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It's been a few days since the bird account tweeted Yoongi's secret, exposing him to the world as Agust D. 


Drastic changes have occurred since then. For one, his mini studio in the school no longer existed. Management took everything and moved it to a higher class studio in the building of the small company he is labeled under. Yoongi didn't complain, students would probably bombard him if he left his studio in the school. Besides, he had more space in the new studio of his. 


Another thing that has changed is how people treat him at school. Before, he kept to himself. People never bothered him nor approached him. He was just there. Now, everyone wanted to be his friend, kissing up to him and trying to get him to invite them over. It's annoying to say the least. 


The media has been on his case too, trying to catch an inside scoop of what makes Yoongi and Agust D different but also the same.


But the most heart wrenching change is his friendship with Seyeon. 


He's been avoiding her. 


Every text, every call, every time she tries to catch him in the hallways, he turns his cheek.


Facing her is the most unbearable thing for him. 


How is she going to take the news?


Will she be mad? Happy? 


How can he face her knowing she's shared everything with him about how she feels about Agust D? 


Yoongi is grateful for the only thing that's stayed constant throughout all of this mess. His friends. Even through their little conflict, they've managed to fall back into their normal routine. It's the one thing that has Yoongi walking with a smile through the halls of the schools. 


That smile drops once he catches sight of a familiar long, brown haired girl. 


"Yoongi! Shitface, I know you can hear me! She yells from the other end of the hall while running toward him. 


Yoongi quickly turns around, trying so hard to find an escape route. It's only then that he realizes he's reached a dead end in the school hallways. 


Thoughtlessly wandering after school hours, he didn't notice the beautiful mural he was following along the walls actually led to a place of no escape, no doors that would lead him to another area. 


"Fuck," he curses under his breath. He knows he has to face the music at one point. That point was now. 


"Min Yoongi. I have been trying to get ahold of you for five days. Five whole ass days. I didn't know ignoring came so easy to you but apparently it does. When are you planning on actually talking to me?" She pants, anger seeping into her voice though she is struggling to catch her breath. 


Yoongi scrunches his eyes closed and slowly turns around. Reluctantly opening his eyes, he looks on to the girl standing in front of him.


"Hi," his voice slips out. 


"Hi? You haven't talked to me in five days and all you say is hi?" Seyeon questions in a deadly low tone. 


Along with Yoongi's nervousness, fear appeared as well. 


"I can explain-" 


"That's why I came here you dipshit. I want an explanation. A good one. No lying," Seyeon says, cutting him off. 


Yoongi looks at her before silently nodding. "Okay, follow me."


Wordlessly, Yoongi leads her back to his old studio room. It's empty for the most part, but there are still two chairs and a desk remaining. 


He takes out his key to open the door and leads Seyeon in, shutting the door behind him and settling into one of the chairs. 


"What happened to your stuff?" Seyeon questions while looking around. 


"It's moved out. This used to be my play studio. But I've got another one now," Yoongi answers. 


Seyeon just nods her head in acknowledgement and plops onto the other chair. 


"So begin. Tell me everything," Seyeon urges. 


And Yoongi does. He tells his whole story about how he became Agust D, why he hid his secret, how he balanced school, and finally, why he was avoiding Seyeon. 


"Wait wait. Back up. You were avoiding me because you didn't want to face me telling you that we can't be friends anymore?" Seyeon asks, slight amusement in her tone. 


Yoongi looks away from her. "Well yea. I figured you'd be mad. Aren't you?" He questions, his gaze landing back on her. 


"Oh yea. For sure. Obviously I'm mad. The amount of times you've lied to me is countless. And I'm humiliated over the fact that I shared everything with you about how I viewed Agust D and you guys are actually the same person," Seyeon scoffs. 


Yoongi furrows his eyebrows. "You shouldn't be humiliated it. It's not your fault."


"I know. It's yours," she jokes, attempting to uplift the tension. When she realizes it did nothing of that sort, she continues, "I'm not gonna stop being your friend though."


"Really?" Yoongi asks with doubt. 


"Really. I uh- I just need time to process everything you just said to me," Seyeon says, her voice getting softer if possible. 


She gets up to leave but Yoongi's hand stops her, clasping around her own. 


"I'm always here for you. You know that, right?" 


"I know. I need to figure out some stuff on my own though," she smiles, a bit forced. 


Pulling her hand away from Yoongi's, she leaves with a small goodbye. 






This is the third time Jungkook and Jimin are getting yelled at by the school librarian to quiet down. 


They decided to study after school in the library, hoping they'd be able to help each other understand their respective subjects they are struggling in. 


Their definition of studying though was fooling around and messing with each other. 


Jungkook ran with Jimin's textbook, making a beeline for the shelves hidden in the corner of the floor. He is standing on his tippy toes with his back against the shelf, holding the textbook above his head so Jimin isn't able to reach. 


"Give it back!" Jimin hisses, looking around to make sure the librarian isn't about to eat them for making too much noise. She walks past them towards another student asking for help.


"Aww. Is Jimin too short to reach it?" Jungkook pouts teasingly, still waving the book far above his head. 


"Seriously Jungkook. I have to study," Jimin whines in a whisper. He reaches up on his toes and uses Jungkook’s chest for stability.


The heat of Jimin’s small palm on his chest releases a fire over his skin. 


"Jump for it," Jungkook challenges, his voice whispering out in a lower tone. 


Jimin narrows his eyes at him but then smirks. "Okay."


Jungkook forgets Jimin is a dancer, therefore he is flexible and light on his feet.


He jumps and leans forward on Jungkook, pushing him flat up against the bookshelf, only inches away from Jimin as he leans against him. 


Jungkook uses his now free hands to hold Jimin in place as he lands on the ground once again, inadvertently looking into Jimin's eyes. 


He holds his breath as their faces stay in close proximity, neither moving away until- “What exactly do you two think you're doing?” the librarian shrieks, smacking the two upside their head and grabbing the book out of Jimin’s hand.


They immediately back away, rubbing their heads on the spot they were hit. 


"Studying. We were studying," Jimin says, clearing his throat. 


He turns to look at Jungkook and they both break out in a fit of laughter. And that's how they are kicked out of the library for the second time that week. 




Hoseok stands with his back against a row of lockers, his head down. He doesn't want to be seen or recognized.


Finally, the doors open and Lucy walks out. Hoseok’s whole mood goes skyrocketing. He beams from ear to ear and rushes to her side.


“Hi, Lucy,” he smiles, putting his hands in his jean's pockets.


She side glances him, but can't help the smile that overtakes her lips. His presence is just so, happy.


“Hello, Junior,” she smirks, pushing her glasses up higher against her nose. She rummages through her pockets for her keys.

“Are you going home?” he asks her, sounding almost sad.


Lucy laughs at the thought of the star quarterback being sad that she is leaving him. It is hilarious, really.


“Um, yes. Where else would I be, Junior?” she asks with a condescending tone. 


My name's Hoseok, ya know. Or my friends call me Hobi. If you want,” he gushes the last part out quickly, almost shy with the thought of Lucy being his friend.


“I know. But I like Junior. Say, why are you talking to me again? I'm not in your grade, or your friend group, or even in your league.” She pretends to look around paranoidly.


“Is this a prank? Am I being filmed right now?” she whispers dramatically, a hand on her chest in despair.


Hoseok laughs out loud at her actions. 


“Um, who said you have to be any of those things. I just wanted to talk to you. Because I like you,” he blushes.


Lucy narrows her eyes and takes a colder stance.


“Oh. This is one of those situations. You got bored with Miss. Barbie, so you come mess around with the girl no one even notices so it can be kept a secret. And you expect me to fawn all over you, then you get bored and you go back to her and everything is back to normal. Ha Ha. I laugh in the face of your kind, child. I’ve read enough Wattpad stories to tell the ending of this isn't gonna be too hot," she says sarcastically. 


She's had just enough of this shit today. Turning around she walks towards the doors, ready to go home, take a bath, and sleep for possibly forever.


“Wait,” Hoseok calls out, grabbing onto her hand to stop her from leaving. 


His so-called "arrangement" with dating the Queen Bee of the school is stopping him from doing a lot of things, and he hates it. 


Lucy turns to face him. She raises an eyebrow waiting for him to finish.


Hoseok contemplates whether he should attempt anything with her. If he asks her out, he will have the most fun in his life. But if he gets caught, he’ll receive hell from the entire student body. But if he doesn’t ask her, he’ll regret it forever. 


He finally comes to a decision. "Nothing. Nevermind," he blurts out. 


Lucy tightens her lips into a smile, pulling her hand out of Hoseok's grasp. "See ya around," she waves as she starts walking down the hallway in departure. 


Hoseok is still jumbled in his thoughts as he waves a half-hearted goodbye himself. 


Next time he thinks. Next time he's sure he'll come up with a definitive answer to the several questions floating around in his head. 



It's way past school hours, yet Taehyung's still in the newspaper room. 


He's checking and rechecking through all the evidence he's found. 


Everything looks the same, except for one piece of information. 


In disbelief, Taehyung reads through it about a million more times. 


"No. Not possible. No way," he panics, forcing himself to believe the words that come out of his mouth. 


Taehyung refuses to believe what's written in front of him. There's no way his best friend is the cruel, sick, twisted person under suspicion. Absolutely none. 


Jimin was not the person running the bird account. Right?


But what if he's wrong. After all, evidence is evidence. 


Maybe that last tweet wasn't actually talking about Jimin. Is it possible to deny something when the facts are laid out in front of you?