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The Many Facets of Family

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The morning after their engagement, Kara, Lena, and Sam woke up a tangled and naked mess in the middle of their massive bed.  They had a casual but spicy morning, enjoying their coffee and each other in equal measure (along with a hefty breakfast for Lena’s two hungry Kryptonians).  Eventually, Alex and Maggie dropped Ruby off and offered their outrageously excited congratulations about the engagement, even though Alex couldn’t help but ask all sorts of questions about how a polyamorous marriage would even work. 

Ruby was overjoyed at the obvious happiness shared between her mom and her partners, but it became clear to her that they were apprehensive about something.  The four of them ended up having a lengthy conversation about the future of their family.  Our triad was concerned that Ruby might be averse to the four of them becoming a family in more formal ways, but Ruby quickly assuaged their worries.  She’d seen Lena as an aunt all her life, and it hadn’t been difficult for Ruby to bond with Kara, especially once she knew that Kara was Supergirl.  It wasn’t a stretch for her to shift her perspective of them, to begin to think of them as stepmothers.  In fact, it filled all four of them with a shared warmth.  Together, they began to research what steps they could take to recognize and protect their family.  After hours of conversations with Lena’s legal team, internet research, and discussions about medical issues, wills, finances, and even whether or not anyone would change their last name (no), they ultimately decided on a complex wave of legal agreements and documentation that would ensure Kara and Lena had parental rights over Ruby and that none of them would be legally prohibited from the normal rights and privileges of a spouse under California and U.S. federal law.

To celebrate, the four of them took an impromptu trip to Disneyland.

A week later, the Zor-El/Danvers/Luthor/Arias clan had a massive engagement party to celebrate their new family with all of their loved ones.  The guest list included: Alex and Maggie; Eliza; J’onn, Lucy, and Vasquez; Kal and Lois; Cat and Carter; Winn and James; Kaziah; Jess; and yes, of course, Kate Kane (who brought her new girlfriend, Sophie Moore).  Alex and Eliza arrived early to help Kara set things up (along with a healthy helping hand from Cat Grant’s go-to catering staff).  Eliza was excited to finally have a grandchild, though this didn’t prevent her from bugging Alex about whether she and Maggie might venture into the world of parenthood at some point.  Alex was quick to emphasize that Gertrude was all they needed, at least for the near future.  She then quickly turned the conversation over to her concerns about Kara’s surprise party guest:  Zora Vi-Lar.  Kara had been spending time with her since the DEO took her into custody, bonding over shared memories of Astra and of Krypton.  J’onn, Lucy, and Alex had also spent some time getting to know the vengeful Kryptonian, who had begun to soften just enough that J’onn and Lucy felt comfortable enough granting her temporary leave to attend the party (though only after several pleading sessions by Kara).

Kara then had to explain the entire ordeal with Zora and her history with Astra.  Fortunately, Eliza didn’t mind her doing this in between bursts of superspeed, as Kara needed to change for the party.  Eliza was her usual compassionate self, expressing anguish over Zora’s treatment at the hands of Cadmus and enthusiasm for the possibility of Kara reconnecting with family (of a sort, anyway) from Krypton.  Sam, Lena, and Ruby arrived in the middle of this discussion, and Eliza quickly became distracted with the desire to shower her granddaughter with attention.

The party officially began shortly after the arrival of the DEO contingent, with Cat Grant provided a majestic toast to the happy throuple.  Kara then took Cat aside to ask her to officiate their wedding ceremony, to which Cat enthusiastically responded drolly, “Well of course, Kiera, I’ve been waiting for years for you to ask me to marry you.” 

People stayed for hours, enjoying food, drinks, company, and even a few party games.  While sullen early on, Zora ended up hitting it off with Karziah, who spent most of the evening convincing Zora that Sam was not an evil monster of Kryptonian myth sent to ruin the happy bonding of the two Great Houses of El and Luthor. 

Ruby and Carter also became fast friends, with Ruby happy to drive conversation with the introverted Carter without ever once stepping too far over his boundaries.  Winn, of all people, found himself entertaining the both of them eventually, and to the utter shock of one Cat Grant, he proved himself quite excellent with teenagers. 

Lucy and Vas spent much of the evening pranking James, who found himself woefully unable to identify the culprits until an increasingly drunk Kate got in on the game and was promptly caught in the act.  Cat and Lois sniped at each other for most of the evening, which led Lucy to flirt shamelessly with Cat.  Lois was nonplussed, but Vas thought it was hilarious.  Kal continued to be a bit awkward about the whole throuple situation, but he never once failed to be kind and supportive in his interactions with Sam and Lena.

All in all, it was a lovely night, and Kara Zor-El Danvers found herself openly crying at no fewer that four separate moments.  She was overwhelmed with the love in her heart for all these people in her life.  Once a broken girl from a dead world, she had made a new home for herself.  Her life was nothing like she would have ever imagined it, not as a child in Argo City.  Yet every good thing she could have wanted for herself—love, happiness, family, and a purpose—she had managed to find those in her new life.

And she couldn’t wait to find out what came next.  All she knew for sure was that she and her family would handle whatever it was. Together.