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Baby doll, you're perfect

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Taehyung was bored and he needed some distraction from his thoughts. Jeongguk got a lead to Seojoon’s gang and nearly the whole house was now empty as everyone went to the action. He was scared, not knowing what was happening, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

He was wandering around the part of the house he and other six guys lived. He’s been to his brother’s room couple of times and he even saw Seokjin’s and Namjoon’s room. He also saw Jeongguk’s study few times, not directly from the inside but sometimes the door was opened and there was nothing really interesting about it.

He bit his lip when he eyed the door at the end of the hallway. He looked over his shoulder as if he expected someone to be there and then looked back at the door.

Jeongguk’s room. He’s never been there. Despite what has been going on between them for months now, he was never in there, it was like Jeongguk’s secret, private lair.

He went slowly towards the door, it was like something was pulling him towards them. He didn’t even know if it’d be unlocked but trying couldn’t hurt.

He took the door handle, pushing and sparkle of excitement hit him when it opened. He looked inside, as if he was worried the boss was right there but it was empty. He went inside, closing the door behind him.

The room was big as expected, bigger than his room but otherwise pretty simple. He didn’t know what he was expecting, maybe some guns or BDSM stuff but it was far from it. The room was normal, pretty clean, with dark furniture and white walls. He went briefly into a walk in closet, snorting when he saw most of the wardrobe was black. Then he went to the bathroom only to discover a bathtub and shower with a toilet, nothing out of ordinary.

He went back to the room, eyeing the big bed. He briefly wondered how Jeongguk slept. If he wore some pyjamas or if he slept in sleeping pants, boxer briefs or maybe naked? What did he look like when he slept? Taehyung bet he looked as hot as ever but he could imagine him looking peaceful, when those dark eyes were shut, he’d look almost innocent. He briefly wondered what it’d be like to be falling asleep and waking up next to him. He didn’t think Jeongguk would be a cuddler but maybe he’d be surprised.

He looked at the bedside table, noticing few framed photos. He took one in his hand, smiling slightly when he saw the six familiar faces. The photo was taken like two years ago or something, judging by Yoongi’s silver hair that Taehyung remembered. They looked like a bunch of normal guys, most of them smiling, even his hyung. Only Jeongguk had a stoic face but Taehyung could recognize his signature tiny smirk.

Second photo made his heart almost melt. It was a photo of Jeongguk, Namjoon and Seokjin from years ago. They all looked so young, it was probably even before Taehyung met Namjoon and Seokjin. He was staring at Jeongguk. He was probably younger at the photo than Taehyung was now. His features weren’t as sharp as now but he was still handsome. But his eyes were as dark as now. That made Taehyung shiver little bit and think back to his conversation with Seokjin from months ago when the older revealed that Jeongguk’s and Namjoon’s father was always tough on his younger son. He wondered what things the Jeongguk at the photo had already done and seen.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” a voice startled him and he nearly dropped the photo.

“I-“ Taehyung turned around with wide eyes only to see fuming Jeongguk.

“Are you snooping around? Or are you spying on me?” Jeongguk spitted out, closing the gap between them and gripping Taehyung’s throat, eyes raging.

“N-no,” Taehyung got out weakly: “I was just looking around, I’m sorry.”

“Get the fuck out of my room!” the older growled. Taehyung was almost scared at that moment. He understood that he fucked up, overstepped the boundaries, he invaded Jeongguk’s privacy and he should’ve known better than to do that.

“I am sorry,” Taehyung looked at him guiltily.

“I said, get out!” Jeongguk breathed out, obviously trying to contain himself. Only then Taehyung noticed that Jeongguk’s shirt was soaked with red substance. He wanted to ask what happened, the action probably didn’t go well and Jeongguk was already on the edge. He chose not to provoke him. So he just hung his head down and left the room.

Taehyung was slightly shaking when he stopped in the hallway. He knew he really fucked up, he knew Jeongguk would be pissed off for days to come.

“Tae!” Jimin’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

“It’s Yoongi, he’s hurt,” Jimin looked at him. Taehyung gasped: “W-what happened? Is he alright?”

“Yeah, he was just cut, it’s nothing serious,” Jimin reassured him. Taehyung rushed to Jimin’s, Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s room. Tears filled his eyes when he saw his hyung lying on the bed, leaning against the headboard. His stomach was tied up.

“Hyung,” Taehyung sniffled, throwing himself at the bed.

“I’m okay, Tae,” Yoongi reassured him, moving to sit up but he hissed in pain.

“Did they treat you?” the blonde asked hurriedly.

“Yeah, our doctor stitched me up, I just have a cut over my side, nothing serious,” the older smiled. Taehyung briefly remembered that someone mentioned that one of the gangsters was a real doctor with diploma, certificate and all that.

Taehyung didn’t even realize he started crying until Yoongi brushed his cheek.

“I am alright,” Yoongi reassured him again.

“What if something happened to you,” Taehyung choked out, hugging his brother around his shoulders, careful not to hurt him.

“I’ve had worse,” Yoongi whispered, which wasn’t really comforting. Taehyung never knew anything about his injuries. When he lived with their grandparents, sometimes Yoongi called he wouldn’t make it and he didn’t stop by for several weeks. Sometimes he came but he was limping or there were bruises on his body. But Taehyung never saw him like this and that scared him. It all suddenly became so real, his brother was a part of a gang, he could literally die any day and there was nothing he could do about it.


Jeongguk was giving Taehyung a cold shoulder. They didn’t talk almost at all in front of the others anyway but Taehyung could still see that the boss was distant and pissed off. He knew he deserved it but it still hurt him. Especially after the progress they seemed to make. Only like two weeks ago Jeongguk literally beat up and killed a person for him, so this was a step back.

So he distracted himself with taking care, or more like annoying, Yoongi. His brother was told to rest in a bed for at least a week so his injury would heal properly, which wasn’t sitting very well with him, especially since the others were still normally working. Even Hoseok and Jimin still had their tasks so he was often left alone and it was driving him crazy.

So Taehyung, like the good little brother he was, was keeping him company. Whenever he wasn’t at school, he was with Yoongi. The older was whining about how he didn’t need him to take care of him when Taehyung cooked and brought him a soup and he told him to fuck off when he wanted to feed him. He was lying with him in a bed and even though he knew Yoongi would never admit it out loud, he secretly loved spending so much time with him, mostly watching movies or even playing poker and other stuff.

“Seriously, Tae, go out or something, you don’t have to be here with me,” Yoongi sighed one afternoon, after Taehyung came from school, telling him what happened that day.

“You don’t want me here? Do I bore you?” the younger got out, looking like a kicked puppy.

“No, of course not, I like listening to your stories. I just don’t wanna be a burden, I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this for me,” the older smiled slightly.

“I don’t mind doing it for you. I am grown up now, hyung, I am not a kid anymore, you’ve always taken care of me so it is my turn now,” Taehyung reassured him with a smile as well: “You always dropped everything for me when you found out I was sick.”

“Well, I am your hyung, it’s my duty,” Yoongi grumbled but there was a smile on his face.

“Do you remember that one time when I was around twelve or something? I do. I was so damn sick, I don’t even remember what it was, probably some flu, I remember I vomited for like a whole week,” Taehyung snickered at the memory.

“Yeah, I remember that,” the older nodded. He remembered all the times Taehyung was sick. He was always worried about him, since he played role of a mother and a father to him since he was a baby because their parents were shitty. Someone had to care of Taehyung when they didn’t.

“I remember I told grandma not to tell you. Back then, I didn’t even know you were in a gang but I knew you had some good and important job because you were sending us money and I didn’t want you to drop everything for me. But she didn’t listen and called you and you came in less than an hour. I remember I was mad but at the same time, I was so happy that you were there because even though I felt shitty, you were there with me. You stayed for couple of days until I got better, never leaving my side,” the blonde talked about the memory with a fond smile: “So now shut up and let me do the same for you.”

“You are usually so damn annoying that I forget that you are not a kid anymore,” Yoongi laughed but there was so much affection in his eyes, making Taehyung’s heart melt. People thought Yoongi was cold and ruthless but to him, he was the softest person ever. He could never explain their relationship to anyone, it was too precious.

“I am not little and innocent anymore,” Taehyung looked him in the eyes.

“Yeah and that’s what scares me. You shouldn’t lose your innocence,” Yoongi sighed. He never really got over the fact that he had to bring Taehyung here. He didn’t know anything about his brother and Jeongguk but he was still uneasy about the fact that he was talking to most of the gangsters in the house like they were his friends.

Taehyung didn’t say anything, he knew whatever he’d say, it’d upset his brother. If Yoongi only knew what things he was doing with Jeongguk, how he was taking him on those little business meetings or how he helped him torture Seojoon’s spy.

“Did something happen?” Yoongi brought him back from his thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, like lately, you seem kinda off. You are pretty good actor but I know you,”

“It’s nothing,” Taehyung sighed. He wished he could talk to Yoongi about everything, he wanted to tell his hyung what was going on but he knew he’d flip. That was Yoongi’s biggest fear – that Taehyung would get involved with someone from the gang. If he found out that from all the members, he got involved with the boss himself, he’d probably kill him.

“I just…” Taehyung took a deep breath: “I just did something stupid. I fucked up. I invaded this person’s privacy and that was fucked up and they got mad at me and I don’t know how to make it right.”

“Well, snooping and shit is never good,” Yoongi looked at him pointedly.

“I know,” Taehyung whined.

“But well, if this person really cares about you, they will eventually forgive you. Just talk to them and explain that you didn’t mean to snoop around and apologize,” the older smiled at him encouragingly. Well, that was the thing. Taehyung didn’t know if Jeongguk cared about him. He knew the gangster was cold, not really about feelings, he wasn’t stupid or naïve. But he still had this feeling that the boss had somehow a soft spot for him, maybe in a weird and fucked up way but he did. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be keeping him around for so long and he wouldn’t react like he did to Haneul assaulting him.

“That person is really stubborn. But I can’t really blame them, they just…they have trust issues and they don’t have it easy so invading their privacy is really bad,” the blonde sighed again.

“I am sure they will eventually forgive you,” Yoongi looked at him, pensive. It looked like his little brother was really upset about this incident. He’s had this feeling for a while that he was seeing someone, occasional hickeys, that he was trying not so successfully cover with make-up, were only confirming his suspicion but he didn’t want to force Taehyung into telling him anything. He knew that when his brother was ready, he’d tell him.

“Don’t worry about it too much, Tae, it will solve itself,” the older eventually added, giving him a side hug. He hissed in slight pain. The cut was healing nicely but since it was on his side, it was hard to not strain it.

“Okay, let’s just watch some movie,” Taehyung grinned, turning the TV on, asking what they should pick tonight.


Taehyung wanted to desperately talk to Jeongguk but the older man was ignoring him. Whenever he met him in the hallway or the kitchen, the boss just gave him a cold shoulder, completely ignoring him. It was like when he first came here, Jeongguk just seemed so distant and he hated it.

He heard him going out of their apartment one night and he knew where he was going, unless he had some work.

He slipped from his bed, he couldn’t sleep anyway, put on sweatpants and large t-shirt and waddled barefoot down to the basement.

He opened the door to the gym quietly, not surprised to find the gangster there, working on one of the machines. He had to try his hardest to focus on his task, instead of staring because watching Jeongguk working out was always a treat, with his muscles flexing nicely.

He walked in, silent, since he didn’t have shoes.

The boss noticed him after a minute, stopping his working out regime.

“Just go away,” Jeongguk spoke up with a cold voice, making Taehyung shiver. He didn’t like this. He wasn’t used to this anymore from him. Even though the boss wasn’t the most affectionate person ever, in the past months they got kinda closer and he was talking to him normally, not like this.

“No, I won’t,” Taehyung replied stubbornly, walking over to one of the machines, looking at the boss with a challenge in his eyes: “Last time I checked, I lived here and the gym is available to everyone.”

He sat down, pulling the weights. He grunted in surprise, it was really damn heavy and he’s never really been the working out type.

“And last time I checked, this was my house so I might as well kick you out right here and right now so don’t try this attitude on me,” the older looked at him sternly, making him gulp.

“Look,” Taehyung sighed, letting go of the machine: “I know I fucked up but I want to apologize. You haven’t let me talk to you for more than a week and I wanna explain myself.”

“What is there to explain? I literally caught you snooping around my room, Taehyung,” Jeongguk glared at him.

“Okay, well, I don’t have anything to say to that to my defence but-“ Taehyung rushed to say before the older would lose his patience: “I am sorry that I went to your room. It is your privacy and I shouldn’t have done that. I was just curious, that is one of my terrible characteristics.”

“You understand what position I am in, right?” Jeongguk replied without any hint of emotion: “I am leading a gang, I had people betray me more times than I could count, some tried to kill me, some sent spies on me. How do I know you are not spying on me for someone?”

“I’d never spy on you,” Taehyung said seriously: “Jeongguk, my hyung is literally in your gang, why would I wanna ruin you, knowing I’d ruin him too? That doesn’t make any fucking sense.”

“Everything makes sense if you look at it from the right perspective. If you have been through what I have, nothing would really surprise you,”

“I am not a spy,” the younger repeated: “I’d never betray you.”

Jeongguk looked at him searchingly. He tended to be paranoid but it was not a surprise with his position and experience. But somehow, he had a feeling that Taehyung was honest. He was looking at him with such determination and loyalty that it was hard for him to believe that he’d have bad intentions.

Jeongguk got up, walking over to the younger. Taehyung almost automatically got up so they were both standing, facing each other.

“You’d never betray me?” the boss got out quietly.

“Never,” Taehyung nodded without missing a beat.

“What would you do for me, Taehyung?” Jeongguk stepped closer, looking at him intently.

“What do you mean?” the younger asked confusedly.

“Answer me. What would you do for me?” Jeongguk repeated, bringing up his hand and tracing a finger over his jaw.

Taehyung was like hypnotized. He was staring at the older man, feeling something dark, something that Jeongguk was always bringing up in him, stirring in his stomach. He knew what answer the older wanted to hear and what answer was honest.

“Anything,” the blonde breathed out.

“Anything?” Jeongguk smirked slightly, leaning closer, tracing lips over Taehyung’s jaw, making his breath catch in his throat. It was like he had a complete control over him but like many times before, he realized that he didn’t mind.

Jeongguk pulled back, looking at him with his dark eyes. Then he almost whispered: “Even kill for me?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung nodded slowly.

“I don’t think you could really do that, baby doll,” the boss challenged him. Taehyung felt a fluttering in his stomach after hearing the familiar pet name. Jeongguk called him lots of pet names when they had sex but for some strange reason, this one became his favourite.

“I would. I would kill for you,” Taehyung repeated with a strong voice and determination. Jeongguk watched him searchingly for couple of seconds. Somehow, Taehyung had a feeling that the boss would want to test that theory.

And the fucked up thing was that he was fine with it.