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Baby doll, you're perfect

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„I seriously don’t know what to do. It’s not like I can leave him to live alone,” Yoongi sighed, looking at Jimin and Hoseok. He really needed their help now. He’s always turned to them with any trouble in his life, ever since he’s known them, ever since they became co-workers, then friends and then partners. Their relationship wasn’t regular but with their work and the lives they were living, nothing was really regular.

“You know, he is almost twenty two now, he could live alone. He is not a little kid anymore,” Hoseok tried to reason with him.

“You know better than anyone that this isn’t about him being a little kid. This is because of my job. I piss off many people and they could try to get a revenge on me through Taehyung,” Yoongi glared at him: “Maybe the best option would be if I found an apartment, moved there and take Tae with me.”

“Yeah, right,” Jimin snorted: “Because no one would come after you if you moved out of the house. That is just stupid, babe.”

“We all know what the best option here is,” Hoseok looked at the two men: “Take Tae live with us.”

“Right, taking him to our base would be safe,” the oldest snorted sarcastically.

“It is our base but it is guarded and safe,” Jimin supported Hoseok’s idea: “That is the safest place for you and Tae too. If you ask Guk, I am sure he will allow it, Tae is your family and Guk respects that,”

“I just tried to keep him away from this world for so long,” Yoongi groaned: “I did what I had to mostly for him after our parents died and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. But I don’t want him to get involved in this crap.”

“He wouldn’t have to get involved, this is just about where he will live. He will have a room in the house, he will still go to school and finish his degree and that’s it,” Jimin shrugged.

“Yeah, right, you can’t even believe that. You know that sooner or later there will be something that will influence him and it will stress him,”

“I think you are giving him less credit than he deserves,” Hoseok looked at the other pointedly: “He is innocent and nice but he is not made of sugar. He knows what you are doing so it’s not like you’d be leading him to the house in complete darkness.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen to him,” Yoongi rubbed his palms over his face in exhaustion: “And I am not happy about the idea of him being around the others either. You know how some of them are and Tae is young, handsome and naïve.”

“I think you’d be surprised, I´ve heard quite lots of stories about his college years,” Jimin chuckled. He and Taehyung became quite close over the years. He was only two years older than Taehyung and Yoongi sometimes took him and Hoseok to his grandma’s house where Taehyung lived before she died few days ago.

“You know you won’t really have another option, babe,” Hoseok patted Yoongi’s leg gently.

“I know, I’ll talk to Guk,” Yoongi sighed in resignation.


“So you’re asking if your brother could live here?” Jeongguk looked at Yoongi from where he was sitting behind his large desk.

“Yeah, just live, not join the gang,” Yoongi nodded: “You know our situation, I told you everything when I joined more than ten years ago. Our grandma died recently and I don’t wanna leave him without supervision since someone would want to hurt him because of me.”

Jeongguk leaned back in the chair, considering the request. He really didn’t like the idea of some kid living here, things could be too complicated.

“I don’t think there should be a problem with that,” Namjoon looked at Jeongguk. He was standing next to the desk with Seokjin.

“I don’t like it,” Jeongguk said. The thought of some guy who was never involved in any criminal activity in their house wasn’t sitting well with him. On the other hand, it really didn’t matter, he wouldn’t probably even see him that often, the house was huge.

“What does it matter? Just let him live here for fucks sake,” Seokjin rolled his eyes at the boss. Jeongguk glared at him. Seokjin was one of few people who dared to speak to him like that because he’s grown up in the gang and because he was with Namjoon for like forever. Jeongguk would never admit it out loud and he’d never let it show to the most of the gang, but his older brother’s boyfriend had him wrapped around his finger in a way.

“Okay, fine, he can move in here,” Jeongguk eventually nodded: “But he will have a room in the eastern part of the house.”

“That is just stupid, he should be close to Yoongi, just in case. You wouldn’t let him be surrounded by strangers, would you?” Seokjin looked at him pointedly.

“Okay, whatever,” Jeongguk groaned. He really didn’t like that. Yoongi and couple of other gang members lived in the southern part of the house, close to his own room. Now the possibility of not meeting this Taehyung guy was much thinner.

“He won’t cause any problems or get involved. He knows what we’re doing but he is in college and he isn’t made for this life. You won’t even know he’s here,” Yoongi reassured the leader. Jeongguk had a weird feeling that what Yoongi just said was bullshit.


“So I will finally see your boss?” Taehyung chirped as they were putting all his stuff into Yoongi’s car. He didn’t have a driving licence, he never really wanted it. He usually rode a bike to school but now when he was moving to the periphery of Seoul, they had to figure out how he will get to school every day.

“Don’t get too excited. I don’t want you to be in Jeongguk’s hair, I know how annoying you can be and he wouldn’t appreciate it. He is not really a chatty guy so you’d be only pissing him off. And believe me, you don’t wanna piss Jeongguk off,” Yoongi looked at his little brother warningly.

“Is he dangerous?” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

“He is a fucking gang boss, what do you think?” Yoongi glared at him.

“You are dangerous too and you are putting up with my annoying ass all the time,” Taehyung chuckled.

“That is because I have no choice, you are my brother. But Guk is my boss, even though we became friends so don’t push him,” Yoongi grunted as he picked up a heavy box: “I don’t want you to wander around the house, I know how friendly you are but believe me, you don’t want most of those people to be your friends and they don’t want it either.”

“Well, Jiminie, Hobi-hyung, Namjoon-hyung and Seokjin-hyung live there too, right?”

“Of course,”

“Then I have at least some friends there,” Taehyung grinned. He knew Jimin and Hoseok quite well. They would sometimes come to his grandmother’s house with Yoongi. Their grandma didn’t know about what relationship Yoongi had with them, she wouldn’t approve but Taehyung wasn’t stupid. He figured it out years ago and Yoongi confirmed that he was dating both of them. Taehyung didn’t judge him, he never did. In his eyes, Yoongi was a perfect hyung, his role model, the one who’s been always taking care of him.

To say that their childhood was difficult was an understatement. Their father was an abusive alcoholic and their mother was a pill addict with depression. Yoongi has always been looking out for him, protecting him from the abuse, taking hits for him and trying to make his childhood as normal as possible. He was over eight years older than Taehyung and he was always the only person that was looking out for him. Except for their grandparents.

When he was ten and Yoongi eighteen, their parents had a bad fight. Yoongi wasn’t home, he was working a secret part time job to make some money for himself and Taehyung since their parents always spent everything so often there was not even food for them.

Yoongi came home to a crying Taehyung, sitting beside their dead mother. It was established by the police that their parents fought, their mother killed their father and then she killed herself, all while Taehyung was up in his room, hiding under the covers when he heard their parents fighting.

They moved to their grandparents because even though Yoongi was an adult, it was easier for Taehyung to be there. But their grandparents weren’t exactly rich and in order for Yoongi to make sure Taehyung got a proper education, had textbooks and decent clothes, he got involved with Jeongguk’s gang. It was his father’s gang back then but Jeongguk was already doing most of the work and he took Yoongi in. He’s never regretted it because everything he’s done was for Taehyung.

The only thing he never wanted was for Taehyung to get involved in the dangerous world and now here he was, taking him to the house full of gangsters. Taehyung was an adult now but that didn’t make Yoongi hate it any less. He was still worried about him, he would always be.

They got into the car once all the stuff was in and Yoongi drove them to the periphery of the city.

“Wow, hyung, that is like a palace!” Taehyung’s mouth fell open when Yoongi passed a big gate and a huge house appeared in front of them. It wasn’t any old, pretentious mansion, it was quite modern house but it was huge. It had three floors and Taehyung could barely see where it begun and where it ended. The whole property was circled by high walls and the only passage to it was a big gate that could be only opened or closed via fingerprints.

“Well, nearly whole gang lives here. Some people live in their own places but at least fifty people are here and most of them have their own room with a bathroom,” Yoongi replied.

“You share a room with Jimin and Hoseok, right?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded: “Namjoon is with Seokjin and some other members are with their partners but most of them have their own rooms.”

“How do you all eat and stuff?” Taehyung asked with a small frown.

“Every floor is divided into two parts and every part has its own kitchen and lounge area. And couple of rooms of course and every room has its own bathroom,” the older explained.

“So I will be in the part with you? And the other guys?”

“Yeah, there are four rooms. One that I share with Jimin and Hobi, one with Namjoon and Seokjin and one will be yours,”

“And the fourth one?”

“It’s Jeongguk’s,” Yoongi replied dryly.

“Oh my god, wait, so your boss lives with you?” Taehyung gasped.

“Where did you think he’d live, it’s his house,”

“Yeah, no, I mean like…I’d expect he’d have his own apartment or something,”

“No, the six of us share one kitchen and lounge room. Guk’s room is the furthest from ours and his study is right above the staircase so when he works, anyone can go there,” Yoongi explained.

“Oh wow,” Taehyung breathed out. He was suddenly a bit nervous. He felt quite giddy of moving in here, it felt exciting to live with gangsters but now he wasn’t so sure anymore. He was especially nervous because of Jeongguk. He didn’t know what to expect, how did gang bosses even look like? He’s seen some gangster movies but he was pretty sure that the reality was different. The only thing he knew from his hyung was, that Jeongguk was quite young, he wasn’t some old slop, he was around Yoongi’s age.

They finally parked the car in front of one of the garages.

“TaeTae!” a loud voice startled them. Suddenly someone crushed into Taehyung’s body, hugging him.

“Hi, Jiminie,” Taehyung laughed. Jimin was two years older but Taehyung never used honorific with him, the older hated it so that’s what he told Taehyung when they first met.

“Wow, looking great, Tae, the blonde colour really suits you,” another voice caught Taehyung’s attention.

“You know me, Hobi-hyung, always up for a change,” Taehyung chuckled.

“Of course, with your artistic soul,” Hoseok laughed, ruffling Taehyung’s hair and pulling him into a tight hug.

“Joon-hyung and Jin-hyung are upstairs making a dinner. Or well, Jin is making a dinner while Namjoon watches,” Jimin laughed.

“Let’s help you with that stuff,” Hoseok patted Taehyung’s shoulder, opening the trunk of the car. Yoongi yelled at couple of men passing by to help them with the boxes and bags and soon all Taehyung’s things were upstairs in the third floor.

“Wow, that room is huge,” Taehyung gasped when he entered his new room. It was spacious and modern. The walls were simply white but he was about to change that, he will paint some paintings to decorate it. There was a walk in closet, not too huge but it was still a luxury for him since he’s always had small rooms. There was also a door leading to the bathroom with a bathtub and Taehyung mentally cheered. He could already see himself taking long baths in it.

“It’s perfect, I will decorate it and it will be awesome,” Taehyung grinned at Yoongi.

“I am sure you will,” the older smiled. Taehyung’s been painting since he was a kid, their shared room back then in their old house was full of his pictures. Years later, he was accepted to college as an art major.

“The dinner will be ready soon. The kitchen is down the hallway, I will be there,” Yoongi informed Taehyung: “So unpack couple of things and come.”

“Okay,” Taehyung nodded, suddenly nervous: “Will Jeongguk be there?”

“He left to take care of something so I don’t know if he’ll come in time,” Yoongi shrugged. Taehyung just nodded and watched his brother leave. He sat on the bed and breathed out. He looked around, trying to get used to the new place. It was really nice, clean and modern but very impersonal. But that wouldn’t last too long.

He decided not to unpack because he wouldn’t make it on time. So he unpacked just couple of things and changed for the dinner.

He went down the hall, passing couple of doors. He looked to the other side of the hallway, seeing a door at the end. It had to be Jeongguk’s room.

He came to the kitchen. It was modern and spacious with a lounge area with three big couches and a big TV connected to it. There was also a big dining table where easily ten people could fit.

“Hello, Tae,” Seokjin greeted him loudly with a smile from where he was standing by a stove. The younger came to him and gave him a big hug. He met Seokjin and Namjoon couple of times since they were basically best friends with Yoongi.

“Tae, looking great, it’s been a while,” Namjoon’s deep voice caught his attention and he hugged the tall man as well.

“Come on, sit down, the dinner is ready. You have to tell us everything, we haven’t seen you for months,” Seokjin ushered Taehyung to the table, putting a plate in front of him. Soon they were all sitting around the table with meals in front of them.

“It looks great, hyung,” Taehyung smiled at the older guy. He’s eaten couple of meals from Seokjin and they were always delicious.

“So, Tae, how is school going? You just started a new year right?” Namjoon looked at the youngest.

“Yeah, two months ago. I am graduating next year so things are starting to get intense,” Taehyung whined.

“You will handle it, you are smart and talented,” Jimin gave him an encouraging smile.

“Yeah, well, I’ll have to handle it somehow,” Taehyung grinned and hummed appreciatively around the chopsticks. He looked at Seokjin, mumbling with full mouth: “The food is delicious, hyung.”

They were chatting for a while until they were halfway through the dinner when suddenly they heard a door open and close.

“Looks like Guk is back,” Hoseok stated. Taehyung glanced to the door, waiting for the boss to come in. He wasn’t almost breathing, waiting to meet the infamous gangster but there were no other sounds. He went probably to his room.

They started eating again, the others weren’t really phased by their boss being back. Taehyung knew from Yoongi and the others that they were friends with Jeongguk. There was some respect towards him of course but it wasn’t like with the rest of the gang.

Taehyung almost forgot that the boss arrived until he heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. He looked up just in time to see Jeongguk enter. His mouth fell open little bit when he spotted the boss. He didn’t know what he was expecting but it wasn’t surely this.

“Hey, hyung,” Jimin greeted the boss. Jeongguk just nodded his head towards him and sat down to the head of the table.

“How did it go?” Namjoon asked.

“Good, it’s taken care of,” Jeongguk spoke up with a quiet, smooth voice: “We’ll go to my office after the dinner, I’ll tell you everything.” He added, eyeing Taehyung for a second.

“Guk, this is Taehyung, my brother,” Yoongi introduced Taehyung who was sitting by his left side. The boss just hummed, sparing Taehyung just a short glance. Taehyung felt a bit hurt. He knew from Yoongi that the boss wasn’t chatty but he expected at least ‘nice to meet you’ or ‘welcome’ but nothing. Taehyung didn’t think he could meet someone less talkative than his hyung but apparently he just did. He didn’t know why he felt so disappointed that the older didn’t even properly look at him.

Taehyung dag into his meal, trying not to ogle too much but he couldn’t help it. His eyes slipped to the leader who just started eating.

He didn’t know why, even though he knew from Yoongi that Jeongguk was around his age, he somehow imagined him as a bold guy with some huge scar over the whole face for whatever reason. But the reality was far from his image.

Jeongguk looked really around Yoongi’s age. His hair was black, a bit longer, parted on his forehead, revealing sharp eyebrows. His eyes were round and dark, it wasn’t even clear where the irises ended and pupils begun. His nose was a bit big but it fitted his face perfectly. His lips weren’t too plump but they weren’t thin either. And his jaw was sharper than anything Taehyung’s seen. Overall, Taehyung had to admit that Jeongguk was hot as fuck.

As he was busy checking out the boss, he didn’t notice that he was staring back. Taehyung felt his cheeks burning under the man’s gaze. His expression was completely blank but it felt like his gaze was almost burning. Those eyes were so dark and unreadable, there was darkness in them, not only because of the colour but there was something vicious. Taehyung could tell Jeongguk was dangerous even if he didn’t know who he was.

For the rest of the dinner, Jeongguk didn’t look at him. Taehyung stole few glances here and there, curious about the boss. Jeongguk didn’t talk much but he wasn’t even that surprised.

“We’ll have to figure out how Tae will get to school. He doesn’t have a driving licence and it’s too far from here to go on a bike,” Yoongi brought up and Taehyung nearly groaned. It was embarrassing, talking about it like this, like he was a child.

“Someone could drive him there and back based on his schedule,” Jimin offered.

“You want me to order to my men to babysit and do drivers for someone?” Jeongguk looked at him without any expression. Taehyung frowned. He didn’t like the tone. He understood why Jeongguk didn’t like the idea but he was not a baby.

“I can ride a bike to the nearest train station and go there by myself,” Taehyung cleared his throat, making Jeongguk glance at him for a moment.

“We will figure something out,” Yoongi ended the conversation, sensing the thick air in the room.

Jeongguk was the first one to get up from the table. He looked over at Namjoon: “Come to my study when you are done here.”

“Sure,” Namjoon nodded and with that, the boss left.

“Well, that went well,” Hoseok grinned.

“Well?” Taehyung looked at him sceptically.

“Jeongguk wasn’t too excited about you being here. Don’t take it personally, it is just another thing on a list of difficulties in his head,” Hoseok shrugged.

Taehyung frowned. He didn’t want to be a difficulty. He didn’t understand this whole gang world but he knew Jeongguk surely had a lot on his plate. But he was still a bit hurt, not liking that the boss didn’t want him here. He suppressed a sigh, at least he had another five guys he knew around him, he wasn’t here completely alone.

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Taehyung was usually going to school by train, arriving to the train station on his bike from the new house he was living in. It wasn’t too far away and he didn’t mind the public transport. They never had lots of money so he was used to it and he even liked it. He was often finding inspiration in different people he met there and then he was painting them.

Sometimes when one of the guys had some business in the city, they would take him with a car.

He was getting used to the life in the new house. He wouldn’t even know it was a gang’s base if he didn’t know it. Everything went past him. Yoongi didn’t want him to get involved in anything so he was spending most of his time just in his room or the kitchen or the lounge. He didn’t even know other parts of the house, only the part of the third floor that he lived in with the seven men but he supposed there was some meeting room and maybe even basement. He sometimes imagined what was happening in that basement, if there were some illegal substances or even some prisoners. He soon realized that the thought did really nothing to him.

He didn’t see Jeongguk often, the man was spending most of his time either in his study or outside, doing god knows what. Taehyung sometimes wondered what he was doing, if he was just giving orders or if he was actually doing the dirty work. Jeongguk’s eyes were telling him that he was taking care of things himself. He had this dangerous glint in them, the eyes of a murderer.

He wasn’t scared though, he knew his hyung wasn’t a saint either just like the other guys but he knew them and they were all really nice people. He wasn’t judging them. He never judged anyone, everyone had their reasons for what they were doing. Yoongi did everything for him so he could have as normal life as possible. Namjoon and Seokjin were born into this life. Namjoon was previous boss’ other son and Seokjin was a son of one of his closest men. Hoseok had similar destiny like he and Yoongi and Jimin…well he had probably the worst past. One evening, maybe a year ago, Jimin told Taehyung his story. He was sold by his own parents as a sex slave to some gang when he was fifteen and Jeongguk’s gang saved him few years later. They all had dark pasts and Taehyung’s would be much worse if it wasn’t for Yoongi.

Taehyung was painting a lot, he wanted to fill his new room with pictures so it wouldn’t look so dull. He liked colours and art, he wasn’t the fan of white walls.

He was also spending a lot of time in the backyard. It was huge and there was even a swimming pool but it was November so he couldn’t really swim. But he didn’t mind, he was walking around, sometimes sitting on a bench, doing some sketches. He hardly ever left the house without some sketchbook and pen, he never knew when inspiration hits him.

One afternoon, he was sitting outside behind the house when he noticed Jeongguk. The older man sat down on a bench few meters in front of him. It didn’t look like the older man noticed him as he raised his face towards the weak sun, closing his eyes. He was wearing black skinny jeans, black boots and black jacket over a black shirt. Taehyung didn’t know what he expected. In the movies, gangsters were always portrayed either with chains around their necks and hood fashion or in neat and expensive suits. Jeongguk didn’t wear either. His today’s outfit was his typical attire from what Taehyung has noticed after the two weeks of living here.

He pulled out the sketchbook and a pen and started drawing absent-mindedly. He didn’t even realize he was drawing Jeongguk until he was halfway through it. The older man looked really damn good in the weak sun. He was sitting with profile to Taehyung, his perfectly sculptured jaw fully visible as he was facing up.

Taehyung looked at the picture when he finished it. It was just simple portrait. He closed the book, getting up. He bit his lip, looking at the back door and then back at Jeongguk. He knew he shouldn’t be bothering him and if Yoongi found out, he’d probably kill him but he felt intrigued to go to talk to the boss. He was really curious, he wanted to get to know him better. They were literally sleeping couple of doors from each other, sometimes eating together when Jeongguk wasn’t out so it was only logical. Taehyung’s always been friendly and he started talking even with couple of guys from the gang that lived in other parts of the house.

Taehyung slowly approached Jeongguk, nervous as hell.

“Hello,” Taehyung cleared his throat, making the older man look up at him from where he was sitting.

“Hey,” Jeongguk replied. Well, that was good, at least he greeted him. That’s what Taehyung called a step in the right direction.

“How’s it going?” the younger grinned, trying to look as friendly as possible.

“You want me to tell you about the action we were in today, how it went wrong and two of my men died? I don’t think you wanna hear that,” Jeongguk deadpanned, staring Taehyung straight in the eyes, waiting for his reaction.

“Um, I’m sorry,” Taehyung got out, taken aback. Apparently Jeongguk was ignoring Yoongi’s wish to not get Taehyung involved in the gang business. Well, he was the boss after all, he wasn’t getting orders from anyone.

Weirdly, Taehyung didn’t find the information disturbing. Maybe it was because he knew what Jeongguk and the gang were doing or maybe there was another reason that he had yet to find out. He was a pretty peaceful person, always staying out of trouble, never getting once into a fight but he was through a lot when he was a kid so it could’ve left some consequences on him.

“Anyway, I am sure things will be better next time,” Taehyung said eventually, not really knowing what else to say.

Jeongguk looked at him, annoyed. Taehyung didn’t like it. He was used to people liking him, he always won everyone over in no time but the boss seemed completely immune to him and he wasn’t used to that.

“Listen…Taehyung, is it?” Jeongguk sighed. Taehyung nodded.

“I allowed you to live here because you are Yoongi’s brother. I also promised that we won’t include you in any of our activities so you can live your normal, whatever life. But that doesn’t mean I wanna become friends and chat with you so I’d really appreciate if you just left me alone,” the older man said without any trace of emotion. Taehyung tried his hardest not to show how those words hurt him. He didn’t even know why he cared so much but the cold words hit him.  

“Okay, um, sorry for bothering you,” Taehyung nodded slowly after a while, pressing his lips together. He was standing there for a while longer, considering if he should say something. Normally, he would try harder, knowing that he eventually always broke even the grumpiest people but he had a feeling that it was hopeless with Jeongguk.

So he just gave up, turned around and walked away.

Jeongguk turned around to watch the younger when he was almost in the house. He noticed the sad expression he was wearing and it didn’t quite fit him. He still looked beautiful though, he could probably wear any expression flawlessly. Taehyung was probably the single most gorgeous person Jeongguk’s ever seen. When he entered the kitchen that first evening, he had to do his hardest not to stare at him.

He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts. Taehyung was out of his reach, even if he wanted to do something with him, he couldn’t because of Yoongi. And frankly, he really didn’t need this, having random one night stands with strangers was much easier than getting involved with someone from the house and Taehyung wouldn’t even be the right person for him, he was too innocent, too normal, that was boring.  


“Well, the room looks surely different,” Jimin grinned when he settled down on Taehyung’s bed, looking around. Taehyung unpacked all his stuff so there were photos, candles and other decorations decorating the room. There were also already couple of paintings that Yoongi helped him hang up on the walls. He loved drawing and painting nature and people, he always found that the most fascinating.

Taehyung invited Jimin for a hang out. They were friends and it was always nice to hang out together from time to time. He was closest to Jimin and really liked his company.

They were chatting, watching some random videos and eating popcorn and other junk food.

“I tried to talk to Jeongguk the other day. He basically sent me to hell,” Taehyung brought up. He really wanted to talk about it with someone but he didn’t dare to tell to Yoongi, he knew his hyung would scold him for even coming near the boss.

“Don’t take it personally, Guk is like that with everyone,” Jimin waved his hand with a smile.

“Well, you are friends with him, right?”

“Yeah, but it took some time for him to warm up to me, to everyone. The only people he’s had a nice relationship with have always been just Joon-hyung and Jin-hyung since he grew up with them. Namjoon is his older brother and Seokjin is…well, Seokjin, you know how he is,” the older chuckled.

“Why is Jeongguk the boss and not Namjoon-hyung?” Taehyung looked at the other with interest. He thought gangs were basically like royal families, the oldest was usually the heir.

“You can try to ask one of them, I never really did,” Jimin shrugged: “I guess Namjoon-hyung didn’t want it. He has good leader qualities and all that but I guess he doesn’t have guts for some things.”

“You mean like killing?”

“Yeah, that and others,” Jimin nodded: “He does a lot when he has to but…let’s just say that Jeongguk is more natural.”

Taehyung wasn’t fighting against that. He didn’t really know Jeongguk but he could imagine him being ruthless, he had it in his eyes. Namjoon on the other hand was just too nice so Jeongguk being the boss wasn’t that weird.

“Can I speak openly?” Taehyung bit his lip. He really wanted to vent to someone.

“Of course,” Jimin looked at him with interest when he saw the slightest blush.

“About Jeongguk. I was quite surprised when I saw him. I guess I didn’t expect him to be so…so hot,” the younger blurted out.

Jimin laughed whole-heartedly: “Well, yeah, he’s far from the bosses you see in TV, that’s true. But don’t let him fool you, he is really dangerous.”

“I don’t doubt that,” Taehyung nodded: “I just wanted to share my impression with someone. He is really damn hot…is he into girls or guys?”

“Tae, don’t even think about it, Yoongi would kill you,” Jimin gave him a pointed look.

“I am just wondering, jeez,” Taehyung rolled his eyes. That was just a healthy interest, he would be fucking stupid if he wanted to do anything with Jeongguk. Although, some fuck with no ties wasn’t really a bad thought.

“He likes both. I’ve seen him with guys and girls,” Jimin said eventually: “But seriously, don’t even think about it. I know he’s hot and all that but…let’s just say that he isn’t really into relationships.”

“And? Everyone’s had some one-night stands. Gotta say that I wouldn’t mind a fuck with him,” Taehyung chuckled mischievously, saying out loud what he was thinking.

“Tae, I am serious,” Jimin glared at him: “Believe me, you wouldn’t wanna have a one night stand with him. I don’t know much, we don’t really talk about these things but…his tastes are really wide and really…weird and painful sometimes.”

“Everyone has some kinks, I don’t judge,” Taehyung said quietly, feeling a weird sensation in his stomach. He could only imagine what Jeongguk was like in bed since he was a violent, ruthless gang leader. He had the powerful, dominant aura around him. He could imagine him being like that in bedroom as well, his dark stare, strong hands, harsh words…Too bad that Taehyung’s always had a soft spot for those kinds of guys.

“If you wanna avoid Yoongi’s wrath, I advise you to stop thinking about doing any stupid shit,” Jimin’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

“Don’t worry, Jiminie, I am not self-destructive,” Taehyung reassured him with a smile. Little did he know how far from the truth he was.


Jeongguk put down the bloody knife. Sometimes it was the best for him to deal with things alone and he’d be lying if he said he hated it. Unlike Namjoon, he really didn’t mind getting his hands dirty – sometimes literally.

He spared one last glance to a lifeless body tied down to a chair. He hated traitors, he hated when his men betrayed him and he always made sure to bring them a poetic justice because no one was gonna fuck around with him and his gang.

He left the basement, looking at two men standing in the corridor: “Get rid of him.”

The men just nodded and he went up to the third floor, wiping his hands in the towel but the blood needed water and soap.

Just when he walked up, passing the kitchen, someone came out from there. He looked at the person, expecting most likely Yoongi or Hoseok, who were most likely to be up so late but he nearly froze when he noticed Taehyung.

The young man was staring at him, a glass of water in his hand. He was obviously ready to go to sleep, face bare but still beautiful and only a silk robe decorating his delicate frame. Taehyung was staring down under his waist so he looked down, noticing the dried blood on his hands.

He looked back at the younger, searching for his reaction. Taehyung’s eyes were a bit wide but he didn’t see fear or disgust in them. That surprised him. For someone who was held away from violence all his life – like Jeongguk knew from Yoongi – Taehyung surely wasn’t reacting the way most of people would. That caught Jeongguk’s attention.

He also noticed how long and golden Taehyung’s exposed legs looked and how nicely the silky robe was hugging him. His blonde hair looked soft, probably freshly dried after a shower and he looked nearly like an angel in the dim light of the hallway. But his expression was what caught Jeongguk’s attention the most. Taehyung looked hypnotized, intrigued even. That was definitely something Jeongguk didn’t see very often. Most of people were trembling with fear when they were facing blood or when they discovered what Jeongguk and his men were doing. But Taehyung was here, wandering around the house completely unbothered by the fact that he was basically surrounded by killers.

Their gazes met and Jeongguk saw Taehyung’s Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. His pupils were a bit dilated and he was completely frozen. Still, he looked so beautiful, almost ethereal.

“Good night, Taehyung,” Jeongguk said quietly, not even sure why he wanted to talk to the younger all of the sudden. His reaction really surprised him and he’d by lying if he said he wasn’t intrigued.

“Go-good night, Jeongguk-ssi,” Taehyung stuttered out, looking like he was just brought back from a trance. Jeongguk nearly scoffed at the use of honorific, he wasn’t used to that. Most of his friends were calling him just by his name, even if they were younger, some members that have been in the gang for a long time called him hyung and some newer boss. Everyone usually called him boss when they were working, especially in front of rival gangs of course. But this honorific was something he hasn’t heard for a long time.

But he didn’t correct Taehyung. He just nodded and walked down the hallway to his room to take a long shower and wash out the long day and the blood from his body. Suddenly he doubted his initial thoughts, suddenly Taehyung didn’t seem so boring.

Taehyung slipped into his room a minute after Jeongguk. Even when the older man left the hallway, he stood there like frozen, not able to move.

He slipped into the comfy bed, his heart beating like crazy.

He didn’t know what it was. As soon as he saw Jeongguk and his eyes slipped to his hands, obviously covered in blood, his mouth ran dry. But it wasn’t fear that he felt, he couldn’t describe it. It was like a weird rush of adrenaline or something, seeing the big boss with someone’s blood on his hands. For a second there, he imagined Jeongguk with a weapon, possibly knife, cutting into someone. He could almost hear their scream in his head, the way their face was twisting in pain. He could see Jeongguk’s dark eyes, staring at the person with a small smirk on his lips, enjoying every second of the torture.

He didn’t know what the hell it was but he knew he wanted to see Jeongguk in action.

Chapter Text

“I am just so bored here, hyung,” Taehyung whined and then perked up when he got an idea: “Can you take me with you to the meeting?”

Now he knew that they had weekly meetings of the gang in the ground floor at eight in the evening.

“Are you fucking crazy? I am not gonna take you to the meeting, you know the deal, Tae, no involving,” Yoongi glared at him.

“But what am I supposed to do? You are always stuck there for at least two hours, no one is here to keep me company,” the younger pouted.


“I don’t wanna paint right now, I do that all the time and I don’t have an inspiration,”

“So go swimming or something,” the older rolled his eyes.

“Where, outside? Hyung, it’s nearly December,” Taehyung snorted.

“To the underground pool,”

“There is an underground pool?”

“Yeah, a pool and a gym. You live here for like a month and you didn’t know?”

“Well you didn’t tell me anything!” Taehyung exclaimed.

“Okay, I’m telling you now. There is a pool in the basement on the left side along with a gym,” Yoongi announced him.

“What is on the right side?” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

“Something that is not your business,” Yoongi grunted.

“Dungeons? Drug storage?”

“Stop being nosy, fucking Christ, I swear to god you are only gonna get yourself in trouble. Find some swimming trunks and leave,” Yoongi groaned. Taehyung could really be annoying sometimes.

Around eight thirty, Taehyung stepped to the basement. It didn’t look viciously, just normal corridor. He saw the door on the left and right side. He bit his lip, looked over his shoulder and went to the right door.

“Fuck,” he cursed under his breath, disappointed, when he tried the handle only to find out it was locked. Well, it wasn’t really surprising but he still had to try.

So he went to the left door instead that was opened. A huge gym appeared in front of him. There were different working out machines, mirrors and in the back even a shooting gallery and an area for martial arts where the gang members were probably training.

Behind a glass sliding door, there was a pool glistening in a dark room. It wasn’t huge but it was enough to swim in and Taehyung grinned. He loved swimming and he couldn’t believe he discovered this only now, the others were traitors.

He jumped into the pool without even trying the water. Thankfully it was warm enough and he sighed contently when he got up to the surface. He started swimming around, completely lost in the pleasure that swimming has always been bringing him.

He didn’t even turn on the lights, he liked how the lit up pool was sending the lights over the walls, it looked peaceful, almost magical. He decided to paint it when he gets upstairs. It didn’t even feel like he was still in the house, it didn’t feel like there was a gang meeting going on only one floor above him. Everything seemed so normal.

He completely lost track of time. It seemed like he was there for barely an hour but it was longer. He realized that when he got out of the pool, drying little bit with a towel he brought and looked through the glass door to the gym, only to find out that there was someone there.

It wasn’t just someone, it was Jeongguk. A very shirtless Jeongguk, working out on one of the machines. Taehyung felt his mouth water as he saw the muscles in the man’s arms and stomach flex with effort. He could tell even through the clothes that Jeongguk was fine but damn, seeing the real thing was another experience. He was pretty ripped and the faces and low grunts he was making as he was working out were purely pornographical.

He was watching him for a bit, almost hypnotized and then it hit him. How the hell was he gonna get out? He had to walk only through the gym, around Jeongguk. Would the older man guess that he was watching him? Wouldn’t he be mad that he used the pool even though Yoongi told him to? He didn’t know and he was nervous. But he was probably the most nervous about the fact that he’ll be alone with Jeongguk in a quiet room, his body still damp from the water and Jeongguk shirtless and sweaty. That seemed like a really damn hard task.

He was standing there for a while, contemplating all his options but then he decided he should just come out. He didn’t know how long Jeongguk would work out and it would look weird as fuck if he was stuck there for an hour and then just walked out.

He took a deep breath and opened the door.

Jeongguk’s gaze slipped to him, he was obviously a bit startled.

“Hey, didn’t know you were there,” Jeongguk was the first one to speak which wasn’t a common thing.

“Yeah, I was bored so I went for a swim. Lost track of time, didn’t know you already finished your meeting,” Taehyung mumbled, poking a toe in the ground sheepishly.

“Good, the pool isn’t very used so at least someone has something from it,” the older man grunted as he resumed his work-out. Taehyung just gulped, feeling weak in his knees. He was only a man, a very gay man, and Jeongguk was a hot older guy, flexing muscles right in front of him.

“Are you enjoying the view?” Jeongguk’s voice brought Taehyung back from his thoughts. He gasped, staring at the older. He wasn’t sure if he said it teasingly or if he was annoyed.

“Um-I,” Taehyung breathed out, cheeks flushed in embarrassment: “I’m just…I’m just gonna go, sorry for bothering you.”

“It’s okay,” the boss said, looking in front of him with blank face. Well, so he was probably annoyed and not teasing before.

Taehyung rushed away, not wanting to piss the man off even more.

Jeongguk breathed out and let go of the working machine when he heard the door to the gym close. He looked at where Taehyung disappeared seconds ago.

He was taken aback when Taehyung walked out of the pool, he didn’t know someone was there. But he was more taken aback by his appearance. His blonde hair was damp, hanging into his face and he was only in swimming trunks. His skin was so golden and it was almost glistening as it was still obviously damp from the water. His legs were slim and impossibly long, his hips looked so soft, he was slim but somehow a bit curvy in all the right places.

Taehyung was indeed very gorgeous and Jeongguk didn’t like that it was affecting him so much.


Taehyung was fucked. He missed his last train home. He stayed at school in the studios, working on a sculpture. He didn’t like that nearly as much as painting but sometimes he was hit by some inspiration and he got into it.

“Hyung, I can take a cab,” Taehyung whined into the phone when he called his brother to tell him that he will be late.

“Don’t be stupid, I’ll take care of it, someone will pick you up. Just don’t go anywhere,” Yoongi replied, making it clear that there wasn’t a room for any discussion.

So Taehyung did as his brother told him. He was waiting at school but then at ten p.m. they closed it so he had to wait outside. Which was pretty shitty because it was December and really damn cold.

Just when he thought he will freeze, a black Audi with black windows pulled up in front of him. He wasn’t sure what to do so he just waited.

The window on the passenger side went down and Taehyung’s jaw nearly dropped when he spotted Jeongguk. Did his brother really send his boss to pick him up from school? This was a fucking joke. This was a gang leader right there. If only people on the street knew who just stopped by the edge of the road.

“Come on, get in or you’re gonna freeze,” Jeongguk encouraged him so he opened the door and sat down. He sighed contently when he felt the heated seat under him.

“Didn’t know you were a taxi driver in your free time,” Taehyung joked, not getting any reaction from the older man.

“Are you warm?” Jeongguk asked, ignoring his lame joke.

“Yeah, thanks,” the blonde mumbled, rubbing his hands together. He noticed from the corner of his eye Jeongguk glancing on him and he forced a thought of the boss being concerned deep down because that was just bullshit.

“Why did Yoongi-hyung send you?” Taehyung broke the silence after a while as they were driving through the city.

“He knew I was in the city so he called me to pick you up,” the black haired man replied with slight annoyance.

“I could get home somehow,” Taehyung muttered under his breath: “I don’t wanna be a burden, I am not a little kid anymore.”

“He’s just worried about you,” Jeongguk said quietly, making Taehyung look at him.

“I know he is, that is all he’s been my entire life. But I am grown up now, I can do whatever the hell I want but he is still sending people to drive me home,”

“If you got your driving licence, he wouldn’t have to do that,” Jeongguk replied.

“He still probably wouldn’t let me drive because he’d be worried I might crush or something,”

“You don’t have a nice past, you can’t blame him for being so protective, especially when he works for me,”

“Especially when he’s in a gang, say it how it is, I don’t care,” Taehyung shrugged, making the older look at him searchingly. Taehyung looked out of the window, speaking up again: “He thinks I am too innocent but I am not naïve and I don’t judge, we all do what we have to do and I know he’s done all of that for me.”

Silence filled the car for a while, there wasn’t even music but Taehyung wasn’t really surprised. He knew he shouldn’t push Jeongguk but he remembered one question he had and he was really curious.

“Why did you become the boss and not Namjoon-hyung when he is older? How old are you anyway?” the blonde asked. Jeongguk hummed, not even looking at him. Taehyung thought that Jeongguk wouldn’t even reply but then he spoke up.

“I am twenty nine,” Jeongguk replied. So he was a year younger than Yoongi and seven years older than him. Well, it wasn’t really unexpected, he knew he was around thirty.

“So I should call you hyung,” Taehyung grinned.

“I think that was pretty obvious even before you knew my age that I am older,” Jeongguk deadpanned. Taehyung didn’t miss that he didn’t correct him or something.

“So why you and not Namjoon-hyung?” Taehyung pressed, knowing that he was pushing his luck but since Jeongguk was a bit chatty, he wanted to use that opportunity. 

“He never wanted it. He’s really damn smart, he has way with words, he has amazing persuading skills and all that but he never wanted to lead. There are things he doesn’t like about it that much.”

“Like what?” Taehyung asked, knowing what the answer would be.

“Like killing,” Jeongguk said matter-of-factly, glancing at Taehyung, waiting for his reaction.

“But you don’t mind killing,” Taehyung stated, not looking disturbed at all, as if this was a normal conversation.

“I have lots of qualities fit for the boss,” the older replied and then added without a blink: “Killing is one of them. I don’t mind it and I am really good at it.”

“I’d like to see that,” Taehyung hummed nonchalantly like they weren’t just talking about murder and Jeongguk’s head whipped to his direction in surprise. He wasn’t definitely expecting that. The whole conversation was a bit weird, how casually Taehyung was talking about these things but this really took him by surprise.

“You think you could handle seeing it?” Jeongguk looked at the younger intently when he stopped at the red lights.

“I don’t know,” Taehyung shrugged: “But…I think I’d wanna try.”

Jeongguk’s eyes sparkled and the smallest hint of smirk appeared on his face. That was probably the first warmer expression Taehyung’s seen on him. He almost felt like bursting under that intense gaze.

“I think I could kill someone if it came to it,” Taehyung broke the silence as if he was talking about the weather, looking out of the car. He could feel Jeongguk glancing at him.

“I mean, probably in like…self-defence or defending my hyung or my friends. I think I could do it if someone was threatening me or others,” the blonde continued.

“Only few people can do it,” Jeongguk replied.

“I think I could,” Taehyung hummed, looking thoughtful.

They arrived to the house soon. Taehyung got out of the car, saying thank you and goodbye to the boss. Jeongguk remained in his seat, leaning with one hand against the steering wheel, looking at Taehyung as he was walking away.

The conversation was probably the most unexpected thing that’s ever happened to him. Taehyung was talking about the gang and killing so casually, it was definitely surprising. Jeongguk bit his lip, small smirk playing over his features. It looked like Taehyung was far more interesting than he originally thought.


Jeongguk changed his mind. Taehyung was annoying.

Ever since he moved in, the house was somehow louder, which was something Jeongguk wasn’t a big fan of. He liked peace and quiet, especially when he came home after some exhausting action or business.

But as soon as he walked in the quarters where he and six others lived, he heard loud chatting and laughter. Taehyung was completely changing the atmosphere in the house and Jeongguk didn’t like it. He was just so loud and cheerful all the time and the worst thing was that the others were joining him, especially Seokjin, Jimin and Hoseok.

“Come on, guys, let’s have a movie night, you don’t have any work to do, right?” Jeongguk heard Taehyung’s whine as he was walking to the kitchen for a dinner. He suddenly wanted to turn around and forget about eating but he knew the others already heard him.

“I think that’s a great idea! I will make some snacks, we will grab a beer and just sit here and watch something,” Seokjin clapped excitedly just when the boss walked in. The oldest turned to him with a grin: “What do you say, Guk?”

“You can do whatever you want, I am gonna eat and go to my room,” Jeongguk replied with slight annoyance.

“Come on, Gukkie, you have to stay with us, come on!” Jimin pouted at the leader. Taehyung chuckled when he heard the familiar nickname. He immediately stopped when he noticed Jeongguk’s glare towards him.

“I think it’s a good idea, we will vote for what we’ll watch and if it doesn’t fit your taste, you can leave,” Namjoon jumped in the conversation with a compromise, looking at his brother.

“Whatever, let’s just eat, I’m starving,” Jeongguk grumbled, sitting on his usual chair at the head of the table. He was quiet the whole dinner, which couldn’t be said about the others. All of them were chatting about what to watch and he nearly left his dinner right then and there and left when Seokjin suggested they should watch Titanic. He didn’t want to risk being sick on his stomach.

“And what if we watched The Godfather?” Taehyung chuckled. Jeongguk had to suppress the need to roll his eyes.

“It’s a great movie, I love it but you are doing this just to be annoying,” Yoongi deadpanned and voiced Jeongguk’s thoughts. He did love that movie, it was great but it was clear why Taehyung wanted to watch it.

“What if we settled on some harmless classic? I vote for The Shawshank redemption,” Namjoon jumped in.

“I agree, that is a good movie,” Hoseok supported him with a nod.

“What is it, I haven’t seen that,” Taehyung jumped in.

“You haven’t seen The Shawshank redemption? What the hell are you teaching him?” Jimin turned to Yoongi, smacking him lightly in the chest.

“I don’t control what he’s watching!” Yoongi exclaimed.

“Yeah, but you are his older brother, it’s your duty to introduce him to good movies!” Jimin continued.

“It’s not like we had movie nights every week or something,” Taehyung mumbled and everyone fell quiet for a while, knowing what Taehyung was implying by his words. Yoongi has been a part of the gang for over ten years and he stopped by the grandparents where Taehyung lived usually once in couple of weeks. He always made sure to send money so Taehyung could live well but he didn’t have much time to stop by personally. Yoongi has always been feeling guilty for that, he knew that money wasn’t everything, he knew he should be spending more time with his little brother. Despite all that, their relationship has always been great and when Taehyung grew older, he understood all those things and never held it against Yoongi.

“Guk? The Shawshank redemption?” Seokjin broke the silence and turned to the leader.

“I don’t really care,” Jeongguk grumbled.

“But you will stay, right?” Seokjin looked at him pointedly. He was one of few people who dared to speak to Jeongguk like that. Since they were basically growing up together and he was older and Namjoon’s partner on top of that, Jeongguk respected him, or more like tolerated him.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jeongguk waved his hand. He got up since he already finished his dinner and walked over to the fridge, taking out a beer. He opened it and flopped down on a couch, putting legs up so it was clear that no one else was sitting on it.

They all settled on couches around the TV. Namjoon and Seokjin were sitting snuggled on one along with Yoongi and Hoseok, Jimin and Taehyung were on the third. Namjoon found the movie, while Seokjin prepared some snacks with Jimin’s and Taehyung’s help and they settled down, starting the movie.

Jeongguk was surprisingly enjoying the movie. It’s been a while since he saw this movie and basically any movie in general. He really didn’t remember when was the last time he just sat down and watched something just for fun. He was eating popcorn and drinking beer. Thankfully everyone was immersed in the movie and no one was talking so Jeongguk was actually able to enjoy it.

He would be enjoying the movie much more if his gaze wasn’t constantly slipping to Jimin and Taehyung. The two of them were currently snuggled together. They started with sitting next to each other but then Taehyung’s head dropped to Jimin’s shoulder and somehow the younger ended up against Jimin’s side, while Jimin’ arm was wrapped around him.

Jeongguk didn’t understand why it bothered him so much, especially since Jimin has been with Yoongi and Hoseok for years. He knew it was only platonic, he noticed that the two of them were really close but the skinship was still leaving a sour taste in his mouth and he didn’t like it one bit. Taehyung’s content face as he was watching the movie was weirdly bothering him.

Taehyung felt a gaze on him and he shuffled uncomfortably, looking up. His eyes met with Jeongguk’s. The boss was staring at him, his eyes even darker than normally, something vicious in them. He felt a weird feeling in his stomach as they were sharing the eye contact but he couldn’t say the feeling was bad.

Jeongguk looked slowly back at the TV, returning his attention to the movie. But throughout the rest of the movie, their gazes met couple more times. Taehyung didn’t understand it, it almost looked like Jeongguk was jealous. He couldn’t say that he hated that thought, it left him a bit smug inside.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was rolling in his bed, not able to fall asleep. Some nights he was just too pumped with energy so it was impossible to sleep. He tried for like two hours but then groaned and got up. He needed to get tired somehow.

After a while, he slipped into shorts and t-shirt, deciding to go to the gym in the basement. He wasn’t really a work out person but he needed some physical activity.

When he slipped out of his room, everything was quiet. It was after midnight so he wasn’t really surprised, everyone was either asleep, in their rooms or outside in some bar or whatever.

He was surprised when he came down and saw the lights in the gym were on. He thought that someone probably forgot to turn them off but then he heard also low music. He stopped, thinking if he should just leave. Over the time he lived there, he met basically everyone living in the house and most people were actually really nice to him, some were just ignoring him and some didn’t care. But he couldn’t say someone was hostile. It was probably because he was Yoongi’s brother and Yoongi was one of the most respected gang members since he was so close to Jeongguk.

He decided to just go inside, what the hell.

He regretted his decision almost immediately when he spotted Jeongguk on a treadmill. He wasn’t shirtless this time, he was in shorts and a tank top but he was sweaty and he was breathing heavily from the effort. He didn’t even notice Taehyung at first through the music.

“Hey, do you mind if I stay?” Taehyung asked when the older man finally noticed him.

“Suit yourself,” Jeongguk grunted, still running and turning back to face the wall in front of him. Taehyung breathed out, he didn’t know why he was so damn nervous. Well, maybe because Jeongguk was a fucking gang leader and because he didn’t really know what could trigger him. He knew that he wouldn’t hurt him just because of Yoongi but still.

He came over to some machine to work out a stomach little bit, he wasn’t planning on staying too long, he just wanted to get tired. It wouldn’t hurt him to exercise his stomach though.

They were both working out silently, not really minding each other. After some time, Jeongguk stopped running and after he drank some water and wiped sweat from his forehead and neck – not that Taehyung was staring – he went to the area with gym mats and punching bags. He wrapped two pieces of fabric around his finger knuckles and started munching one of the bags.

He was back to Taehyung so the younger could watch him freely. The way Jeongguk’s back muscles were flexing as he was punching were making something shift in his stomach. He was imagining the boss punching someone, he wondered if Jeongguk sometimes did that or if he had men do it. He had a feeling that Jeongguk was a man who liked doing his job by himself, he could easily imagine him beating someone up and he didn’t know why that thought was sending weird excitement through his body.

“Do you know martial arts?” Taehyung broke the silence with curiosity.

“Taekwondo, judo, kickbox…you name it,” Jeongguk replied, shortly glancing at him.

“I’d wanna learn something,” Taehyung hummed: “It seems interesting. Besides, it wouldn’t be bad if I could defend myself just in case…”

“Why would you need it?” the older raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, maybe because my brother is in a gang and that I live with the said gang?” Taehyung snorted.

“Nothing can happen to you here,” Jeongguk waved his hand.

“Maybe not here but I go to school, someone could kidnap me or something,” the younger shrugged, looking like he wasn’t really that bothered by the thought. He really wasn’t, he had enough time to get used to the fact his brother is in a gang and that something could happen to him despite Yoongi being so cautious.

“Well, learning one or two things wouldn’t hurt you,” Jeongguk said.

“Could you teach me?” Taehyung blurted out before he could stop himself.

“Yoongi would kill me if he found out, he’d probably think I am training you to join the gang,” the older laughed and Taehyung nearly gasped. That was probably first time he saw the boss laughing. It wasn’t really a whole-hearted and genuine laugh but it was still something and Taehyung liked it.

“Well, hyung wouldn’t have to find out,” Taehyung grinned mischievously. Jeongguk was looking at him searchingly. At least he’d practice little bit too while teaching Taehyung. Besides, Taehyung could be good and maybe he would join the gang one day…Jeongguk somehow felt that Taehyung could have a potential.

“Okay,” Jeongguk eventually said.

“Okay?” Taehyung looked at him with surprise, he honestly didn’t expect the boss to agree, he thought he’d send him to hell, saying to find someone else to train him.

“We can try, if you won’t be too hopeless,” Jeongguk shrugged.

“So, we start now?”

“We can do couple of basic movements and holds tonight,” Jeongguk nodded. Taehyung gulped and went to him. Being so close to Jeongguk was so weird, not necessarily in a bad way.

They started their short lesson. Jeongguk showed Taehyung couple of basic movements. He wasn’t doing perfectly but he didn’t seem hopeless. Jeongguk was a strict teacher, scolding him when he fucked up but he wasn’t too harsh either. Overall, it was fine. The bass always just showed him some movements and then Taehyung was repeating. They practiced over an hour and when Taehyung finally got to his room, he stumbled to his bed, completely exhausted. He fell asleep instantly.


Taehyung didn’t know what to expect of Christmas in a gang house but he surely didn’t see it coming when one morning he came into the kitchen and saw a Christmas tree and other decorations. Everything was clear when he saw Seokjin running around the kitchen, baking.

“Jin-hyung, you are crazy,” Taehyung laughed.

“What? You think gangsters can’t have nice Christmas?” Seokjin chuckled: “But don’t expect anything huge, it is mostly just decorations, the others really don’t like it that much. Most of the members have bad childhood memories and Christmas is part of them.”

“I don’t have any presents though,” Taehyung’s eyes widened.

“As I said, don’t worry about it, we don’t give each other presents, we had this conversation together a long time ago. Me and Joonie usually give each other something and I always buy something for Guk too. He doesn’t like it but he can go to hell, I’ve known him since he was shitting in diapers,” Seokjin chuckled.

“I have just a gift for Yoongi-hyung, we’ve always given each other some little present,” Taehyung smiled. Christmas at their home weren’t anything nice when he was little, their parents really didn’t celebrate it since they were always broke but he remembered that Yoongi always gave him something and he always drew some picture for him. When he started living with his grandparents, Christmas became happier but since Yoongi was in a gang, he couldn’t really come to stay with them for days. But he always showed up at least for couple of hours, always with some gift, usually pretty expensive since he was making a lot in the gang.

“That’s enough, I know the others wouldn’t want any gift from you and I don’t want either. You are a broke student, just save it,” Seokjin waved his hand dismissively with a laugh.

Taehyung sat down on the other side of the kitchen counter, watching Seokjin bake. It reminded him of his grandma and it was peaceful. For a while, he didn’t feel like he was in a house full of gangsters.

“What was Jeongguk like when he was a kid?” Taehyung asked after a while of silence. When Seokjin mentioned that he’s known him his whole life, he was really curious.

“He’s always been really quiet and grumpy,” Seokjin replied.

“Well, that stayed with him till adulthood,” Taehyung snorted.

“True but what would you expect? He was brought up in a gangster family since he was born,” the older shrugged.

“You and Namjoon-hyung were too,” the younger pointed out.

“Yeah but everyone is the way they are, every person is different,” Seokjin nodded: “He was just a normal kid like everyone else, big eyes, big teeth, pretty cheerful. But then he got more quiet and all that.”

Taehyung could only hardly imagine little kid Jeongguk running around the house with laughter.

“He was growing up without a mother, she died when he was something over one,” Seokjin continued. Taehyung felt a sympathy settling inside. He was never thinking too much about what Jeongguk’s life was like but it was pretty clear that it wasn’t rainbows and unicorns.

“And Guk’s and Joon’s father has always been…difficult. He didn’t treat them badly per se but he definitely wasn’t warm or something. He was really hard on Guk. Namjoon was his favourite since he’s been so intelligent since childhood but when the old man understood that Joonie wasn’t truly fit for being the boss, he started training Guk harder because he knew he had it in himself. I don’t even wanna tell you what things the old man was making him do since he was like fourteen or something, you’d probably throw up. If you knew Guk and his family and the gang like I do, you wouldn’t be surprised why he is the way he is,” Seokjin looked at Taehyung with a small but quite sad smile.

Taehyung felt suddenly bad for the boss. He was imagining different scenarios of what his father was forcing him to do and he felt almost sick. When he imagined that he’d be going through that when he was a teen, he knew he couldn’t do it. His childhood wasn’t pretty but thanks to Yoongi it was good enough.

“What even happened to their father?” Taehyung asked another thing that he was curious about.

“Well, he got killed, that is the most common way gangsters go,” Seokjin shrugged matter-of-factly. Taehyung tried not to think about something happening to his friends, to Yoongi, to Jeongguk.

“That was five years ago,” the older added.

“Wait, so Yoongi-hyung became part of the gang when the old man was the boss?” Taehyung looked at him with surprise.

“Yeah, of course, you think Guk was the boss since nineteen or what?” Seokjin snorted: “Nope, Yoongi and the others were under the old man. Well, they have always been under Guk and Namjoonie, they were doing most of the work anyway.”

Taehyung stayed with Seokjin for the rest of the morning. He had the Christmas break at school so he didn’t have anything to do anyway. The other five guys came for the lunch, even Jeongguk.

They were chatting during the lunch and after that, Jeongguk got up to make a coffee. Taehyung came over to help him. They were still having their small practices in the gym where Jeongguk was teaching the other. They were usually meeting at night, Taehyung really didn’t want Yoongi to find out, he knew his brother wouldn’t like it.

The atmosphere between him and Jeongguk was better. He couldn’t really say that the boss was warming up to him but he was definitely tolerating him and he knew by now what he could do or say and not piss him off.

But somehow now his brain stopped functioning, he really didn’t have any explanation to that because they were standing next to each other in the kitchen, he looked up and said: “Look, hyung, mistletoe.”

The whole room went quiet, everyone obviously heard him. He looked at the others around the table, they were all staring at him and Jeongguk, waiting for the boss’ reaction.

“Don’t try this Christmas bullshit on me,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes. Taehyung just smiled awkwardly and moved a bit back, not wanting to press his luck.

They all drank a coffee and Jeongguk was the first one to get up and disappear.

“Are you fucking crazy?” Yoongi hit Taehyung in a shoulder as soon as the boss was out of the room.

“I don’t know what’s gotten in me, it just came out!” Taehyung defended himself: “You know me, hyung, I have no mouth filer, I make lame jokes all the time.”

“I told you not to annoy him, for fuck’s sake,” Yoongi groaned.

“Guk wouldn’t do anything,” Jimin waved his hand.

“I think it was hilarious, Tae, you seriously have some guts,” Hoseok broke the awkwardness and laughed whole-heartedly.

“I am trying to keep you alive for twenty two years and you say this to a gang boss,” Yoongi glared at his brother again.

“It’s not such a big deal, Guk doesn’t have a huge sense of humour but he wouldn’t do anything to him just for this. So stop being dramatic, Tae is your brother, Guk respects that,” Seokjin rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, just stay away from him and try to talk as least as possible when he’s around,” Yoongi pointed at Taehyung. The younger pressed his lips together, nodding and looking down. If only his brother knew that he was meeting Jeongguk like twice a week in the gym.


Taehyung and Jeongguk were in the gym again. It was roughly a month since they started with the training and Taehyung was doing quite well. Jeongguk was a tough teacher but it was bringing results.

They moved from Jeongguk just telling him and showing him movements to practicing together. Jeongguk went easy on him, Taehyung knew the older man could beat him in matter of seconds if he wanted.

“You need to put the whole body in that punch, I told you like hundred times!” Jeongguk scolded him when he easily covered one of Taehyung’s attack.

“I know but it’s not that easy!” Taehyung shot back.

“You are just not trying hard enough, come on!” the boss glared at him. Taehyung glared back. He was very determined and stubborn, he always wanted to do his best and he wanted to impress the older man, show him that he wasn’t some useless trash.

They started again. Taehyung was attacking while the older was avoiding his movements. It went quite well but then Jeongguk turned Taehyung around, putting an arm under his chin, pressed Taehyung’s back against his front and held him in a lock.

Taehyung felt sudden rush of heat through his veins, panting slightly but not because of his slightly restricted airways. He felt Jeongguk’s hot breath on his ear and somehow the air in the gym got thicker. He could feel Jeongguk’s chest raising and falling against his back as the boss was holding him a bit longer than necessary.

“I think it’s enough for today,” Jeongguk said when he finally let go of him, stepping back.

“A while longer,” Taehyung looked at him.

“Okay, one last round,” the boss gave in.

They went to their positions, staring at each other. It seemed like there was a tension between them.

Taehyung attacked and Jeongguk easily covered it. He hooked a leg under Taehyung’s and smacked him down on the mat. Taehyung huffed as his back hit the ground but soon his breath caught in his throat when he realized that Jeongguk was lying on top of him, his leg still hooked under his and hands pinning his wrists down on both sides of his hips.

They were both slightly panting, faces only couple of inches apart. Taehyung felt more heat rushing through him at the feeling of Jeongguk holding him down not only with his body but his hands as well. Dangerous images started running through his head and he tried not to think about the older man holding him down, lying on top of him, sweaty and naked and-

“Just go to sleep,” Jeongguk spoke up and got up. He offered Taehyung his hand to help him to his feet. The younger just nodded dumbly, watching as the boss walked away.

Taehyung took a long shower when he made it to his room. The whole house was already quiet. He was usually exhausted after the training but tonight was different. His body was aching tonight as well but there was the weird tingling under his skin. He just couldn’t shake off the feeling of Jeongguk on top of him and he couldn’t fall asleep.

He looked over to his bedside table, biting his lip. It’s been some time since he’s had some proper time with himself. Sure, he occasionally jerked off quickly in the shower but it’s been a while since he felt something inside him and he missed it. He knew that it would help him fall asleep for sure.

He cursed under his breath and reached to the bedside table, pulling out a bottle of lube.

Couple of minutes later, he whimpered quietly as he slowly thrusted one finger inside himself. He was working quickly until he was fucking himself with three fingers, muffling sounds by biting his hand. He closed his eyes, throwing the hand back, gripping the headboard.

As his mind was getting more and more clouded, images started appearing. A heat shot through his stomach when a familiar face popped up behind his closed eyelids. He saw Jeongguk on top of him just like in the gym an hour ago but this time he imagined the older pounding into him.

He moaned, spreading his legs more and thrusting the fingers in and out faster. He imagined Jeongguk’s fingers wrapped around his wrist, holding him down. He imagined Jeongguk staring down at him with his dark eyes, eyebrows furrowing with effort, fucking him mercilessly.

He came hard a while later, after he wrapped a hand around his hard cock. He was trembling slightly with the force of the orgasm.

He was panting, staring at the ceiling in the dark room. He was fucked.

Chapter Text

Since that evening in the gym, Jeongguk seemed to be keeping space from Taehyung. They were still training together but Taehyung could feel that the older was avoiding any longer physical contact, always letting go of him quickly.

Some evenings it was really hard to sleep, he was rolling in his bed for hours until he gave up. Sometimes he went down to the gym, sometimes he was painting and sometimes he just went to the kitchen to make himself a tea.

Tonight was one of those nights he went to the kitchen. He made himself a camomile tea and sat up on the counter. The room was only dimply lit by a small light. The house was quiet and it was peaceful. He thought about how he lived there for over two months and nothing seemed to ever be happening. He’d expect bigger chaos in a gangster layer but he supposed that the action and all that was going on outside. He’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t disappointed, he would like to see some action.

Jeongguk stretched his sore back when he got up from the desk chair. People would never believe how much paper work there was in a gang, everyone thought it was just fighting or shooting but it was mainly about business, transactions and covering because of taxes and even though Namjoon was doing most of those things, he couldn’t get out of everything.

He decided a beer would be a great thing before going to bed so he went to the kitchen. He was exhausted so he wasn’t really paying attention to anything. So he stopped in the doorframe when he raised his head and was met with Taehyung sitting up on the counter. He felt a tug in his stomach when he took in the younger’s appearance. He was sitting up so his legs were dangling over the counter. They looked so long and smooth, Jeongguk was sure that he was shaving. He was only in a silky, silver robe that was riding up his thighs and hugging his petite frame nicely.

“Can’t sleep?” Taehyung spoke up, bringing the boss from his short daze.

“Just finished working,” Jeongguk cleared his throat. Taehyung was sitting right next to the fridge and it didn’t look like he wanted to move so that meant Jeongguk had to go right to him.

Taehyung brought the cup of tea to his lips, staring at the older. When he put the cup down, he was slightly smirking: “Did you come here for something?”

“Yeah, a beer,” Jeongguk nodded. He was taken aback by Taehyung’s nonchalance and smugness. The younger was usually either annoying or shy but now it looked like he was almost flirting.

Jeongguk went over to the fridge, standing right next to Taehyung. He took out the bottle and stretched his hand next to the younger’s thigh to take out the opener. His hand almost twitched as it was an inch from Taehyung’s thigh. His eyes involuntarily slipped to the soft thighs.

“Good night, hyung,” Taehyung smirked playfully, obviously seeing Jeongguk’s internal battle.

“Good night,” Jeongguk looked him in the eyes intently, making Taehyung feel suddenly not so confident. It was just a game that Taehyung knew he’d lose but he didn’t mind.

Jeongguk took the bottle and left.


Taehyung didn’t think he’d have to ask permission from his hyung to go partying at twenty two but apparently he had to. His classmates went out on Friday night in January and he thought that getting out from the house for a while wouldn’t hurt him. Besides, he was no saint, despite what Yoongi was apparently thinking. He had some wild college years, partying, drinking and having one-night stands like everyone else.

He promised Yoongi to take a cab or call when he wanted to go home so he happily promised him that. He took his time with his looks, he wanted to look hot and irresistible because who knew? Maybe he’d be lucky and get some tonight, it’s been a while since he had a fuck. Like the responsible young man he was, he took a packet of lube and condoms with him.

He and couple of his friends hit a club in the centre of Seoul. Loud music was filling the place and it was overcrowded but it was exactly the atmosphere he needed.

He wasn’t holding back with drinking and soon he was dancing amongst sweaty bodies. There were hands of some strangers on him but he didn’t mind, he was enjoying it as he was moving to the beat, eyes closed.

“Come on, Tae, one won’t kill you,” Baekhyun grinned at him mischievously. Taehyung bit his lip, eyeing pills on Baekhyun’s hand with interest. It wouldn’t be a first time that he’d take some drugs and he knew ecstasy was pretty harmless. It would just help him let lose more.

“Hyung would kill me if he found out,” Taehyung looked at his friend unsurely.

“Well, then he mustn’t find out,” Baekhyun snickered.

“What the hell,” Taehyung laughed and took one pill. He threw it in his mouth and swallowed, watching as Baekhyun and couple of others repeated his example.

“Hyung, can you come pick me up?” Taehyung whined into the phone three hours later: “I took something and I don’t wanna call Yoongi-hyung because he’d be pissed off and I don’t wanna take a cab because the driver might murder me. Well, you could murder me too since you are a gangster but at least I know you.” He giggled.

“Where are you?” he heard a sigh.

“At Blue Moon in Seoul,”

“I’ll be there in thirty,”

“Thanks, Jin-hyung, you’re the best,” Taehyung cheered.

“Wait, Taehyung I’m-“ the person on the other line spoke up but the blonde already hang up. He breathed in the cold January air. He drank quite a lot and the ecstasy did things to him too. He had a great time and he was dancing with some guy and it looked really hopeful, it looked like he could get laid but then suddenly the guy left without saying a word. Now he was drunk, drugged and horny.

He didn’t know how much time passed until a black car pulled up in front of him. Before he could even reach the door, the driver got out.

“What are you doing here?” Taehyung breathed out when he saw Jeongguk.

“Looks like you dialled a wrong number. You wanted to call Seokjin but you called me. I don’t even know where you got my number but it doesn’t matter. Seokjin is working anyway and I wasn’t busy,” the boss explained.

“Well, aren’t I lucky? The big boss came to give me a ride,” Taehyung giggled.

“Looks like you had a fun night,” Jeongguk grumbled when he took in Taehyung’s state: “What did you take?”

“Ecstasy, not a big deal, wasn’t my first time,” Taehyung shrugged and then added with a whisper: “But don’t tell Yoongi-hyung, he’d kill me.”

“Whatever, I won’t tell him anything,” Jeongguk rolled his eyes: “Just get in so we can go.”

Taehyung came over to where Jeongguk was standing next to the car and leaned against the side, looking at the older.

“Thought I might find a fuck tonight but I didn’t get lucky,” Taehyung sighed dramatically. Then he leaned closer and said almost matter-of-factly: “I think we should fuck, don’t you think, hyung?”

Jeongguk didn’t show any emotion, he was just staring back.

“Get in the car,” the boss eventually said.

“What do you, say, hyung? Just a casual one-night stand, nothing more,” Taehyung continued shamelessly, alcohol and drugs untying his tongue. He was horny and Jeongguk was right here, he knew he was maybe too bold but what could really happen?

“I know you want me, I saw the way you looked at me the other night in the kitchen. You like my legs, don’t you? Well, they would look really damn good wrapped around your waist as you’d fuck me,” Taehyung added when he got no reaction from the older. Jeongguk’s dark eyes darkened even more and he was looking at Taehyung almost predatorily.

“Yoongi-hyung wouldn’t have to find out, no one would, it would be our secret,” Taehyung whispered.

“I am not gonna repeat myself, get in the car, Taehyung,” Jeongguk said after a while quietly.

“You are no fun,” Taehyung pouted but got in the passenger seat when the older opened the door for him.

Soon they were on the road and Taehyung was sulking in the seat. He was leaning back against the headrest, looking up at the car ceiling. Jeongguk glanced at him couple of times, taking in Taehyung’s profile. His hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly.

Taehyung was basically throwing himself at him and it woke up something in his brain. Taehyung was grown up, he was Yoongi’s brother but he wouldn’t have to know. He was drunk and drugged but he wasn’t passed out or anything. And it wasn’t like Jeongguk would be too worried about consent, not that he’d ever rape anyone but his moral compass wasn’t pointing nord after all.

Jeongguk stepped on the brakes, making Taehyung look at him. Only then the younger looked around the car and then outside and saw nothing but darkness around them. Only the headlights were illuminating their surroundings and he saw they were on some abandoned parking lot. He got suddenly pretty scared. Did he push Jeongguk too far? Was he gonna kill him and throw him into some ditch?

“Get out of the car,” Jeongguk said quietly. Taehyung gulped. He didn’t know if he should be scared or excited.

“I won’t repeat myself,” Jeongguk spoke up again and Taehyung complied. He got out and stayed next to the car. The boss got out as well and circled the car. He stood right in front of Taehyung, the younger pressed his back against the car, staring at him.

Jeongguk put a hand on the roof next to Taehyung’s head, looking at him intently. Taehyung still didn’t know what was going on, maybe he was just seconds from death but he didn’t feel like he should be scared.

He huffed in surprise when Jeongguk suddenly moved forward and crushed their lips together roughly. His surprise lasted only a second before he started eagerly returning the kiss back. He let out a moan when the older gripped his hips tightly just at the same time he licked at his bottom lip. Their tongues met in a heated dance and Jeongguk grabbed his jaw, angling his head to more comfortable position.

Just from the kissing Taehyung felt how Jeongguk was taking over, silently demanding the lead and he was more than happy to give it to him. He would be stupid if he thought for a second that Jeongguk would give up the power when it was all he’s ever known. But that was exactly how he liked it and what he wanted.

Jeongguk broke the kiss, both of them were panting.

Taehyung doubted that Jeongguk would be too concerned about a verbal consent but he still wanted to say it out loud. So he did and didn’t hold back: “Fuck me, hyung, fuck me rough against the car.”

“As you wish,” Jeongguk chuckled darkly with sparkles in his eyes, kissing Taehyung again. The younger let out a breathy moan into the other’s mouth when two hands gripped his ass roughly, kneading the flesh. Jeongguk pushed on his ass, bringing their lower bodies together and Taehyung threw his head back with a whimper at the sudden friction, his cock hardening quickly.

“Fuck,” Taehyung cursed as the older sucked on his neck, grinding against him. The cold, night air was filled with his pants and quiet moans and gasps. It didn’t even occur to him that it was winter and cold as hell, he felt too hot at that moment to care about anything, not even the hickeys Jeongguk was surely leaving and he’d have to explain them to Yoongi. But he can worry about that later.

“Hyung,” Taehyung whimpered, need dripping from his voice. Jeongguk pulled back to look at him and Taehyung’s knees nearly gave up at the dark look full of hunger.

Suddenly Jeongguk gripped Taehyung’s hips and turned him around. Taehyung let out a surprised sound at the sudden movement and showcase of strength. His chest was pressed against the car and he nearly stopped breathing in anticipation. He had a feeling that Jeongguk wasn’t really a man of long foreplays but he didn’t mind, he was too turned on for anything slow.

“Lube and condoms…in my jacket,” Taehyung breathed out.

“You came prepared, huh?” Jeongguk got out raspily.

“Wanted to find a fuck,” the younger repeated what he said earlier.

“Well, then you got lucky, baby doll,” Jeongguk breathed out into his ear and Taehyung whimpered quietly, surprising even himself. He has always been sucker for pet names but the way it rolled from Jeongguk’s tongue, the man who was normally so cold, was shooting more heat through him veins.

Jeongguk quickly unbuttoned his tight jeans and pulled them down along with the underwear just under his ass. Taehyung cursed at the cold air hitting his skin but it felt so damn obscene like this, outside and while he was still wearing a jacket. It felt filthy and desperate and he loved everything about it.

He heard a packet opening and couple of seconds later, there was a cold lube sliding down his crack. He moaned loudly when he felt Jeongguk’s finger rubbing between his cheeks, spreading the substance and he gripped the roof of the car with one hand for support when the older man circled his entrance.

“Hurry up, fuck,” Taehyung groaned impatiently. A moan ripped through his throat when there was a smack on his ass.

“You don’t get to decide what’s happening, you will take whatever I decide to give you, understood?” Jeongguk nearly growled into his ear. Taehyung just whimpered, trying to hold himself back and not to push back on Jeongguk’s finger that still teasing his entrance.

“I said, understood?” Jeongguk repeated, smacking his ass again.

“Yes, just please,” Taehyung whined, biting his lip.

“There’s a good slut,” the boss hummed contently, making Taehyung’s breath hitch. Out of all things, being called slurs was the last thing Taehyung would ever think that would turn him on but fuck did it send shivers down his spine.

Finally Jeongguk pushed the finger inside, not exactly gently. Taehyung groaned, getting used to the stretch as the older man started fucking him mercilessly.

“More!” Taehyung cried out.

“What did I say about you deciding?” Jeongguk bit his neck, making him moan. But he complied and added another finger and after a while a third one. Taehyung was nearly dizzy from the overwhelming feeling as Jeongguk was fingering him thoroughly.

“Fuck me, please, hyung,” Taehyung whimpered, knowing that he was pushing his luck with demanding but it seemed like if he was begging for it, Jeongguk was merciful. That theory proved to be right when the older pulled out his fingers. Taehyung whimpered quietly at the emptiness, clenching around nothing but as soon as he heard a zipper opening, he didn’t care.

Jeongguk pulled out his painfully hard cock, not really caring about pulling the jeans down. He rolled the condom on himself quickly and lined himself up with the awaiting entrance. He couldn’t take it anymore, he had Taehyung like this right in front of him and he was nearly shaking with impatience and lust.

“Fuck,” Taehyung moaned when the older thrusted into him in one go. It hurt quite a lot but it was weirdly turning him on even more. He gripped the roof of the car with both of his hands for support and braced himself for what was to come.

Jeongguk pulled out after a while almost all the way and thrusted back in sharply. Taehyung slid over the side of the car little bit with the force of it and moaned when the older repeated the action. Jeongguk started fucking him fast and hard, not really giving him any time to adjust but he felt like his stomach could explode with the pent up tension.

The quiet night was filled with the obscene sounds of skin slapping against skin and Taehyung’s moans and Jeongguk’s grunts.

“Fuck, so tight,” Jeongguk groaned, mouthing at the back of Taehyung’s neck. His hands found Taehyung’s wrists, pinning them to the car as he fucked up into him mercilessly.

“Hyung, ‘m not gonna last, shit,” Taehyung whimpered, his whole body moving with the force of Jeongguk’s hard and fast thrusts.

“Hold it a while longer,” Jeongguk ordered, tightening the grip around his wrists, rutting his hips even quicker. Taehyung moaned lewdly when the other hit that spot inside him and he lost all the shame, screaming brokenly as Jeongguk kept pounding into him, abusing his prostate. The feeling of being held down, completely in Jeongguk’s mercy, was sending him to the edge quickly. He never felt like this, he had some good fucks but nothing could compare to this. It was raw and rough, just like the boss himself and Taehyung’s head was spinning at the thought of what else could Jeongguk do to him.

“Hyung, I-“ Taehyung choked out, not able to hold back anymore. His stomach was tight and his ass and thighs sore where their skin was meeting and he thought he could explode.

“Go on, baby doll, come, show me what a good slut you are,” Jeongguk breathed out into his ear and Taehyung’s eyes rolled back in his head. Jeongguk fucked into him with all his remaining powers and his stomach exploded. He let out a loud cry and his mouth fell open as his cock pulsated and hot, white ropes shot onto the black car.

“Fuck, you came just from my cock. You love it, don’t you? Just a little cockslut,” Jeongguk groaned, burying his forehead in Taehyung’s nape. His movements started getting sloppy and all it took was for Taehyung to clench around him and he tripped over the edge as well. His hips stuttered and he came into the condom, burying himself to the hilt, riding out his orgasm with lazy thrusts.

They were both panting when it was over, neither of them saying a word. Jeongguk pulled out, got rid of the condom and dressed himself. Taehyung got dressed as well and they got in the car. The ride home was silent.

Chapter Text

“You came home really late last night,” Yoongi looked at Taehyung when the younger came in the kitchen. He was sore and he tried his hardest not to limp. There were only Hoseok and Jimin with his brother.

“Well, I had a fun night, took a cab back home,” Taehyung shrugged nonchalantly, going to the coffee maker. He could feel his brother’s gaze on him and he was nervous. Did he know that Jeongguk went out last night? Well, even if he did, he could think the boss just went out to take care of some business, right?

“What’s that on your neck?” Yoongi asked quietly.

“I believe it’s called a hickey, babe, it’s not a big deal,” Jimin glared at his lover.

“What did I tell you about random one night stands?” Yoongi continued, ignoring Jimin. Taehyung turned around, glaring at him.

“Says someone who is dating two people at once,” Taehyung shot back. He didn’t want to hurt Jimin and Hoseok somehow but he was pissed off. Who was Yoongi to tell him what he should do?

“Yeah but we are in a relationship, that’s different,” Yoongi deadpanned.

“As if you were innocent and never had a one night stand. Last time I checked, I was a grown-ass person. Even if I got gangbanged in a dirty bathroom, it’d be none of your business,” the youngest said calmly.

“It is my business when you are fucking with strangers. You don’t know what they could do to you!” Yoongi exploded.

“It wasn’t a stranger!” Taehyung screamed back, immediately cursing himself for slipping. He quickly added: “It was a classmate.”

“Give him some break, Yoongi, it’s not a big deal, we’ve all had some one night stands and not all of them were exactly safe,” Hoseok jumped into the fight, putting a comforting hand on Yoongi’s forearm.

“A classmate is still better than someone from the gang,” Jimin chuckled to lighten up the mood. Taehyung just smiled tightly, his head nodding.

If they only knew.

“Yeah, that would be crazy,” Taehyung laughed.

As if the conversation summoned him, Jeongguk walked into the kitchen. He didn’t even spare Taehyung one glance and even though it was better like that, Taehyung still felt a slight pang in his chest.

“You went somewhere yesterday, Guk?” Yoongi asked and Taehyung nearly choked on his coffee. He was just praying that Jeongguk wouldn’t say that he went to pick him up, Yoongi would easily put two and two together.

“Yeah and what? I don’t have to inform you about anything, last time I checked I was the boss,” Jeongguk replied coldly. Taehyung relaxed little bit.

“I was just wondering,” Yoongi shrugged, not pushing him.

“Something came up, I had to take care of it,” Jeongguk replied without specifying anything.

“And did it go well?” Hoseok asked.

“Went better than I expected,” the boss replied. Taehyung looked shortly at him, knowing that Jeongguk wasn’t talking about some business. He didn’t know why a warm feeling filled his chest. Well, he sure as hell enjoying the fuck, he was glad Jeongguk did too.

“Good,” Hoseok nodded.

“Well, I am gonna go back to my room,” Taehyung spoke up, grabbing the coffee and walking away, hissing quietly at the pain in his lower regions. He could feel a gaze on him, knowing it was Jeongguk. He didn’t turn to see a small smirk Jeongguk had around his cup of coffee.


“You don’t have to do this, you are a boss, just send someone,” Seokjin rolled his eyes on Jeongguk.

“Yeah, right, so they’d let them pay half like the last time,” Jeongguk deadpanned: “I think Yong-sun and Minjay need reminder who are they making business with and that they can’t just decide the price.”

“Well, you should at least take someone with you,” Namjoon tried to reason.

“I am not afraid of them, they are just two ratty junkies, I could take them down in ten seconds,” the boss scoffed.

“But they could have someone with them,” his brother protested. Sometimes Jeongguk was too hot-headed and not careful enough.

“They always come alone,” Jeongguk looked at him.

“That’s true,” Seokjin admitted.

“I’ll go take care of it and kindly explain to them that if they want some cheap shit, they can find another business partner,” Jeongguk got up from his chair, putting a jacket on.

“Just be careful,” Namjoon sighed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jeongguk waved him off, not even looking back. He loved his brother, they have always been close, despite their personalities being different but he was never really listening to him.

He got out of the house, sat in one of his cars and drove away.

Half an hour later, he was standing in a dark alley behind some club. People like Yong-sun and Minjay always wanted to meet in places like this. He really didn’t care, he just wanted to get over with this as soon as possible.

The two men came a bit late.

“Jeongguk, we weren’t expect the boss himself coming. Didn’t know you were doing deliveries,” Yong-sun grinned, making it clear that he was high as usual.

“I am normally not doing deliveries. But you see, Yong-sun, last time the man I sent to you came back with half of what you were supposed to give me and I didn’t appreciate it,” Jeongguk replied coldly.

“I am sorry but your shit is not as good as it used to be. You are trying to fuck us over,” Yong-sun spoke up again while Minjay was just standing there. Jeongguk’s eyes narrowed little bit and his features hardened.

“I always sell the best stuff and you know it. I don’t fucking care that you are broke and can’t pay for it, take it or leave it and I will sell it to someone who will pay. You know I don’t appreciate people screwing with me. I am sure you remember what happened to your friend, Ed was his nickname right?” Jeongguk’s eyes sparkled with something vicious. No one ever found out what exactly happened and who did it but Ed’d body was found in old docks, tied to the chair, bled out. It was a proper slaughter and the rumour in the Seoul underground had it that it was the boss himself who did it. Jeongguk had his reputation, even before he took over his father’s throne and he was feared by even the most dangerous people in the city.

“You know we mean no disrespect, Jeongguk,” Minjay jumped in nervously. He was scared of the boss, he knew Jeongguk’s reputation and he didn’t want to piss him off.

“Like I said, you can leave without it but if you are gonna take it, you are gonna pay the full price,” Jeongguk shrugged nonchalantly. The two men looked at each other, trying to decide what to do. Jeongguk honestly didn’t care, they had lots of customers and they could easily find new ones.

“Jeongguk-ssi!” a voice cut through the quiet air. Jeongguk’s expression remained cold but he groaned on the inside when he recognized the familiar voice. He didn’t turn around but he heard Taehyung approaching. He knew the younger was out in the city but he had no idea what the hell was he doing there. He was probably in a club nearby or something. He was just praying that he wouldn’t fuck the business up.

“It’s been a while,” Taehyung grinned at Jeongguk when he stopped next to him.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk turned to him and nodded as if to greet him.

“You have my favourite stuff here? Let me see,” Taehyung smiled at him flirtingly, eyeing the bag Jeongguk was holding. The boss had no damn idea what was happening but he followed the game, opening the bag.

“Mm, as great as always. Let me tell you, the stuff you gave me the last time was just amazing, I got high as hell, it was totally worth the price,” Taehyung giggled playfully.

“I am glad you enjoyed it,” Jeongguk nodded with a small smirk, understanding what Taehyung was doing.

“Guys, I don’t know what experience you have with Jeongguk-ssi but you won’t find better shit in the whole Seoul, believe me, I tried it from many guys but nothing can compare to this,” Taehyung fluttered his eyelashes at the two guys, pointing down at the bag with white powder and pills in it.

“I don’t know…” Yong-sun grumbled.

“Oh, honey, believe me, Jeongguk-ssi only sells the best, he is my favourite,” Taehyung giggled and clang to Jeongguk’s arm. Then he stepped from him towards the two guys, flicking hair from his forehead nonchalantly with a flirty expression.

“Seriously, you won’t regret, darlings,” Taehyung chuckled, putting a hand on Yong-sun’s forearm, rubbing it slightly.

“Well…I think we can take it for the full price,” Minjay was the one to speak up.

“Good decision, you won’t regret it, honey,” Taehyung gave him a bright smile.

“We’ll take everything,” Yong-sun turned back to Jeongguk.

“Great,” Jeongguk nodded.

“I think I deserve something too, don’t you think?” Taehyung pouted cutely, looking at the three men.

“Well, you can have a bit of mine, baby,” Yong-sun grinned.

“Aw, what a gentleman,” Taehyung cooed, squeezing the other’s shoulder. Jeongguk was watching the whole scene in internal disbelieve. Taehyung had those two wrapped completely around his finger. He was so nonchalant and charming.

When Yong-sun gave Jeongguk the money and Jeongguk gave him the bag, the man took out two small bags, giving them to Taehyung.

“Here you go, baby, have some fun,” Yong-sun smacked Taehyung’s ass lightly. The blonde giggled, biting his lip.

“Thank you, you are the best,” Taehyung cooed, winking at the man. Then he turned to Jeongguk: “See you soon, Jeongguk-ssi, you know I always come to you for the stuff.”

“Of course,” Jeongguk nodded with a small smirk. Taehyung waved at them and turned to leave, swaying his hips as he was walking away. The two guys were watching him for a while before they disappeared. Jeongguk was watching Taehyung leaving the alley, smirk appearing on his face. Maybe he underestimated Taehyung, he could be really useful. He had those guys wrapped around his finger without threatening or anything.

He wasn’t really that surprised when he came to his car and saw Taehyung leaning against it. He knew the younger would want the ride home.

“Here you go,” Taehyung grinned, giving Jeongguk back what Yong-sun gave him. Then he said: “I spotted you in the alley and heard your conversation. I know you could handle it but I thought that it could be resolved diplomatically. You don’t have to worry about hiding corpses and you sold your stuff and have the money.”

Jeongguk didn’t say anything as he was watching him searchingly.

“I know I overstepped my boundaries,” Taehyung bit his lip nervously: “I know I shouldn’t interfere with your business.”

“You could fuck it up,” Jeongguk stated.

“I know and I am sorry,” Taehyung whined.

“But you didn’t,” Jeongguk added: “So thanks for that, I am actually impressed.”

“I am glad I could help, “Taehyung grinned as the older opened the car door for him. He felt rush of adrenaline in his veins. He knew going there was risky, he didn’t know if those guys didn’t have guns or something and he didn’t know if he wouldn’t piss Jeongguk off but when he saw and heard what was happening, he got a strange urge to get involved. He wanted to try how Jeongguk’s world works. And it was amazing, he was still high on the adrenaline. He wouldn’t mind repeating something like that.


Jeongguk was thinking about the drug deal for days. He was quite impressed with Taehyung. He always thought that he was annoying and when he heard him approaching, he was worried that he’d fuck something up. He never saw coming his perfect acting skills. He was so effortless, so flirty but still smart about it and he couldn’t forget how quickly he had Yong-sun and Minjay wrapped around his finger. They bought the drugs without a second thought.

He never thought that something like this could be used in a gang. It was usually about torture, threats, bribing, killing or mind games. But flirting was a sort of mind game as well, right? And as it showed, Taehyung was perfect in it. His looks were definitely a big advantage but his personality and tricks were what made the whole thing perfect.

Jeongguk smirked to himself. Maybe he could use it to his advantage, he’d never think that he’d admit it but Taehyung could become a valuable member of the gang. He could infatuate his enemies or business partners without any violence and without raising suspicions of the police or other gangs. He could be his secret weapon. Jeongguk wanted to know how far he could push Taehyung, where were his limits? He knew that with the right behaviour, he could wrap the younger around his finger and he knew exactly how to do it.

His smirk widened, it was really easy and he’d gain a good fuck from it on top of that.

The opportunity came few nights later when he walked in the kitchen, spotting Taehyung by the counter. The younger turned around when he heard footsteps and gulped when he spotted the boss.

Jeongguk smiled slightly at him, coming close until he was in his personal space.

“I didn’t even thank you for the last week,” Jeongguk spoke up quietly: “The business went much smoother with you. Gotta admit that I would never expect that and I am impressed.”

“It was nothing,” Taehyung mumbled, blushing slightly. He didn’t expect any gratitude from Jeongguk so he was surprised and flattered.

“You were really amazing. You had them wrapped around your finger so quickly but I can’t really blame them, even I almost fell for it,” the older whispered, putting both of his hands on the counter next to Taehyung’s waist, caging him.

“That really means a lot,” Taehyung breathed out: “I have to admit that it was fun.”

“Mm, we could have more fun together,” Jeongguk smirked. Taehyung didn’t really know what he meant by that and he was surprised when the boss suddenly leaned in and kissed him. It wasn’t as rough as that night they were together but it was deep and intoxicating. Taehyung kissed him eagerly back.

After a while, Jeongguk attached his mouth to his neck, mouthing and biting on it.

“Don’t leave marks, Yoongi-hyung can’t see,” Taehyung got out breathlessly. He wouldn’t know how he’d explain hickeys to his hyung since he wasn’t out tonight. Yoongi would know that someone from the house gave them to him and he wouldn’t be happy, even if he didn’t think it was Jeongguk.

“I want you to do something for me. Or more like with me,” Jeongguk hummed against the sensitive skin of his neck.

“Do what?” Taehyung got out shakily, whimpering quietly as Jeongguk pressed his hard thigh between his legs. His hips started moving almost on their own accord, rutting against the muscles. He knew it was risky as hell, they were in the kitchen and anyone could walk in on them but it was early morning already and he knew everyone was soundly asleep. And he couldn’t find it in him to stop now.

“Want you to go meet someone with me and do something similar you did last week, do you think you could do it?” the boss mumbled, nibbling at his pulse point.

“I-I don’t know,” Taehyung moaned quietly, rubbing himself against the leg.

“I think you could, baby, you were so good last week. You are so smart and gorgeous, you could make anyone do anything if you wanted to,” Jeongguk looked at Taehyung intently. The younger moaned at the compliments, his mind slowly going dizzy.

“You look so gorgeous right now, love that silky robe on you, makes me wanna do things to you until you are a moaning mess, doll,” Jeongguk nibbled at his earlobe, smirking when he heard a quiet whimper.

“Then do it,” Taehyung breathed out, looking at Jeongguk with hooded eyes as the older pulled back to look at him.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Jeongguk smirked, turning him around abruptly and smacking his chest against the counter so he was standing on the ground but lying on his stomach. Jeongguk pulled up the silky robe so it was on his lower back.

“No underwear, huh? Such a dirty little slut, walking around the house like this,” Jeongguk snickered when he was met with Taehyung’s bare and exposed ass. He smacked one of the round cheeks lightly, making the younger’s breath hitch.

Taehyung didn’t even process what was happening until he felt two hands spreading his cheeks and something hot and wet on his entrance. A loud cry escaped his lips and he quickly bit his hand to muffle the sounds since they were in the kitchen.

Jeongguk was kneeling behind him, holding his cheeks apart as he licked at his entrance again. Taehyung’s eyes rolled back in his head at the feeling. He couldn’t believe how quickly things escalated and that it was Jeongguk who initiated them. The last time, it was his dizzy mind producing the dirty suggestions but now the boss took the initiative out of nowhere. But he wasn’t definitely complaining.

A muffled cry was ripped from him when Jeongguk pressed his tongue flat between his cheeks, licking up from his balls to his entrance. He sucked on the puckered hole, flicking his tongue around, making Taehyung’s legs tremble.

The younger shook almost violently when Jeongguk’s tongue pierced through him, licking at his inner walls.

“Fuck, Jeong-“ Taehyung whimpered around his hand as the other started eating him out vigorously, fucking his tongue in and out roughly. Spit was rolling down his chin and everything was so messy and wet but it was perfect.

Taehyung’s legs nearly gave up when suddenly Jeongguk let go of one of his cheeks just to wrap it around his leaking cock hanging heavily between his legs. Jeongguk sucked on his rim before he thrusted the tongue back inside him as he was jerking him off.

“Fuck, I’m-“ Taehyung moaned brokenly, trembling with overwhelming pleasure. Jeongguk got the message and fucked his tongue even rougher and flicking his thumb over Taehyung’s wet slit. The younger trashed on the kitchen counter, his legs going weak as an orgasm hit him with full force and he shoot his load over the cabinets and Jeongguk’s hand. The boss kept fucking him with the tongue to milk him out completely until Taehyung was whimpering at the oversensitivity.

Jeongguk got up and bent over Taehyung’s back, pressing open mouthed kisses to the back of his neck.

“Fuck,” Taehyung breathed out, high in his post orgasm state.

“You were so good, baby,” Jeongguk praised him with a smirk and dark eyes. He nibbled at Taehyung’s earlobe, whispering: “Are you gonna go with me and help me?”

“Yes,” Taehyung panted, still dizzy.

“Good,” Jeongguk’s smirk rose as he kissed Taehyung’s neck. It worked, he had him right where he wanted him.

Chapter Text

Taehyung shuffled nervously as he came to the small parking lot right behind his uni building. He was nervous but excited at the same time, today was the day Jeongguk was taking him in an action. Of course it wouldn’t be anything huge, the boss told him everything in advance, including what role he wanted him to play. The thought of doing this was still making him excited.

He told Yoongi he would stay at the school library to work on an essay for one of his classes and that a classmate would drive him home in the evening. Of course he couldn’t tell him that he was meeting with Jeongguk, moreover going with him to take care of some business, his hyung would kill him.

Familiar black car stopped in front of him couple of minutes later and he slipped quickly to the passenger’s seat.

“Ready?” Jeongguk looked at him with dangerous sparkles in his yes. Taehyung nodded.

“Do you remember everything we planned?” the boss asked again. Taehyung could see that he was excited about the action as well. It was weird to see Jeongguk so relaxed when they were heading to meet some dudes he had a grudge with but he supposed that this was normal and what made the gangster happy. It was his whole life.

“I remember,” Taehyung reassured him.

“I am sure you will do great,” Jeongguk smirked, it wasn’t really reassuring, more like devilish but it still calmed Taehyung’s nerves little bit. If Jeongguk didn’t think he was capable of this, he wouldn’t take him, right? He was the boss, he had to have skills to tell who was good enough for this kind of stuff so he trusted him.

Jeongguk started driving, heading through the streets of Seoul. Taehyung didn’t even know where they were going but that wasn’t important for him to know anyway.

The boss stopped the car in front of some ordinary building.

“Wait, I should make myself presentable, don’t you think?” Taehyung stopped him when he wanted to get out of the car.

“Why not,” Jeongguk hummed, stopping his actions. Taehyung pulled out a small mirror, eyeing his reflection, clicking his tongue. He was always taking care of himself, putting on light make-up and all that but after hours at school, he always looked like shit. He pulled out eyeliner and applied a bit to his eyes to make them look bigger and more piercing. Then he applied a bit of lip gloss to make his lips full and shiny. He ruffled his hair little bit to make it look soft and slightly messy and then took off his jacket and unbuttoned two buttons on his silky shirt.

“So? What do you think?” Taehyung looked at the boss with a small smirk.

“Not that you’d need some products but yeah, this will do,” Jeongguk nodded. Taehyung was naturally beautiful so he didn’t even need make-up but it was emphasizing his already nice features so it didn’t hurt.

“I didn’t know you own a brothel,” Taehyung spoke up casually. This was the reason why he was doing it tonight, he was playing one of Jeongguk’s employees.

“It’s a luxury strip club, offering some services on top,” Jeongguk corrected him: “These guys are very valuable customers but they started going to a rival club so I need to get them back. I think that with your help, I will easily get them.”

“Maybe you should’ve found yourself some girl though,” the younger raised his eyebrow.

“Believe me, these guys don’t want girls,” Jeongguk chuckled: “I have boys and girls, my customers like both.”

“Okay then,” Taehyung shrugged. Jeongguk knew what he was doing so he wasn’t going to question him.

“Wait in the car like we agreed, then I will call you,” Jeongguk commanded, which was their plan. Before he got out of the car, he turned to the younger.

“You should pick some alias, just in case, giving this kind of people your real name isn’t the wisest choice,”

“Mm, okay,” Taehyung hummed, thinking about it a bit: “Then you can call me V.”

“Why V?”

“It’s an artistic name I use for my paintings,” Taehyung shrugged.


“What is your alias? The godfather?” the younger wondered with a snicker. Jeongguk rolled his eyes.

“I don’t need an alias, I am happy that people know my name, that means they have respect and know who they are dealing with,” Jeongguk replied eventually. Taehyung felt tiny shivers running down his spine, whenever Jeongguk was radiating power, it was kinda turning him on.

“Did you have one when you were younger?” Taehyung wondered.

“Golden cheetah,”

“Why Golden cheetah?”

“Because I have always been the best and because I have always been fast, in many senses,” Jeongguk replied. Taehyung almost gulped. He knew what those words were implying. Fast in many senses as with guns and killing. Jeongguk’s enemies probably didn’t stand a chance. Taehyung was still training with him during nights so he got a glimpse of what Jeongguk could do but he also knew that he was going easy on him. He could definitely be even better. Taehyung wanted to see it someday.

Jeongguk finally got out of the car, walking into the building. Taehyung waited in the car, his blood rushing with adrenaline and nerves. His task was pretty easy but he was still worried he might fuck up. He strangely felt safe with Jeongguk by his side but something could always go wrong.

It could be maybe ten minutes later when the door opened and Jeongguk came out. He waved at Taehyung so the younger got out, walking to him.

The boss immediately wrapped his hand around his waist, leading him inside.

“Don’t be nervous, it will go well,” Jeongguk said quietly, feeling Taehyung slightly shake. The younger nodded, breathing in and out couple of times to pull himself together. His task was easy, he just had to look pretty and flirt little bit, that was something he was familiar with.

“So, gentlemen, this is V,” Jeongguk spoke up when they walked into a room that looked like office. There were three men sitting either on chairs or a couch. Taehyung pulled off his best flirty face, batting eyelashes, tiny, seductive smirk playing on his lips. He snuggled a bit closer to Jeongguk, playing shy, knowing how guys usually liked these types.

“Like I said, he is one of the newest additions to the team. I didn’t lie, did I? He is absolutely gorgeous,” Jeongguk said, running a finger over Taehyung’s jaw with a smirk.

“Well, Jeongguk, gotta admit that this one is truly beautiful,” one of the men spoke up, eyeing Taehyung with hungry eyes.

“And you have more like him?” another man asked.

“Yeah, since you ran away to my competition, I’ve had some good addition, both boys and girls and I think you’d be content,” the boss replied nonchalantly.

“What about you, darling, could I have a night with you?” the first man smirked, looking at Taehyung.

“If you come see me in Jeongguk-ssi’s club,” Taehyung smiled suggestively, giggling cutely for a good measure.

“Mm, I think I should reconsider my visit then,” the man got up walking towards them. Taehyung was a bit uneasy, pressing himself instinctively closer to Jeongguk.

“Tsk, tsk, no touching,” Jeongguk’s fingers stopped the man’s wrist that he stretched towards Taehyung.

“You know the rules, you pay, you touch,” the boss looked at the other, uncompromising.

“What if I paid for him right now?” the man looked at Taehyung hungrily.

“V’s not some dirty whore you can’t buy whenever you want. Come to the club, pay for him properly to be in our rooms and you can have him,” Jeongguk’s eyes hardened.

“Okay, okay, calm down,” the man laughed, adding: “But maybe V could show off little bit?”

Jeongguk wanted to retort something but Taehyung stepped away from him, meeting gazes with him, telling him silently that it was fine.

“Like this?” Taehyung smiled, turning around slowly, moving languidly. He stopped with his back to the men, sticking his ass out teasingly, looking playfully over his shoulder before he turned back around.

“You can have this if you come see me in our club,” Taehyung stated nonchalantly, stepping back to Jeongguk, letting the man wrap his arm around him again. This wasn’t part of the original plan, he was just basically supposed to stand there and be a snack to an eye but little improvisation couldn’t hurt.

“I think we will come soon,” the third man who was silent until now spoke up.

“You won’t regret, I will make sure you get our best boys,” Jeongguk nodded, suppressing a smirk, content with how it worked out.

“See you around, darlings,” Taehyung waved over his shoulder with a teasing look when Jeongguk turned them around and walked away.

They got in the car and the older started driving.

“Won’t they be mad when they come and find out I am not there?” Taehyung asked.

“I have new guys and girls, I wasn’t lying about that and they are all quite gorgeous. Besides, when they have their dicks buried in someone’s throat or ass, they will forget to complain about anything,” Jeongguk scoffed.

“Did I do well?” Taehyung asked a bit sheepishly. He wanted to hear reassurance, he wasn’t sure why but he wanted to know Jeongguk was content with his small role.

“You were perfect, you had them wrapped around your finger as always,” Jeongguk glanced at him with a smile. Taehyung beamed, not sure why the compliment made him so happy.

Jeongguk noticed Taehyung’s happiness, smirking to himself. It was so easy to please Taehyung and make him do whatever he wanted. He could get him on his side and even have fun doing it. Making an innocent boy who was held away from his world his whole life doing bad stuff was thrilling, he wanted to see how far Taehyung was willing to go for him.

“Would you take me to your club some day?” Taehyung’s voice brought Jeongguk back from his thoughts.

“Why would you wanna go there?” the boss snorted.

“Well, first of all, it wouldn’t be bad if I showed there, right? For these guys to see me and possibly others,” Taehyung shrugged: “And I wanna see how it looks like, I am curious, I’ve never been to a strip club slash brothel.”

“You have never been to a strip club?” Jeongguk looked at him incredulously.

“Hey, I am only twenty two, okay? I mean, I go to college parties and shit but I have no money to go to strip clubs. Besides, in most of strip clubs chicks are dancing and getting naked and that’s really not my thing,” Taehyung deadpanned.

“Okay, that’s fair,” Jeongguk laughed sincerely: “I will take you there sometimes,”

“Great,” Taehyung beamed like a child on Christmas day. Jeongguk just shook his head, amused, even the smallest things could make the younger excited, it was actually kinda cute.


“Wanna go shopping?” Yoongi peeked inside Taehyung’s room after he knocked.

“Oh my god, really?” Taehyung shrieked but then eyed him suspiciously: “Wait, you hate shopping.”

“I don’t hate shopping, I just don’t like going around shops the whole afternoon with no goal,” the older corrected him.

“That is what shopping is, hyung, especially with me,” Taehyung looked at him pointedly.

“Okay, maybe I feel a bit guilty for neglecting you, okay? You live here, you are probably bored in this damn house so I thought that spending some time together wouldn’t hurt,”

“You don’t need to worry about me, hyung, I’m fine, I am not bored, I promise,” Taehyung smiled reassuringly, feeling a bit of guilt because his brother didn’t know he was not bored because he was spending time with Jeongguk. It wasn’t like they were hanging out but it’s been around a month since the older started training him in the self defence and martial arts so his evenings were pretty eventful.

“Either way, let’s get out of here for a while, I pay, you can buy whatever you want,” Yoongi smirked, pulling out his golden credit card.

“Whatever?” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

“Of course, did I ever tell you off?” Yoongi glared at him. Well, Taehyung had nothing to say against that, Yoongi really never said no to him, even when he wanted expensive toys when he was a kid, despite not having money back then, Yoongi always got it for him. Then when he got into Jeongguk’s gang, he was basically swimming in dough. Taehyung didn’t know how much money Yoongi was getting but he knew it couldn’t be a small amount since the gang was really successful with their dirty businesses and since his position in the gang was really high.

“Okay, let me get dressed and let’s go,” the younger eventually said. Yoongi left the room, giving him space to change but they were walking out of the house only twenty minutes later, driving to the centre of the city where the most fancy shops were located.

“Can I really take this, hyung?” the blonde gasped with wide eyes. He was trying on couple of shirts and one in particular caught his eye. Not only it looked great, it looked great on him. But it was Gucci and when he saw the price, he almost fainted. But Yoongi told him not to be stupid and buy it.

“Of course, you dumbass, I promised to take you shopping, did you think I’d take you to these expensive-ass shops and then tell you to not buy what you like?” Yoongi rolled his eyes but a warm feeling filled his stomach when his brother smiled widely, pulling him for a hug.

“You are the best hyung ever,” Taehyung chirped as they were standing at the cashier and Taehyung was watching the assistant folding the shirt carefully, putting it in a brand bag. Yoongi handed her his credit card.

“Like I said, I never told you off,” Yoongi repeated when they walked out of the boutique. He loved spoiling his little brother. Their childhood was shitty and Taehyung didn’t have many reasons to be happy so he always loved putting smile on his face. He was surprisingly easy to make happy, even some small chocolate bar or a car toy could make his big eyes beam with happiness. Now when he was watching him, it hasn’t really changed. That child-like happiness was still there despite everything they’ve been through.

“How are you getting used to living in the house?” Yoongi asked quietly when they walked out of a fast food restaurant, where Taehyung insisted going, with burgers in their hands.

“Hyung, I’ve been living there for weeks, I am doing great, seriously,” Taehyung reassured him. It was true, not only because of Jeongguk, they weren’t really close anyway, but he was spending lots of time with the other guys as well. He’s known them for some time and living with them was awesome, everyone was treating him well.

“Well, the guys are happy to have you there and Jeongguk seems cool with it now too, I guess he got used to it,” Yoongi hummed.

“Yeah, well, I am trying not to piss him off,” Taehyung mumbled, avoiding an eye contact.

“Is somebody bothering you?” the older suddenly asked.


“You can tell me, Tae, they are all bunch of fuckers,”

“Seriously, everyone is treating me nicely. I mean, I don’t even talk to the other guys that much, I am mostly in our part of the house,” Taehyung smiled innocently, receiving a reproachful look so he continued: “Okay, I talk to some other guys as well but they are okay, I promise.”

“If someone bullied you or had some sleazy comments or put your hands on you, you tell me!” Yoongi pointed at him.

“I will,” Taehyung nodded, biting his tongue.

“And for the love of God, don’t get involved with anyone in the house. Fuck, I’d go crazy if I found out one of those fuckers is banging you,” Yoongi chuckled breathlessly at the thought. Taehyung just smiled awkwardly.

“You don’t have to worry about that, hyung,” the younger scoffed but he felt guilt inside him. He didn’t like lying to his hyung, they have always been honest with each other but he could never possibly tell him about him and Jeongguk. Not that there’d be anything, they were just training together but they fucked and Jeongguk ate him out on the kitchen counter and he was in action twice with him. Yoongi would have a heart attack so not telling him was basically protecting him from any health damage, right? Yoongi was going crazy only at the thought of Taehyung with anyone from the gang, he’d probably throw fists or probably bullets if he found out that amongst everyone, he got involved with the boss himself.

“I hope you know why I don’t want this, Tae,” Yoongi sighed, knowing that he was too hard on his brother but he needed him to understand: “I don’t want you to get entangled in this life, living with us is already too much. If you were with someone from the gang and wrong people found out, you could be in danger. Besides, being with someone who is part of this world is really shitty, you never know what can happen to them. Falling in love with someone and then losing them would hurt you.”

“You are with Jimin and Hoseok-hyung, you could lose them too,” Taehyung looked at him. It was hypocritical, telling him not to do something he was doing.

“Yeah and that thought scares the shit out of me,” Yoongi glared at him: “I’d lose my fucking mind if I lost one of them, or even worse, both. I don’t want you to live in the same fear.”

Taehyung stayed quiet after he saw the pain in his brother’s eyes. Would he be sad if something happened to Jeongguk? Well, probably, he kinda liked him even though he was cold. But at this point, losing him wouldn’t really hurt him. He didn’t know what was going to happen between them but he knew that there might come time when the thought of losing Jeongguk would drive him crazy. He knew he should be careful, he should just back off, stop hanging around the boss and just try to find some nice guy from college. But guys from college were boring.

“Don’t worry, hyung, you won’t lose them and you won’t lose me either,” Taehyung said eventually, knowing that it was his brother’s biggest fear.

“Wanna go buy something else?” Yoongi wrapped his arm around his shoulder.

“Nah, I’m good, but maybe we could go have a drink?” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

“Well, I won’t say no to that,” the older snickered, leading his brother to the nearest bar.

Chapter Text

Taehyung and Jeongguk were training in the gym in the middle of the night again. The whole house was quiet, only few members were up to keep an eye on the property so they wouldn’t have any unwelcomed guests.

They were both panting with effort. Taehyung was getting better so their training was getting more physically harder and even Jeongguk was breaking some sweat here and there, while Taehyung’s whole body hurt.

“You are really good, natural,” Jeongguk breathed out when they called it a break.

“You though I would be hopeless, didn’t you?” Taehyung grinned.

“Honestly, yeah, but you keep surprising me,” the older admitted, drinking water.

“Would you show me how you shoot?” Taehyung asked before he could stop himself. He was often eyeing the targets on the wall in the far corner, wondering what it would be like to see Jeongguk shoot. He knew the boss must be good and he wanted to witness that.

“Well…why not?” Jeongguk shrugged after thinking about it for couple of seconds. That really couldn’t hurt and it’s been some time since he’s held a gun and shot properly. He was usually using his hands or knifes.

They went over to the shooting gallery and Jeongguk unlocked and pulled out a drawer with different types of guns. There were only small ones in this one but Taehyung didn’t suppose Jeongguk would show him how he shoots with a rifle or something.

Jeongguk grabbed quite regular revolver and some bullets. He pulled out the magazine, filled it with the bullets and pushed it back inside, all that in almost a blink of an eye. Taehyung was watching the whole action, fascinated. It wasn’t like he doubted the boss’ abilities, but seeing him in action was another thing.

Jeongguk stepped in front of one of the targets that could be maybe twenty meters away from them. He positioned himself in a shooting position, aiming the gun at the target. He loaded the gun and shot. The sound was really loud, it made Taehyung jump in a surprise. Hearing it in real life was different from movies. Only imagining he’d find himself in a gunshot was making him shiver, he could only imagine how loud that would be.

Jeongguk loaded the gun quickly again, shooting and then again and again until the magazine of the gun was empty. Taehyung was watching him the whole time, almost in daze. Jeongguk’s face was focused, features hard. The muscles in his arms and hands were flexing every time he shot.

He looked so damn hot.

Taehyung looked over at the target, not really surprised but still impressed when he saw all the bullets in the middle of it. Yeah, Jeongguk was really damn good.

“Would you teach me how to do it?” the younger breathed out. Jeongguk slowly turned to look at him.

“Teaching you to fight is one thing, I am not gonna teach you how to shoot,” Jeongguk shook his head.

“Come on, people go to shooting galleries all the time just for fun. I am not asking you to make a sniper of me, I’d just like to try it,” Taehyung whined little bit. The older thought about it for a second. Taehyung had a point, teaching him how to hold and use a gun wasn’t a big deal, if anything, it could be useful in the future, considering the plans he had with him.

“Okay, I can show you how to do it and you can practice,” the boss shrugged eventually: “But not tonight.”

“Yeah, of course,” Taehyung nodded.

Jeongguk took more bullets, loading the gun again and he started shooting. It’s been some time since he’s done this and to say that it was nice was an understatement. Shooting always helped him relax and calm his mind when he had a lot in there.

Taehyung was watching him, feeling something tugging on his stomach. He didn’t know why seeing Jeongguk in action was doing this to him, any time the older man showed some kind of power or skills, he wished to see more. He thought for a second what it’d be like to see Jeongguk in real action, loading the gun and pulling the trigger, aiming it at someone. Seeing the bullet pierce through their chest or head, seeing the blood gush out of them, seeing their lifeless bodies falling to the ground, seeing Jeongguk’s content smirk.

God, he was more fucked up than he thought but that image was oddly turning him on.

Jeongguk put down the gun when he was done. Taehyung bit his lip, contemplating if he should do what he was about to do but then he moved towards the older.

He stopped on his right side, looking up at him slightly through his bangs since Jeongguk was a bit taller than him. The older turned his head with a questioning look.

“Can I suck you off?” Taehyung blurted out quietly before he could chicken out. He could see Jeongguk’s surprise for a second before his stare turned dark.

“Did it turn you on?” Jeongguk smirked knowingly: “Did you like it? Watching me with the gun?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung breathed out, eyes blown wide. Jeongguk’s smirk grew bigger as he brought his hand to run it teasingly over Taehyung’s bottom lip. He was honestly fascinated by this boy, so innocent, so pure, yet there was so much darkness hidden behind that pretty face. He could feel it, he could feel that there was so much to Taehyung that was just waiting to be discovered.

“Want you to fuck my mouth until my throat hurts, hyung,” Taehyung got out huskily.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk cursed quietly at the shameless words. Taehyung could be so innocent and shy sometimes and other times he was so shameless, flirty and confident. This time it was combination of all.

“Go on then,” Jeongguk said sternly but arousal was running down his spine, even more when he saw Taehyung drop on his knees, complying immediately.

The younger rested his back against the cabinets of the shooting magazine. The gun Jeongguk was shooting with was still out on top of it and that knowledge shot sparkles down his spine. Knowing there was a gun just couple of inches from his head was weirdly arousing.

He brought up his hand, not wasting any time and palming Jeongguk through his sweatpants he was training in. The older man breathed out shakily at the action, pushing closer to the touch.

Taehyung looked up at him, hair hanging into his forehead, before he hooked his fingers under the hem of the pants and underwear, tugging them down so they pooled around Jeongguk’s ankles. His cock sprang free in front of him, already half hard.

Taehyung wrapped his fingers around the shaft, giving it couple of teasing jerks.

“Get on with it,” Jeongguk got out through gritted teeth, obviously not a patient man but Taehyung didn’t mind in the slightest. He stuck out his tongue, teasing the tip. Then he flattened the tongue and licked a long stripe over the underside of the older’s cock, feeling it get heavier in his hand.

“Shit,” Jeongguk cursed and one of his hands flew up to tangle with Taehyung’s soft hair when the blonde wrapped his lips around the tip, sucking gently.

And then Taehyung took him into his mouth, hot wetness enveloping him, making him almost choke. His mouth was perfect.

Taehyung wasn’t obviously a beginner, not hesitating to start bobbing his head slowly. Jeongguk could feel the muscles in his throat slowly relax as he was going deeper and deeper.

Taehyung moaned when Jeongguk’s grip on his hair tightened. He’s always been a sucker for having his hair pulled, especially when he was giving head because that was always a signal that the guys were enjoying it.

Jeongguk moaned quietly when Taehyung swallowed him completely until the younger’s face was buried in his lowed stomach.

“You love sucking cock, right, baby? It’s like you were born to do it,” Jeongguk spoke up raspily when Taehyung pulled off, gasping for air but eagerly diving back in.

“Want me to fuck your mouth?” the boss asked, chuckling darkly when he saw the younger nodding eagerly.

He pushed him back so his head was resting against the cabinets. One of his hands was still in Taehyung’s hair while the other gripped the edge of the cabinets for support. He pulled his hips back little bit and thrusted back forward slowly, experimentally.

Taehyung’s moan encouraged him so he repeated the action, fucking in and out of his mouth slowly but steadily. Wet, obscene noises were filling the quiet gym as he started fucking Taehyung’s mouth more roughly. He could see the spit running down his chin and his eyes were blown wide and glassy with unshed tears.

“Doing so well, baby doll, so good for me,” Jeongguk groaned, fingers in Taehyung’s hair tightening. The younger moaned at the praise, choking as Jeongguk’s movements started getting sloppier.

“Gonna come over your pretty face,” the older announced and Taehyung wasn’t going to protest. The thought of Jeongguk’s come landing on his face made his pants even tighter, even though he was already so damn hard.

Jeongguk threw his head back in pleasure, curses falling from his lips as he was nearing his release. It took him only couple more thrusts before he pulled out completely, jerking off quickly. Taehyung was kneeling there, waiting eagerly for his load with opened mouth and that scene made Jeongguk lose it. A grunt escaped his lips as he shot his seed, watching it land on the younger’s face and a bit on his tongue.

“Shit, look at you,” Jeongguk breathed out, letting go of his softening cock. He brought up his hand, running a thumb over Taehyung’s bottom lip: “A little cumslut, so pretty.”

He traced his fingers over Taehyung’s flawless face, collecting all the come before he pushed two fingers in his mouth, feeding him his come. Taehyung’s lips wrapped around the digits, sucking eagerly, moaning at the bitter taste of the boss’ seed.

“Hyung,” Taehyung whimpered, eyes almost unfocused when Jeongguk pulled the fingers out.

“You were good, come here,” Jeongguk hummed appreciatively, pulling Taehyung up to his feet. He didn’t say anything and tugged Taehyung’s pants down, revealing his dripping erection.

“So hard and wet only from having his mouth fucked,” Jeongguk chuckled teasingly, brushing his lips over Taehyung’s jaw as he wrapped his hand around him, jerking him off skilfully.

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung moaned, gripping the older’s shoulders for support. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, too gone for that. A broken cry escaped his lips only a minute later and he came over the gangster’s hand.

Jeongguk brought up his dirty hand to his mouth, licking Taehyung’s come of it, smirking when he saw the younger’s wide eyes. Having Taehyung like this was indeed an advantage, he could get a great orgasm whenever he wanted, he knew he had the younger wrapped around his finger.


“Sup, guys,” Taehyung greeted as he entered a room with couple of screens in it. It was in the ground floor of the mansion and the members were taking turns twenty four seven, watching the security cameras around the house. He was there once with Jimin but tonight it was Yugyeom’s and BamBam’s turn.

“Can’t sleep?” BamBam snickered as the blonde collapsed on the free chair. Neither of the two young gangsters were questioning why Taehyung was here. At this point, he was wandering around the house pretty freely, talking to most of the members.

“Yep, I’ve got this project coming up in couple of weeks and I can’t relax,” Taehyung sighed dramatically.

“Chill out, it will be okay,” BamBam waved his hand. Taehyung smiled, he liked those two guys, they were only like a year older than him or something and they were fun to be around.

“You’re looking around, watching what your future job will look like?” Yugyeom smirked.

“Don’t be stupid, I am not gonna join your crazy-ass gang,” Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“Well, just saying that you seem really cosy here. It’s funny that you are freaking out about some school project but you are completely cool with the fact that you live in a gang house,” Yugyeom shrugged.

“Whatever,” Taehyung mumbled, looking lazily from one screen to another. It was really damn boring, nothing was happening and the screens were still, only leaves of branches were occasionally moving because of the soft wind.

They were chatting for a while about stuff. It was weird but Taehyung could always find some common topic with anyone. Others would think that talking to gangster would be weird or awkward but Taehyung was fine with it.

“Hey, guys, how is it-“ the door suddenly opened and Yoongi appeared. He stopped himself when he spotted his brother, glaring at him.

“What are you doing here?” the oldest got out through the gritted teeth.

“Relax, hyung, I am not participating in your fun illegal activities, I just couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d bless Bam and Gyeom with my presence,” Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“You shouldn’t be here in the first place. First of all, you shouldn’t be getting involved in anything, second, the guys are working and you are distracting them,”

“It’s not like something is happening, hyung, look everything is quiet,” Taehyung sighed, looking and gesturing at the screens. His hand froze when he noticed a movement on one screen. He turned to look at the three guys with wide eyes.

“Where is it?” Yoongi looked at the two younger gangsters.

“In the southern part, in the backyard, near the back gate,” BamBam informed him. Taehyung was suddenly scared. It was clear that someone was out there. He briefly wondered if this was happening often and he just didn’t know about it but judging by his brother’s and the others’ faces, it wasn’t a normal occurrence.

“Call Jeongguk and Namjoon,” Yoongi turned to look at BamBam and then turned to Yugyeom: “Go get Jackson and JB, we are gonna look outside. We don’t know how many of them are there so we need some back up.”

Yugyeom just nodded and ran out of the room. BamBam grabbed the phone.

“Hyung?” Taehyung got out quietly.

“Don’t worry, Tae, it’s nothing,” Yoongi reassured him, squeezing his shoulder: “Go to your room, don’t stop anywhere and lock the door. You won’t come out until I or one of the guys come for you, okay?”

Taehyung was sure it was nothing serious but his hyung sounded really damn serious and worried and that wasn’t helping his nerves.

“You’re going out there?” Taehyung looked at his brother with wide eyes.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, you know I can take care of myself, right? It’s probably just some spy, most likely alone, we will handle it,” Yoongi smiled softly to calm him down.

“Now go, directly to your room, understand?” Yoongi then looked at him with insisting eyes.

“Yeah, okay,” the younger nodded with a trembling lip: “Just be careful, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna be okay, I always come back to you, don’t I?” Yoongi whispered when he pulled him into a short hug.

“Now go,” the older commanded when he pulled back. Taehyung nodded, rushing out of the room. He was quickly marching through the house. Suddenly the house seemed too big, dark and vicious. He was really damn grateful right now that it wasn’t some old, scary-ass mansion but it was still making him uneasy.

He got to their floor, almost out of breath. At the top of the staircase, he bumped into Jeongguk who was just going down with Namjoon, Seokjin, Hoseok and Jimin.

“Go to your room,” the boss gripped his arm for a second, looking at him sternly.

“Yeah, hyung already told me,” Taehyung nodded. He wanted to tell the boss and the others to be careful but they already rushed down.

He closed the door of his room behind himself, locking it. He flopped down on the bed, crawling under the covers like a little kid.

It never really occurred to him that something could happen here in the house. There was someone outside on the property and it all seemed so real and scary. He suddenly didn’t understand how his hyung and the others could handle this and it was nothing compared to what they were doing. Sometimes they were fighting, bullets flying around them. He felt suddenly stupid for thinking that he could handle this and be strong enough. He was trembling like a leaf.

It felt like hours before a knock on the door startled him.

“Tae, it’s me, Jimin,” he heard the familiar voice. A panic tugged on his stomach as he rushed to the door. Why didn’t his hyung come?

“Is Yoongi-hyung alright?” was the first thing Taehyung blurted out when he opened the door.

“Relax, he’s fine,” Jimin smiled at him, rubbing his shoulder reassuringly: “He just sent me to tell you that everything is fine.”

“Did you not find the guy? Did he escape?” Taehyung asked.

“No, we caught him,” Jimin replied: “Jeongguk and Hoseok caught him at the boarder of the property. He knew we were looking for him and tried to escape but they got him. He’s in the basement now, Jeongguk wants to know who he is and why he was here.”

“Are you gonna question him?” the younger gulped.

“Yeah, someone will, probably tomorrow,” the older nodded: “You can go to sleep, we’re safe now, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” Taehyung nodded, feeling the fear leaving him. He went back to the bed, hugging the sheets around him. As much as he tried, he couldn’t fall asleep.

Maybe an hour later, the door to his room opened and he saw Yoongi’s silhouette in the dim light of the hallway.

“It’s okay, I am okay,” Yoongi whispered when he came to his bed, squatting down and running his hand through his hair gently. Only then was Taehyung able to fall asleep, not knowing when his hyung left.

Chapter Text

Even without Jimin telling him, Taehyung would immediately guess that something was off in the house. He saw people coming and leaving Jeongguk’s office for days. He knew it was because of that man that was now in the gang’s basement. He was wondering what they were doing to him but strangely, he didn’t feel any sympathy for the dude. It felt like the gang was becoming his family and that man was obviously spying on them or something so he was glad they caught him. He supposed that they were probably torturing him to get some information from him but even that thought was keeping him cool. He never realized how the short life here changed him, despite not being really involved in the activities.

“Hyung, I can go by train like always,” Taehyung whined. Yoongi insisted that for the past couple of days, someone was always driving Taehyung to school and back and he banned him from going out, telling him to go immediately to the parking lot and the car waiting for him, as soon as his class finished.

“We don’t know for how long this dude has been lurking around. He might know about you and I am not gonna take the risk of something happening to you!” Yoongi snapped at him.

“I can’t even go out with my friends, that sucks,” Taehyung pouted, flopping down on the couch of the shared living room.

“You can hang out with us,” Hoseok grinned at him encouragingly, he and Jimin were here too.

“Yeah, you guys are always busy anyway,” the youngest rolled his eyes and turned on the TV.

“Tae, you know why I’m doing this…” Yoongi sighed.

“Whatever, I am just gonna watch TV, don’t bother me,” Taehyung mumbled, knowing he was acting like a child but he didn’t care. He was locked in the house most of the time and the others were always somewhere so he was here alone.

He didn’t even care about what he was watching but the three guys left him some time ago. Maybe an hour later, Namjoon came into the kitchen, making himself a cup of coffee.

“Any progress with the guy down there?” Taehyung spoke up with interest, hoping that he’d get at least some exciting news from the boss’ brother.

“I shouldn’t really talk to you about it, Tae,” Namjoon smiled at him apologetically.

“Oh, come on, why does everyone treat me like a fucking child!” the blonde exclaimed in frustration: “I am not in the gang but I am not completely clueless.”

“There isn’t really anything to tell you anyway, the guy hasn’t said anything,” the older shrugged, sitting down on the second couch: “We’ve been taking turns trying to get something from him but he doesn’t speak.”

“Do you torture him?” Taehyung asked in a conversational tone.

“Well…” Namjoon eyed him, contemplating if he should reply but when he saw Taehyung’s neutral face, he gave in: “We are trying more moderate approach but sometimes a bit of physical pain might help. But nothing is working on him. Jeongguk is losing his patience, he is gonna visit him soon.”

“He hasn’t yet?”

“No, he only saw and talked to him the night we caught him but he usually doesn’t get involved until it’s necessary,”

“Oh, I forgot that he’s the big boss so he has his soldiers to do the dirty work for him,” Taehyung snorted.

“Not really, Guk doesn’t mind getting involved but he has other stuff to take care of. Despite what lots of people can think, he takes care of lots of things by himself, it’s not that easy,” Namjoon mumbled, looking a bit sad. Taehyung felt sympathy, it was easy to forget that Namjoon was Jeongguk’s older brother and it wasn’t probably easy on him. He could only imagine how Yoongi would react and feel if he was in Jeongguk’s shoes and Yoongi in Namjoon’s.

“Maybe you should’ve become the boss,” Taehyung spoke up quietly.

“Yeah, sometimes I regret it,” the older nodded: “Not because I’d want to lead or something but because…if it was me, Jeongguk wouldn’t have to do it. I guess it’s okay now but when we were younger, it was tough. I was beating myself up for being so weak. Because of me, the burden fell on Guk’s shoulders. It was really damn tough to see him go through the things our father made him do, you know?”

“I don’t think he blames you, hyung, it is what it is,” the younger smiled at him encouragingly: “I don’t think he minds how the things are, he understands that it’s for the best and I am sure he knows how much you care about him. Besides, it’s not like you left him or something, you are here with him, helping him with the gang, that counts.”

“You are really something, Tae,” Namjoon shook his head, amused: “Yoongi’s been holding you back from this your whole life and then you dance in here, all smiley and positive, like we weren’t all killers.”

“Well, Yoongi-hyung is a killer as well but I would never judge him,” Taehyung shrugged.

“Thanks for the talk, it was really nice,” the older ruffled his hair, getting up: “I am gonna go tell Guk to get ready for his turn.”

“He is gonna go question him now?” Taehyung gasped in surprise.

“Yeah, it’s been days and we haven’t broken him and when that happens, it’s Guk’s turn and he breaks them. He breaks everyone,” Namjoon replied and left the room. Taehyung bit his lip, the image of the boss questioning and possibly torturing the guy was really intriguing. Taehyung remembered that night from long ago, after he moved in here, when he met the boss in the hallway with bloody hands, how it sent a wave of adrenaline through his body. He wanted to see him in action.


Taehyung was giddy as he was waiting for Jeongguk to come out of his study. He knew it was really damn bold to wait for the boss and ask him to take him to the basement with him but he really wanted to see him in action. Besides, something was telling him that Jeongguk wouldn’t be opposed.

“Take me with you,” Taehyung blurted out when the door of Jeongguk’s study opened. The boss looked around to make sure that no one was around, staring Taehyung up and down, obviously contemplating his possibilities.

“What you’d see isn’t going to be pretty, you think you can handle it?” Jeongguk eventually spoke up quietly, vicious sparkles in his eyes.

“I can handle it,” Taehyung nodded: “I wanna see you in action.”

Jeongguk licked his lips, humming. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t curious about Taehyung’s reaction. The fact that he was right here, asking to join him and watch was igniting under his skin. He wanted to see what this precious, innocent boy could withstand.

“Okay, come,” Jeongguk nodded eventually and walked down the stairs. Taehyung had to contain himself not to skip with happiness.

They went down to the basement where the gym was, which was a familiar path but this time, Jeongguk turned to the door on the right, the door that was always locked. He knocked on it twice and someone opened it.

“Leave us,” Jeongguk looked at a man that opened the door. Taehyung knew only his face but not his name, he didn’t know every single person from the gang. He was a bit worried, what if this guy would tell others that he was here with Jeongguk? What if Yoongi found out? On the other hand, he doubted the guy would say a thing about the boss, Jeongguk wouldn’t appreciate that and it could earn him punishment.

The man just nodded, bowing politely to the boss. He glanced shortly at Taehyung and then he left. Only now the blonde looked around. They were in a dark corridor, lit up by just two dim lights and there were couple doors leading to rooms.

Jeongguk didn’t say anything as he started walking towards the furthest door so Taehyung followed him.

The older man unlocked the door and they found themselves in a small room. He turned on another dim light and Taehyung immediately saw a man, tied up to a chair. The room was completely empty and relatively small. There wasn’t any window and it looked vicious. He noticed a small table with wheels in the corner of the room and shivers ran up his spine when he eyed the objects on it. There were several knifes and other tools that Taehyung didn’t even know.

Jeongguk came over to the table and dragged it towards the man. Taehyung went to the side, leaning against the wall so he could see properly what was going to happen. Only the look in Jeongguk’s eyes was making him a bit uneasy, knowing that what he was going to see would be much worse.

Taehyung flinched when Jeongguk stretched out his hand and punched the guy unexpectedly into his face. The guy groaned, waking up from his nap or whatever, looking up at the boss.

“Good morning,” Jeongguk spoke up: “Or more like evening but I guess you have no idea anymore.”

He put his hand on the table, looking at it shortly, picking up a small but sharp looking knife.

“I am gonna be quick about this, I am pretty sure you know who I am so you also know that you are gonna sing in just few minutes,” Jeongguk looked at the guy again, dangerous sparkles dancing in his eyes.

“My men didn’t get anything from you but I will,” the boss continued, bringing up the knife and dragging it lightly over the man’s cheek. It wasn’t really cutting the skin but it was sending the message. The man was clearly scared, he probably knew Jeongguk’s reputation like most of people in their world.

“You will tell me how long you’ve been snooping around my house and most importantly for whom and why?” Jeongguk leaned down to be face to face with the man.

Taehyung was watching the whole scene in fascination. Jeongguk was just so confident, not missing a beat as he was talking. There was so much dark power radiating from him and Taehyung didn’t know why he felt so turned on.

“I am not gonna tell you anything,” the man finally spoke up, his voice raspy. Taehyung noticed he was missing few teeth, probably favour of the other gang members because he could clearly see some bruises and cuts decorating his skin.

“Your men didn’t break me and you won’t either, Jeongguk,” the man added.

“Oh, I promise I will,” the boss whispered but the vicious tone was ringing through the room as if he just shouted.

Next thing happened so fast that Taehyung didn’t even realize what happened until the man screamed in agony and he saw the knife sticking out of his thigh, blood rushing out.

“Who sent you?” Jeongguk growled but when the man just shook his head, he pulled out the knife from his flesh without a blink and plunged it into the other leg. The man screamed in pain again.

Taehyung felt his throat going dry. He knew the scene should upset him, he should feel sick and a want to run away but he didn’t. He could feel his heart rate getting faster as he was watching the black haired man in his element.

“He is gonna kill me if I tell you!” the man cried out after Jeongguk punched him few times.

“News flash for you, you are gonna die either way. You won’t leave this room alive, I thought you understood that?” Jeongguk looked at him with fake concern: “The question is, if you want to make it fast or slow and painful, the choice is yours.”

The man screamed when Jeongguk ripped his shirt and draw a long cut with the knife over his chest and stomach. Taehyung was watching in amazement the scarlet substance appearing on his pale body.

Jeongguk looked at Taehyung. He nearly forgot that he was there but when he saw the younger’s expression, he smirked.

“Do you wanna give it a try?” Jeongguk spoke up in a deep voice, pointing the knife towards Taehyung. The younger looked at him with wide eyes.

He couldn’t believe Jeongguk was asking him to join, to really hurt this man. But what was more disturbing was, that he wanted to do it, not only for his own sake but for Jeongguk’s as well. He wanted to show the boss that he was strong, that he could do this.

“Come on, darling, it’s fun, you’re gonna love it,” Jeongguk whispered, devilish sparkles playing in his eyes. Taehyung stepped closer, almost hypnotized by the boss’ gaze. It felt like he wasn’t even controlling his own body when he took the knife from the older man, their eyes still on each other.

Hurting people was wrong. But he was here in the house full of gangsters, every single person here has done worse things, including his older brother.

He stepped towards the man on the chair, watching as he was looking at him with fearful eyes. Something about that fear was making Taehyung feel powerful. He had power over this man right here, basically holding his life in his hands right now.

“Go on, just a little cut,” Jeongguk whispered into his ear. Taehyung felt almost like he was in his mercy. It was like his body and mind was submitting to Jeongguk’s will as he brought up the knife to the man’s chest.

He applied slight pressure on the skin, watching in fascination as it broke and droplets of blood appeared.

“That’s it,” Jeongguk got out raspily, pressing himself closer to Taehyung from behind, watching his delicate hand with long fingers holding the knife as the younger moved it and created another cut, deeper this time.

The third cut made the man cry out because it was the deepest yet. Taehyung felt blood pulsing in his ears, he felt powerless and powerful at the same time. Powerless because it felt like Jeongguk was completely taking over him but powerful because this big, strong man was screaming because of him.

Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat when he felt Jeongguk pressing closer to him from behind and he could clearly feel a bulge against his ass. Arousal shot up his spine when he realised that Jeongguk was probably getting hard because of him. Seeing him causing pain to someone was riling the big boss up and Taehyung felt suddenly too hot too.

“You did great, baby, now let me take over again,” Jeongguk mumbled against the skin of his neck, nibbling at it slightly before he pulled back, whispering into his ear: “Let me finish it here and then I will fuck you nice and hard.”

Taehyung nearly whimpered at the promise and before he could even think about it, his head was already nodding and he stepped back.

He leaned against the wall, watching in haze as the boss stopped sparing the man, beating him and cutting into him without any mercy.

“Seojoon sent me!” the man cried out weakly before Jeongguk could finish a deep cut on his thigh. The boss stopped, eyes widening in realisation.

“That motherfucker,” Jeongguk got out through gritted teeth.

“He wants to take over your gang but I know nothing else, please,” the man got out weakly. Jeongguk hummed, standing back up properly. He was contemplating to kill him but then decided against it with Taehyung in the room. The younger has already seen enough tonight, he’d send someone down here to finish the guy later. Besides, the promise he gave to Taehyung was still there and after watching him and torturing the man, he was on the edge, needing a release.

“Sweet dreams, they are your last ones,” Jeongguk chuckled coldly at the man, punching him hard in the face. The man’s chin fell to his chest, body sagged against his restrains as he fell unconscious.

Jeongguk sucked in a deep breath when he turned around and saw Taehyung watching him with hooded eyes, cheeks pink and chest rising and falling quickly. He immediately noticed a bulge in his pants and that only riled him up even more.

“Did you get hard by watching me?” Jeongguk got out raspily, walking slowly towards the younger, watching him like a prey: “Or did you get hard when you were cutting into him?”

Taehyung didn’t reply, watching Jeongguk’s every movement. He breathed out shakily when the boss closed the gap between them, his hands gripped his hips and he pressed him into the wall. Jeongguk’s thigh pressed between his legs, right into his half hard cock. He let out a tiny whimper at the action.

The older man crushed their lips together in a searing kiss, taking completely control, licking into Taehyung’s mouth like a mad man. After a minute, he broke the kiss, leaning down to lick and bite on the blonde’s neck, his hands gripping Taehyung’s hips almost painfully.

“You were so fucking good, Taehyung, did so well,” Jeongguk pulled back, looking at the younger with ferocity in his eyes. He didn’t know why seeing Taehyung cutting that man turned him on so much, he’s watched people torturing other people before but it never did something like this him. Yes, sometimes he was riled up after an action, seeking some good, rough fuck because hurting people was making his insides burn but nothing like this happened before. Seeing Taehyung following his orders so blindly and perfectly was igniting something dangerous under his skin.

“God, I’d wanna see you bleed for me, cut a knife to your beautiful, perfect skin and see it turn red,” Jeongguk whispered, eyes almost mad. Taehyung shuddered at the image. He remembered his conversation with Jimin from a long time ago, when the older told him not to get involved with Jeongguk because his tastes in bed were sometimes painful. He wondered if Jeongguk was into this, if he liked hurting his lovers, if he was getting off on it. Deep down, he knew the answer and what was weird was, that the thought of doing it with him was only shooting more arousal up his spine.

Taehyung moaned breathlessly when Jeongguk’s thigh pressed closer to his crotch and he started rutting against him, desperate for some kind of friction.

“Fuck, I’d want to fuck you so badly, right here, with this fucker in the room. Maybe he’d wake up and watch us, watch as I’d fuck you into the wall like the little slut you are,” Jeongguk groaned, nibbling at Taehyung’s neck. The younger moaned louder at the words.

“Do it,” Taehyung got out quietly, making the boss pull back to look at him.

“I don’t have any stuff here, baby,” Jeongguk explained. Obviously, he didn’t have condoms and lube on him when he went to torture a man. Taehyung through about it, thought about suggesting to move up, to meet in his bedroom or something but he was so gone, he didn’t want to wait.

“I don’t care, fuck me dry and raw, make me hurt,” Taehyung looked at the older with a small smirk.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk whispered, surging forward for another breathtaking kiss. Taehyung knew it was risky to sleep with Jeongguk without protection but he believed the older never fucked anyone without condom. Besides, the thought of going bare was shooting adrenaline through his body. He knew STDs were nothing to play with but he couldn’t care less at the moment.

Jeongguk pulled back to look at Taehyung again. He was almost going out of his mind after hearing his demand. Especially the ‘make me hurt’ part was waking up the wildest beast inside him and Taehyung was right here, offering willingly.

“Gonna fuck you so good, baby doll, when I am done with you, you will barely walk. You will feel burning between your thighs for days, remembering this night whenever you move and feel the pain,” the gangster said quietly, unbuttoning Taehyung’s shirt with frantic fingers.

He bent down to suck and bite on his collarbones and chest, feeling Taehyung panting under him and gripping his shoulders for support. He tugged down his pants and underwear, helping the younger step out of them.

“Suck,” Jeongguk commanded, holding three fingers in front of Taehyung’s mouth. The younger didn’t have to be told twice as he took Jeongguk’s fingers in his mouth, twirling the tongue around them, getting them wet with spit as much as he could. He never broke the eye contact with the gangster as he was teasing him.

Taehyung shuddered when Jeongguk pulled the fingers out and dragged them down to his ass. He keened when finger started circling his entrance, feeling it clench in expectations. First finger slipped inside him rather easily. His fingers dag into Jeongguk’s shoulders when he felt the dry stretch. His insides were already burning but he knew it would get much worse.

And he loved everything about it.

Second finger was even more painful but Jeongguk kissed Taehyung to take his mind off it and it was working because after a while, the pain was replaced by pleasure.

“Fuck,” Taehyung whimpered when Jeongguk pushed third finger inside him. His hole was burning but strangely, that was only turning him more. He never explored this territory, never knew he could have a thing for pain. He liked being treated roughly, liked bondage and stuff but this was completely new to him.

“You’re taking my fingers so well, baby doll,” Jeongguk whispered into his ear raspily, trying to get him to relax. Taehyung was squeezing around his fingers so much and his head was spinning when he only imagined how he’ll feel around his cock.

“That’s enough,” Taehyung breathed out, making the boss look at him. He breathed out shakily: “Fuck me, hyung, ruin my ass.”

Jeongguk growled, kissing Taehyung again. He had no idea why this boy was driving him so crazy.

Taehyung yelped in surprise when Jeongguk suddenly gripped his thighs and lifted him up, pressing him between himself and the wall. He couldn’t believe the older man was holding him just like that, he wasn’t really heavy or something but he knew it still had to be hard for Jeongguk to hold him up but he didn’t seem to break sweat at all.

Taehyung threw his head back with a loud cry when the tip of Jeongguk’s cock nudged his entrance and entered him slowly. It felt like he was being ripped apart but Jeongguk’s previous words were ringing in his head – he knew he would feel him for days and that thought was making it easier to adjust.

Jeongguk was lowering Taehyung down slowly. He wanted nothing more than to start pounding into him, make him hurt, make him bleed but he contained himself. He panted, burying his face in Taehyung’s neck when he was finally balls deep. He started rolling his hips slowly to stretch the younger and get him used to the feeling.

“I’m good,” Taehyung breathed out, pulling Jeongguk’s head back by his hair so their gazes met. The blonde was breathing shakily, eyes glossy: “Make me remember your cock inside me, Jeongguk, fuck me until I’m sore.”

That snapped something in Jeongguk and he wasn’t able to hold back any longer. He gripped Taehyung’s thighs tighter, making sure he was holding him properly as he pulled out almost all the way, thrusting back in sharply. Taehyung moaned, back sliding up the wall at the action and the older repeated it.

“Fuck, it hurts,” Taehyung whimpered. Jeongguk slowed down, looking at him searchingly.

“Don’t stop,” the blonde shook his head, almost desperately: “Don’t stop, fuck, hurts so good.”

Jeongguk chuckled incredulously, hearing Taehyung’s plea, picking up the pace once again. Soon he was hammering into him, filthy sounds of skin slapping against skin filling the small room.

Taehyung’s gaze fell behind Jeongguk’s head, watching the man on the chair. He was still unconscious, not having any idea what was happening just couple of meters from him and that only pushed him closer to the edge. He’s always had a thing for exhibitionism.

“God, kitten, you are so tight,” Jeongguk groaned, kissing Taehyung messily as he kept fucking him fast and hard. Taehyung’s nails were leaving scratch marks on his back, which was only making him lose it faster.

“Hyung, ‘m-“ Taehyung choked out, back arching from the wall. Everything felt so filthy, so raw and the dry slide was painful but his toes were curling all the same. Jeongguk was pounding right into his prostate and he was losing it.

“Gonna come, baby doll? Just from my cock, mm?” Jeongguk panted, slowing down his movements only to snap his hips sharply. Feeling Taehyung around him without any barrier separating them, feeling his walls gripping him so tightly was almost intoxicating.

“Yes, Jeongguk, yes,” Taehyung nodded, eyes shut and bottom lip between his teeth. He looked at the older with almost unfocused eyes, whispering: “Fill me with your come, Jeongguk, make me all wet and dripping.”

Jeongguk groaned at the request, pressing Taehyung even more to the wall, grinding his hips against his ass, buried impossibly deep.

Taehyung was the first one to trip over the edge. His whole body locked up for a moment before a strangled sound filled the room and hot white come spurted from his cock, painting his belly white. Jeongguk cursed, following him immediately. He rolled his hips lazily for few more seconds before he pressed them against Taehyung’s ass, filling him with his seed and biting on his neck to muffle his deep sounds.

Taehyung laughed quietly in ecstasy. He didn’t know what it was about the feeling of Jeongguk’s come inside him that was making him light-headed.

The blonde whimpered painfully when Jeongguk pulled out carefully, putting him down on the floor. His legs felt like jelly and he could feel the older’s come running down his crack. When he shifted, he felt a sharp pain shooting through his insides and he knew Jeongguk was true to his words. He was sure he’d feel this for days.

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“Jimin, who is Seojoon?” Taehyung asked nonchalantly when he and the older were watching a movie together one evening.

“Um, how do you know about him?” Jimin looked at him with a frown.

“I heard someone saying that he sent the guy that you caught,” the younger shrugged. He couldn’t say that he was with Jeongguk in the basement. Not that he didn’t trust Jimin but he was still Yoongi’s boyfriend so he couldn’t take that risk, he couldn’t risk anyone knowing about him and Jeongguk.

“Seojoon was in this gang when Guk’s and Namjoon’s father was the boss,” Jimin sighed, stopping the movie to talk: “When the old man died, he tried to fuck up with Jeongguk.”

“Fuck up how?”

“He basically wanted to become the boss. He had no claim to the gang but he thought he was better for the position. He knew Namjoon didn’t want it and that only Jeongguk was in his way. He tried to kill him,”

“What?!” Taehyung gasped, taken aback.

“Yeah, I mean we all knew he was a snake but we weren’t careful enough, thinking that he wouldn’t do anything,” Jimin sighed again at the memory: “He shot Jeongguk one day in the backyard.”

“What happened next?” Taehyung asked with wide eyes. He had no idea how Jeongguk got out of this alive and the knowledge that he nearly died really surprised him.

“It was bad with Guk, he was rushed to a hospital, he was unconscious for couple of days. Thankfully we could afford the best surgeons and doctors and they saved him. He was basically tied to the bed for weeks, it took a long time for him to heal,” Jimin replied grimly.

“So what happened with this Seojoon?”

“He had some supporters here in the gang, he tried to have Jeongguk killed also when he was in the hospital. Those were really tough times because we had no idea who is with us and who is against so it was just basically us from the tightest circle taking our turns protecting Guk,” Jimin continued: “Thankfully he healed and came back. By that time, Seojoon and bunch of other fuckers ran away and he created his own gang. I thought they were operating in Busan but maybe they came back.”

“So you think this Seojoon wants to kill Jeongguk now? That’s why he sent that guy to spy on the gang?” the younger asked quietly.

“That’s very possible,” Jimin nodded: “We don’t even know what that guy saw and what he told Seojoon before we caught him.”

“So Jeongguk and you are in danger?” Taehyung peeped, feeling his chest tighten. The thought of something happening to the boss or the other guys was leaving an uneasy feeling in him.

“Don’t worry about it, Tae, we can take care of ourselves,” the older smiled at him comfortingly.

“Did you kill the guy down there?”

“Yeah, Guk sent Hobi to do it few days ago,” Jimin nodded, knowing there was no point in sugar-coating it or holding it from Taehyung. He didn’t seem like he’d mind this conversation anyway.

Jimin noticed Taehyung’s pensive expression.

“Don’t worry, Tae, no one will let anything happen to you,” the older smiled, patting his shoulder.

“I am not worried about myself,” Taehyung snorted.

“We are gonna be fine, it’s not our first grudge with some fuckers. We always win, Jeongguk’s got this and we all trust him,” Jimin patted his knee, taking the controller to turn the movie back on. Taehyung couldn’t focus anymore, thinking about what he just learned.

It was hard to imagine that Jeongguk almost died and lied helpless in hospital for weeks. He was just so strong and powerful so learning this left uneasy feeling in his stomach. Even Jeongguk was just a human and humans could die. He was worried about Yoongi and the others as well, he wished there was something he could do.


Jeongguk noticed that Taehyung liked nice and expensive things. He was often wearing designer clothes and accessories, most likely bought by Yoongi.

He thought that a little present wouldn’t hurt to ensure his loyalty. It already looked like he had him wrapped around his finger but he might need him in the future so he decided to buy him something.

Taehyung came home from a class, he just wanted to change quickly, ready to go out with friends. Yoongi finally calmed down and let him go out if he knew where he’d be.

He shrugged off his jacket when a box on a bed caught his attention. There was a message on a small paper next to it so he took it and read it.

‘Thought it might look good on your pretty, long neck’

There wasn’t any sign and Taehyung frowned. Only Yoongi was usually buying him stuff but he never left it like this, he usually gave it to him in person and this handwriting didn’t look like his. Besides, it’d be pretty damn weird if he left a comment like this about his neck.

His heart jumped little bit when he thought about another possibility. The more he was thinking about it, the more it made sense. It had to be from Jeongguk. That would explain why there was no sign, possibly not to reveal anything if anyone else read it and also because it was left here like this. Jeongguk couldn’t give him anything in front of the others, they couldn’t raise any suspicions.

Taehyung grabbed the flat box and opened it. He gasped when he revealed a beautiful silver choker with couple of light pink stones. He didn’t want to be dramatic but he was pretty damn positive that they were diamonds and he knew the thing must have cost fortune.

He couldn’t believe the boss would give him such an expensive gift. And it was beautiful.

He grabbed it carefully, afraid he might break it and came over to a mirror. He put it on his neck, staring at his reflection when the jewellery hugged it just right. It almost felt like Jeongguk’s fingers were wrapped around his neck, constricting his airwaves little bit, like the boss was having a control over him without even being here. In a way, it felt like a collar that Jeongguk put on him, like he belonged to him.

He shook off the dangerous thoughts, he had to stop thinking about the gangster like that. There was nothing between them, they weren’t even hanging out or really talking, Jeongguk was just occasionally training him and they hooked up couple of times.

But the gift was still flattering.

He showered and got ready to go out. He and his friends agreed on clubbing since it’s been some time since they did something like that so he made sure he looked hot.

When he was leaving, he stopped by Yoongi’s room to inform him where he was going.

“Okay but you are gonna call and I’ll come for you or send someone to pick you up, okay?” Yoongi gave in after couple of minutes of convincing.

“Yeah, of course, hyung,” Taehyung rolled his eyes with a fond smile. He didn’t miss that his brother’s eyes slipped to the choker.

“Nice accessory you’ve got there, looks really expensive,” the older hummed.

“It does looks expensive but it’s just a cheap crap,” Taehyung laughed nonchalantly. He hated lying to his brother but there is no way he’d believe he bought something so expensive by himself and then he would start asking questions. He could lie about having a boyfriend but Yoongi, with his protective side, would want to meet him and Taehyung would be screwed.

“Okay, enjoy the night out. Behave, okay?” Yoongi eventually said.

“You know me, hyung,” the younger grinned.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m saying it,” Yoongi sighed but smiled when his brother pulled him into a short hug and skipped down the hallway.

Taehyung and his friends were having a good time in the club. They were drinking and dancing and occasionally just sitting down to chat.

“So, Tae, tell us about your new sugar daddy,” Baekhyun chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows. Taehyung choked on his drink.

“W-what sugar daddy?” Taehyung stuttered out, flustered.

“Well, the guy that’s buying you all the expensive-ass things,” Jihoon jumped in.

“Oh ,that?” Taehyung laughed: “My hyung is buying that to me.”

“Your hyung must be swimming in dough,” Jihoon snorted.

“Yeah, he’s a gangster,” Taehyung laughed, making everyone else around laugh as well. If they only knew.

“No, he’s got a great job and I guess I am lucky. He’s been spoiling me since we were kids,” the blonde smiled fondly.

“Oh, so I guess your hyung gave you also those hickeys you were sporting couple of days ago?” Baekhyun gave him a sly smile. Taehyung’s hand instinctively flew up to his neck but there wasn’t anything anymore. For couple of days after his and Jeongguk’s hook up in the basement, his neck looked like he was attacked by a bear. He was covering it with make-up – mostly because of Yoongi – but when he was at school for hours, it wore off and they were visible.

“Well, what do you wanna hear, I fucked, no big deal,” Taehyung rolled his eyes.

“Tell us something about him then. Was it a one night stand, is he hot, what does he look like?” Jisoo jumped in with interest.

“There is nothing much to talk about. It’s just a guy, we hooked up couple of times,” the blonde shrugged.

“Some details,” Jihoon rolled his eyes.

“You wanna hear that he destroyed my ass or what?” Taehyung deadpanned, making his friend choke on a drink.

“Well, you don’t have to say that, that was pretty obvious few days ago,” Baekhyun laughed, hinting at Taehyung’s slight limping.

“Seriously, what’s he like?” Jisoo pressed further.

“He is really hot, okay?” Taehyung gave up, picturing Jeongguk’s face in his head: “He’s almost thirty, hot, tall, strong and all that.”

“Oh, sounds great,” Jisoo wiggled her eyebrows: “How did you meet him since he is so much older? In a bar or something?”

“He’s actually my hyung’s boss,” Taehyung admitted with a chuckle. Obviously he would never tell them anything specific about Jeongguk and the gang but it was kinda nice to speak about it with someone, even though it was vague.

“Oh my god, you are banging your brother’s boss?” Baekhyun laughed, hitting Taehyung in an arm.

“It happened couple of times, what can I say?” Taehyung shrugged innocently: “But no word in front of Yoongi-hyung!”

They all knew Yoongi, met him couple of times when he came for Taehyung or something. He didn’t need them to talk in front of him, he’d put two and two together really fucking quickly.

“So is it really your hyung that’s buying you all that stuff?” Jihoon jumped back in.

“Yeah most of it but well…just tonight, his boss sent me this,” Taehyung pointed at the choker, feeling smugness bloom in his chest when his friends’ eyes widened.

“Wow, Tae, you know how to find a guy, teach me your ways,” Jisoo pouted.

“That can’t be taught, darling, that is a natural charm,” Taehyung flicked his hair cockily, laughing.

The conversation was soon forgotten as they went to the dance floor again. Taehyung had really great time, despite having friends in the gang, being with normal people was nice.

That was until he noticed Jeongguk standing at the bar. He was obviously just ordering some drinks for himself and someone else and he looked as great as ever. It was a bit weird seeing him like this, in pretty much normal situation but he looked like he always did – dressed in all black, skinny jeans hugging his thighs and slightly oversized, sheer black shirt hanging from his broad shoulders. His longer black hair was parted, hanging around his face, making him look like the sex god he was.

“Who are you staring at?” Jihoon poked Taehyung in the ribs.

“N-no one,” the younger smiled tightly, turning back to his friends.

“Well, that’s a hottie,” Jisoo chuckled, staring at Jeongguk: “He’d be worth a try. Gonna greet him.”

“No!” Taehyung grabbed her wrist before he could stop himself. He pulled his hand back, mumbling: “Do what you want.”

“Wait a minute…” Baekhyun eyed him, knowing him too well: “He’s your hot sugar daddy!”

“He’s not!” Taehyung exclaimed but then he sighed in defeat: “Okay, that’s the guy, okay?”

“Oh my god, you weren’t exaggerating when you said he’s older and hot, damn, Tae, how do you do that?” Jisoo whined.

“Like I said, natural charms,” Taehyung rolled his eyes: “Now can you please stop staring at him? It’s embarrassing.”

Jeongguk hasn’t noticed him and he was quite happy about that. He surely didn’t need the gangster to notice all his friends staring at him. He’d feel so dumb if Jeongguk found out that he was talking about him.

“Oh, so you are a secret, huh?” Jihoon wiggled his eyebrows.

“I told you he’s my brother’s boss, of course we are! Now please, let’s go back to our table, I am thirsty,” Taehyung groaned, heading back to their seats.

He was quite successful at ignoring Jeongguk, until he noticed the gangster walking away from the bar and heading to a table.

He felt something dark tugging on his insides when he saw him sliding in a seat next to a young woman, handing her the other drink.

He couldn’t tear his eyes from them. He knew it shouldn’t affect him so much, it wasn’t like there was something between him and Jeongguk but still, the knowledge that they fucked just couple of days ago and now here Jeongguk was with a woman, looking pretty cosy as she was giggling and he was smirking.

“Looks like your daddy doesn’t think you’re exclusive,” Jihoon’s voice brought Taehyung back from his thoughts.

“We aren’t exclusive,” Taehyung glared at him, looking down at his glass. He felt an annoying need to just get up and smack that bitch and wipe the smile off her face. He shook his head, what the fuck were these kinds of thoughts? Jeongguk could hang out with whoever he wanted, even fuck whoever he wanted and why the hell was he thinking so violently? Maybe living with the gang and hanging out with the leader was rubbing off on him more than he’d like to admit.

Maybe an hour later, Jeongguk finally noticed him. He was just whispering something to the woman when their gazes met. He froze, staring at Taehyung.

The younger averted his gaze, not wanting to show that he was influenced because why should he be?

He went to the bathroom and somehow he wasn’t surprised when he felt a hand on his shoulder before he even reached the door in the tiny hallway.

“Didn’t know you’d be here,” Jeongguk’s deep voice rang in his ears before he turned him around.

“Same here,” Taehyung replied without any emotion. Jeongguk brought up his hand, rubbing it over his neck softly, running his fingers over the choker.

“I was right, it looks great on you,” the gangster broke the silence, looking at the other with intense eyes.

“Yeah, thanks for that, you didn’t have to,” the younger averted his gaze.

“But I wanted to, “Jeongguk replied, making Taehyung look back at him: “Do you have a ride home?”

“No, Yoongi-hyung will send someone,”

“Well, he doesn’t have to now, I will take you,”

“You shouldn’t, he could get suspicious,” Taehyung protested weakly.

“I am just giving you a lift, Yoongi knows I am in the city,” Jeongguk snorted.

“Aren’t you gonna leave with the girl?” the blonde said, voice bitter.

“Nah, I think I changed my mind,” Jeongguk looked at him intently and Taehyung…he was a weak man. He didn’t know why the hell he was reacting like this to the gangster. One look could make him melt and even though he knew deep down that Jeongguk didn’t give a fuck about him, he just couldn’t help it, he couldn’t say no. And he knew what was about to happen if they left together.

“Say when you wanna leave, we’ll go,” Jeongguk added.

“We can go now, I don’t wanna be here anymore,” Taehyung mumbled.

He went to the restroom and returned back to his friends to tell them he was leaving. Jeongguk was already waiting by the door for him, the girl was nowhere to be seen. Taehyung didn’t know why it made him feel so smug. He didn’t miss the smirks of his friends when they saw him heading towards the older.

They got into Jeongguk’s car that was parked outside, they were silent the whole ride.

Jeongguk got from the highway when they left the centre, Taehyung was not surprised at all, knowing before where this was heading. The boss parked the car in some dark, abandoned place.

He fucked Taehyung in the backseat.


Seokjin came to Jeongguk’s study, bringing him dinner. The boss was working relentlessly on finding Seojoon’s base. He wanted to strike first, he like being in control, having the upper hand, hating when he didn’t know where his enemy was.

The older didn’t leave though, instead he sat in the chair in front of the desk, just sitting there in silence, watching the younger.

“You should really stop this,” Seokjin spoke up. Jeongguk looked up at him, confused.

“I am not gonna stop, I am gonna find Seojoon-“ the boss started but was interrupted.

“I am not talking about Seojoon, I’m talking about Taehyung,” Seokjin deadpanned. Jeongguk showed no emotion, just staring at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jeongguk said eventually without breaking the eye contact. He was a good liar never showing any signs of weakness but Seokjin knew him too well.

“Cut the bullshit, maybe others are stupid but I am not,” Seokjin rolled his eyes: “Seriously, Jeongguk, I don’t know what your business with him is but you need to stop it. He’s an innocent guy, he doesn’t have anything to do with our world and Yoongi would kill you. Just find someone else to fuck, okay? I get it, he’s young and handsome but he is so pure, don’t drag him into this.”

“You know nothing about him,” Jeongguk interrupted him coldly: “You think he is some precious, innocent boy but none of you see the potential he has.”

“So that’s what it’s about? You see a potential in him? To make him your soldier?” the older glared at him.

“I am just saying that you have no idea what’s inside him. Not even Yoongi,”

“And you see it, huh?”

“Yeah, I see it,” Jeongguk nodded.

“I don’t care, just stop whatever you are doing. How do you think Yoongi will react when he finds out? He is gonna beat your ass,”

“Well then he just mustn’t find out about it,” the boss glared at the other.

“Whatever, I am not gonna tell anyone but Guk…seriously, stop this,” Seokjin looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Are you finished here?” Jeongguk got out, annoyed, averting his gaze back to a laptop in front of him.

“Yeah, I am,” Seokjin sighed, getting up and leaving. He didn’t know what Jeongguk’s business with Taehyung was but he sure as hell knew that he wasn’t going to stop because when Jeongguk got his claws into something or someone, he didn’t let go until he got what he wanted.

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Taehyung breathed out, trying to steady his shaking hands. The cold metal of the gun felt heavy in his hands and his eyes were focused on the target. Jeongguk was standing next to him, they were in the shooting gallery in the basement and today the boss finally gave in and decided to teach Taehyung how to shoot.

“Don’t think about it too much, you need to relax,” Jeongguk said quietly. Taehyung was focusing on his deep, calming voice. It wasn’t a big deal, he was just going to try this, right? Well, he still didn’t want to make complete fool of himself in front of the older man.

“Load the gun and then focus on the target,” Jeongguk spoke up again. Taehyung obeyed, loading the gun, hearing it click as the bullet got ready to be shot out.

He breathed in and out slowly again, eyes focused on the target. And then he pulled the trigger and a gunshot pierced through the quiet room.

The recoil was stronger than he expected and his hands flew back, almost hitting his face.

He looked at the target, groaning when he saw the bullet next to it.

“Not bad for the first try,” Jeongguk hummed: “Your arms are too tense, you need to relax them so the recoil isn’t that strong. Try again.”

Taehyung complied, loading the gun again and putting hands in the position Jeongguk showed him earlier. He focused on the target, pulling the trigger, arms less flex this time.

The recoil wasn’t that bad this time but he missed the target again.

“It’s so hard, how do you do that?” Taehyung whined.

“You won’t learn it after few tries, it takes lots of training,” Jeongguk laughed at his impatience: “Missing the target isn’t bad, important is to learn the right technique first and then it’s gonna be easy and you will be getting better.”

“So can we try that again sometimes?” the younger looked at the man with hopeful eyes. This was fun.

“If you want to,” Jeongguk shrugged but there was a small smile playing on his lips. It wasn’t his usual smirk, Taehyung dared to say that there was something soft in it. He knew Jeongguk was enjoying this, he liked training him even though he’d never admit it out loud.

“Come on, try again,” the gangster encouraged him.

“Can you do it with me?” Taehyung looked at him suggestively. Jeongguk nodded after a second, stepping behind Taehyung. The blonde could feel his cheek only an inch from his as he was looking over his shoulder. Then Jeongguk brought up his hands to Taehyung’s, covering them completely, holding the gun with him.

Taehyung felt suddenly stronger and surer when Jeongguk was helping him. It felt like he could do anything with the gangster by his side.

He loaded the gun, putting a finger on the trigger. Jeongguk’s hands around his were securing him, giving him more steadiness. He focused on the target and pulled the trigger.

“Oh my god, do you see it?” Taehyung shrieked excitedly. The bullet wasn’t in the bullseye but it was in the target and he didn’t understand why that made him so happy.

“See? Not bad for your first time. You will get even better over time,” Jeongguk reassured him with an amused look. It was quite endearing to see Taehyung’s enthusiasm. He was learning how to shoot and here he was, acting like a cute child that just rode a bike for the first time. At the beginning, he thought that teaching Taehyung would be annoying but it was actually kinda fun. Seeing him getting better, going from the weak kid to the stronger young man was weirdly satisfying. He could only imagine of what Taehyung would be capable of in couple of months or years.

“Go on, try again, we still have time,” Jeongguk encouraged Taehyung when he came back from his thoughts. Most of the gang was out, working on their tasks, so they didn’t have to be worried about someone walking in on them. He really didn’t care that much, not even about Yoongi but it was still for the best that Taehyung’s brother didn’t know.


Taehyung was making himself a late lunch, listening to the music in the empty kitchen. It was Saturday but no one was home. He slept in, got up around eleven and decided to cook some pasta for himself.

“Hey there,” a voice startled him.

“Jin-hyung,” Taehyung turned around in surprise: “Thought you were all gone.”

“Yeah, I just came back. The others are on a mission, I was just on a grocery shopping,” the older explained, showing the younger bags full of food he was carrying. Taehyung rushed to him to help him put it on the counter so he could put it in the cabinets and the fridge.

“Smells nice, didn’t know you could cook, “Seokjin hummed appreciatively when he came over to the stove.

“I can literally make like five meals so yeah, I can’t cook,” Taehyung chuckled, stirring the sauce for the pasta: “I made a bit more, will you eat with me?”

“I can’t refuse that,” Seokjin winked at him, taking off his jacket and walking towards the food to start putting it away. Taehyung was humming to a song that was just playing, not paying attention to the other for a minute.

“Nice hickey you’ve got there,” Seokjin broke the silence nonchalantly, eyeing Taehyung’s neck. The younger’s eyes widened but he didn’t react. He didn’t notice the mark on his neck earlier. Only yesterday, he and Jeongguk got to some funny business in the gym. They didn’t go all the way but the boss did take his time with ravishing his skin with his lips.

“Yeah, well, you know, a one-night stand,” Taehyung chuckled, not making an eye contact with the other.

“Interesting that you didn’t have it yesterday and I didn’t notice you’d leave the house,” the older continued. Taehyung stayed silent, not really knowing what to reply to that.

“It happened couple of days ago, hyung, you just didn’t notice. You know Yoongi-hyung, I was covering it with make up so he wouldn’t freak out,” the blonde replied eventually.

“Tae, stop bullshitting me,” Seokjin looked at him pointedly, putting a can of soda abruptly on the kitchen counter. He looked at him sternly: “I know you fuck Jeongguk.”

“I-“ Taehyung gasped, panicking. He didn’t know how to get out of this.

“I am not as dumb as the rest of them, including your brother,” Seokjin snorted: “I notice things and I know what’s going on between you and Guk.”

“There is really nothing going on between us,” Taehyung mumbled, focusing back on the pasta.

“Doesn’t matter what is going on between you two, if you just fuck or something else but, Tae, you need to back off,” the older looked at him with pleading eyes.

“I don’t think it’s any of your business,” Taehyung glared at him.

“And I don’t think you really know who Jeongguk is,” Seokjin glared back: “Tae, I’ve known him my entire life and I love him but he is…difficult and dangerous. Even if it was just about sex, it’s still not safe. You should run as soon as possible. Not to mention that if the wrong people found out about you, you’d be in danger, they might wanna hurt you or kidnap you to get to him.”

“He’s nice to me. He is probably the only person who doesn’t treat me like a clueless child here!” the younger spitted out.

“Everything he does has some reason, okay? He doesn’t do things just to be nice, that’s not him! I don’t know what business he has with you but you have to know that whatever you think you have with him is not real!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Taehyung mumbled.

“No, you don’t know what you’re talking about! I know Guk probably better than anyone, save for Namjoon-ah, and he isn’t affectionate, he doesn’t care about anyone. Tae, you need to be careful, seriously,” Seokjin looked at him with worry.

“I know who Jeongguk is but I am not scared of him,”

“Then you obviously don’t know him well enough,” Seokjin deadpanned: “If you knew him, you would be scared of him. You have no idea what he’s capable of and I don’t know what he told you or promised you but whatever it was, he didn’t mean it.”

“But he hasn’t promised me anything! Why the fuck does everyone think that I am a naïve, clueless child? We just fuck sometimes, that’s it and he has never done anything I wouldn’t want to. So what if you minded your own business and left me alone!” Taehyung exclaimed angrily, mixing the past with the sauce when it was ready.

“Tae, I know you think he cares about you but he doesn’t,” Seokjin said quietly: “He won’t miraculously fall in love with you if that is what you think.”

“I am just gonna go eat this in my room, good appetite, hyung,” Taehyung turned around with the plate, not sparing the other another look as he stormed into his room.

He was sick of people thinking that he was a stupid, little child, he wasn’t expecting anything from Jeongguk. He was sick that Seokjin thought that the gangster somehow manipulated him into sleeping with him when it was really Taehyung who started with the teasing, suggesting they should fuck. He was sometimes questioning things he was feeling and the power Jeongguk seemed to have over him but he was completely aware of it. He wasn’t deluded. He knew he should be worried about the things Jeongguk was bringing up in him or the things he was making him do but at the end of the day, he never forced him into anything, Taehyung did everything by his own will, it was inside him and Jeongguk was just bringing it on the surface.

And the thing was, he didn’t really give a fuck.


Taehyung was worried for days that Seokjin would tell Yoongi about him and Jeongguk. But his brother never marched into his room, pissed off and he was still treating him like always so he knew the older didn’t say anything.

He was aware that Seokjin was watching him, giving him judgemental looks but he ignored it. Jeongguk was quite busy lately anyway so they haven’t done anything, they weren’t even training these days.

Taehyung was focusing on school instead, the exams were coming soon and he had some projects to work on so he was spending most of his free time at the school’s ateliers, working on a sculpture and a painting. He still had no idea what theme he would be making, he had many ideas but nothing was satisfying enough so he usually did something and then destroyed it.

After a week of making and destroying sculptures, he found himself in the studio for hours, working relentlessly. It was like his hands were working on their own accord, not really realising what he was doing until the room was dark and he looked at the work he made.

He was a bit taken aback, like it wasn’t him who was just making the sculpture for hours, when he saw a cheetah in front of him. It wasn’t finished yet, obviously, it would take many hours to finish it but it still surprised him. It didn’t take him long to figure out where the inspiration came from. He remembered the conversation he had with Jeongguk weeks ago, about his former alias.

Jeongguk was obviously on his mind even when he wasn’t around, even when he wasn’t realising it. It was kinda scary that the boss seemed to take over his mind like this but he realised that he didn’t care or mind. He thought about his conversation with Seokjin from a week ago, how the older told him that the boss didn’t care about anyone and that he was only using him for his own business. But even if it was true, Taehyung realised that he didn’t care. He knew that realisation should upset him and make him think about stuff but it didn’t. Deep down, he didn’t mind Jeongguk’s influence on him. He could feel there was darkness inside him and the gangster was bringing it up, it wasn’t like he’d be corrupting him, no, he was just helping what was inside Taehyung to the surface and somehow, for the first time in his life, Taehyung felt like he was really himself.

He eyed the sculpture as he was washing his hands, smiling to himself, content with this project. Yeah, that’s what he was going to work on.

“I am just gonna take a cab, hyung, I don’t wanna wait here for half an hour until someone comes,” Taehyung sighed into the phone when he left the building. It was already evening and it was dark outside.

“Okay, just come home soon,” Yoongi replied into the phone, ever the caring brother.

He decided not to call a cab but instead go to the nearest parking where he knew cabs were usually standing. It was only couple of streets from here and he didn’t mind walking alone in the darkness. There were street lights illuminating his way and besides, there were still lots of people outside at this time.

He was minding his own business as he walked down the street when suddenly a car pulled up. The back door opened and a strange man looked at him with a smile that wasn’t reaching his eyes: “Do you need a ride home? Get in the car,”

“N-no, thanks, I’m fine,” Taehyung smiled tightly, gulping when he felt another man standing behind him.

“I said. Get in the car,” the man looked at him coldly, sending shivers down his spine. Before he could do anything, the man standing behind him grabbed him and pushed him into the backseat to the man. Then he climbed behind the steering wheel, driving away.

Taehyung was looking hopelessly around, dread filling him. He knew these guys weren’t from the gang. Well, at least not his gang.

“I am Kim Seojoon,” the man introduced himself, chuckling darkly when he saw Taehyung’s eyes widen in realization: “I see you know who I am. That will make our talk much easier.”

Taehyung looked out of the window, seeing they were in a highway. He was contemplating his possibilities, he even thought about jumping out of the car but the door was locked.

“My gang has been watching Jeongguk’s and we know who you are. You are Yoongi’s cute little brother,” Seojoon continued talking, making Taehyung look back at him.

“But that’s not everything, right?” the older man smirked, making Taehyung even more uneasy.

“It appears that you somehow became Jeongguk’s little whore,” the man laughed. Taehyung felt his heart beating faster. How did this guy know about him and Jeongguk? No one, except for Seokjin, knew about them. Well, they’ve done some things in public couple of times, if Seojoon had his men watching Jeongguk, it was possible that they saw them.

“What do you want from me?” Taehyung got out in the steadiest voice he could gather. He was scared but he didn’t want to let it show. He didn’t want Seojoon to know that he had control over him, he refused to give it to him.

“Straight to the point, I like that,” Seojoon laughed: “You surely know my history with Jeongguk, that I almost killed him. Well, I’d like to finish that job and take over his gang in the process.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Taehyung looked at him confusedly, surprised that the man was talking openly with him, telling him his plans.

“Because you are gonna help me,”

“I am not gonna help you,” Taehyung snorted, glaring at him.

“Let me make myself clear then, Taehyung,” Seojoon gripped his chin painfully, cold eyes staring at him: “You are gonna continue whatever it is you’re doing with Jeongguk. You are gonna gain his trust and get his plans and information from him. And you are gonna tell me everything you find out. I am gonna give you couple of weeks and then we’ll meet again.”

Taehyung opened his mouth to retort something but the older interrupted him: “Here is what is going to happen if you refuse. I am gonna kidnap you and your brother. Then I am gonna slowly and painfully torture Yoongi in front of you before I kill him. Then I am gonna kill your gangster lover man and the others before I am gonna finally kill you, painfully and slowly.”

Taehyung shivered, something in Seojoon’s tone was telling him that he wasn’t making empty threats.

“And if you are gonna tell someone about this conversation, what I just said will happen too,” Seojoon added.

Taehyung felt like crying, not knowing what to do or say. The car suddenly stopped and he was surprised to see that they were actually at the border of his gang’s property.

“Did I make myself clear?” Seojoon asked.

“Y-yes,” Taehyung peeped, hissing when the man finally let go of his chin.

“Good boy,” Seojoon laughed and then put a hand on Taehyung’s thigh, saying quietly: “If you are gonna do what I ask from you, you might find out that some gangsters have even better dick game.”

Taehyung almost felt sick at the implications and he nearly cried out in relief when he heard the lock in the door unlocking. He quickly opened it, getting out.

He was staring at the car as it was driving away.

He didn’t know what to do. His heart was hammering in his chest and he felt like panicking. How did Seojoon find out about him and Jeongguk? And what was he supposed to do now? How did he even get tangled into a gang business? Well, the answer was easy – the day he moved into the house.

Seojoon was scary and his threats really scared him. Would he really be able to hurt Yoongi and then Jeongguk? Well, he almost killed the boss couple of years ago so he was obviously ruthless and dangerous.

He knew he could say nothing to no one. He knew it wasn’t the wisest choice, he should just run right to Yoongi and tell him what happened but then his brother would find out about him and Jeongguk. Well, this situation was more serious than his and Jeongguk’s fling but still, he couldn’t do that.

Maybe he should go to the boss and tell him but would he even believe him? Maybe he’d get mad, thinking that he’s been spying for Seojoon this whole time.

He was hopeless, he seriously didn’t know what to do. But he knew one thing – he couldn’t betray Jeongguk and his gang. Even though he wasn’t a part of it, those guys became his family in the past couple of months and he’d be damned if he betrayed their trust. No, he’d come up with something else, he’d deal with it alone. Seojoon said he’d give him couple of weeks so he had time to figure out what to do.

“Everything okay?” Yoongi’s voice startled him.

“Yeah, just got here,” Taehyung breathed out: “The cab just left.”

“How did the project go, did you finally find the theme?” Yoongi wrapped an arm around his shoulder, leading him inside.

“Yeah, yeah, I did,” Taehyung nodded, thinking about the sculpture of cheetah in the school studio.

New wave of determination hit him. He would never betray Jeongguk.

Chapter Text

Taehyung never said anything about Seojoon and their meeting, neither to Jeongguk, neither to Yoongi. For the next couple of days, he had this weird feeling that someone was watching him but he shook it off, knowing that he was just being paranoid. Seojoon didn’t have any reason to hurt him, he wanted him on his side, to spy on the gang, so doing something to him would be illogical.

Jeongguk was taking Taehyung on occasional actions. It was nothing important or big but it was still exciting. Taehyung usually played his usual role, he was being pretty, flirting with the people Jeongguk needed on his side.

On one meeting, they met the guy from weeks ago when Taehyung was playing V, one of Jeongguk’s strippers slash whores and he wasn’t pleased that he hasn’t seen Taehyung in the strip club yet.

So finally, to Taehyung’s excitement, Jeongguk promised to take him to the club the day he knew that guy would be there, to show him that he wasn’t lying about Taehyung working there.

Taehyung dressed up and put a make-up on, along with jewellery and the choker from Jeongguk, knowing he looked hot as fuck.

Jeongguk sent Yoongi and the others on some mission to make sure that they wouldn’t come to the club. Not that they’d go there for some fun, they didn’t need that but since it was Jeongguk’s territory, they sometimes went there for a drink.

They drove there together and entered.

Taehyung’s never been to a strip club, only seeing them in TV and they were usually either dirty and cheap or pompous. This place was none of it.

It was modern, clean and fancy, not too pretentious but it was still clear that it wasn’t some dirty hole.

He immediately noticed couple of stages and poles with dancers around them, both boys and girls, most of them something around his age.

“We’re going to the bar so GD would see you when he comes,” Jeongguk said quietly, putting a hand on the small of Taehyung’s back. He supposed GD was that guy who was so thirsty for him.

“Well, hello, big boss,” a tall girl with bangs and a tattoo sleeve grinned at Jeongguk from behind the bar when they came there.

“Is this a new addition to the family?” the girl eyed Taehyung. He felt kinda flattered that she thought he was a new employee here. From what he observed, everyone here was beautiful and cute, so it was really flattering that she thought he was one of them.

“Taehyung, this is Lisa. Lisa, this is Taehyung, Yoongi’s brother,” Jeongguk introduced them.

“Oh, the famous little brother,” Lisa chuckled, nodding at Taehyung with a smile: “I’ve had drunk Yoongi here babbling about you more times than I could count. Heard you started living with the guys, had no idea you were hanging out with this one here.” She flicked her head towards Jeongguk.

“Yoongi can’t find out that he was here with me, do you understand?” the boss looked at her pointedly.

“Oh, so you are here secretly,” Lisa wiggled her eyebrows: “Don’t worry, boss, your secret is safe with me. The usual?”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk nodded and she grabbed a bottle of expensive looking Scotch.

“And for you, pretty?” she turned to Taehyung when she put the glass in front of the older man.

“Surprise me, I like sweet things,” Taehyung winked at her.

“Of course you do, you’re all sweet,” Lisa cooed and turned around to make Taehyung a drink. She came back with a tall glass of an orange liquid. Taehyung didn’t even know what was in it but he had a feeling that Lisa knew how to do her job so he grabbed the glass and sipped from it.

“Mm, that’s delicious,” his eyes widened and he offered her smile.

“Have you seen GD?” Jeongguk looked at the bartender.

“Not yet, he usually comes around eleven,”

“Good, he should be here soon then,” the boss checked the time on his expensive watch.

Taehyung was watching the show, sipping on his drink occasionally. Now some young guy was dancing around the poll, body moving perfectly to the sultry music. He was probably even younger than him, very slim and delicate but really damn beautiful. He looked around at the customers. There were mostly men but also couple of women and most of them were hypnotized by the boy on the stage. Taehyung could clearly see that these people were all rich, judging by their clothes and attitude.

He wondered what it’d be like to be up there, to have everyone’s eyes on him, see their hungry and admiring stares. It surely had to be a great ego boost.

“Do all the stripers also fuck the customers?” Taehyung asked nonchalantly.

“No, only some, those who don’t mind. I am not forcing anyone into anything, everyone is here by their own will and they do only what they are comfortable with,” Jeongguk replied.

Taehyung noticed a young guy with long legs coming to them.

“Hello, boss, haven’t seen you around for a long time,” the boy clang to Jeongguk’s side with a playful smile on his lips. Taehyung didn´t know why that scene upset him. He wondered if Jeongguk ever fucked this guy.

“Hey, Sparkle, how is it going?” Jeongguk looked at the guy, calling him by his stage name.


“Has everyone treated you nicely?”

“Yep, they touch only when I allow it and when they pay,” Sparkle nodded with a giggle.

“Good boy,” Jeongguk nodded with a smirk. Taehyung glared at the guy. He didn’t like Jeongguk calling him that.

“Do you have anyone coming tonight?” the boss asked.

“GD wants me for an hour tonight,”

“He should be coming soon,” Jeongguk nodded, pleased that GD had already his eyes on Sparkle.

The young boy left after a while, swaying his hips in his booty shorts.

“Have you ever fucked him?” Taehyung asked without any mouth filter.

“No, I don’t fuck my employees,” the gangster replied and then smirked: “Why, would you mind if I did?”

“No,” Taehyung mumbled.

“Doesn’t seem like that to me, sugar,” Jeongguk leaned closer with a teasing laugh.

“Boss, since you are here, can we talk for a minute?” someone called out.

“The manager,” Jeongguk explained shortly to Taehyung: “Will be right back, be good.”

Taehyung didn’t know why the command made him so happy and giddy and ready to obey. He settled comfortably on the bar stool, watching the performance, this time a young girl.

“Good to see that I finally caught you working,” a voice brought Taehyung back from his trance. When he turned around, he saw GD sitting down next to him, gesturing for Lisa to get him a drink.

“When are you going up there?” the man asked.

“Not dancing tonight,” Taehyung got out nonchalantly.

“So I can take you to one of the private rooms, huh?”

“Heard you are with Sparkle today,” Taehyung looked at him, glad that he met the young guy and knew his name, the story of him working here looked now more believable.

“Sparkle is good but he can wait for another time. Tonight I’d much rather have you,” GD leaned closer, putting a hand on Taehyung’s thigh.

“Sorry, you know the rules, no touching before paying,” the blonde winked at him, trying to stay calm, even though the man’s touch didn’t feel nice.

“Well, I am gonna pay later. You are really gorgeous, V, and I can tell that you are a playful little thing, I am sure I won’t be disappointed,” the man leaned even closer, trying to press his lips to Taehyung’s cheek but the younger pulled back, squirming uncomfortably.

“Sorry, GD, he’s not available tonight,” a cold voice interrupted them. Taehyung felt his heartbeat calming down when he saw Jeongguk coming to them. The gangster wrapped his arm around Taehyung’s waist, bringing him closer. Taehyung instinctively pressed his body to him, seeking the comfort and protection.

“Thought you didn’t get involved with your guys and girls,” GD stated dryly, annoyance clear in his voice.

“I think we can both agree that V is something else, really hard to resist,” Jeongguk laughed, running a finger over Taehyung’s jaw. Taehyung knew it was all an act for GD but he still felt warmth spreading through his stomach from the compliment. It made him feel special, like he meant something to Jeongguk.

“Come on, baby, let’s go to the room,” Jeongguk looked at Taehyung. The blonde nodded, slipping down from the stool, following as Jeongguk led him to the stairs in the corner of the room.

“Want a small tour?” Jeongguk looked at him, letting go of him when they were alone. Taehyung missed his touch.

“Yeah, show me around,” Taehyung nodded. He saw a hallway with couple of doors, knowing that’s where the private rooms were. He even heard muffled moaning and sounds of a bed creaking, knowing well what was happening there.

“This is a VIP room, the biggest and best one,” Jeongguk opened the door, revealing quite a big, fancy room. There was a poll in the middle, a comfy looking couch, big bed in the corner and door that probably led to a bathroom or something.

“You’re taking me to a VIP room, Mr. Jeon?” Taehyung chuckled teasingly, walking around and taking the place in.

“I think that amongst everyone here, you are a VIP,” Jeongguk smirked, sitting down on the couch.

“Really? Because I fuck the big boss?” the younger asked with a mixture of innocence and teasing.

“Yeah, not everyone is that lucky,” the older looked at him with dark eyes.

“I think some would say that you are lucky to fuck me,” Taehyung winked at him, coming closer to the poll, touching it and feeling the cold material under his fingertips.

“Lots of people would agree with you, GD is infatuated,”

“Well, too bad for him that he will never have me,” Taehyung sighed dramatically.

“Too bad for him indeed,” the gangster nodded, eyes never leaving the younger. Taehyung felt like bursting under his gaze. He felt playful and already kinda turned on. It’s been a while since they’ve done something and this was a perfect place, they didn’t have to worry about anyone walking in on them and finding out.

“How do you think I’d look up there, dancing on the stage?” Taehyung asked nonchalantly, rubbing his hip over the poll, smirking at the older.

“Why don’t you show me and I tell you,” Jeongguk smirked back, sitting more comfortably. Taehyung gave him a playful wink.

Only few moments later Cherry pie by Warrant started playing lightly from the speakers. That was like the anthem of all strip songs and Taehyung chuckled at the accuracy. It was surely bringing out his inner stripper so he felt more comfortable.

He started swaying his hips to the rock music, never breaking the eye contact with the gangster. He wrapped his fingers around the silver poll, grinding his front against it, letting his inner stripper out. He didn’t honestly know what he was doing but judging by Jeongguk’s dark gaze on him, it was working.

“I believe that strippers undress,” Jeongguk spoke up raspily.

“I think you’re right,” Taehyung hummed, squatting down slowly to the music and then rising back up. He started playing with the hem of his silky shirt that was tugged in the black skinny jeans. He pulled it out after a while and then moved his fingers to the buttons.

Jeongguk’s eyes were following his fingers as they were slipping from one button to another, revealing his soft skin. The shirt slid down from his shoulders when it was completely opened.

Jeongguk sucked in a deep breath. Taehyung was now shirtless and the choker hugging his neck and the dangling earrings in his ears were standing out even more. His blonde hair was falling to his forehead, making him look like an embodiment of sin and virtue at the same time.

Jeongguk licked his lips when Taehyung moved his hands to the button of his pants, playing with it teasingly for a while as he was still dancing lightly to the music.

Taehyung smirked to himself, before he opened the jeans, tugging them slowly down, preparing himself for the gangster’s reaction.

He nearly laughed when he saw Jeongguk’s breath catching in his throat as he tugged the pants completely down, kicking them off.

“Fuck, Taehyung,” Jeongguk groaned, his mouth watering at the sight. Taehyung was standing there almost completely naked, only red lace panties hugging his hips. He looked incredulously at him, he had no idea Taehyung was into this, he was usually wearing normal underwear.

“Since we went to a strip club, I thought this was fitting,” Taehyung gave the older a teasing smile.

“It is really fitting,” Jeongguk nodded, shifting as he felt his jeans tightening. He looked at Taehyung with hungry eyes, patting his lap: “Come here.”

Taehyung chuckled but obeyed, walking towards Jeongguk slowly.

He didn’t sit on his lap immediately, instead he turned around, squatting down little bit, grinding his ass teasingly on the gangster’s thighs.

“So, do you think I’d make a good striper?” the blonde turned around to look at the other.

“Yeah, definitely,” Jeongguk nodded. Taehyung shrieked when suddenly Jeongguk grabbed his hips, turning him around. He straddled his thighs, sitting down on his lap. Music was still playing and he started rolling his hips, riding Jeongguk’s lap.

“Shit, baby doll,” Jeongguk groaned, gripping Taehyung’s hips and looking down only to see the red lace straining with the other’s growing erection.

“What if tonight you just sat back and I rode you?” Taehyung leaned to whisper in the older’s ear, grinding on him harder, showing him what he’d do in just a moment.

“Yeah, come on,” Jeongguk nodded. He pulled Taehyung’s head back by his hair, staring at him for a bit with hungry eyes before he crushed their lips together. They were making out heatedly for couple of minutes, swallowing each other’s sounds as they were moving together in sync, losing their minds.

Jeongguk didn’t like giving up control, he always liked having upper hand in everything, sex included but the thought of Taehyung bouncing on his lap was turning him on. Seeing Taehyung so confident, teasing and taking the initiative was oddly arousing, he liked this side of him, it was showing that he wasn’t weak and that was pushing all the right buttons in Jeongguk. Sometimes when it came to Taehyung, he felt things he didn’t quite understand, he knew he had the upper hand between the two of them but Taehyung was like no one he’s ever met or been with.

“I have another surprise,” Taehyung pulled back, biting his lip, nervous and cute.

“What is it?” Jeongguk was intrigued.

“What if you put your hands on my ass and found out?” the younger wiggled his ass teasingly. Jeongguk eyed him, doing as he was told. His hands slid from Taehyung’s hips to his ass, kneading the flesh for a while, relishing in the way the soft lace felt under his fingertips. Then he moved one finger towards Taehyung’s entrance.

“Shit,” Jeongguk looked at the blonde incredulously: “You had this in the whole time?”

“Wanted to be ready for you,” Taehyung nodded.

“So good for me,” Jeongguk hummed, pressing finger into the butt plug, making the younger’s back arch.

“My good boy, all ready for my cock,” the gangster looked at the other intently, making shivers running up Taehyung’s spine.

“All for you,” Taehyung breathed out like hypnotized. Jeongguk praising him and calling him his good boy was making his blood boil in the strangest but the best way possible.

“Wanna go bare, baby?” the older asked, wanting to make sure. Since that one evening in the basement, they stopped using condoms.

“Yeah, come on, fuck me,” the younger nodded eagerly. Jeongguk hummed, pulling the panties to the side, grabbing the plug and pulling it slowly out.

“Shit, hyung,” Taehyung moaned brokenly, eyes shut and fingers digging into the elder’s shoulders. Jeongguk was watching him, searching for every reaction. The way Taehyung was reacting to him, all pliant but still confident enough was just so damn hot.

“Come on, kitten, ride me in your pretty panties. Sit on my cock and make me feel good,” Jeongguk encouraged him raspily. Taehyung nodded eagerly and got up, helping Jeongguk to undress completely.

Then he settled back on his lap, lifting his hips and grabbing Jeongguk’s cock to lead it to his entrance. He clenched around nothing, letting out a whimper when the head nudged it and he couldn’t take it any longer. He just dropped down, taking Jeongguk in one go.

“Oh, fuck,” Jeongguk choked out at the unexpected action. Taehyung started developing a thing for painful stuff and he fucking loved it.

“So big, fuck,” Taehyung moaned, circling his hips to get used to the dry stretch. Jeongguk let him set up the pace and groaned when the younger started rolling his hips harder.

After couple of minutes, Taehyung started bouncing up and down, riding the gangster vigorously. He was supporting himself with hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders and the older couldn’t stop staring at him.

“You feel so good, baby doll, so tight and warm, shit, love having you around me,” Jeongguk grunted, gripping Taehyung’s hips and thrusting up into him. Taehyung whimpered at the words and harder pace, falling up and down rapidly.

“God, Jeongguk, I’m so close,” Taehyung moaned, face twisted in pleasure. Jeongguk could always fuck him just right, to that right spot that was driving him crazy and there was such a heat between them that was always driving him to the edge quickly.

“Go on, babe, come for me,” Jeongguk encouraged him, snapping his hips up harder, making the younger man cry out loudly. The gangster cupped him through the lace of the panties that were now wet with his pre-come. The touch through the soft lace felt heavenly and Taehyung just lost it. He lifted himself up and down couple more times before his cock twitched in the underwear and hot, white come painted the lace.

“Shit,” Jeongguk cursed, diving up into Taehyung couple more times before his hips stilled and he filled the younger with his seed.

“Look at you, all dirty,” Jeongguk chuckled mockingly when he pulled out, putting the panties back to their place, his come flooding down on them. Taehyung felt so dirty, wet with his own come and the gangster’s but it was making him smug in a way.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” Jeongguk patted Taehyung’s ass and leaned in for a short but passionate kiss, making something in Taehyung’s stomach flutter.

He didn’t take off the panties, he just tugged the jeans over them. When he was sitting in the seat next to Jeongguk as the gangster was driving them home, he felt the wetness on his ass and crotch but that feeling was making everything even better. It felt like he belonged to Jeongguk and that thought put a small smile on his lips, as he was looking out of the window.

Chapter Text

There was this one dude in the house who started bothering Taehyung. He didn’t even know his name at first, before he learned it was Haneul. It started sometime after New Year’s Eve but since Taehyung didn’t see other gang members very often, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

The guy was weird sly, making Taehyung’s stomach curl uncomfortably with his remarks and weird looks. He decided not to think about it that much. He knew that he could’ve just told Yoongi, Jeongguk or basically anyone and the guy would stop but he wasn’t some weak pussy, he didn’t need anyone saving him.

But then Haneul’s behaviour got really damn uncomfortable. Taehyung wondered how the guy would react if he knew about him being involved with the boss, he sure as hell wouldn’t be acting like this. Most of the gangsters were scared of Jeongguk and for good reasons. Taehyung knew from some of them that the boss didn’t think twice about punishing or even killing his own men when they did something he didn’t like.

But would Jeongguk really do something? Taehyung felt that the boss’ feelings towards him were getting stronger but they never confessed anything to each other, they weren’t dating or anything. Maybe he was just Jeongguk’s fuck and that was it. But he felt that the elder had a soft spot for him.

It was spring and Taehyung liked going to the backyard, whether it as to draw little bit, read or just relax. Most gangsters didn’t come here very often so the place was peaceful, sometimes it didn’t even seem like this was a gang house.

Today was one of those days he was just sitting on a bench, looking around, just watching blooming trees and flowers and listening to the chirping of birds.

“Well, hello, I see you’re all alone here,” a sleazy voice came from behind him. He jumped in surprise, rolling his eyes when he saw Haneul.

“And I’d like it to stay that way,” Taehyung said, annoyed.

“Aw, why so mean, kitten?” the gangster chuckled, sitting down on the bench next to him. Taehyung moved to make a bigger gap between them, squirming uncomfortably. He was thinking about leaving but the stubborn part of him didn’t want to give Haneul the satisfaction. He hated that he was calling him pet names, only Jeongguk was allowed to do that.

“Get away from me,” Taehyung said, looking calmly at the guy.

“Or what?”

“I am gonna tell Yoongi-hyung or Jeongguk-hyung and I think I don’t have to tell you what would happen,” the younger said casually.

“As if Jeongguk gave two shits about you,” Haneul snorted.

“You’d be surprised,”

“Come on, kitten, I can tell that you are lonely, probably looking for a dick to ride,” Haneul put a hand on Taehyung’s thigh, inching closer: “I will gladly give you that.”

“Sorry I already ride better dick than yours,” Taehyung glared at him and got up abruptly. Before he could even make two steps, Haneul grabbed his wrist harshly, making him hiss in pain.

“I don’t like when people reject me,” the gangster growled.

“Then maybe you have some mommy issues. Go solve them somewhere else because I am not interested,” Taehyung got out through gritted teeth, trying to shake off the other’s hand but the grip on his wrist tightened. It was actually very painful.

“You’ve got claws, I like that,” Haneul chuckled: “I think you are gonna change your mind, kitten.”

“Dream on,” the blonde glared at him, finally managing to free himself from the grasp. He didn’t wait as he turned around, walking quickly to the house. He didn’t notice a silhouette in the window in the corner of the third floor.


In the next days, Haneul hasn’t done anything but Taehyung could feel his gaze on him anytime he met him. Thankfully it wasn’t that often since he was spending most of the time in the apartment upstairs but it was still annoying and uncomfortable.

One night, he decided to go for a swim in the underground pool. Normally he’d try to spend some quality time with Jeongguk because their encounters and hook-ups were getting more frequent but the boss was out, busy with whatever.

Taehyung was just swimming, enjoying the warm water. It was a nice way to work out little bit, as swimming was straining all muscles in body and it was also helping him to relax and go to sleep later.

He got out from the pool, staying in the gym for a while longer, deciding to run on a treadmill for a bit.

He barely started when the door to the gym opened. For the briefest second he hoped it was the boss because the gym remained the place where they were meeting up the most since rarely anyone worked out at night.

But his excitement died down, replaced by discomfort and slight worry when he saw Haneul.

“Oh, what a nice surprise,” the gangster purred in fakely sweet voice: “I was hoping for a little workout but maybe we could get different type of workout together.”

“Like I said before, dream on,” Taehyung grumbled, stopping the treadmill and walking towards the door. Haneul’s hand stopped him.

“Come on, babe, just one night, I know you want it,” Haneul whispered into his ear, making Taehyung feel almost nauseous. Just his breath alone was annoying and unpleasant, making goose bumps appear on his skin and not the good kind.

“Your brother has been hiding a real gem this whole time,” the older man purred, tracing finger over Taehyung’s jaw. The younger whimpered. The whole situation was getting really uncomfortable and he felt the previous cockiness leaving him, being quickly replaced by fear. He knew some of the guys in the house were probably really dangerous, most likely psychos but it never really occurred to him before since he’s always met only the good guys.

“Haneul, stop it,” Taehyung gasped when the man’s hand slid down his back, squeezing his ass. He tried to escape but the guy wrapped his arm around his waist tightly, not letting him go. Despite training a lot with Jeongguk, all gangsters could easily overpower him, they have all been training for years, all of them stronger than him.

“Come on, kitten, just once,” the gangster chuckled, moving his hand over to Taehyung’s crotch.

“You don’t wanna do this, I can assure you of that,” Taehyung gasped, squirming but nothing helped.

“Why is that?”

“Because I am with Jeongguk,” the younger blurted out before he could stop himself. He was really scared right now and he hoped that the boss’ name would do the trick but apparently not. Haneul just laughed, trying to push his hand down Taehyung’s pants.

“Yeah, right,” Haneul snorted: “That is really convenient for you to say that, huh?”

“Please, just stop it,” Taehyung whimpered, tears pooling in his eyes as the sense of hopelessness started taking over him. He kept struggling but then he managed to clear his mind, thinking about what Jeongguk taught him on their training.

He grabbed Haneul’s wrist, twisting it so the man screamed in pain. Then he kicked his knee up, hitting the gangster right in the balls. It wasn’t fair move but it did the trick because he wailed painfully, releasing him.

Taehyung didn’t wait for anything, running away as hot tears were streaming down his face. He ran for his life right to the third floor, not sure if Haneul was following him or not because his ears were pulsating with blood.

He breathed out in relief when he reached the floor, storming right into the kitchen, hoping someone would be there. He was surprised to see Jeongguk there, obviously the boss just returned from wherever he was.

“Taehyung, what happened?” Jeongguk grabbed his forearms, frowning when he saw the younger crying. Taehyung didn’t think before he buried his face in the older man’s chest, seeking some comfort.

“He…he tried to assault me,” Taehyung sniffled, voice muffled by Jeongguk’s chest. Jeongguk pulled him back by his shoulders, jaw clenched.

“Was it Haneul?” the boss asked.

“How…how do you know?” Taehyung gasped.

“I saw you and him the other day in the backyard, wasn’t sure what was going on,” Jeongguk explained: “Did he do something to you?”

“N-no, I managed to run,”


“I…I am sorry, Jeongguk, he…he was insisting and I-I told him about us, I didn’t k-know what to do. I t-thought that if I told him I-I was with you, he’d leave me alone,” Taehyung got out in choked up voice.

“It’s fine,” Jeongguk reassured him. Taehyung could see the internal rage going on in the gangster’s eyes. His jaw was clenched, long dark hair hanging into his eyes. In normal situations, he’d find it really hot but he was still shaken.

“Go to your room,” the elder ordered.

“Wh-what are you going to do?”

“Something you don’t have to worry about,” Jeongguk said, eyes dark and vicious. Taehyung’s heard stories of people disappearing after they pissed Jeongguk off so it wasn’t really a surprise. What came as surprise was the fact that Jeongguk got actually so riled up because of him. That just meant so much.

Taehyung went to his room, knowing there was no point in arguing with Jeongguk.

Jeongguk pulled out his phone. He had a special app that was connected to all the cameras in the house. He knew Taehyung was in the gym so he checked out the footage from there. He felt his blood boiling as he watched the whole incident. Only seeing Haneul touching Taehyung was making him almost mad but the terrified look in Taehyung’s eyes just made something dark come out.

He went down to the first floor where Haneul lived with couple more other members. He made his way directly into the common area. His composure was calm as always but his dangerous aura seemed to radiate from him more than usually.

Everyone in the room stood up and bowed down when he entered the room.

“Where is Haneul?” Jeongguk asked, voice ice cold. One man pointed to the corner.

“Come with me,” the boss said, staring at Haneul with blank expression. The gangster got up, gulping nervously. Everyone else was avoiding eye contact with the boss. They saw people come and go after the boss came for them and no one dared to say anything against him. They knew Jeongguk was ruthless and uncompromising and right now, even though he looked composed, his angry eyes were telling a different story.

Jeongguk didn’t wait for anything as soon as they left the room. He grabbed Haneul’s throat, pressing him against the wall. The man struggled to catch his breath, Jeongguk was really damn strong, he wasn’t the boss for nothing.

“You attacked Taehyung,” Jeongguk stated.

“No, I-“ Haneul gasped when the hold around his neck tightened.

“So you’re lying to me now? I saw the security footage,” the boss growled.

“I just…”

“He told you we were together and you still dared to touch him,”

“I-I didn’t think-“

“So either you’re implying he’s a liar or you thought he was telling the truth but you didn’t care. You knew he was mine but you still dared to touch him,” Jeongguk nearly whispered, the sound viciously ringing in Haneul’s ears.

“I-I wouldn’t…”

“You should’ve thought before you acted. You disrespected Taehyung and you disrespected me and you know I don’t appreciate that,” Jeongguk patted his cheek, eyes flashing with something dark. He grabbed the back of Haneul’s collar, dragging him down the stairs to the basement. He unlocked the door on the right, throwing him inside.

Haneul was struggling but the boss was stronger when he grabbed his wrists and locked them in heavy metal chains attached to a wall.

Jeongguk walked outside, sending a quick text to Taehyung to come.

The blonde came only two minutes later, eyeing the door, knowing who was behind.

“I want him to apologize to you first, you can leave after,” Jeongguk said without any other explanation and opened the door.

“You owe someone an apology. You won’t be able to speak after I’m done with you so this is your chance,” the boss looked at the tied up man.

“I am sorry, Jeongguk, I didn’t mean to-“ Haneul talked frantically.

“It’s not me who you should apologize to,” Jeongguk hissed, kicking him in the shin, making him cry out in pain.

“I am s-sorry, Taehyung, I-“ Haneul looked at the younger, his eyes were almost desperate as if he was begging Taehyung to do something, to stop Jeongguk. Taehyung was looking at him, eyes almost cold, it sent shivers down Haneul’s spine. He never saw that look in his eyes before, he was always either annoyed or scared but this was new. He realized at that moment that he made a huge mistake. Taehyung was much more dangerous and had more power than he realized. Especially because it seemed like he had the boss wrapped around his finger.

Taehyung didn’t feel sorry for him. Was he a bad person? Well, probably but he’s been dealing with Haneul for weeks and he told him off and the guy just didn’t listen. He was sure Jeongguk would punish him either way, he could see it in the boss’ eyes and maybe he was a bit petty.

“I told you once that I wasn’t interested but you still kept bothering me,” Taehyung eventually said, staring at Haneul without any emotion.

“You hear? I guess today is not your lucky day,” Jeongguk fake-sighed, looking at Haneul.

“That’s everything, you can go now if you want to, it’s not gonna be pretty, baby doll,” Jeongguk turned to look at the blonde, voice suddenly softer than before. Taehyung looked at the tied up guy for couple of seconds and then back at the boss.

“I wanna stay,” Taehyung said, dark smirk playing on his lips. Maybe he was truly a shitty person but he wanted to stay and see Jeongguk in action, he loved it.

“Alright then,” Jeongguk smirked, tracing a finger slowly over Taehyung’s jaw in almost affectionate way before he turned back to Haneul.

Jeongguk didn’t hold back, all the pent up rage just came up on the surface. The footage from the gym was playing in his head, he saw Taehyung’s desperate eyes and Haneul’s filthy hands over and over again, so Haneul became his punching bag.

Taehyung was standing behind him, watching the scene with slight amazement. He loved when Jeongguk was showing his power. He knew he should be probably scared or disgusted as the beast in Jeongguk was coming up on surface but he wasn’t. There was something satisfying and undeniably hot about the boss punching and kicking his subordinate so he was screaming in pain, face twisted, bruises and blood slowly covering his body.

Jeongguk was panting when he was done with Haneul. The guy was almost unconscious when he was done with him, sitting on his knees, hands still held by chains. The boss’ hair was hanging into his face, slightly damp with sweat, face glistening with it and eyes darker than usually.

“Are you gonna kill him?” Taehyung asked almost casually when they walked out to the hallway, leaving Haneul there.

“Probably,” Jeongguk hummed: “He’s a useless piece of shit. Besides, he knows about us now, we can’t risk him telling someone.”

Taehyung didn’t say anything, even without asking, he’d know what was waiting for Haneul. There were just too many things playing against him – he touched him, he knew about their relationship and he disrespected Jeongguk, which was something the boss couldn’t swallow.

“Are you okay?” Jeongguk suddenly asked, voice quiet and gentle. He cupped Taehyung’s cheek almost tenderly as he remembered the blonde crying only an hour ago.

“I am good,” Taehyung nodded with a small smile.

They went to the gym, knowing that standing there in a hallway wasn’t the best idea. As soon as they were inside, Jeongguk pulled Taehyung closer and crushed their lips together. Taehyung nearly melted with emotions. Jeongguk did all this for him, he got so angry just because Haneul dared to touch him. He knew Jeongguk was possessive, he just never thought he’d ever become the object of his possessiveness and it was leaving small tingling in his stomach.

They were immersed in each other so they were surprised when the door to the gym opened. Taehyung’s heart nearly stopped when he spotted Yoongi. Jeongguk thankfully reacted quickly and pulled him behind the glass door of the swimming pool. Thankfully they didn’t turn on the lights earlier so Yoongi didn’t notice them.

Taehyung’s heart was beating like crazy when Yoongi turned on the lights and went to the shooting gallery to the gun storage. He spent couple of minutes there, contemplating which gun to take with him in tomorrow’s action.

That was the closest Yoongi’s ever been to finding out about him and Jeongguk and Taehyung was terrified. What would his hyung do if he saw them there together? He surely wouldn’t be able to come up with an excuse good enough for why he is with the boss at midnight in a dark gym. He wasn’t ready for his brother to find out just yet, especially not by walking in on them.

He breathed out in relief when Yoongi finally left. He didn’t even realize that he was trembling before he felt body pressing to him from behind, grabbing his hands that were on his stomach. Jeongguk kissed his nape couple of times as if to reassure him that everything was okay.


“What happened to Haneul?” Namjoon asked Jeongguk almost casually two days later during dinner. Taehyung was just staring at the plate in front of him, not daring to look up.

“He’s gone,” Jeongguk said simply.

“Yeah, I figured. Some guys from the first told me you came for him two days ago and he never came back. I suppose he is somewhere in a black bag but I was wondering why?” the boss’s brother pressed.

“He tried to steal something from me,” Jeongguk said quietly, voice hard. Taehyung looked up at him briefly before he looked back at his plate, trying his hardest not to smile. He knew he should feel shitty or some kind of remorse but he didn’t. Jeongguk just basically referred to him as his, he felt warm feeling spreading through his body.

“You shouldn’t be killing our members otherwise there will be no one left,” Seokjin scolded the boss.

“I don’t need disloyal fuckers who disrespect me, how could I trust him in action, huh?” Jeongguk glared at him.

“Who cares about Haneul, he was sleazy anyway, tried to hit on me more than once until I made him stop,” Jimin snorted, ending the conversation.

Taehyung looked up after a while, his eyes meeting with Jeongguk’s. The boss gave him a tiny smirk so Taehyung returned one back. He was probably more fucked up than he thought but he honestly didn’t care.

Chapter Text

Taehyung was bored and he needed some distraction from his thoughts. Jeongguk got a lead to Seojoon’s gang and nearly the whole house was now empty as everyone went to the action. He was scared, not knowing what was happening, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

He was wandering around the part of the house he and other six guys lived. He’s been to his brother’s room couple of times and he even saw Seokjin’s and Namjoon’s room. He also saw Jeongguk’s study few times, not directly from the inside but sometimes the door was opened and there was nothing really interesting about it.

He bit his lip when he eyed the door at the end of the hallway. He looked over his shoulder as if he expected someone to be there and then looked back at the door.

Jeongguk’s room. He’s never been there. Despite what has been going on between them for months now, he was never in there, it was like Jeongguk’s secret, private lair.

He went slowly towards the door, it was like something was pulling him towards them. He didn’t even know if it’d be unlocked but trying couldn’t hurt.

He took the door handle, pushing and sparkle of excitement hit him when it opened. He looked inside, as if he was worried the boss was right there but it was empty. He went inside, closing the door behind him.

The room was big as expected, bigger than his room but otherwise pretty simple. He didn’t know what he was expecting, maybe some guns or BDSM stuff but it was far from it. The room was normal, pretty clean, with dark furniture and white walls. He went briefly into a walk in closet, snorting when he saw most of the wardrobe was black. Then he went to the bathroom only to discover a bathtub and shower with a toilet, nothing out of ordinary.

He went back to the room, eyeing the big bed. He briefly wondered how Jeongguk slept. If he wore some pyjamas or if he slept in sleeping pants, boxer briefs or maybe naked? What did he look like when he slept? Taehyung bet he looked as hot as ever but he could imagine him looking peaceful, when those dark eyes were shut, he’d look almost innocent. He briefly wondered what it’d be like to be falling asleep and waking up next to him. He didn’t think Jeongguk would be a cuddler but maybe he’d be surprised.

He looked at the bedside table, noticing few framed photos. He took one in his hand, smiling slightly when he saw the six familiar faces. The photo was taken like two years ago or something, judging by Yoongi’s silver hair that Taehyung remembered. They looked like a bunch of normal guys, most of them smiling, even his hyung. Only Jeongguk had a stoic face but Taehyung could recognize his signature tiny smirk.

Second photo made his heart almost melt. It was a photo of Jeongguk, Namjoon and Seokjin from years ago. They all looked so young, it was probably even before Taehyung met Namjoon and Seokjin. He was staring at Jeongguk. He was probably younger at the photo than Taehyung was now. His features weren’t as sharp as now but he was still handsome. But his eyes were as dark as now. That made Taehyung shiver little bit and think back to his conversation with Seokjin from months ago when the older revealed that Jeongguk’s and Namjoon’s father was always tough on his younger son. He wondered what things the Jeongguk at the photo had already done and seen.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” a voice startled him and he nearly dropped the photo.

“I-“ Taehyung turned around with wide eyes only to see fuming Jeongguk.

“Are you snooping around? Or are you spying on me?” Jeongguk spitted out, closing the gap between them and gripping Taehyung’s throat, eyes raging.

“N-no,” Taehyung got out weakly: “I was just looking around, I’m sorry.”

“Get the fuck out of my room!” the older growled. Taehyung was almost scared at that moment. He understood that he fucked up, overstepped the boundaries, he invaded Jeongguk’s privacy and he should’ve known better than to do that.

“I am sorry,” Taehyung looked at him guiltily.

“I said, get out!” Jeongguk breathed out, obviously trying to contain himself. Only then Taehyung noticed that Jeongguk’s shirt was soaked with red substance. He wanted to ask what happened, the action probably didn’t go well and Jeongguk was already on the edge. He chose not to provoke him. So he just hung his head down and left the room.

Taehyung was slightly shaking when he stopped in the hallway. He knew he really fucked up, he knew Jeongguk would be pissed off for days to come.

“Tae!” Jimin’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.

“It’s Yoongi, he’s hurt,” Jimin looked at him. Taehyung gasped: “W-what happened? Is he alright?”

“Yeah, he was just cut, it’s nothing serious,” Jimin reassured him. Taehyung rushed to Jimin’s, Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s room. Tears filled his eyes when he saw his hyung lying on the bed, leaning against the headboard. His stomach was tied up.

“Hyung,” Taehyung sniffled, throwing himself at the bed.

“I’m okay, Tae,” Yoongi reassured him, moving to sit up but he hissed in pain.

“Did they treat you?” the blonde asked hurriedly.

“Yeah, our doctor stitched me up, I just have a cut over my side, nothing serious,” the older smiled. Taehyung briefly remembered that someone mentioned that one of the gangsters was a real doctor with diploma, certificate and all that.

Taehyung didn’t even realize he started crying until Yoongi brushed his cheek.

“I am alright,” Yoongi reassured him again.

“What if something happened to you,” Taehyung choked out, hugging his brother around his shoulders, careful not to hurt him.

“I’ve had worse,” Yoongi whispered, which wasn’t really comforting. Taehyung never knew anything about his injuries. When he lived with their grandparents, sometimes Yoongi called he wouldn’t make it and he didn’t stop by for several weeks. Sometimes he came but he was limping or there were bruises on his body. But Taehyung never saw him like this and that scared him. It all suddenly became so real, his brother was a part of a gang, he could literally die any day and there was nothing he could do about it.


Jeongguk was giving Taehyung a cold shoulder. They didn’t talk almost at all in front of the others anyway but Taehyung could still see that the boss was distant and pissed off. He knew he deserved it but it still hurt him. Especially after the progress they seemed to make. Only like two weeks ago Jeongguk literally beat up and killed a person for him, so this was a step back.

So he distracted himself with taking care, or more like annoying, Yoongi. His brother was told to rest in a bed for at least a week so his injury would heal properly, which wasn’t sitting very well with him, especially since the others were still normally working. Even Hoseok and Jimin still had their tasks so he was often left alone and it was driving him crazy.

So Taehyung, like the good little brother he was, was keeping him company. Whenever he wasn’t at school, he was with Yoongi. The older was whining about how he didn’t need him to take care of him when Taehyung cooked and brought him a soup and he told him to fuck off when he wanted to feed him. He was lying with him in a bed and even though he knew Yoongi would never admit it out loud, he secretly loved spending so much time with him, mostly watching movies or even playing poker and other stuff.

“Seriously, Tae, go out or something, you don’t have to be here with me,” Yoongi sighed one afternoon, after Taehyung came from school, telling him what happened that day.

“You don’t want me here? Do I bore you?” the younger got out, looking like a kicked puppy.

“No, of course not, I like listening to your stories. I just don’t wanna be a burden, I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this for me,” the older smiled slightly.

“I don’t mind doing it for you. I am grown up now, hyung, I am not a kid anymore, you’ve always taken care of me so it is my turn now,” Taehyung reassured him with a smile as well: “You always dropped everything for me when you found out I was sick.”

“Well, I am your hyung, it’s my duty,” Yoongi grumbled but there was a smile on his face.

“Do you remember that one time when I was around twelve or something? I do. I was so damn sick, I don’t even remember what it was, probably some flu, I remember I vomited for like a whole week,” Taehyung snickered at the memory.

“Yeah, I remember that,” the older nodded. He remembered all the times Taehyung was sick. He was always worried about him, since he played role of a mother and a father to him since he was a baby because their parents were shitty. Someone had to care of Taehyung when they didn’t.

“I remember I told grandma not to tell you. Back then, I didn’t even know you were in a gang but I knew you had some good and important job because you were sending us money and I didn’t want you to drop everything for me. But she didn’t listen and called you and you came in less than an hour. I remember I was mad but at the same time, I was so happy that you were there because even though I felt shitty, you were there with me. You stayed for couple of days until I got better, never leaving my side,” the blonde talked about the memory with a fond smile: “So now shut up and let me do the same for you.”

“You are usually so damn annoying that I forget that you are not a kid anymore,” Yoongi laughed but there was so much affection in his eyes, making Taehyung’s heart melt. People thought Yoongi was cold and ruthless but to him, he was the softest person ever. He could never explain their relationship to anyone, it was too precious.

“I am not little and innocent anymore,” Taehyung looked him in the eyes.

“Yeah and that’s what scares me. You shouldn’t lose your innocence,” Yoongi sighed. He never really got over the fact that he had to bring Taehyung here. He didn’t know anything about his brother and Jeongguk but he was still uneasy about the fact that he was talking to most of the gangsters in the house like they were his friends.

Taehyung didn’t say anything, he knew whatever he’d say, it’d upset his brother. If Yoongi only knew what things he was doing with Jeongguk, how he was taking him on those little business meetings or how he helped him torture Seojoon’s spy.

“Did something happen?” Yoongi brought him back from his thoughts.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, like lately, you seem kinda off. You are pretty good actor but I know you,”

“It’s nothing,” Taehyung sighed. He wished he could talk to Yoongi about everything, he wanted to tell his hyung what was going on but he knew he’d flip. That was Yoongi’s biggest fear – that Taehyung would get involved with someone from the gang. If he found out that from all the members, he got involved with the boss himself, he’d probably kill him.

“I just…” Taehyung took a deep breath: “I just did something stupid. I fucked up. I invaded this person’s privacy and that was fucked up and they got mad at me and I don’t know how to make it right.”

“Well, snooping and shit is never good,” Yoongi looked at him pointedly.

“I know,” Taehyung whined.

“But well, if this person really cares about you, they will eventually forgive you. Just talk to them and explain that you didn’t mean to snoop around and apologize,” the older smiled at him encouragingly. Well, that was the thing. Taehyung didn’t know if Jeongguk cared about him. He knew the gangster was cold, not really about feelings, he wasn’t stupid or naïve. But he still had this feeling that the boss had somehow a soft spot for him, maybe in a weird and fucked up way but he did. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be keeping him around for so long and he wouldn’t react like he did to Haneul assaulting him.

“That person is really stubborn. But I can’t really blame them, they just…they have trust issues and they don’t have it easy so invading their privacy is really bad,” the blonde sighed again.

“I am sure they will eventually forgive you,” Yoongi looked at him, pensive. It looked like his little brother was really upset about this incident. He’s had this feeling for a while that he was seeing someone, occasional hickeys, that he was trying not so successfully cover with make-up, were only confirming his suspicion but he didn’t want to force Taehyung into telling him anything. He knew that when his brother was ready, he’d tell him.

“Don’t worry about it too much, Tae, it will solve itself,” the older eventually added, giving him a side hug. He hissed in slight pain. The cut was healing nicely but since it was on his side, it was hard to not strain it.

“Okay, let’s just watch some movie,” Taehyung grinned, turning the TV on, asking what they should pick tonight.


Taehyung wanted to desperately talk to Jeongguk but the older man was ignoring him. Whenever he met him in the hallway or the kitchen, the boss just gave him a cold shoulder, completely ignoring him. It was like when he first came here, Jeongguk just seemed so distant and he hated it.

He heard him going out of their apartment one night and he knew where he was going, unless he had some work.

He slipped from his bed, he couldn’t sleep anyway, put on sweatpants and large t-shirt and waddled barefoot down to the basement.

He opened the door to the gym quietly, not surprised to find the gangster there, working on one of the machines. He had to try his hardest to focus on his task, instead of staring because watching Jeongguk working out was always a treat, with his muscles flexing nicely.

He walked in, silent, since he didn’t have shoes.

The boss noticed him after a minute, stopping his working out regime.

“Just go away,” Jeongguk spoke up with a cold voice, making Taehyung shiver. He didn’t like this. He wasn’t used to this anymore from him. Even though the boss wasn’t the most affectionate person ever, in the past months they got kinda closer and he was talking to him normally, not like this.

“No, I won’t,” Taehyung replied stubbornly, walking over to one of the machines, looking at the boss with a challenge in his eyes: “Last time I checked, I lived here and the gym is available to everyone.”

He sat down, pulling the weights. He grunted in surprise, it was really damn heavy and he’s never really been the working out type.

“And last time I checked, this was my house so I might as well kick you out right here and right now so don’t try this attitude on me,” the older looked at him sternly, making him gulp.

“Look,” Taehyung sighed, letting go of the machine: “I know I fucked up but I want to apologize. You haven’t let me talk to you for more than a week and I wanna explain myself.”

“What is there to explain? I literally caught you snooping around my room, Taehyung,” Jeongguk glared at him.

“Okay, well, I don’t have anything to say to that to my defence but-“ Taehyung rushed to say before the older would lose his patience: “I am sorry that I went to your room. It is your privacy and I shouldn’t have done that. I was just curious, that is one of my terrible characteristics.”

“You understand what position I am in, right?” Jeongguk replied without any hint of emotion: “I am leading a gang, I had people betray me more times than I could count, some tried to kill me, some sent spies on me. How do I know you are not spying on me for someone?”

“I’d never spy on you,” Taehyung said seriously: “Jeongguk, my hyung is literally in your gang, why would I wanna ruin you, knowing I’d ruin him too? That doesn’t make any fucking sense.”

“Everything makes sense if you look at it from the right perspective. If you have been through what I have, nothing would really surprise you,”

“I am not a spy,” the younger repeated: “I’d never betray you.”

Jeongguk looked at him searchingly. He tended to be paranoid but it was not a surprise with his position and experience. But somehow, he had a feeling that Taehyung was honest. He was looking at him with such determination and loyalty that it was hard for him to believe that he’d have bad intentions.

Jeongguk got up, walking over to the younger. Taehyung almost automatically got up so they were both standing, facing each other.

“You’d never betray me?” the boss got out quietly.

“Never,” Taehyung nodded without missing a beat.

“What would you do for me, Taehyung?” Jeongguk stepped closer, looking at him intently.

“What do you mean?” the younger asked confusedly.

“Answer me. What would you do for me?” Jeongguk repeated, bringing up his hand and tracing a finger over his jaw.

Taehyung was like hypnotized. He was staring at the older man, feeling something dark, something that Jeongguk was always bringing up in him, stirring in his stomach. He knew what answer the older wanted to hear and what answer was honest.

“Anything,” the blonde breathed out.

“Anything?” Jeongguk smirked slightly, leaning closer, tracing lips over Taehyung’s jaw, making his breath catch in his throat. It was like he had a complete control over him but like many times before, he realized that he didn’t mind.

Jeongguk pulled back, looking at him with his dark eyes. Then he almost whispered: “Even kill for me?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung nodded slowly.

“I don’t think you could really do that, baby doll,” the boss challenged him. Taehyung felt a fluttering in his stomach after hearing the familiar pet name. Jeongguk called him lots of pet names when they had sex but for some strange reason, this one became his favourite.

“I would. I would kill for you,” Taehyung repeated with a strong voice and determination. Jeongguk watched him searchingly for couple of seconds. Somehow, Taehyung had a feeling that the boss would want to test that theory.

And the fucked up thing was that he was fine with it.  

Chapter Text

Taehyung was thinking about the promise he gave to Jeongguk. It was making him slightly uneasy that he promised to kill someone for him so easily. But what was probably the most disturbing part was, that he really didn’t care and was willing to do it.

He’s had this feeling for a long time that there was darkness inside him. It was probably caused by his fucked up childhood, no matter how normal Yoongi tried to make it, being beaten up, seeing his parents fight all the time and then witnessing his mother killing her husband and herself surely had to leave some traces on him. He just never realized how deep those wounds were.

But now, the more time he was spending with Jeongguk, the more it was coming to the surface, whether it was in his actions when the boss took him to an action with him or in the bedroom. He never really thought he could have a pain kink but whenever he thought about Jeongguk fucking him hard without almost any preparation, he got turned on so much and when it happened, he felt odd satisfaction and even peace every time he shifted and felt the pain in his insides.

Jeongguk came to his room one evening. That was news, he never stepped into his bedroom before, except for that one time he entered to leave the beautiful choker for him.

“The others go to the strip club tonight to make some counts and check things out and they usually stay there to drink,” Jeongguk told him as he entered, making Taehyung look up at him with wide eyes.

“Okay,” Taehyung nodded, not really knowing where Jeongguk was going with this information.

“Few days ago, my men caught one of Seojoon’s men. He told us some useful information and now he is useless and we can’t set him free so he wouldn’t sing to his boss,”

“So you are gonna kill him,” Taehyung stated matter-of-factly.

“No,” the older shook his head, looking at Taehyung with small, vicious sparkles in his eyes: “You are gonna kill him.”

Taehyung gulped, breath catching in his throat. A rush of adrenaline ran through his body but he was also nervous.

“I am not gonna force you into anything, if you are not capable of doing it, fine,” the boss shrugged.

“No!” Taehyung exclaimed hurriedly. He didn’t know why he felt an urge not to disappoint Jeongguk. He wanted to show him that he was strong, that he could do it.

“I-I am gonna do it,” Taehyung said quietly: “When?”

“Guys are leaving in an hour so a bit later. I will come for you,” Jeongguk explained. Taehyung knew that by ‘guys’ Jeongguk meant his brother and the others that lived here with them. The other members didn’t really care what Taehyung was doing with the boss and they knew better than to chat about it, knowing that talking about the boss behind his back was dangerous.

“How…how should I do it?” Taehyung bit his lip.

“It’s up to you,” Jeongguk shrugged: “But shooting is the easiest and fastest way and you’ve been practicing lately so I think your aim is pretty good.”

“Okay,” the blonde breathed out, feeling in haze. Jeongguk gave him a content smirk and left.

It was probably the longest hour in Taehyung’s life. He was so damn nervous, not knowing if he could really handle it. He was going to put a bullet through another person’s head. Yoongi would go damn crazy if he knew. On the other hand, who was he to judge, he’s probably killed more people than he could count.

Taehyung’s heart started beating faster when Jeongguk came for him and led him to the basement to a familiar room, the room where he helped him torture another Seojoon’s guy. That oddly calmed him down, he remembered how weirdly empowered he felt, causing another human being pain.

“What if I miss?” Taehyung asked when the boss loaded the gun for him. The guy that was there was tied to the chair, his mouth muffled by a cloth so he wouldn’t speak or scream.

“Well, then you will give it another shot. Literally,” Jeongguk snickered quietly at his own joke. Then he walked over to Taehyung, pressing the cold metal into his hand.

“Go on, baby doll, I know you can do it. For me,” the boss whispered into his ear, resembling devil sitting on Taehyung’s shoulder. The blonde could already feel how Jeongguk’s presence alone was taking over him, it was like he was under his spell and he knew he could do it.

He aimed the gun at the guy’s head. The guy mumbled something around the cloth, eyes wide and scared. Taehyung expected some compassion coming but it never did. This guy was in a gang of a guy that tried to kill Jeongguk and take over his gang. He would probably kill everyone loyal to him, including Yoongi and that thought made him angry. This guy deserved to die, despite still not being an official part of the gang, all those people here felt like Taehyung’s family.

He took in couple of deep breaths, doing his best to steady his shaky hands.

“It’s okay, you can do it,” Jeongguk said again and that was the last encouragement Taehyung needed. The older believed in him and if he did, that meant he could really do it.

Taehyung loaded the gun with his finger like he did hundred times before and then put a finger on the trigger. He focused on the guy’s forehead and then pulled the trigger.

A loud shot pierced through the air. It was like he saw it in slow motion. Like he could actually see the bullet flying towards the guy and then saw it piercing through his head. He saw the blood pooling from the little hole and then the guy’s chin fell to his chest. His eyes were opened and lifeless.

Taehyung was shaking in slight shock but an overwhelming feeling of power washed over him. Taking another person’s life surely felt weird but amazing at the same time.

When he first found out that Yoongi was in a gang, he was shocked and mad at him. When he realized his brother was probably killing people, it was hard for him to accept it. He did eventually but he never understood how he could do it. Now he knew.

“You were perfect,” Jeongguk’s voice brought him back from his thoughts. He turned around, seeing the boss looking at him with kind of a fondness in his eyes. And Taehyung…he was a goner. He preened at making Jeongguk happy and proud.

“You did it on the first try and you didn’t hesitate. Fuck, Tae, you were so good,” the boss got out, voice raspy, grabbing Taehyung’s hip and pulling him closer. Taehyung’s heart was beating like crazy, it felt like something just changed.

“Come to my room,” Jeongguk said quietly.

“Really?” Taehyung looked at him, surprised.

“You were curious about it, so now you have my permission. I bet you were wondering how comfortable my bed was,” Jeongguk licked his lips with a smirk.

“It looked really comfortable, yeah,” the younger breathed out.

“Knowing the others, they won’t come for at least another three hours. We have lots of time to play and I wanna play a lot,” the older brushed his lips over Taehyung’s jaw, making him quiver.

“I am gonna take a shower,” Taehyung whispered.

“Great idea, shave when you’re at it, you know I like you smooth,” Jeongguk grinned teasingly: “Come to my room when you are done.”

Taehyung felt like in a dreamland the whole time he was taking the shower, shaving like he was told to. He couldn’t believe that Jeongguk willingly invited him to his room and that they’d he sex on his bed. They never had sex in the bed before, they were always finding different places, they had to improvise since being in one of their rooms was dangerous.

He somehow felt special when he was walking towards Jeongguk’s room. He knew that no one has ever probably been there with him, in his bed.

He opened the door slowly, spotting the boss standing by the window, looking out. He was clearly waiting for him.

Jeongguk turned around, his eyes darkening little bit when he spotted Taehyung only in a silky robe. The younger liked wearing those and he wasn’t opposed. He looked so damn sexy in it, the material was hugging his body nicely, exposing his long legs.

“Come here,” Jeongguk commanded, stretching his hand towards the younger. Taehyung moved immediately, coming to the boss.

Jeongguk brought up his hands, running them over Taehyung’s smooth thighs under the robe up to the hips, squeezing them lightly.

“Beautiful,” the older spoke up quietly, making Taehyung melt. Somehow he sounded softer than all those times before. Taehyung knew that by proving his loyalty by killing that guy and showing Jeongguk that he was strong enough for that, he somehow changed in his eyes.

Jeongguk untied his robe so it slipped from his shoulders to the floor, leaving him there completely naked. He preened under Jeongguk’s hungry gaze.

He led Taehyung to the bed until the back of his thighs hit the frame and he lied down slowly. Jeongguk was standing above him, still wearing jeans and shirt, the contrast with his own naked body was making Taehyung shudder, making it clear who had the upper hand here.

Jeongguk stretched a hand to his bedside table, taking out a long, red rope.

“What do you say I’d tie you up, baby?” the boss smirked. Taehyung felt his pulse quickening. He loved when he could be in Jeongguk’s mercy.

“Do it,” the blonde nodded and then looked at the other with hooded eyes: “Tie me up and do whatever you want with me, hyung.”

“Shit, so good for me, baby doll, always my good, perfect, little slut,” Jeongguk groaned, eyes darkening even more. He tied Taehyung’s wrists to the headboard, the sight itself making arousal shooting up his spine. Having Taehyung like this was just turning him on so much, seeing the trust and loyalty in his eyes. He remembered what happened in the basement not even an hour ago, Taehyung really killed a man for him without any hesitation.

“Gonna make this so good for you, Tae,” Jeongguk got out. He deserved a reward after all.

Jeongguk got to work then, he got rid of his shirt and pants, sitting on the bed only in his boxers. He spread Taehyung’s legs, running his hands up and down his thighs appreciatively for a while before he suddenly gripped them and threw them over his shoulders.

Taehyung cried out and tugged on the rope restraining his hands when he felt a wet tongue on his entrance. Jeongguk started eating him out vigorously, making him a babbling mess in only couple of minutes. Jeongguk ate him out couple of times and every time he proved that he was really damn great at it. Taehyung felt like floating away as the skilful tongue was fucking in and out of him.

“Want me to prepare you with my fingers or do you wanna take my cock like this?” the older breathed out when he stopped, looking at the blonde.

“Like this, love when you make me hurt, splitting me open with your big cock,” Taehyung got out shamelessly.

“Shit, baby doll, you are perfect,” Jeongguk groaned, lowering Taehyung’s thighs to lie between them. Causing pain to people was always bringing him pleasure so the fact that Taehyung loved when he was doing it to him was pushing all the right buttons in him.

Taehyung nearly stopped breathing when Jeongguk pressed inside him slowly, inch by inch, without any lube or condom. His insides were burning but he came to love that sensation. It felt so raw, in the best way possible and he was already losing his damn mind.

Jeongguk didn’t go light on Taehyung, he never did and the younger wouldn’t have it any other way. He was moaning and whimpering as the older was pounding into him, hips meeting ass, filthy noises filling the room. Taehyung didn’t know why it made him so happy, that the walls of Jeongguk’s room probably never heard sounds like this before.

“God, you are so fucking tight, I could fuck you all night, making you come over and over again, fill you with my come until you’d be so full and leaking and I wouldn’t stop even if you were begging me from oversensitivity,” Jeongguk growled into Taehyung’s ear, snapping his hips fast and hard. The words made Taehyung let out the filthiest moan imaginable. Knowing that Jeongguk wanted him just as much as he did, that he was losing his mind because of him, made everything feel even better.

“Please, hyung, let me come,” the blonde sobbed, thighs squeezing around Jeongguk’s waist, unable to hold himself back anymore. His wrists hurt so much from tugging on the rope and he knew there would be bruises the next day but right now, he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“You can come only if you can take it longer and come twice,” the boss looked down at him, gaze uncompromising.

“I can come twice, please, I’ll be good!” Taehyung nodded with a lip trapped between his teeth, so tightly that it almost drew blood.

“I know you can be good, baby doll, good for me, right?”

“Yes, for you, Jeongguk, please,” the younger cried out, his whole body shaking as Jeongguk thrusted sharply right into his already abused prostate.

“Go on, sugar, come for me, make a mess of yourself,” the boss encouraged him, watching him intently to see his every reaction and expression. Taehyung gasped, it was like Jeongguk’s permission just opened the floodgates and his stomach exploded as he came between their stomachs. Jeongguk slowed down his movements, fucking into him with long, deep thrusts until he couldn’t take it, body writhing under him.

“You promised to continue,” Jeongguk looked at him, kinda making sure he was alright. Taehyung found that sweet in the strangest way.

“Don’t stop,” Taehyung nodded, squirming in pain as his hole was burning but that was only igniting new fire under his skin.

“You’re always taking my cock so well, my good little baby doll slut, right?” Jeongguk got out breathlessly as he continued rolling his hips.

“Yes, for you,” the younger nodded, hypnotized by the older’s intense eyes. The words were far from affection yet they were holding so much of it. Taehyung knew deep down what it meant, he felt it in his core and he knew he wasn’t alone.

Jeongguk pressed into him impossibly deep, staying still, pushing his hips to his ass closer. Taehyung trembled and his eyes rolled back, the tip of Jeongguk’s cock was directly pressed against his sweet spot. The gangster was watching him, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Taehyung moaned when the older started moving again, fucking him steadily, not really as hard as usually but still enough to make his toes curl in pleasure.

“I-“ Taehyung choked out, eyes flying shut.

“Are you gonna come again, baby doll?” Jeongguk whispered, speeding up his movements. Taehyung was changing ‘yes’ with each thrust, mouth falling open.

“Go on, Tae, come,” the older leaned closer so their lips were brushing and Taehyung lost it for the second time. Hearing the familiar nickname from the boss’ lips was strangely intimate and he came again, his body jerking.

“Fuck, shit,” Jeongguk cursed, his hips stuttering because the blonde was gripping his so tightly and soon he spilled inside of him with a groan.

They kissed and then Jeongguk got up to clean himself up quickly. He disappeared in the bathroom and when he came back only two minutes later, he found Taehyung snoring lightly. He stopped, contemplating what he should do. He should just shake him and wake him up, send him to his own room or even help him there but something about seeing Taehyung like this, peaceful and beautiful in his bed, was bringing a weird peace inside him.

He never slept in bed with another person before and he never really wanted to, thinking it must be horribly uncomfortable but as he lied down, he felt that peace inside him growing. There were still at least two feet between him and Taehyung since his bed was large but it still felt more intimate than anything he’s done in his life.

He quickly drifted to sleep, Taehyung’s snores soothing him quickly.

Taehyung woke up early in the morning. The sun was just rising, filling the room with a dim light. He nearly screamed when he turned around and saw Jeongguk’s sleeping face only couple of inches from him.

The boss was lying on his stomach, upper body uncovered and Taehyung gasped when he saw a big tattoo over most of his back. He couldn’t understand that he never noticed it before but then again, when they fucked before, Jeongguk usually didn’t get undressed and even when he saw the gangster in a gym, working out, he was busy drooling over his abs, never seeing his back. The tattoo was beautiful, it was a cheetah, so beautiful and detailed it looked almost alive. Taehyung knew that it was reference to Jeongguk’s former alias Golden Cheetah, it obviously had a meaning for him since he decided to tattoo it on his body. Taehyung couldn’t stop staring for couple of minutes.

When he got over the discovery, he wanted to get up and go back to his room before anyone else would wake up, especially Yoongi.

But he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He’s imagined many times what it’d be like to wake up next to Jeongguk but nothing could compare to the things he felt now when it actually happened. Jeongguk looked so peaceful and handsome like this.

He couldn’t believe the boss let him sleep in his bed. Well, it was pretty intense yesterday so he wasn’t surprised he fell asleep but still, he’d expect Jeongguk to wake him up and send him to his room. But he didn’t.

He suddenly remembered what happened yesterday. Not here in this room but down in the basement. He killed a man. He was expecting remorse to hit him but it never came. As he was lying on his side, watching Jeongguk’s sleeping face, he knew he’d do it for him all over again.