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Fragmented Hero

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Looking back on his life, Bakugou had plenty of proud moments. He had graduated near the top of his UA class, got accepted into such a prestigious school in the first place, got his hero license, met All Might, the list was endless honestly. Hell he had even joined the ranks of the Top Ten Proheroes within a year of graduation. But if you were to ask the hero what his proudest moment was, it would be the day his quirk manifested. None of those other moments would’ve been possible without it. His quirk had practically become his life and he cherished it dearly. Bakugou worked hard to get control of the explosive power, pushed his body to the limits to make it stronger, spent hours researching gear to improve the weaknesses in his quirk. And each time he saw improvement, he felt that pride swell in his chest all over again. 


As his quirk grew stronger, so did he. He had become quite the hero even before graduation, and with his license and freedom in a hero agency, Bakugou had just soared. He was well liked by the public despite his brash personality that had definitely improved some during his UA years, but never really became friendly. He had a flashy quirk and knew how to put on a show. Sure there was more to being a hero then that, but it had helped Bakugou's career and he was too busy fighting villains to worry about fighting the system. In the end, he was proud of his work and strived every day to be better. 


The day that everything changed started out like any others before it. Bakugou got up early for a run, it was a great way to both do a quick patrol and stay in shape. Just because he and Midoriya weren't necessary rivals anymore didn’t mean Bakugou still wasn't going to strive to be the best, and right now, the childhood rival turned friend was the best. After his normal run, he took a quick shower and made himself some breakfast before heading over to his hero agency. 


The call had come in relatively early. It was a bank robbery and therefore shouldn't be that hard to deal with even if the culprit had a quirk. Eager to get out on the field and away from his desk, Bakugou had been quick to volunteer. He had never liked doing the paperwork much and preferred to be out there on the front lines actually making a difference. He wanted to be out in the action of it all, feeling like a real hero, something he had dreamt about since he was a kid.

Some of his former classmates were at the same agency as him so they got put on the same cases a lot. Soon he was headed out with Mina Ashido and Hanta Sero to go stop the robbery.  The bank that had been the target wasn't too far from the agency, hence why theirs was the one called, so they managed to get there quickly and met up with the police on the scene. “We can't tell for sure what the villain's quirk is, but they are armed and have threatened the hostages inside if we enter.”


Bakugou frowned but supposed that that made sense for why none of the authorities had tried entering yet. The civilian’s lives were always what should be most important. “We can handle it from here. Cellophane check the roof for another entrance, Pinky go around back to check too, I got the front.” The blonde hero squared his shoulders as he approached the door. He knew it was risky but he also knew the others would have his back. Besides, someone had to get the villain’s attention so the other two could save the hostages. 


The second Bakugou stepped into the bank, the villain whipped around and pointed their gun right at his chest. “I told those stupid cops that if anyone came in I’d shoot! I don't care if you're some big hero either, I’ll do it!” Her choppy brunette hair fell down to her chin. The bottom half of her face was covered by a bright blue mask but it didn't seem to muffle her words at all. What was most striking about the villain was her wide blue eyes that had no pupils. “I know who you are Ground Zero! Don't make me do something you'll regret!” 


In his UA days, Bakugou probably would’ve snapped back, letting his temper get the best of him, but now he just smirked. “I don't have any regrets.” His voice was even as he started a slow approach towards her. “The only one about to regret something is you for robbing a bank.”  A quick scan around confirmed that there was no more than 15 people in the bank including the tellers. He also noticed Sero through the windows above. With his tape, he should be able to save the hostages. Bakugou knew Mina had to be close too but was staying out of sight so her bright pink skin wouldn’t catch any unwanted attention. 


The villain snarled, her gun staying trained on Bakugou. “Stop moving! Don't get any closer!” Even though it was hard to read any sort of emotion in her eyes, it was clear to Bakugou that she was nervous. “I said I'll shoot!” Expect there was a slight tremor in her grip on the weapon, the blonde had to wonder if she had ever used one before. 


Bakugou didn't stop the approach, if he could keep the villain’s, who he was calling Blue in his head, attention on him then his friends would have no problem swooping in and getting the hostages out. “Just put down the gun. Attempted robbery is one crime, but injuring an prohero is another. So just put it down and you can get out of her with out a life sentence.”


Blue narrowed her eyes, “I thought the great Ground Zero was supposed to be rash and think with his fists! You aren't actually trying to defuse this with talking are you? Maybe I should shoot you before you turn into even more of a snore fest.” Unfortunately it seemed like she got a better idea and switched her tactic so she was instead pointing at a small child trying to hide behind their mother and pulled the trigger before anyone could stop her. 


“No!” Bakugou cried as he rushed forward to shield the family by taking the hit himself. Neither of his friends would have been able to get there in time and he wouldn't let an innocent life get hurt on his watch. What the blonde didn't know though, was that this wasn't any ordinary gun, the shot that left the gun wasn't a bullet but a burst of energy and it collided into the hero’s shoulder. Bakugou was pretty sure he would've preferred an actual bullet though as white hot pain ripped through his entire body. The hero cried out in agony as he crumpled to the ground. He had never felt anything like this before and Bakugou struggled to breath as it felt like his body was trying to rip itself apart. 


Mina and Sero rushed over to him, ignoring Blue in favor of making sure their friend was alright.  This gave the villain the perfect opportunity to escape, not even bothering to grab any cash after all and just taking the chance for a clean getaway.  Mina gently moved Bakugou's head into her lap, brushing blonde locks away from his face. “Bakugou? Hey can you hear me? You're gonna be ok.. It's gonna be ok.” 


The blonde didn't seem to register her words though, his entire body felt weak and heavy. It was like a chunk had been ripped out of his chest, but he didn't feel any blood. But maybe that's because there wasn't any. “Mina, there's no wound... what was that??” Sero was trying to keep his panic at bay, not wanting to worry Bakugou incase he was still conscious enough to hear them. 


“We have to stay calm, go get the medics! I’ll stay with him.” Mina urged as Sero leaped up to sprint outside, quickly finding them and bringing them back inside. Bakugou let out another weak cry of pain as he was lifted up onto the stretcher. The medics removed his gauntlets, handing them over to Sero. “It’s gonna be ok Bakugou.” Mina reassured again, reaching out to squeeze his hand. She couldn't help but notice how cold his fingers were, normally the explosive hero was always so warm. 


A quiet sob escaped Bakugou's throat as he struggled to squeeze Mina's hand back. She didn't need to be asked to know he wanted her to ride in the ambulance with him. Sero would have to go back to the agency alone and report what had happened. “M-Mina... “ His voice was feeble and broken as he tried to get her attention as they made their way to the hospital. “Mina i can't feel it…”


The pink heroine instantly furrowed her brow in concerned. “Can’t feel what Bakugou? Your arm??” He had been able to squeeze her hand so she assumed his arm wasn't dead or anything. She squeezed his hand again and when she felt a weak squeeze back she knew it couldn’t be his arm. Mina was suddenly a bit scared to know his answer.

“My quirk… I.. I can't feel my quirk. It's not there.” Bakugou could feel himself spiraling as he couldn't even produce a tiny spark from his palms. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. It was supposed to be just another mission, something he'd done plenty of times now. But it had turned into something far from it. Bakugou could feel his world crashing down around him. His quirk, his pride and joy, was gone just like that… and there was nothing he could do.  


Mina bit her lip, not knowing the words to comfort the blonde anymore. “The doctors will fix you up ok? And the agency will send out an alert to everyone to keep an eye out for that villain. You'll be back to your blasty self in no time!” She just had to pray that that ended up being the truth. 


Bakugou wanted to believe her so desperately. He couldn't imagine a life without it since his quirk had always been there since he was young. The blonde had no choice but to believe that Mina had to be right. The other pros would find that villain and they’d get her to make his quirk come back. It just had to come back. If it didn't…. Bakugou didn't want to think about it. Right now he just wanted to give in to the burning pain that was still coursing through his veins and take a long nap. When no one argued him falling asleep, Bakugou let himself fade to the blackness.

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Mitsuki arrived to the hospital quickly. Mina had called her as soon as they arrived and wheeled the unconscious hero into the back. Although, she had already been on her way when she got the call. They had been playing coverage of the robbery on the news and as soon as she saw her son get hit she was in her car. Mitsuki knew her son could handle himself, but he was still her baby and hearing his cries of pain broke her heart. 


Mina was in the waiting room when Mitsuki burst through the door and stood to great her. She would've liked to go back and see Bakugou now but the doctors were running tests so Mitsuki was also told to wait. Waiting was making her restless, but when she heard Mina start sniffling quietly next to her those motherly instincts came out. Mitsuki wrapped an arm around the younger woman’s shoulders pulling her closer. “Katsuki is tough, he's going to be ok. In fact the brat is probably giving those doctors hell right now.”


Another sniffle worked its way out of Mina as she buried her face into Mitsuki’s shoulder, she wanted to believe that her friend was ok, but the last words he had said were still playing in her head. If Bakugou had really lost his quirk then she didn't know what any doctor would be able to do. Mina suddenly wanted to be back out in the field, looking for the villain that had done this instead of sitting in a waiting room fighting back tears. In fact Bakugou would probably call her dumb for crying. “He said he lost his quirk.” She mumbled quietly, deciding it would be better if Mitsuki heard it from her then the doctors. 


Mitsuki went stiff against the pink haired hero, her brain processing the words but not wanting to believe them. The mother knew first hand how much Bakugou’s quirk meant to him. She could still picture her son on the day it manifested, grinning ear to ear as he showed it off despite having such little control over the power. Mitsuki may have fought with her son often, but that never once meant she wasn't proud of him. The pair could just be to similar at times and clash heads, but deep down she was her son’s biggest fan. “That's not possible. It must just be blocked or something. His quirk can’t be gone.” 


Biting her lip to keep in the tears that threatened to spill, Mina spoke up again. “I really hope it's not, but until we catch her, I don’t know what’s going to happen with Bakugou.” Sitting up she pulled out her phone to see if anyone from the agency had sent her any updates. The only message she had was from Sero asking if there was any news on Bakugou’s condition. Deciding she couldn't keep sitting there any longer, Mina quietly excused herself to go make some more phone calls. 


It wasn’t long after that before a doctor came in. Since Bakugou looked so much like his mother, the doctor was able to guess she was family right away and approached her. “Are you here for Katsuki Bakugou?”


Mitsuki nodded, standing up to shake the doctor's hand in greeting. “Yes I’m his mother, can I see my son? Is he ok?” She didn't like the frown on the doctors face, it worried her.


The doctor let out a soft sigh. “He's still asleep, but you’re welcome to wait in his room until he wakes up. I'm sure he'd appreciate a familiar face right now. I don't know if you have been informed of his situation, but it appears that your son has lost his quirk. We've run every test at our disposal, but it's as if your son never had a quirk to begin with.”


Mitsuki's hands balled into fists by her sides. She knew the doctor wasn't the one she should get angry with, but Bakugou had to have gotten his temper from someplace and right now she really wanted to punch something.  “Run them again, or find doctors with other tests! His quirk can't just be gone!” 


The doctor kept his composure, understanding why she was upset. “Right now we just need to wait and see if it will wear off. Running more tests just doesn't make sense and we doubt your son would appreciate it.” Mitsuki’s shoulders deflated knowing that the doctor was right. “I can take you to see your son know if you’d like.” 


Mitsuki nodded and followed the doctors down the hall to a room. He opened it for her but left the mother alone with her sleeping son. She walked over to the bed, pulling a chair closer to it so she could sit down. Mitsuki reached out to push fluffy bangs away from her son’s face, even in his sleep he looked upset right now. Mitsuki didn't know how she would even begin to help Bakugou, he didn't accept help easily especially from her or Masura. Bakugou had always been such an independent kid and even though he now knew the advantages of friends by your side, showing weakness still angered him. 


“Mmm…?” Tired red eyes slowly flickered open and Bakugou looked up to see his mother’s soft smile. “What are you doing here..?” He mumbled trying push himself up into a sitting position. A shooting pang through his shoulder caused him to let out a hiss of pain and he laid back down. Everything slowly started to come back to you and his eyes grew wide as he searched his mother’s face. “My quirk..”


“The doctors ran all the tests they could… but it seems like its gone.” Mitsuki didn't want to be the bearer of bad news, and she was waiting for the tantrum. But it never came. Her son’s eyes flashed with defeat as he nodded and sunk deeper into the hospital. She could tell Bakugou wanted to cry, the blonde had never been able to hide his emotions from her. 


He turned onto his side facing away from his mother, ignoring the dull throb in his shoulder where the blast had hit him. Bakugou was biting the inside of his cheek hard enough to draw blood, but as long as it kept the tears from falling he didn't care. However the pain was also a reminder that this wasn't a bad dream. He had lost his quirk, and he would never be a hero ever again if it didn't come back.


Not having the words to comfort her son, Mitsuki just sat in silence with him, being the support for him if he needed it. Soon the doctor came back and announced that since there was nothing more they could do for the blonde, he was free to go home. Bakugou nodded numbly, letting his mother guide him to her car after signing out of the hospital. He didn't say anything the entire ride back to his apartment, just curled up in the front seat and stared out the window. His phone sat in his lap flashing with messages that he didn't have the energy to answer. Most of them were from Mina and Sero, but some of his other former classmates were also sending their condolences. Its seemed news of him losing his quirk had spread quickly through the hero community and everyone looking for Blue was on high alert. 


As Mitsuki pulled into the parking lot, Bakugou gathered his stuff to head up but his mother reached over and gently grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving. “Do you want me to come up with you? I really don't think you should be alone right now Katsuki. What if your condition gets worse?”

“Nothing can be worse than losing my quirk.” He murmured, his voice void of emotion as he pulled his arm away. “I don't want to be around anyone right now…” Bakugou knew his mother was just worried about him though so he took a deep breath before turning to reassure her. “If I start to get worse I’ll call someone. But other then an ache in my shoulder I feel find. I just wanna be alone.”


Mitsuki still disagreed though, just because her son had it together right now didn't mean he wouldn't crack as soon as he was alone in his apartment. “I still think you should have a friend come and stay with you.” But when Bakugou shook his again, she let the argument drop. “At least call me? I know you're an adult now, but you're always be my little brat.” She reached over to brush his hair away from his face and dropped a kiss onto his forehead. 


That was a compromise Bakugou could agree with so he nodded and squeezed his mother’s hand before opening the door to head inside the apartment building. Sure enough, as soon as his door had shut behind him, Bakugou sunk to the ground as the tears finally started to run down his cheeks. Everything he had worked so hard for for years was gone. And even if he did have someone come over, none of his friends would understand what he was going through, they all still had their quirks. Bakugou had never felt so utterly alone. 


He didn't know how long he stayed slumped on the floor crying silently, but eventually he mustered up enough strength to get up. Bakugou didn't even bother changing into comfortable clothes before crawling into bed. What was the point anymore?


Meanwhile, Mitsuki hadn’t done as well at dropping it as she said she had. She didn't think her son should be alone, he’d spiral if he was and it'd only get worse if his quirk stayed gone. Therefore, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Bakugou had developed a good group of friends over the years, but there had always been one that he was closer to than the others. Maybe it was because he had been the one to save her son when he got kidnapped, but if there was anyone that Mitsuki believed could help her son right now, it was Eijiro Kirishima.

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Kirishima hated this. He should've been out there with his friends, he should've been there to protect Bakugou! Instead he was stuck at home recovering from a stab wound. He hadn't even been on duty when it happened. Kirishima had been walking home from the grocery store when he noticed the commotion in an alley and being the heroic guy he was, had stepped in. Little did he know that the assultant had a poison based quirk that allowed him to lace a knife with it. Kirishima was just relieved he had taken the knife instead of the women he had cornered and was trying to rob. 


Right now though, Kirishima didn't feel heroic at all as he watched the news clip over and over until Bakugou's cry of pain was ringing in his ears even after he had shut it off. He should've been there. Even if taking the blast had meant he lost his quirk, it would've been better. The redhead had learned to love his quirk over the years, but in the end, he knew Bakugou losing his was worse. His blood ran cold when their agency sent out the message to be on high alert. 


He wanted to go see the explosive blonde, but he didn't know if his company would be welcomed. Sure the duo had grown quite close over the years and Kirishima wouldn't hesitate to call Bakugou his best friend… but what if Bakugou resented him? He was the one that normally tried to talk down villains since he was arguably more likable. Maybe if he had been there to help, Bakugou's quirk would still be here. Of course Kirishima knew if he voiced any of this aloud, his friends would all jump to his defense, assuring him that he shouldn't blame himself and there was no way of knowing this would happen, and that he was injured and needed to take care of himself. 


Except Kirishima was cleared to return to hero duties tomorrow, so he didn't feel injured and the wound had already healed over to a scar thanks to healing quirks. There was no reason Kirishima should have stayed home that day, but he had and it may have cost his best friend everything. Throwing a pity party for himself wouldn't help anything though, and since he was technically cleared, Kirishima decided he needed to do something to help. He would find this villain himself and do everything in his power to get her to undo whatever she had done to Bakugou. 


He was on his way to his agency to do just that when his phone rang. Kirishima figured it was Mina, or maybe Sero since he had texted both of them multiple times asking for any details about how Bakugou was doing. Therefore the redhead was a bit surprised to see Mitsuki’s name popping up instead. He answered her immediately, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. “Hello?? Is everything ok?? Is something wrong? Is Bakugou ok?? Please say he's ok..” He hadn't meant to word vomit, but his nerves had been building since he first saw the footage and it finally seemed to all come bursting out. 


“Woah slow down Kirishima. We both know everything isn't ok.. Nothing is worse, and no I don't think Katsuki is ok. He has been released from the hospital though so he's back home now..” Even over the phone Mitsuki sounded exhausted to Kirishima. He couldn't imagine how she was handling this. Yes, Bakugou was his best friend and he was supposed to always have his back, but Mitsuki was his mother. This had to be hitting harder for her. 


“Already?? But it's only been a few hours.. Are they sure he's ok enough for that?? What if something happens?? He shouldn't be alone!” Kirishima was gaining some odd looks from passersby but he didn't care, he wanted, no he needed to know that Bakugou was going to be ok. 


Mitsuki sighed softly, “The doctors did all they could for him. But all of their tests came back with the same negative result. He’s lost his quirk and until they find the villain that did this to him, there's nothing more they can do for my son.” Taking a shaky breath, she continued on. “That's why I called you. Katsuki isn't taking this very well, but he's too stubborn to admit that and thinks the best thing to do is to lock himself up all alone in his apartment. I don't want him to be alone right now… and I think if there's anyone who would be able to comfort him right now, it would be you.”


A soft blush worked its way onto Kirishima’s cheeks at Mitsuki’s words. He had been thinking that he would be the last person the blonde would want to see him right now. But Bakugou's mother herself was telling him to go see her son, go comfort him. He nibbled nervously on his bottom lip, half tempted to tell her that that might not be a good idea… but Bakugou needed him. “Has he eaten anything..?” Kirishima spoke up quietly after a moment. “I'll swing by that curry place he likes and get him some spicy curry. It's on the way to his building.” The heroic duo had stopped to eat there numerous times after long days before separating to head to their apartments. Today had certainly been long, and curry was a comfort on days like these.


“Unless he made something after I left, then no he hasn't. And I think he would really appreciate that, Kirishima. I'm glad Katsuki has you in his life.” It had not gone unnoticed by the mother how much Kirishima's companionship meant to her son. The redhead brought out the best in Bakugou, but was also able to help him work through the worst. That's why she had been so sure that he was the right one to call for this. “I need to head home, Masaru is worried sick too since he hadn't been able to make it to the hospital. Take care of him, and let me know if you need anything.”


“The same goes for you. If you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out again. I feel terrible that I wasn't there today and I want to do whatever I can to help now.” The doubt Kirishima had been feeling was starting to be replaced with determination. He was determined to do better, and be there when the ones he cared about needed him. So changing direction, Kirishima headed away from the hero agency and instead started towards Bakugou’s apartment.

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Bakugou didn't know how long he stayed cocooned in his blankets, fading in and out of unconsciousness. The dull ache in his shoulder was a constant reminder of this waking nightmare since the pain medicine he had been given had long since worn off. He didn't want to get up though, didn't see a point to anymore, or at least that was the case until his stomach started to rumble loudly. The blonde tried to ignore it for as long as he could, but at some point it became too much and he had to leave the comfort of his bed.  That was when he heard a knock. 


At first Bakugou thought he might have imagined it but when he heard a second knock he knew someone was actually outside his apartment door. It was too gentle to be his mother, which meant it had to be one of his friends. Bakugou had half a mind to ignore the knocking much like he had all of the texts, but he felt a little guilty. He knew they were just worried about him and since someone had been worried enough to come all the way here; the least he could do was answer the door. 


Shuffling over, Bakugou peeked out to see who it was. When he saw a familiar flash of red he instantly stiffened. He should've known that out of all of his dumbasses, Kirishima would be the one to show up. Deciding to just get this over with since he knew Kirishima was stubborn enough to stand out there for hours, Bakugou opened the door. 


Kirishima’s head snapped up when the door opened. Part of him thought that the blonde wasn't going to answer, whether it was because he was asleep or just didn't want to answer. “Hey, man..” He said softly, not missing how tired his best friend looked. “We don't have to talk about what happened today, but I don't think you should be alone right now.”


“You sound like my old hag.” Bakugou grumbled, his voice hoarse. 


A sheepish smile worked its way onto the redhead’s face. “Well she did call me and say as much.. But she's right, dude!”


Scowling, Bakugou continued to grumble. “Of course she did.. Well I’m fine so you can leave now.” He went to close the door in Kirishima’s face but a hardened foot shot out and stopped it before he could close it all the way. 


“Wait a second! Have you eaten yet?” Kirishima grinned when that caught Bakugou’s attention. The blonde’s stomach let out another rumble before he could try to deny it. “I went to that curry place you like, too, and got your favorite spicy curry.” He held up the bag of food, hoping it would bribe Bakugou into opening the door further. 


As much as Bakugou wanted to be alone, it seemed like Kirishima wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon. So with a soft sigh, Bakugou opened the door and stepped back so Kirishima could walk in. “Fine.. but I'm not talking about feelings or shit like that.”


Kirishima chuckled quietly as he walked in. “Deal, no talking about feelings.” The red-headed hero had been over to Bakugou's place a couple times over the last couple years. It was a studio apartment with very simplistic decoration. He had his bed in one corner of the space, with sheets that adorably matched the design on his hero costume. In the opposite corner was the living room area. There was a small but comfy couch with a coffee table facing a TV. The movie collection had grown from solely action movies to having some Disney and comedies thanks to Kirishima and Kaminari forgetting them here when it was Bakugou's turn to host the movie nights. 


The most impressive part of the apartment was the kitchen though, with its state of the art equipment, and that's where Kirishima headed. He set the bag of curry down on the counter and got out bowls for them. “Do you want to watch a movie while we eat?” Kirishima asked, looking over at Bakugou as he shuffled into the kitchen after him, grabbing drinks for them both. 


“Sure..” Bakugou didn't really know if he'd be able to focus on a movie tonight, but it would certainly be enough of a distraction to keep Kirishima from fretting over him. “I'll even let you pick one of your shitty Disney movies.”


“You love my Disney movies! Why else would you keep them whenever I forget them here?” Kirishima said with a laugh, handing Bakugou his bowl before leading the way into the living room. “I also know for a fact that Mulan is growing on you, too.”


“That's only because you've made me watch it so many times.” Bakugou replied rolling his eyes. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he did feel better being in Kirishima’s presence. His shoulder still ached of course and he reached up to rub it once he was sitting and Kirishima was getting the movie set up. But overall he felt better. 


The simple motion didn't go unnoticed by Kirishima, but he held his tongue. Bakugou didn't want to talk about the attack right now and the last think Kirishima wanted to do was upset the blonde more. Regardless though, he was really worried, so against his better judgment, he spoke up as he made his way over to the couch. “Does it still hurt? Mina said you were in a lot of pain earlier.. I can grab some meds for you if you want.” It wasn't technically talking about feelings so he was pretty sure Bakugou wouldn't kick him out. 


“I’m fine it’s just sore… I'll take something later if it’s still bugging me, alright? Now stop asking about me and play your dumb movie.” He didn't really think Mulan was dumb, but he didn't want to start talking about the ache in his shoulder cause that would mean the conversation would inevitably lead to his lost quirk and Bakugou really didn't want to have that conversation. He was grateful when Kirishima dropped it and started the movie before coming to sit down with him. 


They didn't talk much throughout the movie except for when Bakugou teased Kirishima for crying over a movie. It felt like any other movie night between them and for a while Bakugou was able to forget about his missing quirk. Kirishima had brought back a bit of normalcy into Bakugou's life and he was grateful. Of course Bakugou didn't say that aloud though, even though he knew the redhead wouldn't judge him for being honest. 


There was about a half hour left in the movie when Bakugou started to get sleepy. Since he knew how it ended, he had no problem getting up and gathering their dishes. “I'm going to bed. Feel free to sleep on the couch when your done with your movie. I don't fucking care.” Part of him hoped Kirishima would stay though, turns out he really didn't want to be alone right now after all. 


Kirishima smiled, knowing for a fact that the blonde did care. “This couch is super comfy, I’d never pass up an opportunity to sleep here. Can I have that super fluffy blanket too??” He also knew that Bakugou didn't want to be alone, but Kirishima knew better then to call him out on it. So instead he made puppy dog eyes at the blonde, knowing the fluffy blanket was one of his favorites too and he didn't often give it up. 


“Only because you bought me curry.” Bakugou grumbled, motioning to where it currently lay on his bed for Kirishima to grab as he headed into the kitchen. He just put the dishes in the sink for now, deciding they could wait till tomorrow to be cleaned. With a final sweep to check for anything else that needed to be put away, Bakugou headed into the bathroom to get ready for bed. 


He had grabbed a pair of pajamas so he could change in the bathroom, and he froze when he caught a glance at his back in the mirror. He had been told there was no mark on his shoulder from the blast earlier, but now there was an angry looking scar etched into his pale skin. The shirt slipped out of Bakugou's fingers as he shifted to try to get a better look at it. All of the feelings and pain he had been trying to shove deep down all came roaring back to life and the blonde felt like he was going to be sick to his stomach. 


It wasn't that he was disgusted by the scars, it was something that came with being a hero. But when there hadn't been a mark it had made everything feel less real, less permanent; like maybe his quirk would still come back once the effect of Blue's wore off. The scar made it seem very very real though. His quirk was gone, and now he had a constant reminder of the worst day of his life. Bakugou quickly grabbed the shirt off the floor and pulled it on, desperately trying to hide the scar from view. It was too late though, the imagine of it still flashed in his mind and he could feel it throbbing. 


Not even bothering to take something for his shoulder, Bakugou hurried out of the bathroom and over to his bed. He crawled into his blankets and pulled them up around his chin. Even though he had been falling asleep on the couch mere moments ago, now Bakugou felt wide awake. 


Kirishima noticed Bakugou’s quick departure from the bathroom and sat up a bit to look over at his friend. Bakugou was already on the paler side but right now he looked like a ghost. The redhead was instantly concerned and turned down the movie before calling over to him. “You ok bro?” He knew he was breaking the ‘no talking about feelings’ rule but Kirishima couldn’t help but notice how shaken up Bakugou looked. This was something the blonde would have to talk about eventually, and he hoped Bakugou knew he could trust him. 


“I’m fine. Just tired.” Bakugou rolled over so his back was facing Kirishima, hoping to end the conversation before it could even start. He wasn't ready to talk about losing his quirk. Bakugou knew Kirishima was worried about him, all of his friends were. And even if he also knew he could talk to Kirishima about anything, the conversation would be draining and make it feel final. Besides, it felt wrong talking about it to someone who still had a quirk, how could they know what he was going through? 


Kirishima frowned, he wanted to reach out and comfort the blonde. Despite all of the hard armor Bakugou wore, Kirishima knew deep down he could be vulnerable. He had hoped Bakugou would’ve felt comfortable enough to reach out for the comfort the redhead knew he needed. Pushing the blonde to open up would just make him push Kirishima farther away. So he sighed softly but nodded, “Alright, goodnight bro.”


Bakugou mumbled a quiet “goodnight” back before burrowing deeper into his blankets. He willed sleep to come quickly, but it seemed that any sleepiness he felt earlier was gone. The hero laid there with his eyes closed for longer than he'd like, hearing Mulan end and Kirishima settled down on the couch to sleep himself. Eventually sleep finally came for the blonde. But it wasn't the peaceful sleep he had been hoping for. 


Darkness. That was the first thing Bakugou noticed. Everywhere he looked around him was just black emptiness. It was impossible to tell which direction was which. The next thing he noticed was the surge of power he had come to associate with his quirk. It was back. He didn't have any time to celebrate though because that was when the blonde heard a scream. Knowing that he would probably get lost in the darkness, Bakugou took off running towards the sound. He could tell he was getting closer when the frequency of the screams increased. Bakugou’s blood ran cold when he realized that the ringing screams sounded familiar. 


The second that realization clicked in his mind, the darkness vanished and Bakugou was suddenly back in the bank. Only this time when he looked around he saw his friends instead of innocent civilians. They all looked so afraid and Bakugou felt the urge to protect them from whatever was causing that fear. 


Mina and Jirou were huddled together in the corner, blood trickling down Jirou’s forehead. Mina was trying to shield her from more danger, but Bakugou noticed a very familiar scar on her bicep. His eyes then flickered over to Kaminari. There were tears running down his face. He too bore the same scar that was on Bakugou’s shoulder and Mina’s bicep. Kaminari’s eyes slowly turned to meet Bakugou’s and he saw the same pain he had felt reflected there. 


Finally Bakugou’s eyes shifted to the center of the bank. There stood Blue, holding Sero up by his collar. The taping hero was also quite beat up, his lip was split and there was a bruise forming on his cheek. Rage instantly filled the blonde hero, “Leave him alone!” He shouted, lifting his hands to blast Blue away before she could injure Sero more. 


But nothing happened. Once again Bakugou felt the pain of his quirk leaving him and he let out a weak cry as he crumbled to his knees. Blue’s head snapped over to look at him and even though her mouth was covered, Bakugou knew she was smirking. “Or what~” She taunted before colliding the butt of her gun into Sero’s temple with a sickening crack. “You cant even save yourself anymore; how are you going to save anyone else~?” Blue let go of Sero’s collar and the unconscious hero crumpled to the floor. “You're a fallen hero now Blasty.” The nickname came out as an insult, teasing him for his lost quirk. 


Bakugou was frozen, his eyes widening in horror. His friends were depending on him to protect them and he was powerless to do anything but watch Blue take away the quirks of everyone he cared about. He truly had fallen. Bakugou felt helpless. And that's when there was that flash of red again. 


Instead of feeling comfort, Bakugou felt tread. He tried to call out to Kirishima, telling him to run away and save himself. Kirishima still had his quirk, there was still a chance for him. But Bakugou's mouth wouldn't work and nothing came out. Blue’s eyes didn't leave Bakugou’s as she slowly lifted her gun to point it at the approaching hero. “Say bye-bye~” She grinned before pulling the trigger. Kirishima's scream was the last thing Bakugou heard before he was plunged back into the darkness.