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I’m gonna do what’s called a “Pro Gamer” move

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“Alright guys. The enemy should have one fight left to contest the point. Get ready on the EMP and Grav.”

Catra commanded to her other teammates, who acknowledged through her headset. Currently, her team was nearing 99% on Oasis: City Center. The score is 1 – 1, and enemy team had returned from spawn. All 6 members of the enemy team barrel through the entrance near the jump pad, bringing the match to overtime. In their haste, they realized too late that the fight was a 6 vs 3: only seeing a Reinhardt, Zarya and Baptiste defending the point.

“EMP activated!”

Catra’s teammate, “3nTrapTa”, ults on all members of the enemy team, translocating away before she could get killed. In the panic, “ScornP1A” the Zarya player on Catra’s team, follows up with her ultimate, the Graviton Surge!

“Fire at will!”

Snatching all 6 players in the Grav, Catra and her team pounce on the ensnared enemies, with Catra delivering the coup de grâce with her Barrage.

“Justice rains from above!”

And with that, the enemy team was wiped, and Catra’s team secures the win at 2 – 1. As Catra relishes in the post match victory, she gets a moment to check her chat, skimming through the comments.

“ur tha best catra”
“remember to thank ur pockey mercy”

Just before she could acknowledge her viewers, Catra hears her door open. Turning around, she sees her girlfriend, Glimmer, with a tuna sandwich and a glass of water in hand.

“Figured you needed some real food, rather than that junk food you always have on stream.” Glimmer saunters to her gamer gf.

“It’s called ‘gamer fuel’,” Catra clarifies, shoving her empty chip bags and energy drink cans into her garbage can. Glimmer places the food on the empty spot where the ‘gamer fuel’ once was. Catra was about to dig in, but Glimmer stopped her by putting her hand between Catra and the plate.

“What do we say?” Glimmer sang. Catra pouted before relenting to her girlfriend’s reminder of proper manners.

“Thank you for the food, babe.” Catra deadpanned, but it was enough for Glimmer.

“Good luck with your FortWatch stream!” Glimmer pecked Catra on the cheek before breaking into a run, with a flushed Catra chasing after her.

“You know Overwatch and Fortnite are completely different games! Why do you keep doing this?!”

Catra leaves her monitor and stream running, missing out on the chat blowing up on the couple’s interaction.

“god are these two dorks”
“need me a woman like gli- [Comment Redacted]”