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Memories of a Hero

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Bakugo glared at the hero in front of him as they walked along the sidewalk. He regretted choosing Best Jeanist for his internship and the feeling was growing by the minute. Not only did the hero continually try to ‘tame’ his personality, he also made him change his hero costume. Jeans, no grenade gauntlets, and worst of all his naturally spiky blond hair was combed down. He could not wait for this week to be over.

Best Jeanist stopped suddenly and looked up. Bakugo followed his gaze and saw someone at the top of the building they were next to. “Look out below!” A female voice called out as the figure jumped down toward them.

The hero’s arm twitched and strings wrapped around the falling figure lowering her safely to the ground. As soon as the silver haired figure touched the sidewalk she dashed over to Best Jeanist.

“Are you all right?” The hero pulled the strings of his outfit back into place as he talked. “Why did you jump off a building like that?”

“I’m fine. I would have been fine even if you didn’t catch me. Are you a hero?” It was a strange question to ask the number four hero in Japan. How could anyone not know who he was?

“Do you need a hero?” The denim clad man leaned back in a model like pose. His mannerisms were nothing less than irritating to his young intern.

“You could say that.” She started to point to the building she had jumped from, but switched to a jump and roll halfway through as spikes impaled the sidewalk where she had been standing.

“Villains!” Best Jeanist lifted his arms as the threads of his outfit unraveled in preparation for combat.

Bakugo let sparks pop in his hands. “Finally,” he growled. Maybe this internship wasn’t all bad if he got to see some action.

“Stay with the girl, Bakugo.” The hero ordered. “Protect her.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” His red eyes blazed with fury. “I am not missing out on this action.”

Villains were starting to climb and jump down from the building above. “Do not leave her side.” The pro hero turned from the approaching enemies to send a glare at the boy to conveyed his seriousness.

With a grunt of annoyance the fiery blond decided to obey. The villains coming down were no match for Best Jeanist anyway. This would all be over very quickly. Instead he turned his attention to the girl in his charge. He had not realized at first that she was probably about his own age of sixteen. The girl reached up and pushed back her long silver hair revealing a dark red spot on her shirt.

“You’re bleeding.” Bakugo stared at the large patch of red and the gash on her left shoulder that was at the center of it.

“Am I?” The girl was being sarcastic. She smirked at him. “I’ll be fine. I’ve had much worse and it’s not bleeding that bad now.”

A hint of movement behind the girl drew Bakugo’s attention. A distortion in the air. “Move.” He shoved the girl out of the way as his hand shot forward. An explosion burst from his hand in the direction of the distortion. As the smoke cleared they could see a lizard like villain unconscious on the ground.

“That’s why I told you to stay with the girl.” Best Jeanist’s voice cut in with calm confidence. A glance showed that the villains behind him were all tied up and subdued. The hero walked over to the silver haired girl and offered her a hand. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine thanks to this hero.” She shot a quick smile toward Bakugo before returning her attention to Best Jeanist. “And also you, sir.”

The pro leaned down to examine the wound on the girls shoulder. “The police are on the way and so is an ambulance. You will need to get this wound checked out. Why were these villains after you?”

The girls gray eyes darted toward the ground as she took a deep breath. “I’m pretty sure they were part of a group that has been trying to kill me because of my quirk.”

The blond intern snorted dismissively. “Why would they be after you because of that?”

She frowned at him then turned her attention back to the pro. “My quirk is considered to have world destroying potential, so they are trying to wipe it from the gene pool. I had hoped to escape them by coming to Japan, but it seems that they followed me here.”

“You really have a quirk that can destroy the world?” Bakugo scoffed. The girl ignored him very deliberately and Best Jeanist shot him a disapproving look.

“You will need to give a full statement to the police when they arrive.” The hero used his quirk to tie up the villain that Bakugo had taken out and drag him over to where the others were. “We’ll stay with you until they get here, of coarse.”

“Thank you.” The girl had a nice smile, even if it didn’t reach her eyes. At the very least she had made this horrible internship a little more interesting.




Midoriya Izuku limped slightly as he entered the 1-A class room. His injuries from fighting Stain last week had not quite finished healing. Everyone was talking about their internships as he made his way to his desk. It was then that he noticed there was an extra desk in his row. “Huh. I wonder what that is there for.” He commented to himself.

In front of him Bakugo dropped into his seat with a growl. Midoriya had known Bakugo since they were young and still called him by the nickname Kacchan. It seemed the more years passed the more Kacchan tended toward perpetual irritation and today was no exception to this.

A few minutes latter it was time for class to start. Mr. Aizawa drudged into the room with his usual lack of energy. “Welcome back. I hope you all learned a lot from your internships. Before we start class today let me introduce your new classmate.” As he spoke a girl with shiny silver hair that reached her waist and grey eyes stepped into the room. She smiled brightly at the class. As she entered Kacchan sat up straighter, seemingly surprised by this new student. “This is Silvia Weiss.” Mr. Aizawa continued. “She transferred here from the top hero school in Germany. She’s fluent in Japanese, so language shouldn’t be an issue. We have a lot to cover today so we will keep the introduction at that.” Then he turned to Silvia. “You can sit in the back.”

As Silvia walked down the row between desks, she stopped in front of Kacchan. A look of surprised recognition on her face. Then a smile even brighter than before and perhaps a little teasing appeared on her face. “Oh, it’s you! I almost didn’t recognize you. Thanks for before.” Then with a small wave she hurried to her desk.

Kacchan’s head turned to follow the new student with a look of surprise on his face. He continued looking back at her until Aizawa started to lecture. Even after that he glanced back several more times, but he made no move to talk to the girl during the breaks between classes.

At lunch break Midoriya joined Uraraka in welcoming their new classmate. “You’re from Germany?” Uraraka asked excitedly. “I’ve never met anyone from Germany before. How did you learn Japanese?”

“I did grow up in Germany, but my mother is Japanese. She insisted on teaching me the language since I was little.”

“Your name was Weiss, right? Would you like to eat lunch with us?” Midoriya asked.

“Sure, but please call me Silvia.”

Midoriya and Uraraka introduced themselves as the three walked to the lunch hall. “So what’s your quirk?” Midoriya asked.

“Energy manipulation.” Silvia stated.

“Oh. Is that like Kaminari’s electrical powers?” Uraraka pondered.

“No.” Silvia responded. “I can manipulate all forms of energy, not just electricity. I can absorb, direct, and change forms.”

“All forms of energy?” Midoriya placed a hand on his chin. “Does that include heat, light, momentum? Can you produce different forms of energy? And what do you mean direct? Does that mean you can change their shape or-“ Midoriya’s mumbling was interrupted by Silvia’s light laughter.

“You sure have a lot of questions. I’m sure you’ll understand better once you see me use my quirk.”

An opportunity to see her quirk came latter that afternoon in the form of a race to All Might as rescue training. Midoriya was in the first group and while he did not win it was a good chance to practice with his new Full Cowling skill. Silvia was in the second group. As the video screen showed Silvia waiting in her starting spot Uraraka asked, “Where are her shoes?”

Midoriya wondered the same. Silvia’s hero costume was fairly simple, a light blue sleeveless top with dark blue highlights and capris. Tinted goggles sat on her forehead and her hair was pulled into a low ponytail. A belt with many pouches hung around her waist. Her feet were bare and Midoriya noticed what might have been her shoes hooked to the back of her belt. As the race started they saw the reason for her lack of shoes.

As soon as the signal came to start the ground under Silvia began to glow. It exploded with force launching Silvia into the air high enough to land on top of one of the buildings. She charged across the roof without hesitation. When she reached the edge of that building the ground lit up once more and she was launched to the next building.

“How is that ‘energy manipulation’?” Uraraka asked.

“Well,” Midoriya responded. “She is manipulating energy to create the force to launch her, but I’m not sure where the energy is coming from. Is she somehow drawing it out of the ground?” He had so many questions as he watched their new classmate rushing along.

“She’s fast. It’s too bad that won’t be enough to beat Bakugo in this race.” Uraraka observed. It was true. Kacchan was flying through the air already near the finish line.

“Kacchan really is amazing with this sort of thing. But this is the first time we’ve gotten to see Silvia’s quirk. She seems to use it pretty well for movement, but I wonder if it might be more suited to other uses.” Midoriya continued to mumble theories to himself as the race ended with Bakugo in first and Silvia in second.




A sigh escaped Silvia’s lips. Trying to use her quirk for a race like this was not something she was used to. Her quirk was versatile, but this was far from the best way to use it. After the race her classmates asked a lot of questions about her quirk. A boy with yellow hair with a lightening bolt draped his arm across her shoulder. “I heard you had an energy quirk so I expected it to be like mine, but that was completely different. How did you do that?”

A pink girl shoved him out of the way. “No kidding. That was really impressive. You have to tell us how your quirk works.”

She tried her best to explain. “My power is energy manipulation, but since matter is basically a form of energy I can convert it to other forms...” The blond boy and pink girl were giving her blank looks along with most of the other classmates. Perhaps theoretical physics was not their strong suit. “I guess it’s kind of complicated.”

Midoriya still looked deep in thought. “So you can convert between different forms of energy. Fascinating. I wonder if it is direct conversion or if some of the energy is used up when it changes. Are there limits on how much you can convert?”

“Shut up, Nerd.” Bakugo snapped. “No one wants to listen to you ramble.”

Silvia wondered if Bakugo was always in this bad of a mood. Now that she thought about it, he had not exactly been friendly when they met the day she was attacked. The blond turned his fiery red eyes on Silvia. His expression was less hostile and more curious than how he had looked at Midoriya. He strode towards where she was standing. She didn’t flinch under his intense gaze. Then he brushed by without saying a word leaving Silvia to turn and look after him with a feeling of curiosity.

A few days later at lunch Silvia chose a seat with Bakugo and Kirishima.

“What do you want?” Bakugo growled.

“I would like to get to know the person who saved my life,” she replied with a friendly smile. “We haven’t talked much since I joined the class.”

“Wait,” Kirishima piped up. “When did this happen?”

“During that stupid internship, Weird Hair,” Bakugo explained. “It was the only worthwhile thing that happened that whole week.”

“You’ve got to tell me the story!” The red head smiled, showing his pointy teeth.

“Later,” his fiery friend’s reply left Kirishima looking slightly disappointed.

Silvia glanced between the boys then decided to change he subject. “So what drives Bakugo Katsuki? Why are you becoming a hero?” Silvia asked as she began to dig into her meal.

The blond growled at her. “That’s what you want to know? Are you expecting some sort of sob story?” Despite the sarcasm, after a brief pause he still answered. “I want to win and have everyone know I’m the best. I want to be better than All Might and become the number one hero of all time.”

“So you have a strong sense of competition. Perhaps a bit of a superiority complex.”

“I don’t have any kind of complex,” he growled.

Silvia let her eyes rest on the blond next to her as she chewed a bite of food thoughtfully. He would be handsome if he didn’t glare so much. She wondered how easy he would be to tease. “With your skills I imagine you won a lot when you were younger.”

“Of coarse.” A proud smile flashed across his face. “I never lose.”

“Too bad,” Silvia said thoughtfully. “A few defeats might have taught you some humility.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Bakugo demanded with a glare.

“We all have flaws, but I think failures help beat some of them out of us. At minimum it would have helped with your arrogance a little.” She smiled teasingly.

“If you’ve got a problem with me, then sit somewhere else.” The blond looked ready to kill as he glared at the girl next to him.

She didn’t back down. “I don’t have a problem with you. I find you intriguing. I’m just observing that there is value in failure sometimes.”

“Yeah.” Kaminari laughed a little nervously. “Changing the subject, um, why are you trying to become a hero?”

He was probably trying to avoid explosions. Silvia hesitated before forcing a bright smile. “Well, when you have a quirk as powerful as mine it’s natural to want to use it for good. Besides, hero school is the best place to learn control.”

Bakugo frowned. “You should be honest with us if you want us to be honest with you. And stop with the fake smiles. It’s annoying when your eyes don’t match your expression”

“I’m sorry.” Her smile disappeared. The comment had caught her off guard. “I didn’t want to bother you with my problems. I learned at my last school that having a tragic backstory was not the best way to make friends.”

“Doesn’t seem to stop half-and-half,” the blond mumbled.

“You mean Todoroki? He has a tragic back story?”

“Forget that,” Kirishima cut in. “What’s so tragic about your motivation for being here?” He seemed far too excited considering what she had just said about the story he was asking for.

Silvia collected her thoughts, mentally stripping her story down to the bare details. “For years I’ve been targeted by a group of extremist villains due to my quirk having the potential to destroy the world.”

“Destroy the world?” Kirishima sounded incredulous. It was a common reaction.

“If I used my quirk to convert a large enough object it could create an explosion larger than the biggest nuclear bomb ever created. That’s why they’re always trying to kill me. My Dad died protecting me and my mother was crippled. They suffered because of me and despite the power of my quirk there was nothing I could do to help them. I want to be able to protect those who I care about and I want to prove to myself that my power isn’t something bad.” Determination filled Silvia as she spoke. “I will become stronger and I will protect them.”

“Finally your face matches your eyes.” It seemed there was almost a hint of a smile at the corner of Bakugo’s mouth. “That fake smile of yours was starting to piss me off. If you’re gonna smile it should be because you’re really happy.”

Silvia blinked a few times. It seemed Bakugo was far more observant than she had guessed. He also seemed to care more than she expected from his ruff attitude. Slowly a small smile turned the corners of her mouth up. She had chosen to put a smile on her face so many times that she was practically an expert at faking them, but for once she was actually smiling because she was truly happy.




Later that night as Silvia lay in her room she pulled out her phone and called the only number on her favorites list. As her brother’s deep voice greeted her in German she felt herself relax. “Isn’t it rather late there?” Kurt asked.

“Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you anyway. I feel like I haven’t had much time to talk since I started classes.” She pushed her shiny hair back from her face.

“Are you getting along with the other students?”

“Mostly.” Her conversation with Bakugo flashed through her mind. “I think I might make some real friends here. There’s someone, well, he’s kind of rough around the edges, but I think I would like to get to know him better.”

“He? Don’t get too attached,” her brother’s deep voice cautioned. “Eventually you will be returning to Germany.”

“I know. But, it’s better to be sad at leaving friends behind than to be sad at not having them to begin with.”

He chuckled softly on the other end of the phone. “I suppose that’s true. You should sleep now so you can be ready for your classes tomorrow.” They said their goodbyes and Silvia drifted off to sleep thinking about her new friends at U.A.