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Memories of a Hero

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An angry fist pounded against the door in front of him as Bakugo growled in frustration. What was taking that Shiny haired side character so long to answer? When the door finally did open Silvia was dressed, but still looked partially asleep.

“Bakugo,” she sighed. “It’s summer vacation. Can’t we start our run a little later in the day?”

“Tch. That’s the kind of attitude I would expect of someone with no ambition. And here I thought you wanted to be a hero.” As expected his words earned a glare from the girl in front of him.

“You think I lack ambition?” A menacing smile parted those cute lips. “How about after our run we have a little sparing match and I show you just how much fight I have in me? Of course since we are off campus it will be without quirks.”

Her challenge drew a chuckle from Bakugo. She was always full of surprises. “Well, if you want me to beat you to a pulp, who am I to refuse.” The blond smirked down at his companion. “I know the perfect place. We’ll stop there on our way back.” Bakugo liked the fire that was burning in those grey eyes. He’d seen it in her eyes on their first day of classes and as much as he hated to admit it, this girl's passion intrigued him. Even when she was feeling down that fire was still there in the background smoldering.

After nearly an hour of running, Bakugo led the way to an open space a little ways off the road. It was out of the way enough that they wouldn’t draw the attention of passers by and large enough that they wouldn’t have to worry about obstacles. The teenagers stood facing each other. Bakugo crouched down into a fighting stance. “Hope you’re ready to die, Shiny.”

The girl did not respond as she stood there with a calm hint of a smile on her face. The fiery boy launched himself forward. His right arm swung in a powerful hook. She easily dodged the attack and slipped inside his guard. Bakugo barely managed to block the elbow she brought towards his face. Bakugo tried to grab her arm, but she pulled back too quickly. As she moved back the fiery boy shot forward with a punch that Silvia nearly dodged, but it did clip her shoulder. Unfazed by the glancing blow, the girl spun into a kick that hit Bakugo squarely in the back.

He stumbled, but recovered quickly and returned with a counter attack. As they continued to fight, a smile spread across Bakugo’s face as his red eyes burned with excitement. This was a girl worth fighting. Even when he landed solid blows she didn’t falter or back down.

After they had exchanged a number of blows Bakugo noticed that his hits weren’t as effective as they should be. The reason wasn’t hard to figure out. He jumped back for a moment. “I thought you said no quirks,” he commented while still smiling.

“Oh, you noticed.” She wiped the blood away from a split lip he had given her then reached up to fix her ponytail that had come loose. “I don’t have complete control over my energy absorption. Even when I’m not trying to use it I still absorbs some of the energy from blows that hit me. Hope you don’t think that’s unfair.”

“Doesn’t matter to me.” He leapt forward punching with his full strength. Silvia had just finished with her hair and barely managed to block in time. The hit still knocked her off balance and gave Bakugo the opening he needed to pin her to the ground.

Silvia pulled Bakugo down as well and the two began struggling on the ground. For several minutes the two fought for the upper hand until Bakugo finally managed to lock down the girls movements.

Grey eyes glared up at red ones for a moment before Silvia relaxed and allowed a smile to spread across her face. “You win this time.”

“Of corse I do.” Bakugo moved to let her up. “Just who do you think you’re talking to anyway? I’m going to be the number one hero someday. Don’t you forget that.”

“I’ll remember.” She continued to smile as she got up. “But I would say you still have a long way to go.”

“I beat you didn’t I?” His anger was quickly rising.

The smile turned more mischievous. “You beat a high school girl who was a shut-in until last year. Good job!” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Tch.” Was she trying to make him angry? Judging by the look on her face, probably. “Shut up.” He growled. “We both know you’re a better than average fighter. And I could definitely beat someone more skilled than you.”

“Was that a compliment?” She blinked in surprise.

“Argh. Just shut up.” He turned away. “Let’s get going already. I have better things to do with my day than hang around with you.” He didn’t really, but he was getting tired of this topic.

“All right.” She moved to walk beside him. “But can we move tomorrows run to 7:30? I could use a little more sleep.”

“Fine.” It was a short walk back to Silvia’s apartment where they parted ways and Bakugo headed back home. As he walked he thought back to the match he had against Silvia. There was something strange about the way she fought. He couldn’t quite place his finger on what it was, but sometimes she almost seemed to move faster than her own mind could keep up with. Maybe it was muscle memory kicking in when her mind was out of practice, but that didn’t really make since. Regardless, he was sure of one thing, Silvia had a lot of potential. He smiled. It might be nice to spar again sometime and he bet that shiny haired fireball would also like to spar again.




The ringing of her phone woke Silvia from her nap. They were a week into Summer vacation and this was the first day that she didn’t spar with Bakugo after their run. He had chosen not to spar today, something about meeting up with ‘stupid hair’. She assumed that meant Kirishima. Since this left her with extra time she had lain down for a short nap. Silvia rubbed her eyes as she grabbed her phone and answered. “Hello.”

“Hey!” It was Ashido’s cheerful voice on the other end. “The rest of us girls are going swimming at the school pool. Want to join?”

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“We’re just using our school swimsuits.” Her voice was so bubbly. “You do have one of those, so what do you say?””

Silvia thought for a moment. If it was school swimsuits it should be fine and she didn’t really have anything else to do today. “Alright.”

An hour later all the girls were standing stretching at the side of the school pool. Soon the boys started arriving on the other side. apparently they were there for endurance training. “That’s awfully responsible of them.” The water felt cool as Silvia slipped in, but not uncomfortably so.

“Catch!” Uraraka tossed her a beach ball before jumping into the water herself.

“Toss it here,” Yaoyorozu called. Soon the girls were laughing as they played together. Even Silvia felt a small genuine smile on her own face.

“So,” Uraraka moved closer. “Will you be seeing your family over Summer break?”

A sigh escaped Silvia’s lips. “No. Unfortunately it’s not really possible for them to come visit right now and of course I won’t be able to travel back to Germany either with training camp and everything.”

“Sorry to hear that.” The brunette rubbed the back of her neck. “I’m realizing now that I don’t even know what family you have.”

“No worries. My father passed away a few years ago, but I still have my mom and my older brother. My brother did say he might be able to come visit some time this fall.” As the others began to discus their own families Silvia half listened as she thought about those she had left back home. In the month she had been in Japan it had not been possible for her to talk with her mother due to a busy work schedule and her mother’s frequent time in the hospital. But at least she was able to talk to her brother every couple days.

The conversation was cut short when familiar yelling announced the arrival of the angriest member of class 1-A. Bakugo was challenging Midoriya to some sort of competition while Kirishima held the red eyed boy back. Yaoyorozu clapped her hands together. “If the boys are going to race, we should offer to help time them.” The girls got out of the pool and headed over to where the boys were still discussing what they would do.

Now that they were right by the boys Silvia noticed that many of them were very well built. This wasn’t too surprising considering the physical nature of many of their quirks and the need for strength in hero work. She especially found her eyes drawn to a certain explosive blond. As soon as she realized where she was looking Silvia turned her attention away.

Why did it have to be Bakugo that caught her eye. She was smart enough to know that part of her was developing a crush on the angry boy. She enjoyed the challenge that his tough exterior presented, but he was not caring enough about others for her to ever consider a serious relationship. At least not right now. Maybe if he showed some growth and started caring about someone other than himself. There were so many other things she did like about him and teasing him until he blew up was a joy. Silvia shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts. She needed to focus on the here and now, not the theoretical future. Her attention returned to the races as she watched Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki get ready for the final round. Silvia considered all three of them her friends and couldn’t decide who to root for.

As the signal was given to start the three boys launched forward. However rather than flying forward to race, they all made the most ridiculous surprised faces as they splashed into the pool. Silvia laughed at the funny expressions as Aizawa appeared and told the boys that their time was up. He had apparently erased their quirks as they started and was now forcing them to leave without settling the last round.

That night as Silvia worked on a painting of a landscape she still found herself chuckling over the memory of the boys falling in the water. The boys may have been upset about not getting to finish, but seeing their expressions at the end was worth listening to any amount of complaining. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this relaxed and cheerful. She could only hope it would last.