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 Seyeon layed down on the sectional couch in Yoongi’s small dark studio. She put her feet up on the armrest of the sectional and continued typing away at her phone. 


Yoongi frequently looked back at her and sighs.


She was texting him.


From across the room.


His life couldn't get any better.


Lying to one of his best friends was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. He felt like any second now she was going to walk up and yell at him for tricking her. Finally he put his phone down and turned around.


“What are you doing?” yoongi lied, staring at her crumpled forehead in thought.


“Im talking to Agust D. he’s so hot,” she said in a whiny tone, sitting up her knees holding her phone.


Yoongi smirks and turns back around in his black swivel chair, struggling to hide his smile.


“I really want to meet up with him, but I know it's not possible,” she sighs, biting her lip before throwing herself back on the couch.


His smile drops at the thought of her ever seeing who he really is.


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, he began to think.


“What are you doing?” she whispers, suddenly right beside him.


“holY FUCK shit, gah stahhhhp” he whimpers almost embarrasingly as he jumps in his seat hitting his knees on the inside of his desk. 


“Fuuuuuuck” he draws out as the pain in his legs sting.


Seyeon drops to the floor her arm on yoongi’s thigh.


The pain immediately leaves, his body focusing on her arm currently holding on to his thigh as she laughs hysterically.


He visibly gulps before standing up and moving across the room.


He opens the door, and points out.


“Get the fuck out.” he says trying to hide the shakiness in his voice.


She stands, wiping tears out of her eyes, still laughing before standing by the door.


“You know, that just made my whole day.” she sighs


“Yea? I hope something breaks it like how you broke my knee.” he says bitterly, a smirk escaping at her face.


It was just. So cute.


He shuts the door and sits on the couch, seyeon dropping herself by him.


She lays her head on his shoulder.


“What if, i get big after this collab. Then i get really famous and i have security gaur-”


“Woah, chill. I promise you, even if you get famous, you don't need a security guard. Your too ugly for protection.”


Yoongi covers his face as she begins to beat him senseless. 


“Ah ow oww IM SORRY STOP.” he yells as she sits on top of him.


He throws her back onto the couch, their faces inches apart.


A silence overtakes the air and all that's heard is their deep breathing.


Yoongi burps.




“Eeww, you disgusting piece of shit. Ugh what did you eat?” she yells picking up her things, saying a quick bye, and runs out the door, leaving a flustered and laughing yoongi behind.


The two pause, once their not in view.


Seyeon leans against the door, taking in a deep breath shaking away the thoughts in her head.


Yoongi leans into the couch, shaking out the image of her face, so close to his. 


When did life get so hard?



There was a ringing noise coming from somewhere in the studio. Jimin looks around before realizing it’s his own phone. He scrambles to pick up his ringing phone from his bag, earning a few “C’mon Park, no phones during practice.” 


“Just a second, I swear.”


The screen flashes, Little Kitty.


“What? You know I’m at practice. What's so important that you’re calling?” Jimin says, not even bothering to keep the bitch out of his voice.


“Jimin. I uh- I need help,” Yoongi hesitantly says over the phone.

Jimin doesn’t even think twice before answering, “K, be there in five.” 


Jimin shuts the phone quickly, stuffing it in his bag as he runs out. 


If Yoongi says he needs help, that means he’s either dying and can't write out his will because his hands are amputated or he has a girl problem. 


An emergency nonetheless. 


So Jimin runs like his life depends on it.


“Park, where the fuCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!” his team captain calls out.


“Jimin!” Hani yells out.


“Its an emergency!” he yelled before storming past the doorway. 


He makes it to Yoongi’s studio in three minutes, but no one’s counting. The door swings open and he walks in, huffing heavily, trying to catch his breath.


“That was fast did you-” 


Jimin cuts him off, still trying to breathe, his vision blurring a little.


“Are you-” 


Jimin cuts him off again, his hands go on his knees.


Yoongi stands, his hand on his hip, not amused with Jimin's dramatics.


“Dude shut the fuck up. Your dance studio is like down the hall,” he says annoyed.


Jimin abruptly stands up.


“No its like 2 halls down, you shut the fuck up,” he retorts, forgetting his whole dying scene.


He takes a seat, putting his bag on the floor.


“I can’t believe your studio is literally a glammed up storage closet. It’s so ugly in here. You gotta do something about that smell,” Jimin complains, wrinkling his nose in disgust.


“Shut up. I don’t have money for an actual studio and this is the best thing the school could offer. It’s in the corner of the school so no one would bother me here. And thank fuck the school doesn’t give a shit about what I do in here either,” Yoongi defends. 


Jimin has an amused smile on his face, wiggling his eyebrows in a teasing way. “So you’re implying you do stuff in here?”


“Shut the fuck up and sit your dirty minded ass down. For fucks sake,” Yoongi rolls his eyes. He then realizes there’s something different about Jimin today.

“When did you dye your hair?” he asks ruffling his head.


“Last night. I got tired of blonde. It was too soft,” Jimin almost whispers, picking at his pants.


“Aww, did our little baby want to act all tough and big in front of someone? Who is it? Is it Hani? Or is it BamBam? You like guys right? I’m getting you and Tae confused,” Yoongi says scratching his head.


“You dumbass, I like guys. Tae doesn’t,” he explains, embarrassed by the sudden attention to his sexuality. It's not like he’s a closeted gay. He just doesn't prefer that people linger on the fact.


“Oh. Alright. Anyways, you know Seyeon right?” Yoongi asks, feeling the heat rise to his cheeks.


“Um, yeah duh. We’ve known her since middle school,” Jimin blatantly answers. He suddenly gasps with realization.


“Did you finally realize that you’re in love with her and asked her to marry you? Oh my fuckin god its about damn time. I already planned your wedding. So I was thinking a beach kind of thing an-” Jimin gets cut off by Yoongi hitting him upside the head rather hard.


“No you dumbfuck, we’re not getting married. But I do like her I guess or something,” Yoongi bashfully voices. 


Jimin grabs him by the shoulders.


“Yoongi. My lil meow meow. I'll say it. You love her. She loves you. We get it. Now go marry her and give us some crabby Yoongi babies please,” Jimin pleads, this time dodging the hand coming toward his head.


“No, you idiot. I want to ask her out. I don't know how though.”


“So, your logic tells you to ask the gay guy on girl problems?” Jimin laughs, raising his eyebrows incredulously.


“What? No, I just thought you’ve had more experience with relationships than any of us so you know how it works, I guess. I don't know if this was a bad idea, never mind,” he utters, putting his hands in his head.


“Don’t know if I’ll be much help. But I’ll give you a basic rundown,” Jimin says with sympathy. 

Yoongi peaks through his fingers "You know she knows about this place?"


"WHAT? She knows about AGUST D?! I feel so betrayed right now, I thought I was the only one who knew," Jimin yells in a distressed voice, feigning pain.


"Calm the fuck down," Yoongi hits him with a stack of papers. "She knows about the studio but not what it's for. which is also another problem..." Yoongi trails off.



Little Birdy

A mask cannot conceal what's hidden beneath, no matter its worth