning on pure instinct alone, but he tried not to linger on it.

It was normal for omegas to seek out their mate, to want pups, to want to be breed and knotted for hours, when the sex crazed part of their consciousness was taking the wheel.

But thoughts didn't have to equal actions.

He wouldn't make for a good housewife, he was terrible with kids of all ages. He never had finished high school or went to university. The only degree he had to hold up, was that one of a thief, not even police had caught. 

He had been living in the shadows for all of his young 28 years, barely had a grant to his name and even the little money he called his own, wasn't freely available at all times. 

Thanks to a certain Nile Dawk, who had fucked him over and kept his small savings on lock down, in some unknown account overseas. Too bad there wasn't anything worth while to steal from the bastard. But if Levi ever wanted to kill a person, just for the joy of actually killing them and riding the world of a problem at the same time, he so would have gone after Nile.

The only good thing, that came out of stalking Dawk had been discovering Erwin and his precious map. 

Levi's sleep was a little restless, since his body temperature kept rising, rolled up inside his blanket burrito. Low mewls and pants making him roll around and tangled his limbs up even more. 

When Levi woke up again, for what felt like less than 30 minutes later, he found himself on his back, Erwin's face hovering over him with intense blue eyes and one hand resting on his damp cheek, as if he hadn't left his side for even a second. 

It took him awhile to realize where he was, who was with him and why he even was in this position in the first place. His mind felt all foggy and confused, so the first thing out of his mouth was a desperate whine of: "Alpha!" which in turn lit up the ocean eyes, looking down on him. Levi wanted to reach out, felt the need to be close, but his arms and the rest of his body felt too heavy to move, chained down by the beige fabric of the throw he was tangled up in.


Levi had barely fallen asleep next to him when he started shifting and struggling beneath the thick material of the throw, apparently having a nightmare. Erwin shuffled away for a moment, seeing if it was his presence, that disrupted the omegas sleep. Instead he heart panicked whining, so Erwin got closer again, looming over the other to check up on him. Panting and mumbling the smaller male seemed to overheat under the throw. Almost feverish, he muttered words and names incoherently. Erwin had to get closer, climbing on top of the omega, careful not to crush him again, to actually understand what Levi was saying. “Nile” over and over again, interrupted by “why” and occasionally an unfamiliar name “Kenny”.

Hearing the name whimpered in deep hurt, as if the other actually betrayed his trust, took Erwin by surprise. He had to investigate, if his former friend really was as clean cut of an exemplary alpha, like he wanted everyone to believe. And first of all how did Levi even know Nile? Little tears, this time honest tears – Erwin was sure of it – escaped the dark lashes, running down rosy cheeks. Instinctively Erwin lifted his hand to catch the tears, stroking them away gently, crooning to calm the omega in his sleep. Apparently this had the opposite effect, since the omega was starting to wake up, blinking his eyes, seeming completely disoriented.  What came next took Erwin by complete surprise. A desperate cry for an alpha – him to be precise – was the last thing he expected. Seeing the little omega – he doubted, that there was much of the actual Levi left - trying to reach out for him so pitifully, his inner alpha howled at him to take, claim and mate. Pulling himself together Erwin stared down at the grey eyes, shining desperate with longing, looking almost feverish and hungry.

“Alpha please, I’ll be good. Please let me be good for you.” the omega whimpered, getting consumed by the beginning of his heat. Erwin felt his chest tighten at the exclamation, longing to succumb to his desires. First kissing away the tears, then leaning down to brush his lips down the jawline of the omega - imagining to plant little kisses down his neck, sucking purple marks and breaking his skin - the alpha hesitated. Looking down at the omega, arms and legs still caging the smaller, his eyes fixated on the small neck, boring into the hint of a red swell peeking out. Erwin growled in disapproval, wanting to finally smell the sweet scent again.


Levi's eyes widened at the low primal growl, clawing its way out of the depth of Erwin's chest, laced with thick disapproval. He wanted to be good, he might have even said something like that, trying to appeal to the strong alpha above. 

But it obviously wasn't the right thing to say, he didn't even want to be claimed, his muddled head couldn't make sense and decided to take a seat on the sidelines, giving up on his meek attempts to reason with his instincts, as he let his inner omega run wild, with the implications.

Erwin didn't like him like that, he was simply just holding him captive, caged in by his big frame, to keep him from escaping his fate. He didn't deserve to be knotted by someone so pure and soil him with his own ill implications. 

While his omega struggled to press closer to Erwin's body, he tried to hide his neck against the big chest, appearing to want to push Erwin away, who took a step back, to make room for him. 

Levi was too much driven by his impending heat to be rational. Erwin stepping back was like a slap to his face, making him curl up again in rejection and putting his hands over his neck, to keep his scent from penetrating the room.

He shouldn't be going into heat now, wasn't due for another 7 days, but his body most certainly had other plans. 

"No!" he whined breathlessly, as the first cramps made him flinch and curl up tighter. He didn't know what to do. He didn't even bring his benzo pen loaded with suppressants, he had stolen in the pharmacy the last week, to help starve of the heat for a few hours. 

He tried to roll off the couch, still huddled up in the throw, afraid to get the couch dirty with his impending doom. 

His ass already felt wet underneath the ridiculous dress, he was still wearing and Erwin just growled at him something fierce, strong hand trying to grab for him.

Levi tried to block him off, squirming in place to avoid him. 

It didn't make sense, why Erwin would want to touch him. He wasn't good enough for an alpha this strong. An alpha, he had pissed off an hour earlier on top of all that.

He kept chanting "No." Not sure if the words actually made it past his lips, not even sure, if he meant Erwin to stay away, or his own head to shut the fuck up. The heat was burning his synapses, boiling his blood and making him sweat. Everything felt kind of shaky and muddled, except for the alpha's angry scent spiking around him.

He sure was mad about the mess Levi was making and being at the same time.


Anger flooded him as the omega put his hands over his neck, protecting his scent glands and struggled to get away. 

"No, no, no, no!" the little man chanted frantically, trying to roll of the couch. Captured in the throw he didn't come far. 

'So his omega dared to deny him!' his inner alpha snarled. 

As Levi  tried to roll of the couch, Erwin had nothing of it and caught the smaller man by the waist, ripped away the throw and tossed it on the ground carelessly, before bringing their bodies close together again. Fueled with anger at the denial and the need to assert his dominance over the little omega.

"You dare tell me no, denying yourself?"

 Pressing himself firmly against the omegas backside. 

The ripe smell of slick seeping through the material of the underwear, had the alphas cock painfully hard in the confines of his trousers and throbbing with need.

"No, no, no!" the chanting continued. "Not good enough for alpha." the omega cried.

Holding the struggling omega down, Erwin tore away the scarf, revealing an angry red scent gland, fucked up with chemicals. Suddenly very angry, that the omega had done this to himself - intentionally or not- he started to nose around the gland again, growling, as he still found no smell. Instinctively Erwin started licking long stripes along the omegas neck, tongue tasting bitter, due to the remains of scent canceller. Finally getting a whiff of the sweet scent, the alpha so longed for, he intensified his efforts to remove the offending chemical. With every layer of alpha spit, the furious red tone lessened, healing the formerly damaged glands. 


Content with his work, the alpha growled approvingly, eying the now healthy swell of the omegas neck.

"Alpha?" Levi whimpered, feeling that something must have changed. 


"You are mine. Don't you dare deny me!" snarled the alpha, as his fingers wandered to remove the dress.


Levi was thrown for a loop, as Erwin's behaviour changed all of a sudden. The feeling of the alpha's warm tongue lapping at his scent gland, was making him hard as nails within minutes, taking away the stinging pain with every swipe. The feeling, leaving Levi dizzy with need, so much so, that he didn't even worry about his scarf. 

He had never been with an alpha during his heat, too scared to get knotted and end up pregnant. Just the pure imagination of the size of an alpha's knot made fear fueled sweat break out all over his skin. There was no way something this big would fit into him.

Sure Erwin was simply intoxicated by his pheromones driving him nuts, there was no way he actually wanted to mate with someone like Levi. A lower class, uneducated omega, living in a dump of a house, robbing people for a living.

Levi tried to squirm away from the broad chest, pressing into his shoulder blades and searching hands, until the asshole used his alpha voice on him.

His knees knocked together, as his body responded to the command, freezing up into place, allowing Erwin free reign.

Humiliation settled deep into his gut, as his body betrayed him, he couldn't help it but felt scared.

A mewl tore from his throat, as Erwin slipped the top of the dress down, bunching the rest up around his waist, to deal with later.

"Mine!" The hiss was like gasoline to his overheating body, making Levi gush slick into his underwear at an alarming rate.

"Nah... yours." He tried to deny the strong alpha, yet again, which in turn only made Erwin angrier. His grip intensiving, surely leaving bruises behind. Even if every movement, not approved by the alpha at his back, pained him, Levi tried fruitlessly to move away and scratch the alpha's arm, or just about anything would do right now. The bulge rubbing against his backside making him pant for air.

He didn't want Erwin to take him.

Yet, his inner omega was purring at the fact to finally get fucked and claimed within an inch of his life, almost begging for it. 

"Alpha, please!" Levi tried to appeal to him. "Please, please, please!"


The alpha pressed his loins against the omegas backside, hard cock pressed against the perfect little ass, rutting directly over the hole, only covered with white underwear turning transparent soaked with slick. If his mind would have been any clearer, Erwin might have even appreciated the cute little ribbons at the hem of the innocent appearing garment. Instead his mind was clouded with rage and lust. The omega was still denying him, trying to get away. Having enough of his struggles, he reached for Levi’s wrists pinning them above his head. Said head flew up. Looking at his captured wrists, the omega whined and wiggled to get away, not realizing that he effectively rubbed his little ass against the alpha, earning a deep groan. Then Erwin captured both of the comparable tiny appearing wrists in one hand, so he could use his other hand to further molest the omega. 

It started with stroking the omegas cheek, suddenly grabbing his chin and wandering down his throat, pressing down slightly on his windpipe as a warning, before wandering down ever lower, finding one of the perky small rose buds. The alpha played with it for a while, stroking around it softly, occasionally pinching it, before stroking it again, until the soft bud hardened to a stiff peak, enjoying the omega’s reactions. Levi’s mewling and soft gasps like music to his ears. Then the hand slid slowly to the omegas flat stomach. Fingers spread over the omegas abdomen, Erwin pulled the omegas lower half up, while he pushed the upper half down with his other hand now firmly placed on the upper back, forcing the omega in the position to present like a bitch with his hips kant upwards, bowing his back. 

“Submit to me!” he growled, lifting his body up a bit, to stare down at the omega. Levi turned his head, trying to look up to the commanding alpha above him. Grey eyes burning with defiance and fever, need and shame. Finally bowing his head, watching away, fingers clutching air, Levi stayed still aside from small shivers running through him.

“Alpha please.” he cried, barely audible, but loud enough for the taller male towering over him to hear. 

That scared tone, made the alpha inside Erwin howl at him to finally take him, rip away the rest of the offending dress, pull down his underwear and finally push inside the warm welcoming heat. Blue eyes falling to the soaked underwear, he could even see the outlines of the tiny hole, steadily leaking slick and clenching around air. The urge to press him down again and just take him, became overwhelming, his instinct wanting him to mate and knot the pretty little thing beneath him, breeding him and filling him up. 

Erwin’s breathing picked up again, pupils blown wide, as his gaze followed a whole drop seeping out of the hole, wetting the damp material even further. With one final push of his hand against his stomach, he made sure that the omega was in place, fingers barely grazing the omegas little cock – the alpha’s voice rumbled in content, as he felt the omegas obvious enjoyment hard against his fingertips, a feeling of success and power soaring through him. Then his hand wandered again, hindered slightly by the ruffled material of the dress. Erwin made the mental note to finally discard the omega of his clothing soon. Reaching their destination, his fingers brushed over the slick soaked material of the underwear, he could feel the wetness on his fingers driving him insane. The sheer amount of slick went straight to his own arousal, overwhelming him. Erwin had never had the pleasure to take an omega in heat – since they were rare and mating in heat implied a bond of deep trust – or an arranged marriage – so the alpha usually stuck to betas, or even one time an omega outside of her heat, never leading to a mating bond or even serious dating. 

“Mine!” he growled again, fingers reaching for the hem of the underwear, well on his way to pull it down.


The moment Erwin rendered his hands immobile, Levi felt a part of himself shattering like a porcelain bowl hitting hardwood flooring. He had no option, but to admit defeat and submit to the alpha towering over him. The once fascinating blue eyes, were now blown wide with lust, that only a string of ocean blue remained. 

His heat overriding his personal need for safety, openly presenting himself to the alpha to take. Erwin's hands felt heavy on his small frame, like a punishing weight keeping him locked in place. 

His eyes watered further in shame, as the alpha tore his underwear in half and roughly exposed the rest of his body, by ripping the dress down his legs, to discard somewhere on the floor, leaving Levi completely bare.

He could feel the small draft from the AC licking at his overheating flesh and all but keened, at the wide hand grazing his cock in passing, as Erwin took hold of his cheeks, fingers digging into the remaining muscle to spread him open.

The blonde head dipping down in front of him, had him gasping. Even though he could have used his hands to push the alpha away, all fight had left his exhausted body, so he surrendered to his fate.

He kept his hands up on the throw pillow, as the alpha took a dive down his middle, sending his brain into a frenzy, at the sensations of of a prodding hot tongue lapping at his skinny thighs, nosing higher up to his dripping hole for a taste.

Levi couldn't help, but shout at the overwhelming need to feel the alpha entering his body, to take care of the raging heat boiling in his guts and veins. To starve off the sharp cramps in his tummy, that blinded him from any other sensations.

All he could feel was the alpha around him, tending to him, his pheromones and rough scratchy voice demanding all of the little attention, Levi had left to give.

His body kept shaking under Erwin's firm hands, exploring every crease and cranny of his body in lazy intervals, before returning to spread him even wider and open. The strong shoulders taking up residence between his spread legs, pressed up tightly to his protruding rib cage, almost bending him in half in the process.

Erwin was by no means a pro at eating out ass, but the omega quivered under the onslaught of feelings, keening and mewling and gasping in turns. He needed more, his body craving to be filled, gushing more slick in order to get the alpha to move on.

Levi was hardly conscious enough to notice, all strung up high in the shocks of pleasure igniting his body. In the back of his mind he was still scared and anxious, afraid to be knotted, but his desire to be filled and fucked thoroughly, was taking the wheel by now.

"Alpha!" Levi all but warbled, unable to voice what he needed, as Erwin easily manhandled him to turn around, still spread out like a buffet, but with his back to the alpha, his hands were pressed back up for emphasizes to hold them there, his knees, the only thing actually keeping the quivering form up.


The sweet tangy taste of slick engulfed Erwins tongue, as he licked around the little entrance, tongue delving inside every now and then. More and more slick leaked out, the arousal of the omega going straight to his groin, throbbing with need. 

Starting to overheat, the alpha realized he was still fully clothed, the material of his suit sticking uncomfortably against his sweaty skin underneath. So he stopped his ministrations, giving the omega a short break, while discarding his own clothing in a hurry, filled with the burning desire to feel the omega’s skin against his own. Not bothered at all by the intense gaze Levi threw over his shoulder, following his every movement, from the broad chest, down to the toned stomach, until finally resting on the impressive hard manhood nestled beneath golden curls. Seeing the clouded grey eyes widen, Erwin couldn’t hide a small smirk. The alpha made sure the omega was watching him closely, as he took his cock in his large hand and stroked it twice – slowly, looking Levi directly in the eye – before leaning forward again.

 Hovering over the smaller frame, he pressed wet kisses on the pale skin, starting on his backside and trailing upwards the spine, only interrupted by little licks and gentle bites, teeth grazing the skin, teasing the omega. Supported on his left arm next to Levi’s shoulder, caging him in between himself and the back of the couch, Erwin let his right hand wander, caressing the right thigh gently before wandering higher back to the neglected little hole.


Slick has accumulated around it, glistening invitingly and the alpha had to gather the last bit of his shattered self-control, to not indulge in eating him out further more. Instead his finger circled the puckered hole, gathering some slick and then pushed in surprisingly gentle, as if in awe at the wetness coating his finger. Going slow, the alpha indulged in the feeling of the warm wet walls surrounding his finger. He breathed heavily against the omega’s ear, almost panting, as he imagined pushing inside the tight hole, impaling the tiny omega on his massive cock and finally stretching him wide open. 

Amazed by the clenching heat around him - adding a second finger and watching Levi’s reactions closely – Erwin couldn’t yet fathom, how his knot was supposed to fit inside, since he was big even for an alpha, but his little pang of worry was quickly drowned out by needy whimpers.

 As Erwin scissored his fingers and the omega rutted back against him desperately, keening loudly, begging to be filled with more, he couldn’t take it anymore. Pulling out his two digits completely and gathering as much slick as possible, the alpha used the natural wetness to coat his cock. Then he used his hand to guide himself to the empty hole, his tip teasing along the crack, before catching on the rim. Overwhelmed with anticipation to finally claim his mate and make the omega feel for days, to whom he belonged, filling him with his cum and breeding him up, a hungry growl left the alpha. Without any further warning he thrust in completely in one swift motion – hard – a blood curdling scream echoing through the room.


All the air left the omega's lungs in a rush, as the blonde giant speared him wide open on his thick cock, without mercy. Erwin's fingers had actually eased his discomfort, fitting snugly in his desperate hole, making him rut up against the provided hand. Two had been a tight fit, but pleasure had still kindled Levi's burning flame of heat, but now it felt more like someone was ripping his insides in half. 

Levi's feet kicked out blindly, without finding purchase, his entire body seizing at the harsh intrusion, throat raw from screeching. He couldn't comprehend, how this was supposed to be pleasurable. It surely would break his bones.

Erwin remained still, fully fit in to the hill, while the omega's hole clenched desperately around his girth, trying to accommodate. Levi blindly threw his hands up, colliding with the alpha's sturdy broad chest, nails digging in and leaving red stinging scratches behind, as the pain raged through his insides, while his inner omega kept whimpering seducingly, feet locking around the alpha's pelvis, squeezing his small thighs in an attempt to keep him from moving.

But Erwin's patience was already a thin thread, a growl bouncing off the living room walls, as he snapped his hips back, almost pulling all the way out, before diving right back inside with a sharp thrust. Levi's keen stuttering out of his torn throat on a gush of air. 

The omega kept shaking his head, involuntarily spurring the alpha on, but his tangled up thoughts wouldn't clear and allow a minute of realisation, instead he found himself still begging, hands trying to push blindly behind himself, to push the alpha away, legs drawing him in further. It didn't make sense, he couldn't understand. Too ashamed by his own bodies reaction. Erwin's pace was rough, demanding, almost bordering on violent, barely leaving enough room to breathe in between the sounds pouring from Levi's lips. He tried to wriggle away, or find a more comfortable position, other then almost bend over the arrest of the couch by now, but Erwin wasn't having any of it. Paws pressing firmly into pale skin and the couch, as he kept pistoning in and out of the wet alluring heat, tilting Levi's hips up further for a better angle to dive deeper, making the omega bow his back in an almost unnatural angel.

White light struck Levi's vision on the next heavy thrust, as a feeling he never felt before exploded inside him, making his head go dizzy, arms shaking, jaw becoming slack and leaving drool to drip out of the corners of his mouth.


Tight heat threw Erwin’s head in tailspin, as he thrusted in hard, holding the omega’s bony hips for better leverage. Fingers bruising the soft skin, leaving red imprints, as the smaller cried for more and for mercy at the same time. It was a tough fit, but the alpha felt far too good to stop now, instead using his heavier body type to his advantage. The small hands tried to claw at his wide chest, little sharp nails scratched at his pecs as Levi tried to push him away, although pulling him closer with his legs regardless his obvious discomfort at the sudden intrusion, as he pushed him further over the armrest of the couch. Confused at the contradicting behavior and fueled to make the little one submit, the alpha started to roll his hips finding a different angle to delve even deeper. Suddenly the omega keened, as his body stilled in total enrapture. Mouth open and drooling, he couldn’t have been more beautiful to the tall blond. Spurred on, Erwin intensified his efforts, aiming to hit the spot again and again, pounding into the omega, like the alpha he was. Slick was gushing around his cock, as it pistoned in and out of the abused hole, filling the room with lewd squelching, accompanied by deep grunting and pitiful mewls. 

He felt so good. Never felt so good in his life before. Everything else than Levi felt meaningless to him. The only thing important was the whining omega beneath him, now pulling him closer, hips rising to trust back and meet the strong thrusts of the alpha. All of a sudden the omega cried out, little fingers clawing at the alphas forearms for purchase, hips spasming wildly, as his little cock spurted sticky liquid onto the couch beneath them and even some on his stomach. The tight squeeze around his cock pressed the air out of Erwins lungs.

Clenching heat tried to milk him, for what he was worth, as the alpha fucked him through his orgasm. Erwin swiftly turned him around, still spread around his grit, before continuing his onslaught, chasing his own relief, he wanted to be even closer to the omega. Leaning in close, blue eyes fixating grey, he caught the lips of the smaller in a sloppy kiss, drowning out the overstimulated whimpers. More tongue than lips, he plundered the mouth passionately, as his hands flew up to cup the others face. After they’d  gotten out of breath, Erwin broke the kiss, mouth trailing down, as he started to nose the delicate neck again. 

“Mine!” he grunted. 

“Mine to take!” Thrust.

“Mine to fuck!” Thrust. 

“Mine to breed!” Thrust. He was getting close, feeling a tight pull in his loins. 

“You will look so good all bred up, full of pups. I’ll fuck a whole litter inside of you.” Lost in his haze and completely driven by instinct, the alpha hammered away inside the fragile body beneath him, groaning heavily. As his knot started to swell, tearing the little omega, the alpha pushed inside one last time, as hard he could, knot finally locking in place, binding them together. At the same time his head launched forward, teeth biting down on the omega’s neck without mercy, breaking skin and leaving his mark perfectly on the scent glands of the omega, claiming this omega – Levi, his Levi – as his own. 

Erwin grinded his hips in short sharp thrusts, emptying his cum completely deep inside the abused hole. Holding the omega, as close as possible, hips flush together and not able – not wanting - to move away, the alphas head cleared slowly. The desire to mate and breed now satisfied – for the moment – he tried to comprehend, what just happened. His Levi. And nothing has ever felt so right to him before.


The pleasure of his prostate being fucked to heaven and back, engulfed his entire being, leaving him a babbling, drooling mess in the sheets, all pain of being taken so roughly blinded out, as waves of pleasure overtook his senses, making fireworks erupt in his vision. The knot tearing him, didn't register, until the deed was done. Levi couldn't get away from the knot, even if he tried. 

The moment Erwin's teeth had sunken into his scent gland, he had cum again, reality passing him by,  as the alpha's emotions poured into him, in a tidal wave on top of his euphoria of relief. There was primal pride, happiness and possession echoing through his heart, followed by brief flashing images of the alpha's life up until now, running through his heat muddled brain.

He could feel something tender too, but wasn't able to name it. His body too occupied to gather air and mind too torn from reality, to fully comprehend, that he had just been claimed.


As the sweat started to cool stickily on his skin, and his heat dimmed for the moment, the pain roared its ugly head again, making him feel stuffed to the brim with the alpha's knot, ass and hips aching, legs tired and muscles lax, but starting to cramp from overexhaustion and the position he was still stuck in. 

The only way to break the bond, would be to rip out the knot, but he had no energy to even attempt something like this, left alone the agony that would follow such an action.

Erwin was crooning softly, a heavy weight pressing on his small ribcage, arms not leaving an inch of the omega's body untouched. 

"Mine, all mine!" He crooned, nosing the bonding mark, which in turn made Levi flinch, as well as sigh, as another wave of emotions, that were clearly not his own overwhelmed him.

He was worried, what the alpha might feel in return. 

Levi didn't need to bite him back, unless he wanted to for personal reasons. He was an open book to the tall blonde man now. All his secrets uncovered, emotions laid out raw. 

Even if he lied, Erwin would know better instantly.

The croon helped ease some of his discomfort, but he knew it wasn't over yet. He rested his eyes, while he still could, surrendering himself to the new situation. He could feel Erwin throbbing inside of him every now and again, his skin still flushed with heat. The alarm bells ringing, that the alpha hadn't used any protection, while Levi couldn't afford birth control, where shoved to the back of his mind, to fret over after his heat - given he would even remember that detail by then- , as he turned his nose into the alpha's strong neck and dozed off for a few moments. Body sated and exhausted, soon enough he would crave more, even if he himself wasn't sure, he could handle another session like that.

He came here to steal a map, but ended up having his heart and soul stolen instead, how fucking ironic.

Erwin could feel the emotions tumbling upside down in his mate, changing swiftly, short peaks of panic and discomfort catching his attention. Instinctively he responded with soft crooning to calm his omega down, actually relieved, that the omega slowly drifted into sleep. As Levi dozed off, completely drained, Erwin allowed himself to rest his eyes, focusing on the warm body beneath him. Sated and exhausted, he rolled them onto their sides, not wanting to crush the omega in his arms. His knot would go down in approximately thirty minutes, locking them together for the time being and making sure, not a single drop of his potent seed escaped. The alphas hand wandered down the omegas front, wide palm pressing down on the protruding stomach stuffed full with cum. The thought of a child briefly crossed his mind, but didn’t stick for long. He never seriously considered settling down, finding a mate and creating family with them. ‘Mother’, father, child, the real deal, everyone else had been going crazy about, around him. Except Erwin himself, not quite getting the appeal. 

Opening his eyes lazily and taking in the sight of his sleeping mate in his arms, snoring softly, he started to understand the longing to build a home with a special someone. The fact that the special someone lying next to him, was not only a complete stranger, but a thief that broke into his apartment not even two hours ago, almost forgotten, overrun by the insane chemistry they had together, instantly since his pheromones triggered the omegas heat early - And the omega apparently triggering his rut. -

 Truth be told, Erwin couldn’t care less about the circumstances of their meeting. The important point was, that they met at all, finding each other despite all the differences. Now he would take good care of his omega, able to provide for him, like he would have deserved it his whole life. Not intending to ever let the omega – his mate – go.

As his limp cock slipped out, followed by blood and semen, Erwin noticed that he must have torn his much smaller partner. Although he felt bad for hurting him, the possessive side of his alpha nature howled in excitement, at obviously being the first to actually knot Levi. His cock twitched at the thought, that he would also be the last to be this close with the omega, that no one else would get to know the lithe body in such an intimate way. Erwin struggled to keep his breathing in check, as a new wave of arousal scorched through him. Smiling to himself, he planted a kiss on the bonding mark gracing the delicate neck, before he closed his eyes, waiting for the omega to wake up again.


Chapter Text


Levi's nap took longer than usual, Erwin really must have done a number on him, given he usually had only 15 minutes breaks, during his usual heats. But nothing was as usual this time around. The smell of sex was hanging heavy in the room like a blanket, it should have scared him, considering he could already feel Erwin's hard member poking into his thigh. The alpha still clearly interested to serve him.


A rush of emotions overwhelmed him, as his hand reached up to finger the bonding mark on his neck. It actually hadn't been a dream. 

He should have known, since his heart was already racing, preparing to heat him up and throw him back under the bus. He still felt so full, despite his hole being empty and pretty lose, as well as painful. The blonde was resting next to him and after a quick peak Levi pressed his eyes shut again.

What had he done? 

He should be running for the hills, but instead he accepted the strong arm caging him in against the wide firm chest. 

Levi never had a home, so thinking of Erwin as his home now, was a pretty weird feeling, but that's what his omega kept purring. His throat was still raw and a fucking desert on top of it, but before he could wiggle out to quench his thirst, a bottle of water was already pressed into his hand. Erwin, obviously not as asleep, as he had thought him to be. If anything he probably had have had plenty time to prepare for him - the sleeping beauty - to wake up again. A small blossom of warmth erupted in his gut at the gesture. He wasn't a heavy eater, not even in heat, too used to the stomach pains of hunger. The thirst was way worse though.

The fire in his veins was already rising, but Levi had so many questions, he couldn't just succumb to desire yet again. A distressed sound left his lips, as he took another sip, Erwin's palm resting heavy on his thigh, drawing lazy comforting circles.

He wanted a shower desperately, even if he would end up dirty again in the next sixty minutes. But he didn't know Erwin, didn't know his place yet. Could he simply demand the alpha to do as he pleased?

Levi had never had a love interest or relationship of that kind. He knew, what he would have done. But it felt out of place now. He couldn't just bark orders at Erwin.

If he really didn't want the bond, he should have gotten off his knot in the speed of lightning, instead of falling asleep like a damsel.

He didn't dare speak up, swallowing his doubts and insecurities, until his eyes teared up and kept gnawing at the seam of his lips anxiously, until he tasted cooper.

"You think too much." Erwin crooned, his thumb gently pressing into Levi's forehead to smooth out the creases. Levi blinked at him stupidly, getting lost in the blue ocean eyes, as their gazes interlocked. It still felt so unreal, his fingers pressing on the bonding mark again, that had already started to scar. It would always serve as a reminder of who he belonged to. Trapped by an angel with flax golden hair and deep eyes like the sea.

“Just tell me what you want” the alpha added, sensing the hesitation and insecurity towards him. 

Still silent, Levi continued gnawing his already bleeding lower lip. Erwin leaned forward to stop him, catching the soft mouth in a gentle kiss, soothing the fresh wound. Hands started wandering again, his fingers grazing over wet skin sticky with sweat. Noticing the omega’s increasing discomfort, Erwin stopped his advances, trying to focus on whatever might bother his mate. Instead the sensation of cum and blood drying slowly on his pubic hair and lower stomach sent another twinge of arousal through his body, but also an unfamiliar sense of disgust, at the filth they are covered in. Maybe this was due to the recent mating? Although Levi appeared to be poor and malnourished, he seemed to value cleanliness to a high degree. 

Searching the grey eyes again, he came to the conclusion that he could wait forever for an answer, since the omega was still totally enraptured, fingers running over the bonding mark again and again, as if he couldn’t comprehend his new reality. Grey eyes staring at him widened in wonder, at the alpha before him. 

“How about we get you all nice and cleaned up?” Feeling a small nod against his shoulder,  Erwin cradled Levi in his arms, before standing up and carrying him to the bathroom. He felt slim legs wrapping around his waist and skinny arms clinging around his shoulders. Standing in front of the big bathing tub, Erwin wanted to shrug him off, because he needed his arms free to reach the water tab, but when he felt a little nose nuzzling his own neck, his heart melted at the omega’s refusal to be set down. 

“Hold on to me.” he warned, before shifting Levis weight onto one arm, which wasn’t much of a feat, since the omega was light as a feather, before he leaned forward to let warm water in the tub. Levi watched the water pouring in, like it came straight from heaven.

“Now you need to let go of me and get in the tub.” Erwin instructed patiently, since Levi’s mind seemed to still be overwhelmed, but received no reaction. 

With a sigh he pried the omega’s hands off of him and set the little one down. Reaching for his shower gel and shampoo, Erwin knelt down next to the tub and started to wash his omega, rinsing off the sweat and blood in a calm manner, despite ignoring his own building arousal. When finished, Erwin reached for an enormous fluffy towel, to dry his mate off the moment he would step out the tub, but a small voice stopped him.

“You’re fucking filthy, too.” Levi mumbled barely audible, shuffling forward in the tub to make room behind himself.

Erwin's eyes creased at the corners, as a gentle smile spread around his lips. So the omega still had a dirty mouth. Levi watched him fold the towel and put it to the side, before the warm wide body slipped into the tub behind him, legs spreading out alongside him, caging him in.

"Maybe, we should wash your mouth out with soap, baby." the alpha teased, making him whine in protest.

Levi took the terrycloth, Erwin had abandoned, soaking it in fresh hot water from the tap, before adding shower gel and washing down Erwin's arms and legs, as far as he could reach. 

He slowly turned around, glad the tub was big enough to allow him to do so, before kneeling in front of the alpha to keep washing him, despite how tired he felt. 

Erwin let him continue, but slowly took the terry from Levi to continue himself, when the omega struggled to keep kneeling. He urged Levi to lay down on his lap, as he quickly washed the rest of himself, rinsing his hair, without getting thuds in the omega's eyes. His head cradled against strong abs, the water was slowly cooling down, but Levi felt way too content to leave. He could feel that Erwin was still hard, but refrained from touching the alpha. They'd just gotten clean. Erwin douched both of them down quickly, before sliding out first, wrapping a towel around his hips, resuming his position and offering one hand to help Levi out of the bathtub. 

Once his shaky legs reached solid tile, he was wrapped up like a burrito in the warm fluffy towel, the feeling spreading happiness all throughout his body, making him hide the big smile, that was spreading his lips, as Erwin gently patted him down.

"Can you… err.."Levi stumbled over his own words in embarrassment. This needy side of himself, totally new and confusing.

"What is it?" The alpha nudged, his hip gently.

"Pick me up again… maybe…, please." He whispered, cheeks flushed in high pink. Erwin didn't hesitate, sweeping Levi off his feet instantly, cuddling the small body up against his chest, still decorated with stray droplets of water. Levi sighed contently, nuzzling his nose into the strong pec muscle, ear coming to rest above the alpha's heartbeat. It made his veins sizzle in summer warm comfort and a small purr slipped through his lax mouth, lips still all prettily swollen and biten raw. He hiccuped right after, his throat not used to the sound.

His heat was turning him into another mindless idiot. 

As Erwin carried him back to his master bedroom, he couldn't help the urge, but to lick a wide stripe from the alpha's nipple to his sternum, making Erwin growl and tighten his hold around slender hips. He could break him, if he so wished, crush him into dust and rise him from the ashes, to model him anew, Levi wouldn't even complain.

The alpha's smell was stronger now, then ever before, possible a rut and Levi's hips ached to get back on that thick cock, despite all discomfort. He kept nuzzling and lapping at Erwin's chest, before roughly getting thrown on the silk sheets, cool against his damp skin, as the alpha pounced on him once more.

Levi wrapped his legs right back around the alpha's hips, feeling Erwin's erection press up next to his own small dick. He didn't even feel hard yet, but his hole was already making a slippery slope between his thighs, as he pressed his body up tightly against the alpha.

If he could, he would probably try to climb into his mate.

His mate - it sounded foreign to him, but that was his fate now and his inner omega didn't give two shits, whether or not Levi agreed. He wanted Erwin, he wanted to be bitten again, breed like the bitch in heat he was, stuffed full and suspended on his large knot, even if he couldn't possibly walk a straight line, for at least the next weeks. 

"So needy." Erwin growled, plundering his mouth right after, making Levi keen.

Throwing the small legs over his broad shoulders and practically folding the omega’s body in half, he hovered over the omega, kissing him passionately. His cock was aligned perfectly, right between the delicious globes of that tempting ass. Erwin thrusted his hips in shallow movements, his dick sliding along the crack, teasing the omega and urging more and more whimpers out of him, just to be drowned by the blonds demanding mouth. Without further hesitation the alpha plunged back into his omega's ass, kiss breaking, as a feral growl escaped him at the feeling of the warm wetness welcoming him back. As he slid all of the fat inches of his cock in to the hilt, thin arms flew up to embrace and pull him even closer. Having nothing of his mates needy behavior, Erwin grabbed the small wrists and rendered the omega completely immobile, squished into the bed, stuffed with his alpha’s cock that thrust in and out at a rapid pace. 

“Ah… fuck… fucking stupid alpha, ha!” Levi was panting and babbling, cursing like a sailor mixed with high pitched gasps, obviously not too happy with the fact, that 'knothead' won't let the omega 'fucking touch him' anymore.

“Still such a filthy mouth. I should teach you some manners.” Erwin grunted, halting his movements, which earned him a disapproving growl from his mate, that looked up defiantly, wiggling his hips to urge the alpha to continue. 

Instead Erwin let go of the tiny wrist and pulled out, bringing some distance between their bodies. Completely baffled the omega rose up onto his elbows to stare at his alpha, legs spread wide in invitation. Erwin met the grey eyes, as he knelt above Levi, thighs spread and cock standing proud and heavy between his legs. Lust cursed through him, burning him, but the need to assert his dominance over the smaller man, was overbearing and he couldn’t have the other disrespect him like that. He wanted to fuck him into submission, take him like he owned every inch of his being and drill respect into him.

“Turn around. Ass up, head down like a proper bitch.” he snarled, blue eyes following intently, as the omega obeyed his command hesitantly, but obviously full of fear. 

“You will not disrespect your alpha again!” he added, giving the backside a hard smack.

“Reach behind you, spread your ass. I want to see how slick you are for me.” - and just for me – growling hungrily, as the omega obeyed again. The alpha barely saw the tears running down the reddened cheeks, before Levi mushed his head into the bedding, hiding his face. His arms reached behind him, pulling his ass cheeks apart, offering up his wet hole twitching invitingly. 

 The beautiful display of absolute submission made Erwin want to reward his Levi’s good behavior. To tease the mewls and whimpers out of his mate again and feel the tight hole clenching in ecstasy around his knot, stretched to its full capacity and fucked full with his cum. Fucking him full with his knot, filling him up with his seed and breed him. 

“Such a good omega for me.” the alpha crooned, mounting his mate from behind , finally returning to his punishing pace.


Levi couldn't help the tears streaking down his face, at the humiliation of being ordered around like an object. He wasn't used to submit to anyone, and here Erwin was, breaking him into pieces. But at the same time moans of approval bubbled up his throat, because his mate was taking care of his raging hormones, filling up the emptiness. He was a filthy bitch in heat after all. His arms easily folded under him, at Erwin's punishing pace, not able to support himself, scrappin along the bed spread, it might even leave a burn.

He hid his face in the pillow, almost suffocating himself on the fabric, not able to see Erwin, due to the position he was in, was scary. A small sliver of fear bubbling up and messing with his brain, did nothing to quench his anxious mind.

He wanted to be Erwin's, needed the alpha, needed the attention, needed to be Erwin's whole world. If he could just drown into his eyes, it would be easier. His breath stuttered in his chest, forcing him to turn his head sideways, in an attempt to gain some oxygen, but the moment he tried to peak over his shoulder at the huge blonde, a loud smack echoed through the bedroom, setting Levi's cheek on fire, followed by two more smacks, alternating in force right after. Levi howled.

"Head down. I didn't allow you to look at me." Erwin ordered, his hand suddenly back on Levi's nape again, forcing him back down into the pillow and holding him there.

The alpha was a kinky pervert after all.

More tears easily tracked down his face, at being denied such a simple thing, yet he kept moaning, as Erwin was hitting his prostate dead on, already milking Levi dry, for all he was worth. The bed was sticky underneath him with slick and precum. He wasn't even sure, if he had cum already, mind too torn up between enjoying his body being fucked 3 days from sunday and his memories messing with his brain.

If his mate would at least talk some more. Levi didn't even care, if his mate would insult him, but he needed Erwin's voice of reason, needed a reminder, that this was his mate. 

"Please, please!" Levi cried, not daring to actually shout. It just came out in a tiny whisper, swallowed by most of the wet fabric in front of him, where he kept drooling.

"Already begging?" Erwin snorted, little out of breath, as he kept snapping his hips.

Levi straight out wailed, at a particular punishing thrust, a little off angle, which actually hurt him, but all it did was earn him another slap, followed by Erwin's broad palm, suddenly reaching around his bowed head, to stuff two thick digits ins his mouth, tugging at the corners, muffling his noises in the process and making him drool like a faucet. He couldn't form words with Erwin's fingers stuffed into his mouth, pressing down onto his tongue. All that was heard, were gurgling sounds, the wet squelching noises of slick and skin slapping against skin, as Erwin rose up to dive deeper into his mate. One big paw settled on Levi's back, forcing him to arch up even more, as the alpha drilled every single inch of cock inside the twitching abused hole. 

Levi could feel the hard core stuffing up his ass, nestling into his tight passage again and again. 

He tried to beg for Erwin to switch positions, but all it did was letting more drool escape his mouth, smearing down to his chin.

His mind was in a frenzy, with the need of relief and lay eyes on his alpha. Face a pretty a shade of tomato and skin burning. Levi dared to scrap his teeth along Erwin's fingers, biting him gently, not painfully, but noticeably still breaking skin, as Erwin delivered another fierce thrust, just in that moment. He needed him to know, he needed to see him, afraid he would lose his sanity, if he was kept face down any longer. He could feel his own scent shifting already from arousal to a semi panicked state. He loathed himself for it.

‘Please alpha, please, please let me see you.’ His mind kept crying loudly.

He didn't want to ruin his own pleasure, but he could feel himself cramping up, dick suddenly losing interest, as his thoughts kept spiralling.

Erwin almost didn’t notice Levi biting his fingers. Ramming his cock over and over again into his little omega with brutal thrusts, incredibly turned on by his mates submission and the feeling of power it gave him. In his rut hazed brain, the alpha couldn’t imagine a better feeling, than holding down his bitch and fuck him, until he was well stuffed and bred full. In the throes of passion, close to his own release, he still noticed the change in his mates scent, arousal becoming panic, but with his already swelling knot, he couldn’t stop himself anymore. So he thrusted like a jackhammer, chasing his own relief, holding the omega down by the neck firmly, before shoving in his knot fully. As his cum flooded his omegas hole once more, he draped his much larger body over the body beneath him again, planting firm bites on Levi’s neck close to the bonding mark, to emphasize his claim, growling and crooning possessively. ‘Mine, mine, mine!’, it chanted in his head. 

Pulling his fingers out of Levi’s mouth, to stroke his cheek, wanting to reward him for being such a good omega for him, he noticed a little red stain of blood, that followed his fingers and now graced his mates cheek.

“You bit me!” Erwin deadpanned in disbelief. Coming down from his high slowly, his gazed switched beneath his bloody fingers and Levi, who quivered and pleaded apologies in a quiet voice, obviously distressed. Straightening up again, Erwin took another good look at the few drops of blood still coating his fingers, before suddenly grabbing the omega’s black mob of hair and yanking him upwards, until his back met the alpha’s chest. His big knot throbbed at the stimulation, that came with moving inside the omega, stretching him at new angles and leaking more and more cum into him, until the usually flat belly was inflated. It was like a preview, seeing his mate already looking a little pregnant, from the amounts of cum. Focusing on the situation at hand, Erwin held out his hand directly in front of his mate, presenting his fingers for the grey eyes to see. 

“I’m sorry… alpha… didn’t mean to…” it reached the alphas ear. Despite his violence, the attention seemed to calm Levi down a little.

“If you lick them clean, you may turn around and look at me.” Erwin whispered in the other’s ear, wiggling said fingers, before his face. With only little hesitation, Levi leaned his head forward, unconsciously presenting his neck for his alpha to see, while doing so. To see the bonding mark decorated with countless smaller bites, surrounding it and sprinkled with bruises and love bites, already turning all shades of red, purple and blue, creating a beautiful contrast on the pale white skin. Another wave of arousal roared through the alpha, going from his fingers straight to his knot, when he felt the little wet tongue softly licking at the small bite, cleaning him. When the omega had finished, Erwin pressed him back down again, gently this time, stroking the small back briefly, before letting go.

“You may turn around now, but careful, mind the knot.” The alpha grinded his hips against the tight ass, to emphasize, that his knot was still tied firmly into his mate and that any fast reckless movement would hurt really really bad. At least the omega. Moving slow and careful, looking over his shoulders, mindful to not accidentally kick his alpha, Levi rose his leg high and shuffled lightly to turn around, without the knot leaving him. Although distracted by the occasional pulling at his knot, sending mostly pleasure and also warning signals of “mate wants to tear out knot to run away”, Erwin still noticed – and automatically filed this information for later use in his brain - the incredible flexibility of his mate, who was almost doing a split, just to be able to turn around and see his alpha. Finally Levi had turned around, panting at the exhaustion and pain, that turning around on a knot this size must have caused him  – Erwin felt sick to the stomach, as his eyes fell on the now exposed limp cock – his mate hasn’t been aroused at all anymore. His heart ached at the implication, that his omega was so distressed and afraid, that he would go through something this brutal, just to be able to see him.

Levi could sense a simmer of guilt from the alpha, which in turn compelled him to hide away, but he was firmly and painfully impaled on the huge knot, with nowhere to go. He didn't want to close his eyes, afraid his brain would get the better of him again. The heat in his limbs having sizzled down to a soft glow, due to his panic. 

A soft whimper tore past his bitten lips, as he tried to look at his alpha, without actually making eye contact, fixing a point above the dresser, over Erwin's right shoulder. It allowed him to still commit every feature of the alpha's face to his memory, as he kept telling himself, that this was Erwin - his mate - repeating it over and over again.

His heart was still trying to break free from his ribcage to run off, leaving bloody footprints behind. His fingers were still trembling softly on the sheets, as Erwin leaned forward slowly, caging Levi in, capturing one of his tiny wrists in his huge hand to entwine their fingers, trying to catch the omega's fleeting gaze, without disrupting the knot.

"Levi. Look at me." He crooned softly, but the omega just whimpered again softly, feeling bad to not obey his alpha's orders. He didn't know, what he needed right at this moment. 

When these sort of things happened, he was usually by himself, rolled up into a ball, screaming into the void, until he fell asleep exhausted, and woke up equally exhausted, but somehow a little better afterwards. Head a little more empty then before.


"Darling. What day is it?" Erwin tried gently to distract his omega's attention, in an effort to pull him back, from whatever demons he was fighting, just realizing how little he actually knew about his omega.

What fucking day it is? Levi's face went blank at the question. Why was the alpha asking him something like this now? Now of all things. He tried to answer, he really tried, but it took him at least 2 or 3 minutes. "Fri...friday?" It was more a question, than anything. 

"Mhm. What date?" Erwin encouraged him, catching Levi's gaze fore mere seconds, before the omega closed his eyes briefly.

"I… I don't know." The little omega whined, still smelling more afraid, then anything.

"It's okay. It's Friday the 28th of august, darling. Say it." He crooned, nosing the delicate neck.

Levi parrotted Erwin's words back at him, it felt weird, since he had no idea, what the alpha was aiming for.

"Good boy." Erwin praised, soft fingertips settling on Levi's cheekbones, tracing, lingering, emitting warmth. Levi dared to raise an arm, to reach out for Erwin's neck. He wanted to crawl into his alpha and hide away from the world. Erwin let him, not sure what Levi was looking for. 

The omega sniffled softly, nose inhaling Erwin's heavy scent directly from the gland, overpowered by the pine note in it, before squinting his eyes shut tightly and biting into it. 

It cost him a great deal, to put so much trust into the basically blonde stranger, that had all but assaulted him and sealed his fate. But maybe it would help Erwin understand, the things Levi couldn't say.


Suddenly Erwin was enveloped in feelings, that definitively weren’t his, the moment he felt teeth breaking the skin on his neck. A sense of despair and hopelessness ran him over, grasping him and drawing him down into the black sea, that were Levi’s emotions. Anxiety and panic crushed over him, like breaking waves, wanting to tear down a ship, during a thunderstorm. But through the darkness peeked the feeling of home and protection, distantly associated with the recent mating, breaking the dark clouds like lightning, brightening his vision of the future, just before it was swallowed in darkness again. 

The future of the omega defined by uncertainty, accompanied by doubt and questioning of what may be, if the alpha would recognize his broken soul and tire of him. Afraid that Erwin would discard him like trash, the moment he realized to what he was mated. The fear of loss and rejection pierced Erwins soul. The fear of losing and getting his trust broken again. Not able to say anything, Erwin squeezed the omegas fingers gently, wanting to show him, that he was still here and not leaving, as he raised the small hands to his lips, giving every delicate finger a small kiss, before cradling his mate against his chest, one arm wrapped around him, the other between their chests, fingers still intertwined.


He felt complete, laying this close to his mate, his knot still buried inside him, throbbing lazily, and he hoped that his newfound happiness would reach Levi too, and reassure him, that regardless whatever betrayal had occurred in his past, he didn’t need to fear, that his alpha would ever leave him behind. Even as his knot went down, Erwin didn’t dare to slip out, wanting to stay, as close as he could to his omega, that just seemed to calm down from his panic, apparently suffering from flashbacks. 

He was actually more than glad, that he accompanied Mike to a psychological training a few months ago, which Mike had insisted on, because of Nanaba. Otherwise he wouldn’t have known about the reality check. Although it bounced right back and let the fact that it was Friday night and he had to go to work on Monday sink in, sitting through the delayed meeting, probably still rutting like a starved animal. Shoving the thought aside, he gave Levi a soft kiss on the forehead, before resting his chin on the black haircrown. Whatever the future may bring, Erwin swore to himself, he would never ever let anything get between him and his mate – his Levi. Anything at all.


Levi was petrified at what he had done, entrusting his deepest secrets to the blonde giant. He waited for the second shoe to drop and tear him away, to see Erwin ripping his knot out of his body with force, to face the possible disgust on the alpha's face, but neither happened. 

Instead, he found himself cradled firmly against the wide chiseled chest, Erwin's heart beating soothingly under his ear, bodies pressed tightly, but tenderly together, a soft squeeze keeping his fingers prisoner, not letting go, followed up by a feather like kiss of reassurance to his forehead.

He cried into the alpha's neck, tears of relief, as well as despair, but no matter how sour his scent turned, Erwin just hugged him tighter, crooning softly, rubbing soothing circles into his mates tensed shoulders and back.

"I've got you."

Levi held on tight, knuckles of one hand almost white, buried in thick blonde strands of hair.

Erwin's scent gland, still assaulted, as Levi tried to lick off his tears, watching the wound scar over.

This was his alpha, his fate, he could make him bloom, or all thoroughly destroy him. Erwin kept mumbling reassurances in his ear, voice soft and comforting, without a hint of alpha dominance in it. The room still reeked of sex and rut, but Levi realized not only was he exhausted, but he also no longer felt awfully overheated, which was confusing, since it barely been 48h.


He was glad, when Erwin didn't make a move on him. Maybe because he was way too worried, or maybe, because he was an old sack of potatoes over 40 after all, and needed some time to rest, to regain his stamina.

Levi would enjoy it while it lasted. Night had already fallen outside, covering them in semi darkness, as Erwin gently ran a washcloth over his omega's sensitive skin, cleaning him up gently, before tossing the dirty sheets away from under them, thankful for his own preparations.

Levi nibbled on a few slices of apple, not actually hungry and emptied the water bottle Erwin provided him with, before letting the big guy tug him in. There would be more food in the fridge, Erwin had told him, that he could get it, whenever he pleased. But he wasn't typically someone, who woke up in the middle of the night to have a fest.

They both needed some shut eye. Erwin spooned him under the covers, hands clasped together again, before they both fell asleep, Levi cuddled up closely, needing the feeling of Erwin shielding him from the cruel world. It would be hard to let him go to work on monday.

Newly bonded pairs usually needed some alone time to figure stuff out, not able to tolerate being away from their mate for too long, in the first following weeks of a bite. But they would make it work.

As nice as the thought felt, to just about abandon everything and stay here with Erwin forever, Levi still had people to answer to, stuff to take care of.

His dreams were unpleasant as per usual, but he didn't wake screaming and crying, just subconsciously turned around, to chase Erwin's body across the mattress and nuzzle back into his chest. The alpha's heartbeat calmed him down, because his omega recognized, they no longer needed to tackle the world all by themselves. 

Maybe if he talked to Erwin about the Nile clusterfuck, the alpha could help him regain his possessions and money. As long as his savings weren't available, he couldn't just drop his occupation and he had a feeling Erwin wouldn't enjoy the thought of being mated to a thief, who kept stealing other people's shit, even if his alpha was wealthy enough to tend to his every whim, by the bat of an eyelash, if he just asked. 

Chapter Text

By the time morning broke, Levi was back to feeling slightly feverish, but not as strong as he usually would. Erwin was still snoring away softly, which Levi found rather cute, as he rolled on top of his alpha's chest entirely, to make himself at home. His fingers itched to touch and explore, but it felt creepy to do so without his alpha's permission. Instead, he kept nosing along the sternum, rubbing himself lazily up against his alpha like a cat. 


Erwin woke up to the feeling of Levi on top of him, nuzzling him like a cat and obstructing his breathing slightly, with his weight resting on his chest, thankfully without panting smelly tuna-breath straight into his face. He opened his eyes lazily, just a bit to take in the sight of his omega straddling him, the pale face already flushed in a pretty pink. Although the heat didn’t seem to consume Levi anymore, it wasn’t completely gone yet, according to the needy mewling Erwin woke up to. He still felt his rut, felt the need to fill up his mate, as much as possible and keep it all in the fucked out hole with his knot. But the need to mount wasn’t roaring like an untamable fire through him anymore, calmed down to an intense craving to be close again. He wanted to make love to Levi, instead of only rutting into him like a mindless animal. 

Apparently noticing that his alpha had woken up under his ministrations, Levi’s hand started stroking the broad chest, appreciating the alpha's muscular body, before wandering lower, grey eyes catching blue, as little fingers grazed Erwin’s coarse golden pubic hair, begging for permission to go further. 

Erwin couldn’t hold in a long stretched deep moan in content, as Levi grasped his semi-hard cock, already interested in the early morning activities the omega had planned. He felt more and more blood rush down to his loins, cock hardening, getting bigger and bigger, as his omega jerked him at a rather slow pace. Moving up and down all the way, working the alpha to complete hardness, drops of precum easing the friction. Blue eyes followed the spectacle intently, watching his mate looming over him closely, seeing how freaking huge his alpha cock looked in the delicate hands of his omega, feeling smug at the sight.

He spread his muscular thighs a bit, to give Levi more room for his administration's, hand reaching up to gently stroke back the black hair to see his face, expression frowned up in concentration for the task at hand. As the omega set his focus on the mushroom shaped head of his cock, smearing beads of precum around the angry red tip, fingernails accidentally teasing the small slit, the alpha choked up a moan, cock twitching. Erwin reached out for Levi’s face again, cupping it and forcing the omega to look into his face, big fingers grazing over their bonding mark. Looking into the hooded grey eyes, the blond felt his mouth go dry, licking his lips, before he was able to rasp out his omega's name in a strained voice. 

The hold on Levi's neck becoming more demanding, as he set apart his meaty thighs further, inviting the omega to indulge, big cock standing to attention, hard and heavy between his legs.


Erwin was a sight to behold, mussed blonde crown, an evil case of bedhead and his muscles jumping under Levi's every touch. It was an empowering feeling, for the first time Levi experienced, what it meant to have the alpha all to himself, doing as he pleased. While Erwin's hand on his neck was demanding, it wasn't forceful, fingers soft but insistent. 

He hungrily licked his lips, making them shine with fresh salvia, as he crawled up closer, drawn in by Erwin's mouth. Fuck morning breath, the guy didn't even smell that bad and the taste, as he begged for entry, that was granted instantly, just fueled his lust. He was already dripping wet, just from fondling the alpha, so it seemed easy, to push up on Erwin's chest, which made the alpha grunt a little, while Levi got his legs under him, spread wide around muscled thighs. He kept distracting Erwin with kisses, feeling the alpha penetrate his mouth with his tongue, just as expertly as he ate ass, while Levi slowly eased himself down on the massive cock.

He welcomed the burning stretch, as the fat head breached him in one swift push, and he had to hold himself steady for a minute to adjust, to being so full, before sliding down further on the next exhale. He could feel Erwin's gaze following his every move, panting softly, before going all in. Levi appreciated, that the alpha wasn't just fucking up into him impatiently, but he didn't want to wait any longer either. 

Throwing his head back, with his eyes squeezed shut, he sunk down to the hilt, breath leaving his lungs, ass on fire, thighs shaking, as he took in every inch of his alpha's glorious hard member.

"Erwin." Levi all but mewled, at feeling stretched out so far. He wanted the alpha to feel good, but he wasn't so sure, if he could move already, his heart was racing, sweat already beading down his back, as he kept squeezing the intruder softly within heated walls. Erwin was well endowed in girth as well as size and Levi was way too small for that. It still stung, every time they had done it so far, but the pleasure overrode the discomfort for the most part.

"So good for me boy." Erwin crooned soothingly, his fingers running softly through Levi's equally mussed up hair. The alpha certainly practised restrain, as he kept waiting for Levi to move, watching quivering milky thighs, fighting to keep him up.  Levi leaned over slightly, doing little more than feeling up Erwin's dick in his ass, before he felt like he had gathered enough strength to try to push up.

It was a sporadic and shaky rhythm at best, he couldn't find the right satisfying angle, could already feel frustration setting in. Erwin in turn watched him struggle, with a smirk and occasional grunt, as Levi kept wiggling, before his hands moved down to support the small thighs.

It was truly an adorable sight for the alpha. His little omega, straddling him, sitting on his cock and struggling with the thick girth, inside his tight hole. Appreciating grunts left Erwins mouth, as the movements on top of him stimulated his cock, the ass clenching around him, trying to adjust to the massive intrusion. The lithe body wiggled desperately in search for the right angle, yearning to find the spot, that would make him see stars and after a while of watching on smugly, he took pity on his mate. His palms slid down Levi’s body to grasp the quivering thighs. Nudging gently, he guided his mates hips, thrusting up his pelvis in small strokes, not too domineering, but aiming for the omega’s sweet spot nonetheless. The sudden keen of his mate on top of him, after only a few tries stoked the alphas ego, since he apparently started to grasp the delicate body, even better than its original owner. Whimpering and mewling Levi fell forward, at the sudden pleasure rushing through him, his hands landing on Erwins chest, barely catching him. After a moment of grinding his hips, drooling at the thick cockhead massaging his prostate, he raised himself up on shuddering arms. Erwin watched intently and waited patiently, until Levi regained his composure, at least enough to continue himself, fighting the instinct to simply overpower his mate and fuck him into oblivion. Instead, the alpha held himself back, wanting the omega to want his alpha enough, to work desperately for his reward, but also to prove, that his mate could trust him, since Levi apparently had many bad experiences with alpha's. Erwin wanted his mate to not only feel owned and stuffed to the brim -of course he wanted that, too-, but also loved and protected. Crooning at Levi’s blissed out expression, focusing on the lower lip caught between teeth, Erwin’s palms stroked along the small hips in a reassuring manner.

“Ride me, Levi” he encouraged in a low voice, denying himself, to thrust his hips up as he very much wanted to on a whim. After Levi took a deep breath, steadying himself, Erwin was rewarded for his patience, the sweet feeling of his omega riding his cock, taking him to the hilt and then lifting himself up in tentative movements. Seeing that with every movement, up and back down again, the omega became more confident, Erwin intertwined his right hand with Levi’s. His blue eyes catching grey, a connection forming between them. Erwin could feel building trust at the tenderness he showed, affection and longing that went beyond lust, not yet love, but intimacy and an unknown potential. Squeezing the fingers softly, Erwin started to thrust up his hips, meeting his mate and supporting the deep sensual rhythm, as he felt tight walls massaging around his dick, in an attempt to milk him dry again. Praises of his beautiful mate escaped his lips, between grunts and growls, as he felt a burn slowly aching up his body. The need for release coming over him, not as an unstoppable wave, urging him to apply the most frantic and brutal pace he could manage like before, but instead like a warm light, growing steadily and evicting the darkness out of his life. Probably not having the same spiritual experience, as the alpha beneath him, Levi tried to speed up the movements on his hips, obviously exhausted from doing all the work, but desperate for release. Still his attempts on grinding down frantically, were stopped by the large hand, urging him to take it slow.

“Levi.” Erwin moaned with a strained voice, hips grinding in lazy circles “Feel how deep I am inside of you.” He could see the outline of his big cock though, bulging out the formerly flat stomach. “How perfect I fit inside of you. You take me so well, so good for me.” Levi was impaled on his dick, the strength leaving his thighs slowly, barely able to hold himself up anymore. Erwin was close too, cock pulsing inside the heat, he could feel the swell of his knot beginning slowly. He couldn’t wait to lock himself to his mate again, having him so close again, cradling the small body in his lap and marking every centimeter of pale skin, he could reach. 

“Now can you be a good omega and take my knot like this?” Erwin cooed - although it was clear, that this was more a command, than an actual question – underestimating the exhaustion of his mate.

Levi whined pitifully. He didn't want to take the knot, now that he had his wits together, the fear was coming back to the forefront of his mind.

He barely could fit Erwin without pain as it was, just the thought of being torn open again, made him choke on his own breath, his blood pressure skyrocketed along with his heartbeat.

He couldn't do it, couldn't be stuck 45 minutes on the alpha's knot. The pain would be unbearable, without the heat dulling his senses.

His legs stopped moving, plopping him down onto Erwin's girth with more force, than his boney backside was able to cushion, sending aching cramps up his hips and tummy. The alpha's firm hands framing his hips, fingers spun wide, grip tight.

He wanted to be a good omega, he wanted it so bad, but his brain to mouth filter decided to malfunction right at that moment.

"The fuck, are you talking about blonde Hulk Hogan?" Levi wanted to climb off, of Erwin's meaty thighs, but he had no strength left to lift himself up again.

Erwin obviously didn't like him mouthing off, because the moment, the words had rung out in the room, a loud slap followed suit. Levi's cheek went up in flames upon impact and he recoiled back from the alpha. Betrayal turning his scent sour, as he tiredly lifted his hands to cover his face, afraid of another blow, but leaving his throat unprotected in the process. Just as he seeked cover, mind running wild, he registered again, how Erwin was fucking him raw, without any protection and the wave of thoughts ranging from germs, possible diseases to pregnancy, left him feeling nauseous.

Erwin's rage flared up, sending red mist of anger in his peripheral vision, the moment his mate disobeyed and back talked to him, yet again.

Levi choked on a sob, already leaning backwards to escape somehow, despite it causing him pain and distress.

This situation suddenly didn't feel safe and his old instincts kicked in, completely oblivious to the fact that Erwin was his mate.

The only important thing to him right now, was getting away from the forming knot inside of him.


Erwin’s illusion of shared trust and respect between mates, was shattered, as the omega mouthed of again and what was even worse, struggled to get away from his knot. No not only his knot, but from himself, from his mate as a whole. He watched the omega on top of him writhe to stand up, legs too weak to properly support him. Saw the panicked expression on the face, left cheek colored with an angry red handprint. There was no heat left inside the omega and it hurt Erwin, that Levi apparently couldn’t find it in himself, not even for the tiniest bit, to accept him as his alpha. 

A sharp tug against his knot threw Erwin out of his thoughts, pain and heartache raging through him as the omega – his mate – assembled all his strength to get away from the knot. Instinctively his grip on the hips tightened again, fingers boring into sharp bones, forcing Levi down on his cock again, ramming his hips up as much as he could, possessed by the fear of losing his mate. He didn’t care much for his omega's distressed scent and noises, his own pheromones spiking in anger and pain, as he could feel the tearing and pulling around his growing knot hurting him not only physically. The moment Erwin felt his knot almost slip out, panic overrun his need to soothe his distressed mate and instead, his massive hand shot out to Levi’s still unprotected throat, grasping it without hesitation, and choking the omega slightly in the process, before he used the pressure to force the omega's body down on the bed sheets again. His body following closely on top of him, hips pushing his swelling knot firmly back inside the small hole, not caring, that it was already too big for the delicate body to handle, tearing his mate open anew in the process. It was painful for him, too, but arousal and possessiveness boiled his blood again.

He had a vision. Picturing Levi and himself together surrounded by pubs, he would come home to a warm nest and to a loving mate. They would eat together, laugh together, watch terrible TV shows together and enjoy life together. And in the end, they would die together. Nothing would be able to tear them apart. It was perfect. Levi just needed to see that. And he would make Levi see that. 

The feeling of victory overcame him, as he finally felt his knot inflate to its maximum, locking him firmly inside the still slick walls of his mate, filling him up with his cum once more.

“No, no, no!” Levi cried “Stop, you will knock me up. I don’t want to be pregnant! Get off me you filthy-“ Erwin interrupted him with one last sharp thrust, as if in saying, that this exactly was the whole fucking point. 

“Don’t betray our bond ever again!" he growled, biting down on the bonding mark,  before tilting his head down, nuzzling his own bonding mark - that Levi planted on him - against its counterpart, reminding him.

The moment Erwin shoved his knot right back inside, caging Levi in, the omega openly started crying. No longer trying to appear even an ounce of tough headed. He could feel Erwin's possession and victory through the bond and it just made him sick to his guts. He tried to close himself off to the bond, as best best as he could.

Not wanting to give the alpha the satisfaction of knowing, how helpless Levi felt under him. How deep fear was running in his veins and terror coaled his synapsis. His mind too confused to keep the fragile pieces together, that had only been haphazardly glued together, after Kenny left to start with. The lessons he’d learned under the older alpha’s guidance had been full of humiliation, objectification, self hatred and depression.

The pain from being torn into by Erwin’s unrelenting knot was almost blinding, making him wish to fucking die right on the spot. He wanted to throw up, but Erwin's big palm would probably either beat, or choke the life out of him, if he pulled off such a stunt right now. He was sure of it. As the alpha aggressively scented him, scent glands rubbing together with enough force to tear skin, Levi let his gaze wander, getting stuck on the oil painting above the bed. He didn’t want to feel at all, didn’t want to see or hear Erwin grunting and puffing and spouting bullshit.

If he couldn't escape in body, he might as well escape his mind, sealing himself off to all the emotions and bodily hurt and discomfort. 


He loved art, he loved little nick nacks. he came here for art and antique little somethings, he recounted every picture, figurine and whatever else he had touched, while alone in the apartment. His gaze remained on the softly brushed out yellow daisies on the wide green gras, covering a small hill in the painting above the huge king size bed. The longer he stared, the more he stopped fighting Erwin, body surrendering to it’s fate, while Levi decided to leave the premises. 

The omega’s mind busy with imagining walking along the soft wet ground barefooted, feeling every piece of grass graze and tickle his feet, leaving wet residue behind. He thought about the sun, casting a lovely glow across the scenery, thought about the different chirps of birds he would be hearing and everything he could come up with. The wind brushing through a thick leafed tree, making the wood protest and the leafs rattle. He would be stuck under the alpha for at least 20 more minutes, if not even longer. 

He remembered Kenny saying something about how angry alpha's could knot longer, if enough emotion was in play. He could hear the old geezer snickering in his ear, about what a goddamn cum dumpster Levi would be, that everybody would have a piece of his ass, pass him around to fest on, before discarding him like the trash he was. Worthless, useless and over all unwanted. Because, as an omega, all he was good for, was to be breed and fucked within an inch of his life. Exactly what he deserved and got in life. Omega’s had no rights to have dreams or careers, or even just imagining doing anything, apart from raising offspring and producing even more stronger alpha’s. There was no use or future for people like him, unless he spread his legs like an obedient bitch.

The toxic words kept interrupting his painting, so he gave all his effort to escape reality even further. Even as Erwin's shoulder blocked his view, he could still see the painting in front of his eyes, dawn kissed sky with puffy clouds and golden glowing grass, bathing in the afternoon sun.

His entire body was still shaking and crying underneath Erwin, ugly loud sobs, that echoed off the bedroom walls, hands pressed into fists so hard, he could feel his fingernails digging into his skin, thirsty to draw blood. He didn't even try to listen, to whatever bullshit the alpha was spouting, already too far gone. If he could just endure it for long enough, until the knot would pass. He had to bare it.

He would scramble to lock himself up in a bathroom right after. Or maybe wait for Erwin to deal with whatever business, before making a run for it, hiding away in Kenny's old house, waiting for the bulldozers to come and crumble him into a heap of dust. 

He needed to get clean, scrub every inch of his body inside and out, before he would crawl out of it all together. That would be the first thing he did, when the big blonde piece of shit would finally unknot him. He just wanted out, even if it meant crawling across broken glass on all fours to get there. He would never leave the house again, or go anywhere near an alpha. He would steal all the suppressants he could get his hands on, to stave off any heat symptoms, until he either died or the medication killed him off first.


His imagination of a warm summer day on the grass was disrupted, changing to a hard desert covered in glass shards and a laughing big face of Erwin as a sun, while thorns tore Levi apart. 

He was losing himself, an important part of himself to Erwin. He would have to leave it behind in order to leave, tear it apart from himself, no matter how painful it was. He just had to pull through first. He didn't know how to function without it, suddenly overwhelmed and scared and helpless like a newborn. All he knew was, that he would have to sit in scalding hot water for at least a week, to burn off any trace of the alpha's seed. The thought of douching in bleach suddenly felt really appealing, making him almost smile.

'You self destructive bastard.' Kenny would mutter, before kicking him into a pulp, to show him his place. His place, that was underfoot of any alpha. Just a heat driven bitch, with a hole to fuck. 


Erwin noticed, that Levi was completely zoned out, focusing on everything but his alpha, staring blankly over his shoulder at the ceiling. For a while he tried to get his attention, nuzzling and scent marking him aggressively, growling in his ear, almost behaving like a needy child, whose favorite pet didn’t like him back. But Levi wasn’t his pet, he was his mate. Levi belonged to him now and Erwin longed to show him, that he belonged to Levi, too. His cock throbbed, emptying another load of cum inside the tight hole, as if to emphasize this conclusion. Exhausted from the frantic action he had to take before, the alpha draped himself and his weight over his mate like a too heavy blanket, cradling his mate in an attempt to urge any response out of him. Still stuck to his mate, Erwin wondered why his knot hadn’t gone down yet. 45 minutes were over and his knot still didn’t show any intention of going down, instead pulsing as angry, as the anger still boiling through his veins.

“I could be good for you.” he muttered, knowing that Levi wasn’t listening, didn’t even care for his words. 

This didn’t only hurt his pride as an alpha, it shattered his pride as a human. Since Erwin – tall, handsome, alpha – was used to people listening to him, the moment he opened his mouth, dark voice like chocolate filling the room – capturing the attention of everyone without much effort. And now his most important person wouldn’t care at all, probably never will.

“We could be good together. It could be so easy. You only have to accept me and you would never have to worry about anything at all ever again.” he reasoned to deaf ears “I wanted to make you feel good. You know that I can.” he added, biting down on the bonding mark softly, trying to channel his anger into words.

With the raw emotion of his rut fading, leaving his mind with the task to somehow make the omega understand his fate. 

“You have to accept the fact, that we are mated now. You know what that means in this society? This means you are mine.” Erwin emphasized this by grinding his hips against the small ass, fluids squelching lewdly around the throbbing knot. “Mine to take and mine to breed. You stay at home, raise my pubs, cook for me and keep everything nice and clean, while I bring in the money, before impaling you on my cock again and fucking you full with even more children.”

Sensing that he was getting his mates attention, finally, Erwin continued “This is how it is supposed to be, how it is and how society wants it to be. I never imagined being in the situation to think about, if I would actually treat my mate this way. I actually never thought about how I would treat my mate at all. It wasn’t a priority. But you are my priority now, Levi, and it appears that you leave me no choice. But remember, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s up to you, Levi.” he crooned sirupy.


And finally after over an hour, Erwin felt his knot go down, the closeness to a mate this passive towards him, actually draining his energy, leaving his thoughts caught up in a black cloud, instead of visions of a sunny future, butterflies and summerfields, other mated couples got to experience.


Even though Levi was not listening to the alpha's rambling, his omega did register the words loud and clear subconsciously. It drove him even deeper into his inner turmoil. Erwin was a heavy weight on top of him, crushing his lungs and making it even harder to breathe, but Levi clung to the discomfort. He just had to hold on a little longer. It seemed to take forever for the alpha to fall asleep and roll off his chest in the process, but as his breathing fanned out regularly for quite a while, Levi dared to glance at the huge blonde cage. Erwin was indeed asleep, dreaming god knows what kind of fucked up shit.

But coming back to reality, also meant the pain in his backside flaring up to deep agony. 

The omega was gritting his teeth, only sheer power of will, keeping him from shouting out aloud, while he slowly inched away from the imposing man. 

This was his only chance and he would use it. It seemed to take for fucking ever, until he rolled away, enough to sit on the edge of the bed. Hoping the bunched up pillow would cover his disappearance for now. Erwin was out cold, not having woken up yet, but Levi had no time to wait. His legs were shaking, as he tried to stand up, albeit slowly, but the vertigo was making it impossible to stay upright. His legs folded under him right away, scraping against the floor. He waited with bated breath for Erwin to wake up and launch forward at the sound, but the alpha didn't move. Levi glanced back at the towering figure, body screaming at him to return next to the warm body, but he kept crawling away from the bed, towards the door. 

He had no idea, where his clothes went and he probably wouldn't make it far in his state, but anything, literally anything would do right now.

The expensive door thankfully didn't creak, as he opened it, shuffling out into the hallway, almost howling at the pain each movement caused him. He didn't even dare sniffle, despite tears clouding his vision and his nose dripping like a faucet, but his determination spurred him on. There was a bathroom at the end of the hallway, the only room with a fucking lock on the door and he would get to it. He had to. Levi didn't know, how long it took him to crawl there, slumping inside and locking the thick door behind himself. It might not hold up for long, if Erwin came raging in, but it was the best he could do for now.

He was exhausted to the bone, drained dry and at the same time so full of conflicting emotions. He couldn't tell right from left.

The click sound of the lock engaging, was like music to his ears. He rolled up on the cold tiled floor for a moment, to take a much needed breather. He hadn't bothered to turn on the light, the city underneath them sending a soft glow up the skyscraper, illuminating the room dimly through the window.

The bathroom, was the only room with a build in scent canceling vent, and not having to smell the overpowering possessiveness, helped ease his mind. It still ached his omega to be away from Erwin, but feeling save was more important to Levi right now, than feeling complete. 

He could be complete all by his own. He always got by perfectly well, on his own. Mates or fated mates were a bunch of bullshit. There was only pain alphas could offer.

As if on cue, his body started throbbing tenfold now, his entire lower body licking in fire, cheek still burning from the handprint adorning his skin, throat raw and itchy.

He eyed the shower to his left and slowly made his way over, half rolling, half shuffling and crawling, to get to the relief, water promised him. He knew the rooms were pretty soundproof, so he didn't had to worry about Erwin waking up. The alpha had his own ensuite, probably never actually set foot in this bathroom in all his life. There was dusties in the corners, much to Levi's disdain, but he had to get clean first and take a rest. Maybe he would get lucky and Erwin wouldn't even look in here for him. He turned the handle to as hot, as it would go, before tapping it on and scalding himself in the process. He hissed, but didn't get away from the sensation. He'd had it worse. He plucked the shower basin half heartedly, waiting for the water to rise and allow his aching back side some relief. Watching the water cloud up in the semi darkness, his tears kept falling. His inner omega was raging at his actions, but despite it causing him even more pain, Levi needed to get clean. He had to, hoping against hope, it would defy the odds.

He eventually stopped scrubbing himself raw and fell asleep with the water trickling down his back, head resting against the cool tile, tilted forward towards his chest. Maybe if he would lay his head down near the drain, he might drown in his sleep. Wouldn't that be hilarious, if the coroner had to list of all his injuries, just to conclude the cause of death was drowning in the shower basin.

Chapter Text

When Erwin woke up after what felt like ages, he had lost any sense for time and room, needing a moment to figure out where he was and what had happened. Saturday 2 p.m. the clock read and the blond could not remember, that he had ever slept this long, or this late in his whole life. His muscles ached from the exhaustion and he couldn’t help, but feel completely drained by his rut, cringing at the thought of how his omega’s body must feel, after he had his fill of the alpha several times, without much time in between to recover. 

As if struck by lightning Erwin shot up. 


Looking around frantically, he realized, that his mate was not in bed with him anymore. Hoping, that he'd only gotten hungry and got up to rummage through the kitchen, to make himself something to eat, Erwin jumped out of the bed, still completely naked. Thinking twice, he grabbed a pair of boxer shorts and pulled them on hastily, not wanting to disturb his mate, with the image of his alpha running around his apartment in a panic, raging naked, as if ready to continue, where they left of. Just in case, that his Levi would indeed be in the kitchen. Which, of course, wasn’t the case. Remembering the omega's need for cleanliness, the next station to check was the ensuite bathroom, where they had washed up before. Also no Levi.

No Levi in the living room, no Levi in the library, no Levi in the playroom -Erwin was actually relieved. 

That would have been embarrassing for him - and probably another reason to run away in fear, as far as he could for Levi- and no Levi in the hallway. 

Erwin got the feeling, that Levi didn’t want to be found. That was, if he was still in the apartment, that is. Maybe he already did run for the hills? Guilt started to gnaw through Erwins insides. He had no clue, he would be like this during rut close to an omega. Completely overwhelmed with possessiveness and primal instincts. Pictures of his mate all bruised up, marked and painted in sticky white and bloody red, shot through his vision, making him nauseous of what he put the little one through.

Although, it was not the imagery, which made him sick, since he enjoyed marking up his partners, leaving them with bruises and love bites, tie them up and dominate them. It was the fact, that it had happened without Levi fully consenting. And now Levi was running away from him, hiding and trying to lock the alpha out of his life. Or lock himself in, to keep his mate out. With fast steps Erwin conquered the hallway, making way to the big bathroom, that he never used, since he was too lazy to have to clean up two bathrooms -not even remembering, when he had last cleaned in there. Did he ever clean this one?-.

A twinge up hope bubbled up, as he heard quiet clutter from the inside and he wanted to storm in and envelope his mate in his arms again, showing him, how happy he was, that he was still there. But he knew, that this was exactly, what he should not do. If he would pound open the door and squish the little omega in his arms again, booming voice overpowering the room, he would scare Levi again. 

So Erwin hesitated. He still wanted to make sure, that Levi was indeed behind the heavy door. His hand reached for the door. Locked. Staring at the heavy dark wood of the door, Erwin, the man that always had a good plan up his sleeve and was one gamble ahead in business, actually was unsure what to do. Barging in was no option. Just leaving him, felt like neglecting his mate even further. And he had done this enough. 

Taking a deep breath, he decided to knock on the door, to make his presence known. An almost timid knock, barely audible, but Levi must have heard it, since the quiet shuffling inside the room immediately stopped.

“Levi? I know you are in there.” Erwin started, voice cracking in relief, that his mate hasn’t left, struggling to find the right words. There were no right words anymore, that he could offer up, still he had to try. “Please com-“ … “I-“ giving himself a mental slap in the face, Erwin choked on his own attempts, to beg Levi to come out, to come back to him. He knew he could simply use his alpha voice and command his omega out there, but he couldn’t have lived with himself anymore, if he would have done that, with his mind completely clear, without the rut on top of all of that. Rendering his useless brain for any masterplan, he wished he was at least half as good, at handling emotional matters, as business plans. But he wasn’t and he couldn’t learn it in the next two minutes, so he focused on what he could do at that specific moment. 

The least he could do, would be providing for his mate. Levi must be exhausted, probably even in a very bad condition, hungry and without any blankets to roll himself up in. So Erwin made his way back to the kitchen, looking for anything suitable, finding a rather empty fridge and not much healthy food, some packages of frozen fast food, possibly even dating back to his college years. Shuddering, the blonde at least grabbed a bottle of water and put an apple and a few biscuits on a plate, making his way back to 'Levi’s' -bathroom. On the way, his eyes fell on the throw of the couch, the one Levi had looked so adorable in, his little angry sushi roll, so he picked it up as well, to carry it over. The alpha placed the sparse selection in front of the bathroom door, before softly knocking again.

“I brought you water and some snacks. Don’t be afraid to get them, or anything else you might find to your liking.” Erwin said, only answered by a dismissive snort, that was saying ‘As if I would be stupid enough to ever open the door’. 

“I will go grocery shopping now, do you want anything in particular?” 


“No? Well, I'll find something and be back in about an hour.” he informed Levi, before turning around, putting on his clothes and leaving his apartment, door clicking shut softly behind him.


Levi waited a few more minutes, after hearing Erwin retreating towards the front door, to be sure the alpha was actually gone. 

He had woken up, feeling filthy again and took another scalding shower in the early hours of the morning, before he had tried to clean the bathroom he was in, with the bare necessities at hand he had to his disposal. It took him hours, because his body was still in so much pain, his mind torn and he was still so tired and generally feeling like shit. He had no idea how late it was, but Erwin must have slept in late. Levi's inner clock was always reliable, so he knew he must have woken around 5 a.m.  or 6 a.m.. 


When the apartment remained silent, Levi dared to unlock the bathroom door, coughing heavily from the wave of stinky alpha pheromones right in front of him. The scentless bathroom had helped him focus, but now the alpha's stink was pleading with his inner omega. 

Fuck biochemistry!

He snatched the water bottle and the apple, sniffing it, but smelling no obvious poison, leaving the outdated looking biscuits on the plate, but arranging them in a noticeable middle finger gesture. The throw was tempting, but it was fucking filthy. 

There was still cum on it for fucks sake! 

It repulsed him. He kicked it away from the door, as wide as he could manage in his weak attempt. 

Leaning against the doorframe, he tried to get back on his shaky legs, for what felt like the billionth time that day, finally succeeding, even if every move was still like swimming in a pot of jello. 

It was tempting to escape entirely, while Erwin was out, but he knew he wouldn't even get down to the lobby in the state he was in. The bathroom was as save, as he could get right now. It made no sense to keep searching Erwin's apartment for the map, he could hardly do more than survive right now. 

He wanted some fucking tylenol, ibuprofen, benzos, whatever would do, to dull the pain. The med cabinet in the bathroom had been as empty as his bank account.

It took him, what felt like most of the time, to snatch a few fluffy towels from the laundry, that still smelled like detergent, a clean blanket from the cabinet in the living room and a pillow he had spotted in the library. Thankfully there was cleaning stuff in the kitchen under the sink, but it was way too heavy for him to lift, so he only took the bottle of bleach and some terries. It was alluring really, but he had hardly set it down and closed the door again, before he heard sound from the front door. He sighed, hastily locking his fort again, throwing the blanket with the pillow and towels in the bathtub, before crawling right on top of it. 

Erwin could go fuck himself!

Levi took a few sips of water, already drained of all energy, from wandering around to get his hands on essentials, holding one of the towels close like a safety blanket, closing his eyes against the glow of afternoon sun. Less stimulation, made it easier to sort out his head.


Being greeted by a middle finger out of biscuits, wasn’t the nicest welcome home he received, but Erwin felt relieved, that Levi had at least opened the door, while he was away. He even took the apple and the water bottle, but still rejected the blanket. 

With a sigh Erwin picked it up, hand immediately coated in something sticky, groaning inwardly in disgust. It was fucking filthy with his seed, probably grossing Levi out, as if he had masturbated in front of the door, instead of putting the throw there. Face scrunched up, he carried it away, tossing it in the washing machine, together with all of the other bed sheets and used up towels. He noticed that some of the fresh towels were missing, so at least Levi must have found suitable replacements. With the washing machine rumbling in the background, Erwin made his way back to the kitchen, starting to prepare the freshly bought vegetables for the planned dish. Although he had to admit, he wasn’t much of a cook, but even he could manage some roasted vegetables with potatoes and chicken breast. With everything set and ready in the oven, the blond started going through his apartment, checking what items Levi had deemed useful enough to take. Not much else and he probably didn’t find his painkillers and sleeping pills -for stressful days only of course- since Erwin stored his medication in his night drawer, together with other things, he prayed Levi hadn’t found yet. Still it surprised him, that none of his cleaning supplies went missing, aside from bleach and terries, probably too heavy to carry. So he took some of the cleaning supplies and painkillers to Levi’s room, announcing his return with a knock. 

“I’m back home. I brought you some cleaning supplies and painkillers. Food will be ready in ten minutes. I will bring it to your door, but feel free to join me at the table.”

With that Erwin left for the kitchen again, preparing some black tea and checking the food in the oven, which actually looked good, not burnt at all. And if the smell was anything to go by, it was good too. He knew, that there was no way in hell, that Levi would join him, he could be lucky, if he would accept the food at all. Seeing how skinny the little omega was, he probably was used to skip meals and the raging hunger pangs that come from doing exactly that. Finally the oven beeped, food ready, smelling mouthwatering. As he put the scalding hot oven form on the kitchen counter, Erwin's eyes fell on the plate with the offending arranged biscuits. So he decided to reciprocate Levi’s effort, rearranging the bell peppers and tomatoes around the chicken breast, laying on top of carrots and potato slices, until it formed a pretty and colorful heart. Armed with food and tea, Erwin made his way down the hallway again. He almost let the things fall out of his hands, as he saw the door was opened just a bit and he got a glimpse of Levi, dragging the cleaning supplies inside, grey eyes widening in shock, as he noticed Erwin just a few feet away, before retreating back inside, slamming the door shut and locking it hastily. For a moment Erwin couldn’t move, the image of the bruised up omega with skin scrubbed raw, burned into his mind. As he caught himself, the alpha placed the plate and tea in front of the door. 

“Lunch is ready.” he mumbled “I’m going to the living room.”

And this is how the rest of their sunday went. Erwin would mind his own business, trying to give his mate the much needed space, only putting lunch and dinner, a few treats and loads of tea - since Levi seemed to especially like the tea, it was gone the fastest- in front of ‘Levi’s room’. During those times, he would try and speak a few sentences to Levi, voice always staying gentle, or at least neutral, despite the rising despair of never getting much of an answer. 

When Monday morning arrived, Erwin didn’t know how he would survive the meeting – that damned important meeting, that had to be postponed to Monday. 

Looking in the mirror, Erwin tried his best to look as he ever did. Hair combed neatly to the side, suit pressed dry, fitting his strong body perfectly. The dark blue of his suit perfectly matching his deep blue eyes, making him look not only competent, but dashingly handsome, giving him the power to dominate the room. Although, having to leave his omega alone in the apartment this long, distressed him immensely, going back to work probably would do him some good. 

Returning to familiar ground and getting Levi out of his mind, to be able to focus on something else, at least for a few hours. Set on his decision to not let anyone suspect a thing, he buttoned up his shirt, two buttons higher than usual, to hide the bonding mark.


Levi had been up since the asscrack of dawn, purging any fluid and food from his body, that had possibly been there, since he had been born. Locked up in the safety of the bathroom, the weekend had passed agonizingly slow. 

Despite Erwin serving him food in expectable intervals, that helped Levi track the progress of the day, there wasn't much he had done, apart from sleeping, showering and cleaning the bathroom ten times over and listening to Erwin loitering around outside, doing fuck knows what. The towels were already filthy and revolting, his heat had passed, but instead of feeling better he felt even worse, then he had entering his solitary. Erwin would talk to him through the door and Levi would pretend not to listen, even though his omega sucked up each letter flowing from the alphas lips with rapid attention. 

Erwin would be going back to work and Levi had people to answer to, but he couldn't even fucking move much. He was afraid of sliding into deep shit, by not being around his house. Kenny's house. 

What if Nile showed up or one of his lackeys? Did Erwin even know about his colleagues side projects in laundering money?

He gave up climbing into the bathtub, after having to rush to the toilet for the 3rd time, before he lost count. He lay curled up on the hard tiled floor, back grazing the wall and toilet within hands reach, shivering, because it felt fucking freezing in there, like the temperature had dropped drastically, when Erwin left the premises.

Erwin had announced breakfast to be ready, as well as, that he would leave for work and the moment he heard him leaving, his resolve crumpled and he puked up another storm, small body shivering in his towels and blankets. He had been holding it back, afraid Erwin would hear and decide to break down the door after all. But the moment Erwin was gone, knowing he wouldn't come back, until possibly dinner time, had Levi longing for the alpha to return. His bonding mark started itching, which soon turned into a painful burning, the more distance Erwin put between them, on his way to his office. Tears he wasn't aware he had been holding back, pouring down his heated cheeks, as he felt Erwin leaving. He was doomed.

He couldn't even leave the fucking place, if he wasn't puking up a storm. The painkillers were little relief, given they came straight back up. He had stopped wasting them, the moment his stomach got so angrily upset. 

Was this the price he had to pay for Erwin going to work? Was the alpha feeling equally as shitty?

Levi hugged his knees close to his chest, purring for the first time in a long while, in the solitary of what had become his room.

He couldn't remember the last time he had purred, or purred to soothe himself, but he at least had to try. If Erwin would feel equally as fucked up, he would surely come back home.

Levi loathed the bonding mark, as it intensified the pain he was feeling. But at the same time, Erwin had respected his boundaries, had even tried to be kind to him. Making little hearts or flowers out of food and even figuring out his omega's favourite tea and the way Levi loved to drink it. He had to at least give the bastard that much credit. 

Maybe he could have done better?

Maybe Erwin wasn't so bad after all?

But Levi still felt used and betrayed, not yet ready to forgive.

He wasn't known to be forgiving to anyone.

The hours stretched, as Levi napped in between, not daring to touch the food Erwin had left for him. He had opened the door for a second and the smell was enough, to send him back reeling his guts up. He wanted Erwin to come back home, so the agony would stop.

In his haze of sickness, he wasn't even sure, what he was doing, or not doing for that matter. It was almost as bad, as the heat daze. He barely remembered, wanting to crawl into Erwin's bed, to take a sniff of his alpha, before he passed out cold on the hardwood floor of the hallway.


The meeting had started well, Pixis opening the discussion, with the overall business plan introduction. As scheduled on their daily agenda Erwin followed, presenting his calculations and statistics supporting his case. The faces in front of him blurry, as he stood in front of the committee, still his stand was confident as usual and his voice steady, although every fiber in his body itched to get back home, the moment he'd left the house. Everyone was listening to him intently, occasionally scribbling something down, Nile crossing out some of his own calculations angrily and Hanji probably drawing shit on their paper. And then there was Mike, watching him intently, who had probably noticed the buttoned up shirt and slightly unnerved undertone in his voice immediately. After he concluded his presentation, he had been relieved to finally be able to sit down again and escape the center of attention. At least until he saw, that Mike had seated himself directly next to him and leaned over slightly, big nose scrunching up, already scanning his scent for anything unusual. Face frowning up slightly, before he turned his attention to the current speaker, keeping his commentary to himself for the moment. 

Erwin couldn’t get to his car fast enough, forcing himself to walk in his usual speed, instead of straight up running out of the office, after he endured the polite useless chit chat, that followed each meeting like clockwork, exchanging pleasantries, but overall avoiding Mike at all costs. Although networking like this was important and he had mastered this art very early in his career - or else it would have been a pitifully short career - Erwin disliked smalltalk. But today he hated it, since it unnecessarily kept him away from returning home to his mate.

“So you got lucky.” a deep voice stopped him in his tracks. Cursing himself for not sprinting, as fast as he could, regardless of what his coworkers might think of him, Erwin turned around, facing Mike, who had followed him and kept up with him easily. “I didn’t know you were dat-“

“I’m sorry, Mike. I have to leave!” Aside from the fact, that he didn’t want to explain everything to his best friend right now, he suddenly was overwhelmed with the feeling, that something was seriously wrong, as he dashed away, leaving Mike behind without a second glance. The itching of his bonding mark had turned into a burning sensation, urging him to hurry up and back home to his mate. 

Every second felt like an hour, the slow ride in the elevator up to his apartment mocking him. The moment Erwin opened his apartment door, his heart almost stopped. The small frame of his omega was bunched up on the ground, completely motionless. 

“Levi!” he panicked, hunching down to his mate, grasping the delicate wrists, to check for pulse, quickly finding a soft beat, fluttering underneath his fingertips. The alpha cursed himself, that he had gotten home so late, although he wouldn’t have anticipated, that his absence would hurt Levi at all. But of course it would, they were freshly mated after all and bonded pairs desperately needed to be close together, especially in the first days – sometimes even weeks – after bonding. Growing weaker and weaker with every hour apart, Erwin had noticed it himself, although obviously not being as strongly affected as Levi, due to his severely better bodily condition. Who knew, for how long Levi had been laying there on the ground, unconscious?


“I’m here.” Erwin crooned despite Levi not being able to hear him. “I won’t leave you again.” Cradling his mate in his arms, he carried him to his bed, placing him on the soft clean sheets and covering him with the blanket. After he'd grabbed a bottle of water from the kitchen and placed his phone directly beside him, ready to call an ambulance right away, just in case Levi stopped breathing. He sat down beside Levi, stroking his hair tenderly, whispering sweet nothings, praying, that he would wake up soon. Not wanting to leave him for a second, Erwin sat there and waited, not realising that almost two hours had passed, until Levi’s eyelids finally fluttered open again.


When Levi finally came to, he had no recollection of the past hours. The last coherent string of thought he could recall, was feeling terribly sick and trying to hide it from Erwin, who had been busy in the kitchen, prepping breakfast.

Even before he dared to open his eyes, he knew he wasn't alone. His omega instincts drifting in a state of contentment, brought up by the gentlest of touches. Soft fingertips ghosting over his face, his ear, down his arm, or playing with his hair, accompanied by soft murmurs of words, he couldn't actually make out just yet.

His sight was blurry, head still stuffed with thick cotton and the feeling, that something had died in his mouth ages ago. 

He didn't want to lose the touch, that much he knew, so he rolled his head closer to the heat, coming from beside him, blinking up at a strong suit clad thigh. Erwin was sitting next to him, propped up against the headboard, looking down at him.

Instead of gushing over him, or a litany of 'I'm so fucking sorry!', the first thing out of the alpha's mouth was a gentle question.

"How do you feel?" Levi crunched up his face, trying to take stock of his body. He could feel the soft bed sheets, he was snuggled into, no longer freezing, but warm, with a soft note of fleeting detergent and something, that was unmistakably Erwin. His gut had calmed down for now, there was a faint layer of cream on his bruised skin, which had a soothing effect on his aches and he would be lying to the alpha, if he said he was fine. But he was feeling at least a little better. Levi shrugged his shoulders, not knowing what would be the right answer. Erwin's hand started retreating at that, but Levi followed suit, rolling closer.

"No leave." He mumbled, voice cracking and throat parched, brain obviously not fully able to form coherent sentences. 

"I wasn't planning to. I'm not going anywhere, I promise." Erwin said sincerely, reaching over to the bedside cabinet, to retriever the bottle of water and pressing it into Levi's hand.

"You can have tea too, if you are feeling up to it." Erwin pointed over to the blue tall thermos. Levi gave a small nod of acknowledgement, but water sounded more appealing right now. He had trouble twisting the cap off, allowing Erwin to help, before drowning at least half of it in greedy sips, with his head leaned up against the strong thigh, body curled up under the covers. Erwin must have taken care of him. 

Erwin was taking care of him and the thought made warmth blossom in his chest.

"I'm terribly sorry, I put you through this, when I left. I had no idea it would get so bad." Erwin apologized, his fingertips petting the omega's hair. 

"It hurt." Levi replied a little clipped, eyes fixed on the bed spread. 

"I'm sorry for that too. If it still hurts too much, I can take you to the hospital." Erwin offered responsibly. Levi gave a dry laugh in return.

"No. Don't have insurance." He murmured, slinging one arm around Erwin's leg, in an attempt to cuddle up. It wasn't sexually motivated, he just really needed to feel close and despite loathing himself, for even needing this, he just wanted Erwin to hold him. This was not a gesture of forgiving the alpha, but if Erwin was an honest man, he might as well prove his worth. Apologizing for his relentless behaviour during rut was a good point to start with, most alpha's wouldn't even have bothered.

"I can cover any treatment you might need and you shouldn't worry about insurance." Erwin purposefully left out the part, that mates were covered by their alpha's insurance straight away, as was the law, to not upset his omega. But knowing what a dangerous life Levi had been living prior and knowing he had no insurance, was making him cringe. What if the omega would have gotten hurt? He could have died out in a ditch for all the alpha knew.

Levi didn't elaborate, or asked for Erwin to take him to a hospital, he had had worse. And the knowledge, that Erwin had been caring for him, while he was out like a light, was soothing to know. He briefly wondered, if the alpha had seen the mess Levi made in the bathroom and cleaned that too, or if he had been sitting right next to him all this time.

"I'm sorry for the mess I made." Levi confessed, nose nuzzling Erwin's thigh.


Erwin actually hadn’t put a food inside ‘Levi’s room’, mind fully occupied with staying beside his mate, only standing up to get some water or lotion for his bruised skin, but he immediately made a mental note to clean up, whatever mess Levi had made, the moment he fell asleep again. It didn’t took him long though, the omega had only been able to eat a little bit of apple and drank some of the water,  before he dozed off again, snuggled up against the alphas thigh. Erwin could have stayed like this forever, he desperately wanted to and didn’t dare to move, until he was completely sure, he wouldn’t wake Levi up. Regarding the peaceful sleeping form of his mate, he stroked the soft cheek gently for one last time, before tugging himself free, out of the small arms enveloping his waist. 

After cleaning up the mess and tossing any filthy laundry he found in “Levi’s room” into the washing machine, he moved back to his bedroom, contemplating to just put on his sleep wear and snug into bed, next to his sleeping partner. 

Thinking of what happened the last time, they were laying together in the bed, he refrained from doing just that, not wanting to upset the omega. Instead he only draped the blanket over the exposed shoulders, leaning down to give Levi a small kiss on the forehead, that was answered by a sleepy mewl, before he left to sleep on the couch, suit long discarded, only wearing some sweat pants and a T-Shirt, avoiding any form of nudity around his mate.

Chapter Text

Distant ringing tossed Erwin from his sleep, his alarm clock chiming angrily at him to fucking wake up. Jumping up and rushing through to the bedroom, were Levi was sitting up paralyzed, staring annoyed at the offending object and smashing at it wildly, not finding the little button in the back, to turn it off. 

“Completely forgot about it.” Erwin mumbled, with a still sleepy voice. “I’m sorry.”

Levi nodded briefly, before lying down again, turning his back to his mate, rolled up in the blankets, apparently distressed. 

“It’s fine.” he mumbled.  “You have to go to work after all.”

After what happened last night, there was no way in hell Erwin would actually go to work. Making use of the company policy, to give the freshly bonded alpha’s the opportunity to work from home. Erwin shrugged off Levi’s comment with a plain “I told you, I won’t leave again.” , before calling his office, to submit his request for home office, which was promptly allowed, since Erwin could have done most of his work from home anyway. But he usually chose not to, since he valued the close contact to his coworkers and the accelerated communication, that came with just angrily hammering against the office door of the person in question, he needed to talk to urgently. Nothing could beat that, not even angry email’s that could easily be ignored, or closed without being read in the first place.

“I can work from home, as long as needed and only have to show up at the office, if something urgent is the matter.” Erwin called over to Levi from his position in the living room, groaning in annoyance, as his mobile phone beeped, just one minute after he had called in sick, with a message from Mike, that simply contained a winking smiley and an eggplant emoji. 

“It is still early, sleep for another while. Sorry again for disturbing you.” Erwin said, peeking his head into the bedroom briefly, wanting to check on Levi again, before turning around to return to the couch, although he knew he wouldn’t find any sleep anymore by now.


"No!" Levi dared to whine loudly, making grabby hands in Erwin's direction, as the alpha popped his head back in. Erwin looked at him surprised, as Levi kept petting the bed with one hand.

He would have woken up soon anyway, he just hadn't been aware of the alarm clock screeching. Now that he was awake, going back to sleep was the farthest from his mind, he wanted cuddles. It took away his pride to openly beg for it, but he remembered Erwin saying, that he should ask for whatever he wanted or needed. And he needed cuddles, right the fuck now! While he couldn't bring himself to say it out loud, his motions spoke for themselves, as Erwin stepped closer hesitantly. Levi tried to give him a set of puppy dog eyes, not sure if his face was getting the message, but hoping he wouldn't look too ridiculous doing so.

Erwin sat down next to him on the covers, turning towards the omega, as Levi kept blinking innocently, still patting the pillow, waiting for Erwin to lay down. Finally the alpha complied, stretching out his long body alongside Levi's curled up form, who squirmed closer, to snuggle himself into the alpha.

"You want me to stay?" Erwin asked, voice still deep with sleep, just to make sure, feeling the omega nod furiously into his chest. Levi decided to be bold and snatched one of the big hands, draping the alpha's heavy arm around his waist, waiting for Erwin to finally start petting him. He usually wasn't this touch starved after a heat, or maybe that was the bonds fault, but he couldn't find it in himself to give a flying fuck. He wanted cuddles and he wanted them now and he wanted them from Erwin!

The alpha's strong body was warm next to him, body heat seeping into the smaller man. He hadn't been freezing during the night, but somehow it felt more comfortable with Erwin next to him, his own little spare heater. Levi still hogged the blankets, grateful, Erwin choose not to get under them, he wasn't sure if he was ready for that much bodily contact yet. More acting on instincts than anything. Erwin's fingers kept rubbing his scalp, carding through his hair and down to the knotted tangled mess in his neck. He needed a haircut, but other things kept coming up, and it was way too nice to feel Erwin gently graze down his neck, trying to untangle the little knot,s that had formed during his sleep. Levi hummed in comfort, nose rubbing across the alpha's t-shirt clad chest. The feeling was divine, possibly even capable of coaxing him back to sleep, if he would allow Erwin to actually manipulate him like this. But this was his side of the game. If Erwin wanted to stand a chance to become his true alpha, he had to prove himself steady. 

Levi could feel the purr of contentment forming in his chest, but squashed the feeling down. He couldn't show himself this vulnerable yet. Erwin hadn't kept up any sweet chatter, allowing the silence to envelope them, as he kept draping himself all over the alpha in his need for contact. Erwin took it in stride, letting Levi climb half on top of him, leg slung around the big thigh, hips pressed up closely and upper body sprawling out across the alpha's chest, one hand lazily hanging out across the fit pecs, as Erwin petted his hair, down to his neck and down his shoulders. Fingers never trailing far and only grazing the bonding mark in wide circles. 

"Good." Levi sighed, before his eyes flew open in horror, as his stomach lurched and nausea spread through his system.

Fuck his life! 

He shot up from Erwin instantly, scrambling to get to the bathroom, almost kicking Erwin in the balls in the process, as he already felt the acid burning up his throat, legs still tangled in the duvet.

Holding Levi this close to his body and enjoying the silence, was something Erwin could get used to. He was starting to get sleepy again, although he wouldn’t want to miss a moment of this, not daring to move a muscle, aside from drawing gentle circles around his mate’s bonding mark.

But suddenly the peace was disrupted by Levi jumping up in a hurry, hands clasped over his mouth and struggling to get his legs free from the blanket. As fast as he could, Erwin helped Levi out of the blanket and reached out to carry him to the bathroom. The moment he had the little man lifted up and cradled in his arms, Levi suddenly hunched forward, turning slightly green, and despite desperately trying to keep it in, vomited directly over himself and Erwin. 

Watching the delicate frame in his arms coughing pitifully, the blond didn’t feel a twinge of disgust at the filth, instead patted the shivering back firmly, so Levi wouldn’t choke on anything. Thankfully Levi stopped soon, most of the vomit clear, since there has barely been anything in his stomach. Little hands pushed at Erwin’s shoulders to let him down again, head turned away, as Levi cried in shame at the mess he made. Holding on, until he reached the ensuite bathroom, Erwin let Levi down, before pulling his dirtied shirt over his head and discarding his own alongside it. 

“Do you feel better now?” Erwin crooned, while his hand reached out to test the water temperature of the shower, stepping aside to gesture Levi, who was now left in his underwear, to move inside first to clean up.

With a small nod Levi also removed his last bit of clothing, much to Erwins surprise, who turned his head away to give his mate his privacy, suppressing the urge to take a peek. Instead, he left to take the filthy clothing to the washing machine, opened the windows and sprayed the rooms with a nice room perfume, but not without leaving out a fluffy clean towel for Levi, ready to use, when he stepped out of the shower. Minutes over minutes passed, the windows were already closed again, everything smelling nice and clean, as if nothing had ever happened. Erwin began to wonder what took Levi so long. Knocking softly, but not getting an answer, he entered the bathroom, shocked at the sight of the small figure collapsed to his knees in the shower, scrubbing frantically, as scorching hot water poured over him. The water almost burned Erwin’s hand, as he rushed into the shower, turning the water to a mild cold temperature to cool off the burning red shrimp skin. 

“Levi…” he cooed, reaching out to his crumbled mate, who cowered on the ground, sobbing quietly. The alpha rinsed of the rest of the soap gently, before turning the water off and enveloping Levi in the soft towel, drying him off, Erwin searched for the right words to say. 

“Levi… why?” was the only thing, that kept repeating in his mind over and over again, he didn’t even realize, that he had spoken the question out loud.

Levi hid his face, avoiding the alpha's searching gaze and his question all together. He was still so filthy, how could Erwin even touch him? He was filthy, the shower floor was still filthy, after he had puked in there several more times, until realisation had hit him like a firetruck. 

Oh god!

Erwin shouldn't look in there, he probably missed some spots and he didn't know where to start or how to explain. Still dazzled and wired up from his suspicion.

This couldn't be happening. Not now, not ever and most of all not to him. He didn't want to end like the filthy omega whore Kenny always told him, he would be. He didn't want to be disfigured, or chasing after stupid pups. He didn't want Erwin's already overprotective nature having a field trip on his expense.

Just thinking about it, made him want to throw up again.

It couldn't be just a stupid stomach bug, he wasn't that retarded to believe this. When he was fine for mostly the rest of the day and just had been in heat, stuck on an alpha's knot without any protection whatsoever.

Where was the fucking bleach bottle again?

Levi dragged the towel closer to his body, almost drowning in it, becoming aware of his nudity and tried to make a move for his room.

The bleach sure must still be in there, but Erwin wouldn't let him slip away. Firm arms, holding onto his shivering omega form, blue gaze full of possibly concern. Levi gaped at him, mouth opening and closing, unable to voice anything at all. He didn't know what to say, Erwin would catch on straight away. 

He always thought of himself as a good liar, but if the rumors and old wives tales were true, Erwin would know instantly, that Levi was lying to him. He didn't want the alpha to lose his temper again. His bruises only had started to fade. But maybe, if he got Erwin angry enough, and got a good beating this shit would be dealt with.

Could he do something like this? He couldn't doom Erwin to a life of guilt. Levi kept shaking his head, mind worrying over the what ifs, while looking up at Erwin with tears in his eyes.


"Levi, you need to calm down." Erwin said earnestly, seeing the anxiety playing out across his mates face. He really wasn't good at this and should possibly consult Mike for help.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." - ' I'm so fucking pathetic.', Levi thought, while spitting apologies, hands clutching at Erwin's chest, making fists every now and again, while Levi was at war with himself on the inside. 

"I'm so fucking sorry, please. Please. Please."


Levi repeated apologies over apologies, talking himself into a frenzy, fueling his panic further. Erwin didn’t know what to do. He had never dealt with anything like that, only had heard that this could happen to people, who had a lot to suffer through in their life. Feeling the anxiety and desperation radiating from his mate, leaving his own head in a tailspin, clouding his own thinking with panic, he fought to not get overwhelmed by the emotions and instead find a solution to calm Levi down. But he wasn’t an expert by any means, not even good with emotional connections at all, unlike other people, who were gifted with a high empathy and the right amount of sensitivity to handle the situation. 

For example Mike could deescalate every fight between friends or foes, could make any small crying child smile again with a small gesture and help a broken woman overcome her haunting past. ‘Mike!’ it shot through Erwins head ‘Mike would know what to do’. 

Erwin didn’t know the details, Mike wouldn’t betray his wife's trust and just run around to tell the tale, not even to his best friend - and for this Erwin valued him even more, knowing that secrets were safe with the gentle giant. 


As far as he knew Nanaba – probably not unlike Levi - came from an abusive family and luckily for her, accidentally ran into Mike, as she tried to run away, scared and crying, full of distrust and fear, but in the end found Mike, and he did what he did best, picking up all of her shattered pieces, the patient man that he is, and earned first her friendship and then her love. It was a story like a fairytale at least in Erwins mind, but Mike would only snort at that exclamation, hinting that he only knew half of it, saw only the light and not the darkness, but figuring that this was enough.

Everything else was personal and they got along so well, because they respected their boundaries aside from the occasional ‘crude joke’ Erwin thought, as he fumbled with his mobile phone in one hand, trying to keep Levi in check with the other, feeling like he was play wrangling with a small child. Since typing won’t work with one hand and being shuffled around, by a small pushing and pulling frame, the blond gave up and pressed the call button on a whim, listening to the beeping and wondering, if this was actually a good idea. 

“Erwin? What’s up? It’s like 8 a.m. in the morning on my day off, thanks for that.” came a grouchy voice and a lighter voice in the background groaned softly “Sorry, honey, one moment.” Mike apologized right away to his wife.

“Mike, I might need your guidance on something.” Erwin admitted, still struggling with a crying Levi, who wrangled himself in a panic, fighting against Erwins grip. 

“Uh-uh” it came from the other side, more amused than actually bothered, enjoying the cry for help a bit too much, probably seeing it as a joke. 

“I am serious, Mike, I-“ Suddenly Levi broke free from Erwins grasp, crying out as he fell to the ground, although pulling himself up rather quickly to scrabble away, to what seemed to be the direction of ‘Levi’s room’. He was still sobbing apologies over and over again, whimpering in panic over how he wasn’t a good omega for thinking about ‘this’ , whatever ‘this’ was and that ‘this’ couldn’t happen. 

The words spilled frantically out of Levi’s mouth, Erwin was overwhelmed with the situation, only sure that he had to prevent his mate from reaching ‘his’ room or something terrible would happen. 

He almost lost balance, while shooting forward to catch Levi again, he dragged him firmly against his chest with one arm, crooning softly, before he was able to hold the phone to his ear again.

“What the fuck his happening, Erwin? What the fuck are you doing?” Mikes voice echoed through the phone, sounding concerned and actually angry at his friend. 

“Please just come over, Mike! Fucking please, I don’t know what to do.” 

After hearing Mike’s grunted affirmation, Erwin hung up, clutching Levi in his arms and sitting down on the ground with him. He gently rocked the shivering body forwards and backwards in a steady rhythm to calm his mate down, kissing the crown of his hair and humming a sweet simple tune like a lullaby. 

“Everything will be alright, Levi, a friend will soon be here. He is nice, you will like him. He can help, I am sure he can.” Erwin whispered softly and waited, sitting there on the ground with a bruised up crying omega in his arms. Mike would fucking kill him.


Levi wasn't really paying attention, his mind was reeling, while he tried to orientate himself. Erwin wouldn't let him go to 'his' bathroom, even though he just wanted to hide away. 

He wasn't reliable at the moment and might as well been worrying his alpha sick, but Erwin's feelings coming through the bond, got lost in the whirlwind of his anxiety. He sobbed frantically, fingers tangling in his hair, pulling at the strands, knotting them around his fingers for better leverage. He almost missed Mike's entry, if it wasn't for the scent around him changing and his conversation with Erwin flew right over his head.

"Do I even wanna know, how you ended up in this situation?" Mike snarled, gaze hard and unimpressed, as he arrived, closing the bathroom door behind himself. Erwin just shrugged his shoulders helplessly, trying to explain as best as he could, leaving out some delicate details about his own shortcomings. Like how he had ravaged Levi like a beast during rut, but the battered struggling body in his arms, obviously spoke for itself. 

Mike wasn't happy about the situation presented to him at all, but choose to not address Erwin's obvious major fuck ups just yet. 

"So that's your mate? Had something else in mind for a first meeting." Mike confirmed, just in case, coming closer slowly, before crouching down opposite the pair of them. 

"That's Levi." Erwin supplied, trying to keep Levi from dashing away.

Mike's scent was reeled in and subdued, since he had just been with Nana, before Erwin woke him from his slumber. Nanaba was out in the kitchen, making tea, waiting for Mike to do, whatever he had to do. 

Levi's distress was basically stinking up the entire apartment, a sour taste in the other alpha's mouth, but Mike wasn't one to judge.

"Let him go." Mike said, registering Levi's need to run.

"But…" Erwin objected, but stopped right away to object the moment Mike glared at him. He had asked his best friend for help, so Mike sure would know better. After all they outnumbered Levi right now. 


The moment the alpha stopped touching him, Levi curled himself up as small and as tight, as a coil spring. He didn't even consider to run, the two different alpha scents, scaring him.

His litany of apologies had turned to full on sobbing and hiccuping, making it hard to breathe. Inside his head the omega was screeching. 

Two alpha's meant danger. 

Another alpha in the room with his mate meant a fight, or at least more danger, the situation overwhelming Levi.

"Levi." The strangers voice was calm and soothing, but his mistrust overrode these attributes. At least Mike didn't touch him, it would only make the omega lash out.

"There's nothing here to be afraid of and whatever you see or hear right now, despite my voice, is just inside your head." Mike stated the facts, receiving a violent snorting noise from the omega, kicking out in the general direction of Mike's voice.

Whoever the other alpha was, he was already a piece of shit indicating Levi was going nuts. He was very much aware, that Kenny's toxic words, weren't reality right at that moment. The old geezer was very, very dead after all - thank you very much. 

But what the fuck should the stupid alpha know, not having walked in Levi's boots for even a quarter of a mile. Erwin was tearing at his own hair in frustration, from the cacophony of mixed up emotions, that lapped at his consciousness in waves. Mike however wasn't even fazed by the omega's bad behaviour, just sitting there, waiting patiently for the adrenaline in the omega's body to fizzle out. 

He had chosen not to quench the obvious fear. The human body couldn't hold up a peak of panic or anxiety for longer than 25 minutes to a maximum of 45 minutes, while it was still possible to feel bad afterwards, or even bone deep tired. At least the omega's head would clear enough to be able to listen, negotiating right now on any ground would only prolong the omega's suffering, because it would distract his attention.

Erwin watched Levi’s panic, absolutely helpless and hated the feeling. He wanted to make it stop, anything to make him feel better, but Mike stopped him with a hand gesture, as soon as he tried to reach out for his mate. 

“But-“ Erwin whisper shouted, looking at Mike, eyes darting over to the crouching frame on the ground.  “We need to calm him down!” 

“No.” Mike replied calm and plain, leaving Erwin to fight with his urge to act. He wanted to yell at his friend, asking how he was supposed to just do that. That he had it easy to say such things, because it wasn’t his mate suffering right in front of his eyes. 


Mike knew the feelings rummaging through his friend, knew the helplessness, but there was nothing aside from waiting, that they could do. So both men sat there in silence, contemplating their own thoughts. 

Erwin was frustrated, but choose to listen, since he had been the one to call for help and received it now, although he was skeptic about the method used. 

Mike seemed to be always calm, but the trust in his longtime friend was deeply shattered. He considered himself one of the few people, who actually knew Erwin, but apparently this wasn’t the case. He would have never thought, that Erwin would succumb to his lowest desires and violate his mate like this.

He didn’t even need to hear, what actually happened and the fact, that Erwin tried to gloss things over also spoke for itself. 

Although he had noticed that Levi’s issues probably weren’t just Erwin’s work, obviously rooted deeper than that and were now triggered by someone - as overwhelming to put it nicely - as Erwin. The little one had lost faith in alpha’s at a very early stage, possibly growing up with a toxic image of what an omega was worth, and now his own mate proved his horrific view of the world as correct, instead of showing him his real worth and beauty.


Levi crouched forward, sobbing hysterically and exposing his neck. Mike saw the angry red bonding mark surrounded with swollen dark bites and he felt like choking the life out of the blond fuck of an alpha next to him. Biting the bonding mark over and over again, in such a brutal way, to force the omega into submission, was considered despicable, between the ranks of omega rights activists. 

Mike had been supporting them, even before he had gotten together with Nanaba. Erwin had a lot to learn, at least he seemed willing to try, pulling himself together. But if it weren’t for Erwin, - if he wouldn’t know, that he was a decent person- he wouldn’t want the alpha, who did that to his own mate, even near Nanaba, or any other omega for that matter. 

Anger, disappointment and shock mixed into his former picture perfect image of Erwin Smith. 


Mike didn’t need to speak a word, Erwin knew that his friend was disgusted by his behavior. His pitiful attempt at glossing his own mess over had failed and it wasn’t a surprise, not even a whole tub full of concealer, would have been able to cover Levi’s bruises up. Seeing Levi like this, it occurred to him, that he might never get his mate’s trust and acceptance back. Not only that, considering Mike’s unusual snarling tone with him, he might have lost a friend, too.

Erwin bowed his head in defeat, pulling his knees to his chest, his own pain fueled with Levi's anxiety and despite being surrounded by his most important people, he felt loneliness creeping up his spine, to consume his life, leaving him hollow, with nothing else than work in his existence. Ironic how this would have been fine with him, just a few days ago.

He couldn't lose Levi and he couldn't lose Mike, so he swore to himself to do everything in his power to keep them in his life. And if this wasn't enough, if he was really a bad person after all, then he didn't deserve those two precious humans in his life and the least he could do, would be to allow them their distance, so they could still be happy.


“It should be over soon” echoed Mike’s voice over his whirling thoughts. Erwin's eyes wandered over to the clock, that indicated, that indeed almost 45 minutes had passed by now.

The terror slowly faded from Levi's veins, leaving utter exhaustion in its place. The rushing in his ears slowly receded, snarling voices inside his head quietening, as he kept his knees close to his chest, feeling the snot and tears starting to cake the skin, from where he had pressed his face into them.

The spinning in his head finally stopped, but he still felt lightheaded, as he dared to slowly move his arms out of the uncomfortable fold in front of his chest, trying to cover his exposed neck. 

His fingers brushed along the angry red scent glands, sending spikes of pain up his spine, before settling over them. He didn't dare lift his head right now and refrained from taking a peek through the strands of hair, still plastered to his sweaty face, becoming fully aware of the tense atmosphere,as well as the two alpha's around him.

One smelled like Erwin and was probably ready to rip his head off, should he open his mouth for causing such a scene, which left his legs still trembling. The other alpha was a stranger, who seemed calm, but his smell was making Levi's eyes water. It carried the note of someone bonded happily ever after and he hadn't smelled that, so up close ever before, despite recognizing it straight away. 

Levi barely remembered the brief exchange of words, they must have had during his break down. He didn't know what to do, his body was ready to just pass the fuck out and sleep for 3 days straight, it was a miracle he was still awake at all. It had felt like he was about to fucking die and in between the agony, he had almost wished to just vanish or be murdered right on the spot. He hadn't had an attack so bad, since living with Kenny, as a scrawny teen.


"Levi?" Mike's voice was deep and patient, but still made the omega flinch badly, a squeak escaping the raveonettes lips. 

Levi dared to take a peek at the strange alpha, coming face to face with a giant of a man, much taller than Erwin, even if he was sitting in front of him, with his long legs folded up neatly, dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. For all he knew, he could be Erwin's giant baby brother or something.

"Are you listening?" Mike implored, still ever so patient, thankfully not using his alpha voice. Levi nodded timidly, eyes wandering restlessly. He was still in Erwin's en-suite from the look of things and he could feel Erwin sitting close, but he was so scared to look at him, afraid of the disgust and disappointment, he would surely see on his mates face.

"That's good. Are you feeling better?" 

Was he? 

Was he feeling better? 

He felt like fucking shit, what kind of question was that even? 

Levi grit his teeth, shuffling away from them both a little, clutching the towel to his naked form. Erwin tried to reach out to him, wanting to offer comfort, but Levi almost fell over himself, in an attempt to scramble into the next best corner of the room. It was a reaction solely based on his instincts, as the omega was still waiting for the storm to hit center, expecting to be hit for not answering. 

Erwin growling in frustration didn't actually help any. 

"It's okay, you don't have to be scared, nobody will hurt you, or wants to hurt you." Mike tried to reassure the frightened omega, glaring at Erwin in the process. Levi observed them closely, eyes wide and big as plates. He wanted to believe them so bad, he really wanted to, but this situation was totally out of his depths. 

Mike kept thinking hard, since Levi obviously wasn't reacting in any way, he would have expected. Usually omega's craved security, after being shaken up so badly, but all Levi did was still trying to run. He slowly got up, avoiding harsh movements, as he motioned for Erwin to do the same. The old man's knees cracking, as the alpha got up. Levi made himself smaller in the process, pressing his back rigidly into the wall behind himself.

Mike opened the bathroom door, expecting to be run over, in an attempt to get away as fast as possible, but Levi just watched on warily. 

He couldn't really grasp, what these two blonde fucking idiots were waiting for.

The door remained open, as they both left and for the first time Levi dared to breathe. There was a lot of things he wanted, but he was still frozen in place, almost jumping a foot in the air, as a new scent wafted around the room, when Nanaba stepped inside, carrying a tray.

Levi could smell the other omega and he picked up the scent of Mike on her, as well as the same contentment, he had seen on the giant. 

She was Mike's omega obviously, moving carefully, a soft limp on her right side and a genuine smile on her face, as she came closer, setting down the tray and waiting for Levi's reaction. 

A few garbled sounds came out of his mouth in surprise, his brain still overstimulated and too dumb to make sense. 

"Hi." she held out her hand palm up to him. Levi reached out slowly, fingers trembling. He hadn't meet another happy omega, since his mother's passing. 

Nana was a beauty with golden braided hair, soft features and the scar on her cheek didn't even take away from that, or dimmed her positive energy. She might not be pretty in society's eyes, but she seemed like an angel to Levi in that exact moment, working her magic spell on him.

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Erwin watched the scene unfolding in absolute awe, as if there were two angels right in front of him, one glowing in light reaching out to the one with broken wings on the ground. Nanaba was practically glowing, radiating happiness and positivity and Erwin really wanted that for Levi, too, a bitter taste lingering in his mouth, that he might have ruined that forever. 

So he stood there frozen, imprinting the sight in his brain and hating himself even more for fucking up. As if Levi would ever look at him, like Nanaba looked at Mike. ‘Soulmates’ it echoed through his head, but then, why had everything about Levi felt so right? Suddenly feeling a hand on his shoulder, Erwin was startled by Mike's calm voice throwing him out of his thoughts.

“We should leave them alone for a while. Come on, let’s go, we need to talk, too.” With that Mike lead Erwin into the bedroom, the door closing with a click, giving the two omegas their privacy.

“This is probably Levi’s first contact with an omega in a long time. Maybe even his first time, with a happy omega ever and you stare at him like a creep.” Mike added, towering in front of Erwin. Seeing his friend confronting him so directly, he knew he was in for a ride, maybe he would get socked in the face, but knowing Mike, this wasn’t his style and it wouldn’t solve anything. Instead Mike sat down on the bed, one big hand going through his long dirty blonde hair, probably not finding any words for the situation, he was faced with, or searching for the right point to start, now confronted with Erwin and only Erwin. 

“Nanaba looks happy.” Erwin started in a forced casual tone, his voice a bit too upbeat, giving away his nervousness. 

“She is.” came the plain answer straight away.

“I’m glad.” Erwin murmured absentmindedly.

After the brief exchange uncomfortable silence enveloped them and Erwin started to gain hope, that Mike wouldn’t say anything further on the matter after all, but the moment the bed dipped down under the added weight of the other alpha, as he sat next to his friend, that hope evaporated into thin air. Mike’s jaw clenched, as if he had decided, that he would go through with whatever had come to his mind. 

“I found cameras in your rooms. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, practically everywhere. I figured, they weren’t yours?” Mike finally prompted. “I will take them down and then we will take a good look at them. And what happened.” the alpha added in an afterthought.

With that said, he stood up and left Erwin alone in the room, before he could have said anything else to retaliate or brush off the situation at hand. Mike didn’t want to talk to him, he wanted the truth and he knew, that Erwin would give him an alternative version of the truth. Not completely wrong, but not what truly happened either, drawing a new reality, filled with little lies and heartfelt excuses, as if it would change what had indeed happened. 

Erwin knew all of that, in his brain sentences had already begun to form, to explain away his behavior, hoping to get some sort of absolution, that would lessen the guilt, that ate away at him. He could already taste the excuses on the tip of his tongue, ready to fill the gap between them with pretty little lies.

After a surprising short amount of time, Mike had returned with a lot of cameras and the laptop, all stacked up neatly in his arms and Erwin couldn't help but wonder, how he had failed to notice  something like this in such a quantity. He must have been either blind, or distracted by a sweet scent and an even sweeter omega in front of him. 

Mike set up the laptop und took out the SD cards from the cameras, asking Erwin which rooms they used and the other alpha complied, giving out the answers without a fight, his shoulders hunched, while an anxious feeling clawed at his heart. He didn’t want to see this.

When Mike slotted in the first SD card, it turned out to be the one from the library, the recording showing only Levi at first, the omega all dressed up in his maid costume, looking around and dusting a few books for good measure, with a pretty evident scowl on his face. Although Mike snarled at the obvious fake show, the omega was trying to pull off with little success, he didn't comment on it, even as the omega started to showed true signs of distress. 

On the screen seeing them right next to each other, their size difference was even more prominent and the way the alpha handled the crying mess in front of him so roughly, shocked Mike. Erwin would have not recognized himself. Still not saying anything, not even commenting on Hanji’s call, Mike changed the SD card to the one covering footage from the living room, as Erwin instructed him to. 

The picture of them cuddled together, Levi as a little blanket burrito next to him, practically steaming with anger was almost cute, but it didn’t last long and Erwin had buried his head in his hands for a moment, not wanting to watch, how that tall man ravaged the delicate frame beneath him on the couch. His movements hard and lust driven, with no regards for his chosen mate, who just seemed so lost beneath him, confused even, if he should pull the alpha closer, or try to crawl away. Seeing himself so blissed out the moment his knot popped inside his mate, disgusted Erwin now. Especially since he remembered the words, he had snarled at Levi in that moment. 

"Mine to fuck. Mine to breed."  

Erwin felt like he was about to vomit and gave a tentative look to Mike, who was still focused on the screen, his face contorting into a mask of disgust, a deep growl leaving his throat, as he witnessed the bonding bite. His distant expression could not hide the anger and betrayal bubbling beneath it. Unfortunately for Erwin, his friend didn’t stop watching the footage at this point, when the deed was done. But decided to go through with it, switching SD cards, whenever they changed the room and watching intently.

Mike skipped the scenes, where they were sleeping or bathing together, Erwin mentioning it off handly, when and where, as if this would matter at all. If Erwin wouldn’t have known Mike for such a long time, he would have assumed, that the taller alpha was all calm and composed, but the little twitch of his eyebrows, the way he clenched his jaw just a bit more, whenever Levi seemed to find new trust in the strange alpha, only to have it shattered again, by the rut driven haze and the alpha’s possessiveness, that in turn was triggered by the omega’s feisty attitude. 

It must have reminded him of what had happened to his Nana. 

When Mike had finished every video, seen everything on screen, that was left to see and surveyed the entire footage recorded, until the batteries had run out, Erwin was truly scared of his dear friend for the first time.

Instead of rushing into words to redeem himself and his actions, he just sat there and waited for Mike to say or do something. With every second that passed, Erwin wanted him to just punch out his lights, to even out the game somehow, to relief Erwin from his guilt, although this would never be possible, but it took a while, until Mike had found the words he wanted to say. 


“I really thought I knew you.” He began and Erwin immediately wanted to throw in ‘But you do know me! For years!’, but was shut up by Mike instantly, before he could even take a breath to start. “And I was a bit angry, when I figured out, that you were mated without telling me. For a brief moment I thought you must have been dating someone and just hadn't told me about it. And being excluded like this hurt enough, but you have no idea how much I wish, that would have been the truth. I could have been playfully angry at you for good measure, for a month maybe and guilt trip you into buying breakfast for the office for the next, then everything would have been fine and we could have had those romantic couple evenings together.” Mike barked a hollow laugh at that. “You already told me what really happened and I believe you, but don’t you dare assume I am stupid enough to not notice, that you glossed over the whole shit story, because you didn’t want to lose your face in front of me. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t need to. I have seen and smelt enough. What in the world possessed you to do this to him? I thought your mother raised you better than that! What had this omega done to you, that would make your actions even remotely okay!” Mike bellowed.

“I already told you I was in rut. I lost control.”

Mike crossed his arms in front of his chest, his upper arm muscles stretching the fabric of his shirt to the limit, reminding Erwin, that his hunk of a friend could easily knock the life out of anything and anyone, as well as that Mike occasionally liked to show off his strength to get his point across. A subtle warning so to say. 

“Did it feel good while you did it?”

Erwin opened his mouth to immediately say no, defend himself, because he regretted deeply and truly, what he had done, the way he had one it, the guilt eating him alive. But looking Mike straight in the eye, he crumbled under the other alpha's glare, lying won’t make it better. Lying won’t prevent it from happening in the future. And he wanted a future with Levi. 

Wanted to hold him without being afraid to go into rut again, the moment Levi's smell started to turn sweeter. But Erwin choked on his words, not able to speak out aloud, that yes in that moment it felt good, it felt amazing and powerful, his omega beneath him like that, having to take it. He felt too ashamed and disgusted with himself. 

“I will never let this happen again. Next time, I will-“ Erwin stammered instead, but got cut off quickly by Mike again. 

“Next time?” he snorted. “I bet you told this to yourself, too, in between. Whenever you were sated, you felt sorry, but the moment he smelt so pretty, but mouthed off against you, you pounded him down again.” the dirty blonde, pointed out icily.

“But I am out of rut and I know that now, I would never hurt him-“ Erwin argued.

“Next time? And what will happen, when he goes into heat again and smells like a treat, begging for his alpha's fat knot to fill him up? You go straight into rut again. The omega will remember the last time, he will panic and you will lash out again, because he isn’t a good bitch to breed. And then you can take your sorry excuses down to hell, because I will be there to end you!” Mike snarled at Erwin, his gaze fixed on the other male, making sure he knew that he was dead serious.

Nanaba didn't shy away from Levi, allowing his trembling fingertips to hesitantly touch the palm of her hand, before he plucked up the courage to put his hand in hers.

"I'm Nanaba, but you can call me Nana. You are Levi right?" she asked softly, getting a scratchy sounding "Yeah." out of the other omega.

"It's okay. You must be feeling terribly dear. I brought you some ginger tea and soup. I can help you clean up a little, if you want. How does that sound?" Levi covered his mouth in awe, eyes big and tearing up a little. Nobody had ever shown so much care upon meeting him, without any ulterior motives, except for his mom, even though he can hardly recall her face by now.

Nana waited patiently for Levi's agreement, before filling a bowl with lukewarm water, grabbing a sponge and getting to work. She made slow soft movements, never leaving Levi's eyes and cleaned him up gently. She didn't want to scare him further, knowing fully well herself, how draining panic attacks were.

She wrapped him up in a fresh towel, before leaving shortly, to pick up clothes and a blanket, making sure Levi knew, that she wasn't skipping out on him. 

She passed Erwin and Mike, only making eye contact briefly with her alpha. Mike could understand her, even without words. She didn't address Erwin, feeling too afraid and hesitant now towards her friend. She had always thought Erwin was a good guy, but seeing the evidence all across Levi's skin, made her doubt it and in turn avoid him. She knew first hand how cruel misguided alpha's were, but had never expected Erwin to be one of those knot minded shitheads. She snatched a candy bar out of her purse, after picking up all she would need, before hurrying back to Levi.

His eyes shot up instantly, as she opened the door and entered and his shoulders visibly relaxed upon seeing her. She helped Levi dress, apologizing for the oversized clothes from Erwin's dresser, she had noticed the lack of Levi's personal stuff instantly, wondering if he even had any, or if she could help him retriever them, from wherever they were stored. As a finishing touch, she put some of her own knitted fluffy socks on his feet. He was so fragile, that even Nana's small stuff was loose on him, but then again, he wasn't that tall. Levi touched the pastel colored bunny socks with a look of wonder.

"Do you like them? I made them, you can keep them." she said, before dragging the tray closer, letting Levi drink the tea and spoon up the soup.

"Thank you." Levi's voice was low and still scratchy, as if he caught a cold, making Nana drag up the hood of the hoodie, to cover his damp hair.

"Don't mention it, it's fine. I can make you some more, anytime. I hope they are fluffy enough." She smiled. Should she be getting cold feet during the day, or on the way home, she could always ask Mike to warm her up, he wouldn't mind.

"They are very fluffy." Levi mumbled shyly, wiping away a stray tear, that had escaped his eyes. While Levi ate slowly, Nana took care of his visible injuries, putting arnica cream on his bruises, asking him if anything hurt, but Levi shook his head. 

He was way too tired to take stock of himself. She bandaged his left wrist anyway, because the black and blue bruises looked really painful. Levi didn't mind. He watched her skillful fingers work, speaking of experience. He was still dazzled, afraid Nana would vanish, if he gave into his tiredness. She opened her arms readily, offering him a hug and Levi keeled right over, his small frame coming to rest against her soft body, feeling her arms enveloping him. It reminded him so much of his mom, that it almost hurt and he held on tight, crying into her chest. Nana let him, rubbing soothing circles into his back without complain. 

"It's okay. Let it all out." She murmured, grasping at strings to come up with something helpful. If she could, she would ask Mike to take Levi back to their place, at least for the next few days. He probably wouldn't feel safe here with Erwin.

"Is there anything I can do? A place we can take you, or somewhere we can pick up your things for you? I want to help, Levi." She asked the crying omega on her chest, but Levi just shrugged his trembling shoulders.

"I don't know. I don't know what to do." Levi hiccuped, as he finally dropped his fake bravado and opened up his floodgates to Nana. She listened patiently to his fears and worries, to his story about meeting Erwin and anything else, he literally word vomited onto her in a whisper, afraid Erwin would hear otherwise.

"It's okay, Levi. You have every right to be scared and overwhelmed. You don't have to make a decision right now about anything. Take your time to think about it." she said gently, carding her fingers through his raven hair.

The silence between Mike and Erwin was interrupted by Nanaba passing through, looking over to Mike briefly, but avoiding eye contact with Erwin completely, her eyes darted away quickly. 

As she had left again, Mike chose not to comment on her behaviour, completely understanding his wife’s distrust toward the former family friend. Erwin’s heart broke further, realization coming through, how much was on the line. If he didn’t fix this, somehow, if he couldn’t redeem himself…  how can you fix something like this? 

His thoughts tumbled over one another, frantically repeating themselves inside his head, not coming to a conclusion.

There was no way. 

Mike proceeded to ask Erwin more questions, not exactly wanting to know in great detail, what he had already seen unfolding on screen, Erwin had done to his mate. Still he needed to know, if there were any severe injuries, that he might have overlooked. With every word uttered, it got more and more difficult for Mike to get the images out of his head, combined with the cleaned over, but for him still slightly noticeable scent of blood, semen, anger and despair in the air. 

Levi's heat had ended early and Mike didn't need to be a doctor, he knew what that could imply  and Erwin knew it too. If he would actually stop to think shit through and turn his attention to what might bother his mate, instead of only thinking about what bothered himself. But empathy was never Erwins forte. 

Levi was probably scared shitless at the thought of being knocked up by a stranger, full of panic and desperation, since he couldn’t rely on his alpha to support him. He prayed that Nanaba could give him back some hope. There was a silver lining, that the trauma caused by Erwin's attack had stunted his heats progress, but it was pretty small. 


“Does Levi have any place to go?” Mike broke the silence, although he already suspected the answer. There was no one missing the little omega even after four days. 

“He doesn’t need to go. His state was bad, when we were separated, while I was at work. I would like him to stay… for his own good.” Erwin answered, fidgeting with his fingers at Mike’s absolutely awestruck expression, like he just said something unbelievable offending, but he didn’t understand. He was only concerned for Levi’s well-being and having been witness to what happened, when he had left last time, he couldn’t risk putting him in danger, by throwing him out – rejecting him. 

Weren’t bonded mates supposed to be together after all? 

Mike wanted to smack Erwin's head against the wall to get some sense into the dense alpha, just when he felt, that they were making some small progress. One step forward, three steps back. Apparently being so engrossed in work, never thinking about anything else in his life, suppressing not only his needs, but also himself as a person outside the office, Erwin was unable to give up control. 

Now as a freshly mated alpha, that was rejected by his omega, possessiveness wound its way into his brain. He failed to realize, that currently, he is the only danger for Levi.

Instead he chose to excuse his behavior, with what society deemed appropriate for an alpha to do to his mate, leaving him feeling entitled to it.


“You are not his only option, Erwin.” Mike began to call him out– he really didn’t want to call the other alpha out on his behavior, to avoid a fight, but some things needed to be said. “He can return to wherever he came from, although that doesn’t seem to be in his favour, we are not to judge, if he would chose to do so. And yes, he could stay with you, if he wants to. But he could also go to an omega house of the activists. If you weren’t my…"  - Mike had to hesitate, he really didn’t want to call him that anymore - " well, friend, he would already be there. He could also stay with Nana and me, since they seem to get along fairly well. We wouldn’t mind.”

Erwin gulped, not really liking the thought, that Levi might leave him – reject him – would be safer without him. 

His omega living with another alpha, even if it was Mike, who he knew, he didn’t like it at all. But if this would be the only way to see Levi smile again, to have a chance to see Levi smile at him again, then he would endure it. 

Because it was exactly like Mike had previously pointed out. 

“Just because you are an alpha, you are not allowed to control Levi. He is his own person and he can make the decision, what is best for him, all by himself. He is allowed to always change his mind about it. It is up to Levi, Erwin, and you have to accept that.”


Levi had no idea how much time had passed, before he stopped babbling at Nana and his tears had run dry for now. He was so fucking tired, but couldn't allow himself to sleep. His eyes kept dropping, as Nana kept fluffing through his hair, she offered him the candy bar with a smile, hoping the short lived sugar high would help Levi decide. He looked at her in wonder, knowing sweets were expensive, hence why he never had have any. He struggled to peel off the plastic wrapper with nimble fingers and Nana helped him, observing how the omega's eyes almost popped out of his head in bliss, as the sweet stuff hit him.

"I'm sorry, if it tastes a little off, I have been carrying it around in my purse for a few days already. But I always find it helpful to treat myself after feeling bad." She explained, fingers never  stopping in their soft caress. Levi only managed half of it, before handing it back to Nana, so she could have the rest. It was hers after all and he was afraid, he would thrown it back up, if he ate too much of it. She didn't comment on it, just tugged the blanket tighter around his shoulders. Levi was halfway sitting on her lap by now, but she didn't mind at all, letting him rest his head on her shoulder.

"So tired." Levi huffed eventually, twisting some of the fabric of Nana's shirt between his fingers anxiously.

"Mike can take you to your place, if you feel saver there. You could crash in our guestroom for a few nights, if you like and if neither is your cup of tea, we could drive you to the nearest omega house. They will keep you save. Alpha's are not allowed in there, they only have betas on staff." Nana explained.

"No omega house. Is bad. Please, no!" Levi whined into her neck. 

Kenny had said, his mother had died in an omega house and despite having no recollection of being in the facility with his mother, everything inside of him resented the idea. He didn't want to die. 

"It's okay, you don't have to. They are not that bad anymore and we wouldn't bring you to a bad place, I pinky promise." Nana held out her pinky, winding it around Levi's deft fingers. "My friend owns an omega house and she is the best person I know, apart from Mike." She affirmed softly.

"My house?" Levi questioned, more than said. It was a huge risk to bring anyone, especially since he was weak and feeling so off kilter and vulnerable. He had no idea, if anyone would be waiting with a loaded gun for him to turn up, but he didn't know where else to go.

"Of course we can take you there." Curiosity making her eyes shine, wondering where Levi had come from. He had told her briefly about his career in breaking and entering, but not for one second did she worry, he would steal from her. After all, you don't bite the hand that feeds you.


Nana helped him stand on wobbly legs, since she couldn't carry him, but asking Mike to do so, might make Erwin angry, or scare Levi even further.

Levi followed her out of the bathroom, avoiding both alpha's all together, who were still talking quietly, as Nana lead him to the kitchen, where she picked up her purse, before guiding him down the hallway to the front door. She kept herself between Levi and the alpha's at all times, afraid Erwin would pull something like a wild dash. 

Thankfully he didn't, he just kept looking at them like a kicked puppy, with his hands clenched into fists, from the bedroom doorway. Levi briefly wondered where the stuff he had worn and carried initially, upon entering Erwin's apartment disappeared to. It would be good to have at least his knife on him, but no such luck. His eyes came up empty, his backpack gone and nothing to grab. He felt too drained to go through the humiliation of begging Erwin to hand him back his stuff. He just hoped, that should anybody wait to put a hole between his eyes, he better make it a clean fast job. 

Mike followed them, after having gotten permission from Erwin to destroy the SD cards, as well as getting rid of the cameras in the process. Would the alpha had made any other decision, like keeping the cameras installed or asking to keep the recordings, he would have socked Erwin in the face after all. 


Mike was keeping his distance for now, as the trio stumbled into the elevator. 

Nana had yet to tell him, where they would go, but a part of him was glad Levi had chosen to leave. 

Levi was leaning on the rail heavily, legs shaking. Moving still hurt and despite Nana's soup, he was still badly out of nutrition after his heat. 

Mike wanted to sweep the little pile of misery up but refrained. He patiently waited for Nana to pick their car up, which she did in a hurry, before offering Levi his hand to help him crawl into the backseat. Levi took his sweet time, before allowing the giant to touch him. Mike kept it as professional and impersonal as he could, even if his heart was aching at the sight of the omega.

"Where are we off to?" Mike asked, after taking shotgun. 

"Levi's house." Nana offered, before putting the car in drive. Levi had whispered his address to her, while they waited for Mike to catch up with them in the elevator.


Erwin's world stood still, as he saw Levi for what might be the last time. So he decided to leave, not even bothering to tell him where to, probably as a safety precaution, scared that the alpha would hunt him down and drag him back. He took in every inch of Levi, imprinting every little detail into his brain. 

This was his mate. From the soft black undercut, to the stormy grey eyes, not even looking at him, the little nose and pointed chin and down to the skinny frame, hugged by too large clothing and his cute little feet covered in adorable fluffy socks. 

Erwin didn’t want to let him go, he wanted to dash forward and snatch his mate back, wanted him to stay forever and cuddle him for the rest of their lives. Instead he just stood there, clenching his fists and had to accept, that whatever hell Levi came from, he’d rather go back there than stay with him, or rather even choose to stay with complete strangers, trusting them more than his mate. After all, Erwin didn’t know for sure, where Levi was going, but it didn’t really matter, the fact that he left, tore his heart apart.  


Barely registering the door clicking shut, the blond still stood there, staring blankly down the hallway. He needed time to process what just happened, what happened this weekend, how his structured life had turned upside down with the thief, that didn’t steal his treasure’s, but surely robbed him of his heart. 

After a while Erwin started to keep his mind of the matter, busying himself with meaningless tasks, cleaning up his kitchen - although cleaning of course reminded him of Levi again. Feeling a pang of sadness, as he stored away the package of fancy black tea, that he bought especially for Levi, in the back of the cupboard, so he wouldn’t accidentally reach for it, when he wanted to brew himself a cup of coffee.


In his living room, Erwin found the remains of Levi’s maid dress crumbled under his couch. Seeing the torn material, stained with precum and slick, considering the painful memories, he decided that he would just throw it away, not wanting to confront Levi or himself with that ever again. After all he could buy him a new one, if his mate wanted to renew the memory in a more positive fashion. Bitterly chuckling at the picture in his head Erwin tossed the garment down the trash slot. Finally the only room left was Levi’s room and he contemplated even going in there, afraid of what he might find, but also feeling like he would invade the others privacy, even if the omega had already left. 

Thinking back and forth, he came to the conclusion, that he didn’t want the room to just decay, just in case that Levi might consider returning to him, so he took a deep breath, before entering ‘Levi’s room’. 

There was not much to clean up, but Erwin sorted every item that was left there regardless, mainly cleaning products and folded the many fluffy towels neatly. No matter how he rearranged the stuff, Erwin realized, that this was by no means a place for an omega to life, more like an improvised prison. 

But Levi would need a safe space just for himself when – if – he returned. So Erwin made it his mission to plan out a solution for this problem so to say. He decided to not tell Mike or Nana about this, afraid he would seem too overbearing and desperate, even if it was just the way he felt. Erwin wondered, if the two would notify him about Levi’s well being, if they would stay in contact with Levi and maybe, hopefully, keep him updated, even if it was just the information that his mate was cared for. He wondered if he should call, wanted to call immediately, show that he truly cared, but that might seem predatory and clingy.

The alpha was truly confused at how to behave, what was considered acceptable and what was simply too much, in his need to dedicate his heart to his mate. 

Closing the blinds, Erwin decided to go to sleep early, but then his eyes fell on the backpack in the corner of his bedroom. Fueled by curiosity, he peeked inside, affirming that this was indeed Levi’s. Not able to stop, Erwin quickly found himself rummaging through the contents of the backpack. A black hoodie and a pair of almost kid sized jeans, a few hygienic items like handkerchiefs and hand sanitation, but also a mobile phone, which was of course locked. Unfortunately to the alpha's dismay, Levi was smart enough to not use 1234 as a pin code. ‘Pity’ Erwin thought, before suddenly pushing the stuff back inside like it burned him, together with the knife, that Levi had been carrying that day, still laying next to him on the bed. 


This was exactly, what he shouldn’t do, what Mike meant by his controlling alpha tendencies, that he had to learn to keep in check, if he ever wanted to just take a look at Levi again. Feeling shame rise up again, he closed the backpack again and carried it out of his room into ‘Levi’s room’, intending to give it back to him somehow. Maybe he could give Mike a call tomorrow.

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The drive was silent for the most part, Mike was observing their surroundings, the more they turned down roads to the seedier parts of town. He knew Levi was obviously not coming from a neighborhood of poptarts, rainbows and fucking unicorns, but the outskirts, held entire blocks of streets, that were secretly labeled no-go areas, that not even police roamed in broad daylight. 

It put the alpha a little on edge, considering Levi was still a shaking mess in the backseat, as he directed Nana, his words barely above a trembling whisper. 20 minutes far away from Erwin's nobel apartment, Levi told her to stop. 

The house was barely a house at all, more like a half collapses structure, ready to fall apart, windows nailed shut, rusty barbed wire hung in between the fence posts. It could be straight out of horror or zombie movie, screaming death, decay and stay away, to everybody who approached. 

Levi stopped Nanaba from leaving the car, the moment she reached for the door handle, too scared she might get hurt.

"Don't, please." The day had been too exhausting, to even let himself feel embarrassed about his living arrangements. He didn't know what to expect inside. Levi took a few moments stealing himself, before timidly asking for Mike to follow him. The alpha nooded, stepped out and waited for Levi to show him the way, while Nana locked the doors back up.

"Do you want me to go first?" Mike offered.

"No, just follow a few steps back and possibly lay low, should there be anything happening." Levi mumbled, rubbing his neck anxiously. The pain of his scent glands helped him to keep focus. He could be walking right to his death right now. 

Maybe it would have been better to sent Mike and Nana off? He didn't want them to get hurt or caught up in his misery.

The lock and bolt on the door were broken open, allowing a screeching sound from the hinges echoing through, the moment Levi pushed the door open entirely. Someone obviously had already been here. He closed his eyes in anticipation to be greeted by gunfire immediately, the moment he blindly switched on the hallway light, expecting the pain of bullets to pierce his body, but nothing happened. He did a quick scan of the rooms, that were still accessible, the staircase already being way too dangerous to allow him to the upper floor, without it collapsing under his feet. 

It was empty, nobody was waiting for them, but it was a fucking mess. Stuff turned over, furniture smashed, his dingy mattress slashed open multiple times, with a knife still sticking in there.

The visitor must have been angry and probably already had a bounty out on his head.

There was nothing of face value to be found anyway and apart from destruction, and a few obviously missing weapons, nothing seemed amiss. 

Mike cringed at the sight.

"You sure, you wanna stay here, Levi?" The alpha asked hesitantly.

"No." Levi mumbled, dragging his duffle out of the mess. On the floor.

"Fucking filthy pigs. Taking all my artillery." He mumbled angrily, as he put together the most useful and still salvageable items of his belongings. 

Most of his clothes were slashed,  which - really thanks a fucking bunch! - pissed him off. There was barely anything worth saving, except some documents from the steel box mounted under a floorboard, the fuckers hadn't found. It barely held 100 dollars in cash, a picture of his mom with Kenny, from before he was born and the suppressant benzo pens he had stolen. 

He threw it into his duffle, along with a pair of shorts and a sweater, that were still mostly intact but filthy as fuck, before following Mike back outside.

He truly felt fucked over, his money gone, his life turned upside down and now even the small possessions to his name, were nothing but trash.

"Could you…" Levi hesitated, as they stood in front of the car. "Could I stay with you for a few nights?" He finally asked shyly. 

"Of course, no problem." Mike amended, helping Levi back in the car, seeing him sack in the backseat and asleep within only minutes of Nana driving back to their home. The omega was out cold, possibly drained to the bone, so Mike carried him inside gently, before leaving Nana in charge of tucking him in and going to the kitchen, for some much needed tea and to text Erwin. He at least owed the bastard that much.


Not even fully asleep, Erwin was startled by the brief buzzing of his phone, indicating that he had received a message. As he noticed it was Mike texting, he struggled to unlock his phone with trembling fingers.

'Levi is safe.' it read. Nothing more, nothing less. No location, nor anything else than this simple information. Erwin still appreciated, that he was notified at all and refrained from bombarding Mike with questions, instead typing ‘thank you for everything.' as a response. He wanted to leave it at that, afraid that he might overdo it again, driven by worry and grief, but then he remembered Levi’s backpack. So he typed another message.

‘While cleaning up I found Levi’s backpack. If you still have contact to him and he wants it back, you can come pick it up anytime.’

Not even a minute later Mike replied.

 ‘Sure, will do. I’ll be back in a moment.’, leaving Erwin with the suspicion, that Levi must still be in close distance to Mike, maybe he even had accepted their invitation to stay with them. Swallowing down his envy, Erwin decided to check his apartment again for anything that belonged to Levi – maybe Levi would like the black tea, he bought for him the other day? Even if his mate probably wouldn’t accept it, the thought counted and Erwin decided to put it in Levi’s backpack, too.


Levi was still fast asleep when Mike received Erwin’s text, so the giant man tiptoed through the house, not wanting to wake the omega up.

“Nana?” he whispered, while he grabbed his wool coat again. “Erwin texted me, that he still has some of Levi’s stuff laying around, so I'll go pick it up real quick. Should I bring anything from the supermarket?” Although his wife declined with a warm smile, Mike made the mental note to bring home some of her favorite flowers and maybe some chocolate, as a treat for all of her hard work today. After all, this much progress with Levi wouldn’t have been possible without her and he wanted to thank her for her efforts.

Maybe they could show Levi, that the relationship between an alpha and an omega could be something wonderful, full of healing and about supporting each other. That a true alpha uses his dominant giving nature to provide and protect, instead of using their superior strength to just take. 

After a while Mike arrived at Erwin’s apartment, using his spare key to get in, since the other didn’t respond to the ringing doorbell. His search didn’t take long, sniffing out the other alpha’s scent and finding him kneeling on the floor in Levi’s room, directly in front of Levi’s backpack, which was still open. Proof, that Erwin wasn’t able to control himself and obviously didn’t even try as well, when he was looking through his mate’s stuff the moment he left. Mike wanted to call his behavior out yet again, this time harsher and without the initial kindness, since neither Nana nor Levi were close by and a factor to take into consideration, never wanting to scare either omega.

“Someone called him, several times, but I can’t see who it was.” Erwin whispered quietly, eyes fixed intently on the phone, waiting for the display to lighten up again almost obsessively.

“Well, it’s none of our fucking business. Put the phone back, so I can get the stuff back to Levi.” Mike snarled, holding out his hand in demand for the backpack. Just as Erwin moved to put back the phone, even though he did it reluctantly, the screen lit up again and the phone buzzed, signaling an incoming call. Without thinking Erwin picked up, not saying a word. 

“Seven days!” an unknown distorted voice said, before immediately hanging up again. 

Instead of scolding Erwin for disrespecting his omega’s privacy again, Mike scrambled down to Erwins level, looking over his shoulder, eyes wide. 

“Who did call?” Mike followed the movement of Erwin’s fingers on the cheap touchscreen. ‘Unknown’ was the only thing they could find out. They couldn’t track it back, since the number had been repressed. Sweat started to form on Mike’s sleeve, remembering the slashed up mattress and completely torn apart home Levi was faced with. Suddenly he jumped up, barely hearing Erwin’s calls, scrambling to get the backpack and snatching the phone from the other alpha's hand. He needed to get home and he needed to get home, as fast as he could. Levi was in danger. Which in turn meant, Nana was in danger, too. 

“I need to go home.” he told Erwin, already running through the hallway, Erwin close behind. 

“Mike, wait!” Erwin screeched all over again “Stop!” his voice was filled with panic, worried sick and afraid for his mate, but Mike had already left, dashed out of the door, barely hearing the “Didn’t you think the voice was familiar?” Erwin yelled after him.


So Levi was indeed staying with Mike, otherwise the other alpha - although he must feel sincere sympathy for Levi - wouldn’t have been this scared, unless Nana was in danger. Sickness choked Erwin with an iron grip around his heart, realizing that his mate was involved in shit so deep, that someone wanted to kill him from the sound of it. His brain jumping to the ultimate worst case scenario and not even bothering with an alternative.

He didn’t believe for a moment, that this might be a prank, although he had both seen The Ring and Scary Movie, it was far more likely, that someone was - aside from also having a crude sense of humor – dead serious about the matter.

Levi woke to the bang of the front door, hitting the wall, as Mike rushed back inside, sick with fear of what he might find. The noise startled the omega so much, he let out an involuntary scream in response, fingers clutching the blanket in an iron grip, as he swirled around to face the door, expecting the worst. His eyes not used to the darkness of the room, he was in and having no memory of how he got there, made him scan everything over hastily, looking for anything he could use as a weapon.

The scream alerted Mike, as Nana came rushing out of the living room barefooted. The alpha was so glad to see her in one piece, he almost wanted to cry.

“Mike? What’s wrong?” she asked, looking bewildered at her alpha, feeling his thick worry translating through their bond.

“God!” he huffed, looking apologently at her, while closing the door and double locking it. “I’m sorry.” he said in a rush, before approaching the guest room. His omega gave him a wary look, that spoke volumes of ‘We are so going to talk about this later!’

Nana would have told him, if anyone would have entered or stopped by in his absence, so he obviously must have scared Levi. 

They both entered the guest room together, turning the light on, immediately. Levi was sitting up in the bed, looking shell shocked.

“I’m sorry for scaring you, Levi.” Mike apologized yet again, to the shaking omega, letting Nana step forward to sit next to Levi, soothing him with her scent.

“It’s okay. Mike was in a hurry and banged the door open.” she stressed, trying to sound as sincere as possible, despite lying. Even when Mike was indeed in a hurry, he usually didn’t came back banging doors, so whatever happened must have been bad. 

“I did pick up your stuff from Erwin’s.” Mike offered, coming closer to hand over Levi’s backpack.

“Thank you.” Levi stuttered, grabbing for it and opening it slowly. At least his alpha, had been considerate to hand him back his stuff. 

It still tasted bitter in his mouth to be Erwin’s mate. He peeked inside, finding his wallet, cellphone and even his beloved knife, which in turn was buried under a sweater. Nana had been looking over his shoulder and turned pale upon seeing the weapon, which in turn made Mike sniff the air for danger, but Levi was just obviously confused and a lot sad, according to his smell at least.

Levi pulled out the teabox, not remembering owning something so fancy, before handing it over to Nana and closing the backpack back up. He didn’t check his phone, it was possibly out of charge anyway and he wasn't expecting any new jobs. 

He might have missed some meetings, but Nile could go fuck himself and Farlan knew, not to expect anything, unless Levi offered or signaled, that he was free, to run errands for the blonde. He hadn’t meet Farlan in the past 4 months and the blonde bulldog, hadn’t called. He wasn’t the type to go trashing Levi’s place, opposed to a certain brown haired nightmare that is.

“Could you?” Levi pointed the tea out for Nana, with almost puppy dog eyes. It smelled like the one, Erwin used to make for him every day and he actually could use a cup to collect himself. If he didn’t get a hang on things soon and stopped being an emotional rollercoaster, he would only have to face more problems, then he already was.

“Of course.” Nana said, hurrying out to the kitchen.

“Do I want to know, what’s in there, that made my mate turn as white as a ghost?” Mike asked. It wasn’t his business to snoop, but after everything he had learned about Levi today, who still was merely a stranger to him, he was expecting the worst.

“It’s not a gun, just a knife. Sorry for bringing this into your home.” Levi murmured, bowing his head out of respect to the alpha and to let Mike know, he was sincere and held no ill intentions.

“I’m not a fan of weaponry in my home, but we do have 2 guns locked away for self defense. Just so you know. If you plan on pulling any shit, I won’t hesitate to get one.” Mike said sternly, without malice. He didn’t want a fight, or for Levi to fear him, but some boundaries had to be set.

“Duly noted.” Levi whispered, rubbing a hand across his still tired face. The tea would hopefully help him go back to sleep.

“I hope to not be in your hair for too long. Thank you for your hospitality, however.” Levi mumbled, grateful he hadn’t had to sleep on the streets that night.

“Don’t mention it.” Mike excused himself to join Nana, who was stepping the tea, to fill her in on what happened at Erwin’s place. 

She didn’t like the guns in the house, but would use one, if she really had to. She just didn't like the fact of Levi having a knife at hand.

“I would feel better if the knife would be out of his hands, he seems so emotionally charged right now, we don’t want him doing something he might regret later.” she shakily whispered to Mike, with a pointed look.

“He’s not the type for this kind of stuff, stop worrying darling. I’m really sorry for upsetting you earlier, it wasn’t my intention.” he gently kissed her forehead, before leaving to the corner store, to actually pick up some of the stuff he initially wanted to bring along. It would take him all of 5 minutes, before he returned. Meanwhile Levi was still awake with a fucking knife at his disposal, so even if someone would manage to get there and get in, within this short moment of time, Levi would most likely just go highwire and murder them, given how frightened he had been. Mike was sure he had seen something akin to lust for blood in the omega’s gaze, when he bursted into his room without any notice. Considering the shit Levi was involved in, he probably had no morals to take a life, if he had to, if he wasn’t already doing it for a living, that is. Mike wouldn't put it past him.

With shaking hands Erwin grabbed his phone, before immediately putting it back, repeating the action a few times, desperately wanting to call Mike, but afraid of what he might hear. He texted the other alpha a few times, first neutrally inquiring, if everything was alright, until giving up his composure and cutting to the chase of asking, if Levi was okay, if anyone had been at his home to harm them, even asking him for a brief response just to know that the other was still alive. But Mike didn’t even read the messages and when Erwin finally gathered the guts to call him, he didn’t pick up. 

Erwin was feeling sick with worry, all sorts of pictures going through his head, gruesome distorted versions of his friends slaughtered bodies, by whatever horror haunted Levi. Not able to take it anymore, Erwin grabbed his keys and ran to his car, intending to drive to Mike’s place, when suddenly his phone beeped, while he was on the road. Checking his phone at the next red light, he saw that Mike texted back a simple ‘False alarm. Everything is fine, no need to worry’, taking all the wind out of Erwin’s wings. 

Despite feeling relieved, he also felt disappointed, that his excuse to check on his omega was taken away from him. Feeling stupid, Erwin took a not completely legal sharp U-turn, considering driving straight home again, but instead decided to go into the small shady looking store on the corner of the street, not really sure what he wanted to buy there. He was only certain, that he didn’t want to go home yet, having no purpose left, aside from waiting for whatever might, or might not happen in seven days.


Stepping inside the store, suppressing a cringe at the dilapidated interior, sparsely brightened by broken flickering lights, Erwin was surprised to see his coworker Nile inside the shady establishment, coming out of a back room with a disgusted look on his face, spewing angry swears, apparently agitated and annoyed. 

He halted in his movements, completely startled, as he saw Erwin, obviously not expecting to ever see him at such a place - and the feeling was mutual- , before greeting Erwin with a crooked smile. 

“If that isn’t a surprise. Excuse my swearing, but the costumer service is shit and don’t get me started on the toilets. Better go, before you catch whatever pest you get in this shithole.” Nile commented, scrunching up his face in disapproval, referring to where he probably just came from, his hand gesturing wildly to invite the other alpha to step outside with him. 

Erwin sensed, that Nile wasn’t that comfortable with meeting him at this place, but he did pay it no mind, because truth be told, they weren’t comfortable with meeting each other at any place, barely having one on one conversations anymore at all. 

“Thanks for the warning.” Erwin smiled back politely, receiving a snorted "You’re welcome." as Nile fumbled to lighten a cigarette, he pulled from his pocket, offering one to Erwin, who declined. Shrugging his shoulders Nile wasn’t bothered, blowing the heated smoke into the cold November air, not showing any signs of leaving or being in a hurry to get away, unfortunately for Erwin, who frantically thought of a way to get away from his colleague, without being a complete jerk. It seemed like Nile wanted to talk to him, maybe smoothen out their relationship for old times sake and Erwin somehow appreciated the effort. At least until Nile opened his mouth.

“Already tired from the wifey?” he inquired with a dirty wink.

“Excuse me?!” 

Nile just chuckled at what he read, as Erwin’s prude sense of pride.

“Why else would you be at a place like this, at this time of day, when you wouldn’t want to get away from your mate? You are mated now, right? The boss told us you would do home office the next weeks and this is usually only permitted for freshly bonded couples. So congrats, welcome to the shithole of married life. Although I must admit, that I am surprised. Never took you for a family man. I can see that you are already unhappy.” While Nile was slurring those words, speaking unusually true and honest, Erwin noticed, that the other alpha must be shit faced and probably only wounded up in the store on his way home. 

“I appreciate your concern, Nile, thank you. But I think I am fine.” Erwin responded, suppressing a cringe, at Nile’s hand playfully punching his shoulder. 

“Suit yourself.”

Then they stood in uncomfortable silence for a while, Nile puffing the smoke into the air, thankfully not directly into his face.

“Do you still need anything from here?” Nile inquired, gesturing to the store with a shake of his head. “’Well, then let’s go home.” he added, as Erwin shook his head no, throwing his finished cigarette on the ground and stepping it out, as he marched forwards to lead the way. 

This is how Erwin ended up, wondering how fucked up a day could be, sitting in his car with a blabbering Nile next to him. 

“I thought you stopped smoking.” The blonde remarked, glad for the little things in life, like Nile refraining from stinking up his beloved car with cigarettes.

“Dude, me too, but you know how it is.” Erwin didn’t, but he chuckled politely, in what he hoped sounded like an affirming manner, praying that Nile would get the hint and shut the fuck up. 

He didn’t. It was Nile being Nile, bragging about his successes, that Erwin had missed at work, since he was missing now, which was expected from a vain person like Nile. But also leaving an occasional rude slur about omegas, a thing that Erwin wouldn’t have expected. In his books, Nile was a normal family man, who was happy with his wife and children, but apparently this wasn’t quite the case and he wondered, what shady business the man was up to, behind his wife’s back, probably cheating on her. 

Erwin felt bad for his sweet omega wife, thinking she would be better off without a guy like him. After a while he stopped listening to Nile’s bragging, giving an occasional affirming grunt or mumbles of  "Yes, you’re right.” as a response, to keep the other happy. Instead he couldn’t stop asking himself, if he was the same as Nile, since Levi was better off without him, too. Having seen the disgust in Mike’s and Nana’s eyes, he wondered, if he was just another Nile in their eyes. 

Finally the two alpha's were in the elevator, softly gliding upwards, stopping at the second floor, where Nile’s apartment was situated. 

“Good night, Nile. Best wishes to your wife and children.” Erwin saw Nile off politely and the other turned to leave, also saying his goodbyes, before reconsidering and leaning in close.

“Sure will. Let me give you a piece of advice from one mated alpha to another. You need to put her in her place, before it is too late.” And before Erwin could fully process, what Nile just implied, he was gone and the elevator doors closed again, leaving Erwin with a bad feeling about this, but too exhausted due to the events of the day and the straining absence of his mate, to put the pieces together.

Levi enjoyed his tea, it helped relax his tense muscles, but even when Nana and Mike bid him goodnight, he couldn't fall asleep. The bed was soft, there was a shitload of blankets and pillows, but it didn't help him get comfortable, no matter in which position he pretzeled himself into. He dozed off for not more than 10 minutes at a time. Something was clearly missing, but he couldn't fathom what. As the night went on, he got more and more restless and by 3 a.m. he was pacing the small room restlessly. He checked his phone, finding it charged, full of missed calls, one who had been answered, but wasn't connected for longer than a minute. He hoped the caller hadn't realized and hung up. It had most likely happened on accident. But he knew exactly, who called, because the viscous voicemail left at midnight, was enough to make his skin crawl. 

Nile the fucking shitback was tightening the ropes. Levi couldn't agree to the horrendous deal, the piece of scum had come up with. 

He didn't have an ensuite bathroom, so he couldn't take a shower, without waking either of his hosts, which left him creeping up and down his room. He occasionally turned on the lights, then after a while, plunged the room into darkness again, because it became too bright to bear. At 5 a.m. in the morning he was knackered as all hell, sitting in the corner of the room, tearing at the roots of his hair, because nothing made sense anymore. 

He didn't see the way out. 

He wanted to fucking kill Nile with his disgusting preposition. He was sure it was a buff, after all the effort the drunkyard had went to, to keep his money away from him. By now he was sure, it might not even exist anymore. Nile was just making empty promises.

His omega was yearning to be with his mate and Levi despised every second of it, his neck a cacophony of agonizing pain. Would it always be like this?

He felt trapped and that scared him. He wasn't ready to settle down yet. He couldn't provide for himself, left alone a litter and the stress was wearing on him. His skin hyper aware of every guest of air, that grazed his skin.

After another agonizing hour, worrying the skin on his lips into bloody submission, the well known nausea made a reappearance and despite his best efforts to hold it back, he was puking up his guts in a matter of minutes. The hacking woke Nana, who came to check on him, mumbling sleepy reassurances.

He felt bad for waking her at this ungodly hour, even though she kept repeating, that she didn't mind.

He would need to do something about it, a whole flipchart of outdated practices coming to mind - throwing himself down the stairs, or out of a window, jump from a wardrobe, use a cloth hanger, among other things. Which in turn just made him realize, that he didn't know what to do. 

They had doctors at the omega home, Nana told him as much, but he couldn't go there. Couldn't go to a hospital either. He didn't even have an address at the moment.

Nana helped him back up, leaving Levi to shower, while she made some ginger tea. An hour later Levi still hadn't left and she got worried. Knocking softly, before entering the room, filled with the scent of despair, she found  Levi, sitting in the shower tub, with tears streaming down his face.

He was a mess and it broke her heart to see him like this. She knew it would take time for him to make a decision, but she also knew, he didn't' have forever to do so.

Erwin stumbled into his living room, shoes and coat discarded carelessly, as he slumped down on his couch, mindlessly scrolling down his phone, hoping for another message from Mike. At least he got a brief confirmation, that everything was well, but after storming out like that, Erwin had hoped the other alpha would feel inclined to give up a little more information. Didn’t Mike know, that he was worried sick about Levi, too? Or did he sink so low in his graces, that he thought, that Erwin didn’t truly care? Erwin knew he should go to sleep, even thought about going to work, but it would be humiliating to first ask for a leave, due to bonding and then come to work the day afterwards, like he had never asked for a leave to begin with. 

Office talk was as bad as it got on a normal day, even must have taken a turn for the worse, he figured after meeting Nile, if his ‘happy news' already made it to the not very popular sale’s director. He was usually the last one to know, so that meant, that everyone else knew, probably Pixis told Hanji and that is, when it all went downhill, because they were screeching around the office in excitement, probably already planning a big ceremony or something over the top like that. Who would believe that the workaholic Smith found himself a little mate and told no one else about it. Imagine the scandal? So going to work would be a bad idea, but staying home the whole day, with nothing else to do than working on statistics for hours, which he could do almost on auto-pilot, Erwin would be left with nothing to distract him from the aching in his neck, that got worse with every passing moment, he was separated from his mate. And as if the day couldn’t get any better, he had to run into Nile. Why couldn’t he have run into Mike instead? Or Nana? Or no one at all, buying snacks to binge on, to distract himself from his impending loneliness.

He should have ran into Levi, he thought wishfully, and they should have gone home together to snuggle up into their comfortable bed, after being out in the cold a little too long. Instead Erwin dragged himself into his bed, not truly wanting to sleep in it, after what had happened in there, but according to that philosophy, he also couldn’t sleep on the couch either, so bed it was, including feeling cold and lonely without his omega. 

Determined Erwin closed his eyes and forced himself to breathe steadily. This technique usually put him to sleep rather fast, but tonight it didn’t work, his head counting his breaths and his own heart beat racing in his ear. The painful itching in his neck prominent, occupying his senses, making it hard to find some peace. His arms and legs felt weird, as if they didn’t truly belong to his body, and he could toss and turn however he wanted, his arms felt empty and the only thing that could calm him down was Levi, who was probably suffering as well. 

The alpha remembered Levi vividly, how pitiful he had looked, as he was left alone for a few hours and now he was basically on his own, since good friends couldn’t replace a mate. Hot and cold shivers rummaged through Erwin’s body, as the itching turned into pulsing pain emanating from his bonding mark, almost like a migraine spreading through his body, waking him up again, and again, every few minutes, after he fell barely asleep. In those brief moments he managed to sleep, he dreamt about Levi, almost feeling him next to him, pulling him closer and pressing the length of his body against him. His arms would envelope his mate and big hands would wander over the lithe body, fingers gently caressing the naked skin, hidden beneath the too big shirt - his alpha’s shirt - until his flat palm would come to rest on Levi’s slightly swollen belly, as he waited in anticipation for little kicks, from the litter he put inside there.

When Erwin woke up again, his lips were stretched into a smile, that quickly faded, when he noticed, that he was rubbing himself against the pillow bunched up in his arms, fondling the soft material with his hands. Letting go of the pillow and turning to lie on his back, Erwin stared up to the ceiling, wondering if this was just wishful thinking again, or if he actually managed to impregnate Levi. They haven’t used any protection and he remembered Levi’s screeching, that he wasn’t on the pill, so afraid that he might have gotten knocked up. 

His mind filled itself with questions over questions, Erwin found no further sleep that night, as his thoughts ran in circles, asking himself, if Levi would even want the child, if he would keep it, how he felt about it and what he planned to do in that case? Would he consider returning to him? Not even wanting to think of the alternative, Erwin decided that he might as well get up and start the day early, powering on his laptop and pouring himself the first of many cups of coffee to follow, trying to chase away the fear of never even seeing his pubs.

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