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A place of every longing judgement from peers you don't even know. Why?

For superiority. People love to step on others and crush them under their foot for a feeling of satisfaction and power.

Which is exactly why one specific boy was scared on entering his first year of highschool.

How will he make friends? Will he get bullied? What about classes?

Jungkook stood in the middle of the hallway with his books in his hand, people rushing around him in a blur.

It was his first day. New school, new teachers, new friends. He didn't know what to do.

He scanned the hallways, looking for friendly faces to make small talk with before classes started.

Everyone, however, was immersed in their own conversations with their own friends.

"Of course they already have friends, they aren't new to the city like me," he mutters to himself.

He was jealous. Jealous that the people around him already had a bond with someone else. A bond that he has been seeking ever since he moved to the city.

He was about to blow off the idea of making friends and just wait until the bell rang but something caught his eye. Or more like someone. Two someones

They were standing at the side of the hallway, making funny faces at each other and laughing together.

Jungkook couldn't help but stare at the odd but intriguing duo.

The taller guy made a funny joke while crossing his eyes which caused the shorter guy to double over in laughter and eventually fall to the floor from laughing too much. The taller guy broke out into laughter too, a boxy smile appearing on his face.

Jungkook unintentionally started smiling, the thought of having a friendship like that driving the warm feeling in his heart.

His smile faltered as soon as the shorter guy looked over and locked eyes with Jungkook. Jungkook had been caught staring.

He quickly turned around and started walking in the other direction, trying to hide his embarrassment.

He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't notice someone walking a little too close to him until it was too late.

The guy shoulder shoved Jungkook, causing Jungkook to stumble and drop his books to the floor. No one paid attention and carried on with their conversations in the busy hallways.

However, the guy that shoved him turned back to help Jungkook pick up his books.

"I'm sorry. So sorry. I was just in a rush and didn't see you there," the guy voices.

"It's fine. You're good," Jungkook reassures him while getting up and brushing off his clothes. He held his books tightly so an incident like that wouldn't occur again.

The guy didn't leave though. He stood in front of Jungkook, not taking his eyes off.

"Is something on my face?" Jungkook asks in embarrassment.

"No," the guy chuckles. "It's just- you look new. Are you a freshman?" He asks.

"Yea, I am," Jungkook answers clearing his throat.

"Oh my God a freshie. I'm a senior. Seokjin. But you can call me Jin," he introduces himself with a smile, extending his hand for Jungkook to shake.

"I'm Jungkook," Jungkook answers warily, completing the handshake. "Umm sorry. But if you're a senior why are you talking to me? A freshman?"

Jin shrugs. "I dunno. You look lost. Plus I have friends in other grades so it doesn't really matter. Speaking of, I saw two of them somewhere here. I'll introduce you!" Jin says excitedly, grabbing Jungkook's arm and dragging him along

Jungkook opened his mouth to protest but by the time his mouth was able to form words, Jin had come to a stop.

"These are my sophomore friends, Tae and Jimin!" Jin says with a big smile, pulling two guys into Jungkook's view.

His eyes go wide. The guys named Jimin and Tae were the guys that Jungkook was caught staring at before.

Jimin's eyes land on Jungkook and a smirk appears on his face. "Ahh, peeper boy. I remember you. You were the one staring at me and Tae before," he chuckles.

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to stare," Jungkook stutters out, trying to defend himself.

"Nah you're good. You're kinda cute," Taehyung laughs, ruffling Jungkook's hair before linking his arm over Jungkook's shoulder.

It caught Jungkook off guard but he didn't say anything.

"I'm not making you uncomfortable am I?" Taehyung asks Jungkook.

"No," Jungkook says truthfully, still clutching his books.

Jimin, Jin, and Taehyung made small talk for 2 minutes, properly introducing themselves and asking Jungkook about how he likes highschool life so far.

Unfortunately the bell rang, cutting their conversation short.

Taehyung unhooks his arm from Jungkook's shoulder.

All of them exchange goodbyes, walking off to go to class.

Jimin, Taehyung, and Jin start walking in one direction while Jungkook walks in the other.

Jimin stops in his tracks and turns around to face Jungkook. "Hey!" He calls out.

Jungkook glances back to the sound of the voice. "Yea?" He calls back.

"Sit with us at lunch," Jimin suggests.

Jungkook fully turns around. "Seriously?" He asks.

"Yes! You can meet the rest of our friends!" Jin answers, face lighting up.

"Umm okay. Thanks. See ya at lunch I guess. Bye," Jungkook answers sheepishly.

"Bye Jungkook!" Tae calls out before he walks off, with Jimin and Jin, laughing at the silly actions of Jin

Jungkook stands there in shock before running off to class so he wouldn't be late.

Even while running, he couldn't help but smile.

The one thing he was fearing the most had already been taken care of.

He found friends.

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“Hey, Jungkook! Over here!” a smiling Jin yells across the student filled cafeteria.

Shy with the sudden stares, Jungkook puts his head down and shuffles to the table where his new friends were sitting.

“How was class?” Jimin asks as Jungkook takes a seat.

“It was alright,” he mumbled. There were new people on the table. Three new people.

One of them was wearing a black hoodie and had headphones on. He was looking down at his phone but slowly looked up when Jungkook sat.

Another one was reading a book, his glasses almost falling off his nose. Jungkook wasn't enough of a distraction to tear him away from the novel though.

The last one was sitting between Jimin and Taehyung. He was playing rock paper scissors with them, screaming each time he lost.

“That's Yoongi. He's a senior like me,” Jin points to the boy with the headphones. Yoongi lifts his hand, giving a small wave.

“This is Namjoon and Hoseok. They’re both juniors," he points first to the one with the book then to the one that was just playing rock paper scissors.

They both greet him with a hello and continue with what they were doing.

Jungkook introduces himself, with encouragement from Jin.

He clears his throat to grab everyone's attention.

"Hi, I'm Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook," Jungkook says with a bit of confidence.

Jin froze, staring at Jungkook with his mouth hanging open.

Jimin had the same reaction while Namjoon closes his book and quietly sets it down, not daring to take his eyes off Jungkook

Taehyung chokes on the water he was drinking while Hoseok spits out his.

He ended up spraying it all over Yoongi, who was sitting directly in front of him.

For a split second the attention was taken away from Jungkook and put on Yoongi, who was muttering curses at Hoseok while Hoseok just sat there and repeatedly said sorry.

Yoongi waved him off, cueing everyone at the table to turn back and look at Jungkook.

Jungkook sat in confusion, wondering what he said to cause such reactions.

All six boys snap back to their senses.

"I'm sorry did you just say Jeon Jungkook? JEON Jungkook?" Namjoon questions, emphasizing the 'Jeon' in Jungkook's full name.

"Umm yea?" Jungkook answers, scratching his head, tousling his hair in the process.

"You mean Jeon? As in Jeon Industries? The same Jeon Industries that's moved their main building to this city and is planning on opening up new projects here? THAT Jeon?" Yoongi asks in shock.

"I mean, a lot of people have the last name Jeon," Jungkook quietly replies.

"Oh. So you aren't related to the CEO?" Taehyung questions on.

Jungkook stays silent for a moment, contemplating whether to tell the truth or not.

"Nope," he decides to lie. He didn't want to be associated with Jeon Industries. Or his father, the CEO. He just wanted to go to school like a normal boy.

"Oh. If you were, you would've been rich. That family is LOADED," Hosoek laughs, earning him a slap to the head delivered by Jimin.

"Ow. Anyways, my name's Hoseok but just call me Hobi," he smiles before scowling and rubbing the spot where Jimim hit him.

"And you can just call me Joon," Namjoon adds in.

"And my full name's Taehyung by the way but you can stick to calling me Tae," Taehyung finishes with a boxy smile, his bread cheeks lifting up with the sides of his lips.

Jungkook gives one quick nod with a small smile, acknowledging the information about names he was just given.

He knew lying wasn't the foundation of friendship but he opted to leave out his family ties. Just until he got to know the six boys a bit better.

They all continued eating and talking, cracking jokes and making Jungkook feel more welcome into their friend group.

"So then, he bends down to grab his pencil and his pants rip, revealing his snoopy boxers," Yoongi laughs, finishing his story about how Jin ripped his pants in front of the whole class once in their freshman year.

Everyone at the table starting hysterically laughing including Jungkook.

Hoseok was drinking water and instantaneously spit it out when Yoongi finished his story due to his own laughter.

The water landed on Yoongi...again, washing any sort of happiness off of Yoongi's face.

"Hobi! You fuckin dipshit!" Yoongi yells in the noisy cafeteria, wiping away the water from his face.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Hoseok tries to apologize.

This causes the five others on the table to laugh even more.

Their laughter stopped when a tall boy approached their table.

"Excuse me, can I just borrow Joo- I mean Namjoon for a sec," he politely asks.

Namjoon quickly answers, "Yea sure," with a smile then gets up to leave the table, book in his hand.

Namjoon's knuckles go white from holding onto the book too tightly as he disappears from the cafeteria.

Jungkook takes notice.

He looks at Taehyung sitting across the table from him. "What was that about?" He asks curiously.

Taehyung shrugs. "Probably someone who needed help with tutoring. Joonie helps a lot of people with school stuff," he answers.

The bell rings, indicating everyone it's time for the next period.

The six boys at the table get up to leave, all going to their own classes. Meanwhile, Namjoon was still with the boy.

Namjoon pulls him behind a secluded area near the lockers, far away from any of the classrooms.

"What is it? I told you not to come near me when I'm with my friends," Namjoon practically growls.

"I don't want to be near you either," the guy bites back.

"I have no choice though. It's urgent," he says, voice laced with panic and worry.

Namjoon sighs in exasperation as he takes a step back.


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Group Chat Jungkook POV



-Jin added you to the chat-

Jin: Jk

     Hope you dont mind me adding you


Jin: Yea. Jungkook. take the j and k and u get jk XD

oh lol

nah i dont mind


Hobi: hows your first week of school been

not too bad 

i have you guys to help XD

Yoongi: ive been help? wow

Jimin: shut up yoongi

         kook is saying it out of courtesy

Joon: hows hmk

        if you need help lmk

im good thanks tho

Tae: ofc. joon comes in offerin ever1 tutoring

       half the schl been tutored by u 

Joon: whatever

lmao its ok. ill come to u if i need anything

Yoongi: u knw u dont need 2 b nice to us

            we call each other out all the time

noted lmao

Tae: ay joon

      didn't that guy ask for tutoring

Jin: how can u tutor 2 diff ppl

Joon: nah he canceled

         im gonna go eat bye

Jimin: alr

Hobi: if ur making ramen drop some off plz

Joon: nope u have a gf ask her


lol bye

Hobi: dont make me laugh

         cmon plzzz


Maknae Group Chat

The Better Chat

- Jimin added you to the chat-

Jimin: hey kook

what happaned to the other chat

Jimin: i made this one cuz were the youngest of the 7

         closer in age


Tae: and cuz those bitchasses have thier own "older" gc

       and wont let me and jimin in

      bc we're sOphMorEs

lmao makes sense


Jimin: were going out cuz theres no schl tday

        wanna come with me and tae?

and the rest?

Tae: its just gonna b me u and shorty over here

Jimin: im not short bitch, fight me

Tae: ok sweets


Tae: itll b fun come

       were going for ice cream


what time

Tae: hows right now sound?

Jimin: were kinda outside ur hose

how do u no where i live 

Tae: ... we followed u home

Jimin: ...only so we can no where to pick u up i swear

        were not creeps

Tae: ngl u have a NOICE house

yall have a car right?

 Tae: lmao yea

illl b out in 5

 Tae: mmkay

Jimin: alr 


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Little Birdy


Hush little baby, don't say a word. Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird.



“You scared?” Jungkook exhales nervously.

Jungkook and Yugyeom had just finished the school day and were on their way to the locker rooms. They both made it onto the football team and today was their first practice.

Both were currently walking behind Hoseok, trying to keep up with his space as he led them on their way to get ready for practice.

Hoseok catches what Youngjae said and lets out an amused chuckle. He turns back to look at the pair walking behind him.

“Relax. There’s nothing to be scared of,” he reassures, showcasing his heart shaped smile before turning back around and jogging to the locker room door, forcing Jungkook and Yugyeom to jog after him.

Hoseok was wrong.

First day of practice was rough. Coach had set up all the new team members through multiple drills, trying to figure out what position they were best suited for and how much skill they had at playing.

Yugyeom was already on the sideline, taken out by coach to get a quick break.

Jungkook, however, was still on the field, adrenaline driving him to keep himself steady. Hoseok was on the field too. Except, he was playing on the other team. Coach had split the team members, stimulating how a real game would be played.

Just Jungkook’s luck, he was on the offensive team, set to play quarterback. ‘What kind of idiot coach sets up a freshie to play quarterback?’

He arched his head to the side to see Hoseok’s position on the defensive team. He was set to play linebacker.

Coach blows the whistle, indicating the game to begin.

One of Jungkook’s teammates call the play and hike the ball back to Jungkook. Jungkook zeros in on the ball, full focus on the game.

He frantically turns to see if any of his teammates are open for him to throw the ball to. None of them were. He was on his own.

So he ran.

He started sprinting to the opposite end of the field, determined to make a touchdown. Through his peripheral vision he could see people from the other team trying to tackle him but luckily his teammates intercepted them. He was almost at the end zone, the line just a few feet away from him marking his victory.

Out of nowhere, a new face came into Jungkook’s view.


Jungkook tried to move around him but Hoseok was quick. He lunged at Jungkook, sending the both of them tackling down, causing Jungkook to land with an “oof” as he laid on the damp grass with Hoseok on top of him, the ball rolling out of his hands.

Jungkook looks up and locks eyes with Hoseok. Hoseok stares right back. Their faces were mere inches apart, he could feel as the other boys chest rises up and down against his own. A smirk appeared on Hoseok's lips before he pushes himself off the ground and fully stands up.

Jungkook could hear cheering but wasn’t focused on that. He was flustered, trying to calm down the heat he could feel on his cheeks. He quickly got up and was immediately tackled by his teammates, all crowding into a group hug and jumping up and down at their victory.

Apparently one of Jungkook’s teammates picked up the ball and finished the touchdown that Jungkook wasn’t able to complete. His team had won.

Jungkook slowly backs away from the cheering crowd and starts walking back toward the locker rooms alone. Sure he was happy his team won. But he made a fool out of himself in front of the coach. The coach would never have faith in him again.

Jungkook frustratedly lets out a loud grunt, stomping his feet simultaneously. He freezes when he feels an arm sling around his shoulder.

“Good game, be more careful next time though,” Hoseok laughs, sending a wink Jungkook’s way and ruffling his hair before running off in front of him to get to the locker rooms.

“Yea. Good game,” he mumbles but Hoseok is too far gone to hear.


The newspaper room was a mess. Articles were scattered all over the two desks lined up on the side. Pictures were pinned all over the board in the middle of the room. Files sat stacked up on the computer desks.  

Among the four people that were in the newspaper club, not one of them knew how to keep their working space clean. 

Taehyung was sitting in front of a lit up computer, a pen in between his teeth, too focused on the contents on the monitor to notice another boy walk in.

“Taehyung,” the boy calls out to get Taehyung’s attention.

Taehyung doesn’t budge. 

“Yo. Taehyung. What are you looking at that’s got you so zoned out. You look like a chipmunk with those puffed cheeks,” the boy laughs, tapping Taehyung to once again, grab his attention.

Taehyung flinches, pen falling out of his mouth as he swivels his chair to face the person that just distracted him.

“Youngjae. You scared the crap out of me. What the hell are you doing here? You’re not even in newspaper club,” Taehyung huffs out, looking up to meet Youngjae’s eyes.

“I know. I was just bored so I came to help. Whatcha lookin at?” He questions, pulling up a chair and plopping himself to the right of Taehyung. 

Taehyung open his mouth to explain but at that exact moment another boy enters the room.

“Jinyoung! Come look at this! Right now!” Taehyung practically shouts, waving Jinyoung over.

“Where was this enthusiasm when I came in?” Youngjae scoffs.

“Jinyoung is part of newspaper club. You’re not,” Taehyung rolls his eyes. 

Jinyoung rushes his way over. “What? What are we looking at?” He crouches himself down to the same level as Taehyung and Youngjae.

“Look!” Taehyung pulls up a tweet on twitter while Youngjae and Jinyoung are on either side of Taehyung, intrigued by the cause of his outburst.

Taehyung reads the tweet out loud. “Hush little baby don't say a word, mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.”

“I saw that on my timeline,” Youngjae comments.

“Creepy,” Jinyoung shudders.

“It’s weird. That’s their only tweet and it has so many likes and retweets. It’s gaining even more. And the account already has so many followers. I want to write a story on this. It’s interesting don’t ya think. I think it’s someone from our school or at least someone from this side of the neighborhood. A lot of people from our school interacted with the tweet. It’s kinda weird how everyone knows about the account but whatever. I think it’s worthy of a place in our newspaper,” Taeyung finishes, looking up at Jinyoung with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Tae. I dunno man. It could be just a regular creepy tweet with no story,” Jinyoung says with hesitance.

“Write it! I live for creepy shit like this!” Youngjae exclaims.

Taehyung looks at Jinyoung with puppy eyes.

“Fine,” Jinyoung gives in.

“Yes!” Taehyung turns back to his computer. “Maybe we can even find out who’s behind the account. I mean, it’s anonymous for a reason.”

A buzz interrupts Taehyung’s excitement. He pulls out his phone and sees a text from Jin telling him to meet up at the cafe.

Taehyung quickly gets up, grabbing his coat and making his way out of the newspaper room. “Gotta go guys. Bye!”

No more than two seconds later he’s gone from the room, rushing out of school to meet up with Jin.


Walking into his house, Jin shuts his front door and slides his shoes off. He places his backpack and keys on the table before stepping into the kitchen. 

He loved this time of day. No overbearing parents. No annoying siblings. Just him.  

He looks into the fridge, scavenging something to calm his hunger.

“The only time you're ever home is to fill your stomach. You don’t pay for groceries, or the bills or anything. You don’t even clean. At least be useful for something!” He hears the shrill voice of his mother echo in the tiled kitchen. 

A sigh escaped his lips as he closes the door of the refrigerator. He immediately regrets it and face palms.

“Did you just sigh at your mother? Are you trying to say that I’m tiring you? You do absolutely no work in this house for youtube tired while I work my ass off to keep this house up and running,” she continues on, causing Jin's head to hurt. 

He simply looks at her with a blank face, bows curtly, and apologizes. 

“Sorry, it’s been a tough day. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful,” he says still bowing. 

When he finally stands up, his mother looks at him in a calculating way. 

“I’m telling your father,” she says convinced, turning away from him to go into the living room. 

It takes every ounce of power in his body not to roll his eyes at her childish antics. 

He forgets his hunger which has turned into nausea, and puts his shoes on to head back out the door. 

“Seokjin, where do you think you're going? Your siblings will be home in a little. I need you to take care of them because I have to go out with Mrs. Lee to the store today."

“Mom, I already told you that I was planning on hanging out with my friends at the cafe,” he says in disbelief.

“Why would you go out on a school day? No. You're not allowed.”

That was his parents thinking. He was old enough to pay bills but was too young to hang with his friends. He loved them but they were crazy. 

He plopped himself on the couch, defeated. His mother began her complaining about all that Jin has done wrong in his life. How she’s done all she can to help him but he’s defied her in every way.

After hearing too much of her complaining, his mood suddenly  shifted. He’s had enough. He wasn’t anyone’s emotional outlet to let out their stress on. He was human too. Someone that made a few mistakes but still a human.

He stood up abruptly, unnoticed by his occupied mother. Jin opened the door and walked out. As soon as he steps foot out of the house, he can hear his mother’s shrill voice yelling, his name being repeated over and over. 

A weight was lifted off his chest as he began to sprint down the road. But it was replaced by a heavier one as he realized he still had to go back to that rotten place at the end of the day. 

“Just one more year, and you're out of there. Just hang on,” he reassures himself. He didn’t hate his parents but figured it would be easier to have a relationship with them if he didn’t live in the same household.

He took out his phone, messaging Taehyung to meet him at the cafe. He needed a break. At least until he had to return home in a few hours. 

Jin lets out a big sigh at the thought of his parents waiting for him. 

Oh well. You're only young once right? 


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“Bambam! Wait up!” JImin calls out to a boy walking a few meters in front of him.


Jimin jogs over and comes to a stop right next to the boy. “You’re going to the dance studio right? Let’s walk together,” Jimin suggests.


“Sure,” Bambam agrees with a light chuckle.


The private school they attended was rich. So rich they could afford their own small dance studios on school grounds. There was a room for contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, and tap. 


Both Bambam and Jimin walk in a comfortable silence, not wanting to ruin the comfortableness with an awkward conversation. 


Though Jimin and Bambam didn’t take the same dance class, they still become somewhat friends, always seeing each other on their way to the wing where the dance studios were. 


Their silent walking finally brought them in front of the hallway where the dance studios were located. They part ways, bidding goodbye as Bambam makes his way to the hip-hop studio while Jimin turns and makes his way to his class of contemporary dance. 


He opens the door to find only five people at practice. Typical. Not very many students liked practicing at the school studio. They would rather practice at another prestigious studio. As if the rich school providing them with a perfectly usable studio wasn’t enough. 


As he set his bag down in the corner of the room, he’s suddenly attacked by a female figure engulfing him in a bear hug. He doesn’t even have to glance back to know who it is.


“Hani get off. I can’t breathe,” Jimin chokes out. 


Hani steps back away from him, laughing at the sight of Jimin being annoyed. 


“Hey, I’m your friend. Be nicer to me,” she playfully hits him.


He turns around and gives her the biggest smile. 


Hani’s stomach drops as his pink cheeks glow under the fluorescent lights. Her face grows red and she turns her back towards him. 


Jimin wears a sad smile as he hugs her from behind. 


“I’m sorry,” he says softly, resting his chin on her shoulder. 


“Sorry about what. It’s my fault,” she says leaning back into his arms. 


“If I liked girls, I would definitely like you.” He says as if it would make things better. 


“Yeah, sure.” She stands in a comfortable position. Even if she knows he doesn’t feel the way she does, she can at least pretend. 


Jimin realizes her feelings, and he knows that maybe lulling her into a false reality that he likes her is wrong, but he can’t help it. He loves her like a sister. He hates seeing her hurt. So even if doing something so incredibly wrong, will make her feel better, he’ll do it. 


She steps out of the hug first, feeling guilty. 


“Okay enough of this sappy stuff. Let’s get to dancing.” She puts on a fake smile, the warmth of his arms slowly fading. 


Jimin chuckles. “Alright let’s just practice.”


He pushes himself and Hani on the dance floor where the other students were already practicing their routines. 


After 2 hours of vigorous dancing and multiple check ups on his routine, Jimin packed up his stuff and was ready to go home. He waved goodbye to Hani and the other dancers then quickly made his way off of school grounds. 


He made sure no one was looking before he sat at the nearest bus stop, waiting to ride the bus to get home. 


Jimin was poor. If anyone knew, the complete and utter humiliation behind it would be crushing to his social status. He was well known at school and had plenty of friends. The teachers loved him, he had great grades, one of the best dancers, but his salary was probably pocket money for any of the students.  


The only reason he got into this school was from a dance scholarship. He didn’t want to go in the beginning. His grandmother convinced him, explaining that this was a great opportunity for his future successes. So he agreed.


He obviously didn’t tell anyone he was poor though. That would result in him getting bullied no doubt. So he kept a secret. Even from his close friends.


The bus arrived, offering him a way of transportation to get home since his family couldn’t afford a car for him to get picked up in. And no way in hell was he going to ask one of his friends for a ride home. 


The bus was his only option. 


He rode it in silence, waiting to get home and greet his lonely grandmother with the biggest smile. 


That wasn’t the case today.


As soon as he opened the door to his grandmother’s bakery, he was met with the sight of his grandmother sitting behind the counter, a distant but worried look on her face.


Something was wrong. 



Yoongi pulled another mouthful of ramen into his mouth. He breathed out the hot air and groaned in satisfaction. It was. So. Damn. Good. 


A knock on his studio door shook him out of his food stupor. 


Grudgingly, he stood up to open the door. 


As soon as he swings it open, he's met with a furious face. 


“You're joking right? At least answer me you ass.” Seyeon barges in and furiously pushes Yoongi out of the way. 


“My phone was on silent,” he shrugs. 


Ring his phone yells. 


She slide glances him, shooting daggers in his direction. 


“Oops”, he laughs, his gummy smile capturing his whole face. 


Seyeon could do nothing but laugh. He was too cute. 


She sat by him on his desk, taking a bite of his noodles. 


“These are really good,” she mumbled with her mouth full. 


“I know, I made them,” he says admiring her. She was beautiful in every sense. Even when she talks with her mouth full and looks like a pig, eating from the same sticks and fork he used, she’s still beautiful. 


He takes a napkin and reaches over to wipe the side of her mouth. 


They both freeze at the sudden touch. 


“Anyways, did you hear Agust D is writing a new song?” She changes the mood immediately. 


Yoongi sighs and turns towards his monitor exiting out of his screens. 


“What? I know you don’t like him, but atleast give him a chance," she pleads. 


Whenever they had a moment or Yoongi was ready to tell her his feelings, she would always bring up Agust D. He was sick and tired of the dumb guy. 


Can you be sick and tired of yourself? 


Yoongi can. His double identity as Agust D was sometimes too much for him to handle.


Sometimes he was jealous of himself. He felt like Seyeon liked Agust D better than him. 


She did. She had the biggest crush on him. 


But that didn’t mean she didn’t feel anything for Yoongi. 


She did. He was her second crush. 


"How's basketball practice?" She asks.


"Same old stuff. Nothing new. Coach is getting harder on me and Jackson this year though. I'm not really sure why," Yoongi shrugs. 


Sighing, Seyeon looks over to his monitor. 


“What are you working on?” She asks, peering over his shoulder 


“Some beats. Wanna hear?”


He presses play and takes off an earbud, giving her one to share. 


They stay there in the dark of the studio, listening to music, nodding their heads to the beat, and just enjoying each other’s comfort. 


That’s all it was. 



"I'm home!" Namjoon shouts as he enters his house and slams the door behind him.


He finds his younger sister sitting on the couch in the living room, watching TV.


She looks up at him with a warm smile. "Hey, how's school?" She asks, turning her head back to focus on the TV.


"Not bad. Had a test today though. Uhh, where's mom?" Namjoon shifts his head, trying to catch sight of her anywhere in the house. 


His younger sister falls silent for a few seconds. "Out," she answers grimly.


"Of course she is," Namjoon chuckles bitterly, no amusement in his voice. 


"You'll be fine if I leave you alone for a while, right?" He asks his sister. 


She looks back up at him. "Totally, just on your way back from wherever the hell you're going can you get me some pizza and snacks from the gas station," she pleads with puppy eyes.


"Sure," he smiles at his sister's demand. She doesn't even ask where he's going, just that he should bring back something for her.


"Don’t let anyone I no matter what. Keep the door locked!" Namjoon calls out as he leaves the house. 


"Okay," she responds. 


Namjoon hurriedly drove himself in his car to the destination he knew all too well.


It was on the not so pretty side of town. 


He drives up to the location, getting out of his car and locking it before he makes his way inside the familiar building. 


"Finally. Took you long enough to get here," a guy standing near the front of the entrance says. 


Namjoon rolled his eyes. "Where are the others?"


"Are you shitting me? You're still mad about the time I came up to you and your little friends on the first day of school? I said I was sorry like a bazillion times. What the fuck do you want me to do?" The guy raises his voice in frustration. 


"I want you to shut the fuck up Mark. And tell me where the others are," Namjoon replies with a faint growl. 


"No. You have to drop the bitch attitude first," Mark crosses his arms. 


Namjoon scoffs. "Okay, fine. Where are the others?" 


Mark, satisfied with Namjoon's answer, starts walking and waves for Namjoon to follow him. "They're upstairs." 


“This better be good pay,” Namjoon mutters to himself, Mark too far ahead of him to catch what he said.

Chapter Text


Little Birdy




I spy with my little eye, the son of Jeon Industries. Anyone want a peek?





Jin: Did yall know jeon inds CEO had a son??


Jimin: that acc is starting to creep me out


Yoongi: wdym its been creepy

             theres some ppl that actually like the acc

Hobi: and their recent tweet


Joon: thats straight up stalker mode

Jin: and invasion        

Can someone explain??

Tae: that birdy acc basically said theyre gonna reveal who jeon industries next ceo is

Joon: aka the identity of his son


Jimin: lucky your not him. or else your ass would've been exposed

umm yea

do you guys know who runs the acc

Tae: nope

Yoongi: its anonymous

 Jungkooks hands were shaking as he held the phone, rereading the text messages.

"They're gonna find out. They're gonna find out. No. They can't"

He was going to be exposed. Expposed with a secret he kept hidden so his achievements were attributed to him as a indivisual.

He was always knows as the "Jeon Boy." Now he was just Jungkook. And this stupid account was threating to make him known as the "Jeon boy" once again.

Jungkook was keen on stopping them before he was exposed. 

But how can you stop someone when you don't even know who they are?


“Set, 42, set. HIKE!” The sound of big lugging footsteps filled the field as Jungkook caught the ball and began to lightly jog backwards.


He scans the field to see where his teammates were positioned. Spotting Yugyeom open and waving his arms, he hurls the brown leather ball into the air. 


Everyone was holding their breath as they watched the ball spinning in a long arch and finally land in the hands of the tall boy. He makes a run for it and reaches the goal point. Smashing the ball down to the floor, he screams in glory as the rest of the team hurtled around him, celebrating their victory. 


Jungkook's face was beginning to feel sore with all the smiling.  A big force crashes into him from behind, shoving him forward a few feet. 


Hoseok drapes an arm over Jungkook. “Good job out there Kook,” he congratulates, dragging him to the middle of the field where they accepted their first win of the season.  


“Thanks. Good job to you too,” he stammers.


‘why did he only ever speak moron in front of Hoseok. And why does it only ever happen when Hoseok was drenched in sweat, his hair a mess, and his breath coming in short pants,' Jungkook lingers in his thoughts.


Hoseok smiles at the younger one's jumbled words. He loved getting him all flustered. 


The sweaty boys grouped together and did a loud grunting cheer before separating to go change. 


Yugyeom and Jungkook walked together to the locker room. After taking a much needed shower, Jungkook walks out with a towel around his waist. 


The locker room had a few boys here and there, but the majority were gone. 


Walking toward his locker, Hoseok suddenly intervenes Jungkook's path. 


Hoseok had also just got out of the shower, a towel hanging dangerously low from his hips. His hair was pushed back, revealing his forehead. His flat stomach was on display, rigid with abs sculpting his muscular but lean body. 


Jungkook manages to keep his face neutral, giving no reaction. He’s had to hide the fact for such a long time, it was second nature. 


“Did you receive any news about the bird account?” Hoseok asks inching closer to Jungkook who was trying to find his clothes to get the hell out of there before Hoseok came any closer. 


“Uh, no haven’t heard nothing. You?” 


“It’s been three days, you think they were bluffing about knowing who the next CEO’ is?” His voice raspy and low as he leans closer. 


Jungkook steps away, almost tripping in the process. Hoseok traps Jungkook loosely with a single arm before leaning in, his breath fawning over Jungkook's bare neck. 


“What kind of shampoo do you use?” He whispers, sniffing lightly near Jungkook's hair.  


“Uh, Head and Shoulders, I have a dandruff problem so it helps-“ 


Hoseok immediately pulls back and laughs loudly, bending over. 


He straightens himself, laughter dying down. 


“Jeon Jungkook, you're one funny kid. See ya!” He says cheerfully, walking away in a cool manner. 


“What. The. Fuck,” Jungkook whispers holding his heart, trying to calm it down before it burst out of his chest.


“Was Hoseok flirting with me?” Jungkook asks out loud to no one in particular. 


‘But doesn't he have a girlfriend?’ Jungkook questions himself, putting his clothes on quickly.


‘And why was he asking about the next CEO and that stupid bird account? Does he know?’ 



It had been a few days since Jimin's whole life was thrown into a mess.


That day he came home to his distressed grandmother, she revealed a big company was planning on buying the land her bakery was built on, along with other neighboring properties. Something about a new project for the city. 


Jimim didn't care about the stupid project. He didn't care what kind of good it would bring to the city. 


He believed rich people that felt entitled to do whatever they want just because they are rich were lowlife scumbags. 


That mindset of his would never change. He was lucky enough to find friends with morals at the rich private school he went to.


However, recent events proved that luck sometimes didn't run in his favor. 


If the company took away his grandmother's bakery, he and his grandmother would be homeless. 


After Jimin's parents died, his grandmother was kind enough to raise him and give him the love any child deserves, even if her financial status could not support the two of them.  


Yet somehow she made it this far in raising him to be the wonderful gentleman he is today. That was something she would always be proud of. Jimin was her pride and joy. 


Jimin also loved his grandmother dearly, which is why he sat her down to have a serious talk with her about this whole situation. 


"Grams, how long until this bakery will be snatched away from us? Be honest," Jimin asks softly. 


His grandmother sighs. "About two months or so," she answers truthfully. 


Jimin hangs his head in defeat. 


"Do you even know the name of the company that plans on ruining our lives?" He mumbled into his shirt. 


"If I recall correctly from the phone call this morning, I'm pretty sure it is Jeon Industries," his grandmother replies. 


Jimin's head snaps up. "What?" 


His grandmother gave him a small smile. "I know. I thought they were a really good company too. They always worked in the citizens favor. I guess I thought wrong."


A sad expression overtakes Jimin. 


His grandmother pulls him in close, engulfing him in her warmth. "It's okay. We'll figure this out," she finishes with a kiss to his soft hair. 


He hugs her back, trying not to let his emotions get the better of him. 


A notification from his phone pulls him out of his hug.


He reads through the text then looks up at his grandmother. 


"Umm. It's the boys. We were gonna go to joon's house. I can always cancel and stay here with you though," he quickly counters. 


His grandmother lightly laughs. "No. You go. Go have fun. Let me worry about Jeon Industries. Okay?" 


Jimin looks skeptical but a final push from his grandmother out the bakery door gives him the energy to go to Namjoon's house and forget his worries for a little while. 


He's only a sophomore after all.



The doorbell rings, jolting Namjoon out of his studies.


"Joon! I'm getting the door!" His sister calls out.


He hears the shuffling of his sister's feet and bolts out of his place in the living room.


As soon as his sister's hands reach to open the lock on the front door, he slides himself in front of her, situating himself in between her and the door so she was blocked from opening it. 


She looks up at him. "Jeez. Calm the fuck down. It's just a door," she draws out confused. 


"Where's mom?" He questions. 


"Out drinking? I dunno," she shrugs.


Namjoon nods, taking in what his sister just said. 


"Well it's my friends. And I don't want your annoying ass to bug us so scram," Namjoon quickly rambles out.


She rolls her eyes and flips him off, walking upstairs toward her room. "Make sure you mention how possessive you are of them!" Her voice echoes before she enters her room and slams the door shut. 


Namjoon sighs at her childish antics but quickly realizes he has guests waiting for him at his door. 


He opens the door and is met with the sight of six very handsome looking boys who just so happened to be his closest friends. 


"Joonieee!" Hoseok excitedly screeches, crashing into Namjoon with a full fledged hug. 


The others greet him as well, walking into his home as if it were their own. Jungkook was still shy, not wanting to offset the friendship he established with the six boys.


Jimin lays down on the couch with Taehyung stretching out right beside him, laying his head onto Jimin's lap.


Jin starts moving Namjoon's papers out of the way while Yoongi and Hoseok go to the kitchen to grab something to eat. 


Jungkook is the last to enter the living room, scanning the area to decide where to sit. 


He plays it safe and sits on the floor in front of Jin who decided to sit on the couch opposite where Jimin and Taehyung were sitting.


Hoseok and Yoongi enter the room with an array of snacks, setting them on the coffee table and munching away as they start talking. 


Namjoon stood for a few seconds at the archway of his living room, admiring how at peace the boys looked. He noticed Jungkook still didn't look quite comfortable but he knew it was a matter of time before he came around. 


He soon joined them, catching up on school, work, crushes, and other activities. 


It had been an hour before he heard the footsteps of his sister bounding down the stairs. 


She was walking toward the kitchen but stops at the archway of the living room. 


Namjoon lets out a frustrated sigh. "I told you not to bother us. What part of 'do not bug us' did you not understand?" He accuses his sister. 


"The 'do not' part," she answers smugly. 


"Don't you guys find it mean that Joonie basically forces me to stay as far away from you guys as possible whenever you guys come over? I mean it's my house too," she addresses the other six boys.


"She's got a point ya know," Jin nods looking at Namjoon. 


"Plus, she's good company," Taehyung adds in.


"Ew. Perv," Namjoon and his sister say simultaneously. 


"I'm a freshman and Jungkook's a freshman. We have classes with each other. So we basically are friends. Right, Jungkook?" She smiles as her words were directed to the bunny looking boy sitting on the floor. 


"Uhh, sure?" Jungkook replies. 


Namjoon face palms. "You can't be friends with my friends. It's sibling law," he huffs out. 


"Ya know I came downstairs to get food. Not to annoy you guys. But since Joonie over here is so keen on me leaving, I might just have to stay," she smirks. 


"Oh my fuckin god. For the last time. Leave. Or else," Namjoon threatens. 


"Or else what? You can't do shit," his sister argues back. 


"No but I can make your life at school a living hell," Namjoon counters. 


"Ya know what? Fuck you!" She shouts, turning around to run back up the stairs.


Taehyung's voice breaks the silence that followed her exit. 


"For your information. By good company I meant she's good at video games," Taehyung explains. 


Namjoon absentmindedly nods his head. Looking after his sister and his mom was becoming harder and harder by the day. 


He just hoped his job, home, and school would all balance out. 





That was all that filled the newspaper room as Taehyung sat in front of the computer, staring at the contents on the screen. 


He had a pen gripped tightly between his teeth, as if it were a red rose. The creases on his forehead grew deeper as his eyebrows started to crinkle.


He was analyzing. Analyzing the bird account for any clues. Analyzing any potential suspect. But it was difficult. How could he try an analyze an account with only 3 tweets and figure out any potential suspects when no connection could be made?


He was so drawn in by the computer screen, leaning closer as if it would help him soak up more information, that he didn't hear the sound of someone coming up next to him.


Jinyoung quietly crouches down so his mouth was right next to Taehyung's ear. 




Taehyung jumped from his seat with a loud shriek, clutching his heart.


His shriek turned into panting breaths as he recognized who was in the room with him. 


"Jinyoung. What the fuck? I almost had a heart attack!" Taehyung shouts, still clutching his heart to calm it down. 


Jinyoung erupted into laughter. "What's got you so worked up anyways? It's way after school hours you know?" Jinyoung asks, his laughter dying down into a chuckle. 


"The bird account. It's so intriguing. I'm trying to find out who's running the account," Taehyung explains in fascination. 


"Taehyung. Look. The bird account is just someone trolling. It's stupid anyways. The person will get tired and stop probably," Jinyoung reasons. 


"But what if it's not someone trolling? If you would just look at the stuff I've gathered, then you can see that it's a potential story," Taehyung says, a light sadness lacing his voice. 


He really wanted Jinyoung to work on the story with him. If only Jinyoung would agree. 


"I dunno man. If new stuff happens, I'll be sure to jump in on the story. But right now, I don't think it's a big deal. You can still work on it though. Maybe it does have potential to be some sort of mystery," Jinyoung laughs. However, his tone didn't apply any discouragement to Taehyung. 


"I gotta go. Homework and shit to finish. Call me if you need anything!" Jinyoung calls out as he makes an exit out of the newspaper room. 


"Yea sure," Taehyung mumbles. 


No more than five seconds later, someone else enters the newspaper room. 


"Tae! Update on the birdy account?" Youngjae asks with excitement as he situates himself on one of the rolly chairs near the computer. 


"You actually care?" Taehyung asks with a slight attitude. 


"Yea? I mean it seems pretty cool. And creepy," Younjae shudders. 


"Wait really? You care! I have to show you the things I found!" Excitement fills every inch of Taehyung's body as he makes his way next to Youngjae, clicking multiple things to show Youngjae what he's found so far. 


It wasn't until 30 minutes later that he got a text from Jin telling Taehyung that he was waiting at the cafe. 


"Oh shit! Youngjae I gotta go. Can you close up the room and computers for me?" Taehyung pleads. 


Youngjae chuckles. "Yea sure."


"Thanks! You're the best!" Taehyung's voice echoes as he rushes down the hallway, not wasting any time on getting to the cafe to meet Jin. 



The familiar squeak of the cafe door was heard as a figure pushes through and enters the small place. 


Jin looks up from his phone. "Tae, over here!" He waves Taehyung over from the door. 


Taehyung quickly orders a small coffee before making his way over to Jin.


It had become a sort of routine for the two. Every three or four days they would meet up at this little cafe on mainstreet and just catch up about life. 


After 15 minutes of chatter, the two had fallen into a comfortable silence, sipping their drinks and just enjoying the atmosphere of the place. 


"You know? My mom thinks we're dating," Taehyung blurts out. 


Jin chokes on his drink. "What?"


"Why does she even think that? I thought you didn't tell them that you" Jin questions, his voice dropping into a whisper at the last part. 


"Umm, she somehow figured it out," Taehyung answers sheepishly. 


"She's not giving you any trouble for it right?" Jin was ready to defend his friend if necessary. 


His parents weren’t too fond that Jin was gay. Though they didn't bash on him for it, he still didn't want any other person getting shit on for their sexuality. 


“No no. She’s actually supportive. So is my dad,” Taehyung quickly says.


Jin sighs a breath of relief. “Well that’s good.”


“Yea but I’m still not comfortable with telling anyone else. You and my parents are the only people that know. So just please keep this between us until I’m ready. People are still homophobic around this area and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet,” Taehyung lets out softly, voice filled with a tinge of sadness.


Jin slides his hand on top of Taehyung, resting it there to comfort him. “Of course. Take all the time you need. It’s your choice,” Jin smiles warmly.


There’s a brief silence before Taehyung glances down at Jin’s hand on top of his. 


“You see, this is why my mom thinks we’re dating,” he laughs.


Jin rolls his eyes, shoving Taehyung’s hands away from his. “Shut up,” he remarks. But he too, couldn’t stop himself as stifled laughter escaped his lips. 



Jungkook stood in the corner of the hallway. 


It was the end of the school day. Classes were out. Everyone was rushing around to get home, hang out with their friends, or go to their after school activities. 


Jungkook was waiting.


He never came to this particular hallway. His classes were situated on the other side of the school. However, this hallway did have classes for the junior class. And Jungkook was lingering around in hopes of meeting up with a specific junior.


His wait was over when he heard the classroom door click, students pouring out to escape the sophicating subject of literature. 


He scanned the students until his eyes fell upon on a tall, dimple smiled man. 


“Joon!” He calls out, grabbing the attention of Namjoon who was too busy adjusting his glasses.


Jungkook jogs up to Namjoon, Namjoon giving him a questioning look. “Walk together?” Jungkook suggests.


Namjoon shrugs. “Sure.” 


They walk in silence, moving on a path toward the parking lot where Namjoon’s car was parked.


Jungkook kept fidgeting with his hands, nervously puffing up his cheeks then proceed to blow out the air. 


Namjoon pauses, his feet making a loud thump sound as they stop in place. “Is there something wrong?”


Jungkook starts chewing on his bottom lip, slowly glancing in Namjoon’s direction.


“I need to tell you something,” he abruptly blurts.


Namjoon arches his eyebrows. “What is it?”


Jungkook spins his head 180 on each side. “Not here. Can we sit in your car?”


Namjoon nods, not questioning why, leading Jungkook to his car parked outside. 


As soon as they are settled on the seats, Namjoon turns to look at Jungkook. He clears his throat. “What’d you wanna tell me?”


Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, gathering up all the courage his body could muster. He counts to three before gushing out, “I’m the son of the CEO of Jeon Industries.”




Jungkook doesn't dare to open his eyes, afraid of his friend’s reaction for lying to him. 


Only when Namjoon speaks up do Jungkook’s eyes flutter open.


“I kind of already knew.”


Jungkook snaps his head toward Namjoon, probably causing whiplash.


“You what?!”


Chapter Text

“Well, it's the only logical explanation. You came to school about the same time Jeon Enterprise relocated their headquarters to Seoul. Jeon isn’t that much of a common last name, and you were defending yourself too much.”


Jungkook stares back at Namjoon with disbelief. 


He then puts his head abruptly down.


“So does this mean you're upset with me for lying?” he asks, waiting to be kicked out of his car and their friend group.


He squinted his eyes in preparation for the blow but only received a flick on his forehead.


Creaking his eyes open he glances at namjoon. He had his trademark straight-face on. 


“Next time you lie, it won't just be a flick.” he says nonchalantly


“So this means there's a next time!” Jungkook excitedly asks, barely able to keep the happiness from his face.


Namjoon simply shrugs. 

Little Birdy



Everyone give a nice warm welcome to Jeon Industries very own future CEO, Jeon Jungkook! 


 Loser Squad

Jin: Jungkook


Jin: im guessing u didn't check twitter


Yoongi: the bird acc

             go look

10 minutes later

Joon: you think he checked

Yoongi: obv if he's not answering


lemme explain

Hobi: why did you lie to us

what the fuck

what was the point

I swear I didn't mean to

it came out

I wanted to say the truth 

I swear

Tae: we even asked you

we gave you a chance

but u lied

u said no

Jimin: wtf

ur related to that piece of shit company

u know how much shit is ruined

under your fucking name?



what do u mean

guys come on

please im sorry

im sorry

Jin: u guys calm down

stop attacking him

this isn't going to help anything 

Joonie: yea he shudnt have lied 

but dont get worked up

Yoongi: im sure u had a good reason

I did


u have to believe me

Hobi: im not mad

I just wish u were straight up when we asked

Tae: yea me too

Jimin: no

fuck that

im mad

u hid it cuz u know ur wrong

u think higher than us and ur on another level

dont even what the fuck

leave me alone okay?

I dont wanna fuck with u

jimin please let me explain

Jin: jimin wtf stop

Yoongi: yah, chill

Jimin: fuck this

Jimin. plz listen

I didn't tell any1 cuz I didn't want to be associated with the company

I dont like how my family runs shit either


I didn't tell any1 so how the fuck did this bird shit find out

Yoongi: this is such a mess

Hobi: r u sure u told no one



I did

I told Namjoon

Tae: wtf joon

it's you?

Joon: no wtf

I mean yea he told me 

but im not that shit Bird acc

its not me

im not lying

me either

Jin: one of u is lying



Taehyung flipped through several articles, pulled up as many internet sources, even backtracking all his conversations. But he couldn't find anything. 


There was barely any evidence that pointed to Namjoon as the person who is running the birdy account. 


And it frustrated Taehyung even more. Guilt was eating him up, over how he could give in to the suspicion on one of his close friends. 


But Taehyung was a news fanatic. He always had to get to the bottom of things. 


He pulls his hair frustratedly, not bothering to fix it after letting the loose strands fall. 


It was hurting his brain. He didn't know whether he should listen to his newspaper boy side or his 'being a good friend' side. 


He was happy there was no evidence against Namjoon, but also sad. More research for him.


"Who the fuck is running this stupid bird account?" He mutters as a question to himself. 


Jimin had been ignoring Jungkook for 3 days, and it was pissing the hell out of Jungkook. He couldn't get a hold of him during school, after, or by text.


During those three days, he's gotten whispers, stares, and a few “are you the Jeon Jungkook?” from passing students. A few girls, who might've have never even looked in his direction 3 days ago, have already asked him out, repeatedly. He’s also gotten invited to the basketball team, photography club, and even the chess club. The new popularity is exactly what he was trying to avoid in the first place. 


Finally, he caught Jimin by his locker, after their third hour.


"Bye Hani!" Jimin calls out to the girl walking away from him.


She smiles, waving a goodbye before running off in the other direction. 


Jimin slams his locker shut, a smile evident on his face. 


That smile disappears as soon as he sees Jungkook. 


“Jimin,” Jungkook starts, a sigh in his voice.


“No,” Jimin firmly states, walking off with an anger in his step.


Jungkook notices his once blonde hair is now black. Was this his way of saying he was angry? Jungkook didn't want to lie, it suited him amazingly. He felt himself getting hot, but blamed it on the letterman jacket he was wearing.


“Jimin, please. This is exactly why I didn’t want anyone to know,” he begs


“I don’t like you. I don’t like your family. Hell, I don’t like your existence. So leave me alone.” he huffs, a menacing look in his eyes.


“Jimin, how was-” 


“Can you fucking not! All you bring is trouble. Our friend group was doing perfectly fine until you came along. Now we have secrets between us. How bout you get the fuck away from me before you ruin anything else,” he bursts out, staring Jungkook down. His words were filled with venom. 


Jungkook holds back the emotion rising in his throat; people in the hallway begin staring at them. Jimin throws a side glance at a bunch of students, daring them to keep listening. Hurriedly, everyone scatters to their classes and the hallway is empty.


“You're too entitled to know what real friendship is. Just go ask daddy to buy you some new friends. You sure as hell don't need us. Now leave. Don't talk to me,” Jimin bites, each word slowly dripping with hate.


Jungkook felt so much smaller then he ever had in his whole life. 


He’s been cussed at, yelled at, even physically hurt. But the way Jimin was raging at him, it's never hurt this badl y.


“What did I do to you?” Jungkook almost whispers, Jimin already walking to his next class.


Jimin stops mid-step. He knows Jungkook didn’t directly do anything to him. It was his family, Jeon Industries. They took away so much from him. Now they wanted to take his house and his grandmother's the only way to support him.


"Everything. You did everything to me," Jimin spats. 


Jungkook couldn't help but get angry. 


"What the fuck does that even mean?! I've only been nice to you since we've met. I've done absolutely nothing for you to be acting like I've ruined you!" Jungkook shouts. 


Rage coursed through Jimin in a way he never thought it would.


“You're trying to take away the only thing I have. My house and my grandma's bakery. I’m fucking poor. And your father is trying to take the one thing I have left. That's what you did,” Jimin gushes, choking down the lump forming in his throat. 


Only by looking at Jungkook's face does Jimin realize what he's done 


He takes a small step back. He just exposed himself. His face flushes into a deeper red at his confession and he swiftly turns around trying to escape the fact that Jungkook now knows his biggest secret.


Jungkook stands there, dumbfounded. He can't believe what he's just heard.


Jimin is poor.




Chapter Text



Twitter Dm

Agust D                                                                                                                                                                                          Seyeon

Hiiii. I really love your music. 

its so good

and Ik ur probably never gonna see this lol 

but I make music too

and I hope one day we can collaborate or somthing

ugh ignore this

im being a crazy fan

I really like you tho!

thank you <3

hi, tysm :)


did u really reply




lol yea I replied

I checked out ur music

u have some nice pieces

u wisened to my music?

omfg im gonna faint

im such a big fan 

thank you so much

so would you like to collaborate?

it'll only b one song 

but we can make it work



lemme check if this isn't a fake acc 

thats clowning me



I'll forward the details later

keep in touch yea?


I have a question tho

do I get to see u irl?

... no

ok ok no problem! I can work with that

thank u sm for the opportuninty

np :)


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Yoongi                                                                                                                                                                                                   Seyeon








lmao breathe seyeon breathe


this is exciting

you better get me a cake when I get famous

if you get famous

do u wanna die?

im jking ur gonna be famous and forget all about me ik ik

no I won't 

I promise

you can be apart of my entourage

your the one that gets me coffee


ofc lol

 ‘What did I do?’ Yoongi groans dropping his head in his hands. He looked back at his phone switching between his chat with Seyeon on Twitter and on Whatsapp. He nervously bit his lip as he threw his phone on his desk.


As soon as he responded to that dm he immediately regretted it. His manager told him countless times, not to ever communicate with his fans, until he was out of highschool. But, he just couldn’t resist responding to his biggest fan. And also his best friend. 


He knew how much she loved making music, and how much she loved his music. He just wanted to make what he knew was her biggest dream come true. And he wanted to stop hearing her talk about himself. Ironically, it was annoying


He’s kept this lie so long, he's scared when she finally finds out that he’s Agust D.


If she ever finds out that is.



Hoseok walks into the filled hall, high-fiving random students he doesn't even know.


“AY JUNG! GOOD JOB OUT THERE!” he hears screams from the end of the hallway. He beams and puts his hand out in thanks to the unknown voice. Claps on the shoulder and fist bumps being passed around.

He reaches to his locker, surrounded by the whole football team. 


Loud cheers erupt as they congratulate him on another win. His girlfriend sunni, whips back her golden blonde hair and latches onto his arm, Her long nails slightly scratch his bare skin and he lightly pulls her off. 


The smell of her heavy perfume immediately gives him a headache and he closes his eyes as the smell overtakes his senses.


After thanking the guys, he reaches into his locker to grab his bag.


Slamming his locker, Sunni staring at him, blinking with wide eyes. 

“Did you forget.” her sickly sweet voice, ringing in his already hurting head.


He wasn’t going to have this today. He was too tired.


Sighing deeply, he tried his best to not sound mean. 

“Forget what?” he says plastering a smile on his face.


She immediately beams at his dimpled face.


Sunni was so glad she had a boyfriend as great as Hoseok. He was always there for her when she needed. And he was so very sweet.


She leaned forward and kissed him, lightly on his lips, taking her time. Hoseok pulled back first.


“Babe, we can’t do this in the hallway. We’ll get detention.” he resists the urge to wipe his lips. 


It's not that he didn't like her. As a girlfriend, there was nothing wrong. She was sweet and gave lots of affection. But as a human being, she was horrible. 


Laughing at the less fortunate, looking down at people she deemed “not as pretty” and gossiping just about every single person she meets.


Sure she was pretty, with her big bell eyes, beaming white teeth, and long golden hair, but her insides were rotten.


“Todays our anniversary. It's been 7 months!” she shrieks in delight. 


Hoseok plasters back the same fake smile she’s had for 7 months.


“Yay.” he monotonously says as she crushed him with a hug.


"Shit!" Namjoon curses as he glances at the time on his phone. He's going to be late. 


There was traffic on the road today and Namjoon didn't have the time to deal with it. He had to be at the building in less than 5 minutes. 


As soon as the light turned green, Namjoon slammed his foot on the accelerator, not daring about the speed limit he was well over passing. He couldn't afford to be late. 


After passing a few red lights, Namjoon finally made it to his place of "work." He quickly gets out of his car and makes his way to the first floor of the building, tripping on the dimly lit stairs in the process. 


"I'm here!" He gasps as he barges into the room, attempting to catch his breath. 


Everyone else was already present, Mark, Minho, the other guy they work with, and his boss. Namjoon sheepishly looks at them, apologizing for not being there earlier. 


"It doesn't matter. We don't have time for excuses. Buyer's gonna be here any minute. Boss Man said there shouldn't be any screw ups," Namjoon's boss said.


Sure he was Namjoon's boss, but there was always a boss higher up. Namjoon had the pleasure- or displeasure- of meeting him only once. And he knew getting Boss Man mad was something he wanted to avoid at all costs. 


Namjoon quickly scrambles up next to Mark, patiently waiting for the buyer(s) to enter. 


"I saved your sorry ass by stalling. Next time you won't be so lucky," Mark coherently mumbles so only Namjoon can here. 


"Thanks," Namjoon whispers gratefully, though he isn't too fond of Mark. 


No more than a minute later, the buyer enters. More like buyers actually; two people had entered. 


They stroll up to Namjoons boss, not even sparing a glance to the rest in the room. 


"I ordered 2 packs. Bulk. Where is it?" The first guy narrows his eyes while speaking. 


Namjoon's boss may have been intimidated but he didn't show it. 


"Right here," he reassures. He then gestures for Mark to take out what the man ordered. 


Mark nods, struggling to put the packages on the table laid out in front of him. 


The second guy eyes the boxes on the table. "You better not be fuckin with us. If this ain't the real stuff we gonna have some serious issues yea?" He growls. 


There was something off about him. At least that's what it felt like to Namjoon. 

The first guy reaches to grab the packages but Namjoon intercepts, grabbing his wrist to stop him. 


Mark looks at him, bewildered.


"What are you doing?!" Mingi whisper shouts. 


Namjoon's boss looked like he was about to pop a vein. 


But Namjoon didn't care. He was adamant on his suspicion. 


"Do you work for the cops? Don't bullshit me. I can see through any lie," Namjoon asks, his voice dropping deeper than normal. 


"Are you fuckin crazy?! Of course not. The fuck is wrong with you?" The guy angrily shouts, shaking his wrist out of Namjoon's grasp. 


Mark, Mingi, Namjoon, and their boss all had their eyes on the two men. The first guy's burst of anger would've been convincing if it wasn't for the second guy that showed a flash of fear in his eyes. 


Mark and Mingi share a look before seizing the second guy while Namjoon quickly grabbed the first, keeping both of them locked in place. 


Namjoon's boss rushes to call a few other men, and they end up grabbing the two buyers and dragging them out of the room to a floor higher than the first. 


Namjoon, Mark, and Mingi step to follow but are blocked by their boss. 


"No. Your level of access only allows you to get to the first floor. You've got to earn reaching levels higher than this one," he explains in a dark tone. 


The three knew better than to argue, Mark and Mingi turning to leave as their job was done. 


Namjoon lingered a bit longer, his eyes glancing at the stairs that would lead him a floor higher. 


"What are you still doing here kid? Go home," his boss calls out from the top of the stairs. 


Namjoon gulps. "What's going to happen to those two?" He asks, a bit of worry lacing his voice. 


His boss' eyes glint. "Nothing bad. Just a...warning not to get involved in the drug business," he responds. 


He then shuffles to open the door to the second floor, slamming it shut behind him once he enters.


Namjoon knew all the difficulties that came with his line of work. And he still didn't like half of it. 


But then again, it was his own choice to join the business of drugs. 



Chapter Text

 Seyeon layed down on the sectional couch in Yoongi’s small dark studio. She put her feet up on the armrest of the sectional and continued typing away at her phone. 


Yoongi frequently looked back at her and sighs.


She was texting him.


From across the room.


His life couldn't get any better.


Lying to one of his best friends was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. He felt like any second now she was going to walk up and yell at him for tricking her. Finally he put his phone down and turned around.


“What are you doing?” yoongi lied, staring at her crumpled forehead in thought.


“Im talking to Agust D. he’s so hot,” she said in a whiny tone, sitting up her knees holding her phone.


Yoongi smirks and turns back around in his black swivel chair, struggling to hide his smile.


“I really want to meet up with him, but I know it's not possible,” she sighs, biting her lip before throwing herself back on the couch.


His smile drops at the thought of her ever seeing who he really is.


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, he began to think.


“What are you doing?” she whispers, suddenly right beside him.


“holY FUCK shit, gah stahhhhp” he whimpers almost embarrasingly as he jumps in his seat hitting his knees on the inside of his desk. 


“Fuuuuuuck” he draws out as the pain in his legs sting.


Seyeon drops to the floor her arm on yoongi’s thigh.


The pain immediately leaves, his body focusing on her arm currently holding on to his thigh as she laughs hysterically.


He visibly gulps before standing up and moving across the room.


He opens the door, and points out.


“Get the fuck out.” he says trying to hide the shakiness in his voice.


She stands, wiping tears out of her eyes, still laughing before standing by the door.


“You know, that just made my whole day.” she sighs


“Yea? I hope something breaks it like how you broke my knee.” he says bitterly, a smirk escaping at her face.


It was just. So cute.


He shuts the door and sits on the couch, seyeon dropping herself by him.


She lays her head on his shoulder.


“What if, i get big after this collab. Then i get really famous and i have security gaur-”


“Woah, chill. I promise you, even if you get famous, you don't need a security guard. Your too ugly for protection.”


Yoongi covers his face as she begins to beat him senseless. 


“Ah ow oww IM SORRY STOP.” he yells as she sits on top of him.


He throws her back onto the couch, their faces inches apart.


A silence overtakes the air and all that's heard is their deep breathing.


Yoongi burps.




“Eeww, you disgusting piece of shit. Ugh what did you eat?” she yells picking up her things, saying a quick bye, and runs out the door, leaving a flustered and laughing yoongi behind.


The two pause, once their not in view.


Seyeon leans against the door, taking in a deep breath shaking away the thoughts in her head.


Yoongi leans into the couch, shaking out the image of her face, so close to his. 


When did life get so hard?



There was a ringing noise coming from somewhere in the studio. Jimin looks around before realizing it’s his own phone. He scrambles to pick up his ringing phone from his bag, earning a few “C’mon Park, no phones during practice.” 


“Just a second, I swear.”


The screen flashes, Little Kitty.


“What? You know I’m at practice. What's so important that you’re calling?” Jimin says, not even bothering to keep the bitch out of his voice.


“Jimin. I uh- I need help,” Yoongi hesitantly says over the phone.

Jimin doesn’t even think twice before answering, “K, be there in five.” 


Jimin shuts the phone quickly, stuffing it in his bag as he runs out. 


If Yoongi says he needs help, that means he’s either dying and can't write out his will because his hands are amputated or he has a girl problem. 


An emergency nonetheless. 


So Jimin runs like his life depends on it.


“Park, where the fuCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!” his team captain calls out.


“Jimin!” Hani yells out.


“Its an emergency!” he yelled before storming past the doorway. 


He makes it to Yoongi’s studio in three minutes, but no one’s counting. The door swings open and he walks in, huffing heavily, trying to catch his breath.


“That was fast did you-” 


Jimin cuts him off, still trying to breathe, his vision blurring a little.


“Are you-” 


Jimin cuts him off again, his hands go on his knees.


Yoongi stands, his hand on his hip, not amused with Jimin's dramatics.


“Dude shut the fuck up. Your dance studio is like down the hall,” he says annoyed.


Jimin abruptly stands up.


“No its like 2 halls down, you shut the fuck up,” he retorts, forgetting his whole dying scene.


He takes a seat, putting his bag on the floor.


“I can’t believe your studio is literally a glammed up storage closet. It’s so ugly in here. You gotta do something about that smell,” Jimin complains, wrinkling his nose in disgust.


“Shut up. I don’t have money for an actual studio and this is the best thing the school could offer. It’s in the corner of the school so no one would bother me here. And thank fuck the school doesn’t give a shit about what I do in here either,” Yoongi defends. 


Jimin has an amused smile on his face, wiggling his eyebrows in a teasing way. “So you’re implying you do stuff in here?”


“Shut the fuck up and sit your dirty minded ass down. For fucks sake,” Yoongi rolls his eyes. He then realizes there’s something different about Jimin today.

“When did you dye your hair?” he asks ruffling his head.


“Last night. I got tired of blonde. It was too soft,” Jimin almost whispers, picking at his pants.


“Aww, did our little baby want to act all tough and big in front of someone? Who is it? Is it Hani? Or is it BamBam? You like guys right? I’m getting you and Tae confused,” Yoongi says scratching his head.


“You dumbass, I like guys. Tae doesn’t,” he explains, embarrassed by the sudden attention to his sexuality. It's not like he’s a closeted gay. He just doesn't prefer that people linger on the fact.


“Oh. Alright. Anyways, you know Seyeon right?” Yoongi asks, feeling the heat rise to his cheeks.


“Um, yeah duh. We’ve known her since middle school,” Jimin blatantly answers. He suddenly gasps with realization.


“Did you finally realize that you’re in love with her and asked her to marry you? Oh my fuckin god its about damn time. I already planned your wedding. So I was thinking a beach kind of thing an-” Jimin gets cut off by Yoongi hitting him upside the head rather hard.


“No you dumbfuck, we’re not getting married. But I do like her I guess or something,” Yoongi bashfully voices. 


Jimin grabs him by the shoulders.


“Yoongi. My lil meow meow. I'll say it. You love her. She loves you. We get it. Now go marry her and give us some crabby Yoongi babies please,” Jimin pleads, this time dodging the hand coming toward his head.


“No, you idiot. I want to ask her out. I don't know how though.”


“So, your logic tells you to ask the gay guy on girl problems?” Jimin laughs, raising his eyebrows incredulously.


“What? No, I just thought you’ve had more experience with relationships than any of us so you know how it works, I guess. I don't know if this was a bad idea, never mind,” he utters, putting his hands in his head.


“Don’t know if I’ll be much help. But I’ll give you a basic rundown,” Jimin says with sympathy. 

Yoongi peaks through his fingers "You know she knows about this place?"


"WHAT? She knows about AGUST D?! I feel so betrayed right now, I thought I was the only one who knew," Jimin yells in a distressed voice, feigning pain.


"Calm the fuck down," Yoongi hits him with a stack of papers. "She knows about the studio but not what it's for. which is also another problem..." Yoongi trails off.



Little Birdy

A mask cannot conceal what's hidden beneath, no matter its worth



Chapter Text

Hand in hand, walking the long hallways, Hoseok and Sunni made their way through the crowd. They were the couple. People wished to be in their shoes. Hoseok would gladly give his pair away.


“Are you going to come watch our practice?” Sunni asks, her cheer uniform on with her long golden hair in a high ponytail, matched with a bow.


She blinks her thickly coated eyelashes, waiting for his response.


“I guess-” 


“Yay! Perfect. See you there!” she says pecking him on the lips before bouncing off with her group of barbie looking friends.


Hoseok kept his splattered smile on his face for a few seconds longer, barely able to contain the grimace before turning around quickly in the opposite direction. 


Paying no attention to where he's going, he crashes into a girl, knocking boxes out of her hands and spilling the contents all over the floor.


“Oh, shit,” she curses silently, picking up the bags of chips and bars of candy and putting them back in the box.


Hoseok kneels down and helps her, feeling entirely guilty.


“I’m sorry, definitely my fault. Are you okay?”


Okay. It was cliche. It was cringy. It had every ounce of genericness to it.


But as soon as they brushed hands, there was a shift in the atmosphere. 


It was an unmistakable energy, one that was hard to define but was definitely strong. The energy spread from the point of interaction all through Hoseok's body; same with the girl.  Hoseok immediately looks at her face, examining her more closely. 


She had short, dark chocolate brown hair tied up in a ponytail, strands falling out, deep dusky almond eyes covered by thin glasses, and a smattering of light freckles over her honey-kissed skin.


‘She’s beautiful,' H oseok thought.


“I’m okay," she answers shortly.


Picking up the box and walking away, she’s stopped by Hoseok lightly grabbing her arm. 


“Hey, at the least, let me help you. You're selling at the school store, right?” he asks, hoping to at least catch her name.


“Uh, yeah," she glances at her phone screen.


“I have like three minutes to get there. If you're gonna help, you better run," she warns. 


Surprised by her abruptness, he stays silent. The silence was running too long and so the girl gives him a few boxes before taking off, leaving Hoseok to run after her. 


He’s never felt this exhilarated and he’s only known her for 45 seconds.


A huge smile plastered on his face as they reach the main lobby.


“You're quick, and that's saying something considering I'm running back on the football team. I almost couldn't catch up to you," he breathes deeply, still grinning like an idiot.


“Ah, I knew you looked familiar. You're a jock. Explains that much. Well thanks,” she blatantly says and turns into the room.


“Excuse me,” Hoseok begins. “I'm a human, not a jock. And what exactly does it explain? My names Hoseok,” he smirks.


“Sweetie, sorry to break it to you, but everyone knows your name. I just couldn't put your name to your face, sorry for that. I actually have to go so I'll see ya around,” she replies nonchalantly.


Hoseok sputters for a while on the fact that she called him “sweetie”, his facing feeling slightly hotter than it was seconds ago. And how she obviously had no interest in him at all. 


Right before she steps in, he stops her.


“Wait, what's your name?” he asks hoping he didn't sound like a creep.


“It's Lucy, and I'm late.” She switches to talking in 3rd person, an amused smile tugging at her lips. "Lucy's late so let her go," was the last thing she said before turning into the lobby room, leaving Hoseok alone.


His heart began to beat at the small interaction, and he basked in the feeling. 


Exhilaration coursed through Hoseok as he made his way home that day. 


“Mom?” Hoseok calls out as he walks into his house. He shuts the door as he hears a reply.


“Hoseokie! I'm in the kitchen,” His mother’s voice echoes back to him. 


A grin appears on his face as he swiftly takes his shoes off and races into the kitchen at top speed. He sees his mother cooking, chopping vegetables to add into the pot of stew sitting on the stove, it’s scent dancing under Hoseok’s nose. 


Without hesitating, he rushes up to her, wrapping his arms around her to give her a back hug. He’s met with a light laugh in response as his mother sets down the knife she was holding to turn around and give her son a proper hug, trying hard not to stain his clothes with the vegetable residue on her hands. 


Hoseok is the first to break away, letting his mom goes back to the chopping she had left unfinished. 


“What’s got you so excited?” She chuckles, her eyes focused on the task at hand but her ears focused on the voice of her son.


“No reason,” Hoseok laughingly shrugs. “I’m gonna go wash up and then I’ll come downstairs, okay?” He says, gradually walking toward the exit of the kitchen.


His mother hums in response. He’s soon out of the kitchen, dashing up the stairs toward his room when his mother’s voice stops him in his tracks. 


“Did you see your brother at school? He’s not home yet,” she asks, confusion lacing her soft voice. 


Hoseok visibly gulps, a grim look washing over his face, though his mother couldn’t see from the kitchen.


Forcing down the shake threatening to spill with his words, he replies, raising his voice for his mother to hear, “Yea. He said he was gonna stay all day to study in the library.”


“You sure?” His mother asks, a shred of suspicion in her voice. 


“Yea,” Hoseok reassures. The lie slipped so easily from his mouth that it shocked him. 


He hated it. Hated lying to his mom. The woman who raised Hoseok and his brother in the best way she could provide. He hated having to cover for his druggie brother, a boy one year older than him who did not know how to control his actions. Hoseok thought by his brother’s senior year it would get better. He obviously thought wrong. And now here he was covering for his brother who was probably getting high with his friends. Why Hoseok did it when he absolutely hated lying to his mom? Hoseok didn’t know the answer himself.


It was around 12 AM when he got a call from his brother. He picked it up on the first ring, hushing his voice as he shouted through the phone. “Where the fuck are you? I lied to mom and said you came home at 8 but fell asleep in your room. If she finds out you’re not in your room, you’re dead,” he seethes.


“Chill,” his brother breathes, a little too on the lazy side. “I’m outside. I need you to open the door for me,” he slightly, very slightly, slurs. 


“What?! Get your damn keys next time,” Hoseok’s whisper turns into a louder shout before he abruptly shuts the phone. 


Grudgingly, he goes downstairs and silently opens the door, the sight of his brother making him even more angrier. Without saying a word, he briskly turns around and scurries up the stairs, in fear of getting caught by his mom. He climbs into bed, trying to forget about the distaste of his actions.


A few seconds later, his brother enters his room. A silence lingers in the air before his brother clears his throat. “Thanks...uh- for not telling mom,” he mutters. 


Hoseok wasn’t in the mood for arguing but his heart overpowered his brain, and the words flew from his mouth before he could stop them. “What’s your problem? Do you know how bad what you’re doing is? Drugs Homin. Fuckin drugs. And my ass is out here covering for you,” he hisses. 


Any sense of gratitude was gone from his brother’s face, replaced with a newfound anger of his own. “And who said you have to cover for me?” He bites.


Disbelief flashed in Hoseok’s eyes, fueling his anger even more. “You! You fuckin make me feel guilty if I don’t do shit for you because I’m your younger brother and I should help you whenever you need. Those are your exact words right?” Hoseok rages, tears threatening to flow from his eyes from the sheer anger he felt. His voice was getting too loud.


His brother stood silent, the fury still evident on his face. Hoseok closes his eyes and exhales a long, slow breath in an attempt to calm himself down.


“Get out,” he says monotonously.


Homin only gives a scoff before he’s out of Hoseok’s room and walking to his own. Hoseok wanted to help his brother, but how could he when he couldn’t even hold a proper conversation with the other.

Yoongi jumps onto his bed, taking his phone out and opening his notifications. Messages, emails, and a few requests to buy the new face cream; that’s all the craze. 


He opens up his Twitter, bracing himself against the weird that is Twitter.


Scrolling through his feed, he sees the new tweet, retweeted and liked by thousands.


“The mask cannot conceal the image beneath, no matter the worth,” he slowly reads the words on his screen. 


His stomach drops to his feet. A slight sheen of sweat begins forming against his skin. His reaction is delayed as he sits in a daze. The weight of the words suddenly crashes down on him. He starts freaking out, sitting up abruptly, hurting his back with the sudden movement.


He looks back into his own posts. 


3 months ago, in reply to a follower about doing a face reveal.


‘My mask is held on tight lol.’


He’s next. He’s the next victim of this twisted game. 


He presses the first contact on his list, his manager.


“Boyum, I need help.”

Chapter Text

It was late. Technically it was 6 pm, but, considering he was still at school, it was late. Taehyung looks around at the mess that was the newspaper room and sighs. He was getting nowhere on his search as to who this stupid bird was. 


Closing his laptop, he stands up, stretching out his sore muscles, satisfied when he hears the multiple cracks of his back. 


He packs up his few belongings and turns to head out, tired and frustrated.


It was simple really. He needs to think of someone, anyone that could have enough information and access to such information that they can be entirely confident in exposing these people.


Taehyung finally gets home, dropping his stuff haphazardly by the entrance, and falls on to the living room couch.


His father sat opposite him, reading a newspaper.


“Ughhhhh,” Taehyung groans loudly, hoping to receive attention from his dad.


“What is it Taehyung?” his father unconcernedly asks, knowing his only son was a drama queen.

“Dad. Is it possible for a person to erase their tracks so cleanly, not leaving a single clue?” he questions his father. Mr. Kim Taejoon was a renowned prosecutor for a firm he works at. He was very good at his job.


Taehyung’s father scratched his chin, setting aside the paper he was previously engrossed in.


“It's possible, but we are humans. And human error is an ordinary thing. It's near impossible for anyone to do the 'perfect crime’,” his father explains.


Taehyung always admired the way his father talked. It was calculated and precise. Unlike his own speech, filterless and sporadic.


His mother walks in, her short curly hair streaked with blotches of paint, a smear here and there on her clothes.


She had a painters smock on and had a few brushes in her pocket.


As she caught sight of her son, she held out her arms.


“Is my baby bear sad?” smothering him with a hug and frequent kisses to the head.


He leaned into his mother's touch, accepting the warmth and love radiating from her.


He nodded silently.


“You're treating him like he’s 5. Did you forget he graduates in 2 years?” his father says from behind the newspaper, once again focused on.


“This is my baby bear; I will treat him like one until he gives me grandchildren,” she defensively says, a soft grin in her eyes at the mention of babies.


Taehyung almost chokes on air at the mention of grandkids. He's far too young for that right now. But nonetheless, he hugs his mom one last time and announces that he’s going to his room.


He opens pulls out his small folder from his pack and takes out a few photos. Grabbing a few thumbtacks he attaches them to his bulletin board in his room hidden behind a big painting on his wall. 


The big spread out map of every possibility of who birdy is laid before his eyes. It was a wild mess and array of red string being connected to different pictures. It was livid and angry, almost as if it was alive. It was hideous. It was beautiful.


The orderliness was amazing to taehyung. It gave him peace.


Looking at the board a few times, he realizes how much he’s devoted his time into it. Feeling somewhat conscious, he pulls out his phone. 


Scrolling, his eyes land on the contact he wants to call but right under that contact, another contact catches his sight. 


Jinyoung. The guy he has a crush on. The guy who worked with him on newspaper shit for the school. 


His thumb hovers over Jinyoung's contact for a bit before pressing the contact right above.


“Hey Jin. Wanna hang out?” Taehyung asks, barely hearing a response except for an agreed grunt. 


“Great. My house. Come from the front, my parents are waiting for you to visit again," he explains. 


“Kay, will do.” 


Tae pulls down the painting to fully cover up the board. It was his little obsession. No one needed to know.


The last bell rang, indicating the school day was over and everyone could leave their classes. It was safe to say that Jungkook was shitting his pants. Jimin had asked to meet him at the end of the school day today, and Jungkook didn’t know what to expect. Was Jimin going to yell at him? Create another problem? Or did Jimin actually consider talking to Jungkook to try and sort things out?


He was still hung up on the fact that Jimin was poor. He did a little more research into his father’s latest projects and found out what Jimin was talking about. Jungkook’s father had created a project to take out all the buildings on a particular street in the South-End. It was to build a new building of some sort over there to help the community as a whole since the South-End was known for being on the poorer side. And Jimin’s grandmother’s bakery happened to be on that street. How can he attend such a prestigious school then? 


He was anxiously waiting near the double doors on the east side of campus, all the way on the opposite end of where the school parking lot was located. Far away from where all the students would have been gathered to leave school. 


“Where is he?” Jungkook mutters to himself. It had been five minutes and Jimin still hasn’t shown up. Did he ditch?


Jungkook decided to wait a little longer, telling himself Jimin must have gotten caught up somewhere. 


He was bouncing on his feet, glancing here and there to catch sight of Jimin when all of a sudden someone taps him on his shoulder. Startled, Jungkook jumps with a yelp, turning around quickly to see who had disturbed his array of nervousness.


He was met with jet black hair, an angled yet soft face, and blush pink lips.


“Calm down, I’m not gonna murder you,” Jimin says with a roll of his eyes. He sauntered to the bench at the end of the hallway, dropping himself down on one side. Jungkook stood still in his spot as Jimin cocked his head to the side, arching an eyebrow. 


Jungkook still doesn’t move, not knowing if sitting next to Jimin would result in him getting yelled at or not. 


“For fucks sake, sit down,” Jimin frustratedly says.


“Damn.” Jungkook moves to sit on the bench, scooting back as far as he could away from Jimin, for both his sake and Jimin’s. “... you gonna yell at me again?”


“No! I’m not here to yell at you!” Jimin runs his hands in his hair out of frustration.


“You’re yelling now!” Jungkook retorts, his frustration starting to grow as well.


Jimin pushes back his hair and lets out a long sigh. He squints his eyes shut while pinching the bridge of his nose. “I’m not gonna yell at you. But if you piss me off anymore, I just might.”


There’s a lingering silence before Jimin opens his eyes and rests his gaze upon Jungkook. “Got it?” Jimin reiterates.


Jungkook narrows his eyes. Piss him off more? The fuck? But nonetheless, he answers. “Yea, I got it,” he mumbled.


“Good. Now. Why haven’t you told anyone I’m poor? I know you rich kids love spreading gossip. So why haven’t you said anything about me?” Jimin questions, his voice getting considerably softer, but still as annoyed.


“First of all, stop talking to me like I’m some sort of different breed. I know you apparently don’t like me but still. Second, I didn’t tell anyone because it’s not my place to tell. I don’t go around telling secrets. I’m not like that,” Jungkook explains, a bit hurt that people viewed him as such. 


“Oh." Jimin pauses. He rubs the back of his neck, feeling slightly guilty. Only slightly. Jungkook was still going to be apart of a corporate that can possibly ruin his life as well as his grandmother’s.


“I really am sorry Jimin. About your grandmother's shop and stuff. I swear to you, I will make it up in any way possible. I can help you anonymously buy out the property-"


“See? This is what I mean. I don't need your money Jungkook. I'm not a charity case. I don't want to be pitied because I can't afford such luxuries, ” Jimin spat the last word as he stood up and turned his back towards Jungkook. There was no longer anger. There was just self-loathing and sadness.


“Jimin, that's not what I meant. I didn't mean it to sound like tha-”


Jimin turns around suddenly, face to face with the younger one. They are so close to each other that Jimin can feel Jungkook's breath fan his face.


“Then what? What did you mean? Tell me,” Jimin says in a low whisper, daring him to speak on while searching for even a slither of pity in Jungkook’s eyes.


Pity was the last thing he needed right now.


Jungkook inches forward causing a hitch in Jimin's breath as their chests almost touched. The height difference was ridiculous, Jungkook’s neck slightly angled downwards as Jimin looked up.


“I mean, I want to help you in anyway possible. Whether that means money-” Jimin starts to move out again but Jungkook holds him by his arms, determined to make him understand.


“-whether that means money or just being a friend that will stay by your side and help you through whatever happens, I will do it. I want to be your friend again Jimin. Even if your thick skull won’t process that it’s true. Know me for me, Jungkook. Not as the CEO of a corrupted company. I am not my father. Not even in the slightest. You have to understand that. Please,” Jungkook finishes with a pleading tone.


Jimin stands still. His gaze doesn’t move from Jungkook, both boys’ eyes locked on each other. And that's when Jimin knew that Jungkook was right. That he shouldn’t be held accountable for his father’s actions. That Jungkook didn’t deserve any of Jimin’s hate because he didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. But the final piece was the emotion displayed in Jungkook’s eyes. 




Jungkook’s eyes were overflowing with it, his words holding true to what he actually felt. And Jimin knows he himself is in the wrong, for exhibiting anger on a friend that never deserved it.


Jimin's eyes soften as he slowly lets himself out of Jungkook’s grasp. Clearing his throat, he finally breaks the silence. “I understand.”


Jungkook, a bit baffled, slightly widens his eyes. “Wait you- you understand?”


Jimin takes another step back. “Yea. It’s not your fault I realize. I was just blinded by rage so I took it out on the first person I thought deserved it. Uh- sorry for yelling at you. And ignoring you-”


Jungkook smiles, overwhelmed he has his friend back.


“-And almost punching you,” Jimin finishes. 


Jungkook’s smile drops. “You what??”


“Oops, wasn’t supposed to mention that,” Jimin says with a slight chuckle, the tension gone from the air.


Jungkook breaks out into a smile again before hesitating to say the next line. “Umm, you can always talk to me if you need to. I’ll always be here. And I’m not just saying that for the sake of saying it, I actually mean it. Friends help each other right?” He says softly.


Something tugs at Jimin’s heart. Not once in his life had he had someone to share his life struggles with. Not once did he have a friend who was willing to listen. Taehyung was practically his other half yet Jimin was too scared to reveal his life secrets. Same with Yoongi. Same with all the others. And now someone who he had just met this year was willing to help Jimin. And it just did something to him, opening up a crack in his heart, letting the hurt that lay within burst through. 


Jimin was on the brink of tears, so close to bursting into an uncontrollable breakdown. And that was a sight he wasn’t willing to let Jungkook see. The broken side of him. The weak side.


“Yea,” Jimin quickly says, trying to control the shake in his voice. “We’re good, but I have to go. Bye,” Jimin gushes. He turns around and swiftly grabs his bag from the floor, walking away from Jungkook at an alarming pace. As soon as he turned the corner of the hallway, he let the tears fall, not bothering to hide them from anyone that would pass by in the hall. 


Jungkook stood near the bench in confusion. He didn’t know why Jimin had left so suddenly but at least they were on good terms. 


Something else was on Jungkook's mind though. And he had to deal with it quickly.


Jungkook leans against his father's office door, smiling as employees walk by, bowing. His father was in a meeting currently and Jungkook knew those would take at least a couple hours. He had plenty of time.


As soon as the coast was clear, he slipped in the vacant room. Rushing quickly to his father's desk he signed in to the desktop, entering the password with ease; 19970901. He looked through the files, eyeing the right one.


New Properties

Old Records

Employee Payroll


He quickly clicks on the new properties tab and searches through for ‘South-End.’ Finding it, he edits the reports and clicks save, changing what his father had planned.


Leaning back with a smile, he takes out his phone.


“Jimin, you wanna hang out today?” he says as he exits the room undetected, happier then he’s been in a long time.



Little Birdy




“Oh how the great have fallen” 

Oh, Agust D? Did you believe my wings wouldn't reach past your money? Or should i say, Min Yoongi?



Chapter Text


Yoongi was asleep. Right after the tweet was released his house was filled with his legal team, publicists and different managers trying to find a way to take down the tweet before it spread across the internet. However, no one could race against the speed of how fast news travels through social media because sure enough, 7 minutes later, the news about the tweet spread like wildfire and "AGUST D EXPOSED" was trending number one worldwide on the trending list. 


“When I said I want you trending, I did not mean this," his publicist frustratedly spewed. They were all frustrated. After an intense call with Twitter, his manager was able to get the tweet down, but it was already shared and captured so many times, it made no difference.


An hour had passed, constant calls keeping his team busy, and his team called it a night, leaving to go home. Yoongi worried that he was going to have an unrestful night. To his own surprise, he slept as soon as his head hit the pillow, muting his phone from the constant calls and texts he was receiving.



It was 7 AM, the sunlight from outside shining through Yoongi's window, giving his room a golden hue. He peels open his eyes, somehow still tired. His head pounded as he reached for his phone, it lighting up and revealing over a hundred messages from Seyeon. His headache pounded even harder at the thought of having to explain this whole mess to her.


There were about another 200 from the group chat of the supposed "losers" aka his best friends. A few other texts from other people also showed on his screen. There was no way he was going to deal with all of it right now. 


Replying only to his manager, he confirms having another meeting. Slowly drifting into a daze, he tries to figure out what time works best for him. But before completely zoning out, he catches sight of the time displayed on his phone. Fuck. He had 25 minutes before class started and he was still in his pajamas. Forgetting the meeting, he rushes to get dressed and leave for school. 


The implications of yesterday's events don't even cross his mind. Grabbing an apple from the kitchen, he walks out the front door only to be greeted by the likes of around fifty people swarming the area of his front lawn. At the sight of him, they rush forward, hoping for a clear picture of the newly revealed Agust D.


“Min Yoongi, is it true that you go by the alias of Agust D?”

“Is it true you go the Bangtan Academy Of Arts? Is that where your musical career came from?”

“How do you feel about having your identity revealed?”

“What will you do now in the wake of your new album being released?”


Questions were thrown at him one by one, not even giving Yoongi a chance to so much as breathe. 


His face flusters and he sputters with the attention solely on him, mics shoved in his face as a blinding flash goes off every few seconds.


He stutters before seeing a familiar crowd making their way towards him. His manager and team. He sighs in relief as one of them steps up to say, “no information will further be disclosed, please exit the area or security measures will be taken.”


Yoongi is pushed back into his own home and he’s grateful for the escape.


“Change of plans, meeting is now,” his manager says walking towards the small office in the back of the house.


“But I have school-”


“Priorities, Yoongi, priorities,” he cuts Yoongi off in response.


Yoongi sighs in defeat and follows his manager into the room, his headache turning into a throbbing migraine. 


After zoning out on the 12 attempts of a solution brought to the table by another person on his team, he finally checks his phone. He reads multiple messages from his friends, asking for an explanation and asking when he’ll return to school. 


He puffs his cheeks then blows out air, sending out a quick message.


'I'll explain everything, but only in person. I'll send a car to pick you guys up from school.'


After fumbling to close his phone, he puts his head down and tries to calm the raging pain in his head, just for a little longer.


All six boys don't even bother going to first period after Yoongi sent out the text. Instead, they all meet up on the far side of school grounds, hoping to not get caught in ditching. They barely say a word to each other as they wait in the cold, harsh winter weather. 


Soon enough, a sleek black Cadillac pulled up right in front of where they were standing. The driver pulled down the window and told them Yoongi had sent him to pick them up. 

No words were spoken as everyone started piling in, Hoseok closing the door behind him as he was the last one.  


There was a tense silence, everyone a little hurt that they weren’t in on Yoongi’s big secret. Everyone but Jimin who was quiet for the sake of not exposing that he knew.


“I can't believe he didn't tell me at least, I've known him since forever.” Jin shakes his head.


“I don't blame him, I've known him for four months," Jungkook says quietly. 


“You think he was forced to keep it a secret though?” Taehyung asks, trying to keep an open mind about the situation.


“Definitely,” Namjoon says quickly but partly doubting his words.


“Is no one going to mention that there's a chauffeur in a Cadillac driving us to his house? Since when does he have this much money. Last week I asked him for a dollar for the vending machine and he said he was broke," Hoseok chuckles slightly to lighten the mood a little.


No one laughs.


They stay quiet for the rest of the short drive.


Yoongi waits at the front window of his house, anxious to see his friends.


Security had already removed all the reporters, leaving everything clear for their arrival.


When the black car pulls up to the circular driveway, Yoongi heads out.


His friends, one by one, exit the car and stand in a scattered group, gaping in awe at the large house behind him. It wasn't even a house, more of a mansion. 


He shares a secret glance with Jimin, sort of scrutinizing him before looking at them all.


“I’m so sorry I kept it from you all for so long. But now I'll tell you everything. And you can decide whether or not you hate me. But let me explain first. Please.” 


They all nod before entering the house, one by one, admiring the building silently.


The pain in Yoongi’s head dulls down, though still there reminding him of the mess he’s in.


As soon as they're all sitting down on the couch of the huge living room, Jin opens his mouth to speak. "So this is why you've never showed us your house? Why you always wanna hang out at one of our houses?"


Yoongi silently nods his head. "I didn't wanna raise any questions. Should I start from the beginning?" 


All six of the boys in front of him nod in unison. 


Yoongi lets out a big sigh before starting. "So I started making beats in middle school and whatnot. You know like short mixes, blending of sounds. That sorta thing. I wanted to make a career out of it, obviously. So entering 9th grade I started gathering materials and tried contacting people so I could start making my own pieces. Skipping unnecessary details I managed to get everything I needed to get my career started. My first studio was an abandoned room at school which is now like a play studio. I made my first song and released it. People contacted me blah blah blah and I got a manager. More music I released, more people bought, the more money I made. I wanted to live a normal life yet still be famous. So that's why I'm Agust D. And management has told me to never reveal my secret ever since. But that's not why I didn't tell you guys. I didn't tell you guys because someone like me, whose identity isn't known to the world, is at risk of getting exposed all the time. I always have to watch my back. And that's not something I wanted you guys to get involved with."


It's silent until Jungkook speaks up. "So you're living that Hannah Montana life," he tries to joke with a tense chuckle. 


Yoongi lightly laughs in return, a dark amusement present in his voice. "Yea I guess so."


"Except she was never exposed by anyone else," Jimin quietly adds on. 


That was when the full weight of Jimin's presence dropped on Yoongi. Jimin, the only person he's deliberately open with about being Agust D. 


Before Yoongi can say anything, his manager walks in. "Jimin. May I speak with you?" He then glances at the rest of the boys surrounding Jimin before his eyes land back on the black haired boy. "Alone," he finishes. 


Confusion flashes in Jimin's eyes along with a hint of fear. What did Yoongi's manager want to talk to him about? And why alone? 

Chapter Text

Jimin takes a seat at the far end of the room and starts fiddling with his fingers. He had only caught a glimpse of Yoongi before the wall leading to the other room had separated the two.


However, it was far from reassuring. The fact was, Yoongi’s face was expressionless, no sign of any emotion. There was no way Jimin could tell what Yoongi was feeling, and it just made Jimin fall into more panic. 


There is silence as Yoongi’s manager lightly paces back and forth in front of Jimin. Jimin knew better than to speak, but he hated silences. “Are we waiting for someone?” He warily asks.


Yoongi’s manager turns to give him a sharp look. “Yoongi,” is all he says before falling back into his rhythm of pacing back and forth.


Jimin’s mouth forms an ‘o’ shape as a sense of understandment. He didn’t know Yoongi would be joining them, though even he knew it was kind of expected. So they wait for another minute or two, only the noise from the clicking of Yoongi’s manager’s shoes against the marble floor being heard.


Finally, a slight creak of the door makes both Jimin and Yoongi’s manager turn to see who it is.


“Sorry, I had to talk to the boys and explain stuff before I came here,” Yoongi apologizes quickly, shuffling to grab a seat for himself. 


He starts making his way toward Jimin out of habit. But as soon as he’s about two feet away, he realizes the situation at hand and turns on his heel swiftly, opting to sit on the couch perpendicular to where Jimin’s sitting. 


Yoongi’s manager takes that as a sign to start, clearing his throat, sitting on a dark mahogany table, centered in the spacious room. He pulls out a few papers, Jimin catching his name on a few.


“Let’s get straight to it. You’re the only person who knew about Yoongi’s identity. We have no other choice but to assume that you are either running the bird account or you’ve helped the person running the bird account reveal the secret. Due to these reasons we would like to tell you beforehand that if we are to find any linking evidence toward your involvement we have no other option but to sue you. Doing so means that anything under your name will be given to us under protection of right laws. The following, but not limited to, will be taken: your residence on Jaegun road and the establishment located underneath-“ the manger flips the paper, reading off a list of the very little things Jimin legally owned. 


Yoongi turns towards Jimin with a questioning glance. “You live above a bakery? On Jaegun road?” Yoongi asks, shocked but not judging. He silently scolds himself for not realizing Jimin's situation. 


Jimin’s at a loss of words. Yoongi now knew where he lived. And they were going to take the bakery? He didn't own it though. His face burns red trying to comprehend the words as they were read of the paper in succession. “Stop! What are you saying? The establishment, that doesn’t belong to me. It's under my grandmother's name,” he yells vulnerably. 


The manager’s gaze softens as he looks at Jimin. He slowly slides the piece of paper across the table.


Yoongi watches with intensity.


Jimin snatches it, his heart beating rapidly. It was true. His name was clearly written on the document as the owner of Park’s Bakery. Jimin almost wanted to cry. He fights back the constricting choke in his throat and turns his head away. 


If the bakery was under his name, that meant his grandmother must have gave ownership up to him. So this is what she meant when she said that she had a backup plan. In case the argument came up that his grandmother was unfit to own anything in her old age, and wasn’t able to care for it, she put it under her grandson’s name. Jimin’s heart hurt, knowing his grandmother cared for him so greatly she would go to lengths to make sure his future was settled. 


“I didn’t do it,” he says in a low, menacing voice.


He was no longer looking at the manager, but at Yoongi. He glares fiercely at his friend and repeats his words louder. “I didn’t do it.”


Yoongi didn’t back away from the glare, piercing his own eyes at Jimin in a scrutinizing way. He was looking for something, and behind the increasing rage in Jimin’s eyes, he found it.

He felt his heart tighten and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Honesty and innocence. That’s what he had found. It was something Jimin was trying so hard to push through, to show Yoongi that he is still the same Jimin from before. 


Yoongi softens his gaze, the creases around his eyes vanishing. He slowly nodded in reassurance, showing Jimin that he believes him. He shifts to face his manager.


“Look man. I know this looks bad, but Jimin is my frie-” he starts to say but is cut off.


His manager puts his hand up in a stopping motion as an indication for Yoongi to keep his mouth shut. He quickly clears his throat and continues, “We’re not accusing you of doing anything. We’re just warning you, that if we find that you had anyth-” he was cut off by a loud smack of the door hitting the wall.


They all flinch accordingly as Jungkook storms in.


“He just told you he didn't do it. That means he didn’t,” Jungkook says dangerously, walking towards the table and slamming his hands down on the wood, earning another flinch from everyone in the room. “You will not be taking anything of his, especially the bakery. You can assume all you want but you have no evidence. So I advise you to stop spewing bullshit before you get yourself a lawsuit for false claims.” Jungkook glares at Yoongi's manager, fire enveloping his murderous eyes, his voice scarily calm as he spoke with agility. 


It was obvious who he was, the future CEO of a multi-billionaire company. He radiates with more power as each second passes by. 


There was a brief silence, as everyone took in the shock of hearing Jungkook speak for more than a few sentences. Jimin flushes greatly, seeing as his friend backed him up with so much confidence. Yoongi blanched at him, wondering where the hell he came from and when he got this scary.


The manger sighs, obviously frustrated and slightly intimidated by the young boy in front of him.


“I am not making accusations. I’m just saying that-”


Jungkook stands up fully. “You’re saying nothing until Jimin has a lawyer by his side, to make sure that he’s being shown his rights. If you want something, you will contact my legal team under Jeon Industries, who will be supporting Park Jimin.” That line was pure bullshit. He couldn’t organize anything with Jeon Industries unless it went through his father. And his father sure as hell wasn’t going to support putting forth a lawyer for the boy he was planning on taking land from. 

But the threat was enough to make anyone quiver in fear. To finish off his amazing act, Jungkook pulls the paper from the table and snatches a pen from the front coat pocket of the manager. His hands work frantically as he scribbles a number and throws the pen aside.


Jungkook grabs onto Jimin's wrist, pulling him up with no resistance. “Let’s go.”


Just then Taehyung, Jin, Namjoon, and Hoseok walk in, stoic faces on.


The room fills with silence as they all stare at each other.


“We didn't mean to, but we heard everything,” Taehyung confesses, breaking the tranquility. He looks at Jungkook questionably, his hand around Jimin's wrist with Jimin’s face flushed red. 


Namjoon looks at Yoongi. “So Jimin knew you were Agust D? But you didn't tell us?” 


“Look, I-” Yoongi starts, feeling the whole situation going out and over his control, his headache coming back in full force.


“No, we get it. It was a secret to protect you and your business and personal well being. We get it,” Hoseok says, standing beside Namjoon with a hand on his shoulder.


“But you told Jimin,” Jin says, a little bitter.


Taehyung begins to panic, sensing the tension between his friends. “Guys maybe we should talk this out, together,” he suggests. 


“I did not tell Jimin,” Yoongi says defensively. He straightens his back, ignoring Taehyung's request.


“Yes you did. My question is, why didn’t you tell us?” Namjoon asks almost accusingly.


Taehyung looks back and forth between his friends, and repeats his original request. “You guys. This isn’t going to get fixed if we just throw shots at each other, come on,” he pleads.


No one says anything, the air too thick as they just stare at each other.

Yoongi feels as if his head would explode, and a small part of him wishes it does.

Chapter Text

Jimin speaks up. “Yoongi didn’t tell me his secret,” he says, catching a glimpse of Yoongi before his gaze lands upon the ground. 


Jungkook lets go of Jimin’s wrist, a bit surprised as well as confused. “What?” He questions, backing a bit away from Jimin.


Jin steps closer to him. “Wait what? Why are you lying? There’s no point. We already heard everything. We know you know.”


“I don’t get it. How does he know then?” Hoseok asks, directing his question toward Yoongi.


Yoongi pens his mouth to form a sentence but before he could, Jimin’s voice rings out again. All attention turns to him. 


“He didn’t tell me. I found out accidentally. I followed him to his studio as a joke. When I entered, he was practicing some of his old tracks. That’s how I found out. So he didn’t betray you,” Jimin explains, a bit of defense for Yoongi lacing his words. 


Namjoon stands dumbfounded. “What?”


Taehyung visibly calms, sensing the tension was winding down. “So Yoongi didn’t tell us to protect himself and us. And Jimin knows only by accident. Right?” Taehyung recaps.


Yoongi nods his head silently. 


Jin and Namjoon share a look before focusing on Yoongi. “Sorry,” they both blurt out simultaneously.


Namjoon continues, “I didn’t realize- I wasn’t thinking straight- Just yea. Sorry,” he finishes with a whisper.


Yoongi waves it off. “It’s not your fault. Misunderstanding,” he smiles with warmth. 


The manager that was standing silent the whole time makes his presence known. “Yoongi, we have to look at the legal-”


This time it’s Yoongi who cuts him off. “No. No legal teams. No lawsuits. A bunch of people that work for me know I’m Agust D. Not only Jimin knows. Maybe check in with them. But no lawsuits against Jimin. He’s one of my best friends. And I know he would never do such a thing,” Yoongi says firmly.


His manager just gapes at him, shocked at how unprofessional Yoongi was handling things. But Yoongi didn’t care. Unprofessionalism and professionalism doesn’t matter when it comes to his friends.


His manager then takes his leave, vacating the room so it was only the seven boys left. 


Yoongi spins on his heel to face Jimin. “Jimin?” He questions, hoping they were on okay terms. 


Jimin just stares at him. “You asshole!” he spews before barreling his way in Yoongi’s direction.


Yoongi’s eyes widen in fear before they dim down again. Jimin’s whole body crashes into him as he gets engulfed into the smaller boy’s frame. It sent Yoongi staggering a few steps back, catching balance as Jimin stabilizes him in the hug. 


A gummy smile breaks out on Yoongi’s face as he lightly returns the hug. Yoongi steps back to move away before another force comes crashing into him from behind. 


“Group hug!” Taehyung shouts as he rests his chin on Yoongi’s shoulder. 


Soon enough, Yoongi sees three more bodies coming his way, Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jin.


“No wait! Yall are gonna squish me-” Yoongi’s voice blows out as three more bodies crash into the already constricting hug. Only after 15 seconds do the rest of them get off.


Yoongi grumbles in annoyance as he straightens out his clothes that got wrinkled from the hug. He catches sight of Jungkook standing awkwardly a few feet away.


A pang of pride hits Yoongi as he starts walking toward Jungkook. He comes to a full stop just a foot away from him. “Thanks. For defending Jimin. You didn’t have to. But you did. You’re a really loyal friend,” Yoongi says, awe lacing his voice. 


Jungkook immediately breaks out into a full-toothed smile. And before Yoongi knows it, he’s enveloped into another hug. 


“I always defend my friends,” Jungkook says, not breaking the hug. 


Another body crashes into Yoongi from behind, yet again. Yoongi doesn’t need to turn around to know who it is. “Tae, get off,” Yoongi demands.


“Group hug! Part Two!” Taehyung shouts, ignoring Yoongi. Four other bodies slam into them, another group hug ensuing. 


“I can’t breathe,” Yoongi chokes out. The six others stay for another five seconds before dispersing, chuckling as they see Yoongi’s reaction. 


“Now what?” Jungkook asks.


Hoseok speaks up with determination. “Now we take that bird bitch down.”

Chapter Text

Little Birdy




When all comes to poor, so does the end. 



Group chat: Jungkook POV


Tae: That fuxking bird account


Jungkook:How bad would it be if I smashed a brick through their face.


Joon: last week it was Yoongi. Three days ago it was Jackson. 


Hobi: poor Jackson 


Joon: now jimins next. 

Jungkook: Wait what

Yoongi: u didn’t see the last tweet


Jungkook:No i didn’t wtf


Jimin: maybe it’s not me tho 


Jungkook: Who else is poor 


Jimin: ouch



Jin: they’ve already revealed 2 of our friends

Jungkook: What do you think won’t make them reveal another one

Jimin: your right 

I’m screwed >_<


Jungkook:No ur not.

I’ll break it’s wings

if I have 2


Joon: dw jimin. Well protect u


Jimin: thanks joon. But I’m more nervous abt my gram. 


Jin: we’ll protect her too :)


Jungkook: Tae should we come over and help try

to figure out who it is?


Tae: I think I have a lead but it’s not definite


Yoongi: i hate detective work 


Hobi: too fuxking bad 


Jimin: thanks guys 


Jungkook:Of course. 



Jin was stressed. Correction: he was beyond stressed. Senior year was kicking his ass. He was taking harder classes, he was worrying about college applications, and he was president of the current NHS. On top of that, home life wasn’t doing him any favors. Constant screaming in his house from “lack of contributing work” as his mom liked to word it, made it hard for him to focus on anything. 


“Mom? Dad?” Jin calls out as he steps into his house. His day had been normal so far. Or as normal as living with constant fear of getting exposed is. As he walks through the house and toward the kitchen, he notices the house is eerily silent. 


“No one’s home?” He questions softly into the nothingness around him. His smile grows wider as he realizes he has the house all to himself. He can finally get some school work done without any distractions. Maybe throw in a little relaxation time for himself too. 


“Fuck yea! No one’s home!” He screams with glee, his raw, excited laugh filling up the stillness around him. 

He quickly rushes to the fridge, grabbing random foods he doesn’t even know the name of and piles them high in his arms. 


He looks at all the food he’s collected, satisfied. “This should be enough,” he mutters to himself. He dashes to his room, careful not to drop any of the snacks he’s gathered. Plopping the snacks on his bed, he pulls out his school work, ready to get started on the overload of problems upon problems he has to finish. His hand reaches out and grabs the first thing within reach, which happened to be a cheese stick.


As soon as he opens his mouth to take a bite, he hears the front door of the house open and close. His mother’s voice rings out in greeting. 


Jin quickly drops the cheese stick and scrambles up to get down stairs. It’s rude to not greet an elder once they come home. Plus, he hasn’t seen his mother all day and he still loves her enough to actually want to converse with her at times. Maybe she won’t find a reason to yell at him today. 


“Hey mom!” He greets with a smile as he enters the living room. His mom is slouched on the couch, gulping down a glass of water. As she sets the glass down, she looks up at him with her own smile. Their smiles matched almost perfectly. There was an uncanny resemblance between the two. 


“Did you eat anything yet?” She asks. Jin shrugs. “Yea, I have a few snacks in my room.”


She nods in acknowledgment. They continue a conversation for a few more minutes, easing into each other’s presence. 


“Where’s dad?” Jin asks.


“He took your siblings out for ice cream,” his mother responds. 


“Oh. Okay. I have to go study now,” Jin explains. His mother nods in acknowledgement once again. She seems to do that a lot. Jin starts to turn around to go back to his room but stops mid-turn. 


The neutral expression on his mother’s face was quickly turning into displeasure. He knows that look. 


“There’s dust on the tables,” she points out in a deadly tone.


Shit. That’s what he forgot to do. He forgot to dust all the furniture in the living room. It was supposed to be spotless before his mother came home.


“Yea I-I know. I swear I forg- I’m about to clean it-” he stutters out, internally scolding himself at his own mistake. 


“You never do any work in this house! I ask you to do one simple thing. One thing. It’s not that hard Seokjin!” His mother bellows.


Jin opens his mouth to defend himself but his mother continues. “What’s the point in having you in the house when you won’t do such simple chores! I’m sick and tired of your behavior!” She yells in anger. 


Jin looks on with his own anger. He is the perfect son, yet somehow there is still a flaw in him. “There’s no need to yell!” He retorts. Without even waiting for an answer, he rushes back up the stairs and to his room, slamming his door shut behind him. 


Even through his closed door, he could still hear his mother screaming and complaining about how she’s apparently everyone’s servant since no one cleans in the house. She also starts raging about Jin’s “rude” behavior to no one, since no one else is downstairs.


Jin feels a mild headache starting to form. It was always present, he was just good at pushing it away. However, right now it was becoming unbearable. And through his muzzled thoughts, he could only think of one quick solution to help him. It was bad, something he told himself he would never partake in. But he couldn’t handle it anymore.


Grabbing his phone, he searches for a specific contact on his contact list. Once he finds it, his thumb hesitates to press down on the call button. Two seconds later, his brain has made the decision for him, the dialing tone sounding from his phone. 


There’s a clicking sound as the person on the other end picks up. “Hello?” A deep voice says through the phone.


Jin exhales slowly before putting his phone up to his ear to answer properly. “Homin? Hobi’s brother, right?” You still have those special drugs on you?”




Namjoon holds back from gagging as the car he is currently in jerks sharply to the left, barely avoiding a line of cars on the grimy road.


His head starts spinning and he takes a deep breath before screaming, “MARK IF YOU DON’T STOP SWERVING THIS FUCKING CAR, I WILL PERSONALY GRATE YOU LIKE CHEESE!” 


Mark chuckles darkly before swerving once more, this time landing a shoe to his face as it flies out the open window. 


Namjoon looks opened mouth as he watches his shoe get run over by multiple cars. 


He drops his head down into his lap as the sound of Mark’s loud laughter fills the car. 


They finally arrive at the abandoned warehouse. 


“Why are all drug deals in abandoned warehouses? Like why do we have to actually go by the stereotype?” Mark asks as he shuts the car door and walks towards the chained entrance. 


“Did you forget? We don’t ask the questions, we just do what we’re told,” Namjoon says dismissively. 


He walks towards the large fence and easily scales it with speed. Mark follows. 


Jumping down, Namjoon grunts. “And it makes us feel like we’re in a movie,” he adds on with a bright smile, his face illuminated by the moon. 


They enter the wet, cold building and immediately take their places by their boss. 


Their boss gives them a flick of his finger toward his face as indication for something. They understand and immediately put their face masks on, leaving enough space to only reveal their eyes.


They barely have a chance to ask what they’re doing today before the door is opened again. In comes a boy, barely 19, skinny and lanky, with a head full of dyed black hair and pale yellowish skin. 


He looks so familiar to Namjoon that Namjoon couldn’t help but stare at him. 


The guy meets eyes with Namjoon but flickers them away quickly in the boss’ direction. He silently walks toward them and drops a stack of money on the desk. 


Boss then holds his hand out to Mark who in turn gives a plastic bag of white powder. The boy takes it and bows deeply. 


“Thank you,” he says in a thick Gwangju accent and suddenly it clicks in Namjoon’s mind who the kid was. 


It was Hoseok’s brother. 


His eyes widen greatly at his realization and he chokes on air. 


Perfect quarterback, handsome, 4.0 student Hoseok had a drugged up brother? How?


He isn’t given a chance to think when suddenly Hoseok's brother leaves the building and his attention is brought back to the Boss. 


Mark side eyes him with a look saying “you okay?” 


Namjoon responds with a nod and returns back to his position. 


You really don’t know what’s behind closed doors Namjoon thinks to himself. 




Chapter Text

It's been a few days since the bird account tweeted Yoongi's secret, exposing him to the world as Agust D. 


Drastic changes have occurred since then. For one, his mini studio in the school no longer existed. Management took everything and moved it to a higher class studio in the building of the small company he is labeled under. Yoongi didn't complain, students would probably bombard him if he left his studio in the school. Besides, he had more space in the new studio of his. 


Another thing that has changed is how people treat him at school. Before, he kept to himself. People never bothered him nor approached him. He was just there. Now, everyone wanted to be his friend, kissing up to him and trying to get him to invite them over. It's annoying to say the least. 


The media has been on his case too, trying to catch an inside scoop of what makes Yoongi and Agust D different but also the same.


But the most heart wrenching change is his friendship with Seyeon. 


He's been avoiding her. 


Every text, every call, every time she tries to catch him in the hallways, he turns his cheek.


Facing her is the most unbearable thing for him. 


How is she going to take the news?


Will she be mad? Happy? 


How can he face her knowing she's shared everything with him about how she feels about Agust D? 


Yoongi is grateful for the only thing that's stayed constant throughout all of this mess. His friends. Even through their little conflict, they've managed to fall back into their normal routine. It's the one thing that has Yoongi walking with a smile through the halls of the schools. 


That smile drops once he catches sight of a familiar long, brown haired girl. 


"Yoongi! Shitface, I know you can hear me! She yells from the other end of the hall while running toward him. 


Yoongi quickly turns around, trying so hard to find an escape route. It's only then that he realizes he's reached a dead end in the school hallways. 


Thoughtlessly wandering after school hours, he didn't notice the beautiful mural he was following along the walls actually led to a place of no escape, no doors that would lead him to another area. 


"Fuck," he curses under his breath. He knows he has to face the music at one point. That point was now. 


"Min Yoongi. I have been trying to get ahold of you for five days. Five whole ass days. I didn't know ignoring came so easy to you but apparently it does. When are you planning on actually talking to me?" She pants, anger seeping into her voice though she is struggling to catch her breath. 


Yoongi scrunches his eyes closed and slowly turns around. Reluctantly opening his eyes, he looks on to the girl standing in front of him.


"Hi," his voice slips out. 


"Hi? You haven't talked to me in five days and all you say is hi?" Seyeon questions in a deadly low tone. 


Along with Yoongi's nervousness, fear appeared as well. 


"I can explain-" 


"That's why I came here you dipshit. I want an explanation. A good one. No lying," Seyeon says, cutting him off. 


Yoongi looks at her before silently nodding. "Okay, follow me."


Wordlessly, Yoongi leads her back to his old studio room. It's empty for the most part, but there are still two chairs and a desk remaining. 


He takes out his key to open the door and leads Seyeon in, shutting the door behind him and settling into one of the chairs. 


"What happened to your stuff?" Seyeon questions while looking around. 


"It's moved out. This used to be my play studio. But I've got another one now," Yoongi answers. 


Seyeon just nods her head in acknowledgement and plops onto the other chair. 


"So begin. Tell me everything," Seyeon urges. 


And Yoongi does. He tells his whole story about how he became Agust D, why he hid his secret, how he balanced school, and finally, why he was avoiding Seyeon. 


"Wait wait. Back up. You were avoiding me because you didn't want to face me telling you that we can't be friends anymore?" Seyeon asks, slight amusement in her tone. 


Yoongi looks away from her. "Well yea. I figured you'd be mad. Aren't you?" He questions, his gaze landing back on her. 


"Oh yea. For sure. Obviously I'm mad. The amount of times you've lied to me is countless. And I'm humiliated over the fact that I shared everything with you about how I viewed Agust D and you guys are actually the same person," Seyeon scoffs. 


Yoongi furrows his eyebrows. "You shouldn't be humiliated it. It's not your fault."


"I know. It's yours," she jokes, attempting to uplift the tension. When she realizes it did nothing of that sort, she continues, "I'm not gonna stop being your friend though."


"Really?" Yoongi asks with doubt. 


"Really. I uh- I just need time to process everything you just said to me," Seyeon says, her voice getting softer if possible. 


She gets up to leave but Yoongi's hand stops her, clasping around her own. 


"I'm always here for you. You know that, right?" 


"I know. I need to figure out some stuff on my own though," she smiles, a bit forced. 


Pulling her hand away from Yoongi's, she leaves with a small goodbye. 






This is the third time Jungkook and Jimin are getting yelled at by the school librarian to quiet down. 


They decided to study after school in the library, hoping they'd be able to help each other understand their respective subjects they are struggling in. 


Their definition of studying though was fooling around and messing with each other. 


Jungkook ran with Jimin's textbook, making a beeline for the shelves hidden in the corner of the floor. He is standing on his tippy toes with his back against the shelf, holding the textbook above his head so Jimin isn't able to reach. 


"Give it back!" Jimin hisses, looking around to make sure the librarian isn't about to eat them for making too much noise. She walks past them towards another student asking for help.


"Aww. Is Jimin too short to reach it?" Jungkook pouts teasingly, still waving the book far above his head. 


"Seriously Jungkook. I have to study," Jimin whines in a whisper. He reaches up on his toes and uses Jungkook’s chest for stability.


The heat of Jimin’s small palm on his chest releases a fire over his skin. 


"Jump for it," Jungkook challenges, his voice whispering out in a lower tone. 


Jimin narrows his eyes at him but then smirks. "Okay."


Jungkook forgets Jimin is a dancer, therefore he is flexible and light on his feet.


He jumps and leans forward on Jungkook, pushing him flat up against the bookshelf, only inches away from Jimin as he leans against him. 


Jungkook uses his now free hands to hold Jimin in place as he lands on the ground once again, inadvertently looking into Jimin's eyes. 


He holds his breath as their faces stay in close proximity, neither moving away until- “What exactly do you two think you're doing?” the librarian shrieks, smacking the two upside their head and grabbing the book out of Jimin’s hand.


They immediately back away, rubbing their heads on the spot they were hit. 


"Studying. We were studying," Jimin says, clearing his throat. 


He turns to look at Jungkook and they both break out in a fit of laughter. And that's how they are kicked out of the library for the second time that week. 




Hoseok stands with his back against a row of lockers, his head down. He doesn't want to be seen or recognized.


Finally, the doors open and Lucy walks out. Hoseok’s whole mood goes skyrocketing. He beams from ear to ear and rushes to her side.


“Hi, Lucy,” he smiles, putting his hands in his jean's pockets.


She side glances him, but can't help the smile that overtakes her lips. His presence is just so, happy.


“Hello, Junior,” she smirks, pushing her glasses up higher against her nose. She rummages through her pockets for her keys.

“Are you going home?” he asks her, sounding almost sad.


Lucy laughs at the thought of the star quarterback being sad that she is leaving him. It is hilarious, really.


“Um, yes. Where else would I be, Junior?” she asks with a condescending tone. 


My name's Hoseok, ya know. Or my friends call me Hobi. If you want,” he gushes the last part out quickly, almost shy with the thought of Lucy being his friend.


“I know. But I like Junior. Say, why are you talking to me again? I'm not in your grade, or your friend group, or even in your league.” She pretends to look around paranoidly.


“Is this a prank? Am I being filmed right now?” she whispers dramatically, a hand on her chest in despair.


Hoseok laughs out loud at her actions. 


“Um, who said you have to be any of those things. I just wanted to talk to you. Because I like you,” he blushes.


Lucy narrows her eyes and takes a colder stance.


“Oh. This is one of those situations. You got bored with Miss. Barbie, so you come mess around with the girl no one even notices so it can be kept a secret. And you expect me to fawn all over you, then you get bored and you go back to her and everything is back to normal. Ha Ha. I laugh in the face of your kind, child. I’ve read enough Wattpad stories to tell the ending of this isn't gonna be too hot," she says sarcastically. 


She's had just enough of this shit today. Turning around she walks towards the doors, ready to go home, take a bath, and sleep for possibly forever.


“Wait,” Hoseok calls out, grabbing onto her hand to stop her from leaving. 


His so-called "arrangement" with dating the Queen Bee of the school is stopping him from doing a lot of things, and he hates it. 


Lucy turns to face him. She raises an eyebrow waiting for him to finish.


Hoseok contemplates whether he should attempt anything with her. If he asks her out, he will have the most fun in his life. But if he gets caught, he’ll receive hell from the entire student body. But if he doesn’t ask her, he’ll regret it forever. 


He finally comes to a decision. "Nothing. Nevermind," he blurts out. 


Lucy tightens her lips into a smile, pulling her hand out of Hoseok's grasp. "See ya around," she waves as she starts walking down the hallway in departure. 


Hoseok is still jumbled in his thoughts as he waves a half-hearted goodbye himself. 


Next time he thinks. Next time he's sure he'll come up with a definitive answer to the several questions floating around in his head. 



It's way past school hours, yet Taehyung's still in the newspaper room. 


He's checking and rechecking through all the evidence he's found. 


Everything looks the same, except for one piece of information. 


In disbelief, Taehyung reads through it about a million more times. 


"No. Not possible. No way," he panics, forcing himself to believe the words that come out of his mouth. 


Taehyung refuses to believe what's written in front of him. There's no way his best friend is the cruel, sick, twisted person under suspicion. Absolutely none. 


Jimin was not the person running the bird account. Right?


But what if he's wrong. After all, evidence is evidence. 


Maybe that last tweet wasn't actually talking about Jimin. Is it possible to deny something when the facts are laid out in front of you?

Chapter Text

Little Birdy


Empty out your pockets and help a friend. Our own Park Jimin is the center of a small bakery on the wrong side of town. Talk about money problems.

Loser Squad

Jungkook Pov

What the fuck

why isn't the police doing anything??

what the actual fuck

Joon: they cant do anything its not a crime


Hobi: who is so sick and twisted to do such a thing. im so mad rn

Yoongs: has any of u talked to jimin yet??

hes not answering my calls

im starting to panic

Jin: im On my way! to his bakery

stupid autocorrect do look happy rn?

Yoongi: if he doesnt reply ill come too

Jimin: im right here calm down

Joon: thank fuck u asnwered

Tae: im coming rn

Jimin: dont im not home

Hobi: r u mad at us

Jimin: the only ppl to know about my home life was u guys 

you dont think we did it do u?

Tae: jimin. we would never

Jimin: no im not saying its u. ik u guys wouldnt. im just saying is there a point to be mad anymore. I knew my secret would be exposed. im just tired. the damage is all done. ill see u guys on Monday. I just wanna be alone.


Jimin walks down the halls of his school, head held low, avoiding the incoming glances of his schoolmates. The low whispers resonate through the halls. 


He quickly makes his way through the crowds and rushes to his locker, only to be greeted with something worse than the stares. 


His locker is completely covered in fake dollar bills, the kind you would use to play cashier with. His blood runs cold, anger beginning to seep in to the flow. 


Opening his locker, more papers spilled onto the floor and slowly flitted down. The pit of his stomach squirms in rage. 


He grabs handfuls of the paper and throws them into the nearest trash bin. 


The prickling of tears, hot and salty, begin to form in his eyes and he fights them back. His throat tightens and he starts to feel that choking feeling people get right before they burst out crying. 


Then, a hand is on his shoulder as another is grabbing the papers from the floor and throwing them into the trash beside him. 


A few more hands come in sight and Jimin lets the tears spill. Jungkook’s hand on his shoulder squeezes tightly


“It’s okay, Chim,” Jungkook says quietly. 


Jimin shakes off the hand and stands up off the ground. 


“No it’s not. I knew it would be bad. But this?” He says, fisting a handful of paper from the inside of his locker. He glances at each of his friends, tears dried up on his reddened cheeks. 


“This is not okay.” He throws the papers to the floor and storms off. 


Jungkook follows after him. “Jimin, wait.” 


Jimin stops in his tracks. 


“You should stay away from me too. An heir like you shouldn’t be found near the likes of me.” Jimin says, his back towards his friends. 


There is a mocking tone in his voice, almost insinuating that him being poor is contagious. 


A dark expression overtakes him, reflected into his words. 


“All of you should.” 



“You sure you don’t want my help? Seems like a pretty good story,” Jinyoung asks once more. 


Taehyung declines for the third time. 


Jinyoung has been asking him a few times if he could join the story about the bird twitter account. And everytime, Taehyung has reassured him he’s got it under control.

At first, he was eager to have Jinyoung working on a story with him, getting an excuse to hang out with his crush. Now, as evidence started to present itself, Taehyung wishes for Jinyoung to stay clear of the story. 


“It’s okay. It’s not that big a story anyways,” Taehyung chuckles, nervousness spilling into his speech.


Jinyoung narrows his eyes before finally backing down. He sighs. “If you say so. Call me if you need anything though. Want me to tell Youngjae to stop by?” He offers. 


Taehyung shakes his head. “Nope. I’m good,” he says in an overly I’m-doing-just-fine tone. 


He hurriedly ushers Jinyoung out of the newspaper room. “Bye!” He calls out as Jinyoung rounds the corner of the hallway outside. 


As if on cue, as soon as Jinyoung leaves his sights, five other people come from the opposite end of the hallway, their loud voices echoing off the empty hallway’s walls. 


Jin shoulder bumps him as he enters the newspaper room, flashing him a smirk. The other four boys file in, not catching on to the short exchange. 


“Trouble in paradise?” Jin whispers so only Taehyung can hear, nodding his head toward the direction in which Jinyoung left. 


Taehyung feels heat rising up to his cheeks at the mention of his crush being acknowledged by someone else. “Shut up.”


Jin lightly laughs in amusement before sitting with the others on the available chairs in the room. 


Taehyung ends up leaning on his desk, not having anywhere else to sit. 


He glances at all his friends. “I take it Jimin’s not coming then?” His question is rhetorical, as he already knows the answer. 


Jungkook looks up at him, something along the lines of hurt flickering in his eyes. “No,” his voice came out hoarse. Clearing it, he continues, “no, he still needs time to himself.”


Taehyung nods, setting a reminder in his head to talk to Jimin later. 


There is a tense silence for a second before it is broken. 


“Alright, whatcha got?” Yoongi asks. 


“Wait. I actually found some stuff too. You may already have it, but might as well show you guys,” Namjoon cuts in before Taehyung can answer. 


He pulls out crumples of paper from his back pocket, smoothing then out on the desk in front of him. 


“Am I the only one that feels useless? Like damn. I didn’t even do anything to help,” Hoseok pouts. 


Jungkook chuckles. “No, me too. I didn’t do shit.” 


Hoseok moves his chair closer to Jungkook, hooking his arm around the younger’s shoulder. “This is why you're my favorite Jungkookie,” Hoseok coos. 


The mention of the years-old nickname coming out of Hoseok mouth makes Jungkook a little flustered. Okay. A lot flustered. He feels his face burn up and his hands begin to clam up the way they do when he is nervous. 


“Okay enough with the- whatever the hell it is you’re doing cause it sure as hell ain’t flirting. Focus on the stuff we’re here for dummies,” Jin interrupts, playfully rolling his eyes. 


“Hobi already has a girlfriend. Flirting for him is just a game,” Yoongi snorts jokingly. 


The rest visibly laugh while Hoseok’s smile falters. “Yea. Already have a girlfriend,” he repeats in a mutter. In a split second, his full smile is plastered back on. “Anyways, let’s see the evidence.”


All attention is put on Taehyung and Namjoon, who have already started pulling up all the evidence they have gathered. 


“Okay, listen. Carefully,” Taehyung starts. 


The five others in the room nod, focusing only on the words spilling from Taehyung's mouth. 


Taehyung spews out everything- almost everything- he knows about the birdy account and who could be running it. When he’s done, the others stare back at him with blank faces. 


“How the fuck are we supposed to figure it out when there are like, ten possible people running this thing?” Yoongi sputters. 


“I don’t know,” Taehyung groans. 


“You sure those are all the possible suspects?” Hoseok questions. 


“Yea, maybe we can try narrowing it down?” Namjoon suggests. 


“They all are equally suspected though,” Taehyung says. 


Jin glances at him, suspicion falling onto his face. “You sure that’s everything?” 


Taehyung barely makes eye contact with Jin before looking at a stack of random papers in the room. “Yes,” he squeaks out. 


“Tae,” Jin warns, his voice dropping lower. 


“Alright fine,” Taehyung bursts. “I left out one teeny, tiny totally not important detail.” 


All five boys lean forward, looking at him expectantly. 


“Ihaveafeelingthatjiministheonerunningtheaccountbutlikethatistotallycrazycauseheismybestfriendandwouldneverdosuchathing,” Taehyung lets out all in one breath. 


It takes the others a few seconds to process, but when they do their eyes go wide. 


“What? Tae you’re not making any sense. No way. That’s not possible!” Jungkook yells, anger flushing his face as he abruptly stands up from his chair. 


“Yea, Tae. What are you saying? Jimin?” Yoongi says, slightly calmer than Jungkook yet still the same amount of confused. 


Taehyung sighs, defeated. Wordlessly, he starts typing on his computer and pulls up a document for a list of reasons why he believes Jimin is running the bird account. 


Jin skims through it before looking back at Taehyung. “But Tae. His secret just got revealed. Why would he reveal himself?” 


“That’s what I’m saying. It can’t be him. This is so fucked up. I’m doubting my own best friend. Forget I said anything,” Taehyung waves off, fumbling to close the document he just opened. 


Hoseok grabs the mouse of the computer and reopens the document, ignoring Taehyung’s protests. 


The five boys all stare at the information and they silently begin to understand Taehyung's suspicions. Even Jungkook, who can’t help the gut sinking feeling in his stomach. 


Tae slumps onto the floor, a silence settling into the atmosphere. 


It would be easy to just ignore the information Taehyung had just presented. In fact, that’s what everyone in the room was trying to do. Forget the name of one of their best friends on the suspects list. 


However, no matter how hard they tried, the thought still lingered in the back of their brains, like a scar that just wouldn’t go away. 

Chapter Text

It is that time of the year again. Midterms. Hell week. Almost every student is cooped up in a small corner flooded with books and notes. 

Yoongi stretches back against the floor he is currently sprawled on. He pops a few bones in his back before straightening up again. 

“I’m so tired,” he half whines-half groans into the textbook splayed in front of him. 

Jin drops his hands from supporting his chin and lays one side of his face of the bed he is laid across. 

“Me too. And I have to pee,” he says, standing up to full height and stepping over yoongi's catlike body. 

Yoongi stretches some more and pushes against the bed for leverage. Just then, something small but hard hits his head. 

“Ow what the fuck?” He hisses, sitting up and looking for the attacker. 

He picks up the damned object, Jin’s phone, and is about to put it back on the bed when the screen lights up. 

1 new message from: Homin

Hobi’s brother? Yoongi thinks to himself. Why would Hobi’s brother text Jin? 

Yoongi contemplates reading the message and finding out but decides not to and puts the phone back. 

Jin walks in, holding up a bag of chips and water. 

“Hey, Jin?” Yoongi asks. 

“No you can’t have my chips. Go get your own,” Jin inaudibly says as he stuffs a few puffs into his mouth. 

“Didn’t you have to use the bathroom?”

Jin shrugs in response, so Yoongi moves forward in asking his other question. 

“Why are you texting Hoseok’s brother?”

Jin coughs, choking on his chips, and grabs a water bottle to wash down the lodged piece in his throat. 

After clearing his throat, he rasply says, “he was probably just asking where Hobi is.” 

Yoongi senses the bullshit, so he continues asking. 

“Why doesn’t he just text his brother instead of you?” 

“I dunno. Ask him not me.” 

Yoongi stares Jin down, not convinced. He decides to leave it until later. After their exams.


Hoseok is at Namjoon’s doorstep, ready to welcome himself in after one knock. But before he can, he stops, his knuckles barely grazing the wood before he makes the first knock. There’s yelling on the other side of the door. 

“You don’t even know where your kids are half the time cause you’re always going out!” Namjoon’s voice shouts. 

A female voice answers, not a care in the world. His mother. “You’re old enough to care for yourselves. You don’t need me around all the time!” She bites back. 

“Why are you always leaving? Don’t you care?!” Another female voice shouts. Namjoon’s sister. 

Hoseok steps back from the door, telling himself right now isn’t the best time to be going over Namjoon’s house. They can study for their midterms later. 

He’s only two feet away from the door when it swings open, Namjoon’s mother occupying the frame. 

There’s a slight scowl on her face but as soon as she sees Hoseok, it turns into a forced smile.

“Hi, Ms. Kim,” Hoseok says out of politeness. 

“Hoseok, good to see ya. Snacks are in the fridge, make yourself at home,” she says, giving him a pat on the back as she makes her way past him. 

Hoseok’s eyes follow her retreating figure before they land back at the interior of Namjoon’s house. 

Namjoon lets out a sigh of frustration, his sister stomping her foot before making a dash up the stairs. 

Hoseok hesitates a bit before stepping in. “You good?” He asks Namjoon, knowing the boy is far from it. 

Namjoon shakes his head. “Yea whatever. Let’s just go study.” 

Hoseok grabs a few snacks from the kitchen before following Namjoon to the living room. 

For the first half-hour, they talk: gossip, joke, pointless arguing and whatnot. The next half-hour, actual studying ensues, both determined to not fail the final grade for the semester. 

“I need a break,” Hoseok groans. “All these physics laws and shit is making my brain hurt.” 

Namjoon frustratedly sighs, putting his pencil down. “Same.” 

There’s a comfortable silence, both boys quiet for their own sake in trying to replenish their energy. 

But Namjoon can’t help it, his conscious getting to him. “So. How’s your brother?” He tries to casually ask. 

Hoseok, still drained of energy, looks at him in confusion. “Huh?” 

“Your brother,” Namjoon repeats. “Homin. He- uh. He still into drugs or what?” Namjoon phrases carefully. 

Hoseok blankly stares at him. “Why do you ask?” 

Namjoon shrugs his shoulders, avoiding Hoseok’s gaze. “No reason. Just wanted to know.” 

“Dunno. I don’t like dealing with his shit. He does something bad, he can deal with it himself,” Hoseok responds, an inch of hurt seeping into his tone. 

“Wanna watch a show or something? I need to do something other than homework,” Hoseok suggests, trying to switch the topic. 

Namjoon side glances him, his guilt threatening to spill into the words forming in his mouth. I need to tell him. I have to. He’s my friend. 

But how is Namjoon supposed to tell Hoseok that Homin is getting drugs from an actual underground drug business without exposing his own secret? It’s not possible. So Namjoon keeps his mouth shut for now, strategizing a way he can eventually tell Hoseok everything. 

Instead, he gives a small smile to Hoseok. “Yea. Wanna watch Love Alarm?” He asks with a chuckle. 

Hoseok jumps up from his spot, dancing on his feet. “YES. Where’s the remote?” 

Namjoon bursts into full fledged laughter as Hoseok scrambles around his living room, looking for the remote. 

Yeah. Maybe Namjoon can save the bad news for later. 

It’s Tuesday. Jimin hasn’t talked to any of his friends for the past two days. A few sentences at most, but that’s it. 

Why? He doesn’t know the reason himself. He’s the one who pushed them away, so why is he still sulking over the decision? 

Confusing thoughts seem to muddle his head as he walks through his neighborhood, something he hasn’t done in a long time. 

Mostly because he didn’t want to be seen on this side of town, the ‘ugly’ side as people deemed it to be. But now that he had nothing to hide, he didn’t bother to give a fuck. 

His endless walking leads him to a more abandoned part of his neighborhood, a few warehouses littering the streets with open fields. 

He didn’t mind, the environment giving him time to clear his head. Racking through his thoughts, he finally admits to himself something he was trying to avoid. 

He misses his friends. A whole lot more than he should. Those boys have become such a huge part of his life that even taking one of them away is like a missing piece, let alone six. 

He has to find a way to approach them, mend their friendship to be whole. 

It gives him a little sense of relief, becoming light on his feet instead of kicking the stray weeds on the path below him. 

He glances up at the buildings surrounding him, and that’s when he notices Namjoon. 

It confuses Jimin. Namjoon is walking up to an abandoned warehouse, looking over his shoulder as if he is about to be caught. 

Jimin stares at him, opting to question him later if he has the chance. At that exact moment, Namjoon decides to give one last glance toward his side. 

Wrong move. Even through the distance between the two boys, their eyes locked onto each other. By accident, of course. 

Namjoon stays frozen, eyes begging to pull away. Jimin, on the other hand, breaks into a small smile. Maybe I can make amends with Joonie right now. 

Soon enough, Jimin’s broken out into a gleeful wave, making his way over to the warehouse Namjoon is standing in front of. 

Namjoon retreats his steps as Jimin strides up to the building, stopping him from walking onto warehouse grounds. 

Namjoon doesn’t give away any hint of a smile, grabbing Jimin’s arm to steer him away from the warehouse. “You need to leave. Now,” Namjoon grits out. It’s a warning, one that sparks Jimin’s curiosity. 

“Why? You’re not mad at me, right?” Jimin asks with furrowed eyebrows, a bit worried his friend is in fact, not so pleased with him. 

“No. I’m not. I swear,” Namjoon reassures. “You just- you need to go. Please,” he says with urgency, a plea in his voice. 

He starts to pull Jimin away from the warehouse, ignoring the protests coming out of the younger’s mouth. 

They only make it a few feet before a new voice rings out. 

“Hey Namjoon!” Mark calls out from inside the warehouse. 

Namjoon squints his eyes closed, panic washing over him. He opens them once more. 

“Jimin, please. You have to leave right now,” he pleads again, his hands on Jimin's shoulders, lightly pushing him in the opposite direction. 

“I still don’t understand-“ 

“You don’t need to understand,” Namjoon almost yells. Sweat broke out on his forehead, his tongue suddenly heavier than it had been. 

He tries to think of a way that he can somehow explain his situation without letting Jimin in on the details. 

“Namjoon, dude, we have to go,” Mark says, his voice a lot closer than before. 

“Turn around. Go back inside. I’m coming,” Namjoon says loudly in response. His voice had a warning to it again, yet this time it wasn’t aimed at Jimin but the other boy in the vicinity. 

Jimin crosses his arms and leans on one leg, tapping his foot. 

“What’s going on Joon?” 

Mark suddenly comes into view of Jimin, stepping out from behind Joon as his eyes go wide. 

Namjoon yelps in surprise. It’s already a disaster that he’s caught Jimin’s attention, but now Mark is a liability too. 

He quickly turns away from Jimin, trying to procure his face. It’s too late though, Jimin’s already caught a glance. 

“He’s not supposed to be here Namjoon,” Mark chokes out. 

“Don’t you go to our school?” Jimin questions, trying to peer at the boy’s face. 

Mark shifts to move his face again, dashing back inside. 

“Jimin, I’ll explain later I promise,” Namjoon finally lets out, conflicted beyond measure. 

Jimin uncrosses his arms and walks closer to his older friend. 

“Whatever the hell is going on, you’re gonna tell me. And soon. Because whatever it is, it obviously doesn’t seem right.” 

Jimin searches Namjoon’s eyes for any tell tale signs. But he gets nothing. Letting out a sigh, he steps back. 

“I’m leaving. Text me when you’re done with whatever the hell this is,” he says, pointing in Namjoon’s general area. 

With a wave of his hand he walked towards Main Street and out of Namjoon’s view. 

Now how is Namjoon supposed to explain to Jimin that he is apart of an underground drug den?


Chapter Text

“Taeeee! Taetae! Taehyungie!” Jimin starts to shout in the hallways, weaving through the crowd of students gathered at their respective lockers. 


It’s early in the morning, about a good thirty minutes before classes begin. And Jimin’s made it his mission to find one boy in the onslaught of the many other students present in the school. 


“Tae!” He continues to shout as he barrels toward the newspaper room, sure that his fellow classmate and best friend is there. 


Taehyung is already at the door frame, twisting and turning his head to see where the source of the shouts is coming from. 


Jimin comes into his line of view, running at top speed. He shoves past Taehyung and as soon as he steps foot in the newspaper room, he drops to his knees, panting as he catches his breath. 


“Jimin, I could hear you shouting from literally a mile away. Why’d you have to fuckin run?” Taehyung complains, concern evident in his voice. 


He bends down to help Jimin over to a chair. 


“How the hell do you have so much energy in the morning?” He continues to ask, fixing Jimin’s position in the chair. 


Jimin says nothing, still panting as if he ran a marathon. The only sign he gives that he’s heard Taehyung is the motion he does with his hand, bringing it near his mouth in indication of wanting water. 


Taehyung quickly grabs the bottle on his desk and shoves it into Jimin’s hand. 


After a few seconds of Jimin slowing his breaths, Taehyung leans forward with an arched eyebrow. 


“Wanna tell me what the fuck has got you running in here all crazy like?” 


“I-“ hiccup, “need to tell you something,” Jimin responds. 


“Yea. I figured that out, genius. So I take it you’re talking to me again, and the rest?” 


Jimin shifts in a bit of embarrassment. “Umm yea. Sorry for my outburst. I just needed time. But yea, imma talk to the guys today too. Not talking to you guys is weird,” he lightly chuckles. 


“ ‘s cool. Don’t be a little shit again though. We’re just trying to help you. Ya know? Like normal friends would?” 


Jimin tears his gaze away from Taehyung. “Yea, I know.” 


The tension settles for a bit, so Taehyung seizes the opportunity. “You gonna tell me what you ran here for or…?” 


“Oh! Right! Yea. But, uhh, you can’t tell anyone. Not yet,” Jimin warns. 


Taehyung shrugs his shoulders. “Sure. Spill.”


“Joon’s doing something fishy,” Jimin says slowly. 


“What do you mean fishy?” 


“The guy was on my side of town, near an abandoned warehouse. With Mark, that senior. And Mark said something about how I wasn’t supposed to be there.”


“Woah, your side of town?”


“Yupp,” Jimin confirms. 


“With Mark!” 


“Yupp,” Jimin repeats. 


Taehyung turns to look away, dropping his gaze toward his shoes. “Weird.” 


“Joon! Open up!” Taehyung calls out as he rings the doorbell. 


After school, Taehyung had gone out to get some coffee before he realized he never had the chance to talk to Namjoon about what Jimin had mentioned to him in the morning. 


Throughout the course of the day, Jimin had rekindled his friendship with the group. The group includes Namjoon. Jimin never mentioned anything to Namjoon throughout the day, Taehyung catching on that Jimin didn’t want to talk about it, at least, not in front of everyone else. 


So, Taehyung kept his word, promising not to mention it to Namjoon. He just wants to get a feel for what Jimin is talking about. 


That is why he’s currently standing on the front porch of Namjoon’s house, waiting for the boy to open the door and graciously welcome him into his home. 


However, the waiting is taking too long, and Taehyung starts to grow impatient. 


“I’m gonna come in now!” He calls out one last time before reaching for the doorknob, hoping it’s unlocked. It’s not like he’s trespassing, he’s come into Namjoon’s house unannounced about a billion times. 


As soon as he opens the door, he’s hit with the muffled sound of very, very loud music. 


He cringes reflexively, ears adjusting to the sound as he shuts the door. 


“Hello?” He calls out into the void of the house. “Joon? Joonie?” 


No one answers, and he finds himself wandering into the living room, the source of the muffled music. 


Sitting on the floor with her laptop in front of her on the coffee table is Namjoon’s sister. The muffled music is the sound of her blasting music while wearing headphones. 


“Ay? Kim #2,” he says, trying to catch the girl’s attention. 


She doesn’t budge. Taehyung opts to shift closer, lightly tapping her shoulder. 


She immediately jolts with a yelp, pulling the headphones off her ears as she falls to the floor, a hand clutched over her chest. 


Taehyung blankly stares at her as she scrambles to get up. 


“DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO KNOCK?!” She yells, face slowly turning red in anger. 


“The door was unlocked,” Taehyung explains nonchalantly. 


“It’s my fuckin house. Why the fuck are you here?!” She yells again, not bothering to lower her voice. 


Taehyung blinks. “Did you not hear what I said? The door. Was fuckin. Unlocked.” 


“I got that,” she grits out. “Can’t you see I’m busy,” she says frustratedly, vaguely gesturing toward her laptop. 


Taehyung glances over, eyes skimming over the contents on the screen. She has a few windows open, Instagram, Twitter, school’s newspaper website. 


School’s newspaper website? The fuck? 


Taehyung pulls his gaze away from the screen, landing back on Namjoon’s younger sister. 


“You read the school newspaper?” 


Her eyes go wide for a split second before she’s lunging for her laptop, quickly shutting it closed. “It’s none of your fuckin business.” 


“Wow. I was only asking, jeez,” Taehyung scoffs, faintly putting his hands up in surrender. 


“Joonie isn’t here. You can go back out the way you came,” she says, already making her way towards the staircase leading upstairs. 


“Well alright then. Nice talk,” Taehyung mutters under his breath. 


He starts walking toward the door, exiting the house, the scuffling off his shoes as the only evidence he was there. 


So his sister reads the school paper. And has somehow become more rude. Duly noted. 


He strides off onto the sidewalk, going about his day. 

The Next Day


Jungkook fills his backpack with his books to take to his next period. In the process, a bunch of papers spill out of the black hole that is his backpack. 


He crumples them up and throws them into the nearest trash bin


“Hello Jungkookie!” A sweet voice calls out from behind him. Jungkook quickly spins around to locate the unknown voice. 


A tall blonde girl walks, no, struts, up to him. It takes a while but Jungkook recognizes her as Hoseok’s girlfriend. 


“Uh, Hi.” He gives her a small grin. 


Jungkookie? What even?


“What you up to, cutie?” She asks, draping herself onto the locker beside his. 


What the shit is she doing? Why is she doing yoga on the locker?


“I’m tryna go to my next class?” He confusingly says, eyeing her changing position. 


She takes a manicured hand and places it on his shoulder. 


Jungkook sputters at her sudden contact, the smell of honey and apples overtaking his senses. 


“Um, I’m sorry, what are you doing?” Jungkook’s voice squeaks out at the sudden and definitely unwanted attention. 


“What we both want?” She grins catishly. Jungkook looks around and noticed no one in the hallway. 


He sighs before stepping back, shrugging off her hand and closing his locker. 


A chuckle escapes his lips as he throws his backpack on. 


She perks up at the sight of Jungkook smiling and steps even closer to him. 


“First of all, you’re a whore. Not because of anything in particular that I can think of. But because you have an amazing boyfriend who obviously cares for you, yet you’re going off to other guys.” 


She sharply steps back and frowns at his outburst, picking up her hand to slap Jungkook. 


He catches her wrist, not too harshly, but strong enough to stop her. 


“Second you’re a dumb whore. Not only because you think I would go behind my friend’s back but also because you assume I’m attracted to you. And girls in general.” 


Her face is filled with confusion as his words slowly sink in. As the words inch their way into forming a coherent thought, she shoots her head up and looks at him in a disgusted manner, squealing as she pulled her hand away from his grasp as if he’s contagious. 


Jungkook adds “homophobic” to the list and walks away with a slight shake. He practically just outed himself to the whole school. 


Jungkook rushes into the cafeteria, looking calm and orderly. 


His insides betray him as he squirms with nervousness. 


Would Hobi be upset with me? I didn’t do anything. I just-


“Jungkook!” Hoseok yells, grabbing his attention.  


Of course he would call me over, the nice and undeserving guy he is. 


“Hi guys,” Jungkook feebly says. He feels guilt overcome him and his whole body starts to slightly burn in nervousness.


Jimin immediately takes notice of his unusual state and calls him out.


“What’s wrong, Kook?” he asks, concerned about his- friend. 


Instead, Jungkook’s eyes remain on Hoseok. The table’s chatter died down as they each notice the intensity coming off of Jungkook in waves.


“What?” Hoseok bluntly asks. He isbeginning to catch the nervousness.


“So, um,” Jungkook stutters, unable to form a complete sentence.


“Spit it out, kid,” Yoongi impatiently barks. 


“SoSunniyourgirlfriendcameuptomewheniwasatmylockerandshewasflirtingandidontknowexactlywhathermotivewasandnowidontknowwhattodobutikindatoldherthatshesawhoreandihatethatshewasmeantoyouandialsotoldheriwasgay,” Jungkook gushes out in one breath. 


Everyone sitting at the table didn’t move, staring open-mouthed. If the situation wasn’t so tense, Jungkook might’ve took a picture.


“She flirted with you?” Namjoon blurts first, shocked, but not really because, well, Jungkook isn’t a bad looking kid.


“You told her she was a whore?” Jin smiles, reaching over to high-five Jungkook, proud that he put her in her place.


“Did you seriously say the word mean?” Yoongi asks, obviously not aware of the situation and more worried about the way insults were exchanged.


Jungkook answers yes to all three of them, turning to Hoseok for a reaction.


A few seconds passed and the last of the inquires comes out. 


“You’re gay?” Jimin lets out quietly, staring at the table in front of him. Everyone turns their attention to the two. 


Jungkook scratches the back of his ear. “Uh, yeah. I thought that was obvious by now. I mean, I assumed everyone knew. Did none of you know?” he asks, looking around the table.


“I did,” Taehyung says, looking conflicted. Not about the coming out. He is more conflicted about Hoseok and how he will take the news that his girlfriend attempted to cheat on him.


“So did I.” Jin raises his hand.


“Me and Joon knew too,” Yoongi announces. 


“No. No I did not know,” Jimin confesses with no emotion. His face and body language give no sign as to exactly how he is feeling at the moment. 


“What do you mean she flirted with you? Like, did she touch you or whatever?”Jimin raises his voice slightly. His face begins to redden. 


Is he mad at me? Jungkook thinks. 


Hoseok looks at Jungkook, still haven’t spoken yet, waiting for the answer.


“Uh, no. She put her hand on my shoulder, but that’s it,” he explains, confused as to who he is trying to assure.


Hoseok stands up. The whole table stays silent, trying to recognize any anger within him. There isn’t any. 


“I’ll catch up with you guys after school. See ya,” he says, waving slightly as he heads towards the door in a quick manner.


“Lucy!” Hoseok yells across the hall. It’s empty. He can whisper and she’ll be able to hear him.


“Are you fucking kidding-” she begins, but then all of a sudden The Jung Hoseok is all up in her face. Any and every ability in her to yell or be mad is suddenly taken away and for some reason she isn’t complaining. 


“Lucy. We’re going out today. I’ll pick you up after school,” he gushes out before he can change his mind. 


Lucy stands there completely confused, not comprehending the situation. With a puzzled look on her face, it dawned on her what’s going on. 


“Well first of all, back the fuck up. I don’t care how entitled or hot you are, you’re invading my personal bubble, thank you very much. Second, we’re what and you’re what?” she asks, pushing him slightly away from her face.


Hoseok laughs whole-heartedly at her belated reaction. This is what he wants in a relationship. A person who can make him laugh and not want to plug his ears with his shoes.


“I want to take you out on a date. Also, did you call me hot?” he asks, arching his eyebrows.


Lucy flusters for a second before standing her ground.


“Maybe, and maybe you should ask me out, not tell me we’re going out. You act like you’ve never done this before,” she says jokingly to remove the focus off her ‘hot’ comment.


“But I’ve never done this before,” he states in full honesty.


“You what?” she blanchs. 


“I’ve never asked a girl out before,” he repeats.


Lucy stands there, silenced.


“Oh , honey. That thing has been your first relationship?” she asks with reference to him and his current girlfriend, more sad then upset.


“Hah yeah,” he says, scratching his eyebrow. “I just found out she tried cheating on me with one of my best friends.” His foot scratches the floor in shame.


“Oh.” Lucy says softly. Her mood slowly starts to change as she realizes something. 


“Is that why you're asking me out? Because your girlfriend cheated, you want to cheat?” She is mad now, embarrassed that she even felt flattered he had asked her out. Yeah, maybe she thought he still had a relationship but that fact that she is a rebound hurt more.


“No, no, no,” he quickly denies. 


“No, that’s not it. I’ve been wanting to ask you out for a long time now. But I was still Sunni’s boyfriend. And even though she never really showed much interest, she hadn’t particularly done anything bad to me that gave me a solid reason to break up with her. But she cheated. Meaning I can break up without seeming like a jerk. I swear. I just didn’t want to break her because I’m not attracted to her,” he spews out, not wanting to drive Lucy away.


Lucy looks down, unsure as to what she should do. His reasoning is flawed, a bunch of questions running through her head about everything the boy in front of her just spilled. 


She didn’t care though, the logistics of her questions not playing a role in her decision. 


If she says yes, she will have to face the wrath of the whole school for breaking apart “the golden couple.” 


If she says no, she is denying herself of something she actually looks forward to.


Looking up at Hoseok, her mouth goes dry, words caged behind her lips. 

Chapter Text

Hoseok kicks a pencil on the floor as he walks through the halls of the school. The events from lunchtime run through his head, him wishing things had gone differently. 


“No,” Lucy finally says, her mouth forming a straight line. 


“No?” Hoseok repeats, confused and hurt. He steps back, trying to regain his composure. 


“No. I am not a side chick. And I won’t ever be one. So, no. When you are no longer dating someone, I might reconsider. I’ll see you later Hoseok,” she finally says, defeated. 


Hoseok didn’t have the chance to say anything, Lucy’s figure quickly retreating down the hall. 


He knows she’s right. He can’t possibly go out with her when he’s technically still in a relationship. A relationship he’s been wanting to get out of even before he met Lucy. 


So, when the last bell rings and he sees Sunni at her locker, he finally gets the courage to do what he’s been wanting to do for a few weeks. 


Within seconds, he’s already crowding the space around Sunni, forcing anyone near her to back away. 


“Oh!” Sunni startles as she turns around, now face-to-face with Hoseok. “Hoseokie! I was just-“ 


“We need to talk,” Hoseok blatantly states. He pulled her to the side of the hallways, trying to steer away from a crowd. 


“I don’t think I wanna be your boyfriend anymore,” Hoseok announces lowly, everyone in the hallway practically listening in to their conversation. Or at least trying. 


Sunni’s face slowly starts to go red, a poor attempt at trying to keep her cool. “Listen, we can talk about this later,” she says through gritted teeth, smiling at anyone nearby to assure them nothing is wrong. 


His anger strikes and he almost wanted to yell, but he didn’t. She isn’t the one he wants, but she’s never been bad to him. Except her flirting with Jungkook. So he isn’t going to hurt her. 


“I’m sorry. I’m not invested in this relationship and honestly, neither are you. I know you hit on Jungkook” Hoseok says calmly. 


“Me, with that kid ? I-“ she begins to stutter. 


“No, it’s okay. Really. I was flirting with someone too. It’s my fault really, I should’ve ended this a while ago. I was never...interested in you like that. So this, with us, needs to end. Sorry, we can still be friends. Or not.”  


He leaves a gaping Sunni along with anyone else listening as he walks off. 


A weight lifts off his chest. And damn, it feels good. 



“Yoongi!” A girl’s voice calls out. 


Yoongi stops in his tracks, his car awaiting his arrival in the parking lot he’s currently standing in. 


It’s a voice he hasn’t heard in a while, a voice he misses more than he’d like to acknowledge. 


Spinning on his heel, he’s met with the sight of Seyeon running up to him, coming to a complete stop just a few feet away. 


“Hi,” she breathes. 


Yoongi’s throat goes dry. “Hi,” he manages to say with an embarrassing voice crack. 


“Do you know Min Yoongi? About three inches taller than me, looks like a kitten, wears black a lot. Oh, also is that famous rapper Agust D. Heard of him?” 


Yoongi blankly stares at her before narrowing his eye into a glare, catching onto her playful tone. “Shut up,” he mutters. 


She cracks a smile. “What? You haven’t heard of him? Well if not, I guess I’ll just be on my way,” she shrugs, making her way to turn around and walk back the way she came. 


“Wait!” Yoongi calls out, lightly grabbing her elbow to keep her from moving. 


His grip isn’t enough to keep her grounded but she stays, eyes traveling up to meet Yoongi’s. 


Before Yoongi can even process the situation, a pair of arms are encircling his body as he stumbles back on the concrete beneath him. 


“Since when were you such a fierce hugger?” Yoongi wheezes, bringing his own arms up to stabilize the girl hugging him. 


“Min Yoongi. You absolute buffoon. You have so much explaining to do. It’s been almost two weeks and my ass has been going crazy,” Seyeon muffles into his shoulder. 


“Yea, I missed you too,” he chuckles. 


Seyeon pulls back from the hug, slapping him lightly on the arm as she tried to calm herself. 


“I take it you forgive me?” Yoongi asks hopefully. 


Seyeon scoffs, meeting his gaze. “Yea, I forgive you, dumbass. Though you owe me so much for lying to me. Like an explanation. But let’s start by taking me out for coffee.” 


“Now?” Yoongi asks, taken aback. 


“Yes, now,” Seyeon responds firmly. 


Not taking in the situation, Yoongi nods, leading Seyeon toward his car. 


Abruptly, he halts in his tracks once again, whipping his hide to the side to look at the girl walking beside him. “Wait, did you just ask me out?” 


“Yes, you idiot. Now move, it’s rude to keep a girl waiting,” Seyeon laughs, lightly shoving Yoongi forward. 


Yoongi smiles to himself. It’s then that it dawned on him just how much he missed her. 



Jin’s over at Yoongi’s house, again.


“Woooo! We’re done with midterms. Finally. I fuckin hate school!” Jin screams. 


“Honestly though. Who the fuck invented school. And why the fuck do we have to go?” Yoongi groans. 


“Don’t know.” Jin plops onto Yoongi’s bed as Yoongi sits on the chair near his desk. 


“I saw Seyeon getting in the car with you today after school,” Jin says, wiggling his eyebrows teasingly. 


Automatically, a tinge of redness starts to spread on Yoongi’s neck. 


“Is Min Yoongi blushing?” Jin gasps. 


“Shut up.” 


“So are you guys dating now or what?” 


Yoongi cringes at the use of the word dating, mostly because it wasn’t a word brought up on his date with Seyeon. 


“I don’t know. We didn’t discuss that yet. But we’re gonna go on more dates in the future. So we’ll see,” Yoongi says nonchalantly. 


“Weird. Hobi broke up with his girlfriend today and you just got one.” 


There’s a silence. “I never said she’s my girlfriend,” Yoongi mumbles. 


Jin, sensing the tension of mentioning Hoseok breaking up with his girlfriend, switches the mood. 


“Tell the others! They’re gonna be so excited for you. Oh, what the hell, I’ll tell them,” Jin beams. He quickly grabs his phone out of his pocket, and through Yoongi’s light protests that weren’t really protests, he texts their group chat telling them about the good news. 


A series of congratulations towards Yoongi come through in a matter of seconds. 


Yoongi smiles as he puts his phone down. A thought comes to his head. 


“What about you? You find anyone yet?” Yoongi asks Jin. 


Jin ducks his head in embarrassment at the talk about his love life. Yoongi, however, mistakes it for something else. 


“You have someone? Who? Wait! Is it Hobi’s brother? Is that why he texted you that day?” Yoongi questions, voice growing louder with excitement at his new discovery. 


Jin freezes. 


Yoongi starts to believe he’s right before Jin responds. 


“No, that’s not why he texted me,” he says quietly. 


“Then why?” Yoongi inquires. 


“It’s nothing-“


“It’s not nothing. From the look on your face it looks like it’s something.” 


Jin sighs, fed up with the lies as well as ashamed with his actions. “I did something bad.” 


Yoongi narrows his eyes. “...what did you do?” 


“I’m not hooking up with Hobi’s brother. He’s my- he gives me drugs,” Jin finally lets out. 


“I’m sorry, what?” Yoongi chokes out. 


“He has drugs that help you focus more. And keep you awake. Adderall. And with the stress of school and finals and college, I just needed it to help me get through. But I regret it. Oh my god Yoongi, I’m a druggie. Shit, what the hell? I’m a druggie,” Jin starts to break down in hysterics. 


Yoongi automatically sits down next to him on the bed, rubbing his back in comfort. “You’re not a druggie,” he reassures. 


A beat passes before he asks, “Pills or?”


“Powder,” Jin shamefully says. Yoongi exhales a little too loudly, scared for the answer to his next question. 


“How many times did you take it?”


“Like, maybe three times,” Jin sniffles through his dry sobs. 


“Okay, good. That means you aren’t addicted yet. School should not be worrying you this much,” Yoongi sighs. 


“’s not just school,” Jin reluctantly says. 


In a matter of seconds, Jin’s mouth is running faster than his brain can process, spilling everything about the stress of home life and the pressure put on him for school. By the end of his rambling, he’s struggling to catch up with his breath. 


“Okay, first, breathe. Second, where's the bag?”


“My closet,” Jin answers. 


“It’s mine. I’m taking it and throwing it away. Got it?” 


Jin silently nods. 


“Give me your phone,” Yoongi says, hand outstretched.


“Why?” Jin asks, though he’s already handing his phone to Yoongi. 


“I’m deleting Hobi’s brother’s contact number. Does Hobi know his brother does drugs?” 


“No, I don’t think so.” 


“Okay, and lastly, I’m signing you up for therapy. Okay?” Yoongi asks softly. 


“My parents won’t allow me-“


“Your parents won’t know. And they won’t have to pay. I’m paying. You can make the excuse that you’re coming over to my house or something.” 


“You don’t have to-“ 


“I know. But I want to. And you have no choice,” Yoongi firmly states. 


Jin hesitantly looks up at his friend.  A whisper escapes his lips. “Thanks.” 



The next day of school arrives, somehow feeling worse than the previous. It’s the last chance Jimin has to corner Namjoon and ask him what the fuck is going on before their four day break. 


Jimin doesn’t hesitate to seize the opportunity. 


That morning of school, he sees Namjoon walking up to his locker. Before Namjoon has the chance to even put in his combination, Jimin grabs his arms and, with a surprisingly iron grip, drags him into the nearest bathroom. 


He quickly makes sure no one else is in there and then proceeds to lock the door. Barricading it with his body, he turns to face the boy trapped within. 


“You’re not leaving until you tell me what the fuck you were doing near that shady building.” 


“Cmon Jimin. This is ridiculous, we’re gonna be late to class,” Namjoon tries to reason. 


“No we’re not. We have twenty minutes. So start talking.” 


“Jimin, it’s better if you don’t know.” 


“I beg to differ,” Jimin scoffs. “If you don’t tell me, I’m gonna tell the others that you were doing some shady business on my side of town.” 


“No!” Namjoon quickly shouts. 


“Then spill.”


“I can’t.”


“Why don’t you trust me?” 


“I do, I just can’t tell you-“ 


“Yes, you can. I don’t want my friend being involved in something dangerous,” Jimin says. 


“Too late,” Namjoon mutters unconsciously. 




Defeated, Namjoon gives in. “I said too late. I work in the drug business. Not on the streets, an actual business. Happy?” He sneers, voice still showcasing he’s scared. 


Jimin stands dumbfounded. “Holy shit.” 

Little Birdy


What's this? Kim Seokjin, ranked #1 in school, takes drugs??? Shocker. You got sumn on your nose hun :)


Chapter Text

It’s been three days. Three days since Jin’s life has been turned upside down, stuck at the wrong angle. 


Three days since that tweet was sent out for the whole world to see. 


The weekend has passed, and it’s time for him to go to school, the first day entering with the whole school knowing he hasn’t been the perfect angel of a student everyone has made him out to be. 


And it seriously sucks. 


He’s had no contact with his friends throughout the weekend, keeping his phone in some corner of his room. He just couldn’t deal with it all. 


But today, he’s ready. Or at least, he forces himself to be. His parents have been giving him hell the past three days, school is, sadly, his only escape. 


Upon entering the school, none of his classmates he always traded notes with or studied with give him a smile of greeting. 


However, his small frown is wiped off his face, replaced with a faint of a smile. The six of his friends barrel through the hallways, shouting his name with excitement and glee. 


“Jin! You’re here! You’re alive!” Hoseok yells, throwing himself onto Jin in a hug. 


He laughs in response, giving everyone else a small hug as well. “Of course I’m alive. I missed you guys.” 


“What happened? We tried calling and texting you but you never picked up,” Jungkook asks with worry. 


“Yea, me and Tae even went to your house but your dad said you weren’t home,” Jimin says. 


“Uh. I just didn’t wanna deal with the real world ya know? No biggie. I’m good now. Don’t worry,” he reassures with a smile. 


Namjoon narrows his eyes. “But are you really okay? Why didn’t you tell us about…” 


He doesn’t have to finish his question as Jin already understands. 


“Should you really be asking that?” Jimin scoffs. 


Namjoon gives him a blank look. “What?”


Jin gives them both a confused look, the exchange of words giving him a weird vibe. 


“Umm it’s okay, Jimin. He can ask. It’s a long explanation though.” 


“We got time, we’re skipping first hour,” Taehyung demands, not even waiting for the others to answer. 


He starts walking toward Yoongi’s old studio room, expecting everyone to follow along. 


Within a few minutes, all seven of the boys have settled into the tight-fit room. 


Six of them expectantly look at Jin. 


He clears his throat, looking at the ground to avoid anyone’s gaze. “I- uh. I’ve always been the straight-A student and I didn’t wanna lose that streak. There’s pressure on me from my parents and the school board to keep those good grades, but I was slipping. So I took adderall to help me focus more and just keep me in shape enough to get through the rest of the year.” He pauses to meet Yoongi’s gaze before looking away. “...and my family situation isn’t the best. I’m not being abused or anything. But just- they give me so much shit if I do something wrong. It’s constant yelling and I didn’t know how to deal with it. So I turned to drugs. Stupid, I know.”


Everyone stays silent before Hoseok speaks up quietly. “Why didn’t you tell us?” 


“I didn’t wanna be a burden, putting my problems on you guys.” 


“Jin. You absolute idiot. Your problems ARE our problems, okay?” Taehyung says. 


“Yea. We just wanna help you,” Jungkook adds. 


“Makes no sense how the birdy account figured that out,” Jimin clicks his tongue. 


“Why are you even talking about the account right now? We should be focusing on Jin,” Yoongi chides. 


Jimin shrugs his shoulders. “Sorry. Anyways, what are you gonna do now? You don’t still have the drugs do you?” 


Jin shakes his head. 


“Okay good. Cause you can turn to us if you need help, but don’t ever turn toward drugs. Ever,” Hoseok emphasizes. 


Jin nods his head. “I know, Yoongi took them from me anyways. I’m not addicted but it’s nice to know you guys are here for me.” 


“Wait, Yoongi? Why? How did he know already?”


Jin hesitates before answering. “I told him a few days ago.” He could already see the speculating faces in the room. “BUT, he can’t possibly be the bird account because of all he’s helped me with.” 


Taehyung sighs. “Yea, he can’t. There’s no evidence anyways.” 


“Can we finish this talk during lunch? I actually have to get to class if I want good grades,” Jin laughs. 


All seven boys give a chorus of yeas. 


“Oh yea. Happy birthday!” Jimin hugs Jin. The other boys start whooping and tackling Jin in hugs and punches. 


“Finally legal!” Jungkook shouts. 


Jin tries to escape the punches as he laughs. “Okay, that’s enough. Let’s get to class.” 


The school day goes on regularly, or at least, as regular as it can get with secrets floating through the air. 


As everyone is leaving school, Jin has a little battle in his mind before pulling Taehyung to the side. 


“Hey, Tae. Can I ask a favor?” Jin asks nervously. 


Taehyung looks at him in concern. “What is it?” 


“Can I stay with you for a few days? Like live with you.” 


Taehyung’s eyes go wide and he gives his full attention to Jin. “Why? What’s wrong? How? Will your parents be okay with it?” 


“My parents are giving me lots of shit. And yea, I was wrong. But they just keep pushing me over the edge and I don’t wanna deal with them right now. Emotionally and mentally it’s too much. And my birthday passed this weekend. I’m 18. They legally can’t do anything,” Jin explains. 


Taehyung is silent before a small smile spreads across his face. “Sure, my parents love you more than me anyways,” he jokes. 


Jin’s parents aren’t home when he arrives. He quickly grabs a few necessities, leaves them a note, and heads out the door. Hopefully his siblings will be okay for a few days without him. 


As soon as he enters Taehyung’s house, he’s tackled in a hug from Taehyung’s mother. 


She giggles as she pulls back from the embrace. “So you two are dating.” 


Taehyung face palms. “No mom. We’re just friends. The amount of times I have to tell you this.” 


Jin just chuckles at the interaction, thanking Taehyung’s parents for letting him stay before he’s being led to Taehyung’s room to sort out his things. 


Taehyung’s parents never pushed for the reason of Jin’s sudden visit, which Jin is super grateful for. 


He just needs a breather. Maybe here, he can actually relax for once. 



“Taehyung, honey? Do you boys want anything else to eat?” Taehyung’s mother asks, peeking her head out through the window. 


The boys all chorus a no. 


They are chilling after school at Taehyung's house. Jungkook is almost asleep, laying on Hoseok's lap who is playing on his phone. Jin and Jimin are playing a game of cards with Yoongi cheering them on and Taehyung and Namjoon were playing video games. 


Suddenly, Namjoon’s phone rings loudly. He quickly presses the lock button, muting it until he can step out of the room. Taehyung argues with him for pausing the game, but Namjoon is already out of the small bedroom. The room quiets but then resumes in its low chatter. However, Jimin can't get his mind off of who would be calling.


As the afternoon turns to night, the boys slowly trail off home. Jimin starts walking home before a running Namjoon follows him. 


“Hey, let me walk you home,” Namjoon says nudging his shoulder. He smiles, displaying his dimples.


“I've been walking home the past two years all by myself. Nothing has happened yet. But I guess you're gonna come along anyways. Since you ‘work’ there,” Jimin adds, a bite lacing his words.


“That's not why I offered,” Namjoon denies quickly.


“Yea. Like I’m some idiot who actually believes that. Get over yourself. I know when you’re lying and when you’re not.” Jimin shrugs Namjoon off. He is beyond pissed and he is going to make sure to show it.


Namjoon follows silently in defeat. As they near the same street where Jimin found out about Namjoon’s secret, Namjoon stops in his tracks. So does Jimin.


“You know what? I should walk in there and find out for myself why it is your doing this.” Jimin starts heading towards the building.


Fear and panic rises in Namjoon so fast that he grabs Jimin’s shoulders and pushes him so hard that Jimin falls to the ground. A small grunt escapes Jimin’s lips before he stands up and launches himself towards the older boy, pushing him squarely in the shoulders.


“OKAY,” Namjoon yells. He breathes deeply. “Okay,” he repeats quietly.


They walk to Jimin’s bakery this time and sit on the front steps. 


“My mom leaves. A lot. Almost every night. And I don't know where but each time she comes back a little more of our money's gone and she's a little more drunk than the night before. One night, a couple of men came to my house. They were demanding where my mom was but I didn't know. So they said since she couldn't pay then they would take me instead. They didn't hurt me since they realized I was smart and an actual asset to their business. So they recruited me. And once you’re in, there's no way out. But I’m only the brains. I don't want to hurt anyone. At least I try. With Hobi’s brother, I’m trying my best to help him but it's only making it worse,” Joon gushes.


“Joon, what the hell? All of this happened to you and you kept it a secret. What the actual hell?” Jimin puts his head in his hands. “I'm an idiot, I should’ve never involved myself,” he continues.


“But what do you mean about Hobi’s brother?” Jimin asks wearily, almost scared to hear the answer.


“Hoseok's brother is an addict. A really bad one as it is. He comes in frequently to buy. He doesn’t know I’m part of his dealership. But lately he's been slacking off on the payment. And usually I secretly cop him for it and change the records. But he's noticed that he’s getting away with low amounts of pay and is taking advantage,” Namjoon responds with a stony expression.


Jimin blanches and attempts to close his mouth from gaping open.


“Hobi’s brother?” he squeaks out, his mouth suddenly dry. “Hobi whose dad will kill him if he gets anything below a 4.0? His brother is a druggie?” he tries to comprehend. 


“Yeah, but we can’t say anything to Hobi. I don’t even know if he knows,” Namjoon warns.


“Yeah, of course. I’m sorry Joon. I really am,” Jimin apologizes again, throwing himself onto Namjoon in a hug. 


“Yeah, I know. Now go inside. It's cold.” He stands up, his hands in his pocket.


“Goodnight, Joon. Be careful please,” he says again and heads inside.


Namjoon smiles until Jimin is out of sight, returning his face to stone.


He presses call. “Mark? I'll be there in 3 minutes.” 



Hoseok dreads the sound of the voice he can hear coming from the living room of his house. It’s a voice he never expected to hear again over here, yet the person who the voice belonged to sat squarely on the couch as Hoseok entered the living room. 


His mom gives a curt nod to Hoseok. “I’ll leave you two alone.” She then makes her exit toward the back of the house where her room is located. 


Hoseok’s gaze lands on to the man once more. “Dad,” he acknowledges, trying to keep the sneer out of his tone. “Why are you here? We usually meet in your office at school. You know, since you’re the principal. We don’t ever meet here since the day you and mom got divorced.” 


A fierce look flashes in his father’s eyes. “This seemed rather of an important matter that needed to be addressed somewhere outside of school grounds,” he answers. 


Hoseok knows what’s about to come. He’s been anticipating it for the past few days, something he can’t avoid. 


“Why?” Is all his father says. 


Hoseok knows in reference to what he’s asking. But he stays silent. 


“Why?” His father repeats, voice louder. 


Frustration passes through Hoseok. “I’m sick and tired of being the perfect image of what a high school jock like me should be. Sick and tired, okay? I wasn’t happy.” 


“Your happiness doesn’t matter at the moment. Your image does. I don’t wanna force you in who you should date but that girl can ruin your reputation in a snap. And the worse thing you could’ve done was break-up with her, getting her riled up even more,” his father’s voice booms. 


Hoseok scoffs with disdain. “Do you hear yourself? You’re so worried about my image that you don’t even care I wasn’t happy.” 


“Your happiness lies within your image, Hoseok. Don’t you want a good scholarship? Don’t you want the scouts to notice you and accept you into their university? You had that going for you. But with the strong influence of that girl gone, it’ll go downhill from here.” 


“I don’t wanna cheat for a position. I don’t need her help. And if she’s that mad at me to spread a bad image of me to universities, I don’t care. The fact you don’t believe in me enough to the point you think I can’t get anywhere with my football skills without someone helping me. Universities should accept me for my talent, not for my allies.” 


His father is seething, at loss for words for the son he had such a great future planned out for. 


“I think you should leave. Kick me off the team if you want. I literally don’t give a fuck anymore. I’ll find another way to make it on top if it bothers you that much,” Hoseok says, controlling the anger in his voice. 


At that exact moment, his mother walks in. 


His father gives one last look at Hoseok. “You’re not off the team. But you better work your but off if you want to secure a spot with a scholarship at a good university. Don’t expect me to acknowledge your skills until you become the best of the best. Goodbye,” he finally says, moving to exit the house. 


He gives a small bow to Hoseok’s mother on his way out. 


There’s a moment of silence before Hoseok’s mother wraps Hoseok in a side hug. “You okay?” 


“Yea. Just seems like a bunch of bullshit to me.”


Chapter Text

Little Birdy


Our little quarterback finally broke free from Miss Barbie. I am: excited. Looks like his eye is already on a new girl though. Left queen bee for another girl? Yikes.

Whispers echo around Hoseok as he walks the familiar hallway, except it's not all familiar anymore. The once cheering voices aren’t there and he receives no high-fives or greetings. Now there are just stares and pitied looks. 


That doesn't stop him though. He still walks with his back straight and his head held high, bracing the judging faces and glances. Only until he reaches his friends, in their usual hangout spot in the cafeteria, does he drop his brave face. 


He sits down immediately resting his head on Jimin’s shoulder, who in return pats his head softly. The rest of the boys give him understanding looks and Jungkook passes him a cookie.


“A cookie from Kookie?” he says in a babyish manner. Hoseok can’t help but laugh at the younger boy’s silly way of cheering him up. 


He unwraps the cookie and takes a big bite.


“ ‘S okay Seok. She was toxic anyway,” Yoongi assures him with a small smile. “That bird account didn’t have to bitch about you breaking up for another girl though. How low of them to get a pic of you literally just talking to another girl. They practically called you a dick for everyone to read.” 


Hoseok stays silent. 


“...Hobi? That’s not true right?” Jin asks hesitantly. 


Hoseok immediately snaps his head up, defense mode on. “What? No. Of course not. I’m not one of those fuckboys or some shit.” 


“I know. You just weren’t saying anything,” Jin replies. 


“I do like this girl though,” Hoseok says absently. 


“What? For how long?” Namjoon asks, not bothering to point out how true the exposing tweet sounds. Hoseok knows his friends know he would never do anything to intentionally harm someone or be so heartless. 


“I dunno. I was gonna break up with Sunni a while ago anyways. And then this girl came and I just- I caught feelings or something,” Hoseok mumbles. 


“Well shit,” Taehyung lets out. 


“Yea, but now the whole school thinks I’m a douchebag,” Hoseok groans, slipping his head in his hands. 


The others try and comfort him as much as they can, but even their comfort isn’t enough to stop the dread tumbling around in Hoseok’s stomach. 


The breakup was supposed to make him feel happier, more care-free. Yet still, the looming feeling of sadness, along with a new profound anger for the anonymous twitter account, is present within him. 


He says his goodbyes and walks off to his locker, thinking about hiding in the gym to clear his mind. 


Lost in his thoughts, he doesn’t realize where he’s going, walking straight into Lucy. 


“God is real,” he whispers under his breath, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. 


“Hi,” he says shyly.


“Hi,” she responds, shifting on her feet, letting her short hair cover the side of her face.


“I don’t know if you heard, but I don’t have a girlfriend anymore...”


“Yeah, I know,” she responds, her tone becoming a little more confident.


Hoseok shuffles his feet a little and leans against a nearby locker. 


They stand in an awkward silence, stealing glances before Lucy breaks the silence.


“Look Hoseok, I really like you. And going out with you wouldnt be a bad idea necessarily-“


“I like you too. A lot actually,” he quickly cuts her off, trying to get his point clear.


Lucy’s face grows a deeper red and she stumbles on her words a little. She shifts on her feet and moves closer to Hoseok.


“I was thinking-”




The school bell rings, cutting their conversation off short.


The rush of switching classes, fills the hallways, and Lucy mumbles a quick goodbye and walks off.


“Stupid fuckin bell,” Hoseok curses under his breath, spinning to get to his classes as well. 


It’s going to be a long fuckin day. 


He tries to catch her doing breaks in between classes, but he fails. Soon enough, it’s the end of the school day, and he’s forced to go home without having a proper conversation with Lucy. 


I should’ve gotten her number dammit. 


Little Birdy


Update: our little quarterback’s brother is a druggie? Problems paying for the goods though. Seems like both brothers have some...issues :)


Namjoon stares down at the phone in his hand, the screen opened to the latest tweet tweeted by the bird account. 


There’s an internal battle playing out through his mind. 


He knows where Hoseok’s brother has been getting his drugs. He knows his associates know where Hoseok’s brother has been getting the drugs. The difference is, he’s the only one that knows the man coming in weekly for his drug supply is Hoseok’s brother, the rest not knowing his connection to Hoseok, and frankly, not caring because they didn’t delve that deep into their customer’s lives. 


It may also have to do with the fact that Homin was good at covering his tracks, not giving anyone the chance to know about his personal life. 


Nonetheless, it gets Namjoon thinking about who could’ve possibly known about Homin, and have the guts to tweet about it. 


Unwillingly, one name comes to mind. No matter how hard he tries to push it away, it keeps springing back. 


Guilt overtakes him as he finally lets the name wander in his thoughts. 


And the more he thinks about the name, the more uneasiness settles within him. 


Recalling past evidence, he can’t help but think maybe the name wandering around in his mind is more connected to the bird account than he thought from before. 


And it makes sense too. 


Jimin is the only one he’s told about Homin and his drug situation. 


The tweet was to the exact specifics he mentioned to Jimin. And the thought bothered him.


Not only because it’s creepy, but also because the thought of one of his friends tweeting that is just insane. 


He has to find Taehyung. Now. 


Without waiting for another second, he sprints toward school and across school grounds, rushing his way toward the newspaper room, Taehyung no doubt residing there. 


As soon as he barges through the doorway, Taehyung startles from the computer screen he was staring at. 


Upon looking at Namjoon’s breathless state, a rush of questions spill out of Taehyung’s mouth. “What? What is it? What the fuck is wrong?” 


“Bird-“ gasp, “the tweet,” gasp, “Jimin,” he manages to say in chunks. 


Taehyung looks at him incredulously. “What?”  


Namjoon gestures to give him a minute to catch his breath. As soon as he’s able to speak properly, he opens his mouth once more. “Jimin. Put Jimin’s name back on the suspect list. Make it top five. No wait, top three.” 


Taehyung blinks. “What? Why?” 


Namjoon goes to answer but quickly shuts his mouth. There’s no way he can possibly tell Taehyung why without spilling his own dirty little secret. He bites his lip, chewing on it briefly before locking his eyes on Taehyung’s. “Just trust me, okay? Please.” 


There’s a tension in the air as no one speaks. 


Namjoon takes Taehyung’s silence as a yes, waving a quick goodbye. He dashes out of the room, his boss expecting him in twenty minutes. He can’t be late. 



Taehyung just stares at the doorway as Namjoon blasts out. 


He still hasn’t processed the events from the last two minutes. But as soon as it dawns on him the full blow of Namjoon’s accusation, another body jostles through the doorway. 


Speak of the devil and the devil shall arrive. 


“Tae!” Jimin screams, floundering to get ahold of his belongings. 


“You don’t have to scream. I’m right here,” Taehyung winces. 


“I think I know who tweeted it. The tweet about Homin. And I feel really bad for thinking it. But it’s been bothering me ever since,” Jimin gushes. 


Taehyung narrows his eyes. “Who?” 




Taehyung freezes, eyes going slightly wide. Unbelievable. 


They are accusing each other. The irony is almost amusing enough to laugh at. 


“Why do you think that?” Taehyung stutters out. 


“I can’t say. He’s a suspect though. Just trust me,” Jimin pleads. 


Taehyung refrains from throwing his hands up in disbelief. Here we go again with the irony


“Jimin, you can’t just-“ 


“Look, Tae. I can’t explain. Just keep his name in mind, okay? I gotta go. Bye,” Jimin says, already moving to leave the dusty room. 


Taehyung is left speechless as he watches Jimin’s retreating figure.