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I Wish You Have Someone To Love

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A story that was being told, was of a man who had seem to go insane in his quest to look for a certain gypsy girl. When he had her in his grasp and her people things went wrong for the minister, and it ended with him falling from the top of the cathedral many thought he was dead until some of the monks found him, his clothes had gotten tangled up in a gargoyle, which helped him back into the building, in the process he had been knock out due to it. When he was awakened he managed to save his life and job by making a deal with the gypsy to leave them in pace, of course as long as they still understood the laws. Or at least that's how the story goes, an old man told the redhead, as they sat together on the ship, Jessica rolled her eyes a smile laid on her lips as she listen to him. “ That's such a silly tell.. How could he of survived that kind of fall, and who would have the power to burn down a city and not get have any one stop them?” she asked with a raise of her eyebrow.  “ believe it or not ms, the same tories true.” she just nodded the ship had just docked and she grabbed her bag, and stepped foot off the boat. The city looked beautiful how could of it be just burned down, she shrugged her shoulders and headed into town. 

Frollo was busy with piles of work in the Palace of Justice. He was dealing with many processes, he would have to pay for the houses and farms he set fire to. The fortune of a life would be completely spent on it.

"Arg...damn Gypsies." He grunted as he worked. Through the window, he watched the Seine and the deck with the Ships. "Maybe I should just leave... What's left for me in this town?" He wondered, looking at his own hands gloomily. He knew he had nowhere to go. He lived his whole life there and knew nothing more than to be a judge. Work was all he had now.

With another weary sigh, he rises from his chair and reaches for a glass of wine. Drinking while looking out the window. He had created this bad habit, unconsciously looking for the emerald-eyed gypsy.


Jessica looked up at the Palace of Justice. She smiled she had never seen a place like this she kept walking, as she walked by she was catching everyone's attention, she paid them no mind she was to lost in this place. Anything she wore showed her body off, she was beautiful.  She walked deeper into the heart of Paris. 

A young boy came up and handed her a flower, with a smile he asked her name. Of course she thanked him putting the rose behind her ear, in her hair. She told him “ its Jessica,” he nodded and ran off to tell his dad. In just like that word spread fast. “ a new woman, named Jessica had just arrived and even her beauty was a good competition to Esmeralda's  title of the most beautiful” 

Frollo gasped at the wine as the red-haired woman passed by. Coughing violently he stepped out of the window and tried to wipe his face with the sleeve of his uniform. "But what a vulgar figure!" He thought. "This city is full of vulgarities!" He sat at his desk trying to get back to work. "I need to close this window with bricks!" He thought angrily.

It would be getting dark soon enough if she did not pay attention to daylight, and she still needed to find a place to sleep for the night. She found herself at the steps of the cathedral, she knew too many her body represented one of the biggest sins in the book, lust…. She never let her brother though, and despite many opinions, she was religious. 

She looked away turning her attention back at the task at handed finding a place to sleep for the night. She ended up staying at an inn right in the middle of town. No other woman would stay alone, but Jessica had been alone for many years, and she knew how to care for herself. She laid her bag on the table and looked in the broken mirror at her reflection.  Sliding her fingers through her hair she smiled as she started to sing, looking out the window at the sun. her voice was soft and sweet, as seem as almost relaxing.

Frollo looked awful. He rode his horse through the city at night with his bottle of wine. It was the only time he could leave the palace without receiving a stone on his head. And even he missed to breathe a little bit of air some times. Slightly drunk, he just held the reigns of the horse without knowing where his horse carried him.

He just wanted God to end his misery at once. He was once a fair and good man and now he is a poor drunk. 

Drinking the last drop of wine he had and seeing it was empty he throws the bottle away and looks around looking for another place to get more. Until listen a song coming from a window. Instinctively he follows the song.

 Jessica was sitting in the window seal, her head leaned back. The moonlight shining down on her skin, a smile laid across her lips as she sang, singing made her happy, it was the one thing no one could take from her. The seen though made her look like a angel, who was singing to the lord above, only at first sight did it, but as you got closer you could tell she was just woman. She continues to sing not realizing she had the minister as audiences. 

Frollo finally finds a tavern he thinks of entering but then remembers who he was. And what could happen to him if he came down from the protection of his horse. With cold, he covers his head with the hood of his cloak but looks up to see where the song came from. Until he finds Jessica.

He did not know if he was seeing right. He rubbed his eyes trying to focus, but the alcohol had taken effect and made his vision difficult.

The light of the moon on her fair skin and the auburn hair flowing on the wind. "What a vision..." he thought. But quickly he shakes his head so that the thought would go away. He makes the sign of the cross in himself. He turns around with the horse to leave but immediately takes a stone to his head.

"Aah!" He screamed and with the impact and fell. Another stone hits his horse, the animal flees back to the Palace of Justice.

He quickly stands up and pulls his sword ready to defend himself. Immediately the teenagers who threw the stones, ran away, frightened. 

Frollo relaxes but still dizzy and he falls back on his knees. His head was bleeding a lot. "Ugh." He puts his hand on the wound trying to stagnate but feels pain. Hissing he murmured. "Damn gypsies."

 Jessica turns her head suddenly at hearing his yell, she stood up as she watched the scene before. She felt sorrow for the man, he looked miserable and wore out. As he fell to his knees Jessica grabbed a piece of cloth, running down the stairs. She walked up to the man kneeling down beside him, “here..” she said softly, making her presence known so she would not scare him too much,  she pressed the cloth to his head.

“ it’s okay... I won’t hurt you..” She was whispers softly to him. As she gently held the cloth to his cut, trying to stop the bleeding.

Frollo took a fright. I have snapped her hand from him and shouted. "Do not touch me!" He tries to get up but falls. He was feeling dizzy and confused.

She looks at him raising an eyebrow, as she stands back up looking at him as he tried to stand, but could not. “ this is not the time, to be stubborn.. and if it was you would lose I am much more stubborn. Trust me hon.” She said as she kneels down beside him once more. “ come now don’t be silly I don’t bite, you might it seems.”  She said jokingly. 

He looked up at her. Not understanding why she was being polite to him. "I do not have the money..." he grunted. Accepting help to get up.

She helped him up, she placed his arm around her shoulder. She looked at him raising an eyebrow.” Well did I ask for money? Or did I just ask to help you? “ she said as she looked him in the eyes.” I still would like to help you. I would feel guilty if you got worse on your way back to where ever you came from. Knowing I could of helped you, and didn’t.” She said offering him a kind smile. 

Frollo wanted to look better at her. His vision was blurred. His right eye was covered with blood. He raises his hand and points to the palace of justice that was at a distance. He could only see a blur but it was the only great building beyond the cathedral, so it was easy to know that it was the palace by the format. Hey 

"I can not guarantee you take a stone too." It was all he muttered as he started to walk.

“ here, “ she said wrapping the cloth around his head. “ that will hold for a little bit.” She raised an eyebrow looking up at the place, “ you know for a man who lives in a castle your sure on the wrong side of town.” She said looking at him. She was still helping hold him up, as they started walking. 

 She could not help but giggle lightly. “ let them try that, they will be getting one right back.” 

"It is not a castle. It's a palace. And I just live there. Is not mine." He gave short answers as he looked down at the ground trying to look as dignified as he could. He was terribly angry and ashamed. He wanted to find out who did it and hang on the gallows. "Sigh." He sighed knowing he could do nothing like that at the moment.

He tried to look at her again. Seeing a little better he speaks. "You are not from here. Who are you, foreign?" He questioned authoritatively.

She nodded at his answer, something seemed to bother him about that statement, and she did not feel it was her place to talk about it anymore. 

She looked back up at him, she smiled softly with a nod of her head. “ how did you know?” She said jokingly. “ you know to be honest, just about everywhere. I have never stayed somewhere too long, I go somewhere new and find work and as soon as winter comes I am gone again. I don’t like the winter. “

He looked at her and saw the white skin and red hair. She did not look gypsy. But it could be. He growled internally but did not say anything else.

He was already arriving at the palace. He could feel the sweet scent coming from her and his face turned red. He always avoided talking to women. They are the key to the gate of hell. That thought reminded him of Esmeralda. His hard expression softens. And he sighs sadly.

She looked at him as they walked into the gates of the palace. 

“ Why the sad face? “ she asked raising an eyebrow as she looked at him 

"It not your business!" He barked at her angrily. He looked into her eyes and then by some strange motive looked down and saw the huge neckline. Immediately he releases her and speaks with his red face. "I can go it alone from here." He shuffled and began to climb the steps of the palace. But he stops and looks over his shoulder. "Your name?"

She looked at him when he snapped at her angrily, raising an eyebrow as he jerked away than to realize what he looked at she crossed her arms, and gave a sigh. “ you know it would not kill you to say thank you..” She as she watched him walk away. She turn around when she heard him talk once more, “ why bother, I am sure you’ll forget a nobody like me by morning. Have a nice night your royal highness..” she said keeping her back to him, as she kept walking, she figured he did not want to be seen with an outcast, that’s why he snapped at her. However she did not blame him, she did feel sorry for him though, he seemed to be alone in that castle, that he believed was not his home. 

He even wanted to argue. But his head hurts. "Nevermind then..." He grunted and crawled inside the palace to his room. Where he slept soundly.