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Katsuki sighed as the water from the showerhead relaxed his muscles from the ache of today's training exercise. It had been hard and brutal, but more than worth it to see the look on Deku's face when he had beaten him. Katsuki had pinned him down on the floor and hovered over his ear just close enough to say "I win." Deku had gazed at him with that same kind of look he made when they were kids, like he was the biggest and best thing in the universe. The thought sent a strange tingle of pleasure through him and he smirked, glad that he had finally shown the other boy up.

He got out and wrapped a towel around himself, ready to go back to his room now. Apparently he had been in there for longer than he'd thought because the lockers were already empty. Though he could still hear the faint sound of water running in the background which meant at least one more person was left in the lockers.

Not that he cared. All he wanted to do now as flop into bed, and finally rest his well used muscles.

He took a few minutes to gather his things and change.

Then, just as he was walking past the showers he heard an unmistakable voice. Deku.

"Ahh. Kacchan."

What the hell was that? Letting his curiosity get the better of him, he took a step closer, straining his ears to hear the soft words that escaped from behind the harsh sound of the shower.

"Kacchan, please, I need it… harder…" Deku's voice moaned.

Suddenly he was wide awake.

Holy shit. The little nerd was actually… doing that while thinking of him.

Of course he wouldn't be doing this if he knew that someone was watching, but that made the thrill all the better.

For so long he had suffered with the anger and confusion of the jumble of feelings he had toward Deku. His alpha was always focused on him, sending sparks through his veins whenever his calming scent wafted through the air, whenever his stupid, tight little ass stuck out in his hero suit, whenever he said that dumb childhood nickname.

Before he had thought Deku would never want him after what he did. Admiring him was one thing, but taking him as a mate? They had only just barely repaired their friendship. Working together to understand each other. Now they could almost hold a civil conversation. But Deku had seemed hesitant even with that much and Bakugou as much as he loathed to admit it wouldn't push him. Couldn't.

He didn't even know how long he had been lusting over Deku know, late nights spent with his hand wrapped around his cock and the memory of Deku's plump lips and freckles and thighs and ass on his mind as he rutted into his fist, wishing it was something else, something tighter, something wetter. He had popped a knot too many times like that, and it was hell to get it to go down without an omega to fuck it into.

But this changed things. Maybe they both needed a little push.

He had a plan, and he was going to set it in motion.

Deku would be his.

The next day, the lockers slowly emptied out as the other boys finished changing out of their hero costumes and back into their casual clothes as class was over for the day.

Deku was usually the last one to change, still shy about his body. This time he'd waited until everyone left to enjoy the showers at his leisure.

There was a separate room for omegas, but Izuku insisted on using the same one as the other boys. He didn't have anything against being an omega but he didn't want to be singled out from everyone else. He had already been made fun of for being an omega enough in the past, and though he knew no one their class was like that, he couldn't dispel the caution that had built up in him from past experiences. Still, it was another thing to openly change in front of the alphas and betas that made up the majority class A. That was something that made him blush just to think about. It was best to just let his dynamic fade into the background and be forgotten amongst his plain features.

Now he can indulge himself a little. It was a tough hero training session, nothing too extreme, but still his arms ached a bit even with the new gloves Hatsume had made for him. He'd landed badly after a punch and had put a lot of weight on his arms so that was probably why. It wasn't enough to go see recovery girl for and she would probably scold him and refuse to heal him anyway, so he would just use the natural method. Hot water and rest.

The hot water is a soothing balm against his achy muscles.

He lets his scent loose just a bit. It's freeing, relaxing, to just let out his scent naturally without Kacchan complaining that he was stinking up the place. Kacchan's scent was so strong it was impossible to ignore, so he didn't know why he had to be the one to hide his! But he figured Kacchan was probably telling the truth. Other people had made weird looks and twitched their noses when he let out his scent so he figured it really did smell bad, but everyone was just too nice to tell him.

When what sounded like footsteps just outside of his stall, he paused.

"Ah? Who's there?"

He turned off the water, straining to hear the sound that had disturbed his shower. Footsteps echoed in the empty room and a breeze of warm air slid across the skin of his neck, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

"Um.. hello?"

"It's me, Deku." Of course the voice is unmistakable.

"Kacchan!" He scrambled to cover his body. The shower stall was closed but even still he felt exposed just knowing his childhood friend was so close by.

"I-I didn't see you before. What are you still doing here?" He peeked his head out of the stall at him, arm wrapped around himself, careful not to let any of his "important" bits dangle out.

He looked up at him questioningly.

"You're driving me crazy," Bakugou gazed at him, a wild look in his eyes.

"W-what?" Deku squeaked. He was utterly perplexed.

"Deku, you smell fucking delicious. I can't think, I can't do anything when I smell your scent. The only thing I wanna do… he creeps closer. Is touch you."


He doesn't think he's ever been more shocked in his life.

"You never liked my scent before…" Deku frowned, wrapping his arms around himself as if to shield his body from his childhood friend.

He's close, so close to him. Too close.

"I have. I always have. I just couldn't admit it. I was a damn coward… when it comes to you, that's what I am." With clenched fists dropped his gaze to the ground.

Deku was frankly startled. He'd never seen Kacchan act this way before. It was highly out of character.

'Kacchan, you're really act weird right now. Are you okay?" Deku questioned, worried.

"If you don't want this, then fucking stop me, Deku. Alright?" He said in the most aggressively gentle voice he had ever heard.

Their lips were smashed together, Katsuki forcing his tongue inside of Deku's mouth. It was a wet mess of saliva and tongues battling tongues until Deku could pull away.

"Kacchan! You—You like me?" Deku gasped.

"Fuck, do I really have to say it?" Bakugou groaned.

Deku blinked at him, and Bakugou sighed. "Yes, dumbass, I like you. Now that that's out of the way…"

Kacchan looked him up and down with lust-filled eyes.

"You know, I haven't seen this much of you since we were kids," he whispers.

"Ka—Kacchan!" Deku flushed, wishing he wasn't the one naked in the shower right now.

It's so strange to hear that tone of voice out of Bakugou's mouth. It was low and gravelly, and sent a shiver down his spine.

"Tsk. Don't sound so shy. It's not like I haven't seen that part of you before."

"Kacchan!" He cried again.

He blushed, recalling the innocent baths shared together as kids, right after a long day of adventuring in the woods and playing pretend heroes. It had always felt so nice when Kacchan washed his hair for him, even when Kacchan complained about his “broccoli” hair.

"It's different, now, though…" Deku reminded him nervously.

"Is it?" Bakugou said, as he crowded deku against the wall. The shower had long since been turned off.

"Y-yeah," Deku said, already forgetting what the question was.

Bakugou stared at him, pupils blown, and licked his lips.

"I'm gonna fuck you, just like this."

His face burns at his childhood friend seeing him in such a position.

"I bet no one has seen you like this before Deku. No one but me. Right?"

"Kacchan…" he whined. The embarrassment was too much. He was sure he was going to die.

Of course no one else had. Kacchan didn't even need to ask it, he was certain the other had already known, but said it only to embarrass him, a job which he had accomplished spectacularly.

Katsuki grabbed him by the wrists to pull his arms away from his chest, and Deku let him, burning red face turned to the side to avoid his hungry gaze.

His breasts are a modest size, something he's never had a problem with but the way Kacchan eyes them up like he's starving makes him feel so hot.

Where the fuck you been hiding those things, Deku? Bakugou growls.

"Ka—Kacchan, don't…" The boy's crude words made him hot low in his belly, between his legs where Kacchan's clothed knee was slowly grinding against him.

"Don't hide from me, Deku."

"'m not hiding, Kacchan," he mumbled.

"Can I touch?" He asks, and he suddenly sounds so sincere and genuine his heart beats so hard it feels like it's going to pounce out if his chest.

"Y-Yes," Deku said, after a heartbeat.

"I want to see you too, Kacchan. Please. I want to, I want to touch you too."

He pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang up, curved into the air obscenely. It was veiny, and thick, uncut, with a mushroom shaped head that oozed a precome. He felt the sudden incredible urge to reach out and wrap his hand around it.

It was much bigger up close then he'd imagined. Could something like that… really fit inside him? It seemed impossible. There couldn't be enough room, no matter how excited he got. Would it hurt, and would that feel good too? He trembled, either with thrill or fear, he couldn't tell. Either way, he knew he had to let Kacchan down gently here… it was due to his own failure as an Omega that they wouldn't be able to do it after all.

"Kacchan… it won't work," he sighed, deflating.


"Your. You know." His eyes flitted between that thing and the floor.

"Wha… Deku, are you talking about my goddamn dick?"

"Don't say it like that!"

"You intimidated or some shit?"

"It's just, I want to, I do, but I can only just fit my, um, fingers inside so I don't think that this is going to work, so…"

"Dammit, Deku. Don't wimp out on me now. You know you can fucking take it, you whore."

He thrusts a finger inside him, and Deku wails, the size of his one finger is like two of his own and it's incredible. His slick pours out, and he holds on tightly to Bakugou's arms to prevent himself from tumbling backward with the way his legs have suddenly gone completely weak.

"Yeah, that's right. I knew you fucking wanted this Deku. But you were still trying to make up excuses to get out of it. I think I'm gonna have to punish you for that."

Deku panted as Katsuki's fingers rubbed something inside him while his clit was stroked by his thumb.

"Are gonna fucking cry for help, shitty Deku? No one's gonna hear you out here. No one's gonna come and save you," Katsuki sneers.

Izuku could barely comprehend what was happening now.

"Kacchan, th—this is crazy, why are you—"

"Tell me you don't want this Deku. Tell me you don't want this and I'll leave you here wet and aching for me."

Deku's silence but for his heavy breaths ring out loud around them. His mouth doesn't move, not for one second.

So he thrusts inside, his entire length breaching his pussy in one rough movement. Deku screamed, clutching at Kacchan's shoulders for dear life as tears gathered in his eyes. Katsuki was so big that he felt like his pussy was being split in two.

It burns—but it's so so good. The only thing he's ever put up there is his fingers and only sometimes but they're nothing in comparison to this— Kacchan's thick, thick length, pushing his folds apart with ease and his pussy spreads so easily like it knows that this is what he's always wanted.

"Kacchaaan, hah, not so much—it’s too much, please—!"

He's only mildly horrified to realize that he's sopping wet and that's why he's going in so easily. Pleasure and pleasure pain as Bakugou pounds into him harshly, scraping at his walls, his fat length brushing just right against his clit, dragging against his walls and making him see stars.

"You can take it Deku, I know you can. You love this, you love it when I'm rough with you. Don't you?"

He jabs relentlessly at his g-spot, and with every thrust another wave of slick gushes out of him and with the way Kacchan's cock is stuffing him full it can just barely leak out. Even when he pulls out till just the tip is inside, he's still stuffed with his own slick, and when he pushes back in his slick makes it that much wetter, that much better. Even with all the slick Kacchan's cock just barely fits, and he squeezes down on it so hard he feels dizzy with it.

"Yes! Yes! I'm sorry, Kacchan! I love it, I love it!"

"You're fucking tight Deku. You're cunt is sucking me in so good. Ah, fuck, juicy fucking cunt— hah, after this I'm gonna eat you out, lick my come out of you and slurp down your juices and make you all nice and clean again—"

He pulls out a little and thrusts inside again, going deeper and deeper with each movement, Deku's pussy clinging tightly to the thick rod, milking it for the come stored in his alpha's balls.

He's not ready at all but it's what he needs because he's been craving for so long, no holding back, just take take take.

"Hurts, Kacchan," he whines, squirming uncontrollably which only serves to pull Kacchan even deeper inside his pussy, scraping at his g-spot.

"I don't care. Shut the hell up," he growls. "You can talk all you want but I don't see you stopping me. You're just a little slut, aren't you? You wanted this all along, needed my cock inside your little cunt."

"I'm not—not a slut!" He protests, wiggling his hips to try and push Kacchan away weakly.

"You are. You're my little slutty Deku. You get wetter the harder I pound into you, when I bite you, when I fucking use you, did you think I didn't notice?" Katsuki growled, slamming into his cervix to prove his point and smirking at the cry of ecstasy he receives in turn.

Deku whines, tears starting to spill from his eyes at the overwhelming sensations and Kacchan's words.

"I wonder what you would do if I—"

A harsh slap stings his ass and sends a throbbing pulse throughout his folds, and he hips shoot up, pussy tightening around Kacchan's length.


"Oh, fuck. You're a goddamn masochist, aren't you?" Katsuki voice was full of amused awe.

His dick feels so so big inside him, it's filling him up in exactly the way he's always needed, reaching all the places his own fingers have sorely neglected. He's touching places he didn't even know existed, showing him pleasure on a scale he's never experienced before.

"That's right, Deku, you can take it, you're sucking me right up."

Hips slam against hips as Katsuki's incessant pounding picks up the pace. Deku wrapped his arms tightly around Katsuki's shoulders as his toes curled.

"I can feel everything, you're splitting me apart—"

"Don't complain, whore. You fucking love it."

"I love it, Kacchan, I love it, I love it!"

"I'm this hard because of you, shitty Deku. You just love to show off your slutty body all the time thinking I won't notice. Getting me hard and then leaving me alone to take care of it. You need to take some fucking responsibility."

He can't stop the stream of tears forcing their way out of him.

With every thrust he's hitting something inside him so hard he can't tell if what he feels is pain or pleasure.

"Stop, please Kacchan, I don't want anymore, it's too much, it's too much, I'm gonna die—!"

"You're crying like a baby, begging me to stop, yet you're still soaking wet. You must really be a masochist."

"I'm not—I’m not! It hurts, I don't like it at all, hah." He gasps and shudders at a particularly rough thrust and he swears he can feel it in his womb and the thought makes him gush again, crying out at the too familiar sensation.

Katsuki growls, gripping his hips tightly, "I'm tired of you talking all the time. I just want to fucking hear you scream."

"I cant— can't take it, I'm going to—ngh!"

Deku's walls clench and cover Katsuki’s cock with a gush of slick as his eyes rolled back in his head. Katsuki doesn't let up for a second, pounding him through his orgasm as the waves of his come continue nearly endlessly, whining and moaning and panting as he just keeps coming and coming.

"That's fucking hot, Deku. Who knew your body would do something so lewd."

Deku can't even muster up the energy to blush, the only thing is his vision is stars and the only thing he feels is Kacchan’s dick tearing him apart with pleasure through every inch of skin shooting through his veins and lighting up being. He feels it as he curls his toes, as he clenches his fingertips in shirt, as he arches his back and as his tongue lolls out of his mouth.

"Kacchan, it feels good, it feels so good!"

"Of course it does, slutty Deku, I'm your fucking alpha, I know how to take care of you."

"Deku, he groans. I'm gonna fucking come inside, Deku, can I—"

"Yes!" Deku squeals, wrapping his legs around him so he couldn't even try to pull out.

"Fuck, I'm coming. Take my come, you slut. I'm gonna knock you up, fill you up so full with my come, gonna fuck my pups into you—!"

He just barely lets out a scream, a whine so low in his throat it reveals his desire, his aching to be filled.

"Please knock me up Kacchan! I want your seed, I want you to full up my womb and make me pregnant—!"

Katsuki growls, balls pressed against Deku’s ass as he slams all the way inside once against, cock tickling his cervix as he lets go, ropes of warm, thick seed emptied inside him and reaching his deepest parts. Katsuki came so much he thought it would never end, with

Deku was so overwhelmed with emotion, he couldn't do anything but call out Kacchan's name as his own orgasm hit him, making him tighten as his juices tried to escape from where they were trapped by Kacchan's cock stuffing him.

"Fuck… love you, Deku. I fucking love you."

His folds throbbed, his hole contracting around the enormous amount of come that had been emptied into him as it entered his womb, making his stomach bulge out from the sheer volume of it.

Then something even bigger is trying to breach his cunt—Katsuki's knot. He shook and shivered but Katsuki just held him still as he forced his knot inside, which caused the omega to gush around him as he was completely overwhelmed with cock.

Every time Katsuki shifted his hips, his dick twitched and let loose just that much more come to batter his insides.

Deku felt like he was floating, the flood of come soothing to his inner Omega which purred helplessly as he grew increasingly full with his alpha's seed. His stomach had a large, noticeable swell to it now which just keeps getting bigger with ever gallon that Kacchan's cock shoots into his womb.

He's boneless as it finally stops, Katsuki pulling out with no amount of gentleness, leaving his pussy gaping and fluttering around nothing as an obscene mixture of his own slick and Katsuki's seed poured out. Deku clenched his pussy to try, desperate to keep it inside as his omega cried out.

He felt sore, and achy, but it's a pleasant sensation like the satisfaction after an intense workout.

On wobbly legs he tried to stand up, finally letting go of Katsuki's waist.

Then Katsuki got on his knees.

"What—what are you doing?" Deku gaped down at him.

Katsuki forced his legs apart easily, and dipped his face between his thighs, licking at his cunt hungrily.

"Ah—ah! Kacchan—don't, I'm t-too sensitive!"

"I told you I'd eat your pussy, Deku."

His thighs quaked and shivered as he tried to close them but Katsuki pulled them apart again easily.

"You'll take what I give you, slut."

"Kacchan I can't—hng, it's too much, it's too good!"

He sucked on his clit so hard it hurt, and Deku's thighs shook desperately. He tried to keep still so he wouldn't crush Katsuki between his thighs but it was a useless effort as his body felt entirely out of his control, lost to pleasure.

"Kacchan, don't, I'm g-gonna—!"

His face burned. He'd done it before, he felt it, but he'd been too wrapped up in getting the pounding of a lifetime to realize.

"Is that… was that… ?"

“Ka—chan…” he moaned, face burning. He wanted to die. He had come on Kacchan's face.

Katsuki grinned manically.

"I wanna see how many times I can make you squirt, Deku."

"Kacchan, pleasepleaseplease," he started muttering, delirious with pleasure.

Kacchan's tongue licked broad stripes across his folds, occasionally, tortuously moving in to suck painfully hard against his clit and dip his tongue into his hole to lap up the copious amount of slick leaking from him. Just when he started to arch up, try and jam his pussy into Kacchan’s face so he could get more, he pulled away, using just the very tip of his tongue to lavish him with overwhelming pleasure.

It was driving him crazy. He couldn't talk, couldn't think. His omega relished in the roughness, the passion, the heat.

He shuddered, feeling the familiar pulsing in his lower regions that signalled his impending release.

"F-fuh-!" Deku stuttered, his brain completely fried.

"Come. Now."

Katsuki's alpha voice triggered something deep within him, and he let go, come gushing out of him as he wailed.

Leaning his back against the shower wall, he panted, just barely able to see Kacchan through his hooded eyes.

"Deku," Kacchan started, bringing him back down to reality.

He froze.

What had he just done?

He panicked, looking back and forth to see if anyone had heard their exploits, but sighed in relief at seeing the place completely empty.

His heart was racing in his chest. He had to get out of here. He couldn't face Kacchan.

So, he ran, grabbing a towel and scrambling out the door and ignoring Katsuki’s shouting of his name.