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Memories of a Hero

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“We were able to gain some information from the tests we ran at the hospital.” Recovery Girl let her eyes sweep over the men in front of her. She had called the two men to go over results of the tests she ran while Silvia was injured. Aizawa and Principal Nezu waited for her to continue. “The quirk readings still indicate that Silvia Weiss’s memories were altered in some way. However, based on the levels of the readings it is likely that the quirk has a time limit of some kind. Most likely her memories will return once that time limit is reached.”

“Are you able to tell when that will be?” Nezu asked.

“With only two points of data it is hard to make an accurate guess. Most likely it will be somewhere between two and six months from now.”

“That’s a disturbingly large range,” observed Aizawa. “Is there any way you can get a more precise estimate?”

Recovery Girl flipped through her papers. “If we did regular tests of the quirk levels we could get a better idea of how quickly it is fading, however that would be very time consuming for us and her. It also would not make any difference in treatment.”

Aizawa knit his brow. “Should we be worried about when the quirk does wear off? Long term quirks like that can have some nasty side effects.”

“Agreed.” The old woman frowned down at her papers. There were still so many unanswered questions about this quirk. It bothered her to not be able to give better treatment. “Unfortunately we won’t know if treatment is needed until the quirk wears off. I was able to narrow down when she was effected to within a month on the first examination. With that information do you have any ideas of who may have used their quirk?”

“Unfortunately, no.” Aizawa looked annoyed. “No one in her apartment complex or the surrounding area has a memory quirk. We checked for anyone with similar complaints in the area, but found nothing. Even if we tried to backtrack her movements during that month it would be nearly impossible, especially since we can’t rely in her own memories of that time.”

“We will just have to wait for the time being.” Nezu laced his small fingers together in his lap. “Once her memories return, Miss Weiss will be able to provide us with more information and we will be able to decide if further action is required. In the mean time, Recovery Girl, please let us know if there are any further developments.”

Aizawa stood slowly. His posture as bad as ever as he turned to leave. “I’ve got to go meet with All Might. We need to visit the parents about the dorms. At least it will be easier to avoid things like this once the students are living here.”




The students of 1-A stood together looking up at their new home. The dorm building reminded Silvia of a scaled down version of the main building on campus. Most the student chatted happily as Aizawa welcomed them and reminded everyone about the provisional hero licenses. Then his voice took on a more serious tone. “Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida. You five are the ones who broke the rules and went to rescue Bakugo that night.”

This was news to Silvia. She glanced in surprise at the students in question. It wasn’t really a surprise that Midoriya and Kirishima went. Midoriya had a tendency to put himself in danger for others and Kirishima was probably one of the only other students who would call Bakugo his friend. She was surprised about the others going as well and wondered about the details. The rest of the class did not seem as surprised by the information. In fact their expressions looked like a mixture of regret and guilt.

Aizawa continued. “Based on your reactions, I assume the rest of you were at least aware of their plan. I’m going to set aside a number of issues and just say this. If it weren’t for All Might’s retirement from the hero scene, I would expel every one here except Bakugo, Jiro, Hagakure, and Weiss.” As he explained why and the fact they would all have to earn back his trust everyone’s faces fell and they all stared sadly in front of them.

Aizawa headed back into the dorm building. The enthusiasm from earlier was gone. Bakugo of all people was the one to break the tension. He suddenly grabbed Kaminari and dragged him behind the bushes. After a few loud noises and electrical shocks Kaminari emerged looking as dumb as he always did after overusing his quirk. Jiro couldn’t contain her laughter and the whole class quickly started cheering up.

While most of the class laughed at Kaminari’s stupid expression, Silvia watched Bakugo go up to Kirishima and pay him back for night vision goggles. She guessed they were for the afore mentioned rescue. The whole thing was so different from Bakugo’s usual self-centered attitude. He approached the situation in his usual gruff style, but his actions helped the whole class.

Silvia’s mind drifted back to a week before when Bakugo had texted her to see if she was doing alright. He didn’t say it quite that directly of course. The text had actually read, “Hey, Shiny. Heard from stupid hair about you getting hurt. You better recover by the time we get to the dorms.” He had been the one kidnapped, but he still took the time to check on Silvia and she did not want to admit how much that had meant to her.

The students made their way inside where they were given their room assignments. The girls were fairly spread out on their side and Silvia was the only girl on the second level. With a sigh Silvia started unpacking. She hadn’t even been in her previous apartment that long. At least she hadn’t needed to debate about what to bring like she was sure the other students had needed to. It didn’t take too long to get the basics unpacked and she was just finishing arranging her art supplies when there was a knock at her door. Upon opening it she found all the other girls standing outside.

“Hey, are you about finished?” Ashido asked with a bright smile.

“Just about. How about all of you?” Silvia put on a small smile of her own as she responded.

“We’re all finished too,” answered Uraraka.

“So, we were thinking,” Ashido piped in again. “We want to do something to help everyone relax after everything that happened. We had a great idea, but we want everyone to participate.”

“What’s the idea?” Silvia glanced around at the smiling faces.

“We’re going to have the boys show us their rooms and have a competition for the one decorated the best!” Everyone nodded in agreement to the pink girl’s deceleration.

It seemed like a harmless enough idea. “Sure. I’m in.”

After that the girls headed to the common area to talk to the boys. Most of them went for the idea, but Bakugo just growled that it was a dumb idea and he was going to bed. On his way out he walked past Silvia and muttered. “Tomorrow morning we’ll head out at 6:00.” Then he continued walking without waiting for a response.

Silvia stared after him for a moment then a small smile touched her lips. Perhaps he had not changed so much after all. He still thought he could tell her what to do without waiting for her to agree. She was sure he was talking about a run and of course she would meet him because she did want to go. But it would be nice if he actually asked sometimes.

The room competition started with Midoriya’s room. His All Might theme was not surprising, but she had not expected it to be this extreme. He really was a hard core fanboy. They visited the other rooms on his floor with the exception of Mineta’s. Considering the way that Mineta was disturbingly obsessed with women in a very perverted way, no one wanted to see his room. As they went from room to room Silvia felt the smile she had put on become more and more genuine as she learned more about her new friends and enjoyed their company.

That was until they decided to look at her room. After two floors of boys rooms, the boys had insisted that the girls let everyone see their rooms as well. Silvia couldn’t exactly refuse after going with them, but she had never had friends in her room before and it felt a little weird. When Mineta just walked in with a disturbing gleam in his eyes she felt a spark of anger and leaned over to hiss at the boy, “If you touch anything I will remove your hands at the wrist.” The pervert stopped at the menacing tone in her voice and moved back to the door, fear covering his face.

Everyone else looked around the room curiously. “I didn’t know you painted,” Uraraka said as she eyed the pile of canvases in the corner.

“Yeah,” Silvia averted her eyes as she answered. “I’m not all that good at it, I just do it to relax.”

“I love fine arts.” Yaoyorozu looked excited. “Paintings were always my favorite part of art galleries. Can we see one of your works? Please?”

Silvia wanted to say no, but everyone looked at her expectantly. After a moment of hesitating she gave in. “Alright. Just don’t expect too much.” She went over to her box of finished paintings and pulled out her favorite. It showed a lake surrounded by pine trees with mountains in the background. She had been thinking of putting it on the wall because it reminded her of home. “Here.” She turned the canvass so that everyone could see.

“Wow. That looks amazing.” Uraraka exclaimed. There were murmurs of agreement from the others.

“Your skills are quite impressive.” Yaoyorozu added.

After that the tour continued. Each room showed off some aspect of the person staying in it. Some even reflected their quirks. Koda, who could talk to animals, had a pet rabbit. Sato, who fueled his quirk with sugar, had baked a cake. Tokoyami, who’s quirk was stronger in darkness, had a very black room. Finally everyone returned to the common area and a vote was held for the best room. Silvia considered her options. It was tempting to vote for Sato because of the cake, but that was not really about the room. Koda had that adorable rabbit. Sero’s room was certainly interesting. Then there was Jiro’s amazing instrument collection. In the end she decided to vote for Todoroki because of how impressive his remodel was. He had taken their western style dorm rooms and turned his into a completely traditional Japanese style with tatami mats and everything. Apparently, however, Silvia was the only girl not won over by the cake and Sato won with five votes.

As soon as the results were announced Silvia said goodnight to everyone and returned to her room. She sent a quick message to her brother to let him know she ways all moved in then collapsed on her bed. She needed to get up early tomorrow for her run. This thought only made it harder to fall asleep as her head filled with thoughts of the fiery tempered boy she would be running with.




It started with a simple decision. When Silvia arrived for their run Bakugo decided to let her run beside him. It hadn’t seemed like that big of a deal at the time, but as they ran he realized how distracting she was. He had only glanced in her direction when he found his eyes fixed on the scar on her right arm. The tank top did nothing to hide the large dark line. It was wide and wrapped almost halfway around her arm. She didn’t seem bothered by showing her scars. Then his eyes were drawn to her other shoulder where he saw a scar that he was fairly certain was from the first day they met. She always was tough. It was at this point his attention was drawn by things he normally didn’t notice about the girl. Her slender form and solid arms were clearly visible. Her clothing hugged her form showing more than she normally did. She had a solid body with curves and muscles in all the right places. As they ran he had to force himself to not get distracted staring at her. A fact that made him very irritated.

He thought things would be better when the class went to do quirk training, but he was wrong. That shiny haired distraction just had to be located right next to him. Her movements were smooth and distractingly graceful. When Bakugo realized he had been watching her, he growled and launched himself at the Ectoplasm clone he was sparing with. The attack was intense enough to destroy the clone. While he waiting for a new clone, Bakugo allowed himself a few seconds of watching Silvia next to him. His eyes followed her moves as she twisted and leapt mixing physical attacks with those of her quirk. She was getting really good, not that he would ever tell her that. A smirk found its way to his face as he turned back to his own training.

In the evening after training Bakugo glared at Silvia as she talked to Icy-hot and ponytail. Why was she spending so much time with them? Why did he care? With a growl he turned back to Kirishima and the other idiots that were trying to talk to him. His mind couldn’t stop thinking on Silvia. He never used to care. Two months ago when they met she was little more than a curiosity. Somewhere along the way that changed and now he didn’t know what to think.

Things stayed like this for the next few days and every second of it made Bakugo angrier. He reached his boiling point on the fifth day of training when he saw icy-hot asking that shiny haired nuisance if she wanted to walk back to the dorms together and she agreed.

Bakugo’s body moved before his mind had a chance to figure out what to do. He pushed in between the two and grabbed Silvia’s wrist. “I need to talk to you,” he growled as he dragged her outside.

“Sorry, Todoroki,” she called over her shoulder. Her voice sounded startled. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Out of habit her dragged her around to the side of the school and shoved her against the wall just like he had done to Deku so many times. Bakugo slammed his right hand against the wall next to her head causing a small explosion. She didn’t flinch and just stared calmly into his eyes.

“Why are you spending so much time with Icy-Hot? Do you like him or something?” He kept his voice to a low growl, but he could feel his temper continuing to grow.

His words didn’t cause any change in Silvia’s expression, but he could see something like confusion flash in her eyes. “Todoroki is just a friend. I’m not interested in him romantically at all.”

“Oh, really? You expect me to believe that?” Bakugo’s voice was louder this time.

“Yes, I do. Because it’s the truth.” Anger was beginning to show through her carefully controlled expression. “I happen to like someone other than him.”

That pushed Bakugo over the edge. “And who would that be?” He yelled.

“A red eyed idiot named Bakugo!” She yelled back. Both teens fell silent at that, eyes wide as they both realized what she had said.




Silvia hadn’t intended to tell Bakugo that she liked him. Not now, probably not ever. She just got angry at his accusations and lost her cool. Now he was staring at her in surprise and she figured that she might as well finish digging her grave. Silvia lowered her eyes to the ground in front of her to avoid seeing how Bakugo reacted.

“I’ve actually liked you for a while,” she continued the accidental confession. “You’re honest, brave, strong in both body and spirit. You always tell the truth and aren’t afraid of how people will view you for it. You have an unquenchable desire to win and-” Silvia’s words were cut off by lips pressing against hers. Her eyes locked on the red ones glaring at her as Bakugo pulled back just enough to talk.

“You talk too much,” he growled, lips almost brushing hers. “You better not be lying or I’ll kill you.”

Silvia chuckled. “I wouldn’t lie about something like this. I do like you.”

“Good.” His lips pressed once more against Silvia’s before she could respond. His arm slipped around her back and pulled her close. Silvia closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. Eventually, he pulled back to flash his cocky grin. “I should have known you’d fall for me. I am the best, after all.”

She rolled her eyes. “Looks like I’m not the only one who fell for someone.” She poked Bakugo in the chest.

His grin didn’t even waver. “You can believe what you want.”

Silvia shoved away playfully. She tried to pout, but couldn’t stop smiling. “Meany.”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it. You knew what I was like before I ever dragged you back here.” He grabbed Silvia’s hand and started walking. “Come on, Shiny. We should get back.”

Silvia fell in step beside him as she savored the feel of his rough hand holding hers. They walked in silence for a few minutes before Bakugo spoke again. “Hey.” Silvia turned her head to look at him, but his eyes remained on the path as he spoke. “You like me, so from now on you walk to and from the dorms with me, not half-and-half. Got it?”

She snorted. “Only because that’s what I would want to do anyway. I said I like you and not him. You don’t need to be so jealous.”

His only response was a low growl. Silvia squeezed his hand hoping that whatever this was between them would last.