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Memories of a Hero

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Bakugo glared at the hero in front of him as they walked along the sidewalk. He regretted choosing Best Jeanist for his internship and the feeling was growing by the minute. Not only did the hero continually try to ‘tame’ his personality, he also made him change his hero costume. Jeans, no grenade gauntlets, and worst of all his naturally spiky blond hair was combed down. He could not wait for this week to be over.

Best Jeanist stopped suddenly and looked up. Bakugo followed his gaze and saw someone at the top of the building they were next to. “Look out below!” A female voice called out as the figure jumped down toward them.

The hero’s arm twitched and strings wrapped around the falling figure lowering her safely to the ground. As soon as the silver haired figure touched the sidewalk she dashed over to Best Jeanist.

“Are you all right?” The hero pulled the strings of his outfit back into place as he talked. “Why did you jump off a building like that?”

“I’m fine. I would have been fine even if you didn’t catch me. Are you a hero?” It was a strange question to ask the number four hero in Japan. How could anyone not know who he was?

“Do you need a hero?” The denim clad man leaned back in a model like pose. His mannerisms were nothing less than irritating to his young intern.

“You could say that.” She started to point to the building she had jumped from, but switched to a jump and roll halfway through as spikes impaled the sidewalk where she had been standing.

“Villains!” Best Jeanist lifted his arms as the threads of his outfit unraveled in preparation for combat.

Bakugo let sparks pop in his hands. “Finally,” he growled. Maybe this internship wasn’t all bad if he got to see some action.

“Stay with the girl, Bakugo.” The hero ordered. “Protect her.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” His red eyes blazed with fury. “I am not missing out on this action.”

Villains were starting to climb and jump down from the building above. “Do not leave her side.” The pro hero turned from the approaching enemies to send a glare at the boy to conveyed his seriousness.

With a grunt of annoyance the fiery blond decided to obey. The villains coming down were no match for Best Jeanist anyway. This would all be over very quickly. Instead he turned his attention to the girl in his charge. He had not realized at first that she was probably about his own age of sixteen. The girl reached up and pushed back her long silver hair revealing a dark red spot on her shirt.

“You’re bleeding.” Bakugo stared at the large patch of red and the gash on her left shoulder that was at the center of it.

“Am I?” The girl was being sarcastic. She smirked at him. “I’ll be fine. I’ve had much worse and it’s not bleeding that bad now.”

A hint of movement behind the girl drew Bakugo’s attention. A distortion in the air. “Move.” He shoved the girl out of the way as his hand shot forward. An explosion burst from his hand in the direction of the distortion. As the smoke cleared they could see a lizard like villain unconscious on the ground.

“That’s why I told you to stay with the girl.” Best Jeanist’s voice cut in with calm confidence. A glance showed that the villains behind him were all tied up and subdued. The hero walked over to the silver haired girl and offered her a hand. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine thanks to this hero.” She shot a quick smile toward Bakugo before returning her attention to Best Jeanist. “And also you, sir.”

The pro leaned down to examine the wound on the girls shoulder. “The police are on the way and so is an ambulance. You will need to get this wound checked out. Why were these villains after you?”

The girls gray eyes darted toward the ground as she took a deep breath. “I’m pretty sure they were part of a group that has been trying to kill me because of my quirk.”

The blond intern snorted dismissively. “Why would they be after you because of that?”

She frowned at him then turned her attention back to the pro. “My quirk is considered to have world destroying potential, so they are trying to wipe it from the gene pool. I had hoped to escape them by coming to Japan, but it seems that they followed me here.”

“You really have a quirk that can destroy the world?” Bakugo scoffed. The girl ignored him very deliberately and Best Jeanist shot him a disapproving look.

“You will need to give a full statement to the police when they arrive.” The hero used his quirk to tie up the villain that Bakugo had taken out and drag him over to where the others were. “We’ll stay with you until they get here, of coarse.”

“Thank you.” The girl had a nice smile, even if it didn’t reach her eyes. At the very least she had made this horrible internship a little more interesting.




Midoriya Izuku limped slightly as he entered the 1-A class room. His injuries from fighting Stain last week had not quite finished healing. Everyone was talking about their internships as he made his way to his desk. It was then that he noticed there was an extra desk in his row. “Huh. I wonder what that is there for.” He commented to himself.

In front of him Bakugo dropped into his seat with a growl. Midoriya had known Bakugo since they were young and still called him by the nickname Kacchan. It seemed the more years passed the more Kacchan tended toward perpetual irritation and today was no exception to this.

A few minutes latter it was time for class to start. Mr. Aizawa drudged into the room with his usual lack of energy. “Welcome back. I hope you all learned a lot from your internships. Before we start class today let me introduce your new classmate.” As he spoke a girl with shiny silver hair that reached her waist and grey eyes stepped into the room. She smiled brightly at the class. As she entered Kacchan sat up straighter, seemingly surprised by this new student. “This is Silvia Weiss.” Mr. Aizawa continued. “She transferred here from the top hero school in Germany. She’s fluent in Japanese, so language shouldn’t be an issue. We have a lot to cover today so we will keep the introduction at that.” Then he turned to Silvia. “You can sit in the back.”

As Silvia walked down the row between desks, she stopped in front of Kacchan. A look of surprised recognition on her face. Then a smile even brighter than before and perhaps a little teasing appeared on her face. “Oh, it’s you! I almost didn’t recognize you. Thanks for before.” Then with a small wave she hurried to her desk.

Kacchan’s head turned to follow the new student with a look of surprise on his face. He continued looking back at her until Aizawa started to lecture. Even after that he glanced back several more times, but he made no move to talk to the girl during the breaks between classes.

At lunch break Midoriya joined Uraraka in welcoming their new classmate. “You’re from Germany?” Uraraka asked excitedly. “I’ve never met anyone from Germany before. How did you learn Japanese?”

“I did grow up in Germany, but my mother is Japanese. She insisted on teaching me the language since I was little.”

“Your name was Weiss, right? Would you like to eat lunch with us?” Midoriya asked.

“Sure, but please call me Silvia.”

Midoriya and Uraraka introduced themselves as the three walked to the lunch hall. “So what’s your quirk?” Midoriya asked.

“Energy manipulation.” Silvia stated.

“Oh. Is that like Kaminari’s electrical powers?” Uraraka pondered.

“No.” Silvia responded. “I can manipulate all forms of energy, not just electricity. I can absorb, direct, and change forms.”

“All forms of energy?” Midoriya placed a hand on his chin. “Does that include heat, light, momentum? Can you produce different forms of energy? And what do you mean direct? Does that mean you can change their shape or-“ Midoriya’s mumbling was interrupted by Silvia’s light laughter.

“You sure have a lot of questions. I’m sure you’ll understand better once you see me use my quirk.”

An opportunity to see her quirk came latter that afternoon in the form of a race to All Might as rescue training. Midoriya was in the first group and while he did not win it was a good chance to practice with his new Full Cowling skill. Silvia was in the second group. As the video screen showed Silvia waiting in her starting spot Uraraka asked, “Where are her shoes?”

Midoriya wondered the same. Silvia’s hero costume was fairly simple, a light blue sleeveless top with dark blue highlights and capris. Tinted goggles sat on her forehead and her hair was pulled into a low ponytail. A belt with many pouches hung around her waist. Her feet were bare and Midoriya noticed what might have been her shoes hooked to the back of her belt. As the race started they saw the reason for her lack of shoes.

As soon as the signal came to start the ground under Silvia began to glow. It exploded with force launching Silvia into the air high enough to land on top of one of the buildings. She charged across the roof without hesitation. When she reached the edge of that building the ground lit up once more and she was launched to the next building.

“How is that ‘energy manipulation’?” Uraraka asked.

“Well,” Midoriya responded. “She is manipulating energy to create the force to launch her, but I’m not sure where the energy is coming from. Is she somehow drawing it out of the ground?” He had so many questions as he watched their new classmate rushing along.

“She’s fast. It’s too bad that won’t be enough to beat Bakugo in this race.” Uraraka observed. It was true. Kacchan was flying through the air already near the finish line.

“Kacchan really is amazing with this sort of thing. But this is the first time we’ve gotten to see Silvia’s quirk. She seems to use it pretty well for movement, but I wonder if it might be more suited to other uses.” Midoriya continued to mumble theories to himself as the race ended with Bakugo in first and Silvia in second.




A sigh escaped Silvia’s lips. Trying to use her quirk for a race like this was not something she was used to. Her quirk was versatile, but this was far from the best way to use it. After the race her classmates asked a lot of questions about her quirk. A boy with yellow hair with a lightening bolt draped his arm across her shoulder. “I heard you had an energy quirk so I expected it to be like mine, but that was completely different. How did you do that?”

A pink girl shoved him out of the way. “No kidding. That was really impressive. You have to tell us how your quirk works.”

She tried her best to explain. “My power is energy manipulation, but since matter is basically a form of energy I can convert it to other forms...” The blond boy and pink girl were giving her blank looks along with most of the other classmates. Perhaps theoretical physics was not their strong suit. “I guess it’s kind of complicated.”

Midoriya still looked deep in thought. “So you can convert between different forms of energy. Fascinating. I wonder if it is direct conversion or if some of the energy is used up when it changes. Are there limits on how much you can convert?”

“Shut up, Nerd.” Bakugo snapped. “No one wants to listen to you ramble.”

Silvia wondered if Bakugo was always in this bad of a mood. Now that she thought about it, he had not exactly been friendly when they met the day she was attacked. The blond turned his fiery red eyes on Silvia. His expression was less hostile and more curious than how he had looked at Midoriya. He strode towards where she was standing. She didn’t flinch under his intense gaze. Then he brushed by without saying a word leaving Silvia to turn and look after him with a feeling of curiosity.

A few days later at lunch Silvia chose a seat with Bakugo and Kirishima.

“What do you want?” Bakugo growled.

“I would like to get to know the person who saved my life,” she replied with a friendly smile. “We haven’t talked much since I joined the class.”

“Wait,” Kirishima piped up. “When did this happen?”

“During that stupid internship, Weird Hair,” Bakugo explained. “It was the only worthwhile thing that happened that whole week.”

“You’ve got to tell me the story!” The red head smiled, showing his pointy teeth.

“Later,” his fiery friend’s reply left Kirishima looking slightly disappointed.

Silvia glanced between the boys then decided to change he subject. “So what drives Bakugo Katsuki? Why are you becoming a hero?” Silvia asked as she began to dig into her meal.

The blond growled at her. “That’s what you want to know? Are you expecting some sort of sob story?” Despite the sarcasm, after a brief pause he still answered. “I want to win and have everyone know I’m the best. I want to be better than All Might and become the number one hero of all time.”

“So you have a strong sense of competition. Perhaps a bit of a superiority complex.”

“I don’t have any kind of complex,” he growled.

Silvia let her eyes rest on the blond next to her as she chewed a bite of food thoughtfully. He would be handsome if he didn’t glare so much. She wondered how easy he would be to tease. “With your skills I imagine you won a lot when you were younger.”

“Of coarse.” A proud smile flashed across his face. “I never lose.”

“Too bad,” Silvia said thoughtfully. “A few defeats might have taught you some humility.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Bakugo demanded with a glare.

“We all have flaws, but I think failures help beat some of them out of us. At minimum it would have helped with your arrogance a little.” She smiled teasingly.

“If you’ve got a problem with me, then sit somewhere else.” The blond looked ready to kill as he glared at the girl next to him.

She didn’t back down. “I don’t have a problem with you. I find you intriguing. I’m just observing that there is value in failure sometimes.”

“Yeah.” Kaminari laughed a little nervously. “Changing the subject, um, why are you trying to become a hero?”

He was probably trying to avoid explosions. Silvia hesitated before forcing a bright smile. “Well, when you have a quirk as powerful as mine it’s natural to want to use it for good. Besides, hero school is the best place to learn control.”

Bakugo frowned. “You should be honest with us if you want us to be honest with you. And stop with the fake smiles. It’s annoying when your eyes don’t match your expression”

“I’m sorry.” Her smile disappeared. The comment had caught her off guard. “I didn’t want to bother you with my problems. I learned at my last school that having a tragic backstory was not the best way to make friends.”

“Doesn’t seem to stop half-and-half,” the blond mumbled.

“You mean Todoroki? He has a tragic back story?”

“Forget that,” Kirishima cut in. “What’s so tragic about your motivation for being here?” He seemed far too excited considering what she had just said about the story he was asking for.

Silvia collected her thoughts, mentally stripping her story down to the bare details. “For years I’ve been targeted by a group of extremist villains due to my quirk having the potential to destroy the world.”

“Destroy the world?” Kirishima sounded incredulous. It was a common reaction.

“If I used my quirk to convert a large enough object it could create an explosion larger than the biggest nuclear bomb ever created. That’s why they’re always trying to kill me. My Dad died protecting me and my mother was crippled. They suffered because of me and despite the power of my quirk there was nothing I could do to help them. I want to be able to protect those who I care about and I want to prove to myself that my power isn’t something bad.” Determination filled Silvia as she spoke. “I will become stronger and I will protect them.”

“Finally your face matches your eyes.” It seemed there was almost a hint of a smile at the corner of Bakugo’s mouth. “That fake smile of yours was starting to piss me off. If you’re gonna smile it should be because you’re really happy.”

Silvia blinked a few times. It seemed Bakugo was far more observant than she had guessed. He also seemed to care more than she expected from his ruff attitude. Slowly a small smile turned the corners of her mouth up. She had chosen to put a smile on her face so many times that she was practically an expert at faking them, but for once she was actually smiling because she was truly happy.




Later that night as Silvia lay in her room she pulled out her phone and called the only number on her favorites list. As her brother’s deep voice greeted her in German she felt herself relax. “Isn’t it rather late there?” Kurt asked.

“Yeah, but I wanted to talk to you anyway. I feel like I haven’t had much time to talk since I started classes.” She pushed her shiny hair back from her face.

“Are you getting along with the other students?”

“Mostly.” Her conversation with Bakugo flashed through her mind. “I think I might make some real friends here. There’s someone, well, he’s kind of rough around the edges, but I think I would like to get to know him better.”

“He? Don’t get too attached,” her brother’s deep voice cautioned. “Eventually you will be returning to Germany.”

“I know. But, it’s better to be sad at leaving friends behind than to be sad at not having them to begin with.”

He chuckled softly on the other end of the phone. “I suppose that’s true. You should sleep now so you can be ready for your classes tomorrow.” They said their goodbyes and Silvia drifted off to sleep thinking about her new friends at U.A.

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“What are YOU doing here?”

Silvia blinked up at the angry red eyes that glared down at her. Bakugo was standing in front of her and was dressed in a tight black tank top and baggy grey shorts. A glance at her surroundings showed that she was on the bench in front of her apartment complex and, judging by the light, it was just after sunrise. “I’m... enjoying the early morning air.” The last thing she remembered was going to bed the night before. She had no idea when she came outside. At least she was dressed.

Bakugo continued to glare. “But what are you doing HERE?”

“I live here.” Silvia motioned to the apartment building. Surprise registered momentarily on his face before it returned to his standard look of mild annoyance. “What are you doing here?” Silvia returned the question.

“I come running past here every morning.”

After his response, silence settled between the two. Silvia tried not to think about the gap in her memory preceding Bakugo’s appearance, but questions ran through her mind anyway. How did she get out here? Why didn’t she remember? How long had she been here? Was something wrong with her?

His gruff voice cut in on her thoughts.”Hey.” Their eyes met and he seemed to be studying her for a moment. “If you’re going to to be out here this early you should do something useful.” Silvia gave Bakugo a puzzled look. “See if you can keep up?” Bakugo jerked his chin as if motioning for her to follow then he turned and started to walk away.

Was that an invitation to join him? More like a challenge. Silvia hopped up and followed as quickly as she could. Her muscles felt stiff. How long had she been sitting there? As Silvia fell in behind Bakugo he increased his speed to a fast jog.




If you had asked Bakugo why he had Silvia come with him, he would not have been able to answer. There was something in her eyes that bothered him. In the brief interactions they had prior to this she always had a confidence and strength in her eyes, but today it was gone. She looked lost and about ready to disappear and he wanted to stop that.

He didn’t say much as they ran, but he did glance back every once in a while to make sure she was keeping up. The despair soon disappeared from her face and she seemed to have no trouble keeping up with his normal pace.

After running for nearly an hour he led her back to where they had started. She was winded, but didn’t complain. She plopped back onto the bench he had found her on and worked on catching her breath. Bakugo looked down at the silver haired girl. “You should hurry and get ready for school.”

Silvia gave him a genuine smile. “Why did you invite me to join you?”

The question was not strange to ask, but it did make the explosive teen slightly irritated. “Because I felt like it.” He looked away. The smile made her look surprisingly cute. “And… you looked like you needed to clear your head. Got a problem with that?”

“Not at all.” Silvia tilted her head as she studied the boy in front of here. “I enjoyed myself. And thank you. It helped me a lot.”

“Good.” Bakugo started to walk away. On impulse he added. “Be ready at 6:00 tomorrow morning.” Without waiting for a response he shifted into a jog and headed back home. He also needed to get ready for class.




By the time Silvia got changed and ready after her run she barely made it to school on time. Her head had started hurting and as she rushed down the hall toward class she started to feel dizzy.

Did she over do things this morning? She didn’t feel that worn out after the run. Silvia leaned against the wall trying to force her eyes to focus on the 1-A sign at the end of the hall. Everything was getting dark.

“Weiss. Weiss!” A hand on her shoulder brought the world back into focus. Silvia looked up into the tired eyes of her home room teacher.

“Mr. Aizawa?”

“Care to explain what you’re doing here, Weiss?” Aizawa looked irritated.

His question sounded a lot like Bakugo’s words earlier that day. “I was on my way to class and I started feeling dizzy,” she explained.

“Is that why you missed first period?” He crossed his arms.

“What?” Silvia was sure she had been on time. She pulled out her phone and checked the time. The color drained from Silvia’s face as she realized more than an hour had passed since she arrived at school. “I have no memory of the past hour,” she mumbled. “This is the second time today. I was in the hall outside of class.” She glanced around seeing that she was in a different part of the building. “How did I get here?”

Aizawa’s brows furrowed in concern. “This better not be an excuse.”

“It’s not.” She could feel her heart rate rise as fear and confusion flooded her thoughts. “The last thing I remember was walking to class. I felt dizzy then the next thing I knew you were standing in front of me. I don’t know why I can’t…” Her voice cut off as she tried to find words to explain her confusion.

The teacher placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “I’m taking you to the nurses office. Recovery Girl will figure out what’s going on.”




“It appears you have been affected by a mind altering quirk.” Recovery Girl turned from the test results to a rather pale looking Silvia.

“Mind altering?” The girl whispered.

“Specifically the tests indicate effects on the memory. Don’t worry too much.” She reassured the girl. “Most likely this is a case of accidental quirk activation and the result was the memory lapses you have already experienced.” In truth there was no way to be certain without knowing who used the quirk in the first place. However, what she told Silvia was the most likely case. “We will be monitoring you for the rest of the day to be sure. I understand you live alone. Is that correct?”

“Yes. My family is all back in Germany.”

“One of the teachers will make sure you get home safely today and pick you up tomorrow. If you have any more lapses in memory let me know immediately.” The small nurse handed a bottle of pills to her patient. “If your headaches continue you can take one of these up to every six hours.”

Silvia took the pills. “Is it okay for me to still do the same stuff as normal? I was planning to go jogging with a classmate tomorrow morning.”

Recovery Girl smiled. “That should be fine. If you feel dizzy make sure to have them take you back home. Now, it’s lunch break so go get some food.”

As the door closed behind the silver haired student, Recovery Girl frowned at the test results. They would have to do further investigation to figure out what had happened. Altered memories could be a dangerous thing.

She would need to talk to the principal about this situation. If this was more than an accident, if this was an attack on one of their students, they would need to be prepared. Medical tests could only tell them so much. Observation was their best bet for finding anything out of the ordinary and even that could only tell them so much.

With a sigh the nurse headed to Principal Nezu’s office. He would know best how to approach this situation.




“Where were you all morning?” Kirishima asked as Silvia sat down at a table with him and Bakugo.

“I was in the nurses office for a headache and... some other things.” Silvia avoided eye contact by staring at her food.

“Is that why you looked so out of it this morning? Just a headache?” The doubt was clear in Bakugo’s voice.

“Wait,” Kirishima jumped in before she could respond. “What do you mean this morning? You met before class?” The redhead’s voice was growing more excited. “Don’t tell me you guys had some sort of romantic encounter. Show her you’re a real man, Bakugo.”

“It wasn’t like that!” Silvia exploded. She took a deep breath to calm down. “He just happened to be jogging past my apartment this morning and I happened to be outside. There was nothing ‘romantic’ about it.”

“Fine.” Kirishima leaned back in his chair. “But, I can think of several classmates who would be quick to make assumptions if they found out. Especially considering you’re the only girl in class who willingly puts up with Bakugo’s twisted personality.”

“What’s wrong with my personality, idiot?” Bakugo growled.

Silvia smiled. “Nothing other than your tendency to lash out in anger at anything and everything around you. Also, you have kind of a foul mouth.”

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me?” His eyes narrowed in a signature glare.

Her smile didn’t fade. “Not at all. I’m merely stating facts. Besides, you have good qualities as well. You’re strong, passionate, driven, intelligent. Maybe someday you’ll grow into a worthwhile person.”

That was enough to push Bakugo to explode. He leapt to his feet. “What do you mean ‘someday I might be worthwhile’? You are trying to pick a fight.”

Silvia laughed as Kirishima tried to calm his friend who was busy throwing insults at her. “Calm down already.” She giggled. “We’ve got to hurry and finish eating if we’re going to get back to class on time. I’ve got to work hard this afternoon to make up for the classes I missed this morning.”




“Was there any more unusual behavior?” Principle Nezu asked as he sipped his tea.

Aizawa sighed before answering the small animal like principal. “Not as far as I could tell. However, since we have only known Silvia Weiss for a few weeks it’s hard to be certain.” If it had been any of his other students he could have had more confidence, but Silvia had been there for such a short time. On top of that she had a habit of hiding her true feelings. Most of her classmates didn’t seem to notice, but Aizawa knew a fake smile from a real one.

“Where is she now?” All Might asked.

“Midnight is escorting her home. Weiss promised to stay there until tomorrow morning when she has plans to go jogging with Bakugo. We will be keeping an eye on her to make sure that is true.” Aizawa looked down at the report from Recovery Girl. “We’ll be investigating the other people in her apartment complex to see if any of them could be the cause of the gaps in her memory.”

“We cannot dismiss the possibility that this is an attack on one of our students.” Nezu set his tea down. “I think we will all rest better once we locate the cause of this incident.”

“There is another possibility.” Aizawa said. “This could be a side effect of a quirk she was effected by in the past. We should check with her family regarding any inconsistencies in her memory as well as if they know of any incidents that could have caused this.” If it occurred before she came to UA, then they could most likely be sure it wasn’t an attack on the school at least.

“I’ll take care of it this evening,” the principal replied. “As for tomorrow, All Might would you please escort Silvia back here in the morning.”

All Might popped into his muscular form and gave a thumbs up. “Definitely!”

Aizawa ignored his colleague’s overenthusiastic response. “If there are indications that this is an attack of some sort, we need to have a plan in place.”

“Agreed,” said the small furry principal. “Although without knowing what sort of memory alterations we are dealing with it is hard to plan an appropriate response. For the time being we will focus on keeping an eye on her and we will meet again if there are any further developments.”

With that the meeting was brought to an end and the teachers left to return to their other duties.

Chapter Text

With the phone pressed against her ear, Silvia fell backwards onto her bed. Apparently the school had contacted her brother about her lapses in memory. Now he was peppering her with questions to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything else. “It’s not that big of a deal.” Silvia tried to calm her brother down. “The school nurse said it was probably just an accident. I’ll be fine and I promise to let you know if anything out of the ordinary happens.”

“It concerns me that I cannot be there with you. The principal asked that I talk to you to make sure you are all right. I am merely asking these questions to confirm that your mind has not suffered any other side effects.”

Despite his stern tone and overly complex choice of phrasing, Silvia couldn’t help feeling comforted by her brothers concern. “I know. Thanks for worrying. How are things back home?”

“Things are going well. There is no need to be concerned.” There was a muffled voice in the background. “It seems I must go. I will speak to you again tomorrow.”

Silvia said goodnight and hung up. It would have been nice to get more news from home, but she understood that her brother was a busy man. Silvia set her alarm and pulled the covers up. She was exhausted from the day and sleep came quickly.

When her alarm went off Silvia was relieved to find that she had not gone anywhere in her sleep this time. Her head felt clear and pain free. She hummed to herself as she pulled her hair up and got ready for her run. At 5:58 she stepped outside and spotted an irritated Bakugo waiting on the sidewalk below. Quickly she went down and greeted the angry teen.

“You never told me which apartment was yours.” He growled. “I would have come up to get you if you told me.”

With a smirk Silvia pointed out her door and told him her apartment number. She was beginning to wonder if he knew how to express any emotions other than anger. “Thanks for inviting me to come with you.”

“Inviting you?” He looked at her out of the corner of his eyes. “You think you had a choice in whether you came or not? I just felt like dragging you along, so don’t go thinking I was trying to be nice.”

Was he being serious or was he just unwilling to admit he was being nice? Silvia wasn’t quite sure. Regardless the two set off on their run. Once again Bakugo insisted that Silvia run behind him. It wasn’t very conductive to conversation, but after all the time she had spent alone since coming to Japan it was nice to just have a little company.

After they had run for about twenty minutes Bakugo turned into an alley and stopped. He faced Silvia with a serious expression. “So, what really happened yesterday?”

His sudden actions caught Silvia off guard. “I told you, I was in the nurses office.”

“That’s not what I mean, idiot.” He crossed his arms. “I don’t believe for one second it was just because of headaches. You’re not that weak.”

Silvia looked at the ground. There was no avoiding this conversation now. Even if she walked away, she was not confident of the way back home. She was now regretting not paying more attention to where they ran. It wasn’t a big deal to tell another person and Bakugo wasn’t the type to pity her over it. She decided there was no reason to keep hiding it. “Yesterday I had gaps in my memory.”

“Gaps in your memory? What’s that supposed to mean?” He raised one eyebrow.

“When you found me on that bench I had no memory of how I got there. I didn’t even remember getting out of bed, but there I was fully dressed and sitting on the bench. Then the same thing happened at school. One minute I’m walking to class with a headache and the next thing I know it’s an hour later and I’m in a different hall with Mr. Aizawa glaring down at me.”

“Is there something wrong with your brain or something?”

The way he asked was clearly derogatory. “No.” Silvia glared at Bakugo. “Recovery Girl said it was the effect of some kind of memory altering quirk. She said it was most likely an accidental activation and there would probably be no more side effects. But they’re going to keep an eye on me for the time being to be safe.”

“Huh. Well I guess that’s not a completely lame excuse. Maybe I’ll even help out with your little problem and keep an eye on you as well.” A confident smirk appeared on his face. “Shouldn’t be too hard to keep an eye on a simple little girl like you.”

Silvia had had enough of his arrogance for the moment. He was only a few centimeters taller than her, but he was even tilting his head back so he could look down at her more. Why couldn’t he just say he was worried about her like a normal person? Was this the only way he knew to make friends or was he actually just a complete jerk?

She put on a sweet smile and stepped in close to Bakugo. He seemed slightly uncomfortable at her sudden proximity. “Bakugo Katsuki, are you looking down on me?”

“Why shouldn’t I? You’re just an extra after all.”

“I might be a side character, but I’m not an extra. Don’t underestimate me.” She allowed a menacing gleam to enter her eyes as her smile turned menacing. Bakugo certainly noticed it as his own eyes widened slightly. “If you keep treating me like this I will punch you in the face,” she threatened.

After a moment of hesitation, a wide menacing smile spread across Bakugo’s face as he laughed. “I had no idea you had this much fire in you. You might not be completely worthless after all.” He walked back to the sidewalk. “Come on, Shiny. We should head back so we’re not late for class.”

Shiny? Was that his nickname for her? She exhaled sharply and fell in behind him. She wasn’t sure he had taken her threat seriously, but at least he wasn’t acting quite as arrogant. When they reached her apartment he smirked at her and said, “See you in class, idiot.” Silvia smacked the back of his head. “Hey! What was that for?” Red eyes glared angrily at the sudden strike.

“Don’t refer to me by insults. I’m not an extra and I’m not an idiot.”

“Fine. Whatever.” He growled as he headed away.




Where was a comb when you needed it? When it was time to leave for school, All Might had shown up to escort Silvia, which was exciting since he was one of the few heroes here she knew about before coming to Japan. The problem was that when she took him up on his offer of express travel he carried her hurtling through the air and that really messed up her hair. She wished she had left it pulled back from her run, but there was no changing things now.

After arriving at school Silvia had stopped by the nurses office and let Recovery Girl know that she had been fine since yesterday. Recovery Girl still insisted on a few tests, but let Silvia go in time for class. As she walked up to the door she met Todoroki who was about to go in. “Ah, Weiss. Are you feeling better today?”

“Much better. And please call me Silvia. I’m not used to going by my last name. I guess it’s just a cultural difference.” Silvia smiled.

“If that is what you would prefer I will try to comply.”

As the two walked into class Silvia caught Bakugo glaring at them. She wondered if he was still upset about the smack she gave him earlier. Even if he was she felt no need to apologize. He needed to learn how to talk without spouting insults.

In science class the students were given a group assignment and told to form groups of three. Yaoyorozu, who sat directly in front of Silvia turned around to her. “Would you like to be in the same group? I know you haven’t had much time to make friends, but if there is someone else you would rather be in a group with I understand.”

“Not at all. I would love to be in a group with you.” Silvia was surprised by the offer. She had barely talked to Yaoyorozu since coming to UA. “We still need one more right?”

“Would it be alright if I joined?” The girls looked up to see Todoroki. Behind him was an upset looking Mineta. He probably wished he had asked first.

“I’m fine with that. What about you, Yaoyorozu?”

“That would be perfect.” The girl was clearly excited about the project.

“We should meet in the library after classes.” Todoroki suggested. Before he could say more their attention was drawn by yelling towards the front of the class. It looked like Bakugo had formed a team with Kirishima and Kaminari and was yelling at them.

“Does Bakugo know how to communicate without yelling?” Silvia wondered aloud.

“I doubt it.” Todoroki answered without changing his expression.

After classes the three met to work on their project. It turned out both Todoroki and Yaoyorozu were excellent students and science was one of Silvia’s top subjects so the work went quickly. After a while Silvia noticed Todoroki staring at her. “Is something wrong?” she asked.

“There is a question I have been wondering about.”

“Um. What is it?” His unchanging expression was making her a little uncomfortable.

“Do you have a hero name?”

Silvia blinked. She didn’t know what she expected him to ask, but it wasn’t that. Then Yaoyorozu joined in. “Oh, yeah. We all chose our names before the internships, but you joined the class after that so we never heard your hero name. That is if you have one.”

“I do have a name I picked out, but it’s not officially approved or anything.” Silvia looked down at the books on the table. She felt a little embarrassed. She had never told anyone her hero name before. “It’s Senergy.”

“I see.” Yaoyorozu looked deep in thought. “It’s a good name. You have an energy type quirk, right. It reminds me of Uraraka’s Uravity.”

“Thanks.” She felt relieved. “What are your hero names?”

“Mine is Creati. In case you didn’t know my quirk is creation.”

“Shoto.” Todoroki stated simply.

“Isn’t that your given name?” Silvia was a little puzzled.

“Yes.” He didn’t seem inclined to elaborate further.

A few minutes later Todoroki went to grab another book they needed. Silvia leaned over to the other girl at the table. “I was wondering. Is Todoroki always so reserved and lacking in emotional responses?”

“Actually, he’s a lot easier to get along with now than he used to be. Before the sports festival he hardly talked to anyone and the only emotion anyone ever saw from him was anger. He’s really been loosening up since then.”

That seemed hard to believe. Todoroki was still one of the most reserved people she had ever met, yet he used to be even more reserved. “That’s difficult to imagine, but I’ll take your word on it.”

Yaoyorozu smiled. “He might seem cold, but give him a chance and you may be surprised. His reactions to things are small, but they are there.”

For the rest of the study session Silvia kept a closer eye on the red and white haired boy. She realized Yaoyorozu had been right. His reactions were subtle, but definitely there. When they finished the project he smiled ever so slightly. “I should get going,” he said as he rose to his feet. “I’ll see you both in class tomorrow.”

The girls waved goodbye before gathering up their own things and heading out together. Yaoyorozu had a driver waiting to take her home, so Silvia made her way to the train station alone. As she took in the colors of the setting sun the silver haired girl could not help smiling. It was peaceful here and for the first time she had friends.

Chapter Text

A few days later Mr. Aizawa reminded everyone at the end of class that final exams where one week away. As soon as he left the room students began complaining about how they had not studied and they were worried about the test. The students talked about their rankings on the midterm and it was no surprise to Silvia that Yaoyorozu and Todoroki were both near the top. She had seen their studious natures when they did the group project. She was more surprised to learn that Midoriya and Bakugo were also both near the top of the class on the midterms. She had moved over near Midoriya’s desk and commented to him, “That doesn’t surprise me too much with you. But Bakugo gives off the feeling of not caring about studying or grades.”

“Kacchan likes to act like that, but in truth he’s always gotten good grades. He’s actually really smart.”

“Shut up, nerd. Don’t talk about me behind my back.” Bakugo growled before returning to his conversation with Kirishima.

“Since you sit behind him, does’t that mean that you pretty much have to talk behind his back?” Silvia’s quite sarcasm brought a suppressed chuckle from Midoriya.

“What about you?” Uraraka asked walking over to Silvia. “Did you do well at your old school?”

“I actually was schooled at home until high school. I always got good grades, but I didn’t have anyone to be ranked against. I think I’ll do fine in math and science, but other subjects have me worried. Especially the subjects that are different here, like classical Japanese.”

“If you need help, it sounds like there is going to be a study group at Yaoyorozu’s house. I’m sure they would be happy to have you join.” Midoriya suggested.

“Thanks, but I think I’ll try studying on my own.” Silvia wasn’t a huge fan of large groups, especially for studying,

Pink arms wrapped around Silvia unexpectedly from behind and caused her to jump as Ashido’s voice wined, “You don’t want to study with us? Come on, it would be fun.”

The scare had nearly cause Silvia to activate her quirk out of reflex, but somehow she kept it under control as she tried to wiggle out of the other girls arms. “I appreciate the offer, but I just don’t think it would be a good fit for me.”

“Fine.” The pink girls voice was filled with disappointment as she finally dropped her arms to her sides.

“Don’t be too disappointed.” Silvia put on a comforting smile. “Maybe we can find time to hang out after the exams.”

That seemed to lift Ashido’s spirits as the girl raised a fist in the air and proclaim, “Yes! Let’s all pass the exams so we can hang out together.”




After three days of written exams it was time for the practical. Aizawa knew there was a good chance his students would ask their upperclassmen what to expect, but they were in for a surprise. It had been decided that due to the recent villain attack they needed to challenge their students more to make sure they were prepared for whatever might come next. As a result the final test would be against the pro hero teachers rather than against robots like in the past.

As expected this announcement unnerved the students who would be facing them. The principal explained that I order to pass, the students would either need to get the hand cuffs they were provided onto the teacher they faced, or one of them would need to get through the exit gate. After that explanation was finished Aizawa began to inform them of the pairs that would be working together against each teacher. “However, the meeting to decide these teams was held before our new transfer student joined. As a result, Weiss will be facing a teacher alone, but don’t worry your opponent will have already faced another set of students to help wear them out for you. You can also look at this as an opportunity to prove you belong here.” He locked eyes with the silver haired transfer student. Her gaze did not waver at all.

In truth Aizawa had been opposed to the transfer. He already had a full class and this girl was getting in without going through the normal tests and challenges. In the weeks since she transferred in Silvia Weiss had proven that she was somewhat skilled, but it was about time she faced a real challenge. Having read her file, it was hard to know what to expect. She was clearly skilled and the file said she had hand-to-hand combat training, but he had yet to see her in a real fight. In order to pass this test it would take more than just a strong quirk and he looked forward to seeing if she had what it took.

Cementoss was going to be the girl’s opponent. In his first match he easily defeated Kirishima and Sato. Aizawa was disappointed, but not surprised at the boys failed head on attack. If they had used their heads a little more the boys would have had a chance. This approach also did little to tire out Cementoss. Weiss did not seem like the type to go for the same sort of head on attack. He looked forward to seeing what she would do.

After his own match against Yaoyorozu and Todoroki, Aizawa returned to the teacher observation area to see how the other matches went. As the time came for Weiss’s match he leaned forward to watch. This was his chance to evaluate his newest student.

“Eager to see your newest student in action?” An overly energetic voice teased. Aizawa did not bother looking over as Present Mic dropped into the seat next to him. “Are you worried about her?”

“More curious. At this point her skills are still a bit of a mystery, but Cementoss won’t hurt her.”

The stage for this round was a large cement building with tall ceilings. The building looked like a cross between a warhorse and a bunker. It was designed to be a versatile indoor training sight where a variety of simulations could be set up, but right now the floors were empty to give Cementoss open space to use his quirk. Weiss started in one large room and would need to go down a corridor to reach the room with the exit. Unlike in the race right after her transfer, she had the goggles over her eyes. They were heavily shaded hiding her eyes from view.

There was a loud buzz and the test began. Cementoss immediately began manipulating the floor around Silvia to create walls to block her. She moved quickly converting some of the ground under her into force to send her up and over the walls. The ground were she landed started to twist around her and the girl dodged with impressive speed. Her reflexes were good, but she didn’t quiet stick the landing. Quickly she rolled back to her feet. As Weiss leapt toward the corridor to the exit, columns shot out of the walls to block her way.

The silver haired student grabbed something from one her pouches with one hand while the other hand brushed against the pillar in front of her leaving a trail of charge. The charge exploded destroying the pillar. As more obstacles appeared she threw the item she had grabbed from the pouch. It was a heavy weight that she had charged and the explosion from it was large enough to clear the corridor.

“Sweet move.” Present Mic crooned.

Aizawa hummed thoughtfully in response. She seemed good with her quirk and thought through how to use it. He was somewhat concerned that she relied on it too much, but it was hard to say for certain this early in the test.

Weiss entered the room with the exit and glanced around to get her bearings. The room was large with the exit at the far end. Cementoss had already created a large barrier blocking her path and was standing in between the student and the barrier. His hand was on the ground and the entire room rippled with movement from his quirk.

Walls shot up trying to corner Weiss. She dodged each one as she made her way toward the exit gate. However, her movements quickly became predictable to the pro hero. She did not realize the trap that Cementoss was leading her into as she jumped back only to have a wave of cement roll over her and form a thick dome.

Aizawa waited to see if that was the end, but soon a glowing spot appeared on the side of the dome closest to the cement hero. This time it did not explode with force to destroy the dome. Instead there was a blinding lights that washed out the cameras as the microphone was maxed out by a defining sound. As the image returned, they could see Weiss leaping out of a small hole in the dome as she lunged toward the hero she was facing, cuffs in hand. If she managed the get the cuffs on, she would pass the test. It was a good try, but the teacher recovered too fast. Cement shot up and rapped around the girl. She was pulled to the ground and almost completely covered. Her face was free so she could breath and her hand and feet were unable to touch anything.

The situation did not seem to bother Weiss as she smiled with a sadistic confidence that reminded Aizawa of the how Bakugo looked in battle.

“Am I the only one worried by that expression?” Mic chuckled nervously.

“An enemy that smiles like that in the face of apparent defeat is a terrifying thing.” Aizawa leaned back in his seat. “She must still have something up her sleeve.”

The cement covering Weiss began to glow reminding Aizawa that she could use her quirk from any part of her body. There was a massive explosion and the cameras again went dark. It took a few seconds for the feed to return and when it did it switched to a camera further away revealing that the entire area was destroyed. Cementoss lay unconscious as the student hooked the cuffs on him.

Aizawa stared in surprise at the massive destruction. He wasn’t even sure the building was still structurally sound. Her file had warned that her quirk had massive destructive potential, but seeing it firsthand was another matter. Weiss may have passed, but they would need to have a talk about control.

Mic made a noise that sounded like air escaping a balloon. “What was that?”

“Overkill,” Aizawa muttered. “I think we may have underestimated her.”




Silvia brushed the dust off of her outfit as best she could while walking to the observation room. In the end she had passed the final, but she wasn’t completely happy with her own performance. She also realized that the other students had been paired against teachers that would be especially challenging based on their weaknesses. On the other hand she had been paired against a teacher that she was well suited for defeating. They both used the materials around them as weapons. It was easy for her to turn the attacks aimed at her into her own weapons. This fact made her own victory feel less fulfilling.

By the time Silvia returned to the observation room Bakugo and Midoriya were in the middle of their match against All Might. Midoriya was covered in green lightening as he ran down a path of destroyed pavement. Bakugo flew beside him propelled by small explosions from his hands.

“What did I miss?” Silvia asked as she entered.

“Midoriya and Bakugo started off fighting each other, but after Midoriya punched Bakugo and dragged him off they seem to have decided to work together.” Yaoyorozu answered.

Silvia was not surprised that the two had started fighting each other. It had been obvious from day one that the two of them did not get along.

“Deku blasted All Might with one of Bakugo’s gauntlets,” Uraraka added. “Now they’re-*gasp*” she cut herself off as All Might appeared in a blur between the boys.

In an instant he shattered the gauntlets on the boys arms and began beating the boys to a pulp. As All Might stood with his foot pinning Bakugo down and Midoriya hanging from his hand by one arm the onlookers in the observation room looked horrified. Silvia had heard of the amazing strength of All Might, but this was her first time seeing it. She could not help being impressed and fascinated by his awesome speed and power. At the same time she was glad he wasn’t her opponent.

It looked hopeless for the boys when suddenly Bakugo released a huge explosion from his hand launching All Might into the air. As All Might flew the fiery hero-in-trining grabbed Midoriya and launched him toward the exit gate. If one of them made it through they would pass. For a moment it looked like the boys had a chance, but All Might was not done yet. A massive mid air punch launched the hero into Midoriya’s back. That seems excessive, Silvia thought. A blow like that could easily cause permanent damage.

Bakugo continued to launch massive explosions at All Might as Midoriya struggled to his feet and limped toward the exit. When All Might tried to stop Midoriya, Bakugo leapt toward him and attacked. The young man didn’t give up. Even when All Might beat him and pinned him to the ground he continued to release small explosions on the pro hero’s wrists with what little strength he had left.

It was then that Midoriya activated his quirk and leapt into the air, not toward the exit gate but toward All Might. With all his strength he punched a surprised All Might nocking him off Bakugo. He then grabbed the unconscious Bakugo and ran through the gate, passing the test.

The observation room was filled with cheers and Silvia smiled, happy for the boys success. “Wasn’t that amazing?” Uraraka said excitedly.

“Yes,” Silvia replied quietly. “Their determination was quite impressive.” Her eyes stayed fixed on the two boys until they disappeared from the screen.




“Since we have the time, I have a question for you.” Yaoyorozu said looking over at Silvia. Most of the class had come to shop at a giant mall after being told that they would all be coming to the training camp during Summer break. Now Silvia was walking with Yaoyorozu, Jiro, and Ashido. “When you first arrived,” she continued. “You seemed to know Bakugo, but you haven’t been to Japan before have you?”

Silvia smiled. “I ran into some trouble a few days before I started classes. He and Best Jeanist helped me out. I was glad to have a chance to thank him.”

“Was that before you found out how missed up his personality is?” Jiro joked.

“He certainly has his problems,” Silvia replied thoughtfully. “He’s immature and arrogant with a massive anger management problem, but he has potential. I don’t find him intolerable and he’s kind of fun to irritate.” Then she added with a smile, “I pretty much assume all boys my age are either too shy to talk to or too immature to spend time with.”

“Wow. That’s harsh.” Ashido laughed.

“I would say there are some definite exceptions to that.” Yaoyorozu put a finger on her chin thoughtfully. “Midoriya was certainly shy when he first started classes, but he has warmed up significantly. And Todoroki may be quiet, but I don’t think that is due to shyness. I think he just doesn’t waste words.”

“But Kaminari is definitely immature.” Their pink companion interjected.

“And he’s kind of an idiot.” Jiro smiled.

“Attention!” A voice came over the speaker in the mall. “We will be closing the mall early due to security concerns. Please be patient and cooperate with security personnel on your way out.”

“What’s that about?” Silvia asked.

“I don’t know, but we should try to meet back up with the others.” Yaoyorozu led the way back to the meeting place they had discussed earlier. They soon saw a scarred looking Midoriya and Uraraka talking to mall security while some of the other classmates stood close by looking uncomfortable.

“What happened?” Ashido asked the small group.

“Shigaraki Tomura.” Kaminari replied. “He showed up out of nowhere and threatened Midoriya.”

The other girls looked horrified. Silvia’s brow furrowed. “That name sounds familiar,” she mumbled.

“It should.” Kaminari was indignant. “He’s the head of the League of Villains. He led the attack on our class at the beginning of the semester.”

“The man has a terrifying quirk that turns everything he touches to dust.” Jiro added.

“Why was he at the mall?” Silvia asked.

“We have no idea.” Kaminari answered. Perhaps UA was not as safe as Silvia had hoped.

Chapter Text

An angry fist pounded against the door in front of him as Bakugo growled in frustration. What was taking that Shiny haired side character so long to answer? When the door finally did open Silvia was dressed, but still looked partially asleep.

“Bakugo,” she sighed. “It’s summer vacation. Can’t we start our run a little later in the day?”

“Tch. That’s the kind of attitude I would expect of someone with no ambition. And here I thought you wanted to be a hero.” As expected his words earned a glare from the girl in front of him.

“You think I lack ambition?” A menacing smile parted those cute lips. “How about after our run we have a little sparing match and I show you just how much fight I have in me? Of course since we are off campus it will be without quirks.”

Her challenge drew a chuckle from Bakugo. She was always full of surprises. “Well, if you want me to beat you to a pulp, who am I to refuse.” The blond smirked down at his companion. “I know the perfect place. We’ll stop there on our way back.” Bakugo liked the fire that was burning in those grey eyes. He’d seen it in her eyes on their first day of classes and as much as he hated to admit it, this girl's passion intrigued him. Even when she was feeling down that fire was still there in the background smoldering.

After nearly an hour of running, Bakugo led the way to an open space a little ways off the road. It was out of the way enough that they wouldn’t draw the attention of passers by and large enough that they wouldn’t have to worry about obstacles. The teenagers stood facing each other. Bakugo crouched down into a fighting stance. “Hope you’re ready to die, Shiny.”

The girl did not respond as she stood there with a calm hint of a smile on her face. The fiery boy launched himself forward. His right arm swung in a powerful hook. She easily dodged the attack and slipped inside his guard. Bakugo barely managed to block the elbow she brought towards his face. Bakugo tried to grab her arm, but she pulled back too quickly. As she moved back the fiery boy shot forward with a punch that Silvia nearly dodged, but it did clip her shoulder. Unfazed by the glancing blow, the girl spun into a kick that hit Bakugo squarely in the back.

He stumbled, but recovered quickly and returned with a counter attack. As they continued to fight, a smile spread across Bakugo’s face as his red eyes burned with excitement. This was a girl worth fighting. Even when he landed solid blows she didn’t falter or back down.

After they had exchanged a number of blows Bakugo noticed that his hits weren’t as effective as they should be. The reason wasn’t hard to figure out. He jumped back for a moment. “I thought you said no quirks,” he commented while still smiling.

“Oh, you noticed.” She wiped the blood away from a split lip he had given her then reached up to fix her ponytail that had come loose. “I don’t have complete control over my energy absorption. Even when I’m not trying to use it I still absorbs some of the energy from blows that hit me. Hope you don’t think that’s unfair.”

“Doesn’t matter to me.” He leapt forward punching with his full strength. Silvia had just finished with her hair and barely managed to block in time. The hit still knocked her off balance and gave Bakugo the opening he needed to pin her to the ground.

Silvia pulled Bakugo down as well and the two began struggling on the ground. For several minutes the two fought for the upper hand until Bakugo finally managed to lock down the girls movements.

Grey eyes glared up at red ones for a moment before Silvia relaxed and allowed a smile to spread across her face. “You win this time.”

“Of corse I do.” Bakugo moved to let her up. “Just who do you think you’re talking to anyway? I’m going to be the number one hero someday. Don’t you forget that.”

“I’ll remember.” She continued to smile as she got up. “But I would say you still have a long way to go.”

“I beat you didn’t I?” His anger was quickly rising.

The smile turned more mischievous. “You beat a high school girl who was a shut-in until last year. Good job!” Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Tch.” Was she trying to make him angry? Judging by the look on her face, probably. “Shut up.” He growled. “We both know you’re a better than average fighter. And I could definitely beat someone more skilled than you.”

“Was that a compliment?” She blinked in surprise.

“Argh. Just shut up.” He turned away. “Let’s get going already. I have better things to do with my day than hang around with you.” He didn’t really, but he was getting tired of this topic.

“All right.” She moved to walk beside him. “But can we move tomorrows run to 7:30? I could use a little more sleep.”

“Fine.” It was a short walk back to Silvia’s apartment where they parted ways and Bakugo headed back home. As he walked he thought back to the match he had against Silvia. There was something strange about the way she fought. He couldn’t quite place his finger on what it was, but sometimes she almost seemed to move faster than her own mind could keep up with. Maybe it was muscle memory kicking in when her mind was out of practice, but that didn’t really make since. Regardless, he was sure of one thing, Silvia had a lot of potential. He smiled. It might be nice to spar again sometime and he bet that shiny haired fireball would also like to spar again.




The ringing of her phone woke Silvia from her nap. They were a week into Summer vacation and this was the first day that she didn’t spar with Bakugo after their run. He had chosen not to spar today, something about meeting up with ‘stupid hair’. She assumed that meant Kirishima. Since this left her with extra time she had lain down for a short nap. Silvia rubbed her eyes as she grabbed her phone and answered. “Hello.”

“Hey!” It was Ashido’s cheerful voice on the other end. “The rest of us girls are going swimming at the school pool. Want to join?”

“I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“We’re just using our school swimsuits.” Her voice was so bubbly. “You do have one of those, so what do you say?””

Silvia thought for a moment. If it was school swimsuits it should be fine and she didn’t really have anything else to do today. “Alright.”

An hour later all the girls were standing stretching at the side of the school pool. Soon the boys started arriving on the other side. apparently they were there for endurance training. “That’s awfully responsible of them.” The water felt cool as Silvia slipped in, but not uncomfortably so.

“Catch!” Uraraka tossed her a beach ball before jumping into the water herself.

“Toss it here,” Yaoyorozu called. Soon the girls were laughing as they played together. Even Silvia felt a small genuine smile on her own face.

“So,” Uraraka moved closer. “Will you be seeing your family over Summer break?”

A sigh escaped Silvia’s lips. “No. Unfortunately it’s not really possible for them to come visit right now and of course I won’t be able to travel back to Germany either with training camp and everything.”

“Sorry to hear that.” The brunette rubbed the back of her neck. “I’m realizing now that I don’t even know what family you have.”

“No worries. My father passed away a few years ago, but I still have my mom and my older brother. My brother did say he might be able to come visit some time this fall.” As the others began to discus their own families Silvia half listened as she thought about those she had left back home. In the month she had been in Japan it had not been possible for her to talk with her mother due to a busy work schedule and her mother’s frequent time in the hospital. But at least she was able to talk to her brother every couple days.

The conversation was cut short when familiar yelling announced the arrival of the angriest member of class 1-A. Bakugo was challenging Midoriya to some sort of competition while Kirishima held the red eyed boy back. Yaoyorozu clapped her hands together. “If the boys are going to race, we should offer to help time them.” The girls got out of the pool and headed over to where the boys were still discussing what they would do.

Now that they were right by the boys Silvia noticed that many of them were very well built. This wasn’t too surprising considering the physical nature of many of their quirks and the need for strength in hero work. She especially found her eyes drawn to a certain explosive blond. As soon as she realized where she was looking Silvia turned her attention away.

Why did it have to be Bakugo that caught her eye. She was smart enough to know that part of her was developing a crush on the angry boy. She enjoyed the challenge that his tough exterior presented, but he was not caring enough about others for her to ever consider a serious relationship. At least not right now. Maybe if he showed some growth and started caring about someone other than himself. There were so many other things she did like about him and teasing him until he blew up was a joy. Silvia shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts. She needed to focus on the here and now, not the theoretical future. Her attention returned to the races as she watched Bakugo, Midoriya, and Todoroki get ready for the final round. Silvia considered all three of them her friends and couldn’t decide who to root for.

As the signal was given to start the three boys launched forward. However rather than flying forward to race, they all made the most ridiculous surprised faces as they splashed into the pool. Silvia laughed at the funny expressions as Aizawa appeared and told the boys that their time was up. He had apparently erased their quirks as they started and was now forcing them to leave without settling the last round.

That night as Silvia worked on a painting of a landscape she still found herself chuckling over the memory of the boys falling in the water. The boys may have been upset about not getting to finish, but seeing their expressions at the end was worth listening to any amount of complaining. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this relaxed and cheerful. She could only hope it would last.

Chapter Text

The students of 1-A were excited beyond words as they headed to the training camp. Each student had their own idea of what fun activities they would be able to do. Silvia wondered if they had paid any attention to the “training” part of the description. With how intense this school was, she wondered if they would have any time to relax at all.

As the annoying little Mineta was complaining about needing a bathroom break the bus pulled off the road and stopped. “Everyone out,” Mr. AIzawa ordered.

As the students walked around and stretched, Silvia walked to the railing and looked over the woods below. While the trees were different, it reminded her of a forest she had played in back in Germany when she was little. She couldn’t remember when she stopped playing there. Perhaps it was when she started being targeted because of her powerful quirk.

A commotion by the other students drew Silvia’s attention. She walked over and saw two ladies in cat themed costumes. One thing Silvia had learned quickly was that Midoriya was a total fanboy for all heroes and it was no surprise that he started raving about who these heroes where. Mr. Aizawa quieted the students and began to explain that the wild pussycats would be helping out at the training camp.

“We own this whole stretch of land out here. Everything you can see.” One of the cat ladies said. “The summer camp you’re staying at is there, at the base of the mountain.”

The location pointed out was deep in the woods, far from where they were. Everyone began to have a growing sense of dread as the pro heroes described how long it would take to hike there. A few students tried to head for the bus, but it was too late.

As a large wave of dirt swept the students off the edge and down into the woods, Aizawa said, “You should have guessed by now students. Training camp has already begun.”

I should have absorbed the energy from that wave and stopped it, Silvia thought as she brushed herself off. She knew it probably would have been pointless to attempt, but part of her wondered what the teachers would have done if she stopped them.

From above the students the voice of one of the cat ladies called down letting them know they could use their quirks since this was private land. “Come to the facility on your own two feet,” the voice called. “After getting through...the beast forest.”

“Well that sounds ominous,” Silvia mumbled.

Mineta ignored the words and charged into the forest only to be confronted by a giant monster. Midoriya grabbed the purple haired boy in time to keep him from being crushed. Todoroki immobilized the monster with his ice, then Iida, Bakugo, and Midoriya attacked the beast and destroyed it. As it crumbled, Silvia saw that it was just made of dirt. Midoriya commented that it was one of the Pussycat’s quirks.

Before the students had a chance to recover from the first attack, more monsters appeared in the forest ahead. They would have to fight all the way down the mountain. As the other students began working together Silvia did her best to join in. She grabbed a handful of rocks and turned them into explosives to take out one of the beasts.

“Silvia, this way!” Yaoyorozu called out. Soon the two girls were working together and working with the rest of the class. It was a nice feeling having others to watch your back. It was something Silvia did not have a lot of experience with.

In spite of this pleasant feeling, exhaustion still began to set in as the hours dragged by. When the students finally reached the camp location the sun was beginning to set. Silvia was ready to collapse and she felt certain the rest of the class felt the same. No one had eaten since breakfast and they had spent the entire day fighting. Some of them were limping and most of them had bruises.

As some of the kids started complaining one of the pussy cats chuckled or was she meowing. “I thought it would take you kids even longer. But you did much better against my dirt monsters than I thought you would. You guys were seriously great.”

No food had ever tasted better than the meal they had that night. After the meal everyone went to the hot springs to bathe. Silvia hesitated to go out. For one she had never taken a public bath and was not completely comfortable with the idea. But more than that she knew exactly what everyone would ask as soon as she came out and she was not sure she wanted to deal with the questions.

After taking her time thought Silvia made her way out to where the other girls were bathing. There was some sort of commotion going on. Apparently Mineta had tried to climb the wall and the little kid from the lodge had stopped him, but then fell on the other side of the wall. While the other girls were distracted, Silvia started to slip into the water, but before she was all the way in she heard Jiro ask the expected question. “Whoa! Silvia, where did you get all those scars?”

Silvia forced an awkward smile on to her face. “Oh, um. That’s kind of a long story.”

All the girls were staring at her curiously. She looked down at the scars that were scattered across her chest and thought about all the ones on her back as well. Some were from knives, others from bullets, some were even from shrapnel. “We have time.” Jiro stated.

“Don’t feel like you have to tell us,” Uraraka piped in. “But, I do admit I’m curious.”

Silvia sighed. She might as well tell them before they started coming up with their own theories. Who knows what kind of crazy things they might think if she stayed quiet. “You know how my quirk allows me to convert matter to energy?” She started.

“Yeah.” Yaoyorozu looked thoughtful. “Wait, are those from some sort of accident with your quirk?”

“No, that’s not it.” She took a deep breath. “When I was eight, we discovered that the theoretical limits of my quirk are rather terrifying. For example in five minutes I could charge the water in this tub and create an explosion more powerful than the largest atomic bomb ever created. In ten minutes I could create an explosion large enough to wipe Japan off the map.”

The expressions of curiosity had changed to concern. “That is kind of terrifying,” Uraraka commented.

“You’re not the only one to think that. There was a group of extremists back in Germany that believed Quirks with world ending potential should be wiped from the gene pool. They’ve been trying to kill me for six years. That’s where the scars came from. Each one is a failed attempt to kill me.”

As Silvia finished the explanation, everyone stayed silent. In the background they could hear the boys talking and arguing on the other side of the wall. Silvia felt bad for dragging the mood down. At last Yaoyorozu spoke up. “You really are amazing.” Silvia gave her a confused look. “You have been fighting for survival all these years and clearly suffered way more than we can imagine and yet you’re still so happy and kind. I think most people would have become jaded by that kind of thing.”

As the other girls spoke up in agreement, Silvia felt a genuine smile spread across her face. They weren’t treating here with pity for her suffering or fear for the damage she could do. It was refreshing and sweet how the girls turned it around into a compliment. After that Silvia was able to relax and actually enjoy the water of the hot spring.




As the ringing came through the phone Silvia leaned her head back against the wall and tried to keep her eyes open. When her brother’s deep voice greeted her on the other end it helped her wake up a little. “Didn’t you start your camp today? Are they wearing you all out?”

“That is an understatement?” She sighed. “We had to fight our way through the forest all day just to get to the camp location.”

A soft chuckle came from the other end. “At least they’re not making things too easy for you.”

“I’m not sure what they have planned for tomorrow, but if it’s as hard as today I don’t know if I’ll have the energy to talk at the end of the day. That’s why I called tonight.” Silvia pulled her knees up to her chest and leaned her head on them.

“I appreciate the call.” He sounded amused. “However, you sound like you’re about to fall asleep. Get some rest and I will talk to you again after the camp.”

He was always so thoughtful. “Thanks for understanding. Talk to you later.” After hanging up Silvia made her way down the hall to where the other girls were getting ready for bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was asleep.

It seemed all too soon that everyone was woken up and brought outside. Mr. Aizawa explained that the main focus of this camp would be to strengthen their quirks. “This will be so hard you’ll feel like you’re dying.” He explained with a wicked grin. “Let’s hope you all survive.”

Once the terrifying explanation was finished, each student was assigned a different exercise. Silvia was to practice charging larger areas more quickly without losing control and blowing up too much. It required a lot of focus and it was not easy. Before long she was kneeling in a large crater after creating an explosion much larger than she intended.

“Remember to focus on control!” One of the pussycats called from a safe distance.

What did they think she was focusing on? Once more she placed her hands on the ground and quickly infused a patch of dirt with her quirk, converting the matter into energy. Her goal was to create an explosion with a five meter radius.

It took less than a second to charge and release. As she absorbed the energy that hit her directly she could tell it was a little too weak. A glance confirmed this as the impact had a less than three meters radius.

In the distance she could hear the explosions from Bakugo practicing with his quirk. Everyone was working hard and she couldn’t fall behind. Once more she pressed her hands to the ground and released an explosion.

By the time they quit that evening Silvia felt dizzy and exhausted from repeatedly releasing and absorbing the explosions. She even had a small burn on one hand from when she had failed to absorb all of the energy that hit her from one explosion.

But, as it turned, out they weren’t done working as the pussy cats told them they would have to prepare their own food. Tonight would be curry. Silvia had no idea what even went into curry. “I guess if I’m going to live here I should learn more about Japanese cuisine,” she mumbled. Soon Todoroki had lit the fires and the other students were preparing ingredients. Silvia relied on the others to help her know what to do. It was strange cooking with so many other people and honestly the result was less than delicious, but everyone was so hungry that no one really cared that much.

The following day was just as hard. This time Silvia used a wider variety of energy types partially to push herself further and partially to reduce the damage to her surroundings. At dinner they once again had to make their own food. As Silvia helped chop ingredients she heard Uraraka comment in surprise about Bakugo’s skill with a knife. “What do you mean it’s weird? How can you people can be so damn bad at everything!” He yelled in response.

“I’ll have you know,” Silvia interjected into the conversation. “I am quite capable in culinary skills. Especially using a knife. I just don’t know much about Japanese cuisine.”

“She’s right.” Kirishima glanced between Silvia and Bakugo. “I think she’s as fast as you are at cutting.”

“You trying to turn this into a competition?” The blond roared. “I’ll show you just how fast I can get these ingredients chopped.”

Silvia chuckled tiredly. She was too tired for this. “Sorry, but I don’t really feel like competing over this. Why don’t you save your competitive spirit for that test of courage thing later?”

A growl of agreement was the only response he gave as the food preparations continued. After the meal, all the students from both class A and B headed out to where the test of courage would be held. However, those who had failed the final were soon dragged away for their extra classes instead.

Class B entered the forest first to set up tricks to scare the other students as they went through. Everyone in class A was supposed to go through the test of courage with a randomly assigned partner and Silvia was paired with Yaoyorozu. When the time came for the two girls to start they could hear screams from the girls in front of them. “Is it really going to be that scary?” Silvia pondered aloud. “We know that they can’t touch us so how bad could it be?”

“Sometimes the unexpected can be rather frightening even if you know rationally that it can’t hurt you.” Her partner tried to explain. “Have you done something like this before?”

“No. I’m not usually into trying to be scared. It’s the same reason I don’t watch horror movies. Reality is already frightening enough.”

The last comment made her ponytailed companion look a little uncomfortable. “I suppose that’s true. But maybe that’s why it’s fun to have scares that can’t actually kill you.”

As the two continued there was movement in the trees ahead. As Silvia squinted to try and make out who was there she noticed a strange pink haze in the air. “What is that? It’s almost like there’s some sort of...”

“Gas!” Someone up ahead yelled. “Don’t breath it!” The urgency in their voice conveyed one message clearly. This was not part of the game.

Chapter Text

The yell of ‘GAS!’ sent a chill through Silvia. Yaoyorozu, however, knelt down without hesitation and began making gas masks with her quirk. She handed the masks to the 1-B students who soon ran out of the trees ahead. Silvia slipped her own mask on then asked, “What’s going on? Where did the gas come from?” She looked around the other students for answers.

“It’s not from us.” Tetsutetsu said as he strapped a mask onto an unconscious class mate he had been carrying.

At that moment, a voice filled their heads. Silvia recognized the voice as one of the Pussy Cats that had a telepathy quirk. The voice warned that villains were attacking and told all students to return to the camp at once. Silvia felt a tightness in her chest at this information. She had been targeted by villains before, but this felt different.

Yaoyorozu seemed startlingly calm. “There may be other students trapped in the gas. We need to get them masks so they can get out safely.”

The 1-B students agreed. The one Silvia believed was named Awase said, “You’re right. The rest of our class is probably in the gas too. Tetsutetsu can take some masks to the next group up and I can show you the way to the rest of our class.”

“I’m coming with you,” Silvia stated. Awase and Yaoyorozu nodded. The three students set off into the gas. They found a few more students who they gave masks, but soon they reached what seemed to be the edge of the gas. “Strange,” Silva looked around. “It seems to be staying in that one area.”

“It’s probably supposed to work with the fire to contain us,” stated Awase motioning to the wall of flames in front of them. It was then that another message came from the Pussy Cats. The students were the targets and had permission to fight back in self defense. Also, ‘Kacchan’ was being targeted specifically.

“Their targeting Bakugo?” Yaoyorozu wrapped her arms around herself. “Why?”

“We can worry about that later.” Awase laid a hand on her shoulder. “We’ve done what we can, so we should head back.”

“The gas,” Silvia motioned the way they had come. “It’s disappearing. That’s probably a good thing, right?”

Before the other students could respond, there was a loud crash behind them. A huge tree branch flew through the air hitting Yaoyorozu in the head. Awase caught the falling girl, but Silvia was frozen as she saw the monster that had caused the branch to fly in the first place. Her brain only took in vague details at first. Green skin. Exposed brain. Purple mask. But mostly the giant chainsaws and drills spinning on the ends of extra limbs.

“What is that thing?!” Awase’s voice pulled Silvia into action.

She scooped up a large stone. “Run!” She yelled and charged the rock as she pulled her arm back to through it. The stone exploded in the monsters face as the students started running. Or rather, Silvia and Awase ran as he half carried half dragged Yaoyorozu.

Silvia grabbed anything she could as they ran. Twigs, leaves, rocks. They were all turned into explosives and thrown at the monster charging behind them. It didn’t even seem to slow the thing down.

“Yaoyorozu, are you alive!” Awase cried. “Please. I need you to run!”

A weak voice responded from the bloodied girl. “I’m sorry. I’m alive, but…” She was clearly in no condition to do anything at the moment.

Silvia clenched her teeth. She needed to do something. “Keep running!” She yelled as she spun on her heel. She moved as fast as she could, charging toward the monster. She dodged one of the chainsaws on her left and slapped her hand agains the side of it. Her quirk caused the saw to explode.

Before she could jump back or turn her attention to another of the saws, pain shot through her right arm. She screamed and tried to absorb the energy of the saw cutting into her flesh, but it was hard to focus through the pain. She stumbled back with her arm hanging useless at her side.

On instinct she dodged a blur moving toward her. The massive drill that would have impaled her scraped her side leaving a large gash. Vaguely her heard her name being screamed as she fell to the ground. The creature moved forward and Silvia saw unavoidable death swinging down towards her. Inches from her head the chainsaw stopped in mid air. In a daze, Silvia watched as the monster pulled its extra limbs in and turned to walk away.

Silvia collapsed onto her back. She could hear Yaoyorozu and Awase saying something and saw Awase run past her toward the monster, but she was too exhausted to think about it. She knew she was losing too much blood, but at this point she couldn’t even move. The creature may not have killed her in that moment, but some part of her wondered if she would die anyway. As her eyes drifted shut the last thing she saw was Yaoyorozu’s concerned and bloodied face leaning over her.




The sounds and smells of a hospital are fairly universal and Silvia recognized these even before she opened her eyes and saw the equipment that surrounded her. There was no one else in the room and she did not know how long she had been out. Judging by the light coming in through the window it was late evening, but it could have been one day or several. While she lay there, Silvia looked herself over to take stock of her condition. Her right arm was strapped to her in a sling to immobilize it and her torso was wrapped in bandages. The rest of her seemed to be fine although judging by the level of stiffness in her muscles she had likely been unconscious for several days.

As Silvia concluded her self-analysis, a nurse came into the room. She saw Silvia was awake and hurried over.

“How long was I out?” Silvia’s voice sounded a little gruff and tiered as she asked the question.

“Almost three days,” the nurse answered. “You lost a lot of blood and even with healing quirks it took time for your body to recover from that. The damage to your arm was extensive. If it had been any deeper you probably would have lost it. The doctor will come by later to explain your condition in detail.” As she spoke the nurse checked Silvia’s vitals and her bandages.

“What about the rest of the students? Is everyone alright?”

The nurse hesitated. “There were no fatalities. A few of the students were injured like yourself. Some are still unconscious from the gas, but they are expected to recover in time. And one student, well you would find out as soon as you look at the news anyway. One student was captured by the villains.”

“Which student?” Silvia could feel her heart pounding. It wasn’t hard to guess the answer, but she needed to know for certain.

“Bakugo Katsuki.” The words sent a chill down Silvia’s spine. “Were you close?” Asked the nurse.

“A little. He wasn’t the easiest guy to get close to, but I considered him a friend.” She wasn’t about to tell this stranger that he was her crush. She hadn’t realized until this moment just how bad that crush was. Her heart ached at the though that she may never see Bakugo again.

The nurse left and the doctor came in a few moments later. Silvia half listened as he talked about the extent of her injuries. “We were able to repair the damaged muscle tissue in your arm, but because so much of it was severed it will take some physical therapy to get you back to where you were before.” She nodded as the doctor gave her the rest of the details. It sounded like she would need to stay a few more days.

Silvia was able to get her phone back and once the doctor had left she tried calling her brother. However, his phone went strait to voicemail so she just left a quick message letting him know she was okay. Once that was done, she scrolled through the news. It looked like UA was in pretty bad shape in regards to public opinion. It also looked like they were getting ready for a press conference.

The live stream of the conference showed Principal Nedzu, Aizawa, and Vlad King all dressed in suits taking questions. It was strange seeing Mr. Aizawa with his hair slicked back like that. The teachers started off by apologizing formally for allowing the events that happened at camp, then they opened up for questions. The press was relentless with their harsh pointed questions. One of the reporters suggested that perhaps the villains planned to try to turn Bakugo to their side. The very idea irritated Silvia.

It seemed Aizawa was also upset by the suggestion. He rose to his feet with a look of controlled fury. However, he did not lose his temper and bowed his head before explaining calmly that Bakugo was not someone who would ever join the villains. “If the villains think they have a chance with him, then they are grossly mistaken. I can guarantee you that much.”

This answer made Silvia smile, but it did not seem to impress the reporters who continued to pepper the three with questions trying to get them to slip up. It sounded like they still did not know where Bakugo was and that was upsetting to say the least, but they weren’t giving up on searching for him.

The press conference ended and Silvia began scrolling through people’s comments about what was said. Most of the comments just served to upset her more. People were expressing their disappointment and making statements about how the students and their families “must” feel, but they didn’t really know anything. Yes, Bakugo had been taken and that thought was heart breaking, but they would get him back. They had to. She needed to see him again. To know that he was alright. To know that she had not lost another person precious to her.

That last thought caught her off guard. He was precious to her?

Before she could give that more thought, messages started popping up about All Might in a huge fight. Quickly she switched over to the live feed. All Might was standing in the middle of rubble facing a man with a familiar looking mask. He kind of looked like Darth Vader in a suit. All Might smashed the man to the ground breaking his mask, but that was not the end. The villain was still fighting and strong enough that his attack easily knocked All Might into the air straight at the news helicopter. Silvia inhaled sharply as she saw the impending accident. The collision was stopped by another hero grabbing All Might at the last second.

As the camera focused on the All Might, it was obvious that he was not looking the best. How long had this fight been going on? The villain he was facing must really be powerful if he had pushed All Might this far. But things continued to get worse. The masked villain released a massive blast at All Might and he blocked it to protect the random civilian trapped behind him. As the dust settled everyone could see that All Might did not look the same at all. He looked deflated and almost skeletal.

“What is this?” Silvia breathed at the screen. This couldn’t be right. How could that be All Might? On top of the physical change his smile was gone as he stood stunned by something the villain was saying to him. “Don’t give up. You have to win.” Silvia’s voice was small and quiet, but she could hear others outside her room calling out for All Might to win. Of coarse he could not hear them, but that did not stop anyone. They all yelled and cheered All Might on.

One of All Mights arms bulked up, returning to its normal fighting size, but the rest of him stayed thin. Could he fight like that? Before he could try flames shot out toward the villain and the camera moved to show that Endeavor and other heroes had shown up to help. They seemed to be little more than an annoyance to the overpowered incarnation of evil, but it gave All Might a moment to recover and refocus.

With a powerful blast of air the villain sent all the heroes but All Might flying back. The villain’s right arm then began to distort and grow. As if part of some monster, the arm took on a massive form with drills and other objects sticking out of it. The masked man then leapt toward the number one hero, swinging his massive arm in a powerful attack. All Might blocked the attack with his bulked up right arm at first and was pushed back, then he suddenly let that arm be blown back as his left arm bulked up and punched his opponent in the face. “Yes!” Silvia called. But his blow was weak. The villain’s other arm began to distort as well, but All Might was not done. He pulled back his right arm and punched, landing a blow so powerful that it blasted dirt into the air and created a massive crater.

When the smoke cleared All Might stood over the unconscious villain and raised his fist in victory. Silvia yelled in joy and she could hear others in the hospital doing the same.

The news caster sounded tearful as he declared, “All Might wins! The villain is not moving. He’s knocked out. All Might stands victorious. He’s saved us yet again.” As he spoke the hero returned to the form people were used to seeing. He wavered for a moment, but remained standing as people everywhere cheered for his victory.

It was late, but Silvia doubted anyone who knew what was going on would sleep that night. She continued to watch the news as they reported on the events that led to the massive battle. Apparently it had started with a raid on the League of Villains’ hide out. They did not have all the detailed yet, but police confirmed that the kidnapped student was safe.

Silvia thought back to the press conference. It seemed the comments made there were meant to mislead the villains about how close the heroes really were. It was a good tactic. As Silvia watched the cleanup it was obvious that All Might was not making any attempt to return to his normal hero form. No one said it, but Silvia wondered if he would be able to fight after this. What would this all mean for All Might and what would it mean for the students involved in this whole thing? Including her.

Chapter Text

“We were able to gain some information from the tests we ran at the hospital.” Recovery Girl let her eyes sweep over the men in front of her. She had called the two men to go over results of the tests she ran while Silvia was injured. Aizawa and Principal Nezu waited for her to continue. “The quirk readings still indicate that Silvia Weiss’s memories were altered in some way. However, based on the levels of the readings it is likely that the quirk has a time limit of some kind. Most likely her memories will return once that time limit is reached.”

“Are you able to tell when that will be?” Nezu asked.

“With only two points of data it is hard to make an accurate guess. Most likely it will be somewhere between two and six months from now.”

“That’s a disturbingly large range,” observed Aizawa. “Is there any way you can get a more precise estimate?”

Recovery Girl flipped through her papers. “If we did regular tests of the quirk levels we could get a better idea of how quickly it is fading, however that would be very time consuming for us and her. It also would not make any difference in treatment.”

Aizawa knit his brow. “Should we be worried about when the quirk does wear off? Long term quirks like that can have some nasty side effects.”

“Agreed.” The old woman frowned down at her papers. There were still so many unanswered questions about this quirk. It bothered her to not be able to give better treatment. “Unfortunately we won’t know if treatment is needed until the quirk wears off. I was able to narrow down when she was effected to within a month on the first examination. With that information do you have any ideas of who may have used their quirk?”

“Unfortunately, no.” Aizawa looked annoyed. “No one in her apartment complex or the surrounding area has a memory quirk. We checked for anyone with similar complaints in the area, but found nothing. Even if we tried to backtrack her movements during that month it would be nearly impossible, especially since we can’t rely in her own memories of that time.”

“We will just have to wait for the time being.” Nezu laced his small fingers together in his lap. “Once her memories return, Miss Weiss will be able to provide us with more information and we will be able to decide if further action is required. In the mean time, Recovery Girl, please let us know if there are any further developments.”

Aizawa stood slowly. His posture as bad as ever as he turned to leave. “I’ve got to go meet with All Might. We need to visit the parents about the dorms. At least it will be easier to avoid things like this once the students are living here.”




The students of 1-A stood together looking up at their new home. The dorm building reminded Silvia of a scaled down version of the main building on campus. Most the student chatted happily as Aizawa welcomed them and reminded everyone about the provisional hero licenses. Then his voice took on a more serious tone. “Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Midoriya, Iida. You five are the ones who broke the rules and went to rescue Bakugo that night.”

This was news to Silvia. She glanced in surprise at the students in question. It wasn’t really a surprise that Midoriya and Kirishima went. Midoriya had a tendency to put himself in danger for others and Kirishima was probably one of the only other students who would call Bakugo his friend. She was surprised about the others going as well and wondered about the details. The rest of the class did not seem as surprised by the information. In fact their expressions looked like a mixture of regret and guilt.

Aizawa continued. “Based on your reactions, I assume the rest of you were at least aware of their plan. I’m going to set aside a number of issues and just say this. If it weren’t for All Might’s retirement from the hero scene, I would expel every one here except Bakugo, Jiro, Hagakure, and Weiss.” As he explained why and the fact they would all have to earn back his trust everyone’s faces fell and they all stared sadly in front of them.

Aizawa headed back into the dorm building. The enthusiasm from earlier was gone. Bakugo of all people was the one to break the tension. He suddenly grabbed Kaminari and dragged him behind the bushes. After a few loud noises and electrical shocks Kaminari emerged looking as dumb as he always did after overusing his quirk. Jiro couldn’t contain her laughter and the whole class quickly started cheering up.

While most of the class laughed at Kaminari’s stupid expression, Silvia watched Bakugo go up to Kirishima and pay him back for night vision goggles. She guessed they were for the afore mentioned rescue. The whole thing was so different from Bakugo’s usual self-centered attitude. He approached the situation in his usual gruff style, but his actions helped the whole class.

Silvia’s mind drifted back to a week before when Bakugo had texted her to see if she was doing alright. He didn’t say it quite that directly of course. The text had actually read, “Hey, Shiny. Heard from stupid hair about you getting hurt. You better recover by the time we get to the dorms.” He had been the one kidnapped, but he still took the time to check on Silvia and she did not want to admit how much that had meant to her.

The students made their way inside where they were given their room assignments. The girls were fairly spread out on their side and Silvia was the only girl on the second level. With a sigh Silvia started unpacking. She hadn’t even been in her previous apartment that long. At least she hadn’t needed to debate about what to bring like she was sure the other students had needed to. It didn’t take too long to get the basics unpacked and she was just finishing arranging her art supplies when there was a knock at her door. Upon opening it she found all the other girls standing outside.

“Hey, are you about finished?” Ashido asked with a bright smile.

“Just about. How about all of you?” Silvia put on a small smile of her own as she responded.

“We’re all finished too,” answered Uraraka.

“So, we were thinking,” Ashido piped in again. “We want to do something to help everyone relax after everything that happened. We had a great idea, but we want everyone to participate.”

“What’s the idea?” Silvia glanced around at the smiling faces.

“We’re going to have the boys show us their rooms and have a competition for the one decorated the best!” Everyone nodded in agreement to the pink girl’s deceleration.

It seemed like a harmless enough idea. “Sure. I’m in.”

After that the girls headed to the common area to talk to the boys. Most of them went for the idea, but Bakugo just growled that it was a dumb idea and he was going to bed. On his way out he walked past Silvia and muttered. “Tomorrow morning we’ll head out at 6:00.” Then he continued walking without waiting for a response.

Silvia stared after him for a moment then a small smile touched her lips. Perhaps he had not changed so much after all. He still thought he could tell her what to do without waiting for her to agree. She was sure he was talking about a run and of course she would meet him because she did want to go. But it would be nice if he actually asked sometimes.

The room competition started with Midoriya’s room. His All Might theme was not surprising, but she had not expected it to be this extreme. He really was a hard core fanboy. They visited the other rooms on his floor with the exception of Mineta’s. Considering the way that Mineta was disturbingly obsessed with women in a very perverted way, no one wanted to see his room. As they went from room to room Silvia felt the smile she had put on become more and more genuine as she learned more about her new friends and enjoyed their company.

That was until they decided to look at her room. After two floors of boys rooms, the boys had insisted that the girls let everyone see their rooms as well. Silvia couldn’t exactly refuse after going with them, but she had never had friends in her room before and it felt a little weird. When Mineta just walked in with a disturbing gleam in his eyes she felt a spark of anger and leaned over to hiss at the boy, “If you touch anything I will remove your hands at the wrist.” The pervert stopped at the menacing tone in her voice and moved back to the door, fear covering his face.

Everyone else looked around the room curiously. “I didn’t know you painted,” Uraraka said as she eyed the pile of canvases in the corner.

“Yeah,” Silvia averted her eyes as she answered. “I’m not all that good at it, I just do it to relax.”

“I love fine arts.” Yaoyorozu looked excited. “Paintings were always my favorite part of art galleries. Can we see one of your works? Please?”

Silvia wanted to say no, but everyone looked at her expectantly. After a moment of hesitating she gave in. “Alright. Just don’t expect too much.” She went over to her box of finished paintings and pulled out her favorite. It showed a lake surrounded by pine trees with mountains in the background. She had been thinking of putting it on the wall because it reminded her of home. “Here.” She turned the canvass so that everyone could see.

“Wow. That looks amazing.” Uraraka exclaimed. There were murmurs of agreement from the others.

“Your skills are quite impressive.” Yaoyorozu added.

After that the tour continued. Each room showed off some aspect of the person staying in it. Some even reflected their quirks. Koda, who could talk to animals, had a pet rabbit. Sato, who fueled his quirk with sugar, had baked a cake. Tokoyami, who’s quirk was stronger in darkness, had a very black room. Finally everyone returned to the common area and a vote was held for the best room. Silvia considered her options. It was tempting to vote for Sato because of the cake, but that was not really about the room. Koda had that adorable rabbit. Sero’s room was certainly interesting. Then there was Jiro’s amazing instrument collection. In the end she decided to vote for Todoroki because of how impressive his remodel was. He had taken their western style dorm rooms and turned his into a completely traditional Japanese style with tatami mats and everything. Apparently, however, Silvia was the only girl not won over by the cake and Sato won with five votes.

As soon as the results were announced Silvia said goodnight to everyone and returned to her room. She sent a quick message to her brother to let him know she ways all moved in then collapsed on her bed. She needed to get up early tomorrow for her run. This thought only made it harder to fall asleep as her head filled with thoughts of the fiery tempered boy she would be running with.




It started with a simple decision. When Silvia arrived for their run Bakugo decided to let her run beside him. It hadn’t seemed like that big of a deal at the time, but as they ran he realized how distracting she was. He had only glanced in her direction when he found his eyes fixed on the scar on her right arm. The tank top did nothing to hide the large dark line. It was wide and wrapped almost halfway around her arm. She didn’t seem bothered by showing her scars. Then his eyes were drawn to her other shoulder where he saw a scar that he was fairly certain was from the first day they met. She always was tough. It was at this point his attention was drawn by things he normally didn’t notice about the girl. Her slender form and solid arms were clearly visible. Her clothing hugged her form showing more than she normally did. She had a solid body with curves and muscles in all the right places. As they ran he had to force himself to not get distracted staring at her. A fact that made him very irritated.

He thought things would be better when the class went to do quirk training, but he was wrong. That shiny haired distraction just had to be located right next to him. Her movements were smooth and distractingly graceful. When Bakugo realized he had been watching her, he growled and launched himself at the Ectoplasm clone he was sparing with. The attack was intense enough to destroy the clone. While he waiting for a new clone, Bakugo allowed himself a few seconds of watching Silvia next to him. His eyes followed her moves as she twisted and leapt mixing physical attacks with those of her quirk. She was getting really good, not that he would ever tell her that. A smirk found its way to his face as he turned back to his own training.

In the evening after training Bakugo glared at Silvia as she talked to Icy-hot and ponytail. Why was she spending so much time with them? Why did he care? With a growl he turned back to Kirishima and the other idiots that were trying to talk to him. His mind couldn’t stop thinking on Silvia. He never used to care. Two months ago when they met she was little more than a curiosity. Somewhere along the way that changed and now he didn’t know what to think.

Things stayed like this for the next few days and every second of it made Bakugo angrier. He reached his boiling point on the fifth day of training when he saw icy-hot asking that shiny haired nuisance if she wanted to walk back to the dorms together and she agreed.

Bakugo’s body moved before his mind had a chance to figure out what to do. He pushed in between the two and grabbed Silvia’s wrist. “I need to talk to you,” he growled as he dragged her outside.

“Sorry, Todoroki,” she called over her shoulder. Her voice sounded startled. “I’ll talk to you later.”

Out of habit her dragged her around to the side of the school and shoved her against the wall just like he had done to Deku so many times. Bakugo slammed his right hand against the wall next to her head causing a small explosion. She didn’t flinch and just stared calmly into his eyes.

“Why are you spending so much time with Icy-Hot? Do you like him or something?” He kept his voice to a low growl, but he could feel his temper continuing to grow.

His words didn’t cause any change in Silvia’s expression, but he could see something like confusion flash in her eyes. “Todoroki is just a friend. I’m not interested in him romantically at all.”

“Oh, really? You expect me to believe that?” Bakugo’s voice was louder this time.

“Yes, I do. Because it’s the truth.” Anger was beginning to show through her carefully controlled expression. “I happen to like someone other than him.”

That pushed Bakugo over the edge. “And who would that be?” He yelled.

“A red eyed idiot named Bakugo!” She yelled back. Both teens fell silent at that, eyes wide as they both realized what she had said.




Silvia hadn’t intended to tell Bakugo that she liked him. Not now, probably not ever. She just got angry at his accusations and lost her cool. Now he was staring at her in surprise and she figured that she might as well finish digging her grave. Silvia lowered her eyes to the ground in front of her to avoid seeing how Bakugo reacted.

“I’ve actually liked you for a while,” she continued the accidental confession. “You’re honest, brave, strong in both body and spirit. You always tell the truth and aren’t afraid of how people will view you for it. You have an unquenchable desire to win and-” Silvia’s words were cut off by lips pressing against hers. Her eyes locked on the red ones glaring at her as Bakugo pulled back just enough to talk.

“You talk too much,” he growled, lips almost brushing hers. “You better not be lying or I’ll kill you.”

Silvia chuckled. “I wouldn’t lie about something like this. I do like you.”

“Good.” His lips pressed once more against Silvia’s before she could respond. His arm slipped around her back and pulled her close. Silvia closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. Eventually, he pulled back to flash his cocky grin. “I should have known you’d fall for me. I am the best, after all.”

She rolled her eyes. “Looks like I’m not the only one who fell for someone.” She poked Bakugo in the chest.

His grin didn’t even waver. “You can believe what you want.”

Silvia shoved away playfully. She tried to pout, but couldn’t stop smiling. “Meany.”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it. You knew what I was like before I ever dragged you back here.” He grabbed Silvia’s hand and started walking. “Come on, Shiny. We should get back.”

Silvia fell in step beside him as she savored the feel of his rough hand holding hers. They walked in silence for a few minutes before Bakugo spoke again. “Hey.” Silvia turned her head to look at him, but his eyes remained on the path as he spoke. “You like me, so from now on you walk to and from the dorms with me, not half-and-half. Got it?”

She snorted. “Only because that’s what I would want to do anyway. I said I like you and not him. You don’t need to be so jealous.”

His only response was a low growl. Silvia squeezed his hand hoping that whatever this was between them would last.