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My, My, My, You Found This, You Need This.

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The first time Tyler gets more than he bargained for is just over a week later.

They’re at a festival in Belgium. Josh and Debby are in the dressing room next to his. It’s another poor excuse for a room. More like bathroom stall that’s been scribbled on by all the artists that had to use it before him in the early days of the festival. It’s made of sheetrock.

He’s pacing. Antsy for no reason. They’ve been doing festivals all summer without a hitch. (Minus that time in Poland where the festival security didn’t recognize Jenna and Debby, thought they were trying to get a free view near the stage, the security grabbed them and moves to toss them over the barricade into general admission. Tyler nearly tosses his mic and jumps the stage to stop them from manhandling their girls)

He’s gone back to biting the skin of his thumb, shredding it practically down to the bone.

But there’s a pretty voice coming from next door (stall).

Logically he knows Debby can sing. He knows she did the whole music thing. He knows she’s good. What he’s not prepared for is she’s humming “Can’t help falling in love” and it sounds so sweet that his teeth ache and maybe so does his heart. He needs Jenna to come back like right this second.

He feels like he’s losing his mind. He sits himself down on the tiny loveseat- the only furniture in the room. He lets his head fall back against the headrest and clamps his eyes shut, willing his body to relax. He focuses on her humming. It works.

His constricted muscles slowly relax one by one. He focuses on his toes, his knees, hips, chest, back, arms, neck, his jaw unclenches and he lets out a final sigh.

And if Tyler concocts a wild plan with Josh that consists of putting him on Tyler’s shoulders and singing “can’t help falling in love” together onstage that night, well, nobody had to know where the inspiration came from.

It’s in the middle of the set. The crowd roars louder than he’s ever heard when he gets Josh perched on his shoulders. He’s terrified for the first time in a while of the crowd before him. Josh’s warm (and extremely sweaty) thighs ground him to reality where they’re clamped around his shoulders and neck.

He swears he’s never felt more alive when the crowd cheers for them after they’ve finished the song. The lights dim and they go backstage. Debby is there waiting for Josh. Tyler is handed a water bottle.

He stares like he’s in a trance as she pulls Josh in and kisses him over and over again. In between kisses she keeps saying things like “I’m so proud of you!” and “You were so so good!”

And she’s right. Tyler wants to say something to Josh too. Wants to hold him and tell him how proud of Josh he is. But he’s stuck. Stuck downing a water bottle like he’s been in the desert for 30 days.
Stuck watching Debby pull his boy close and kiss him so unabashedly and it’s dirty and rough but they’re still smiling into it.

“30 seconds till you go back on.” A stagehand tells Tyler. He doesn’t acknowledge it. He can’t. Not when Josh is looking like that, so high off of the adrenaline and the crowd and the nervousness of singing onstage that he looks like he’s about rip Debby’s clothes off right then and there.

Tyler is out of water. His mouth is still dry.

Debby is the first one to pull away, flashing Josh and Tyler a wide smile.

“Good luck!” She pulls away to climb the stairs to the viewing deck on side stage.

Josh sees Tyler staring. “You gonna watch while we fuck tonight?” Josh laughs.

It’s meant as a joke. It’s only said because Josh noticed Tyler staring. But in Tyler’s gut the question feels too real.

Tyler opens his mouth but no words come out.

“Tyler?” Josh’s face is half concerned, half curious.

“You wanna watch while we fuck tonight?” Josh huffs out a little laugh and places his hands on Tyler’s shoulders.

It’s not fair.

Josh knows he’s missing Jenna. He knows how lonely Tyler can get way too easily.

Josh moves to step back and apologize. Tyler can see the uncertainty in Josh’s eyes that maybe it’s a little too sensitive of a topic for Tyler right now with his wife being gone.

Tyler doesn’t give him the chance. He doesn’t say anything but kisses Josh quickly before they’re being pushed back out onstage.

Tyler tastes vanilla coke chapstick on his lips that he knows he’s seen in Debby’s hand before. He tries to ignore that.

It mostly works. Until they’re playing Holding on to You.

Tyler is on his piano.

Josh jumps on his piano.

Tyler looks up into the side stage deck.

Debby waves to Josh with a gentle smile on her face.

Except Josh isn’t facing her way.

He’s facing Tyler.

Josh flips off the piano.

Tyler realizes she’s waving to him.

He wishes God had never created butterflies so they could never be in his stomach. Especially when they appear at the most inopportune times like when Debby is waving at him and smiling like it’s the best performance they’ve ever done. It might be.

Tyler realizes he shouldn’t be looking up there instead of into the crowd of people who are supporting them. He jumps off his piano and feels his heart soar as high as the stage scaffolding above his head that he’s planning on climbing for Car Radio.

When their set is over with, Tyler grabs his phone back from Mark and then takes off. He doesn’t let Josh follow him. He’s good at hiding. He winds his way through the secured areas until he finds a secluded spot behind a trailer probably belonging to a celebrity much more famous than he is.

The first thing he does is call Jenna.

A phone call. He doesn’t think he could face her right now.

“Hi baby I’m watching your set! Video must be a little behind because you’re still doing Trees right now on the livestream.” He can hear the smile in her voice.


“Hm?” She doesn’t sense the urgency in his tone.

“What would happen if Josh asked me to watch in on him and Debby together?”

There’s a pregnant pause. He hopes Jenna got his point, he don’t think he could make him repeat Josh’s words from earlier.

“Is that something that you want to do?” Jenna’s calm voice replies.

Tyler shrugs but realizes she can’t see him. His silence speaks volumes anyway.

“Tyler, that’s not something you have to ask my permission for. I appreciate you telling me but if you want to do that it’s your decision.”


“Has this been why you’re so distracted lately?” Jenna inquires with the kindest voice he’s ever heard. He doesn’t deserve his wife. She can read him like an open book without even seeing him.

“It’s maybe something that’s been on my mind.” Tyler doesn’t elaborate.

“Tyler, I trust you. I love you. I love Josh. And I love Debby.”

Tyler is too scared to ask her what kind of love she’s talking about.


“Would it make you feel better if I gave you my permission?”


“You know you don’t need it.”

“Please.” He whispers.

“Tyler you have my full permission and understanding and in fact I encourage you to do anything involving Josh and Debby, if you want to and only if you want to.” Jenna says matter of factly.

Tyler sighs. He doesn’t know whether it’s out of relief or something else.

“I’ll be back with you in a few days. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen until then doesn’t matter. We can all have a good talk then. All four of us. Face to face.”

“This is scary.” He admits. He feels like a child when he says it.

“Imagine how I felt. Or how Debby felt, when we joined you and Josh’s relationship in our own respective ways. Imagine how Josh felt when he was invited into our relationship. We’ve all been through it, Tyler, it seems like it’s your turn to be the one wanting instead of being the wanted one. It’s scary but it’s good. It’ll be okay.”

Tyler gives a breathless laugh.

“I’m sorry. I could never understand fully how scary it is until it’s happened to me. I’m sorry. I love you.” He breathes. His lungs still feel too light. Like if he speaks too loud his lungs will pop and deflate and suffocate him.

“I know.”

He hears the smile come back into her voice.

“I’m glad it’s happened Tyler. Even if it goes away or goes wrong. Even if we don’t really know what ‘it’ is. We'll be right there with you to help you figure it out.” She says.

“Yeah. I’m getting there.” He responds and wipes the sweat off his forehead with the back of his arm.

“Call me tomorrow?” She asks sweetly.

“Of course. Thank you Jenna.” he cradles the words as they leave his mouth hoping Jenna hears how raw he feels.

He doesn’t make it 50 feet within his dressing room before he’s tackled in a Josh sized hug.

“Are you okay?” He squishes Tyler’s cheeks almost comically. Tyler feels like his eyes are gonna pop out of his head from the pressure of the squeeze no matter Josh’s good intentions.

“I’m fine just needed some air.” Tyler keeps his voice steady and tangles his fingers with Josh’s as he drags him back to the buses.

“By running off? You scared me man at least tell me where you were going.” Josh berates him but there’s no bite in his tone. He wasn’t angry. Just worried.

“You’re sleeping with me tonight.” Josh says with no room for discussion.

Tyler tries anyway.

“No Josh i’m fine.” Tyler assures as he climbs onto his bus. He turns around to face Josh in the doorway to send him off to his own bus with reassurances.

Josh just pushes inside and closes the door behind him and nudges Tyler further in. Josh leads him past the roadies in the front, ignoring their wolf whistles as they go by. Josh shoves Tyler into a bunk and climbs in after him, yanking the curtain closed and pressing himself as tightly to Tyler as he can.

It’s what they used to do. When there was only one bus and no bed in the back. When it was just the two of them against the world. When one or both of them was feeling a little too broken for the unforgiving side of their job. It felt familiar. Tyler clutched onto Josh as tightly as he could.

Tyler feels guilty. He’s the one that should be fawning over Josh with congratulations and telling him how proud he is of Josh for how well he did tonight. He knows it was a big deal for Josh to sing with him. This was a huge step for Josh. But here he is, the one being taken care of again.

“Stay with me tonight.” Josh whispers pressing his nose into Tyler’s neck.

“No. It’s her time to have with you i’ll be fine.” Tyler’s voice shakes with uncertainty. He won’t be selfish again. Not this time.

“Nothing has to happen we can all just sleep. Like we did in France.” Josh moves his hands under Tyler’s shirt, palms flat against his back, sliding in the cooling sweat.

“No, Josh. Please I wanna be alone tonight.” Tyler feels mean when he says it. He doesn’t know why. (He knows why)

Josh sighs and Tyler can feel his breath whoosh against his chest.

“What you said earlier wasn’t wrong. It didn’t weird me out or anything. It sounded okay. I’m not trying to be alone because you said that.” Tyler admits preparing for the worst.

Josh doesn’t say anything for a while but Tyler thinks he understands.

“We’ll be there if you want to. You’re welcome in, Tyler. We both want you there.” Josh says.

Tyler is too scared to ask if Josh is talking about Josh and Debby’s hotel room or their relationship. He feels as though Josh means both.

When they check into the hotel, they have adjoining rooms. Tyler takes his key and bag and sprints up the stairs. Debby and Josh wait for the bellhop to help with their luggage downstairs.

Tyler is scared. Tyler is interested. Tyler is worried. Tyler is excited. Whether he joins them or not tonight they will still have to have a talk when Jenna gets here. He’s having a hard time finding cons that weigh against the pros.

Tyler hears them enter the room next door and throws himself into the shower to have an excuse not to answer if they knock. Tyler is a coward. A coward who can feel heat swirling around in his stomach. He turns the shower to cold. He needs as much blood as he can get in the right head to make a decision like this.

Tyler makes a vow to apologize to Jenna (again) Josh and Debby individually if he ever survives this. This is the most nerve-wracking decision he’s ever had to make. They had to make it to. To bet their relationship would work out, it feels like a big gamble to Tyler. He feels sorry the ones he loves most have all had to make it because of him. At least he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.

Tyler changes into the softest clothes he owns, a pair of sweatpants, and a worn t-shirt of Josh’s he stole probably four years ago. If he’s gonna do it, he wants to be comfy.

When Tyler knocks on the door separating their conjoined rooms, Josh answers so quickly like he had been waiting for it.

He shoves himself into Tyler’s room and closes the door behind him again like on the bus.

“Josh, Josh I love you and I’m so proud of you, I can’t go onstage without you, I couldn’t do any of this without you and you blew away the fans and swept the stage with me and you did so good, you’re so good.” Tyler wraps Josh in a hug, his head clearer now.

Josh laughs and nudges Tyler's neck with his nose, his favorite place to be. His freshly washed curls tickle Tyler's chin.

“I needed you to know that. I needed to say that to you out loud before anything happens.” Tyler swallows thickly.

“I know, Tyler, I know.” Josh runs a soothing hand up and down his back.

“I’m about to go in there.” Josh nodded to the room behind them. “You can come in if you want, you can wait till later and come cuddle us or I can leave you alone entirely. It’s up to you. Whatever you pick is the right choice.”

It doesn’t take Tyler but a second to make his decision. It's been well over a year since Tyler first started realizing his stupid feelings at Josh's birthday. He's tired of waiting.

Tyler moves his arms around Josh’s waist and kisses him, pushing him towards the closed door separating the moment of no return.

Josh gets the message and reaches back blindly behind him to turn the handle so they can fall through the doorframe together. Josh keeps his hands on Tyler’s cheeks and kisses him like his life depends on it.

The moment they’re fully into Josh and Debby’s room, Tyler gets cold feet. He doesn’t stop kissing Josh but shoots his arm out to keep the door separating the two rooms from closing and locking. He feels more comfortable if he has an out. If it gets too much.

The room is mostly dark. Only the bedside table lamps on either side of the bed are lit, and the floor lamp by the lone chair in the corner. It lights the room enough that he can easily see but it’s dim enough that he still feels like the dark is hiding how nervous he is.

Tyler is made very aware of where he is when he hears Debby’s quiet but pretty laugh come from the bed.

Tyler rips face off of Josh’s to look to the source of the noise before he really knows what he’s doing.

Debby’s sitting cross-legged on the bed, leaning back, resting her weight on her arms propping herself up, her face was fresh and dewey, free of makeup, a relaxed smile on her face as she watched them. She was wearing a short silky robe that gave no indication to what she was wearing underneath.

Tyler’s gaze was turned back to Josh as he gently took hold of Tyler’s chin and brought him back into a kiss.

Tyler stood rigidly. His hands were grabbing Josh’s sides and squeezing too harshly.

“Relax.” Josh mumbled against his lips, reaching down and curling his hands over Tyler’s so he wouldn’t be pinched to death.

Josh walked Tyler further into the room, pulling every trick he knew to get Tyler to unwind.

“You’re okay.” Josh whispered nipping Tyler’s top lip.

“You’re safe.” Josh did that thing with his tongue that always got Tyler to drop his jaw more open.

“I’ve got you.” He cupped Tyler's chin roughly to keep him from concentrating on anything else besides Josh.

“Relax.” Josh said before resting his hands on Tyler’s shoulders and pushing down.

Tyler’s butt hit the chair beside the wall. It was pulled parallel with the corner of the bed so he could see the side of the bed as well as up from the bottom.

Josh kneeled in front of him and Tyler could finally clearly see Debby over Josh’s shoulder. Her eyes were wide taking everything in, a little smile playing on the corner of her lips.

Tyler supposed she hadn’t really seen Josh and Tyler make out before, so this was must be new for her too. Tyler looked over her appreciatively. Some evil little gremlin in the back of his mind was calling him disgusting for staring at what wasn’t his.

Josh ran his hands up Tyler’s thighs and placed a warm kiss right under his ear.

The gremlin disappeared.

Josh looks up from attacking Tyler’s neck to see Tyler staring at the bed. Well, more like staring at who’s on the bed.

“Yeah.” Josh says smugly with a tilt of glee in his voice.

Josh stands up, sliding his hands back down to Tyler’s knees before letting go completely and turning his attention to Debby.

“We’ll go slow, okay?” Josh says to Debby, but Tyler knows that it’s for his sake. Tyler is grateful.

Josh stands at the foot of the bed and reaches down to grab Debby’s ankles and yank them towards him so she’s pulled to sit at the edge of the bed. She laughs out loud for that. Pretty and whole and happy.

He snickers back at her and sticks his pointer finger into the knot at the front of her robe. He pauses and dips down to kiss her sweetly before tugging on the knot and the robe falls open.

Tyler’s throat clicks when he swallows at the sight. She’s wearing a dainty pair of underwear and matching bra. Some lacey black thing that’s practically see-through.

Josh leans down to capture her in a kiss and pushes the robe off her shoulders and tugs it out from underneath her. She starts to scoot up the bed and Josh followers her, climbing over her and settling in between her thighs.

“You wore this just for us hm? Wanted to look good for him?” Josh asks her biting the strap her bra and letting it slap back against her shoulder.

“Yeah.” She breathes. “Jenna and I went shopping together, picked out a couple things for each other. Thought he’d like to seen me in something Jenna said I looked good in.” Debby doesn’t look at Tyler as she says it. Josh groans in response.

Tyler’s head spins. Jenna had told him they had went shopping together to pick out new stuff to bring on tour with them. He didn’t know they picked stuff out for each other to wear for their respective boys. Tyler thanked God for his wife’s taste in fashion. And the butterflies that had returned full force. Maybe God had a point when he created the fluttery little things.

He can’t breathe. Neither can his dick. It’s getting uncomfortably tight. They both look so good, he feels like he might just stop breathing.

Josh pulls back so Debby can sit up, she clutches the curls at the back of his neck as he slides his hand to her back and unclasps her bra.

She lets it fall to the floor. Tyler’s hand goes to his crotch so fast he feels dizzy. He can’t believe he’s half hard from watch Josh make out with Debby.

Tyler can’t help the squeak that comes out of his mouth when he’s sees Debby has her nipples pierced. They catch the shine off of the warm glow of the hotel lamp. They’re not just any nipple piercings, they’re heart shaped. With a bar through the middle going through her skin.

He blinks harshly.

Josh catches Tyler’s eyes when he hears the noise. He gives Tyler a wicked smile that makes Tyler’s dick throb again.

Josh runs a thumb over her nipple and she give a barely audible moan. Josh furrows his brow and leans down to lick a fat stripe over her nipple instead and she squirms underneath him. Unsatisfied with her reaction he does it again. And again. And alternates between both sides, barely using a hint of teeth before she finally lets out a moan that pleases him.

She huffs and tugs at Josh’s shirt. He lets her slip it off him and moves back in to kiss her. She pushes at his shoulders though and gets a knee between them and shoves him hard enough that he rolls over onto his back.

Josh looks to Tyler to make sure he’s okay as Debby slips to the floor and kneels at the edge of the bed. She tugs at his shorts and doesn’t wait for Josh to lift his hips to help get them off. Just yanks as she pleases until they are off his ankles and on the floor behind her.

A group of people laughing and talking loudly passes by their hotel room. It breaks the tension and gives Tyler time to get his thoughts in order.

Debby pulls down Josh’s briefs just low enough that Josh’s dick is free.

Tyler moans quietly at the sight, trying not to break the spell in the room. His mouth waters, as Debby takes him in her hand and sucks on the head gently.

Tyler thinks back to over a year ago in L.A. when he was observing Debby’s mouth. He never imagined he’d see it working Josh over like this.

Debby took her time. She was a tease. She hummed and sucked along the side of his cock. Josh’s dick jumped and he threw his elbow over his eyes.

Finally taking him in her hand and really going down on him got Josh to whimper a little. She eased her way down at first, going agonizingly slow until her nose brushed his tummy. Then went further and started sucking hard and moving her head in earnest.

When her hand came to rest right on Josh’s knee where is “Tyler” tattoo was, Tyler couldn’t take it anymore.

He reached down and palmed his dick before lifting his hips just enough to pull his pants and underwear down so he could finally bring himself out and get a hand around his cock.

“Deb stop i’m gonna come too quickly.” Josh admitted after a few minutes and Debby wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she giggled.

“Trade with me. Wanna let Tyler see.” He said tucking his dick into the waistband of his briefs so that just the head pokes out. Debby obliged laying down on the bed.

Their foreplay is so different than what Tyler is used to, but in a good way. Josh and Tyler are always ready to please Jenna and do whatever she asks, the moment she asks it, she leads the show. When it’s just Josh and Tyler they will trade working each other up softly, Josh usually tops Tyler but he’s never really controlling about it. He doesn’t just take want he wants for the fun of it, they work together for their release.

Debby, however, makes Josh work for it. Tyler can see she doesn’t really want to be in control, but she enjoys the illusion of fighting for it.

She pushes Josh’s shoulders, doesn’t allow him to kiss her at first, leans down and licks up Josh’s neck, batting his hands away when they try to go to her hips.

With Jenna, Josh and Tyler know not to try and touch again if she moves their hands away, but Josh knows better with Debby. He teases her. Dangles the option of topping him right in front of her nose and then snatches it away when she leans to take it from him.

Tyler is so used to Josh taking care of him that at first he can’t even comprehend Josh being slightly dominate. Josh gets greedy in bed sometimes but he never puts up a fight for what he wants. With Debby it’s different. Tyler decides he really likes seeing Josh in control.

She sees in Josh’s eyes that he’s mocking her and it only makes her more determined to make him slip up.

She clamps her thighs around his waist and holds his wrists against the pillow beneath his head, and grinds down hard. Josh’s eyes flutter shut. Tyler can see his biceps flex as they’re stretched above his head in a way that makes him look like a greek statue.

Tyler pulls up his shirt a little so his precome doesn’t drip onto it.

Josh finally has enough and rolls to get her underneath him. Debby is caught off guard at the change in position she forgets to object.

Josh presses a kiss in between her breasts, under her ribs and right above her panty line.

“Okay?” Josh looks up at Debby first and then to Tyler, asking both of them.

Debby looks to Tyler and nods dreamily. She looks down at Tyler’s hand around his dick, greedily taking in his appearance. Tyler’s lids droop and his head lolls back onto the chair as he hesitantly runs his thumb over the head of his dick and stares right back at her.

Debby’s whole body jerks when Josh lowers himself enough to pull her underwear to the side and press a kiss right over her slit

Josh gets an arm over her leg and holds his forearm over her hips to try and keep her form wiggling.

He presses another warm kiss just above her pubic bone before going lower and finally, finally lets his long tongue roll out of his mouth and lap at her sex.

Debby puts a hand over her mouth and tries to get away from where he’s languidly licking up and down.

Tyler, Jenna and Debby all have the blessing of Josh’s long and wide tongue reducing them to a puddle. Josh knew this and used it to his advantage every time they were together.

Tyler can feel the ghost of Josh’s tongue on his hole as he watches him eat her out. He feels for her. He knows how intense it can be too quickly.

“Josh!” Debby squeals after a particularly good twirl of his tongue against her and her foot falls to his shoulder to push him away.

Josh isn’t having any of that. He sits up quickly and curls his fingers around the hem of her underwear and pulls them off. He snatches both of her ankles in his left hand and holds her legs up. His right hand comes down and slaps her sex.

“Quit it.” his says firmly. “Be good for us.” He gives her a warning look. Debby doesn’t look like she’s heard him, her eyes glazed over.

Josh gives her another harsh slap over her sex again and she jolts.

“Okay.” Tyler can barely hear her surrender.

Josh releases her ankles from his grip, one of her legs rests on his shoulder but the other falls to the bed, bent at the knee and hanging off the bed.

Tyler can see everything clearly now. She clean shaven, glistening from Josh’s saliva.

Josh looks over at Tyler just in time to see Tyler’s dick jerk violently and his eyes fall closed, a smooth hand working himself up and down.

“Slow down, make it last.” Josh commands.

“Tyler.” Josh gets his attention.

“Slow down.” he repeats looking at Tyler’s cock.

Tyler whines but removes his hand and places two fingers in his mouth instead.

“Josh.” Debby pouts and brings the attention back to her. She thrusts her hips up just enough to brush against Josh’s dick.

Josh steps out of his underwear.

“You wanna ride me?” He asks. “Put on a good show?” He asks quieter.

Debby nods vigorously and climbs back on top of Josh. Josh’s dick is so hard it lays flat against his belly. Fully flushed.

Tyler sucks his fingers harder, pushing them further into his mouth and his hips buck involuntarily in his seat.

Debby positions herself over Josh’s dick but doesn’t take grab him to slip inside of her. Instead she sits down fully, leaning forward more and placing her hands on Josh’s lower stomach.

She rocks back and forth. Josh’s dick is trapped between his stomach and her warmth.

She slides up and down and they both moan in unison. It’s so so good.

The head of Josh’s dick presses against her clit every time she rocks back up. She grinds a little there every time before sliding her pussy back down again.

Tyler is overcome with the thought that he really wants that to happen to him.

Josh’s hands go to her hips and he pulls her up off of him so she’s standing on her knees over him. A string of their mixed wet and precome connect from the top of his dick to her opening.

Tyler really has to squeeze the base of his cock to keep from coming right there.
Josh slips two fingers inside of her. Her thighs shake trying to keep herself up above him.
"You alright baby? You have me." Josh coos.

Josh is too sick to help himself, lets his thumb brush over her clit. Debby nearly doubles over and has to slap a hand down on his stomach to steady herself.

Josh smiles and titters a little at the slapping sound.

She’s so sensitive. It’s all so new Tyler can’t stop his brain from noticing the differences between Jenna and Debby. Jenna is good at not giving away how turned on she really is. She likes keeping composed. Jenna likes to talk a lot in bed. Jenna is lean and soft skin. Debby is open with how much she wants it. She’s got full hips and muscular arms from boxing. Debby get overwhelmed and can't formulate a words easily. They’re both perfect.

Josh pulls Debby forward with the two fingers inside her, gentle enough that he moves his fingers with her as he leads her. Debby has no choice to knee walk over him.

“Just one more taste, okay?” He asks her sympathetically. He can see how worked up she is. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her to sit on his face. She rests her head on her arms on the top of the headboard and gasps loudly.

Tyler can’t see it, but he can imagine the wonders Josh’s tongue is doing to her.

Tyler begins to work his hand back and down himself. The moans and gasps and little noises coming from Debby and Josh both are almost to much for him to bear. He thumbs the underside of his head. He feels like the time Jenna edged him for an hour, kept him waiting so when she finally let him come it felt like it lasted for hours.

“Josh, please fuck me.” Debby’s voice cracks.

“I don’t care about being on top please just fuck me.” She says desperately.

Apparently those are the magic words because Josh is springing to life underneath her, and moving them around so he can kneel and position himself at her entrance.

He doesn’t push in just yet, looking over at Tyler one more time to check on him.

Tyler has a blissed out look on his face and his hand around his dick not tight enough to give him any real friction but enough to keep him unbearably hard.
"Josh." Tyler asks brokenly. He feels like the only word he knows is Josh's name.

Josh places a kiss to Debby’s lips before leaning over far enough to be in Tyler’s space.

Tyler thinks Josh is trying to kiss him so he sits forward to capture his lips but stops when Josh spits on the head of Tyler’s dick and takes Tyler’s hand in his, moving it so Tyler grips himself and spreads Josh’s saliva down his shaft. It’s so hot. The action and Josh’s spit. It sends a rush of arousal down his spine.

“Thank you.” Tyler breathes.

Josh hikes one of Debby’s legs on his shoulder and the other comes to wrap around his waist as he pushes in.

She and Tyler whimper at the same time. It sends a hot blush through his body.

Josh fucks her roughly but sets a slower pace. Tyler knows this is his favorite way to do it. So he could feel every twitch and clench of whoever he was inside.

Debby brings one of Josh’s hands around her neck.

Tyler puts one of his own hands on his neck.

Josh and Tyler squeeze.

Tyler and Debby gasp.

“Shit, Debby I’m not gonna last. Like it when he watches. Like it that he’s getting off on watching us.” Josh grunts.

Debby doesn’t respond but Tyler can see tears gathering in her eyes as Josh squeezes her throat tighter.

Tyler lets go of his throat when Josh lets off of Debby’s. Doing it simultaneously somehow makes the whole thing even better.

“Look at me.” Josh says looking at Tyler out of the corner of his eye. Josh started thrusting more quickly.

Tyler swallows harshly and speeds his hand up on his dick, he’s so close to tipping over the edge but holds himself back. Jenna trained him so well to control his own orgasms.

Josh leans back and Tyler focuses on watching Josh’s cock slide in and out of her.

Tyler watches as Josh lets a long stream of spit drip from his mouth and it lands right on Debby’s clit. Only Josh with his freakishly good aim could accomplish something like that.

Debby moans loudly and unabashedly when Josh rubs the warm saliva on her clit with his thumb.

She digs her perfectly manicured nails into his shoulders.

Tyler shoves the hem of his t-shirt into his mouth so he can clench his teeth around it, and so it catches the drool that threatens to escape.

Without warning, Josh speaks up.

“Come for me.” Josh says through gritted teeth. None of them know who he’s talking to but it doesn’t matter because Tyler and Debby are both coming loudly.

Tyler comes so hard his ears start ringing, he shoots up his own stomach as he works himself over, eyes slipping shut out of his own accord, legs jerking.

Debby arches up beautifully. Her toes curl from where they’re perched around Josh and she must tighten around Josh enough that he’s coming inside her moments later.

He keeps thrusting himself inside of her as he comes, chasing the crashing and overwhelming orgasm again and again before it wears off.

Tyler whines and makes grabby hands at Josh as he pulls out and Debby winces at the empty feeling.

Josh presses a kiss to Debby’s lips that she doesn’t have enough energy to return. She rolls her head to look at Tyler as Josh comes over to him. Tyler is still running his hand up and down his dick lightly, milking himself for all he’s got.

Josh takes Tyler’s hands off his own dick and replaces it with his mouth. Tyler flinches at the over sensitivity and goes to pull away. Josh cleans the dripping come off his cock and goes to lick the rest off his stomach. He slaps the outside of Tyler’s thigh.

“Don’t take pointers from her, be still.” He says sucking up what he can from Tyler’s jumping stomach.

Tyler and Debby make eye contact and Tyler’s dick jerks weakly when he catches her rubbing her clit watching the two of them.

When Josh is done he presses an apologetic kiss to his lips. Tyler licks his lips and catches the taste of what must be Debby.

Josh pulls Tyler’s underwear and pants back around his hips making sure to be careful to not drag them over his oversensitive head.

He stands up and picks his own briefs off the floor and steps into them before settling back in between Debby’s legs, ripping her hand off her clit. He kisses her neck, and his fingers drum in between her ribs.

“Want me to clean you up too?” He mumbles into her neck and she nods. He kisses lovingly down her body as he goes.

Tyler finally catches his breath and sits up a little.

Josh stops when Tyler speaks up.

“Can I do it?” His voices is crackly from misuse.

None of them miss the gasp Debby gives.

Josh looks to Debby for her answer.

“Yeah, Tyler please?” She asks.

Josh’s surprised and wide smile meets Tyler’s nervous and shy one.

He stands on shakey legs and kneels at the foot of the bed and pulls Debby towards him like Josh had done with her earlier. Josh sits in the chair Tyler was in to watch.

Tyler is nervous, but Debby looks content, she bites her pointer finger. Tyler looks down at where Josh’s come is starting to leak out of her and leans in. He looks up for her approval one more time.

She nods.

Tyler tentatively lets the tip of his tongue flick out to her entrance.

The taste of Josh is familiar and encourages Tyler to go in for more. He flattens his tongue and licks broadly from her entrance to her clit.

His tongues dips barely inside of her and Debby lets out a small sob. Tyler looks over to Josh who only motions for him to continue and that she was okay.

He knows he’s supposed to be focusing on where Josh’s come is leaking out of her but he can’t help but occasionally suck on her clit gently in between lapping at her.

Tyler’s hand twitches where it was resting on his own knee. He kind of wants to dip a finger inside her but also doesn’t know if he’s allowed. He starts by using his thumbs to open her up more so her clit is directly exposed and not hidden. His thumb “accidentally” brushes against the exposed nub directly and Debby cries out.

“Hurts.” She says eloquently. But she threads her fingers through Tyler’s hair to keep his face against her.

“Just one please.” She asks him brokenly and it occurs to him that she’s asking for him to finger her.

He looks to Josh again. Josh is in a daze watching the two of them.

Tyler gives her what she asked for and his pointer finger slides easily into her. He crooks it immediately feels around for a bit until she moans and Tyler knows he’s found her spot. It’s then that he starts moving his finger in and out of her just barely, mostly just keeping his finger pressed against that spot inside her and licking the wet off her sex.

“Tyler!” She warns tugging his hair. Tyler gets the message and wraps his lips around her clit, sucking sweetly and she’s coming again. Tyler pulls his finger out of her and licks at the rest of Josh’s come that’s squeezed out of her as she clenches repeatedly around nothing. He licks her until she lets go of his hair and shoves his forehead away as best she can reach.

“Thank you.” She sighs and lays on the bed, boneless.

Josh looks like he can’t believe his eyes, in a sex drunk stupor as he picks up his shirt and sits Debby up so he can pull it over her head.

Tyler doesn’t know what to do with himself. He stands back towards the chair.

Josh rolls his eyes and pulls Tyler down to the bed with him and Debby and situated himself in between them.

“You did so good for me, you were perfect thank you.” Josh tells both of them.

“Can I kiss you?” Debby asks looking over Josh at Tyler.

Tyler’s eyes go wide. It’s been 5 years since he’s kissed anybody new.

Tyler looks up at Josh.

“Quit looking at me, she’s the one who asked you.” Josh teases. He knows Tyler still feels like he’s intruding, and he wants Tyler to know that they can make this decision without him.

“I- uhm- yeah, okay.” Tyler says stupidly, sitting up and crossing his legs. Debby shuffles to sit cross legged in front of him and places her hands on his cheeks. Her fingers are freezing. Her heart is not.

Josh looks so giddy Tyler wonders if he’s going to break out a camera and cry like a parent at their kids 6th grade graduation.

Tyler closes the gap and their lips press together chastely.

They pull back after a few seconds.

“We can um, do that again if you want.” Tyler looks anywhere but her eyes.

Debby kisses him again enthusiastically. Peppering him with long and short kisses again and again until Tyler’s smiling.

Kissing is a big step. Sex means nothing. Kissing is romantic. Sex is sex. Tyler blushes harder with her kissing him than he did when he was coming to the sight of her.

A flash goes off. Tyler and Debby look at Josh whose smiling down at his phone.

“Gonna send this to Jenna.” He beams.

Tyler and Debby laugh.

Jenna is going to be so excited. He can’t wait for her to be back. He kind of couldn’t wait to tell her what happened.

“Got a little more than I bargained for.” Tyler admits placing a comforting hand on both Josh and Debby’s knees.

“Will you sleep with us tonight? Debby asks, almost scared that he wasn’t going to stay.

“Think that already kinda happened.” Tyler jokes.

Josh and Debby both slap his chest and Tyler laughs.

“If you want me?” He quiets down.

“We always want you, if you’ll have us.” Josh says bringing them all to lay down.

The bed is plenty big enough for them. Four people could comfortably fit in it.

Maybe one day there will be four bodies in the same bed.

Tyler and Josh used to say in interviews that when they got married they’d sleep in a bed with them in the middle and their wives on either side of them, so they could always be together. Back then it was a joke. Now it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

He felt happy. He felt sated. He felt taken care of. He felt comforted. He felt peaceful.

Debby was good. She pulled Tyler to her chest and Josh plastered himself to his back.

Tyler wouldn’t need to keep the door separating their two rooms open anymore. He can lock the door behind him.

Tyler felt loved.