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Baby doll, you're perfect

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“You came home really late last night,” Yoongi looked at Taehyung when the younger came in the kitchen. He was sore and he tried his hardest not to limp. There were only Hoseok and Jimin with his brother.

“Well, I had a fun night, took a cab back home,” Taehyung shrugged nonchalantly, going to the coffee maker. He could feel his brother’s gaze on him and he was nervous. Did he know that Jeongguk went out last night? Well, even if he did, he could think the boss just went out to take care of some business, right?

“What’s that on your neck?” Yoongi asked quietly.

“I believe it’s called a hickey, babe, it’s not a big deal,” Jimin glared at his lover.

“What did I tell you about random one night stands?” Yoongi continued, ignoring Jimin. Taehyung turned around, glaring at him.

“Says someone who is dating two people at once,” Taehyung shot back. He didn’t want to hurt Jimin and Hoseok somehow but he was pissed off. Who was Yoongi to tell him what he should do?

“Yeah but we are in a relationship, that’s different,” Yoongi deadpanned.

“As if you were innocent and never had a one night stand. Last time I checked, I was a grown-ass person. Even if I got gangbanged in a dirty bathroom, it’d be none of your business,” the youngest said calmly.

“It is my business when you are fucking with strangers. You don’t know what they could do to you!” Yoongi exploded.

“It wasn’t a stranger!” Taehyung screamed back, immediately cursing himself for slipping. He quickly added: “It was a classmate.”

“Give him some break, Yoongi, it’s not a big deal, we’ve all had some one night stands and not all of them were exactly safe,” Hoseok jumped into the fight, putting a comforting hand on Yoongi’s forearm.

“A classmate is still better than someone from the gang,” Jimin chuckled to lighten up the mood. Taehyung just smiled tightly, his head nodding.

If they only knew.

“Yeah, that would be crazy,” Taehyung laughed.

As if the conversation summoned him, Jeongguk walked into the kitchen. He didn’t even spare Taehyung one glance and even though it was better like that, Taehyung still felt a slight pang in his chest.

“You went somewhere yesterday, Guk?” Yoongi asked and Taehyung nearly choked on his coffee. He was just praying that Jeongguk wouldn’t say that he went to pick him up, Yoongi would easily put two and two together.

“Yeah and what? I don’t have to inform you about anything, last time I checked I was the boss,” Jeongguk replied coldly. Taehyung relaxed little bit.

“I was just wondering,” Yoongi shrugged, not pushing him.

“Something came up, I had to take care of it,” Jeongguk replied without specifying anything.

“And did it go well?” Hoseok asked.

“Went better than I expected,” the boss replied. Taehyung looked shortly at him, knowing that Jeongguk wasn’t talking about some business. He didn’t know why a warm feeling filled his chest. Well, he sure as hell enjoying the fuck, he was glad Jeongguk did too.

“Good,” Hoseok nodded.

“Well, I am gonna go back to my room,” Taehyung spoke up, grabbing the coffee and walking away, hissing quietly at the pain in his lower regions. He could feel a gaze on him, knowing it was Jeongguk. He didn’t turn to see a small smirk Jeongguk had around his cup of coffee.


“You don’t have to do this, you are a boss, just send someone,” Seokjin rolled his eyes on Jeongguk.

“Yeah, right, so they’d let them pay half like the last time,” Jeongguk deadpanned: “I think Yong-sun and Minjay need reminder who are they making business with and that they can’t just decide the price.”

“Well, you should at least take someone with you,” Namjoon tried to reason.

“I am not afraid of them, they are just two ratty junkies, I could take them down in ten seconds,” the boss scoffed.

“But they could have someone with them,” his brother protested. Sometimes Jeongguk was too hot-headed and not careful enough.

“They always come alone,” Jeongguk looked at him.

“That’s true,” Seokjin admitted.

“I’ll go take care of it and kindly explain to them that if they want some cheap shit, they can find another business partner,” Jeongguk got up from his chair, putting a jacket on.

“Just be careful,” Namjoon sighed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jeongguk waved him off, not even looking back. He loved his brother, they have always been close, despite their personalities being different but he was never really listening to him.

He got out of the house, sat in one of his cars and drove away.

Half an hour later, he was standing in a dark alley behind some club. People like Yong-sun and Minjay always wanted to meet in places like this. He really didn’t care, he just wanted to get over with this as soon as possible.

The two men came a bit late.

“Jeongguk, we weren’t expect the boss himself coming. Didn’t know you were doing deliveries,” Yong-sun grinned, making it clear that he was high as usual.

“I am normally not doing deliveries. But you see, Yong-sun, last time the man I sent to you came back with half of what you were supposed to give me and I didn’t appreciate it,” Jeongguk replied coldly.

“I am sorry but your shit is not as good as it used to be. You are trying to fuck us over,” Yong-sun spoke up again while Minjay was just standing there. Jeongguk’s eyes narrowed little bit and his features hardened.

“I always sell the best stuff and you know it. I don’t fucking care that you are broke and can’t pay for it, take it or leave it and I will sell it to someone who will pay. You know I don’t appreciate people screwing with me. I am sure you remember what happened to your friend, Ed was his nickname right?” Jeongguk’s eyes sparkled with something vicious. No one ever found out what exactly happened and who did it but Ed’d body was found in old docks, tied to the chair, bled out. It was a proper slaughter and the rumour in the Seoul underground had it that it was the boss himself who did it. Jeongguk had his reputation, even before he took over his father’s throne and he was feared by even the most dangerous people in the city.

“You know we mean no disrespect, Jeongguk,” Minjay jumped in nervously. He was scared of the boss, he knew Jeongguk’s reputation and he didn’t want to piss him off.

“Like I said, you can leave without it but if you are gonna take it, you are gonna pay the full price,” Jeongguk shrugged nonchalantly. The two men looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. Jeongguk honestly didn’t care, they had lots of customers and they could easily find new ones.

“Jeongguk-ssi!” a voice cut through the quiet air. Jeongguk’s expression remained cold but he groaned on the inside when he recognized the familiar voice. He didn’t turn around but he heard Taehyung approaching. He knew the younger was out in the city but he had no idea what the hell was he doing there. He was probably in a club nearby or something. He was just praying that he wouldn’t fuck the business up.

“It’s been a while,” Taehyung grinned at Jeongguk when he stopped next to him.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk turned to him and nodded as if to greet him.

“You have my favourite stuff here? Let me see,” Taehyung smiled at him flirtingly, eyeing the bag Jeongguk was holding. The boss had no damn idea what was happening but he followed the game, opening the bag.

“Mm, as great as always. Let me tell you, the stuff you gave me the last time was just amazing, I got high as hell, it was totally worth the price,” Taehyung giggled playfully.

“I am glad you enjoyed it,” Jeongguk nodded with a small smirk, understanding what Taehyung was doing.

“Guys, I don’t know what experience you have with Jeongguk-ssi but you won’t find better shit in the whole Seoul, believe me, I tried it from many guys but nothing can compare to this,” Taehyung fluttered his eyelashes at the two guys, pointing down at the bag with white powder and pills in it.

“I don’t know…” Yong-sun grumbled.

“Oh, honey, believe me, Jeongguk-ssi only sells the best, he is my favourite,” Taehyung giggled and clang to Jeongguk’s arm. Then he stepped from him towards the two guys, flicking hair from his forehead nonchalantly with a flirty expression.

“Seriously, you won’t regret, darlings,” Taehyung chuckled, putting a hand on Yong-sun’s forearm, rubbing it slightly.

“Well…I think we can take it for the full price,” Minjay was the one to speak up.

“Good decision, you won’t regret it, honey,” Taehyung gave him a bright smile.

“We’ll take everything,” Yong-sun turned back to Jeongguk.

“Great,” Jeongguk nodded.

“I think I deserve something too, don’t you think?” Taehyung pouted cutely, looking at the three men.

“Well, you can have a bit of mine, baby,” Yong-sun grinned.

“Aw, what a gentleman,” Taehyung cooed, squeezing the other’s shoulder. Jeongguk was watching the whole scene in internal disbelieve. Taehyung had those two wrapped completely around his finger. He was so nonchalant and charming.

When Yong-sun gave Jeongguk the money and Jeongguk gave him the bag, the man took out two small bags, giving them to Taehyung.

“Here you go, baby, have some fun,” Yong-sun smacked Taehyung’s ass lightly. The blonde giggled, biting his lip.

“Thank you, you are the best,” Taehyung cooed, winking at the man. Then he turned to Jeongguk: “See you soon, Jeongguk-ssi, you know I always come to you for the stuff.”

“Of course,” Jeongguk nodded with a small smirk. Taehyung waved at them and turned to leave, swaying his hips as he was walking away. The two guys were watching him for a while before they disappeared. Jeongguk was watching Taehyung leaving the alley, smirk appearing on his face. Maybe he underestimated Taehyung, he could be really useful. He had those guys wrapped around his finger without threatening or anything.

He wasn’t really that surprised when he came to his car and saw Taehyung leaning against it. He knew the younger would want the ride home.

“Here you go,” Taehyung grinned, giving Jeongguk back what Yong-sun gave him. Then he said: “I spotted you in the alley and heard your conversation. I know you could handle it but I thought that it could be resolved diplomatically. You don’t have to worry about hiding corpses and you sold your stuff and have the money.”

Jeongguk didn’t say anything as he was watching him searchingly.

“I know I overstepped my boundaries,” Taehyung bit his lip nervously: “I know I shouldn’t interfere with your business.”

“You could fuck it up,” Jeongguk stated.

“I know and I am sorry,” Taehyung whined.

“But you didn’t,” Jeongguk added: “So thanks for that, I am actually impressed.”

“I am glad I could help, “Taehyung grinned as the older opened the car door for him. He felt rush of adrenaline in his veins. He knew going there was risky, he didn’t know if those guys didn’t have guns or something and he didn’t know if he wouldn’t piss Jeongguk off but when he saw and heard what was happening, he got a strange urge to get involved. He wanted to try how Jeongguk’s world works. And it was amazing, he was still high on the adrenaline. He wouldn’t mind repeating something like that.


Jeongguk was thinking about the drug deal for days. He was quite impressed with Taehyung. He always thought that he was annoying and when he heard him approaching, he was worried that he’d fuck something up. He never saw coming his perfect acting skills. He was so effortless, so flirty but still smart about it and he couldn’t forget how quickly he had Yong-sun and Minjay wrapped around his finger. They bought the drugs without a second thought.

He never thought that something like this could be used in a gang. It was usually about torture, threats, bribing, killing or mind games. But flirting was a sort of mind game as well, right? And as it showed, Taehyung was perfect in it. His looks were definitely a big advantage but his personality and tricks were what made the whole thing perfect.

Jeongguk smirked to himself. Maybe he could use it to his advantage, he’d never think that he’d admit it but Taehyung could become a valuable member of the gang. He could infatuate his enemies or business partners without any violence and without raising suspicions of the police or other gangs. He could be his secret weapon. Jeongguk wanted to know how far he could push Taehyung, where were his limits? He knew that with the right behaviour, he could wrap the younger around his finger and he knew exactly how to do it.

His smirk widened, it was really easy and he’d gain a good fuck from it on top of that.

The opportunity came few nights later when he walked in the kitchen, spotting Taehyung by the counter. The younger turned around when he heard footsteps and gulped when he spotted the boss.

Jeongguk smiled slightly at him, coming close until he was in his personal space.

“I didn’t even thank you for the last week,” Jeongguk spoke up quietly: “The business went much smoother with you. Gotta admit that I would never expect that and I am impressed.”

“It was nothing,” Taehyung mumbled, blushing slightly. He didn’t expect any gratitude from Jeongguk so he was surprised and flattered.

“You were really amazing. You had them wrapped around your finger so quickly but I can’t really blame them, even I almost fell for it,” the older whispered, putting both of his hands on the counter next to Taehyung’s waist, caging him.

“That really means a lot,” Taehyung breathed out: “I have to admit that it was fun.”

“Mm, we could have more fun together,” Jeongguk smirked. Taehyung didn’t really know what he meant by that and he was surprised when the boss suddenly leaned in and kissed him. It wasn’t as rough as that night they were together but it was deep and intoxicating. Taehyung kissed him eagerly back.

After a while, Jeongguk attached his mouth to his neck, mouthing and biting on it.

“Don’t leave marks, Yoongi-hyung can’t see,” Taehyung got out breathlessly. He wouldn’t know how he’d explain hickeys to his hyung since he wasn’t out tonight. Yoongi would know that someone from the house gave them to him and he wouldn’t be happy, even if he didn’t think it was Jeongguk.

“I want you to do something for me. Or more like with me,” Jeongguk hummed against the sensitive skin of his neck.

“Do what?” Taehyung got out shakily, whimpering quietly as Jeongguk pressed his hard thigh between his legs. His hips started moving almost on their own accord, rutting against the muscles. He knew it was risky as hell, they were in the kitchen and anyone could walk in on them but it was early morning already and he knew everyone was soundly asleep. And he couldn’t find it in him to stop now.

“Want you to go meet someone with me and do something similar you did last week, do you think you could do it?” the boss mumbled, nibbling at his pulse point.

“I-I don’t know,” Taehyung moaned quietly, rubbing himself against the leg.

“I think you could, baby, you were so good last week. You are so smart and gorgeous, you could make anyone do anything if you wanted to,” Jeongguk looked at Taehyung intently. The younger moaned at the compliments, his mind slowly going dizzy.

“You look so gorgeous right now, love that silky robe on you, makes me wanna do things to you until you are a moaning mess, doll,” Jeongguk nibbled at his earlobe, smirking when he heard a quiet whimper.

“Then do it,” Taehyung breathed out, looking at Jeongguk with hooded eyes as the older pulled back to look at him.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Jeongguk smirked, turning him around abruptly and smacking his chest against the counter so he was standing on the ground but lying on his stomach. Jeongguk pulled up the silky robe so it was on his lower back.

“No underwear, huh? Such a dirty little slut, walking around the house like this,” Jeongguk snickered when he was met with Taehyung’s bare and exposed ass. He smacked one of the round cheeks lightly, making the younger’s breath hitch.

Taehyung didn’t even process what was happening until he felt two hands spreading his cheeks and something hot and wet on his entrance. A loud cry escaped his lips and he quickly bit his hand to muffle the sounds since they were in the kitchen.

Jeongguk was kneeling behind him, holding his cheeks apart as he licked at his entrance again. Taehyung’s eyes rolled back in his head at the feeling. He couldn’t believe how quickly things escalated and that it was Jeongguk who initiated them. The last time, it was his dizzy mind producing the dirty suggestions but now the boss took the initiative out of nowhere. But he wasn’t definitely complaining.

A muffled cry was ripped from him when Jeongguk pressed his tongue flat between his cheeks, licking up from his balls to his entrance. He sucked on the puckered hole, flicking his tongue around, making Taehyung’s legs tremble.

The younger shook almost violently when Jeongguk’s tongue pierced through him, licking at his inner walls.

“Fuck, Jeong-“ Taehyung whimpered around his hand as the other started eating him out vigorously, fucking his tongue in and out roughly. Spit was rolling down his chin and everything was so messy and wet but it was perfect.

Taehyung’s legs nearly gave up when suddenly Jeongguk let go of one of his cheeks just to wrap it around his leaking cock hanging heavily between his legs. Jeongguk sucked on his rim before he thrusted the tongue back inside him as he was jerking him off.

“Fuck, I’m-“ Taehyung moaned brokenly, trembling with overwhelming pleasure. Jeongguk got the message and fucked his tongue even rougher and flicking his thumb over Taehyung’s wet slit. The younger trashed on the kitchen counter, his legs going weak as an orgasm hit him with full force and he shoot his load over the cabinets and Jeongguk’s hand. The boss kept fucking him with the tongue to milk him out completely until Taehyung was whimpering at the oversensitivity.

Jeongguk got up and bent over Taehyung’s back, pressing open mouthed kisses to the back of his neck.

“Fuck,” Taehyung breathed out, high in his post orgasm state.

“You were so good, baby,” Jeongguk praised him with a smirk and dark eyes. He nibbled at Taehyung’s earlobe, whispering: “Are you gonna go with me and help me?”

“Yes,” Taehyung panted, still dizzy.

“Good,” Jeongguk’s smirk rose as he kissed Taehyung’s neck. It worked, he had him right where he wanted him.