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Golden Marks

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Soul marks appeared as soon as the first quirk possessing kid was born. 


It was a rarity, well more like a completely unheard of incident, it was a mind trap within a mind trap each involved in another. The fact that the child had a quirk, was a bit more tolerable and understandable,  at least it affected only the kid himself, the marks on the other hand were much more widespread, everyone had them, and everyone had them in different spots and different sizes.


They came in a flash, an instant, no matter in what part of the world, some were awake and some were sleeping but everyone felt the slight burning sensation that came from the place that the mark had settled in. Regardless of age, size, nationality, religion, each and every person now had one. 


Of Course this lead to widespread panic, people desperately trying to find answers in any way they could. First it was a race thing, since the child had been born in America it surely had to be that Americans, the majority white, had to be the superior race. 


The problem came when the supporters of this claim found that the child was a daughter of two mexican immigrants, the claim ended completely demolished. Then it switched to religion, God must've been the one who sent these signs but once again, as with all religious issues, people were split and with no defining evidence that ran stale. It went on like this for almost every possible category from sexual orientation to hair and eye colour. Explanations were thrown everywhere, even those without an ounce of substance were believed by even a handful of people  But these marks were not left undefined for long. 


It wasn't long till people took from fiction that these had to be what they called “soul marks”. These were marks that, according to them, defined who was to be your soulmate, people that you were destined to be together romantically. Some argued that it wasn't necessarily about romantic feelings, it could also be platonic feelings; like those between a mother and son or daughter, any family relation. The reason why some were romantic and why some were platonic is still unknown. Soon after this theory gained momentum a number of tests and studies were performed to test the reliability of this explanation, with very minor differences, all tests came back with the same results.


First it was with couples, married, who had different marks, in all cases the mark was black with a weird texture. those couples, even if unmarried, with the same mark, was not only the same colour but also outlined with gold. An extended study found that those who had been with people with different marks who later dated or married the person with their same mark their mark went from the black textured one to the coloured gold outlined one. 


The platonic testers mostly came from family members with the same marks or close friends the main difference was the silver outline that these pairs had rather than the gold the others did. This all took a year and the public silently waited as everything went on, in this time of silence silent questioning and wonder went on, but when released most of the public adopted this explanation, this didn't mean what followed was tranquility.


The disaster that followed was expected but not prepared for, lawmakers rushed to their own beliefs. A split among them whether to force people to be with their soulmates, at first glance it seemed fine. It should've been an easy way to happiness, being placed with the person who is supposed to be your happy ever after. And Why not? Aren't people soul mates for a reason? But a glance is deceiving, soon the problems came to a rise, the most basic was what if you fall in love with someone, the most impactful what about those families made up of mismatching marks? It was battled up to the Supreme court until it was denied with a vote of 5-2, all under the simple basis that it was a violation of basic human rights, an applaud amongst most. Freedom of choice was the most important.


This by no means meant that people didn't believe the law proposed should've passed. It wasn't uncommon to hear of a parent picking up and abandoning their family, in some rare occasions both parents would decide to break it up and would leave their child with a family member or friend out of fear that their significant others wouldn't want them with another person's child. Those who were left didn't understand but nothing could be done, families were broken and the effect of this could be felt in their lives later on. Now the most common practice with soul marks was to date whoever you want until you eventually found the one, not all of them followed this but it was the norm.


Izuku Midoriya was fifth generation, and everything should have been fine, all things considered he should've lucked out, all his family had amazing quirks, all of them had loving partners, he couldn't understand what he had done wrong. He came out broken, he became an outsider and no matter which way he saw it, no matter what angle he took, why he came out the way he did had no explanation. His parents had been lucky, his mother had a quirk that if she had pursued could've been incredibly powerful, levitation. An admirable quirk, but his mother wasn't the fighting type and she settled with her small scale quirk. Her father had an element quirk, fire, well fire breathing to be exact, the difference was that he happened to be the fighting type. He was powerful, at least from what he remembered, and he admired him like no one else mattered. he felt like a dishonor to them both. 


His soul mark wasn't the problem, but his quirk was. It was non-existent, as if he belonged to the old world, nothing, and he didn't know what broke him more the fact that he had none or the constant reminder that he was less than everyone else. These thoughts were a product of his own observance but nothing helped more than a push from his peers, peers who had not so long ago been friends. 


 Katsuki didn't help with that feeling of inferiority. Every day he found a new insult, a new way to make him feel worse. A new way to add to that already existing inner hatred. He respected him, despite everything, he was still his friend, even if Kachan wished he was dead, and there was no denying that he was powerful and power always demands fear and respect. Both things that he felt towards the other. Both things that he envied, he didn't need anyone to remind him that Katsuki had everything he wished he had just an ounce of.


But then even his soul mark became a problem, considering who he was he should've expected it. He used to be open about his mark, that wasn't to say that he went around flashing it to anybody but he had no intention, and no real reason of hiding it. For in his opinion there was nothing to hide, it was his and if he wanted to show it then he should and would but when it came to light that he was quirkless that all changed. 


The endless bullying and harassment that he had to suffer from his peers forced him into hiding it. He rationalized that doing so would result in it being better off not only for himself but whoever had to deal with being partners with a quirkless soulmate. It wasn't by his own judgement that he thought this. Slowly but surely his peers had begun suggesting that his partner would kill themselves or forcibly remove their mark after finding out about his "condition". And he simply accepted it. He slowly became more reserved, more kept to himself and while he still had passions that he held close, like his journaling, all if it began to become a process.


Hide it and stay remotely safe or show it and become a bigger target.

It wasn't like he had a choice either way, either he did the “right” thing or Katsuki would force him into doing the “right” thing.


Things change though, everything and everyone does it just happened that he changed in a more dramatic and drastic way, that even he still couldn't explain. When he was passed One for all By all might he didn't really know what he was getting into, he didn't know what it meant to have a quirk much less such a powerful one. He didn't know how to control it and he didn't know the physical preparations hr would need to go through to simply prepare his body to take it, The only thing he did know was that it was going to require a lot of work, much more than the average person, and that was something that he was already used to.


Despite this he was happy, happy that he would be able to accomplish his childhood dream and happy that just maybe he could finally honor his parents, especially his father. But truth be told it was more bittersweet than he'd care to admit, during those months of preparation he had kept it hidden from his mother and despite not being a lie, she never asked any questions, it still felt wrong and the guilt still settled deep. But the need to finally feel like he was someone worthy of anything and knowing that he'd finally be a useful part of society helped outweigh any other negative thoughts. Soon enough he'd tell his mother and she'd understand why he had to do what he did, after all, not that long ago he was a pitiful quirkless kid, and now he had done a full 360.


His meeting with All Might had been the catalyst to a world of change and showed him that even some of the behaviors he had were held by people he really admired, like Shouto Todroki.


It started with admiration, as most things do, his first day at UA was rough and the only two things that really kept him going was the constant support he received from Uraraka and Iida and the look of absolute pride his mother had when he had been admitted. Between trying to dodge Katsuki and barely surviving the obstacles Mr.Aizawa seemed to make to specifically test him. All that along with his training with All Might forced him to go some time without noticing anyone outside his immediate group. While Todoroki was always there, he didn't notice him until a week into the semester and that was only because of the Power Demonstration activity Mr.Aizawa had set up.


He knew that his powers were not yet developed and that in order to plan everything out carefully, he'd have to view everyone else during the activity and see when it'd be convenient to use his power. This would also help him start learning the weaknesses of his classmates and how to try using them to his advantage. It was here that he was forced to see just how powerful Todoroki was, he excelled in every way, with no noticeable weaknesses, he was in every way perfect. After the power demonstration Midoriya had never tried talking to him, despite desperately wanting to. Something drew him in, he believed it was because he had the same type of energy as Katsuki, only calmer, more controlled and more approachable. He was powerful but he didnt know how to rank him, it didn't matter, he just hoped it'd never be used against him. 


Regardless of this fear he continued to admire him from afar, and at least for that time, that was all it was, simple and pure admiration. This admiration soon turned into genuine respect for the other and within that respect he was able to find a level of confidence in his choices. Todoroki also hid his mark, and if someone as powerful and respectable like that could do it and get no slack than it was reasonable that he shouldn't feel guilty for doing it either. With this came curiosity. He knew why he hid his mark, but why did Todoroki?


 All the answers he managed to come up with seemed so unreasonable. Maybe he doesn't like his mark? Todoroki wouldn't care, he wasn't the type to let people's opinions get to him. Maybe he didn't have one? He did, besides the half and half appearance the second most notable thing about him was how he wore only one fingerless glove on his left hand(Which made Midiroya wonder if his mark was on his palm or above his wrist). Perhaps he already had his partner and didn't want to be bothered with it? Also completely unrealistic, he was completely antisocial and from what he had gathered the only people he really ever was seen with were his siblings. He had no friends and it was hard to believe that he could even have a significant other.


That by no way was this to say he was unpleasant because he wasn't, even if he tried presenting himself in that way, he was just reserved. Quiet even when you could tell he had something to say. It wasn't much, all things considered, he wasn't a talkative person, but when he had something to say he made sure it was blunt, precise. But it was still like an urge Deku had noticed he needed to speak with such urgency, he needed to, as if he had been silenced long enough. Knowing this he knew there was no way he could get information directly from the source.


It was all a dead end and he didn't know what else to do.


And things stayed stagnant like that for a while. Considering how horrible he was at basic human interactions, and that Shouto was no better this was to be expected and it only angered Deku more. While he desperately wanted to get closer to him he had absolutely no courage to do so, until May 23. Even this wasn't by his own doing, it was more a result of his toxic need to constantly push himself, but it helped kick start the friendship that he desperately wanted (and needed) with Shouto.


Things had started piling up all the month of May and while he had initially thought that it would be better as the school year transitioned into a new month it only seemed to get worse. Between trying to train for the Sports Festival, keeping up with his regular classwork, and his separate trainings with All Might his capability and overall energy was running dangerously thin, it was only a matter of time before he snapped. And that's exactly what happened on May 23rd. To be fair it was mostly to blame on Deku, he knew his limits more than anyone and even though pushing them to a certain extent was reasonable that day he took it to far.


It was his usual schedule, he woke up at 5am for his morning run, usually catching Shouji when he got back to the dormitories , 6am to 8 he met with All Might at the gym to workout, 8:30 to 4 was all class time, 4:30 to 7 was once again training with All Might, he was about to head to his room when Iida ran up to him from his dormitory.


“Midoriya where are you going?” he had said as he quickly made his way next to him. Deku hadn't thought much of it perhaps he wanted to hang for a bit but he was so tired and he still had an assignment to finish for both Math and english not to mention a science project due at the end of the week that he hadn't even thought of, not to mention that he needs to eat and shower.


“Back to my dorm.” He responded blatantly hoping that Iida would catch the hint.


“That's fine, freshen up if you need to, remember that Uraraka and I will be waiting in front of the main entrance at exactly 7:30, try to be punctual.” And with that he made a sharp turn and headed back to the common area leaving Deku hating himself just a bit more.


It's not like he didn't know he had a lot on his plate, he knew that, but the constant insistence on both of his friends parts was enough to make anyone cave in, not to mention that they were pressuring him much more since Tokoyami had refused their offer due to some concern regarding his quirk, opun hearing this all of Class 1-A became incredibly interested. It didn't take a genius to see that Tokoyami had begun to feel uneasy but surprisingly it was Shouji to break up the crowd and help him back to his room, he'd have to ask about it later. To be honest, he had thought that he wouldn't be this tired but all might had been incredibly focused on testing his cardio and stamina today in specific and that had left him far more worn than he expected.


Regardless he had promised that he would go with them, and feeling like he would disappoint his friends if he said no, he went to his room quickly jumped in the shower and went to meet them outside.


The were supposed to get back at 10 the latest but somehow they had managed to come and hour and a half later, while both Iida and Uraraka made their way rapidly into the dormitory building Deku stayed behind barely making it up a flight of stairs to the front door. He still had yet to eat, again he only had himself to blame, he was in such a rush that he had forgotten his wallet and when they offered to buy him something he felt bad taking his money so he silently played it that he wasn't starving. It wasn't the first time he did this but it was the most painful.


He barely made it through the front door before he collapsed.


He never made it to the floor though.


Shouto had a habit of waking up every time he had a nightmare, if this wasn't enough of a pain he also couldn't go back to sleep so he opted to go out for a walk or to watch tv, anything to distract him. That day he had chosen to go for a walk, his usual route, that day for whatever reason, rather than go out the back door he chose to go through the front. It was just as he rounded the corner that he saw what looked like Deku very difficulty making his way up the stairs and he was only two feet from it when he opened it, and as if on command, collapsed.


Having caught him was only a part of the issue, the following were exactly he would put him, he felt as though it was a bit of a breach of privacy to search him for his room key, then again he wasn't sure if Midoriya would be okay with Shouto taking him to his room. He could always leave him at one of his friends room but it was around 12:05 and he doubted anyone would appreciate being woken up at that hour. For now the only decent solution was to take him to his room and explain it to him when he woke up. Getting to his room was a bigger challenge than he had expected, between avoiding some people who were up for god knows what reason and trying to avoid certain room, Mineta and Tokoyami, one for fear of unleashing a quirk and the other 0out of fear of hearing anything ungodly, but eventually he made it.


Laying him on his bed he could finally see just how exhausted he truly was, deep and dark bags dominated his under eye area his eyes which were usually wide seemed to almost drop down in this state, and despite being asleep he held this expression of complete exhaustion, Shouto didn't like it. Truth be told Shouto admired Deku more than he'd ever care to admit outloud, and perhaps even more than just a friendly level, but the way he could make a whole group join together and do it all with a level of positivity and overall support deserved admiration. 


He wasn't experienced with feelings on any degree so he had resorted to his older sister for advice, which in hindsight was a horrible idea, regardless it had helped.


He had been standing outside his sisters room for almost thirty minutes all of which were spent contemplating if he should go ask them for help, it was eight oclock, he knew that she was probably just reading and wouldn't necessarily be interrupted if he went in but if he wanted to was a completely different train of thought.


“Shouto? Do you need anything?” he had heard his sisters voice coming through the door, slightly shocking him.


“How did you know i was here?” 


“It's just pure instinct, also I can see your shadow through the door,’ of course she had, he truthfully didn't know why he hadn't thought of that, but to be fair he had almost believed her,”You can come in if you want.” he almost just dashed into his own room but he figured that he had come this far.


“Hey Yumi, i need help with something.” he didn't know how else to say it, did he need to say like feelings or lie and put his situation into a movie or something,he opted for the blunt route.


“Look the thing is, there's this guy in my class, and I don't know.” wow what a great sentence, so descriptive.


“Oh Sho that's not very descriptive but i think i get it,’ She took a minute break before suddenly blurting out,” You like him don't you?” Fucking unbelievable.


“I dont know thats why i came  to you.” he was frustrated just a bit, and Yumi laughing at him now wasn't helping.


“Okay sorry, but you have to tell me more.” What a mindfuck now she made a full 360 into caring mode.


“ he's different i don't even know how to explain it, he cares, that's how he got into the U.A because he cared and saved a classmate's life. He's always trying, it doesn't matter who doubts him or who physically puts him down, that's who he is. It's admirable in every way and he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.” he admitted it all with a very clear blush on his face but he would admit that it felt good to finally be able to get it off his chest and put it into words.


“Oh Sho,'' She said as she moved closer to him,” You like him, and I only say that because saying love would be a little premature, but you genuinely care about him Sho and im happy for you.’ She said as she pulled him into a hug, he was still confused but he understood even if it was just a bit more.


Of Course at the time he thought that it was incredibly sweet for his sister to be that helpful, but he should've known that sisters have a bad reputation for a reason. Soon enough it was constantly teasing and little nabs, which made him incredibly glad that he had never mentioned Midoriya's name. Then came that questions: Have you talked to him? Have you even tried? Have you learned anything about him? His life? Friends? Family? Quirk? Likes? Dislikes? Are you gonna ask him out? He wouldn't, he knew he had no shot and even if he did he wasnt what Deku needed and he doubted he was what he wanted.


 He knew his place, he always did, always will.


Seeing the way that Uraraka and him interacted, all the secret little blushes, and the overall obliviousness seemed to signal to their friendship moving into the next stage. So he did nothing, per usual, he had the feeling that they were meant for something more. He had seen Urarakas mark, it wasn't outlined yet meaning that it wasn't platonic and that she had yet to date her other. He was sure it would happen soon, he was almost completely confident that Deku and her shared marks, the problem was he'd never seen his, it was always hidden by that glove.


The curiosity was killing him, and the horrible idea of taking the glove off for assurance slithered into his mind. He wouldn't, he couldn't, he had fought so much to not be a monster his father wanted, someone who took advantage of others for personal gain and using force if they resisted, he had come so far to let it go to waste like this. Of course he was still curious but the curiosity could wait, for now the only thing that mattered was Deku's well being. He lay next to him ready to sleep, his bed was big enough that they wouldn't touch, he made sure to set his alarm fifteen minutes earlier, and planned to explain the situation to Mr.Aizawa himself. He would tell Iida and Uraraka the situation as well, it seemed fitting. 


Whether or not Midoriya liked it or not he wouldn't allow him to go to school tomorrow, he needed the rest, and he wouldn't let him leave unless it was to his room. He was responsible for him now, no matter what.

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He woke suddenly, almost with a violent jump, so much so that Midoriya had shifted next to him.


Waiting for a few minutes just to make sure to not wake Deku up, as a method of avoiding any possible conflict, not to mention inevitable embarrassment. Feeling like he had waited long enough, he very carefully peeked over his classmates sleeping body only to notice that he had woken up five minutes earlier than his scheduled alarm. the thought of going back to bed or simply just resting did make itself known, but he knew better than to succumb to ideas like those, especially when he had so much to do. 


Gently he made his way of his bed with no more than a slight squeak from the springs, and at qa time like this he was happy that he had chosen to install carpet in his room.he took no more than ten minutes to get ready for school, he truly didn't understand how some people, especially the girls in his class could take over an hour. He refocused and ripped out a piece of notebook paper to write Midoriya a quick note for when he woke up, having already disabled his original alarm clock he hoped that he'd sleep in way after school started so that even if he wanted to go back to class, he wouldn't be able to.


After the USJ incident no one was permitted entrance into the school after the final bell had rung, of course there were exceptions to this rule, for example if it was a police officer or a teacher, for students admission back into the school after the bell was a bit more difficult. If they were sent to the nurse or another teacher outside the main building they held a written note that served as a pass,when coming back to the building they needed whichever superior they saw or visited to sign the pass and explain the purpose of the visit and the time that they were leaving to head back to the main building.


All the students and teachers were used to it by now, but when the new regulation came out U.A faced more criticism, not that the initial wave had stopped. It was true that it seemed extreme but compared to what the traditional media tried putting out there a grand majority of the population had agreed to the new rule. Despite this there were  still some extremists who called it a violation of privacy, however, they never seemed to give an exact answer. Others said that it would obstruct the students learning since if they came even a minute after the final bell had rung they would be refused admittance and would therefore be losing a whole days worth of instruction.


This argument seemed reasonable at first glance built with just a little more time it also showed to be an ineffective argument. Students lived on campus now, at least the grand majority and all dorms were placed specifically according to class so that their room no matter in what part of the building;the building was less than five minutes, walking, of their first class, it would be even less considering some students had bikes or scooters that they used to go around the campus. Completely showing that the only way for a student to truly be late was for them to purposely try being late.

Right now Todoroki didn't have to worry about being late, he had well more than an hour to make it to Mr.Aizawa’s office, so for the first time in what seemed to be years he wanted to take it slow and enjoy his day even if just for ten minutes. Quietly and quickly he made his way out of his room making sure that he carried all his essentials with him as well as hiding any possible embarrassing things out of direct sight. It was already going to be awkward enough he didn't need to fuel that more by leaving out his Iron Man figurine, not that he had one or would ever have one.

Going outside he wondered why he had stopped doing these little morning walks, it wasn't like waking up earlier was the issue. Throughout practically all his childhood his father had forced him to wake up and be ready before four in the morning  and after that it was just intense training. This was much more pleasant, not to mention that it wasn't as early so he'd be able to rest more. There was one place in specific that he wanted to go to though, it was almost like a flower garden that was more hidden in the campus and despite it not seeming like something that someone like him would like he genuinely enjoyed flowers.


To be frank he enjoyed the outdoors and nature overall. He had spent so much of his life cooped up in a room or in a Quirk Gym that when he did get to go outside it was revitalizing. He had only been to the garden twice before, once when he found it by accident and the other during a three A.M walk after a significantly bad nightmare, both of which he found incredibly relaxing. 


Getting there reminded him just how much he liked it, it was littered with irises and roses of varying colours and trees that were mainly focused around the flowers and in the center were only a bench and a single overgrown red iris was. He quickly noticed he wasn't the only one there, Shouji, who was still in his jogging clothes was to the far left sitting in a bare patch gently caressing and admiring some of the flowers. Upon noticing Todoroki he gave him a respectful nod, which he reciprocated and went back to what he was doing.


Shouto went to the center, it always intrigued him. From what he had gathered the iris was sacred in a way, no one dare touch it and to cut it was out of the question. Some believed it to be from a pro by the name of Queen Midas, whose real identity was never found out. How was the real mystery, in class she wore a mask, the only thing that was noticeable was her heterochromatic eyes, one black and one green, and it is rumored that her hair was brown with gold streaks. Not blonde but actual gold streaks, her powers were varied she was like him, half and half.  Much like her name she could turn herself and other people into gold, more dangerous though was that it was said she could turn specific organs into gold, which would kill almost instantly. 


Her other less recognized quirk was her shield. That might've been because it took longer to develop, but when it did it was powerful, much more than anyone estimated it to be.  It was powerful and according to some she could get up to five people in a sort of shield bubble to protect them from hits or falling rubble. He already did not believe it, he had never heard of her and there was absolutely no record of her, even if she had existed every trace of her was of the face of the earth. Everything about her was just hard to believe, but absolutely the most ridiculous thing was that some believed the flower was actually Queen Midas. The only backing to this was that the school protected that flower with its life and that if something did happen to it Recovery Girl was ushered to it to heal.


Not so long ago some three years had found the garden and thrown a get together that had very quickly gotten out of hand. Of course the main attraction had been the flower, and of course, as with every group of rowdy kids they caused trouble, they managed to break the stem and soon enough everyone involved was kicked out. To him it was a bit drastic, especially for just a flower, but he didn't know what was going on so he kept it to himself.


To him it was all a made up myth, but it had taken a lot of his time, before he knew it, it was time to head to Mr.Aizawas office. Heading outside the tree circle he noticed Shouji wasn't there anymore, he understood, they had twenty minutes and he was sure he still needed to eat and shower, but for now he had something to do.


Getting there was relatively quick, what did take some time however was the drag that it took for Mr.Aizawa to open the door, and when he did Shouto almost wished he hadn't. He looked dead, so much paler and so expressionless, his eyes seemed to be trying to drag of his face and overall it was horrifying.


“What do you want Todoroki?” he didn't even sound annoyed, he just sounded and almost desperate as if yearning for it to be over with and jump back into bed.


“Midoriya won't be attending class.” at that his teacher seemed to perk up and even though still relatively expressionless he could see the traces of curiosity and concern.


“Why?” He responded, and even though it was the logical thing to say Todoroki had wished he would just take his word and not ask anything else.


“Yesterday night i," he hesitated, his teacher didn't need to know about his own issues, even if he did, he didn't want him to," I stayed up late i was about to head back to my room when I saw midoriya from my peripheral vision, I didn't think much of it but I noticed that it took him awhile to get up the stairs, when i turned around again he had collapsed trying to pass the doorway. I helped him to his room.” Sure his testimony was full of lies here and there but it had gotten the point across.


It was hard to see the Mr.Aizawa held a soft spot for MIdoriya, well as soft as someone like him could have. Since the day of the power demonstration he had seen promise in him, of course promise meant nothing if not put into use and especially if not mentioned correctly. Aizawa would curse All Might, and would continue doing so, he was no mentor, this wasnt to say he could never be one, but he was inexperienced and impatient. The after effects were these a potentially bright student suffering the consequences of bad mentorship. This wasnt only his fault, he knew that, it was also Midoriyas own fault with his stupid self sacrifice motto and lack of obedience if he didnt see the command fit, no wonder he was to be All Might’s succesor.


“Fine, you share all but one class with him, keep him updated with the work.” Aizawa stopped himself there and went back into the dark room slamming the door behind him.


Fifteen minutes to the bell, he figured he might as well head to class, if he was lucky he'll be by himself for a minute or two, worst case Iida and possibly Tokoyami would already be there. Even that wasn't that bad, it meant that he had more time to explain the situation to Iida and have him fill in Uraraka later, it also meant that he could talk to Tokoyami, they had only exchanged a few words but he was one of the most likeable from all of Class 1-A. So of course it worried him when he hadn't shown to school the day prior especially when Shouji also failed to show up. It didn't take long for everyone to find out that an incident has occurred with Tokoyami quirk and in the aftermath Shouji had made himself responsible for his care.


He almost let out a breath of relief when he opened the door to find Tokoyami sitting in his usual spot, and a seemingly angry Shouji whispering something to him, both quickly looking up when he cleared his throat.


“Sorry, but could you step out-” Shouji had started saying  when Tokoyami had cut him off.


“Its fine, I don't mind him being here.” He had responded calmly very faintly motioning to the seat next to him. He had taken the invite and sat next to both of them.


“Everyone knows?” Tokoyami had said, still averting Shouji’s gaze, as soon as Todoroki had sat down.


“JUst the general, you had an incident  with Dark Shadow and that's about it, well with the addition of Shouji taking the day to help you.”


“You want to know?” he was taken aback by this, of course he did but he felt like he had been read so easily.


“If it's out of you wanting to tell me yes, if it's out of obligation I won't force you.”


“I want to, its-”

“It was my fault,” Shouji had exclaimed, and after being so quiet it surprised us both,” i know about dark Shadows instability but i was so stubborn, Toko had been avoiding everyone and i didnt know how to help, he wouldn't talk to me. So I went to his room after curfew to try and talk to him. He wouldn't open the door and i thought it was out of stubborness so i went through the window and that's when Dark Shadow unleashed. Toko wasn't even awake when most of it happened even for the parts he was awake for they're all still so blurry and inconsistent.”


“Not all of them, i know what i did to you, i felt it.” he said it with so much hate, so much spite that the venom could be heard and felt.


“It wasn't your fault.” Up until that point Todoroki had been so focused on the story that he hadn't noticed the two bandages that were around were his appendages should be, both of them on his left side, he couldn't restrain himself, he let out a gasp.


“They'll grow back its not that big of a deal, I'll be fine.” At that Tokoyami went limp onto Shoji's shoulders.


A tiny little I'm sorry was the only thing that was heard before he dropped 


“Todoroki tell Mr.Aizawa that we took another day, i dont think hes ready, despite what his stubborn self tries to say.” Shoji said slightly shaking his head while helping Tokoyami up.


“I'll tell him don't worry.” Just a few minutes later everyone started filtering in Iida had come un full blast saying that he had overslept despite still having five minutes till the final bell.


Soon enough class had started and he could see the worry radiating of both Uraraka and Iida, and despite wanting to just go up to them and tell them what was going on, he knew better than to just interrupt class. So class dragged on and the worry just seemed to accumulate with each class that passed by, until it finally exploded during lunch. Both of them had gone on a spree between asking if anyone had seen him to accusing people of hurting him. When he found them they were interrogating Mineta who was already crying.


“Uraraka, Iida, I need to speak to you both.” Without much hesitation they had let Mineta go and had followed him to a tree to one of the furthest parts of the courtyard. There he had explained everything and the further he went in the story the worse the feeling of guilt got, soon he could see that blamed themselves for what had happened, all he could do was say  it wasn't their fault but that was about it. The day followed as it typically did until after school.


He went to his room expecting Midoriya to already be gone, much to his surprise a very irritated looking green head was staring right at him.


Midoriya had woken up at 11 and not to anyone's surprise he had nearly screamed at the unfamiliar room.  He was so warm, so comfortable, and when he woke up some of that feeling had followed and after his initial terror he realized whose room it was. At moments like these he thanked the girls for having that room competition, the Japanese style room could be no one else's that Todoroki Shoto's.  To further confirm this, not that he really needed it, he finally saw the note on the drawer next to the bed.


When you read this I have already spoken to Mr.Aizawa, don't try to going to class



Of course this all Sparks a panic. First of all, he was on the bed, his bed, this just sprouted so many more questions. Either Todoroki had slept on the floor, which Midoriya would hate himself for, or he had slept on the bed with him, which he was conflicted about. The second thing to hit was that he couldn't exactly remember how he got here, he did remember getting dropped off by the taxi and a glimpses and of his friends after that, but he couldn't recall anything after that.


And as he did with most conflicting situations, he ran.


He didn't make it far as he soon came to a stop in the common area, catching both Tokoyami and Shouji's attention.


"Deku, why are you here?" Shouji was the one to speak up.


"I could ask both of you guys the same thing." He responded as he made his way to the table to quickly grab a granola bar that Momo had bought two days ago.


"Sit, let's talk." Tokoyami said still very focused on the cup of tea in his hands. Shouji looked like he was going to speak but a very weak look from Tokoyami was enough to silence him.


"Why are you guys here?" Deku had asked once more.


So they explained not only what had happened that night but also the interaction they had with Todoroki, this to him was shocking.  It wasn't that he didn't believe he could have a conversation or any form of social interaction but he found it strange that he'd go out of his way to do so. What added onto this shock was that from the way Tokoyami had spoke of him they already held some sort of friendship. He was proud.


"What about you?" Shouji said nodding his head towards his direction.


"I don't know, I remember coming back home from the movies but after that i have nothing until I woke up this morning.”

“Well i'm sure Todoroki will fill you in when school lets out, I could only imagine the fright you went through.” Tokoyami said as Shouji nodded his head in approval next to him.


“Same here, from coming back the movies to just waking up to your room that would just seem off to me.” Shouji added. The only thing that seemed of was his “your room” he wasn't an idiot, he was sure that Shouto had lied about having him in his room he just wanted to know why. There were many things he wanted to know, and the more he thought about it the more frustrated he got.


“Yeah, i need to rest, um, i'll see you guys around.” he knew it was pretty abrupt to just pick up and leave like that be he didn't care, a lot was happening and he just wanted to rest. Using the key that Shouto had left him, why he had more than one was beyond him, he opened the room and waited for him to get home from school. He felt weak, all he could do was sit in bed or walk around a bit but he just needed answers, or did he? He didn't know anymore.


The moment came soon enough, now that it was here he didn't know what to do.


Shouto looked shocked, his best guess was that as soon as he got up he'd pick up and leave, all the things he wanted to say disappeared as he stared as his classmate just a few feet away from him.


“You're okay.” It was simple but it got the job done, and as soon as he felt Shouto’s hug he started to cry. Of Course he had made a name for himself for crying for any little thing, but right now he didn't care. Right now he felt relieved, he felt happy, and he didn't know why. Just another question to add to the list.


But as quickly as he had been comforted it had been taken away, Shouto now sat a whole arms length away and it helped smack him back to reality, they had to talk.


“What happened?” he finally managed to coherently say through countless hiccups and tears.


“I had a nightmare almost around midnight and i had gone downstairs to walk outside and clear my head when I saw you. I hadn't thought much of it after all I had heard about the night out that Uraraka had organized but as I got closer to the door I saw how slow and weak you looked and then you just collapsed.” He told the truth, he could never lie to him.


“Why?” he hadn't meant to make it sound so vague but currently it was all he could get out, and truth be told even he didn't know what exact;y he was asking so many questions could fit that category but he just hoped that Todoroki would answer one.


“Because you needed help, isn't that why were all here? To help those he need it? Besides, it'd be a pretty dick move to leave you on the ground till the morning. I mean you'd get sick and then id feel guilty.” he was going to continue ranting but was stopped by a little chuckle coming from Izuku’s way. 


“Wow, nice to see that my pain is your laughing stock.” he said sarcastically, with that MIdoriya seemed to completely break, his laughter completely shattering the serious atmosphere in the room, Todoroki enjoyed it.


“I'm just confused by one thing, whynot take me to my own room? I mean i'm pretty sure that i had my room key with me and you had to go through all the trouble of carrying me to your room which is a floor higher. Plus i was on the bed so that means that you probably slept on the floor and i feel bad for having you sleep on the floor in your own room, not to mention that you must've woken up early to explain everything to Mr.Aizawa. And dear god you told Uraraka and Iida and they are a mess and i made you go through that and-,” Throughout his whole rant he had been staring at his hands, the moment he looked at Todoroski’s confused expression he stopped.


“Im sorry its a dumb habit that i have.” he said once again staring at his hands.


“No it's not that, I'm just trying to catch all the questions and concerns and find the answers, never worry about the ranting, I truthfully don't mind.” And if he thought he saw a slight pink on Izuku’s cheeks he didn't dwell on it,” First, I felt like I was invading your privacy by digging in your pockets for your keys, plus I didn't really mind having you stay in my room. You have no reason to feel guilty I slept on the bed as well,” pink,” don't worry it was enough distance thT we didn't touch and we didn't have to share a blanket cause i have a spare so don't stress. About waking up early, you're right, I did have to wake up a bit earlier than usual but I don't mind, typically im up at that time even if I wasn't i was there to help you, even if that meant waking up earlier.”


“Oh okay, but,” He leaned in and in a whisper said,” What about Uraraka and IIda? ” and sure it wasn't funny, no normal person would that question be funny, but Todoroki was as far from normal as anyone could be.


So he laughed.


It was pretty short considering he wasn't really one to laugh, his own body seemed against the action, but he managed. And for the second time that day Midoriya was absolutely shocked in the most wonderful of ways. It was rare to see Shouto smile, it was completely unheard of to hear him laugh, up to that point he hadn't even heard him chuckle, but it was worth it. He could say that now, everything was okay as long as he could remember that he was the one who had made Todoroki Shouto laugh. The realization of what this meant hit feel like a million bricks, it was no longer simple admiration.


After that they spent one more hour together most of it was just Todoroki going over the notes with Izuku and helping guide him through a few of the examples that they had worked on in class. Both made no real effort of trying to spark a different conversation, Midoriya out of embarrassment, if his cheeks were any indicator, and Todoroki out of self control. He was a decent human being, he knew when to call it quits. When the time came for Izuku to go they both hesitated, but they both knew they had things to do, not to mention that he had to go and comfort and scold his friends who no doubt believed it was their fault, that didnt mean they were safe.(He was very well-informed of his freinds’s harsh interrogations).


“If you need anything text me or just come up to my room im sure that at this points ay formalities are out the window.” Todoroki said trying to sound as composed as he always did.


“Yeah I will, well guess i should head out, I'll see you tomorrow in class.” he said as he opened the door.


“And Midoriya, take care of yourself, please .” Midoriya wasn't sure if he had heard it or not, quite frankly, he didn't care, in his mind he had, regardless he headed to his room smiling brighter than he had for months.

Chapter Text

The following weeks were plain and simple, awkward. There was no denying that a sense of uncomfort clouded the room anytime the two boys seemed to be within three feet from each other. Three feet, that was there a safe zone, a sense of security that if they were that distant nothing would happen, they would have to say anything, they wouldn't have to address it. But just because they were blid to it didn't mean that others didn't know. 


They didn't know with exact specifications what caused this air of tension between the two but they knew that something must of happened for them to not even address each other. Sure, the two had never been friends and they never truly openly spoke so much to signify that they had something that even resembled a relationship further than a simple acquaintanceship, but the difference was drastic. The worst example has been the collaborative essay they had been assigned to weeks.


It was cliche, it was unlikely, it was stupid. Regardless life didn't seem to care of these laws of possibility, and as they heard their names called as partners for their three page existentialist paper both of them froze over, Shouto being more literally. His whole right side was covered in frost something that no one in their class had thought was possible without Quirk shock, once again Shouto became proof of something amazing and frightening.


What followed next was equally shocking with a simple and firm “No” from Todorokis mouth everyone froze just like the pair before. Without questions Mr.Yamada had announced the new pairs, Midoriya and Tsu, Todoroki and Mineta. No one understood what happened but they knew it had to be fixed, after all having the two most powerful students in Class 1-A would prove disadvantageous especially when attacks from the League were fresh in everyone's mind. Communication was essential and often the most overlooked part of any team, power was nothing if it wasn't used in a way to enhance everyone else's ability.


Right now there was nothing of that, it was so incredibly severe that they couldn't even look at each other. Eye contact between them those weeks was a complete myth.


Neither todoroki other Midoriya knew what had happened, from being fine with each other to complete strangers, the shift has been drastic, from one day to the next and both of them were equally confused. Wrong. They were worse than strangers, at least strangers could share a friendly smile and some pleasant small talk at least strangers could grow. They could move, they were not restrained by fear, they weren't being held down by feelings that they couldn't even name. Strangers had possibility, they had none of that, not ven a starting point, Midoriya, regardless of all his smiles and efforts couldn't bring himself to speak or text Todoroki. If he couldn't do that what type of hero would he become?


Todoroki on the other hand understood what he was doing he just didn't like it, the shift still was something he could comprehend, but he knew why he was ignoring the grenette. Call him selfish but it was for his own protection, it was his move to protect himself from the eventual rejection and pain that would creep on him when he least expected it. Danger always lurks, waiting for the moment you feel happiest to let you know it never left. If he could avoid that, even if it caused temporary pain he counted it as an absolute win. Some might think that the logical thing would be to just stay friends, he wouldn't argue, after all he was a person more influenced by logic than most, but love isn't logical so he would follow whatever he thought would best.

All of this could be solved by just talking it out, deep down they both knew that,but midoriya didn't even know where to start and Todoroki was never the talking type, so they both suffered.


That didn't mean that they didn't worry about each other, for anyone to assume that was completely ridiculous, just a bit of pushing and you see that no one cared more about the other than themselves, the only exception being Mrs.Midoriya. Each injury Midoriya sustained pained Todoroki in more ways than one, he knew of each and every one, not that anyone would know, Recovery Girl had sworn secrecy. Even if he hadn't begged she would've done it, she could feel their connection, while her age gave her many issues she was happy the wisdom came with the package, the genuine fear, the worry, the love, all of them let her know that Todoroki Shouto was no threat. He was a lifesaver that someone as destructive As Midoriya Izuku needed.


The effort was there, even if he couldn't help him directly, he would find a way, if he says that i doriya needed help he'd talk to his teachers and hint at it, in the infirmary, the many times that he ended up there hedf buy him katsudon. He hoped that he never figured it was him, he hoped that the teacher’s intervention could be passed as simple observance and that the food could be placed on his mothers own worry and relief and if not then another friend. He saw the determination and no amount of talking or scolding would change Midoriya's mind, the most he could do for now was support him in his goal and efforts, even if it held a weird irony to it.


Likewise Midoriya could sense the change in emotions that Todoroki suffered as the Sports Festival started showing its terrible face. He could sense the shift from the day it was first mentioned by Mr.Aizawa, while everyone else was worried about the timing, seeing as the media was still milking all the criticism from the last attack, it just didn't seem logical to do it, they all agreed. Sure Aizawa saw the merit of this method, the method of standing strong despite in the face of fear, but it was illogical, and that was something he couldn't stand by. Still his students, with fear still embedded in their minds, couldn't deny the excitement that coursed through them as the possibility of getting offers to help start their career flew and stuck into her mind.


Todoroki felt none of it, Midoriya could tell as easily as breaking a finger, an uneasy feeling that just clung to him, sadly he was the only one who seemed to notice. He had been constantly bringing it to the conversation and practically every time one person from the group would say that that was just the way Todoroki was while the rest of the group silently agreed, he didn't, he couldn't. And it only got worse as the weeks passed by and the worry only increased on both ends. He assumed the  reason it had gone by without turning some heads was that it was a gradual increase into isolation, while he had been open to Midoriya he had never been as vocal or vulnerable with anyone else in Class 1-A, a strategic move.


Todoroki had become a ghost, he was no one, he was more invisible than Toru. He had driven himself to absolute isolation. Todoroki seemed fine, content, unchanged, it was nothing but a farce and Midoriya could sense it, no one could lie without having a certain tick, his was tapping his hand on the desk three times when something bothered him. It was subtle and Midoriya gave him credit for it, but that didn't mean it would go unnoticed. In full honestly it had taken him two weeks until he had picked up the pattern, it started with Mineta”s absurd and objectifying comments about Momo, the taps had been gentle. AS the one sided conversation continued they got a bit louder, with good reason, nobody wanted to hear Mineta’s disgusting commentary the turning point was when he asked Todoroki for advice.


One well deserved kick in the face and mineta had gone flying across the room, this is to no one's surprise. Mineta seemed to be the only one who was stupid enough to ask Todoroki, Momo’s childhood freind for advice at getting at her, not to mention the vulgar, and unnessecary, descriptions.


At first he thought it was just a method of distraction, perhaps if he seemed annoyed or distracted Mineta would leave, but then he started noticing it more often. The moment that sealed the deal was during a particularly nasty exchange between Bakugo and Todoroki. It was a simple race, that's all it was supposed to be, a comparison between the first initial test and now, in the middle of their first semester, as always Bakugou made it bigger than it was meant to be. Todooki had the highest score of the whole class, including both the girls and boys, of course Bakugo, with his desperate need to be the best, had a problem with the results.


 It had started out like any other alteration, Bakugo hurling a few insults and Todoroki silently taking or deflecting them, for some reason he was so determined to get a response for the other that he soon ventured into dangerous territory. He started speaking about Endeavour, and again the taps started, gentle, small, almost nonexistent, the only way Midoriya had known they were there was because he was looking for them. He had then moved on to his siblings, reasons why endeavour had wanted him how he was just a show pony for his dad, that's all he was, the taps increasing. Visibly anyone could see it was a threat, his palms frosting over, an urge to just let it consume him.


Then, from night to day it shifted, the topic was random, as if pulled from mid air but the impact was all the same, “ For all the flaunt, you turned out to be nothing, even your mom could see it. It happened to quick for anyone to register, even Bakugou hadn't expected the reaction that he was forcing out of Todoroki but with one sharp tap he had immediately frozen Bakugou in place. No one said anything, even Mr.Aizawa was too late to stop his quirk, he looked once around the room and left, those who wanted to follow, Midoriya and Momo, weren't allowed and the rest looked at Bakugou still frozen in place.


 He had stayed frozen for a day. At first many were worried over the possible health drawbacks that the freezing could cause but recovery girl assured them, mostly just Kirishima, that while Todoroki was made he didn't do it with the intention to kill just to freeze him. She said it wasn't really ice but a sort of frost that worked to cover and keep the warmth near the thing encapsulated but still keep the thing in place. Everyone expected them to unfreeze or to blast his way out of it but it didn't, and Todoroki held no remorse, and Bakugou never brought it up again.


After that he seemed to make himself even more distant, and while Bakugou still kept up with his over the top attitude he now carried himself around Todoroki with an air of caution. He had to stay in bed after he had unfrozen, during that time he let no one visit him, he was a bit more flexible with Kirishima, but even with him he only exchanged a few words before he went back to the room. He was embarrassed by the situation, anyone could tell, to lose and to not have the opportunity to fight back was the ultimate shame to him. When he went back to class it was as if nothing had happened but everyone could feel how he seemed to tiptoe around Todoroki.


What drove Midoriya mad was that no one cared. Shouji and Tokoyami had tried to approach him once, after a very quick exchange the couple, Shouji finally gained the confidence around two weeks ago, it really was a beautiful confession(Midoriya cried), had left from the table were Todoroki sat alone and never bothered him after that. He wanted someone to care, he was afraid, afraid of driving Todoroki farther away so he stayed quiet and hoped that someone could bring him back.


He wanted him to be happy, even if it wasn't for him, Shouto deserved to be happy.


But that couldn't be farther than the truth, the idea of Shouto opening up to anyone that wasn't him hurt him. By all means he wanted Shouto to be able to express his feelings without feeling weak, without having the image of his father judging him at every opportunity, letting him dictate his life. He wanted him to be happy, he wanted them to be happy together. It had taken a while to come to this conclusion, it had taken him even longer to admit this, but he was happy that he had the answer now, even if it might all be one sided. 


The trivial turning point came the day of the sports festival itself.


As the time passed by it seemed like everyone had forgotten the attack that had happened a few weeks prior, of course it seemed reasonable enough, the chance to make a name on themselves freshly stamped on their mind, that along with the anxiety and excitement of the opportunity just helped block any of the possible negativity. Midoriya knew better than to slip up like that, he saw the UA Sports Festival like everyone else but his mind was evenly split, he knew he had to be on the lookout and attentive. He saw the festival as a showcase to the League, what they were  capable of and who was a real threat, it was just handing them free information.


Now Todoroki was like a memory, everyone knew who he was and that he existed but the specifics seemed to be blurry, only random spurts of clarity from a few people served as evidence that they once held a connection with him. His distance was now unnerving, but it didn't matter, he was determined and he showed it during the first test. He was an unstoppable force going through the course with ease, Midoriya only managed to catch up to him in the last bit with a bit of luck. Regardless he was still focused, admirably so, as they moved onto the next stage, he wished he could say that about Kacchan, but he was still steaming violently.


He didn't hear him, he was scared of thinking why that was, had he had to hide it like this before? Had he done it so many times that he had perfected it to a nearby undisturbed silence? But he saw him, hunched over against a wall, given up, tired, nothing like the person he knew. At first it could be passed as him resting, it was perfectly normal after the performance he had given during the cavalry race. But as he made his way closer to him he started noticing more things that made him question what was actually happening.


His hands were both in a fist, his right side frosted over from exhaustion, his head on the wall pressed with so much force it had to be harming him. He was muttering, something that never happened, something he'd never seen him do. The closer he was to reaching him the more he panicked, he didn't know what to do, was he stressing, was he worried about his dad watching? He didn't have the opportunity to think of it, before he knew it he was staring right into his eyes.


He was crying, tears steadily flowing with no end in sight, with a sigh of resignation he turned back to the wall and fell to the ground, completely given up. The fact that someone had seen him in this state completely breaking him, weak.


"Todoroki?" He said it tentatively, low almost in a whisper as he went to approach him. Placing his hand on his shoulder he was quickly shoved away.


He refused to leave. He had to help him, he couldn't before out of cowardice and fear, now, he had to. He would be no better than Endeavour if he left him by himself, especially when he needed help like this. He had failed to help someone before. Katsuki, no matter how many times he was there to help him to let him know that he'd support him no matter what, hated him. He was disposable, as a quirkless kid he understood but that didn't mean it didn't hurt. Every insult he could hurl at him he did, all of it but the same.


Despite that he persisted, what more could he have done, Kacchan, he had failed him, he couldn't fail this time. He was just a kid but he still blamed himself partially for how Katsuki had ended up, the anger, the wall. It was an unfortunate incident, an accident, Katsuki was also just a child, his powers were harder to control especially when he was constantly pushing himself to do better than the rest. 


He hadn't meant to hurt anyone, especially not his dog. He had had that dog since birth, a beautiful Pomeranian, quite a contrast to his explosive personality. It happened during another show of his power the worst part was that he was there surrounded by what he called friends. It started with small things explosions of cans bottles and things like that, but slowly escalated into bigger explosions. His dog was an inside dog Mrs bakugou would never want him anywhere else but that day a dog fence wasn't out and like always the dog went to try finding Katsuki.


It was an accident. But he hadn't seen the dog in time, and he had pushed himself harder than he had at that time, the dog hadn't died, that was the highlight. But nothing was the same after that, the burns were too severe on the back left leg and had to be amputated. He was unconsolable and Izuku didn't help, he was blinded, too hurt, too shocked that he had made the other feel like a monster. He had called him so, after that everything got worse, and maybe it wasn't all his fault, but it felt like it was. The look he'd given him when that word had slipped out, circling over his already existing guilt, it was disgusting, it had happened.


But he would help Shouto, he had too. 


"Todoroki, please, let me help you." He was desperate, his hands twitching, not knowing if he should try and pay him or not, scared of rejection.


"leave." It was small, it was broken, it wasn't him. It broke Izuku in the worst of ways.


"Don't push me away, please." He could hear him now, a soft and gentle cry, getting just slightly louder.


"Shouto," At this he froze," Let me help you, I can't stand to see you like this." 


"I didn't mean to do it, I can feel him smiling, standing tall and proud that he got it out of me." He went quiet again, letting both of them gather their thoughts.


" Have you ever heard of quirk arranged marriages?" His voice still and Cold. He wasn't surprised, Endeavour was only ever worried about gaining more power of finding a way to beat all might he found it through his children and now he realized that he focused only on one of the most promising, Todoroki Shouto. He hated him.


"When I was young, my mom would try and shelter me from all the things that my dad wanted me to do, all of the extreme exercises, all of the pushing and the isolation. She tried to protect all her children, but she didn't have the power,she was just there to produce kids in hopes of completing what Endeavour wanted." He spoke of him with so much vice his name venom amongst the rest.


"She was so close to her turning point though. One day she was in the kitchen talking to her mother, my grandmother, I heard her say she thought my left side was disgusting, a cruel reminder that I was half of him. As I got older she only saw him and me, I shouldn't have approached her but I did and she poured boiling water on my left side." He said as he grabbed his scar.


He couldn't help the gasp that escaped him, the burning sensation in his chest, how could Endeavour cause so much damage?


"I swore I'd never use his side ever again, he would blame her, not for hurting me, but for staining his perfect creation. I can't lose, I have to prove myself. I have to show him that I can win without his side, I have to win." With that he got up and started making his way down the hall.


“All my life I had someone supporting me, all my life, no matter what the challenge was there was someone there to help me, I can't lose either, I owe it to them after all. And while my struggle is nothing compared to yours i hope you know that If you intend to win, i hope it's with your all.” Midoriya was shaking, unspilled tears still threatening to spill over, his voice shaky towards the end.


Then Todoroki looked at him and somehow he knew that he was going to be okay.


Fight One: Todoroki and Midoriya, make your way to the stage!” They heard Present Mic shout through the intercom.  With a nod of acknowledgement and quick goodluck they made their way to their respective side of the stage.


The fight had just barely started and he already knew that he wasn't going to last long, he only had that many fingers and even if he somehow managed to get close enough to hit he was sure that his hand would be far to obliterated to even attempt a punch. It wasn't about winning anymore, that was just a mere perhaps, what he wanted was greater perhaps even selfish.


“Im seeing you frost over, why not heat yourself up with the other hand.”


Amongst the ice moves and blasts from one for all he would find moments to do what he needed to.


“You won't win if you don't give your all.”


He had to help him no matter what it cost


“It's your power isn't it?”


He had to do it for him.


After that he didn't remember  much, he remembered hearing someone shout as they both went towards each other, he remembered a wall, most likely Cementos intervening. When he woke up he was in the infirmary, with a very distraught Todoroki and Uraraka at his side, both silently arguing with each other, although it seemed more like Uraraka was scolding him and the other was just taking it, guilt completely overshadowing ant emotion.


“Hey Guys.” He said, a bit tired, but still very present, both of them immediately perking up.


“Deku, we thought you'd be out for way longer, but glad to see that you're fine.” Uraraka said


“How long have I been out?”


“Only five minutes, Recovery Girl already fixed you up, she said you're lucky that you haven't charged up when you came in contact with Cementos’s wall or else you could have scarred up your hand pretty bad. essentially all she had to fix up was your broken fingers, which she wasn't exactly happy about but she said it's an improvement.”

“Well at least its not bad news, how bout Iida, i feel like he should be scolding me.” He said with a slight chuckle.


“He left, he got a call and told us to wish you a speedy recovery.” Midoriya had jumped a bit, it was the first time he spoke since everything  happened and he had said it so void of emotion he couldn't believe that it came from the same person.


“Well Im sure hes okay, could you guys help me up? I want to go see the other fight.” He could still make it, they'd let the audience out for break, while they repaired the stage and went through with another perimeter check.


“Are you sure?” Uraraka had said, voice full of pure worry.


“Yeah, come on i don't want to be late.” He was about to pull his hands from under his sheets when he noticed that his left hand seemed more bare than usuaL. Peeking under his fears turned reality.


“Have you guys seen my glove?!” he said trying his best to not show how incredibly frustrated and scared he was.


“I think Recovery Girl took it to to see the damage on your hand, i'll go ask her for it.” She said as she stood up and headed to the other part of the infirmary.


“Don't blame yourself.” Izuku had said as soon as he believed Uraraka to be out of earshot.


“Its my fault.” Todoroki had responded once again in that same bland, dead voice.


“No its not, I knew what I was doing, I knew the possible consequences, you did nothing.” He didn't know how else to convince him, he just hoped he red the sincerity in his voice.


“Here Deku! I tried making it quick, i'm sure you want to write more in your journals.” She said placing his glove on the sheet covering him, he quickly shot a glance towards the other to make sure that the conversation wasn't over.


“Thank you, Uraraka why don't you go ahead i have to talk to Todoroki for a moment.” he said while he took the glove with his other hand and put it on under the sheet.


“Okay, I'll wait for you guys at out assigned seating.” With that she bounced out of the room, he took notice at how tired she seemed, having seen her fight with Bakugou it was no wonder why she seemed so exhausted, she should be resting and not worrying.


“Help me up.” Midoriya said very sharply.


“Follow me.” He wanted to be vague, he didn't want to start taking were anyone could hear him. He could hear Todoroki questioning where they were going but he figured it was better if he didn't answer, truth be told he was scared that the other would just leave. At Least this way, by not answering, he had peeked the others curiosity, he would follow at least just to find out the location.


He had lead them to the most isolated part of the stadium, it was among the top floors, it was meant to seat police officers and the security that would be helping keep the event safe, the problem was that they were keeping the event safe so they didn't really have the need to sit down. Of Course this amazing planning was by the one and only Present Mic, he had been the butt of the joke ever since Midnight had noticed, but for now it was theirs, no fear of someone listening in and no fear of anyone judging. He came here to talk, and by God they were gonna talk.


“Sit.” And Todoroki did.


“Midoriya, Im sorry.” Todoroki said still staring at the ground in front of him, Midoriya hated it.


“Look at me,” It took a while but when Todoroki did he continued,” Stop apologizing, there's no need for it, I knew what I was doing Sho,” Todoroki had perked up from that, he smiled and saved it for later,” If this is what it takes for you to see that your not half your dad but you then id gladly do it again.” He was happy, he was okay with everything that had happened he just hoped that Todoroki understood.


“But maybe if i wasn't so stubborn, if I hadn't let him nail it in my head so tightly then you wouldn't be hurt.” He was slipping again, Izuku could see the tragedy, he was slowly starting to go back to the dark place that his father had convinced him that he belonged in, slipping in the most dangerous of ways. So he did the only thing that he knew how to do, comfort. He knew that he may be overstepping his boundaries but he couldn't stand to see the other in that pessimistic mood anymore.


The hug was just a bit awkward in the beginning, Midoriya squeezing just a bit too hard and Todoroki stiffening up just a bit. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate it, it wasn't that he didn't enjoy it, but he was so dangerously close to misreading, so close to letting his facade fall. He couldn't look week, he didn't want to be weak anymore.


"It's okay Shouto, let go, I'm here for you, I always will be." Maybe he would be okay, maybe it was okay, so he let himself let go, he was never good at showing affection. Hugging back was an issue he didn't know if it was too soft or too rough, he didn't know if his hand were placed right, but he was sure of one thing. As soon as he hugged back Midoriya had leaned closer, and if he was reading too much between the lines then so be it.


I'm sorry Uraraka, for today just let me have him.

Chapter Text

 That encounter was the final blow to wall of tension that they had been strengthening for the past few weeks. First came the shy encounters, these served purposes, to see where they stood, what exactly was the middle ground. The worry from both ends was completely unnecessary seeing that both perked up when they managed to see each other, they both figured that they were at least in looking terms. Then came the small gestures, either of encouragement or just greeting each other, once again they found that they were comfortable with that. It took no more than a week since the Sports Festival for them to become near inseparable, it didn't help that they shared almost every class together.

Their new found, close, friendship didn't go overlooked by their fellow classmates but none of them chose to voice their opinions, bad or good, outloud. Sure Tsu being the straightforward and blunt person she was wanted to comment on their relationship, all good things, she was happy that they had each other, they balanced each other fairly well in her opinion. She was stopped before she could even fully get of her seat, Mina just shaking her head very discreetly to make sure that the pair, seemingly oblivious to what was going on around them didn't notice the girl's current interaction.

When asked Mina would say that it was because she had a bet with Denki and Jirou over how long it would take for the two idiots to finally get together, no one questioned it, after all it really did sound like something the three of them would do. Truth was that Mina was happy for them, happy for Deku who had helped her before and now had the opportunity to be with someone who could make him happy, and she was proud that he had brought Todoroki out of the dark place everyone had seen him crawl into for the last month.  

Mina was a firm believer in soul marks, and she would be willing to be anything that the both of them matched. Of Course there was no way of confirming, Deku had his covered religiously and no one really knew were Todoroki’s mark was, they couldn't even begin to look seeing that he didn't explicitly hide it. All that gave them was that it was somewhere that he could easily cover without drawing attention immediately.  She wasn't one to go against the universe but if they weren't there was clearly something wrong, the fact that they still hadn't noticed it made her wish she had the opportunity they had fifteen years of solitude going strong, shed find her pair soon enough.  

But that wasn't the only thing there classmates had noticed, Iida’s strange behaviour did not slip past them without notice. Everyone knew what had happened, it wasn't that hard when his brother was a pro hero, by the end of the Sports Festival everyone knew what had happened to Ingenium. The news shook everyone to the core, all happiness that had come from it quickly replaced with the grief that the Iida family must be going through. It only got worse when no statements were released relating to the heroes condition and when Iida missed the first two days of school coming back, something that none of the students in class 1-A would think he was capable of doing.

When he came back, he was fine. That's what he told everyone, he was a broken record, for every question on his mental state it was that four letter word, it was irritating to everyone, especially his friends. Comfort wasn't well received, while it was clear that Iida needed it, he was still trying to put a strong front. Now, with the opportunity to intern at an agency he seemed more closed off, more determined to prove, or do something. It felt like everything was normal but the tension between the trio was there and everyone was frustrated for different reasons. Iida because he didn't want comfort, and Midoriya and Uraraka because they felt useless at their inability to help.

The one most noticeably bothered was Uraraka, but it would be a lie to say that the only thing irritating her was India's refusal to open up. While Midoriya had found a good balance between hanging with his friends and Todoroki, she wished he could spend more time with them. It was selfish, ven she could feel it, the unknown feeling circling around her and finally labeling as jealousy. 

Her love life, while not miserable, was not the most abundant. She kept to herself and never showed much interest in anyone that she had dated or had a crush on but Midoriya was different. Any possibnle way of dropping hints she had tried but Midoriya was either just truly oblivious or incredibly stupid if he couldnt notice it, for both their sakes she hoped it was obliviousness. Still there was a string of hope that refused to let her let him go, he got flustered, he would blush, it was the only thing keeping this hope alive and she knew that she just needed to own up and tell him.

She couldn't, not with Todoroki around him at any given time, thats were the envy had settled in. She should be happy, she should be proud that Midoriya had brought someone so on the edge of being lost within himself back to a good spot, she should be happy. What he had done for Todoroki was incredible, he had helped him find his own self work and she doubted anyone else could have done, moments like these she often wished that Midoruiya had done nothing. It was the immense guilt that followed every time after thinking that that made her believe she didn't mean it, but she wouldn't say it if there wasn't at least a small percentage of truth in it.

She hated Todoroki, and she hated that she did but the frustration was still there. All the times that they seperated from the group to sit and talk by themselves just fueled more negativity into her. Seeing him happy, without them, without her did a big number on those same emotions. The line was seeing him get flustered, she firmly believed that between them there was no romantic attraction,  ut the only times Midoriya got flustered was when he was given a compliment or when he was near a girl, and something about the fact that Todoroki had the same effect did not settle well with her.

Today was no exception, but it crossed the line further than she ever thought it could go. It was the usual, once a week(sometimes twice) Todoroki and Midoriya would go over to what they had labeled the “Anejo Tree” which truthfully was probably the oldest tree to the far right side of the lunch area. Maybe what she was doing right now was “bad” but whos to say, plus the tree wasn't there property, and she did always have a fascination with climbing them, so what if she was hidden. Hidden just high enough to not be seen but close enough to listen.

She wished she hadn't.

As soon as the ten minute bell rang she started counting down the minutes until she could climb down and run back to the safety of her room. The entirety of the conversation she had just heard consisted of proofing everything she was so afraid of. Back and forth it was just cat names and hurt witnessing firsthand the loving relationship she wish she could have with Izuku. She was in denial, she couldn't believe that she truly stood no chance, she couldn't go down without a fight, and it was this same denial that led her to confronting Izuku after school in the dorms. If she didn't do something soon, she knew that she would never, it was time.

"Izuku can I talk to you?" She said as she saw him head towards the common area, unfortunately and like always, Todoroki was close behind, it hurt to see how much they were enjoying themselves.

"Sorry we were actually gonna," Todoroki stopped him, whispered something quickly into his ear and nodded as he headed upstairs in a casual tempo.

Her hatred just seemed to blossom even more. He was gonna say no, and she didn't know which would hurt more, the fact that he had almost said no and was only stopped because of what Todoroki had whispered into his ear or that he hadn't even bothered to try and make room for her. How fast he had pushed her, them, aside for him. It was boiling her blood and it was only getting worse as he saw him longingly stare at the stairs that Todoroki had just been going up.

"What is it that you need Uraraka?" He said, his smile shining bright, it wasn't for her.

"So you and Todoroki have gotten pretty close, huh?" She was smiling so hard that she was surprised her face hadn't split in half.  It only got harder to keep the facade as he saw him light up again.

"I'd hope so, he's really special. He's been through so much he really deserves happiness." Another beautiful bright smile, she couldn't do this anymore.

"Guess his happiness means cutting off the rest of your friends right?" It took him a moment to fully register what she had said, it had confused him down to his core. She had said it in the same manner, happy, bubbly, but what she had said was something darker than anything he could have expected. He was her friend nothing would change that so what was making her feel isolated?

"What are you talking about?" His previous bubbly mood now completely deflated.

"Ever since you started hanging out with him you've started pushing me to the side." Not even bothering to try to include Iida, it was about her now, it was finally getting personal.

"I haven't, sure I don't spend as much time as I used to with you guys but I try keeping it even. He's my friend and he'll start hanging out with all of us as soon as he gets comfortable. I really do try to give you guys as much time as I can. I know it might seem as I don't hang out with you as much because we used to spend all our time together but that doesn't mean I've forgotten." Each word was coated in guilt.

"Really, cause it sure seems like it. How bout the Sports Festival 'We'll meet you there's and there I was like an idiot waiting for you. You cancelled last weeks outing because Todoroki needed help with who knows what and even lunch you don't spend with us. So sorry for thinking you've forgotten."

"Uraraka, I didn't mean for it to feel like that but he needed it, and I should have at least told you to not wait up, so I truly am sorry." Two beats of silence passed by and the tension only grew.

"And you know what's pathetic? You don't realize that I'm here, that I care about you more than just like a friend, that I know we belong together." She finished quietly, but it was still heard. Throughout the beginning of the talk he had been getting closer to her, slowly as to not scare her, close enough to hear everything.

"You are one of my closest friends, one of the most special friends, but I don't see you like that, I could never see you like that and I'm sorry." And in typical Izuku manner he had started to tear up.

"You don't know that." She sounded dead, weak, as if she was desperately trying to cling onto any string of hope, no matter how delusional.

"Uraraka, please, trust me. You're a beautiful and amazing person and you'll find your match one day it's just not me." He said trying to reason with her, he should've known that at this state it wouldn't be possible.

"You don't know that, show me." He froze, he was afraid, all the trauma that he had pushed to the back of his mind suddenly resurfaced.


"Show me!" She said as she lurched forward to grab his gloves hand, desperately trying to pull it off, now both of them were crying. When he did manage to put some distance between them he was against the wall trying to pick himself up after what had happened, and she was on the floor sobbing.

" Why won't you let me?" She sounded absolutely broken.

She lifted her shirt, revealing a space between her belly button and an inch below her bra, showing, in full display her soul mark. It was soft and simple, it was a lily pad with a swarm of fireflies in a beautiful intricate manner, as he saw it he knew it'd only break her father when he had to tell her that they didn't match.

"Please, please tell me we match." She spoke through sobs and to anyone else it would be unintelligible, but he knew what she meant.

"I'm sorry." She didn't try fighting it anymore, but she picked up her head, her eyes still full with determination. He knew that she wouldn't give it up until she saw his mark, but until then the conversation seemed to be at rest.

"Round face! Your fucking phone has been ringing like shit for thirty minutes and I'm done taking care of it." The sound of Bakugou heading towards them shook both of them back into reality, this wasn't some isolated room they were out in public and they had to get shit together before Bakugou saw.

"I swear to God the next time something of yours interrupts my date night I'm going to incinerate it." He hollered again, only now it was closer, as they both scurried to try making the whole situation normal.

" Finally, here," He said tossing the phone at the table they had thrown themselves at, desperately trying to feign normalcy," Kirishimas bound to be not be pissed but i am, I'll have you deal with that later." Sharply and quickly he headed back to his boyfriend.

Dreadful moments of silence ensued, Uraraka trying to hold back tears, and Izuku trying to word what he was trying to say in the nicest of ways. He couldn't come up with anything, he was completely stuck so he decided to just speak.

“ I understand, i get liking someone and not having them reciprocate, but what you did, trying, forcing me to show you, that's just wrong. I don't know what you want, and I don't know how you think this conversation was gonna go but i'll tell you this now. I'm not your match, whether you believe it or not, and i am sorry, for everything. If i ever did anything that led you on or overstepped boundaries that made you believe it was gonna lead into a relationship Im sorry. But what you did was wrong, and for the time being i don't think i can see you.”

At almost every word she had flinched, while it pained him to see her this way it had to be done. If he had kept quiet or just left it would have kept her hope alive and regardless of what she did he couldn't stand to see his first friend suffer like that. Whatever she chose to do next was up to her, but he had a clear conscious, that didn't mean it didn't hurt. She was his friend, the first person to not only help him but treat him with kindness, now he felt as though he had lost that. He hadn't even thought of how they would explain this to Iida, he was observant more than anyone would give him credit for and he doubted that the clear schism between the two friends would go unnoticed.

With not another word said he got up and made his way to his room, he still had a movie to watch with Shouto and he figured that if anything was gonna lift his spirits it would be that. I Understand. He did, he understood that Shoto would never reciprocate, that he might not even want to meet his actual match, that didn't mean he was going to go on some sort of rampage and try finding his mark just to make sure. Even if they magically turned out to be a pair that didnt mean he'd be wanted, he felt wanted now, but as a friend, and a friend was miles away from a soulmate. He'd never pressure him though he had made it clear in the Sports Festival, he was here for him, regardless of quirks or marks.

Shouto: Have you finished talking?

Midoriya: Yeah, it was kind of rough though, i think i need a minute. Just to let it all settle.

Shouto: That's fine, I need to go out for a run anyway, I'll call you when i'm back and ready.

Midoriya: THank you

With that he flopped onto his bed, he had at least another good hour to just relax, or cry, and think of ways to dodge Shouto’s inevitable questions, but he had time. So rather then plan he went to sleep.

He never really remembered his dreams, it was a typical occurrence, hed wake up and immediately feel like he was forgetting something and he knew that it was whatever he dreamed about, he had stopped worrying about them a while ago. This dream was different, it wasn't about him, about any of his family, or even any of his friends, it was, and he could confidently say, a complete stranger. It was a girl, with her back facing towards him, the first thing that he immediately noticed was her long brown hair, from the way she was sitting it seemed to go past her feet. That wasn't the only thing though, their were gold streaks all throughout her hair, glowing, almost pulsating with life in a way that he couldn't explain.

He couldn't back away from her, he couldn't move towards her, he could only sit and watch, what made it worse was that something told him this wasn't a dream.

“Desperate, they're trying again.” He froze her voice startling him, it was deeper than most other girls but by no means unpleasant, if anything it was soothing it carried a sense of trustworthiness with it. Hearing her made him realize that he hadn't even attempted to speak, her sentence just rising more questions.

“They should just let me go.” That was enough to fuel him, no one should give up and sure he didn't know who she was but he knew that everyone deserves to have a driving force, an opportunity, and he was going to make her see that.

“Dont give up.” It was simple, but he hoped it would get the point across, she froze up, stiff, shaking her head as if she couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"It can't be." Her voice was strong as ever but he could feel that she was so close to crying.

"Everyone has worth and you're no exception!" He said, trying to root her on. It was with this that she finally turned to face him, from her new angle she could see that she had previously been blocking an overgrown red Iris from view.

"I don't believe it." She said, her left hand coming up to cover her mouth, her eyes wide with shock.

From this angle he could see her better, she was clearly foreign perhaps American, around these parts you didn't see many of them, of course it was Japan so it was expected to see a few but only as tourists. Now he could definitely see that she was around his age, maybe a year older but definitely not younger. The only other knowledge he had was when he had met a few foreign exchange students back at his old middle school. The only other thing that made her stand out was her warm gold eyes, and a tattoo on her left hand with numbers that he couldn't make out yet.

"Those crazy fools actually did it." She said as she slowly made her way to him, he didn't even need to analyze her that much to see that she was definitely taller than him. It wasn't much of a surprise, almost anyone was, especially if they were foreign.

"Did what exactly?" He said as she stood about four feet from him. He had way more questions than that but he figured that overwhelming her would get him nowhere, so starting small would have to do.

"Ofcourse, sorry, I'm sure you have so many questions but I doubt we have much time so I'll stick to the basics." She said as she sat down once more, seeing her get comfortable put him at ease as he made his way to the floor.

"You could come closer, I swear I'm not here to hurt you." He said noticing the distance, the last thing he expected was for her to chuckle.

" I would, but I have to stand within a certain amount from the flower that you saw me next to. We rely on each other the farther I am from her the more both of us are affected, if I'm too far she could wither and I could die. But that's jumping way ahead." She said once again chuckling to herself.

"Well, since I'm going to be learning all about your life I might as well give you my name, I'm Midoriya Izuku." He said stretching out his hand.

"In your language and for security reasons,I'm Airisu," She said taking and shaking his hand, he made no notice of how her hand seemed to linger just for a moment," With that we can get started."

"God I don't even know how to start well for starters I am, or was, a student at UA. While I was always aware that I had two quirks," now that was interesting he had never heard of another student with two quirks besides Shouto," I never wanted to bring attention to myself or my family so I only ever used what I call "Midas touch". I could turn myself and other people into gold."

"That's incredible, are you like Kirishima? Can you do so and still move? When you turn other people do they turn into statues and if so is it like time is frozen for then? God such an amazing quirk, the possibilities and the power of it I can even explain it! Not to mention how well it works with your other quirk I can imagine it's a-" A small giggle broke him out of his tangent.

As soon as he looked at her he too broke out into a whole hearted laughter. 

After a minute to recover she spoke again, "Well yes I can move when I'm gold, but with all quirks I have my cons. I can turn certain parts gold of another's body, especially if I'm unfocused. Unless it's hair or nails it will kill them.  But going back on track, I caught the eyes of a small villain group during my first Sports Festival, a group by the name of the League of Villains." She stopped upon noticing him stiffen up.

"They're not that hidden anymore, they have been attacking my class from the beginning of the year. All we know so far is that they're plan is to kill All Might."

"I should've known they'd only grow after what they did to me and the rest. I was always dumb, I never wanted to slightly inconvenience anyone so right after an attack I lied and told my friends that my mom was going to pick me up but I was actually gonna walk all the way to the train station by myself. 

I was abducted less than two blocks from UA. I was isolated from some of the other people they had taken, but I knew what they were, nomu prototypes. People who were reduced into mindless monsters, I was afraid of what was to happen to me. I was even more afraid seeing that I was only visited by 'Sensei' and one other doctor. 

He never did anything to me, just took out blood, which unfortunately revealed that I had two quirks, but he never told the other doctor of my two quirks. He stopped bring food two weeks in, saying that they were getting suspicious, that he was sorry. I still don't understand, but one day someone helped me out. All I remember was them uncuffing me and leaving the door open.

But I was so weak, I was practically dead by the time I made it to UA I was already knocking on death's door. I figured if I was to die I was gonna do it in my favorite spot, the garden near the South wing. So I went,from what I heard, when the gate let me in it notified the teachers that I had entered school grounds again it didn't take them long to find me.

The called the hero Triach, he has an essence sort of quirk, when they found me they saw I was beyond saving, there solution was to transfer me essence when they did an Iris sprung from the ground where I died. They've been trying for five years to find a way to communicate with me, to see if I was still alive here and if they could find a way to bring me back.

Oh and Aizawa took it so hard, I was one of the students in his first class, the fact that I disappeared so close to the school only made him hurt more. I still hear him when he passes by to water me or just talk. He's always apologizing I wish I could tell him. Now I can, through you. And I'm sorry but let them know you got through, that I'm here and still kicking.Tell Shouta that I'm done with his sorry's, they were never necessary in the first place, that none of this was his fault. "

"I will as soon as I wake up or get woken up, honestly I'm sorry, I can't even begin to imagine what I would do if I was in that situation or if any of my friends had to go through that. What if Shouto?"  He stopped himself, not being able to imagine something so horrible.

"Oh, Shouto , sounds like a first name. Must be someone important, right? Perhaps someone closer than a friend?" She said as she wiggled her eyebrows.

"What?! NO! I mean it's not like that, I mean he would never, yeah." He quickly responded, his blush beyond the point of hiding.

"Ah, so you want him to be more, I see. If it's any advice don't shoot it down before you even try. Sure, I don't know anything about your relationship but the possibilities are endless and you two being together is just one of them." She said with such wisdom he was inclined to believe it.

Suddenly he felt staticy, like if he was being pulled back and forth between staying with Airisu and waking up, but there was still so much he wanted to know, he didn't want to leave her alone, she didn't deserve it. Hadn't she gone through enough already?

"I feel something, I think I might be waking up soon." His tone did nothing to hide how sad he was to leave her alone, how sad he was that he couldn't bring her back, to the comfort of the friends he knew would welcome her.

"Don't worry for me, I've been accustomed to isolation for a while now. But remember I'm never really alone, come by the garden, talk to me, I'll listen. It was a pleasure meeting you Midoriya." A soft smile dominating her face, she was glowing.

"Call me Izuku." It was soon, but he just knew he could trust her, it was a gut feeling. Another, much stronger feeling had him feeling a bit dizzy.

"Izuku it is, and please do me one more favor tell Chiyo, Recovery Girl, that only one quirk can save me it's one caused by a genetic mutation its-"


He had slammed his head on his desk as he violently woke up, not only giving himself whiplash but adding to the already existing headache he had, he didn't get to hear what the quirk was but he believed with the information given they could at least get a few leads and find a way to bring her back, she was his responsibility now. He could snoop around just a bit to find any extra information that could possibly help bring her back. He wouldn't rest until he found a way to bring his friend back.

It was times like these that he truly relieved that like was unfair, and they were unfair to the wrong people. Airisu was a sweet girl, someone that just radiated calmness and peace, someone that you know you can trust. Someone that he couldn't imagine hating, in many ways she was like the female Kirishima, he knew she would fit well in their group. He could already tell that Tsuyu and Iida would absolutely love her, not that the rest of the class wouldn't but her personality seemed to balance theirs well.

He also worried about when she got back, five years, it echoed in his brain going back and forth just worsening his headache now borderlining to a migraine.  It would hurt, seeing her friends just going on with their life, her family five years older what could she have missed? Her siblings? Their children? Her parents or grandparents? What if they have already passed, how would she feel? Knowing that she missed out on their lives, that she didn't get to see them before they had to leave.

He really wouldn't want to be in her position, and he wished that she wasn't either. Before he could further contemplate he heard a rushed pair of knocks accompanied by a bunch of gibberish.

Slowly he got out of his bed, very carefully making his way to the door until he was pressed right up to it,"Um, who is it?" He would be lying if he didn't say he was dead afraid, his only comfort was that a villain wouldn't bother knocking.

"Izuku, please open, it's urgent." That scared him, Shouto rarely showed emotion, especially not fear, but this was fear and it was contagious.

Izuku wasn't a judgemental person, he really wasn't, and while he was incredibly curious, he would never pressure anyone into answering if he saw that they'd be uncomfortable or they just didn't have answers. But right now, seeing Shouto carrying a very distraught child, who shared no resemblance to him, while he whispered reassurances into her hair he had questions, and he was about to start pushing.

Chapter Text

It had taken them all day to finally agree on a movie, and while hed typically shift the blame on Midoriya he had to concede that part of the argument had been off his doing. Todoroki wasn't a movie person, that wasn't because he had seen movies and chosen that they weren't for him but, because as with many things, his father saw it as an unnecessary distraction. Most of his entertainment, especially in his younger years, came from books that his sister found and thought he could be interested in, they were an efficient distraction and enjoyable, not to mention that they were quiet.


The Todoroki household was constantly quiet, too many of the visitors, all of them business associates never family or friends, had commented on the silence in the house, some of them even calling it tranquil. The Todoroki children knew that that was far from the truth, it wasn't quiet because Endeavour necessarily liked the quiet or that they didn't want to watch the television, it was because every day they were walking on eggshells. One of his father’s main traits was being unpredictable, anything could make him go off and no one wanted to take that risk so silence it was.


Growing up many of the kids in his classes thought he was so lucky and he could understand it from their point of view. He was the child of one of the top heroes, they were rich, he lived in a big house, he had two powerful quirks, to the eyes of any child that was a life to envy. He knew that considering the life of some other people he was but it wasn't everything that his classmates made it out to be, but he couldn't blame them. After all Endeavour had a good PR team. Any rumor was quickly killed, even his brother’s disappearance was only allowed a glance before it disappeared.


For all the bitterness he felt he would do anything to know where his brother went. All he knew was that he was fifteen when he left, no one knew were and no one bothered to try finding him, at that point his dad had already deemed him a failure and just let him go. He had only a few memories with him, from what he could recall and what his other siblings had reluctantly told him they were close, or as close as a teenager and a four-year-old could be. Out of everyone, he was the one who cared for him, the one who stuck his neck out to keep him safe until he finally couldn't stand to be in that house anymore.


He wanted to know, he needed to tell him that he was sorry, that it was okay now because no one could hurt them, that they were a family regardless of the trauma that they had gone through. That when he finally got mom out that they could move past that part of their life, but he didn't know where he was, he didn't even know if he was still alive, everything was up in the air and he was scared for what could happen. He felt like he would like Midoriya, from what he would be told he seemed to mirror the behaviour of the other.


Especially when it came to heroes. Touya’s things were saved in the attic, why, no one really knew, but they were there. And from what he had seen all of it was hero related. He was sure if he was listening to this conversation he would absolutely agree with Midoriya's choice of movie. He wanted to watch a hero movie, now that wouldn't be a problem itself but he wanted to watch the new All Might autobiographical movie and he really wasn't biting, he understood the admiration but no doubt he would be watching it religiously for the next month so why not watch something else?


As they got closer to the dorms he felt like he was finally swaying Midoriya into considering the new avenger’s movie, which he wasn't truly interested in, I mean he's a hero looking at fictional heroes it just didn't function for him. Despite not being interested he figured that it would be more enjoyable that an All Might documentary, although to be fair it was never about the movie but about spending time with Midoriya.


Standing in the little space between some of the rooms and the “mini common area”, it was really just a space with a nice leather couch, a dark oak table and two chairs. Among them stood Uraraka with her typical cheery smile on display. If there was one thing the countless years of enduring Endeavours abuse had taught him was to make an impenetrable mask, no emotions in or out, from what he was seeing, Uraraka, thankfully, hadn't had that experience, hadn't had the need to practice that mask to near perfection.


He could see the cracks everywhere, the twitches she had gave her away far too easily to a pro like himself, constantly tugging at her hair or her skirt, of course, it didn't mean that she was hiding something but it was easily inferred and you could easily tell. 


Besides her with you could see her expression filter every now and then. Her twitch was the main one but she would frown and the snap up like if she realized her mask was slowly sliding of her face and then, sharply, she'd put up her fake happy persona once again. As they got closer her smile became more forced, he could see that it didn’t reach her eyes, it was worrying and slightly disturbing.


“Izuku can I talk to you?" She said from her end of the hall, happy, at least that's what he thinks it is.


"Sorry, we were actually gonna," He chose to stop him, if this was how she was going to continue behaving if they put this conversation off he'd rather just get it out of the way, after all, they still have time.


“Talk to her, it looks urgent and the movie doesn't start for a while.” Midoriya only hums in agreement, taking a quick glance at Uraraka he starts making his way upstairs. Part of him wanted to make him think that she was glaring at him but the part of him that knew her was confident that Uraraka would never do that, that she couldn’t.


With that he made his way upstairs, sure not to miss the way that Midoriya's eyes lingered, if it was just his imagination he'd never question it. For now he was happy to indulge in the unrealistic fantasies, despite the great strides he had made in regards with his father he knew that he'd inevitable still be under his father's control, especially when it came to whom he'd be with.


His father was one of the few that still held soul marks to the highest, even if he himself had not fallen through with meeting his soulmate and settling with them, despite the hypocrisy he expected him to settle only with the one with his mark. This had resulted in a number of fights, most of which Shouto mentioned that he had not only not settled with his mate but also taken another person away from theirs.


Endeavours reasoning was always the same, that it was necessary, that he had to in order to create him, the perfect one. Since he was perfect nothing could be wrong, not his power, not his height, weight or mark. If the universe chose him to be with that one person then it had to be with that one person only, and Midoriya couldn't be it. Even if by the slimmest of chances he was, it would be impossible. He was male, something his dad would never tolerate; he was All Might’s successor, his dad would rather him never have a partner; and he was weak, only in the eyes of his father he knew better than to underestimate him.


The rest of the hour went by with no disturbance, he showered and finished up on the last bit of his homework it wasn't until ten after the hour that he decided to text Midoriya. He never liked to admit that he was worried, but he was, either something went wrong or it was something severely serious. They were his friends and he'd hate to have another one of them isolate themselves. Iida had almost completely pushed himself away from the group, when they had tried to talk to him he had completely shut them off and pushed back into a different topic. At least that's something, but as of a week ago he just disappeared, in class he put on his mask but during lunch or break he was nowhere to be found and with the internships starting next week the worry and fear that something might happen only grew.


He knew it was a sensitive topic, he couldn't even begin to imagine how he would react if one of his siblings got injured, part of him knew what he'd do, his last run in with Bakugou had proved that he was capable of dangerous things, still he pushed it to the back of his mind and tried to find a way to get him to speak. But he knew he wouldn't be able to, if Izuku couldn't make him open up he doubted he could, but the situation was worrisome especially with how short his temper seemed to be as of late.


Midoriya had been pushing for the last few weeks to speak to him, of course, to no avail, but it had gotten the absolute worst one week ago. Maybe it was the others need to push and search for answers that he ignored all the tale signs that something bad was gonna happen.


For now all he wanted to do was push all of that for another day, with Midoriya's response he figured he might as well go out and jog, a way to cheat his routine so he could sleep in tomorrow. The probability of that being scarce, his body was used to it, to pushing beyond his limits even when he's just a second beyond collapsing, it wasn't like that now. He could handle a jog and not feel tired afterwards, but it always lead back to Endeavour, whether he likes it or not, everything leads back to him.


Quickly he headed out of his room and onto the campus entrance, he contemplated just jogging around the campus but chose against it. The body gets used to routine, follow it everyday and it no longer has the effect it used to have, this was his charge. He was going to get in trouble, he had acknowledged that as soon as he started jogging along the main road, since the villain attacks all request to go outside demanded a formal request and arrival from not only the principal but your corresponding homeroom teacher. He didn't have enough time to do that for a simple jogging request, not to mention that he doubted anyone would notice he was gone.


He forgot how the downtown part of town looked, it wasn't like he had never gone. On the rare occasion that his dad let him go out with Momos family and after visiting his mother he walk around a bit and enjoy the little liberty he got to enjoy on those days. He never thought he'd forget the distinct noise the city seemed to make a buzz, a composition of cars, people, and everything in between. It was a beautiful calm chaotic mess. He loved it, it was different from the obnoxious noise that was always flooding the dorms, in a self conflicting way it was like white noise, despite being the loudest.


It was peaceful, what he was hearing, what he was seeing, wasn't. He had just finished rounding the corner of his favourite ramen shop, one he had discovered on the rare occasion he was let out of the house, with Fuyumi of course. he had stopped for just a quick break, he should've known that a break is all a hero needs to be thrown into yet another mess. All the training he had been put through could never have prepared him for the situation he found himself in now.


Regardless of what Endeavour thought, he wasn't ready to be a hero, he wasn't ready to surpass anyone.


It was a child. A small girl, smaller than what he thought was normal for her age, broken and weak with bandages littering her arms. Her bluish, off-white hair, messy and unkempt blotches sticking to her horhead with what he could only imagine was blood, parted in the middle of her forehead, almost reaching down to her waist. The alarms were ringing, the blood, the blood in her hair, the trembling that seemed to shake her violently, the scratches on her bare feet, and the look of pure fear in her eyes.


Maybe he Izuku was rubbing off on him too much, but either way he blamed him for what he did, moving without thinking, without analyzing the situation. This wasn't like him.


He had his UA windbreaker on, he knew that if someone was hurting her and they saw them leave together they would be able to trace him, trace her. Hurt her. They'd hurt her again whether he saved her or not so he kept on moving, leaving her behind was no option. In the end, he didn't have to do much, he couldn't, she latched on to him and he just kept on running. She knew, in a weird way he understood that this was her plan, this was her escape. But escape from what?


He didn't want to find out, sure children could scare easier, up until then why would they need to be scared they hadn't had the opportunity to grow resistant to it. But an innocent fright was a completely different thing from trembling to the point of barely standing, of being splattered in your own blood. He knew the difference between the fears. All his life he only knew one, the cold feeling that filtered through his system until it consumed him every time his father woke him to train.  Everytime Endeavour came back home early, or came back at all, every time.


He knew what this child was going through. How could he not, being a Todoroki had always been a legacy forged by extensive pain, pain that had only worsened as the generations went along. Maybe she was going through that same situation, despite his gut telling him it was something bigger, something more dangerous. He didn't know specifics, with the trauma she was bound to have he doubted he would know anytime soon, but he knew it was child abuse, perhaps to it's worst extent, and that was all he needed to keep him running even after his muscles had long been screaming for a moment of rest.


 How could he be a hero if he forced another to go through what he had? He had an opportunity to make a change, a change. He refused to sit aside and do nothing.


But he was no God, and after the pain that had spread throughout his body he was forced to stop, this time he actually thought it through. A small antique shop, he'd gone there with Kirishima a couple of times, it was quiet and no one would give it a second glance. The best part was it was only a short distance away from UA, if need be, he could easily push himself all the way to campus, hopefully there they could continue keeping her safe. Now he just needed information not much, he wouldn't push, but a name would be nice.


Crouching down in the farthest part of the store he tried removing her from him. She was latched fierce onto his chest, legs around his waist,  moving her seemed to risky, to forced, and force was the one thing she didn't need.


"Hey," She flinched, despite his best to say it softly she flinched, it hurt him.


"I'm sorry, sh, I'm sorry. Please let me know your name." He was trying but he could feel himself cracking.


" please, help me." And that was enough for him.


Todoroki Shoto was not overly emotional, in fact the argument could be said that he didn't have emotions at all. So he was confused when he could feel the tears forming, the knot in his throat growing and his arms wrapped tightly around the girl as he rocked back and forth with her.


"I will, I promise I will." With that she separated from him, the same tears he held in her eyes as well.


"Eri." It was nothing more than a whisper, but it was appreciated more than anything.


"A beautiful name, I'm Shoto. And I promise, no matter what, that I will keep you safe." It wasn't an empty promise.


"Shoto." So much hope and fear, all swimming festering inside her he could feel her doubt, her trembling never really stopped. No sooner had she unlatched when she adjusted back to her old spot, there was no more time to waste, he had to keep moving.


He chose to buy a pair of clothes for both of them, it would be easier if they were at least somewhat hidden, and while he couldn't find shoes he had managed to find Eri a pair of sandals that were only slightly bigger. She was human, she deserved to be treated as such. 


Changing Eri had been a nightmare, he had just placed the hoodie over his undershirt, his best bet was to cover his very noticeable hair. The hood was his best bet. Eri on the other had refused to put the jacket or sandals on. She insisted she didn't deserve it, that if he found out she'd have it worse.


"Eri, they won't ever get you again okay, I promised to keep you safe, right?" She nodded and that's when he noticed that she kept on staring at his discarded windbreaker. Safety, he should've known.


"Would you rather wear my windbreaker?" No sooner had he offered when she had stretched herself to we're the jacket lay still sitting on his lap with incredible determination.


He was the youngest of the family, never had the chance to feel like a brother, now he was afraid. Afraid of how determined he felt to protect her, of how much anger was coursing through him for what they'd done to them. Afraid of the genuine pride that filled him seeing her in his clearly to big jacket and putting on her sandals, although reluctantly.


Quickly and quietly they made their way to the front of the store, only sparing a quick glance at the cashier before making their way onto the main road. If their old outfits couldn't make them suspicious two other things are; the child clinging onto him, still matted with blood, and the way that he kept on staring everyone down not out of fear and panic. It was suspicious, he knew that, but there was no way of stopping it,. This was the least he could do, he was scared of what he'd do otherwise. 


And he was panicking, the people seemed to all simultaneously look at him, look at her, searching through the crowd just waiting for a window to open so they could try to hurting her. The air even felt oppressive pressing against his lungs and refusing to let him go. Maybe Eri was an Empathy, because just at the moment he felt he was going to break it all disappeared, a strange serenity settling in his mind. instead he felt Eri start shaking violently, tears suddenly dampening the front of his green hoodie.


"Hey, it's okay, trust me, we're so close and you'll be safe and no one will ever touch you ever again." He whispered each word hanging heavy with the promise made prior.


"And him? You?" She said back between broken sobs.


"He will never lay a finger on you ever again," His blood was boiling," And don't worry about me, my friend would never let me get hurt." He knew it was true, it was enough to bring him back from the anger that had started consuming him.


"Freinf?" She had at least stopped crying, that was good.


"My friend Izuku, he'll help us, he'll help you." 


"Tell me more."


"Well, I don't know how to describe Izuku. He's the best person I've ever met, he could make anyone feel better on their worst day. I wouldn't be surprised if that's not his hidden quirk. He has the brightest green eyes and matching curly green hair that never seems to be controlled. He was my first friend, I consider him my best friend, and maybe I wish he could be something more.


He's a great person, a perfect student, and I have no doubt that he will become the number one hero. So believe me when I say that he will help, it would be against his genetic code to leave you behind. He's a true hero. He's not the only one though my whole class will help. I'm sure you'll love them all although I can bet you'll click with Uraraka and Kirishima the best, they're like Izuku. Kind and gentle and that's what you need the most.


Not to mention our sensei Aizawa, he's a pro hero, although underground he could take anyone on. Believe in me Eri and we'll do anything for you." He wasn't used to talking that much so he wasn't surprised that he was out of breath but feeling her nod her head made it all worth it.


"I'm scared" her voice was small but at least she didn't seem to be trembling. It wouldn't matter, they were only a block away, so close to safety. 


"Don't be. Once we get there you won't have any reason to be.


"He said he'd hurt anyone who got in between." That had a chill running through him, but only one question really prevailed.


Who was 'he' ?


Some speculation time


Running into Present Mic though, was a problem that he should've thought of beforehand but now it was all up in the air. Eri wouldn't let him go so it wasn't like he could place her down somewhere, his best option was to hide her behind his back, of course that meant awkward angles and all but it was all he could come up with. 


As Mic got closer he could make out his Soul Mark, they didn't know why exactly Mic and Aizawa had chosen to reveal that they were fated but they did soon after the UA sports Festival. While Aizawa-sensei kept his capture weapon to hide his mark, Mic had taken of his right glove and flaunted his mark whenever he could. He was proud and happy for them, he wished he could have something like that without knowing that it would inevitable be ruined by his hands. 


"Young Todoroki, how are you doing?" Mic said in his typically cheery tone, he could feel Eri start shaking, he was to loud.


"All's fine Mic-sensei, although I do have a bit of a headache so I'd like to head back to the dorms and rest." He said hoping that it could get him to leave quickly.


"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, you go and rest, we do have a special assignment for you guys tomorrow." Thankfully he had not only lowered his voice but left as well,things seemed to be going according to his very loosely formed plan.


He contemplated going through the front it was later in the day and almost everyone was in their room or training but today wasn't a day to base on chance, he opted to go through the back. From there he had quick access to the stairs and up to Izuku's room.


By now his talk with Uraraka must've ended, he was proven right when he say her sitting on the couch next to the elevators staring outside the windows. It would've been normal, had it been any other time he would feel happy that she was taking a break, but everything about the scene felt of. Her head was held down low just enough so she could see outside the window. Her hand on a part of her stomach just held there, she looked blank, empty. It scared him, but he had no time.


As he headed upstairs he faced another hurdle, how was he going to explain all this shit? He couldn't pop in and just say 'I picked up this bleeding and clearly traumatized child of the street and I don't know what to do so I brought her to you cause you know what to do right?' Nope, that definitely wouldn't cut it. Well it was now or never, and with that he knocked.


"And now I'm here." Shoto said as he finished his recollection of what happened.


"Oh Shoto,well," Izuku said as he looked down at Eri, still snuggling into Shoto's side," We need to help her, I'll text All Might to call a meeting with all the staff and we'll explain to the best of our capability. I'm here for you both." As Izuku pulled out his phone to text All might Shoto tried getting Eri to unlatch from him.


"Eri why don't you say hi to my friend, it's Izuku, the one I told you about." It took her a few minutes, both boys staring at her as she slowly got of Shoto and looked at Izuku.


"Hi," God bless him for being soft and gentle," My names Izuku."


"Eri, hi Izuku." She said quietly as she laid her head against Shoto's chest and closed her eyes.


"Well I'll give it to you, she's adorable, especially in your windbreaker." He said teasingly.


"She is. All the more reason why we need to help her, you know, I haven't seen her smile once. It scared me, reminds me of my past self. She shouldn't go through that, not this young. But I fear that her situation could be worse." He said as he ran his hand through a clean part of her head.


"We'll figure it out, we will save her. No matter what." Midoriya said as he lifted his hand in a determined fist. Before any of them could say anything Midoriya got a notification on his phone.


"Well everyone's already in the conference room, come on I'll take us there the fast way, make sure to cover her eyes I don't want her to get scared." With that they made their way to the porch to jump all the way to the 1-A building. And if he liked how Izuku wrapped his arm around his waist he would never admit it out loud.


The initial reaction of everyone was as he could've expected, as a choir, everyone exclaimed in unison. The only exception was Recovery Girl and Nedzu who only shook her head, something told him that they had an idea of we're this was heading.


Feeling Eri shaking at all the noise he felt compelled to say something, "Everyone please, keep your voices down, this is Eric, and I saved her." 


All Might looked like he was going to pass out.


Nedzu and Recovery Girl stared at him intently.


Aizawa had a pretty good poker face.


Midnight looked equally curious and worried.


And the rest kept pinching themselves, trying to wake up from whatever weird dream they thought they were in.


Everything stopped as she was brought closer to view, the scratches and bruises on her body on full display and the blood on her hair horribly visible.


Slowly he made his way to a chair, taking Izuku's hand in his and dragging him along to the chair next to his. Once seated he picked up Eri and sat her on his lap facing the rest of the staff.


"Eri, try telling them whatever you can." He said encouragingly, as he took one of her hands in his giving her a light squeeze.


"I was under a group, I don't remember the name, it wasn't important I was there only for one reason. He would take me apart and take parts of me and then again and again and-" Shoto quickly pressed her against him as she started breaking down. It wasn't necessary to continue, everyone knew the severity of the situation.


"I will contact Tsukauchi in the morning, clearly this is something more than basic child abuse." All might said, his fists tightly clenched.


"Taken apart." Midnight said.


"Over and over." Mic finished, it terrified them down to the bone.


"It's terrifying indeed, for now we must assume that no one is reliable and that her family is either gone or part of the group torturing her. For now, Shoto hands her to Recovery girl to heal, and we'll have her stay in one of the spare rooms." Nedzu said matter of factly as always.


"We can't be separated. She won't let me go." As if to prove her point, she tightened around him.


"Well it's only Chiyo. I'm sure if you try, it'll be okay." All Might tried saying encouragingly.


Even if he wasn't convinced he had to give it a try, she couldn't be by his side forever, even if he wished it could be so. He was scared at her reaction; it took too long because before he knew it, someone was lifting her off him, the response was immediate.


Before anyone could understand what was happening she was sobbing and scrambling to get back to Shoto, he too was rushing and pulling her back to his chest, on the table only a seed remained we're a flower had previously lain, a piece of wood was we're a desk had been placed and slowly a painting seemed to be disappearing, before it could go further Aizawa-sensei had activated his quirk, stopping it from getting out of hand.


All of them stared at her in shock, except Shoto, who was staring daggers at Snipe.


"A time-related quirk, a rare one that allows her to revert other things to a previous state. Not conclusive if it applies to live organisms or just not living. Not conclusive if she can use it to forward something to a future state. Interesting." Nexu said as he looked at her, an unreadable expression now clouding his face.


"We'll discuss everything else later, but for now, I'm sure everyone will agree that's she's to stay with Todoroki, Aizawa; you'll be moved to their block in case we need you to stop her quirk. Meanwhile, her curriculum will be handled by me. Once Detective is all caught up, we shall continue this meeting, for now, the meetings dismissed. And Todoroki well discusses your punishment for leaving campus without approval tomorrow." Nezu said, clapping his hands.


"Actually, I have something else to say, if I may," Izuku said, speaking for the first time since they entered the room.


"Are you sure it can't wait, I think I've had enough news to last a lifetime," Aizawa said blankly.


"No, it's urgent." He said, slightly twitching.


"Well, then my boy spit it out." All Might said  with genuine encouragement.


"I spoke to Airisu." And with that hell broke loose in a weirdly depressing way.


"Airisu?" Recovery Girl said with tears forming in her eyes, her strong facade quickly lost.


"Impossible," Aizawa said with both denial and pain painted across his face. 


"Explain," Nezu said, the only voice of reason amongst the mess.


Everyone else was silent.


So he explained everything.


"While I waited for Shoto to come back from his jog, I fell asleep. At first, I thought it was a dream; I saw a girl a distance away from me kneeled in front of something. The only thing I could make out was her super long brown hair streaked with glowing gold strands." He said, taking a quick breather.


"Oh, it is here; we finally did it." Recovery Girl said, still teary-eyed.


"She said that you guys should give up on her and I got mad and told her that everyone should keep on trying. She heard me and came close to me and explained to me what had happened to her. How she got abducted," At that Aizawa had stiffened up," what happened to her under 'Sensei,' and how she died."


"Did she say anything else?" Aizawa said, sounding slightly desperate.


"She said that the only quirk that could bring her back is one made by a genetic mutation; I woke up before I could hear the name. She also said to stop with the sorry's that you don't owe her any, she'd rather have company."


"Sounds like her to tell me something like that," Aizawa responded, a small smile betraying his usually stoic face.


Only a few more questions were made before they were able to leave, despite being dismissed they both stayed behind until everyone except Recovery girl had left. Eri, having fallen asleep half an hour ago, was carefully given to her to heal her scratches and bruises. As soon as she was done she bid them farewell and headed to her room


"Why didn't you tell me?" He said as soon as he comfortably adjusted Eri onto himself.


"I'm sorry, but between everything happening, I didn't have time," Midoriya said, looking down with slight embarrassment.


"Don't apologize, I should've thought of what I was saying better, with this, Airisu, Uraraka, God we don't need anything else." He said, feeling ashamed of what he had told him previously.


"Well, I was gonna suggest rescheduling our movie.." Midoriya tried saying teasingly to lift spirits as they both made their way back to their dorms.


"Eri." A few minutes of silence passed before they spoke again; by then, they had entered the building.


"I never said it had to be outside or that she couldn't come." He said, looking at him with a smile.


"Well, then text me the details." He said as they stood outside the shorter boys' door.


"Of course, goodnight Shoto." Warm and kind, he couldn't help but be drawn to him.


"Night Zuku." While one scurried off to his room wearing a prominent blush, the other stayed up pondering on how he had been given a nickname; he had called him Zuku. Planting the seed that perhaps there was a small chance they could be fated.


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