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"He's currently at work, I can send the security and take him in for now."

"I... I should call Sebastian and let him know, if he-"

"Do that," Seto interrupts him, already on the phone, "I'm not wasting any more time."

Sean hops off the desk with wobbly legs frantically grabbing for the phone in his pocket. Almost dropped it in the process... perhaps he shouldn't tell Sebastian about their discovery, saying he needs to come and bring Kidman along with him was enough to let him know this was serious. Arthur should be here, too. Sean tried calling him, yet could hardly form a coherent sentence in his head so how was he supposed to talk to Sebastian? He writes a text instead.

[msg sent 04:43p.m Sebastian] come over w kidman & arthur to kaibacorp. we found smth.

Not waiting for a response Sean places his phone on the desk, Seto back to working through Joseph's file trying to find anything that was... off. Security was alerted, now all they can do was wait for them to come... The phone vibrates, Sebastian's message pops up.

[msg received 04:45p.m Sebastian] On the way.

"It... it could be a trap," Sean murmurs, more to himself, "Or jus'... dumb coincidence..."

"I don't believe in coincidences," comes Seto's sharp reply, "And I can handle traps if the need arises."

Sean buries his face in his hands. Turns around and anxiously paces through the office trying to gather thoughts that aren't all negative and doubtful. It's hard coming up with something positive in this situation; it's so much bigger than them and Sean doesn't know if he can handle all of this a second time... And Sebastian for the fourth time. Fuck...

He jumps when the door flies open, puts a hand on his chest as if to attempt and calm his heart; two muscular men dressed in black suits flanked a third man, arms on his back, he wears glasses and looks... shocked, to say the least. Joseph doesn't even struggle when they bring him inside and force him to sit down on the couch.

"Mister Oda, Sir. As requested," one of the big men said, "Do you want us to stay around?"

"Is he restrained?"

"Handcuffed, Sir."

"Wait outside then."

Both nod, both leave the office and Joseph remains strangely calm. Same as Seto, eyeing the man suspiciously while he walked over to him with confidence. "Did you tell Sebastian who it is that we found?"

"Huh..? No... figured he should... like see for himself..."

Seto turns his attention back to Joseph. "Did you think I wasn't going to find you? That I would let you use my company for your crimes? You messed with the wrong person."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Mister."

What if it was a trap... this doesn't feel right... he is meant to be dead, or...?

Someone knocks at the door rather persistently and after a quick glance at Seto gesturing him okay, Sean opens up and in comes Sebastian followed by Arthur, Kidman. All three armed, holster on their belts and revolvers tucked inside. Mobius and gunpower go hand in hand, Sebastian once said.

"What happened? What did you find out?" Sebastian is the first to inquire; Kidman looks at the man sitting on the couch, frozen in place. Arthur stands behind Sebastian ready to fuck shit up.

"Joseph- uh.." Sean takes a step back, motions at him sitting there restrained, "We found Joseph Oda."

"...what?" Sebastian stares at Sean instead of Joseph, at least until the words reached him and appeared to make sense; the Detective turns to face Joseph who looks up at him with a light smile on his face. Triumphant...?

"What the hell are you talking about? That's-- that's not Joseph!"

"Sebastian-" Kidman tried to speak up, her head bowed, Seto talked louder though.

"We found him in the database, registered as Joseph Oda. The file is still open if you want to take a look."

"Its not Joseph!" Sebastian paces around the man and Arthur tried to keep him still- to no avail. "Joseph is dead..." He mutters, tries to make sense of it all...

It's a fucking trap...

"Sebastian," Kidman calls out, "Sebastian, you have to know that... Seb, listen." Sebastian stops in his tracks, reminds Sean of a lost puppy utterly confused by the world around it. Arthur sneaks between him and the man on the couch, one hand at his weapon.

"What? Do you know how this is possible? What the fuck is happening here?"

"Joseph is still alive."

"No..." His voice breaks and so does Sebastian, mind torn all over again, forgotten the composure so well collected, dignity and pride gone out of the window; none of them reacted fast enough to stop him as he pulls his gun at her, safety still on, yelling at Kidman with a voice like cracking ice.

"You fucking killed him! YOU DID! I SAW HIM DIE!"

Arthur grabs his shoulder, wants to pull him back with quite some effort-- Kidman, on the other hand, doesn't move a muscle nor does she try defend herself with words.

"What happened to Joseph!?"

"The bullet didn't kill him, Sebastian," Kidman  begins eventually, "He is with Mobius. Since that day. I wasn't allowed to tell you, they would have--"

"What!? Killed you? You used the same excuse with my daughter! Fucking selfish is what you are!"

Arthur, who didn't get to say a word since they arrived here, finally succeeds in pulling Sebastian away and take the gun from him, talks to him in a hushed voice and standing a bit away it seems as though as Sebastian came down from a strange high, ends up wiping tears of anger and betrayal.

"...who is this, then?" Seto asks, Kidman the only person probably able to answer.

Sean is way beyond his profession here, scared shitless and shaking like leaf in the wind. He needs... just a second... or a minute.

"A trap I'd say," she bents down, a bold hand on the stranger's shoulder pushing him down too, inspecting his neck and taking a look at his cuffed hands, "But definitely Mobius. We have a big problem now."

"Why? Wasn't it the point to get him?"

"Now they'll know that we know. That Sebastian knows. What are we gonna do with you..."

Sure, when this guy suddenly disappears, Mobius will know it was the name that exposed him- and he was given this name on purpose.

God... fuck.

"I would take me to the police if I was you, just in case you don't want the law on your ass for abducting me." The stranger talks with a warm voice, pleasant and soothing in fact, but its the most creepy shit ever to see someone with such a rough face talk soft like that.

He had a point, though. Sebastian and Arthur knew, too.

"I reckon we gotta take him in," Arthur says, "Bend the rulebook a lil'. That's the only way I know that ain't raising suspicions."

Sebastian isn't having any more of this: he leaves the office and Sean was sure he will end up crying alone on the floor while Arthur did his duty. It should be Arthur with him now, should be his family in this moment, and perhaps Arthur decided it's better to give him space and let him come back on his own... but that's when Sean decides to follow Sebastian outside to find the man sitting on the ground next to the door, those two security guards down the hallway keeping an eye out.

"No, leave me alone."

Sean slides down the wall next to him anyway. But he says nothing.

"Fuck you, Sean. Fuck you."

"What? I ain't done a damn thing."

"Why did you have to bring us here like this? Without telling me?! I wouldn't have..."

"Figured it ain't so great if you get involved in some car accident, rite..? Ain't my fault. Ain't no one's."

"Its hers," Sebastian says, head raised to look at Sean, "She betrayed me again! Joseph is alive? I can't..."

"She had a reason not to tell you," Sean guesses, "Wasn't left a choice now tho. If they killed her, the plan from a year ago would've went to shit." Kidman plotted against Mobius from the start, kicked it all in action when Sebastian's ex wife joined for Lily. She wouldn't be here without Kidman...

"I hope this is all a dream..."

A nightmare.

But yeah. Sean gets the idea. He puts an arm around Sebastian, sways a little; hopes it was at least a tiny bit of comfort, but Sean couldn't even imagine the way he must feel like right now... lost and hurt. Betrayed. Fucked. Screwed up all over again. Everything bad happened so fucking quick, Mobius and Joseph, the fake Joseph and Kidman's lies up until today.

Eventually the sobs subsided. In the end Sebastian gets up first from the ground, pulls Sean along with him with gentle force and catches him in a tight embrace starting to shake again, his chest rising and falling rapidly, heartbeat wild.

"I can't deal with this," he confesses, "Not again."

"You... you ain't alone in this, Seb." What else is there for Sean to say? How in the world can he comfort him in a time like this when Sean felt too many things at once unable to catch his breath for a mere second...?

"I..." Kidman and Arthur come out of Seto's office, that man between them putting up quite a fight. Sebastian releases Sean from his grip taking a deep breath. Time to get professional again, Seb. Sean knows he could... with some effort.

"Whatever your name is," Sebastian says after clearing his throat, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning."

He's heard Sebastian reciting Miranda's rights a lot when he still worked at the KCPD, tagged along often enough to remember them and have them haunting his dreams sometimes. That Valentini-case was still so fresh despite the year that passed.

The man didn't say a word, pulls at Arthur's arm for the last time before both him and Kidman lead him down the hallway to the elevator. Sean looks after them, unable to progress it properly... and its Seto's voice snapping him back to reality.

"What do you need me to do, Detective?"

Sebastian wipes his eyes, his nose. Thinks for a few seconds. "See if you can dig up more people. This will be a long night for all of us, now that you're aware what to look out for. Any more names you recognize, Sean, you call me. I can... send a list of those Mobius members I remember with a connection to me."

Sebastian talks with a calm voice, collected and professional like the Detective that he is, Sean not doubting for one hot second that this was what can make him strong again in times of need. He could allow himself some moments of weakness, though... might need to, actually. It's going to be rough.

"Fine," Seto said, "If that bears no fruits I'll have each and every single one checked for those chips."

"Yeah," Sebastian puts a hand on Sean's shoulder and tries a crooked smile, "You holding up?"

"Mhm." Not that Sebastian seems satisfied with this answer. If it could be called such. He gets the drift and after a nod at Seto he follows Kidman and Arthur outside.

"Do you still want to go pick up Mokuba?" Seto touches his arm to get Sean's attention who had his eyes glued to the closed elevator door after Seb went inside. That man used to be scared beyond imagination of those things.

He wonders... how one can overcome his fears.

Maybe it was Arthur.

"I... yeah. Kinda do. You stayin' behind?" Sean knows the answer already, did not like the idea of being alone currently, at all, yet some time for himself might not be the worst thing of today.

"Sebastian almost shot someone in my fucking office. I could do with a bit of time on my own right now."

"Never heard you swear before," he tries to be light about it, immediately regrets it by the way Seto glares at him, "I fucken- God damn it, I fucken know. You gettin' mad at me's the last thing I need." Sean shoves his arm off and takes the first two steps-- Seto pulls him back and at first Sean wants to protest, his complaints muffled by the other's chest he's nestled against, strong arms holding him in place.

"You have no idea," he speaks quietly with a tremble in his voice, "How scared I am."

But Sean felt it. In the way Seto shakes subtly, the fast pace of his heartbeat, shallow breath and a quivering voice. His arms too loop around Seto, yet not for long. He pulls back, looks up at him.

"Its pretty hard to tell how you feelin' sometimes, y'know."

"Most of the time I can't figure it out, either." Seto's arms drop to his sides and if Sean didn't know it any better he dared say it's a gesture of defeat.

"I still-- I like ya," Sean talks quick, nervous and flustered, "Really do. The screwed up parts too I guess-"

"I know."


Time to leave. He's tearing up again.

Sean hears the door click behind him while he walks on wobbly legs to the elevator, pushes the button a bit too forceful. Too many things spin in his head, thoughts mostly cruel and painful, stirring fear inside of him. What would have happened if he hadn't called Seto over today? No one would have heard of Mobius until too late, they wouldn't have found the guy calling himself Joseph Oda; Kidman would have probably never told Sebastian that he was still alive. This was probably the hardest punch, the biggest pill to swallow.

Absolutely unreal: all of it.

After five minutes of an elevator ride with some strange ass classical music from the speakers there is finally some fresh air to breathe, sun to tickle his skin. And a cigarette just waiting to be lit. He could take the way to school by foot, give himself some time to settle and calm down, recall what Seto said... yes, he was scared too, but openly shows it without the need to say so. Seto, on the other hand... never showed any fear if he felt any. Doesn't talk about feelings at all unless they're clearly positive or he was outright disappointed and angry. Sean at least hoped that, after months of being with Seto, that he'd open up some more to him. The fact that he had to leave first for Seto to open his eyes doesn't sit well with him... he didn't even get a chance to move on before being dragged right back to Seto.

It takes two to play.

Down the street he goes, makes his way past chattering students and a few freaky looking guys with duel discs on their arms. He's got flashbacks of Battle City when the whole town was full of those. And he was one of them. Feels like months ago...

The phone buzzed in his pocket, Sean dropping the cigarette's bum to check, thinks it could only be Sebastian with the list of Mobius' names.

[msg received 05:22p.m Seto] You can be a real pain in the ass sometimes

[msg received 05:22p.m Seto] But I still love you.

Sean stops in his tracks, stares at the screen. Mouth open and eyes wide, some people walked against him and called out something he couldn't hear.

Its... a joke, right? A real bad one. Don't you play him him that...

He takes a couple steps, ponders if he should respond. And what to respond in the first place. Sean ends up rewriting the message over and over, it didn't seem right, didn't feel like it's good enough. Is this honestly the only way Seto could tell him that?

[msg sent 05:26p.m Seto] youre a stuck up asshole with a weird sense of fashion

[msg sent 05:27p.m Seto] but I love you anyway.

Seto's answer was almost immediate as if he waited all this time staring at the screen for Sean's response.

[msg received 05:27p.m Seto] Admit you're just jealous of my trench coat.

Not...what he expected, but it'll do. He walks looking down on his phone, trying his best to avoid running into people.

[msg sent 05:28p.m Seto] guess im lookin pretty good without it

[msg sent 05:29p.m Seto] you too btw

[msg received 05:30p.m Seto] You smooth idiot. We have work to do, you should hurry up. Maybe it's time you did your driver's license already.

Sean squeaks. Hell no!

[msg sent 05:32p.m Seto] listen, im a cowboy and no one will ever get me to fucken drive a car. is2g if horses were allowed on the street i wouldnt hesitate

[msg received 05:33p.m Seto] That's hardly an excuse: Arthur drives, too.

Yeah, and Seto didn't even know about the struggle this poor man went through during that timd learning how to drive a damn car. Sebastian did his best to help, though...

[msg sent 05:35p.m Seto] no cars!!!!!!!!!!!1

[msg received 05:35p.m Seto] Motorbikes?

Ah. Fuck. Sean almost ran into a telephone pole, looks up to find the school building closing in on the other side of the street.

[msg sent 05:37p.m Seto] horse or death

[msg received 05:37p.m Seto] Then perish. [IMAGE ATTACHMENT]

Oh, jesus fucking Christ. He evolved. Learned to use memes. Sean tucks the phone away before he gets any funny ideas and it ends in a battle of memes Seto was sure to lose. For now he tries his hardest not to burst out laughing, the image of Obama's eyes burnt into his mind like a bad omen.

"SEAN! OVER HERE!" Mokuba calls out to him, sitting on an old stone wall in front of the school building, young boy full of energy and pretty surprised to see Sean here. "What are you doing here!"

"Came to pick you up, what else?" Oh, he probably doesn't know him and Seto are... kind of back together again.

Not just kind of, he guesses.

The ring on his hand feels ten times heavier, Sean painfully reminded he still wears it.

"Hold up! What? Oh! Oh jeez, I'm so glad. You know, he was being real moody-- eh, I mean, pretty down- you know what I wanna say, right? I was a bit mad at you for leaving but honestly I thought you're gonna come back anyway!" He hops down the wall, long black hair flowing behind him, "Seto said you wouldn't, though. Is... everything okay again?"

He's got such a bright look in his eyes, joyful and relieved, smiling so big Sean was sure it's gonna strain his cheeks. "It is I guess... Been a rough day, tho, so we should head back to Seto."

"Oh no..! What happened?"

Sean checks his phone and finds another message from Seto; an image of a sad cat with the caption 'Can I haz cheezburger?'

He's gonna fucking scream.

"Ahah... Seto is gonna tell ya! Say, you wanna get some takeout?"

"Hell yes."

Back inside KaibaCorp, two small paper bags of burgers and more of the unhealthy fast food Arthur would frown upon seeing Sean buy it. On that note it's pretty rare Seto was to request fast food, Mokuba being the one who munches on a burger on his way back home from school as he told Sean in secret once.

"Hey, big brother! We've got dinner!"

Seto looks up from the computer screen with a warm smile for the both of them. Sean's heart skipped some beats seeing that, remembering Seto's messages. Chills sneak up his spine, made his skin tingle pleasantly and he thinks those shivers come from those stupid wild butterflies in his stomach.

"I'm starving," he says, "Are you okay, Mokuba?"

"Why, sure I am! Got some homework to do though so whatever you're working on I can't help you with now..."

Sean shakes his head a little when Seto shoots him a questioning glance; no, I didn't tell him anything, and I fucken hope he forgot I mentioned it.

"Its nothing important at all. Don't worry."

Seto Kaiba eating burgers might've been a huge thing to print on a newspaper, worthy to be mentioned somewhere on social media, him not being the kinda guy who favors greasy food so much and he sure don't look like the type willingly getting himself dirty while eating. There's a first time for everything it seems.

Its Mokuba who takes care of the trash and him to rush over into the next room for homework. He didn't ask Seto of anything yet and here's hope he actually didn't pay it any mind earlier for Seto appears to have decided he doesn't have to know about Mobius perhaps until it gets... worse. Sean is back on his place on Seto's desk a cup of soda in his hand, so far Sebastian didn't text him the names he needed to know...

"You ain't eaten all day," Sean wonders after a while of silence and him messing with the straw in the cup, "Well, until now sure."

"Hmh, I was kind of busy doing other things. And wasn't feeling hungry until now, but that wouldn't be the first time. Takes one to know one, huh?"

"...slay. I'm just sayin' take better care of yourself 'n all."

"Fine. You start."

Oh, he's gaining points. Slaying left and right.

"I'm gonna get better at it and I'm gonna take you up with me, Kaiba."

His fingers tense over the keyboard, Seto hesitates and then drops his hands on the desk. "Don't call me that."

"I mean-"

"No. Just... Don't do it."

If he could stop messing things up, yeah, that would be absolutely fantastic. Sean slips off the desk with a sigh, goes over to the bag he left here earlier and takes out the little box of raspberries. He likes them, yeah, but they ain't his favorite and sharing doesn't sound so bad. The box is placed on the desk next to Seto without a word and now Sean proceeds to text Sebastian, patience growing thin.

[msg sent 06:54p.m Sebastian] hey do u got the names? things aint rly progressing here

"Thanks." Sure, Seto's response was awfully late, but better late than never. He's already munching on them berries.

[msg received 06:58p.m Sebastian] Yukiko Hoffman, Esmeralda Torres, Liam O'Neal, Julian Sykes, William Baker. That's all I got, but if they're as daring as I think they are, maybe check for Theodore Wallace, Stefano Valentini too. Tatiana Gutierrez.

[msg sent 06:59p.m Sebastian] myra?

[msg received 07:02p.m Sebastian] Hanson or Castellanos. But that's... no. Too bold? We're out for the night, okay? Take care.

"Seb sent some names. Uh, a few... actually..."

"Let me write them somewhere so I won't need to hog your phone. Figures I got all night." Could be it was the typical tone of his, but this sounded like a reproach. Sean hands the device over no question asked, but visibly struggling to keep his mouth shut while Seto copies the names on a piece of paper--

"I can help y'know. Ain't there no need to work non-stop, you gotta sleep at some point. Said that... you've been strugglin' last nite."

"But that was your fault," he casually speaks and shoves the phone back over, "You're here now."