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Little Birdy




When all comes to poor, so does the end. 



Group chat: Jungkook POV


Tae: That fuxking bird account


Jungkook:How bad would it be if I smashed a brick through their face.


Joon: last week it was Yoongi. Three days ago it was Jackson. 


Hobi: poor Jackson 


Joon: now jimins next. 

Jungkook: Wait what

Yoongi: u didn’t see the last tweet


Jungkook:No i didn’t wtf


Jimin: maybe it’s not me tho 


Jungkook: Who else is poor 


Jimin: ouch



Jin: they’ve already revealed 2 of our friends

Jungkook: What do you think won’t make them reveal another one

Jimin: your right 

I’m screwed >_<


Jungkook:No ur not.

I’ll break it’s wings

if I have 2


Joon: dw jimin. Well protect u


Jimin: thanks joon. But I’m more nervous abt my gram. 


Jin: we’ll protect her too :)


Jungkook: Tae should we come over and help try

to figure out who it is?


Tae: I think I have a lead but it’s not definite


Yoongi: i hate detective work 


Hobi: too fuxking bad 


Jimin: thanks guys 


Jungkook:Of course. 



Jin was stressed. Correction: he was beyond stressed. Senior year was kicking his ass. He was taking harder classes, he was worrying about college applications, and he was president of the current NHS. On top of that, home life wasn’t doing him any favors. Constant screaming in his house from “lack of contributing work” as his mom liked to word it, made it hard for him to focus on anything. 


“Mom? Dad?” Jin calls out as he steps into his house. His day had been normal so far. Or as normal as living with constant fear of getting exposed is. As he walks through the house and toward the kitchen, he notices the house is eerily silent. 


“No one’s home?” He questions softly into the nothingness around him. His smile grows wider as he realizes he has the house all to himself. He can finally get some school work done without any distractions. Maybe throw in a little relaxation time for himself too. 


“Fuck yea! No one’s home!” He screams with glee, his raw, excited laugh filling up the stillness around him. 

He quickly rushes to the fridge, grabbing random foods he doesn’t even know the name of and piles them high in his arms. 


He looks at all the food he’s collected, satisfied. “This should be enough,” he mutters to himself. He dashes to his room, careful not to drop any of the snacks he’s gathered. Plopping the snacks on his bed, he pulls out his school work, ready to get started on the overload of problems upon problems he has to finish. His hand reaches out and grabs the first thing within reach, which happened to be a cheese stick.


As soon as he opens his mouth to take a bite, he hears the front door of the house open and close. His mother’s voice rings out in greeting. 


Jin quickly drops the cheese stick and scrambles up to get down stairs. It’s rude to not greet an elder once they come home. Plus, he hasn’t seen his mother all day and he still loves her enough to actually want to converse with her at times. Maybe she won’t find a reason to yell at him today. 


“Hey mom!” He greets with a smile as he enters the living room. His mom is slouched on the couch, gulping down a glass of water. As she sets the glass down, she looks up at him with her own smile. Their smiles matched almost perfectly. There was an uncanny resemblance between the two. 


“Did you eat anything yet?” She asks. Jin shrugs. “Yea, I have a few snacks in my room.”


She nods in acknowledgment. They continue a conversation for a few more minutes, easing into each other’s presence. 


“Where’s dad?” Jin asks.


“He took your siblings out for ice cream,” his mother responds. 


“Oh. Okay. I have to go study now,” Jin explains. His mother nods in acknowledgement once again. She seems to do that a lot. Jin starts to turn around to go back to his room but stops mid-turn. 


The neutral expression on his mother’s face was quickly turning into displeasure. He knows that look. 


“There’s dust on the tables,” she points out in a deadly tone.


Shit. That’s what he forgot to do. He forgot to dust all the furniture in the living room. It was supposed to be spotless before his mother came home.


“Yea I-I know. I swear I forg- I’m about to clean it-” he stutters out, internally scolding himself at his own mistake. 


“You never do any work in this house! I ask you to do one simple thing. One thing. It’s not that hard Seokjin!” His mother bellows.


Jin opens his mouth to defend himself but his mother continues. “What’s the point in having you in the house when you won’t do such simple chores! I’m sick and tired of your behavior!” She yells in anger. 


Jin looks on with his own anger. He is the perfect son, yet somehow there is still a flaw in him. “There’s no need to yell!” He retorts. Without even waiting for an answer, he rushes back up the stairs and to his room, slamming his door shut behind him. 


Even through his closed door, he could still hear his mother screaming and complaining about how she’s apparently everyone’s servant since no one cleans in the house. She also starts raging about Jin’s “rude” behavior to no one, since no one else is downstairs.


Jin feels a mild headache starting to form. It was always present, he was just good at pushing it away. However, right now it was becoming unbearable. And through his muzzled thoughts, he could only think of one quick solution to help him. It was bad, something he told himself he would never partake in. But he couldn’t handle it anymore.


Grabbing his phone, he searches for a specific contact on his contact list. Once he finds it, his thumb hesitates to press down on the call button. Two seconds later, his brain has made the decision for him, the dialing tone sounding from his phone. 


There’s a clicking sound as the person on the other end picks up. “Hello?” A deep voice says through the phone.


Jin exhales slowly before putting his phone up to his ear to answer properly. “Homin? Hobi’s brother, right?” You still have those special drugs on you?”




Namjoon holds back from gagging as the car he is currently in jerks sharply to the left, barely avoiding a line of cars on the grimy road.


His head starts spinning and he takes a deep breath before screaming, “MARK IF YOU DON’T STOP SWERVING THIS FUCKING CAR, I WILL PERSONALY GRATE YOU LIKE CHEESE!” 


Mark chuckles darkly before swerving once more, this time landing a shoe to his face as it flies out the open window. 


Namjoon looks opened mouth as he watches his shoe get run over by multiple cars. 


He drops his head down into his lap as the sound of Mark’s loud laughter fills the car. 


They finally arrive at the abandoned warehouse. 


“Why are all drug deals in abandoned warehouses? Like why do we have to actually go by the stereotype?” Mark asks as he shuts the car door and walks towards the chained entrance. 


“Did you forget? We don’t ask the questions, we just do what we’re told,” Namjoon says dismissively. 


He walks towards the large fence and easily scales it with speed. Mark follows. 


Jumping down, Namjoon grunts. “And it makes us feel like we’re in a movie,” he adds on with a bright smile, his face illuminated by the moon. 


They enter the wet, cold building and immediately take their places by their boss. 


Their boss gives them a flick of his finger toward his face as indication for something. They understand and immediately put their face masks on, leaving enough space to only reveal their eyes.


They barely have a chance to ask what they’re doing today before the door is opened again. In comes a boy, barely 19, skinny and lanky, with a head full of dyed black hair and pale yellowish skin. 


He looks so familiar to Namjoon that Namjoon couldn’t help but stare at him. 


The guy meets eyes with Namjoon but flickers them away quickly in the boss’ direction. He silently walks toward them and drops a stack of money on the desk. 


Boss then holds his hand out to Mark who in turn gives a plastic bag of white powder. The boy takes it and bows deeply. 


“Thank you,” he says in a thick Gwangju accent and suddenly it clicks in Namjoon’s mind who the kid was. 


It was Hoseok’s brother. 


His eyes widen greatly at his realization and he chokes on air. 


Perfect quarterback, handsome, 4.0 student Hoseok had a drugged up brother? How?


He isn’t given a chance to think when suddenly Hoseok's brother leaves the building and his attention is brought back to the Boss. 


Mark side eyes him with a look saying “you okay?” 


Namjoon responds with a nod and returns back to his position. 


You really don’t know what’s behind closed doors Namjoon thinks to himself.