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Little Birdy


Our little quarterback finally broke free from Miss Barbie. I am: excited. Looks like his eye is already on a new girl though. Left queen bee for another girl? Yikes.

Whispers echo around Hoseok as he walks the familiar hallway, except it's not all familiar anymore. The once cheering voices aren’t there and he receives no high-fives or greetings. Now there are just stares and pitied looks. 


That doesn't stop him though. He still walks with his back straight and his head held high, bracing the judging faces and glances. Only until he reaches his friends, in their usual hangout spot in the cafeteria, does he drop his brave face. 


He sits down immediately resting his head on Jimin’s shoulder, who in return pats his head softly. The rest of the boys give him understanding looks and Jungkook passes him a cookie.


“A cookie from Kookie?” he says in a babyish manner. Hoseok can’t help but laugh at the younger boy’s silly way of cheering him up. 


He unwraps the cookie and takes a big bite.


“ ‘S okay Seok. She was toxic anyway,” Yoongi assures him with a small smile. “That bird account didn’t have to bitch about you breaking up for another girl though. How low of them to get a pic of you literally just talking to another girl. They practically called you a dick for everyone to read.” 


Hoseok stays silent. 


“...Hobi? That’s not true right?” Jin asks hesitantly. 


Hoseok immediately snaps his head up, defense mode on. “What? No. Of course not. I’m not one of those fuckboys or some shit.” 


“I know. You just weren’t saying anything,” Jin replies. 


“I do like this girl though,” Hoseok says absently. 


“What? For how long?” Namjoon asks, not bothering to point out how true the exposing tweet sounds. Hoseok knows his friends know he would never do anything to intentionally harm someone or be so heartless. 


“I dunno. I was gonna break up with Sunni a while ago anyways. And then this girl came and I just- I caught feelings or something,” Hoseok mumbles. 


“Well shit,” Taehyung lets out. 


“Yea, but now the whole school thinks I’m a douchebag,” Hoseok groans, slipping his head in his hands. 


The others try and comfort him as much as they can, but even their comfort isn’t enough to stop the dread tumbling around in Hoseok’s stomach. 


The breakup was supposed to make him feel happier, more care-free. Yet still, the looming feeling of sadness, along with a new profound anger for the anonymous twitter account, is present within him. 


He says his goodbyes and walks off to his locker, thinking about hiding in the gym to clear his mind. 


Lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t realize where he’s going, walking straight into Lucy. 


“God is real,” he whispers under his breath, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. 


“Hi,” he says shyly.


“Hi,” she responds, shifting on her feet, letting her short hair cover the side of her face.


“I don’t know if you heard, but I don’t have a girlfriend anymore...”


“Yeah, I know,” she responds, her tone becoming a little more confident.


Hoseok shuffles his feet a little and leans against a nearby locker. 


They stand in an awkward silence, stealing glances before Lucy breaks the silence.


“Look Hoseok, I really like you. And going out with you wouldnt be a bad idea necessarily-“


“I like you too. A lot actually,” he quickly cuts her off, trying to get his point clear.


Lucy’s face grows a deeper red and she stumbles on her words a little. She shifts on her feet and moves closer to Hoseok.


“I was thinking-”




The school bell rings, cutting their conversation off short.


The rush of switching classes, fills the hallways, and Lucy mumbles a quick goodbye and walks off.


“Stupid fuckin bell,” Hoseok curses under his breath, spinning to get to his classes as well. 


It’s going to be a long fuckin day. 


He tries to catch her doing breaks in between classes, but he fails. Soon enough, it’s the end of the school day, and he’s forced to go home without having a proper conversation with Lucy. 


I should’ve gotten her number dammit. 


Little Birdy


Update: our little quarterback’s brother is a druggie? Problems paying for the goods though. Seems like both brothers have some...issues :)


Namjoon stares down at the phone in his hand, the screen opened to the latest tweet tweeted by the bird account. 


There’s an internal battle playing out through his mind. 


He knows where Hoseok’s brother has been getting his drugs. He knows his associates know where Hoseok’s brother has been getting the drugs. The difference is, he’s the only one that knows the man coming in weekly for his drug supply is Hoseok’s brother, the rest not knowing his connection to Hoseok, and frankly, not caring because they didn’t delve that deep into their customer’s lives. 


It may also have to do with the fact that Homin was good at covering his tracks, not giving anyone the chance to know about his personal life. 


Nonetheless, it gets Namjoon thinking about who could’ve possibly known about Homin, and have the guts to tweet about it. 


Unwillingly, one name comes to mind. No matter how hard he tries to push it away, it keeps springing back. 


Guilt overtakes him as he finally lets the name wander in his thoughts. 


And the more he thinks about the name, the more uneasiness settles within him. 


Recalling past evidence, he can’t help but think maybe the name wandering around in his mind is more connected to the bird account than he thought from before. 


And it makes sense too. 


Jimin is the only one he’s told about Homin and his drug situation. 


The tweet was to the exact specifics he mentioned to Jimin. And the thought bothered him.


Not only because it’s creepy, but also because the thought of one of his friends tweeting that is just insane. 


He has to find Taehyung. Now. 


Without waiting for another second, he sprints toward school and across school grounds, rushing his way toward the newspaper room, Taehyung no doubt residing there. 


As soon as he barges through the doorway, Taehyung startles from the computer screen he was staring at. 


Upon looking at Namjoon’s breathless state, a rush of questions spill out of Taehyung’s mouth. “What? What is it? What the fuck is wrong?” 


“Bird-“ gasp, “the tweet,” gasp, “Jimin,” he manages to say in chunks. 


Taehyung looks at him incredulously. “What?”  


Namjoon gestures to give him a minute to catch his breath. As soon as he’s able to speak properly, he opens his mouth once more. “Jimin. Put Jimin’s name back on the suspect list. Make it top five. No wait, top three.” 


Taehyung blinks. “What? Why?” 


Namjoon goes to answer but quickly shuts his mouth. There’s no way he can possibly tell Taehyung why without spilling his own dirty little secret. He bites his lip, chewing on it briefly before locking his eyes on Taehyung’s. “Just trust me, okay? Please.” 


There’s a tension in the air as no one speaks. 


Namjoon takes Taehyung’s silence as a yes, waving a quick goodbye. He dashes out of the room, his boss expecting him in twenty minutes. He can’t be late. 



Taehyung just stares at the doorway as Namjoon blasts out. 


He still hasn’t processed the events from the last two minutes. But as soon as it dawns on him the full blow of Namjoon’s accusation, another body jostles through the doorway. 


Speak of the devil and the devil shall arrive. 


“Tae!” Jimin screams, floundering to get ahold of his belongings. 


“You don’t have to scream. I’m right here,” Taehyung winces. 


“I think I know who tweeted it. The tweet about Homin. And I feel really bad for thinking it. But it’s been bothering me ever since,” Jimin gushes. 


Taehyung narrows his eyes. “Who?” 




Taehyung freezes, eyes going slightly wide. Unbelievable. 


They are accusing each other. The irony is almost amusing enough to laugh at. 


“Why do you think that?” Taehyung stutters out. 


“I can’t say. He’s a suspect though. Just trust me,” Jimin pleads. 


Taehyung refrains from throwing his hands up in disbelief. Here we go again with the irony


“Jimin, you can’t just-“ 


“Look, Tae. I can’t explain. Just keep his name in mind, okay? I gotta go. Bye,” Jimin says, already moving to leave the dusty room. 


Taehyung is left speechless as he watches Jimin’s retreating figure.