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A Taste Of Heaven

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This was it.


Katsuki was finally going to do it.


The moment he had been waited for his entire life had arrived. Okay, maybe not his entire life. Katsuki was just being dramatic, but you get the point.


Tonight, Katsuki was finally going to kiss Midoriya Izuku, and there was absolutely nothing that was going to stand in his way. He had been madly in love with his shitty, nerdy lab partner for nearly the entire year, and he had finally decided that something needed to be done. Drastic action had to be taken.


Katsuki had carefully constructed this party so that Deku (the blonde fucking loved how the green-haired nerd would pout with his plump, kissable lips whenever he called him that) would be an eligible guest (even though everyone else knew that the green-haired nerd was off-limits).


He had even invited a few of Deku’s friends so that the nerd wouldn't feel out of place. For the kiss to happen, Deku needed to be at the fucking party, so Katsuki covered all his bases. The blonde had also made sure to supply the nerd’s favorite chips (black pepper and sea salt… don't fucking ask) and soda. For some reason, Deku didn't like fizz, so Katsuki had purchased an extra orange soda that he had let sit out all night so that it would be all syrupy and decarbonated by the time Deku arrived.


And in case you were wondering how the fuck Katsuki knew all of that, don't ask. He may had his stalkerish tendencies, but Midoriya Izuku was an open book. He didn't even have to stoop to spying on the nerd at lunch. Deku ate his chips and drank his soda during class every day, so all Katsuki had to do was casually glance over at the labels.


That could hardly be considered stalking, right? Katsuki had to work a little harder to find how who the nerd’s best friends were, but the science geeks kind of lump themselves together—it hadn't been very difficult.


That first day of chemistry, they had to mix a bunch of chemicals Katsuki had never heard of before. He couldn't even fucking pronounce half the names, but Aizawa, their teacher, promised none of them were dangerous.


Katsuki wasn't sure he believed him, because he got some on him at one point, and could have sworn it had burned a fucking hole through his sweater. Deku had assured him that the hole had been present before they had begun mixing the supposedly harmless chemicals, and the fact he had even noticed that was enough to distract Katsuki for the rest of the period.


He was not really sure what it was that drew him to Deku in the first place. The huge, ugly as fuck, yellow backpack was a major no-no for anyone with any social standing. Katsuki had even tried to replace it on more than one occasion. He had ’accidentally spilled acid on it during class once, but Deku, the goddamned cute nerd that he was, had gotten more excited about the acid's capability to melt fabric than he was upset over it ruining his backpack.


The next day, Deku had came back with the hole haphazardly repaired (Holy fuck, did the nerd really tastelessly glued a fucking All Might patch on it?), and Katsuki didn’t try that method again. He had, however, left the nerd Anello backpacks anonymously at intervals throughout the year. But to this day, he had yet to see Deku use one. Shitty nerd really liked his yellow backpack, and Katsuki had just come to accept that as one of Deku’s odd, yet adorable nerdy traits.


It hadn't taken long for Katsuki’s tiny nerd-crush to turn into a full-blown infatuation. Deku was thin as a rail, and needed some serious fashion advice, but Katsuki couldn't help but like him. The green-haired nerd had this way of making the blonde laugh, even if he had no fucking idea what was supposed to be so funny.


Shitty Deku also listened to shitty music, and had this obsession with mint gum (rumor was the nerd chewed three packs a day) that Katsuki found rather odd, but Deku was probably one of the nicest guys he had ever met.


Deku was one of those guys who would hold the door open for you, or offer to carry your books for no reason. His mom still packed his lunch, and he always offered Katsuki his extra chocolate cookie, which the blonde had never once turned down, even though he was fucking allergic to chocolate. Katsuki had them all stashed in his locker. And even though he couldn't eat them, he couldn’t help but smile every time he glanced up at that tiny shelf.


Ashido Mina, or Raccoon Eyes as Katsuki ’affectionally’ called her, loved to make fun of the blonde for obsessing over someone as adorably geeky as Deku, but he just couldn't fucking help it even if he tried. Hadn't Raccoon Eyes learned anything from all those cheesy romance movies she made Katsuki watch? You can't choose who you fall in love with. Raccoon Eyes was dating Kirishima Eijirou, UA High’s volleyball star, and Katsuki was in love with his nerdy lab partner. Big fucking deal.


"As captain of the basketball team," Raccoon Eyes liked to remind him, "you're supposed to be dating fellow jocks. So unless you plan on giving your nerd lover a major makeover..."


But Katsuki would never consider it. In denim pants, a white t-shirt that had a fucking Party Shirt printed on it, bulky, red shoes and green, metal-framed glasses, Midoriya Izuku came complete with that yellow backpack and enough knowledge to fill an encyclopedia. Katsuki believed that everyone has had his crazy nerd crush, and he was in the midst of his. If Deku wanted to wear bulky shoes and tasteless shirts every day, Katsuki wasn't going to stop him.


"I don’t fucking care, Mina. It's all part of the shitty nerd’s charm," He’d tell Raccoon Eyes. She'd roll her eyes and laugh, but it would shut her up for a few days.


Katsuki guessed he was supposed to be dating either someone from the cheerleading squad or the football team, considering he’s the captain of the basketball team. But he wasn’t into girls, and even if the star quarterback, Todoroki Shouto, had asked him out on numerous occasions (though the blonde was pretty sure that Raccoon Eyes had something to do with that), and he had turned the fucker down every time. Muscles and shoulder pads just didn't do it for him.


After three years on the basketball team, Katsuki was still single and pining over his nerdy lab partner. Don't ask him how or why, because he had no fucking idea what to tell you. All he knew was that the way the nerd was mixing dangerous chemicals was turning him the fuck on.


As Katsuki glanced around his basement, which was quickly filling up with teenagers in skimpy clothes, his ruby eyes immediately found his target. Deku was sitting on the couch, hands fidgeting restlessly in his lap, discussing the new bunsen burners the school had purchased.


Katsuki couldn't help but smile fondly as he listened in. Deku was too damned cute for his own good. The green-haired nerd had a cup of de-fizzed orange soda on the coffee table in front of him, and Katsuki inwardly patted himself on the back when he saw that the shitty nerd had also snagged the bowl of black pepper and sea salt chips. It was just as well, since nobody else seemed interested in eating them.


Katsuki was lucky he was the one hosting the party, because it gave him an excuse to wander over and say hello. Smirking smugly, the blonde dropped down onto the couch opposite Deku and his nerdy friends.


"Hey! You fuckers having fun?"


They all nodded happily, munching on the precious chips they had procured, and sipping juice from plastic cups.


"This is really nice, Kacchan,” Deku began, grinning widely. That fucking cutesy nickname the nerd came up with to get back at Katsuki calling him ‘Deku’ was making Katsuki’s heart (and his dick) throb. Goddamnit. “Thanks for inviting us!”


"Heh. No problem, shitty Deku. We're gonna start playing games soon. You guys in?"


The brown-haired girl on Deku’s right shook her head, and one of the other boys graciously bowed out, but Deku shrugged and stood up.


"Sure, why not, Kacchan. What kind of games?"


Oh, if only you fucking knew. "Cards Against Humanity, Twister... and maybe spin the bottle."


Katsuki heard Deku fucking giggle beside him, and nearly had a heart attack.


"Really?! I've never played spin the bottle before."


"Well, you will tonight," Katsuki assured Deku, but the blonde knew spin the bottle wasn't on the agenda. Nope. Seven Minutes in Heaven was, and Katsuki had it rigged so he could make sure that Deku and him would be alone in a fucking closet and claim the nerd’s lips as his. Poor nerd wouldn’t know what hit him.


He was such a fucking genius.


After two rounds of Cards Against Humanity, which Deku surprisingly won, Katsuki glanced at Raccoon Eyes and nodded briefly. It was time to put his plan into action.


"Okay, everybody," Raccoon Eyes called out, standing up and raising her hands, demanding everyone's attention. "New game! Who's up for a round of Seven Minutes in Heaven?"


Deku leaned over and whispered in Katsuki’s ear, "What's that?"


But Raccoon Eyes was already holding up the big bowl of names they had filled out earlier. Katsuki knew for a fact that every single sheet in there either had his name or Deku’s on it, and he was trying to hide his smug smile.


"Katsuki and Izuku, you guys are up first," Raccoon Eyes announced, pointing at the two of them.


Deku looked adorably confused, but he followed Katsuki up the stairs and into the hall closet. It was dark, so Katsuki couldn't see the nerd’s face, but he sounded nervous when he finally spoke.


"So, uhm... what, exactly, are we supposed to be doing here, Kacchan?"


Katsuki couldn't help but smirk at Deku’s naivety. "Heh. You never played this game when you were younger? What a fucking nerd.”


"Nope! I played the All Might Trading Card Game, mostly."


Holy fuck, Deku was too adorable for words.


"Whatever. Here’s how the game fucking works. You draw two people's names out of a bowl, or a hat, or whatever. Then the two people would have to go into the closet and stay there for seven minutes. They gotta kiss whoever the fuck they’re with... or some shit like that," Katsuki finished lamely.


Now that they were actually in the closet, Katsuki’s idea didn't seem so brilliant. What if Katsuki made a horrible mistake, and Deku didn't want to? And the nerd would vehemently push him away, a disgusted look on his face? Fuck.


"Oh, is that all?" came Deku’s voice from somewhere very close by.


Is that all? What the fuck was that supposed to mean?


"You didn't have to go through all this trouble if you wanted me to kiss you, Kacchan," The green-haired nerd added mischievously.


"I didn't," Katsuki protested, maybe a bit too quickly. "The drawing was fucking random, shitty ne—”


"And only our names were in the bowl. You should have chosen a container that wasn't see-through, silly Kacchan," Deku laughed heartily.


Katsuki made a mental note to beat Raccoon Eyes’ ass when the night was over.


It was probably a good thing that the nerd couldn’t see him right now, since Katsuki could feel his face burning up. He felt so fucking humiliated, having his plan backfire on him, but the fact that Deku was still laughing made the blonde feel a little bit better. At least the green-haired nerd hadn't tried to run out on him yet.


"So," Deku said after a while, "what now?"


"I don't fucking know," Katsuki replied, a little breathless. The green-haired nerd knew what Katsuki wanted to happen, but the blonde couldn't read Deku at all. Not in the dark, not when Deku was taking this all so lightly.


"Do you have anywhere I could, uh, put my gum?" Deku asked nonchalantly.


Katsuki couldn't help but bark out a laugh at that. The tension in the blonde’s shoulders slowly faded, and he reached into his pocket to search for a tissue or a piece of paper to hand to the nerd. Katsuki wasn't surprised when he pulled out a slip of paper with Deku’s name on it; the light coming from beneath the door was just enough to illuminate the object in his hands. Silently, he handed it over.


Deku got rid of his gum, and shoved the wadded up paper into his own pocket before Katsuki felt the nerd’s cool, minty breath on his cheek. Katsuki’s skin tingled, and he froze. He had been waiting for this moment for so long that he wasn't sure what the fuck he was expecting.


But when Katsuki felt soft lips gently caressing his, he wasn't disappointed. He had initially been afraid that Deku would have no idea what he was doing, but Katsuki’s nerdy crush was definitely more experienced that he had given him credit for.


When they came up for air, Katsuki heard the green-haired man chuckle. "How did I do?"


Katsuki grinned. "Fucking heavenly."