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Hoseok kicks a pencil on the floor as he walks through the halls of the school. The events from lunchtime run through his head, him wishing things had gone differently. 


“No,” Lucy finally says, her mouth forming a straight line. 


“No?” Hoseok repeats, confused and hurt. He steps back, trying to regain his composure. 


“No. I am not a side chick. And I won’t ever be one. So, no. When you are no longer dating someone, I might reconsider. I’ll see you later Hoseok,” she finally says, defeated. 


Hoseok didn’t have the chance to say anything, Lucy’s figure quickly retreating down the hall. 


He knows she’s right. He can’t possibly go out with her when he’s technically still in a relationship. A relationship he’s been wanting to get out of even before he met Lucy. 


So, when the last bell rings and he sees Sunni at her locker, he finally gets the courage to do what he’s been wanting to do for a few weeks. 


Within seconds, he’s already crowding the space around Sunni, forcing anyone near her to back away. 


“Oh!” Sunni startles as she turns around, now face-to-face with Hoseok. “Hoseokie! I was just-“ 


“We need to talk,” Hoseok blatantly states. He pulled her to the side of the hallways, trying to steer away from a crowd. 


“I don’t think I wanna be your boyfriend anymore,” Hoseok announces lowly, everyone in the hallway practically listening in to their conversation. Or at least trying. 


Sunni’s face slowly starts to go red, a poor attempt at trying to keep her cool. “Listen, we can talk about this later,” she says through gritted teeth, smiling at anyone nearby to assure them nothing is wrong. 


His anger strikes and he almost wanted to yell, but he didn’t. She isn’t the one he wants, but she’s never been bad to him. Except her flirting with Jungkook. So he isn’t going to hurt her. 


“I’m sorry. I’m not invested in this relationship and honestly, neither are you. I know you hit on Jungkook” Hoseok says calmly. 


“Me, with that kid ? I-“ she begins to stutter. 


“No, it’s okay. Really. I was flirting with someone too. It’s my fault really, I should’ve ended this a while ago. I was never...interested in you like that. So this, with us, needs to end. Sorry, we can still be friends. Or not.”  


He leaves a gaping Sunni along with anyone else listening as he walks off. 


A weight lifts off his chest. And damn, it feels good. 



“Yoongi!” A girl’s voice calls out. 


Yoongi stops in his tracks, his car awaiting his arrival in the parking lot he’s currently standing in. 


It’s a voice he hasn’t heard in a while, a voice he misses more than he’d like to acknowledge. 


Spinning on his heel, he’s met with the sight of Seyeon running up to him, coming to a complete stop just a few feet away. 


“Hi,” she breathes. 


Yoongi’s throat goes dry. “Hi,” he manages to say with an embarrassing voice crack. 


“Do you know Min Yoongi? About three inches taller than me, looks like a kitten, wears black a lot. Oh, also is that famous rapper Agust D. Heard of him?” 


Yoongi blankly stares at her before narrowing his eye into a glare, catching onto her playful tone. “Shut up,” he mutters. 


She cracks a smile. “What? You haven’t heard of him? Well if not, I guess I’ll just be on my way,” she shrugs, making her way to turn around and walk back the way she came. 


“Wait!” Yoongi calls out, lightly grabbing her elbow to keep her from moving. 


His grip isn’t enough to keep her grounded but she stays, eyes traveling up to meet Yoongi’s. 


Before Yoongi can even process the situation, a pair of arms are encircling his body as he stumbles back on the concrete beneath him. 


“Since when were you such a fierce hugger?” Yoongi wheezes, bringing his own arms up to stabilize the girl hugging him. 


“Min Yoongi. You absolute buffoon. You have so much explaining to do. It’s been almost two weeks and my ass has been going crazy,” Seyeon muffles into his shoulder. 


“Yea, I missed you too,” he chuckles. 


Seyeon pulls back from the hug, slapping him lightly on the arm as she tried to calm herself. 


“I take it you forgive me?” Yoongi asks hopefully. 


Seyeon scoffs, meeting his gaze. “Yea, I forgive you, dumbass. Though you owe me so much for lying to me. Like an explanation. But let’s start by taking me out for coffee.” 


“Now?” Yoongi asks, taken aback. 


“Yes, now,” Seyeon responds firmly. 


Not taking in the situation, Yoongi nods, leading Seyeon toward his car. 


Abruptly, he halts in his tracks once again, whipping his hide to the side to look at the girl walking beside him. “Wait, did you just ask me out?” 


“Yes, you idiot. Now move, it’s rude to keep a girl waiting,” Seyeon laughs, lightly shoving Yoongi forward. 


Yoongi smiles to himself. It’s then that it dawned on him just how much he missed her. 



Jin’s over at Yoongi’s house, again.


“Woooo! We’re done with midterms. Finally. I fuckin hate school!” Jin screams. 


“Honestly though. Who the fuck invented school. And why the fuck do we have to go?” Yoongi groans. 


“Don’t know.” Jin plops onto Yoongi’s bed as Yoongi sits on the chair near his desk. 


“I saw Seyeon getting in the car with you today after school,” Jin says, wiggling his eyebrows teasingly. 


Automatically, a tinge of redness starts to spread on Yoongi’s neck. 


“Is Min Yoongi blushing?” Jin gasps. 


“Shut up.” 


“So are you guys dating now or what?” 


Yoongi cringes at the use of the word dating, mostly because it wasn’t a word brought up on his date with Seyeon. 


“I don’t know. We didn’t discuss that yet. But we’re gonna go on more dates in the future. So we’ll see,” Yoongi says nonchalantly. 


“Weird. Hobi broke up with his girlfriend today and you just got one.” 


There’s a silence. “I never said she’s my girlfriend,” Yoongi mumbles. 


Jin, sensing the tension of mentioning Hoseok breaking up with his girlfriend, switches the mood. 


“Tell the others! They’re gonna be so excited for you. Oh, what the hell, I’ll tell them,” Jin beams. He quickly grabs his phone out of his pocket, and through Yoongi’s light protests that weren’t really protests, he texts their group chat telling them about the good news. 


A series of congratulations towards Yoongi come through in a matter of seconds. 


Yoongi smiles as he puts his phone down. A thought comes to his head. 


“What about you? You find anyone yet?” Yoongi asks Jin. 


Jin ducks his head in embarrassment at the talk about his love life. Yoongi, however, mistakes it for something else. 


“You have someone? Who? Wait! Is it Hobi’s brother? Is that why he texted you that day?” Yoongi questions, voice growing louder with excitement at his new discovery. 


Jin freezes. 


Yoongi starts to believe he’s right before Jin responds. 


“No, that’s not why he texted me,” he says quietly. 


“Then why?” Yoongi inquires. 


“It’s nothing-“


“It’s not nothing. From the look on your face it looks like it’s something.” 


Jin sighs, fed up with the lies as well as ashamed with his actions. “I did something bad.” 


Yoongi narrows his eyes. “...what did you do?” 


“I’m not hooking up with Hobi’s brother. He’s my- he gives me drugs,” Jin finally lets out. 


“I’m sorry, what?” Yoongi chokes out. 


“He has drugs that help you focus more. And keep you awake. Adderall. And with the stress of school and finals and college, I just needed it to help me get through. But I regret it. Oh my god Yoongi, I’m a druggie. Shit, what the hell? I’m a druggie,” Jin starts to break down in hysterics. 


Yoongi automatically sits down next to him on the bed, rubbing his back in comfort. “You’re not a druggie,” he reassures. 


A beat passes before he asks, “Pills or?”


“Powder,” Jin shamefully says. Yoongi exhales a little too loudly, scared for the answer to his next question. 


“How many times did you take it?”


“Like, maybe three times,” Jin sniffles through his dry sobs. 


“Okay, good. That means you aren’t addicted yet. School should not be worrying you this much,” Yoongi sighs. 


“’s not just school,” Jin reluctantly says. 


In a matter of seconds, Jin’s mouth is running faster than his brain can process, spilling everything about the stress of home life and the pressure put on him for school. By the end of his rambling, he’s struggling to catch up with his breath. 


“Okay, first, breathe. Second, where's the bag?”


“My closet,” Jin answers. 


“It’s mine. I’m taking it and throwing it away. Got it?” 


Jin silently nods. 


“Give me your phone,” Yoongi says, hand outstretched.


“Why?” Jin asks, though he’s already handing his phone to Yoongi. 


“I’m deleting Hobi’s brother’s contact number. Does Hobi know his brother does drugs?” 


“No, I don’t think so.” 


“Okay, and lastly, I’m signing you up for therapy. Okay?” Yoongi asks softly. 


“My parents won’t allow me-“


“Your parents won’t know. And they won’t have to pay. I’m paying. You can make the excuse that you’re coming over to my house or something.” 


“You don’t have to-“ 


“I know. But I want to. And you have no choice,” Yoongi firmly states. 


Jin hesitantly looks up at his friend.  A whisper escapes his lips. “Thanks.” 



The next day of school arrives, somehow feeling worse than the previous. It’s the last chance Jimin has to corner Namjoon and ask him what the fuck is going on before their four day break. 


Jimin doesn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. 


That morning of school, he sees Namjoon walking up to his locker. Before Namjoon has the chance to even put in his combination, Jimin grabs his arms and, with a surprisingly iron grip, drags him into the nearest bathroom. 


He quickly makes sure no one else is in there and then proceeds to lock the door. Barricading it with his body, he turns to face the boy trapped within. 


“You’re not leaving until you tell me what the fuck you were doing near that shady building.” 


“Cmon Jimin. This is ridiculous, we’re gonna be late to class,” Namjoon tries to reason. 


“No we’re not. We have twenty minutes. So start talking.” 


“Jimin, it’s better if you don’t know.” 


“I beg to differ,” Jimin scoffs. “If you don’t tell me, I’m gonna tell the others that you were doing some shady business on my side of town.” 


“No!” Namjoon quickly shouts. 


“Then spill.”


“I can’t.”


“Why don’t you trust me?” 


“I do, I just can’t tell you-“ 


“Yes, you can. I don’t want my friend being involved in something dangerous,” Jimin says. 


“Too late,” Namjoon mutters unconsciously. 




Defeated, Namjoon gives in. “I said too late. I work in the drug business. Not on the streets, an actual business. Happy?” He sneers, voice still showcasing he’s scared. 


Jimin stands dumbfounded. “Holy shit.” 

Little Birdy


What's this? Kim Seokjin, ranked #1 in school, takes drugs??? Shocker. You got sumn on your nose hun :)