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Little Birdy


Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird.



“You scared?” Jungkook exhales nervously.

Jungkook and Yugyeom had just finished the school day and were on their way to the locker rooms. They both made it onto the football team and today was their first practice.

Both were currently walking behind Hoseok, trying to keep up with his space as he led them on their way to get ready for practice.

Hoseok catches what Youngjae said and lets out an amused chuckle. He turns back to look at the pair walking behind him.

“Relax. There’s nothing to be scared of,” he reassures, showcasing his heart shaped smile before turning back around and jogging to the locker room door, forcing Jungkook and Yugyeom to jog after him.

Hoseok was wrong.

First day of practice was rough. Coach had set up all the new team members through multiple drills, trying to figure out what position they were best suited for and how much skill they had at playing.

Yugyeom was already on the sideline, taken out by coach to get a quick break.

Jungkook, however, was still on the field, adrenaline driving him to keep himself steady. Hoseok was on the field too. Except, he was playing on the other team. Coach had split the team members, stimulating how a real game would be played.

Just Jungkook’s luck, he was on the offensive team, set to play quarterback. ‘What kind of idiot coach sets up a freshie to play quarterback?’

He arched his head to the side to see Hoseok’s position on the defensive team. He was set to play linebacker.

Coach blows the whistle, indicating the game to begin.

One of Jungkook’s teammates call the play and hike the ball back to Jungkook. Jungkook zeros in on the ball, full focus on the game.

He frantically turns to see if any of his teammates are open for him to throw the ball to. None of them were. He was on his own.

So he ran.

He started sprinting to the opposite end of the field, determined to make a touchdown. Through his peripheral vision he could see people from the other team trying to tackle him but luckily his teammates intercepted them. He was almost at the end zone, the line just a few feet away from him marking his victory.

Out of nowhere, a new face came into Jungkook’s view.


Jungkook tried to move around him but Hoseok was quick. He lunged at Jungkook, sending the both of them tackling down, causing Jungkook to land with an “oof” as he laid on the damp grass with Hoseok on top of him, the ball rolling out of his hands.

Jungkook looks up and locks eyes with Hoseok. Hoseok stares right back. Their faces were mere inches apart, he could feel as the other boys chest rises up and down against his own. A smirk appeared on Hoseok's lips before he pushes himself off the ground and fully stands up.

Jungkook could hear cheering but wasn’t focused on that. He was flustered, trying to calm down the heat he could feel on his cheeks. He quickly got up and was immediately tackled by his teammates, all crowding into a group hug and jumping up and down at their victory.

Apparently one of Jungkook’s teammates picked up the ball and finished the touchdown that Jungkook wasn’t able to complete. His team had won.

Jungkook slowly backs away from the cheering crowd and starts walking back toward the locker rooms alone. Sure he was happy his team won. But he made a fool out of himself in front of the coach. The coach would never have faith in him again.

Jungkook frustratedly lets out a loud grunt, stomping his feet simultaneously. He freezes when he feels an arm sling around his shoulder.

“Good game, be more careful next time though,” Hoseok laughs, sending a wink Jungkook’s way and ruffling his hair before running off in front of him to get to the locker rooms.

“Yea. Good game,” he mumbles but Hoseok is too far gone to hear.


The newspaper room was a mess. Articles were scattered all over the two desks lined up on the side. Pictures were pinned all over the board in the middle of the room. Files sat stacked up on the computer desks.  

Among the four people that were in the newspaper club, not one of them knew how to keep their working space clean. 

Taehyung was sitting in front of a lit up computer, a pen in between his teeth, too focused on the contents on the monitor to notice another boy walk in.

“Taehyung,” the boy calls out to get Taehyung’s attention.

Taehyung doesn’t budge. 

“Yo. Taehyung. What are you looking at that’s got you so zoned out. You look like a chipmunk with those puffed cheeks,” the boy laughs, tapping Taehyung to once again, grab his attention.

Taehyung flinches, pen falling out of his mouth as he swivels his chair to face the person that just distracted him.

“Youngjae. You scared the crap out of me. What the hell are you doing here? You’re not even in newspaper club,” Taehyung huffs out, looking up to meet Youngjae’s eyes.

“I know. I was just bored so I came to help. Whatcha lookin at?” He questions, pulling up a chair and plopping himself to the right of Taehyung. 

Taehyung open his mouth to explain but at that exact moment another boy enters the room.

“Jinyoung! Come look at this! Right now!” Taehyung practically shouts, waving Jinyoung over.

“Where was this enthusiasm when I came in?” Youngjae scoffs.

“Jinyoung is part of newspaper club. You’re not,” Taehyung rolls his eyes. 

Jinyoung rushes his way over. “What? What are we looking at?” He crouches himself down to the same level as Taehyung and Youngjae.

“Look!” Taehyung pulls up a tweet on twitter while Youngjae and Jinyoung are on either side of Taehyung, intrigued by the cause of his outburst.

Taehyung reads the tweet out loud. “Hush little baby don't say a word, mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.”

“I saw that on my timeline,” Youngjae comments.

“Creepy,” Jinyoung shudders.

“It’s weird. That’s their only tweet and it has so many likes and retweets. It’s gaining even more. And the account already has so many followers. I want to write a story on this. It’s interesting don’t ya think. I think it’s someone from our school or at least someone from this side of the neighborhood. A lot of people from our school interacted with the tweet. It’s kinda weird how everyone knows about the account but whatever. I think it’s worthy of a place in our newspaper,” Taeyung finishes, looking up at Jinyoung with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Tae. I dunno man. It could be just a regular creepy tweet with no story,” Jinyoung says with hesitance.

“Write it! I live for creepy shit like this!” Youngjae exclaims.

Taehyung looks at Jinyoung with puppy eyes.

“Fine,” Jinyoung gives in.

“Yes!” Taehyung turns back to his computer. “Maybe we can even find out who’s behind the account. I mean, it’s anonymous for a reason.”

A buzz interrupts Taehyung’s excitement. He pulls out his phone and sees a text from Jin telling him to meet up at the cafe.

Taehyung quickly gets up, grabbing his coat and making his way out of the newspaper room. “Gotta go guys. Bye!”

No more than two seconds later he’s gone from the room, rushing out of school to meet up with Jin.


Walking into his house, Jin shuts his front door and slides his shoes off. He places his backpack and keys on the table before stepping into the kitchen. 

He loved this time of day. No overbearing parents. No annoying siblings. Just him.  

He looks into the fridge, scavenging something to calm his hunger.

“The only time you're ever home is to fill your stomach. You don’t pay for groceries, or the bills or anything. You don’t even clean. At least be useful for something!” He hears the shrill voice of his mother echo in the tiled kitchen. 

A sigh escaped his lips as he closes the door of the refrigerator. He immediately regrets it and face palms.

“Did you just sigh at your mother? Are you trying to say that I’m tiring you? You do absolutely no work in this house for youtube tired while I work my ass off to keep this house up and running,” she continues on, causing Jin's head to hurt. 

He simply looks at her with a blank face, bows curtly, and apologizes. 

“Sorry, it’s been a tough day. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful,” he says still bowing. 

When he finally stands up, his mother looks at him in a calculating way. 

“I’m telling your father,” she says convinced, turning away from him to go into the living room. 

It takes every ounce of power in his body not to roll his eyes at her childish antics. 

He forgets his hunger which has turned into nausea, and puts his shoes on to head back out the door. 

“Seokjin, where do you think you're going? Your siblings will be home in a little. I need you to take care of them because I have to go out with Mrs. Lee to the store today."

“Mom, I already told you that I was planning on hanging out with my friends at the cafe,” he says in disbelief.

“Why would you go out on a school day? No. You're not allowed.”

That was his parents thinking. He was old enough to pay bills but was too young to hang with his friends. He loved them but they were crazy. 

He plopped himself on the couch, defeated. His mother began her complaining about all that Jin has done wrong in his life. How she’s done all she can to help him but he’s defied her in every way.

After hearing too much of her complaining, his mood suddenly  shifted. He’s had enough. He wasn’t anyone’s emotional outlet to let out their stress on. He was human too. Someone that made a few mistakes but still a human.

He stood up abruptly, unnoticed by his occupied mother. Jin opened the door and walked out. As soon as he steps foot out of the house, he can hear his mother’s shrill voice yelling, his name being repeated over and over. 

A weight was lifted off his chest as he began to sprint down the road. But it was replaced by a heavier one as he realized he still had to go back to that rotten place at the end of the day. 

“Just one more year, and you're out of there. Just hang on,” he reassures himself. He didn’t hate his parents but figured it would be easier to have a relationship with them if he didn’t live in the same household.

He took out his phone, messaging Taehyung to meet him at the cafe. He needed a break. At least until he had to return home in a few hours. 

Jin lets out a big sigh at the thought of his parents waiting for him. 

Oh well. You're only young once right?