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Memories of a Hero

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“What are YOU doing here?”

Silvia blinked up at the angry red eyes that glared down at her. Bakugo was standing in front of her and was dressed in a tight black tank top and baggy grey shorts. A glance at her surroundings showed that she was on the bench in front of her apartment complex and, judging by the light, it was just after sunrise. “I’m... enjoying the early morning air.” The last thing she remembered was going to bed the night before. She had no idea when she came outside. At least she was dressed.

Bakugo continued to glare. “But what are you doing HERE?”

“I live here.” Silvia motioned to the apartment building. Surprise registered momentarily on his face before it returned to his standard look of mild annoyance. “What are you doing here?” Silvia returned the question.

“I come running past here every morning.”

After his response, silence settled between the two. Silvia tried not to think about the gap in her memory preceding Bakugo’s appearance, but questions ran through her mind anyway. How did she get out here? Why didn’t she remember? How long had she been here? Was something wrong with her?

His gruff voice cut in on her thoughts.”Hey.” Their eyes met and he seemed to be studying her for a moment. “If you’re going to to be out here this early you should do something useful.” Silvia gave Bakugo a puzzled look. “See if you can keep up?” Bakugo jerked his chin as if motioning for her to follow then he turned and started to walk away.

Was that an invitation to join him? More like a challenge. Silvia hopped up and followed as quickly as she could. Her muscles felt stiff. How long had she been sitting there? As Silvia fell in behind Bakugo he increased his speed to a fast jog.




If you had asked Bakugo why he had Silvia come with him, he would not have been able to answer. There was something in her eyes that bothered him. In the brief interactions they had prior to this she always had a confidence and strength in her eyes, but today it was gone. She looked lost and about ready to disappear and he wanted to stop that.

He didn’t say much as they ran, but he did glance back every once in a while to make sure she was keeping up. The despair soon disappeared from her face and she seemed to have no trouble keeping up with his normal pace.

After running for nearly an hour he led her back to where they had started. She was winded, but didn’t complain. She plopped back onto the bench he had found her on and worked on catching her breath. Bakugo looked down at the silver haired girl. “You should hurry and get ready for school.”

Silvia gave him a genuine smile. “Why did you invite me to join you?”

The question was not strange to ask, but it did make the explosive teen slightly irritated. “Because I felt like it.” He looked away. The smile made her look surprisingly cute. “And… you looked like you needed to clear your head. Got a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” Silvia tilted her head as she studied the boy in front of here. “I enjoyed myself. And thank you. It helped me a lot.”

“Good.” Bakugo started to walk away. On impulse he added. “Be ready at 6:00 tomorrow morning.” Without waiting for a response he shifted into a jog and headed back home. He also needed to get ready for class.




By the time Silvia got changed and ready after her run she barely made it to school on time. Her head had started hurting and as she rushed down the hall toward class she started to feel dizzy.

Did she over do things this morning? She didn’t feel that worn out after the run. Silvia leaned against the wall trying to force her eyes to focus on the 1-A sign at the end of the hall. Everything was getting dark.

“Weiss. Weiss!” A hand on her shoulder brought the world back into focus. Silvia looked up into the tired eyes of her home room teacher.

“Mr. Aizawa?”

“Care to explain what you’re doing here, Weiss?” Aizawa looked irritated.

His question sounded a lot like Bakugo’s words earlier that day. “I was on my way to class and I started feeling dizzy,” she explained.

“Is that why you missed first period?” He crossed his arms.

“What?” Silvia was sure she had been on time. She pulled out her phone and checked the time. The color drained from Silvia’s face as she realized more than an hour had passed since she arrived at school. “I have no memory of the past hour,” she mumbled. “This is the second time today. I was in the hall outside of class.” She glanced around seeing that she was in a different part of the building. “How did I get here?”

Aizawa’s brows furrowed in concern. “This better not be an excuse.”

“It’s not.” She could feel her heart rate rise as fear and confusion flooded her thoughts. “The last thing I remember was walking to class. I felt dizzy then the next thing I knew you were standing in front of me. I don’t know why I can’t…” Her voice cut off as she tried to find words to explain her confusion.

The teacher placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “I’m taking you to the nurses office. Recovery Girl will figure out what’s going on.”




“It appears you have been affected by a mind altering quirk.” Recovery Girl turned from the test results to a rather pale looking Silvia.

“Mind altering?” The girl whispered.

“Specifically the tests indicate effects on the memory. Don’t worry too much.” She reassured the girl. “Most likely this is a case of accidental quirk activation and the result was the memory lapses you have already experienced.” In truth there was no way to be certain without knowing who used the quirk in the first place. However, what she told Silvia was the most likely case. “We will be monitoring you for the rest of the day to be sure. I understand you live alone. Is that correct?”

“Yes. My family is all back in Germany.”

“One of the teachers will make sure you get home safely today and pick you up tomorrow. If you have any more lapses in memory let me know immediately.” The small nurse handed a bottle of pills to her patient. “If your headaches continue you can take one of these up to every six hours.”

Silvia took the pills. “Is it okay for me to still do the same stuff as normal? I was planning to go jogging with a classmate tomorrow morning.”

Recovery Girl smiled. “That should be fine. If you feel dizzy make sure to have them take you back home. Now, it’s lunch break so go get some food.”

As the door closed behind the silver haired student, Recovery Girl frowned at the test results. They would have to do further investigation to figure out what had happened. Altered memories could be a dangerous thing.

She would need to talk to the principal about this situation. If this was more than an accident, if this was an attack on one of their students, they would need to be prepared. Medical tests could only tell them so much. Observation was their best bet for finding anything out of the ordinary and even that could only tell them so much.

With a sigh the nurse headed to Principal Nezu’s office. He would know best how to approach this situation.




“Where were you all morning?” Kirishima asked as Silvia sat down at a table with him and Bakugo.

“I was in the nurses office for a headache and... some other things.” Silvia avoided eye contact by staring at her food.

“Is that why you looked so out of it this morning? Just a headache?” The doubt was clear in Bakugo’s voice.

“Wait,” Kirishima jumped in before she could respond. “What do you mean this morning? You met before class?” The redhead’s voice was growing more excited. “Don’t tell me you guys had some sort of romantic encounter. Show her you’re a real man, Bakugo.”

“It wasn’t like that!” Silvia exploded. She took a deep breath to calm down. “He just happened to be jogging past my apartment this morning and I happened to be outside. There was nothing ‘romantic’ about it.”

“Fine.” Kirishima leaned back in his chair. “But, I can think of several classmates who would be quick to make assumptions if they found out. Especially considering you’re the only girl in class who willingly puts up with Bakugo’s twisted personality.”

“What’s wrong with my personality, idiot?” Bakugo growled.

Silvia smiled. “Nothing other than your tendency to lash out in anger at anything and everything around you. Also, you have kind of a foul mouth.”

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me?” His eyes narrowed in a signature glare.

Her smile didn’t fade. “Not at all. I’m merely stating facts. Besides, you have good qualities as well. You’re strong, passionate, driven, intelligent. Maybe someday you’ll grow into a worthwhile person.”

That was enough to push Bakugo to explode. He leapt to his feet. “What do you mean ‘someday I might be worthwhile’? You are trying to pick a fight.”

Silvia laughed as Kirishima tried to calm his friend who was busy throwing insults at her. “Calm down already.” She giggled. “We’ve got to hurry and finish eating if we’re going to get back to class on time. I’ve got to work hard this afternoon to make up for the classes I missed this morning.”




“Was there any more unusual behavior?” Principle Nezu asked as he sipped his tea.

Aizawa sighed before answering the small animal like principal. “Not as far as I could tell. However, since we have only known Silvia Weiss for a few weeks it’s hard to be certain.” If it had been any of his other students he could have had more confidence, but Silvia had been there for such a short time. On top of that she had a habit of hiding her true feelings. Most of her classmates didn’t seem to notice, but Aizawa knew a fake smile from a real one.

“Where is she now?” All Might asked.

“Midnight is escorting her home. Weiss promised to stay there until tomorrow morning when she has plans to go jogging with Bakugo. We will be keeping an eye on her to make sure that is true.” Aizawa looked down at the report from Recovery Girl. “We’ll be investigating the other people in her apartment complex to see if any of them could be the cause of the gaps in her memory.”

“We cannot dismiss the possibility that this is an attack on one of our students.” Nezu set his tea down. “I think we will all rest better once we locate the cause of this incident.”

“There is another possibility.” Aizawa said. “This could be a side effect of a quirk she was effected by in the past. We should check with her family regarding any inconsistencies in her memory as well as if they know of any incidents that could have caused this.” If it occurred before she came to UA, then they could most likely be sure it wasn’t an attack on the school at least.

“I’ll take care of it this evening,” the principal replied. “As for tomorrow, All Might would you please escort Silvia back here in the morning.”

All Might popped into his muscular form and gave a thumbs up. “Definitely!”

Aizawa ignored his colleague’s overenthusiastic response. “If there are indications that this is an attack of some sort, we need to have a plan in place.”

“Agreed,” said the small furry principal. “Although without knowing what sort of memory alterations we are dealing with it is hard to plan an appropriate response. For the time being we will focus on keeping an eye on her and we will meet again if there are any further developments.”

With that the meeting was brought to an end and the teachers left to return to their other duties.