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Not Your World

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Teressa's hanging arms mimicked rusted steal and silence attack her ears. After slowly pushing away the boulders sealing her eyes, the girl was welcomed by a warm, yellow light. 

With a concussion lingering in the back of her mind, it took a while for Teressa to comprehend where she was. The silver walls were unfamiliar, and she couldn't remember how she had arrived. Had she gotten herself captured again? She didn't think so. Usually, Teressa remembered things like that. And why couldn't she move her arms?

Thinking back to the dinner she had been preparing, Teressa looked up at her chained wrists. That wasn't right, was it?

No. It wasn’t.

She should be in the kitchen preparing dinner. So why was she here? Had she hit her head? That would explain the headache. Teressa groaned, May was going to kill her. Wait. May. Where was she? Was she hurt? Had something happened while she was away?

Something clicked and the girl started to struggle against the bonds. She finally acknowledged the warning from the hairs on the back of her neck. Had that been there the entire time? Teressa was surprised when the chains didn't snap under her strength. She didn't stop though. Too many people were dead due to Teressa's negligence, she was not going to add her aunt to that list.

An anonymous speaker came to life with a crack of electric thunder. A deep, experienced voice rung though the room. "I need you to stop struggling. You're going to hurt yourself."

"And who are you?" The girl's voice rasped for water.

Once again, the electric thunder struck again. She cringed at the sound, her sensitive ears threated to blow. "If you calm down, I can tell you." 

Though Teressa obeyed the voice, rebellion did not leave her posture.

"You are currently in a holding cell-"

"No shit, Sherlock."

The voice let out a frustrated breath before continuing. "-in a holding cell until we can determine if you're a threat or not."

A threat? Why would she be a threat? Unless- No. They couldn't know. No one knew. Not even May.

Teressa took a breath. "Under who's jurisdiction are you holding me? It's in my rights to know that."

It took a moment for the voice to return. During the time, Teressa continued to pull at the restraints. The grate of steel against steel bounced from wall to wall. She needed to get out of here. The silvery-grey dug at her skin causing harsh red marks to form. Ignoring the sting, Teressa continued to pull. If she just tried a bit more. She pulled and pulled. The chains didn't budge.

Finally, exhaustion took over and Teressa fell back to the ground. The crisp cool of the floor hugged the girl's bare lower legs. Why had her efforts been so useless? She was always strong enough to break any hold. Maybe whoever had captured her did know who she was.

It wasn't as if it was her fault. She didn't choose to be mutant. She had never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. She never used her power to take advantage of others. All she had wanted to do was help. News of the government locking up mutants wasn't new, but what had she done? She wasn't even seventeen yet. This had to be unconstitutional!

Teressa took a calming breath. She wasn't in danger right now - the hairs on the back of her neck would tell her if she was - so she needed to breath and conserve her energy.

After a few minutes the voice returned. "What is your name?"

"Tell me who your orders come from and I'll consider telling you."

At this point, most were annoyed when Teressa didn't answer their questions. Whoever was at the other end of the speaker wasn't fazed. "I can't tell you that until I have a name."

"Seeing as you're the one who kidnapped me, I would assume you already knew that."

"If I knew would I be asking?"

"Not sure. Most people who have captured me aren't usually the brightest."

Teressa could feel the frustration even from her cell. Her sass seemed to get under everyone's skin. It wasn't as if she intentionally did so. She had just picked up some of her brothers habits.

Again, the voice took some time to return. The inconsistency was starting to bother her. If someone was going to kidnap her, they could at least sit down and have a conversation without walking away all the time.

"I have a proposition for you." The voice returned unexpectedly. "If you tell me what your name is, I'll let you out of this cell."

For the first few seconds, Teressa didn't trust the idea. She received no rush of adrenaline as a warning though.

"Where will I go then?"

"You will stay in our facility for the time being."

It was worth it, she decided. It was just her name. The only reason she hadn't said anything earlier was because she was too stubborn to. Was her name worth freedom? If they did know that she was mutant, they could plaster her name all over the news. She would never return to school, and May would be all alone.

It took a few minutes, but she eventually agreed. If she could get out of this cell, she could escape their 'facility'. 

"Parker. Teressa Parker."