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Wanna Make Out?

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Ashido was everything someone would want in a significant other. She was bold, never afraid to speak her mind, and incredibly beautiful. While her eyes were indeed abnormal, they captivated all who looked. Ashido would make an excellent partner.

“I’m just saying that those lowlifes could learn a thing or two about love.” Ashido crossed her arms, her place on the bench beside Shinsou radiating her rage.

She would be perfect for him, if he felt that way towards her. Instead, Shinsou was wrapped up in the Perfect Girl’s best friend, Kaminari Denki.

Kaminari was...different. Not in a bad way, of course. Just, not what every expects of Shinsou. Half the classes already think he and Ashido are dating, which she’ll never let him live down. They don’t suspect he has any feelings for the electric blond. But, he does. He has a lot of feelings.

“Come on, Mina. It’s not worth it.” Kaminari spoke up, sipping on his smoothie from his place standing beside Ashido. “They’re just dumb.”

Shinsou looked over to the people in question, a group of protestors carrying around signs with pretty rude things written on them. Some were mysonginistic, and the rest were very homophobic. Shinsou, Ashido, and Kaminari had been getting smoothies in the park when the group had rolled up, ready to shout at passerbyers.

“I have half a mind to call Kyouka right now.” Ashido was fuming, her own beverage sitting beside her feet, ignored. “We’d shown them what love is.”

“I don’t think you’d be the only ones.” Shinsou nodded at the newcomers approaching the protestors, multiple LGBT+ kisses being exchanged in retaliation. Shinsou smirked despite himself. He had nothing against people having an opinion, but theirs was so clearly intended to hurt others.

“Call Jirou.” Kaminari gave Ashido a wicked grin, one that made Shinsou glad he wasn’t standing. “I think you should show them who’s boss, Mina.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice!” Ashido was already dialing, phone pressed to her ear. “Hey babe! No, nothing’s wrong, just wondering if you wanted to come join us? Okay, yes there is a catch, but I promise you’ll love it! Okay, see you soon.” Ashido made a loud kiss sound into the phone before they hung up, and she relaxed with a smug grin. “And now, we wait.”

“They’re so mad.” Shinsou hummed, watching the protestors yell and scream at the kissing couples. He scoffed, annoyed. “It’s just two guys kissing, you’re not gonna vomit.”

“I know. Some people.” Kaminari agreed, then gasped, drawing their eyes to him. “Shinsou…”

“Whatever you’re about to ask me, the answer is no.”

“Come on! When have I ever gotten you in trouble?” Kaminari pouted.

“Every day since you hit on me at joint practice.”

“Let’s hear him out, Toshi.” Ashido leaned into Shinsou’s side, and he relaxed.

“Fine, what do you want?”

“You and me, we’re like, best friends.” Kaminari started.

“Incorrect. I’m Hitoshi’s best friend. We have matching t-shirts and necklaces.” Ashido jabbed her finger at the blond. “Continue.”

“Anyway, we should go makeout in front of the protestors.”

“I thought we talked about you hitting on Shinsou.” Jirou skateboarded up to them, sliding to a stop, and opening her arms to catch Ashido, who flew towards her.

Shinsou thanked every God in existence for Jirou’s timing, taking deep breaths so he didn’t pass out from whatever the fuck Kaminari had just said to him. Shinsou’s brain was short circuiting as the others explained what was going on.

“Oh shit. Well, let’s do this thing.” Jirou gave Shinsou a look, and grabbed her girlfriend’s hand. “You guys coming?”

“Why?” Shinsou blurted.

“Duh, we might get attacked! They’re scary.” Ashido shared a look with her girlfriend, batting her eyes at Shinsou. “Please protect us?”

“You’ve beat both of us up at the same time. I’m pretty sure you can take a few protestors.” Shinsou pointed out, but stood. He was weak for Kaminari, sure, but Ashido was on a whole different level. “Lead the way, ladies.”

Kaminari fell into step with him, flashing a grin that concealed none of his excitement.

“Hey!” Ashido shouted when they got close enough. Another couple was there too, and they turned around, smiling when they realised it was just another couple. The sign wavers looked irritated, but Shinsou felt no pity. Ashido took pleasure in leaning over to kiss Jirou, all too happy to show off her girlfriend.

Shinsou wanted that in a relationship, he really did. But, he was too caught up in someone that...was staring at him. Kaminari blinked when Shinsou quirked an eyebrow at him, curious as to what was up with the blond.

“This is more awkward than I anticipated.” His voice was quiet. Shinsou relaxed at the sound, and took a deep breath.

“You’re right.” He nodded, turning fully towards the blond and reaching out, finger catching the metal ring on Kaminari’s choker, pulling him close enough to kiss him. “Fuck it.”

Kaminari, to his credit, didn’t even flinch, just tangled his fingers into Shinsou’s hair and let himself be kissed. The shouts of disgust behind them did nothing, only made Shinsou enjoy it more. He felt sparks across his lips, and pulled back, slightly panting. Ashido was still absorbed in whatever their kissing had turned into. It clearly wasn’t PG.

Kaminari was breathing quickly in front of him, cheeks flushed and eyes lidded. Shinsou flushed, not at all prepared to have that gaze on him at all, let alone in public, holy fuck. The blond just grinned, and winked. Shinsou would not be held responsible for what happened when they returned to the dorms.