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Shadowhunters Season 4

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---Scene 1---
(smutty/explicit scene)
Alec’s hands were stretched out above his head as he leaned against the wall. His head tilted down as the warm water of the shower cascades through his hair, dripping from his forehead and cheeks, a few dripping down his nose, his eyes were shut and his mouth agape breathing the steam in. His naked body covered in runes and water.

The familiar sound of Alec’s phone ringing in the distance snaps him out of it. “Magnus”, Alec sighs, “Magnus the phone is ringing”. Magnus’s head emerges from the steam, his tongue gliding up Alec’s back along the spine. Alec’s skin already wet and warm from the shower but only with Magnus’s tongue did his skin tingle with sensation. A tingle that radiates through his whole body.

“Magnus”, Alec moans desperately, struggling to find the strength to get Magnus to stop, “Magnus I need to get that, you can eat me later”. At this point Magnus is already at the back of Alec’s neck, soon he starts nibbling at Alec’s ear before whispering gently “I have a better idea, I’m not done with you yet”.

With a flicker of the wrist and a brief but bright blue glow, Magnus goes back into the steam and Alec finds the phone in his hand.

“Ja..Jace, you, what’s up” Alec struggles to maintain his composure as Magnus continues to devour his husband’s ass, Alec loves when Magnus rims him.

With a Jolt Alec stands up straight, his eyes open and he is suddenly alert. Magnus notices and sighs, he knows it is probably something important, yet again Jace is cock-blocking him just like he did when he lived briefly at his loft a couple of years ago. The call ends and Alec storms out the shower so fast Magnus doesn’t get to appreciate the beautiful sight of his husband walking through the apartment naked. It is one of his favourite things, to see Alec casually striding through the apartment with no clothes or shame, and just the sound of his perfectly angelic cock slapping against his thighs as he walks. Alec grabs a towel and dries with such ferocity that Magnus, close behind him, raises both his eye brows as if to silently ask “what’s happening”.

Alec turns and simply says “it’s Clary”


---Scene 2---
Clary should be screaming, freaking out and calling for help, her face covered in black thick goo, but this somehow seems normal and Clary can’t explain it. Jace paces the alley muttering under his breath “pick up Alec”.

This was turning into one hell of a weird night; the art show had gone so well, she saw this most stunning blond guy leaning against a column in the gallery. He seemed spooked when she approached him. She followed him into the alley; sure that she could remember him from somewhere. He didn’t seem to know her but smiled when she asked if his name was “Jace, right?” He had an intriguing tattoo peaking out on his neck and Clary when to touch it when suddenly something struck them.

A pale grey creature with thick scaly and rough skin, its jaw split open in four directions, appears before Clary. Claws rose towards her and she calls out to Jace “Ravener”. Suddenly a blade pierces its skull from behind and it disintegrates resulting in a spray of black viscous Ichor which covers them both.

Jace cups Clary’s face and asks is she was ok. Clary nods silently as Jace pulls out his phone muttering “pick up Alec”


---Scene 3---
Izzy tilts her head towards Simon’s head, kissing him gently but nether the less still waking him up. Still drowsy he asks what time it is. They are both lying on Izzy’s bed, the covers all screwed up around them like they had been wrestling with those satin sheets (and won). “its two” Izzy responds, a slight smile on her face as she runs her fingers through Simon’s hair, completely messed up from sleep and sex.

Simon sighs, he should have left by now, although downworlder deputies were integrated a lot into shadow hunters operations, it was still frowned upon for a downworlder to sleep in the institution. Simon also worried how it would look to others given Izzy’s position as head of the institution.

Izzy thrived as head of the institute but at first she was worried that she would struggle to fill her brother’s shoes. In the short time Alec had been head of the institute, they had killed Valentine, banished the queen of hell, destroyed Edom and killed Johnathan. Alec had been the head through all of that and it was quite a reputation to live up to.

It had been only a few weeks after Alec and Magnus’s honeymoon that Alec was promoted to head of the North Americas Conclave and appointed Izzy as head of the New York Institute. Although daunting she knew that by co-ordinating all the institutes of North America he was never far away- it helped that his husband could portal them in often for social as well as official visits.

When Alec was promoted again to Inquisitor, just 9 months later, Izzy saw that the safety net of having Alec so close to hand was not needed after all. She did however miss the regularity of meeting up with her brother and brother-in-law.

Izzy’s phone rings, “Magnus do you know what time it is here in New York?” Simon can hear the whole conversation due to his vampire hearing but is still perplexed about what is going on.

“Izzy, we need somewhere to meet, it’s can’t be the institute and we need to meet now” Magnus had never sounded so serious, even when it seemed like the world was ending and Edom was spilling into Idris he still joked about traffic being hell.

“There’s always my place?” Simon suggests.


---Scene 4---
There’s a bang at the door, Magnus and Alec have already portaled in to Simon’s place. Alec peers through the door viewer and sees Jace, he quickly unbolts the door and Jace and Clary dash through.

Jace quickly embraces Alec, his hand holding the back of his neck, sliding his fingers up and holding tightly on to his black hair in a way only his husband, his Parabatai and his mother was allowed to do.

Jace releases Alec and as Alec turns to Clary she immediately gives him a massive hug that was so unexpected it nearly makes Alec loose his balance. Clary nervously retreats away from Alec, as if she has over stepped some boundary, apologising “I’m, sorry, you guys don’t even know me but it just felt like instinct to” and before she could finish her sentence Magnus swoops over and embraces Clary.

After Magnus lets Clary go, admiring her new fringe, he introduces himself. “Well it is a pleasure to meet you, I’m Magnus, and this is my Husband Alec” he beams with pride, he never gets tired of introducing Alec as his Husband.

“Hi Magnus, I’m Biscuit” Clary smiles, before her face drops in confusion as to why she just called herself Biscuit. Before she has a chance to correct herself Magnus simply says “well hello Biscuit, it is a pleasure to meet you” he offers a reassuring smile. Although Clary doesn’t seem concerned she is still, regardless, confused as to why she said it and corrects herself “sorry I meant Clary, no idea where that came from”. “Perhaps a name from a previous life” Magnus smirks.

“listen, this is all making a kind of sense that, well, doesn’t make sense” Clary speech starts to slow and slur and before she knows it she is on the floor.


---Scene 5---
“Get her on the bed” Alec states the obvious, Jace checks Clary over before noticing the slightest of wounds on her Shoulder blade.

“We were attacked by a Ravener, Venom!” Jace exclaims. He had killed the demon before it was able to launch a full on attack, but when it jumped them, first knocking them down it must have grazed Clary and infected her with just enough venom to eventually lead to her collapse.

Jace whips out his Stele and draws an Iratze rune on Clary. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” shouts Alec, fearful of the warnings Clary’s letter had mentioned. The Angels took away her sight, her runes and her memories, any interference might have invoked their wrath.

“It’s ok Alec, look” Jace says calmly. Alec looks down and sees the rune is working. Completely puzzled Alec simply asks Jace “How did you know?”

“I didn’t, I just felt it. Alec she is starting to remember, she has the sight again, I, I just knew that she would be able to wield runes once more” Jace pauses “maybe the angels have forgiven us, or our love was more powerful than their spite after all” a glimmer of hope and desperation appears in Jace’s beautifully mismatched eyes.

Alec sighs, “that was risky Jace”, he looks down at Clary resting on Simons bed, “come on she needs rest and Izzy and Simon will be here soon”


---Scene 6---

Clary wakes up in a strange bedroom, but it doesn’t seem strange, somehow oddly familiar. A poster with a Panda playing drums brings a smile to her face but she can’t work out why. She pulls herself off the bed, her legs feel heavy and a small headache has crept in. Feeling a bit disorientated she starts to walk towards the door of the bedroom, hearing talking from the other side but not loud enough to understand.

As the door opens, Clary sees a new set of faces, only they don’t feel new but well known. Next to Alec, Jace and Magnus, Clary see’s a gorgeous woman with long black hair sitting on the chair whilst a pale skinny guy paces the room like he had just killed someone. “Simon!” Clary would have screamed it had she not still felt a little woozy. “Fray, you remember me?” Simon’s eyes light up, “of course, you’re my best friend! But, but, I don’t remember you, how are you my best friend?” Clary again seems so confused as her mouth twitches and her face frowns.

“It’s ok Biscuit” Magnus tilts his body into view, standing behind Alec, “I know this must be disorientating but you lost some of your memories”. Alec mutters in a playful tone “typical Clary”. Magnus shoots him a ‘really husband?’ look, but it’s completely insincere, Magnus is struggling to contain his own smirk at the comment.

“like amnesia?” Clary ponders. “Yes, like amnesia” Magnus smiles.

“Clary, do you…” a moment of hesitation from Izzy, she has never felt this vulnerable, “do you remember me? Do you know who I am”.

Clary stares intently at Izzy, studying her face with great care as if she was looking for the name on her face, and then there is a moment where she smiles, like she has just gotten the answer right in quiz when it had been eluding her for so long and she proudly proclaims “Parabatai!”. It’s an unusual name and Clary has not heard it before, but in the moment she is sure this beautiful woman with a quirky name is someone very dear to her.

Izzy tries to maintain her façade but it drops slightly, she wishes she could just run back into the institute and cry in to her pillow, it’s not really a sensation she has felt before. Clary was meant to be her Parabatai, and had her memories not been taken she would have been. The Clave were strict with the ritual and rites of the Parabatai bond, Clary would now be seen as too old to undergo the ritual. The pain of the loss of the Parabatai she would now never have, it haunted Izzy for the past year. Her eyes betray her smile, and it is obvious to everyone she is holding back tears. Alec and Jace both look down, knowing what Izzy had lost that day a little over a year ago.

“oh.. I’m so sorry, it’s not that is it” Clary says feeling the awkwardness in the room, “It’s just what came to mind, I’m sorry, I guess it’s taking some time for me to remember?” Clary fears she has somehow offended Izzy by forgetting her name.

Izzy pulls Clary in, taking sharps breaths as if she is breaking down, it tells Clary just how much she meant to this woman as she leans into the hug. “you, can call, me  Parabatai, if you want Clary” Izzy struggles to get the words out as she smiles in both a blend of overwhelming joy, loss and relief.

“This is Izzy” Simon smiles towards the two women embracing each other so tightly as if they don’t want to loose each other again.


---Scene 7---
Alec is slightly vacant, worrying about the whole situation, what does this mean? How has Clary got her sight back? Will all her memories come back? Did the Angels forgive them?

Alec is barely paying attention to Simon, who has spent the last 20 minutes talking at such a pace that Jace had joked “don’t you need to breath Simon” before realising how stupid the comment was, Simon didn’t breath he was a vampire after all.

To Clary’s credit, despite the fast pace and disjointed ramblings of Simon, she seems to be taking it in her stride, like it all makes perfect sense to her, even though it shouldn’t.

A knock at the door and Alec goes to check who it is before opening it and revealing Luke. Clary immediately runs to him crying out “Dad” and initiating another of one of tonights many and emotionally charged hugs. Luke glances at the others as if to say “what the fuck is happening” and Jace just nods and answers aloud “we’re right there with you buddy!”


---Scene 8---
It had been 3 nights since Clary returned to the fold, and everyone is taking turns keeping her company at Simon’s place, except Magnus and Alec who had stayed the whole time. Alec had informed his office manager that he was going to take a week off and visit family back in New York for a little while. He knew it might be suspicious but there wasn’t much in the way of options.

Clary sat on the window ledge, watching the rain patter down the pane. Alec was trying his hardest to cook and Magnus was trying his hardest not to let him, his hands on husbands waist, chin on his shoulder and his breath so close it makes Alec’s skin tingle. Simon was looking through some books Magnus had portaled back from his loft for research, frustrated that he had yet to find something useful.

Clary had most of the information by now, it was still overwhelming and being cooped up wasn’t helping but everyone was worried about her setting out into the world, would the Clave find out? Why was there a demon attack moments after she saw Jace?

Clary was starting to also get frustrated by the lack of memories. It was like she had the knowledge, it all made sense, but she couldn’t remember it, like someone had told her the plot to some ridiculous complicated Telenovela and she knew that is what had happened but doesn’t remember watching it.

Suddenly a fire message glides through the apartment and lands in Alec’s fingers. “It’s Jia” he sighs, “I’m going to have to go back”. Magnus dips his head, he knew there was a risk that the Clave already knew something was up, his husband could be walking into a trap.

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---Scene 1---
Alec walked into Jia’s office, closing the door behind him. He was nervous but he never showed it for one moment, he knew he had to play things close to the chest.

In the past Jia had always seemed so detached and down to business, but she had softened over the past year and warmly welcomed Alec into her office. It was a relatively modest office for the Consul, no bigger than Alec’s office had been when he was head of the New York institute. Jia didn’t become Consul for some grandiose title and to be top dog, Jia believed in what she was doing as a service to her people.

“Alec” she warmly exclaimed, “good to see my favourite Inquisitor”. Alec would have rolled his eyes at the joke had it not been for Jia’s position, “I’m the only Inquisitor” he smiled.

“I hear you’ve been in New York visiting family, how are they all?” for such an urgent meeting Jia seems at easy

“The usual, Izzy’s cooking remains the biggest threat to our numbers and Jace can still take me down in a fight, downside of a desk job I suppose- hard to fit the training in” Alec smiles.

Jia nods, her smile seems somehow less genuine than it should but Alec can’t work out why, “Ah Jace, it must be so hard for him, loosing Clary like that, how is he coping with it?”

Alec’s smile drops ever so slightly, “It’s been nearly a year, I think he is through the worst of it, of course it will never go away completely”

Jia has never really asked about how Jace was doing regarding Clary, at least not since it all initially happened. Alec finds it too coincidental that she has chosen now to ask the question.

Alec demeanour changes, becoming more professional “Jia, is there something you want to tell me? I am the Inquisitor you know, picking up body language is part of the job”

Jia lets out a silent huff as if she had gone to laugh but failed to do so. “Your instincts are not wrong” Jia purses her lips together, she is going back and forth on a decision in her head; does she trust Alec?


---Scene 2---
Simon walks in, forgetting to knock as he always does. He closes the door behind him and hands out a thick document to Izzy, “today’s reports boss” he grins like an idiot. Izzy usually finds it so endearing but today she is lost in thought.

Is she worried that she had to leave for work today with everything going on with Clary? Alec and Magnus have gone back to Idris early but Luke is with Clary today, she is not alone.

“Izzy?” Simon says softly, voice full of concern for his girlfriend.

“What if we are looking at this the wrong way?” Izzy ponders out loud. “What do you mean Iz?” Simon sits on her desk looking down at Izzy and she leans back in the chair, raises and crosses her legs on the desk.

“We’ve been researching this from an Angelic point of view, trying to work out why they would start to restore Clary? Have they forgiven her, how would we even ask them that?” Izzy looks up to her boyfriend who shifts his smile to one side begging her to continue her line of thought. “We assumed they took her memories and they are slowly giving them back to her, maybe?”

“Yea?” Simon urges Izzy to continue. “What if her memories are there already, suppressed rather than taken?” her eyes dart about as she thinks, “then we would just need to bring them back to the surface”

“It seems too simple, if they were suppressed a warlock would be able to surface them, the Angels would have removed them to prevent that” Simon seems sure, his knowledge of the downworld and of Angels had become infamous at the institute since he took on the role of deputy. With access to the institute’s archives Simon had devoured their books and become engrossed in them. It was like they were a comic book where he just had to know what happens in the next issue, often reading them before bed.

“Yea, it’s simple, but some of that knowledge is there, and it shouldn’t be. How did she know your name, or Jace’s? It is like she knows it but doesn’t remember and that shouldn’t be the case if they removed or destroyed the memories. What if they couldn’t remove them? Maybe something to do with Clary’s pure Angel blood?” Izzy rambles, having picked the habit up somewhat from her boyfriend.

“I mean I guess there is no harm in looking into it, but if they are buried, the Angels are powerful Iz, if they couldn’t remove those memories, they will have buried them as deep as possible and we are going to need a hell of a powerful Warlock to get them out” Simon chuckles for a moment before continuing, “one that has a particular talent for memory spells”

Izzy knows Simon is talking about Magnus but they can’t risk asking him to portal back so soon after leaving, their actions probably look suspicious already, what with Alec and Magnus taking off so suddenly.


---Scene 3---
Jia pours herself a large scotch, offering one to Alec. Alec politely declines with a subtle shake of the head. “Trust me, you’re going to need it” Jia says, handing him the glass again except this time Alec takes it. Alec takes a sip and Jia downs her glass before refilling it before turning to face Alec.

“We need to have some honest conversations” Jia nods before biting the inside of her mouth.

Alec shifts in his chair and casually asks “what about?”, Jia glances piercing eyes at Alec before he shakes his head and says “Jia, I don’t know what you’re talking about” Alec doesn’t let anything show. Jia huffs and smiles “yes you do, but let’s put that aside for a moment, I’m talking about some honesty from me” she sits on the desk.

“Ok, let’s talk about the Inquisitor role” Alec says bluntly.
“Not what I had in mind, but ok, what do you want to know” Jia takes another gulp.

Alec simply and calmly saying “why?”, there have been aspects to getting the role that never made sense to him, and if Jia is prepared to be honest he was going to find out.

Jia nods, “You were given the role because you’re a man who believes in Justice, you always have, and you’re great at it, but that’s not the only reason why”

Alec doesn’t move, he just looks into Jia’s eyes, like he is interrogating her, “I would never have gotten that role without your nomination or you convincing so many in the clave to vote me in- I never understood that, you don’t even like me”

Jia recoils somewhat taken aback “you don’t think I like you?”

Alec elaborates, “Jia, we’ve always been professional towards each other but” unable to finish the sentence before starting a new one, “you’ve never liked how I do things, at the New York Institute or the Conclave”

“The Inquisitor role is the judicatory, it’s a non-political role, you uphold the law, you don’t create it” Jia sighs and purses her lips.

“so you need me close and not making trouble” Alec bites his lips in frustration, yes he was good at the job but always felt there was more to it.

“Alec, I like you, and I agree with the changes you brought about, but you’re going too fast” Alec seems unsurprised at that revelation “So you needed me on a leash?”

“No Alec, I needed you to slow down. You’re pushing too much too fast, the downworld cabinet, the deputies? In every institute in the north Americas Alec!”

“It would have included the south Americas, Australia and Indian sub content had I remained head of the conclave; the other heads were starting to get on board with the idea” it was one of Alec’s biggest frustrations, “before you declared that it was a trial scheme taking place in the North American conclave for the next 2 years”

“Were you scared I was gunning for your job?” Alec asks pointedly.

“No” Jia speaks softly but with resolve, “I had hoped you would take the role on after me actually” she pauses, deciding if she should continue, “but others are not so keen. Alec you want sweeping reform. You’re popular, to a fault. Alec lightwood, the man whose institute destroyed Valentine, the queen of hell, Johnathan, you even destroyed Edom! The man who is miraculous and can do no wrong- to some at least. A visionary, who wants to change the world and our relationship with the downworld? And you bent the rules to get there; undercover vampires in clave projects, stealing tech from Alicante to hold the owl, need I go on. Don’t get me wrong, you deliver results! But, more importantly, those characteristics, don’t they remind you of anyone?”

“I’m not valentine Jia” Alec huffed, never being so insulted

“No you’re not! Alec, you are truly not!” Jia says with such sincerity Alec beleives her. “But to some members of the clave it’s the same pattern as before, they see you as radical! We just survived Valentine! And they are scared it will happen again. So I did what needed to be done, I quashed their fear because you are NOT him” Jia refilled the scotch, “I showed them you could enforce the law rather than change it, if you had carried on the way you were, by the time you rose to Consul it would have led to civil war. They wouldn’t accept you or the sweeping reforms you bring, they need time! So I manoeuvred you into a position where you could do that, at least for a few years- where they could learn to trust you. Then! Then, they will accept change Alec”

Alec is stunned, does this mean Jia is actually on his side? He wished she had been upfront with him before, but he knows he might have rejected the offer at the time had she.

“But that’s not what I brought you to talk about” Jia sighed, hoping that by being honest, Alec now trusted her to do the same.


---Scene 4---
Magnus paced the loft, being back in Alicante had him worried, he wanted to be with Clary but to do so might raise suspicion with Alec being recalled by Jia.

A fire message flutters into the room, it was from Izzy “we are considering the possibility that the Angels suppressed Clary’s memories rather than removing them, do you think they could be brought back to the surface if they had been?”

Magnus pondered, that would explain why Clary had some knowledge and why she could tell that everything they had disclosed to her was true. But it seemed odd the Angels would just not take them away completely. Still their other avenues of research were leading no where and it couldn’t hurt to explore this option. If anyone had a talent for memory spells it was Magnus, he was the one who took her childhood memories away from her to begin with, at least the few pertaining to the shadow world.

He responded straight away, he can’t be seen to be going back to New York, not just yet, but he when he could get back he was going to see what was laying dormant in Clary’s mind.


---Scene 5---
“So the Inquisitor post is not what you wanted to talk about, why mention it?” Alec asked as Jia paced behind her desk, “Because now is the time for honesty”

It was late at night, and not many were about, still Jia had used a silencing rune around the room before continuing.

“You returned suddenly to New York, and I think Clary is the reason”

“Clary lost her memories, remember? She’s a mundane now” Alec doesn’t hesitate in his response.

“Alec there are, reasons for my suspicions, the timing of other ‘occurrences’. I know this is hard but if something has happened you’re going to need to trust me” Jia stands firm

“I don’t know… exactly” Alec pauses for a moment, asking himself if he is betraying them all, but something is not right and Alec senses it. And if Jia already knew what was happening, they would have been following Clary. If they really wanted her they would have bust the doors down at Simon’s place days ago and taken her. Alec continues “she has the sight again, she can wield runes, and it’s like her memories are coming back to her slowly”

Jia nods “the Angels influence is diminishing”

Alec pulls an inquisitive face, “what do you know Jia?”

“Two weeks ago, the Iron sisters reported that they felt like their connection to the Angels was, strained, more distant, now they struggle to feel a connection at all” looking out the window and taking another sip of the Scotch she continues “and then 6 days ago project 29… worked”. Jia slides a heavy bulky folder across to Alec.

Alec starts flicking through the documents, he notices strange runes he has never seen before, “what is this?”

“Ancient runes, originally 29 of them that we knew of, our research suggests there may have be many more, most of them lost over the millennia, we don’t know what they mean, or what they do”

“Have you tried, you know?” Alec wiggles his finger, mimicking a stele drawing a rune in the air. He knows it is obvious they would have tried.

“For as far back as we can remember. We assumed it was like the Mark of Cain, or maybe physiologically we couldn’t use the, that they required something else we didn’t possess”

“when Clary starting to make runes, we added them to the project, our team tried to recreate the portal rune, with no success, until recently” Jia places her empty glass on the table before sitting down, “when Clary created the necromancy rune, there was, resistance, like the Angels themselves were trying to stop her”

Jia looks at Alec to gauge his reaction but ever stern Alec doesn’t flinch so she continues “one of our project leads had started to have some limited success with the portal rune, but just like Clary with the necromancy rune there was great resistance to it. For weeks it didn’t quite work, the portal would only exist for a fraction of a second, or it would become unstable and collapse in on itself”

Alec stares straight into Jia’s eyes “but it worked 6 days ago”, Jia nodded “there was barely any resistance”

“we were never able to use the runes Clary drew, are you suggesting the Angels have been actively blocking shadowhunters from accessing them?” Alec asks.


Jia takes a sharp breath, “certainly the ones Clary used, and possible the others too, so effectively that we just assumed we couldn’t make those runes”

“And you think this is all connected” Alec says out loud, not needing the confirmation from Jia.

“If our connection to the Angels is weakened… I need you to investigate this, I need it off the books, at least for now” Jia shies away from looking at Alec and he knows why as he dips his head and sighs “because you need someone with a history of bending the rules in case this goes sideways”

“yes” Jia states coldly

Rubbing his head he huffs “Guess I’m back on ‘vacation’ then”. Alec finishes the last of his scotch, guessing Jia was right after all, he was going to need it.
“one more thing” Jia flips through the document before landing on a page and tapping her finger on it, “recognise this one”

“the rune Clary used to bind us to downworlders when we went to Edom?” Alec shrugs unsure why this is being brought up

“the date” Jia darts her eyes back to the page and Alec notices the notation on the rune “they were studying this rune decades before Clary was born? How is this possible?”

And with that Jia tells Alec the revelation she has kept hidden for a year, “it was one of the original 29. I don’t think Clary was ever inventing new runes, I think she is somehow able to recall ones long lost to us, ones we didn’t even have records of. More importantly, unlike the rest of us, if the angels were stopping us from using them, she somehow had an ability to break past that”

Chapter Text

---Scene 1---

A swirling portal of orange light appears and Magnus and Alec step through carrying books and a large file tucked under Alec’s arm. A blur of bright red hair pokes out the bedroom door, “finally” proclaims Clary.

Simon sits up from the sofa he is resting on, a scruffy green fabric sofa that doesn’t look that comfortable to sleep on but there are only 2 bedrooms in the apartment so people have been making do.

“Wont the clave be suspicious your back again?” Simon asks, happy but unsure as to why they are back so soon.

“We’ve been given the go ahead by Jia” Alec raises an eyebrow. “and I was given access to alter the wards, discreetly of course, I can now open a portal back and forth without it ever getting recorded on their systems” Magnus beams.

“You guys have the spare bedroom, I’ll take the couch tonight” Simon suggests, it is very late into the night by now.

“We need everyone here in the morning, we’re going to try something to get your memories back, if that is ok with you Clary?” Alec looks at Clary and sees how frustrated she has become the past 5 days now.

“By the angel, yes! Thanks Alec” Clary goes to hug Alec, when they first met Clary was such an annoyance to him, now she was part of the family and hugging Clary even after the year since they hugged at Alec and Magnus’s wedding seemed so natural.


---Scene 2---

(Smutty/explicit scene)

Magnus sits at the dresser in his silk robe, pouring through the books. His husband brings his hands to his shoulders. Magnus smiles warmly and turns round to see his husband in just a pair of black low waist boxer briefs. The boxer briefs hugs Alec’s smooth sculptured ass and highlights a large bulge at the front.

“I’ve got to work sweetie” Magnus smiles. Alec spins Magnus chair around, sitting down on his husband, straddling him, he says “Babe, you’ve gone over those books 10 times, you don’t need to go over them again- you need to relax before tomorrow”

"Oh and how is THIS going to relax me?” Magnus chuckled, his hands already grabbing Alec at the waist as Alec involuntarily and only slightly rolls his hips.

“Because you are always relaxed in the afterglow of it all” Alec leans forward to kiss his husband, first on his forehead and then on his lips. Magnus moans and Alec’s lips brush against his, Alec tugs and nips ever so slightly against the warlocks bottom lip. Magnus’s hands move slowly from Alec’s waist up his back, grazing his skin gently with his black polished nails.

Magnus slips his tongue into Alec’s kiss, which is reciprocated by Alec. He slowly runs his nails down Alec’s back before slipping past the elastic band of Alec’s boxer briefs and running his nails in circles on his husband’s ass cheeks.

Alec lets out a low groan “Magnus, urgh, maybe we should use the silencing rune first”.

Magnus pulls back slightly and smiles, “everyone is asleep husband, they can’t hear us” Alec smiles back, looking into those cat eyes, the mark of the man he loves and cherishes so deeply.

“Use the damn rune!” shouts Simon from the other side of the apartment “some of us have vampire hearing remember!”

Both Magnus and Alec laughter catches them off guard and Alec moves off Magnus to grab his stele and draw the rune.

Alec finds it such a chore to get off Magnus, his husband’s hard cock leaking pre-cum through his boxers and robe under Alec’s ass.

Alec loved having his husband’s cock nestled up against him; even if it wasn’t inside him he loved feeling his husband’s hunger for him.

Magnus walked to the bed and flung himself on it while Alec finished drawing the rune before joining him.

“want to finish what you started?” Alec cocked an eyebrow and Magnus smirked, the last 5 days had been a whirlwind of activity and it had interrupted them both during what was meant to be some very pleasant shower sex.


---Scene 3---

Luke sits, tapping his fingers waiting for Izzy to say something. “You love my mom” Izzy blurts out.

Luke is somewhat confused as to where this is going, why Izzy asked if he could pop by for a quick chat when he had a moment.

“…yes” Luke answers, a puzzled expression on his face.

“You loved Jocelyn too” Izzy is usually not so clumsy with her words.

Luke seems wounded, if all but for a small moment “yes, I did” he chokes slightly.

“They say Nephilim, love only once, and fiercely?” Izzy continues, the words should make it feel like an interrogation but the tone, the way Izzy talks, makes Luke feel like this is something all together different

“They say many things” Luke gives a slight chuckled huff hoping to disarm Izzy, unsure where this is going, “I don’t know about loving only once but we do love fiercely”

"Do you think, do downworlders love more than once? I mean you were a downworlder, you feel in love with Jocelyn and our mother” Izzy continues

“Are you worried about you mom Izzy?” Luke probes Izzy to explain further

“No, no, nothing like that, I know you do, I guess I’m just wondering if downworlders feel differently than Nephilim, and you’ve been both” Izzy gazes down for a moment

“What is this really about Izzy?” Luke sees the discomfort in Izzy’s eyes. “I guess I’m worried about Simon, that maybe he wants, I don’t know, more?”

“Izzy, where is this coming from?” Luke knows Simon, he is loyal, does Izzy think he wants to cheat or is interested in someone else?

“We’ve had some fights recently, about Simon and… men” the penny drops for Luke and now he understands where this is going.

Simon was by no means in the closet but he didn’t broadcast it either. Simon was into guys too but maybe not to the same extent as women. As far as Simon was concerned, a leaning one way or another didn’t invalidate his bisexuality. Simon was open with his family and Clary and Luke knew early on. Izzy continues

“I suggested he might want to try things with other people and he got really upset at that”

“You suggested opening the relationship up? Is that what you want?” Luke asks

“want is a strong word” Izzy chuckles, “I just, I know there are experiences he can’t get with me, what if one day he wants that so much he decides he can’t be with me as well” she sighs, feeling some how inadequate, despite that not being the reality

“You’ve never expressed that kind of sentiment towards Magnus?” Luke points out to Izzy.

“But Magnus is so, experienced, he has been with Men, Women, Seelies, Vampires, I even heard he has been with a Jinn or two” Izzy starts to tap her fingers against her desk “Simon has never had that experience, I worry he will regret he never had that”

“Simon may be less experienced than Magnus, certainly with men” Luke knowing that Simon has never gotten that far with a guy, and for most of his sexual life he only had eyes for Clary, and then Maia came along and not long after Izzy. “But Izzy, he has found someone he loves, you! That doesn’t invalidate his sexuality and it doesn’t make him prone to cheat or crave something else, and neither does the fact he is a Vampire”

Luke reaches out to Izzy placing his palm on the back of her hand to reassure her.

“I guess I just don’t want him, I don’t know, regretting being with me” It’s clear to Luke, and even to Izzy, try as she might to deny it, the real issue is her own self-saboteur, she feels she is not enough. None of Izzy’s relationships have lasted this long at all, this was scary stuff and Izzy was dismissing one fear by replacing it with another, albeit an equally unfounded one.


---Scene 4---

(Smutty/explicit scene)

After what felt like a life time of Magnus teasing and preparing Alec with his very talented tongue, Alec had fallen apart but knew what he wanted next, he moaned and sighed and near breathless begged Magnus “please, please Magnus”

“Please what Husband?” Magnus smirked, admiring his husband laid out over the bed, glistening in the slight layer of sweat that had build up on his smooth muscular back.

“Let me know what you want, do you want me to keep using my tongue or do you want warlock dick” Magnus jiggled Alec’s ass with his hands.

Alec whines, “it’s an impossible choice”. Magnus smacks his backside ever so slightly, urging Alec to answer the question. “I want dick” Alec finally relents.

“Thought so” Magnus smiles, flips Alec and sits him up before launching himself on the bed. Magnus lies down beside Alec, his hands behind his head and his 9 inch cock standing perpendicular to his body.

Alec loved his Husband’s throbbing cock, it was long and a decent girth, a beautiful mocha shade and it perfectly fitted him. It felt like satin in his hands and felt amazing in his mouth or his ass.

As much as Magnus enjoyed fucking, Alec was often a demanding bottom, he loved to set the pace. Magnus enjoyed seeing his husband ride him, because he could see every small exquisite look of ecstasy on his face when he did.

Alec hovered over his husband, resting his left hand on Magnus’s chest for balance, and his right hand taking hold of Magnus’s enormous length as he positioned it perfectly at the entrance of his hole.

They both let out a sigh as Magnus’s cock breached the entrance before Alec slowly slid down the length of his shaft until ever inch has disappeared into him.

For a moment Alec wished he could stay like this, the feeling of being completely filled to the brim by his Husband was an indescribable pleasure.

Slowly Alec began to lift himself a little and then move back down, repeating it with ever increasing speed and lifting himself that little bit further each time.

It wasn’t long before they were in a rhythm and Magnus was lifting up to meet Alec’s thrusts down. Magnus’s hard cock running along Alec’s prostate, hit that perfect spot nearly every time.

Alec’s own cock slapped against Magnus’s abs, drooling pre-cum like it always does. His abs was practically soaked and glistening in pre-cum and Magnus loved it. Every slap of Alec’s 8 inch cock splattered the pre-cum, small droplets flying through the air onto Alec’s own body, on the bed, further up Magnus’s chest and occasionally onto his face. Magnus loved when the occasional droplet fell onto his lips, the taste was sweet and delicious.

Alec shifted his left hand behind him and leaned back, his dick drooling so much pre-cum that it was one long string all the way down to Magnus’s abs, glistening in the low light of the room.

Magnus knew Alec was close, he was so tempted to touch his Husband’s hard cock, but he knew that what Alec loved most was to come simply from riding dick so he restrained himself and focused on the thrusts.

With a loud vocal grunt, that would shake the walls had it not been for the silencing rune, Alec reaches his peak. Magnus’s hard cock has hit his prostate once too many times and Alec cums. His balls contract and release visibly with every spurt, for a total of 8 times. Most of his cum over shoots Magnus and hits the headboard behind them (not that unusual for Alec) but plenty still lands of Magnus, copious amounts arranged in thin strings that run from Magnus’s hair, trailing down his face, along his neck and back to his chest that is glistening with all of Alec’s pre-cum.

Alec hadn’t even finished cumming when the tight contractions around Magnus’s length proves to much and with a deep thrust, burying his cock as far as it can go, Magnus unleashes a torrent of seed deep inside his husband.

They stop for a moment before Alec bends down to kiss Magnus, strings of cum transferring from his husband’s face to his own before burying his head into Magnus’s neck and whispering in his ear “Jika aku tahu apa itu cinta, itu Karena kamu”. Magnus smiles the widest smile before responding “Malaikat”. Even though he still occasionally butchered the pronunciation, Magnus loved that his husband had made the effort over the past year to learn his native tongue.


---Scene 5---

“So how does this work?” Clary asks, eyes darting across the room as Alec, Magnus, Jace, Simon, Izzy and Luke pace the apartment.

“Your artistry is behind compare biscuit” Magnus smiles looking down at the complex and intricate drawing on the floor, this sure brings back memories for Magnus, and he hopes, for Clary too.

"Once the rest of the team arrives, you stand in the centre of the Mandala, the rest of us will form a circle around that. Then we project your memories out into the open, any suppressed memories should be there. What is important is that we find a key memory, something which unlocks the whole lot, normally a significant moment in your life” Magnus shrugs, “then after that it’s a case of turning you off and on” he chuckles, “you’ll need to rest, the newly reactivated memories will find their correct and original neural pathways while you’re sleeping, you’ll be out anywhere between 16 and 36 hours”

“Hell of a nap!” Simon quips

“Why do we need the others?” Clary asks, concerned about new people entering this messed up situation

“It’s going to take a lot of energy and concentration to pull the memories, the more the better, don’t worry, you can trust these people” Magnus places his hands reassuringly on Clary’s shoulder and she relaxes a bit and nods, trusting him

Moments later and Simon opens the door, Maryse, Maia and Bat.

“Thanks for the lift Maryse” Maia warmly thanks her whilst her left hand holds Bat’s, their fingers interlaced. “Anytime”, Maryse smiled.

Luke had to travel a lot with clave business but still chose to base himself in New York where he and Maryse the purchased the whole building her bookshop was based in, converting the floors above into their home.

Luke was no longer a wolf but he was still close to Maia and she navigated the world as an Alpha with her old friend acting as counsel and confident occasionally.

There was always had space at the dinner table for Maia and Bat when they visited Luke and the two women became fast friends.

Before the three of them had a chance to reintroduce themselves to Clary a portal opens and out strolls Catarina, Lorenzo and his boyfriend Andrew.

“Underhill” Alec nods towards Andrew. Magnus and Lorenzo great each other with a warm handshake, they had been adversarial for so long but after the events in Edom had really grown to respect each other.

The irony that Lorenzo had given Magnus such a hard time was not lost on anyone including Lorenzo, he had thought that by dating Alec, Magnus had compromised his position. But here Lorenzo was, the high warlock of Brooklyn, hand in hand with a shadowhunter boyfriend.

Cat meanwhile gives a brief hug to Alec before doing so with Magnus.

After the introductions are done they all set up. Everyone forms a circle around Clary, who is quite nervous by the addition of 6 new people but had been reassured they could be trusted and everyone had been briefed that this could not get back to the clave or the rest of the downworld.

Magnus starts speaking in a language Clary has never heard, and the base of her skull feels it starts to feel ever so slightly warm, like someone had put a heat pack on the back of her neck.

Suddenly, exploding from Clary was a burst of pale yellow tiny lights, each the size of a grain of sand, filling the room, millions of them. It was like seeing a model of a galaxy of stars and to everyone there it seemed so beautiful.

“Ok, so, we are searching for those key memories, they should be orange, shout out if you see one” Magnus tells the room, “there should be 4 maybe 5 key memories”

“There” shouts Maia nodding towards a orange light between her and Bat.

“Everyone, focus on that memory” Magnus instructs the group and everyone focuses intensely and suddenly the memory surrounds everyone, like a holographic illusion, like everyone is living it.

The memory is short; Joyclyn putting Clary to bed, kissing her forehead, Clary couldn’t have been more than 6 years old.

Maryse squeezes Luke’s hand, reassuring him as it brought up the pain of losing her but he is able to bear it knowing he loves and is loved again.

The memory is played out about a quarter of the lights glow brilliantly before retreating into Clary’s head.

They continue with the memories, the group see Clary’s rune ceremony in Idris, being marked with the Angelic power rune. As before many lights glow brilliantly before retreating into Clary.

The third memory was of a day when Alec, Izzy, Simon, Jace and Magnus had gone to the beach. Alec chuckled, one of the few times they were able to get some time together as friends before their phones went off for the next emergency, cutting the day short.

The fourth memory was of Clary asking Izzy to be her Parabatai, Izzy smiled through the silent tears that dripped down her face, seeing how pivotal that memory was to who Clary is as a person. She was so proud of her would be Parabatai.

Lastly a memory which overwhelmed everyone; Jace tearfully tells Clary he loves her, and Clary adds “until the day I die, and after that”. Fire and screams surrounded them, but in that moment that statement had never had such meaning as it did right then.

The memories have all seemed to have retreated back in to Clary, and just as Magnus is about to say job done Underhill queries “hey did we miss one?”

Magnus is confused until Underhill nods towards a small light in the very corner of the room, it seems to be a key memory, but somehow a more brilliant orange than the others.

“I don’t understand, there are no other memories here, how can there be another key memory?” Izzy aks.

Lorenzo and Magnus exchange concerning looks, “Biscuit, I’m just going to reach out to that memory over there, just me, no one else is going to focus on it, just to see what’s going on there”. Clary shrugs “ok”.

Magnus focuses intently on the memory in the corner and a flood of more memories rises to the surface, filling the room, so densely packed everyone can barely see in front of them. It is as though the lights are dancing across the very surface of their eyes, obscuring anything which might be beyond them. Magnus’s nose begins to bleed and suddenly darkness.


---Scene 6---

Magnus raises his eye lids, they feel so heavy. He feels his husband’s hands holding his own. “Hey, you gave me a bit of a scare there” Alec smiled

“Is Clary ok?” Magnus mutters. Alec hesitates “she’s fine, she’s sleeping, passed out the same time you did I guess but Lorenzo says the spell worked and he can feel the memories restoring” he pauses “before, What was that?” Alec had concern all over his face, but Magnus will still drowsy and only opening his eye lids fleetingly so couldn’t see it.

“There are memories, buried deep inside her, really deep, I don’t think they are hers” Magnus tries to sit up.

“How can they not be hers, and why did the room go berserk?” Alec helps sit Magnus up.

“I don’t know where they came from but they can’t be hers” Magnus sighs “sorry it overwhelmed me, still feeling kind of overwhelmed to be honest”

“Lorenzo said those memories went past even the apartment walls, the entire neighbourhood, maybe more, for a brief moment at least.”

Alec takes a deep breath, “What was that”

Magnus still can’t understand how it is possible but tries his best to explain, “I don’t know where those memories came from, but, Alec there was about billions of years worth of memories hidden in there”

Chapter Text

---Scene 1---
Magnus wakes to the sensation of being shaken by his Husband, still exhausted he grumbles “hmmm, there are more enjoyable ways of awaken me dear husband, or have you forgotten?”

A throat clears and Magnus opens his eye. Alec is by his side, having woken him up and Lorenzo is at the door to the bedroom in Simon’s apartment.

“Lorenzo?” he yawns.

“Sorry to interrupt you both, but I wanted to drop this off before the cabinet meeting this morning at the institute” Lorenzo waves a handful of papers. “And I wanted to see how you were doing?”

“What is it” Alec asks nodding his head towards the papers.

“I was able to analysis some of the memories before Clary and Magnus passed out. Catarina was able to do some too. It took me a while to cross compare our notes and consult my library” Lorenzo shakes his head, “it didn’t turn up anything useful, except this” he flips the page and highlights it, full of strings of letters, numbers and symbols and warlock runes- like a complex math formula.

“You’re sure?” Magnus brows shift downwards and Alec shrugs and asks “and for those of us who don’t know what fuck this is?”

Magnus turns to his husband, holds his hand, “Memories have, I guess you could call it a signature? These all come from the same consciousness.”

“There was billions of years worth of memories last night Magnus” Lorenzo states, unsure if Magnus remembers that in the moment.

“And you’re saying this all comes from one consciousness, one being? A being billions of years old?” Alec is stunned


---Scene 2---
“This is the third meeting they haven’t attended” sighed Izzy, she looks across the table at Meliorn, Lorenzo and Maia. The hall draped in the banners representing each race who sits on the cabinet.

Maia looks at the empty chair belonging to the night children and shrugs “oh….no” she replies sarcastically, slowly and monotonously. After Heidi, Maia cared even less for the vampires than she did before. There was no concern for the current political struggles. First the drama with Camille, then Raphael leaves, and the whole mess that was Heidi, Griffin, Joshua and Elle- the night children were is disarray. The vampires had managed to cobble together something of a coalition governance structure, a leadership of 8 vampires that could never agree on anything of important, including a new leader or even someone to act as a delegate.

“They would probably unite behind the daylighter” offer Meliorn, knowing full well that Simon had no interest in leadership or groupies desperate to learn of his daylighter secret. Besides while many would unite behind him he would still be a controversial figure to a vocal minority, he was a young vampire, who had previously betrayed his clan to release Camille to shadowhunters.

“Maybe it is time to broaden the group?” Offers Lorenzo

“You’re suggesting the cabinet offers 8 seats to the vampires?” Izzy tilts her head

“No I’m suggesting you offer 8 seats to each of us” Lorenzo smiles knowing the response from Izzy at least, “this cabinet needs to adapt to the needs of the downworlders not expect them to fit into our narrow structures”, he continues “the Seelies for example”

Meliorn shakes his head, the political situation with the Seelies was even more dire, following the death of their queen they had broken off into factions, tribes, currently in the middle of a kind of cold war.

“Meliorn doesn’t represent the whole of the Seelie race, just those in new york as agreed in the Seelie inter-tribe cease fire agreement, each Seelie within a geographical area covered by an institute can vote for a representative who must disavow any allegiance to any given tribe” Izzy shuts Lorenzo down but projects a calm considered look demonstrating her resolve whilst also nodding to indicate her respectful disagreement of Lorenzo’s point.

Meliorn continues “I suggest we change subjects, Ms Lightwood, perhaps we could talk about Clary Fairchild”


---Scene 3---

Magnus and Alec are sitting at the breakfast bar, staring lovingly into each others eyes as they enjoy their breakfast, chuckling and talking about random topics of the day.

“Oooo crepes!” exclaims Simon, Alec doesn’t share food and goes to swat away Simon’s hand from the bar before huffing and saying “there’s some more on the side” having already predicted Simon’s actions. Alec sure did miss his loft, where it was just him and Magnus at breakfast.

“And this is why you are my favourite house guest Alec”, before mouthing to Magnus behind Alec’s back “it’s actually you” in appreciation of Magnus who often cleaned the apartment with a few flamboyant waves of his arms and wrists.

“You wouldn’t think he eats this much, as a vampire” Alec chuckles. Simon had trained himself to eat normal food, as long as there was blood involved so he could keep it down. It didn’t sustain him but it made him feel more human, like he had reclaimed something he lost when he died.

Simon opens the fridge and pulls out a squeezy bottle of ketchup, which is not actually ketchup- Alec found that out the hard way one time when they were having hot dogs. Alec hadn’t been looking when he causally squirted some on his hot dog he was too engrossed in whatever Magnus had been saying. Alec had taken a massive bite of his hot dog and instantly was repulsed, spitting it up and dry heaving before grabbing a glass of water. Magnus found the entire incident amusing, quipping to his husband “I haven’t seen you do that in a long time”, “huh?” Alec strained as he continued to cough, “gag!” Magnus chuckled before his husband gave him a death stare.  

Clary walks through the bedroom door into the living area, “how long was I out?”


---Scene 4---
“We might not have a queen anymore but the bugs and the bees still whisper, to some of us” Meliorn glares at the rest of the cabinet, “and they say that Clary disappeared over a week ago”

“We don’t keep track of mundanes Meliorn” shrugs Izzy

Lorenzo and Maia hide their knowledge well, ‘they should play poker’ thinks Izzy.

“And the bugs and bees just happen to talk to you?” Maia’s tone more pointed than her claws.

“No, they speak to the Aes Sidhe faction” Meliorn shrugs.

“And as someone who has relinquished all factional bias, how did you hear this information” Maia tilts her head towards Meliorn opposite her.

“Amongst screams” Meliorn never takes his eyes off Izzy as he responses to Maia, “has something happened to Clary?”

“The Clave is unaware of disappearance or issues pertaining to Clary Fairchild, perhaps this is an issue for the NYPD?” Izzy retorts

“That’s not an answer” Meliorn smirks, “Is it not?” Izzy’s tone verging on mocking

“We don’t track mundanes, the Clave is unaware” Meliorn sighs but with a smile to his face, “you’ve spent too much time with Seelies” amused that Izzy has not lied once but expertly side stepped the questions put to her.

It is not long before the cabinet comes to a close


---Scene 5---

“Did it take?” asks Simon who in a blur was at Clary’s side.

“Yea it took” Clary looks so rested and thrilled to have the memories back “but it’s weird, it feels like all of it happened just a week ago, every single memory is so, fresh”

“You looked so handsome Alec” Clary grinned so wide she could have been mistaken for the cat from Alice in Wonderland.

“Huh?” where did that come from thought Alec.

“oh, yea, sorry the memories of you and the wedding came to the forefront” Clary nervously laughed

“You did look good that day husband” Magnus smiled before learning and whispering into Alec’s ear, “and that night too”

Simon sighs heavily, “Vampire…hearing”, they were so flirtatious that Simon can’t work out if he is annoyed or he is just jealous that Izzy isn’t there to be flirtatious with him.

“We’ll give you two some space, best friends should catch up” Alec smiles, grabbing his Husband’s hand and yanking him at speed away from the living space and quietly closing the door of the bedroom.

“I’ve missed you Fray!” if Simon’s heart could beat it would have been thumped against his rib cage so hard. He was elated to have his dearest and oldest friend in the world back.

“I can’t believe I went a year with out you and that all those crazy and wonderful memories of you were gone” Clary was so happy to have nearly 2 decades of those memories back.

“It has been a hell of a year I supp…..” Simon pauses before learning his head and moving his eyes away from Clary and towards the wall at the other end of the room. He huffs and progressively getting loud calls out “for heavens sake, use the SILENCING RUNE”. A couple of faint giggles are heard coming from the bedroom before suddenly and abruptly stopping.

“So is every single memory of me in here, didn’t miss any did we?” Simon chuckles

“No, they are all there, but like I said all fresh- it’s weird” Clary holds back from saying any more

Simon gently jumps onto the other end of the sofa Clary is sitting on, sitting on his legs and leaning on his side, “how is it weird”

“Everything is… it’s like it all just recently happened” Clary admits “like I remember the sensation of dating you, breaking your heart, and being friends again like it happened on the same day” she continues more than she should “all the times we had sex happened the same day you died, I mean it feels like it” before stopping before she embarrasses her self even more

“That’s, umm that’s weird!” Simon starts to chuckle, giving Clary permission to do the same at how ridiculously it all was.

Clary fiddles with her hair, the emotions of when they were a couple are so recent to her they almost feel like they still exist, almost. Remembering fondly when they dating but not wanting to recapture it Clary asks “we were a solid couple right?” almost surprised. Back when it happened, Clary felt so guilty, like she had failed Simon, failed the relationship, like they had been a terrible couple because of her. Looking at it now she wonders if that feeling was just because of everything that happened so fast afterwards.

“Oh yea we totally worked as a couple” Simon agreed “but we both worked even better with other people? Maybe?”. Clary smiled, with the memories so fresh there were aspects she was trying to reconcile “yes that’s exactly it!”

Simon and Clary had worked as a couple for sure, had they continued into old age together they would have had a better relationship than most people do. But it didn’t make it the right relationship for each of them and they were both so happy now with Izzy and Jace respectively.

“Shit, Jace!” Clary is suddenly hit by the realisation that he has been without her for a whole year. She knew that was the case when they told her but with her memories, she could understand, feel it, and her heart broke for him.


---Scene 6---

“You never found someone else?” Clary already knew the answer when she had been told by everyone what had happened during the past year but with her memories restored it had meaning now.

“I, I couldn’t” Jace sat next to Clary, leaning against her, her proximity brought back a sense of security and warmth he had not felt for the past year, even when she was back but had yet to regain her memories.

“Simon said you would have wanted me to move on, to find someone else” the tone in his voice spoke more than his words, and Clary immediately understood, there was no one else for him. Even if he wanted to move on he couldn’t.

“He’s not wrong but, by the angel, I feel so wrong for saying this… I’m glad you didn’t” Clary admits. She was torn. On one hand, she wouldn’t have wanted Jace to grow and live and die alone without knowing love again, but it would have broke her heart coming back knowing he was over her and in love with another.

It felt like the most natural thing in the world, to lie down on the sofa, placing his head on her lap as Clary played with his hair. He had spent so much time protecting Clary, but when they were alone and intimate Clary was the one protective of Jace. She had seen past his tough guy persona, the need to be the perfect warrior, when it came to love he was vulnerable, he had never loved like he had loved Clary, never been in a real relationship like she had. And for Jace it was security like he had never known.

With Clary protecting him Jace didn’t need to put all his energy into trying to please, trying to be perfect like he did for Valentine. Even with Maryse he feared if he showed weakness she wouldn’t want to keep him around, it was unfounded of course but throughout his life he thought love was conditional- until Clary.

“You’re not wrong; there is nothing wrong about you, about that, about being glad I didn’t move on” Jace smiled up as Clary bent over and kissed him on his forehead gently. “Every day, every day I prayed to the angels, I prayed our love was strong than their spite”

“I had asked Maryse at Magnus and Alec’s wedding, if the Angels were capable of forgiveness, would they forgive me for what I did? I knew what I was doing, I knew the price, even now I think I would have done the same” Clary sighed and stopped playing with Jace’s hair. She looked down to gauge his reaction, his eyes watering but not yet crying and joy was written over every inch of his face. She continued playing with his hair and with her thoughts, “I hate that you had to walk this world alone for a year, with out companionship and love, but most of all knowing you expected to do it until the day you die”

“You didn’t move on!” Jace purses his lips. Jace had kept tabs on Clary after all.

“It’s not like I didn’t go on dates, I think if I knew what I had lost it would have been impossible to move on too. But every time I tried to get to know a guy, it felt like something was missing” Clary smiles, “but even know, it feels complete somehow, nothing is missing anymore”

Jace reaches out and cups her face with his left hand, and Clary in turn holds his arm in place, “maybe somewhere deep down we both knew we would find each other again.”

“Maybe” Clary ponders.

“So do you think the Angels forgave us? Or did our Love breakthrough all that spite and anger they had?” Jace eye lids start to get heavy as he finds such comfort in being embraced by Clary.

“Forgiveness?...Love?...Both?...Neither?” Clary takes a deep breath, her chest rising with the intake of air, “I don’t know if we will every find the answer, but I’m glad that what ever happened, happened”

Clary wraps her right arm around Jace, as he continues to snuggle into her, his head buried in her lap, laid down and peacefully content and drowsy. They could stay like this for a while, at least until the others arrived back.


---Scene 7---
“what if it happens like last time” Clary’s eyes dart across the room as Magnus gathers his books and Izzy, Simon, Jace and Alec squeezed onto the hideous green sofa.

“It won’t biscuit,” scratches his fine delicate beard as he potters about making sure he has everything “this time we are not trying to unlock anything, just replay that one memory, just the one” it was why, unlike this time, he didn’t need everyone to pull it off. Magnus had figured this would be the magically equivalent of grazing the knowledge underneath rather than hitting at it.

On the sofa the others complained about being squished. “Budge Izzy” Jace complained. “If you’re want more space sit on Alec’s lap” she huffs before Simon chimes in “there was a time Alec would have been up for that”. Both Jace and Alec turn their heads to Simon, and roll their eyes perfectly in sync. It was said that Parabatai in battle moved together like a synchronised fluid machine, Simon guesses it works for bitchy stares too.

“You two are the two that are dating” Jace rambles. “True” nods Simon, who then proceeds to sit on Izzy lap. They share a giggle and stay in that position, Izzy playing with Simon’s hair as he wraps his arm around his girlfriend.

“Ok, we are good to go” Magnus sits Clary down on the arm chair and pulls one of the kitchen stools to sit opposite her, their shins touching as he closed the gap and started to focus.

A tiny bright orange light emerges from Clary, slowly drifting to Magnus. Magnus holds his hands parallel like he is about to clap or catch a fly in the air as the light moves in position between his palms. Just as quickly as he smacks close his hands he pulls them apart as if to stretch the memory, projecting it across the whole room.

The ceiling replaced by clear blue sky and walls replaced by luscious green trees, the floor full of compacted soil and roots and small ferns but no grass. In the room there are sounds of birds, wind rustling leaves and the foulest sound of a slow crunch, the sensation of it feels like nails on a chalkboard.

Next to Clary stands a projection of Clary as she once was. There is no fringe. She wears a simply blue jacket over a blue top and a pair of jeans which nearly blend into each other. On her neck a small simply gold necklace with a simply gold pendant. Upon Clary’s face her eyebrows dip down and her mouth is agape with a look of sheer unadulterated horror.

At the centre of the room blood has pooled, coming from a steam which leads to where the Clary projection stares in horror. The real Clary stands to her feet, her face white and drained and her voice desperate and full of pain “Ithuriel?”

Chapter Text

---Scene 1---

“Ithuriel?” Clary’s screech piercing to all those in the room. Clary was watching the moment she saw Ithuriel die at the hands of Lillith. But the motion was slow, the sound of Lillith’s claw punching through and cracking bone dragged. Time seemed to progressively slow down until it stopped completely. The sight is gruesome, a blood soaked arm has now emerged from Ithuriel, his heart grasped within the claw. His wings obscure the view of Lillith behind him and his head is tilted back as his mouth is wide open in what would be a harrowing scream. His arm spread and with his hands open, palms facing Clary.

“It froze” Simon goes over to Clary, real Clary not memory Clary, and gives a couple of taps to the side of her head with the palm of his hand. “I’m not a laptop Simon!” grunted Clary, it didn’t hurt but it was annoying. Izzy pulls Simon back by the wrist.

“I don’t understand, I have this memory, I remember this” just as Clary is about to continue a flash of light appears in the room. Light, tinted ever so slightly blue, surround the angel’s arms and direct a beams of light towards Clary. The light surrounds Clary entirely before seemingly disappearing into her body.

The room is replaced with nothing but never ending empty white space. Ithuriel appears unharmed with Clary, past Clary, facing him. Magnus turns to the real Clary, as does the rest of the team, looking for answers. “Don’t look at me I have no fucking clue what is going on either”

“Clary” Ithuriel cups past Clary’s face and smiles down as if a proud father and in that moment there is love, paternal love filling the room.


---Scene 2---

(explicit/smutty scene)

“I feel just as confused as before” Alec sighs. “yuu, mfff, sboiling, hmmm, moud” and with a pop Magnus takes Alec’s dick out of his mouth, a trail of saliva stretches from the corner of his mouth to the rock hard 8 inch cock he had just been swallowing.  “Can we just, take a break from all that? I wanted to be with my husband but your mind is elsewhere”

“Sorry, am I being terrible” Alec frowns, it had been an intense day and they did need to get away from it and just be with each other.

In response Magnus slides up the bed to meet his husband. Alec is fully naked, lying on top of the gold silk sheets. Magnus decides to join him in his nudity, taking off his boxers that had strained against his erection. Tenderly he kisses Alec on the lips whilst grabbing hold of Alec’s cock, still slick with his saliva, he rubs his thumb in circular motions over the top of the head. Beads of pre-cum flow on to Magnus thumb and he brings it up to his husband’s mouth.  

Alec’s mouth envelopes the thumb and sucks the pre-cum off it, letting it sit on his tongue. As Magnus pulls his thumb out, Alec opens his mouth and displays the tip of his tongue where the pre-cum has collected. Magnus moves his lips to Alec’s and with his own tongue shares in Alec’s sweet pre-cum. “hmmmmm, delicious” Magnus teases.

Alec’s hands wandered down the smooth skin of his husband’s back, tracing over the muscles until he found his way to the silky mounds of Magnus’s perfect ass. A deep moan escapes Magnus’s mouth, “fuck, hmmm Alec”

“My turn” Alec flashes an almost sinister smile as he hooks his arms under Magnus’s thighs. In a swift movement he lifts Magnus up entirely, lining his mouth up to that heavenly 9 inch shaft. Alec is still sitting down on the bed, but Magnus is hanging in the air. Magnus places his hands against the wall above the headboard as he is suspended by his husband.

Magnus looks down to see inch by inch of his length disappear past Alec’s reddened lips, the sensation of a swirling tongue massaging down his cock as it sinks into Alec’s throat.

With utter hunger in his eyes, Alec swings his legs and body, still suspending Magnus, 90 degrees round on the bed. Now sitting on the edge. With his arms still hooked under Magnus’s legs he stands up and Magnus stretches his arms up to touch the ceiling but he can’t quite reach it so places his hands on Alec’s shoulders for stability.

Alec lifts Magnus’s body and then lets it sharply drop several inches. Magnus’s body weight slams his cock down Alec’s throat with force, his large balls swing and grazes Alec’s adams apple. Alec’s nose is buried so deep into Magnus’s pelvis he can’t breathe and lifts Magnus again repeating the process.

After some time, the strain of holding Magnus up takes a bit of a toll but he doesn’t want to admit defeat. Alec moves to the wall and with Magnus’s dick still firmly lodged down his throat, Magnus back slams gently against the wall.

Alec continues to hold Magnus up with his arms under his thighs but now his palms lean against the wall.

Magnus doesn’t want it to end but doesn’t want to wear out his husband just yet; he has more planned for tonight. Magnus moans “oh fuck” and snaps his fingers and a whisp of blue light glows briefly.

Suddenly Magnus is more comfortable, as if lying on his back, Alec smirks slightly, although it is hard to read the smirk with that thick cock stretching his lips. “You always look so pretty with your lips stretched around my cock!”

Alec felt the weight of his husband vanish, suddenly the hands he had pressed against the wall is now supporting his weight. It is not the first time Magnus has used magic during sex, but this was new, Alec feels how gravity now seems to pull down on the wall as if it was floor.

Pulling off for a second Alec smiles at his husband writhing in pleasure, “wish we could slow down time, the faces you pull babe, the things you say, the noises you make”.

 “In this place, time, does not flow as it does in your world”

“Where are we?” Clary asks- there is nothing but the endless white void.

“A realm where our spirits can communicate, for what little time left I have” Ithuriel smiles comfortingly.


---Scene 3---
“You once said that passion makes you dangerous” Izzy stirred her latte, as she had done for several minutes.

Sat in the mundane café, Maryse reaches out and holds her daughters hand stopping her from stiring further, “after everything that has happened over the past few years, if I have learnt anything it is that I know a lot less than I thought I did about the world”.

Izzy smiles briefly. It had become a ritual of theirs, to grab a coffee as mother and daughter at least once a week.

“This isn’t about last week is it?” Maryse asks. They had previously discussed her and Simon’s relationship after Izzy had spoke with Luke. Izzy had caused some arguments over Simon’s bisexuality but Luke and Maryse made her see that she was just running scared of a relationship that was actually working.

“No, no, not that” Izzy pauses, “I had such passion for the work we did, now it feels like a lie, I’m so angry. They hid that from us, what else did they hide? We’ve spent thousands of years fighting for them”

Izzy casts her mind back to the memory of Ithuriel, to find out the angels, had exerted such control over them. They had hidden so many runes from the Nephilim, that the angels sought to block them from accessing them. It explained why no one else but Clary had been able to make portals, or bring down wards.

“If that’s true, why can’t the rest of the clave, or my friends use them?”

“You can call upon runes as your brethren can not, and Jace can activate his runes without his stele because your blood is my blood, the other do not hold dominion over you as they do the rest of the Nephilim” Ithuriel responded.

“I understand you feel like so much has been hidden from you” Maryse brings Izzy back down to earth, “but if what Ithuriel said is true, you don’t have the luxury of being mad- it’s not fair but it’s where we are at”.

Izzy feined a smile, the last words Ithuriel would ever say would forever haunt her.


---Scene 4---

“I should have known” Clary sighs. She lies on top of the covers of the bed, staring at the ceiling. Jace’s fingers slide between hers as he turns his head away from her face to look at the ceiling she had found so interesting, “you did”.

“You knew my name when you couldn’t remember me. I know how to make an omelette, but I can’t remember how I learnt to.” Jace inhales deeply, closing his eyes but still wide awake, he squeezes gently Clary’s hand.

“When I ‘created’ runes for sunlight and portals and deactivating mortal instruments it was like I was seeing them in front of me, shimmering in gold, like I was being gifted them”. Clary turns to her side, throwing her right leg over Jace and pulling herself closer towards them.

“I knew it was different when I ‘made’ the necromancy rune and the alliance rune, I had to dig for those, I guess I know why now”, Clary moves her chin and rests it on Jace’s shoulder.

“Alliance rune?” Jace questions. “Well I can’t keep calling it the shadowhunter-downworlder kinda like a parabatai rune but not parabatai rune” she responds.

Tears stream down Clary’s face, and with a gentle laugh offers a solution, “all the runes I’ve made, can’t I just make one that rewinds time, stops you from… stops ‘this’ from happening?”

Ithuriel smiles, his gentle sweet Clary, “if only it was that simple, but you can’t create runes child”. With eyes glazed, Clary doesn’t need to speak to ask Ithuriel what he means, “You can’t create runes, any more than I can; they come from a…higher authority than us”

“Raziel?” Clary asks. “No, higher than Angels, we were gifted them by our creator, we gifted them to you- some of them” Ithuriel chuckles slightly, “listen carefully Clary, the others don’t want you to have this knowledge, and once I am gone I can’t reveal them to you any more. That’s why I am leaving you my memories”

“Memories that I can’t remember!” Clary sighs, “I won’t even be able to remember this conversation, my last memory of you will be your heart being ripped out” tears continue to stream down Clary’s face.

“If I don’t bury them deep enough, the others will find out what I have done. Besides to remember all those memories would drive you mad” Ithuriel continues “but they are there, and I promise, when you need the knowledge contained within you just need to reach deep and they will come to you”


---Scene 5---

Simon sits on Magnus’s sofa with a glass of blood in his hand, staring off into the view of Allicante. He wishes he could go outside but that wouldn’t be wise. Magnus could now open portals to his loft without the Clave knowing and if Simon were to go outside it would raise questions as to how he got there.

“Will I ever become like that, did you ever become like that?” Simon asks Magnus

“Like what?” Magnus grabs himself a martini. It would be several hours until Alec finished work and came home with some books he had requested from Jia. For the time being they needed to keep up appearances and that meant Alec was back at work. Simon, having fast become an expert of shadowhunter lore and history during his time as a deputy needed those books.

“We’re immortal. Do you ever feel the same as the Angels do? Humans and shadowhunters and even the wolves, they will always be centuries younger than you” Simon ponders.

Magnus raises his eye brows and sits down gently into his chair and takes a sip of his martini, “no, I don’t think of you as children. But I understand there is much you have to learn. I think people often think they know it all, it took me centuries to realise, no one really does”.

“why, why hide runes from us, why prevent us from activating the runes and make us reliant on the steles” Clary demands to know.

“Would you let a small child pick up the kitchen knife? Or cross a road by themselves” Ithuriel sighs, “we have lived since before the earth had form, before dust became light, to us, you are so very very young. And you are precious”

“I hope as the centuries pass, as the millenniums pass, I never become like that” Simon sighs and continues to drink his blood.


---Scene 6---
“Spend the night?” Clary pleads gently; she looks into Jace’s mismatched eyes praying he will.

“It might raise suspicion at the institute” it should sound like a rejection but Jace knows it is an acknowledgement of a fact, one that will not stop him from being with Clary. The old Jace would have just said he had book club, but the last year he couldn’t be with anyone even if he wanted to, he just wanted Clary.

As Jace lies on the bed, still clothed in all black, Clary mounts him softly. She is teary eyed as she pulls her top off over hear head and reaches down and kisses Jace gently.

“Hey, hey, hey” Jace whispers, “we don’t have to, I waited a year, I can wait longer”.

Clary settles, resting on Jace’s chest, “I’m scared Jace, what if they try to take my memories again to stop me accessing Ithuriel’s? What if tomorrow it’s gone again? I don’t want to miss this, to be with you again.”

“They can’t hurt you anymore, baby, they can’t hurt you” Jace wraps his arm around Clary, repeating the same line over and over again. He knows that with the Angels diminished connection to the Nephilim, they don’t have the power to suppress her memories anymore.

“What happens if the others find out Ithuriel?” Clary pushes Ithuriel on the subject, he had already said he needed to bury the memories so the Angels wouldn’t find them.

“I’m hoping any knowledge or runes you access, they will think I gave to you before I died” he says sombrely, “if they ever discovered what I have done, they will try to find a way to block your access to the knowledge I am giving you. I’ve put protections in place to try and stop them from removing it but I don’t know if it will hold or if they will find another solution- you will have to be careful with the runes and knowledge you access”

Ithuriel sighs, he sense his impending death is moments away “there is not enough time to get you even a fraction of my memories, I just have to hope I’ve given you enough for what is coming”. Clary hugs Ithuriel and holds him tight, she feels he will slip away soon.


---Scene 7---
“woah, slow down” Magnus chuckles. Alec releases Magnus’s right nipple from his mouth before continuing to kiss down his chest and abdomen at pace, his left hand holding Magnus’s shirt up while his right hand explores.

“Alec, Alec, what’s the rush husband” Magnus runs his hands through Alec’s hair. Alec stays crouched against a standing Magnus, and buries his face into Magnus’s tummy and sighs.

“You’re scared” Magnus looks down and see’s it is Alecs hazel eyes, it isn’t a question he is asking.

Magnus crouches down to Alec’s level and kisses him softly, “hey, the doesn’t mean the end of the world, and if it does, it’s not happening tonight”

Magnus holds his husband, both of them still crouched.

“Why gift me this, this knowledge Ithuriel?” Clary’s face buried in the angels shoulder but still he hears her perfectly.

“We don’t have the luxury of coddling the young anymore”, Ithuriel’s chin rests on Clarys head. “And I don’t know how long they can continue to exert influence over this realm and the Nephilim”

Clary looks up, puzzled. Ithuriel tilts down and replies “Clary, the Angels battled evil, as the Nephilim do, just on higher planes of existence”, Ithuriel tone turns flat, and he starkly warns “but we are losing this war”.

Chapter Text

Ithuriel tone turns flat, and he starkly warns “but we are losing this war”.

---2 months later---


---Scene 1---

Jia power walks through the corridors and Alec maintains her pace. “Who do we have next on the recruitment list?” she asks. “Lexi Riverscar” Alec responds.

“Head of the South East Asian Enclave" Jia confirms

“She was a good ally when I headed up the north America’s Conclave, I think she'll get on board."

“you said that about the last one" Jia smirks at him and Alec flushes with the slightest tinge of embarrassment; he hated to be wrong.

Alec clears his throat slightly “I do also want to talk to you about Clary"

“Oh?” Jia raises her eyebrows as she continues in her stride, not that Alec could see that. “I'm worried she might be exerting herself too much" Alec huffs.

“She hasn't indicated any problems with me, if anything we could do with her speeding up."

Alec sighs “she’s given us 16 rediscovered runes in the space of 2 months!”

“Yes, the heat up popcorn rune is sure to be the tipping point in our fight against the forces of darkness" quips Jia.

“It’s a radiation rune! With the right practise it has applications amongst the medics for instance, rune based x-rays and all."

“The frustrating part is that we don’t know what timescale we are working to here, still I’ll speak to Clary if you’re worried” Jia places her hand on Alec’s shoulder as they reach their destination.

Jia places her hand on the railing of the balcony and turns her head to look out over the vast industrial warehouse. In the centre of the room 50 shadowhunters are practising with Jace on how to activate runes without a stele. Along the edges lie various computer and research stations and the walls are lined with doors to labs and smaller training spaces; partitioned with glass walls.

In one training space Simon and 2 other vampires are teaching 3 shadowhunters how to handle their new and temporary abilities courtesy of the alliance rune they are currently wearing.

Alec chuckles to Jia as they overlook the efforts “who would have thought we’d be leading a covert task force 3 months ago?"

Magnus walks up to join them and kisses his Alec with a gentle press of the lips, “how’s my Husband". Jia answers for Alec, “busy". She flashes a smirk that betrays the serious answer she gave for the amused one she is really feeling.

“Alec, start prepping for Lexi’s extraction. Magnus try not to keep him distracted for too long" Jia walks off with a smile.

“So how is Raphael?” Alec inquires. Magnus visits him at the seminary every 3 or so weeks. There was a twinge of sadness and elated happiness that Magnus held for Raphael. Magnus was thrilled Raphael could live the life he dreamed of, but sad that like so many other cherished ones, he would pass away and become a memory. Normally Magnus could cope with that, which was just the deal of life as a warlock. Except with Raphael he was originally immortal, he had expected him to be there for many centuries yet.

“He is good. He sends his love to his step father" Magnus teases Alec holding his face in his hand. Magnus had practically raised the young vampire and Raphael found some humour in the use of that particular nickname.

Alec backs away ever so slightly “hey I though you two were gonna drop the whole step father teasing thing, he is over 60 years older than me!”

They kiss again, deeply and slowly, and for a moment the craziness of everything melts away. Alec sighs “see you tonight?” as he brings Magnus hand up and kisses the back of them whilst holding them in his own. Magnus chokes out a yes before reluctantly letting Alec go to get on with work.

As Alec starts to walk away Magnus calls “you doing dinner tonight?”. Even though he can conjure a delicious meal, Magnus loved how into cooking Alec had gotten.

Alec continues to walk but backwards to respond “Yup! Leberkäse, found a recipe in one of moms old German cookbooks" Alec smiles, “and after you took me to Oktoberfest the other month, I guess I fancied German sausage"

“Huh! Normally you go for Indonesian Sausage" Magnus quips loud enough a few nearby shadowhunters look over.

Alec blushes a brilliant shade of pink before tripping on the floor.

Magnus carries on walking in his own direction, a wide smile on his face and laughs quietly to himself “still got it".


---Scene 2---

In a dark bedroom Lexi is deep in sleep at the Singapore institute. Lexi often jokes she is what Alec would look like had he been a woman, she was tall, dark short hair, very well built and had a large Angelic power rune on her neck.

The corner of the room illuminates slightly with the formation of a portal.

2 shadowy figures covered in head to toe in black attire appear silently from the portal. Immediately one of them draws a silencing rune on the walls.

Lexi starts to wake up from the light of the portal and freaks out. Placing herself in the corner of the room, screaming and throwing books at the intruders.

Alec suddenly appears out of the portal and quickly assesses the room. He gives a glare to the two shadowhunters in black before going over to Lexi and attempting to calm her down. “Lexi it's ok, it’s me, its Alec"

“What the fuck is going on!” Lexi’s eyes dart across the room before screaming for help.

“They can’t hear you Lexi" Alec calmly says, “I’m sorry we scared you but this is necessary”.

“Necessary for what?!” Lexi glares down Alec.

“I need to take you to Jia, I’ll explain everything" Alec tries to reassure Lexi. Lexi doesn’t feel assured but she doesn’t feel she has much choice either.

“What kind of warlock do you have that can portal past my wards without a single alarm?”

Alec smirks, takes Lexi by the hand and draws the portal rune in the air before disappearing.

The taller of the two shadowhunters in black shakes his head at the other, “I told you to draw the sleep rune while I silenced the room" before stepping through the portal which closes after him.

The last remaining shadowhunter climbs into the bed, his eyes glow golden and suddenly his black shadowy form shifts into that of Lexi “I told you wah wah wah wah sleep rune" he mimics in a high pitch voice.


---Scene 3---

“Alec I think you need to tell me what the fuck is going on" Lexi spits.

“This way" Alec leads Lexi into a plain room. The walls and ceiling and floor are all a shade of muted grey. Inside there is a silent brother, Jia, 2 guards and on a stand in the centre of the room on display is the soul sword.

“Lexi, good to see you. I’m sure this is all very confusing but I promise we will explain what’s happening” Jia ushers Lexi to the centre of the room.

“Don’t worry, we all had to do this" Alec tries to reassure her as Lexi is moved towards the soul sword.

Jia places her hand on the soul sword and calmly says “you will not be harmed". Although Lexi is very concerned and anxious she also knows Jia can't lie in that moment.

“I'm going to explain what's been going on", Jia continues to hold the sword “and then it will be your turn.

Jia explains everything, from the loss of contact from the Angels, to Clary’s return, to Ithuriel’s gift, to the increase in demonic activity and attacks and the formation of the covert strike force.

Jia removes her hand and places Lexi's on the sword. “Your turn"

“I don’t know what you want me to say" Lexi struggles to process everything she has been told.

Jia performs an interrogation, asking about what Lexi thinks of the situation, of the strike team, and if she believes it is right to keep this all hidden for the time being. Lexi is stunned but understands the wide spread panic the Clave would have if they all found out that the Angels are losing the war and now seem to be out of contact with the Nephilim entirely. Lexi agrees to support Jia’s actions.

“What would have happened had I not agreed to this?” Lexi asks

“We would have used a rune Clary rediscovered. It allows us to wipe out the last couple of hours from your memory. Then we would have return you to your room in Singapore and you would have never known about this conversation” Jia remarks as she leaves the room.

They won’t harm others but they need to know they can trust them before letting people get involved in their operation.


---Scene 4---

“Alec's worried about you" Jia’s voice brings Clary back to reality. She’s surrounded by books at a desk in one of the offices.

“Oh, hi Jia. What’s Alec worried about?” Clary ties her hair back, and turns to warmly great Jia.

“He thinks you’re pushing yourself too hard"

“And you?” Clary still remembers Jia sentencing her to death. Jia may have changed in many ways but there is still a harsh streak there.

“I have no problem with you being pushed, we need answers and we don’t know why demon attacks are increasing", Jia nods, “but I’m not going to push you to breaking point either- you're too valuable"

Clary wants to be annoyed at that but she understands Jia’s motives. Jia does care about Clary but her duty takes precedence, right now Clary is something they can use to work out what the hell is going on.


---Scene 5---

“Boop boop" Jace smirks. Simon is on his knees defeated but amused, “I'm gonna get you one of these days". Jace offers Simon his arm and pulls him to his feet. They both go to the bench at the side of the training room and grab their bottles of water.

“I missed this" Simon splutters. “I miss our trekkie nights" Jace smiles, “but as always, you tell ANYONE and you’re".

The two had grown quite close the past year, with Alec head of the conclave and then inquisitor Jace no longer had his Parabatai around him 24/7 and Simon had lost his best friend, Clary.

“With everything that’s going on here, it’s like there's no time for me and Clary" Jace sighs.

“Same! Izzy still has to maintain her visibility as head of the New York institute, thank god she can portal here when she can"


----Scene 6---

 “So Lexi is on board, huh?” Jace glances at Alec who nods “She’s back at Singapore, our eyes and ears over there".

“If we carry on recruiting like we have there’ll be more people in this conspiracy than out of it" Jace laughs, Alec remains professional and doesn’t respond but Jace can feel through their bond that it tickled him.

Alec and Jace walk over to Jia and Magnus who are talking at one of the computer stations that dotting around the main operation centre.

“Recognise this?” Magnus beams shaking a small plastic bag half the size of his thumb.

“I was holding it for a friend?” Jace retorts.

“His sense of humour has really come back since Clary, hasn’t it" Magnus raises his eye brow before turning to His husband and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Alec takes hold of the bag and brings it up to his eyes and sighs. Turning to Jace Alec simply says “sand".

Jace hasn’t clicked yet so Alec goes on, “like with Azazel right?” Magnus nods, “this comes from Dudael".

“With Edom gone it is likely the many demons have relocated to Dudael, it’s one of the worst hell dimensions" Jia sighs “we need to know how they are getting through to our world so easily without being summoned and I think the answers are in Dudael itself".

“No shadowhunter could go there, the air is toxic" Alec shakes his head before looking at Magnus and seeing a familiar guilty look. Magnus can’t hide much from his Husband. “You didn’t!”

“Alexander, it is just a reconnaissance mission” Magnus places his hand on his Husband’s waist, pleading silently for him not to make a fuss.

Alec knows Magnus can’t be reasoned with so he does the only thing he can do, with an equal amount of resolve “I'm going too!"

 “Alec no, you can’t!” Jace begs, Magnus simply pleads “think this through sweetie”, Jia tries to forbid it “you’re the inquisitor it’s not happening!"

“We have the alliance rune, it’s happening, it’s done, don’t any of you dare stop me” he glares at all of them.

“Alec…” Jia is cut off by Alec hold his hand up, “Jia if my husband is going to Dudael I'm going with him, end of discussion" Jia knows there is no reasoning with him and Alec is too important right now; people have joined this fight because of Alec not Jia.

Sighing Jia purses her lips and says “you both leave tomorrow, take the rest of the day off- you could use the break" smiling flatly she places her hand affectionately on Alec’s shoulder and walks off.


---Scene 7---


Alec’s hand grips the balcony rail, the early morning air gently brushes his skin but the rising sun warms him. He looks out over Alicante; people are on the streets below oblivious to his actions.

Alec feels the gentle caress of Magnus’s hand as it wrapped around his bare chest. Within moments the wandering hand slowly trails down, tracing his pectoral muscles, then his abdomen. As Magnus progresses towards the V line it Alec tingles and he shudders. Finally the hand nears its destination eager to grab hold of Alec’s throbbing 8 inch cock currently swinging in sync with Magnus pounding. Beads of pre-cum stretch from the tip as Alec’s cock swings before finally breaking off and joining the copious amounts of other droplets splashed across the balcony floor.

“Oh fuck" Alec moans, a vision of stunning beauty, bent over the railings will not an item of clothing on him. It’s a powerful glamour that Magnus has cast, it has never failed but the possibility that it could, that his peers on the street below could see Alec, driven wild with lust as he takes every inch of his husband’s huge cock, turns Alec on immensely.

“Open your eyes husband" Magnus leans forward and whispers into Alec's ear, “what would they think, if they could see you now, would they be angry, jealous perhaps, would they turn their gaze in embarrassment?”

“Hmm, maybe they'd see I’m blessed" Alec smiles as he arches his back further. “See how lucky I am to have a husband that takes care of all my needs".

Magnus runs his tongue up the back of Alec’s neck, “you are such a perfect bottom slut". Alec shivers; he loves the filthy words that come out of Magnus's mouth.

“If I didn’t know better I would think that cunt of yours was magic” Magnus slaps Alec's ass as he moans in response. He shouldn't like the use of such words but when he and Magnus are having this kind of sex the filthier the better. “How else can you explain how it takes this huge warlock dick so well and yet every time starts off so tight" Magnus continues.

Alec closes his eyes in ecstasy. Magnus, sensing this, grabs a handful of Alec's hair and yanks back “No. Eyes open baby. Look at them, those shadowhunters who have no idea you're getting fucked deep by the high warlock of Alicante right under their noses.”

Magnus smirks “maybe I should lower the glamour, let them see what they are missing?"

“Uhh, I wish we could" Alec moans, knowing it would be the end of his career if they did, “wish they could see how beautiful your cock is when it is stretching and slamming into my pussy"

Magnus starts stroking Alec's cock, his thumb running up and down the veins of Alec's aching shaft. He knows it won’t be long before Alec is shooting his load.

“Tell me what you want Alexander” he places small delicate kisses along Alec’s neck and back which tingles. “What does my beautiful slutty husband want" Magnus lifts his right leg slightly, resting his foot on the banister in order to change the angle and really hit Alec's now very sensitive prostrate.

“I want you to cum in me" Alec, nearly breathless, strains to get the words out. He is too engrossed in the sensations of Magnus's thick and long 9 inch cock rubbing his prostrate, the grazing of his taint with each thrust, and those heavy balls of Magnus's grinding into his as he is taken all the way to the hilt.

“You gotta earn it first, cum for me" Magnus whispers into his ear again, “cum in front of all those people walking down in the streets".

Alec can’t hold it in much longer and before he knows it he has his first orgasm of the day. His ass throbs and contracts around Magnus's dick and the talented warlock has to fight so hard not to cum himself. Alec expected to spray all over the floor but found Magnus cupping the head of his cock, catching as much as he can. Still the volume and force in which he shoots his load means much of it still ends on the floor as it splashes back from hitting Magnus's hand or drips from it.

Alec goes to stick out his tongue, assuming Magnus intends to feed him his own load as he often does. Instead Magnus pulls out of Alec and Alec suddenly feels empty. He cries out, needing his husband to get back in there and fill him up.

He turns his head round and sees Magnus slather the cum over his own cock. Alec’s eyes bulge at the sight and Magnus flashes him a cocky smile.

Swiftly Magnus slides his cock back into Alec. Having been fucking for some time, slick with Alec’s cum it slides right in with ease.

“Holy fuck” Alec moans before whispering Magnus’s name repeatedly. “Feel that? I’m filling you cunt with your own cum, gonna add mine to it next"

Alec has already become hard again at the thought and sensation of it all. “Please Magnus” he begs.

“Please what Husband?”

“Please fill me with your cum. I want it full to the brim. Want your cum leaking out of my used hole throughout the whole fucking day.” Alec has never looked as pretty as when he is full of dick and desire.

“Everyone will know if they see you leaking" Magnus teases.

Alec knows and even loves the idea. Once Jace had noticed the smallest of patches leaking through and obviously knew why. It had turned Alec on so much, Jace’s face full of shock, Alec could have sworn he saw Jace’s cock twitch at the sight.

“Let them! Let them see that this pussy is yours. I want them to know you fuck it so good and fill it so much" Alec has already cummed just 5minutes early yet he feels another starting to build up.

Magnus picks up the pace and Alec’s moans seem to merge into one long moan of pleasure.

“Fuck! Magnus! I'm gonna cum again! FUCK!” Alec screams and his cock squirts ropes of cum on the ground. With each squirt his cock twitches upwards and his balls contract.

Alec’s ass pulsates and grips Magnus’s cock as he cums and this time Magnus can’t hold back. With a loud groan Magnus unloads into his husband's ass mixing with Alec’s cum that he had already fucked into there.

“Fuck. Alexander. Take it! Take every drop” Magnus closes his eyes and tilts his head back. His pounding doesn’t stop as he is cumming and he slams into Alec with every squirt.

Alec moves his hands behind him and grabs a hold of Magnus’s ass and pulls him towards himself. He holds Magnus as close as he can to him, Magnus buried as deep as he physically can be as he continues to unload.

After what seems like an eternity, Magnus collapses onto Alec's back, panting heavily.

“We best get showered" Magnus chuckles.

“Separately if we are going to get to work on time, today is going to be hell!" Alec smiles, turns his head and with a swift movement grabs Magnus by the back of the neck.  He pulls him in to a deep kiss that lasts several minutes before Magnus finally pulls out. Alec tries to hold it in but it’s inevitable that a few drips escape, mostly running down the inside of his thighs, which Alec loves the sensation of.

Magnus smacks Alec's very full ass before heading in for that shower whilst Alec spends a few more moments looking out over Alicante, beaming with contentment.


---Scene 8---

Alec straps his last holsters on and loads it with daggers. As Magnus walks in his breath is taken away, Alec standing in an all black ensemble, loaded with all manner of weapons and of course his bow and quiver.

“I’ve set up the pentagram in the over room, ready when you are” Magnus sits down on the bench next to his Husband and combs his fingers into Alec’s own, squeezing his hand.

“But I think we should spend half an hour acclimatising in here before we set off."

“Standard protocol is only for 10 minutes" Alec states.

“Yes but, you’ve only used an alliance rune with warlocks twice before. You did struggle a bit the first time with Lorenzo, and not to boast but I’m a bit more powerful than him or the other one" Magnus brushes Alec’s fringe to the side.

“That’s it?” Alec raises an eyebrow wondering if there is more to it.

“And it’s our first time together using the alliance rune, and I’m curious what we could get up to with you having a bit if magical ability" Magnus blushes, Alec using magic in their sex life had never occurred to him before.

Alec whips out his stele, “ready?” Magnus nods. “Help me find a patch?” Alec smirks, lifting his t-shirt up and giving Magnus access to his chest. Magnus runs his fingers across the muscles, feeling warm with lust. Alec affects him so much but they have a mission to carry out.

“How about here?” pointing to Alec's chest where his heart is “seems fitting”.

Alec smiles and his eyes penetrate Magnus very soul. “Hold my t-shirt up for me?”

Still with his hands to Alec’s chest, Magnus slowly drifts his hand up and grabs and bunches Alec's t-shirt, keeping his chest exposed.

Alec draws the alliance rune, the skin singes slightly and Alec grits his teeth for a brief second. It always hurts a little bit when one draws a rune onto flesh, like getting a piercing.

Magnus releases Alec's t-shirt and lifts up his own. He points to his heart and Alec melts, could his husband be any more of a romantic but badass cutie?

Magnus doesn’t flinch when the rune is placed on his chest. He lowers his t-shirt.

Alec stands up and flicks his hands and a blue glow of magical energy surrounds his finger tips.

“Now that’s hot!” Magnus looks up at Alec, feeling a flush of warmth he unbuttons the top two buttons of his grey dress shirt.

Alec just grins like an idiot, pleased that he can have such an affect on his husband.

Alec hears a tiny patter, like a drip, and looks at Magnus, “Your shirt?” he questions as he notices a drops of blood on them.

Magnus looks down and then places his finger under his nose before looking at it and seeing blood.

He turns to look at Alec, who with a cry collapses to the floor, blood streaming out of his own nose.

Alec clutches as his chest in terrible pain. It feels like he is being burnt from the inside.

Magnus stands up to rush over to Alec but immediately his legs give and he feels searing pain. Curled up in a foetus position Magnus has never known a pain like this, even when he was tortured by Imogen with the agony rune it never felt like this.

He cries out to Alec, “Ale...ahhh....Alexander”

“MAGNUS" Alec screams in pain.

“Get it off" begs Magnus clutching at the alliance rune on his chest.

They both reach their arms across the floor, every inch of movement feels like being disembodied and set ablaze.

Alec gets close enough with his stele to remove the rune and moves the stele over it to remove.

“ALEC!” Magnus begs, Alec tries again to remove it, a second, third and fourth time. He can’t understand why it won’t come off.

Alec moves his stele to his own chest and again he can’t seem to remove.

Alec is in the worst pain of his life and reaches out for Magnus, tears streaming down his face. Is he going to die? Is Magnus going to die? It feels like it. In that moment Alec just wants to take it all the pain away from his husband, bear it himself even though it would likely kill him.

“Magnus, I...” Alec wheezes struggling for breath, “I, love you!”

Magnus sobs and nods, “Aku Cinta Kamu”

Alec tries to focus on Magnus's face, he wants to remember it if it is the last thing he will see but it’s contorted in pain and it breaks his heart. Magnus starts to blur, his vision darkens and then there is nothing but darkness.


Chapter Text

--- Scene 1---

“What's this?” Clary looked up to see Jace holding a picnic basket and glee in his mismatched eyes.

Clary was worn out and whilst appreciative felt there was no time.

Jace sat down next to her and closed the book she was reading. Clary pulled a face but before she could protest Jace holds her hand and in such a sweet tone says “You’re running yourself into the ground, you’re no help if you don’t look after yourself"

Clary smiles and tilts her head to rest on Jace’s shoulder, “it’s sweet but we don’t have time for this"

“We have time for a bit of food. Just to keep us going"

Clary reluctantly nods, she could do food, it doesn’t take too long and maybe it would be good to eat something today.

Jace opens the basket lid and starts pulling out a feast of food, there was an assortment of berries, Fougasse, cured meats like Jambon de Bayonne and Saucisson, jars of Terrines, Rillettes and Pâté and a variety of cheeses like Comté, Cantal, Abondance and Tome de Savoie.

“Wow, it’s just like when you found me in Paris and we spent a few hours there before Alec made us come back to the institute” Clary smiled. Then looking at the labels of some of the Jars she became puzzled before recognising the label from a French shop they had visited when they had been there.

“Wait. Did you... did you portal to Paris?”

Jace went sheepish, and looked down, hiding his gaze from Clary. “I thought, it was such a happy moment; finding you again. I thought it would be nice to have a little slice of that again.” Jace finally managed to meet Clary’s gaze before continuing “You've been working so hard since you came back, I worry about you"

Jace goes sheepish again and looks down at the food, but Clary with a hint of a tear in her eye, reaches out and grabs Jace’s chin. She pulls his face up and points it so he is facing her and unable to hide and leans in to kiss him.

“I know I’ve been so shit recently. I just... it’s so frustrating! I know the runes and the knowledge is there, but when ever I am able to access it it’s all random and mostly useless" Clary sighs.

“You’re too hard on yourself"

“Am I? The last intelligence I was able to pull from Ithuriel's memories was a 8000 year old recipe for a cake thing made out of sorrel, watercress, dandelion and nettle leaves” Clary purses her lip frustrated by the whole thing.

“You forgot the Barley Flour” Jace tried to get a smile out of Clary but it wasn't happening. “Oh that reminds me" Jace says as he pulls out a green round dense looking cake.

“You didn’t?” Clary rolled her eyes. The gesture was sweet admittedly, Jace had made the ancient recipe.

Jace breaks some off and passes it to Clary before breaking some off himself. They take a bite at the same time. Clary spits it out almost immediately; gagging on the taste. Jace quickly follows once he sees Clary has spat it out with, “Oh thank god, if I had to pretend that was good, I... I had nothing!”

The both find themselves laughing at the whole thing.

Clary kisses Jace, her sweet Jace, on the head and he closes his eyes and smiles. He was enjoying the warmth of her touch and presence when suddenly he feels a shooting pain.

“Jace, what’s wrong?” Clary asks confused.

Jace lifts up his shirt and places his hand on his Parabatai rune before he feels another wave of even more intense pain.


He jumps out of the chair with such force it topples over and he bolts for the door. Clary runs after him.

They wind through a few corridors before reaching a room which seems locked and in one fell swoop Jace runs against it with his shoulder and smashes through.

 On the floor lies Alec, curled up on his side with his left hand on his chest and his right arm extended up towards Magnus who appears much the same position but in mirrored. There is blood all over the floor and if they are breathing it is so slow and shallow Jace initially can’t see movements in their chest indicating that they are alive.

Clary gasps and puts her hand to her mouth as Jace collapses to the ground shaking them both, “Oh god no! You can’t leave me Alec. MEDIC” Jace screams.


---Scene 2----

Catarina hands outstretch on either side, a magical misty glow hovers over both Alec and Magnus as they lay in the medical beds. They are still unconscious and showing little evidence of life.

Catarina shakes her head and the magic stops. Jace, Simon, Clary, Izzy, Luke, Maryse and Jia look on anxiously.

“I'm sorry, I was able to stabilise them for a bit but I don’t know what’s happening to them or why” Cat chocks on her words slightly, “their bodies are just... shutting down. I don't... don't know how much time they have left”

Luke holds Maryse tightly as she sobs.

“What were they doing before Jace and Clary found them?” Izzy’s voice is shaky but right now her leadership skills are kicking in and she thinks to herself ‘no! Not today! They are not dying, not if I have anything to do with it’

“They were about to go on a reconnaissance mission to Dudeal” Jia shrugs, “They were in an armoury I’m guessing they were loading up with weapons, nothing that explains this"

“Wait, Alec wouldn’t have been able to have survived in Dudeal" Luke raises the point

“Alec insisted on going, they were going to use the alliance rune" Jace thinks nothing of it.

There is panic in Clary’s eyes, a knowledge hits her like a truck which nearly winds her; sparkling glitter dances in front of her sight of vision but it doesn’t coalesce into a rune it just rushes into her body and fills her instead. “Oh fuck!” She runs over to Alec and starts inspecting his arm and neck with speed.

Clary rips open Alec’s shirt and sees the alliance rune. Take a step back gasping she asks Catarina to check Magnus.

Clary turns her head to see Magnus's alliance rune.

“I know what’s happening"


---Scene 3---

Alec sighs slightly, nervous with everyone watching, “I’m not stepping on your feet am I?” Alec was never a strong dancer and nothing scared him more than everything not going perfectly today.

Magnus smiles and clasps one hand on Alec’s and the other around Alec’s back and pulls him in tightly. “How could you be, it’s like I’m walking on air"

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you

“You’ve made me the happiest man alive" Magnus buries his head into Alec’s shoulder and neck.

“I believe I hold that distinction" Alec cockily retorts. Even now Alec’s skin still tingles when Magnus is close enough he feels his breath on his neck.

Alec is so engrossed that it takes him a moment to realise all the faces that surrounded him were suddenly gone, “where did everyone go?”

“Alec” Magnus sighs, “they were never there". Magnus looks up and presses the most gentle of kisses on his Husband's lips.

Alec’s smile falters, “Is this your mind or mine?”

“both, I think" Magnus tightens his grip further. He buries his face yet again in his Husband’s neck, hoping it can hide the watering eyes.

Alec gulps, “how long do we have left?”

Magnus moves to meet his gaze, looks down and adjusts Alec's bow tie with a smile tainted with sorrow, “as long as we can get away with"


--- Scene 4---

“How do you know?” Catarina asks, she sure as hell can’t work out what’s going on so how can Clary?

“Because Ithuriel is starting to live up to his end of the bargain" Clary closes her eyes for a moment, she dreads where this conversation is going.

“Do you remember what I said, the first time I used the alliance rune? I described it as being like a temporary Parabatai rune"

“Fuck" Izzy suddenly sits up, her eyes wide.

Jace closes his eyes, how could he not seen this coming, he takes a deep breath, “Eros"

Simon is confused by all this, “sorry what's going on?”

“It’s against the Law for Parabatai to fall in love with each other" Jia explains

Simon’s reading kicks in, “Yea yea, there was old passages about Parabatai falling in love. Some of the fables said they grew dangerous, some said they gained magic like abilities, some went mad, and nearly all end in death. But those are just legends"

“All the legends are true" Jace’s eyes dart towards Simon.

Izzy shakes her head, no this can’t be, “But this isn’t a Parabatai bond! Why would being in love affect the alliance rune"

Clary looks over at Magnus and cups his face “They both create a bond but in different ways. Parabatai is like an exchange of how you feel and react, the alliance rune is more like an exchange of what you are. They are both soul bonds just in different ways"

“I don’t understand, a soul bond but different?” Maryse stutters as she wipes tears from her face

“If I bound with rope our arms together, or our legs, or hands maybe, each of those is a physical bond. The soul has many facets and there are many runes that bond in different ways. The twining rune Lillith used to bind me to Jonathan for instance"

“Why would love cause a problem?” Simon asks

Clary needs to finish this, she needs to explain what is happening, “being in love like that, that kind of connection, it overloads the runes, like a Dam that was designed to contain and harness the power of a river being used to hold back an ocean"

“You can cure them right? You can save Alec and Magnus!” Jace almost seems certain

“I think there is a way, I don't know, I can't see it yet" Clary is frustrated and bites her tongue.

“You were able to dig deep to find out what was wrong, dig deeper” Jace sits down next to Alec and holds his hand, hoping Alec could hear him through their bond begging him to fight and stay with him.

“I’m trying"

“Try harder!” Jace snaps “I am not losing Alec today or any other. You're the one with Ithuriel’s memories so use them! Otherwise what was the point in any of this" Jace storms out, instantly regretting flipping out. He goes back to his room and breaks down in tears. Everything was going wrong, he had been unfair on Clary, and his Parabatai and his Husband were going to die.


---Scene 5---

“What the hell was that" Simon charged in. His face would have been flushed red with anger had he still been alive. His arms crossed and his gaze steely.

Jace is sitting on the floor, his knees raised up to his chest, his arms wrapped round his legs and clutching them towards himself. Jace’s head is bowed down and his hair has flopped down and covered his face, when he looks up his face is raw from the tears and Simon’s can’t maintain the look of rage, it’s tinted with pity.

Simon slumps onto the floor next to Jace, leaning back against the wall like Jace is. “I get Alec means a lot to you but you can’t act like that, and certainly not to Clary"

“I know, I just, you don’t know how much Alec means to me"

“I can’t know what it’s like to have a Parabatai but I get that you love him, we all get that" Simon places his hand on Jace’s knee and true to nudge him out of the spiral.

“It's more than that, it’s...doesn’t matter I’m just a mess. Ignore me" Jace wipes his face and rubs his wet hands on his jeans.

“no go on, you can tell me" Simon tries to reassure Jace, “You know you can trust me with anything! I didn’t tell anyone you binge watched star trek with me or that Janeway is your favourite, most people would disown you for not saying Picard by the way.” The both chuckle slightly.

“It’s just all that talk of Parabatai falling in love" Jace sighs.

“Because Alec thought he loved you?”

“It just brought a lot back” Jace nods, “He did love me you know, back then, it was real love"

Jace had known for so long that Alec was in love with him, he wished he could love him like that back, “I wanted to...act upon it"

“Woah you wanted to bang Alec? Well this took a turn" Simon was genuinely surprised but his off the cuff reaction was not what he wanted to say and in his head he cringed so hard.

“No! Well kind of. I’ve never told anyone this" Jace looks into Simon’s eyes for a silent promise, he knows Simon wont break his confidence but he still needs that confirmation “I could feel what Alec felt, it was so pure that kind of love, I wished I could feel it too. I never did feel it myself until Clary."

“Must be hard to know he felt that way about you and you couldn’t return it" Simon sympathised; having been on the receiving end with Clary.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to" Jace stutters but Simon waves his hands to tell Jace its fine.

“We kissed once" Jace blurts outs.

Simon’s eye nearly popped out his face with surprise. It was such a weird thought, Jace kissing a dude.

Jace smiled as he fondly remembered “we were 17, and we snuck out, Maryse had no idea" he chuckles “We got totally drunk, and I had known for so long at this point about how he felt. So I kissed him. I pretended the next day that I had been too drunk to remember. He was so crushed by it”

“You didn’t feel the same way as Alec did? The love part not the crushing part" Simon clarifies.

“No, but I wished for it. I wanted so badly to be able to give him what he wanted; I wanted to feel what he felt for me. I didn’t act on it to start with because that would be a crime, the crime of Eros amongst Parabatai” Jace wipes his face again. “But when we kissed. It felt electric to him; I could feel that through the bond. But it didn’t feel like that to me. As much as I wanted to give myself to him and make him happy, I wanted him to have something authentic. He deserved something real from someone that loved him back the way he loved them”

“And that discussion about Eros brought it back up for you?” Simon wrapped his arm around Jace, other than his brothers Simon had become close enough to Jace the past year that he was the only man who probably could get away with that. Jace did feel reassured by the action, to the relief of Simon.

“More than that. Alec bonded himself to Magnus, I’m not just getting Alec’s feelings through the bond, and I’m feeling some of Magnus too"

Simon involuntarily jerks his head back slightly, “well that’s just weird"

“When they placed the rune on, I felt the pain they felt, both of them. But now I feel overwhelmed with Love and sorrow all blended into one.” Jace looks into Simon’s eyes, his own inflating as his voice breaks “It’s breaking my heart”. Jace continues to sob “He finally found someone who could love him, the way he should be- he doesn't deserve this. Not now. Not now he has found that”

“You know, deep down, you’re just a big romantic sap” Simon shoves himself slightly into Jace and they both just giggle briefly. Jace wipes his face again, and Simon orders him to his feet “come on, you need to have a word with Clary!”


---Scene 6---

Beams of sunlight penetrate the room and highlight its gold accents. A pair of boots, dark trousers and a few other items of clothing dot the rug and continues onto the carpet leading up to the bed.

Alec lazily starts to open his eyes, he still lies straight on his back after years of shadowhunter discipline, even in sleep he was expected to be composed and lay straight.

He feels Magnus wrapped around him, his arm atop Alec's chest and his thumb tapping on him softly. Magnus is on his side and his legs are drawn upwards slightly towards Alec. Both of them surrounded by gold silk bedding that is warm and comfortable. Magnus’s head rests on Alec s shoulder and Alec’s arm is under Magnus’s neck.

“Good morning" Alec says half asleep, his left hand moving above the covers on his chest towards Magnus’s tapping thumb.

Magnus lets out a small puff of air and replies “good morning"

Alec sharply moves his head to face Magnus and says “oh no what time is? I have to get to the institute” he turns onto his right side to face Magnus.

“Oh" Magnus starts to raise his head off the pillow, barely containing the disappointment in his eyes.

A devilish smile appears on Alec’s face “I’m, I'm just kidding, I’m just kidding”

Magnus sighs in relief and smiles.

“You really afraid I was gonna go?” Alec's eyes move up to face Magnus’s eyes

“No" Magnus lies

“What are you afraid of?" Alec looks into his Husband’s eyes

“Acid wash jeans" he chuckles

“Oh come on Magnus" Alec coxes

The colour drains slightly from Magnus’s face, “that this will end? And that, that we will end up in different places"

Alec brushes Magnus’s hair, “what you talking about baby?”

“You're Nephilim, and I'm the son of a prince of hell. What if… what if you go where ever Angels go and I get sent back down?"

“Never going to happen. You’re a good man Magnus. You’re coming with me, when we...” Alec starts to choke up, “I don’t know if I could have asked for a better death, to spend my last moments with my husband, living out these cherished moments. And knowing, absolutely knowing, that when we move on, if there is a place after here, we will be together”

“But, if I do go to hell" Magnus tears up

“Hey" Alec grips his husband’s arm, “not happening. And if I had to I would rather spend an entirety in hell with you than be anywhere else without you"

“You can’t mean that"

“I meant it once before and I mean it now" Alec kisses Magnus’s forehead. Alec had planned to spend an eternity in Edom with Magnus, before they had killed Lilith and destroyed that dimension. Alec had even considering turning himself into a vampire, he would and could do anything for the man he loved so dearly.


---Scene 7---

“Jace can be such a prick, are you ok Clary?” Izzy closes the door behind them as Clary flops onto her bed.

“He’s not wrong though. It was never this hard before, why am I finding it so hard to access all the knowledge and runes?” Clary screams into her pillow. Alec's and Magnus's life is in the balance here and Clary was frustrated she couldn’t work out what she needed to do to save them.

“After Ithuriel died it was always going to be hard to access, he isn’t there to just hand it over" Izzy sits next to Clary and lies down facing the ceiling, just being next to her would be Parabatai she hoped would ground Clary a bit.

“Well not always" Clary sighs.

“Really, when was it easy?”

Clary lifts her head out of the pillow and looks up at Izzy “I wouldn’t say easy, but it wasn’t this hard recalling the Necromancy rune or the alliance rune or even the rune I used to kill Jonathan"

“Yea I never understood the rune you used on Jonathan" Izzy pulls a puzzled look towards Clary

Clary groans and rolls her eyes, “I’ve told you, I surrounded him with heavenly wings of light, which purged him of anything demonic which tainted him. And his blood was demon blood so he couldn’t exactly live without blood"

“Yea and you said you think he is in heaven now?”

“Without anything demonic in him, he got to die as a Nephilim, as he should have been had it not been for Valentine and his damn experimentations. He died with a clean slate” she had explained this enough times to Izzy, “but that’s not the point, now I can’t access it the same as before I lost my memories. Do you think the Angels are trying to block me still?”

Izzy shakes her head, it’s doubtful given they’ve been unable to exert any noticeable influence on the Nephilim these past months, “You recalled the information about what’s affecting Magnus and Alec quite quick!”

Clary kind of nods and pulls a ‘meh' face as Simon likes to call it.

“So what’s the difference between those times and the others?” Izzy prompts Clary but Clary isn’t picking up where they are heading. “Clary you knew what you needed in those times, it was specific. The last few months you’ve been looking for something helpful but maybe that’s too vague. Ithuriel said when you need the knowledge it will come to you. Maybe you need to be thinking more specifically or be in situations when you need a specific solution"

Clary starts to agree, “Well I could do with a specific solution right now. I should go see Jace; he’s not doing well with all this"

“Don’t worry about Jace, Simon said he was going to talk to him. Besides you two will kiss and make up, if I’ve learnt anything from you two it’s that love conquers all” Izzy smiles and brushes some hair that had started to cover Clary’s face to one side.

With a sense of resolve Clary jumps up and bolts to the door, “come on, I got it! Thanks to you!”


---Scene 8---

Alec pulls his lips away from Magnus’s and rests his forehead against Magnus's. He smiles and turns to look in the distance. “The buildings are going, I can barely see Wadakura Park” Alec chokes and his eyes inflate and sheen now they are starting to tear up"

“shsss, angel, it’s ok" Magnus lies, he knew Alec's mind had taken them here for the view, the still water in front of them is all that remains clear as they stand on the terrace of the Palace Hotel. It had been one of their first dates and Magnus wanted to show off and make the world Alec’s oyster so took him to Tokyo.

“It’s nearly over isn’t it" Alec gulps, feeling the world collapsing slowly around them. The buildings and the park in the background becoming hazy.

“I got you, I got you" Magnus pulls Alec in closer.

Alec’s voice falters and breaks, he struggles with his words as the tears are streaming down his face, “Oh god, I'm not ready, it’s not enough time Magnus!”

“Take my hand; we have enough time for one." Magnus can’t finish his sentence as he trembles at the sight of his crying husband.


---Scene 9---

“So yea, those are the options" Clary finishes and the room is Silent. Everyone is stunned and not sure how to proceed. No one makes a sound for an uncomfortable amount of time, not Jace or Izzy, not Simon or Jia, not Luke or Maryse or even Catarina.

“So let them die or save them, I know my vote" Simon finally breaks the silence. Of course Simon would be the first to break it.

“It's not just saving them; their lives would be irrevocably altered! Would they thank us for that, for fundamentally changing their very nature?” Jia points out

“I died and came back and now I drink blood" Simon shrugs, “I got over it"

“Not everyone does, and it wasn’t exactly easy for you in the beginning Si" Izzy adds

“And then there is option 3, one dies to save the other. I hate to be the one to bring it up but that would stop this from changing them" Jia points out.

“Right because losing the love of your life won’t change anything" Jace snaps

“And who do you propose we save? Who do we let die Jia? I don’t need 3 guesses to know who you will pick. As much as you all say you’ve changed you still pick your own above us" Catarina skin tints blue for a moment as she struggles to contain her rage despite her quiet nature.

“I'm sorry but we are at war. Alec is more valuable at the moment, he is critical to securing support within the Clave. You think I’m being heartless? I am because I need to be. But don’t paint me as a bigot. If I needed to sacrifice a shadowhunter for a warlock in order to win this fight don’t think for a second I won’t send one of my own to their death" Jia glares Catarina down

A sudden loud symphony of crashes deafens the room and everyone turns to Maryse who has swiped everything off a table in the corner, making sure everyone shuts up. Maryse walks over to Clary and firmly states “My son can't live with out his Husband and Magnus can’t live without him. And I’m not going to let them die. Do what you need to do"

“Maryse...” Jia starts but Maryse snaps her head towards her and glares “Alec's Husband is incapacitated so I'm his next of kin. Don’t even try to stop me"

If the situation hadn’t been so serious Jia would have chuckled at how similar Maryse and Alec were in that moment, it’s what Alec had said just the day before. Jia silently nods to give her consent, not that her consent is needed at this point.

Clary walks over first to Magnus and starts drawing a rune over the alliance rune.


---Scene 10---

Alec smiles as he looks up fondly at the leaves and flowers that drape from the ceiling; it was like a chandelier that encompasses the room in a soft yellow autumn glow.

“There’s no one else here though" Alec nods towards where the guests would have been. Their world had become so small. Now the size of a small room with everything beyond it dark and hazy.

Magnus smiles so much it crinkles his face and he places his palm on his Husband’s cheeks “it was never really about them, was it”

“No, it wasn't” Alec’s agrees, the tears from Tokyo have gone and all that is left is a bright smile full of love and devotion for the man he loved above no other.


“Ready" Alec takes a deep breath, still beaming Alec leans into Magnus’s ear and gently says “You picked the perfect one" bringing a wide smile to Magnus. If this was their end, Magnus picked the right one for them.

Alec begins “the love I have for you”

“Is a love that knows no bounds"

“In times of joy as well as sadness”

“In sickness and in health”

“I will love you as my equal”

“And protect you above all else”

“I’ll share with you my truest feelings”

“And when you speak I will listen”

“I will catch you when you fall”

“And when you soar I will help you reach your greatest heights”

“Magnus lightwood-Bane” Alec silently chuckles at the corrected name.

“Alexander Gideon lightwood-Bane” Magnus smirks

They both look down at their wedding rings, engraved with Aku Cinta Kamu before placing their hands on one another and in perfect synchronicity declare “I am and always will be your loving husband”

They gaze into each eyes, Magnus studies Alec's hazel eyes trying to recall every detail. Alec looks proudly into the cat eyes Magnus often hides, but they are beautiful, he is beautiful.

They kiss, gently and tenderly. Even with his eyes closed as he leans in to it, Alec feels the room start to darken further and he tightens his grip on his husband’s hand as he feels the end approaching.

Without looking Magnus, still holding Alec’s hands reaches towards his chest, pulling Alec’s hands towards his heart, “wait do you feel that?” as slight tingle spreads outwards.

Suddenly a bright light engulfs the room. It’s blinding and warm.

The air is suddenly sharp and crisp, Alec opens his eyes and it’s almost painful to do so, they feel so heavy.

He looks around the room as sees shadowy figures and a bed near his own with what appears to be a very blurry Magnus.

Alec sees Clary on his side and on the other a familiar voice draws his attention. “welcome back" Jace’s face comes into view with a trembling smile and happy tears in his eyes.


---Scene 11---

Seeing Alec wake up, Magnus wants to cry with joy, “welcome back” he hears Jace say. Magnus reaches out to hold Alec's hand but it’s quite a stretch so he falls out of the bed.

“Magnus" Alec shouts. He quickly joins him on the floor between their hospital beds and holds his Husband.

“I think we best leave this to family" smiles Jia, relieved to see them both awake, she places her hand on Simon to herd him out. Luke kisses Maryse on the head as he joins them on the way out. Catarina stays, she is Magnus’s family or at least the closest he has to one.

Clary starts to leave too but is stopped by Maryse, “stay, please? They need to know what happened"

Alec covers Magnus in kisses, he feels the world rush through him, and they are definitely alive.

Maryse is the first to join them, wrapping a motherly embrace around them both “my boys"

The next few minutes no words are exchanged, hugs and tears, kisses and awkward laughter of relief but not words.

“What happened mom?” Alec finally manages to choke a word out. His mouth is dry and he still feels slightly weak.

Jace tries to jump in and help explain it all. “so imagine there's a Dam and there’s water but ocean and not a river but the Dam is as rune so rune Dam and then there’s water which Dams are normally good at holding but oceans remember"

As Jace stumbles his words and Alec and Magnus, who are still embraced, look evermore puzzled Izzy wipes a way a tear and interrupts “you overwhelmed the alliance rune” she smiles.

Maryse swallows, “I’m sorry but we had to make a difficult choice, otherwise you would have both died"

“What kind of choice?” Magnus shakily rises up, pulling Alec to his feet as well.

“We couldn’t remove the alliance rune so we had to stabilise it. With a rune that would reinforce the bond” Catarina looks down sheepishly

“turns out we still have a lot to learn about the runes we do know about, let alone all the others we've yet to rediscover" Izzy sits on the edge of the bed while Magnus and Alec remaining standing near her.

Alec raises his shirt and sees the alliance rune overlaid with another “the wedded union rune?”

Magnus quickly removes his own shirt to see the same thing. Confused he continues “I’m a downworlder how is this possible?" They had placed the rune on their rings originally, as Magnus was a downworlder and therefore could not be marked with the rune. Alec had broken from tradition where shadowhunter couples usually place a rune on the back of the hand and on the heart because he wanted to mirror Magnus.

“The alliance rune. You share skills, powers and immunities” Clary finally manages to join in to the conversation.

“When I did this with Lorenzo, I couldn’t use my stele any more" Alec gulps loudly. He fears he has again lost his ability to use runes.

“My magic wont ever be the same either will it" Magnus feigns a smile.

Clary grins like a massive idiot, “well actually...” she passes a stele to Alec.

Alec activates his strength rune on his bicep. He gasps a sigh of relief. “If you don’t mind I need to use this rune, and several others, on my husband" he smirks, he is so thankful. Alec lifts Magnus into his arms ready to head out the door.

“Wait” Clary holds her hand out and with reluctance Alec puts Magnus down. But before Magnus could continue Alec excitedly urges Magnus “do your thing" and with a flourish of his arms and a blue sparks of light, he and Alec are dressed in some of Magnus's finest clothes.

“I guess the wedding union rune restored our abilities?" Magnus said with glee, “it feels no different than before"

“I know you’re both excited but there’s more" Clary grabs Alec's stele.

“Give it back" Alec whimpers.

Clary hands it to Magnus but he instinctively retracts his hand away from the Adamas Stele. “It’s ok, go ahead"

Magnus shakily reaches out and holds the Stele.

“Well? Try one!" Clary encourages as everyone around the room looks on with trepidation.

Magnus nervously smiles and draws onto his palm Clary’s light rune and sure enough a beam of sunlight shoots out towards the ceiling for a moment before Magnus closes his hand and it stops.

“Hey" Alec frowns, he snaps his fingers as blue radiant mist swirls around his hand and suddenly the Stele disappears from Magnus’s hand and ends up in his own, “mine" he grins.

“Ok, so I need you to say what it because if I say it and I am wrong you’re gonna think I’m stupid" Alec raises his eye brows

“The wedded union rune stabilises the alliance rune and by extension the sharing of your abilities and gifts. You're both shadowhunters…and you’re both Warlocks" Clary nods

Both Alec and Magnus are at a loss but somehow so overjoyed, the both thought they would loose their own abilities or only be able to partially access both like anyone using the alliance rune. Instead they’ve retained their abilities and more.

“It’s going to be an adjustment” Magnus admits

“We can’t ever remove the alliance rune can we? This is going to be here until the day I die isn’t it?” Alec sighs, this is a gift but it's also overwhelming.

“Yeah… about that” Clary awkwardly looks at them both.

Chapter Text

---Scene 1---

“ I... I can die right?” Alec trembles and Magnus reaches for his hand.

“Well yes, b....” before Clary can finish her sentence Alec breathes a sigh of relief, “Oh thank god I thought you were going to say I was immortal". Thoughts had rushed into his mind of seeing Maryse, Jace, Izzy, maybe his own children (When he and Magnus got to that place) becoming old and dying- what he feared most though with immortality was as the years go by, forgetting them. After all, immortals don’t have perfect memories.

“W...” Clary is interrupted yet again

“Hey what’s wrong immortality" Magnus teases.

“Yea, umm about your immortality Magnus?” Catarina chokes out

“oh for fucks sake, if you’re gonna tell me I’m mortal again I’m gonna lose my shit" huffs Magnus

Everyone is on edge and reluctant to tell them both about the implications of their decision but Clary just needs to get this done, “your both half-immortal"

“Come again?” Alec asks full of confusion

“Alec was mortal and Magnus immortal, with the wedded union rune you’re both kind of in the middle. Like it’s equalised"

“How the fuck does that work?” asks a stunned Magnus

“You will both die, but I can’t say when, 50 years, 5000 years, I just can’t know” Clary sits down next to Magnus who retreats from her presence.

“I could live for 5000 years?” Alec asks aloud in shock.

“If I find a single grey hair again!” Magnus puffs.

 “You won’t age either, we think" Catarina chimes in but it’s still such a shock to them both they struggle to take any more information in.

Alec is a swirl of emotions; he never contemplated what it would be like to live for thousands of years. Sure he had considered becoming a vampire to rescue Magnus once in Edom, but he was thinking about the immediate future, about rescuing his husband, he never had time to process what such a life would actually look like.


---Scene 2---

Magnus nibbles at Alec’s neck.

“Not right now baby" Alec sulks

Magnus sighs and moves his head to bury it into the golden silk pillow and let’s out a gentle moan of frustration. “I know this is a big adjustment but it is what it is"

It had been a week since they became joined through the wedded union rune.

“Is this what it felt like for you? When you became mortal?” Alec turns and asks his husband

“Yes. No. It’s different. I don’t know”

“This seems easier than last time, for you" Alec runs his hands through Magnus’s hair.

“When I was mortal, it was a certainty that I had only decades left. Now? It was always a risk, that I would be killed or injured. There was no guarantee I would live to thousands of years. I guess it doesn’t feel that much different to me"

“I’m sorry" Alec sighs and kisses Magnus gently

“What ever for darling husband?” Magnus smiles

“When you became mortal. I knew it was hard for you. But I assumed you would find a way to, I don’t know, adjust? I expected too much" Alec’s eyes water slightly.

“And you don’t think you will adjust to this?” Magnus felt hurt by Alec’s words.

“I just don’t know how you get used to the idea of watching those you love aging and dying" Alec can’t deal with the idea of watching Izzy and Jace age and die. His Parabatai will pass and leave him for centuries or longer with a part of his soul missing.


--- Scene 3---

“Why am I so mad at him?" moans Magnus as he lies on Catarina’s couch.

Catarina almost chuckles, for someone so old he can be so clueless in affairs of the heart.

“You're mad at him because all he ever wanted was to spend his life with you. And you feel he could accept that when you were mortal and struggles with it now he is immortal or semi-immortal or whatever" Catarina hits the nail on the head.

“I know it’s a big adjustment but he has me. I thought...” Magnus wipes a single tear from his eyes, “I thought I was enough"

“Magnus, Alec probably felt the same way you did when you were mortal. You couldn’t see anything but the pain of the loss of your immortality"

“Was I that bad?” Magnus ponders

“Yes!” Catarina says sharply, “But it was completely understandable. I think everyone hoped, but I knew Magnus, I knew you would find a way to be at peace with that”

“I was a mess back then, even ruined Alec's planned engagement dinner" Magnus nods, maybe he was failing to see that the issue was not him but everything else Alec would need to get used to.

“I don’t know how to help him" Magnus sighs, he felt at a loss to help the man he loved.

“Do what Alec did" Catarina flashed a smile, “be there for him and get him to let you be there for him"


---Scene 4---

“You need to get out of this funk" Izzy opens the curtains and light comes shining through into the bedroom.

“Agh" Alec retreats from the light as if he was a vampire.

Izzy jumps onto the bed and the force sends ripples through the mattress and bounces Alec up slightly, “Shoes Izzy!”

Izzy takes her high heel boots off and throws them at Alec, “hey do these smell to you?” she laughs

Alec starts to crack up “You’re so gross sometimes, you're really playing up the role of little sister"

“Where’s Magnus?”

“Visiting Catarina” Alec's smile drops slightly

“I know this is an adjustment" Izzy starts but before she can finish Alec interrupts “I wish people would stop saying that"

“You get to spend the rest of your life with Magnus, isn’t a part of you happy with that?” Izzy asks

“Would you become a vampire?” Alec asks, “You fell in love with an immortal too, would you become a vampire to be with Simon?”

Taken aback Izzy stutters “I don’t know"

“I’m so turned around" Alec admits, “I should be happy that I can spend my life with Magnus and that I won’t be this burden on him. But...”

“You’re scared of us dying?” Izzy asks sympathetically

“Yeah but it’s more than that. It’s not just you, it’s your children, your grandchildren, and you’re great grandchildren. And every generation of lightwood will be more distant from me.” Alec hopes the answer will satisfy Izzy but it doesn't.

“There’s more to it than that” Izzy accuses him.

Alec nods, “I’m scared I’ll forget you. That thousands of years from now all I will have of you is your whip in a box next to Jace's stele or Clary's sketchbook"

“Why in a box?” Izzy questions but Alec just dismissively waves his hand.

“It’s good to get this all out. What else?” Izzy nudges Alec as he sighs and looks up at the ceiling.

“I wanted to be a dad, some day"

“And you think that somehow you can’t be now?” Izzy raises a perplexed eyebrow

“It was something I always wanted, and Magnus would be a great dad too" Alec eyes light up with joy at the thought of Magnus as a father. “But it’s painful to imagine you guys aging, passing and becoming a distance memory. Imagine having as child and that happening. How can I have a child knowing one day I might forget their first word or what they looked like when they smiled" a few tears silently drip down one cheek.

“Well you and Magnus are only semi-immortal so you know you could be dead in 15 years" Izzy tries to lighten the mood

“Great pep talk sis. Besides if there’s anything I’ve learnt from Magnus it's that semi is longer than you’d think" Alec chuckles

“Gross" Izzy mocks as she throws a pillow at Alec’s head


---Scene 5---

Magnus walks into the apartment. A dazzling black blazer which sparkled in the sunset that lit up the apartment from the balcony.

From the kitchen Magnus hears a snap and the music starts filling the living room

Got our different ways with the same old payout. Had our own dreams with the same old outcome

“I remember this song" Magnus beams as he joins Alec in the kitchen. Alec is running about the kitchen, stirring the pots intermittently.

“Oh?” Alec mutters as he continues by chopping up some mushrooms before adding them to a skillet.

“That time Jace was staying at mine and he was being, umm, loud" Magnus recalls

“Oh, hadn’t even clicked" Alec smiled

“You’re in a good mood" Magnus cautiously notes.

This is a big change in Alec’s recent demeanour. Magnus wants to be happy but he is sceptical about this sudden change.

“I was thinking I might try conjuring desert” Alec states casually, knowing it was anything but.

Magnus pulls a face and doesn’t need to say anything for Alec to know what he thinking.

“It’s only desert and I need to get used to the fact I have this magic all the time, I need to practise it right?” Alec pleads with Magnus

Magnus walks up behind Alec and rubs his shoulder. “Okay” Alec's mouth grins broadly. “But just desert. You've done a few basic spells with Lorenzo and that other one but remember you're as powerful as me now, I think. You haven’t grown up learning this stuff so you need to ease yourself into it"

Alec nods like an excited puppy and jumps onto Magnus. He wraps his legs around Magnus and kisses him passionately, tongue slipping into Magnus.

“hmmmm, baby, the mushrooms” Magnus pulls back slightly and Alec turns to see the mushrooms starting to burn in the skillet.

Alec jumps down and turns the pan off. There’s a moment where Alec feels in some small way he has fucked up yet again. But he hides it; Magnus didn’t need to keep dealing with his self pity. He needs to be strong; he needs to get his shit together. So Alec keeps the mask on.


---Scene 6---

“That was delicious” Magnus tapped the corners of his mouth with the napkin.

“Wait until you try this" Alec swirls his fingers as they are surrounded by blue lights and suddenly a slice of carrot cake appears in his hand.

Alec goes up to Magnus and sits in his lap. His smile is infectious and Magnus chuckles as his husband lifts the plate up between them.

“You forgot to conjure the dessert folk" Magnus smiles as he looks into those gorgeous big hazel eyes of Alec's.

Alec smirks and softly whispers in Magnus ear, “It appears I have. Guess it’s going to take more practise"

Alec dips his thumb into the frosting and brings it to Magnus’s lips. Magnus slowly parts them as Alec slides his thumb into the warm mouth. Magnus wet tongue swirls around the thumb suckling on the sweet frosting.

“Bedroom" Magnus manages to breathe out. His eyes gently look up and Alec jumps off, places the plate on the table and yanks Magnus off the chair. “Bring the cake” Magnus smirks.

“Oh we gonna play like that tonight?” Alec starts stripping as he heads to the bedroom.

“Actually I wasn’t thinking about playing with food as much as you’re going to need the pick me up after I’m finished with you" Magnus retorts as he swaggers on over towards the bedroom.

“Cocky" Alec teases.

“Talented” Magnus corrects. Alec can’t help but agree.


--- Scene 7---

---explicit/smutty scene---

Alec is heaven, all his worries melted away as Magnus weighed down on him. His skin is so warm it tingles every point of contact. Alec was surrounded. The softness of the bed on his back which engulfed him from behind and Magnus’s body which laid on top of him.

His legs wrapped around Magnus, pulling him in ever closer.

Alec was so hot he could burst into flames. Magnus face was buried in his neck and the heat from his breath made Alec moan.

Alec loved to moan and be loud but he loved it even more when Magnus talked dirty to him.

Magnus slid his huge member out of Alec’s very wet and lube slicked hole before ramming it back it to the hilt. The dragging sensation on Alec’s prostate seemed to last an eternity and every second was electric. “hmmm you take that dick so well Alexander" Magnus whispered into Alec’s ear. Alec’s own hard and leaking cock throbbed at the praise.

Magnus started to nibble on his ear before sliding his tongue around Alec’s sensitive lobe and swirling around the rest of his ear.

Alec let out a massive moan that was pure filth and lust. “You moan like a whore darling husband” Magnus teased “how does someone so innocent and pure sound so filthy in bed"

Alec was panting heavily, “it’s easy when you fill me up with that monster cock"

“This monster cock?” Magnus playfully asks as he slams his length back in hard.

Struggling to get the words out Alec begs “mm…more"

Magnus happily obliges. He slaps Alec’s ass as he continues to pound at force. Moving his head so his and Alec’s foreheads touch. The sweat glistening on both of them. Magnus moves slightly to kiss Alec.

Alec’s moans are muffled by Magnus lips and his tongue penetrates Alec’s mouth who responds in kind. Their tongue swirl across each other.

Magnus could feel he was close so pulled out of Alec who whimpered at the loss of the monster warlock cock that had filled him.

“Hmm I want more" whined Alec.

“I'll give you more soon sweetness but first of all I need something"

Soon Alec was writhing in pleasure as Magnus tongue swirled around his hole.  He has missed this, this was the first time since they bonded that they had had sex.

Alec was laid onto his left side, his left leg straight down the bed. His right thigh at a right angle to his body and his calf parallel to the other leg so that he looked like a lower case ‘h' on the bed. With his legs in that position Alec’s upper body leaned slightly forward and down towards the mattress. He looks over his shoulder to see Magnus.

Magnus’s face was buried in his ass and Magnus used his hands to pull Alec’s cheeks further apart as he devoured his husband.

Magnus gently slaps Alec’s ass and continues to rub circular motions on the cheeks. Alec’s precum had leaked all over the bedding leaving pools of dampness.

“Mmm, I could eat this for every dessert" teased Magnus between darts of his tongue teasing Alec’s ring.

Alec playfully swayed his ass side to side, teasing Magnus. Every movement of Magnus’s tongue brings him closer to orgasm, every touch of his hand makes his skin crawl in ecstasy; had his ass not been smooth, the delicate fine blond hairs that used to be there would have stood on end.

“Please Magnus I’m so close" Alec begs.

Magnus is close himself and he knows where Alec wants it but loves to hear him beg. “What do you want?” he asks muffled by Alec’s ass

“Ohh" Alec cries as Magnus’s lips vibrated around his sloppy hole when asking the question.

Magnus slaps Alec’s ass again to demand an answer, the shockwaves rippling through Alec’s big juice ass

“I want your cum. I want you to cum Magnus"

“Where?” teases Magnus

“Umm cunt" Alec groans, “fill me up Magnus, I need your cum deep inside my pussy"

Magnus chuckles and his tongue retreats, “this wet pussy?” Magnus continues to tease running his fingers around the rim of the slick hole.

Magnus sticks 2 fingers into the hole, slightly crooked to find Alec’s p-spot. Magnus starts gently rubbing circles on his prostate as his tongue continues to flicker around the sensitive rim.

“cum in my pussy" Alec begs, “please I can’t hold off much longer"

Magnus sits up and repositions himself so the head of his cock is back at the entrance to Alec’s hole.

As soon as Magnus slams back in his cock is surrounded by a deep heat that thrives and massages his whole length.

“Fuck this hole is so good Alexander. Why is it so good?”

“Only because it has the perfect cock for it" Alec smiles blissfully

“I swear this cunt was purposefully designed for my dick. No one takes it so beautifully or as hungrily as your hole"

“God yes Magnus, this hole is made for you and that cock is made for me"

“I don’t think I can hold out much longer" Magnus cries, hardly able to keep his eyes open.

“do it, fill me up with cum, I wanna feel your seed dripping out my pussy for days" moans Alec

Magnus gets warmer and warmer as he approaches his climax. With 1 last deep thrust he buries himself as deep as he can into Alec as he unleashes what feels like a gallon of warm sticky cum inside his Husband's guts.

The sensation is too much for Alec as he feels the cum fill him up. The throbbing cock inside his ass pulses against his prostate. He screams, “Oh fuck, Magnus, I’m cumming, I’m cumming"

Alec feels a warm bright white light behind his eyes as he explodes all over the bedding.

Feeling overwhelmed at the peak of his orgasm Alec feels increasingly hot and can’t open his eyes from the blinding light he feels. Crackling noises run around the perimeter of the room as glass everywhere cracks and finally explodes firing shards everywhere in time with Alec’s last and final shot of cum.


---Scene 8---

Shards of glass litter the floor. Magnus is covered in a dozen or so shallow and bloody cuts from when the glass went flying.

“Oh god Magnus" Alec pounced on him.

“I’m ok Alec, I’m ok" Magnus grabs Alec’s stele and activates Alec’s Iratzi rune as Alec hasn’t even notice the hand full of cuts he had himself. As he heals Magnus wipes the drop of blood on Alec’s trembling lip from where it was cut.

Magnus then turns the stele towards his own skin and marks an Iratzi on his left shoulder. The cuts melt away and Magnus reassures Alec “see? All gone!”

Alec nods vacantly.

“We need to get me my own stele, there’s like no drain when using runes is there?" Magnus tries to distract Alec. Magnus was also correct in that runes didn’t exhaust the user unlike magic which did.

Magnus snaps his fingers and the glass shards disappear.

“Alexander, look at me" Magnus calls out to a despondent Alec, “look at me baby"

Alec lifts his head and looks at Magnus with inflated eyes, “I'm sorry, I guess I lost control"

“It’s ok, I’m fine, you’re fine, it happens” Magnus kisses Alec on the forehead “you just need to get used to your magic"

“I need to go. I’m not safe to be around" Alec chokes out between tears and places his hand to his face to hide them.

Alec stands up, still naked and face red from the tears, he starts walking towards the door.

Magnus runs towards him, “stay with me"

Alec tries pushing Magnus off him but Magnus persist, “you could never hurt me. I’m safe, you’re safe"

“I know you’re trying to help but you can’t" Alec sobs and collapses to the floor.

Magnus wraps his arms around his husband, “let yourself be here, with me. Let me be here for you like you were here for me. Shsss its ok darling"

Alec, still with tears streaming nods as he buries his head into Magnus. His cries resonate through the apartment as his breathing becomes erratic from the involuntary emotions.


---Scene 9---

The apartment starts to glow a brilliant amber colour as the sun starts to rise.

“Yea but maybe our children will be immortal" Magnus responds.

Alec had spent the whole night talking and finally opening up to Magnus.

“When did morning happen?” Alec softly smiles.

On the couch Alec is laid back with his back to Magnus’s bare chest as he had been for many hours. His head to one side near Magnus’s new Iratzi rune. Magnus is slowly playing with Alec’s hair. They are both still naked from the night before and Alec feels safe and engulfed by the warm body at his back.

“Don’t change the subject" Magnus gently whispers, “our children could be immortal”. Alec had spent time revealing his fears. The most recent disclosure up for discussion was his fear that if he became a father now he couldn’t live through the heartbreak of losing a child

“How?” Alec says flatly.

“Well maybe we will adopt a beautiful baby Warlock" Magnus smiles and Alec hums. “I mean you didn’t think we would be having kids the more traditional way did you?”

Alec snorts with a smile, “well that doesn’t mean we should stop trying"

Magnus chuckles.

“And who knows, there seems to be a spell for everything. I might look good with a bump" Alec’s body vibrates against Magnus’s as he laughs at the ridiculous thought.

Magnus wipes a tear of laughter out of his eye, “ha. Oh sweetie this isn’t a fanfic on some website, this is real life"

Alec hums in agreement. He yawns and wiggles slightly, trying to reduce any gaps between his skin and his Husband's.

Magnus runs his hand over Alec’s bare chest which is sensitive to the touch as the cold morning air provides a sharp contrast between his Husband's warm finger tips and the crisp air.

Magnus places a kiss on Alec’s head, happy Alec is finally opened up about everything that had been troubling him rather than bottling it up.

Magnus’s phone vibrates on the table beside the couch and he picks it up.

“Lorenzo is back from Dudael”

“Lorenzo went to Dudael?” Alec's voice peaks slightly in question.

“Well until we’ve got a bit more comfortable with all these changes Jia felt it was right to reassign someone to the mission" Magnus continues to stroke Alec’s hair

“By himself?”

“I think Simon was going with him" Magnus said softly.

“I thought we liked Lorenzo now" Alec smiled like a kid, finally starting to feel better for having gone over all his worries through the night.

Magnus huffs and then chuckles slightly, “I thought we liked Simon now"

Alec laughs somewhat loudly, “they both would have killed us if they heard this"


--- Scene 10---

“The what-a codex?” Jace raises a look in confusion and he reads “ἀποκάλυψις codex” from the report.

“The apokálypsis codex” Lorenzo says again. He is about to continue before Simon places a strong hand on Lorenzo’s shoulder and says “I got this chief"

“The apokálypsis codex” Simon says confidently.

“Yeah we got that from Lorenzo" Alec rolls his eyes

“Apokálypsis, the Greek for apocalypse. It’s rumoured that some of passages from the codex were leaked in the early 200s, and led to the book of revelations in the Christian bible"

“So this book is about the end of the world?” Clary looks up from the report to Simon.

Across the briefing room sits Simon, Izzy, Alec, Magnus, Jia, Luke, Jace, Lorenzo and about 6 others who are heads of Enclaves around the world, and 5 team leaders from the central operations team working out of the base.

“Well the word apocalypse means to reveal so” Lorenzo responds before Simon interrupts.

“It actually means to reveal and some would say more specifically heavenly revelations"

Lorenzo casually and silently sits down and throws his pen before mouthing across the table to Magnus how do you shut this vampire up...the whole mission Magnus! The WHOLE mission!

Magnus chuckles and Simon coughs *Ahem*

Now don’t get it wrong Magnus loves Simon, sort of, but now that Simon found a purpose as the New York institute expert in shadowhunters lore he could be a bit insufferable on occasion.

Magnus moves a hand below the table and flourishes some twirls whilst magical energy surrounds the finger tips.

“The codex" Simon stops and coughs. He throat must be dry he thinks as his voice sounded a bit higher pitched than normal. “the codex is rumoured" Simon stops taken back by the even higher pitch of his voice. He grabs a glass of water and takes a gulp.

“It’s rumoured" Simon’s eyes dart towards Lorenzo as he turns an accusing gaze. The pitch of his voice now high like he had sucked a helium balloon.

People around the room struggle to hold back their sniggering. Even Izzy places her hand over her mouth as her chest sharply moves with silent laughter.

“Don’t look at me" Lorenzo raises his hands in the air.

“Magnus?!” Simon asks in a chipmunk like voice but with an angry shrill tone.

Half the room burst into rambunctious laughter as they fail to contain themselves.

“Must have been Alec, so sorry” Magnus wipes a tear from his face laughing, “He’s still getting used to his powers"

Alec shoots Magnus a glare for blaming him, rolls his eyes and smiles at Simon, “Sorry Simon. This is all still new"

“Don’t worry my friend; I know how difficult the first few weeks of becoming a downworlder are"

The serious message of Simon’s words is undercut by the ridiculous pitch which sends more people into laughing fits.

“Perhaps we could get back to the matter at hand?” Jia firmly states to the group. Magnus nods and waves his hand and a blue flash of light appears in his hand and near Simon’s throat.

Speaking normally Simon continues, “Based on some of the records we have around various institutes I believe it was in the Claves possession until about 700 years ago.”

“What happened 700 years ago?” Alec asks

“There are obscure references- there seems to be a tradition specific to the codex which makes no sense. It talks about the codex being copied on a regular basis before the original copy was destroyed” Simon shrugs

“What would be the purpose of that?” Jace questions. It makes no sense as far as he could see.

“I mean a Torah scroll is hand written and must be duplicated precisely by a trained scribe, if there was any error during transcription it would render it pasul; invalid” Simon again shrugs and takes a deep breath, “What throws me is why you would destroy an old copy once copied? But it could mean they only copy if the old copy became damaged maybe? The references are not exactly clear"

“So why are demons from Dudael so interested in a book?” Jia ask

“It seemed to me they were less interested in the book and more interested that we don’t get hold of that book” Lorenzo taps his fingers on the briefing table as he talks.

“So there might be something in the codex that helps explain everything that’s going on recently" Izzy leans back in her chair.

“Clary you have Ithuriel's memories, did he every, I don’t know, read it?” Luke looks over at his daughter.

“I’ve checked. If he did read it or know what it was then it was not passed on. Ithuriel gave billions of years worth if memories but was clear that it wasn’t everything, he didn’t have enough time before Lillith killed him to do that" Clary sighs, “Guess this was one of those memories that didn’t make it"

“I think the last location of the codex was in the New York institute” Simon concludes based on his research.

“700 years? I don’t know if we will find anything resembling a clue in the institute but I'll head back and see what I can find" Izzy offers.

A few nods and agreements are exchanged and the meeting comes to a close soon enough. As people chat amongst themselves Simon approaches Izzy.

“Why don’t you continue researching at this end, you’ve got a lot of resources here at your disposal” Izzy offers

“I was kind of hoping we could spend some quality time together” Simon sighs and smiles.

Izzy pulls Simon in for a kiss, “I’m sorry Si, why don’t I portal back tonight and let’s just spend the evening together. No work.”

Simon reluctantly nods. It was only 8.30am and Izzy wouldn’t be back until 9pm at least. 12 hours of waiting.

“I’ll make it special” Izzy almost makes it sound like a question

“Ok. But you know that black skimpy Lace number I like" Simon whispers

“Yeah" Izzy grins

“I’ll be wearing that when you get back" Simon jokes

Izzy shoves Simon whilst chuckling, “I love you"

“Love you to Iz" Simon kisses Izzy on the cheek before running off


---Scene 11---

“You keep looking at your watch" Underhill remarks

“Umm yea.” Izzy nods, having just checked and found the time to be 3pm, “planning to spend some time with Simon. It’s just been so manic lately”

“Tell me about it, Lorenzo was away for 3 days with Simon...visiting his grandmother in Florida" Underhill nervously says

“Andrew, no one was paying attention anyway" Izzy chuckles.

An alert pops up on the workstation screen, “Huh, that’s weird" Underhill proclaims

“What’s weird?” Izzy asks, begging for a distraction.

“It’s like the system glitched for a second. See here?” Underhill points to a string of code on the screen with a pen.

“Yes...of course” Izzy mocks

Underhill smiles, “well according to these readings the wards were both working normal and were down at the same time for a few moments"

“Have we detected any authorised persons onsite or any demonic presence?” Izzy asks

Underhill types away at the screen, “I can't see anything but if the words were down it could be possible. But it says the wards were both down and operational. Both can’t be true”

“Could it be a fault?” Izzy asks

“Probably. There are sensors all over the institute monitoring the wards at all times to ensure there are no breaches or problems. One might be malfunctioning.” Underhill zooms in onto a basement level, “ah this one, that output isn’t right so may have caused the dual reading" he taps the screen.

“I’ll come with you" Izzy suggests keen to avoid any more reading in pursuit of the codex.

“A bit below you pay grade boss. Besides it was probably just a rat chewing through a wire in the sensor"

“A rat?” Izzy’s eyes widen

Underhill chuckles, “I’ll report back in 5”

Underhill walks to the lift leaving Izzy in the main operations room. As the doors close he starts to descend before the lift halts and the lights go out. Andrew starts to feel vibrations coming from below.


--- Scene 12---

“Mama?” a small child, maybe 4 or 5 calls out in the street. He is small and lost, he looks around, the buildings around him, the cars on the street, the dilapidated church across the road covered in vines, but he can’t see his mother.

A deep rumble can be felt across the street.

From the doors of the old church a bright light flashes intensely. Between every crack in the wooden door and between every joint light glares out. The wood seems to bend to let more light seep out. As the wood continues to buckle and bend the light pools and becomes a powerful bright yellow ball focused at the door, surrounded by a white haze.

Shards of the door and frame slowly break away and float through the air.

From behind the many windows of the church an even brighter flash of yellow light emerges. A grey swirl of smokes surrounds the edges of the windows and doors, hugging closely to the walls as of it has a mind of its own and wants to smoother the building.

From where the door once was thick grey dust shoots out from the edges like a starburst, quickly overtaking the wooden shards from before.

Another deep orange glow appears behind the dust as if a malevolent spirit.

The walls of the church light up with the same deep orange glow, slowly spreading from the entrance and windows as if a time lapse image of a wall being repainted.

The light at the entrance bloats and expands, becoming brighter and lighter in tone until it's a brilliant white at the centre.

Loud rumbles and cracking sounds vibrate around the air.

The light, now obviously flames, continues to expand to nearly encompass the whole building with pillars of fire randomly shooting out from corners where doors and windows had been.

Suddenly a deafening boom rips through the air, knocking the small child on the ground and a wave of heat hits him. Despite the distance from the flames it feels as if he is sitting next to a log fire.

The sounds continue to reverberate and dozens of car alarms noisily fill the air.

Pieces of burning debris flies through the air, flames licking up the length of the rubble as it flies.

Smaller pieces land at the ground and glow like sparks from a metal works factory.

A large piece of stone flies through the air at such speed the flames that surround it seem to struggle to keep up and appears a slight distance behind; mimicking the shape of the stone.

A hand reaches out to the small child, his ears ringing from the blast.

Standing up he looks at the devastation.

A tall dark man bears his teeth in a wide grin. His wavy neck length dark hair remains undisturbed from the blast.

The boy looks up at the man without any sense of fear, mostly because he doesn’t know how to process the scene. The institute ablaze, the streets littered with burning rubble and the air thick with smoke and dust.

The man crouched down to the child. Wearing an expensive burgundy suit laced with gold in a haphazard way.

The man looks impressed with the lack of fear in the child’s eyes, “you remind me of my boy" he says as his teeth are bared again in a wide and grotesque smile. His eyes flash a brilliant yellow-green with vertical slit shaped iris just like a cat.

Chapter Text

--- Scene 1---

Alec and Jia are walking and talking about his return to a more active role following the bonding with Magnus

“Sir, we have an outage"

Alec looks over at the guy working on one of the computer stations that collate incoming data from institutes around the world; mostly to map patterns regarding demon attacks.

Embarrassed to have forgotten his name Jia simply says “what’s the problem solider”

“We’re getting no data from the New York institute servers.” He points a flashing red code on the screen.

Alec goes up to the computer and the guy moves aside. Alec starts typing away, “There’s a network of wireless cameras around and in the New York Institute. We should be able to access then directly if the severs are down.”

The guy looks at Alec funny. Alec simply explains “I used to head up that institution I know their systems inside out."

Screen after screen shows static and Alec can’t understand why. He tries one of the cameras further down the street which struggles to show much given the thick smoke but as it clears up slightly it becomes obvious what has happened.

This is not the first time Jia has seen the destruction of an institute, after all Jonathan had destroyed many. But she had never seen destruction like that which is on the screen.

Jia acts fast, on the intercom she calls for all available personnel to assemble in the main operations area and flips an alarm on.

Within moments the room has filled up with shadowhunters and downworlders. Jia had some reservations about the use of downworlders on the teams but this is very much Alec’s influence. This was truly a new generation of shadowhunters who are united in their battle against demons and will take on downworlders who will fight shoulder to shoulder. The exception to the downworlder inclusion, mostly due to the ongoing political difficulties, was the lack of Seelies which no one oddly seemed to mind.

“It appears in the last few minutes the New York Institute has been attacked and destroyed" Jia overlooks the units from a small raised platform. The crowd audibly gasp at the news.

“I’m deploying all available units now. Inquisitor Lightwood-Bane will be leading the search and rescue with units 1-5. Units 6 to 8 are working containment, I want glamours cast over a 2 block radius, encanto all residents and any emergency workers already on the scene or en route.” Jia nods to the teams. Each team has about 6 people, about half shadowhunters and a mix of downworlders.  The team leader draws portal runes and they disembark quickly.

Jia just looks at Alec, “go"

Alec knows these people, he was head for sometime and now any of them could be dead, including his sister.


--- Scene 2---

Izzy opens her eyes but the dust makes her eyes water. She thanks the Angel that she is alive, at least for a moment. Izzy tries to sit up but is overwhelmed with pain and can hardly raise her head more than an inch or two from the dusty rocky ground.

Placing her hand on her head it feels wet and sticky. Although Izzy sees blood when she looks at her palm she knows she is not bleeding out, there is too little blood for that.

Izzy tries turning her head which seems easier; maybe she can get a good look around.

The place is wrecked and it just looks like she is in a cave full of rubble. Izzy sees the body of a young shadowhunter who had recently transferred. She was clearly dead from being impaled by pipes.

Izzy closes her eyes and sighs at the sight. Izzy thinks about that poor girl and the tears well up. And it’s not just her; most of the institute must have been killed off in the blast. Izzy can’t help but feel she has somehow failed every single one of them. But no one has been able to do something like this before. Even Jonathan Morgenstern on his killing spree never blew up an Institution.  

Hearing noises like muffled talking nearby Izzy screams “HELP, OVER HERE”

Beams of light creep through the gaps of the rocks behind her. Izzy hears the sounds of rocks being moved and the light coming through gets stronger with each sound. She wants to turn around but looses consciousness.

When Izzy wakes up she sees Simon’s face looking down on her. He is covered in dirt and dust but despite the terrible circumstances he smiles like it’s his birthday when her eyes open.

“Hey, there you are" Simon says softly as he smiles and his eyes well up

Izzy goes to talk but it comes out like word soup; she is so disoriented right now.

“Si" Izzy manages to get out. She feels Simon’s hands squeeze hers. “It's ok. I’m here.”

Izzy looses consciousness again. Simon checks hers pulse and it is strong; he doesn’t need to place a finger on her, his keen vampire senses can feel the warm blood pulsing through her body.

“Hurry the fuck up guys" Simon shouts.

Magnus and Alec have moved most of the rubble surrounding Izzy but they see a large beam which her legs are pinned under.

“Ok, together, just like we practised" Magnus says to Alec. Looking into each others eyes the husbands thread both hands and raise them to eye level. Soft blue magic glows on either side of their heads where their hands meet.

Simon can’t quite make out their words as they mutter softly and gently in sync. Normally Simon’s hearing is exceptional but the loud noises of the rescue teams and fires still burning make it hard to hear clearly.

The beam starts to lift and Simon quickly slides Izzy out.


---Scene 3---

“Where's Alec" Lorenzo asks as he uses his magic to scan the debris.

“He and Simon are stabilising Izzy" Magnus didn’t want to crowd them and there is so many more people in need of rescue.

A vampire working in Lorenzo’s unit shouts over to them and points at a direction “over here"

Lorenzo and Magnus move towards him. Magnus scans the area with his magic, “are you sure?” he is struggling to feel anything.

“Trust a vampire when it comes to smelling out blood" he glances over to them. There was a slight difference in smell of fresh blood just coming out of the body to blood which has been exposed to the air for even a few minutes. This was someone actively bleeding and therefore must be alive.

Both Lorenzo and Magnus magically move large stone blocks. Magnus notices the damaged concrete square frame running down. This was an elevator shaft. They keep moving the debris until they come across a battered metal container which they levitate up to the surface.

The whole elevator is dented all over and the doors are seemingly fused together.

Magnus finally manages to pry the doors open magically.

Lorenzo's eyes widen as he sees the badly battered and bloodied limp body of Andrew Underhill.

Lorenzo moves so fast, he is beside Underhill as if he opened a portal there from where was standing. He checks for a pulse and it is weak. Moving his hands over his body with bright orange magic he feels the internal bleeding. Magnus pulls out a stele,

“Where’s his Iratze?” Magnus asks. Lorenzo pulls up the sleeve on Andrews left arm.

Magnus activates the rune and joins Lorenzo in healing the internal bleeding magically.

Once the bleeding has stopped Lorenzo opens a portal to take him and Andrew away.

A medic calls to Lorenzo, “if he is stabilised we have other wounded"

Lorenzo shoots a glare that could kill. Magnus knows that while the medic is right and others need their help, Lorenzo was not going to leave Andrew.

Magnus holds his arm, bringing Lorenzo's attention back to him. “is there anything I can do" Magnus asks gently. Lorenzo face twitches, he wants to show appreciation to Magnus for the sentiment but he can’t move pass the sadness and fear he has for his unconscious boyfriend who is bloodied and bruised.

“Find the fucker who did this” Lorenzo shakes with rage, Magnus just nods and Lorenzo places his hand on the hand Magnus placed on him. He squeezes to show his appreciation before letting go and moving the portal to engulf himself and Andrew.


---Scene 4---

“How many?” Jia gulps as she looks over Izzy who is unconscious in the hospital bed. Izzy has had to be placed as such to allow her body to heal as best as it can. Her injuries requiring surgery and much magical and angelic healing as possible.

“43 dead" Alec doesn’t break eye contact with his sister, sitting by her side he is quite tired and hasn’t slept since the recovery mission. “The official story?” he asks.

“A glitch in the software that regulates the power output from the angelic core. Other heads have been notified and a patch disseminated” Jia places her hand on Alec to consul him.

“People won’t buy it"

“Not for long but they will for now" Jia pauses when she sees Simon enter the room with Maryse close behind.

Simon had gone to get Maryse in person given the circumstances. He had run through New York at ridiculous speeds to get to her book shop.

Maryse can’t hold back the tears as Alec and Simon hold her from either side.

Jia makes a discrete exit from the room.


---Scene 5---

Alec, Magnus, Jace and Clary sit down around the table with Jia.

Everyone looks very defeated and tired. Simon won’t be joining them as he stays by Izzy’s side who has yet to wake up following her medical treatment. It had been dire and morale was low.

“Underhill?” Jia plainly asks

“Safe with Lorenzo; Recovering" Magnus nods

“Underhill is one of us, he should be here" Jia tuts.

“You can be the one to raise that argument with the high warlock of Brooklyn.” Magnus quips.

“Never get in the way of the High Warlock of Brooklyn when he is in love with a Nephilim" Jace raises his eyebrow at Magnus

“You’ve set a dangerous precedence Magnus" Jia tries to force out a smile but is seemingly unable to. “The codex?”

“Out of clues. If only we could endgame this" Clary jokes. When everyone looks at her funny she clarifies, “go back in time, find the codex, and then return it once we had finished"

Jace pauses, “could you? Is there a rune?”

“Time travel? God no. There’s not a thing. At least not as you understand it. Some things are just laws of the universe that even runes can’t change! We can't go back in time. Something inside his overcrowded head I know there are ways to slow or speed up the flow or time but not reverse it" Clary bumbles.

“Shame, if only we’d be able to stop the institute from being destroyed" Alec sighs

“Pft, if only the codex we need was never lost" Magnus chimes in.

Jia tries to chuckle, “if only we didn’t have demons to fight- our world would be inverted"


---Scene 6---

Alec smiles as he sees Izzy start to wake up, almost a reversal of roles from that of last week.

“I'll go get Mom, Jace and Simon" Alex sighs in relief but Izzy grabs his arms and squeezes tightly, “Don’t leave me"

“I feel like shit" Izzy moans, “my head kills, my insides hurt and my legs feel like I’ve been stabbed by shards of glass"

Alec lowers his head, “your...legs?”

“I mean the left one feels worse, the right one is more tingly" Izzy sighs as she struggles to maintain keeping the eyes open.

“You were hurt pretty bad" Alec swallows. Izzy nods with her eyes close, “had worse".

“No, you haven’t” Alec shakes her hand and Izzy opens her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Izzy is still a bit drowsy but she is alive and shadowhunters heal fast.

“We did everything we could, the doctors, the silent brothers, Magnus" Alec stutters and tears roll down his face

Izzy starts to shake a bit, “Alec you’re scaring me”

“I’m sorry, the concrete beam, we tried but couldn’t save it"

Izzy rips the blankets off her with force. With her free hand she clasps it over her mouth in horror as she looks down and sees her right leg which now ends just below the knee.


---Scene 7---

To the outside world it looks like a run down construction site, a stalled building development which everyone locally now believes has been barren since the early 90s.

Amongst the piles of rubble Magnus is waving his hands flamboyantly as his magic sways along the surface like giant ribbons dancing in wind.

“Alexander what are you doing here? You should be with your family?” Magnus asks as he sees Alec emerging from a portal.

“OUR family!” Alec corrects Magnus, “I just need to get away for an hour or two. Need to feel not useless”

Magnus huffs slightly, the same reason he is here himself.

It had been 4 days now but Magnus’s mind plays tricks on him as he swears he could see the occasional piece of rubble still smouldering.

“Who ever it was, they covered their tracks. I’m not getting anything" Magnus sighs.

A vampire from unit 7 speeds towards the pair. Given the political climate in the New York clan and with a daylighter on the team the vampires had been quite keen to join.

“Inquisitor, High Warlock Bane" the vampire politely says, before his eyes widen as he stutters to correct his mistake, “Lightwood-Bane... High Warlock Lightwood-Bane"

Magnus chuckles, “It's fine, Whiteward isn’t it?”

The Vampires smile drops slightly, “it...was"

Alec felt terrible; Tom Whiteward had been a shadowhunter only just 5 months ago at the Budapest Institute before being turned. He had travelled to New York, having previously heard of a Wolf pack alpha that regained his runes and become Nephilim again. He had hoped there was something that could be done for him.

Magnus smiles at him, “still is". Magnus knows better than anyone that becoming a downworlder does not have to rob one of who they are or where they come from.

“You needed us?” Alec asks, breaking the silence.

“I was reviewing the security footage from the cameras and I think we missed someone when we did our sweep? You know to encanto the witnesses?”

Whiteward pulls out a tablet and hands it over to the two men. “This man here in the burgundy suit? He helps this child up to his feet following the blast”

The image is very grainy, and smoke and dust start to cloud the view of the two for a few moments. When it clears the boy is by himself.

“We didn’t encanto anyone in a burgundy suit”

“People were covered in dust and debris, he probably took it off or..” Alec is cut off by an eager Whiteward

“No but see, the boy was right outside at the time so we took down all the details, a statement before we, you know, there wasn’t anyone meeting the description during the sweep" Whiteward taps at the document now on screen.

“Where were they?” Magnus asks

Whiteward walks them to a point outside of the boarded up site. Over the road they stop at a street corner.

Magnus holds his stomach as he feels flutters of energy. “Got ya" he smirks, who ever attacked the institute may have been covered their tracks on the site but forgot or didn’t think to mask them over here.

Magnus gracefully sways his hands over the area and blue magical tendrils sweep the ground below him.

From the ground upwards the tendrils quickly become a deep red colour and crackles. When the tendrils have changed fully and the deep red colour hits Magnus fingertips he is flung across the street. Alec and Whiteward run towards him.

Alec holds his husband. Magnus’s eyes are wide with fear. He recognised the magic as if each persons magic could be sensed like smell or taste or sound. He knew the magic but the strength of it was overwhelming, more overpowering that Lilliths when she corrupted the laylines.

“God no"


---Scene 8---

Izzy's face was raw from tears, no make up, no bad ass outfit, no heels. Izzy has never felt so naked.

Simon comes in with a tray of food. Izzy turns slightly in his direction and then back again to stare into the distance. “I’m not hungry”

Simon places the food beside her bed anyways. “Well I’ll put it here for when you are". Simon fiddles with his thumbs before sitting in the visitors chair next to the bed.

Izzy continues to stare into space, ignoring Simon and the food. But Simon is equally resolved and stays by her side for the next couples of hours.

Finally Izzy speaks, “You’re still here”. The tone is clearly a statement rather than a question. Simon’s head remains still but his eyes move towards Izzy and he simply and calmly responds, “yes".

“Why?” Izzy asks.

“Why? “ Simon repeats back with a hint of surprise. Does Izzy still doubt his love for her?

“Why are you with me? Even before this, why?” Izzy yawns slightly, exhausted by everything.

“We’re back to this again?” Simon sighs purposefully.

“I’m done. What’s left, I can’t fight, I can’t... what use am I, and what could I offer now that I’m...” Izzy can’t finish the sentence.

“You don’t think you have anything to offer?” Simon questions.

“I can’t fight, what use am I to the Angels" Izzy starts to sob.

Simon tries to comfort Izzy as she breaks down on the bed.


---Scene 9----

Jia collapses in to her office chair, her hands overly touching her face. “You’re sure it’s Asmodeus?”

“I'd recognise that magic anywhere, but he is strong, like nothing I've ever felt before" Magnus squeezes on Alec’s hand seeking reassurance from his husband.

“It’s Asmodeus!” Jia smiles slightly and unexpectedly as far as Magnus and Alec are concerned, “He’s your father, let’s see if we can exploit that!"

Alec becomes protective, holding Magnus by the stomach and moving him behind himself. “And how are we going to do that?”

“We still have the Malachi Configuration, it worked on Lillith”

“It worked on a weakened Lillith, I don’t know if it could hold him right now" Magnus raises his brow at Jia.

“We also have a Clary” Jia smirks


---Scene 10---

“I have someone who wants to see you" Simon knocks gently on the door.

Izzy doesn’t even bother to respond.

“Hello Isabelle”

Izzy shoots her head round at the familiar voice of Cleophas.

“Cleophas, what are you doing here?” Izzy stutters.

“Simon snuck me in. I heard what happened”

Izzy turns away from them both; unable to look either Simon or Cleophas in the eye.

“I heard what had happened to the institute, I’m so sorry” Cleophas places a large long case on the end of the bed. “Simon spoke to me and, well, we thought this might be something that...I hope you like it, Simon helped work out the design" Cleophas really struggles to get the words out.

Intrigued Izzy leans forward in the bed. She unlocks the case and opens the lid. Izzy’s face full of life and excitement again.

Izzy laughs for the first time since the explosion, “this is very cool" she smiles at her boyfriend, knowing it was his idea.

Izzy starts to cry and laugh at the same time. For the first time in a while Izzy felt hopeful even if everything was still such a mess.

“It’s Adamas, and like your whip it has a few tricks up it’s sleve" Cleophas beams at the sight of Izzy happy, “deadly, functional, a very Isabelle Lightwood piece if I do say so myself"

Izzy moves over to Simon and whispers thank you in his ear. Izzy also thanks Cleophas more loudly.


---Scene 11---

Magnus trembles and starts jumping about trying to psyche himself up. They had chosen an abandoned warehouse to try pulling it off. “This better work"

“It will" Alec places his hand on Magnus's chin, tilting it up and pulling his face towards his own. His lips move to meet Magnus's. Alec moans deeply into the kiss, almost loosing track of the world around them.

*ahem* Jace coughs. Dramatically he holds his arms out signalling to his Parabatai to draw his attention back to the mission. Clary can’t help but smirk at the pair.

“Herondale you buzzkill" Simon complains. Everyone turns to look at him with an inquisitive expression. “What? I ship them! I’m not the only one here that does!”

The room is full of dirt and dust. It’s musky and poorly lit. Magnus has already drawn the pentagram to summon his father.

2 teams join them; comprised of 6 shadowhunters, 1 warlock, 2 vampires and 4 wolves.

Everyone takes position. Surrounding the pentagram is the Malachi Configuration pre-arranged except with a notable variance, rather than the usual 4 blades creating a square, the soul sword is present acting as a 5th point and creating a Pentagon around the pentagram.

Clary nods at Magnus with her stele ready in hand.

“invokatai Asmodaum invas huhmaylay auwk Asmodayew fvalentay vaylyee"

The air crackles and tastes and smells like charred rotten meat. The ground vibrates slightly and the dust and dirt bounces as if on a speaker. The room darkens and a flash appears inside the pentagram, but it is the opposite of light, as if there could be such a thing as a flash of dark.

“Magnus" Asmodeus appears from the flash, grinning grotesquely and bearing his teeth.

Before he could take a step or utter another word Clary shoots heavenly light. But it’s not directed at Asmodeus but the soul sword.

The room fills with a bright light.


---Scene 12---

Asmodeus eyes suddenly and sharply opens but he refuses to react as he feels the heavy chains.

“Hello father" Magnus tries to hide his disgust.

In a fluid motion Asmodeus rises from the ground still shackled.

“Chains? Really?” he shrugs never taking his eyes of Magnus.

“You’ll forgive us for taking every precaution” Alec snipes cautiously.

“Ah Alexander Gideon Lightwood, perhaps you’re accustomed to be chained by Magnus. I am not" a devilish grin crawls up on Asmodeus face. Alec barely reacts but Asmodeus relishes every delicious expression of discomfort by Alec no matter how minute.

“You may refer to me as Inquisitor Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane” Alec stands close to the cell they have constructed around him. Alec stands straight and unflinching as if to make a point.

“Bane?” Asmodeus tone is raised as he questions the new addition to Alec’s name. He sports a grin so large one might think he was to burst out laughing at any point.

Asmodeus launches himself towards Alec, in spite of the chains and the Malachi Configuration he presses himself up against the invisible wall that separates he and Alec. The ‘wall’ glows with sky blue energy where Asmodeus face meets it but instead of stopping him it bends as if made from a stretchy fabric. Asmodeus shouldn’t be able to do this but some how he can. Magnus hides his fear at the show of strength by his father.

The Malachi Configuration does stop him eventually but not before Asmodeus is less than an inch from Alec’s face. His arms stained backwards by the chains that Valentine once held Ithuriel with.

Asmodeus sticks out his tongue as if to lick Alec’s neck which it nearly does, close enough to feel the heat from his mouth.

“You must have the most perfect sweet little cunt, to get Magnus of all people to settle down. One can’t help but be curious how delicious it must taste" Asmodeus hisses, his smile as ever creepy and distorted, and his breath smells sweet and alluring and simultaneously putrid and rotten.

Alec not wanting to give Asmodeus too much satisfaction in his reaction breathes deeply to signal his boredom before turning to look at Magnus with an eye roll.

“My son has quite an appetite” Asmodeus continues to smirk, “tell me, do you have to keep the stamina rune on all the time? I presume you need your Iratze to walk straight, so to speak”

Alec bites his tongue, not wanting to respond. “Hundreds of years of fucking your way through vampires and wolves, warlocks and Djinns, and you settle for boring duty bound Nephilim just because he has abs and a tight hole?” Asmodeus continues to try and mock them.

Suddenly a bolt of light hits Asmodeus in his left shoulder, burning the clothes away down to the skin and burning at the flesh. Magnus is shocked. Firstly shocked by Clary’s anger as she stands with disgust on her face and her arm outstretched having blasted Asmodeus with heavenly light. But equally Magnus is shocked at how Asmodeus quickly heals.

Asmodeus laughter vibrates through the warehouse. “I must say, it’s an impressive cage" he runs his fingers along the edge of the invisible wall.

“The Malachi Configuration was designed to hold greater demons, and as you can see, we’ve reinforced it with a mortal instrument and powered it up with heavenly light- So I wouldn’t try anything if I was you" Clary scoffs

Magnus cautiously but in a smooth motion walks up to his father, “Does it embarrass you that you were vanquished by your own child?” he asks mockingly

Asmodeus grimace before blurting out “yes". His eyes widen at the admission.

Now its Magnus time to grin as he exchanges looks with Clary, “You’re right, the soul sword really works wonders on the Malachi Configuration”

“This won’t hold me forever" Asmodeus spits.

“We don't need forever; we just need for now" Alec closes in behind his husband and wraps his arms around his waist in a defiant stance towards his father-in-law.

“You blew up the New York Institute” Jace approaches.

“Yes, you should have been there! There’s nothing more enjoyable than seeing the rune covered flesh peeling off the bone as it burns" Asmodeus launches at Jace like he did before to Alec, “like the intoxicating aroma of barbeque and the delightful sounds of a slaughter house- like high pitched screams of pigs fighting to cling on to life"

“To destroy the apokálypsis codex?” Jace continues.

“No. What do you know of the codex?” Asmodeus smirks, “has someone been filling your heads with knowledge you shouldn’t have?” Asmodeus tuts in a condescending tone.

“Then why attack the institute?” Clary asks

“To steal the codex and hide it" Asmodeus grinds his teeth as he tries to keep quiet.

“Why hide it and not destroy it?” Magnus questions his father, sinking into Alec to help keep him grounded and feeling safe.

“It can’t be destroyed. Ironic" snorts Asmodeus

“Ironic? How is it Ironic?” Magnus pushes.

Asmodeus screws up his face, resisting the effects of the soul sword, his nose starts to bleed and he growls before snapping “because what is held within the codex only exists momentarily”

Asmodeus lets out a held breath and breaths heavily after trying to resist, “What do you know of the codex"

“Heavenly revelations, the words are copied then the original copy of the codex destroyed or something like that” Jace shrugs, “You explain it to us!”

“The apokálypsis codex is, for a lack of a better term, a history book" Asmodeus closes his eyes he won’t try to resist much more as it is taxing, “it contains a record of everything that has happened in the battle between Angels and Demons"

“big book" scoffs Alec

“Actually it’s quite small. See the text has a tendency of coming in and out of existence- I suppose you could say the text exists then is destroyed. To those who don’t know what it is, it would look like a blank book"

Clary groans, “Can’t anything be simple? Why would it do that? Be a blank tiny book”

“A record of everything tends to take up a lot of space and it continues to take up more. See the apokálypsis codex is continuously...updating.”

“It’s like a live feed on the battle?” Clary asks

“Where it comes from the deepest of mysteries but it is of divine creation of some description.”

“And this existing momentarily thing, what’s that about?” Clary continues

“The relevant passages only appear when called upon. Flutters into existence, then out again, it appears then it is destroyed until the next time it is called upon"

“So you don’t want us to see what you guys are up to?” says Jace

“Not particularly” Asmodeus rolls his eyes

“But there’s more? Something specific you don’t want us to know?” Magnus moves closer and bolder.

“Not me, another" Asmodeus eyes flash with a brilliant anger and his face contorts with distaste “who rescued me from the void and fashioned me into an instrument to suit needs, needs that are not mine"

“Great another demon supervillian type dude" Jace complains as he paces around Asmodeus, “like we haven’t had our share of those

Asmodeus scoffs, “You’ve never met a demon”

Alec raises his hand sheepishly, “Hi there, killing them professional for nearly 20 years”

“As you are to the Angels, the demons of Edom and the other lower realms are to the Demons of old" Asmodeus smiles grotesquely yet again, his cheeks scrunch up as the sides of his lips reach as far upwards as they will do.

In a flash Asmodeus swings his arm, the chains shattering as he continues his momentum towards to invisible wall of the Malachi Configuration. Sky blue energy crackles all around him and as if the wall were glass cracks appear in the air around him.

A massive blast of air emanates from the Malachi Configuration knocking everyone to the ground. Dust and dirt flies into everyone’s eyes.

Alec quickly stands up with his bow and arrow already in hand to see Asmodeus behind Magnus with his hand wrapped around his neck.

Alec’s eyes widen with fear “Let him go" he screams. Everyone else gets up into an attack position but waits for Alec’s lead.

“Take me; take me instead" Alec begs

“Tempting, I am curious what Magnus sees in you first hand” Asmodeus tightens his grip on Magnus, “you don’t mind sharing with family, do you boy?”

Magnus feels the rage bubble up in him and with what little power he has jerks his head back, smashing his skull into Asmodeus nose. It didn’t break as Magnus had hope but it did bleed a few drops of blood.

Asmodeus laughs before a portal appears behind him and he pulls Magnus through with him.

Alec runs towards the portal as they vanish and the portal closes behind them.


---Scene 13---

“I wish you had let me join them on mission" Izzy huffs slightly

Jia mumbles, offering a glass of scotch as they sit either side of Jia's desk. Izzy not one to decline downs the glass.

“A woman after my own heart" Jia smiles, “Have we heard anything from Alec?”

“It seems to be playing out like we expected" Izzy reaches for the bottle of scotch to top up her glass.

“I suppose there is no harm in you joining them then; if everything is under control" Jia nods.

Izzy can barely contain her glee.

As she lifts herself up from the chair a sharp clang sound can be heard.

Izzy heads towards the door, her Adamas leg is as near perfect replica of what was there before, it even mirrors the shoe of the other foot. Like a sereph blade it is covered in runes and scribing.

Izzy hesitates for a second and turning round to Jia through her smile she says “I guess I better put my game face on"

With a sharp stomp to the ground the leg loudly clinks and has changed in shape to an elongated octagonal pyramid the same diameter and length as before. Each edge is razor sharp and as the pyramid tapers towards the ground it ends in a sharp point at the base. It shatters the marble floor tile on impact.

Chapter Text

---Scene 1---

Asmodeus releases his steely grip on Magnus’s throat and quickly moves them to Magnus's wrists where he binds them with Magic. Breathing in deeply he takes in their new surroundings. As they cross the nave towards a replica of his old throne sits at the centre of a chancel Magnus looks up at the lack of roof, “you and open air homes, what’s with that dad

Asmodeus shrugs of the comment, “it was like that when I got here"

The Building is plain and the windows unornamented; the arches along the nave are thick and several storeys tall.

“Surprised you went for Cistercian or a monastery at all actually". Magnus notes various demons lining the nave but swarming around the transepts. “Where are we?”

“Kirkstall Abbey, England. Of course the place is glamoured from the mundanes" Asmodeus stops in his tracks, pivots on the spot and brings his face closes to Magnus’s. His expression one of intense curiosity as he studies Magnus.

“Huh" Asmodeus finally says as he pulls away. “It seems there are some...after effects, from your inventive use of the soul sword". Asmodeus had studied his sons face for a sign of betrayal or trickery as to why he still found himself compelled to tell the truth. The only conclusion he can reach is the effects of the soul sword are lingering; in which case it shouldn’t last too long, hours perhaps.

Asmodeus snaps his fingers and a contorted demon awkwardly moves and twists its body as it brings an old fashioned wooden chair, nothing as ornate as Asmodeus's throne which is still a small distance away.

Magnus flinches as the demon grabs him, its skin is covered in a thick sticky dark tar and it reeks of sulphur.

Magnus is placed firmly in the chair by the demon which moves its limbs over Magnus in the most grotesque fashion.

“Why take me?” Magnus asks as he is strapped to the chair.

Asmodeus flashes a look; Magnus could have sworn it was hurt had he not known better, “You’re a royal, not an attack dog for the enemy”

Whilst the demons finish with straps to bind Magnus's feet to the legs of the Chair Asmodeus walks the distance to his own throne. He gracefully pivots to face his son and lowers himself on the chair.

“You plan to interrogate me father?” Magnus nods his head towards to binds that hold him.

“Seemed rude not to return the favour. But I prefer to think of it as father-son bonding time" Asmodeus conjures a large glass of brandy. Swinging his leg around the arm of his throne he swirls the brandy before talking a gulp.

“What did you mean, earlier, these super demons that have you running scared" Magnus scoffs

Asmodeus face flashes a brilliant shade of red, twisting his hand Magnus chair scrapes slowly across the floor towards his throne. The screech is inhuman, like claws on a chalk board.

“I'm...” Asmodeus tries but can’t lie, he wants to act as if he is not but the truth is compelled, “If you were smart you would be scared too!”

Magnus contemplates the response; Asmodeus had been many things but never scared, not even of Lilith.

“What makes this demon so...threatening as to make the prince of hell its trembling bitch" Magnus smirks but is quickly struck hard by Asmodeus. Magnus wrenches, turns his head to a side and spits out a mouthful of bloody salvia with a few teeth.

Just as swift as he struck him Asmodeus waves his hand over his sons face as new teeth painfully grow in place of the ones he had only moments ago lost.

“As I said, you’ve never met a real demon” Asmodeus sits back done.

“Explain" Magnus demands as if he was in a position to do so, “And if you’re not a real demon what does that make me, I have demon blood after all"

“Downworlders”, Asmodeus scoffs, “humans whose bodies are corrupted, but we...” gesturing to the demons that surround him, “we are beautifully and perfectly corrupted in our very souls”

“I was never human" Magnus wrenches in the chair.

“You’re mother was, her egg was of her nature” Asmodeus continues to swirl of brandy.

“And I gave you a gift, elevated you, and yet you still turned out...” nearly wrenching at the words, bile rising, Asmodeus's face visibly disgusted, “...good"

“I was human once” Asmodeus admits, “like you my soul was lacking. You could become so much more, if only you would open your heart to the truth"

“You used to tell me you were a fallen angel?” Magnus questions

Asmodeus laughs, “Oh there are fallen Angels, but like their kin they do not come appear in the mortal realms often. Still if one wants to dominate Edom one often lies about their pedigree if one hopes to subjugate the others"

“Lilith didn’t hide her origins"

“Yes well her claim to fame was that like her husband she was brought into the world by the creator itself" Asmodeus scoffs, “stuck up bitch"

“So Downworlders have their bodies corrupted and demons have their souls corrupted?” Magnus tilts his head asking for more from his father, made talkative from the after effects of the soul sword.

“Is that hard to believe, Lilith corrupted many souls when she was in your realm, beyond mere possession I think you’d agree" Asmodeus steps out of the chair and glides towards Magnus.

Asmodeus tilts the glass of brandy and placing it on Magnus lips. Magnus refuses to part his lips at first but a sharp yank to the back of the head by the hair moves him to comply. Removing the glass Asmodeus smiles in his usual grotesque teeth bearing fashion. With his finger he wipes a drip from the corner of Magnus's lips.

“That a boy" he smiles.

“So these fallen Angels?” Magnus probes

Again Asmodeus tries to resist by changing the subject, “Is there nothing else you’d rather discuss? First there was the word and then there were the Angels. Angels, or at least the interesting ones, became corrupted and so the demons of old were born. Then came the humans, and like the Angels before them, many became corrupted and became the demons of the realms of Edom and other such domains.”

“And a fallen Angel saved you from the void of limbo, how is that possible?”

“Search me" Asmodeus laughs like thunder.

“The demons of old have not shown such influence, or even manifested in our realms for over 10,000 years. Something changed in the battle between the Angels and the demons; relatively recently. I don’t know what, but I'm guessing that’s why they don’t want you having the codex.” Asmodeus again throws his leg over his chair as he sits

“So you hid the codex here?” Magnus looks around at the 900 year old ruins unimpressed.

“You think I would hide it so poorly? Of course not" he is almost offended by Magnus; he was a prince of Edom, a demon of royalty, not some amateur.

“Then where, it’s not like I’m going anyway soon. Tell me" Magnus would shrug if he could.

“I threw it into another dimension, the one without shrimp"

Magnus sighs and Asmodeus smirks. Magnus knows why he is smirking.

“Quantum signatures” Magnus sighs as Asmodeus nods.

“And what happens to me now?” Magnus asks.

“You rule at my side” Asmodeus sighs, it is one if the few things he truly has ever wanted, for Magnus to be at his side.

“You can’t think I would be happy doing that or being without my husband"

“You can bring him if he promises to play nice" he huffs

“You, who tried to split us apart?” Magnus raises an eye brow.

“If you stay on the side you are fighting you will both die. If he joins us, maybe he can be saved as I have saved you now" Asmodeus places his hand reassuringly on his sons shoulder. “There is no stopping what is to come, you are either on their side or you're dead"

“And you chose your side" Magnus huffs

“I chose your side. I chose to save you my son” Asmodeus cringes at the admission.

Asmodeus's face twitches in surprise as the straps that bind Magnus seem to disappear for a few brief moments.

Magnus sighs, “Well, our time is up but it has been most helpful”

The chair itself starts to flutter from existence and Magnus rises.

Asmodeus steps back, his eyes wide and expression confused.

Soon the demons and the walls seem to flutter as if bad static on an old TV set.

“What is this magic" Asmodeus almost whispers in shock.

“Not magic, runes" a familiar voice speaks and as the world around him dissolves Asmodeus sees the face of Clary. He snaps his head around the room looking at Magnus, Clary, Alec, Jace, the other shadowhunters and Downworlders from before.

He looks down and sees the chains still at his arms and the Malachi Configuration.


---Scene 2---


Magnus" Asmodeus appears from the flash, grinning grotesquely and bearing his teeth.

Before he could take a step or utter another word Clary shoots heavenly light. But it’s not directed at Asmodeus but the soul sword.

The room fills with a bright light. Everyone on instinct shields their eyes and when they open their eyes they see Asmodeus on the floor of the Malachi Configuration.

Alec and several other showhunters raise their weapons and point it towards the greater demon.

“Move fast he won’t be unconscious long" Alec barks, he looks towards Clary “I guess you were right"

Clary smiles, “It was all Ithuriel”. Clary had explained that not only could the soul sword enhance the Malachi Configuration, the effects of any abilities or runes directed through it would permeate the cell and anyone held within it.

“You're far" Magnus snipes

“Have faith Magnus” Clary bends down towards soul sword and starts drawing a rune on it, “I’ll do my job if you do yours"

“Remember everyone, I’ll be able to project what he is seeing, play along with the illusion as long as you can. And concentrate! Your illusionary self will only react as you direct it to within the confines of his fantasy" Magnus sweeps his arms around flamboyantly as streams of blue light run from Magnus and through Asmodeus.

Magnus had been dubious about the plan, but it was still their best hope. He knew the Malachi Configuration wouldn’t hold Asmodeus forever, even with the soul sword. But maybe if they could trap him in an illusion they could hold him long enough to interrogate him with the soul sword still compelling the truth.

“Showtime” Alec sighs as he sees movement from Asmodeus

Asmodeus eyes suddenly and sharply opens. But he remains in the ground.

Magnus sees a shadowy version of himself next to the cell. Magnus throws a glance at Alec, “have I put on weight" he whispers as he sighs.

Alec glares at his Husband and mouths “focus"

Concentrating on his own shadowy form intensely the illusion speaks “Hello father".


--- Scene 3---

“Impressive" Asmodeus spits. The rage was written all over his face. His fists trembled and his face was red and contorted.

With all his will Asmodeus pulls on the chains and the metal links began to stretch and buckle. Snapping the chains with force Asmodeus brings his fists to the invisible barrier surrounding him which becomes stretched and fractured.

“NOW" shouts Clary, all the shadowhunters draw runes on the hands and Asmodeus is hit with several beams of heavenly light.

His clothes burn and his flesh bubbles. Skin dissolves revealing a dense muscular frame but the muscle is a deeper shade of red than a human; almost black. Thick Black Ichor leaks from the tissue. But as fast as his flesh burns he heals, his body regenerating at great speed.

The barrier disintegrates and Asmodeus walks towards them unfazed by on going assault.

One of the wolves launches at Asmodeus. His cat eyes widen until there is nothing but his pupils, a deep black tinted with the occasional flecks of a dark shade of yellow and green.

Asmodeus grimaces in annoyance at the wolf fast approaching him. Swiftly he reaches out grabbing the wolf by its thick furry neck.

The wolf claws and whimpers as Asmodeus tightens his grip further crushing the poor wolf’s wind pipe. He twists his hand leading to a harrowing crunching noise as he snaps the neck.

A slight whimper echoes in the room as the wolf’s last breath escapes. Everyone in the room can hardly contain their rage and sorrow.

Alec fires a volley of arrows; one straight through Asmodeus's eye. The arrow head pierces his skull on the other end.

Asmodeus laughter is creepy and disturbing. He places his hand at the back of his hand and in one fluid motion pulls the arrow all the way through dropping it on the floor. He heals almost instantly.

“Maybe it’s time to get to know my daughter-in-law a bit better" he mocks as he glides towards Alec.

Something flies through the air with such a speed it’s a blur and Asmodeus doesn’t see it coming.

“ARGH" he bellows. His face scrunched up in pain. Tilting his head he sees he is impaled on a large Adamas spike, the metal burns and he struggles to heal whilst it is still lodged in his sternum.

Izzy flashes an expressive grin of disgust and pride in wounding him with her leg.

“Izzy you said you would stay back" Alec panics. She had joined them during the interrogation but Alec was concerned given recent events.

Asmodeus strikes her with such force Izzy is flung across the room, the hole in Asmodeus's chest starts to heal but much slower.

Alec fires a portal rune at the Malachi Configuration, the soul sword and the dead wolf. The portal sweeps them back to their base and then remains in place as Alec calls for a retreat.

Most of the team makes it through the portal. But before they can all make it Asmodeus, who still has a gaping hole in his chest, grabs Magnus just like in the illusion.

With only Clary, Izzy, Jace and Alec remaining they fear the illusion will come true.

“Stupid children, you can’t fight this" he spits.

Magnus twists his arms held in place by his father, he can’t move it much but one hand he manages to place on his father’s chin. He can’t hope to push himself off him but tries regardless.

Alec’s eyes widen with fear, he can’t lose Magnus for real.

Then there is the slightest moment, where the rage and fury of Magnus disappears as his thoughts are consumed by Alec, of being with his husband, loving his Husband, never wanting to part with his Husband.

Magnus’s eyes glow, an orange fire colour unlike his usual cat eyes but rather akin to the glow when a shadowhunter activates a rune without a stele.

A brilliant light blooms from Magnus’s hand and heavily light burns Asmodeus's face with great intensity.

Asmodeus screams releasing Magnus and bringing his hands to his face.

Magnus wonders if he has exerted too much energy as Asmodeus clearly struggles to heal; but he is still healing just slowly.

They can’t keep this up and run for the portal. As they head towards it Alec deglamours a large number of containers dotted around the room.

Alec nods towards Jace, who knows to follow through on their back up plan.

Jace pulls out of his pocket a detonator and flips the switch just as he disappears into the portal behind Alec, Izzy, Clary and Magnus.

“Oh come on!” Asmodeus whines as the room around him bursts into powerful flames, the force knocking him to the floor and roof caving in on top of him.


--- Scene 4---

“That’s for New York” Izzy smiles as Jace comes through the portal and it closes. Izzy felt that it was justice that they should blow up a building with Asmodeus in it after what he has done.

“We don’t know he is dead. The power he has right now, he could have survived" sighs Magnus.

Jia walks through to the room, glancing at the dead wolf and deeply sighing at the loss, “Tell me it was worth it"

Alec nods solemnly.

“Briefing room, when you can...” Jia pauses and looks towards the wolf, 2 shadowhunters from that team hold the wolf they had trained with for sometime, clearly upset.

Simon rushes into the room and throws his arms around Izzy, “why didn’t you tell me you were going to join the mission"

Izzy squeezes Simon back. She knew if she had told him he would have protested, just like Alec did when she first arrived. But she needed this, needed to be a shadowhunter again. Izzy was not going to let all of this change who she was.

Jia leaves to let the team take care of their fallen ally.


--- Scene 5---

“The Abbey in England?” Simon asks as he overlooks the rest of the group sitting round the briefing table.

“The York institute and 3 of our teams took care of it, they didn’t see us coming until it was too late" Jia pours a glass of water. The poetic justice that Asmodeus’s forces were wiped out by an institute based in York, the ancient English city from which New York had been named after, was not lost on her. “We also managed to recover several artefacts which we are analysing to see if they have any worth"

“Magnus, you mentioned quantum signatures during the interrogation? What was that about" Clary asks

“Pretty much everything in this world resonates with a quantum signature unique to this universe. The same is true in all universes.” Magnus sighs, “If you place something in a universe it where it doesn’t belong that universe would reject it. Like magnets the object and the universe would repel each other.”

“I’ve travelled to another universe Magnus" Clary points out.

“Not in your body, you had to inhabit that universe’s Clary. See only a few things don’t have a signature, blood, portals shards, fluoride toothpaste for some reason" Magnus explains

“That’s why a Seelie gateway to other dimension works the way it does, why you inhabit your counterpart “Jace adds

“So can’t we use Seelie Magic to get the book?” Jia asks

“The Seelies only know a couple of the millions of alternative universes that exist. Besides the book would only exist in an alternative dimension for a day or 2 at most before being flung into another random dimension as it is rejected” Magnus places his hand on the bridge of his nose rubbing it, “it could be anywhere. That’s why Asmodeus hid it that way"

“So it’s lost forever" Alec shows his frustration in his expression.


--- Scene 6---

---Explicit/smutty scene---

Alec’s brow was covered in beads of sweat and the multi-coloured lights reflected off him. The base of the music oscillated through his very bones.

The club was crowded and Alec lost himself in the music. His chest was covered only by a black mesh vest that displayed his muscular body brilliantly. Wearing one of Magnus’s skin tight pants Alec was a vision.

After everything that has happened these past few months Magnus had convinced him they need a night out. Alec had suspected Magnus needed a distraction from thinking about his father and he trusted Magnus knew what he needed right now so didn’t make a fuss of it.

Over the years Magnus had pushed Alec to be more comfortable in the more hedonistic world, at least occasionally.

Alec’s eyes were fluttering between open and closed as he just felt and enjoyed the vibrations in the air. A familiar pair of hands wrapped around his waist from behind.

Alec would recognise those arms anywhere. As his Husband pulled himself close to Alec his breath dances on the skin on the back of Alec's neck and sends tingly shivers down his body.

Alec pushes back; grinding his shapely ass into Magnus’s groin. It doesn’t take long for Alec to feel a growing erection pushing up against him.

Twisting his arm back over his shoulder he grabs the back of Magnus’s head. His fingers running along the scalp and through Magnus’s hair. He pulls Magnus closer, until Magnus’s lips are on his nape. Magnus’s lips on his skin are pure ecstasy and the occasional use of tongue gently brushing over the soft, fair and delicate hairs drive Alec wild with lust.

Alec’s own growing erection is obscene as it presses against the tight material. When Alec was in this kind of space, it was permission to be free from the boundaries life in the Clave had instilled. A space where he allows himself to indulge in ways he never knew existed until Magnus came along. In his usual habitat, the slightest display of public affection was somewhat reserved. But in this place, Alec gave zero fucks that his thick hard cock was visible to everyone. The idea they could all see Alec fall apart grinding against the sensual Magnus Lightwood-Bane like this was hot.

But eventually some mundane would complain to security. Avoiding downworlder bars had its pros and cons, Alec was freer to play with Magnus as no one would recognise him but it was rarely as wild as a downworlder rave.

Rather than waste the erection Alec turned to face Magus. His make up framed his beautiful cat eyes, at a club like this he can simply palm them off as contact lenses.

Looking at Magnus didn’t help calm his erection, Alec took in every detail. The heeled boots brought Magnus up just those few extra inches to surpass Alec’s height. His black Jeans held by a plain belt from which chains were looped along one side, the denim stained to contain Magnus’s cock.

Above the waist was equally a treat. Magnus wore a red shirt, although Alec thought that was a loose interpretation. The red shirt was unbuttoned except the one nearest the belt. Magnus’s chest was adorned with several necklaces or various lengths, on reaching below the single fastened button and another highlighting his Pecs. Lastly a black velvety jacket sat over the red shirt.

Alec leaned in to kiss Magnus. It was a kiss filled with hunger in their eyes but tenderness on the lips. Alec moaned grotesquely as he felt his Husband slyly slip a finger into his waistband from behind. Slowly tracing its way down his ass until it reached the rim.

Magnus pulled his spare hand from Alec’s hair for a moment and clicked his fingers.

Alec moaned and smiled simultaneously as he felt ass become heavily lubricated and slick. He bites his lip hard as the Magnus’s finger slides in easily.

Alec was getting fingered in public and loving it. He loved playing the greedy whore to Magnus’s impressive appetites.

It was only 1 finger but the fact this was happening under dozens of oblivious mundane noses heighted the sensation. Especially as Magnus found himself circling Alec’s prostate.

Magnus stops and slowly pulls out much to the disappointment of Alec who whines. Magnus smirks and grabs Alec by the hand and drags him off to a quieter section of the club and round a corner where no one was about.

Magnus reaches into Alec’s pocket and grabs his stele. “Not what I expected you to grab there" Alec teases.

Magnus brings the stele up to Alec’s right shoulder. Alec grabs Magnus hand before he can activate the rune, “Magnus, being glamoured invisible is not a good idea in such a crowded dance floor”. Whilst they could make themselves invisible to mundanes, they could still bump into people. In crowds this can be more of a problem than remaining out in public.

“We won’t get caught, and it’s not the dance floor were going back to" Magnus smile is devilishly handsome as he activates the rune on Alec before drawing one on himself oh his left bicep.

Now invisible Magnus pulls Alec back into the club and heads to the bar in the VIP section. It’s much quieter than the others.

Magnus walks behind the bar unseen where only 1 bartender is working at the opposite end.

Magnus sees a shot that has been poured for a patron standing at the bar on his phone.

“Will it?” Magnus asks coy. Alec nods picking up the shot glass it immediately becomes part of the glamour. He lifts it to Magnus’s lips, which part and swallows the shot of vodka. “Of course it will. Imagine if it didn’t, you would have had a floating glass" Alec laughs.

The patron looks down and sees the shot is gone. Puzzled he searches across the bar. Alec places the glass back down and in moments the mundane sees the empty shot glass and assumes he has had too much to drink and is getting a bit forgetful.

“So you wanted us invisible. Why?" Alec smirked.

Magnus almost innocently states “because I can’t wait to get you home and I wanna do this”.

Magnus turns Alec around and pushes him into the bar, Magnus yanks down Alec’s pants at the back and falls to his knees.

Alec looks over at the other end of the bar where the bartender seems to be moving very little. Alec’s arms rest on the bar surface, he looks back round briefly and notes to himself there is not much space behind a bar.

On the customer side, the mundane from earlier is drinking a soft drink, at least for now. Alec’s face is so near his; he can ever see what he is typing on his phone. Which is an exchange to someone Alec assumes is the guys wife. The exchange is about how this guy is stuck in the office late. Alec shakes his head “little shit".

He considers pranking the mundane but he feels the sudden but familiar sensation of Magnus’s tongue at his rim.

Alec can be as loud as he likes with the rune active.

Alec’s groin is pushed uncomfortable against the bar as Magnus devours his cunt. “More” Alec begs as Magnus slides more of his tongue into the sensitive bundle of nerves.

After 10 minutes or so Magnus decides that as much as he loves eating his husbands perfect pink hole, he needs to feel it envelope his cock.

Standing, he leans one arm on Alec’s shoulder and with the other guides the thick head of his cock to Alec's very slick hole.

Alec moans are delightfully slutty as he feels the head drag along the rim and pop through. For a moment he thought he might be so loud that some how the mundane would see and hear him.

It doesn’t take long for Magnus to bottom out. He places a flurry of tiny and sensual kisses along Alec’s nape, shoulders and upper back while he gives Alec a moment to adjust to the monster warlock cock deep inside him.

Alec starts to roll his hips and push back; he can’t wait for Magnus to start so takes some action himself.

Magnus moans as the warm soft walls rub against the head of his cock. “How do you do that” Magnus moans, “how do you make every inch feel like its being driven wild with sensation"

“Because my pussy was built for your cock Magnus" Alec smiled riding the waves of euphoria.

Occasionally the bar tender came close to them but never right to the end where they were.

Magnus had built up a healthy pace and the drag on Alec’s prostate each time he slides in or out of Alec’s ass was nearly constant.

Alec’s own hard cock had been released from the tight pants that contained it. He lifts one leg into the bar and his hard cock flops onto the bar.

As tempted as he is to touch his own cock Alec loves when Magnus makes him cum just from penetration so begs just for that.

“Please keep going” he begs Magnus.

“You close baby?” Magnus smiles as he sees the fluster of red in Alec’s cheeks; face and ass.

“So close, keep the tempo I don’t think I can last much longer"

“You’re such a perfect bottom husband, look at you. About to spill over this bar and spasm around my cock just by getting fucked. You’re not even touching yourself” Magnus whispers in Alec’s ear which tickles him.

Alec can’t even talk, just nod, moan and say the occasional “yeah" in agreement.

The bar is become wet with Alec’s delicious precum which is oozing out with every stroke.

Alec starts breathing heavier and heavier and Magnus sensing this picks up the pace slightly.

“Fuck fuck fuck" Alec screams, “baby I’m cum...OH FUCK”

Ropes of cum spray from Alec’s cock, each spurt flies across the bar and onto the floor. A couple of ropes fly onto Alec’s own face, dripping down his nose and lips.

Each spray sees Alec’s cock pulse and bounce. In his ass the walls contract powerfully around Magnus’s thick cock and the warlock can’t contain himself.

“Alec here it comes" he warns.

Instinctively Alec pulls Magnus deeper in, not wanting to waste a precious drop as he feels himself being filled to breaking point with warlock seed.

“FUCK, ALEC, FUCK, FU....CK" Magnus collapses onto his husbands back. His eyes half closed as he enjoys the after glow. He doesn’t want to pull out but as he softens after a few minutes it happens naturally.

Magnus and Alec pull their pants back up and head back to the corner from earlier to de-glamour.

Magnus takes Alec back to the VIP lounge and Alec collapses onto the sofa. He needs some recovery time before he hits the dance floor again.

Magnus heads to the bar to order some drinks, taking pride in seeing the bar oddly wet and sticky and the bar tender confused as to why.

When Magnus returns with 2 drinks he smiles at his adorable husband. “Sweetie you have some" he points at Alec’s face at the streaks of cum that splashed on it earlier.

Expecting Alec to clean it off, Alec smiles “I know"

“Do you want me to" Magnus moves towards him with a napkin.

“don’t you dare touch this badge of honour" Alec grins before leaning to kiss Magnus, a few strings of cum trail between their faces as Magnus pulls back from the kiss to take a sip of his drink. Magnus laughs; this has been a good date night.


--- Scene 7---

Jace lay still in bed, not wanting to disturb a sleeping Clary. But the urge to reach out was too much. Running his hands over her hair he smiled blissfully. He had no idea how he survived a year without her.

Clary’s eyes flutter as she starts to wake up. She is greeted by the sight of Jace, handsome as ever, his mismatched eyes were dreamy, his hair dishevelled and the corner of his lips curling into a smile.

“Morning” Clary croaks out still half asleep.

“Morning" Jace replies still playing with her hair.

 Clary’s eyes widen and her expression becomes alert. She jumps out of bed and quickly throws on a t-shirt lying by the bed and a pair of jeans.

Jace becomes a bit insecure but jokes “ok I know I have morning breath...”

Cutting him off Clary bends down and kisses Jace passionately but briefly, “I know how to get the Codex"

She runs out of the room and Jace jumps out to go after her. Placing one leg into some trousers and jumping to shimmy himself into them he falls over in his rush to get dressed. “Clary wait up"


--- Scene 8---

“Fray?” Simon asks in a concerned tone.

“I’m fine Simon, just let me, just let me work" Clary is standing over a magnifying glass, soldering what seems to be circuit boards.

“She’s been like this for 20 hours straight" Jace sighs.

“I’m getting Jia" Simon says.

“I’ve already talked to her, she thinks we should let Clary do whatever it is she is doing and see what she comes up with" Jace shakes his head

Clary mutters under her breath, “I’m right here"

The tiny filaments of solder contain traces of Adamas and Electrum.

Simon looks behind them at the wall which Clary has covered with a series of equations containing various magical symbols.

Magnus and Alec walk into the room, “Biscuit, you called for me?”

Magnus stops and looks at the wall, studying the equations and gasping in shock “well blow me!”

“Later" Alec smirks to which Jace and Simon rolls their eyes at.

“Ithuriel pulls through again huh?” Magnus says playfully

“Does that look right to you?” Clary asks as she takes out the chip she has been working on and starts on the next.

Magnus sighs and runs over the equations, studying them intensely “You’re insane you know, but brilliant"

Clary never takes her eyes off her work but smiles at the comment, “can you do it?”

“Yeah I can create the Anchor” Magnus scratches his head, “you sure that will work" motioning towards the tech Clary is creating.

“Sorry Jace not following, Jace very not following" stumbling on the words Jace holds out his arms to ask what the fuck is going on.

“Clary is creating a device that will detect an object with a specific quantum signature. A bit like a how a Geiger counter works with radiation.” Magnus looks over to Clary “and track it between dimensions. Clary this would be able to distinguish which alternative universe the object would have jumped to when repelled out"

“Bingo" Clary smiles, “but its more than that!”

Magnus continues explaining the equations, “It would encapsulate a user in a bubble that would allow them to jump dimensions with the use of a...” Magnus sits down shocked.

“with use of this Rune" Clary throws her sketchbook at the 4 men.

“But wouldn’t you be flung out of the dimension like the codex" Simon asks, “lost forever?”

“Eventually we would be repelled out, but like any object, including the codex, we would have some time; a couple of days tops. But not lost no" Clary continues to solder

“Clary needs me to create an anchor, so that when flung out of the other universe you would end up back here, like an elastic band snapping you back to this dimension" Magnus explains.

It would take a day or so for Magnus to create a magical component meeting the specifications on the wall.

“We’re seriously contemplating hopping around dimensions? It can’t be that easy" Alec is dumbfounded

Joining in Simon proclaims “It's not, have you guys never seen the TV show sliders.”

“Oh" Magnus hesitates when he sees more of the wall.

“Yea, that’s the tricky part" Clary shrugs

“The rune can create the jumps, the device is what navigates. But to power this thing we are going to need..." Magnus twitches at the idea, “Glorious"

“The sword?” Jace raises his eyes brows

“Just a little fragment"

“Oh no that’s not tricky it all" Alec can’t help but mock the ridiculous situation.

“Would glorious 2.0 work” Simon shrugs, “the sword Izzy made?”

“It might actually, and we still have some fragments from when it exploded” Clary nods

“Glorious 2.0?” Alec cringes, “that’s what we are calling it?”

--- Scene 9---
---Minor Smut---

Izzy and Clary are giggling in the base canteen. Izzy is looking more like herself everyday; her usual smile is almost always there and framed by her signature red lipstick. Clary had suggested they have a girl’s lunch as they rarely had time to just hang out the last few months.

“Don’t tell Jace" Izzy laughed

“I’m not saying overall Simon or Jace is better than the other but Simon was the best I’ve had when it comes to foreplay" Clary smirked

“For me the sex is best because it is Simon but yea his foreplay skills is urgh" Izzy daydreams, “I mean he has talents of someone much more...experienced"

Clary bursts out laughing loud enough for a few of the others in the canteen to turn their heads wondering what they were talking about.

“Oh and that vampire speed? Who knew it applies to the tongue too" Clary smirks.

Izzy smiles, “Oh god tell me about it".

Soon Izzy's smile dissipates, “but ever since...ever since the institute...” Izzy can’t finish the sentence.

“Is he not, you know, I mean he probably just wants to give you space to get used to things since then" Clary offers a reassuring smile and holds her hands on the table.

“No it’s not that. He is totally back to it" Izzy chuckles, “It’s just, he isn’t fazed. Like it’s just like before, almost"

“That’s a bad thing?” Clary raises an eyebrow

“I just don’t get how he can find this...attractive" Izzy sighs heavily.

“Ok stop!” Clary takes a swig of her glass of water, “You’re doing that thing again. You’re projecting. Like when you were trying to get him to fool about with guys"

A single tear escapes Izzy's eye which is quickly wiped away, “I guess your right”

“Of course I am; I’m your Para...” Clary stops dead in her tracks. She looks down and plays with the food on her plate.

“I’m sorry we never got to" Clary’s eyes well up, “you must be so disappointed”

“You save us, at great cost. I’m so proud of you Clary. In my mind we are Parabatai” Izzy smiles.

Clary nervously smiles, “same"


--- Scene 10---

The metal girders creaked as they start to slowly lift out of the rubble before lifting up with force and speed as Asmodeus bursts through the dust and shards of roof and plaster board.

 Stretching his neck as the wounds heal Asmodeus complains, “I fucking hate those kids"

Stretching after being trapped in the rubble Asmodeus doubles over in pain when he hears a booming voice in his head.

“ASMODEUS" the voice boomed, “I AM NOT BEST PLEASED"

“they ambushed me" he cowers

“You have power to overcoming a summoning- you chose to allow it. Your desire to rescue your son will be your downfall Asmodeus"

“Forgive me” Asmodeus pleads, “Have I not proven my worth? I have kept the codex out of their hands"

“You have given them enough, enough information for them to recover it" the voice is piercing in Asmodeus head. The stress starts to show on his body as thick black Ichor seeks from his ears as the voice overwhelms him

“I am still of use to you" he begs

“For now. But fail us again Asmodeus and we will not honour our arrangement”

Chapter Text

--- Scene 1---


“Fuck yea Magnus" Alec moans as his husband’s thick cock slides in and out of him. The drag along his prostrate drives him wild; he never gets tired of feeling full with the sensation of that big 9 inch mocha dick.

Magnus picks up the pace of his thrusts, his skin slapping against Alec’s perfect round ass.

Magnus can’t help but admire his Husband as his face is scrunched up; lost in the pleasure of getting fucked hard. Alec’s legs are loosely wrapped around Magnus who is standing with his arms under that perfect ass. Even though Alec is a tall muscular man, Magnus seems to have no problem lifting him up only to let gravity do its job as Alec falls back down on Magnus’s cock.

Alec buries his head in Magnus’s shoulder, panting heavily with his arms wrapped around Magnus’s upper back.

Alec’s cock, although always heavily leaking precum seem to dribbling out even more copious amounts than normal as his cock is sandwiched between his and Magnus’s chest. The friction on Alec’s cock is intense as it rubs between their stomachs on every up stroke and every plummet back down.

Magnus had promised it would just be a morning quickie before work but they had already been half an hour. Magnus dismissed any concern of being late, after all this was a quickie by their standards.

Alec’s face was flushed red from the heat and the blood pumping. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. He kept whispering in Magnus’s ear praises.

Sensing his rising orgasm Alec tightened his grip to bring his and Magnus’s chest as close together as possible as his slick cock slides between them. It drags along Magnus’s abs and the bumps from those muscles brought Alec to the edge.

Finally giving in, his toes curled and he moans loudly as he starts to spasm and spray cum all over their chests.

“Yea Alec, cum for me. Show me how much you love your ass being filled with cock"

Magnus’s own orgasm is quickly building up as Alec’s ass clenches and squeezes with rapid pulses in time with each squirt of his own cock.

“Fuck" Magnus shouts. He pulls Alec down once last time to bury his cock as deeply as he can as he fills Alec’s ass with what seems like gallons of warm cum.

Alec doesn’t want to get off. He feels the cum start to dribble out and down Magnus’s shaft and onto Magnus's still pulsating balls.

Still keeping his cock deep inside Alec he collapses onto the bed behind them, Alec on his back.

Flicking his hands a small black smooth plug appears.

Magnus smirks, “I want you to wear this"

“The wont possible hold in all that cum babe" Alec smiles as he pulls Magnus into a deep passionate kiss.

Starting to feel himself soften Magnus pulls out and places the plug deep into Alec’s ass.

“You know you love the idea of walking around with my cum deep inside your gut"

Alec couldn’t argue with that, he loves the idea of being at work with a cummy hole filled with his husband's seed.

Alec lays down still panting but he is determined to carry on the conversation they were having before his husband distracted him by whipping out his thick cock earlier, “are we gonna talk about the other day?”

Magnus looks at Alec, a quivering beautiful mess next to him.

“I don’t know what else to say"

“You shot out heavenly fire at Asmodeus without drawing the rune with a stele"

Alec brushes Magnus’s floppy sweat soaked hair off his forehead

“I told you I don’t know for sure how I did that” Magnus remembers the first time he drew the rune in training with Alec, it was known to be a powerful rune in the shadowhunters arsenal and Alec was keen to get him drawing it after they had bonded.

Shadowhunters could activate runes on their body without the use of a stele but the heavenly light rune didn’t linger on the body like the stamina or strength rune.

Magnus had pondered how it happened but couldn’t get work out answer.


--- Scene 2---

---Explicit/Smutty elements at the start---

Alec struggles to sit comfortably. The plug kept most of the cum inside him but it still can’t stop it entirely dripping out.

When there’s a knock at the door Alec dare not get up to open it as Magnus’s cum had already left quite a wet patch on his pants and his chair.

The very thought of Magnus’s cum inside him meant he had been fighting to stop himself getting erect all morning although he had failed at that a few times already. He wasn’t going to risk getting up and exposing his delicate situation.

“Come in"

The door opens and Horace Dearborn confidently walks through.

Alec feigned a smile. Horace was a putrid individual who had been one of the candidates for inquisitor before loosing to Alec.

“Mr Dearborn"

Any risk of getting an unwelcome erection was quickly gone with Horace’s presence. A vile man whose beliefs were the very antithesis of Alec’s.

Rising out of his seat, but carefully as to not turn around or give sight to the wet seat, Alec reaches out a hand which Horace shakes with his rather large hands.

The both sit down and Alec notices Horace’s subtle wiping of his hand on his clothes. Horace for the most part hid his disgust but it was well know he saw Alec’s relationship with a Downworlder as a perversion.

Alec looks at the large build man. He had broad shoulders and although large was not muscular but rather bony. Horace brushed his blond hair from his forehead to one side, revealing more of his rather plain face.

Alec always struggled to read Horace’s face, it always seemed expressionless but his actions spoke volumes. On the council he had staunchly opposed every measure to build better links with the Downworld.

“What can I do for you?"

“I wanted to pay my respects, after the New York institute; well I know you must have had many friends there. And your sister? Well I was so sorry to hear of her injuries"

Horace’s tone was flat and his face expressionless the entire time.

“That’s very kind of your Mr Dearborn" Alec was biting his tongue, “but I presume there are other matters you wish to discuss?”

“Indeed Mr Lightwood"

“Lightwood-Bane" Alec pointedly responds

“Of course, my apologies”

Alec finds the apology empty, there was no attempt to use Alec’s surname after being corrected.

“You must be so busy in this role; I understand you have been spending a lot of time these past months hidden away behind that desk. You're rarely seen outside these doors.”

“Life of an Inquisitor, the paperwork is hell”

“It must be disappointing; I know how keen you were to bring about real changes before your appointment"

“Disappointing? Mr Dearborn?" Alec mocks

“We’ve never seen eye to eye Mr Lightwood"


“Yes of course. Mr Lightwood...Bane. But I have been singularly impressed by your commitment to the role, especially given your previous clashes with Consul Penhallow. Although I believe she has warmed to you since your appointment"

“Is there a point which you are trying to reach Mr Dearborn?"

“I’m just curious if you have warmed to her as well?”

Alec still can’t get a read on Horace's face, if he was to guess it would be saying slap me I’m a prick but that was just Alec’s personal take.

“We have a professional relationship. The inquisitor’s job after all is about enforcing the law, not making it. If you have concerns that I have an agenda..."

“Whilst I have been impressed that you seem to take on the role and serve the Clave without inserting your own biases, I wanted to make sure you were not too attached to the current Consul”

“Current?” Alec raises an eyebrow

“I’ve heard some disturbing rumours Mr Lightwood"


“Yes, Bane. I’ve heard disturbing rumours about Consul Penhallow. More often these days she seems to disappear for hours on end goodness knows where”

“I’m not surprised Jia is a busy woman, I assume she has many engagements"

“Well one would assume that yes. But last week, when I went to see her, her office informed me that she was on a diplomatic mission involving a vampire Clan in the Shetland Islands"

Alec hides his concern.

“Yes I believe I heard something about supporting the local Clan in gaining access to adequate blood supplies. As I understand it, it is quite the winter vacation hot spot for vampires, 18 hour nights during the depths of winter you know! I’m not surprised they want help ensuring supplies so the locals don’t get cornered by belly rumbling tourist vamps"

Horace nods slightly, “Only a contact at the Aberdeen Institute told me that the local Clan on those Islands had been wiped out by a hostile wolf pack just last month"

“Could your contact be mistaken?”

“Perhaps. Still, Consul Penhallow seems away often and during the last few months there seems to be an increase in demon attacks if the various contacts are to be believed?”

Alec huffs slightly, “Are you suggesting...”

“I’m not suggesting anything. But your loyalty is to the Clave not the Consul, correct?”

“It is"

“I’m sure there must be an innocent explanation but I do feel it would help calm some members of the council if the inquisitor could discretely look into the matter”

Alec understood the implications, the council ultimately could overthrow Jia and whilst his influence is not large, Horace's influence was strong over those that supported him.

“I will look into it if you feel it will offer reassurance to members of the council"

Horace stands and offers a simple nod, as he walks out of the door he thanks Alec backhandedly “Thank you Mr Lightwood"


---Scene 3---

---Explicit discussions/Moderate Smut---

Jace knocks on Simon’s door, wearing a big grin whilst holding a Stargate DVD box set.

Answering the door Simon shakes his head, “Dude you are not ready for another sci-fi franchise"

“You were going on about it for ages last week, how could I not"

“How did I turn you?”

Jace winks at Simon who becomes slightly awkward

“I mean into a closeted sci-fi geek"

“I don’t know, kind of just happened” Jace laughs, “but same rules are in effect, tell anyone and your dead Lewis"

“This so reminds me of this guy I knew in 7th grade called Tyler" Simon’s eyes roll.

“I just want to watch DVDs Si"

Jace gently punches Simon’s arm, which leads to a slight glance from Simon.

“That’s what Tyler said too" he banters.

“What’s gotten into you today, you seem off"

Jace had grown so close to Simon over the past year and quickly picked up his tells. Izzy had loved that they had became friends and more than just superficially so; her brother and her boyfriend getting along meant the world to her.

“Izzy... it doesn’t matter" Simon gets flustered.

“It took me months before I shipped you two so nothing better be wrong" Jace crosses his arms, “plus as much as your my number one, if you’ve upset Izzy I’m bound by brother-logic to kick your ass"

“Firstly you are soooooo not Picard. I’m Picard, you're...Worf"


“Secondly, it’s not the kind of thing I should discuss with her brother"


Simon nods sheepishly

“So you’re inexperienced, read a book!”

Simon scowls at Jace and his fangs drop

“It's nothing I did!” Simon protests.

“Dude you might as well tell me, Izzy will just tell Clary who will just tell me"

“Izzy and Clary do not talk about sex with us with each other"

“They so do" Jace laughs

“What, what do they say" Simon asks horrified.

“Oh come up, people talk about their sex life with their friends. What happened?" Jace slumps into Simon’s green couch and pulls out of his bag a beer and another bottle of beer for Simon.

Simon doesn’t take the bottle at first.

“It’s mixed with blood" Jace holds the bottle out again and Simon grabs it and takes a swig. “So?”

“Izzy tried to fngm" Simon goes so quiet at the end it’s just muffled noise.


“Izzy tried to finger me" Simon can’t look Jace in the eye saying it

Jace bursts into hysterical laughter, clutching at his chest and wiping a tear away as he settles.

“That’s it? That’s the issue?”

“I just... I don’t want her thinking she needs to fill a guy shaped void. I thought we had dealt with those insecurities that I’m some how missing something not being with a guy" Simon takes a massive swig of his blood beer

Jace gets serious and looks Simon in the eye.

“Are you sure that’s what it is?”

“Why else would she" Simon sighs

“Si, it’s 2019, it doesn’t mean it’s to do with your sexuality. Just more people get that guys have a prostrate and it feels good"

Simon just stands there blinking

“Clary finger fucks me all the time" Jace admits, “doesn’t make me any less straight"

“You get fingered?” Simon’s face is full of surprise.

“I mean why should she be the only one in our relationship that does?”

“She never tried that with me" Simon almost sounds relieved

“Just stop getting hung up on assumptions about what sex you think men and women, women and women, and men and men have. If you’re not into it because you’re not into that’s fine. But don’t dismiss it because you’re worried it means anything more than it is”


---Scene 4---

“Dearborn isn’t an idiot Jia, if he gets enough support on the council he could push through a vote of no confidence"

“Dearborn supporters maybe extremely loyal but he doesn’t have enough support to pull that off"

Jia offers a glass of scotch to Alec, with a shake of the head he declines. Jia sits down at her desk with her own glass.

“You’re right he is not an idiot and neither are you! He knows I’m the moderate consul who bridges the relationships between those who are worried about sweeping reform and those that want better relations with the Downworlders”

“If he finds any dirt on you, if he finds out about what we have been doing he could pull support from the moderates and split the vote"

“He knows if that was to happen you would be the most likely successor who will push a more radical agenda publicly than I, and the moderates would choose you over his isolationist agenda. You're the darling of Idris, who under your leadership we defeated Lilith, destroyed Edom, and stopped Jonathan Morgenstern- he won’t risk it" His swallows her scotch.

“I’m the Inquisitor, I’d be expected to run the election, and I wouldn’t be eligible to be a candidate"

“If there was a vote of no confidence there would a transition period, most of my powers as Consul maybe stripped during that time but I would still have authority to accept your resignation and appoint an interim Inquisitor until the Council has elected a new one"

Jia slides the glass she previously offered to Alec along the desk, this time Alec accepts it and takes a gulp.

“Let me worry about Dearborn” Jia reassures Alec, “I promise I’ll deal with it once I’ve returned from the Lagos institute"

Alec nods, Jia will only be gone a day or two to help finalise and broker a peace treaty between 2 neighbouring Seelie tribes.


---Scene 5---


Magnus stands at his work bench, focused on finishing the small component for Clary’s device. It’s a small magically infused ruby; it was well know that certain gems and metals could be infused with different types of magic. Magnus stirs the potion he has been working on for the past few hours. Soon he will need to submerge the ruby into the mixture and allow the magic within the potion to permeate the small gem.

His work space was typical Magnus, fine decor, beautiful wood surfaces. The long work bench faced the main entrance to the room and to the side a doorway to his study. Along the long side of the bench facing the main doorway was a tall cupboard, only an inch or so taller than the bench, filled with various ingredients and mystical objects. From the ceiling hung various herbs and botanicals drape down.

Alec leans against the door frame from the office. Taking in the sight of Magnus working intensely. His husband was a vision, wearing a black leather kilt overlapped and fastened at the side by 3 large brass rings. In place of a traditional Sporran a matching plain leather pouch sits near the side. A burgundy plain shirt with a granddad collar hugs his muscular frame.

*Ahem* Alec tries to get his attention

“Yes sweetie"

Magnus doesn’t turn his head.

“Magnus" Alec says a little louder

This time Magnus turns and his jaw drops slightly. Alec is dressed up in a pair of very short and tight black boxers, his 8 inch cock already semi hard and creating a sightly bulge. A long-line sleeveless t-shirt shows off his muscular arms and covers the top of the boxers, only revealing them fully as Alec moves.

“Why husband, are you trying to seduce me?

Alec just smirks.

“I’ve got to get this done. I promise I won’t be too long and then I can leave it to stew overnight.

Magnus turns back to his work. He hears a short snap and a slight flash of light from the corner of his eye and turns around to see Alec, teasingly biting his lip and now full naked. Alec’s cock hung down mesmerising Magnus.

Magnus shakes it off, “Sweetie I promise, I won’t be too long and then I will more than make it up to you"

Magnus returns his focus as he hears a huff from Alec. He feels slightly bad but this is important work.

Magnus adds another ingredient and then freezes as he feels his kilt being raised and a warm mouth engulfing his cock. Looking down he sees one of Alec’s hands on the floor peaking out from under the table. He feels the other hand cupping and playing his balls.

“I’ve got to work" Magnus moans and sighs at the same time.

Magnus feels the warmth leave his cock but it still feels wet with saliva.

“You can still work. You work on your thing; I’ll work on my thing"

“technically it’s my thing you’re working on" Magnus chuckles.

Magnus tries to regain his composure. He stirs, adds an ingredient, swirls his hands as he magically affects the mixture. All this whilst feeling his husband slides his wet warm mouth up and down Magnus’s 9 inch shaft. As he bobs on the erect cock, Alec runs his tongue expertly over the veins that throb along the silky length.

They carry on for sometime and although Magnus manages to hold his shit together, enough to keep on track with the work, Magnus was at the edge of loosing himself to the intense pleasure his Husband provided.

The main door to the room slides open and Magnus’s eyes quickly open to see Jace.

“Hey Magnus"

Magnus was thankful that from that angle Jace can’t see under the bench due to the cupboards. He had hoped that hearing Jace’s voice Alec would stop but instead he felt the suction increase and Alec started taking Magnus even deeper. Magnus could feel Alec's nose buried in his pelvis. 

“Jace, what brings you over" Magnus keeps his composure but it comes across as blunt.

“Nice to see you too Magnus"

“Sorry, just, this is very intense"

“Yeah intense stirring" Jace mocks, “Clary just wanted to see how you were getting on with the anchor, you close?”

“Oh you have no idea Jace" Magnus struggles to hold it together, especially as he feels a hum around his cock as Alec chuckles slightly whilst continuing to suck.

“I need another hour to get this ready then it just needs to simmer over night"

“Hey that’s great. Clary is nearly done too. Is Alec about?"


“Yea he does have his hands full these days"

Magnus’s lips curl into a slight smirk as he thinks “his mouth too"

“You ok Magnus, you seem a little, I don’t”

Magnus knows he is flushed slightly red. He is thankful the bubbling of potion is loud enough to cover up the occasional small sounds Alec makes.

A deep humming vibration surrounds his cock as Alec moans quietly. Magnus looks down and whilst Alec is mostly out of view he does see the ropes of cum shooting across the floor from under the bench. A few shots land on Magnus’s shoes.

The sight of Alec cumming, the feel of Alec moaning on his cock, and all the build up from Alec’s expert blowjob tips Magnus over the edge.

Magnus starts cumming and Alec holds his balls. After a few squirts Alec pulls off to enjoy the sensation of Magnus’s cum splattering his face and soaking him. Alec is flush with heat from working on his Husband and the warm cum feels hot on his skin.

Magnus clenches his teeth slightly as he tries to hide his orgasm from Jace.

Jace however lifts his shirt slightly and runs his hand over his Parabatai rune, it feels slightly warm. Although he doesn’t feel Alec’s orgasm itself he recognises the sensation of contentment from previous times. Although Alec mentally blocked the bond out during sex, if Jace was in close proximity, like during his first time, Jace knows what has happened.

Jace raises an eye brow and walks around the bench.

“Oh for fucks sake Alec"

Jace groans as he briefly sees the glimpse of Alec dripping in cum, Magnus’s still hard cock in Alec’s mouth as he sucks the last few drops of cum out of his Husband, the floor sprayed with cum and Alec’s throbbing dick held tightly in Alec’s fist.

“You couldn’t have just asked me to go?”

Magnus shrugs sheepishly as Jace walks out the room, “next time Clary can check in on you herself"

As soon as Jace leaves Alec bursts out laughing and Magnus is right behind him


---Scene 6---

“Underhill, Lorenzo" Alec calls out as he sees them walking through the corridors.

Magnus smiles as he sees them both again and Alec throws his arms around Underhill. Lorenzo seems anxious as if his boyfriend was still fragile and might break.

“I’m glad you’re ok...both of you!”

“Well I put him on bed rest but Andrew was insistent on getting back to work” Lorenzo mutters, “Shadowhunter boyfriend’s are annoyingly head strong”

Underhill plants a soft kiss on Lorenzo’s cheek and Lorenzo blushes, his bristly demeanour softens.

“Try being married to one! Hundreds of years younger than me and Alec still won’t listen to sage advice half the time on these kinds of matters”

“Well actually we thought we might just try that” Andrew beams as he shows off his engagement ring. Alec inspects it closely with glee, it’s stunning, and a band of brilliant white gold with a thinner band either side of rose gold. The white gold band has etched 20 squares running along it’s circumference with a diamond at the centre of each square.

Magnus hugs Lorenzo as an old friend. It had only been a year since they put their old rivalries aside but Magnus had grown to care deeply for him.

“Congratulations" Magnus beams, Alec is quick to agree and wish them well.

Lorenzo pulls Alec into a hug

“I’m sorry during the recovery mission that I didn’t stay to help further...It’s just...Andrew...” Lorenzo struggles to find the words. He had spent some time healing and looking after Underhill.

“It’s quite alright. I know the feeling; there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for this adorable husband of mine" Magnus reassures Lorenzo. Alec beams with pride and Underhill just pulls himself into Lorenzo’s arms for a cuddle.

After a few more exchanges of hugs and pleasantries each couple makes their way. Lorenzo and Underhill head to ops and Alec and Magnus to the labs.


---Scene 7---

Alec and Magnus step into the lab room. Alec notices Simon, Izzy, Clary and Jace already there and chatting amongst themselves.

“The gangs all here" Alec chuckles

“I believe you need this biscuit” Magnus gleams whilst holding out the ruby component.

Clary grabs it and with sheer excitement places it carefully into the device. The device is a circular item, with a diameter slightly larger than a CD and about an inch thick. When the ruby is placed inside a wave of purple energy blasts out and dissipates. Clary screws the cover on.

“We’re ready” Clary says with pride

Beep beep


Everyone turns round Alec shaking and holding his phone

“Alec what is?” Jace and Magnus can feel the panic through their bonds.

Alec draws quickly a portal rune, “It’s Jia"


---Scene 8---

Alec looks over the body of Jia solemnly.

“I want a full autopsy” Alec says

“Inquisitor, we’ve already done it" Dominic Hilltree, the head of the Lagos Institute sighs.

Alec flicks through the report, the DNA samples, dental records, they all match; this must be Jia.

“It doesn’t make sense Dom, those Seelie tribes were both so eager for peace, why start a battle at the signing of the treaty. And even if they did start fighting, I know those leaders; they held Jia in such high esteem”

“It seems she got caught in the crossfire Alec, I’m so sorry”

“Dom, do you not find it just a bit convenient that her entire security detail and all the Seelies present wiped each other out? Not one witness survived?”

Dominic raises his brows. He agrees it is odd none survived but all the evidence did point to a fall out between the parties.

“Why didn't you portal out?” Alec whispers as he bends down next to the body.

Even though it is a whisper it’s enough for Dominic to hear, “she didn’t have a warlock in her security detail, it would hardly be common practice Alec you know that"

Alec nods, but he knows Jia herself could have used the portal rune, Dominic did not know this.


Alec cringes at the voice of Dearborn behind him.


“This is a travesty” Horace Dearborn shakes his head tutting, “Our dear Consul, assassinated by Downworlders. Of course I tried to warn her of the dangers of pursuing such a radical agenda"

“With respect, Mr Dearborn, I’m not sure we can call this an assassination yet"

“I’m sure the council will make its own mind up on that" Horace says as he picks up and flickers through the report.

“I’m sure it will, once I have released to them my findings”

“Does this need further investigation? Seelies have slaughtered our leader, a blatant attack from the Downworld I think you would agree"

“I will not give in to speculation until I have concluded my investigations and collected and examined every facet of the truth" Alec struggles to hide his frustration

Your investigations? A man who whores himself to a warlock like a broad mare" Horace spits

“Yes, my investigations. In the event of the death of the Consul, it is the Inquisitor not the Council who has jurisdiction for the investigation"

“The law is the law" Dominic interjects.

“I will also take an apology for that vile remark" Alec demands arms crossed

Dearborn simply walks out.

“What a delightful man:” Dominic rolls his eyes, “You know when there is an election that ass-hat is going to run and use this incident to galvanise support from the isolationists"

“Yeah I know" Alec sighs.

“You know if you are thinking of running you’re going to have to hand in your resignation to the council"

Alec cheeks puff as he silently blows out a lung full of air.


--- Scene 9---

Izzy approaches Clary in the lab. Clary is visibly frustrated at the delay. Clary is agitated and Izzy recognises the sign of her playing with her hair and tapping the table.

“The council has called for an emergency meeting of the Clave"

Izzy runs her hands through her would be Parabatai’s hair seeking to calm her.

“Izzy, the longer we delay the more AUs we need to jump through"


“Alternative Universe, seemed to make sense to abbreviate it" Clary shrugs before she rubs her forehead and let’s out a groan. Tired of all the delays she jumps out of her chair.

“I know its frustrating Clary, but it’s only for a few hours"

“Do you really think this will be solved at the Clave meeting?” Clary shakes her head and starts pacing the room

“Resolved? No but we need to know what is going on before we can decide how to proceed"

Izzy brings her arms to Clary’s, massaging with her fingers as she holds her by the shoulders.


---Scene 10---

Clary looks out over the packed public gathering in Angel Square. It reminded her of a concert, there were 15, maybe 20,000 present. It made Clary wonder how many shadowhunters there were. Alicante had a population of about 30-40,000 and more who lived outside of the city. There were nearly 600 institutes around the world in most urban areas with over a million mundanes, each with between 65 and 135 shadowhunters each.

 “Members of the Clave, these have been dark times. Jia Penhallow has been killed trying to broker a peace treaty between 2 tribes of Seelies in Lagos. Inquisitor lightwood-bane is currently conducting investigations into the specifics of what happened"

Elena Larkspear was a moderate on the council and seen as a fair voice for them at this public announcement. She along with the other members of the Council, some 100 delegates at least stood on the Balcony of the Accords Hall to address the crowds.

The shocks and gasps in the massive square are deafening.

“Today is a day of mourning but soon elections must take place, we can not be allowed to stop in our holy mission given to us by the angels"

Dearborn stands up to address the crowd.

“Inquisitor Lightwood-Bane

Alec stands before the crowd

“I believe I speak on behalf of the whole Council when I thank you for your dedication. We have all been impressed by you're commitment to justice and your work has been exemplary. I know you will continue in this fashion as Inquisitor, as you conduct these elections"

Alec feigns a smile.

Izzy sighs in frustration “fuck"

Clary nudges Izzy, confused, “Why would Dearborn want Alec to continue I thought he hates him"

“Only the Consul or the Council can accept the resignation of an Inquisitor”


“Alec can’t run for Consul if he is the Inquisitor responsible for running the elections. Alec said he was going to hand in his resignation letter prior to the address. Dearborn must have convinced the council to keep him in post and reject his resignation”

It isn’t like Alec can simply quit against the wishes of the council or the consul either, the Nephilim society is a militaristic one. Unless a resignation or redeployment request is approved by the appropriate superior a shadowhunter can’t just quit without giving up his place within the society of shadowhunters entirely.

“There are also rumours that the Angels have cut off communication with the Clave. Their presence and influence has not been felt in sometime and I’m sad to say the council has been investigating this matter and found them to be true" Dearborn announces.

Elena eyes dart at Dearborn, it was too late to take it back but the council had agreed not to disclose that information.

The shock gasps from the crowds were fierce. It was obvious to many that Dearborn would use this to stir up fear and blame the recent political agendas for both Jia’s death and the Angels influence diminishing.

Izzy grasped Clary’s hand tight. Almost as if they were Parabatai, Clary could sense the concern radiating from Izzy as people started to talk amongst themselves. They asked why they had been abandoned, why the Angels would cut themselves off from the Nephilim.


--- Scene 11---

“This is a disaster" Jace flings himself on the seat at Magnus and Alec’s loft.

Alec flicks his wrists and a cocktail appears in everyone’s hands.

Izzy takes a sip but vocally and visually looks grossed out.

Magnus takes a sniff, “Well that’s not right"

Magnus waves his hands and the drinks glow for a moment.

Magnus takes a sip, “better"

Alec pouts and Magnus finds it adorable. He plants a soft kiss on those pouting lips, “keep practising"

“How did Dearborn get evidence about the Angels" Clary asks.

“Doesn’t matter it was bound to come out eventually!” Alec sighs as he curls up into Magnus on the sofa.

“He has already announced his candidacy. With out a credible candidate to stand against him, he will win" Jace shakes his head, taking a sip of the cocktail he looks at Magnus and asks “Could you not make this a beer"

Magnus shoots him a look, as if he had committed a crime for daring to complain about having one of Magnus’s famous cocktails.

“His revelations will solidify his supporters in a belief that all our work reaching out to the Downworlders has angered the Angels" Izzy says, she plays with Simon’s hair as he rests his head in her lap.

“Alec, you hold a lot of sway, people would overwhelmingly support you for Consul. Many of the moderates will see you as unorthodox but you get the job done.” Jace scratches his head and Clary strokes his arm to comfort him

Simon runs out of the room to grab something from the study but not from Magnus’s stuff but a book case filled with books belonging to Alec.

“Umm chief?” Simon runs back into the room holding a thick and dusty old book all pertaining to laws regarding the role and function of the Inquisitor. He points at a specific page.

Alec's eyes focus intensely on the passage and everyone wonders what it says. His grin grows wide, “Simon I could kiss you"

Simon blushes viable and Izzy teases, “Hands of my brother”

“To be fair he is kind of Simon's type: Dark hair, sassy and strong, the Lightwood good looks" Jace snorts

“Simon, hands off Izzy’s brother and my husband" Magnus laughs, feeling completely unthreatened, not because Simon isn't attractive but because Alec only has eyes for him and Simon is completely in love with Izzy.

Simon curls back up to Izzy who plants a massive kiss on his cheek leaving lipstick “and remember the law is the law

Alec chuckles at Simon’s mocking tone, it reminds him of Magnus when he wanted help with Izzy’s trial all those years ago.

“I get that this is important but we also cant put off the mission any more either" Clary states, “We need the codex"

Alec stands up and crosses his arms, “Ok this is how it is going to go down, Clary, Jace, Simon and Magnus will go on mission. If we are to stop Dearborn I need to be here and I need Izzy"

Izzy pouts and Alec brows drop as to say sorry I know you wanted to go on the mission.

“Izzy, as head of the New York Institute you’re a symbol right now. One we need”

Alec wasn’t wrong; Izzy could be a symbol of defiant resistance.

Magnus admires his Husband, he loves when he gets into his shadowhunter mode. But as cute as he was right now Magnus wasn’t having it “Sorry husband, but I’m not going anywhere. If you think I’m leaving you to face this on your own you’re mistaken. Besides I’m the high Warlock of Alicante- if Dearborn rises to power my people are at risk”

“I’m also going to need help from an old friend" Alec smirks as he gets his phone out and starts to look up his contact list.


--- Scene 12---

Alec walked with confidence through the Accords hall where the Council chamber was based. Its marble columns and floor were opulent and in keeping with what Alec has come to expect of the council.

His footsteps echoed through the hall as he approached the Council, sat in rows of red leather cushioned oak benches that lined the clerk and table officers at the centre of the room.

“Inquisitor Lightwood-Bane, we were not expecting to see you so soon" Elena glanced.

“I came to inform the council that I will be stepping down as Inquisitor"

Dearborn's usually expressionless face turns slightly sour.

“Mr Lightwood, only the council can accept your resignation and we do not" Dearborn states calmly

“Only the Council... and the Consul"

“Who is dead" Dearborn reiterated

Alec pulls out the book Simon had shown him and places it and the table at the centre. Elena Larkspear approaches the book and smirks as she reads it.

“And as the Consul is dead most but not all powers transfer to the council. The Consuls right to accept the resignation of the Inquisitor and appoint an interim Inquisitor until the Council has elected a new one falls under the Consuls powers regarding staffing and those rights are amongst those that transfers temporarily to the Inquisitor in the event there is no Consul in office during an election" Elena tries to hide her amusement at the political manoeuvring from Alec.

Dearborn snatches the book, and huffs “You can’t expect us to accept some obscure 800 year old law”

“The law is the law Mr Dearborn" Elena Larkspear states firmly

The Various delegates look at each other.

“And as I am no longer Inquisitor I will be announcing my candidacy for Consul immediately”

“You can do that”

“I can"

“And who is the interim Inquisitor you appointed? Your sister perhaps? You can’t expect us to accept a bias Inquisitor!”

Dearborn usually calm and collected it’s a deep shade of red, his anger plain for all to see.

“Of course not. The Council’s kind words earlier; I hope were sincere. I have always acted in this post with integrity and I have no intention of manipulating this election process. As such I believe the council will find my replacement acceptable”

The doors creak open, a sharp sound is heard as a pair of heels cross the floor. A blond woman with hair in a ponytail walks up to the Council chamber.

“May I present Interim Inquisitor Lydia Branwell"


--- Scene 13---

“You’re playing a dangerous game Alec"

Elena catches up to Alec outside the council chambers on one of the many terraced balconies of the building.

“Still, good choice with Branwell. I don’t think anyone saw it coming that you would appoint the woman you jilted at the alter. The vast majority feel confident such a woman would not be biased towards the man that did that

Alec smiles, and he nods his head to one side feeling quite please with himself, “It was important they would be neutral”

“If anything Dearborn and his supporters are wondering if you’ve appointed someone who is actually biased against you"

“Lydia is...fair. I trust her to not hold the past against me"

Elena chuckles, “I’ve always knew you were shrewd when It comes to politics, never imagined you’d pull a stunt like that

“I’m curious as to why the Council were so opposed to my resignation”

“Dearborn had won on a narrow majority he argued that such a sudden change in Inquisitor so soon after the Consuls death would be too much a shock to the system. But truthfully many were on the fence and the majority had abstained.”

“I can’t imagine Dearborn was happy"

“Not at all, but the law is the law and the council wouldn’t dare go against it. Even if it is an obscure relic of a bygone age in our legal system"

“Dearborn tried to stop the resignation because he didn’t want me opposing him"

Elena leans against the railings, “Yes I suspect so, that’s why I voted to allow you to resign when you first approached the Council for the request"

“Forgive me Elena, but I’ve never took you for having similar...political leanings as myself"

“Oh I don't. True I’m not a fanatic like Dearborn, although I question you tactics and your desire for sweeping reform I don’t doubt your intent. Honestly most of us think that way."

“I believe that might be the nicest thing you have said to me Elena”

Elena chuckles, “I’m not saying I think you are right. But I think our people deserve real choice in this election, a balance of candidates is needed. I did it for them far more than I did it for you"


--- Scene 14----

At Magnus and Alec's loft every one is getting prepped for the jump.

There’s a bang at the door and Magnus’s wards recognise the individual as an ally.

Alec waves his hand and the door opens. Luke walks through and Clary jumps on him.

“Dad" she smiles as she throws her arms around him.

“Hey kiddo"

“You came to wish us well?”

“I thought this mission was being kept on the down low" Jace sighs

“You told Maryse” Clary raises her brow towards Jace

Alec huffs, “What the hell Jace? Now mom is just going to worry"

“Yeah it’s part of why I am here. She wanted to make sure you were ok but didn’t want to make a scene of it”

“Tell mom we are fine! And stop worrying"

“Alec she’s your mom she isn’t going to stop that any time soon" Luke gets slightly nervous, “I also needed to talk to you about something else. Well Clary, Jace, Izzy and Alec specifically”

“Is everything ok?” Izzy gets concerned at Luke’s nervous body language.

“Well yeah actually in fact things are going great but I wanted to speak to you four first.” Luke stutters and scratches the back of his head, “I’m planning on proposing to Maryse”

Jace is the first one to jump up and hug Luke.

“But I wanted to get your blessings first"

“Of course you have our blessings" Izzy pushes Jace out the way almost comically as she grabs Luke for herself

Clary joins in on the hug, “You have mine, and I know mom would have approved too, she would want you to be happy and you and Maryse are just perfect for each other"

“Alec?” Luke looks over at the stern face man who had his arms crossed.

Alec’s stern demeanour is his form of banter and his face quickly melts into a friendly smiley one, “I’ve not seen mom as happy as when she is with you Luke. Of course you have my blessings"

Alec reaches out and gives Luke a firm shake holding his arm as Luke does the same. However Luke quickly yanks Alec into a hug, smacking his large hands on Alec’s back and Alec winces against the contact.

“So when you going to pop the question"

“As soon as I’ve spoken to Max. He’s blessing is important too. But I’m keen to wait until his visit to Maryse this weekend. I don’t think doing it in front of Robert is the best idea"

“Every one is getting married it seems" Magnus chuckles

“What? Who?”

“Lorenzo and Underhill got engaged" Alec responds, “They told us earlier"

“Bitch stole my thunder" Luke jokes.

Clary throws her arms around Luke once more, “I’m sorry, but it's time"

Everyone nods.

“Hang on” Izzy runs over to Simon and kisses him passionately, her hands running over his face, as if Izzy wants to remember every part of it in fear he won’t return. Turning her head to Jace Izzy gives him a stern look “You better keep my Parabatai and Boyfriend safe"

Clary melts and kisses Izzy on her cheek. A tear runs down Clary’s face as she lets her go.

Izzy steps back to join Alec and Magnus who embrace her as she gets emotional, hoping Clary’s device will work, hoping they find the codex.

“Wait, how do you know where to start?” Luke asks as if it hasn’t been considered already.

“Asmodeus told us he placed it in a world without shrimp” Clary laughs, “thankfully Ithuriel knows the coordinates to that universe"

“There’s a world without shrimp?” Luke pulls a perplex and puzzled face.

Alec shrugs at Luke

“ok, here we go" Clary voice is shaky as she starts drawing the rune to hop dimensions on the device, “first stop, the world without shrimp"

A flash of light engulfs the room and in an instant that they were gone.


--- Scene 15---

“I need you to take care of Alec Lightwood" Dearborn spits, pacing the dark room next to a large wooden create that keeps shaking violently as if it caged a beast.

“Why should I, it is of no concern to me" the low voice replies from the a dark corner of the room

“We had a deal"

“And I have upheld my end of the Bargain" the voice booms, “pray I do not change my mind"

“You said you would make me Consul!”

“No boy I said I would help you remove the current one. The current situation with Alexander Bane is of your own doing. You allowed yourself to be out manoeuvred.”

Horace looks down sheepishly; he nods before opening a crate and yanking out a beaten and bloodied Jia Penhallow.

“I have to admit, those glamoured corpses was impressive, hers even matched her dental records"

Asmodeus steps out of the dark corner, Horace hesitantly steps back. “Demonic illusions are more powerful than your Nephilim parlour tricks boy"

“And you’ll respect our deal?”

“If your kind retreats to Idris my master will spare your realm, assuming you can take control. You have little importance to us beyond being a nuance. Soon the mortal world will be ours” Asmodeus displays his trademark grotesque grin.

“And you my dear, I would like to know everything you know about the codex and what our enemies have done to Clarissa Fairchild"

Jia looks up at Asmodeus and spits a bloody glob of saliva at him.

This only makes Asmodeus grin even more wider and contorted. Placing a finger to his face and wipes the bloody spit onto his finger and sucks it into his mouth. “Feisty isn’t she. But that fear, it permeates every droplet of sweat, tears and blood and it tastes delicious”

Jia trembles but still tries kicking and screaming as Asmodeus yanks her by her hair and through a portal.

Chapter Text

---AU 4---

“Please say this is the one" Simon groaned

“Si the codex could have jump dozens of times by now, this is not going to be fast" Clary shrugged

Clary’s hand glowed over the device like when someone is using the tracking rune.

It was cold and they had been tracking in this dimension for over an hour.

The streets all seemed familiar to Jace; he had been in this street before in his own universe.

Jace was growing restless, tapping his seraph blade against the walls of the alleys as they walked.

“Here!” Clary hovered over a puddle.

“Another jump?” Simon was already bored of all this. Although they had only been at this for about 6 hours in total.

“I’m calculating the next jump"

“Jace? Clary? I didn’t think you were coming" a familiar voice called out.

Jace turned around and instantly recognised the side entrance to Pandemonium.

Stood before them was Alec, wearing a sparkly suit, eye liner and make up. There were no runes viable on his skin and his cat eyes shone brilliantly. He was quickly joined out the door by Magnus in a plain black t-shirt and jeans. Magnus’s face was free of any makeup and his arms and neck showed runes. Across his shoulder was a quiver full of arrows and a bow held in this right hand.

“Nope, too weird! CLARY" Jace called out

“Got it" Clary informs them as she draws the rune on the device to their next destination and vanishes in a blinding light

A puzzled Alec and Magnus looked at each other.

“Did they just portal out?” Magnus questions at the unusual light show.

“What did Jace mean by weird? I thought I did a good job" Alec sullied.

“Oh Alexander you did great. Not many people can pull off my outfits"

“I mean I normally end up pulling your outfits off" Alec smirks as he leans in for a kiss.

“Let’s get back inside; I didn’t plan this costume party so we could stand outside” Magnus moans into the kiss.

“Ok but can I take the contacts out? They itch" Alec whines


---AU 8 Scene 1---

“We can’t just stay here" Jace complains

Clary sits at the cafe table. It’s a cheap cafe with white plastic benches and tables attached to the floor. Clary had been trying for the last 20minutes to activate the device.

Simon walks towards them with 3 coffees, “They are going to be pissed when the money I gave them is repelled into another universe straight out of the cash register", Simon pulls out a small squeezey bottle and stirs in a few drops of blood into the coffee.

Clary sighs as she examines the circuitry, “I think we are jumping too much too fast. It’s like the magical equivalent of an overheated computer. We’re going to need to give it 4 maybe 6 hours"

Jace rubs his head and grabs the cup of coffee Simon handed him.

“You sure that’s all it is?”

“I wouldn’t mind a second opinion. But the only person who would understand this kind of stuff is Magnus"

“Well let’s hope this universe has one. No idea how were going to explain all of this though"


---AU 8 scene 2---

Jace places a hand over the threshold of Magnus’s apartment. His hands shake slightly as he tries to feel for the wards around the entrance but there are no wards, no magic of any kind.

Clary and Simon sense this too and share a glance with Jace.

Jace carefully draws the unlock rune on the door and opens it with his Seraph blade raised. He slowly inches his way into the apartment with Simon and Clary tip toeing behind him.

As he heads towards the kitchen area he hears the sounds of pots and pans in use. Round the corner he sees a familiar face and in full panic jumps put welding his Seraph blade.

“Valentine!” Jace spits as he lunges towards him.

As Jace flies through the air he is struck and falls down. It’s Alec! He quickly runs to Valentine as Jace crashes into the kitchen island unit.

Alec holds a shaken Valentine, “its ok baby"

Clary and Simon quickly turn the corner and lunge towards Valentine and Alec stands up arms stretched, moving to cover the man as much as possible.

With his vampire speed and lighting reaction he stops himself and holds Clary back.

Clary shoots a glare at Simon who has noticed the peculiarities present in Valentine.

His demeanour was sheepish, his clothes expensive and tailored, his eyes lined with black eyeliner and eye shadow.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Alec shouts before turning back to Valentine and shushing him “Magnus, you’re ok, Magnus I'm here!”

“Magnus?” Jace’s voice raised in confusion as he gets up from the floor.

“Who else would it be?” Alec’s eyes glow with anger.

“but...Valentine" Jace stutters.

“What is wrong with you guys, how is that even funny" Alec scolds them as the man who looks like Valentine bolts for the bedroom with his eyes inflated and teary.

“That’s Magnus?” Simon asks.

“Of course it’s Magnus. Is this some sort of sick joke!”

“We didn’t know" Clary apologises

“Sure the 3 of you just forgot the past few years! You know how sensitive Magnus is about it all!”

“So this is going to sound weird but umm we are from another universe"

“Unbelievable” Alec shakes his head in Anger.

Jace puts his hand into Alec’s pocket and pulls out his phone and starts dialling.

“Hey!” Alec cries from Jace snatching the phone.

The phone rings and then a voice answers hey Alec what's up. The voice is undeniably Jace’s voice. Jace hangs up the phone.

Alec’s eyes widen and he pulls out a dagger, “Ravener"

“No no no no!” Jace pleads, “give me something with Electrum in it? I’ll hold it!”

Alec keeps his dagger raised. Keeping his eyes fixed on the trio he places his hand on the kitchen drawer behind him, fumbling as he roots round and throws a pedant towards Jace who catches it.

Jace holds it and shows Alec his palm is unharmed.

Alec slowly starts to drop his guard and lowers his dagger before placing it on the countertop.

Jace smiles as he fondly remembers the Electrum pendant that belonged to his adoptive grandmother Marisa; Maryse’s mother.

“You're...Really from another dimension?” Alec struggles to contemplate the situation.

“I’m so sorry I saw Valentine"

Alec sighs, “Magnus’s body was switched with Valentine’s by a greater demon; Azazel. He...he killed Valentine when he refused to give him the mortal cup. Magnus has had to live the rest of his life in the wrong body"

The trio looked at each other, that had happened in their world too, only Azazel was stopped and their bodies restored.


---AU 8 Scene 3---

Alec cradled and rocked Magnus, whispering calming words into his ear. He had thrown off his clothes and jumped into bed. Alec still felt a sting of pain in his soul when ever he saw Magnus’s stomach, covered in scars that even an Iratze couldn’t heal after Magnus had tried in a panic induced breakdown to claw his way out of Valentine’s body.

“I can’t keep doing this" Magnus cried

“Shss, you did so well this morning, you maintained the glamour for 6 hours. That’s amazing baby"

“It's just so exhausting, even with the stamina rune” Magnus wept, “I still got my ears slight off"

“You can’t think like that, you did so well and the more you practise the longer you can hold it. You can’t be so harsh in yourself, you didn’t grow up being trained how to use runes"

Magnus curled deeper into Alec’s embrace. He only felt ok when he glamoured his body to look like his own, the body Azazel destroyed.

“And last night, I loose control...And I hate it"

Alec shushed Magnus, rubbing his hands over Magnus’s back.

Magnus only felt comfortable having sex with Alec when he had his glamour up although it still took over a year before he could get to that stage regardless of any reassurances from Alec. But, just like his cat eyes, he could so easily loose control over the glamour and suddenly it was Valentine’s body having sex with Alec.

Magnus hated that he looked like the mass murderer despised by Downworlders and Nephilim alike. He had lost his body, his magic, his position amongst the warlocks, only Alec remained.

“How can you still love me looking like this" Magnus sniffles, his nose dripping and eyes red.

“Magnus, I only see you, remember? I see you baby, always you!”

Magnus nods. Tears still drip down his face.

“I only see you baby, I only see you!” Alec repeats.

“Why did Jace...?” Magnus struggles, “It wasn’t funny"

“That’s not our Jace, they are... they are from another universe, we even called Jace on the phone while that Jace was right here"

Magnus’s eyes widen, “demon!” He starts rooting around the bedside draws for a weapon.

“No, they’re not, I gave him Electrum to hold, it didn’t burn them!”

Magnus quickly throws on a dressing gown and runs out.


---AU8 scene 4---

“You can’t just hop dimensions like that, you have to inhabit your counterpart’s body" Magnus accuses

“We found a way round the quantum signature issue!” Jace keeps his hands in Magnus’s sight as not to startle him


“With this" Clary tried to defuse the situation by showing the device, “It contains an anchor to our world. When we are eventually repelled it snaps us back to our reality like a rubber band"

Clary lifts the lid off and shows the bright ruby in place at the centre.

“Who made this" Magnus says in awe.

“You did, in our reality"

“This is extraordinary” Magnus’s eyes widened.

Clary pulls out a small note book from her backpack and hands it to Magnus who flicks through it. The pages filled with the calculations Clary had first written onto the wall.

“We didn’t mean to impose but its stopped working and, well, you’re the only other person I know who understands this stuff"

Clary found herself perplexed, the man before her looked like her father and brought back so many disturbed memories. But this wasn’t her father; there was something in his eyes that told her that. His expressions and mannerisms were very different; there was a flourish to his movements.

Jace had also come across some weird stuff before but like Clary he found it hard to reconcile the man in front of him, the body of the man who raised him being the body of his Parabatai's husband

“This is incredible, I made this Anchor? Me? In your universe?”


Magnus's face drops and Alec notices the slight tremble in his hand “I’m in my own body in your world aren’t I?”

Simon, Clary and Jace give each other a look. They felt so much pity for Magnus.

“Yes" Simon sheepishly responds.

Magnus pulls himself together and feigns a smile. Alec threads his fingers through Magnus’s hand at his side.

“How many jumps are you doing?” Magnus croaks out

“This is the 8th universe for us" Clary responds

“How often are you jumping?”

“This is hour 22 I think?”

Magnus pulls a face, “That’s too much of a strain on the device; the Adamas and Electrum circuitry will overheat, also keep going at that rate the Anchor will probably snap. I would make sure you give it 8 hours every 5 or so jumps if you don’t want to get lost somewhere"

Alec wraps his arms around Magnus, around Valentine’s body. “You should stay here, 22 hours straight you could probably do with the sleep"


---AU 8 Scene 5---

“Poor Magnus" Clary curls up Jace. He brings his large arms around her and Clary feels safe in the cuddle.

The room is the same as Jace’s old room from when he stayed at the loft but even though it is identical it feels wrong, like he can sense it is not his world.

“Would you still love me if that happened to me?” Clary tilts his head up to look Jace in the eyes.

“I’d be disconcerted if you had Valentine’s body specifically" Jace smiles gently.

Clary chuckles slightly, “Yea I didn’t mean specifically my dad!”

“I’d love you until the day I die" Jace tightens his arms around Clary’s chest.

Clary brings her lips up to Jace’s and kisses him softly, “and after that"

A tear escapes Jace's eye and Clary wipes it, smiling. She felt grateful, oddly, that Jace allows himself to be so vulnerable with her.

Jace's eyes seemed deep in thought.

“What’s going through that head of yours?”

Jace shakes his head. “I don’t know, so much”


“So much is happening” Jace pauses, “It’s like the ground under me is shifting and it’s a struggle just to stand still"

“The codex?”

“The codex, Alec going for Consul, Jia’s death, Ithuriel's memories, all these new abilities we seem to have, Alec and Magnus are half immortals, the angels are losing the war...where ever that is taking place, jumping dimensions, Asmodeus"

“The past few months have been non-stop" Clary admits, “over think tomorrow. We could both do with some sleep"

Jace nods.

“Do you want to be little spoon?”

Jace’s eyes light up at the suggestion.  Clary made him feel safe and loved; sometimes it was nice to let go and have Clary be there for him.


---AU8 scene 6---

Magnus wakes up; Alec curled up against him making adorable little snores. The warm skin against his own felt indescribably lovely. Except it wasn’t his own skin Alec’s was pressed against. Still, Alec’s naked body against his made life worth living, even it was a half life.

The sun is beaming through the windows and Magnus groans, they need to get up, the others would be leaving now.

Magnus shakes Alec who grumbles as he starts to wake. Alec was a terrible morning person, his hair dishevelled, his eye kids struggling to stay open, but it all made him endearing to Magnus.

“Good morning" Alec mutters as he plants a kiss on Magnus without hesitation. It melted Magnus that they had reached a stage where Alec didn’t hesitate despite Magnus’s form being that of Valentine. It hadn’t taken Alec long to adjust really, Magnus still hasn’t adjusted but he knows that there is such purity in Alec’s love that he has accepted Magnus in these circumstances.

Magnus gets out of bed and throws some loose fitting clothes that belong to Alec. The familiar scent of Alec on the clothes wrapping him further in warmth that made Magnus feel a bit safer today. 

Alec moans that Magnus is out of bed and not there to cuddle against.

“Come on they’ll be leaving about now"

Magnus throws some clothes at Alec’s face who rolls his eyes and gets dressed.

Walking on the bedroom they see a fully clothed Simon, Jace and Clary going through their back packs.

“Oh hey, we wasn’t sure if we should wake you guys up or not" Simon says as he zips up his bag

“You wasn't thinking of leaving without saying goodbye first were you Biscuit?”

“Not at all Magnus, but we are just about ready to go" Clary goes over and throws her arms around the couple, “Didn’t want to wake you until the last minute, drawn out goodbyes and all"

“Alec, Magnus, Look after yourselves" Jace takes Clary’s place and hugs the two men.

“Simon” Magnus looks over to the Vampire struggling with the zip and holds out his hands to say give me that I’ll do it

Zipping up the bag Magnus gives a hug which Simon embraces. Alec holds out his hand for a firm shake goodbye.

Huddling round the device the three look at Magnus and Alec, “Thanks you for everything" Clary says as the boys his back.

Clary draws the rune and they disappear in a flash of light.


---AU17 Scene 1---

“We shouldn’t push another jump" Simon points out, they had already done too many jumps.

“I don’t think we had much of a choice Simon!” Jace shrugs, the last universe had been filled with demons and it was a struggle to track the codex and jump before one of them was seriously hurt or killed.

“Universe 12 was interesting" Simon laughs

“I didn’t like it, too weird seeing you with runes" Jace teases and Simon shoves in to him in response.

“You just didn’t like that I was Clary’s Parabatai in that world” Simon giggled.

“Shut up lovelace” Jace flicks the back of Simon’s head, teasing him with the surname Simon had had in that reality.

“Boys" Clary brings their attention back to the mission at hand.

They enter a building and follow the signal to the top floor and reach an apartment door.

Clary uses the unlock rune, Jace takes point again as they carefully enter the apartment.

In the background they hear a shower running.

Clary slowly scans the room for a signal. Simon becomes distracted by the room, it’s so cool. He sees a whole bookcase stocked with Sci-fi DVDs, geeky posters on the wall, a pinball machine in the corner, games consoles by the TV, and a Les Paul guitar.

“Stop geeking out" Jace whispers to Simon

“It was here but it’s jumped again" Clary sighs as they head back out.

Jace closes the door behind him gently.

“Wait we should speak to who ever lives there”

“Simon you just want to play with all cool toys" Jace sighs.

“No, but think about it, if the book was in this apartment, maybe the really cool guy or girl who lives there saw it. I mean we don’t know really what it looks like other than it's a blank could help"

Clary roles her eyes, “Well we do have to wait another 7 hours, guess it can’t hurt to ask"

“YES" Simon shouts.

Jace sighs again and knocks on the door. Moments later the door opens and Jace sees himself. A shocked and open mouthed Jace stands there in a towel.

The other Jace runs back into the apartment to try and find a weapon.

Jace had gotten sick of the routine now but it was what it was. “Not a demon, not a glamour, from another dimension, give me some Electrum to hold" he said monotonously and slightly bored of it.

“Its got traces of Electrum, enough to harm a shapeshifting demon"

A ring flies across the room and Jace catches it and shows other Jace his hand; “See"


---AU17 scene 2---

AU Jace places the tray on the table shaking slightly. Now dressed in a simple white fitted t-shirt and a loose fitting grey workout pants.

Jace and Clary each take a cup of tea from the tray silently, Simon picks up the glass of blood, confused as to why AU Jace has any available. This was always weird during the jumps, seeing an alternative version of someone they know but especially themselves.

“I still can’t wrap my head around it" AU Jace says as he sits in one of the chairs facing the sofa that the others were sat at.

“And you don’t know me in this reality?” Clary ponders

“Sorry no"

“I’m Clary Fairchild"

AU Jace just shrugs

“My father is Valentine Morgenstern”

AU Jace pauses for a moment, “wait I know that name...wasn’t he Luke’s Parabatai?”

“That’s the one"

“Luke doesn’t talk about him much. They say the worst pain you can have is to loose your Parabatai. Poor Luke, he was only 17 when his Parabatai died during a raid on a demon bar"

“So I don’t exist in this reality? That’s umm strange"

Jace pulls the Electrum ring out of his pocket and hands it over to AU Jace, “Oh before I forget, here’s your ring"

AU Jace smiles as he places the ring on his ring finger.

“You’re married?” Jace asks in a tone of surprise.

“Umm yeah. I noticed you’re not earlier”

Jace gets a bit flustered and red in the face as he looks briefly at Clary, amused by his discomfort.

“Speak of the devil" AU Jace gets up and moves towards the apartment door round the corner from the seats. Everyone hears the rattling of keys in the door.

“Hey sweetie" AU Jace beams as someone approaches him at vampire speed.

The trio freeze, their jaws dropped as they see another Simon with his arms wrapped around AU Jace, their lips pressed together as Jace moans gently into the soft kiss of his husband.


---AU 17 Scene 3---

“So we haven’t got married yet in your dimension?” asks AU Simon as he sits on AU Jace’s lap. AU Jace runs his fingers through his husband’s hair.

“Umm no, we’re not a...we've never...” Jace stutters

“Actually Jace is with me" Clary grabs Jace’s hand and holds it tight.

Simon blushes, only possible because of the blood he has recently consumed.

“Really?” AU Simon asks rhetorically with a high pitched tone of surprise.

“I knew Simon was the one the first time I saw him” AU Jace smiles and presses a kiss into his Simon’s cheek. “He was a fledgling at the Dumort hotel, we had heard the leader of the Clan, Camille, had been turning mundanes and I found this cutie locked up; and the rest was history"

“I don’t mean to interrupt any of this but, the book?” Simon asks.

“Oh yea. I don’t know what to tell you, I assumed at first it was one of Jace’s but it was blank. I threw it in a drawer but I haven't seen it since. You’re saying this is from your dimension?” AU Simon asks.

“Umm, yea it’s kind of drifting between dimensions. We don't really know what it looks like though" Clary puts her empty cup onto the tray.

“It was pretty plain, not a very thick book, black leather bound with no title but it did have the angelic rune on the cover embossed in silver.” AU Simon shrugs


---AU17 Scene 4---

“Can’t sleep chief?” Simon walks out into the cold night air to join Jace on the balcony. The bright lights of the city twinkling like stars.

Jace shakes his head. He seems awkward around Simon.

“They're not us Jace. I mean they're us but they're not us"

“Si stop talking" Jace huffs as he continues to look out into the city.

Simon stays quiet for as long as he can, maybe a few minutes before he comes out with “Is Clary asleep?”

Jace simply nods.

“I’m guessing you're out here because you heard them" Jace spins round to face Simon.

“Oh, yeah" Simon bows his head embarrassed, “I didn’t realise you could hear that well"

“I may not have vampire hearing but I know the sound of a bed creaking when I hear one" Jace shivers at the thought, “I know they are not us, but the thought of me, the other me, me fucking you, we've become good friends and all but I can't...process that

“Oh Jace, if it makes you feel any better that's not quite what’s happening in there” Simon smirks

Jace feels relieved, “Oh I thought they were having sex"

“Oh they are, just you’re not the one doing the fucking”

Jace’s eyes widen in shock


---AU17 scene 5---


Simon collapses on top of Jace, they are both a sweaty sticky mess. Jace pants but Simon not needing to breath just seems normal except for the glow of ecstasy on his face.

Simon nuzzles at his husband's neck, scrapping his fangs along the skin. Jace’s cum sticks between their two stomachs.

“You think they heard?” Jace pants

“You care?" Simon smirks, still burying his face in Jace’s neck, “I’ve fucked you so many times on that balcony, don’t tell me you’ve gone all coy now"

Jace enjoys staying still for a few minutes. It feels like heaven, his husband’s trim but incredibly lean frame atop of him, his still hard cock deep inside him plugging the cum Simon unloaded into his gut.

With a pop Simon pulls out and Jace whimpers and whines, unhappy that he no longer has Simon inside him. Simon throws him a towel with a grin before heading into the ensuite shower.

Jace wipes the cum over his stomach and throws the towel into the corner of the room.

“It's weird to think of a universe where we’re not together" Jace calls out.

A muffled sound from the showers agrees.

“I can’t imagine a life with out you babe"

A muffled voice responds again.

Jace sighs, “hurry up out the shower"

He hears the water turn off and Simon steps out all fresh, naked and still semi hard.

Jace gets a wicked smile, moves towards the edge of the bed next to where Simon is standing and kneels on the mattress. With a swift movement of his hands he grabs Simon by his ass and pulls him towards him. With his free hand Jace holds Simon’s semi erect cock and takes it into his mouth.

Simon’s lips curl up, “ready for round 2 already angel?”

Jace nods and muffles a response with Simon’s cock in his mouth. It doesn’t take long for Simon to get fully hard again. Simon runs his fingers through Jace’s blond hair as the shadowhunter swallows every inch of Simon’s 10 inch cock down to the root.

Simon was incredibly well endowed and he hadn’t had met many people who could take him fully. But Jace? Jace loved stuffing either hole with every inch.

Simon pulls back and Jace whimpers as his throat becomes empty. Trails of saliva and precum string between Jace’s lips and Simon’s throbbing erection.

Simon goes to the bedside table and sighs looking at the empty glass. He had already had the glass of blood. He was hungry but at least he had had enough blood for sex. It was a downside of vampirism that frustrated Simon that he needed feeding for sex; erections need blood after all.

Jace lifts his body up and kisses his husband who was full of all sorts of hunger. Using his shadowhunter strength he flips Simon onto the bed, the bed that was still slightly damp on top of the covers with sweat and splashes of cum and lube.

Jace jumps onto Simon, straddling him. Simon’s cock throbbing as Jace wiggled until it’s nestled between his cheeks and so near the entrance to his hole that Simon gasps when he feels he entrance rubbing along the head of his cock.

Jace smiles as he grabs a small blade from under the pillow, it was a habit he had never been able to break, being ready to fight at all times.

He cuts into his wrist along the vein and places the wrist a few inches above Simon’s mouth, the blood dripping down his throat, covering his tongue in the delicious and metallic sweet blood.

Simon’s diet was mostly blood from butcher’s shops, but Jace liked to feed him. Simon never bit him though; he didn’t want Jace to become addicted to his venom especially when they were first starting out. He also didn’t want to feed from Jace too much himself, again because he wanted their relationship to be about something more than blood lust.

Simon was moaning, the blood dripping down his throat, warm and fresh blood, it made his cock throb even harder.

Jace took immense pleasure watching Simon, with eyes shut and his facial expressions somewhat similar to his orgasm face.

Both Jace and Simon knew when enough was enough. Jace stretches to grab the stele from his bedside table, never moving from straddling Simon. The pitter patter sound of a few drops hitting the bedding leads Simon to let out a soft whine.

Jace activates his Iratze rune and the wound heals up. Jace is slightly light headed from the blood loss, although it is slight.

Simon grabs Jace’s wrists and placing his lips over where the cut had been sweeps his tongue over the last drops of blood on the skin.

Simon grabs Jace by the nape and pulls Jace in for a deep kiss. Jace moans as he tastes the lingering blood in Simon’s mouth. Simon is careful not to drag his fangs too harshly along Jace’s bottom lip as to cut into it, instead teasing with the scrapping sensation.

“Inside, now!” Jace groans

“What no foreplay?” Simon teases. But Jace is rock hard and needs his husband inside him.

Jace reaches his arm round and grabs the monster cock nestled in his cheeks. He lifts himself up and lines the entrance to his hole with Simon’s cock. Still incredibly slick from Simon’s cum and the lube used early Jace slowly slides down on Simon’s lengthy dick.

Simon moans as he feels himself engulfed by the warm embrace of his husband’s tight hole. No matter how much he fucked him it always remained as tight as the first time they had fucked and Simon has pondered if it was because if the Iratze rune.

Jace’s face was scrunched up in a delightful mix of sheer delight and discomfort as he adjusted to each inch before tackling the next.

When he finally took in the whole length Jace just sat for a moment, eyes shut tightly and biting his bottom lip.

Simon let out a soft moan as Jace’s walls throbbed around him, still highly stimulated from their earlier fucking.

Jace notices a speckled of his blood at the side of Simon’s lip. He brings his finger to Simon’s face and wipes the droplet, placing the finger in his own mouth. Seeing Jace place the blood in his mouth turns Simon on so much and he involuntary thrusts into Jace as if it could fit any deeper than he already was. Jace let’s out a pleasured yelp and leans down so that Simon can meet his mouth. Simon’s tongue sweeps over Jace’s to taste the remnants of the blood.

Simon places his hands on Jace’s ass with a loud smack. He pulls the cheeks apart as he starts to slowly thrust into the sloppy hole.

“You better use vamp speed” Jace teases.

“All in good time"

Simon loved to slow fuck into his husband, but they both loved it when Simon uses he vampire speed to pound him. It was something no one had prepared him for when he turned, that vampires were biologically adapted to fuck at great speed by either becoming increasingly slick when getting fucked and/or releasing incredible amounts of precum. Simon had assumed it was taboo to talk about, but without the buckets of precum he produced sliding inside Jace’s hole he would no doubt tear him apart without the sufficient lubrication needed to take such a huge cock at such incredible speeds.

Simon continued to slowly thrust and Jace was falling apart on top of him. It was a slow dull drag of pleasure along his prostrate at this speed; it wasn’t as intense as when they are fucking hard and Jace felt no reprieve from the tingling pressure.

Simon smiled watching Jace’s facial expressions as he slowly dragged along the Jace’s sensitive p-spot.

“You are so beautiful like this"

Jace blushes at the praise. He had always been so cocky and when they first started dating he would have responded to such a comment by joking about how he knows how beautiful he is. But as time passed on he had come to fully appreciate the sincerity in Simon’s voice when he said things like that and it just made him melt.

Jace kisses Simon passionately, he moves to Simon’s neck, planting soft and warm kisses along collar bone before moving towards Simon’s ear, “I love you"

Simon runs his fingers down Jace’s back, smiles and turns his head to face Jace, never stopping his slow but powerful thrusts, “I love you too Mr Jace Lewis"

Jace leans towards Simon’s lips and their kiss is full of tongues, wet and with the occasional playful biting of the lips but never enough to draw blood.

“Stay still" Jace whimpers. Simon wonders for a moment if he is uncomfortable but Jace just wants to take control for a moment and starts to ride Simon, rolling his hips on every  stroke.

Simon runs his hands all over Jace’s body, up the length of his muscular chest, his abs, he runs them round to the back and then down to those soft cheeks bouncing.

Jace rides Simon for what seems like hours, picking up the pace until the bed springs creak like someone is jumping on a trampoline. Simon’s eyes roll back into his head and he can’t resist anymore.

With his Vampire strength he flips them and positions Jace on his hands and knees. Jace bows his upper half, his face burried in the pillow, his back arched in a way only possible with the flexibility rune.

Simon takes in the sight of those two soft mounds of flesh, wiggling in anticipation and covered in a dusting of a few fine blond hairs that are barely viable to the naked eye.

Simon obscenely buries his face into the flesh, his tongue darting out which bring Jace to a loud moan that surely everyone in the apartment must of heard.

Jace had been expecting a big slab of vampire cock ramming into him but he was far from disappointed.

Early on during sex Jace had realised the benefits of a partner who didn’t need to breathe, be it rimming or deep throating.

Simon’s face couldn’t be any deeper into Jace. His tongue swirling and poking and flickering around the rim and inside Jace’s ass. His descended fangs scrap; teasing against the sensitive flesh. His tongue is coated in his cum from earlier and the precum he leaked into Jace, it tasted delicious with the aftertaste of blood also still fresh at the back of his throat.

Jace struggles to maintain composure as Simon brings him close to yet another orgasm.

Sensing how close Jace is, Simon pulls away. Jace’s whining moan is quickly replaced by an earth shattering moan of pleasure and shock as Simon swiftly fills Jace’s hole with vampire dick in one fluid motion.

Jace gulps as the full feeling inside him. Simon bends forwards running his fangs along Jace’s back, teasing and scraping.

“You ready for vamp speed?” Simon asks, suck and nipping at Jace’s neck.

Jace turns his head backwards, his forehead sweaty and a mess with his hair everywhere. Jace fell apart so beautifully with Simon.

Jace just nods, unable to speak as he pants heavily.

Simon has made sure Jace’s hole is well and truly loose and dripping wet.

Simon starts at a normal pace and quickly works up to what most would consider a pounding by mundane standards. Jace cries out, loving the sensation of Simon’s pelvis smushing into his ass checks. The bristly feel of Simon’s well trimmed pubic hair scratching gently at the soft flesh every time he thrusts in, the skin of his cheeks sticking to Simon’s skin due to sticky precum and lube, being pulled at momentarily as he withdraws his cock out halfway drives Jace wild.

Simon continues to pick up the pace and as he reaches vampire speed the slapping sounds like a humming bird.

Each sharp hit against his prostrate makes Jace’s dick jump.

Jace is beyond sentences at this point, and all that can escape his lips are loud moans, groans, the occasional word like Simon or fuck or harder.

Jace’s back glistens in the low light of the bedroom, Simon runs his tongue over any exposed flesh he can reach; the taste slightly salty.

Simon repositions himself slightly, lifting his right leg up whilst his left leg remains kneeling. If it wasn’t for the hot blond Jace nestled between his legs Simon would have looked like a guy going down on one knee to propose. Simon knows how this angle sets Jace off.

Jace moans muffle into the pillow. If Jace didn’t use the pillow at this point he knows he would wake up the entire apartment building.

Each stroke touches Jace’s prostrate in such a perfect way that each hit almost feels like an orgasm itself, except with the speed Simon hits that spot it’s blurs into almost one continuous sensation of back to back mini orgasms.

After 5 more minutes Jace is struggling to hold on to anything other than the impending full blown orgasm. Thank god for the stamina rune, a mundane wouldn’t last more than a minute of vampire speed fucking at this angle.

“You close angel?”

Jace can’t even respond but Simon can sense the heavy flow of blood pumping around his body, making Jace bright hot to the touch.

Simon doesn’t let up on the speed and wraps his hand around Jace’s body to reach the pulsating 7.5 inch cock bouncing to the thrusts.

The lightest brushing of Simon’s hands against his cock head sets Jace off. He spurts his load all over Simon’s hand who cups it an attempt to catch every drop. Jace’s body is incredibly hot to the touch and his cum is no exception.

Simon moves the pool of cum cupped in his hand to Jace's lips and the blond shadowhunter greedily slurps it.

The sight of Jace swallowing his own cum and the pulsing warm walls that swallow his massive cock so hungrily tips Simon over the edge and he buries his groin into Jace as deep as he can as he cums inside him.

The cum doesn’t seem to end and Jace feels his husband deep inside him; unloading into his greedy, well fucked and sloppy hole.

As Simon’s orgasm starts to subside he opens the eyes that had scrunched closed in the heat of his orgasm to see and feel Jace sucking on his fingers and trying to get every last morsel of spunk into his mouth.

Simon pulls out and slumps next to Jace who is panting and sweat covered.

Jace whimpers, “Can’t you keep it in a little longer?”

Simon smiles and flips Jace onto his side so his back is against his chest as they spoon on the bed. Sliding his cock back in Jace moans at the intrusion.

“We could always invite the other Simon in?” Jace smirks. The cheeky comment eliciting a firm smack to his ass by Simon. “What he is technically you, so I’m still only having sex with my Husband"

“Well he is and he isn't, and I don’t think he’d be up for that. But more importantly Angel, I think the two of us would tear that perfect ass apart”

“Only if you’re both in the same hole"

“And what do you want?”

“Two of your dicks in the same hole" Jace grins widely

“Knew it" Simon laughs

Simon places his arm around Jace and pulls him tightly in to a cuddle, the warm flesh feels heavenly against him.

They cuddle for 10minutes before Simon, still rock hard thrusts slightly on instinct, eliciting a deep groan by Jace. Whispering into his ear Simon moans, “If I don’t pull out soon I’m just gonna end up fucking you again"

Jace, half dazed and smiling blissfully in the close and tender embrace simply reaches over and pulls Simon deeper into him. Simon chuckles; Jace knows full well what will happen once they’ve both recovered in a few moments.


---AU17 scene 6---

“So is Simon as well endowed in you’re universe?” AU Jace whispers to Clary.

Clary checks over to see the others talking at the other end of the room. She knows the two Simon’s can hear.

Clary blushes and nods, quietly she whispered into his ear “Say anything to my Jace and I’ll stab you"

Clary smiles widely, she finds the whole thing amusing but although Jace and Simon are good friends now, telling her boyfriend how hung her ex is was not a smart move.

“Ok, we're ready for the next one guys"

Simon cheekily waves at his other self and his husband. Jace somewhat embarrassed by the whole situation just nods as Clary draws the rune on the device and they disappear in a flash of light.


---AU 23 Scene 1---

Clary screamed in pain the moment they had arrived, the air burned inside her lungs. She grasps at the red dusty ground.

Jace is equally in pain, on the ground writhing in agony, “CLARY!” he screams.

Simon rushes over to them, “Clary what do I do, oh god"

The orange red hue of the sky was so familiar to them all. Edom, they were in this universe’s Edom.

Clary tries to reach her stele but her muscles convulse and spasm in the harsh environment.

Looking over at Jace Clary cries, not at her own pain but at Jace’s. In this moment she just wants Jace to be safe. If only she could reach her stele maybe she could jump out of that universe.

In what seemed like her last moments Clary feels a surge of power and determination as her eyes glow golden as if to activate a rune.

Simon feels a sharp pain on his arm but ignores it as both an unconscious Jace and Clary stop convulsing.

Oh god, are they dead, by the Angel no! Simon thought, when he checks them they are breathing again like normal, their pulses are strong. Confused Simon looks at his arm where he had felt the sudden pain and sees the alliance rune.

Confused he runs his fingers over the rune. Looking at Jace's wrist he sees an alliance rune. Moving to Clary he sees yet another alliance rune on the back of her neck.

Now that he can touch it he grabs the stele Clary was reaching for. He knows that there is still likely damage from the burning air before the alliance rune took effect, although he still has no idea how that rune has come about.

Activating their Iratze runes they start to wake up.

“Simon?” Clary groggily asks.

“NEPHILIM" a loud voice bellows. Simon turns to see 12 demons surround them. Behind them a carriage adorned with skulls and other bones are pulled by 6 demonic looking horses, their flesh rotten and hanging off.

The demons raise their arms to take aim at the three when they suddenly stop. Simon sees an arm poking out the window of the carriage with a raised hand in a red glove. A demon places his head next to the window. Simon can’t make out the figure inside but can see lips moving near the demons ear.

“Take them to the palace" the demon calls out.

The next thing Simon sees is the end of a staff hitting him hard at the head.

Simon fades in and out of consciousness, he sees an unconscious Clary and Jace being carried over the shoulders of demons in shackles, and sees he is also being carried.

In the fuzzy moments of consciousness Simon sees the arid landscape, the many demons that roamed, and eventually a grand palace that almost seems mountainous.

When Simon starts to come to he is on a stone floor in a great hall. He sees Jace and Clary on the floor beside him, on their knees, heads bowed, and a demon right behind him.

There is a blow to the back of his head, “Bow before the Queen of Edom"


---AU 23 Scene 2---

(Some explicit/smut)

Simon bows down on the floor but tilts his head upwards to see. He glances over to Clary who is equally shocked.

In front of them lay two thrones.

The smaller of the two thrones sits Jonathan. He is finely dressed but thin and gaunt. It’s a side of Jonathan the three has never seen before, he almost looks ill.

By the feet of the larger throne is another version or Jace and Simon. This version of Jace is different, there are no runes and Simon quickly notices the descended fangs in both of their mouths. More shockingly they are completely naked, tight collars are on their neck and they seem to be chained to the throne.

Clary’s eye travel upwards past the two naked men, next to where they lay are thigh high red leather boots, a tight black dress, red leather gloves hands rest on the sides of the throne. Moving further up Clary sees the red flowing hair and at its centre her own face.

“Leave us" AU Clary demands.

The demons quickly vacate the hall.

“Oh my god" Clary gasps.

“Not far off" the Queen stands and moves towards the three of them.

The red glove reaches for Clary’s jaw line, lifting her upwards, “rise"

Clary gets to her feet. The queen holds her face along the jaw line as she examines her. “You’re from another universe how intriguing”

“Who are you?” Clary asks, disgusted to find she is the Queen of Edom.

“I’m the Queen, you heard my guards. But you are not? Curious? I see you do not have the twinning rune either"

“No" Clary is disturbed beyond words.

“I’m glad to see you kept the boys around" the Queen smiles, noting towards Jace and Simon.

“The boys?" Clary throws some sass in her response.

“A woman has needs does she not?"

The queen claps her hands and several demons enter the room from the side.

“They service you?”

“No! Jace is my boyfriend, Simon in my best friend!”

“Oh my dear you should keep them both, they are so much fun at the same time and they put on quite the performance together too- when you just want to watch" the Queen smirks

Turning to one of the demons, who looks like an old hag with grey skin and patchy sparse long hairs on its head, “I want her bathed and dressed in one my outfits before dinner". The demon nods and the other demons drag Clary away.

“Jace! Simon!” She calls out to them.

The door slams behind them.

“Brother, do you want some puppies of you own?”

Jonathan stays sat at his throne, not moving except to shake his head vigorously. He seems shaken, nervous and scared.

“Puppies?” She calls to her Vampire Jace and Simon who pull at their chains. She releases the chains from the collar, “Take them, strip them, collar them and get them up to speed. Seems a waste not to make use of them"

Before the can rise from their place the Queen halts them, “wait!”

She walks over to Simon and Jace and lifts them to their feet.

Curiously she pulls Simon’s pants and boxers down and grabs his soft but still impressively long shaft. “Just interested to see how identical you are to mine” laughing the Queen continues, “Well I guess your both mine now"

Jace gasps at the length of Simon’s cock before quickly looking over to try and get a glimpse of the other Simon’s cock but it’s still obscured from his line of vision due to his leg being in the way.


---AU 23 Scene 3---

“I can’t imagine a world without my brother" the Queen dabs the edge of her lips with her napkin.

At the table sits Queen Clary, Clary and Jonathan.

“What happened here?”

“Clary you must eat something" the Queen insists.

Clary hasn’t touched the food, it looks like a slab of charred meat.

“Eat and I will answer your questions. Answer mine and your lovers will be well treated" The queen glares at Clary.

Clary nervously gulps; cutting a chunk of the meat she places it in her mouth. It takes ashy and burnt.

“What specifically do you want to know?”

“How did you become queen of Edom"

“The demon Lilith brought my brother back to life and bound our souls together. At first I resisted but eventually I came to love my brother as he loves me. Lilith tried to kill him, I killed her first"

“How? To destroy Lilith?”

The queen smiles wickedly, “Oh Clary, my soul is beautifully demonic like my darling brother, but unlike him I have pure Angel blood. You have no idea the powerful combination that makes. I can do things you’ve never dreamed of. EAT"

Clary takes another bite.

“And you Clary, you were never bound to Jonathan?”

Clary shakes her head and lies, “No, he died, Lilith never came and resurrected him like yours"

“Oh my dear, you have drawn the short straw I’m afraid" the Queen looks at Clary with pity and Clary feels repulsed by that.

“And how did you come to be in this dimension?”

Clary hesitates and the Queen becomes impatient, “need I remind you your lovers are under my care… and my control"

“A rune. But before you get any bright ideas it won’t work for you"


“If you draw the rune you’d get trapped floating between dimensions”

“And why is that not happening to you?”

“I guess our universe is just different to yours" Clary isn’t lying exactly but she knows bending the truth is the only way in this situation, the Queen would surly know when she is lying just by looking at her face.


---AU 23 Scene 4---

“Thank god you're both alright” Clary grasps as the steel bars behind which a naked and collar Jace and Simon stand.

“Can’t say the same of my Vampire counterpart, the guards locked us in this cell when I broke his nose" Jace bangs his head against the metal.

“We need to get out of here and soon. If we don’t find the codex before we snap back to our reality we are fucked" Simon falls to the floor and sits down frustrated

“I just can’t wrap my head round the fact I’m the fucking queen of hell here"

“Is she treating you ok? Jace holds her hand through the bars.

“Well better than you both"

“Yeah! At least you get clothes” Simon huffs.

“I don’t known if she has a curiosity or thinks I have valuable information worth learning. She was keen to know about jumping dimensions"

“You can’t tell her anything Clary!” Jace squeezes her hand. Clary’s eyes well up at the touch and her eyes turn golden again.

Suddenly a portal appears and sweeps over Clary, immediately reappearing on the other side of the Cell.

“How did you do that” Jace is full of surprise and immediately hugs Clary.

Simon gets up and vampire speed and joins Jace to hug Clary, “Fray!”

“Umm Simon? I know you’re happy to see Clary too but dude you’re cock is pressing right up against my knee" Jace growls

“Sorry” Simon blushes.

“I don’t know how the portal...” Clary is puzzled and her face is full of confusion.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Simon tuts. They both look at him with blank expressions, “Earlier Clary bound both of you to me with the alliance rune and Magnus shot sunlight at Asmodeus the other week"

“Yea but how?” Jace exclaims

“Really?” Simon rolls his eyes, “You’re not just activating runes without a stele… you’re drawing them!”

Clary seems dubious but it’s a good explanation of recent events, maybe it’s true.

“pssst" a voice whispers round the corner. Jonathan appears, exceedingly cautious in his approach.

“Jonathan? What are you doing here" Clary asks startled.

“You’re after the book right?” Jonathan shakes, “The blank small leather one with the angelic rune on it? It popped up here a few hours before you arrived that’s why she has kept you around she knows it’s all connected”

“Why tell us that?” Simon growls, his fangs descend.

“I can get it, if you take me with you"

“Jonathan you can’t expect me to believe...” Clary starts

“You have no idea what she is capable of. All I wanted was to have a family, to have my sister, to be loved. I thought I finally had that when you joined me but you... she, she just grew in power and cruelty. The things she has done! She is more savage than even Lilith was.”

“You’re scared of her" Jace looks up and down the scrawny gaunt Jonathan, a shell of what he was like in their dimension.

“I just wanted my sister" he looks down trembling. He places his hands through the bar and Clary takes hold of them, she had killed Jonathan in her reality because she had to stop him, but she felt the pain of loosing her brother of not being able to save her. Likewise this Jonathan had hoped to find his equal only to be surpassed by his Clary, “Your just like I remember" he cries with tears down his face. Jonathan was not a good guy but he loved Clary and he loved who she was not what she had become thanks to the twinning rune, even if at first it had seemed to go well.

“Ok we’ll do it” Jace says sharply

“Jace, we can’t...” Clary starts

“Clary we can, Look at him, I think we can trust him and if saving him means getting the codex then we should do it" Jace's eyes widen and his stare penetrates Clary. She understands what he is passively communicating to her; after all they don’t quite understand how they jump dimensions.

“How soon can you get the book?” Clary asks.

A light flickered in Jonathan’s eyes as he realises he gets to leave this place and be with his sister forever.

“30 minutes! She’s playing with the puppies she’ll be busy for at least an hour" he runs off.

“We shouldn’t have said...”

“We need the book Clary!” Jace crosses his arms.

“And what if it’s a trap?”

“You still have the device?” Simon tries to change the tone

“Yea, they took my stele but they clearly didn’t know what this is or that it’s valuable” Clary pulls out the device from her pocket.


---AU 23 Scene 5---

Jace holds Clary as they wait. Simon sits with his arms folded. Jace had found it somewhat distracting when Simon had been pacing the room. Given that they were naked Simon’s large cock had been swinging about like a pendulum.

A flustered Jonathan runs up to the cell and taking out his stele draws the unlock rune, waving a small black leather book.

“Hurry, they are right behind us” Jonathan pants out of breath.

They quickly bolt out of the cell and follow Jonathan as a horde of demons emerge down the hallway.

Simon looks back briefly and sees the countless demons chasing them, and not just on the floor, they crawl at great speed across the walls and ceiling too.

“We need a moment to activate the jump is there anywhere quiet we can go?” Jace pants

“Quiet?” Jonathan pulls a baffled look, “The only place would be the throne room. It’s designed to be barricaded in the event of an attack on Clary. But it’s the opposite end of the palace”

Clary’s eyes glow gold again and a portal appears in front of them. Clary jumps through followed by Jonathan, Jace and Simon before the portal collapse.

They appear in the throne room, currently empty.

“Quickly" Jonathan slides massive wooden bars carved with demonic protection runes along the drop-open bar locks of the main door, “The side doors"

Clary runs to the door at the back of the room, Simon takes the left side door and Jace the right.

After securing the doors Jonathan draws additional angelic runes designed to ward off demons.

The doors start to bang.

“It won’t hold long if she comes"

Clary grabs the book and inspects it with the device checking the quantum signature, “This is it!”

“Don’t snatch" Jonathan frowns.

 The main doors bang strongly, giving slightly. Dust comes through the cracks at the force of the impact.

“It's Clary" Jonathan’s eyes widen with fear, “Hurry!”

“Everyone hold on to the device" Jace states. Clary keeps a firm grasp of the codex book.

She draws the rune and just as the doors smash open, wooden shards and dust spray everywhere, a flash of light goes off.

Jonathan coughs as the dust goes into his lungs. It settles around him and he sees that they are gone, “Clary? CLARY! NO! NO CLARY COME BACK! DONT LEAVE ME HERE" Streams of tears fall down his dusty cheeks leaving streaks of clean skin.

He feels a strong hand placed on his shoulder and shudders as he turns round to see Queen Clary of Edom standing over him. He trembles at the sight.


---back home---

A flash of light appears in Alec and Magnus’s apartment. Alec stops brushing his teeth in the ensuite and runs out in just a t-shirt and boxers.

Magnus comes out of the kitchen to see the commotion.

“You're back" Alec beams before stuttering “and...naked"

Magnus whacks his husband on the chest.

“Are you all ok?” Magnus asks, “You look like you’ve been through hell"

Clary hands Alec the book with a blank vacant expression, “Can I crash here”

Magnus nods and points to the spare room.

Clary walks towards the room in a zombie like state.

She closes the door behind her. When she catches a glimpse of the mirror she looks into it and she seems lifeless somehow, is that even her looking back in the mirror?

Jace enters the room, now clothed rather quickly.


“Jace, sorry but I just need to sleep and be alone right now"

Jace’s forehead scrunches with worry lines “I’m not sure that’s a good idea you don’t look... you’re not ok!”

“We abandoned him...I abandoned him" Clary turns to stare at Jace with almost gormless eyes, “why did you tell him we would take him with us"

“The same reason you didn’t tell him we can’t, we needed the codex Clary. That was the same demon blooded Jonathan we encounter in our world, even if we could have found a way to bring him with us you know we wouldn’t have"

Clary shoots a death glare at Jace, he’s right but she hates that he is right. Yes they had used Jonathan but there was no other way.

“You’re mad I lied to him" Jace sighs.

“Yes" Clary doesn’t hesitate, “but I’m equally mad that I’m mad at you. And I’m mad that I failed him, again!”

“No Clary you didn’t...” Jace goes to hug Clary but she squirms and pushes him away.

“I just...I’m sorry...I just need to be alone tonight”

Jace’s eyes well up but he understands how emotional the last universe had been. He nods his head and leaves the room, gently closing the door behind him.

The second the door is shut Clary starts to break down in tears, her boy in the tower, the boy she always wanted to save, but no matter what she tries she never could.

Chapter Text

---Scene 1---

Alec sighs, still half asleep.

“You know I enjoy our training sessions but it’s 6am and I’ve got to get ready" Alec was nervous given it was the last time of the elections.

“You’re stressed" Magnus raises his eye brow.

“It’s been over 36 hours and they are still not back yet. What if they are trapped in another universe? Not to mention it’s we only have 2 days left before the members of the Clave cast their vote"

Alec paces, looking at Magnus who holds the same expression of raised eyebrows with a slight tilt of his head.

Alec bows his head slightly, “I’m being terrible aren't I?”

“No, no. Well a little but you just need to take it out on something, something that is not me “

Magnus’s lips curl up into a half smile. Alec’s eyes however widen, “Oh god, have I? I’ve been salty Alec again haven't I? I hadn’t even noticed. I’m sorry if I’ve been snapping or anything"

“I can handle a bit of sass Alexander, but that’s not what I meant" Magnus raises his eye brows again as if to say take the hint.

When Alec pulls a confused face Magnus rolls his eyes, sighs slightly and chuckles at his innocence. “even with my new stamina rune, and my natural and gifted talents, there are limits to what I can endure dear husband"

Oh Thought Alec, finally clicking what Magnus was saying, “I guess I have been directing some restlessness into the bedroom"

Magnus accidently lets out a brief but loud laugh, “Sweetie, last night you slammed yourself down so hard I thought it would snap off and get lost half way inside you!”

Alec blushes, how does he do that thought Magnus, even after all their escapades as a couple in which Alec embraces his likes and (albeit mild) kinks, he can still be so innocent.

“How about some Archery?” Magnus suggests summoning Alec’s famous bow and quiver, “haven’t see you do that in a very long time"

With a flick of a wrist Magnus conjures an Archery target at the opposite end of the living space.

“Magnus you don’t even know how...” Alec is cut off by Magnus rapidly raising the bow, releasing the arrow and hitting the target dead on.

“How’d you do that?” Alec asks stunned.

“We share abilities” Magnus holds his hand to his heart where their alliance/wedded union rune are. “Don’t act surprised, your magic is as powerful as mine”

“Yeah but I can’t control it like you can"

“Alec you control your magic exceptionally well considering how little time you have had it. Honestly you have a better grip on it than a young warlock of 120”

“Can we practice that?” Alec gets giddy.

“Oh alright" Magnus rolls his eyes, “But let’s not do lightening spells again, took me a week to stop getting static shocks in the loft after that session"

“Ok, how about hellmist? Would be good in battle? Mute energy spells?” Alec was like a puppy with excitement.

“Powerful brute force spells you have got down pup. But you need to also learn how to how to use more precise and delicate spells. Like a surgeon”

“You have something in mind?


--- Scene 2---

(Mildly explicit/smutty)

“You did amazing" Magnus beams

Alec rolls his eyes, “Asking me to take your clothes off seemed so much fun at first"

“Oh please you enjoyed every second, the slow reveal, the anticipation” Magnus chuckles.

“I think you think the idea of removing the thread and undoing every seam in your clothes was more erotic than it was"

Alec folds his hands and taps his feet.

“But you didn’t rip anything or snap the thread. That’s amazing. And you can’t say it wasn’t erotic; that piece by piece you undid every item of clothing I had until you had me naked in front of you"

Alec rolls his eyes and they keep walking, “Sure, it might have been erotic if we then got to have some fun but then it took twice as long re-sowing the seams magically"

“I promise next time I ask you to remove my clothes we can have sex" Magnus just chuckles, “You sure you don’t want me to come in with you?” Magnus asks as they reach the door in the extravagant hallway.

“I think it’s best I don’t antagonize Dearborn any more than I need to right now"

“Ok I’ll see you soon husband" Magnus pulls Alec in for a quick peck. Alec still closes his eyes and moans slightly at the tender but brief kiss.

Alec opens the door and enters the room, closing the door behind him as Magnus heads off.

“Mr Lightwood-Bane" Lydia stands and holds out her hand which Alec gladly shakes.

“Inquisitor” Alec shakes Lydia’s hand fondly, “Mr Dearborn"

“Mr Lightwood” Horace rolls his eyes, “and shouldn’t it be Interim Inquisitor?”

“Shouldn’t it be Lightwood-Bane?” Alec retorts.

Lydia struggles to maintain composure at the put down, “Gentlemen, if we are done with the pleasantries you both have campaigns to run and I an election”

“I don’t know why you insisted on having daily briefings with the candidates, Madam Inquisitor” Horace crosses his arms like a petulant child.

“As I said yesterday, this is your opportunity to raise any concerns and likewise for me to raise any issues with yourselves” Lydia stares him down.

Alec looks at Lydia, she was always a strong character but there was a twinkle in her eye and Lydia looked more comfortable than Alec had ever seen her. The role really suited her.

“Madam Inquisitor I did want to ask about the practicalities of the gathering votes by on duty shadowhunters" Alec crossed his legs and leaned into the green leather armchair, identical to the one next to him where Dearborn sat, both of them facing Lydia who was sat behind an imposing oak desk.

“We’ve arranged Warlocks for portal runs throughout tomorrow, each institute has been covered by the schedule, each will have four windows for on duty hunters to portal and cast their vote to ensure proper staffing levels at all locations. You are both welcome to scrutinise the schedule, it will be published publically within an hour of this meeting”

Alec simply nods, impressed that something had already been organised.

“I have further nothing to raise" Horace's eyes stared into the distance.

“Ok then there is only one matter I wish to raise" Lydia pulls on her jacket to straighten it, “I have had some complaints regarding the nature of campaign literature that has been distributed”

Horace squirms in his seat, as if he just sat on a cake and felt uncomfortable by the mess under him.

“I would like to remind both candidates, both of you, that there are rules of conduct in this election.”

Horace’s face remains blank and expressionless but his eyes have a gleam of annoyance in them, “Madam Inquisitor I will not be accused of...”

“She hasn’t even said it’s you” Alec interiors before muttering under his breath dumbass.

“Indeed. I am not accusing you of anything Horace”

Lydia’s professional facade stutters at the use of his first name.

“I am aware that you will both have rather large campaigns teams and you will not have sight of every leaflet or fire message distributed. I am asking that you are clear with your teams on what is and what is not permissible- I’m giving you both the opportunity to ensure there is no untoward behaviour from your teams. I expect a clean fair election; focus on the politics I don’t want to see any slander!”

Both Alec and Horace stay still.

“Is that clear gentleman!” Lydia rises from her chair.

“Yes Mam" Alec sits up straight.

“Yes...Inquisitor" Horace bites his teeth, “Is that all"

Lydia simply nods her head forward and doesn’t respond verbally.

“Well then” Horace slaps his hands to his knees and gets up out the chair, “I have an election to win, I’ll see you both same time tomorrow”

As Alec gets up to leave, Lydia calmly asks “Mr Lightwood-Bane please stay a moment"

Horace walks out the door with a visible smile that makes Alec raise an eyebrow. The door closes behind him.

“What did he say?” Alec rolls his eye.

“He has concerns that the warlocks will try to use magic to influence peoples to vote for you. Specifically his concern was your connection to the High Warlock of Alicante”

“Husband, Lydia. Connection? Makes it sound like I meet Magnus once a month at a knitting social” Alec huffs.

“Husband” Lydia corrects herself, there was a momentary chuckle from her. A realisation that in a room of just her and Alec she had said husband, something she thought would happen a few years ago but under very different circumstances. It was the right thing to do, to reassure Alec at the wedding to follow his heart. Lydia held no grudge she just found it amusing.

“So you want to investigate this?”

“Pft no" Lydia waves a hand, “I said I would mention it with you privately as per his request, to offer reassurance. I had pointed out that unless he has evidence I can’t investigate on conjecture”

“So was that the talk?”

“Not really much more to investigate is there Alec" Lydia smiled

“Out of curiosity what did Dearborn's material say?”

“I don’t think you want to see" Lydia shakes her head.

“Oh come on" Alec teases

“One of his supporters made this, sent it to about 20 people before we stopped him and seized them" Lydia opens her drawer and hands Alec a piece of paper.

On the paper was a crass drawing of Alec, his pants down to his ankles and with Magnus’s arm embedded deep into his ass to the elbow. The text read don’t elect a puppet of the Downworld, vote Dearborn.

“Uncanny, that is the face I pull when he does that" Alec jokes.

Lydia places her hand on her forehead, “Alec sometimes there is sharing and then there is sharing

Lydia and Alec both laugh.

“He’s an idiot, these stunts are going to backfire on him, my teams polling shows a lot of the moderates are put off by his antics" Alec shrugs.

“Maybe, but his supporters seen to just get more, fanatic” Lydia sighs, “makes conducting these elections fun for me"

Alec bears a gently smile, as if to apologise for putting her in the position of having to deal with that.

“Out of curiosity, why did you keep this office? And not take over my old one; it is the inquisitor’s office you know"

Lydia shrugs, “It’s just a temporary gig, I make no assumptions I’ll be in the role once someone is elected Alec, not even you"


“Alec, I don’t want you to make promises you can’t or wont keep and I don’t want it being said I’ve been influenced in my duties by offers from candidates so I will ask that you do not disclose any of your views on what you plan to do with the role after the election” Lydia crosses her arms as she leans back against the oak desk

Alec nods thoughtfully.


--- Scene 3---

“How is the High Warlock of Alicante?” Alec smiles as he makes them both martinis.

Magnus is lying on the sofa with a book. Alec lifts his feet up off one end and sits down; placing Magnus’s feet back on to his lap. Handing the warlock a martini Magnus grins and throws his book dramatically over the back of the sofa.

“Better now" Magnus sips, “How was your day?”

Alec holds Magnus’s feet in his grasp, not quite massaging them but gently caressing.

“I don’t think I’ve visited so many institutes in a single day in my life. Was annoying I couldn’t portal myself and had to rely on others" Alec had gotten so use to making portals himself that it was an inconvenience that he had to rely on a warlock to open portals everywhere.

Alec’s smile drops slightly, “It’s been good at distracting me from worrying; about Jace and Simon and Clary"

“We knew this could take days. Try not to worry pup"

“What about you? How was your meeting of the warlocks?” Alec asks eager to change the subject.

“Obviously they are nervous about Horace winning. There was a discussion about what action we’d take if he is elected"

“Where’s the faith babe?” Alec teases

“Oh you know I think you’ve got this but as a leader… we need to prepare for every eventuality"

Magnus sits up a bit more to place a gentle kiss on Alec’s cheek.

“Does you preparations include magically making his balls fall off if he wins?”

Magnus lets out a loud belly laugh.

“I should have suggested it” Magnus smiles, “Well he has made it clear he will revoke our rights to stay here. Many wanted to fight if he does... after all why should we leave our homes now we’ve settled”

Alec shows concern.

“Don’t worry; the end consensus is we don’t want to start a war with the Clave. But diplomatically such action would likely result in withdrawal of Warlock services from the Clave. My people are speaking with my counterparts around the world. The Clave has always been more reliant on our magic than they like to admit"

“Hmm" Alec agrees.

“Chinese tonight?”

Magnus rubs his large hands along Alec’s shoulder. Alec turns his head and leans towards Magnus and places a kiss on his lips. It’s soft, full of tenderness, but also of exhaustion.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Duck? Plum sauce?”

Alec’s eyes light up, it was his favourite.

“You’re going to make me plump Magnus" Alec laughs holding his belly.

“I’m sure I can find a way to help you burn off those extra calories"

From the other side of the room a flame streaks across towards Alec, not with speed and intent like normal but gentle and floating like a leave falling from a tree.

Alec reaches out and grabs the slip of paper. His grin was super-human.

“It’s from Mom, Luke asked her and she said yes. They’re getting married"

“Oh I wonder if they need a wedding planning yet" Magnus squeals, no one throws a celebration or a wedding like Magnus Lightwood-Bane.


--- Scene 4---

“Lexi, what are we seeing in South East Asia enclave?" Alec asks.

The room looks more like a main ops centre of an institute. The centre of the room is a large interactive table surrounded by a dozen heads of conclaves and enclaves from around the world. Izzy and Alec glance around the room at the heavy hitters.

“I’ve spoken to the heads of my institutes to get a feel. It’s very much in your favour. Dearborn's plan to induce panic by revealing the angels are no longer in contact seems to have backfired. Many feel you’re a bit too progressive but you have a proven track record with crisis and Dearborn does not. They’d rather have a radical that can get the job done than an isolationist without your record"

“We’re seeing something similar in the Nordics” Evan Valtersen was head of the Nordic enclave and based at the Oslo Institute. Evan had dark blond hair slicked back and piercing blue eyes, he is quite tall but not as tall as Alec and a medium build. For a shadowhunter Evan liked to wear a lot of layers in casual wear (especially hoodies) rather than a typical black ensemble, and so many of his runes were on his forearm, stomach and neck- basically the places he could quickly access. On a visit to the Nordic enclave during Alec's time as Inquisitor, Evan had invited him to join him and his husband Isak for dinner. Alec found Evan and Isak to be quite an adorable couple.

“I’m getting a lot of protest votes in Aegean and Black" the low gruff voice of Nichita Flamewater spoke. Nichita was a muscular man but was never intimidating to be next to. He had a near shaved head of dark blond hair, a largish nose that bulged outwards just below the bridge, and sunken eyes that had dark pupils as if they were pure black. He was based at the Chisinau Institute and looked after institutes that surround the around the Aegean and Black Seas.

“Protest how?” Izzy enquired before Alec could jump in. Nichita may not have as radical views as Alec but when they were recruiting for Jia’s operations team he had gladly supported them knowing that any political differences were inconsequential compared to their mission. In fact Alec had been quite shocked initially at his support but grew to really respect him.

Izzy knew that Nichita found her intriguing, Izzy wouldn’t exactly say she was using her sex appeal like in the old days but Nichita did take a liking to her and found commonality in their love of weaponry.

“The wont vote for Horace, they loath him. But they won’t support Alec either, they do like him personally but not his politics. I think you can expect a lot if abstentions"

“An abstention is better than a vote for Horace I suppose" Alec shrugs.

“Is it worth Alec visiting? Maybe a few key institutes if you can recommend them?” Izzy probes

“For the most part I doubt it, I think they are more likely to listen to someone else other than Alec, Evan maybe" Nichita turns to look at Evan, “Evan do you think you could spare a couple of hours later today?”

Evan nods, semi-enthusiastic. He wanted to keep pushing in his own enclave but they mostly supported Alec and the institutes in Aegean and Black sea region did have good relationships with him, Evan was beloved throughout the various enclaves on the European continent.

“We might also need to think about releasing some of the information we know about what is really going on" Lexi raises the point, “If Dearborn is going to capitalise on the current situation with the Angels we need to combat that"

Alec looks deep in thought.

“We can’t keep this a secret forever but we also can’t have mass panic" Evan adds.

“We can’t hide the truth forever, and neither should we" Alec concedes, “but you’re right Evan, we can’t have mass panic, we need to think about how we release this information"

“And letting people know about Clary’s return will be...controversial" Izzy reflects on the fact that some, especially Horace’s supporters view Clary's punishment of loosing her memories as demonstrating the will of the Angels in regards to her radical approaches to downworlder relations. After all it was binding shadowhunters to Downworlders that led to the Angels threatening to punish her.

The meeting continues for thirty more minutes after Alec places the issue of the angels and Clary on hold, at least for now, to focus on the campaign. One by one they portalled out.

Izzy groans slightly and holds her right thigh.

“Iz? You ok?”

Alec wonders if she has hurt herself in training again.

“Just a sharp shooting pain, nothing an Iratzi won’t fix. Had it a few times now" Izzy sits down and takes her leg off, gently placing it by her chair.

“If you’re still injured from... New York, maybe you should see Catarina" Alec squats down in front of her.

“Why Cat?”

“Like you would listen to any of our medics" Alec chuckles and Izzy nods agreeing with the point.

“It’s probably just discomfort from the leg, takes some getting used; a new one"

Alec raises an eyebrow at that, “Still, maybe get it checked out"


---Scene 5---

(Mildly explicit/Smutty)

Alec let the warm water flow down his back, it had been a long day and a hot shower was just what he needed.

“Coffee?” Alec hears Magnus call out from the other side of the apartment.

“No, thanks" Alec shouts. Magnus was planning to stay up a bit longer, despite both of their exhaustion, to send correspondence to other high warlock about the current situation in Alicante.

Alec turns the water off and steps out the shower, half wishing his husband had been in the shower with him. With a large towel he dries his body and hair and throws on a pair of black boxers. Looking in his drawer of underwear he was tempted to put on a tempting jockstrap to tease Magnus but Alec needed to get some sleep before tomorrow, voting would close at lunch time and the results would be released in the early evening.

He grabs a plain t-shirt and pulls it over before heading to the sink to brush his teeth.

From the corner of his eyes a flash of light coming from the living room. He spits and runs out of the ensuite still in just boxers and a t-shirt.

Magnus comes out of the kitchen to see the commotion. Placing his coffee down on the kitchen counter top.

Alec sees the faces of Clary, Simon and Jace, worn out and exhausted. Alec runs towards them, “You're back" he beams before stuttering “and...naked"

Alec looks down and sees a completely naked Jace and Simon. Goodness he’s even bigger than Magnus Alec thinks shocked at the size of Simon’s limp cock. He had seen his Parabatai naked many times before, but the two naked men in front of him were quite a shock really.

Magnus whacks his husband on the chest. He knows his husband; the sight of a big dick was like dangling a piece of jewellery in front of a magpie.

“Are you all ok?” Magnus asks, “You look like you’ve been through hell"

Magnus couldn’t help but notice the reddish sand coating their feet was familiar. Magnus also observes the alliance runes on their bodies which disappeared after a brief golden flash of Clary’s eyes which she herself hadn’t noticed doing.

Clary hands Alec a small black leather book with a blank vacant expression, “Can I crash here?”

Magnus nods and points to the spare room.

Clary walks towards the room in a zombie like state.

Just what in the hell has happened? Magnus pondered.

Clary closes the door behind her.

“Clothes?” Jace demands

Alec flicks his wrists and a blue flash later Jace was clothed in a pair of Jeans and a black t-shirt.

Jace quickly heads into the room Clary is in.

“Umm chief, think you could do the same for me? Or would you prefer I stay like this" Simon cross his arms.

It takes Alec a moment to react, its not that he is attracted to Simon or ever thought about Simon in any way other than an annoyance and he still doesn’t, but Alec was a magpie, and that huge limp cock was defiantly a distraction.

Magnus rolls his eyes.

“I guess I appeal to Lightwoods of all genders" Simon chuckles.

Alec blushes and Magnus snaps his fingers to clothe Simon in items which were more Raphael’s style.

“Are these?” Simon pulls at the Jacket, recognising the owner.

“Raphael had some old things he left here. He hasn’t always lived at the Dumort you know" Magnus smiles fondly remembering a time in the 80s when Raphael just needed his pseudo-father when he struggled with his mother’s death.

Alec tries to hide his embarrassment.

“That doesn’t bother you?” Simon asks nodding towards Alec.

“Oh he can look all he wants. I know whose bed he'll end up in at the end of the night” Magnus teases a thoroughly embarrassed Alec.

“Ah look but don’t touch" Simon laughs as he jumps backwards on to the sofa, “Not to be ungrateful but could you change the size, I think Raphael was more slender than I remember”

Alec couldn’t help but notice the pants were indeed a bit tight on Simon and did nothing to hide the obscene outline of his penis which snaked down his thigh.

“On second thought maybe they are fine the way they are, what do you think Alec?” Simon laughed looking at a beetroot red faced Alec

Magnus felt no insecurities with Alec, and nodded his head in agreement. Magnus leans into Simon’s ears and whispers something which makes Simon chuckle.

With a flick of his own wrist Magnus’s pants become tighter, they’ve defiantly shrunk a size.

Magnus sits down eloquently next to Simon. Both of them obscenely on show as the tight pants shows the clear outlines of both their large cocks.

“Something distracting you Husband"

“Assholes" Alec mutters at the teasing which leads to loud laughter from both Simon and Magnus.

“So are you going to tell me what the fuck happened or make fun of me?"

Simon sighed; the momentary distraction had been helpful at clearing his mind from the exhausting and at times perilous mission.

Jace enters the room, looking defeated and worn out. His eyes are inflated and shiny. It completely changes the tone of the room.

Alec can sense his Parabatai's sorrow and through their binding Magnus could to some extent.

Alec goes and wraps his arms around Jace as he bursts into a sobbing mess in a way they hadn’t seen since Clary lost her memories or when he begged Alec to kill him when he was under Lilith’s control.

“I think we best give them some Parabatai alone time" Magnus gently whispers as he pulls Simon up and directs him to the Balcony.

After they walk onto the Balcony, air crisp and cold, Magnus magically draws the curtains inside to give Alec and Jace privacy. He conjures a cocktail for himself and a glass of blood for Simon.

“Mmm" Simon moans gently at the taste, “Is that vodka in there"

“You look like you needed something stronger than O-neg but we both know you don’t handle plasma well"

Simon tuts and starts to sip the blood.


--- Scene 6---

“You did what had to be done" Alec reassures Jace.

Jace melts into Alec’s embrace, the only other person who Jace felt able to be vulnerable with after Clary was his Parabatai.

“It killed her, to leave Jonathan behind. I took away hope from her, hope that she could save him after all, hope that she had a second chance at it all" Jace sobs.

Alec tightens his grip around Jace's chest. He sits behind Jace, his chest to his back. Alec leans over and kisses him on the head in a reassuring familial way.

“She'll come around, she loves you Jace. She just needs time to process it"

“Does she? Love me?” Jace’s pondering shocks Alec.

“How can you even think she doesn’t, you two were meant to be together. That used to irritate the hell out of me; she was so annoying when we first met" Alec chuckles in an attempt to lighten the mood.

“For a while now, sometimes it feels, I don’t know. With everything that has been going on maybe we just haven't had the time to be a couple and her mind is elsewhere with the work. I know this is important stuff we are doing but it puts a strain on her. And there’s been this distance between us like she is holding back”

Alec sighs, “Don’t spiral. She loves you and you know it”

“Sometimes it feels like I never got her back, not fully, not after going through everything we have. I’m scared I can’t give her what she needs anymore. She won’t let me in"

Alec moves an arm up to his hair, running his fingers along Jace’s scalp to calm him.

“Don't you think you maybe over thinking this?”

Jace shrugs. Honestly he is just exhausted by everything that has been going on.


--- Scene 7---

“Jace domesticated?” Magnus smiled and let out a brief laugh, “Hard to picture"

“I think he was quite freaked out by that to be honest"

Simon continued sipped the last of his drink. Looking down the empty glass he seemed a bit disappointed which Magnus picked up on and magically refilled perking the vampire up.

“I can’t say I’m surprised. Jace has never been one to give in to his feelings. Being confronted by a version of himself that had done that with a version of you must have a shock"

Simon shrugs, “I mean the idea of him sleeping with another man would have grossed him out”

“I think it’s more the fact it was you" teases Magnus.

Simon rolls his eyes, “thanks"

“Not like that. I just mean, you two have a bond and to see that bond expressed in a loving committed relationship would have freaked him out"

Simon places the glass of blood and vodka on the table, “bond?”

“You and Jace, there is a bond there”

“What?” Simon asks in shock, “No, wait, we don’t have a, I don’t like him like that and he certainly doesn’t like me like that"

“I’m not saying it has to be a romantic one but there has been a bond between you for a while now, and not just the last year"

“Ok so we’ve become friendly but he used to really hate me. And honestly I wasn’t his biggest fan either” Simon huffs

Magnus sighs, “There was a bond since you guys met! I noticed it when you brought Luke to see me for that nasty alpha wolf bite"

“We hated each other then" Simon scolds Magnus

“Did you? There was always a tension there...”

“Because we both wanted to be with Clary!” Simon protests loudly

“I don’t think it was that. There was a tension there because you two were fighting a bond that was clearly there" Magnus refills his cocktail with a flick of his hand, “There is not much research or information on alternative dimensions and universes but it does seem to me that some bonds just exists across all worlds. Like you and Clary, in this universe you’ve been lovers, in that other world you told me about you were Parabatai. In some shape or form there is as bond.”

“Well there is no bond and if there was it’s not like that! He’s straight Magnus!”

Simon’s fangs involuntarily drop much to Magnus’s amusement.

“As I keep saying, it doesn’t have to be a romantic bond but there was something there.”

“we are good friends, just" Simon takes a large gulp of the blood.

“Good!” Magnus fiddles his fingers before asking the question, “but if you did want more than that that would be ok, to have those feelings.”

“Well I don't. And even if I did I’m not going to cheat on Izzy! For fucks sake Magnus I’ve had all this shit from Izzy trying to get me hooking up with guys and YOU of all people should know that being Bi doesn’t mean I need to sleep around and be with multiple genders at the same time!”

“I’m not saying cheat on Izzy, Simon Lewis" Magnus says defensively before sighing and rubbing his forehead, “I’m not suggesting you can’t be Bi and faithful. This isn’t about your sexuality. This is about your feelings. I’m saying if you do have feelings that’s ok but you do need to work it out, especially because you’re with Izzy. If you do have feelings of a romantic nature...”

“Where the fuck has this come from?”


Simon crosses his arms angrily, “Yes, honestly"

“When you described the world where the two of you were married, I don’t know, you seemed to have this sparkle, jealousy and giddiness I’ve not seen from you in a long while. Like you were pleased to find a world where you two were together and wished you had that here"

Simon blushes and he brushes it off as simply the result of excessive amounts of the blood and vodka, “You're misreading this and if you carry on I’m going to bite you" he says trying to play it off as semi-playful.

Simon takes in the awkward pause of silence before deciding to change the subject.

“I best start making a read through of the codex.”

“You need rest, read it tomorrow when everyone is busy campaigning for the last few votes" Magnus magically refilled the glass of blood again.


--- Scene 8---

Izzy shivers slightly in the cold. Magnus snaps his fingers and a warm thick jacket surrounds Izzy.

“This is why you’re my favourite brother-in-law” Izzy smiles.

Jace rolls his eyes, “He’s your only brother-in-law”. Izzy and Magnus giggle at the snappy Jace. He was still on edge about Clary and wished she was here but as far as the majority of the shadowhunters knew, she was still in New York with no memory of this world.

“You wouldn’t have thought it would take this long to do a damn count” Jace huffs looking at his phone, the time reading 10.12pm

Angel square was packed with thousands of shadowhunters. Thankfully the three of them were on a large terraced balcony to the side of the accords hall full of council members and other officials. As they were family of a candidate they got to join the high ranking members of shadowhunter society.

The crowds below were restless but there was a real excitement in the air.

Magnus tapped Izzy and Jace's shoulder and they turn round to see on a different balcony Lydia step out, along with 2 guards, Horace and Alec.

The crowds quietened down as low whispers could be heard as everyone started to wonder who had won.

“Good evening” Lydia addresses the crowds with a microphone at the front of the Balcony. The crowd go from a quiet chatter to near dead silence.

“The votes have been counted and verified. In this election there were two candidates, Horace Dearborn and Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane”

The crowds loudly cheer as the names are read out.

“87,624 votes were cast"

The crowd roars at the nearly 90% turnout, almost unprecedented in the last 500 years.

“4,579 votes were spoilt or active abstentions” Lydia announces to a few loud gasps and shocks from the crowds below.

“An active abstention?” Magnus asks confused.

“It’s where they tick both candidate names in order to draw attention to the fact they are not really voting for either of them- it’s basically a protest vote. It’s quite high number though" Izzy sighs.

“It's probably 10 times more than normal but we knew there would be a lot who would abstain Iz" Jace chimes in.

Lydia continues, “The votes for the candidates are as follows. Horace Dearborn, 30,604. Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane 52,441”

Before Lydia even finished there was loud cheers as the crowds roared in jubilation.

“I hereby declare Alexander Gideon Lightwood-Bane duly elected to the position of Consul of the Clave"


---Scene 9---

Simon was scribbling away on a notepad, looking at the codex and surrounded by reference books in Magnus’s study.

“How’s it going?” Clary asks as she enters the room. She looks exhausted and Simon straight away notices the signs of a Clary that didn’t sleep much last night, and its already the next night.

“Well, you know how the angels communicate in imagery, that plus the codex is in a jumble of ancient languages, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic. So it’s going slowly" Simon huffs in frustration.

 “Nothing is ever easy is it?” Clary half smiles through the exhaustion.

Simon puts the pen down on the pad and spins the chair to face Clary.

“How about you?”

“What about me?” Clary moves into a defensive stance

“You’re not ok, you haven’t been ok since we’ve came back"

Clary relaxes slightly, it’s hard to be defensive with Simon, and he was her best friend.

“There’s just a lot to process after all those jumps" Clary clutches her side like there is as sharp pain there.

“Too busy to heal yourself with an Iratzi?” Simon asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Must have slept funny last night"

“Well you do look like you haven't slept at all” Simon shrugs.

Clary’s darts her eyes at Simon,

“Seriously you look hideous” Simon teases Clary with a smile

It makes Clary finally give in and smile as well, “Love you too Lewis"


---Scene 10---

The celebrations continue late into the night as the crowds celebrate the results. Fireworks streak along the Idris starry sky in what Alec suspects is the handiwork of the local warlocks.

“Congratulations” Elena Larkspear approaches Alec who is laughing amongst conversation with several others. Hanging off his husband’s arm, Magnus himself full of smiles and Joy.

“Thank you Elena" Alec reaches out to shake her hand.

Magnus slips away as Elena and Alec talk. He heads towards Izzy and Jace who are talking to Helen Blackthorn but changes direction to given them space to talk, already picking up on the vibes of the conversation from 20 paces.

“Is there anything we can do?” Jace pleads sincerely.

“I’m sure she’d appreciate some more of your company. Last time you all visited it really helped. She is just so heartbroken over her mother. I wish I could do something more, to not make this painful but it is. She will barely leave the house, she’s not eating when I’m not there to push her" Helen’s eyes well up. Aline had struggled with her mother’s death, and as an only child felt she didn’t really have any siblings to be around for support. But the lightwoods had grown close to Jia and so Aline felt they understood her loss as a result.

“Maybe I could come round and cook for her sometime when you’re working" Izzy offers

“Izzy’s cooking; it would get Aline out of the house! As she flees in terror" Jace teases.

The joke brings a smile to Helen’s face but Izzy just whacks Jace on the chest, “Ass"


--- Scene 11---

“Silencing rune" Simon shouts out across the apartment to Magnus and Alec.

“Any news?” Jace asks as he enters Magnus’s library, smiling down on Simon and still a bit tipsy from the celebrations.

“Someone’s drunk. Where’s Izzy?” Simon smiles.

“Still out with Lydia and some of the council delegates celebrating. I wondered where Alec and Magnus got to" Jace chuckles knowing they had headed home to celebrate in their own way.

“Is Clary not awake?” Simon asks, she had been training in the living room earlier.

“She’s was already sleep when I got in, I didn’t want to wake her with my drunken stumbling"

“Hmm so that’s why you’re bugging me instead of her" Simon teases

“Harsh" Jace grins

 Simon nods, “She didn’t sleep well last night, so I guess it’s good she's fast sleep"

“I think we’re all a bit exhausted by everything. You didn’t seem to have slept much last night either. Did you want the comfy couch tonight?” Jace offers, there was only so much space in Magnus’s loft and Simon and Jace had slept on the two couches in the living room.

“No mine was fine, just something Magnus said to me last night" Simon sighs

“Want to talk about it?” Jace slaps his hand onto Simon’s shoulder and leaves it there. It was nothing Jace hadn’t done before, a friendly bro move, but it makes Simon jump out of his seat.

Jace recoils with his hands up like someone is pointing a gun at him, “Si? You ok?”

Simon feels guilty for overreacting to the touch, “Yea, just need to work on this codex"

“Oh...okay" Jace sounds slightly wounded. Clary was being distant from him, now Simon, and Alec was so focused on the elections.

Simon rolls his eyes slightly at Jace looking hurt like a puppy that tripped up chasing its own tail. “Want to help me with the codex?”

Jace smiles and grabs a seat next to Simon, “ok what we got so far"

Simon shrugs, “Something about walls and telephones"

“Telephones? In Aramaic? They had a word for telephones in ancient Aramaic?” Jace raises an eyebrow.

“No, see this passage is Greek. τῆλε and φωνή; tēle-phōnē. It’s where the English word is derived from; together it is basically distant voice"

Jace reaches over to pick up the codex with an inquisitive and puzzled face, “huh" he shrugs. Simon as a vampire feels the heat radiating from Jace and his breath near his neck makes the hairs on the nape of his neck stand on end.


---Scene 12---


Alec is a moaning dishevelled mess. He arches his back off the bed as Magnus's talented tongue runs along the sensitive entrance of his hole. Alec’s legs spread and held up by Magnus's strong arms.

Magnus loved seeing Alec fall to pieces.

Magnus moves away from Alec’s entrance and places small kisses and teasing bites along the inside of Alec’s thighs. Alec claws at the bed sheets, scrunching them up as he makes needy sounds.

After a few minutes of teasing Magnus's tongue finds its way back to Alec’s perfect hole and breaches the entrance.

“Urghhh" Alec cries out.

“Silencing rune" Alec and Magnus hear Simon call out from the other side of the apartment. It gives Magnus a wicked idea.

Pulling out his tongue Magnus crawls up the bed next to Alec’s side, “We can’t be so inconsiderate towards our house guests, so if you make too much sound...” Magnus pauses with a wicked smile on his face. Ramming two fingers into Alec’s hole his other hand covers Alec’s mouth and his muffled cries, “I won’t let you cum, understand?”

Alec nods and Magnus removes his hands from Alec’s lips as he continues to slide his fingers in and out of his hole.

Alec bites his lips, trembling, trying so desperately not to moan.

Magnus inserts a third finger and Alec can’t help let out the tiniest grunt.

“What did I say, Consul” Magnus teases

“Maybe you could stuff this mouth with something that will help keep me quiet?” Alec teases.

Magnus grabs Alec’s stele and activates his flexibility rune, the one Alec got shortly after they had first started having sex and figured Magnus wouldn’t have noticed.

Magnus bends Alec’s body like he is a contortionist. His head and upper chest remains on the bed as normal but from then onwards his body curves upwards, his ass high in the air above him.

Magnus, still holding Alec’s legs bent and in the air, kneels down with each knee on the mattress either side of Alec’s head. Magnus looks like someone knelt in prayer except this was a very different kind of worship.

He lowers his bottom half, Magnus lines up his cock with Alec’s mouth. Alec’s tongue is hanging out desperately.

Alec lifts his head up slightly, reaching for the thick head of Magnus’s cock as it touches his lips. Magnus continues to lower himself and Alec relaxes as his mouth fills with cock.

Alec’s moans are muffled by the silky engorged member slowly sliding into him. The pre-cum tastes delicious.

Magnus leans toward and again breaches Alec’s entrance with his tongue. The vibrations around his cock as Alec moans around his erection just makes Magnus more greedy in devouring Alec’s hole.

Thin strings of pre-cum dribble out of Alec’s cock and onto his chest.

Magnus keeps lowering himself until he bottoms out, Alec’s lips up against his pelvis, his cock buried fully down into Alec’s throat which leaves a visible outline of his cock where Alec’s throat is raised, and Magnus's thick heavy balls resting on Alec’s nose. Alec can’t help but inhale deeply, in order to breathe air but also take in the intoxicating aroma of his husband's junk.

Magnus starts rising slightly and then sitting back down in time with his tongue swirling around in Alec’s tight ass.

They build up quite the pace. Alec is in heaven as his body is basically used like a fuck doll by Magnus.

Alec focuses on contracting and relaxing his throat muscles to grips and work Magnus's throbbing horse sized cock.

Magnus starts to alternate between fingering Alec and fucking him with his tongue.

After 15 minutes Alec can’t hold out, Magnus's talented fingers and tongue have teased the sensitive entrance and played with his prostrate too much.

Alec’s mouth widens as he lets put a small gasp, Magnus’s cock still very my embedded in his throat.

As Alec gasps his own cock starts shooting his cum all over his chest and Magnus's, then dripping onto his face as Magnus picks ups the pace and fucks his throat.

Drops of cum splatter on Alec’s lips and he sticks his tongue out in order to reach the fresh cum and also to massage the huge cock that assaults him.

Magnus doesn’t stop rimming Alec and he soon joins Alec as Alec’s throat contracts and pulls his dick further down the rabbit hole. Magnus can’t hold back and with one final thrust buries his cock so deep in Alec’s throat as he unleashes what feels like a pint of cum down Alec’s throat and filling up his stomach. Alec moans around the feeling of Magnus's cock pulsating with every shot of warm, thick, delicious squirt of cum down his needy throat.

They collapse on each other and rest. “That was amazing" Alec pants as Magnus’s huge cock slides out of his throat and mouth.

Magnus basks in Alec’s glowing face. It won’t be long before round two.


---Scene 13---

A loud knock booms throughout the apartment. Alec’s eyes reluctantly open, it had been a late night and there were no plans today. Alec wouldn’t be sworn in to office for another 2 days as the appropriate arrangements were made. Alec had been looking forward to the chance to recover from an exhausting few months- they all had.

“Lydia?” Alec hears a muffled Jace answer the door, “Izzy what's going on"

The doors to the bedroom swing open and Alec still half alert tries to cover his exposed torso with the covers. Magnus wakes up and looks almost perfect, as if he had had hours to get ready and put make up on.

“Lydia? What are you doing here?” Alec asks and everyone else rushes in to see what the commotion is.

Great thought Alec, an audience of Lydia, Jace, Simon, Izzy and Clary.

“Dearborn has taken over the accords hall” Lydia blurted out

“What?” Clary blurbs out in shock.

Izzy pants, the run from Angel square takes a toll whilst she is still getting used to a new leg. “He’s locked himself inside with 5000 supporters and demanding you step down as Consul"

Chapter Text

--- Scene 1---

“Elena" Alec calls as out as he arrives on the scene. The access to angel square gas been cordoned off by members of the Guard.

Scores of curious hunters are crushed up against the barricades, trying to sneak a peak of what is going on.

“Alec” Elena greats him, “I guess you’re being thrown in the deep end"

“Alec what do we do?” Lydia asks as she catches up to them at the centre of the square.

“Madam Inquisitor, I will remind you that Mr Lightwood-Bane is Consul elect and has not yet been sworn into office, until then it is the council that will be running this operation"

“Elena, we don’t have time for an argument over jurisdiction” Alec looks at her firmly as he sees Elena’s facade start to crumble. He can see it in her eyes, she doesn’t really know what to do and the weight of the world is on her shoulders and Alec knows that look all too well.

“Elena, it’s me he wants resigning"

Elena rolls her eyes, unsure, “Ok fine. We do this thing, but together understand?”

Alec nods, “So what have we got so far"

“27 minutes ago Horace and his supporters stormed the Accords hall; no one was expecting anything like this would happen. Security in the building have been detained by his forces but no injuries or fatalities"

“How do you know" Lydia asks

“Horace agreed to let a single medic come in and inspect them”

“Thank the angel" Lydia sighs. Was she responsible for this? She was in charge of the elections after all. Had she failed? She thought.

“Killing or hurting innocent shadowhunters won’t endear him to the population. Horace is smart enough to know this. Still we shouldn’t assume he won’t harm them if pushed" Alec points out

Elena nods, thinking it through, “then our first priority should be getting them out"

“Not through brute force, let’s see if Horace can be convinced to let them go" Alec thinks allowed

“I don’t think you should speak with him Alec, we need someone he will consider more... neutral"

“That’s me" Lydia shakes her head.

“Lydia, no!” Alec protests

“Alec, Horace may listen to her” Elena interjects

Alec bites his tongue, literally, “fine. Send the message" he shakes his head.


--- Scene 2---

“Miss Branwell, he won’t face me himself then?” Horace meets Lydia at the entrance chamber, each with 1 person for security as per their fire message exchanges.

“I’m here to discuss the hostages Horace” Lydia asks.

“They’ve not been harmed; your medic has already confirmed that"

“Tell me what message it sends that you have taken hostages. They have no part in this. Let them go”

“Why would I do that, they are the only reason he hasn’t launched a full and bloody attack on us.”

“Alec has not been sworn in yet Horace, you know that! You’ll also know that this matter will therefore be dealt with by the council; your comrades in arms. These people know you Horace, they don’t want you harmed or anyone else for that matter” Lydia reasons with the man but his face as expressionless as ever and shows no signs of cracking.

“Half" Horace finally speaks, “as a gesture of good will"

Lydia sighs under her breath; it’s a start, “thank you”

“I am curious however, why the council sent you?”

“Was I at any point unfair or unreasonable with you during the election" Lydia points out.

Horace pauses, as if to study Lydia, “No. In fact you were quite... balanced"

Lydia nods

“Surprisingly so, give that pervert jilted you at the alter”

Lydia holds back any expression from her face; she wasn’t here to be roped in by Horace.

“I’ll have half of those in our care come out within 15 minutes, your people will keep a distance from the main entrance while they leave, if we think your about to storm the hall whilst we release them the other half may not have such a positive outcome. Understood?”

“Yes" Lydia simply replies.

“15 minutes, more than enough time for Alec to stop hiding behind the council’s skirt"


----Scene 3---

Elena hangs up her phone and moves towards Alec who is talking to the Guard about tactical positions should Horace and his followers try to launch an attack.

“Alec they are sending fire messages asking people to join them. We have had a few portals into to the city already but have been able to restrain them, if the come en masse we’re going to start getting spread very thin very quickly"

Alec pulls his phone out of his pocket and dials Magnus.

“Alexander is everything ok I’ve been so worried" Magnus’s voice is shaky.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I need wards raised up over Idris, ones strong enough to stop a portal breaking through. Like New York when the warlocks prevented Valentine from leaving" Alec talks fast given the urgency. “No one in or out"

“I’ll need to contact every warlock in Alicante but I can make it happen... I love you, be safe"

“I love you too" Alec hangs up.

“Elena, Alec, look" Lydia points towards the main entrance of the accords hall as 30 shadowhunters, still in uniform and bound at their hands walk towards the cordon boundary near the centre of the square.

Alec sighs a breath of release.


---Scene 4---

(Mildly Explicit/smutty)

Izzy paces the room.

“Iz" Simon calls out, “Izzy, IZZY"

Izzy finally stops, her arms still flailing about as she doesn’t know what to do, “Sorry Simon, but I can’t just stay here doing nothing!”

“Let Alec deal with it, he will call us when and if he needs us" Simon moves over to her at vampire speed.

“I just hate feeling like I have nothing to do" Izzy huffs.

Simon wraps his arms around Izzy. Izzy is still feeling a bit tipsy from the night before.

“I’m sure I can find something for you to do" Simon kisses Izzy gently on the forehead.

“Oh?” Izzy smirks

“I was thinking that maybe you could help me with the Codex but if you have other ideas" Simon smiles.

Izzy loves that smile. Simon is just a great big dopey idiot but he is her great big dopey idiot.

Izzy grabs Simon’s hands and pulls him towards Magnus and Alec’s bedroom.

“They’ll know!” Simon hesitates; Magnus always notices anything out of place.

“It’s that or here where Clary and Jace could walk in on us at any time?” Izzy nibbles on his ear.

Clary and Jace were currently in the kitchen; Clary said she was going to bake cookies. It’s her go to activity for distracting herself when worrying. Simon remembered one time when her mum was having surgery to remove her appendix. Clary made at least 200 cookies that day.

“I don’t think my brother wants to see my wet cunt filled with your huge cock Si" Izzy’s nibble moves down to his neck.

Simon melts and gives in, this is a bad idea Simon thinks about using Magnus and Alec’s bedroom. But how can he resist Izzy’s charms. Besides if this helps Izzy stop being worried then this must be a good thing.


---Scene 5---
(Mildly Explicit/smutty)

“How many of those are you going to make" Jace raises his eye brow.

Clary pulls out a tray of warm cookies and quickly replaces it with another tray of cookies to cook.

“Oh shut up" Clary teases Jace as she shoves a warm cookie in his mouth.

“Mmm, ‘s good" Jace moans. Clary smiles widely and Jace can’t help but notice the change in demeanour.

“Maybe Izzy would like some too"

Jace swallows the mouth full of warm cookie, “I think I heard her pulling Simon into Magnus and Alec’s bedroom"

“So we have the kitchen to ourselves" Clary flashes a devious smile.

Clary steps up to Jace and places her soft lips against his, parting them gently. Jace moans into the kiss. This was unexpected, but gratefully received. Clary had seemed so distant recently but it feels like it should be; tender, intimate and full of sparks that tingle throughout Jace’s body.

Clary places her fingers against Jace’s abs, teasing them as she kisses him.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jace smirks

“Guess I’ve just been feeling incredibly aroused the last half hour, honestly I thought the number of times I bent over to use that oven you would have taken the hint” Clary continues to kiss Jace.

Pulling back from the kiss, Clary lifts Jace’s t-shirt off and starts planting tiny little kisses all over his chest, eventually reaching his nipples and playfully biting and licking them.

“Ugh" Jace groans

“Agh...tsst" Clary cries out holding her side.

“Clary what is it? Are you ok" Jace fussed

“Just a stitch in the side”


---Scene 6---


Simon drags his fangs along Izzy’s neck teasingly. It had taken them a long time to work out a balance for them both to indulge in their natural instincts and not to trigger Izzy’s cravings for venom.

Simon could scrape a little, maybe for a few minutes at most, as long as they were doing other stuff too so that those sensations took over Izzy before any craving could kick in.

Izzy digs her nails into Simon’s smooth back.

She moans as Simon buries all of himself inside her wet hole. There were runes in use that allowed him to go that deep without hurting Izzy. In fact thanks to the runes Izzy and Clary were the only two people he had ever been with that could take every inch he had to offer but he still fretted about hurting.

His thumb moves in circles over her clit which is brushed by Simon’s pelvis on each thrust.

The copious amounts of lubricating vampire pre-cum leaks all over the bedding as it dribbles out of Izzy’s hole every time Simon pulls out and splatters every time he thrusts in. There was no way Magnus and Alec would not notice this on the bedding but right now they were both in so much pleasure Simon didn’t care. Simon and Izzy were very worked up by now, they had been at it for about half an hour at this point and there was no stopping Simon from sliding his enormous cock in that velvety warm hole.

Simon was lost in the wet squelching sound as he thrust deep inside Izzy. He couldn’t quite shake the fact that the sound was exactly the same as when he overheard his AU counterpart fucking Jace. No he can’t be thinking of that whilst he is balls deep in Izzy. Fuck Magnus for messing with my head, he thought.

Simon starts to speed up, he can’t quite go full vampire speed with Izzy, she finds that too overwhelming but he can still build up to a speed most mundanes would find impressive.

The sound of squelching and skin slapping fills the room.

“Agh" Izzy cries out in pain.

Simon stops and pulls out immediately, “I’m so sorry, did I hurt you?”

Izzy shakes her head, “No, just my leg"

Izzy holds her right thigh, rubbing it better but looks at a worried Simon and smiles, “Stop fretting and don’t think this gets you out of anything, the second it’s stopped cramping you are going back in balls deep mister!”

Simon grins which in turn puts Izzy at ease as she smiles back at that beautiful geeky man.


--- Scene 7---

Magnus opens the doors to his apartment to find everyone quickly shuffling to sit neatly in the living room.

Suspicious of the four of them he looks them all over.

“Did you get the wards up ok?” Jace asks casually.

“...yes" Magnus’s eyes squirts as he inspects them all. “No one can portal in or out for the time being"

Magnus’s head turns and he sniffs the air, “Why does this apartment smell of cookies?”

He heads to the kitchen and looks over the dozen or so plates piled high with cookies, “I see" Magnus rolls his eyes.

“Got a bit restless biscuit?”

“Well I just didn’t know what to do and I thought you and Alec might like some cookies" Clary knows full well there are more than enough cookies to put Magnus and Alec into a sugar induced coma.

Magnus notices his bedroom door is not fully shut; he glides towards the door and opens it to find the bedding removed from the bed.

Without saying a word he turns around and gives a menacing look to Simon and Izzy.

How does he know it was us? Izzy thinks.

“Oh yea, ummm... Chairman Meow took one of the cookies and ran into your room and there were crumbs everywhere so we ummm washed the bedding.” Simon blabbered.

Jace rolls his eyes at how much Simon’s lie sucks.

“The mattress is wet, Simon Lewis" Magnus said in a pointed tone.

“ummm... yeah, so umm Chairman Meow was then sick... from the cookie... and so the sheets and mattress got a bit... umm soaked"

Magnus closes his eyes as if he is counting to ten in his head.

Magnus flicks his wrist to clean up the damp mattress. He takes a deep breath and let’s out one long huff in dramatic fashion.

“I am aware that you are cooped up and unable to use your own apartments. But next time, children, it would be best if you could fuck in the shower or at least on the balcony where your bodily fluids can be hosed the fuck down"

Magnus roles his eyes and walks off to his study.

“I think that went very well" Simon says optimistically, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the room


--- Scene 8---

“Why is he here, he’s not the Consul yet" one of the delegates complains

“He is the consul-elect and as Dearborn is calling for his resignation I think it’s obvious why he is here Arnold" Elena retorts

There are about 80 of the council members in attendance at the emergency meeting, the ones missing are Dearborn and his closest supporters on the council. Alec isn’t surprised; they are probably with him in the accords hall.

The council sit uncomfortably in the dinning hall of the civil service office building, it’s near to the accords halls and used for staff that run everything from the city’s water supply to maintenance of the demon towers.

“Dearborn and his Ilk are traitors of the Clave, why are we humouring them?” another delegate asks.

“Because right now, he has over 5000 supporters with him and if it wasn’t for the wards he could have another 5000 more. Do you plan on executing or imprisoning 5-10,000 of our own people?” Alec steps forward.

“Our numbers have been low for many centuries and the recent wars have not helped. We can’t afford to lose 10% of our forces or lose more trying to imprison that 10%" Lydia adds

The frustration in the room is palatable, and the sighs audibly loud.

“We don't make deals with traitors and terrorists. Today it’s Alec’s resignation, tomorrow dictatorship" one member calls out

Alec sighs, “We are going to have to convince them. Is that, or this may turn into a civil war"

“It’s a civil war they can’t win. Horace must know that.” Another voice calls out.

“Don’t be too sure delegate, a small force with gorilla warfare tactics can succeed against a larger force. What do we do when anyone could be secretly working against us, sabotaging us from the inside? It’s why Valentine's Circle was able to do so much damage. A civil war might not end up being played put on the battlefield" Elena rubs her forehead.


---Scene 9---

“Good to see you and Jace seeming a bit more normal again" Izzy smiles as the two girls share a coffee on the balcony.

“I guess I just needed some time to process what happened in the other dimensions" Clary sips her coffee which is now a bit Luke warm, “I was the queen of hell, it’s terrifying to think that I am capable of that, under any circumstance”

“It wasn’t you Clary”

“No but it was. And then I tricked Jonathan. You should have seen him Iz, he was so...vulnerable. And I used him and abandoned him. God knows what the queen will do to him. I didn’t save him, again

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that Clary” Izzy embraces the red head.

“I guess I was harsh on Jace" Clary sighs

“yea but… that’s not the only thing Clary, there’s been this distance I’ve seen you keep with him, I don’t know why but you’re going to have to deal with it"

“I’m...” Clary stutters

“Shs Clary, you don’t have to tell me until you’re ready to. But when you are ready, I’ll be here"

Clary sighs, Izzy is right, Clary has been keeping Jace at distance a bit.

“Also the idea of Simon fucking Jace kind of threw me" Clary tries to turn the situation light hearted.

“Sorry WHAT?” Izzy’s eyes widen

“In one of the other dimensions, where they were married and...” Clary pauses and can’t look Izzy in the eye, “He... He didn’t tell you"

Fuck, though Clary, she has landed Simon in some sort of trouble, she can almost sense the rage radiating off of Izzy.

Izzy rises from her chair, “excuse me Clary"

Jace comes out onto the balcony just as Izzy brushes past him with enough force to knock Jace.

As she heads back into the loft Jace looks at Clary, “What’s with her?”

“Best not to ask" Clary feels so stupid for causing a problem; it didn’t cross her mind that Simon wouldn’t have filled her in.

“How long is this going to take, they’ve been negotiating for 10 hours" Clary complains. She is fed up of staying put, even if the all clear was given everyone thinks she has no memories and is studying art in New York.

“I don’t know, it takes as long as it takes I guess. The Yerevan hostage crisis went on for 15 days. Better that they are talking than fighting.” Jace shrugs as he pulls the chair closer to Clary and sits down.

“If I have to stay here 15 fucking days!” Clary fumes, not quite sure why she feels this irritable and annoyed all of a sudden.


---Scene 10---

A vampire pacing the room was quite a sight to see, with blurry speed Simon moved across the whole living area. Magnus was in his bedroom, and Clary and Jace in the spare room watching TV having gotten fed up with Simon’s pacing.

Izzy had stormed out earlier but Simon didn’t know why, she just left, in the middle of a crisis. Simon was so worried; she shouldn’t be out and about at the moment.

Izzy opens the door and slowly draws it close as in case people were alseep.

As she spins round she sees Simon with his arms crossed, he was pulling a face. It wasn’t anger or frustration, Izzy recognised it instantly as deep concern.

“I was so worried about you, where were you?”

“At a bar" Izzy admits, looking sheepish.

“A bar? There’s a curfew in effect Iz, what if Dearborn’s goons had gone a rampage"

“Simon” Izzy pauses, it’s hard not to be harsh with Simon, and he was such a puppy dog at times, “I just needed to work some stuff out"

Simon unfolds his arms but he doesn’t quite know what to do with them in this moment so they awkwardly sway and move along his sides. She seemed so serious Simon thought.

“We need to talk about Jace"

“Oh?” Simon’s eyes darted about the room in confusion, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Let’s talk outside" Izzy points towards the stairs that lead to the roof terrace and Simon follows.

It was already dark again, it was almost beautiful with the stars out had it not been for the bright lights illuminating the accords hall in the distance.

“What’s going on Iz?"

“Why didn’t you tell me about the other universe?”

There had been a few but Simon immediately knew which one Izzy was referring to and why.

“Oh” Simon rolls his eyes, of course this was the issue. “Where me and Jace were married?”

Simon sits down on the chair and huffs, “I don’t know, I didn’t think it was important and it was super weird"

“Do you... are you in love with Jace?” Izzy closes her eyes in fear of the answer.

“What?” Simon groans, “Not this again Iz"

“Simon I need to say something’s and I need you to listen and not talk ok?”

Simon gestures go on with his hand but his face is already so done with this. Was this going to be the bisexual discussion all over again?

“It took me a while to connect the dots but it all makes sense.” Clary sits by Simon’s side and holds his hands.

“There’s always been something between you, a tension, a...”

“For the love of god please don’t say bond" Simon rolls his eyes.

“...connection" Izzy sighs

“And then you bit him"

Simon jumps up and gets defensive in his demeanour. He was about to say something but Izzy places a finger to his lips.

“I know what a bite does Simon. It messes up feelings, it messes up relationships to the point that you can’t work out what is friendship, pity, love, lust, blood or compassion, it all just blends together”

Simon reaches out for Izzy’s hand and squeezes it in reassurance

“I think it messed your feelings up. You never dealt with it or confronted it, you just buried it. Because you were with Clary and then Jace was with Clary" Izzy paces, scared of what she is saying.

“I don’t think you gave yourself an opportunity to explore what you were feeling. There’s no closure there Simon.”

“You think I fancy your brother?” Simon cringes

“Maybe, maybe you don’t, but I don’t think you've untangled all of that. I think you need to talk to Jace”

“Izzy...” Simon sighs

“I’m not finished yet" it wasn’t snappy but Izzy was firm in saying that that it made Simon sit back down and pay attention.

Izzy bends down to meet Simon at his level.

“The problem is...” Izzy sighs, “There was always this part of you that I could just sense was unsure. And I thought wrongly that maybe it was because I can’t give you what guys can give you. So I thought giving you a pass to sleep with other guys would solve it. I was wrong though, it wasn’t that you had a subconscious desire for men, it was very specifically Jace"

Simon scratches his head. “Ok, assuming your right, which I’m not saying you are, what happens to us Iz? I love you! I need you to believe me, I love you"

A tear drips down Izzy’s face, “I love you too. And I know you love me too. But you need to deal with this otherwise there is a part of you creating this uncertainty in our relationship and that’s not fair.”

“And if I confront this, then what?”

“Then you get closure. And if it’s... something else, well I honestly don’t know, I guess we have to come to that bridge if we get to it"


---Scene 11---

“Alexander Lightwood, I was starting to think you would only send Lackies"

Horace at the entrance chambers of the accords hall, Alec with Elena and Horace with a young man with light brown hair that Alec recognised as Manuel Villalobos. It was a bit of a surprise, nothing about Manuel had suggested he was a follower of Horace but Alec had always thought of him as power hungry, cruel and manipulative- he would have only joined Horace if he thought he could move up the ranks.

“So what’s the endgame here Horace" Alec asks, studying the two men in front of him.

Horace was looking somewhat tired, his blond hair a little dishevelled.

“I thought our demands were quite simple; there was no way you could have won fairly. You will publically resign and I will grant exile instead of execution"

“Execution?” Elena huffs, “He is the elected Consul, and our people have spoken"

“We refuse to recognize Alec Lightwood as Consul! We stand for our old traditions, for the way things always have been and always should be!” Manuel spits

“So I’m exiled and then what Horace?  Do you become Consul? Will people accept you as Consul after loosing this election? Is there a new election? If you win, what is to stop the next person from doing exactly what you’re doing?” Alec asks with a raised brow.


--- Scene 12---

Simon had spent 2 hours now on the roof terrace, going round in circles in his head.

“You wanted to speak to me"

Simon turns around and sees Jace there looking perplexed

“What? No" Simon is just as confused.

“Oh? Izzy said... never mind my mistake I guess?” Jace goes to the door and pulls on it but it won’t open. “Huh" he pulls out a stele and uses the unlock rune. He tuts, of course Magnus would have secured his home so that something as simple as the unlock rune wouldn’t work on it. Banging on the door he calls out “Izzy?”

“For fucks sake Iz" Simon mutters under his breath.

“Ok what's going on?” Jace looks to Simon for answers.

“Just Izzy being Izzy" Simon cringes at the situation, “She thinks we should talk and we don’t need to, so don’t sweat it. She’ll let us soon enough" Simon walks to the door and shouts through it “when she realises there is nothing to talk about"

Simon huffs and throws himself on the chair.

“I mean, Izzy wouldn’t lock us up on a roof to talk if she didn’t think there was something important” Jace looks concerned, “Did I... do something? Say something?”

Simon just wants to stroke Jace’s hair in this moment and reassure him, “No, no. It’s a me thing. It’s not you"

Jace sits next to Simon which makes Simon jump again, “Ok something is definitely going on here Simon"

“Izzy and Magnus seem to think I have feelings for you, which is absurd" Simon tuts.

“Since when?” Jace rolls his eyes; Simon wouldn’t have those feelings for him.

“Izzy reckons since Valentine’s massacre at the institute” Simon shrugs, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Oh?” Jace seems confused for a moment before his eyes widen like he had just discovered or invented something, “OH!”

“No, there’s no oh here because I don’t think of you that way" Simon gets defensive.

“But you’re not 100% sure are you" Jace shakes his head.

“I’m practically sure I don’t fancy you Jace" Simon huffs.

“I know you Si, for someone like you the margin between practically and for sure must be as wide as the Grand Canyon” Jace puts on his most sympathetic face “Is this what’s been bothering you recently?”

Simon can’t look him in the eye.

Jace places his hand on his chin and pulls his head to face him. Simon feels so guilty, looking into those beautiful mismatched eyes.

Jace presses his lips against Simon’s much to Simon’s surprise. Jace’s tongue pushes past the lips and massages Simon’s tongue.

Simon opens his eyes, this isn’t quite comfortable, so he tries grabbing the nape of Jace’s neck, this is a passionate kiss but it doesn’t feel like it. Simon tries rubbing Jace’s chest. Jace smirks and quickly removes his top, his toned body on display as Simon runs his hands over it, but it just feels off somehow.

Simon pulls back, away from Jace’s lips with an awkward “hmm"

“Disappointed?” Jace smiles

Simon just looks confused his forehead crinkly, he was disappointed, and he was disappointed that he was disappointed. This was Jace, hot as fuck Jace, kissing him. And it was an amazing kiss, or at least it was technically. “What’s wrong with me?"

“Where do I start" Jace teases, “Sorry I thought that would be the quickest way for you to be sure??”

“It didn’t feel right, why didn’t it feel...right?”

“Because you’re not in love with me Simon, you don’t even fancy me. I know because I had the exact same situation happen to me" Jace embraces Simon, Simon doesn’t flinch anymore from Jace's touch, it was friendly, it was nice but nothing more. Jace had seen Simon grow into a close friend, after Alec he was probably his best guy friend, maybe that’s why it had taken time for the situation to develop for Simon the way it had.

“You went through this?”

“After you bit me yeah" Jace admits, “I wanted to tell Clary I was still in love with her but she was with you, and I was having these desires for you too it was all very confusing at the time"

“So how did you figure it out?” Simon asks genuinely curious.

“It’s a bit embarrassing” Jace blushes.

“You just had your tongue down my throat dude"

Jace chuckles, “True, ok don’t judge. But for a week after I just kept... by the Angel where do I start. I couldn’t shake this image from my mind. I was imagining you fucking me”

“Wha...what" Simon splutters in disbelief.

“Don’t get big headed Lewis. So I had this picture in my head for a week straight, you were fucking me, your hands all over me, then just as you...” Jace blushes intensely, “...arrived, you sank your teeth into my neck and drank and it was the hottest single thing I could think of"

“I had no idea"

“Then one night, I tried picturing it again and focused really hard, what would it be like, that scene but without you biting me. And… nada”

“Nada?” Simon asks.

“It wasn’t hot at all; it was weird, uncomfortable, like imagining having sex with a cousin or something.”

“Thanks" Simon rolled his eyes.

“It wasn’t you I was craving, it was your bite. Sure it was one bite and it wasn’t like I got addicted like Izzy but that bite, it still makes you want it more. Vampire venom messes with you Si, and angel blood can have a similar affect on vampires. I didn’t realise it had had that effect on you though"

“I didn’t really think about it, I knew I felt happier with you about but I just brushed it off that I was just getting more comfortable with the shadow world, and the last year we’ve gotten so close I guess I was not keeping it pushed down subconsciously like I had before”

Jace smiles warmly, “Simon, I’m sorry it didn’t cross my mind that you would be feeling mixed up, angel blood like vampire venom has different affects on different people"

Simon sighs, “I didn’t even realise it was having such an effect on me that Izzy was picking up that something wasn’t quite right.”

Jace hugs Simon, “It makes sense I guess, we have grown close and I’m really happy about that, you helped me find my inner geek, and my tastes in music has benefited from having you as a friend"

“Umm Jace, I’m glad we're friends and all but I’d really like it if you could put your top back on because this is...odd"

Jace chuckles, “Such a dope Lewis”


--- Scene 13---

“I had almost forgotten the pleasures of penetrating a woman" Asmodeus smirks crookedly. Jia winces and cries out as the blade twists in her shoulder blade, “much like my son" he chuckles.

Asmodeus feels the disturbance in the air and rolls his eyes, retracting the blade he holds out his hand and sparks of red energy heal the wound so that he could repeat the cycle of torture later.

“What do you want Nephilim?” Asmodeus sighs

“Your son and his fellow warlocks have erected a barrier that prevents portals to Idris, I want it down" Horace’s shadowy form appears, flickering like candle light.

“I thought I made myself clear, I deposed one consul, it’s not my concern that you lost your election” Asmodeus sneers, “Nephilim, pft, my kind rules through shear strength, non of this voting crap"

“Your master wants my kind out of the way and in exchange Idris is left alone. That will never happen if Alec is allowed to stay in charge. And where Alec goes your son follows. I’m not a fool Asmodeus, I know why you made the deal you made"

Asmodeus anger flashes across his face, “Don’t think you are smart enough to play me boy, I am 10,000 years older than you”

“I am not. But you know that if Magnus joins Alec on the battle field against you, your master may force your hand. If Alec is disposed they will not fight a war unless there is hope they can win, they will retreat, hide, giving you an opportunity to get your son back" Horace’s apparition flickers.

“So be it, I will remove the wards. But do not come seeking a favour again" and with that Asmodeus pulls off the Seelie communication ring and throws it to the floor.


---Scene 14---

“Magnus, the wards" Clary calls out from the living room balcony.

Magnus runs towards the windows and sees the wards glimmer and fail.



---Scene 15---

“This is the only way" Alec reassures Lydia.

The council members follow them into the square, Alec and the council reached an agreement after a tense session. Dearborn seemed to become more unhinged with every passing hour and his demands had started to escalate. He had sent a fire message to the council threatening mass suicide if they didn’t leave Idris.

Entering the square it was now packed as shadowhunters across the world had portalled in. There are so many that not only was angel square full but the roofs of all the buildings were covered in shadowhunters trying to have sight of the unfolding situation- a situation that had never happened before.

In the square thousands had joined Dearborn’s side whilst tens of thousands shouted and called for them to accept the results, to accept that Alec had won and was Consul by the people’s demands. On news that Dearborn’s supporters had portalled in to support him the majority of shadowhunters across the globe had likewise joined their comrades in a show of strength and support for Alec.

Dearborn in his increasingly unstable state was demanding that Alec’s supporters leave the city now, not just Alec. He still operated under the presumption that most shadowhunters would choose him over exile from their homeland. 

On the balcony Dearborn addresses the crowds as he sees Alec and the Council move forward through the square.

“Alexander Lightwood, the man who would drag us to ruin. Who consorts with Downworlders, who makes a mockery of our traditions, this is what you have brought us to"

Alec’s eyes glean with Anger, “No Horace, you have brought us to the brink, like a petulant child who hasn’t gotten his way"

Dearborn flinches at the description, “The angels abandoned us because we have abandoned the old ways. We must unify, here, in the land that the angels gifted us, we must rebuild our numbers, and we must ask for forgiveness for the errors of our leaders. It is what the Angels would have wanted, for us to return to the homeland and rebuild in their name"

“Our divine purpose is to fight demons, not cower behind our walls.” Alec glared him down.

“Do not speak to us about the divine, you are a traitor to your own kind, lying with a Warlock, corrupting the natural order of things, we would rather die that be ruled by you" Dearborn shouts.

He nods to someone behind him, a woman, who then steps onto the banister of the balcony with a dagger in her hand raised above her head.

With one fell swoop the woman plunged the dagger into her stomach to the gasps and cries of the many people below. Her lifeless body tumbling over the banister and onto angel square below.

Above the noise an unholy screech can be heard from a woman, “Amelia".

Alec had never heard a scream like it.

Elena sighed, “Amelia Overbeck, by the angel, her mother" she cried looking at the woman huddling over the body.

Lydia shook her head in anger, “That bastard is serious; they are actually going to do it"

“No they are not" Alec looks back at Lydia and sends a message on his phone.

“Now you know the strength of our resolve Alexander, leave or the blood of thousands will be on your hands.” Dearborn calls out.

“You speak about the will of the Angels? Maybe you will listen to the only shadow hunter to ever see not one but two angels" Alec calls out.

At the centre of the square a portal appears and Clary steps out to the shock and surprise of thousands.

Alec begs inside his head, please let this work, as Alec’s and the council’s plan unfolds.

“Hear me Idris” Clary’s voice booms across the whole city; thanks to a new rune everyone could hear her voice as if she was only a few feet behind.

“I have been bestowed the memories of the angel Ithuriel. Horace does not act on the will of the Angels. He acts in his own selfish interests. You want to know why our connection is weakened with the Angels?"

Clary uses a rune and projects a bright vision into the air which is massive enough that everyone could see and hear it; a memory.

“Why, why hide runes from us, why prevent us from activating the runes and make us reliant on the steles” Clary demands to know.

“Would you let a small child pick up the kitchen knife? Or cross a road by themselves” Ithuriel sighs, “we have lived since before the earth had form, before dust became light, to us, you are so very very young. And you are precious”

“there is not enough time to get you even a fraction of my memories, I just have to hope I’ve given you enough for what is coming”. Clary hugs Ithuriel and holds him tight, she feels he will slip away soon.

“Why gift me this, this knowledge Ithuriel?” Clary’s face buried in the angels shoulder but still he hears her perfectly.

“We don’t have the luxury of coddling the young anymore”, Ithuriel’s chin rests on Clarys head. “And I don’t know how long they can continue to exert influence over this realm and the Nephilim”

Clary looks up, puzzled. Ithuriel tilts down and replies “Clary, the Angels battle evil, as the Nephilim do, just on higher planes of existence”, Ithuriel tone turns flat, and he starkly warns “but we are losing this war”.

A stunned silence washes over the crowds, which Dearborn interrupts, “No.., it’s a lie. The Angels are powerful, they are not loosing anything, and they have chosen to cut us off because of their filth and association with demon blooded mongrels”

He overlooks the crowds as many move towards Alec and Clary. Looking back he sees many people in the hall leave but equally many stay and all nod in agreement and step forward onto the balcony.

“No" shouts Dearborn, “We will not be tricked, leave or thousands die"

Alec looks up to see a thousand or two shadowhunters on the massive balcony, lifting daggers and swords into the air, ready to commit mass suicide.

He had hope they would all see reason but he and the council had already planned for this eventuality.

“Very well Horace. Outside the wards of Idris we will fight on to protect the world. In here, you will rot as you play at being soldiers with nothing to fight but each other.”

Alec nods towards Clary and holds her hand. Both Clary and Alec’s eyes light up golden and hundreds of portals appear, including a massive portal at the opposite end of Angel Square to the Accords hall, massive in circumference it had to be 70 feet wide. It was the biggest portal anyone had ever seen.

Alec uses his rune to address the masses, “Today you are faced with a difficult choice, one I am sorry you must face. I will not see our kind shed blood amongst ourselves. Join the Clave, join us and fight back to save our world from the demons or stay here under his rule; imprisoned by those too fearful to stand for what is right”

The whispers and chatters of the crowd grew bold. Talk of Alec being right, that Clary was chosen, that there was a battle to fight and it wasn’t here, that they would not rot in Idris under a desperate dictator like Horace. People shook their heads in disgust at Dearborn, and turned their backs on him.

“No” Dearborn said to himself, shocked to see the level of rejection, he honestly thought Alec had cheated, surly not this number of people could support a radical. But rather than beg them stay, or give in to the fact that clearly he had lost, Dearborn dug his heels further, “Traitors, you’re all traitors" he screams from the balcony as tens of thousands of shadowhunters confidently walked through the portals.


--- Scene 16---

Magnus hands Alec a plate with a few sandwiches on them. Alec smiles but shakes his head.

“You need to eat husband" Magnus demands.

Alec was still on edge, he hopes he did the right thing, but it wasn’t easy to abandon his homeland, even though he knows thousands of lives were spared as a result.

“Your people?” Alec squeezes his hand softly.

“Evacuated just as the council had asked. And the loft is back in New York, for now but we can move it anywhere you want babe. There’s an Institute near Machu Pecchu right?”

Alec smiled, he stops squeezing Magnus’s hand and pulls it up to his lips and places a kiss on it as a single tear falls down his cheek. It had been a difficult day, and a difficult start to his leadership.

“Alec" Elena called out; she had really taken on a role as unofficially leader of the council.

“Elena, tell my husband to eat" Magnus interjects.

“You have barely eaten Alec" Elena agrees.

Alec takes a big bite of the sandwich and with a mouth full looks at Magnus and says to him “happy?” sarcastically.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full" Magnus teases.

Elena joins in on the teasing, “Does he do that often?”

“Mostly in the bedro....ouch" Magnus feigns being hurt as Alec whacks his stomach.

Alec swallows the bite and continues the conversation in the direction of important matters, “How are we doing with relocation"

“We are doubling up most bedrooms, turning the larger rooms into family bedrooms where possible. But we are still falling short, we house just under 40,000 shadowhunters across the institutes, we have 54,000 refuges to house, the institutes weren’t designed to hold our entire population" Elena sighs.

“So how many stayed with Dearborn?” Magnus asks

“About 6,000 in the end” Alec sighs.

“If it hadn’t been for Clary it would have been about 15,000 Alec" Elena reminds him.

“Prisoners?” Alec asks

“Sumqayit was completely abandoned by Horace’s supporters so the Guard relocated the prisoners to there for the time being. It’s a tight squeeze” Elena shrugs

“Nichita will be thrilled" Alec rolls his eyes.

“I’ve got something to show you back in New York" Elena smiled puzzling Alec and Magnus.

Alec looks at Elena with a hint of scepticism, “But I was just getting so used to Detroit"

Clary and Jace walk up to join the group.

“Clary, how are you?” Elena smiles

“I’m good, except the constant stares when I walk anywhere” Clary cringes

“To be expected somewhat, that was quite the performance you gave at Angel Square"

“Sure, although I’m still kind of surprised the Council agreed to it"

Elena chuckled, “Well you and Alec were quite convincing. I don’t think they are all over the shock of your return truth be told"

“Elena has something to show us in New York" Alec interrupts.

Elena gets out her stele, “Ok show me again"

Alec stands up, and holds Elena's hand and traces the portal rune, “just focus on the rune, you’ll get it"

“When do I get to do this without a stele?"

Clary chuckles as Elena, who usually is so composed but now seems giddy like a school child.

“Mind if I tag along" Alec turns round to see Lydia

“Not at all Madam Inquisitor"

The portal appears and Elena grins. These where terrifying and challenging times but there was still something quite magical about her discovering the new abilities that the others had known about for months.

They step through the portal and arrive at a modern looking high rise, maybe 40 stories high.

In the lobby they enter an elevator, and look confused when Elena draws the angelic symbol on the elevator console and a button appears which she presses.

When the doors open Alec sees they are quite high up, maybe the 37th floor, he overlooks a 5 story atrium, builders everywhere doing finishing touches.

“Seems Jia was always a few steps ahead of us. I give you the new New York Institute.”

Lydia, Magnus, Jace, Clary and Alec are all speechless.

“This was to be the first of many, the whole building is ours, and this is the ops centre. It was supposed to be a mega Institute that could pool the resources of nearby institutes into one larger operation but I think it would work well as a new base of operations for the Clave-in-exile” Elena smiles as everyone else looks dumbstruck.

“The Clave-in-exile?” Jace rolls his eyes.

“Well it’s what people are calling us" Elena shrugs

“Biscuit?” Magnus turns to see Clary in discomfort holding her side.

“Clary?” Jace adds to the concern.

Clary cries out in pain and falls to the floor.

“CLARY!” Jace drops to the floor and holds her as she looses consciousness.